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1 It chaunsed in şe .xxx. yeare, the fyfthe daye of the fourth moneth, that I was among the presoners by the ryuer of Cobar: where the heauens opened, and I sawe a visyon of God.
2 Nowe the fyfth daye of the moneth made out the fyfth yeare of Kynge Ioachins captyuite.
3 At the same tyme came the worde of the Lorde vnto Ezechiel the sonne of Buzi the preste, in the lande of the Chaldees by the water of Cobar, where the hande of the Lorde came vpon hym.
4 And I loked, and beholde a stormy wynde came out of the North with a greate cloude full of fyre, which with hys glystre lyghtened all rounde aboute. And in the middest of the fyre it was all cleare lyke the face of an angell,
5 and as it were the lykenes of foure beastes, and thys was there lykenesse. They were fashyoned lyke a man: sauynge,
6 that euery one had foure faces and foure wynges.
7 Theyr legges were streight, but theyr fete were lyke bullockes fete, and they glystered, as it had bene fayre scoured metall.
8 Under theyr wynges, vpon all the foure corners they had mens handes. Theyr faces and theyr wynges were towarde the foure corners:
9 yet were the wynges so, that one euer touched another. When they went, they turned them not aboute: but eche one went streight forwarde.
10 Furthermore thys was the symilitude of theyr faces. Upon the ryght syde of these foure, theyr faces were lyke the face of a man, and the face of a lyon. But vpon the lefte syde,
11 they had the face of an oxe, and the face of an Aegle. Theyr faces also and theyr wynges were spred out aboue: so that two wynges of one touched euer two wynges of another, & with the other they couered their body.
12 Euery one when it wente, it wente streyght forwarde. Where as the sprete led them, thyther they wente, and turned not aboute in theyr goynge.
13 The fashyon and countenaunce of the beastes was lyke hoate coales of fyre, euen as though burning cressettes had bene among the beastes: and the fyre gaue a glistre, and out of the fyre there went lyghtenynge.
14 When the beastes wente forwarde & backward, one wold haue thought it had lyghtened.
15 Now when I had well consydered the beastes, I saw a worcke of wheles vpon the earth with foure faces also nye vnto the beastes.
16 The fashyon and worcke of the wheles was lyke şe see. The foure wheles were ioyned and made (to loke vpon) as it had bene one whele in another.
17 When one wente forwarde, they wente all foure, and turned them not about in theyr goinges.
18 They were large greate and horrible to loke vpon. Theyr backes were full of eyes rounde about them all foure. When the beastes wente, the wheles wente also with them.
19 And when the beastes lyfte them selues vp from the earth, the wheles were lyft vp also.
20 Whithersoeuer şe sprete wente, thyther went they also, and the wheles were lyfte vp, and folowed them: for the sprete of lyfe was in the wheles.
21 When the beastes wente forth, stode styll, or lyft them selues from the earth, then the wheles also wente, stode styll, and were lyfte vp, for the breth of lyfe was in the wheles.
22 Aboue, ouer the heades of the beastes there was a fyrmament, which was fashyoned as it had bene of the most pure Christall, and that was spred oute aboue vpon theyr heades:
23 vnder the same fyrmament were theyr wynges layed abrode, one towarde another and two wynges couered şe body of euery beaste.
24 And when they wente forth, I hearde the noyse of theyr wynges, lyke şe noyse of greate waters, as it had bene the voyce of the greate God, and a russhynge together as it were of an hoost of men. And when they stode styll, they let downe theyr wynges.
25 Nowe when they stode styll, and had letten downe theyr wynges, it thondred in the fyrmament that was aboue theyr heades.
26 Aboue the fyrmament that was ouer theyr heades, there was the fashyon of a seate, as it had bene made of Saphyr. Upon the seate there satt one lyke a man.
27 I behelde hym, and he was lyke an angell, as it had bene all of fyre within from his loynes vpwarde. And beneth, when I loked vpon him vnder şe loynes, me thought he was lyke a shynynge fyre, that geueth lyght on euery syde. Yee, the shyne and glystre that lyghtened rounde about,
28 was lyke a raynbowe, which in a raynye daye appeareth in the cloudes. Euen so was the similytude, wherin the glorye of the Lorde appeared. When I sawe it, I fell vpon my face, and herkened vnto the voyce of hym that spake:




1 And then sayd he vnto me: Stande vp vpon thy fete (O şu sonne of man) and I wyll talke with the.
2 And as he was comoninge wt me, the sprete came into me, and sett me vp vpon my fete: so that I marcked the thynge, şt he sayde vnto me.
3 And he sayde Behold, thou sonne of man: I wyll sende the to the chyldren of Israel, to those runnagates and obstinate people: for they haue taken parte agaynst me, and are runne a waye fro me: both they and theyr fore fathers vnto thys daye.
4 Yee, I wyll sende the vnto a people that haue rough visages and stiffe stomakes: vnto whom thou shalt saye on thys maner: Thys the Lorde God hym selfe hath spoken,
5 that whether they be obedient or no (for it is a frowarde housholde) they maye knowe yet that there hath bene a Prophete amonge them.
6 Therfore (thou sonne of man) feare them not, nether be afrayed of theyr wordes: for prouokers and thornes are with the. Yee, thou doest dwell amonge scorpions. but feare not theyr wordes, be not abashed at theyr lookes, for it is a frowarde housholde.
7 Se that thou speake my wordes vnto them, whether they be obedient or not, for they are obstynate.
8 Therfore, thou sonne of man, obey thou all thynges that I saye vnto the, & be not thou styfnecked, lyke as they are a styfnecked houshold. Open thy mouth, and eate that I geue the.
9 So as I was lokynge vp, beholde, there was sent vnto me an hande, wherin was closed a booke:
10 and the hande opened it before me, and it was wrytten within and without full of carefull mournynges: alas, and woo




1 After thys, sayde he vnto me: Thou sonne of man, eate that, whatsoeuer it be: yee eate that booke, and go thy waye, and speake vnto the chyldren of Israel:
2 So I opened my mouth, and he gaue me the booke for to eate,
3 and sayde vnto me. Thou sonne of man, thy bely shall eate, and thy bowels shalbe fylled with şe booke, that I geue the. Then dyd I eate the boke, and it was in my mouth sweter then hony.
4 And he sayde vnto me: thou sonne of man, get şe soone vnto the house of Israel, and shewe them the wordes, that I commaunde the
5 for I sende the not to the people that hath a straunge, vnknowne, or hard speache, but vnto the house of Israel.
6 Not to many nacyons, which haue dyuerse speaches and harde languages, whose wordes thou vnderstandest not Neuerthelesse, yf I sent the to those people, they wolde folowe the.
7 But the house of Israel wyll not folowe şe, for they wyll not folowe me: yee, all the house of Israel haue stiffe forheades & harde hertes.
8 Beholde therfore, I will make thy face preuayle agaynst their faces, and harden thy foreheade agaynst their foreheades:
9 so that thy foreheade shalbe harder then an Adamant or flynt stone: that thou mayest feare them the lesse, and be lesse afrayed of them, for they are a frowarde housholde.
10 He sayde moreouer vnto me: thou sonne of man, take diligent hede with thyne eares, to the wordes that I speake vnto the fasten them in thyne herte:
11 and go to the presoners of thy people, speake vnto them, and saye on thys maner: Thus the Lorde God hath spoken: whether ye heare, or heare not.
12 With that the sprete toke me vp. And I hearde the noyse of a greate russhynge and remouynge of the most blessed glory of the Lorde out of hys place.
13 I hearde also the noyse of the wynges of the beastes, that russhed one agaynst another, yee, and the ratlyng of the wheles, that were by them, whych rushynge and noyse was very greate.
14 Nowe when the sprete toke me vp, and caryed me awaye, I wente wyth an heuy & a sorowfull mynde, but the hande of the Lorde comforted me ryght soone.
15 And so in the begynnynge of the moneth Abib. I came to the presoners, that dwelt by the water of Cobar, & remayned in şt place, where they were: And so contynued I amonge them seuen dayes, beynge very sory.
16 And when the seuen dayes were expired, the Lorde sayde vnto me:
17 Thou sonne of man, I haue made the a watchman vnto the house of Israell: therfore take good hede to the wordes of my mouthe, & geue them warnynge at my commaundement.
18 If I saye vnto the, concernynge the vngodly man, that (wythout doute) he must dye, and thou geuest hym not warnynge, ner speakest vnto hym, that he may turne from hys euell waye, and so to lyue: Then shall şe same vngodly man dye in his awne vnryghteousnes: but hys bloude wyll I requyre of thyne hand.
19 Neuertheles, yf thou geue warnynge vnto the wycked, and he yet forsake not his vngodlynesse: then shall he dye in his awne wyckednesse, but thou hast discharged thy soule.
20 Nowe yf a ryghteous man go from his ryghteousnesse, and do the thynge şt is euell: I will laye a stomblynge blocke before him, and he shall dye because thou hast not geuen hym warnyng: yee, dye shall he in hys awne synne, so that the vertue, whych he dyd before, shall not be thought vpon: but his bloude wyll I requyre of thyne hande.
21 Neuerthelesse, yf thou exhortest the ryghteous, that he synne not, & so the ryghteous do not synne: then shall he lyue, because he hath receaued thy warnynge, and thou hast discharged thy soule.
22 And there came şe hande of the Lorde vpon me, and he sayd vnto me: Stande vp, and go into the felde, that I may there talke wyth the.
23 So when I had rysen vp, and gone forth into the felde: Beholde, the glory of the Lord stode there, lyke as I sawe it afore, by the water of Cobar. Then fell I downe vpon my face,
24 & the sprete came in to me, whych set me vp vpon my fete, & sayd thus vnto me: Go thy waye, and sparre thy self in thyne house.
25 Beholde, (O thou sonne of man) there shall chaynes be brought for the, to bynde the wythall, so that thou shalt not escape out of them.
26 And I wyll make thy tunge cleue so to the rofe of thy mouth, that thou shalt be domme, & not be as a chyder wyth them: for it is an obstinate housholde.
27 But when I speake vnto the, then open thy mouth, and saye: Thus sayeth şe Lorde God: who so heareth, let hym heare: who so wyll not let him leaue, for it is an obstynate housholde.




1 Thou sonne of man: take a tyle stone, & laye it before the, and descrybe vpon it the cytie of Ierusalem,
2 howe it is beseged, howe bulwarkes and stronge dyches are grauen on euery syde of it: descrybe also tentes, and an hoost of men rounde aboute it. wyth engynes of warre.
3 Moreouer, take an yron panne, and set it betwixte the and the cyte, in steade of an yron wall. Then set thy face toward it, besege it, and laye ordinaunce agaynst it, to wynne it. Thys shalbe a token vnto the house of Israel.
4 But thou shalt slepe vpon thy left syde, and laye the synne of the house of Israel vpon the. Certayne dayes appoynted, thou shalt slepe vpon that syde, and beare their synnes.
5 Neuerthelesse, I will appoynte the a tyme (to put of theyr synnes) & the nombre of the dayes: Thre hundreth and .xc. dayes must thou beare the wyckednesse of the house of Israell.
6 When thou hast fulfylled these dayes lye downe agayne, and slepe vpon thy ryght syde .xl. dayes, and beare the synnes of the house of Iuda. A daye for a yeare, a daye (I saye) for a yeare, wyll I euer laye vpon the.
7 Therfore set nowe thy face agaynst that beseged Ierusalem, and discouer thyne arme, that thou mayest prophecye agaynst it.
8 Beholde, I wyll laye chaynes vpon the, that thou shalt not turne the from one syde to another, tyll thou hast ended the dayes of thy sege.
9 Wherfore, take vnto the wheate, barly beanes, growell sede, Milium and fytches: and put these together in a vessel, and make the loaues of bread therof, accordynge to the nombre of the dayes that thou must lye vpon thy syde: that thou mayest haue bread to eate, for thre hundreth and .xx. dayes.
10 And the meate that thou eatest, shall haue a certayne wayght appoynted: namely twentye sycles euery daye. Thys apoynted meate shalt thou eate daylye, from the begynnynge to the ende.
11 Thou shalt dryncke also a certayne measure of water: Namely, the syxt parte of an Hin shalt thou dryncke dayly from the begynnyng vnto the ende.
12 Barly cakes shalt thou eate, yet shalt thou fyrst tost them at a fyre made with mans donge, that they maye se it.
13 And with that sayde the Lorde: Euen thus shall the chyldren of Israel eate their defyled bread in the myddest of the Gentiles, amonge whom I wyll scatre them.
14 Then sayde I: Oh Lorde God. Beholde my soule was yet neuer stayned: for fro my youth vp vnto this houre, I dyd neuer eate of a deed carcase, or of that which was slayne of wylde beastes, nether came there euer eny vncleane fleshe in my mouth.
15 Wher vnto he answered me, and sayde: well than, I wyll graunte şe to take cowes donge for the donge of a man, and to toste the bread wyth all before them.
16 And he sayde vnto me: Beholde thou sonne of man, I wyll mynishe all the prouision of bread in Ierusalem, so that they shall weye their bred: and eate it with scarcenesse. But as for water, they shall haue a very lytle measure therof, to drincke.
17 And when they haue nomore bread ner water, one shall be destroyed with another, and famysh awaye for theyr wyckednesse.




1 O thou sonne of man, take the then a sharpe knyfe, namely, a rasoure. Take that, and shaue the heare of thy head and beerd: Then take the skales and the wayght, & deuyde the hearre a sunder.
2 And after thou hast accomplished şe dayes of the syege: burne the thyrde parte therof in the fyre in the myddest of the cytie, & cut the other thyrde parte in peces wyth a knyfe. As for şe thirde parte şt remayneth, cast it in the wynde and I wyll drawe out şe swerde after them.
3 Yet afterwarde, take a lytle of the same, and bynde it in thy cote lappe.
4 Then take a curtesy of it, and cast it in the myddest of the fyre: & burne it in the fyre. Out of the same fyre shall there goo a flame, vpon the whole house of Israel.
5 Moreouer, thus sayde the Lorde God: Thys same is Ierusalem. I sett her in the myddest of the Heathen & nacions that are rounde aboute her,
6 but she hath despysed my iudgementes more then the Gentiles them selues, and broken my commaundementes more then şe nacyons, that lye rounde aboute her: For they haue cast out myne ordinaunces, and not walcked in my lawes.
7 Therfore, thus sayeth the Lord God: For so moch as ye haue bene more augmented in nombre of people then the Heathen, şt dwell rounde aboute you: and ye haue not walcked in my lawes, nether haue ye kepte myne ordinaunces, and ye haue not lyued so ryghtwislye as the Hethen that ar rounde about youe:
8 Therfore thus sayeth the Lord God: I wyll also come vpon the, I my selfe I saye, for in the myddest of the wyll I syt in iudgment, in the syght of the Heathen,
9 & wyll handle the of soch a fashyon, as I neuer dyd before, and as I neuer wyll do from that tyme forth, and that because of all thyne abhominacions.
10 For in the, fathers shall be fayne to eate their awne sonnes, and the sonnes their awne fathers. Soch a courte will I kepe in the, and the whole remnaunt of the wyll I scatre in to all the wyndes.
11 Wherfore, as truly as I lyue (sayeth the Lord God) seyng thou hast defyled my Sanctuary, with all maner of abhominacyons & wt all thy shamefull offences: For thys cause wyll I also destroye the. Myne eye shall not ouerse the, nether wyll I spare the.
12 One thyrde parte wythin the, shall dye of the pestilence & of honger: Another thirde parte shall be slayne downe rounde aboute the with şe swerde: The other thyrde parte şt remayneth, wyll I scatre abroade towarde all the wyndes, and drawe out the swearde after them.
13 Thus I wyll perfourme my indignacion, & set my wrath agaynst them, and ease my selfe. So that when I haue fulfylled myne anger agaynst them, they shall knowe that I am the Lorde, which wyth a feruent gelousy haue spoken it.
14 Moreouer, I wyll make the waste and abhorred, before all the Heathen that dwell aboute the, & in the sight of all them, that go by the:
15 so that when I punish the in my wrath, in myne anger, & with şe plage of my whole displeasure: thou shalt be a very abhominacion, shame, a gasynge & wondrynge stocke, amonge the Heathen that lye aboute the. Euen I the Lorde haue spoken it, and it shall come to passe,
16 when I shute amonge them the perlous dartes of honger, which shalbe but death: Yee, therfore shall I shute them, because I will destroye you: I wyll encrease hunger, and mynish all the prouision of bread amonge you.
17 Plages & misery wyll I sende you, yee, & wylde beastes also to destroye you. Pestilence and bloudshedinge shall come vpon you, & the swearde wyll I bringe ouer you. Euen I the Lorde, haue sayde it.




1 And the worde of the Lord came vnto me, sayinge:
2 Thou sonne of man, turne thy face to the mountaynes of Israel, that thou mayest prophecie vnto them,
3 and saye: Heare the worde of the Lord God, O ye mountaynes of Israel: Thus hath the Lorde God spoken to the mountaynes, hylles, valleys and dales. Beholde I, I my selfe I saye, wyll brynge a swearde ouer you, and destroye youre hye places:
4 I wyll cast downe youre aulters, and breake downe youre ymages. Youre slayne men wyll I laye before youre goddes,
5 and the deed carcases of the chyldren of Israel wyll I cast before theyr Idoles, youre bones wyll I destroye rounde aboute youre aulters,
6 and dwellyng places. The cyties shalbe desolate, şe hyllchapels layed waste: youre aulters destroyed, & broken: youre goddes cast downe, and taken awaye, your temples layde eauen wyth the grounde, your awne worckes cleane roted oute.
7 Youre slayne men shall lye amonge you, that ye maye learne to knowe, howe that I am the Lorde.
8 Those şt be amonge you & haue escaped the swearde, wyll I leaue amonge the Gentiles, for I wyll scatre you amonge the nacyons.
9 And they that escape of you, shall thincke vpon me amonge the Heathen, where they shalbe in captiuitye. As for that whorysh and vnfaythfull herte of theyrs, wherewyth they runne awaye fro me, I wyll breake it: yee, & put oute those eyes of theirs, that commytte fornicacyon with theyr Idols. Then shall they be ashamed, and displeased wyth their selues, for the wyckednesses and abhominacyons, which they haue done:
10 and shall learne to knowe, şt I am the Lorde howe that it is not in vayne, that I şe Lorde spake, to brynge soch misery vpon them.
11 The Lord sayde moreouer vnto me: Smyte thyne handes together, and stampe wyth thy fete, and saye: Wo worth all the abhominacions and wyckednesses of the house of Israel, for because of them, they shall perysh wt the swearde, wyth honger and with pestilence.
12 Who so is farre of, shall dye of the pestilence: he that is nye at hande, shall perysh wyth the swearde: and the other that remayne & şt are beseged, shall dye of honger. Thus wyll I satisfye my wrothfull displeasure vpon them.
13 And so shall ye learne to knowe, that I am the Lorde, when youre slayne men lye amonge youre Idols, and aboute youre aulters: vpon all hye hylles and toppes of mountaynes, amonge all grene trees, amonge all thycke okes: euen in the places, where they dyd sacrifyce to all theyr Idols.
14 I wyll stretch myne hande oute vpon them, and wyll make the lande waste: So şt it shall lye desolate and voyde, from the wyldernesse of Deblothah forth, thorowe all their habitacions: to learne them for to knowe, that I am the Lorde.




1 The worde of the Lorde came vnto me on thys maner:
2 The I call, O şu sonne of man. Thus sayeth the Lorde God vnto the lande of Israel: The ende commeth, vpon the lande of Israel yee, verely the ende commeth vpon all the foure corners of şe lande.
3 But nowe shall şe ende come vpon the for I wyll sende my wrath vpon the, & will punyshe şe: accordynge to thy wayes, & rewarde the after all thyne abhominacions.
4 Myne eye shall not ouerse the, nether will I spare the: but rewarde şe, accordyng to thy wayes, and declare thyne abhominacyons. Then shall ye knowe, that I am the Lorde.
5 Thus sayeth the Lord God: Beholde, one misery and plage shall come after another.
6 şe ende is here. The ende (I saye) is come, it watched for şe, beholde it is come all ready,
7 thy destructyon is erlye come agaynst the, şt dwellest in the lande. The tyme is at hande, the daye of sedicion is harde by, & the crye shall not be as the soundinge agayne of the mountaynes.
8 Therfore, I wyll shortly pour out my sore displeasure ouer the, and fulfyll my wrath vpon the. I wyll iudge the after thy wayes, and recompence the all thy abhominacyons.
9 Myne eye shall not ouerse the, nether wyll I spare the: but rewarde the after thy wayes, & thyne abhominacions shall be punished in the middes of the, to learne you for to knowe, howe that I am the Lord şt smyteth.
10 Beholde, the daye is here the daye is come, şe houre is runne out, the rodde florisheth, pryde waxeth grene,
11 malicyous violence is growne vp, and the vngodly waxen to a staf. None of them shal remayne ouer, none of their riches, not one of ther seede, and no lamentacion shall be made for them.
12 The tyme commeth, the daye draweth nye: Who so byeth, lett him not reioyce: he that selleth, let hym not be sory: for why. Trouble shall come in the myddest of them all:
13 so şt the seller shall not come agayne to the thinge he solde, all though theyr lyfe be yet with şe lyuinge. For when the prophecye was preached vnto all the people, none returned from ther synne, and noman toke strengthe to him agenst his wyckednesse, to saue his awne lyfe.
14 The trompettes shall ye blowe, & make you all ready, but no man shall goo to şe battell, for I am wroth with all şe whole multitude.
15 The swearde shalbe without, pestilence and honger wythin: so that whoso is in the felde, shalbe slayne with the swearde: and he that is in the cytie shall perysh with honger and pestilence.
16 And soch as escape and fle from amonge them, shall be vpon the hylles, lyke as the doues in şe felde: euery one shalbe afrayed, because of his awne wyckednesse.
17 All handes shalbe let downe, & all knees shalbe weake as the water:
18 they shall gyrde them selues wyth sackcloth, feare shall fall vpon them. Theyr faces shalbe confounded, and theyr heades balde:
19 theyr syluer shall they cast forthe in the stretes, & their golde shalbe despysed: Yee, theyr syluer & golde maye not delyuer them, in the daye of şe fearfull wrath of the Lorde. They shall not satisfye their hongry soules, nether fyll their emptye bellyes therwt: For it is become their awne decaye thorow their wickednes:
20 And ther bewtyfull costlye ornamente that God had ordeyned to be their great glorye, in it they haue sett vp abhominacyons vnto ther Idols. For this cause wyll I make them and it to be abhorred.
21 Moreouer, I wyll geue it into the handes of the straungers to be spoyled: and to the wycked, for to be robbed, and they shall destroye it.
22 My face wyll I turne from them, my treasury shalbe defiled: for the theues shall go into it, and suspende it.
23 Make a cheyne, for the lande is whole defyled wyth vnryghteous iudgement of innocent bloude, and the cytie is full of violent oppressyon.
24 Wherfore, I wyll bringe the most cruell tyrauntes from amonge the Heathen, to take theyr houses in possessyon. I wyll make the pompe of the proude to ceasse, and ther sanctuary shall be defyled.
25 When thys trouble commeth, they shall seke peace, but they shall haue none.
26 One myschefe and sorowe shall folowe another, and one rumoure shall come after another: Then shall they seke visyons in vayne at their Prophetes. The lawe shall be gone from the prestes, and wysdome from the elders.
27 The kynge shall mourne, the Prynces shalbe clothed with heuynesse, and the handes of the people in the lande shall tremble for feare. I wyll do vnto them after theyr awne wayes, accordynge to their awne iudgementes wyll I iudge them: to learne them for to knowe, that I am the Lorde.




