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1 In the firste yere of Cyrus kynge of Persia (şt the word of the Lord spoken by şe mouth of Ieremy might be fulfilled) the Lord stered vp şe spret of Cyrus kynge of Persia, that he caused to be proclaymed thorow out all hys empire, & to be wryten, saying:
2 Thus sayth Cirus the kynge of Persia: The Lorde God of heauen hath geuen me all the kyngdomes of şe earth, and hath commaunded me to buylde hym an house at Ierusalem which is in Iuda.
3 Whosoeuer now among you is of his people, the Lorde his God be with hym, and let him go vp to Ierusalem in Iuda, & builde the house of the Lorde God of Israell. He is the God şt is at Ierusalem.
4 And whosouer remayneth yet in eny maner of place (where he is a straunger) let the men of that place helpe hym wt syluer and golde, with good & catell, besyde that which they wyllyngly offer, for şe house of God that is at Ierusalem.
5 Then gat vp the principal fathers of Iuda and Beniamin, & the prestes & leuites, and all they whose sprete God had raysed to go vp, & to buylde the house of the Lord, which is at Ierusalem.
6 And al they şt were about them strengthed their hand, wt vessels of syluer, & golde, with good and catell, & Iewels: in so moch şt euery one shewed hym selfe liberall.
7 And kyng Cyrus brought forth the vessels of the house of the Lord, which Nabuchodonosor had taken out of Ierusalem, and had put in the house of his God.
8 Those dyd Cyrus the kyng of Persia bryng forth by şe hande of Mithridates the treasurer, and nombred them vnto Sesbazar the prince of Iuda.
9 And this is the nombre of them .xxx. chargers of gold .M. chargers of syluer .xxix. knyues
10 .xxx. basens of gold and of other siluer basens .iiij.C. & .x. & of other vessels: .M.
11 All the vessels of gold and syluer, were .v.M. and .iiij.C. All these dyd Sesbazar carye awaye with them that came vp oute of the captyuite of Babylon vnto Ierusalem.




1 These are the chyldren of the lande that went vp oute of the captyuite (whom Nabuchodonosor the king of Babylon had caryed awaye vnto Babylon) and came agayne vnto Ierusalem, and into Iuda, euery one vnto hys cytie.
2 They that came with Zorobabell are these. Iesua, Nehemiah, Saraia, Raelaia Mardochai, Bilsan, Mispar, Biguai, Rehum, Baana. Thys is the nombre of the men of the people of Israel.
3 The children of Phares, two thousand, an hundred, and two and seuentye:
4 the chyldren of Saphatia, thre hundred, and two and seuenty:
5 the chyldren of Arath, seuen hundred, and fyue and seuenty:
6 the chyldren of the captayne of Moab among the chyldren of Iesua and Ioab, two thousande, eyght hundred and twelue:
7 the chyldren of Elam, a thousande, two hundred, and foure and fyftye:
8 the chyldren of Zathu, nyne hundred, and fyue and fourtye:
9 the chyldren Zaccai, seuen hundred, and thre score:
10 the children of Bani, syxe hundred, and two and fourty:
11 the chyldren of Bebai, syxe hundred and thre and twentye:
12 the chyldren of Asgad, a thousand, two hundred, and two and twenty:
13 the chyldren of Adonicam, syx hundred, and syxe and syxty:
14 the chyldren of Beguai, two thousande, and syx and fyfty:
15 the chyldren of Adin, foure hondred and foure & fyfty:
16 the chyldren of Ater of Hezekia, eyght and nyntye:
17 the chyldren of Bezai, thre hundred, and thre and twentye:
18 the chyldren of Iora, an hundred and twelue:
19 the chyldren of Hasum, two hundred, and thre and twentye:
20 the chyldren of Gebar, fyue and nyntye:
21 the chydren of Bethlehem, an hundred and thre and twentye:
22 the men of Netopha, syxe and fyftye:
23 the men of Anathoth, an hundred, and eyght and twentye:
24 the chyldren of Asmaueth, two and fourty:
25 the chyldren of Kyriath Iarim, euen the chyldren of Cephira and Beeroth, seuen hundred and thre and fourty:
26 the children of Harama and Geba, syx hundred, and one and twenty:
27 the men of Michmas, an hundred, and two and twentye:
28 the men of Bethell and Hai, two hundred, and thre and twenty:
29 the children of Nebo, two and fyfty:
30 the chyldren of Magbis, an hundred, and syxe and fyftye:
31 the children of the other Elam, a thousande, & two hundred, and foure and fyfty:
32 the chyldren of Harym, the hundred and twentye:
33 the chyldren of Lodhadid and Ono, seuen hundred, and fyue and twentye:
34 the chyldren of Iericho, thre hundred, and fyue and fourtye:
35 the children of Senaa, thre thousand, syxe hundred and thyrtye.
36 The prestes of the chyldren of Iedaia of the house of Iesua, nyne hundred, and thre & seventye:
37 the children of Immer, a thousand and two and fyfty:
38 the children of Phashur, a thousande, two hundred, and seuen and fourtye:
39 the children of Harim, a thousande, and seuentene.
