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1 Paul an apostle, not of men, nether by man: but by Iesus Christ, and by God the father, which raysed him vp from deeth:
2 and all the brethren which are with me. Unto the congregacions of Galacia.
3 Grace be with you, and peace from God the father, & from oure Lorde Iesus Christ,
4 which gaue hym selfe for our synnes to delyuer vs from thys present euyll worlde, accordynge to the wyll of God oure father,
5 to whom be prayse for euer and euer. Amen.
6 I maruayle, that ye are so soone turned (from Christ which called you by grace) vnto another Gospell
7 which is nothinge elles, but that there be some which trouble you, & intende to peruerte the Gospell of Christ.
8 Neuerthelesse, though we oure selues, or an angell from heauen, preache any other Gospell vnto you, then şt which we haue preached vnto you, let him be acursed.
9 As we said before, so saye I nowe agayne, yf eny man preache eny other Gospell vnto you, then şt ye haue receaued, lett hym be acursed.
10 Do I now perswade men, or God? Other do I seke to please men? For yf I had hythereto studyed to please men, I were not the seruaunt of Christ.
11 I certifye you brethren, that the Gospell which was preached of me, was not after the maner of men.
12 For I nether receaued it, ner learned it of man, but by the reuelacyon of Iesus Christ.
13 For ye haue hearde of my conuersacyon in tyme past, in the Iewes waye, howe that beyonde measure, I persecuted the congregacyon of God, and spoyled it,
14 and preuayled in the Iewes waye aboue many of my companions in myne awne nacyon beynge a very feruent mayntener of the tradicyons of the elders.
15 But when it pleased God, which seperated me from my mothers wombe, and called me here unto by hys grace,
16 for to declare hys sonne by me, that I shulde preache hym amonge the Heathen: immediatly I commened not of the matter with flessh & bloude,
17 nether returned to Ierusalem, to them which were apostles before me: but went my wayes into Arabia , and came agayne vnto Damasco.
18 Then after thre yeare, I returned to Ierusalem to se Peter, and abode with hym fyftene dayes.
19 Other of the apostles sawe I none, saue Iames the Lordes brother.
20 The thinges therfore which I wryte vnto you: beholde, before God I lye not.
21 After that I came into şe coastes of Siria and Cilicia ,
22 and was vnknowen as touchinge my person vnto the congregacions of Iewry, which were in Christ.
23 But thys they hearde onely, that he which persecuted vs in tyme past, nowe preacheth the fayth, which before he destroyed.
24 And they glorified God in me.




1 Then fouretene yeares thereafter, I went vp agayne to Ierusalem with Barnabas, and toke Titus with me.
2 I went vp also by reuelacyon, and commened with them of the Gospell which I preache amonge the Gentyls (but specially) with them which were counted chyefe, leest I shulde runne or had runne in vayne.
3 Also Titus which was wt me, though he were a greke, yet was not compelled to be circumcised:
4 and that because of incommers beynge false brethren, which came in preuely to spye out oure libertye which we haue in Christ Iesu, şt they myght bringe vs in to bondage.
5 To whom we gaue no rowme, no not for the tyme (by waye of subieccyon) because that the trueth of the Gospell myght contynue with you.
6 Of them which semed to be somwhat, what they were in tyme passed it make the no matter to me. God loketh on the outwarde appearaunce of no man. Neuertheles they which semed greate, added nothynge to me.
7 But contrary wyse, when they sawe şt the gospell ouer şe vncircumcision was committed vnto me, as şe gospell ouer şe circumcisyon was commytted vnto Peter.
8 For he that was myghty in Peter in the Apostleshyppe ouer the circumcisyon, the same was myghty in me amonge the Gentyls.
9 When they perceaued the grace that was geuen vnto me, then Iames, Cephas and Iohn, which semed to be pyllers, gaue to me and Barnabas the ryght handes of that felowshyppe, that we shulde be Apostles among the Heythen, and they in the circumcisyon:
10 onely that we shuld remember the poore. Wherin also I was diligent to do the same.
11 But when Peter was come to Antioche I withstode him openly, because he was worthy to be blamed.
12 For yer that certayne cam from Iames, he dyd eate with the Gentyls. But when they were come, he withdrue and separated hym selfe from them, fearynge them which were of the circumcisyon.