1 It happened, that in the syxte yeare şe fyfth daye of the syxte moneth. I sat in my house, and the Lordes of the councell of Iuda with me: and the hande of the Lorde God fell euen there vpon me.
2 And as I loked vp, I sawe as it were a licknesse of fyre from hys loynes downe warde and from hys loynes vpwarde it shyned maruelous cleare & lyke an angell to loke vpon.
3 This symilitude stretched out an hande, and toke me by the hearrye lockes of my head, and the sprete lyft me vp betwyxte heauen and earth: and brought me in a visyon to Ierusalem, into the entrie of şe inner porte that lyeth towarde the north: there stode an ymage, with whom he that hath all thynges in hys power, was very wroth.
4 And beholde, the glory of the God of Israel was in the same place: euen as I had sene it afore in the felde.
5 And he sayde vnto me: Thou sonne of man, O lyft vp thyne eyes, and loke towarde the north. Then lyft I vp myne eyes towarde the north, & beholde: besyde the porte northwarde, there was an aulter made vnto the ymage of prouocacyon in the very entryng in.
6 And he sayde furthermore vnto me: Thou sonne of man, seest thou what these do? Seest thou the greate abhominacyons that the house of Israel commytte in thys place? to dryue me from my sanctuary? But turne the aboute, and thou shalt se yet greater abhominacyons.
7 And wyth that brought he me to the courte gate: & when I loked, beholde, there was an hole in şe wall.
8 Then sayde he vnto me: Thou sonne of man, dygge thorow the wall. And when I dygged thorow the wall, beholde, there was a dore.
9 And he sayde vnto me: Go thy waye in, and loke what wycked abhominacyons they do here.
10 So I wente in, and sawe: and beholde, there were all maner ymages of wormes & beastes, all Idoles and abhominacyons of the house of Israel paynted euery one rounde about the wall.
11 Ther stode also before the ymages .lxx. Lordes of the councell of the house of Israel: and in the myddest of them stode Iaazanih the sonne of Saphan: And euery one of them had a censoure in hys hande, and out of the incense, there went a smoke, as it had bene a cloude.
12 Then sayde he vnto me. Thou sonne of man, hast thou sene what the Senatoures of the house of Israel do secretly, euery one in hys chambre? For they saye: Tush, the Lorde seeth vs not, the Lorde regardeth not the worlde.
13 And he sayd vnto me: Turne the yet agayne, and thou shalt se yet greater abhominacyons şt they do.
14 And wyth that he brought me to the dore of the porte of the Lordes house, towarde şe north. And beholde, there sat women mournynge for Thamus.
15 Then sayde he vnto me: hast thou sene thys, thou sonne of man? Turne şe aboute, and thou shalt se yet greater abhominacyons then thes are.
16 And so he brought me into the inwarde court of the Lordes house: and beholde at şe porte of the Lordes house, betwyxte the fore entrye and the aulter, there were fyue and twenty men, that turned their backes vpon the temple of the Lorde, and theyr faces towarde şe easte, and these worshypped the sonne.
17 And he sayde vnto me: hast thou sene this, thou sonne of man? Thynketh the house of Iuda, that it is but a trifle, to do these abhominacyons here? Shulde they fyll the lande full of wyckednesse, and vndertake to prouoke me vnto anger? Yee, and purposely to cast vp theyr noses vpon me?
18 Therfore will I also do some thynge in my wrathfull dyspleasure, so şt myne eye shall not ouerse them, nether wyll I spare them. Yee, and though they crye in myne eares wyth loude voyce, yet wyll I not heare them.




1 He cryed also with a loude voyce in myne eares, sayinge: Come, here ye rulers of the cyte, euery man wyth his weapened hande to the slaughter.
2 Then came there syxe men out of the strete of the vpper porte towarde the north, and euery man a weapen in hys hande to şe slaughter. There was one amongest them, that had on hym a lynen rayment, & a wryters ynckhorne by hys syde. These wente in, & stode besyde the brasen aulter:
3 for the glory of the Lorde was gone awaye from the Cherub whych was vpon him, & was come downe to the thresholde of the house, and he called the man that had the lynen rayment vpon hym, and the wryters ynckhorne by his syde,
4 and the Lorde sayde vnto hym: Go thy waye thorowe the cyte of Ierusalem, and set a marcke vpon the foreheades of them, that mourne and are sory for all the abhominacions, that be done therin.
5 And to the other, he sayde that I myght heare: Go ye after hym thorowe the cytie, slaye, ouerse none, spare none:
6 kyll and destroye both olde men and yonge, maydens, chyldren, and wyues. But as for those, that haue the marcke vpon them: se that ye touch them not, and begynne at my Sanctuary. Then they beganne at the elders, whych were in the temple,
7 for he had sayde vnto them: When ye haue defyled the temple, and fylled the courte wyth the slayne, then go your waye forth. So they wente out, & slewe downe thorowe the citie.
8 Nowe when they had done the slaughter, & I yet escaped: I fell downe vpon my face, & cryed, sayinge: O Lorde, wylt thou then destroye all şe resydue of Israel, in thy sore displeasure, that thou hast poured vpon Ierusalem?
9 Then sayde he vnto me: The wyckednesse of the house of Israel and Iuda is very greate: so şt the lande is full of bloude, and the citie full of vnfaithfulnesse: For they saye: Tush the Lorde regardeth not the earth, he seeth vs not.
10 Therfore wyll I vpon them, myne eye shall not ouerse them, nether wyll I spare them, but wyll recompense theyr wyckednesse vpon theyr heades.
11 And beholde, the man that had the lynen rayment vpon hym, and the wryters ynckhorne by hys syde: tolde all the matter howe it happened, and sayde: Lorde as thou hast commaunded me, so haue I done.




1 And as I loked, beholde, in the firmament that was aboue the Cherubins there appeared the symilitude of a stole of Saphyr vpon them:
2 Then sayde he that sat therin, to him that had the lynen rayment vpon hym: Crepe in betwene the wheles that are vnder the Cherubyns, and take thyne hande full of hoate coales out from betwene the Cherubyns, and cast them ouer şe cytie. And he crepte in, that I myght se.
3 Now the Cherubyns stode vpon the ryght syde of the house, when the man wente in, & the cloude fylled the inner courte.
4 But the glory of the Lorde remoued from the Cherubyns, and came vpon the thresholde of the house: so that the temple was full of cloudes, and the courte was full of the shyne of the Lordes glory.
5 Yee, and the sounde of the Cherubyns wynges was hearde into the fore courte, lyke as it had bene the voyce of the almyghtye God, when he speaketh.
6 Nowe when he had byden the man that was clothed in lynen, to go and take the hoate coales from the myddest of the wheles, whych were vnder the Cherubyns: he wente & stode besyde the wheles.
7 Then şe one Cherub reached forth hys hande from vnder the Cherubyns, vnto the fyre that was betwene the Cherubyns, and toke therof, and gaue it vnto hym that had on the lynen rayment in his hande: which toke it, & went out.
8 And vnder the wynges of the Cherubyns, there appeared the lycknesse of a mans hande:
9 I sawe also foure wheles besyde the Cherubyns, so şt by euery cherub there stode a whele. And the wheles were (to loke vpon) after the fashion of the precyous stone of Tharsys:
10 yet (vnto the syght) they were all .iiij. of one fashyon, as yf one whele had bene in another.
11 When they wente forth, they wente all foure together, not turnynge aboute in their goinge: But where the fyrst wente, thyther wente they after also, so that they turned not aboute in their goyng.
12 Their whole bodyes, their backes, theyr handes & wynges, yee, and the wheles also, were all full of eyes rounde aboute them all foure.
13 And I hearde hym call the wheles.
14 Euery one of them had foure faces: so that the one face was the face of a Cherub, the seconde of a man, the thyrde of a lyon, the fourth of an Aegle,
15 & they were lyfted vp aboue. This is the beast, that I sawe at the water of Cobar.
16 Nowe when the Cherubyns wente, the wheles wente wyth them, and when the Cherubyns shoke theyr wynges to lyft them selues vpwarde, şe wheles remayned not behynde, but were wyth them also.
17 Shortly, when they stode, these stode also. And when they were lyft vp, the wheles were lyft vp also with them, for the sprete of lyfe was in the wheles.
18 Then the glory of the Lorde was lyft vp from the thresholde of the temple, and remayned vpon the Cherubyns:
19 And the Cherubyns flackred wyth theyr wynges, and lyfte them selues vp from the earth: so that I sawe when they went, and the wheles wt them. And they stode at the east syde of the porte that is in the house of the Lorde. So the glory of the Lorde was vpon them.
20 Thys is the beast şt I sawe vnder the God of Israel, by the water of Cobar. And I perceaued, that it was the Cherubyns.
21 Euery one had foure faces, & euery one foure wynges, and vnder theyr wynges, as it were mens handes.
22 Nowe the fygure of theyr faces was, euen as I had sene them, by the water of Cobar, and so was the countenaunce of them: Euery one in hys goinge wente strayght forwarde.




1 Moreouer, the sprete of the Lord lyft me vp, and brought me vnto the East porte of the Lordes house. And beholde, there were .xxv. men vnder the dore amonge whom I sawe Iaazaniah the sonne of Azur, and Pheltiah the sonne of Bananiah, the rulers of the people.
2 Then sayde the Lorde vnto me: Thou sonne of man: these men ymagyn myschefe, and a wycked councell take they in thys cyte,
3 sayinge: tush, there is no destruccyon at hande, let vs buylde houses: this Ierusalem is the cauldron, and we be the fleshe.
4 Therfore shalt thou prophecye vnto them, yee, prophecye shalt thou vnto them, O sonne of man.
5 And wyth that fell the sprete of the Lorde vpon me, and sayde vnto me: Speake, thus sayeth the Lorde: On this maner haue ye spoken (O ye house of Israel) & I knowe the ymaginacyons of youre hertes.
6 Many one haue ye murthured in this cyte, and fylled the stretes full of the slayne.
7 Therfore, thus sayeth the Lorde God: The slayne men that ye haue layed on the grounde in this cyte, are the flesh, and thys cyte is the cauldron: But I wyll brynge you out of it
8 ye haue feared the swerde, & I wyll brynge a swearde ouer you, sayeth the Lorde God.
9 I wyll dryue you out of thys cyte and delyuer you into youre enemyes hande, and will condemne you.
10 Ye shalbe slayne in all the coastes of Israel, I wyll be auenged of you: to lerne you for to knowe, that I am the Lord.
11 Thys cyte shall not be youre cauldron, nether shall ye be şe flesh theryn: but in the coastes of Israel wyll I punysh you,
12 that ye maye knowe, that I am the Lorde: in whose commaundementes ye haue not walcked, ner kepte his lawes: but haue done after şe customes of the Heathen, that lye rounde aboute you.
13 Nowe when I preached, Pheltiah the sonne of Bananiah dyed. Then fell I downe vpon my face, and cryed wyth a loude voyce: O Lorde God, wylt thou then vtterlye destroye all the remnaunt in Israel?
14 And so the worde of the Lorde came to me on thys maner:
15 thou sonne of man: thy brethren, thy kynsfolke, & the whole house of Iuda, which dwell at Ierusalem, saye. Wythdrawe ye farre from the Lorde, for the lande is geuen vs in possession.
16 Therfore tell them, thus sayeth the Lorde God: I wyll sende you farre of amonge the Gentiles, and skatre you amonge the nacyons, & I wyll halowe you but a lytle, in the landes where ye shall come.
17 Tell them also, thus sayeth the Lorde God: I wyll gather you agayne out of the nacyons, and brynge you from the countrees where ye be scatred, and wyll geue you the lande of Israel agayne.
18 And they shall comme thyther. And they shall take awaye all ther Idols & all ther abhominacyons from thence.
19 And I wyll geue you one hert, and I wyll plante a newe sprete wythin your bowels. That stony herte will I take out of your body, and geue you a flesshy herte?
20 that ye maye walke in my commaundementes, and kepe myne ordinaunces, and do them: şt ye maye be my people, & I youre God
21 But loke whose hertes are dysposed to folowe theyr abhominacyons and wycked lyuinges: those mens dedes wyll I brynge vpon theyr awne heades, sayeth the Lorde God.
22 After thys dyd the Cherubyns lyft vp theyr wynges, and the wheles wente wyth them, and the glory of the Lorde was vpon them.
23 So the glory of the Lorde wente vp from the myddest of the cyte, and stode vpon the mount of the cyte towarde the east:
24 But the wynde toke me vp, and in a visyon (whych came by the sprete of God) it brought me agayne into Caldea amonge the presoners. Then the visyon that I had sene vanyshed awaye fro me.
25 So I spake vnto the presoners, all the wordes of the Lorde, whych he had shewed me.




1 The worde of the Lord came vnto me, sayinge:
2 Thou sonne of man, thou dwellest in the myddest of a frowarde housholde: whych haue eyes to se, and yet se not: eares haue they to heare, and yet heare they not, for they are an obstinate housholde.
3 Therfore (O thou sonne of man) make thy gere redy to flyt, and go forth by fayre daye lyght, that they maye se. Yee, euen in theyr syght shalt thou go from thy place to another place: yf paraduenture they wyll consydre, şt they be an vnobedient housholde:
4 Thy gere şt şu hast made redy to flyt wythall, shalt thou beare out by fayre daye lyght that they maye se: and thou thy selfe shalt go forth also at euen in their syght, as a man doth when he flytteth.
5 Dygge thorowe the wall, that they maye se & beare thorow it the same thyng, that thou tokest vp in their syght.
6 In ther syght şt shalt şu beare vpon thy shulders, & cary yt forthe in the darke. Hyde thy face şt thou se not the earth, for I haue made the a shewtoken vnto the house of Israel.
7 Nowe as the Lorde commaunded me, so I dyd: the geare şt I had made readie brought I out by daye. At euen I brake downe an hole thorow the wall wyth my hande: and when it was darcke, I toke the gere vpon my shoulders, and bare them out in theyr syght.
8 And in the mornynge, came the worde of the Lorde vnto me, sayinge:
9 Thou sonne of man, yf Israel that frowarde housholde aske the, and saye: what doest thou there?
10 Then tell them: Thus sayeth the Lorde God: Thys punyshment toucheth the chefe rulers at Ierusalem, and all the house of Israel, that dwell amonge them:
11 Tell them: I am youre shewe token: lyke as I haue done, so shall it happen vnto you: Flyt shall ye also, and go into captiuitie.
12 The chefest that is amonge you, shall lade hys shulders in the darcke, & get hym awaye. He shall breake downe the wall, to carye stuffe therthorow: He shall couer his face, that he se not the grounde, with his eyes.
13 My lyne wyll I sprede out vpon hym, and catch him in my net, and cary hym to Babylon, in the lande of şe Caldees: which he shall not se, and yet shalt he dye there.
14 As for all hys helpers, & all hys Hostes, that be about hym. I wyll scatre them towarde all the wyndes, and drawe out a swearde after them.
15 So when I haue scatred them amonge the Heathen, and strowed them in the landes they shall knowe, that I am the Lorde.
16 But, I wyll leaue a lytle nombre of them from the swearde, hunger and pestilence: to tell all their abhominacyons amonge the Heathen, where they come: şt they maye knowe, howe that I am the Lorde.
17 Moreouer, the worde of the Lorde came vnto me sayinge:
18 Thou sonne of man: wyth a fearfull tremblynge shalt şu eate thy bread, wyth carefulnesse & sorowe shalt thou dryncke thy water.
19 And vnto the people of the lande, speake thou on this maner: Thus sayeth the Lord God, to them that dwell in Ierusalem, and to the lande of Israel: Ye shall eate youre bread wyth sorowe, and dryncke youre water wyth heuynesse: Yee, the lande wyth the fulnesse therof shalbe layde waste, for the wyckednesse of them that dwell therin.
20 And the cyties şt now be well occupyed, shall be voyde, and the lande desolate: that ye may knowe, howe that I am the Lorde.
21 Yet came the worde of the Lorde vnto me agayne, sayinge:
22 Thou sonne of man, what maner of byworde is that, which ye vse in şe lande of Israel, sayinge: Tush, seynge that the dayes are so slacke in commynge, all the visyons are of none effecte:
23 Tell them therfore, thus sayeth the Lorde God: I wyll make that byworde to ceasse, so that it shall nomore be commenly vsed in Israel. But saye thys vnto them: The dayes are at hande, that euery thynge which hath bene prophecyed, shalbe fulfylled.
24 There shall no visyon be in vayne, nether eny prophecie fayle amonge the chyldren of Israel:
25 For it is I the Lorde, that speake it: and whatsoeuer I the Lorde speake, it shall be perfourmed, and not be slacke in commynge. Yee, euen in youre dayes (O ye frowarde housholde) will I deuyse some thynge, and brynge it to passe, sayeth the Lord God.
26 And şe worde of the Lorde came vnto me saying:
27 Beholde, thou sonne of man: The house of Israel sayeth on thys maner: Tush, as for şe visyon that he hath sene, it wyll be many a daye or it come to passe: It is farre of yet, the thynge that he prophecyeth.
28 Therfore saye vnto them: Thus sayeth the Lorde God: All my wordes shall nomore be slacke: Loke what I speake, that same shall come to passe, sayeth the Lorde.




1 The worde of the Lorde came vnto me, sayinge:
2 Thou sonne of man. Speake, prophecye agaynst those prophetes, that preach in Israel & saye thou vnto them that prophecye out of theyr awne hertes: Heare the worde of the Lord,
3 thus sayeth the Lord God: Wo be vnto those folysh prophetes, şt folowe theyr awne sprete and speake where they se nothyng.
4 O Israel, thy prophetes are lyke the foxes vpon the drye felde:
5 For they stande not in the gappes, nether make they an hedge for the house of Israel, that men myght abyde the battell in the daye of the Lorde.
6 Uayne thynges they se, and tell lyes, to mayntaine their preachynges wythall. The Lorde (saye they) hath spoken it, whan in very dede the Lorde hath not sent them.
7 Uayne visyons haue ye sene, and spoken false prophecyes, when ye saye: the Lorde hath spoken it, where as I neuer sayde it.
8 Therfore, thus sayeth the Lord God: Because youre wordes be vayne, and ye seke out lyes: Beholde, I wyll vpon you, sayeth the Lorde.
9 Myne handes shall come vpon the prophetes that loke out vayne thinges, and preach lyes: they shall not be in the councell of my people, ner wrytten in the boke of the house of Israel, nether shall they come in the lande of Israel: şt ye maye knowe, howe şt I am the Lorde God.
10 And that for by cause: they haue dysceaued my people, and tolde them of peace, where no peace was. One setteth vp a wall, and they dawbe it with lowse claye.
11 Therfore tell them whych dawbe it with vntempered morter, that it shall fall For there shall come a great shower of rayne greate hayle stones shall fall vpon it, & a sore storme of wynde shall breake it,
12 so shall the wall come downe. Shall it not then be sayde vnto you: where is nowe the morter, that ye dawbed it wyth all?
13 Therfore thus sayeth the Lorde God: I wyll breake out in my wrothfull displeasure wyth a stormy wynde, so that in myne anger there shall come a myghtye shower of rayne, & hayle stones in my wrath, to destroye withall.
14 As for the wall, that ye haue dawbed wt vntempered morter, I wyll breake it downe, make it euen wyth the grounde: so şt the foundacyon therof shall remoue, and it shall fall, yee, and ye youre selues shall perysh in the myddest therof: to learne you for to knowe, that I am the Lorde.
15 Thus wyll I perfourme my wrath vpon thys wall, and vpon them that haue dawbed it wyth vntempered morter, and then wyll I saye vnto you: The wall is gone, and the dawbers are awaye.
16 These are the prophetes of Israel, which prophecye vnto the cytie of Ierusalem, and loke out visions of peace for them, where as no peace is, sayeth the Lorde God.
17 Wherfore (O thou sonne of man) sett thy face agaynst the daughters of thy people, which prophecye out of their awne hertes: and speake thou prophecye agaynst them,
18 and saye: Thus sayeth the Lorde God: Wo be vnto you, that sowe pylowes vnder all arme holes, and bolsters vnder the heades both of yonge and olde, to catch soules wyth all. For whan ye haue gotten the soules of my people in youre captiuite, ye promyse them lyfe,
19 and dishonoure me to my people, for an handfull of barly, and for a pece of bread: whan ye kyll the soules of them, that dye not, and promes lyfe to them, that lyue not: Thus ye dissemble wt my people, that beleueth youre lyes.
20 Wherfore, thus sayeth the Lord God: Beholde, I wyll also vpon the pyllowes, wherwyth ye catch the soules in flyenge: then wyll I take from youre armes, and let the soules go, that ye catch in flyenge.
21 Youre bolsters also will I teare in peces, and delyuer my people out of youre hand: so that they shall come nomore in youre handes to be spoyled, and ye shall knowe, that I am the Lorde.
22 Seing that with youre lyes ye discomforte the herte of the ryghteous, whom I haue not discomforted: Agayne: For so moch as ye corage the hande of the wycked, so that he maye not turne from his wicked waye, and lyue:
23 therfore shall ye spye out nomore vanitie, ner prophecye youre awne gessynges: for I wyll delyuer my people out of youre hande, that ye maye knowe, howe that I am the Lorde.




1 There resorted vnto me certayne of the elders of Israel, & sat downe by me.
2 Then came the worde of şe Lorde vnto me, sayeng:
3 Thou sonne of man, these men beare their vnclennes in theyr hertes, and go purposly vpon the stomblynge blocke of theyr awne wyckednesse: shulde I then answer at their request?
4 Therfore speake vnto them, & saye: thus sayeth the Lorde God: Euery man of the house of Israel that beareth hys vncleane Idols in hys herte, purposynge to stomble in hys awne wyckednesse, and commeth to a prophet, to enquere eny thinge at me by him: vnto that man wyll I the Lorde myselfe geue answere, accordynge to the multitude of hys Idols:
5 that the house of Israel maye be snared in their awne hertes, because they be clene gone fro me, for their abhominacions sakes.
6 Wherfore, tell the house of Israel: thus sayeth the Lorde God: Be conuerted, forsake youre Idols, and turne youre wyues from youre fylthynesse, and turne youre faces from all youre abhominacions.
7 For euery man, (whether he be of the house of Israel or a straunger, şt sogeourneth in Israel) whych departeth fro me, and caryeth Idols in hys herte, purposynge to go styll stomblyng in his awne wyckednesse, and commeth to a Prophet, for to aske councell at me thorow hym: vnto that man will I the Lord geue answere, by myne awne selfe.
8 I wyll set my face agaynst that man, and wyll make hym to be an example for other, yee, and a comen byworde: and wyll rote him out of my people, that he may know, how that I am the Lorde.
9 and yf that Prophete be disceaued, when he telleth hym a worde: then I the Lorde my selfe haue disceaued that Prophet, and wyll stretch forth myne hande vpon hym, to rote hym out of my people of Israel:
10 and they both shalbe punyshed for theyr wyckednes. Accordynge to the synne of hym that asketh, shall the synne of the Prophete be:
11 that the house of Israel be led nomore fro me thorowe erroure, and be no more defyled in their wyckednesse: but that they maye be my people, & I theyr God, sayeth the Lorde God.
12 And the worde of the Lord came vnto me, sayenge:
13 Thou sonne of man, when the lande synneth agaynst me, & goeth forth in wyckednesse: I will stretch out myne hande vpon it, & destroye all the prouisyon of their bred, and sende derth vpon them, to destroye man & beest in the lande.
14 And though Noe, Daniel & Iob, these thre men were amonge them, yet shall they in their ryghtuousnesse delyuer but their awne soules, sayeth şe Lorde God.
15 If I brynge noysome beastes into the lande, to waste it vp, & it be so desolate, that no man may go therin for beastes:
16 yf these thre men also were in the lande, as truly as I lyue (sayeth şe Lorde God) they shall saue nether sonnes ner daughters, but be only delyuered them selues: and as for the lande, it shall be waste.
17 Or yf I brynge a swearde into the lande, & charge it to go thorowe the lande: so that I slaye downe man & beast in it,
18 & yf these thre men were therin: As truly as I lyue (sayeth şe Lorde God) they shall delyuer nether sonnes ner daughters, but only be saued them selues.
19 If I sende a pestilence into the lande, & poure out my sore indignacyon vpon it in bloude, so that I rote out of it both man and beast.
20 And yf Noe, Daniel & Iob were therin: as truly as I lyue (sayeth şe Lorde God) they shall delyuer nether sonnes ner daughters, but saue their awne soules in their rightuousnes.
21 Moreouer, thus sayeth the Lorde God: Moch more when I sende my foure troublous plages vpon Ierusalem: the swearde honger, perlous beastes & pestylence, to destroye man and beast out of it.
22 Beholde ther shall be a remnaunt saued therin, which shall bringe forth their sonnes and daughters. Beholde, they shall come forth vnto you, and ye shall se their waye, and what they take in hande, and ye shall be comforted, as touchinge all the plages that I haue brought vpon Ierusalem.
23 They shall comforte you, when ye se their waye and worckes: and ye shall knowe, howe that it is not without a cause, that I haue done so agaynst Ierusalem, as I dyd, sayeth the Lorde God.




1 The worde of the Lorde came vnto me, sayinge:
2 Thou sonne of man: What commeth of the vyne amonge all other trees? & of the wylde vyne stock amonge all other tymbre of the groaue?
3 Do men take wodd of it, to make any worcke with all? Or maye there a nayle be made of it, to hange any thynge vpon?
4 Beholde, it is cast in şe fyre to be brent, the fyre consumeth both the endes of it. the myddest is brent to asshes. Is it mete then for any worcke? No.
5 Seynge then, that it was mete for no worcke, beinge whole: moch lesse maye there any thinge be made of it, when the fyre hath consumed & brent it.
6 And therfore thus sayeth the Lorde God: Lyke as I cast şe vyne into şe fyre for to be brent, as other trees of şe wodd: Euen so will I do with them that dwell in Ierusalem,
7 & set my face agaynst them: they shall go out from the fyre, & yet the fyre shall consume them. Then shall ye knowe, that I am the Lorde, when I set my face agaynst them,
8 & make şe lande waste: because they haue so sore offended, sayeth the Lorde God.