40 The leuites. The children of Iesua, and Cadmiel of the children of Hodauia, foure & seuentye.
41 The syngers, the children of Asaph, an hundred, and eyght & twentye.
42 The children of the dore keper. The children of Sallum, the children of Ater, the children of Talmon, the children of Akub, the children of Hatita, the children of Sobai: all togeather an hundred, and nyne and thyrtye.
43 The Nethinims, the children of Ziha, the children of Hasupha, şe children of Tabaoth,
44 the children of Ceros, the children of Sicha, the children of Padon,
45 the chyldren of Lebanaa, the children of Hagabh, the chyldren of Akub,
46 the chyldren of Hagab, the chyldren of Samlai, the chyldren of Hanan,
47 the children of Giddel, the chyldren of Gahar, the chyldren of Reaia,
48 the chyldren of Razin, the chyldren of Necoda, the chyldren of Gasam,
49 the chyldren of Usa, the chyldren of Passeah: the chyldren of Bessai,
50 the chyldren of Asna, the chyldren of Mehunim, the chyldren of Nephussim,
51 the chyldren of Bacbuc, the chyldren of Hacuba, the chyldren of Harhur,
52 the chyldren of Bazluth, the children of Mehira, the chyldren of Harsa,
53 the chyldren of Barcom, the chyldren of Sisara, the chyldren of Thamah,
54 the chyldren of Neziah, şe chyldren of Hatipha.
55 The chyldren of Salomons seruauntes, the chyldren of Sotai, the chyldren of Sophereth, the chyldren of Peruda,
56 the chyldren of Iaala, the children of Darcon, the chyldren of Giddel,
57 the chyldren of Sephatiah, the children of Hattil, the children of Pochereth Hazbaim, the chyldren of Ami.
58 All the Nethinims and the chyldren of Salomons seruauntes, were all together, thre hundred and two and nyntye.
59 And these went vp from, Thelmelah, and from Thelharsa, Cherub, Addon and Immer. But they coulde not discerne theyr fathers house and theyr sede, whether they were of Israel.
60 The children of Delaia, the chyldren of Tobia, the chyldren of Necoda, syxe hundred and two and fyfty.
61 And of the chyldren of the prestes. The chyldren of Hebaia, the chyldren of Hakoz, the chyldren of Berzilai, which toke one of the daughters of Berzilai şe Gileadite to wyfe, and was called after theyr name:
62 these sought theyr euidence amonge them that had the register of byrth, and were not founde therin, therfore were they put from the presthod.
63 And Hathirsatha sayd vnto them, that they shuld not eate of şe most holy, till ther rose vp a preste to weare Urim and Thumim.
64 The whole congregacion together, was .xlij. thousand, thre hundred and threscore:
65 besyde their seruauntes and maydens, of whom there were seuen thousand, thre hundred, and seuen and thyrtye. And there were amonge them two hundred syngynge men and wemen.
66 Their horses were seuen hundred and syxe & thirty. Their mules, two hundred, and fyue and fourtye:
67 and their camels, foure hundred and fyue and thirty. Theyr asses, syxe thousande, seuen hundred and twentye.
68 And certayne of the chefe fathers, when they came because of the house of the Lorde at Ierusalem, they offered them selues wyllynge for the house of God, to sett in hys place,
69 and gaue gold after their habilite vnto the treasure of the worcke, euen one and threscore thousande peces, and fyue thousande pounde of syluer, and an hundred prestes garmentes.
70 So the prestes and the leuites, and a certayne of the people and the syngers, and the porters, and the Nethinims dwelt in their cyties, and all Israell in theyr cyties.




1 And when the seuenth moneth came, and the children of Israel were nowe in theyr cyties, the people came togeather (euen as one man) vnto Ierusalem.
2 And there stode vp Iesua şe sonne of Iosedec and his brethren the prestes, and Zorobabel the sonne of Salathiel & hys brethren, and buylded the aultar of the God of Israel, to offre burntoffrynges theron, as it is writen in the lawe of Moses şe man of God
3 and the aultar set they vpon hys socketes (for ther was a fearfulnes amonge them because of the nacions and landes) therfore they offered burntoffringes theron vnto the Lord in the morning & at euen.
4 And they helde the feaste of tabernacles as it is writen, & offered burnt sacrifices dayly, acording to şe nombre & custome, daye by daye.
5 Afterwarde they offred dayly burntoffringes also, & in şe new mones and in all the feast dayes that were consecrate vnto the Lorde, and for all them whych dyd (of their awne fre wyll) offre vnto the Lord.
6 From the first daye of the seuenth moneth beganne they to offre burntsacryfyces vnto the Lorde: euen whan the foundacyon of the temple of the Lord was not yet layed.
7 They gaue money also vnto şe masons and carpenters, and meate and dryncke and oyle vnto them of Zidon and of Tire, to brynge them Cedre tymbre from Libanus by see vnto Ioppa, accordyng to the graunt that they had of Cyrus the kynge of Persia.
8 In the seconde yere of their comming vnto the place of şe house of God at Ierusalem in the second moneth, beganne Zorobabel the sonne of Salathiell, & Iesua the sonne of Iosedec, and the remnaunt of theyr brethren the prestes and leuites, and all they that were come out of the captiuyte vnto Ierusalem, & appoynted the leuytes from twentye yeare olde and aboue, to se, that the worcke of the house of the Lorde went forwarde.