13 And the other Iewes dissembled as well as he: in so moche that Barnabas also was brought into their symulacion.
14 But when I sawe that they went not the right waye after the trueth of şe Gospell, I sayde vnto Peter before them all: yf thou beynge a Iewe, lyuest after the maner of the Gentyls, and not as do şe Iewes: why causest thou the Gentyls to lyue as do the Iewes?
15 For we which are Iewes by nature, and not synners of the Gentyls,
16 knowe that a man is not iustifyed by the dedes of the lawe, but by the fayth of Iesus Christ: And we haue beleued on Iesus Chryst, that we might be iustifyed by the faith of Christ, and not by the dedes of the lawe: because by the dedes of the lawe no flesshe shalbe iustifyed.
17 If whyle we seke to be made ryghtewes by Christ, we our selues are founde synners, is then Christ şe minyster of synne? God forbyd.
18 For yf I buylde agayne the thynges which I destroyed, then make I my selfe a trespasser.
19 For I (thorowe şe lawe) haue bene deed to the lawe, şt I myght lyue vnto Christ.
20 I am crucified wt Christ. Neuertheles I lyue: yet nowe not I, but Christ lyueth in me. The lyfe which I nowe lyue in şe flesshe, I lyue by şe fayth of şe sonne of God which loued me, and gaue hym selfe for me.
21 I despyse not the grace of God. For yf ryghtewesnes come of the lawe, then Christ is deed in vayne.




1 O ye folysshe Galathyans: who hath bewitched you, that ye shulde not beleue the trueth? To whom Iesus Christ was described before şe eyes and amonge you crucifyed.
2 This only wold I learne of you whether ye receaued the spirite by şe dedes of the lawe or by şe preaching of the fayth?
3 Are ye soche fooles, that after ye haue begonne in the sprete, ye nowe ende in the flesshe?
4 So many thynges ye haue suffred in vayne, yf it be also in vayne.
5 Moreouer, he that minystreth to you the sprete, and worketh myracles amonge you, doeth he it thorowe the dedes of the lawe, or by preachyng of the fayth?
6 Euen as Abraham beleued God, & it was ascribed to hym for ryghtewesnesse.
7 Ye knowe therfore, şt they which are of fayth, şe same are şe chyldren of Abraham.
8 For the scripture seinge afore hande, that God wold iustifye şe Hethen thorowe fayth, shewed before hande glad tydynges vnto Abraham sayinge: In the shall all nacyons be blessed.
9 So then, they which be of fayth, are blessed with faythfull Abraham.
10 For as many as are of the dedes of the lawe, are subiecte to the curse. For it is written: cursed be euery one that contynueth not in all thinges which are written in the boke of the lawe to fulfyll them.
11 That no man is iustifyed by the lawe in the syght of God, it is euydent. For the iuste shall lyue by fayth.
12 The lawe is not of fayth: but the man that fulfylleth the thinges shal lyue in them.
13 Christ hath deliuered vs from the curse of the lawe, in as moche as he was made accursed for vs: For it is written: cursed is euery one, that hangeth on tree,
14 that the blessynge of Abraham myght come on the Gentyls thorowe Iesus Christ, that we myght receaue the promes of the sprete thorowe fayth.
15 Brethren, I speake after şe maner of men. Though it be but a mans testament. Yet yf it be alowed, no man despyseth it: or addeth eny thynge thereto.
16 To Abraham and hys seede were the promyses made. He sayth not in the seedes, as many: but in thy seede, as of one, which is Christ.
17 Thys I saye, that the lawe which beganne afterwarde, beyonge foure hundred and thyrtye yeares, doeth not disanull the testament, that was comfermed afore of God vnto Christ ward, to make the promes of one effecte.
18 For yf the inheritaunce come of the lawe, it commeth not nowe of promesse. But God gaue it vnto Abraham by promes.
19 Wherfore then serueth the lawe? It was added because of transgression (tyll the seed came, to whom the promes was made) and it was ordeyned by angels in the hand of a mediator.
20 A mediator is not a mediator of one, but God is one.
21 Is the lawe then agaynst the promes of God? God forbyd. For yf there had bene a lawe geuen which coulde haue geuen lyfe: then no doute ryghtewesnes shulde come by the lawe.
22 But the scripture concluded all thinges vnder synne, that the promes by şe fayth of Iesus Christ shulde be geuen vnto them that beleue.
23 But before that fayth came, we were kepte vnder the lawe, and were shut vp vnto the fayth which shulde afterwarde be declared.