1 Agayne, the worde of şe Lorde spake vnto me, sayinge:
2 Thou sonne of man, shewe the cytie of Ierusalem their abhominacions,
3 & saye: thus sayeth şe Lord God vnto Ierusalem: Thy progeny and kynred came out of the lande of Canaan thy father was an Amoryte, thy mother a Cethyte, thus was the maner of thy byrth.
4 In şe daye of thy byrth when thou wast borne, şe stringe of thy nauell was not cut of: şu wast not bathed in water to make the clene: Thou wast nether rubbed wt salt, ner swadled in cloutes:
5 No man regarded şe so moch, as to do any of these thinges for the, or to shewe the soch fauoure, but şu wast vtterly cast out vpon şe felde, yee, despised wast şu in şe daye of thy birth
6 Then came I by the, and sawe şe troden downe in thyne awne bloude, & sayde vnto the: Lyue, although thou be defyled in thyne awne bloude, ye euen I (I tell the) sayde vnto şe lyue, although thou be defyled in thyne awne bloude.
7 So I planted şe as şe blossome of the felde: şu art growen vp, & waxen greate: şu hast gotten a maruelous pleasaunt beutie, thy breastes are come vp, thy hearre is goodly growen, where as şu wast naked & bare afore.
8 Nowe whan I wente by the, & loked vpon the: beholde, thy tyme was come, yee, euen the tyme to wowe the. Then spred I my clothes ouer şe, to couer thy dishonestye: yee, I made an othe vnto the, & maried my selfe with the (sayeth the Lord God) and so thou becamest myne awne.
9 Then washed I the with water, and pourged thy bloude from the. I anoynted the with oyle,
10 I gaue the chaunge of raymentes, I made the shues of Taxus lether: I gyrded şe aboute with white sylcke I clothed the with kerchefes,
11 I decked the wt costly apparell, I put rynges vpon thy fyngers: a chayne aboute thy necke,
12 spanges vpon thy fore heade, eare rynges vpon thyne eares, and set a bewtifull crowne vpon thyne head.
13 Thus wast thou deckte with syluer & golde, & thy rayment was of fyne white sylke of nedle worke & of diuerse coloures. Thou dyddest eate nothinge but symnels, honny & oyle: maruelous goodly wast thou & beutyfull, yee euen a very Quene wast şu
14 In so moch, that thy beuty was spoken of amonge the Heythen, for thou wast excellent in my beuty, which I put vpon the sayeth the Lorde God.
15 But thou hast put confidence in thyne awne beuty, & played the harlot, when thou haddest gotten the a name. Thou hast committed whordome, with all that wente by the, & hast fulfylled their desyres:
16 yee, thou hast taken thy garmentes of diuerse colours, & deckte thyne aulters therwith, where vpon şu myghtest fulfyll thyne whordome, & of soch a fashyon, as neuer was done, ner shalbe.
17 The goodly ornamentes & Iewels which I gaue the of myne awne golde and syluer, hast thou taken, and made the mens ymages therof, & commytted whordome withall.
18 Thy garmentes of diuerse coloures hast thou taken, and deckte them therwith: myne oyle & incense hast thou set before them.
19 My meate which I gaue the, as symnels, oyle & hony: (to fede the withall) that hast thou sett before them, for a swete sauoure. And thys came also to passe, sayeth the Lorde God:
20 Thou hast taken thine awne sonnes & daughters, whom thou haddest begotten vnto me: and these hast thou offred vp vnto them, to be their meate. Is this but a small whordome of thine (thinckest thou)
21 that thou slayest my chyldren, and geuest them ouer, to be brent vnto them?
22 And yet in all thy abhominacyons and whordome, thou hast not remembred the dayes of thy youth, howe naked & bare thou wast at şt tyme, and troden downe in thyne awne bloude.
23 After all these thy wyckednesses (wo wo vnto the, sayeth the Lorde)
24 Thou hast buylte hye places, yee at şe head of euery strete hast şu buylded şe an aulter.
25 Thou hast made thy beuty to be abhorred, şu hast layed out thy legges to euery one that came by, & multiplied thyne whoredome.
26 Thou hast commytted fornicacyon wt the Egypcyans thy neyghbours, which had moch fleshe: and thus hast şu encreased thine whordome, to anger me.
27 Beholde, I dyd stretch out myne hande ouer the, & dyd minishe thy stoare of fode, and delyuer the ouer in to the wylles of the Philistines thine enemyes, which are ashamed of thy abhominable waye.
28 Thou hast played the whore also with the Assyrians, because thou wast insatiable: Yee, thou hast (I saye) with them played the harlot, & yett haddest thou not ynough.
29 Thus hast şu forthermore commytted thy fornicacyon from the lande of Canaan vnto the Caldees, & yet thy lust not satisfyed.
30 Howe obstinate is thine herte (sayeth the Lorde God) seynge thou doest all these workes of an erraunt whore:
31 buyldinge thy stewes at şe head of euery strete, & thy brodell houses in all places? Thou hast not bene as an other whore, şt holdeth scorne of a small rewarde,
32 but a wife şt breaketh wedlocke, & taketh other in steade of her husbonde.
33 Gyftes are geuen to all other whores, but şu geuest rewardes vnto all thy louers: & offrest them gyftes, to come vnto şe out of all places, & to commytte fornicacyon wt the.
34 It is come to passe wt the in thy whordomes contrary to the vse of other women: yee, there hath no soch fornicacyon bene committed after şe, seynge that thou profrest gyftes vnto other, and no rewarde is geuen the: this is a contrary thinge.
35 Therfore, heare the worde of the Lorde, O thou harlot:
36 thus sayeth the Lorde God: For so moch as şu hast sett forth thy youthe to whordome, & discouered thy shame, thorowe thy whordome wt all thy louers, and with all şe Idols of thy abhominacyons in şe bloude of thy chyldren, whom thou hast geuen them?
37 Beholde therfore, I will gather together all thy louers, vnto whom thou hast made thy selfe comen: yee, and all them whom thou fauourest, & euery one şt thou hatest: I wyll (I saye) gather them together rounde aboute the and will discouer thy shame before them, that they maye se all thy fylthynes.
38 Moreouer, I will iudge şe as a breaker of wedlocke and a murtherer, and recompence şe thyne awne bloude in wrath and gelousy.
39 I will geue şe ouer in to their power, şt shall breake downe thy stues, & destroye thy brodell houses: they shall strype şe out of thy clothes, all thy fayre & beutyfull Iewels shall they take from şe, & so let the syt naked & bare:
40 yee: they shall bringe şe comen people vpon şe, which shall stone the, & slaye şe downe wt their sweardes.
41 They shall burne vp thy houses, & punysh the in şe sight of many wemen. Thus will I make thy whordome to ceasse, so şt thou shalt geue out no more rewardes.
42 Shulde I make my wrath to be still, take my gelousy from the, be content, & no more to be displeased?
43 seynge thou remembrest not the dayes of thy youth, but hast prouoked me to wrath in all these thinges? Beholde therfore I wyll brynge thyne awne wayes vpon thyne heade, sayeth the Lorde God: howe be it, I neuer dyd vnto the, accordynge to thy wickednesse & all thy abhominacyons.
44 Beholde, all they that vse comen prouerbes, shall vse thys prouerbe also agaynst the: soche a mother, soch a daughter.
45 Thou art euen thy mothers awne daughter, şt hath cast of hyr housbande & hyr chyldren: Yee, thou art the syster of thy systers, which forsoke their husbandes & their chyldren. Youre mother is a Cethyte, and youre father an Amoryte.
46 Thyne eldest syster is Samaria, she and her daughters that dwell vpon thy left hande. But thy yongest syster that dwelleth on thy ryght hande, is Sodoma & her daughters.
47 Yet hast thou not walked after their wayes, ner done after their abhominacyons: but şu stodest a lytell & very small tyme, and in all thy wayes şu hast bene more corrupte then they.
48 As truly as I lyue, sayeth şe Lorde God: Sodoma thy syster wt her daughters, hath not done so euell, as şu and thy daughters.
49 Beholde, the synnes of thy syster Sodoma were these: Pryde, fulnesse of meate, aboundaunce & Idilnesse, these thynges had she & hir daughters. Besydes şt, they reached not their hande to the poore and nedy,
50 but were proude, and dyd abhominable thynges before me: therfore I toke them awaye, as pleased me.
51 Nether hath Samaria done half of thy synnes, yee, thou hast exceaded them in wickednesse: In so moch that in comparyson of all şe abhominacions which şu hast done, şu hast made thy systers good wemen.
52 Therfore thou (which dydest condempne thy syster) beare thyne awne shame, for thyne awne offences, that şu hast committed, more abhominable then they dyd, which in dead ar more ryghteous, then şu art, be thou (I seye) ashamed, and beare thy shamfull rebuke, seynge şt thou hast proued thy systers in comparyson of the ryghtwyse.
53 As for their captiuyte, namely şe captiuyte of Sodoma, & her daughters: şe captiuyte of Samaria & her daughters: I will bringe them agayne, so will I also bringe agayne thy captiuyte amonge them:
54 şt şu mayest take thyne awne confusion vpon şe, & be ashamed of all şt thou hast done, & to comforte them.
55 Thus thy systers (namely) Sodoma & her daughters: Samaria and her daughters, wt thy selfe, & thy daughters, shalbe brought agayne to youre olde estate.
56 When şu wast in thy pryde,
57 & before thy wickednesse came to lyght: thou woldest not heare speake of thy syster Sodoma, vntyll the tyme şt the Syrians with all their townes, & the Philistines with all that lye rounde aboute them, brought the to shame & confusyon:
58 şt şu myghtest beare thyne awne fylthynes & abhominacyon, sayeth şe Lorde.
59 For thus sayeth the Lorde God: I shulde (by right) deale with the, as thou hast done. Thou hast despysed the oth, and broken the couenaunte.
60 Neuerthelesse, I will remembre şe couenaunt that I made with the in thy youth in so moch that it shalbe an euerlastinge couenaunt:
61 so that şu also remembre thy wayes, & be ashamed of them: then shalt thou receaue of me thy elder & yonger systers, whom I wyll make thy daughters, and that besyde thy couenaunt.
62 And so will I renue my couenaunt with şe, that thou mayest knowe that I am the Lorde:
63 that thou mayest thincke vpon it, be ashamed, and excuse thyne awne confusyon nomore: when I haue forgeuen the, all that thou hast done, sayeth the Lorde God.




1 The worde of şe Lorde came vnto me, sayinge:
2 Thou sonne of man: put forth a darcke speakynge and a parable, vnto şe house of Israel,
3 & saye: Thus sayeth şe Lorde God: There came a great Aegle wt greate wynges, yee, with a myghtye longe bodye, & full of fethers of dyuerse coloures, vpon the mount of Libanus, & toke the hyest braunch from a Cedre tree,
4 & brake of şe toppe of his twygge, & caryed it into şe lande of Canaan, & set it in a cyte of marchauntes.
5 He toke also of the seade of the lande, & planted it in a frutefull grounde, he brought it vnto greate waters, and set it as a wyllowe tree therby.
6 Then dyd it growe, and was a greate vynestocke, but lowe by the grounde whose braunches turned in to it selfe, and şe rotes of it, were fastened vnder it, thus there came of it a vyne, and it brought forth blossomes, & spred out braunches.
7 But there was another Aegle, a great one, which had greate winges & many fethers: and beholde, şe rotes of thys vyne had an hunger after him, & spred out his braunches towarde him, şt he myght water her with the orchyerd şt he had planted.
8 Neuertheles, it was planted vpon a good ground besyde greate waters: so şt (by reason) it shulde haue brought out braunches & frute, & haue bene a goodly vyne.
9 Speake şu therfore, thus sayeth şe Lorde God: Shall this vyne prospere? shall not his rotes be pluckte oute, his frute be broken of, his grene braunches, wither & fade awaye? ye, without ether stronge arme or many people, shall it be plucked vp by şe rotes.
10 Beholde, it was planted: shall it prospere therfore? Shal it not be dryed vp & withered, yee, euen in şe shutinge out of his blossomes, as soone as şe east winde bloweth?
11 Moreouer, şe worde of şe Lord came vnto me sayinge:
12 Speake to şt frowarde housholde: knowe ye not, what these thynges do signifye? Tell them: Beholde, şe kynge of Babylon came to Ierusalem, & toke şe kynge and his prynces, and ledde them to Babylon.
13 He toke of the kynges sede, and made a couenaunt wyth hym, and toke an othe of him: The Prynces of the lande toke he with him also,
14 that the lande myght be holden in subieccyon, and not to rebelle, but kepe the couenaunt, and fulfyll it.
15 But he fell from him, & sent his Embassytours into Egypt şt he myght haue horses and moche people. Shulde that prospere? Shulde he be kepte safe, that doth soch thynges? Or shulde he escape, that breaketh hys couenaunt?
16 As truly as I lyue sayeth the Lorde God: He shall dye at Babylon, in the place where the kynge dwelleth, şt made hym kynge: whose othe he hath despysed, and whose couenaunt he hath broken.
17 Nether shall Pharao with his greate host & multitude of people, maynteyne him in the warre: when they cast vp dyches, and set vp bulworkes to destroye moch people.
18 For seynge he hath despysed şe othe, and broken the couenaunt (where as he yet gaue his hande ther vpon) and done all these thynges, he shall not escape.
19 Therfore thus sayeth the Lorde God. As truly as I lyue, I wyll brynge myne othe şt he hath despysed, and my couenaunt that he hath broken, vpon his awne head.
20 I wyll cast my net aboute him, and catch him in my yarne. To Babylon will I carie him, there will I punishe him, because of the greate offence that he made me.
21 As for those that fle from him out of the hoost, they shalbe slayne with the swearde. The resydue shalbe scatred towarde all the wyndes: and ye shall knowe, that I the Lorde haue spoken it.
22 Thus sayeth the Lorde God: I wyll also take a braunche from an hye Cedre tree, and will set it, & take şe vppermost twygge, şt yet is but tendre, and plante it vpon an hye hyll:
23 Namely, vpon the hye hyll of Syon will I plante it: şt it maye bringe forth twygges, & geue frute, and be a greate Cedre tree: so şt all maner of foules maye bylde in it, & make their nestes vnder şe shadow of his braunches.
24 And all the trees of the felde shall knowe that I the Lorde haue brought downe şe hye tree, and set the lowe tree vp: şt I haue dryed vp the grene tree, and made the drye tree to floryshe: Euen I the Lorde that spake it, haue also brought it to passe.




1 The worde of şe Lorde came vnto me, on this maner:
2 what meane ye by thys comen prouerbe, şt ye vse in the lande of Israel, sayinge: The fathers haue eaten soure grapes, & şe childrens tethe are set on edge:
3 As truly as I lyue, sayeth şe Lorde God, ye shall vse this byworde nomore in Israell.
4 Beholde all soules are myne. Lyke as şe father is myne, so is şe sonne myne also. The soule şt synneth, shall dye.
5 If a man be godly, & do the thinge şt is equall and ryght,
6 he eateth not vpon the hylles: he lyfteth not hys eyes vp to şe foule Idols of Israel: he defyleth not his neyghbours wyfe: he medleth wt no menstruous woman:
7 he greueth no body: he geueth his detter his pledge agayne, he taketh none other mans good by violence: he parteth his mete wt the hongrye: he clotheth the naked:
8 he lendeth nothynge vpon vsury he taketh nothynge ouer: he wythdraweth his hande from doynge wronge: he dealeth faythfully betwixte man & man:
9 & walketh in my commaundementes, and kepeth my lawes, & perfourmeth them faythfully: This is a ryghtuous man, he shall surely lyue sayeth the Lorde God.
10 If he nowe gett a sonne, that is a murtherer, a sheder of bloude: yf he do one of these thynges
11 (though he do not all) he eateth vpon the hylles: he defyleth his neyghbours wyfe:
12 he greueth the poore & nedy: he robbeth & spoyleth: he geueth not şe detter his pledge againe, he lyfteth vp his eyes vnto Idols, & medleth with abhominable thinges:
13 he lendeth vpon vsury, & taketh more ouer. Shall this man lyue? He shall not lyue. Seynge he hath done all these abhominacyons, he shall dye, his bloude shalbe vpon him.
14 Nowe yf this man get a sonne also, that seeth all hys fathers synnes, which he hath done: and feareth, nether doth soch lyke:
15 Namely, he eateth not vpon the mountaynes: he lyfteth not his eyes vp to şe Idols of Israel: he defyleth not his neyghbours wyfe:
16 he vexeth no man: he kepeth no mans pledge: he nether spoyleth, ner robbeth eny man: he dealeth his meate wt the hongrye: he clotheth şe naked:
17 he oppresseth not the poore: he receaueth no vsury, ner any thynge ouer: he kepeth my lawes, & walcketh in my commaundementes. This man shall not dye in his fathers synne, but shall lyue without fayle.
18 As for his father: because he oppressed & spoyled hys brother, and dyd wyckedly amonge his people: lo, he is deed in his awne synne.
19 And yet saye ye: Wherfore then shulde not thys sonne beare his fathers synne? Therfore: because şe sonne hath done equytie & ryght, hath kepte all my commaundementes, & done them: therfore shall he lyue in dede.
20 The same soule that synneth, shall dye. The sonne shall not beare the fathers offence, nether shall the father beare şe sonnes offence. The ryghteousnes of şe ryghtuous shall be vpon him, & the wickednes of şe wicked shall be vpon him self also.
21 But yf şe vngodly wyll turne awaye from all his synnes şt he hath done, and kepe all my commaundementes, and do the thinge şt is equall and ryght: doutles he shall lyue, and not dye.
22 As for all his synnes şt he dyd before, they shall not be thought vpon: but in his righteousnes şt he hath done, he shall lyue.
23 For haue I eny pleasure in şe death of a synner, sayeth şe Lord God, but rather şt he conuerte, and lyue?
24 Agayne: yf şe ryghtuous turne awaye from his ryghtuousnes, and do iniquyte, accordynge to all şe abhominacyons, şt the wicked man doth: shall he lyue? All the ryghtuousnes şt he hath done, shall not be thought vpon: but in şe faute that he hath offended withall, and in the synne that he hath done, he shall dye.
25 And yet ye saye: Tush şe waye of şe Lord is not indifferent. Heare therfore ye house of Israel: Is not my waye ryght? Or, are not youre wayes rather wicked:
26 When a ryghtuous man turneth awaye from hys ryghtuousnesse, and medleth wyth vngodlynes: he must dye therin: yee, for the vnrightuousnes that he hath done, must he dye.
27 Agayne: when the wycked man turneth awaye from his wickednesse, that he hath done, and doth the thinge which is equall and ryght: he shall saue his soule alyue.
28 For in so moch as he remembreth him selfe, & turneth him from all the vngodlynes that he hath vsed, he shall lyue and not dye.
29 And yet sayeth the house of Israel: Tush, the waye of the Lorde is not equall. Are my wayes vnryght? O ye house of Israel: Are not youre wayes rather vnequall?
30 As for me, I wyll iudge euery man, accordynge to his wayes, O ye house of Israel, sayeth the Lorde God. Wherfore, be conuerted, and turne you cleane from all your wyckednesse, so shall there no synne do you harme.
31 Cast awaye from you all youre vngodlynesse, that ye haue done: make you newe hertes and a newe sprete. Wherfore wyll ye dye, O ye house of Israell?
32 seynge I haue no pleasure in the death of him şt dyeth, sayeth the Lord God. Turne you then, and ye shall lyue.




1 But thou sonne of man mourne şu for the princes of Israel,
2 & saye. Wherfore laye thy mother şe lyonesse amonge the lyons, & noryshed her yonge ones amonge the lyons whelpes?
3 One of her whelpes she brought vp, and it became a lyon, it learned to spoyle, and to deuoure folke.
4 The Heathen herde of him, and toke him in their nettes, and brought him in chaynes vnto the lande of Egypte.
5 Nowe when the damme sawe, that all her hope and comforte was awaye, she toke another of her whelpes, and made a lyon of him:
6 which wente amonge the lyons, & became a fearce lyon: learned to spoyle and to deuoure folcke:
7 he destroyed their palaces, and made their cyties waste. In so moch that şe whole lande & euery thinge therin, were vtterly desolate, thorow şe very voyce of his roaringe.
8 Then came the Heathen together on euery syde oute of all countrees agaynst hym, layed their nettes for hym, and toke hym in their pytte.
9 So they bounde him with chaynes, and brought him to the kyng of Babylon: which put him in preson, that his voyce shulde nomore be herde vpon the mountaynes of Israel.
10 As for thy mother, she is lyke a vyne in thy bloude, planted by the water syde: her frutes and braunches are growen out of many waters,
11 her stalkes were so stronge, that men myght haue made staues therof for officers: she grewe so hye in her stalkes. So whan men sawe that she exceaded she heygth & multitude of her braunches,
12 she was roted out in displeasure, and cast downe to şe grounde The East winde dryed vp her frute, her stronge stalkes were broken of, withered and brent in the fyre.
13 But now she is planted in the wyldernesse, in a drye & thurstye grounde.
14 And there is a fyre gone out of her stalckes, which hath brent vp her braunches and her frute: so that she hath no mo stronge stalckes, to be staues for offycers. This is a pyteous and miserable thinge.




1 In the .vij. yeare the .x. daye of the .v. moneth, it happened, şt certayne of şe elders of Israel came vnto me, for to aske councell at the Lorde, & sat them downe by me.
2 Then came şe worde of şe Lorde vnto me on thys maner:
3 Thou sonne of man: speake vnto the elders of Israel, & saye vnto them: Thus sayeth the Lord God: Are ye come hyther to aske eny thynge at me? As truly as I lyue (sayeth şe Lorde)
4 I will geue you no answere. Wilt şu not reproue them (thou sonne of man) wilt thou not reproue them? Shewe them şe abhominacyons of their fore fathers,
5 & tell them. Thus sayeth the Lorde God: In the daye when I chose Israel, and lyft vp myne hande vpon the sede of the house of Iacob, & shewed my selfe vnto them in the lande of Egypte: Yee, when I lyfte vp myne hande ouer them, and sayde: I am the Lorde youre God,
6 euen in the daye şt I lyft vp myne hande ouer them, to bringe them out of the lande of Egypte, into a lande şt I had prouyded for them, which floweth with mylcke & hony, & is a pleasaunt lande amonge all other.
7 Then sayde I vnto them: Cast awaye euery man the abhominacions that he hath before him, and defyle not youre selues with the Idoles of Egypte, for I am the Lorde youre God.
8 But they rebelled agaynst me, and wolde not folowe me: to cast awaye euery man the abhominacyons of hys eyes, and to forsake the Idoles of Egypte. Then I made me to poure myne indignacyon ouer them, & to satisfye my wrath vpon them: yee, euen in the myddest of şe lande of Egypte.
9 But I wolde not do it, for my names sake: that it shulde not be vnhalowed before şe Heathen, amonge whom they dwelt, & amonge whom I shewed my selfe vnto them, şt I wolde brynge them out of the lande of Egypte.
10 Now when I had caryed them out of the lande of Egypte, and brought them into the wyldernesse:
11 I gaue them my commaundementes, & shewed them my lawes, which whoso kepeth shall lyue in them:
12 I gaue them also my holy dayes, to be a token betwixte me & them, & therby to knowe, that I am the Lorde, which halowe them.
13 And yet the house of Israel rebelled agaynst me in şe wyldernesse, they wolde not walcke in my commaundementes, they haue cast a waye my lawes (which whoso kepeth shulde lyue in them) and my Sabboth dayes haue they greatly vnhalowed. Then I made me to poure out myne indignacyon vpon them, & to consume them in the wyldernesse.
14 Yet I wolde not do it, for my names sake: lest it shulde be dishonoured before the Heathen, from the whych I had caryed them awaye.
15 But I swore vnto them in the wyldernesse, that I wolde not brynge them in to the lande, which I gaue them: a lande that floweth with mylcke and hony, & is a pleasure of all landes:
16 and that because they refused my lawes, and walcked not in my commaundementes, but had vnhalowed my Sabbathes, for their herte was gone after their ydoles.
17 Neuerthelesse, myne eye spared them, so şt I wolde not vtterly slaye them and consume them in the wyldernes.
18 Moreouer, I sayde vnto their sonnes in the wyldernesse: walcke not in the statutes of youre fore fathers, kepe not their ordinaunces, and defyle not your selues with their ydoles,
19 for I am the Lorde youre God. But walcke in my statutes, kepe my lawes & do them,
20 halowe my Sabbathes: for they are a token betwixte me & you, şt ye maye knowe howe şt I am the Lorde your God.
21 Notwythstandynge, their sonnes rebelled agaynst me also: they walked not in my statutes they kepte not my lawes to fulfyll them (which he şt doth shall lyue in them) nether halowed they my Sabboth dayes. Then I made me agayne to poure out my indignacion ouer them, & to satisfye my wrath vpon them in the wyldernesse.
22 Neuerthelesse, I wythdrewe my hande for my names sake, lest it shulde be vnhalowed amonge the Heathen, before whom I had brought them forth.
23 I lyft vp myne hande ouer them also in the wyldernesse, şt I wolde scatre them amonge the Heathen, & strowe them amonge the nacyons,
24 because they had not kepte my lawes, but cast asyde my commaundementes, vnhalowed my Sabbathes, and lyft vp their eyes to their fathers Idoles.
25 Wherfore I gaue them also commaundementes not good, & lawes thorowe the whych they shulde not lyue,
26 & I vnhalowed them in their awne giftes (when I appointed for my selfe all their fyrst borne) to make them desolate: şt they myght knowe, howe şt I am the Lorde.
27 Therfore (O thou sonne of man, tell the house of Israel, thus sayeth the Lorde God) Besyde all thys, youre fore fathers haue yet blasphemed me more, and greatly offended agaynst me.
28 For after I had brought them in to the lande, that I promysed to geue them, when they sawe euery hye hyll & all şe thicke trees: they made there their offrynges, & prouoked me wyth their oblacyons, makynge swete sauoures there, and powred out their drinckoffrynges.
29 Then I asked them what is şt hyll altare şt ye go to it? And therfore is it called şe hye place vnto this daye.
30 Wherfore, speake vnto şe house of Israel: Thus sayeth the Lorde God: ye are euen as vnclene as youre fore fathers & commytte whordome also with their abhominacyons.
31 In all youre ydoles, where vnto ye brynge your oblacyons, and to whose honoure ye burne youre chyldren: ye, defyle youre selues, euen vnto thys daye: howe darre ye then come, and aske any questyon at me? O ye housholde of Israel? As truly as I lyue (sayeth the Lorde God) ye get no answere of me:
32 and as for the thynge that ye go aboute, it shall not come to passe, where as ye saye: we wyll be as the Heathen, & do as other people in the lande, wod and stone wyll we worshyppe.
33 As truly as I lyue, sayeth the Lord God, I my selfe wyll rule you wt a mightye hande, with a stretched out arme, & with indignacyon powred out ouer you:
34 and will brynge you out of the nacyons and landes, wherin ye are scatred, and gather you together with a myghtye hande, with a stretched out arme & wt indignacyon poured out vpon you:
35 and wyll bringe you in to the wyldernesse of the people, & there I will reason with you face to face.
36 Lyke as I punyshed youre fore fathers in the wildernesse, so will I punyshe you also, sayeth the Lorde God.
37 I will bringe you vnder my iurisdiccyon, and vnder şe bonde of the couenannt.
38 The forsakers also and the transgressours will I take from amonge you, & bringe them out of the lande of youre habitacyon: as for the lande of Israel, they shall not come in it: şt you maye knowe howe that I am the Lorde.
39 Go to nowe then (sayeth the Lorde God) ye house of Israel Euery one of you folowe your ydols, and serue them seynge ye refuse to obeye me. And my holy name shall ye nomore vnhalowe with your offringes and Idoles.
40 For vpon my holy hyll, euen vpon the hye hill of Israel sayth şe Lord God, shall all the house of Israel and all that is in the lande, worshyppe me: and in the same place will I fauoure them, and there will I requyre your heaue offringes and the fyrstlynges of your oblacyons, with all youre holy thynges.
41 I will accepte youre swete sauoure, when I bringe you from the nacyons, and gather you together out of the landes, wherin ye be scatred: that I maye be halowed in you before the Heathen,
42 and that ye maye knowe, that I am the Lorde, whych haue brought you into the lande of Israel: yee, into the same lande, that I swore to geue vnto youre forefathers.
43 There shall ye call to remembraunce your awne wayes & all your ymaginacyons, wherin ye haue bene defyled: and ye shall iudge youre selues worthy to be destroyed, for all youre wickednes, şt ye haue done.
44 And ye shall knowe, şt I am şe Lord: when I entreate you after my name, not after youre wycked wayes, ner accordinge to youre corrupte workes: O ye house of Israel, sayeth şe lord.
45 Moreouer, the worde of the Lorde came vnto me, sayinge:
46 Thou sonne of man, set thy face towarde the south, & speake to the south wynde,
47 & saye to the wod towarde the south: Heare the worde of the Lorde, thus sayeth the Lorde God: Beholde, I wyll kyndle a fyre in the, that shall consume the grene trees with the drye. No man shalbe able to quench hys flame, but all that loketh from the south to the north, shalbe brent therin:
48 & all fleshe shall se, that I the Lorde haue kyndled it, so that no man maye quench it.
49 Then sayde I: O Lord, they wyll saye of me: Tush, they are but fables, that he telleth.