9 And Iesua stode with his sonnes and brethren, and Cadmiell with his sonnes, and the chyldren of Iuda, to forther the worckemen of the house of God, euen the children of Henadab, with their children and their brethren the leuites.
10 And whan the builders layd the foundacyon of the temple of the Lorde, the preastes stode in theyr araye, with trompetes. And the leuites the chyldren of Asaph with cymbales, to prayse the Lorde after the maner of Dauid kyng of Israell.
11 And they sang together, whan they gaue prayse & thankes vnto the Lord, because he is gracious, and because his mercy endureth for euer vpon Israell. And all şe people shouted loude in praysyng the Lord, because the foundacion of the house of the Lorde was layde.
12 Many also of the preastes and leuites and auncient fathers, which had sene the first house (when the foundacion of thys house was layed before theyr eyes) wepte with a loude voyce. And many shouted with ioye,
13 so that the noyse gaue a greate sounde, in so moch şt the people coulde not discerne the ioyful sounde and gladnes, from the noyse of the wepynge amonge the people: for the people shouted wyth a loude cry, and the noyse was herde farre of.




1 But the aduersaryes of Iuda and Beniamin hearde, that the children of the captiuite buylded the temple vnto the Lord God of Israel.
2 And they came to Zorobabel and to the principall fathers, and sayde vnto them: We will builde with you: for we seke the Lorde youre God lyke as ye do. And we haue done sacrifyce vnto hym, sence the tyme of Asor Hadon the kynge of Assur which brought vs vp hyther.
3 And Zorobabel and Iesua and the other auncient fathers of Israel sayde vnto them: It cannot be, that you and we together shuld buylde the house vnto our God: for we oure selues wyll buylde alone vnto the Lord our God of Israel, as Cyrus the king of Persia hath commaunded vs.
4 And it came to passe, that the folke of the land hyndered the people of Iuda, and troubled them as they were buyldynge,
5 and hyred councelers against them, to hynder their deuyce, as longe as Cyrus the kyng of Persia lyued, vntyll the raygne of Darius king of Persia.
6 And in the raygne of Ahasuerus, (euen in şe begynnyng of his raygne) wrote they vnto him a complaynte agaynst the inhabitours of Iuda and Ierusalem.
7 And in the dayes of Arthaxerses, wrote Mithridath Tabeel and the other of hys councell, vnto Arthaxerses the king of Persia with fayre wordes. And the scripture of the letter was writen in the Sirians speach, and interpretated in the language of the Sirians
8 Rehum the recorder and Samsai the scribe wrote a letter from Ierusalem to Arthaxerses the kyng, as it foloweth.
9 Then Rehum the recorder, & Samsai the scribe, and other of their companye of Dina, of Arphasath, of Tarpla, of Persia, of Arach, of Babylon, of Susan, of Deha, of Elan,
10 & other of the people who the greate & noble Asnapar brought ouer, and sett in the cytes of Samaria, & other, that are now on this syde the water.
11 Thys is the copye of the letter that they sent vnto kyng Artaxerses. Thy seruauntes, & the men that are now on thys syde the water.
12 Be it knowne vnto the king, that the Iewes which came vp from the to vs, are come vnto Ierusalem (a cytie sedicyous and frowarde) and buylde the same, and sett vp the walles therof, and laye the foundacions.
13 Be it knowne now also vnto the kynge, that yf this cytie be buylded, and the walles therof made vp agayne, then shall not they geue, tolle, tribute, and custome, and the kynges profyte shall incurre dammage.
14 And now in the meane season we haue destroyed the temple, and wolde no longer se the kynges dishonoure: Therfore sent we out also, and certifyed the kynge:
15 that it maye be sought in the boke of şe Chronycles of thy progenitours, and so shalt thou fynde in the booke of the Chronycles, and perceaue that this cytie is sedicious and noysome vnto kynges and landes, and that they cause other also among them to rebell of olde, & for the same cause was thys cytie destroyed.
16 Therfore do we certyfye the kynge that yf this cyte be buylded agayne, and the walles therof made vp, thou shalt herafter haue no porcion on this fyde the water.
17 Then sent the kyng a answere vnto Rehum the recorder, & Simsai the scribe, and to the other of theyr companyons that dwelt in Samaria, & vnto the other şt were beyonde the water, in Selan and Cheheth.
18 The letter which ye sent vnto vs, hath bene openly redd before me,
19 and I haue commaunded to make search: & it is founde, şt this cytie of olde hath made insurreccion agaynst kynges, and that rebellion and sedicion hath bene commytted therin.
20 There haue bene myghtie kinges also at Ierusalem, which haue raygned ouer all countrees beyonde the water: and tolle, trybute, & custome was geuen vnto them:
21 Geue ye now therfore commaundement, that the same men be forbydden, and that the cytie be not buylded agayne, tyll I haue geuen another commaundement.
22 Take hede now that ye be not negligent to do this: for why shulde şe kynge haue harme there thorowe?
23 Now when the copye of kynge Artaxerses letter was red before Rehum and Simsai the Scribe and their companyons, they went vp in all the haste to Ierusalem vnto the Iewes, and forbad them with violence and power.