24 Wherfore, the lawe was oure scolemaster vnto Christ, that we shulde be iustifyed by fayth.
25 But after that fayth is come, we are no lenger vnder the scolemaster.
26 For ye are all chyldren of God, because ye beleue in Christ Iesu.
27 For all ye that are baptised haue put on Christ.
28 There is no Iewe, nether Gentyll: there is nether bonde, ner fre: there is nether man, ner woman. For ye are all one in Christ Iesu.
29 If ye be Christes, then are ye Abrahams seede, and heyres accordynge to the promes.




1 And I saye, that şe heyre (as longe as he is a chylde) differth not from a seruaunt, though he be Lord of all,
2 but is vnder tuters and gouerners, vntyll the tyme that the father hath appoynted.
3 Euen so we also, when we were chyldren, were in bondage vnder the ordynaunces of the worlde.
4 But when the tyme was full come, God sent hys sonne, made of a woman, and made bonde vnto the lawe,
5 to redeme them which were bonde vnto the lawe: that we (thorowe eleccion) might receaue the inheritaunce that belongeth vnto the naturall sonnes.
6 Because ye are sonnes, God hathe sent the sprete of hys sonne into oure hertes, cryinge: Abba father.
7 Wherfore nowe, thou art not a seruaunt: but a sonne. If thou be a sonne, thou arte also an heyre of God, thorowe Christ.
8 Notwithstandynge, when ye knewe not God, ye dyd seruice vnto them which by nature are no Goddes.
9 But nowe after that ye haue knowen God (yee rather are knowen of God) how is it that ye tourne agayn vnto the weake and beggarly ordinaunces, wherunto agayne ye desyre afresshe to be in bondage?
10 Ye obserue dayes, and monethes, and tymes, and yeares.
11 I am in feare of you, lest I haue bestowed on you laboure in vayne.
12 Brethren, I besech you, be ye as I am: for I am as ye are. Ye haue not hurt me at all.
13 Ye knowe how thorowe infirmitie of şe flesshe, I preached şe Gospell vnto you at the fyrst.
14 And my temptacyon which was in şe flesshe, ye despysed not, nether abhorred: but receaued me as an angell of God: euen as Christ Iesus.
15 What is then youre felicyte? for I beare you record, şt yf it had bene possible ye wolde haue plucked out your awne eyes, and haue geuen them to me.
16 Am I therfore become your enemye, because I tell you the trueth?
17 They are gelous ouer you amysse. Yee, they intende to exclude you, that ye shuld be feruent to them ward.
18 It is good allwayes to be feruent in a good thinge, and not onely whan I am present with you.
19 My lytell chyldren, of whom I trauayle in byrth agayne, vntill Christ be fasshyoned in you,
20 I wolde I ware with you now, and coulde chaunge my voyce: for I stande in a doubte of you.
21 Tell me: ye that desyre to be vnder the lawe, do ye not heare of the lawe?
22 For it is wrytten, that Abraham had two sonnes the one by a bonde mayde, şe other by a fre woman.
23 Yee, and he which was borne of the bonde woman, was borne after the flesshe: but he which was of the fre man, was borne by promesse.
24 Which thynges are spoken by an allegorye. For these are two testamentes the one from the mounte Syna, which gendreth vnto bondage, which is Agar.
25 For mounte Syna is Agar in Arabia , and bordreth vpon the cytie, which is nowe called Ierusalem, and is in bondage with her chyldren.
26 But Ierusalem, which is aboue, is fre: which is the mother of vs al.
27 For it is written. Reioyce thou baren, that bearest no chyldren: breake forth and crye, thou şe trauaylest not. For the desolat hath many moo chyldren, then she which hathe an husbande.
28 Brethren, we are after Isaac, the children of promes.
29 But as then he that was borne after the flesshe, persecuted hym that was borne after the sprete, euen so is it nowe.
30 Neuerthelesse, what sayth the scripture: put awaye the bonde woman and her sonne. For the sonne of the bonde woman shall not be heyre with the sonne of the fre woman.
31 So then brethren, we are not chyldren of the bonde woman: but of the fre.




1 Stande fast therfore in the liberty wherwith Christ hath made vs fre, and wrappe not youre selues agayne in the yoke of bondage.
2 Beholde, I Paul saye vnto you, that yf ye be circumcised, Christ shall proffyte you nothynge at all.
3 I testyfye agayne to euery man which is circumcised, that he is bonde to kepe the whole lawe.
4 Christ is become but in vayne vnto you. As many of you as are iustifyed by the lawe are fallen from grace.
5 We loke for, and hope in the sprete to be iustifyed thorowe fayth.
6 For in Iesu Christ, nether is circumcisyon any thynge worth, nether yet vncircumcysion but faith which worketh by loue.