1 The worde of şe Lord came to me, sayinge:
2 Thou sonne of man, set thy face towarde Ierusalem, speake agaynst the Sanctuary, and prophecye agaynst the lande of Israel, saye to şe lande of Israel.
3 Thus sayeth the Lorde: Beholde, I wyll vpon the, & will drawe my swearde out of the sheath, & rote out of the both the ryghtuous & the wycked
4 Seynge then şt I will rote out of şe both the ryghtuous and wycked, therfore shall my swearde go out of his sheath against all flesh from şe north to şe south:
5 şt all flesh maye knowe howe şt I the Lord haue drawen my swearde out of şe sheath, & it shall not be put in againe
6 Mourne therfore (O thou sonne of man) şt thy loynes crack withall, ye mourne bitterly for them in their presence.
7 And yf they saye, wherfore mournest thou? Then tell them: for the tidynges that commeth, at the whych all hertes shall melt, all handes shalbe letten downe, all stomackes shall faynte, & all knees shall waxe feble. Beholde, it commeth & shalbe fulfylled, sayeth the Lorde God.
8 Agayne, the worde of the Lorde came vnto me, sayinge.
9 Thou sonne of man, prophecye, and speake. Thus sayeth the Lord God: speake. The swearde, the swearde is sharpened & well scoured.
10 Sharpened is it for the slaughter, & scoured that it maye be bryght. Shall we then make myrthe? Agenst şe tribe of my sonne it is gone forthe destroyinge all trees.
11 He hath putt his swearde to the dyghtinge, şt good holde maye be taken of it. This swearde is sharpened & dyght, that it maye be geuen in to the hande of the manslayer.
12 Crye (O thou sonne of man, & howle, for this swearde shall smyte my people, & all the rulers in Israel) my people shalbe fearede thorowe this swearde.
13 Smite therfore thou vpon thy thyghe, for it is gone forthe to make a tryall. And what a tryall shall this be, when euen my scepter shall be reproued? Yt shall not be sayeth the Lorde God.
14 Prophecy şu sonne of man, & smyte thyne handes together: make the swearde two edged, ye make it thre edged, that manslayers swearde, şt swearde of the greate slaughter, whych shall smyte them, euen in their preuychambres:
15 to make them abashed & faynt at the hertes, & in all gates to make some of them fall. I haue geuen that fearfull swerde. O howe bryght and sharpe is it, howe well dight & mete for the slaughter.
16 Gett the some place alone, ether vpon the ryght hande or on the lefte, whyther so euer thy face turneth.
17 I wyll smyte my handes together also & satysfye my wrothfull indignacyon: Euen I the Lorde haue sayde it.
18 The worde of the Lorde came yet vnto me agayne sayinge.
19 Thou sonne of man, make şe two stretes, şt the swearde of the kynge of Babylon maye come. Both these stretes shall go out of one kynges lande. And chose şe a place, at the heade of the strete chose out a corner.
20 Make şe a strete, şt the swearde maye come to warde Rabath of the Ammonites, & to the stronge cytie of Ierusalem.
21 For the kynge of Babylon shall stande in the turnynge of the waye, at the head of the two stretes: to aske councell at the sothe sayers, castinge the lottes wt his arowes, to aske councell at the Idole, and to loke in the lyuer.
22 But şe sothe sayinge shall poynte to şe ryght syde vpon Ierusalem, şt he maye set men of warre, to smyte it wt a greate noyse, to crye out Alarum, to sett batell rammes agaynst the gates, to graue vp dyches, & to make bulworkes.
23 Neuertheles, as for the sothe sayinge, they shall holde it but for vanite. And esteame them as those to whome they haue often sworne. Notwithstandynge he shall remembre their wyckednesse, so that by ryght they must be taken & wonne.
24 Therfore sayeth the Lorde God. For so moch as ye youre selues shewe your offence, and haue opened youre wickednesse, so that in all youre workes men maye se your synnes: therfore ar ye come to remembrance, and ye shalbe taken by violence.
25 O thou shamefull wicked guyde of Israel whose daye is come: euen the tyme that wickednesse shall haue en ende.
26 Thus sayeth the Lorde God: take awaye the garland, & put of the crowne, and so is it awaye: the humble is exalted, and the proude brought lowe.
27 Punyshe, punyshe, yee, punyshe them will I, & destroye them: and that shall not be fulfylled vntyll he come, to whom the iudgement belongeth, & to whom I haue geuen it.
28 And thou (O sonne of man) prophecy, & speake: Thus sayeth the Lorde God to şe chyldren of Ammon, & to their blasphemy, speake thou: The swearde, şe swearde, is drawen forth all redy to the slaughter, & scoured to consume that it glystreth
29 (because thou hast loked şe out vanyties, and prophecyed lyes) şt it maye come vpon thy necke, lyke as vpon the other vngodly, whych be slayne: whose daye came, whan their wyckednesse was full.
30 Shulde I put it vp agayne? Naye I wyll punyshe the, in şe lande where thou wast norished & borne,
31 and poure my indignacyon vpoon the and wyll blowe vpon the in the fyre of my wrath, and delyuer şe vnto cruel people, which are lerned to destroye.
32 Thou shalt fede the fyre and thy bloude shall be shed in şe lande, that thou mayest be put out of remembraunce. Euen I the Lorde haue spoken it.




1 Moreouer, the worde of şe Lorde came vnto me, & sayde:
2 thou sonne of man, wylt thou not reproue thys bloudthurstye cyte? Shew them their abhominacyons,
3 and tell them: Thus sayeth the Lorde God: O thou cyte, that sheddest bloude in şe myddest of şe, that thy tyme maye come also: & makest the Idoles to defyle the wythall.
4 Thou hast made thy selfe gylty, in şe bloude şt thou hast shed: and defyled the in the Idoles, which thou hast made. Thou hast caused thy dayes to drawe nye, & made the tyme of thy yeares to come. Therfore wyll I make the to be confounded amonde the Heathen, & to be despysed in all the landes,
5 whether they be nye or farre from the: they shall laugh the to scorne, thou that hast gotten the so foule a name, & art full of myschefe.
6 Beholde, the rulers of Israel haue brought euery man hys power, to shed bloude in the.
7 In the haue they despysed father & mother, in şe haue they oppressed the straunger, in the haue they vexed the wydowe and the fatherlesse.
8 Thou hast despysed my Sanctuary, and vnhalowed my Sabbath.
9 Murtherers are there in the, that shede bloude, & eate vpon the hylles, and in the they vse abhominacyon.
10 In şe haue they discouered their fathers shame, in the haue they vexed wemen in their sicknesse.
11 Euery man hath dealte shamefully with his neyghbours wyfe, & abhominably defyled hys daughter in lawe. In the hath euery man forced his awne syster, euen his fathers daughter:
12 yee, gyftes haue bene receaued in the, to shede bloude. Thou hast taken vsury and encreace, thou hast oppressed thy neyghbours by extorcyon, and forgotten me, sayeth the Lorde God.
13 Beholde, I haue smyten my handes vpon thy couetousnesse, that thou hast vsed, and vpon the bloude whych hath bene shed in the.
14 Is thy herte able to endure it, or may thy handes defende them selues, in the tyme şt I shall brynge vpon the? Euen I the Lorde that speake it, wyll brynge it also to passe.
15 I wyll scatre the amonge the Heathen, & strowe the aboute in the landes, & wyll cause thy fylthynesse to ceasse out of the:
16 yee, and thou shalt be thyne awne enheritaunce & not myne in the syght of the Heathen, that thou mayest knowe, that I am the Lorde.
17 And the worde of the Lorde came vnto me, sayinge:
18 Thou sonne of man, the house of Israel is turned to drosse. All they şt shulde be brasse, tynne, yron, & leade, are in şe fyre become drosse.
19 Therfore, thus sayeth şe Lord God. For so moche as ye all are turned in to drosse, beholde: I wyll brynge you together vnto Ierusalem,
20 lyke as syluer, brasse, yron, tynne and leade are put together in the fornace, and the fyre blowen there vnder to melt them. Euen so will I gather you, put you in together, and melt you in my wrath & indignacyon.
21 I wyll brynge you together, and kyndle the fyre of my cruell displeasure vnder you, that ye maye be melted therin.
22 Lyke as the syluer is melted in the fyre, so shall ye also be melted therin: that ye maye knowe, howe that I the Lorde haue powred my wrath vpon you.
23 And the worde of şe Lorde came vno me, sayinge.
24 Thou sonne of man, tell her. Thou art an vnclene lande, which is not rayned vpon in the daye of şe cruell wrath:
25 thy Prophetes that are in the, are sworne together to deuoure soules, lyke as a roarynge Lyon, şt lyueth by his praye. They receaue ryches and good, & make many wyddowes in the.
26 Thy prestes breake my lawe, and defyle my Sanctuary. They put no difference betwene the holye & vnholye, nether discerne betwene şe cleane & vncleane: they turne their eyes fro my sabbathes, & I am vnhalowed amonge them.
27 Thy rulers in the are lyke rauyshynge wolues, to shed bloude, and to destroye soules, for their awne couetous lucre.
28 As for thy Prophetes, they dawbe with vntempered claye, they se vanytyes, and prophecye lyes vnto them, sayinge: şe Lorde God sayeth so, where as the Lorde hath not spoken.
29 The people in the lande vseth wycked extorcyon & robbery. They vexe the poore & nedye and oppresse the straunger agaynst ryght.
30 And I sought in the lande for a man, that wolde make vp the hedge, and sett him selfe in the gappe before me in the landes behalfe, şt yt shulde not be corrupted: but I could fynde none.
31 Therfore, I will poure out my cruell dyspleasure vpon them, & burne them in the fyre of my wrath: theyr awne wayes will I recompence vpon theyr heades saieth şe lord God.




1 The worde of the Lord came vnto me sayeng:
2 Thou sonne of man, there were two wemen, şt had one mother.
3 These (when they were yonge) beganne to playe şe harlottes in Egypt. There were theyr brestes brosed, & şe pappes of theyr maydenhead did şe Egyptians destroye.
4 The eldest of them was called Oholah & her yongest syster Oholibah. These two were my wyues, & bare sonnes & daughters. Theyr names were Samaria, & şt was Oholah: & Ierusalem, şt was Oholibah.
5 As for Oholah she beganne to go a whoring, when I had taken her to me. She was sett on fyre vpon her louers şe Assirians
6 as her neybours which had to do wt her: euen şe princes & Lordes şt were deckte in costly araye fayre yonge men, lusty ryders of horses.
7 Thus thorow her whordome, she cleued vnto all the yonge men of Assiria. Yee, she was madd vpon them, & defyled her selfe wt all theyr Idols.
8 Nether ceassed she from şe fornicacyon, şt she vsed wt the Egypcians: for in her youth they laye wt her, they brosed the brestes of her maydenhead, & poured theyr whordome vpon her.
9 Wherfore, I delyuered her into the handes of her louers, euen the Assirians, whom she so loued.
10 These discouered her shame, toke her sonnes & daughters, & slewe her wt şe sweard: An euel name gat she of all people, and they punished her.
11 Her sister Oholibah sawe this, and destroyed her selfe wt inordynate loue, more then she, & exceded her syster in whordome
12 she loued şe Assirians (which also laye wt her) namely, şe princes & greate lordes, şt were clothed wt al maner of gorgious apparell all lusty horsmen & fayre yonge personnes.
13 Then I sawe, that they both were defyled a lyke.
14 But she increased styll in whordome, for when she sawe men paynted vpon the wall, şe ymages of the Caldees sett forth wt fressh couloures,
15 wt fayre gyrdles about them & goodly bonettes vpon theyr heades, lokynge all lyke prynces (after the maner of the Babylonyans and Chaldees in theyr awne lande where they be borne)
16 immediatly, as soone as she sawe them, she brent in loue vpon them, and sente messaungers for them into the lande of the Chaldees.
17 Now when the Babylonyans came to her, they laye with her and defyled her with theyr whordome, and so was she polluted with them. And when her lust was abated from them,
18 her whordome and shame was discouered and sene: then my herte forsoke her, lyke as my herte was gone from her syster also.
19 Neuerthelesse, she vsed her whordome euer the longer the more, and remembred the dayes of her youth, wherin she had played the harlot in the lande of Egypt:
20 she brent in lust vpon them, whose fleshe was lyke the flesh of Asses, and theyr sede lyke the sede of horses.
21 Thus thou hast renued şe fylthynesse of the youth, when thy louers brosed thy pappes, and marred thy brestes in Egypte.
22 Therfore (O Oholibah) thus sayeth the Lord God: I will rayse vp thy louers (wt whom thou hast satysfyed thy lust) against the, and gather them together rounde about the:
23 namely the Babylonians, and all the Chaldees, rulers, mightye men & tyrauntes, wt all the Assirians: all yonge & fayre louers: princes and Lordes, knyghtes and gentelmen, which be all good horsmen.
24 These shall come vpon the with horses, charrettes, and a greate multitude of people: which shalbe harnessed aboute the on euery syde, wt brestplates, shyldes & helmettes. I wyll punish the before them, yee, they them selues shall punysh the, accordynge to theyr awne iudgement.
25 I will put my gelousy vpon the, so that they shal deale cruelly with the. They shall cut of thy nose and thyne eares, and the remnaunt shall fall thorow the swearde. They shall cary awaye thy sonnes and daughters, and the resydue shalbe brent in the fyre.
26 They shall strype the out of thy clothes, and cary thy costly Iewels awaye with them.
27 Thus wyll I make an ende of thy fylthynesse and whordome, which thou hast brought oute of the lande of Egypte: so that thou shalt turne thyne eyes nomore after them, and cast thy mynde nomore vpon Egypte.
28 For thus sayeth şe Lorde beholde I will delyuer the into the handes of them, whom thou hatest, yee, euen into the handes of them, with whom thou hast fulfylled thy lust,
29 whych shall deale cruelly wyth the. All thy laboure shall they take with them, and leaue the naked and bare, and thus the shame of thy fylthye whordome shall come to lyght.
30 All these thynges shall happen vnto the, because of thy whordome which thou hast vsed amonge the Gentyls wyth whose Idols thou hast defyled thy self.
31 Thou hast walcked in the waye of thy syster, therfore wyll I geue şe her cuppe in thy hande.
32 Thus sayeth the Lord God: Thou shalt dryncke of thy systers cuppe, how depe and farre so euer it be to şe botome. Thou shalt be laughed to scorne, and had as greatly in derisyon, as is possible.
33 Thou shalt be full of dronkennes and sorowe, for the cuppe of thy syster Samaria is a cuppe of destruccion and wastynge:
34 the same shalt thou dryncke, and suppe it out euen to the dregges, yee, thou shalt eat vp the broken peces of it, & so teare thyne awne brestes: For euen I haue spoken it sayeth the Lorde God.
35 Therfore, thus sayeth şe Lorde God: For so moch as thou hast forgotten me, and cast me aside behinde the, so beare now thyne awne fylthines and whordome.
36 The Lorde sayde moreouer vnto me: Thou sonne of man wilt şu not reproue Oholah and Oholibah? Shewe them theyr abhominacions:
37 namely that they haue broken theyr wedlocke, & stayned theyr handes wt bloude: yee, euen wt theyr ydoles haue they commytted aduoutry and offred them by the fyre theyr awne children (to be deuoured) whom they had borne vnto me.
38 Yee, & thys haue they done vnto me also: they haue defyled my Sanctuary in that same daye, & haue vnhalowed my Sabboth.
39 For when they had slayne theyr children for theyr Idols, they came the same daye into my Sanctuary to defyle it. Lo, thys haue they done in my house:
40 Besyde all thys, thou hast sent they messaungers for men out of farre countrees: & when they came, thou hast bathed & painted thyne eyes wt colours, trymmed & set forth thy self of şe best fassion:
41 thou sattest vpon a goodly bed and a table spred before the: wherupon thou hast set myne incense and myne oyle.
42 Then was there great chere with her to optayne peace, and though with those men many men came, yet were ther also brought, men of Sabba from the wildernesse: which gaue them bracelettes vpon theyr handes, & sett glorious crownes vpon theyr heades:
43 and I sayde vnto her: that seynge she was stryken in age in her whordommes: now shall her fornycations come to an end wt her.
44 And they wente into her as vnto a comen harlot Euen so went they, (I say) to Oholah & Oholibah those fylthy wemen.
45 O all ye şt loue vertue & ryghteousnes, iudge them, punishe them: as aduoutrers & murtherers ought to be iudged & punished. For they are breakers of wedlocke, & the bloude is in theyr handes.
46 Wherfore thus sayeth the Lorde God I wil bringe a greate multitude of people vpon them, & make them be scatred & spoyled:
47 these shall stone them, & gore them wt theyr sweardes. They shal slaye theyr sonnes & daughters, and burne vp theyr houses with fyre.
48 Thus wyll I destroye all soch fylthynes out of the land: that all wemen maye learne, not to do after your vnclennes.
49 And so they shall laye your fylthynes vpon your awne selues, and ye shalbe punyshed for the synnes that ye haue commytted with your Idols: and ye shall knowe şt I am the Lorde God.




1 In the nynth yeare, in şe tenth moneth, the tenth daye of the moneth, came the worde of the Lord vnto me, sayenge.
2 O thou sonne of man, wryte vp the name of thys daye, yee, euen the houre of this present daye: when the kyng of Babylon sett hym selfe against Ierusalem.
3 Shew that obstinate housholde a parable, and speake vnto them: Thus sayeth the Lorde God: Gett the a potte, sett it on, and powre water into it:
4 put all şe peces together in it, all the good peces: the loyne & the shulder, and fyl it with the best bones.
5 Take one of the best shepe, & an heape of bones withall: let it boyle well, & lett the bones sethe well therin.
6 With that sayde the Lorde God on thys maner. Wo be vnto the bloudy cytie of the pot, wherupon the rustynes hangeth, & is not yet scoured awaye. Take out the peces that are in it, one after another: there neade not lottes be cast therfore,
7 for the bloude is yet in it. Upon a playne drye stone hath she powred it, & not vpon the grounde, şt it myght be couered wt dust.
8 And therfore haue I letten her powre her bloude vpon a playne drye stony rocke, because it shulde not be hyd, and şt I myght brynge my wrothfull indignacyon & vengeaunce vpon her.
9 Wherfore, thus sayth the Lord God: O, wo be vnto şe bloud thurstye cyte, for whom euen I my selfe will make a grett fyre and sett moche woode,
10 and kyndell the fyre and seath the fleashe, and spice the pott, so that the very bones shall be brent.
11 Moreouer I will sett the pott empty vpon the coles, so şt his metall shall be brent & molten also for heate, & şe fylthynes of yt shall be molten in yt, & şe drosse of yt shal be consumed.
12 Thou tokest great payne thys to defyle thy selfe. And yt will not be purged from şe exceadinge drosse in yt: but thorow fyre shall şe drosse of yt be puryfyed.
13 In thy fylthynes euen in thy myscheuous dedes, şu dost contynue & because thy fylthynesse is abhominable, for I haue clensed the, but thou art not clensed. Thou shalt not be pourged from thyne vnclennesse, tyll I haue powred my wrothful indygnacion vpon şe.
14 Euen I şe Lorde haue so deuysed. Yee, it is come therto all redy, şt I wyll do it. I will not go backe, I will not spare, I will not be intreated: but accordinge to thy wayes & ymaginacions, şu shalt be punyshed, sayeth the Lorde God.
15 And the worde of the Lord came vnto me, saieng:
16 Thou sonne of man, beholde, I will take awaye şe pleasure of thyne eyes wt a plage: yet shalt thou nether mourne, ner wepe, ner water thy chekes therfore:
17 şu mayest mourne by thy self alone, but vse no deadly lamentacion. Holde on thy bonet, and put on thy shoes vpon thy fete, couer not thy face, & eat no mourners bread.
18 So I spake vnto şe people by times in şe mornyng, & at euen my wyfe dyed: then vpon şe next morowe, I dyd as I was commaunded.
19 And şe people sayd vnto me, wilt şu not tell vs what thys signifyeth towarde vs, for this şu doest for our sake.
20 I answered them, şe worde of şe Lorde came vnto me sayeng:
21 Tell şe house of Israell, thus sayeth the Lorde God: beholde, I will suspende my sanctuary: euen the glory of your power, şe pleasure of your eyes, and the thing that ye loue: your sonnes and daughters whom ye haue left, shal fall thorow the swearde.
22 Lyke as I haue done, so shall ye do also: Ye shall not hyde your faces, ye shall eate no mourners bread:
23 your bonnettes shall ye haue vpon your heades, & shoes vpon your fete. Ye shall nether mourne ner wepe, but, in your synnes ye shalbe sorowfull, & one repente with another.
24 Thus Ezechiel is your shew token. For loke as he hath done, so (when this commeth) ye shall do also: that ye maye lerne to knowe, şt I am şe Lorde God.
25 But beholde, O thou sonne of man: In the daye when I take from them theyr power, theyr ioye & honour, the lust of theyr eyes, the burthen of theyr lyfes: namely, theyr sonnes and daughters, shall not this be knowen?
26 Then shall there one escape, and come vnto şe, for to shew the.
27 In şt daye shall thy mouth be opened to him, which is escaped, şt thou mayest speake, and be nomore domme. Yee, and thou shalt be theyr shewtoken that they maye knowe, howe that I am şe Lord.