24 Then ceassed the worcke of the house of God at Ierusalem, and continued so vnto the seconde yere of Darius kynge of Persia.




1 The prophetes, Aggeus and Zachary the sonne of Iddo, prophecied vnto the Iewes that were in Iuda and Ierusalem, in the name of the God of Israel.
2 Then gat vp Zorobabel the sonne of Salathiel, and Iesua the sonne of Iosedec, and beganne to buylde the house of God at Ierusalem, and with them were the prophetes of God, which helped them.
3 At the same tyme came to them Tathnai which was captayne on thys syde the water, and Starbaznai, and their companyons, and sayde thus vnto them. Who hath commaunded you to buylde thys house, and to make vp these walles?
4 Then tolde we them the names of the men, that made thys buyldynge.
5 But the eye of their God was vpon the elders of the Iewes, that they coulde not cause them to ceasse, tyll the matter was brougth to Darius, and then they answered by letters ther vnto
6 This is şe copye of şe letter, that Tathnai (which was captayne on thys syde the water) and Starbaznai, and the councellers of Apharsah (which were on this syde the water) sent vnto kyng Darius.
7 And the matter that they sent vnto him, was written thus within the lettre: Unto Darius the kynge, all peace.
8 Be it knowne vnto the kyng, that we went into the lande of Iewry to şe house of şe great God, which is buylded wt mighty greate stones, and beames are layed in the walles, and the worcke goeth fast forth, and prospereth in their handes.
9 Then asked we the Elders, & sayde vnto them as it foloweth: Who commaunded you to buylde this house, & to make vp the walles therof?
10 We asked their names also, that we might certifie the, and wryte the names of the men that were theyr rulers.
11 But they answered vs with these wordes, and sayde. We are the seruauntes of him that is God of heauen and earth, and buylde the house that was buylded many yeres agoo which a greate kynge of Israel buylded, and set vp.
12 But after şt oure fathers had prouoked the God of heauen vnto wrath, he gaue them ouer into the hande of Nabuchodonozer the king of Babilon, & of the Caldees, which brake downe this house, and caried şe people awaye captiue vnto Babilon.
13 But in the fyrst yere of Cyrus the kyng of Babylon, the same kyng Cyrus gaue commaundement concernyng thys house of God, that it shulde be builded agayne.
14 And şe vesselles of golde & syluer of the house of God, which Nabuchodonozer toke out of the temple that was at Ierusalem, & brought them into the temple at Babilon, those dyd Cyrus the kynge take out of the temple at Babilon, and they were delyuered vnto one Sasbazar by name, whom he made captayne,
15 and sayde vnto him. Take these vessels, and go thy waye, and sett them in the temple that is at Ierusalem, and lett the house of God be buylded in hys place.
16 Then came the same Sasbazar, and layde the foundacyon of the house of God which is at Ierusalem. Sence şt tyme also vntyll now hath it bene in buyldynge, and yet is it not fynished.
17 Yf it please the kynge now therfore, lett there be searche made in the kynges library which is there at Babylon, whether it haue bene kyng Cyrus commaundement, that thys temple of God at Ierusalem shulde be buylded and let hym sende vs the kynges mynde concernynge the same matter.




1 Then commaunded kynge Darius, and they made search in the library, euen in the place where they layde vp the treasure at Babilon.
2 And there was founde in a coffer (in the place that is in the lande of the Medes) a volume: and ther in was it thus wrytten, and soche a memoriall:
3 In the fyrst yeare of kyng Cyrus, gaue the same kynge Cyrus commaundement concernynge the house of God at Ierusalem, that the same house shulde be buylded in şe place where they offre the sacrifices, and to ioyne the walles together of threskore cubytes heygth, and threskore cubytes bredth.
4 Thre rowes of roughe stones, and one rowe of tymber, and the expences shalbe geuen of the kynges house.
5 And let the golde and syluer vessell of the house of God (which Nabuchodonozor toke out of the temple at Ierusalem, and brought vnto Babylon) be restored, and brought agayne vnto the temple at Ierusalem to their place in the house of God.
6 Get you farre from them therfore, thou Thahnai captayne beyonde the water, and Stharbuzanai, and youre councelers & Aphersechei, which are beyonde the water, get ye awaye from them.
7 Let the worcke of şe house of this God alone, that the captayne of the Iewes and their Elders maye buylde şe house of God in his place.
8 I haue commaunded what shalbe done to the Elders of Iuda for the buylding of the house of God, that there shalbe diligent hede taken of the kynges goodes, euen of the rentes beyonde the water, and geuen vnto the men, that they be not hyndred
9 And yf they haue nede of calues, rammes & lambes, for the burntofferynge of the God of heauen, wheate, salt, wyne and oyle, after the custome of the preastes at Ierusalem, let the same be geuen them daylie with out anye delaye,
10 that they maye offre swete sauoures vnto the God of heauen, and praye for the kynges lyfe, and for his chyldren.
11 And soch a commaundement haue I geuen that what man soeuer he be that altereth thys worde, there shall a beame be taken from hys house, and set vp, and he shalbe hanged theron, and his house shalbe made a donghyll for the same thynge,
12 And the God that set hys name there, destroye all kynges, & people, that put to their hande to alter & to breake downe şe house of God which is at Ierusalem. I Darius haue commaunded, that this be done with spede.