7 Ye dyd runne well: who was a let vnto you, that ye shulde not beleue the trueth?
8 Euen the counsell which came not of hym that calleth you.
9 A lytell leuen doth leuen şe whole lompe of dowe.
10 I haue trust towarde you in şe Lorde, that ye shalbe none otherwyse minded. But he that troubleth you, shall beare his iudgement whatsoeuer he be.
11 Brethren, yf I yet preach circumcisyon, why do I then yet suffre persecucyon? Then is the slaunder of the crosse ceased.
12 I wolde to God, they were separated from you, which trouble you:
13 Brethren, ye were called into libertye: only let not youre libertye be an occasion vnto the flesshe: but by loue serue one another.
14 For all the lawe is fulfylled in one worde, which is this: thou shalt loue thyne neyghboure as thy selfe.
15 If ye byte and deuoure one another: take hede, lest ye be lykewyse consumed one of another.
16 I saye: walke in the sprete, and fulfyll not the lust of the flesshe.
17 For the flesshe lusteth contrary to the sprete, and the sprete contrary to the flesshe. These are contrarye one to the other, so that ye cannot do whatsoeuer ye wolde.
18 But and yf ye be led of the sprete, then are ye not vnder the lawe.
19 The dedes of the flesshe are manyfeste, which are these: aduoutery, fornicacion, vnclennes, wantannes,
20 worshypping of ymages, witchcraft, hatred, variaunce, zele, wrathe, stryfe, sedicyons, sectes,
21 enuyinge, murther, dronkennes, glottonye, and soche lyke: of the which I tell you before as I haue told you in tyme past, that they which commyt soch thinges shall not be inheritours of the kyngdome of God.
22 Contrarely, the frute of the sprete is, loue, ioye, peace, longe sufferinge, gentylnes, goodnes, faythfulnes,
23 mekenes, temperauncye. Agaynst suche there is no lawe.
24 They trulye that are Christes, haue crucifyed the flesshe with the affeccions and lustes.
25 If we lyue in the sprete, let vs walke in the sprete.
26 Let vs not be desirous of vayne glorye, prouokinge one another, enuying one another.




1 Brethren, if a man also be taken in eny faute, ye which are spirituall, helpe to amende hym in the sprete of meaknes: consyderinge thy selfe, lest thou also be tempted.
2 Beare ye one anothers burthen, and so fulfyll the lawe of Christ.
3 For yf any man seme to him selfe that he is somwhat, when in dede he is nothinge, the same, deceaueth his awne mynd.
4 Let euery man proue his awne worke, and then shall he haue reioysinge onelye in hys awne selfe, & not in another.
5 For euery man shall beare his awne burthen.
6 Let hym that is taught in the worde, minister vnto him that teacheth him in all good thinges.
7 Be not deceaued, God is not mocked. For whatsoeuer a man soweth, that shall he also reape.
8 For he that soweth in his flesshe, shall of the flesshe reape corrupcyon. But he that soweth in the sprete, shall of the sprete reape lyfe euerlastynge.
9 Let vs not be wery of well doinge. For when the tyme is come, we shall reape without werynesse.
10 Whyle we haue therfore tyme, lett vs do good vnto all men, and specially vnto them which are of the housholde of fayth.
11 Ye se howe large a letter I haue wrytten vnto you with myne awne hande.
12 As many as desire with vtwarde apperaunce to please carnally, the same constrayne you to be circumcised, onely lest they shulde suffre persecutyon for the crosse of Christ.
13 For they them selues which are circumcysed, kepe not şe lawe, but desyre to haue you circumcysed, şt they myght reioyce in youre flesshe.
14 God forbyd that I shulde reioyce, but in the crosse of oure Lorde Iesu Christ, wherby the worlde is crucifyed vnto me, & I vnto şe worlde.
15 For in Christ Iesu nether circumcysion auayleth eny thynge at all: nor vncircumcision: but a newe creature.
16 And as many as walke accordynge to thys rule, peace be on them and mercy, & vpon Israell, that pertayneth to God.
17 From hence forth, let no man put me to busynes. For I beare in my body the markes of the Lorde Iesu.
18 Brethren, the grace of oure Lorde Iesu Christ be with youre sprete: Amen.