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Chapter 1 Chapter 2





1 In the seconde yeare of kyng Darius, in the .vi. moneth the fyrst daye of şe moneth, came the worde of the Lord (by the Prophete Aggeus) vnto Zorobabel the sonne of Salathiel şe prynce of Iuda, & to Iosua the sonne of Iosedech the hye prest, sayinge.
2 Thus speaketh the Lorde of hostes, and sayeth. This people doth saye. The tyme is not yet come to buylde vp the Lordes house.
3 Then spake şe Lord by şe prophete Aggeus, and sayde.
4 Ye your selues can finde tyme to dwell in siled houses, and shall thys house lye wast?
5 Consyder nowe youre awne wayes in youre hertes (sayeth the Lorde of hostes)
6 ye sowe moch, but ye bryng lytle in: ye eate, but ye haue not ynough, ye drynck, but ye are not fylled: ye decke youre selues, but ye are not warme: and he that earneth eny wages, putteth it in a broken purse.
7 Thus sayeth the Lorde of hoostes. Consydre youre awne wayes in youre hertes,
8 get you vp to şe mountayne, fetch wood, and buylde vp the house that it maye be acceptable vnto me, & that I may shewe myne honours, sayeth şe Lorde.
9 Ye loked for moch and lo it is come to lytle, & though ye bringe it home, yet do I blowe it awaye. And why so sayeth the Lorde of hostes? Euen because that my house lyeth so waste, and ye ronne euery man vnto hys awne house.
10 Wherfore, the heauen is forbydden to geue you eny dew, and the earth is forbydden to geue you encrease.
11 I haue called for a drouth, both vpon the lande and vpon the mountaynes, vpon corne, vpon wyne, and vpon oyle, vpon euery thynge that şe grounde bryngeth forth, vpon men & vpon catell, yee, and vpon all handy laboure.
12 Now when Zorobabel şe sonne of Salathiel, & Iesua the sonne of Iosedech the hye preste wt the remnaunt of the people, herde the voyce of the Lorde theyr God, and the wordes of şe Prophete Aggeus (lyke as the Lorde theyr God had sent him) the people dyd feare the Lorde.
13 Then Aggeus the Lordes angell sayde in şe Lordes message vnto the people, I am with you, sayeth şe Lorde.
14 So the Lorde waked vp the sprete of Zorobabel the Prynce of Iuda, and the sprete of Iesua şe sonne of Iosedech şe hye prest, and the sprete of the remnaunt of all the people: that they came and laboured, in the house of the Lorde of hoostes theyr God.
15 (2:1a) Upon the .xxiiii. daye of the .vi. moneth, in the seconde yeare of kynge Darius,




1 (2:1b) the .xxi. daye of şe seueth moneth, came şe worde of şe Lord by the prophete Aggeus, sayenge:
2 speake to Zorobabel the sonne of Salathiel prince of Iuda, & to Iesua the sonne of Iosedech the hye preste, & to the resydue of şe people, and saye.
3 Who is left among you, şt sawe thys house in her fyrst bewtye? But what thyncke ye now by it? Is it not in youre eyes, euen as though it were nothinge?
4 Neuerthelesse, be of good chere, O Zorobabel (sayeth the Lord) be of good comforte, O Iesua şu sonne of Iosedech hye preste: take good hertes vnto you also all ye people of the lande, sayeth the Lorde of hoostes,
5 & do accordynge to the worde (for I am with you, sayth şe Lord of hostes) lyke as I agreed with you, when ye came out of şe lande of Egypt: & my sprete shalbe amonge you, feare, ye not.
6 For thus sayeth the Lord of hostes: yet once more wil I shake heauen and earth, the see, and şe drye land,
7 yee, I wyll moue all Heathen, & the conforte of all Heathen shall come, & so wyll I fyll thys house wyth honoure, sayeth şe Lorde of hostes.
8 The syluer is myne, & the golde is myne, sayeth the Lord of hoostes.
9 Thus the glory of the last house shalbe greater then şe fyrst, sayth the Lord of hostes: & in thys place wyll I geue peace, sayeth the Lorde of hostes.
10 The .xxiiii. daye of the nynth moneth in the seconde yeare of kynge Darius, came the worde of şe Lorde vnto şe prophete Aggeus, sayenge.
11 Thus sayeth şe Lorde God of hoostes. Aske the prestes concernynge the lawe, and saye:
12 yf one beare holy flesh in hys cote lappe, & with his lappe do touch the bred potage, wyne, oyle, or eny other meate: shal he be holy also? The prestes answered and sayde: No.
13 Then sayd Aggeus: Now yf one beyng defyled wt a deed carcase, touch eny of these: shall it also be vnclene?
14 The prestes gaue answere, & sayde: yee, it shalbe vncleane. Then Aggeus answered & sayde: euen so is thys people & thys nacyon before me, sayeth şe Lord: & so are all the worckes of theyr handes, yee, and all that they offre, is vncleane.
15 And now (I praye you) consydre from this daye forth, & how it hath gone wt you afore or euer there was layed one stone vpon another in şe temple of şe Lord:
16 şt when ye came to a corne heape of .xx. bushels, there were scarce ten: & that when ye came to the wyne presse for to powre out .l. pottes of wyne, there were scarce .xx.
17 For I smote you wt heate, blastyng & hayle stones in all the labours of youre handes: yet was there none of you, şt wolde turne vnto me, sayeth şe Lord.
18 Consydre then from this daye forth & afore: namely, from the .xxiiii. daye of the nynth moneth, vnto the daye that the foundacyon of the Lordes temple was layed: marck it well,
19 is not şe sede yet in the barne? haue not the vynes, the fyggetrees, the pomgranates, and olyue trees bene yet vnfrutefull? but from thys daye forth, I shal make them to prospere.
20 Moreouer, the .xxiiii. daye of the moneth came the worde of the Lorde vnto Aggeus agayne, sayenge:
21 Speake to Zorobabell the prynce of Iuda, & saye: I wyll shake both heauen & earth,
22 and ouerthrowe şe seate of the kyngdomes, yee, & destroye the myghty kyngdome of the Heathen. I wyll ouerthrowe the charrettes, & those that syt vpon them, so that both horse and man shall fall downe, euery man thorow his neyghbours swerde.
23 And as for the, O Zorobabel (sayth the Lorde of hoostes) thou sonne of Salathiel my seruaunt: I wyll take the (sayeth the Lorde) at the same tyme, and make the as a seale, for I haue chosen the, sayeth the Lorde of hostes.