13 Then Thathnai the captaine of the countrey beyonde the water, and Stharboznai with theyr councelers (to whom kynge Darius had sent) did their diligence:
14 And şe Elders of the Iewes builded, and they prospered thorow the prophecienge of Aggeus the prophet and Zachary the sonne of Iddo: and they builded, and layed vp the foundacion, according to the commaundement of the God of Israell, and after the commaundement of Cyrus, and Darius & Arthaxerses kynges of Persia.
15 And the house was fynisshed the thyrde daye of the moneth Adar, euen in the syxte yere of the raygne of kynge Darius.
16 And the children of Israell, şe preastes, the Leuites, and the other children of the captiuite helde the dedicacion of this house of God with ioye,
17 and offered at the dedicacion of this house of God, and hundred oxen, two hundred rammes, foure hundred goates: and for the reconcilinge of all Israel twelue he goates, accordynge to the nombre of the tribes of Israel,
18 & set the preastes in their sondry courses, & the Leuites in their diuerse offices to minister vnto God at Ierusalem, as it is written in the boke of Moses.
19 And the children of the captiuite helde Passeouer vpon the fourtenth daye of şe fyrst moneth:
20 for the preastes and Leuytes were purified, so that they were all cleane together, and kylled Passeouer for all the children of the captiuite, and for their brethren şe preastes, and for them selues.
21 And the children of Israel which were come agayne out of captiuite, and all soche as had separated them selues vnto them from the fylthynesse of the Heythen of the lande: to seke the Lorde God of Israel, did eate,
22 and helde the feast of vnleuened bread seuen dayes with ioye: for the Lorde had made them glad, and turned the hert of şe kyng of Assur vnto them, to strengthen their handes in the worcke of the house of God, euen the God of Israel.




1 After these actes, there was in şe raygne of Arthaxerses kyng of Persia, one Esdras the sonne of Saraiah, the sonne of Asaria, the sonne of Helkia,
2 the sonne of Sallum, the sonne of Zadoc, the sonne of Ahitob,
3 the sonne of Amaria, the sonne of Asaria, the sonne of Meraioth,
4 the sonne of Zeraia, the sonne of Uzi, the sonne of Bucki,
5 şe sonne of Abisua, the sonne of Phinebes, the sonne of Eleazar, the sonne of Aaron şe chefe preast.
6 This Esdras also went vp from Babilon, and was a perfite scribe in the lawe of Moses, which the Lord God of Israel did geue. And the kyng gaue him all that he requyred, because the hande of the Lorde hys God was vpon him.
7 And there went vp certayne of the children of Israel, of the preastes. Leuites, syngers, porters, and of the Nethinims vnto Ierusalem, in the seuenth yere of kynge Arthaxerses.
8 And he came to Ierusalem in the fyfth moneth, euen in the seuenth yere of the kynge.
9 For vpon the fyrst daye of the fyrst moneth, beganne he to go vp from Babilon: & on the fyrst daye of the fyfth moneth came he to Ierusalem, because the good hande of God was vpon him.
10 For Esdras prepared his hert to seke the lawe of the Lorde, and to do it, and to teach the precept and iudgement in Israel.
11 And this is the copye of the letter, şt kyng Arthaxerses gaue vnto Esdras the preast & scrybe, which was a wryter of the wordes and commaundementes of the Lorde and of his statutes ouer Israel.
12 Arthaxerses a king of kynges, Unto Esdras the preast & scrybe of the lawe of the God of heauen, peace and salutacion.
13 I haue commaunded, that all they of the people of Israel, and of the preastes and Leuites in my realme (which are mynded of their awne good wyll to go vp to Ierusalem) go with the:
14 and therfore art thou sent of the kyng and of his seuen councelers, to vyset Iuda and Ierusalem, accordinge to the lawe of thy God, which is in thy hande:
15 And that thou shuldest take with the syluer and golde, which the kynge and his councelers offre of their awne good wyll vnto the God of Israell (whose habitacyon is at Ierusalem)
16 and all the syluer and golde şt thou canst fynde in all the countre of Babylon, wt it that the people offre of theyr awne good wyll and the preastes geue for the house of theyr God which is at Ierusalem.
17 Take thou the same, and bye diligently with the same money, oxen rammes, and lambes, with their meateofferinges and drinckofferynges, and thou shalt offer them vpon the aultare of the house of youre God which is at Ierusalem.
18 And loke what it lyketh the and thy brethren to do with the remnaunt of the money, that do after the wyll of youre God.
19 And the vessels that are geuen the for the ministracion in the house of thy God, those deliuer thou before God at Ierusalem.
20 And whatsoeuer thyng more shall be nedefull for the house of thy God, which is necessary for the to spende, thou shalt receaue the charges out of şe kynges treasure house.
21 I kyng Arthaxerses haue commaunded all the treasures beyonde the water, that loke whatsoeuer Esdras the preaste and scrybe in the lawe of the God of heauen, requireth of you, that ye fulfyll the same spedely,
22 vntyll an hundred talentes of syluer, vntyll an hundred quarters of wheate, and tyll an hundred Batthes of wyne, & tyll an hundred Batthes of oyle, & salt without measure.