1 The worde of the Lord came vnto me, sayenge:
2 Thou sonne of man, set thy face agaynst the Ammonytes, prophecye vpon them,
3 and saye vnto the Ammonytes: heare the worde of şe Lord God. Thus sayeth şe Lord God: For so moch as thou speakest ouer my sanctuary. A, ha, I trowe it be nowe suspended: & ouer the land of Israel, I trowe it be now desolat, yee, & ouer şe house of Iuda, I trowe they be now led a waye presonners:
4 Behold, I will delyuer the to the people of şe east, şt they maye haue şe in possession: these shall set theyr castels and houses in the. They shall eate thy frute, & dryncke vp thy milcke.
5 As for Rabath, I will make of it a stal for camels, and of Ammon a shepefolde: and ye shall knowe that I am the Lorde.
6 For thus sayeth şe Lord God: In so moch as thou hast clapped with thyne handes, & stamped with thy fete, yee, reioysed in thyne herte ouer the lande of Israel with despite:
7 beholde, I will stretch out myne hande ouer the also, and delyuer the, to be spoyled of the Heathen, and rote the out from amonge the people, and cause the to be destroyed oute of all landes: yee, I will make the to be layed waste, that thou mayest knowe, that I am the Lorde.
8 Thus sayeth the Lord God: For so moch as Moab & Seir do saye: As for şe house of Iuda, it is but lyke as all other Gentyles be:
9 Therfore beholde, I will open şe syde of Moab, & take awaye theyr strength, their cyties & chefe coastes of theyr lande, which are şe pleasures of şe countre. As namely. Bethiesimoth, Baalmeon and Cariathaim:
10 these will I open vnto them of the east, şt they maye fall vpon şe Ammonites: & will geue it them in possession: so şt the Ammonites shall nomore be had in remembraunce amonge şe Heathen
11 Euen thus will I punysh Moab also, that they maye know, how şt I am the Lorde.
12 Moreouer, thus sayeth şe Lord God: Because that Edom hath auenged and eased hym selfe vpon the house of Iuda, and haue done great offence & auenged him selfe vpon them
13 therfore, thus sayeth the Lord: I will reach out myne hande vpon Edom, & take awaye man & beast out of it. From Theman vnto Dedan will I make it desolate, they shall be slayne wt the swerde.
14 Thorow my people, of Israel will I auenge me agayne vpon Edom they shall handle him, according to my wrath and indygnacyon, so that they shall knowe my vengeaunce, sayeth the Lorde God.
15 Thus sayeth the Lord God: For so moch as the Philistines haue done this: namely taken vengeaunce with despytefull stomackes, and of an olde euell will set them selues to destroye.
16 Therfore, thus sayeth şe Lord God: Behold, I will stretch out myne hand ouer şe Philistynes, & destroye şe destroyer, and cause all the remnaunt of the see coast, to perysh.
17 A great vengeaunce wyll I take vpon them, and punysh them cruelly: şt they maye knowe, how that I am the Lord, which haue auenged me of them.




1 It happened, that in the eleuenth yeare, the fyrst daye of şe moneth the worde of the Lord came vnto me, sayenge:
2 Thou sonne of man, because that Tyre hath spoken vpon Ierusalem: A, ha, now I trowe the portes of the people be broken, and she turned vnto me, for now şt she is destroyed I shall be fylled.
3 Yee, therfore, sayeth şe Lord God: Beholde O Tyre, I will vpon şe, I will bringe a great multitude of people agaynst şe, lyke as when the see aryseth with his waues:
4 These shall breake the walles of Tyre, and cast downe her towres: I will scrape the grounde from her, and make her a bare stone:
5 yee, as the dryenge place, where the fysshers hange vp theyr nettes by şe see syde. Euen I haue spoken it, sayeth the Lorde God. The Gentyls shall spoyle her:
6 her daughters vpon şe felde shall perysh wt the swearde, that they maye knowe how that I am the Lorde.
7 For thus sayeth the Lord God: Behold, I will bring hither Nabuchodonosor (which is the kynge of Babylon, and a kynge of kynges) from şe North vpon Tyre: wt horses, charettes, horssmen, and with a greate multitude of people.
8 Thy daughters that are in the land, shall he slaye with the sweard: but agaynst the, he shall make bullworkes and graue vp dyches aboute şe, and lyft vp hys shylde agaynst the.
9 Hys slynges and batelrammes shal he prepare for thy walles, and wt his weapens breake downe thy towres.
10 The dust of hys horses shall couer the, they shalbe so many: thy walles shall shake at şe noyse of the horsmen, charettes and wheles when he commeth to thy portes, as men do into an open cytie.
11 With şe hoffes of his horse fete, shall he treade downe all thy stretes. He shal slaye the people with the sweard, and breake downe şe pylers of thy strength.
12 They shall waste awaye thy ryches, and spoyle thy marchaundyse. Thy walles shall they breake downe, and destroye thy houses of pleasure. Thy stones, thy tymbre and foundacyons shall they cast in the water.
13 Thus will I bring şe melody of thy songes, and the voyce of thy mynstrelsy to an ende, so that they shall nomore be herde.
14 I will make a bare stone of the, yee, a dryinge place for nettes, & şu shalt neuer be buylded agayne: For euen I the Lord haue spoken it, sayeth the Lorde God:
15 thus hath the Lorde God spoken concernynge Tyre. The Iles shall be moued at the noyse of thy fall, & at the crye of the slayne, şt shall be murthered in the.
16 All kynges of the see shall come downe from theyr seates regall: they shall laye awaye theyr roabes, and put of theyr costly clothynge. Yee, with tremblinge shall they be clothed, they shall syt vpon the ground: they shalbe afrayed at thy soden fall, and be abasshed at the.
17 They shall mourne for the, and saye vnto the. O thou noble cytie, that hast bene so greatly occupyed of olde, thou that hast bene the strongest vpon the see with thyne inhabytours, of whom al men stode in feare. How arte thou nowe so vtterly destroyed?
18 Now at şe tyme of thy fall şe inhabytours of the Iles, yee, and the Iles them selues, shall stande in feare at thy ende.
19 For thus sayeth the Lorde God: when I make the a desolate cytie (as other cyties be, that no man dwell in) and when I bringe the depe vpon şe that greate waters maye couer the.
20 Then wil I cast the downe vnto them, that descende into the pitte: vnto a people that hath bene longe deed, and set the in a lande that is beneth, lyke the olde wildernes, with them which go downe to theyr graues, so that no man shall dwell more in the. And I will make the to be nomore in honoure, in the lande of the lyuinge.
21 I will make an ende of the, and thou shalt be gone. Though thou be sought for, yet shalt thou not be founde for euermore, sayeth the Lorde God.




1 The worde of the Lord came vnto me sayenge:
2 O thou sonne of man, make a lamentable complaynte vpon Tyre,
3 and saye vpon Tyre, şu which art a porte of the see, şt occupieth with moche people, & many Iles: thus speaketh şe Lord God: O Tyre, thou hast sayd: what, I am a noble cytie
4 thy borders are in the middest of the see, and thy buylders haue made şe maruelous goodly,
5 Al thy tables haue they made of cypres trees of şe mount Sanyr, From Libanus haue they taken Cedre trees, to make şe mastes:
6 and şe Okes of Basan to make şe rowers. Thy boordes haue they made of yuery, & of costely wood out of the Ile of Cethim.
7 Thy sayle was of dyuers colours, small nedle worke out of şe lande of Egypt, to hange vpon thy mast: & thy hanginges of yelow sylcke purple, out of şe Iles of Elisah.
8 They of Sydon & Arnad were thy maryners, and şe wysest in Tyre were thy shypmasters.
9 The eldest and wysest at Gebal were they, şt mended & stopped thy shyppes. All shyppes of the see wt theyr shypmen occupyed theyr marchaundies in şe.
10 The Perses, Lydians and phutens were in thyne host, & helped the to fyght: these hanged vp theyr shyldes & helmettes with the, these sett forth they bewty.
11 They of Arnad were with thyne hoost rounde aboute thy walles, & şe Pigmenians were thy watchmen vpon thy towres, these hanged vp theyr quivers rounde aboute thy walles, and made the maruelous goodly.
12 Tharsis occupyed with the in all maner of wares, in syluer, yron, tynne and lead, and made thy marckett greate.
13 Iauan, Tubal, and Mesech were thy marchauntes, which brought the men, and ornamentes of metall for thy occupienge.
14 They of şe house of Thogarma brought vnto the at the tyme of thy marte, horse, horsmen and mules.
15 They of Dedan were thy marchauntes: and many other Iles that occupyed with the, brought the weathers, Elephant bones & Peacockes for a present.
16 The Sirians occupied with şe, because of thy diuerse worckes, and increased thy marchaundies, with Smaragdes, with scarlet, with nedle worcke, with whyte lynen cloth, with sylcke, and with crystall.
17 Iuda and the lande of Israel occupied wt the & brought vnto thy markettes, wheat, of Minnith and pannag, balme, hony, oyle, & tryacle.
18 Damascus also vsed marchaundyes wt the, in the best wyne of Helbon & wt woll: because thy occupieng was so greate, and thy wares so many,
19 Dan, Iauan & Meusall haue brought vnto thy marckettes, yron redy made, with Cassia & Calamus, accordinge to thine occupyenge.
20 Dedan occupied with the in fayre tapestrye worcke and cusshyns.
21 Arabia & al the princes of Cedar haue occupied wt the, in shepe, wethers and goates.
22 The marchauntes of Seba and Rema haue occupied also with the, in all costly spyces, in all precyous stones and golde, which they brought vnto thy marckettes.
23 Haram, Chene and Eden, the marchauntes of Saba, Assiria, and Chelmad, were all doers wt the,
24 and occupyed with the. In costly rayment, of yelow sylcke & nedle worcke (very precyous, & therfore packte and bounde together with roapes.) Yee, and in Cedre woodde, at şe tyme of thy marckettes.
25 The shyppes of Tharsis were the chefe of thy occupyenge. Thus thou art full, and in greate worship, euen in the myddest of the see.
26 Thy robbers shall brynge the into grett waters, şe easte winde shall ouerbeare the into şe myddest of the see:
27 so that thy wares, thy marchaundies, thy ryches, thy maryners, thy shypmasters, thy buylders of thy broken places, thy occupiers (that brought şe thynges necessary) the men of warre that are in the: yee, and all thy comens shall perysh in the myddest of the see: in şe daye of thy fall.
28 The suburbes shall shake at the loude crye of thy shypmen.
29 All whyry men, & all maryners vpon the see, shall leape out of theyr boates, & set them selues vpon şe lande.
30 They shall lyft vp theyr voyce because of the and make a lamentable cry. They shall cast dust vpon theyr heades, and lye downe in the asshes.
31 They shall shaue them selues, and put sacke cloth vpon them for thy sake. They shall mourne for the with hertfull sorow,
32 and heuy lamentacion, yee, they also shall wepe for the. Alas, what cytie hath so bene destroyed in şe see, as Tyre is?
33 When thy wares and marchaundies came from the sees, şu gauest al people ynough. The kinges of the earth hast thou made ryche, thorow the multitude of thy watres & occupieng.
34 But thou art now cast downe in to the depe of şe see, all thy resorte of people is perished with the.
35 All they that dwell in the Iles are abashed at the, & all theyr kynges are afrayed, yee, theyr faces haue chaunged couloure.
36 The marchauntes of the nacyons wondre at şe. In that thou art so cleane brought to naught, and commest nomore vp.




1 The worde of şe Lorde came vnto me sayenge:
2 thou sonne of man, tell the prince of Tyre: Thus sayeth the Lorde God, because thou hast a proude hert and hast sayde: I am a God, I haue my seate in the myddest of the see lyke a God: where as thou art but a man and not God, and yet standest in thyne awne conceate, that thou arte God:
3 Beholde, şu thynckest thy selfe wyser then Daniel, that there is no secretes hyd from the.
4 Wyth thy wysdome and thy vnderstandyng, thou hast gotten the great welthynes, and gathered treasure of syluer and golde.
5 With thy greate wysdome and occupyenge, hast thou increased thy power, and because of thy greate rychesse, thy herte is proude.
6 Therfore, thus sayeth the Lorde God: For so moch as thou hast lyft vp thyne hert as though thou were God:
7 Beholde, I will brynge ennemyes vpon the, euen the tyrauntes of şe Heathen: these shall drawe out their sweardes vpon thy bewty and wysdome, & shal defyle thy glory.
8 They shall cast the downe to şe pitte, so that thou shalt dye in the myddest of the see,
9 as they that be slayne. Lett se, yf thou wilt saye then (before them that slaye şe) I am God: where as thou art but a man and not God, in the handes of them that slaye the.
10 Dye shalt thou, euen as the vncircumcised in the handes of the enemyes for I my selfe haue spoken it, sayeth the Lorde God.
11 Moreouer, the worde of the Lorde came vnto me, sayeng:
12 Thou sonne of man, make a lamentable complaynte ouer şe kynge of Tyre, and tell hym: Thus sayeth the Lorde God: thou art a seale of a lykenesse, full of wysdome & excellent bewty.
13 Thou hast bene in the pleasaunt garden of God: thou art deckte with al maner of precious stones: with Ruby, Topas, Crystall, Iacynte, Onix, Iaspis, Saphyr, Smaragde, Carbouncle, and golde. Thy bewty and the holes şt be in şe, were sett forth in şe daye of thy creacyon.
14 Thou art a fayre Cherub exalted by the anoyntyng, stretched wyde out for to couer. I haue sett şe in this dignyte vpon şe holy mount of God, there hast şu bene, & walcked amonge şe fayre glysteringe stones.
15 From the tyme of thy creacyon şu hast bene ryght excellent, tyll wickednes was founde in şe.
16 Because of thy great marchaundise, thy hert is full of wyckednesse, & thou hast offended. Therfore, wyll I cast şe from şe mount of God (O thou couering Cherub) and destroye şe amonge the glysterynge stones.
17 Thy hert was proude in thy fayre beuty, and thorow thy bewty şu hast destroyed thy wysdome. I will cast the downe to şe grounde, & şt in the sight of kynges.
18 Thou hast defyled thy Sanctuary, wt the greate wyckednes of thy vnryghteous occupyenge. I wyll bringe a fyre from the myddest of the, to consume the: & wyll make the to asshes, in the sight of all them that loke vpon the.
19 All they that haue bene acquaynted with the amonge the Heathen shalbe abasshed at the, seyng şu art so clene brought to naught, and commest nomore vp.
20 And the worde of the Lorde came vnto me, sayeng:
21 Thou sonne of man, set thy face agaynst Sydon. Prophecye vpon it,
22 and speake: Thus sayeth the Lorde God: Beholde, O Sydon, I will vpon the, and gett me honoure in the: that it maye be knowne, how that I am the Lorde: when I punyshe her, and gett me honoure in her.
23 For I will sende pestilence and bloudsheddyng into her streates, so that those which be slayne with the swearde, shall lye rounde aboute in the myddest of her: and they shall knowe, that I am şe Lorde.
24 She shall nomore be a pryckyng thorne, and an hurtyng breer vnto şe house of Israell, ner vnto them şt lye rounde aboute her, and hate her, & they shal knowe that I am the Lorde.
25 Thus sayeth şe Lord God: whan I gather şe housholde of Israel together agayne from the nacions amonge whom they be scatered then shall I be sanctifyed in them, in the syght of the Gentyles, & they shall dwell in şe land, şt I gaue to my seruaunt Iacob.
26 They shall dwell safely therin, buylde houses, & plante vyneyardes: yee, safely shall they dwell therin: when I haue punyshed all those, that despyse them rounde aboute: & then shall they knowe, that I am the Lorde theyr God.




1 In the tenth yeare, vpon the twelueth daye of the tenth moneth, the worde of the Lorde came vnto me, sayenge:
2 O thou sonne of man (set now thy face agaynst Pharao the kynge of Egypte) Prophecye agaynst him, and agaynst the whole lande of Egypt.
3 Speake, and tell him, thus sayeth the Lorde God: behold, O pharao şu kynge of Egypte, I will vpon the thou great dragon, that lyest in the waters: thou şt sayest: the water is myne. I haue made it my selfe.
4 I will put an hoke in thy chawes and hange all the fysh in thy waters vpon thy skales: after that I will drawe the out of thy waters, yee, and all the fysh of thy waters şt hange vpon thy skales.
5 I will cast the out vpon the drye lande wt the fysh of thy waters, so şt şu shalt lye vpon the feld. Thou shalt not be gathered ner taken vp: but shalt be meate for the beastes of şe felde, & for şe foules of şe ayre:
6 that all they which dwell in Egypte, maye knowe, that I am şe Lorde: because thou hast bene a staf of rede to the house of Israel.
7 When they toke holde of the with theyr hande thou brakest & pryckedst them on euery syde: and yf they leaned vpon şe, thou brakest and hurtdest şe reynes of theyr backes.
8 Therfore, thus sayeth şe Lorde God: beholde, I wyll brynge a swearde vpon the, & rote out of şe bothe man & beast.
9 Yee, the lande of Egypte shalbe desolate & waste, and they shall knowe, şt I am şe Lorde. Because he sayde: the water is myne, I my selfe haue made it.
10 Beholde therfore, I wyll vpon the, and vpon thy waters: I will make the lande of Egypt waste & desolate & in abashment, from şe tower of Syenes vnto the borders of the Morians lande:
11 so that in fourty yeares there shall no fote of man walke there, nether fote of catell go there, nether shall it be inhabited.
12 I will make the land of Egypte to be desolat, amonge other waste conntrees, and her cyties to lye voyde fourty yeares, amonge other voyde cyties. And I will scatre the Egypcians among the Heathen and nacyons.
13 Agayne, thus sayeth the Lorde God: When the .xl. yeares are expyred, I wyll gather the Egypcians together agayne, out of the nacions, among whom they were scatred,
14 and wyll bryng şe presoners of Egypt agayne into şe land of Pathures theyr awne natyue countre, that they maye be there a lowly small kyngdome:
15 yee, they shalbe the smallest amonge other kyngdomes, lest they exalte them selues aboue the Heathen: for I will so mynysh them that they shall nomore rule the Heathen.
16 They shall nomore be an hope vnto şe house of Israel, nether prouoke them any more to wyckednes, to cause them turne backe, and to folowe them: and they shall knowe that I am şe Lorde God.
17 In the .xxvii. yeare, the fyrst daye of the fyrst moneth, came the worde of şe Lord vnto me sayeng:
18 Thou sonne of man, Nabuchodonosor the king of Babylon hath made his hoost, with great trauayle & labour to come before Tyre: that euery head maye be balde & euery shoulder bare. Yet hath Tyre geuen nether hym ner hys hoost any rewarde, for the great trauayl that he hath taken there.
19 Therfore, thus sayeth the Lord God: beholde, I will geue the lande of Egypt vnto Nabuchodonosor the kynge of Babylon, that he maye take awaye all her substaunce, robbe her roberyes, & spoyle her spoyles, to paye his hoost theyr wagyes withall.
20 I will geue hym the lande of Egypte for hys labour, that he toke for me before Tyre.
21 At the same tyme will I cause the horne of the house of Israell to growe forth, and open thy mouth agayne among them: that they maye knowe, how that I am the Lorde.




1 The worde of şe Lorde came more ouer vnto me, sayeng:
2 thou sonne of man, prophecye and speake: thus sayeth şe Lorde God: Mourne, wo worth this daye,
3 for the daye is here, the daye of the Lord is come: the darke daye of the Heathen, şe houre is at hande,
4 the swearde commeth vpon Egypte. When the wounded men fall downe in Egypte, when her people are taken awaye, and when her foundacyons are destroyed,
5 the Moryans lande shall be afrayed, yee, the Moryans lande, Libia and Lidia, all theyr comen people, and Chub, and all şt be confederat vnto them, shall fall with them thorow the swearde.
6 Thus sayeth the Lorde: The maynteyners of the lande of Egypte shall fall, the pryde of her power shall come downe euen vnto şe tower of Syenes shall they be slayne downe with the swearde, sayeth şe Lorde God:
7 amonge other desolate countrees they shalbe made desolate, & amonge other waste cyties they shalbe wasted.
8 And they shall knowe, that I am the Lorde, when I kyndle a fyre in Egypte, and when all her helpers are destroied.
9 At şt tyme, shall theyr messaungers go forth from me in shyppes, to make the carelesse Morians afrayed, and sorow shall come vpon them acordinge to the daye of Egypte, for doubtles it shall come.
10 Thus sayeth the Lord God: I wil make an ende of the people of Egypt thorow the hand of Nabuchodonosor the kinge of Babylon.
11 He and his people with him: yee, and the cruell tyrauntes of the Heathen shalbe brought to destroye the lande. They shall drawe out theyr sweardes vpon Egypte, & fyll the lande full of slayne men.
12 I will drye vp theyr floudes of water, and sell the lande into the handes of wicked people. The lande & all şt is therin, will I destroye thorow the enemyes. Euen I the Lord haue sayde it.
13 And thus sayeth the Lord God: I will destroye the Idols, and bringe the ymages of Noph to an ende. There shall nomore be a prince of Egypte, & a fearfulnes will I sende into the Egypcians land.
14 As for Pathures, I wyll make it desolate, & kyndle a fyre in Zoan the cyty. No, I punysh,
15 and poure my wrathfull indignacyon vpon Sin, which is the strength of Egypt. All the substaunce of Alexandria will I destroye,
16 and kyndle a fyre in Egypte. Sin shalbe in greate heuynesse, Alexandria shalbe roted out, and Noph shall haue daylye sorow.
17 The best men of Helyopolys and Bubasto shalbe slayne with şe swearde, and caryed awaye captyue.
18 At Caphnis the daye shalbe darcke, when I breake there the scepter of the lande of Egypt, & when the pompe of her power shall haue an ende, A cloud shall couer her, and her daughters shalbe led awaye into captiuite.
19 Thus will I punysh Egypt, şt they maye knowe how that I am the Lorde.
20 It happened in the eleuenth yeare, vpon the seuenth daye of the fyrst moneth, that şe Lordes worde came vnto me, sayenge:
21 Beholde, thou sonne of man, I will breake the arme of Pharao kyng of Egypte: and lo it shall not be bounde vp to be healed, nother shall eny playstre be laied vpon it, for to ease it, or to make it so stronge, as to holde a swearde.
22 Therfore, thus sayeth the Lorde God: Beholde, I will vpon Pharao şe king of Egypte, and bruse his stronge arme (yet is it but a broken one) & will smyte şe swearde out of his handes.
23 As for the Egypcians. I will scatre them among the Heathen, and strowe them in the landes aboute.
24 Agayne I will strength the arme of the kyng of Babylon, & geue him a sweard in his hand: but I will breake Pharaos arme so that he shall holde it before him pyteously, lyke a wounded man.
25 Yee, I wyll stablysh the kynge of Babilons arme, & the armes of Pharao shall fall downe: that it maye be knowne, şt I am the Lord, which geue the kynge of Babylon my swearde in his hand, that he maye drawe it out vpon the lande of Egypte,
26 & that when I scatre the Egypcians amonge the Gentils and strowe them in the landes aboute, they maye knowe, that I am the Lorde.




1 Moreouer, it happened in the eleuenth yeare, the fyrst daye of the thyrd moneth, şt the worde of the Lorde came vnto me, sayeng:
2 thou sonne of man, speake vnto Pharao the kynge of Egypte, and to al hys people. Whom art şu lyke in thy greatnesse?
3 Beholde, Assur was lyke a Cedre tre vpon the mount of Lybanus with fayre braunches: so thycke, that he gaue shadowes and shot out very hye. Hys toppe reached vnto şe cloudes.
4 The waters made hym great, and the depe set him vp an hye. Rounde aboute the rotes of hym ranne there floudes of water, he sent out his lytle ryuers vnto all the trees of the felde.
5 Therfore was he hyer then all the trees of the felde, and thorow the multytude of waters şt he sent from him, he optayned many longe braunches.
6 All foules of the ayre made theyr nestes in his braunches, vnder his bowes gendred all the beastes of the felde, and vnder his shadow dwelt all people.
7 Fayre & bewtifull was he in his gretnes & in the length of hys braunches, for hys rote stode besyde great waters,
8 no Cedre tre myght hyde hym. In the pleasaunt garden of God, there was no fyrre tre lyke hys braunches, şe playne trees were not lyke the bowes of hym. All the trees in şe garden of God myght not be compared vnto him in his bewty,
9 so fayre and goodly had I made hym wt the multytude of hys braunches. In so moch that all the trees in şe pleasaunt garden of God had enuye at hym.
10 Therfore, thus sayeth şe Lorde God: for so moch as he hath lyft vp him selfe so hye, and stretched hys toppe into şe cloudes, and seinge his hert is proude in his hyghnesse.
11 I wyll delyuer hym into şe handes of the myghtyest among the Heathen, which shall rote him out. Accordynge to his wyckednesse wyll I cast him awaye,
12 şe enemye shall destroye hym, and the myghty men of the Heathen shall so scatre him that his braunches shall lye vpon all mountaynes and in all valleyes: his bowes shalbe broken downe to the grounde thorow out the lande. Then all the people of the lande shall go from his shadowe, and forsake him.
13 When he is fallen, all the foules of the ayre shall syt vpon hym, and all wylde beastes of the felde shall go aboute amonge his braunches:
14 so that from hence forth, no tre in the water shall attayne to his highnesse, nor reach his toppe vnto şe cloudes, nether shall eny tre of the water stande so hye, as he hath done. For vnto death shall they all be delyuered vnder the earth, and go downe to the graue lyke other men.
15 Moreouer, thus sayeth the Lord God: In the daye when he goeth downe to the graue I will cause a lamentacyon to be made, I will couer the depe vpon him, I will staunch his floudes, and the great waters shalbe restrayned. I shall cause Lybanus to be sorowfull for his sake, and all the trees of the felde shall be smytten.
16 I will make the Heathen shake at the sounde of his fall, when I cast him downe to hell with them that descende into the pytte. All the trees of Eden, with all the chosen and best trees of Lybanus, yee, and all they that are planted vpon the waters, shall mourne with hym also in the lower habitacyons:
17 for they shal go downe to hell with him, vnto them that be slayne with the swearde, which dwelt a fore vnder the shadowe of his arme among the Heathen.
18 To whom shalt thou be lykened, that art so gloryous and greate, among the trees of Eden? Yet art thou cast downe vnder the earth (amonge şe trees of Eden) where thou must lye amonge vncircumcysed, wt them şt be slayne wt şe swearde. Euen thus is it wt Pharao & all his people, sayeth the Lorde God.