23 Whatsoeuer also belongeth to the lawe of the God of heauen, let the same be done without anye delaye for the house of the God of heauen, that he be not wroth agaynst şe realme, & agaynst the kynge, and hys chyldren.
24 And we certifye you, that ye haue no auctorite to requyre taxinge and custome, and yearly rentes vpon any of the preastes, Leuites, syngers, porters, Nethinims and ministers in the house of his God.
25 And thou Esdras (after the wysdome of thy God, that is in thy hande) sett iudges and arbiters (by my auctorite) to iudge all the people that is beyonde the water, euen all soch as knowe şe lawe of thy God: and them that knowe it not, those se that ye teach.
26 And whosoeuer wyll not fulfyll the lawe of thy God, and the kynges lawe, let him haue his iudgement without delaye, whether it be vnto death, or to be rooted out, or to be condemned in goodes, or to be put in preson.
27 Blessed be the Lorde God of oure fathers, which so hath inspired şe kynges hert, to garnysh the house of the Lorde, that is at Ierusalem:
28 and hath enclyned his mercy vnto me in the presence of the kyng, & his councelers, and before all the kynges hye estates. And I was conforted (euen as the hande of the Lorde my God was vpon me) & so geathered I the heades of Israell together, that they myghte go vp with me.




1 These are the principall fathers of them, and this is their register that wente vp with me from Babilon, what tyme as kynge Arthaxerses raygned.
2 Of the chyldren of Phinehes, Gersom: of the chyldren of Ithamar, Daniel: of the chyldren of Dauid, Hatus:
3 of the chyldren of Zecania amonge the children of Pharos, Zachary, and with him were nombred an hundred and fyftie men.
4 Of the chyldren of the captayne of Moab, Elioenai the sonne of Zerahia, and with him two hundred men.
5 Of the children of Zechania the sonne of Iahasiel, and with him thre hundred men.
6 Of the children of Adin, Abed the sonne of Ionathan, and with him fyftie men.
7 Of the children of Elam, Isai the sonne of Athalia, and with him seuentie men.
8 Of the children of Sapharia, Zebadia the sonne of Michael, and with hym foure score men.
9 Of the children of Ioab, Obadia the sonne of Iehiel, and with hym two hundred and eyghtene men,
10 Of the children of Selomith the sonne of Iosephia, and with him and hundred and thre score men.
11 Of the children of Bebai, Zachary the sonne of Bebai, and with him eyght and twentie men.
12 Of the children of Asgad, Iohanan, the sonne of Hakatan, and with him an hundred and ten men.
13 Of the chyldren of Adonicam, that were the last, whose names were these: Eliphelet, Iehiel and Samaiah, and with them thre score men.
14 Of the chyldren of Biguai, Uthai, and Zabud, and with them seuentie men.
15 And I gathered them together by the water that renneth towarde Ahaua, and there abode we thre dayes. And I loked amonge the people and the preastes & founde there none of the children of Leui.
16 Then sent I to Elieser, to Ariel, Semeia, Elnachan, Iarib, Elnathan, Nathan, Zachary and to Mesullam the rulers, and to Ioiarib and Elnathan which were men of vnderstandyng,
17 and to those gaue I commaundement vnto Iddo the chefest at Casphia, that they shulde fetch vs minysters for şe house of oure God, and I tolde them what they shulde saye vnto Iddo, and to his brethren the Nethinims at Casphia.
18 And (thorow the good hande of oure God vpon vs) they broughte vs a wyse man from amonge the children of Moholi the sonne of Leui, the sonne of Israel, and Sarabia with hys sonnes and his brethren, euen eyghtene.
19 And Hasabia, and with him Isai of şe chyldren of Merari, with his brethren and theyr sonnes, twentie.
20 And of the Nethinims, whom Dauid & the Princes gaue to mynister vnto the Leuites, two hundred & twentye of Nethinims, which all were named by name.
21 And euen there at the water, besyde Ahaua, I proclamed a fast, that we myghte humble oure selues before oure God, and seke of him a ryghte waye for vs, and for oure children and for all oure substaunce.
22 For I was ashamed to requyre of the kynge, soudyers & horsmen, to helpe vs agaynst the enemy in şe waye: but we sayd vnto the kynge: The hande of oure God is vpon all them that seke hym in goodnes, and hys violence and wrath is agaynst all them that forsake him.
23 So we fasted, and be soughte oure God for this, and he hearde vs.
24 And I toke out twelue of the chefe preastes, Sarabia and Hasabia, and ten of their brethren with them,
25 and weyed them şe syluer and golde, & vessels that were appoynted for the house of oure God, which the kynge and his councellers and his Lordes, and all Israell that were there at hande, had geuen together.
26 And I weyed vnto their hande sixe hundred & fyftie talentes of syluer, & in syluer vessel an hundred talentes, & in golde an hundred talentes:
27 twentie basens of golde of a thousande peces, and two costly ornamentes of good brasse, as cleare as golde:
28 and I sayde vnto them: Ye are consecrate vnto the Lorde, lyke as şe vessels are holy also, and the golde and syluer are geuen of a good wyll vnto the Lorde God of youre fathers.
29 Watch ye, and kepe it: for ye shall weye it downe before the chefe preastes and Leuites, and auncient fathers of Israel at Ierusalem in the treasuries of the house of the Lord.