1 In the eleuenth yeare, şe fyrst daye of the twelueth moneth, şe worde of şe Lorde came vnto me sayenge:
2 thou sonne of man, take vp a lamentacyon vpon Pharao şe king of Egypt, & saye vnto him: thou art reputed as a lyon of the Heathen, & as a whalfysh in şe see: Thou castest thy waters about the, thou troublest şe waters with thy fete and stampest in theyr floudes.
3 Thus sayeth the Lord God: I wyll sprede my net ouer the, namely, a greate multytude of people: these shall dryue şe into my yarne,
4 for I wyll cast the vpon the lande, and let the lye vpon the felde, that all şe foules of the ayre maye sytt vpon the. I will geue all the beastes of the felde ynough of şe.
5 Thy flesh will I cast vpon the hylles, and fyll the valleyes with thy hyghnesse.
6 I wyll water the lande with the aboundaunce of thy bloude euen to the mountaynes, and şe ryuers shal be full of thy bloude.
7 When şu art put out, I will couer şe heauen, and make his starres dymme. I will sprede a cloude ouer the Sunne, and the Mone shal not geue her light.
8 All şe lightes of heauen will I put out ouer şe, & bring darckenes vpon thy lande, sayeth the Lord God.
9 I will trouble the hertes of many people, when I bryng thy destruccion among şe Heathen & countrees, whom şu knowest not.
10 Yee, I will make many people wt theyr kinges so afrayed thorow the, şt theyr heare shall stande vp, when I shake my sweard at theyr faces. Sodenly shall they be astonyed, euery man in hym selfe, at the daye of thy fall.
11 For thus sayeth the Lord God, the king of Babylons swearde shal come vpon the,
12 with the sweardes of the worthyes wyll I smyte downe thy people. All they that be myghtye amonge the Gentyles shal waste şe proude pompe of Egypte, & bryng downe all her people.
13 All the catell also of Egipte will I destroye, şt they shall come nomore vpon şe waters: so that nether mans fote ner beastes clawe, shall stere them eny more.
14 Then will I make their waters depe, & cause their floudes to runne lyke oyle, sayeth the Lord God.
15 When I make şe lande of Egypte desolate, and when the countre with all that is therin, shalbe layde waste, & when I smyte all them which dwell in it, that they may knowe, that I am şe Lord.
16 This is şe mournyng, that şe daughters of the Heathen shal make: Yee, a sorow & lamentacion shal they take vp, vpon Egypte, and all her people, sayeth the Lord God.
17 In the .xii. yeare, the .xv. daye of the moneth, came the worde of the Lorde vnto me, sayinge:
18 Thou sonne of man. Take vp a lamentacion vpon şe people of Egypte, & cast them downe, yee, them I saye, & the myghtye people of şe heathen also, euen with them that dwell beneth: and with them that go downe into the graue.
19 Downe (how fayre so euer şu be) & laye the with şe vncircumcised.
20 Amonge those şt be slayne with şe swearde, shall they lye. To the swerde is she all redy delyuered: therfore pluck downe to şe grounde, her & all her multitude.
21 The myghtie worthies shal speake to him out of şe hell & to his helpers, şt be gone downe & lye vncircumcised and wt them that be slayne with the swearde.
22 Assur is there also wyth hys company, & their graues rounde aboute, which were slayne and fell all with the swearde,
23 whose graues lye besyde him in şe lowe pytte. Hys comens are buried rounde aboute hys graue, all together wounded and slayne with the swearde, which men afore tyme brought feare into the lande of the lyuynge.
24 There is Elam also wyth all hys people, and their graues rounde aboute: which all beynge wounded & slayne with şe swearde, are gone downe vncircumcysed vnder şe earth, which neuertheles somtime brought feare into the lande of the lyuynge: for the which they beare their shame, with şe other that be gone downe to the graue.
25 Their burial is geuen them and all their people, amonge them that be slayne. Their graues are rounde aboute al them, whych be vncircumcised, & with them that be slayne thorow şe swearde: for seyng that in times past they made the lande of the lyuynge afrayed they must now beare their awne shame, wt them that go downe to the pytte, and lye amonge them that be slayne.
26 There is Mesech also and Tubal, and their people, & their graues rounde aboute. These all are among the vncircumcised, and them that be slayne wyth the swearde, because afore tyme they made the lande of the lyuynge afrayed.
27 Shulde not they then lye also amonge şe worthyes, & vncircumcised Gyauntes? which with their weapens are gone downe to hell whose sweardes are layed vnder their heades, whose wyckednesse is vpon their bones: because that as worthyes, they haue brought feare into the lande of the lyuinge
28 Yee, amonge the vncircumcised shalt thou be destroyed, & slepe wyth them, that perished thorowe the swearde.
29 There is the lande of Edom wyth her kynges and princes also, which with theyr strength are layed by them that were slayne with the swearde, yee, amonge the vncircumcised, and them which are gone downe into the pytte.
30 Moreouer, there be all şe prynces of the north, with all the Sidonyans which are gone downe to the slayne. With their feare and strength they are come to confusion, and lye there vncircumcised, among those that be slayne with şe swearde: and beare their awne shame, with them that be gone downe to şe pytte.
31 Now whan Pharao seyth this, he shalbe conforted ouer all hys people, that is slayne with the swearde: both Pharao and all his hoost, sayeth the Lord God.
32 For I haue geuen my feare in the lande of the lyuinge. But Pharao and all his people shall lye among the vncircumcised, and amonge them that be slayne with the swearde sayeth the Lorde God.




1 Agayne, the worde of the Lorde came vnto me: sayenge.
2 Thou sonne of man, Speke to şe children of thy people, and tell them: Whan I sende a swearde vpon a lande, yf the people of the lande take a man of their countre, & set hym to be their watchman,
3 the same man (whan he seyth şe swearde come vpon the lande) shall blowe the trompet, and warne the people.
4 If a man now heare the noyse of the trompet & wyll not be warned, and the swearde come: and take him awaye: his bloude shall be vpon his awne head:
5 for he herde şe sound of the trompet, & wolde not take hede, therfore his bloude be vpon him. But yf he will receaue warninge, he shall saue his lyfe.
6 Agayne, yf the watch man se şe swearde come, and shewe it not with the trompet, so that the people is not warned: yf the swearde come then, & take eny man from among them: the same shall be taken awaye in his awne synne, but his bloude wyll I require of the watchmans hande.
7 And now (O thou sonne of man) I haue made the a watchman vnto the house of Israel: that where as thou hearest eny thinge out of my mouth, thou mayest warne them on my behalfe.
8 If I saye vnto the wycked thou wycked, thou shalt surely dye, & thou geuest him not warnynge, that he maye bewarre of his vngodly waye: then shall the wycked dye in his awne synne, but his bloude wyll I require of thy hande.
9 Neuertheles, yf thou warne the wycked of hys waye, to turne from it, where as he yet wyll not be turned from it, then shal he dye because of his synne, but thou hast deliuered thy soule.
10 Therfore (O thou sonne of man) speake vnto şe house of Israel. Ye, saye thus: Oure offences and synnes lye vpon vs, and we be corrupte in them: how shulde we then be restored vnto lyfe?
11 Tell them: As truly as I lyue saieth the Lord God, I haue no pleasure in şe death of the wycked, but moch rather şt the wycked turne from his waye, & lyue. Turne you, turne you from your vngodly wayes, O ye of the house of Israell. Oh wherfore wyll ye dye?
12 Thou sonne of man, tell the chyldren of thy people: The righteousnes of the ryghteous shal not saue him, whansoeuer he turneth awaye vnfaithfully. Agayne, the wyckednesse of the wycked shall not hurt hym, whan soeuer he conuerteth from hys vngodlynesse. And the ryghteousnesse of the ryghteous shall not saue his lyfe, whansoeuer he synneth.
13 If I saye vnto the ryghteous, that he shal surely lyue, and so he trust to his awne ryghteousnesse, and do synne, then shall hys righteousnesse be nomore thought vpon, but in the wyckednesse that he hath done he shal dye.
14 Agayne, yf I saye vnto the wycked: thou shalt surely dye: and so he turne from his synnes, and do şe thinge that is lawfull and right:
15 In so moch that the same wicked man geueth şe pledge agayne, restoreth that he had taken awaye by robbyry, walcketh in the commaundementes of lyfe, and doth no wronge. Then shall he surely lyue, and not dye.
16 Yee, the synnes that he hath done, shall neuer be thought vpon. For in so moch as he doth now the thinge that is lawfull & ryght, he shall lyue.
17 And yet the chyldren of thy people saye: Tush: the waye of şe Lorde is not ryght, but they lye, where as their awne waye is rather vnright.
18 When şe ryghteous turneth from his ryghteousnes and doth the thing that is wicked he shall dye therfore.
19 But yf the wicked turne from his wickednesse, doing the thinge şt is lawfull and right, he shall lyue therfore.
20 Yet ye saye: the waye of the Lorde is not equall. O ye house of Israell I will iudge euery one of you after his wayes.
21 In the .xii. yeare, the .v. daye of şe tenth moneth of oure captiuite, it happened, that one which was fled out of Ierusalem, came vnto me, and sayd: the citye is destroyed.
22 Now şe hande of şe Lord had bene vpon me the euening afore this man (which was escaped) came vnto me, & had opened my mouth, vntyll şe mornyng şt he came to me: yee, he opened my mouth, so şt I was nomore domme.
23 Then came the worde of şe Lord vnto me, & sayd.
24 Thou sonne of man, these şt dwell in şe wasted lande of Israel, saye: Abraham was but one man, and he had the lande in possession: now are we many & the lande is geuen vs to possesse also.
25 And therfore tell them. Thus sayeth the Lord: In the bloud haue ye eaten, youre eyes haue ye lyft vp to Idoles, and haue shed bloud: shall ye then haue the lande in possession?
26 Ye leane vpon your sweardes, ye worcke abhominacions, euery one defileth his neyghbours wife: and shall ye then possesse the lande?
27 Saye şu these wordes vnto them. Thus saieth the Lord God. As truly as I lyue all ye şt dwell in thys wyldernesse, shalbe slayne with şe swearde: whatsoeuer is vpon the felde, will I geue vnto the beastes to be deuoured: those that be in strong holdes & dennes, shall dye of the pestilence.
28 For I wyll make the lande so desolate and waste, & the pompe of her strength shal come to an ende. The mountaynes in Israel shalbe so waste that noman shall trauayle therby.
29 Then shall they lerne to knowe, that I am the Lord, when I make the lande waste & desolate, because of all their abhominacions, that they haue wrought.
30 And thou sonne of man, the children of thy people that talcke of the, by the walles and in the dores of their houses, sayinge one to another: Come, let vs heare, what worde is gone forth from the Lord.
31 These come vnto the, after şe maner of a greate people: yee, as who sayth they were my people, they syt downe before the, and heare thy wordes, but they do not therafter for in their mouthes they make a Ieste of them, and theyr herte goeth after theyr awne couetous lucre.
32 And as a balet that hath a swete tune, and is pleasaunt to synge, so shalt şu be vnto them: thy wordes shal they heare, but they will not do therafter.
33 Whan this commeth to passe (for lo, it commeth in dede) then shall they knowe, şt there hath bene a prophet amonge them.




1 And the worde of şe Lorde came vnto me, sayinge.
2 Thou sonne of man, prophecye agaynst the shepherdes of Israel, prophecy and speake vnto them. Thus sayeth the Lord God. Wo be vnto the shepherdes of Israell, that fede them selues. Shulde not the shepherdes fede şe flockes?
3 Ye haue eaten vp the fatt, ye haue clothed you with the woll: şe best fedde haue ye slayne, but the flocke haue ye not norished.
4 The weake haue ye not holden vp the sicke haue ye not healed: şe broken haue ye not bounde together, şe out castes haue ye not brought agayne: şe lost haue ye not sought, but churlishly & cruelly haue ye ruled them.
5 Thus are they scatred here & there without a shepherde: yee, all şe beastes of the feld deuoure them, and they go astraye.
6 My shepe go wandring vpon all mountaynes and vpon euery hye hyll. Yee, they be scatred abrode in all feldes, and there is no man, that careth for them, or seketh after them.
7 Therfore, O ye shepherdes, heare the worde of the Lorde.
8 Thus sayeth şe Lord God: As truly as I lyue, for so moch as my shepe are robbed, and deuoured of all the wylde beastes of the felde, hauynge no shepherde: and seinge that my shepherdes take no regarde of my shepe, but fede them selues onely, and not my shepe.
9 Therfore, heare the worde of the Lord (O ye shepherdes)
10 Thus sayeth şe Lord God: Beholde, I my selfe wyll vpon the shepherdes: and require my shepe from their handes, and make them ceasse from fedynge of my shepe: yee, the shepherdes shall fede them selues nomore. For I wyll deliuer my shepe out of their mouthes, so that they shall not deuoure them after this.
11 For thus sayeth the Lorde God: Beholde, I wyll loke to my shepe my selfe, and seke them.
12 Like as a shepherde among şe flocke seketh after the shepe that are scatered abroade, euen so wil I seke after my shepe, & gather them together out of all places, where they haue bene scatred in the cloudy and darcke daye.
13 I will bringe them out from all people, and gather them together out of all landes. I will bringe them into their awne lande, and fede them vpon the mountaines of Israel, by the ryuers, and in all the places of the countre.
14 I will fede them in ryght good pastures and vpon the hie mountaynes of Israel shall there foldes be. There shal they lye in a good folde, and in a fat pasture shal they fede: euen vpon the mountaynes of Israell.
15 I will fede my shepe my selfe, and bringe them to their rest, sayeth the Lorde God.
16 Soch as be lost, will I seke: soch as go astraye: will I bring agayne: soch as be wounded, will I bynde vp: soch as be weake, will I make strong: soch as be fat & stronge, those will I rote oute, and fede them with the thing that is laufull.
17 And as for you (O my shepe) sayeth the Lorde God. I wyll put a difference amonge the shepe, among the wethers & the goates.
18 Was it not ynough for you, to eate vp şe good pasture, but ye must treade downe şe residue of youre pasture wt your fete also? Was it not ynough for you to drincke cleare water, but ye must trouble the residue also with youre fete?
19 Thus my shepe must be fayne to eate the thinge, that ye haue troden downe wt youre fete, and to drincke it, that ye with your fete haue defiled.
20 Therfore, thus sayeth şe Lord God vnto them: Beholde, I wyll seuer the fatt shepe from the leane:
21 for so moch as ye haue shot the weake shepe vpon the sydes & shoulders, and runne vpon them with your hornes, so longe tyll ye haue vtterly scatred them abrode.
22 I will helpe my shepe, so that they shal nomore be spoyled: yee, I will discerne one shepe from another.
23 I wyll rayse vp vnto them one onely shepherde, euen my seruaunt Dauid, he shall fede them and he shall be their shepherde.
24 I the Lorde will be their God, and my seruaunt Dauid shall be their prince: Euen I the Lorde haue spoken it.
25 Moreouer, I wyll make a couenaunt of peace with them and dryue al euell beastes out of the lande: so that they maye dwell safely in the wildernesse, and slepe in the woddes.
26 Good fortune and prosperite will I geue them, and vnto all that be rounde aboute my hyll. A prosperous shower and rayne will I sende them in due season,
27 that the trees in the wodde maye bring forth their frutes and the grounde her increase. They shalbe safe in their lande, and shall knowe, that I am the Lord, which haue broken their yock and deliuered them oute of the handes of those, that helde them in subieccyon.
28 They shal nomore be spoyled of the Heathen, ner deuoured wyth the beastes of the lande: but safely shal they dwell, and no man shall fraye them,
29 I will set vp an excellent plante for them, so that they shall suffre nomore hunger in the lande, nether beare the reprofe of the Heathen eny more.
30 Thus shall they vnderstande, that I the Lorde theyr God am with them, and that they (euen the house of Israel) are my people saieth şe Lorde God.
31 Ye men are my flocke ye are the shepe of my pasture: and I am youre God, sayeth the Lorde God.




1 Moreouer, the worde of the Lorde came vnto me, saying.
2 Thou sonne of man, turne thy face towarde the mount Seyr, prophecye vpon it,
3 & saye vnto it. Thus sayeth şe Lord God: Beholde (O şu mount Seyr) I wyll vpon the, I wyll reach out myne hande ouer the, yee, waste and desolate wil I make the.
4 Thy cities will I breake downe, and şu shalt lye voyde: that thou mayst knowe, how şt I am the Lorde.
5 For so moch as thou bearest an olde enemyte agaynst the chyldren of Israel, and hast drawne the chylderne of Israell vpon the swerde, what tyme as they were troubled and punished for their synne:
6 Therfore, as truly as I lyue, sayeth şe Lord God, I will prepare the vnto bloude, yee, bloude shall folow vpon the: seinge şu layest wayte for bloude, therfore shall bloude persecute şe.
7 Thus will I make şe mount Seir desolate and waste, and bringe to passe, that there shall no man goo thyther, ner come from thence.
8 His mountaynes will I fyll with his slayne men: thy hilles, valleys and ryuers, shall lye full of them, that are slayne with şe swearde.
9 I will make şe a perpetuall wildernesse, so that thy cityes shall not returne to their former estate şt ye maye knowe, how that I am the Lorde.
10 And because şu hast sayde: what, both these nacions and both these landes must be myne, & I will haue them in possession where as the Lorde was there. Therfore, thus sayeth the Lord God:
11 As truly as I lyue, I will handle the accordinge to thy wrath and gelousy, lyke as thou hast dealt cruelly wt them, that I maye be knowen among them, how I haue punished şe.
12 Yee, and that thou also mayest be sure, that I the Lorde haue herde al thy despyteful wordes, which thou hast spoken agaynst the mountaynes of Israell, sayinge: Lo, they are made waste, and geuen vs to deuoure.
13 Thus with your mouthes ye haue made youre boast agaynst me, yee, and multiplied your proude wordes agaynst me, which I haue herde altogether.
14 Where vnto, thus sayeth the Lord God: to the ioye of all the worlde will I make şe waste.
15 And lyke as şu (O mount Seyr) wast glad, because the heritage of the house of Israel was destroyed: euen so wyll I do vnto the also, şt thou and whole Edom shal be destroyed, & knowe, that I am the Lorde.




1 Thou sonne of man, prophecye vpon şe mountaynes of Israell, and speake: Heare şe worde of the Lorde, O ye mountaynes of Israel.
2 Thus sayeth şe Lord God. Because your enemye hath sayde vpon you: A, ha, the hye euerlastynge places are now become ours,
3 prophecy therfore, & speake: thus sayeth the Lord God. Seynge ye be wasted and trode downe on euery syde, and become a possession vnto the residue of şe Gentiles, which haue brought you into mens mouthes and vnto an euell name amonge the people.
4 Therfore, heare şe worde of the Lord God, O ye mountaynes of Israell. Thus sayeth the Lord God vnto the mountaynes and hilles, valleys and dales, to şe voyde wyldernesse and desolate cityes, which are spoyled, & had in derision on euery syde, amonge the residue of the Heathen.
5 Yee, euen thus sayeth the Lord God. In the fyre of my gelousy haue I taken a deuyce, agaynst şe residue of the Gentiles, & agaynst all Edom: which haue taken in my lande vnto them selues for a possession: which also reioysed from their whole hert with a despitefull stomacke, to waste it, and to spoyle it.
6 Prophecy therfore vpon the lande of Israell, speake vnto the mountaynes & hilles to valleys and dales, thus sayeth the Lord God. Behold, this haue I deuised in my gelousy & terrible wrath. For so moche as ye haue suffred reprofe of the Heathen,
7 therfore thus saieth the Lord God. I haue sworne, that the Gentiles which lye aboute you, shal beare their confusion them selues.
8 And as for you (O mountaynes of Israel) ye shall shute out your braunches, and bringe forth your frute to my people of Israell, for it is hard by, that it will come.
9 Beholde, I come vnto you, and vnto you wyll I turne me, şt ye maye be tylled and sowne.
10 I wyll sende you moch people, which shalbe all of the house of Israell, the cityes shalbe inhabited, & the decayed places shalbe repaired agayne,
11 I wil prouide you with moch people and catell, which shal increase and bringe frute, I wyll restore you also to your olde estate & shewe you more kyndnes then euer ye had before: wherby ye shal knowe, that I am the Lord.
12 Yee, people wyll I send vnto you (O my folke of Israel) which shall haue the in possession, and thou shalt be their inheritaunce, so şt thou shalt nomore be without them.
13 Agayne, thus sayeth the Lorde God. For so moch as they saye vnto you, thou art an eater vp of men, and a waster of thy people:
14 therfore thou shalt eate no mo men, nether destroye thy people eny more, sayeth the Lord God.
15 And I will not suffre the, for to heare thine awne confusion amonge the Gentiles from hensforth. Thou shalt not beare şe reprofe of the nacions, ner cast out thyne awne people eny more, saieth the Lord God.
16 Moreouer, the worde of the Lorde came vnto me, saying.
17 O thou sonne of man, when the house of Israell dwelt vpon their awne grounde, they defiled them selues wt their awne wayes & ymaginacions: so şt in my sight their waye was lyke the vnclennesse of a menstruous woman.
18 Wherfore, I poured my wrothfull displeasure vpon them, because of the bloude şt they had shed in şe lande, & because of their Idols, wherwith they had defiled them selues.
19 I scatred them also amonge the Heathen, so şt they were strawed aboute in the landes. Accordinge to their wayes & after theyr awne inuencyons, so dyd I punishe them.
20 Now, when they were gone vnto the Heathen, & come in amonge them, they dishonoured my holy name: so that it was sayde of them. Are these the people of God, & must go out of their awne land?
21 Then spared I my holy name, which şe house of Israel had dishonoured amonge the Gentiles, to whom they came.
22 Therfore tell şe house of Israel: Thus sayeth şe Lord God: I do not this for your sakes (O house of Israell) but for my holy names sake, whych ye dishonoured amonge the Heathen, when ye came to them.
23 Therfore, I wyll halowe my greate name agayne, which amonge the Gentiles is euell spoken of: for ye your selues haue dishonoured it amonge them. And the Gentiles shal knowe that I am the Lord, whan I am honoured in you before their eyes, sayeth the Lorde God.
24 As for you, I will take you from amonge the Heathen, and gather you together out of all countres, and brynge you agayne into your awne lande.
25 Then will I poure cleare water vpon you, and ye shalbe clene: yee, from all your vnclennesse and from all your Idols shall I clense you.
26 A new herte also will I geue you, and a new sprete will I put into you. As for that stony herte, I will take it out of youre body, & geue you a fleshly herte.
27 I will geue my sprete amonge you & cause you to walcke in my commaundementes to kepe my lawes, and to fulfill them.
28 And so ye shall dwell in the land, that I gaue to your forefathers, and ye shalbe my people, and I wilbe your God.
29 I will helpe you out of all your vnclennes. I will call for the corne, and will increase it, & let you haue no honger.
30 I will multiplie the frutes of the trees and the increase of şe felde for you, so şt ye shall beare no more reprofe of honger, amonge the Heathen.
31 Then shal ye remembre your awne wicked wayes, & your ymaginacions, which were not good: so that ye shal thinke şt ye were worthy to be destroyed: for your synnes and abhominacyons.
32 But I wyll not do thys for youre sakes (saieth the Lord God) be ye sure of it. Therfore, O ye house of Israell, be ashamed of your sinnes.
33 Moreouer, thus saieth şe Lord God: what tyme as I shall clense you from all youre offences, then will I make the cyties to be occupied agayne, and will repaire şe places that be decayed.
34 The desolate lande shal be builded agayne, which afore time laye waste in the sight of all them that wente by.
35 Then shal it be sayde: this waste lande is become lyke a garden of pleasure, and the voyde, desolate & broken downe cityes are now strong, & defensed agayne.
36 Then şe residue of şe Heathen that lye rounde about you, shal knowe that I am şe Lorde, which repaire that was broken downe, and plante agayne, şt was made waste. Euen I şe Lord haue spoken it, and will do it in dede.
37 Thus sayeth the Lorde God: I wyll yet once be founde agayne of şe house of Israel, and do this for them: I shal increase them as a flocke of men.
38 Lyke as the holy flocke & the flocke of Ierusalem are in şe hye solempne feastes: so shall also the wilde wasted cyties be filled with flockes of men: and they shall knowe that I am the Lorde.




1 The hande of the Lorde came vpon me and caried me out in the sprete of the Lorde, and let me downe in a playne felde, that laye ful of bones,
2 and he led me rounde about by them: and beholde, the bones that laye vpon the felde, were very many, and maruelous drye also.
3 Then sayd he vnto me. Thou sonne of man: thinkest thou these bones maye lyue agayne? I answered O Lorde God, thou knowest.
4 And he sayde vnto me. Prophecy thou vpon these bones, and speake vnto them. Ye drye bones, heare the worde of şe Lord.
5 Thus sayeth the Lorde God vnto these bones: Beholde, I wyll put breth into you, that ye may lyue:
6 I will geue yow synowes, and make fleshe growe vpon you, and couer you ouer with skinne: and so geue you breth, that ye may lyue, & knowe, that I am the Lorde.
7 So I prophecied, as he had commaunded me. And as I was prophecyinge, there came a noyse & a great mocyon, so şt the bones ranne euery one to another.
8 Now when I had loked, beholde, they had synowes, and fleshe grewe vpon them: and aboue they were couered with skynne, but there was no breth in them.
9 Then sayde he vnto me. Thou sonne of man, prophecye thou towarde şe wynde: prophecy: and speake to şe wynde. Thus sayeth the Lord God. Come (O thou ayre) from the foure wyndes, & blowe vpon these slayne that they may be restored to lyfe.
10 So I prophecied, as he had commaunded me: then came the breth into them, and they receaued lyfe, and stode vp vpon their fete, a maruelous greate sorte.
11 Moreouer, he sayde vnto me: Thou sonne of man, these bones are the whole house of Israell. Beholde, they saye: Oure bones dried vp, oure hope is gone, we are clene cut of.
12 Therfore prophecie thou, and speake vnto them: thus saieth the Lord God. Beholde, I will open your graues (O my people) and take you out of your sepulcres, & brynge you into the lande of Israel agayne.
13 So shall ye knowe that I am the Lorde, when I open your graues, and bringe you out of them.
14 My sprete also will I put in you, and ye shall lyue: I will set you agayne in your awne lande, and ye shall knowe, that I am the Lord, which haue sayde it, and fulfilled it in dede.
15 The worde of the Lorde came vnto me, sayinge:
16 thou sonne of man, take a stycke & wryte vpon it. Unto Iuda and to the chyldren of Israell his companions. Then take another sticke, and write vpon it: Unto Ioseph the stock of Ephraim, & to all the housholde of Israell his companions.
17 And than, take both these together in thyne hande, so shall there be one stycke therof.
18 Now yf the chyldren of thy people saye vnto the: wilt thou not shewe vs, what thou meanest by these?
19 Then geue them this answere: thus sayeth the Lord God: beholde, I will take the stock of Ioseph, which is in the hande of Ephraim and of the tribes of Israell his felowes, and will put them to the stock of Iuda, and make them one stock, and they shall be one in my hande.
20 And şe two stickes where vpon thou writest, shalt thou haue in thyne hand, that they may se,
21 and shalt saye vnto them. Thus sayeth the Lord God: beholde, I will take awaye the children of Israel from amonge the Heathem, vnto whom they be gone, and will gather them together on euery syde, and bringe them agayne into theyr awne lande:
22 yee, I will make one people of them in the lande, vpon the mountaynes of Israel, and they all shal haue but one kyng. They shall no more be two peoples from hence forth, nether be deuided into two kingdomes:
23 they shal also defile them selues nomore with their abhominacions, Idoles, & all their wycked doinges. I will helpe them out of all their dwellinge places, wherin they haue synned: and wil so clense them, that they shalbe my people, and I their God.
24 Dauid my seruaunt shalbe their kyng, & they al shal haue one shepherde onely. They shall walcke in my lawes, & my commaundementes shall they both kepe and fulfyll.
25 They shall dwell in the lande, that I gaue vnto Iacob my seruaunt, where as your fathers also haue dwelt. Yee, euen in the same lande shal they, their chyldren, & their chylders chyldren dwell for euermore, & my seruaunt Dauid shalbe their euerlastinge prince.
26 Moreouer, I wil make a bonde of peace wt them, which shalbe vnto them an euerlastinge couenaunt. I wil setle them also, & multiply them, my Sanctuary wil I set among them for euermore.
27 My dwellynge shalbe with them: yee, I will be their God, & they shal be my people.
28 Thus the Heathen also shal knowe, that I the Lord am the holy maker of Israell: when my Sanctuary shalbe amonge them for euermore.




1 And the worde of the Lord came vnto me, sayinge.
2 Thou sonne of man, turne thy face towarde Gog the lande of Magog which is şe chefe prince at Mesech and Tubal: prophecy agaynst hym,
3 & saye. Thus sayeth the Lord God. O Gog şu chefe prince of Mesech and Tubal: beholde, I will vpon the,
4 & will turne the aboute and put a bytt in thy chawes: I will bringe the forth and all thine hoost, both horse and horsmen, which be all weapened of the best fassion: a great people, şt handle altogether speares, shildes, & swerdes:
5 the Perses, Morians and with them the Libians, which all beare shildes and helmettes:
6 Gomer and all his hoostes: the house of Thogorma out of the north quarters, and all his hoostes, yee, and moch people with the.
7 Therfore prepare şe, set thy selfe in araye with all thy people, that are come vnto the by heapes, and be thou their defence.
8 After many dayes thou shalt be visited, and in şe latter yeares thou shalt come into the lande that hath bene destroyed with the swearde, & now is replenished agayne with diuerse people vpon şe mountaines of Israel, which haue longe lyen waste. Yee, they be brought out of the nacions, and dwell all safe.
9 Thou shalt come vp like a stormy wether, to couer the lande, & as it were a darck cloude, thou with all thine hostes, and a greate multitude of people with the.
10 Moreouer, thus sayeth the Lord God: At the same tyme shal many thinges come into thy mynde, so that thou shalt ymagyn myschefe,
11 and saye: I wyll vp to yonder playne lande, seinge they syt at ease, & dwell so safely (for they dwell all without any walles they haue nether barres nor dores)
12 to spoyle them, to robbe them, to laye hande vpon their so well inhabited wyldernesses: against that people, şt is gathered together from amonge the Heathen, which haue gotten catell and good, and dwell in the middest of the lande.
13 Then shall Saba, and Dedan, and the marchauntes of Tharsis with all their worthies saye vnto the: Art thou come to robbe? Hast thou gathered thy people together, because thou wilt spoyle? to take syluer and golde: to cary awaye catell and good, and to haue a greate praye?
14 Therfore, O thou sonne of man, şu shalt prophecie, and saye vnto God. Thus saieth the Lord God. In şt daye thou shalt knowe that my people of Israel dwelleth safe:
15 and shalt come from thy place out of the north partes, thou & moch people with the which ryde vpon horses, whereof there is a greate multitude and an innumerable sorte.
16 Yee, thou shalt come vpon my people of Israell, as a cloude to couer the lande. Thys shall come to passe in şe latter dayes: I will bringe the vp into my lande, şt the heathen maye knowe me, when I get me honoure vpon the (O Gog) before their eyes.
17 Thus sayeth the Lorde God: Thou art he, of whom I haue spoken afore tyme by my seruauntes şe prophetes of Israel, which prophecied in those dayes and yeares, that I shuld bringe the vpon them.
18 At the same tyme, when Gog commeth vp into the land of Israel (saieth the Lord God) shal my indignacion go forth in my wrath.
19 For in my gelousy and hote displeasure I haue deuysed that there shalbe a greate trouble in the lande of Israell at şt tyme.
20 The very fishes in the see, the foules of the ayre, the beastes of the felde, and all the men that are vpon the earth, shall tremble for feare of me. The hilles also shalbe turned vp side downe, the stayres of stone shal fall, and all walles shal syncke to the grounde.
21 I will cal for a swearde vpon them in all my mountaines sayeth the Lorde God: so that euery mans swearde shall be vpon another.
22 With pestylence and bloude will I punishe him: stormy rayne and hayle stones, fyre and brimstome will I cause to rayne vpon him and all his heape, yee, and vpon all that greate people that is with hym.
23 Thus will I be magnifyed, honoured, & knowne amonge the Heathen: that they maye be sure, howe that I am the Lorde.




1 Therfore, O thou sonne of man, prophecie agaynst Gog, and speake. Thus sayeth the Lorde God: Beholde O Gog: thou chefe prince at Mesech and Tubal, I wyll vpon the,
2 and punyshe the with sixe plages, & leade the from the north partes, and bring the vp to the mountaines of Israell.
3 As for thy bowe, I will smyte it out of thy left hande, and cast thyne arowes out of thy ryght hande.
4 Thou with all thine heape, and all the people that is wt the, must fall vpon the mountaynes of Israell. Then will I geue the vnto foules and wilde beastes of the felde, to be deuoured:
5 there must thou lye vpon the felde: for euen I the Lord haue spoken it, sayeth the Lord God.
6 Into Magog, and among those that syt so carelesse in the Iles: will I send a fyre, & they shal knowe, that I am the Lord,
7 I wil make also şe name of my holinesse to be knowne among my people of Israel: and I will not let my holy name be euel spoken of enymore: but the very Heathen also shall knowe, that I am the Lord, the holy one of Israel.
8 Beholde, it commeth, and shalbe fulfilled in dede, sayeth the Lord God. This is the daye wherof I haue spoken.
9 They that dwel in the cities of Israell, shall go forth and set fyre vpon the weapens, and burne them: shyldes and speres, bowes and arowes, bylles & clubbes: seuen yeares shal they be burnynge therof,
10 so that they shal els bringe no stickes from şe felde, nether haue nede to hewe downe eny out of şe wodde. For they shal haue weapens ynowe to burne. They shal robbe those that robbed them, & spoyle those that spoyled them sayeth the Lord God.
11 At the same tyme wil I geue vnto God, a place to be buried in Israel, euen the valley, where thorow men go from the east to the see warde. Those şt trauayle therby, shall stoppe ther noses for stenche. There shall Gog & all hys people be buried: and it shalbe called the valley of the people of God.
12 Seuen monethes longe shall the house of Israell be buryenge of them that they maye clense the lande.
13 Yee, all the people of the lande shall burie them. O, it shall be a glorious daye, when I gett me that honoure, saieth şe Lord God.
14 They shal ordeyne men also to be deed buriers, euer goynge thorow the lande, & appoynte them certayne places to bury those in, which remayne vpon the felde, şt the lande maye be clensed. From ende to ende shall they seke, & that seuen monethes longe.
15 Now those şt go thorow şe lande, where they se a mans bone, they shalt set vp a token by it, tyll şe deed buryers haue buried it also, in şe valley of the people of Gog.
16 And şe name of the citie shalbe called, hamonah (şt is a multitude.) Thus shall they make the lande clene.
17 And thou sonne of man: thus sayeth the Lord God. Speake vnto all the foules and euery byrde, yee, and to al the wilde beastes of the felde, heape you together and come, gather you rounde aboute vpon my slaughter, that I haue slayne for you: euen a greate slaughter vpon the mountaynes of Israell eate flesh and drincke bloude.
18 Ye shall eate the flesh of the worthies, & drinke the bloud of the princes of the lande: of the wethers, of the lambes, of the goates, and of the oxen şt be all slayne at Basan.
19 Eate the fat your belyfull, and drincke bloude, tyll ye be dronken of the slaughter, whych I haue slayne vnto you.
20 Fill you at my table with horses and stronge horsmen: with captaynes and men of warre, sayeth the Lord God.
21 I will bringe my glory also amonge the Gentyles, that all the heathen maye se my iudgement, that I haue kepte, and my hand which I haue layed vpon them:
22 that the house of Israell maye knowe, how that I am şe Lord their God from that daye forth.
23 And the heathen shall knowe, that where as the house of Israell were led into captiuyte: it was for their wyckednes sake, because they offended me. For the which cause I hyd my face from them, and delyuered them into the handes of their enemies, that they might all be slaine with the swearde.
24 Accordinge to their vnclennesse & vnfaithfull dealinges, so haue I entreated them, and hyd my face from them.
25 Therfore, thus sayeth the Lord God: Now will I bringe agayne the captiues of Iacob & haue mercy vpon the whole house of Israel, and be gelous for my holy names sake
26 All their confusion and offence that they haue done agaynst me shall be taken awaye: & so safely shal they dwell in their lande, that no man shall make them afrayed.
27 And when I haue brought them agayne from amonge the people, when I haue gathered them together out of their enemies landes, & am praysed in them before many Heathen:
28 then shal they knowe, that I am the Lord their God which suffred them to be led into captiuite amonge şe Heathen, but now haue I brought them agayne into their awne lande, and not left one of them yonder.
29 After that, will I hyde my face nomore from them but will poure out my sprete vpon the house of Israell, sayeth the Lorde God.




1 In the .xxv. yeare of oure captiuite, in the begynnynge of the yeare, the .x. daye of the moneth: that is the .xiiii. yeare, after that the cyte was smyten downe: the same daye came the hand of the Lorde vpon me, and caried me forth:
2 euen into the lande of Israel brought he me in the visyons of God: & set me downe vpon a maruelous hye mountayne, wher vpon there was a buylding (as it had bene of a cyte) toward the north.
3 Thyther he caried me, and beholde, there was a man, whose similitude was like brasse, which had a threde of flax in his hande, & a meterode also. He stode in the dore,
4 and sayd vnto me: marcke well with thine eyes, herken to with thine eares, and fasten it in thine hert, whatsoeuer I shal shewe the, for to that intent that they myght be shewed şe therfore art şu brought hyther. And whatsoeuer thou seyst, thou shalt certyfye şe house of Israell therof.
5 Beholde, there was a wall on şe out syde rounde aboute the house: the meterodde that he had in his hande, was sixe cubytes longe & a spanne. So he measured the bredth of the buyldinge, which was a meterodde, and the heygth also a meterode.
6 Then came he vnto the east dore, & wente vp the steares, & measured the postes of şe dore, wherof euery one was a meterodde thicke. Euery chambre was a meterodde longe & brode:
7 betwene the chambers were fyue cubytes. The poste of şe dore within the porche, was one meterodde.
8 He measured also the porche of the ynnermer dore, which conteyned a meterodde.
9 Then measured he the entrye of the dore, that conteyned eyght cubytes, & his pylers two cubytes: and this entrye stode inwarde.
10 The chambers of the dore eastwarde, were thre on euery syde: a lyke brode and longe. The pilers also that stode of both the sydes were of one measure.
11 After this, he measured the wydenesse of the dore, which was .x. cubytes, & the heygth of the dore .xiii. cubytes.
12 The edge before the chambers was one cubyte brode vpon both the sydes, and the chambres six cubytes wyde of eyther syde.
13 He measured the dore from the rydge of one chambre to another, whose wydenesse was .xxv. cubytes, & one dore stode agaynst another.
14 He made pilers also .lx. cubites hye, rounde about şe courte dore.
15 Before şe inwarde parte vnto the fore entre of the ynnermer dore, were .L. cubytes.
16 The chambers and their pylers within, rounde about vnto the dore, had syde wyndowes. So had the fore entries also, whose wyndowes wente rounde about within. And vpon the pylers there stode date trees.
17 Then brought he me into the fore courte where as were chambers & paued worckes, made in the fore courte rounde aboute .xxx. chambres vpon one paued worcke.
18 Now the paued worke was a longe besyde the dores & şt was the lower paued worke.
19 After this he measured the bredth from the lower dore, vnto the ynnermer courte of the outsyde, which had an .C. cubytes vpon the east & the north parte.
20 And the dore in the vttermoste court towarde the north, measured he after the length and bredth:
21 hys thre chambres also on ether syde with his pillers and forentryes: which had euen the measure of the first dore. His heyght was .l. cubytes, the bredth .xxv. cubites,
22 hys wyndowes & porches with hys date trees, had euen lyke measure as the dore towarde the east: there were .vij. steppes to go vp vpon, and their porche before them.
23 Nowe the dore of the ynnermer court stode streyght ouer agaynst the dore, şt was towarde the northeast. From one dore to another he measured .C. cubytes.
24 After that, he brought me to şe southsyde, where there stode a dore towarde the south: whose pillers and porches he measured, these had the fyrst measure,
25 and with their porches they had windowes rounde about, like the fyrst wyndowes. The heyght was .l. cubites, the bredth .xxv.
26 with steppes to go vp vpon: hys porche stode before with hys pyllers and date trees on ether side.
27 And the dore of the ynnermer courte stode towarde the south, and he measured from one dore to another an .C. cubites.
28 So he brought me into the ynnermer court, thorowe the dore of the southsyde, which he measured: and it had the measure aforsayde.
29 In lyke maner, hys chambres, pyllers and forentreys, had euen the foresayde measure also. And he had with hys porches rounde about windowes of fifty cubites heyght, and .xxv. cubytes broade.
30 The porches round about were .xxv. cubites longe, and .v. cubites broad:
31 and his porche reached vnto the vttermost court, vpon his pyllers, there were date trees, and eyght steppes to go vp vpon.
32 He brought me also into the ynmost court vpon the east syde, and measured the dore, according to the measure aforsayd.
33 His chambers, pyllers and porches had euen the same measure, as the fyrst had: and with hys porches, he had wyndowes rounde about. The heyght was .l. cubytes, the bredth .xxv. cubites:
34 hys porche reached vnto the vttermost court: his pillers also had date trees on ether syde, & .viij. steppes to go vp vpon.
35 And he brought me to the north dore & measured it: which also had şe forsayde measure.
36 His chambres, pillers & porches had windowes rounde about: whose heyght was .l. cubites, and the bredth .xxv.
37 Hys pyllers stode towarde the vtmost court, and vpon them both were date trees, and .viij. steppes to go vp vpon.
38 Ther stode a chambre also, whose intraunce was at the dore pyllers, and there the burntofferynges were wasshed.
39 In the dore porche, there stode on eyther syde two tables for the slaughtinge: to sleye the brentofferinges, synofferynges and trespace offeringes therupon.
40 And on the outside as men go forth to the north dore, ther stode two tables.
41 Foure tables stode on ether side of the dore, that is .viij. tables: wherupon they slaughted.
42 Foure tables were of hewen stone for the burntoffringes, of a cubite and a halfe longe and brode, and one cubite hye: wherupon were layed the vessels and ornamentes, which were vsed to the burnt and slayne offeringes: whan they were slaughted.
43 And within, there were hokes foure fingers brode, fastened rounde about, to hange flesh vpon, and vpon the tables was layed şe offryng fleshe.
44 On the out syde of the innermer dore were the syngers chambers in the inwarde court besyde the north dore oueragaynst the south. There stode one also, besyde the east dore northwarde.
45 And he sayde vnto me: This chambre on the south syde belongeth to the prestes, that kepe the habytatyon:
46 and this towarde the north, is the prestes that wayte vpon the aulter: which be the sonnes of Sadoch, that do seruice before the Lorde in steade of the chyldren of Leui.
47 So he measured the fore court, which had in length an .C. cubites, and asmoch in bredth by the foure corners. Now the aulter stode before the house.
48 And he brought me to the fore entrye of the house, and measured the walles by the entry dore: which were .v. cubites longe on eyther syde. The thycknes also of the dore on eyther syde was thre cubites.
49 The length of the porche was .xx. cubites, the bredth .xi. cubites, and vpon steppes went men vp to it: by the walles also were pyllers on eyther syde one.




1 After this, he brought me to the temple, and measured the postes, which were of both sydes syxe cubites thicke, accordyng to the widenes of the tabernacle.
2 The bredth of şe dore was .x. cubites, & the walles of the dore on eyther syde .v. cubites. He measured the length therof, which conteyned .xl. cubites, & the bredth .xx.
3 Then went he in & measured the dore postes: which were two cubites thicke: but the dore it selfe was syxe cubites, and the bredth of the dore was, .vij. cubites.
4 He measured the length and bredth therof, which were euery one .xx. cubites, before the temple. And he sayde vnto me: this is the holiest of all.
5 He measured also the wall of the house, which was .vi. cubites. The chambres that stode rounde about the house, were euery one .iiij. cubites wyde:
6 and one stode harde vpon another, wherof ther were .xxxiij. ther stode postes beneth by the walles rounde about the house, to beare them vp: but in the wall of the house, they were not fastened.
7 The syde chambres were, şe hyer şe wyder, & had steppes thorowe them rounde about the house. Thus was it wyder aboue, şt from the lowest men myght go to the hyest by şe mydd chambres.
8 I sawe also şt the house was very hye rounde aboute. The foundacyon of the syde chambres was a meterodde, şt is .vi. cubites broade.
9 The thicknes of the syde wall without, conteined .v. cubites, and so dyd the outwall of the chambres in the house.
10 Betwene the chambres was the wydenes .xx. cubites rounde about the house.
11 The chambre dores stode ouer agaynst the outwall, the one dore was toward şe north, the other towarde the south: and the thycknesse of the outwall was .v. cubites rounde about
12 Nowe the buylding that was separated towarde the west, was .lxx. cubites wyde: the wall of the buylding was .v. cubytes thicke rounde about, and the length foure score cubites & ten.
13 So he measured the house which was an .C. cubytes longe, and the separated buylding with the wall were an .C. cubytes longe also.
14 The wydenes before the house, and of it that was separated towarde the east, was an .C. cubytes.
15 And he measured the length of the buylding before and behynde with the chambres vpon both the sydes: and it conteyned an .C. cubytes. The ynnermer temple, the porch of the fore court,
16 the syde postes, these thre had syde wyndowes and pyllers rounde about ouer agaynst the postes, from the grounde vp to the wyndowes. The wyndowes them selues were syled ouer with bordes:
17 and thus was it aboue şe dore vnto the ynmost house: and without also. Yee, the whole wall on euery syde both within and without was silled ouer with great borders.
18 There were cherubins and date trees made also, so that one date tree stode euer betwixte to cherubyns. One cherub had two faces,
19 the face of a man lokyng asyde toward the date tree, & a lions face on the other syde. Thus was it made rounde about in all the house.
20 Yee, the cherubyns and date trees were made from the grounde vp aboue the dore, and so stode they also vpon the wall of the temple.
21 The bypostes of the temple were fouresquared, and the fashyon of the sanctuarye was euen as it appeared vnto me afore in şe vision.
22 The table was of wodde .iij. cubites hye and .ij. cubytes longe: hys corners, the length & the walles were of wodde. And he sayde vnto me: Thys is the table, that shall stande before the Lorde.
23 The temple and the holyest of all had eyther of them two dores.
24 and euery dore had .ij. lytle wyckettes which were folden in one vpon another, on euery side two.
25 And vpon the dores of the temple, ther were made cherubins and date trees, like as vpon the walles: and a greate thycke balke of wodde was before on the out syde of the porche.
26 Upon both the sydes of the walles of the porch, there were made depe wyndowes and date trees, hauyng beames and balkes, lyke as the house had.




1 Then caryed he me out into şe fore court towarde the north, & brought me into the chambre şt stode oueragaynst the backbuyldinge north ward, which had the length of an .C. cubytes: whose dore turned toward the north.
2 The wydenes conteyned .l. cubytes:
3 oueragaynst the .xx. cubytes of the ynnermer court, and agaynst the paued worke that was in the court, besyde all these thre, ther stode pillers, one oueragaynst another:
4 And before thys chambre there was a walkyng place of .x. cubites wyde, and within was a waye of one cubite wyde and their dores towarde the north.
5 Thus the hyest chambres were alwaye narower then the lowest and myddelmost of the buyldynge:
6 for they bare chambre vpon chambre, and stode thre together one vpon another, not hauyng pillers lyke the fore court: therfore were they smaller then those beneth and in the middest to reken from the grounde vpwarde.
7 The wall without that stode by the chambres towarde the vtmost court vpon the fore syde of the chambres, was .l. cubytes longe:
8 for the length of the vtmost chambres in the fore court was .l. cubytes also: but the length therof before the temple was an .C. cubytes.
9 These chambres had vnder them an intraunce of the east syde, wherby a man myght go in to them out of the fore court,
10 thorowe the thicke wall of the fore court towarde şe east, ryght oueragaynst the separated buylding.
11 Before the same buyldyng vpon thys syde, there were chambres also which had a waye vnto them, lyke as the chambre on the north syde of the same length and wydenesse. Theyr intraunce, fashyon and dores were also of the same maner.
12 Yee, euen lyke as the other chambre dores were: so were those also of the south syde. And before the waye towarde the syngers steppes on the east syde, there stode a dore to go in at.
13 Then sayde he vnto me: The chambers towarde the north & the south which stande before the backe buyldynge: those be holy habytatyons, wherein the prestes that do seruyce before the Lorde, must eate şe most holy offeringes: and there must they laye şe most holy offeringes, meatofferynges, synne offerynges, and trespace offerynges: for it is an holy place.
14 When the prestes come therin, they shall not go out into the fore courte: but (seynge they be holy) they shall leaue the clothes of their ministracyon, and put on other garmentes, when they haue any thyng to do with the people.
15 Nowe when he had measured all the ynnermer house, he brought me forth thorowe the east porte, and measured the same rounde about.
16 He measured the east syde with şe meterode, which rounde about conteyned .v.C. meteroddes:
17 And the north syde measured he which conteyned rounde about euen so moch.
18 The other two sydes also towarde the south
19 and the west, which he measured, conteyned ether of them .v.C. meteroddes.
20 So he measured all the foure sydes, where there went a wall rounde about .v.C. meteroddes longe, and as broade also which separated the holy from the vnholy.