30 Then toke şe preastes and Leuites that weyed syluer and golde and vessel, to bringe it to Ierusalem, vnto şe house of oure God.
31 And we brake vp, from the water of Ahaua on the twelueth daye of the fyrst moneth, to go vnto Ierusalem: and the hande of oure God was vpon vs, and deliuered vs from the hande of the enemies, and of soch as layde wayte for vs by the waye.
32 And we came to Ierusalem, and abode there thre dayes.
33 But on the fourth daye was the syluer and golde and vessell weyed in the house of oure God, by the hande of Meremoth the sonne of Uria the preaste, and with hym was Eleazar the sonne of Phinehes, & with them was Iosabad the sonne of Iesua, and Noadia the sonne of Benoi the Leuites.
34 According to the nombre and weyght of euery one, was the weyght all wrytten vp at the same tyme.
35 And the children of the captiuite, which were come out of preson, offered burntofferynges vnto the God of Israel: twelue bullockes for all Israell, syxe and nynetye rammes, seuen and seuentie lambes, twelue hegoates for a synofferynge, all to the burntofferynge of the Lorde.
36 And they delyuered the kynges commission vnto the kynges officers, & to the capitaynes that were on thys syde the water. And they promoted the people and the house of God.




1 When these thynges were done, the rulers came to me, and sayde. The people of Israel, and the preastes, and Leuites are not separated from the people of the landes (as touchynge their abhominacyons) namely of the Cananites, Hethites, Pheresites, Iebusites, Ammonites, Moabites, Egypcians, and Amorites.
2 For they haue taken the daughters of the same to them selues and to their sonnes, and the holy sede is mixte with the nacions in the lande: and şe hande of the princes & rulers hath bene principall in this trespace.
3 And when I hearde this saying, I rente my clothes and my rayment, and pluckte of the heer of my heade, and of my beerd, and sate mourninge.
4 And there resorted vnto me all soch as feared the wordes of the Lorde God of Israel, because of the transgression of the people of the captiuite. And I sate mournynge vntyll the euenynge sacryfice.
5 And aboute the euenynge sacrifice, I rose vp fro my heuynes, and rente my clothes and my rayment, and fell vpon my knees, and spred out my handes vnto the Lorde my God,
6 and sayde. My God, I am ashamed, and darre not lyfte vp myne eyes vnto şe my God: for oure wyckednesses are growne ouer oure heed, and oure trespace is waxen greate vnto the heauen.
7 Sence the tyme of oure fathers haue we bene in greate trespace vnto this daye, and because of oure wyckednesses haue we and oure kynges bene deliuered into the hande of the kynges of the nacyons, into the swerde, into captiuite, into shame, and into confusion of face, as it is to se this daye.
8 And now is there a lytle & sodayne graciousnes come from the Lorde oure God, in causynge some of vs to escape, and that he maye geue vs a nayle in hys holy place, and that oure God maye lyghte oure eyes, and geue vs a lytle lyfe to take breth in oure bondage.
9 For we are bondmen, & oure God hath not forsaken vs in oure bondage, and hath enclyned mercy vnto vs in the syghte of the kynges of Persia, to geue vs lyfe, to sett vp the house of oure God, and to redresse the desolacion therof, and to geue vs a wall in Iuda and Ierusalem.
10 And now, O oure God, what shall we saye after this? for we haue forsaken thy commaundementes,
11 whych thou hast commaunded by thy seruauntes the prophetes, sayeng: The lande vnto which ye go to possesse, it is an vncleane land, because of the fylthynes of the people of the landes, whych with theyr abhominacions haue made it full of vncleanesse on euery syde.
12 Therfore shall ye not geue youre daughters vnto their sonnes, and their daughters shall ye not take vnto your sonnes, ner seke their peace & welth for euer, that ye maye be strong, & enioye the good in the land, & şt ye & youre chyldren maye haue the enheritaunce of it for euermore.
13 And after that all these thinges are come vpon vs (because of oure euell dedes & greate trespaces) thou oure God hast thrust downe oure wickednesses, & hast geuen vs a delyueraunce,
14 And yf we turne backe agayne, to let go thy commaundementes, and make contracte with the people of these abhominacions, wilt thou not then be wroth at vs (& not without cause) tyl we be vtterly consumed, so that nothyng remayne, and tyll there be no delyueraunce?
15 O Lord God of Israel, şu art ryghteous, for we remayne yet escaped, at it is to se this daye. Behold also, in thy presence are we in oure trespaces, & because of it maye we not stande before the.




1 And when Esdras prayed after this maner, & knowleged, wepte, & laye before şe house of God, there resorted vnto him out of Israell a very greate congregacyon of men and wemen, and chyldren: & the people wepte very sore.
2 And Sechania the sonne of Iehiel one of şe children of Elam, answered, and sayde vnto Esdras. We haue trespaced agaynst oure God, and haue taken straunge wyues of the people of the land. Now there is hope yet in Israel concerning this thyng:
3 For now we wyll make a couenaunt with oure God, and put awaye all the wyues (and soch as are borne of them) accordinge to the councell of the Lord, and we wylbe in the feare of the commaundementes of oure God, that we maye do accordyng to the lawe.