1 So he brought me to the dore şt turneth toward the east.
2 Behold, then came the glory of the God of Israel from out of şe east, whose voyce was lyke a great noyce of waters, and the earth was lyghtened with his glory.
3 His syght to loke vpon was lyke the fyrst, that I sawe when I went in, what tyme as şe cytie shuld haue bene destroyed: and like the visyon şt I sawe by the water of Cobar. Then fell I vpon my face:
4 but the glory of the Lord came into the house, thorowe the east dore.
5 So a wynde toke me vp, and brought me into the ynnermer court: and beholde, the house was full of the glory of the Lorde.
6 I hearde one speaking vnto me out of the house: and there stode one by me,
7 that sayde vnto me: O thou sonne of man, this rowme is my seate, & the place of my fotsteppes, where as I wyll dwell amonge the children of Israel for euermore: so that the house of Israel shall nomore defyle my holy name: nether they, ner their kynges thorowe theyr whordome, thorowe their hye places, & thorowe the deed bodyes of their kinges:
8 which haue builded their thresholdes in maner hard vpon my thresholdes, & their postes almost at my postes: & a wall betwyxte me and them. Thus haue they defyled my holy name wt their abhominations, şt they haue commytted. Wherfore, I haue destroyed them in my wrath.
9 But now they shal put awaye their whordome & the deed bodies of their kinges out of my syght, şt I maye dwell among them for euermore.
10 Therfore, O şu sonne of man, shewe thou the housholde of Israel a temple, that they maye be ashamed of their wickednes, & measure them selues an example therat.
11 And when they be ashamed of all theyr worckes, then shewe them the fourme & fashyon of the temple, the comming in, the goynge out, all the maner and descripcyon therof: yee, all the vses & ordinaunces of it, that they maye kepe and fulfyll all the fashyons and customes therof.
12 This is the descripcion of şe house. Aboue, vpon the mount rounde about all the corners, it shalbe şe holyest of all. Beholde, that is the descripcyon and fashyon of the house.
13 Thys is the measure of the aultar, after the true cubite: which is a spanne longer then another cubyte, his botome in the middest was a cubite longe and wyde, and the ledge that went rounde about it, was a spanne broade. This is the heyght of the aulter.
14 From the ground to the lower steppes, the length is two cubites: and the bredth one cubite: and from the lower steppes to the hygher, are foure cubytes, and the bredth but one cubite.
15 The aultar was .iiij. cubytes hye, and from the aultar vpwarde stode .iiij. hornes,
16 and it was .xij. cubytes longe and .xij. cubites broade, vpon the foure corners:
17 the couering of the aultar was .xiiij. cubites longe & broad vpon the foure corners, and the ledge that went rounde about had halfe a cubite, and şe botome therof rounde about one cubite: hys steppes stode towarde the east.
18 And he sayd vnto me: Thou sonne of man, thus sayth the Lorde God: these are the ordynaunces and lawes of the aultar: in the daye, whan it is made to offer burntofferinges, and to sprenckle bloude therupon.
19 To the prestes, to the leuites that be of the sede of Sadoch, and treade before me to do me seruyce, sayeth the Lorde God. Unto these geue thou a yonge bullocke for a synoffering:
20 & take the bloude of hym, and sprenckle his foure hornes withall: and the foure corners of the aultar couering, with the ledge that goeth rounde about, herwith shalt thou clense it, and reconcyle it.
21 Thou shalte take the bullocke also of the synoffering, and burne him in a seuerall place without the sanctuary.
22 The next daye, take a goatbucke, wtout blemysh for a synofferynge, to reconcyle the aultar withall, lyke as it was reconcyled wt the bullocke.
23 Nowe whan thou hast made it cleane, then offre a yonge bullocke without blemysh, and a ramme out of the flocke without blemysh also.
24 Offer them before the Lord: and let şe preste cast salt therupon, and geue them so vnto the Lord for a burntofferyng.
25 Seuen dayes shalt thou brynge euery daye a goatbuck. A yonge bullocke and a ramme of the flocke, both without blemysh, shall they offre.
26 Seuen dayes shall they reconcyle and clense the aultar, and offre vpon it.
27 When these dayes are expyred, then vpon the eight daye and so forth, the prestes shall offre their burntofferinges and healthofferinges vpon the aultar: so will I be mercyfull vnto you, sayth the Lorde God.




1 After this, he brought me againe to the outwarde dore of the sanctuary on the east syde, and that was shut.
2 Then sayd şe Lord vnto me: This dore shalbe styll shut: & not opened for eny man to go thorowe it: but only for şe Lorde God of Israel: yee, he shall go thorowe it, els shall it be shut styll.
3 The prince hym selfe shall come thorowe it, that he maye eate bread before the Lorde. At the porche shall he come in, and there shall he go out againe.
4 Then brought he me to the dore vpon the north syde of the house. And as I loked aboute me, beholde, the glory of the Lord fylled the house: and I fell downe vpon my face.
5 So the Lorde spake vnto me: O şu sonne of man, fasten thys to thyne herte: beholde, and take diligent hede to all şt I wyll saye vnto the, concernyng all the ordynaunces of the Lord, & all his lawes: pondre well with thyne hert the commynge in of the house and the goyng forth of the sanctuary:
6 & tell that obstynate housholde of Israell. Thus sayth the Lorde God: O house of Israel, ye haue nowe don ynough withall your abhominacyons,
7 seyng that ye haue brought into my sanctuary straungers, hauyng vncircumcysed hertes and fleshe, where thorowe my sanctuary is defyled, when ye offre me bread, fatt, and bloude. Thus with all youre abhominacions ye haue broken my couenaunt,
8 and not kepte the holy ordynaunces of my sanctuary: but sett kepers of my sanctuary, euen after youre awne mynde.
9 Therfore thus sayth the Lorde God: Of all the straungers that dwell among the chyldren of Israel, no straunger (whose hert and fleshe is not circumcised) shall come within my sanctuary.
10 No, ner the leuites that ben gone backe fro me: and haue disceaued the people of Israel with all erroures, goyng after theyr ydoles: therfore shall they beare their awne wyckednes.
11 Shulde they be set and ordeined to ministre vnder the dores of the house of my sanctuary? And to do seruyce in the house: to slaye burntofferynges and sacrifyces for the people: to stande before them, and to serue them,
12 seynge the seruyce that they do them, is before theyr ydoles, and cause the house of Israel to stomble thorowe theyr wickednes? For the which cause I haue pluckte oute myne hande ouer them, sayth the Lorde, so şt nowe they must beare theyr awne iniquitie,
13 and not to come nye me, to serue me with theyr presthode, in my sanctuary, and moost holyest of all: that they maye beare theyr awne shame and abhominations, which they haue done.
14 Shulde I vse them to be porters of the house, and to all the seruyce that is done therin?
15 But the prestes, the leuites, the sonne of Sadoch, that kepte the holy ordynaunces of my sanctuary, when the chyldren of Israel were gone fro me, shall come to me, to do me seruyce, to stande before me, and to offre me the fat and the bloude, sayth the Lorde God.
16 They shall go into my sanctuary, and treade before my table: to do me seruyce, and to wayte vpon myne ordynaunces.
17 Nowe when they go in at şe dores of the ynnermer court: they shall put on lynen clothes, so that no wollyne come vpon them whyle they do seruice vnder the dores of şe innermer court, and within.
18 They shall haue fayre linen bonettes vpon their heades, and lynen breches vpon their loynes, which in their labour they shall not put about them.
19 And when they go forth to the people into the outwarde court, they shall put of the clothes wherin they haue ministred, and laye them in the habitation of the sanctuary, and put on other apparell, lest they vnhalowe the people with theyr clothes.
20 They shall not shaue theyr heades, ner norysh the bushe of theyr heare, but rounde theyr heades onely.
21 All the prestes that go into the inmost court, shall dryncke no wyne.
22 They shall mary no wedowe, nether one that is put from her husbande: but a mayde of the seede of the house of Israel, or a wedowe that hath had a preste before.
23 They shall shewe my people the difference betwene the holy and vnholy, betwixt the cleane and vncleane.
24 If any discord arise, they shall discerne it: & geue sentence after my iudgementes. My solempne feastes, my lawes and ordinaunces shall they kepe, and halowe my sabbathes.
They shall come at no deed persone to defyle them selues, except it be father or mother, sonne or daughter, brother or syster, that hath had yet no husbande, in soch maye they be defyled.
26 And when he is clensed, ther shalbe rekened vnto him .vij. dayes:
27 and yf he go into şe sanctuary agayn to do seruice, he shall bring a synoffering, sayth the Lorde God.
28 They shall haue an heritage: yee, I my selfe wyll be their heritage: els shall ye geue them no possession in Israel, for I am their possessyon.
29 The meatofferynges, synofferyng and trespaceofferinge shall they eate, & euery dedicate thynge in Israel, shalbe theyrs.
30 The fyrstlinges of all the fyrst frutes, and all frewyllofferinges shalbe the prestes. Ye shall geue vnto the preste also all the fyrst frute of your first borne, all I say, & all that is separated vnto God, all youre heueofferinges (I saye) shalbe the prestes, & also şe fyrstlinges of your dough, şt God maye prospere the residue.
31 But no deed caryon shall the prest eate, ner soch as is deuoured of wilde beastes, foules or catell:




1 When ye deuyde the lande by the lot, ye shall put asyde one parte for the Lorde, to be holy from other landes: namely .xxv.M. meteroddes longe, and .x.M. broade. This shalbe holy, as wyde as it is rounde about.
2 Of thys parte there shall belonge vnto the sanctuary .v.C. meteroddes in all the foure corners, & .l. cubites wyde rounde about to the suburbes
3 And from this measure, namely of .xxv.M. meteroddes longe, & .x.M. broade, thou shalt measure, wherin the sanctuary and the holyest of all maye stande.
4 The resydue of that holy grounde shalbe the prestes, which do seruyce in the sanctuary of the Lorde, and goo in before the Lorde to serue hym, that they maye haue rowme to dwell in.
5 As for the sanctuary, it shall stande for it selfe: and to the leuites that serue in the house, there shalbe geuen .xx. habitatyons, of the .xxv.M. length and .x.M. bredth:
6 ye shall geue also vnto the citye a possession of .v.M. meteroddes brode, and .xxv.M. longe, beside the parte of the sanctuary: that shalbe for the whole house of Israel.
7 Upon both the sydes of the sanctuaryes parte, and by the cytie, there shalbe geuen vnto the prince, whatsoeuer lyeth oueragaynst the citye, as farre as reacheth westwarde & eastwarde: which shalbe as longe as one parte, from the west vnto the east.
8 This shalbe hys awne lande in Israel, şt my prynces be nomore chargeable vnto my people. And soch as remayneth yet ouer in şe lande, shalbe geuen to the house of Israel according to theyr tribes.
9 Thus sayth şe Lord God: O ye princes, ye haue nowe oppressed and destroyed ynough: nowe leaue of, handle nowe according to the thinge şt is equall and lawfull: & thrust out my people nomore sayth the Lorde God.
10 Ye shall haue a true weyght, a true ephah, and a true bath.
11 The ephah and the bath shalbe a lyke. One bath shall conteyne the tenth parte of an homer, and so shall one ephah do: their measure shall be after the homer.
12 One syckle maketh .xx. geras. So twentye sycles, and .xxv. and .xv. sycles make a pounde.
13 Thys is the heaueofferynge, that ye shall geue to be heaued: namely, the .xvj. parte of an ephah, out of an homer of wheate, and the .xvj. parte of an ephah, out of an homer of barly.
14 The oyle shalbe measured with the bath: euen the tenth parte of one bath out of a cor. Ten bathes make one homer: for one homer fylleth ten bathes.
15 And one lambe from two hundred shepe out of the pasture of Israel: for a meatofferyng, burntofferyng, and healthofferyng, to reconcyle them, sayth the Lorde God.
16 All the people of the lande shall geue thys heaueofferynge with a fre wyll.
17 Agayne, it shalbe the princes parte to offre burntofferynges, meateofferinges & drinckofferinges vnto the Lord, in the holy dayes, newe moones, sabbathes, and in all the hye feastes of the house of Israel. The synoffering, meateofferyng, burntoffring & healthofferyng shall he geue to reconcyle the house of Israel.
18 Thus sayth the Lorde God: The fyrst daye of the first moneth thou shalt take a yonge bullocke without blemysh, and clense the sanctuarye.
19 So the preste shall take of the bloude of the synofferyng, and sprynckle it vnto the postes of the house, and vpon the foure corners of the aulter, with the dorepostes of the ynnermer courte.
20 And thus shalt thou do also the seuenth daye of the moneth (for soch as haue synned of ignoraunce, or beynge disceaued) to reconcyle the house wt all.
21 Upon the .xiiij. daye of the fyrst moneth, ye shall kepe easter. Seuen dayes shall the feaste contynue, wherin there shall no sowre ner leuened breed be eaten.
22 Upon the same daye shall the prince geue for him selfe & all the people of the lande, a bullocke for a synofferyng.
23 And in the feast of the seuen dayes he shall offre euery daye a bullocke and a ram, şt are without blemysh, for a burntoffering vnto şe Lorde: and an hegoate daylye for a synoffering.
24 For şe meatofferynges he shall geue euer an ephah to a bullocke, an ephah to a ram, and an hyn of oyle to an ephah.
25 Upon the fyftenth daye of the seuenth moneth, he shall kepe the seuen dayes holy, one after another, euen as the other seuen dayes: wt the synoffering, burntoffering, meatoffering, and with the oyle.




1 Thus saith the Lorde God: şe dore of the innermer court towarde şe east shalbe shut the .vj. worcking dayes: but in the sabboth and in the daye of the newe moone, it shalbe opened.
2 Then shall şe prince come vnder the dore porche, and stande still wtout by the dore check. So the prestes shall offre vp his burnt and healthofferinges. And he shall worshyp at the doreposte, and go hys waye forth agayne: but the dore shall nomore be shut tyll the euenynge.
3 On the same maner shall the people of the lande also do their worshyp before şe Lorde without thys dore vpon the sabbathes and newe moones.
4 This is nowe the burntofferyng, şt the prince shall bryng vnto şe Lorde vpon the sabboth: syxe lambes without blemysh, and a ram without blemish,
5 & an ephah for a meatoffering, with the ram. As for the lambes, he maye geue as many meateofferinges to them as he will: and an hyn of oyle to an ephah.
6 In the daye of the newe moneth, it shalbe a yonge bullocke without blemish, syxe lambes and a ram also without blemish.
7 With the bullocke he shall geue an ephah, & with the ram an ephah also for a meateoffering: but to the lambes, what he maye come by. And euer an hyn of oyle to an ephah.
8 When the prynce commeth, he shall go vnder the dore porche, and euen there departe forth agayne.
9 But when the people of the lande come before the Lord in the hye solempne feaste, as many as come in by the north dore to do worshyp, shall go out agayne at the south dore. And they that come in at the south dore, shall go forth agayne at şe north dore. There shall none goo out at the dore, where he came in, but shall go ryght forth ouer on the other syde,
10 and the prynce shall go in and out amonge them.
11 Upon the solempne and hye feaste dayes this shalbe the meatofferyng. An epha to a bullocke and an ephah to a ram, and to the lambes, as many as he will: but euer an hyn of oyle to an ephah.
12 Nowe when the prynce bryngeth a burntofferyng or an healthofferinge with a fre wyll vnto the Lorde, şe east dore shalbe opened vnto hym, that he maye do with his burnt and healthofferinges, as he doth vpon the sabboth: and when he goth forth, the dore shalbe shut after him agayne.
13 He shall dayly bryng vnto the Lorde a lambe of a yeare olde without blemysh for a burntoffering: this shall he do euery morning.
14 And for a meatoffering, he shall geue the syxte parte of an epha, and the thyrd part of an hyn of oyle, to myngle with the cakes, euery morning. Yee, this shalbe a dayly meatofferinge vnto the Lorde: for an euerlasting ordinaunce:
15 and thus shall the lambe meateoffering and oyle be geuen euery morning, for a daylye burntofferinge.
16 Moreouer, thus sayeth the Lorde God: If the prynce gyue a gyfte vnto any of hys sonnes, then shall it be hys sonnes herytage perpetuall, that he maye possesse it.
17 But yf he wyll geue one of hys seruauntes, some of hys heritage, it shalbe hys to the fre yeare, and then to returne agayne vnto the prince: for hys herytage shalbe hys sonnes onely.
18 The prince also shall take none of the peoples enheritaunce, ner put them from their possession: but to his awne sonnes shall he geue his possession, that my people be not scatered abroade, but that euery man maye haue hys awne.
19 And he brought me thorowe the intraunce at the syde of the dore to the habitatyon of the sanctuary, that belongeth to the prestes and stode towarde the north, and beholde, there was a place vpon the west syde,
20 then sayde he vnto me. This is the place where the prestes shall dyght the trespace and synofferynges, and bake meateofferinges, şt they nede not beare them into the outwarde court: and so to vnhalowe the people.
21 So he brought me into the vtmost courte, rounde about all the foure corners. Beholde, in euery corner of the court, there was yet a lytle courte.
22 Yee in all the foure corners of şe court, there was made a lytle court of .xl. cubites longe, & .xxx. cubites broade: these foure lytle courtes were of one like measure:
23 and there went a ridge wall rounde about them all foure, vnder the which there were harthes made rounde about.
24 Then sayde he vnto me: Thys is the kechin where the ministers of the house shall dyght the slayne offeringes of the people.




1 After this, he brought me agayne before the dore of the house: and beholde, there gushed oute waters from vnder the postes of the house eastwarde, for the house stode towarde the east, that ran downe vpon the ryght syde of the house, which lyeth to şe aulter southwarde.
2 Then caryed he me out to the north dore, and brought me forth there rounde about by the vtmost dore that turneth eastwarde. Beholde, there came forth the water vpon the right syde:
3 Now whan the man that had the meterodde in hys hande went vnto the east dore, he measured a .M. cubites, and then he brought me thorowe the water, euen to the ancles:
4 so he measured yet a thousande, and brought me thorowe the water agayne vnto the knees: yet measured he a thousande, and brought me thorowe the water vnto the loynes.
5 After this he measured a thousande agayne, then was it soch a ryuer, that I myght not wade thorowe it. The water was so depe, that it was nedeful to haue swimmed, for it might not be waded ouer.
6 And he sayde vnto me: hast thou sene thys, O thou sonne of man? and with that, he brought me to the ryuer banck agayne.
7 Nowe when I came there, there stode many trees vpon ether syde of the ryuer bancke.
8 Then sayde he vnto me: Thys water that floweth oute towarde the east, and runneth downe into the playne felde, commeth into the see: and from the see runneth out: & maketh the waters whole.
9 Yee, all that lyue & moue, wherunto thys ryuer commeth, shall recouer. And where thys water commeth, ther shalbe moch fysh. For all that commeth to this water, shalbe lusty and whole.
10 By this ryuer shall the fysshers stande from Engaddy vnto En Eglaim, & there spread out their nettes: for there shalbe great heapes of fysh, lyke as in the mayne see.
11 As for his claye and pyttes, they shall not be whole, for why? it shalbe occupyed for salt.
12 By this ryuer vpon both the sides of the shore, there shall growe all maner of frutefull trees, whose leaues shall not fall of, nether shall their frute perysh: but euer be rype at theyr monethes: for theyr water runneth oute of theyr sanctuarye. Hys frute is good to eate, and his leafe profytable for medicyne.
13 Thus sayth the Lorde God: Let thys be the border, wherin ye shall deuyde the lande vnto the .xii. tribes of Israel, with the lyne.
14 Parte it indyfferently vnto one as vnto another: of the which lande I swore vnto yor fathers, that it shulde fall to youre enherytaunce.
15 This is the border of the lande vpon the northsyde, from the mayne see, as men go to Zadada:
16 namely Hemath, Berotha, Sabarim: from the borders of Damascus and Hemath vnto Hazar Tichon, and şt lieth vpon the coastes of Haueran.
17 Thus the borders from the see forth, shalbe Hazar Euan the border of Damascus, the north and the borders of Hemath, that is the north parte.
18 The east syde shall ye measure from Haueran and Damascus, from Galead and the lande of Israel by Iordane and so forth, from the see coast, that lyeth easte warde: and this is the east parte.
19 The southsyde is, from Thamar forth to the waters of stryfe vnto Cades the ryuer to the mayne see: and that is the south parte.
20 The west parte: namely the greate see from the borders therof, tyll a man come vnto Hemath: thys is the west parte.
21 Thys lande shall ye parte among you, according to the trybes of Israel,
22 and deuyde it to be an heritage for you, and for the straungers that dwell amonge you, and beget children. For ye shall take them amonge the chyldren of Israel, lyke as though they were of youre awne housholde and contrey, and they shall haue heritage wt you amonge the chyldren of Israel.
23 Loke in what trybe the straunger dwelleth, in the same trybe shall ye geue hym hys heritage, sayth the Lorde God.




1 These are the names of the trybes that lye vpon the northsyde, by the waye of Hetlon, tyll thou commest vnto Hemath and Hazar Enam, the borders of Damascus towarde the north besyde Hemath: Dan shall haue hys porcyon from the easte quarter vnto the west.
2 Upon the borders of Dan from the east syde vnto the west, shall Asser haue his porcion.
3 Upon the borders of Asser from the east parte vnto the west shall Nephtaly haue his porcion.
4 Upon the borders of Nephtaly from the east quarter vnto the west, shall Manasses haue his porcyon.
5 Upon the borders of Manasses from the east side vnto the west, shall Ephraim haue hys porcyon.
6 Upon the borders of Ephraim from the east parte vnto şe west, shall Ruben haue hys porcyon.
7 Upon the borders of Ruben from the east quarter vnto the west, shall Iuda haue his porcyon.
8 Upon the borders of Iuda from the east part vnto the west, ye shall set asyde one porcion of .xxv.M. meteroddes longe and brode, like as an another porcyon from the east syde vnto the west, wherin the sanctuary shall stande.
9 As for the porcyon that ye shall separate, out for the Lorde, it shalbe .xxv.M. longe & .x.M. brode.
10 Which separated holy porcion shall belonge vnto these: namely to the prestes, towarde the north .xxv.M. and towarde the west .x.M. brode, towarde the east .x.M. brode also, & towarde the south .xxv.M. longe, wherin şe sanctuary of the Lord shall stande.
11 Yee, this same place shalbe the prestes, that are of the children of Sadoch and haue kept my holy ordinaunce: which went not astraye in the erroure of the children of Israel, lyke as the leuites ar gone astraye:
12 and thys separated pece that they haue of lande, shalbe the most holy, harde vpon the borders of the leuites.
13 And next vnto şe prestes shall the leuites haue .xxv.M. longe, and .x.M. broade. Thys shalbe on euery syde .xxv.M. longe, and .x.M. brode.
14 Of this porcyon they shall sell nothing, ner make any permutation therof, lest the chefe of the lande fall vnto other, for it is halowed vnto the Lorde.
15 The other .v.M. after the bredth şt lyeth by the .xxv.M. shalbe comen: it shall belonge to the citye and to the suburbes for habitations, and the citie shall stande in the middest therof.
16 Let this be the measure: towarde the north parte .v.C. & .iiij.M. towarde şe south parte .v.C. & .iiij.M. towarde the east part, .v.C. & .iiij.M. towarde the west parte .v.C. and .iiij.M.
17 The suburbes harde vpon the citye, shall haue towarde the north .l. and .ij.C. toward the south .l. and .ij.C. towarde the east .l. and .ij.C. towarde the west also .l. and .ij.C.
18 As for the residue of the length, that lyeth harde vpon the separated holy grounde: namely .x.M. towarde the east, and .x.M. towarde the the west, nexte vnto the holy porcion: it and the increase therof shall serue for their meat: that laboure in the citye.
19 They that laboure for the wealth of the citye, shall maynteyne thys also, out of what trybe soeuer they be in Israel.
20 All that is separated of the .xxv.M. longe and .xxv.M. brode on the foure partes, that shall ye put asyde for the separated porcyon of the sanctuary, and for the possession of the citye.
21 The residue vpon both the sides of the sanctuary and possessyon of the citye, shall belonge to the prynce, before the place of the .xxv.M. vnto the eastende, & before the place of the .xxv.M. westwarde vnto the borders of the citye: this shalbe the prynces porcyon. Thys shalbe the holy place, and the house of the sanctuary shall stande in the myddest.
22 Moreouer, from the leuytes and the cityes possession, that lye in the middest of the princes parte: loke what remayneth betwixt the border of Iuda and the border of Beniamin, it shalbe the prynces.
23 Nowe of the other trybes. From the east parte vnto the west, shall Beniamin haue his porcyon.
24 Upon the borders of Beniamin from the eastsyde vnto şe west, shall Simeon haue his porcion.
25 Upon the borders of Symeon from the east parte vnto the west, shall Isakar haue his porcion.
26 Upon the borders of Isakar from the east syde vnto the west, shall Zabulon haue hys porcion.
27 Upon the borders of Zabulon from the east parte vnto the west, shall Gad haue his porcyon.
28 Upon the borders of Gad southward, the coastes shall reach from Thamar forth vnto the waters of stryfe to Cades, & to the floude, euen vnto the mayne see.
29 Thys is the lande with hys porcyons, which ye shall dystribute vnto the trybes of Israel, sayeth the Lorde God.
30 Thus wyde shall the citye reach vpon the north parte .v.C. and .iiij.M. measures.
31 The portes of the citye, shall haue the names of the trybes of Israel. Thre portes of the northsyde: one Ruben, another Iuda, the thyrde Leui.
32 Upon the eastsyde .v.C. and .iiij.M. measures, with thre portes: the one Ioseph, another Beniamin, the thyrde Dan.
33 Upon the southsyde .v.C. and .iiij.M. measures, with the thre portes: the one Symeon, another Izachar, the thyrde Zabulon.
34 And vpon the westsyde .v.C. and .iiij. measures, with thre portes also: the one Gad, another Asser, the thyrde Nephtali.
35 Thus shall it haue .xviij.M. measures rounde about. And from that tyme forth, the name of the citye shalbe, the Lorde is there.