4 Get the vp, for thys matter belongeth vnto the. We also wyll be wyth the, be of good conforte therfore, and do it.
5 Then rose Esdras, and toke an oth of the chefe preastes and Leuites, and of all Israell, that they shulde do accordynge to thys worde: & they sware.
6 And Esdras stode vp from before the house of God, and went into the chamber of Iohanan the sonne of Eliasib. And when he came thither, he dyd eate no bred, nor drancke water: for he mourned because of the transgression of the people that had bene in captyuite.
7 And they caused a proclamacyon to go thorow out Iuda and Ierusalem, vnto all the chyldren which had bene in captiuyte, şt they shuld geather themselues togeather vnto Ierusalem.
8 And that whosoeuer came not wyth in thre dayes accordyng to the deuyce of the rulers and Elders, all hys substaunce shulde be forfett, and he shulde be put out from the congregacyon of the captyue.
9 Then all the men of Iuda and Ben Iamin geathered them selues togeather vnto Ierusalem wythin thre dayes, euen şe twentie daye of the nyenth moneth: and all şe people sate in the strete before the house of God, and trembled because of thys matter, & for the rayne.
10 And Esdras the preaste stode vp, and sayde vnto them. Ye haue transgressed, and haue taken straunge wyues, to make şe trespace of Israel yet more:
11 confesse now therfore vnto the Lorde God of youre fathers, and do hys pleasure, and separate youre selues from the people of the lande, & from the straunge wyues.
12 And all the congregacyon answered, and sayd with a loude voyce: It shalbe so, and we will do as thou hast sayde.
13 But the people are many, and it is a raynie wether, and the people are to faynt to tarye without in şe strete, nether is this a worcke of one daye or two, for we haue offended very sore in this thyng.
14 Let oure rulers stand therfore in all the congregacyon, and lett all them whych haue taken straunge wyues in oure cyties come at the tyme appoynted, and let the Eldres of euery cytye and theyr Iudges be with them, tyll they haue turned the wrath of oure God awaye from vs concernyng this matter.
15 Then were appoynted Ionathan the sonne of Asahel, and Iahasia the sonne of Thekua ouer thys matter: And Mosullam and Sabatha the Leuytes helped them.
16 And the chyldren of the captyuite dyd euen so. And Esdras the preast, and the auncient heades thorow the house of theyr fathers, all men of great fame, separated them selues, and sat them downe on the fyrst daye of the tenth moneth, to examen the matter
17 And vntyll the fyrst daye of the fyrst moneth they were fynishyng the busynes wyth all şe men that had taken straunge wyues.
18 And amonge the chyldren of the Preastes there were men founde that had taken straunge wyues, namely amonge the chyldren of Iesua the sonne of Iosedec and of hys brethren, Masiah, and Eliezer, Iarib and Gedalia,
19 and they gaue theyr handes there vpon, that they wolde put awaye their wyues: and for their trespasse offeryng, to geue a ramme for their trespasse.
20 And among the chyldren in Emer, Honany and Zabadia.
21 Amonge the chyldren of Harim, Maasia, Elia, Someiah, Iehiel, and Usia.
22 Amonge the chyldren of Phashur, Elioenai, Maasia, Ismael, Nethanel, Iosabad,
23 Simei and Kelaia (whych same is Kalithah) Pathahiah, Iuda, and Eleazar.
24 Among the syngers also Eliasib. And amonge the porters Sellum, and Telem and Uri.
25 And of Israel. Amonge the chyldren of Pharhos, Remia, Iesiah, Malchia, Miamin, Eleazar, Malchia and Banaia.
26 Amonge the chyldren of Elam, Methania, Zachary, Ieheil, Abdi, Ierimoth and Elia.
27 Amonge the chyldren of Zathu, Elioenai, Eliasib, Mathania, Ierimoth, Zabad and Aziza.
28 Amonge the chyldren of Bebai, Iehohanan, Hanania, Zabai, and Athalai.
29 Amonge the chyldren of Beni, Mesulam, Maluc, Adaiah, Iasub, Saal and Ierimoth,
30 Among şe chyldren of the captayne Moab, Adna, Cholal, Benaia, Masia, Mathania, Bezelel, Benui and Manasse.
31 Among the chyldren of Harim, Eliezer, Iesia, Malchia, Semeia, and Simeon:
32 Ben Iamin, Malluch and Samaria.
33 Amonge the chyldren of Hasum, Mathanai, Mathathah, Zabad, Eliphelet, Ieremy, Manasse and Simei.
34 Amonge şe chyldren of Bani, Madai, Amram, Huel,
35 Banea, Cheluhi, Badaiah,
36 Uaniah, Maremoth, and Eliasib,
37 Mathania, Mathanai, Iaesai,
38 Bani, Beni, and Semeiah,
39 Selemia, Nathan, and Adaia,
40 Machnadbai, Sasai and Sarai,
41 Asarel, Selemiahu, & Samariah,
42 Sallum, Amaria, and Ioseph.
43 Amonge the chyldren of Nebo, Iehiel, Mathathia, Zabad, Zabina, Iadai, Ioel, and Banaia.
44 All these had taken straunge wiues. And among the same, there were some, that had chyldren by the wyues.