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1 It fortuned in the dayes of Ahasuerus whych raygned from India vnto Ethiopia (ouer an hundreth and seuen and twenty landes)
2 euen in those dayes whan the kyng Ahasuerus sate on his seate royall, which was in Susan şe chefe cytie,
3 in şe thirde yeare of his raygne, he made a feast vnto all his princes & seruauntes. And the myghtye men of Persia & Media, the capitaynes also & rulers of his countrees were before him,
4 & he shewed the riches and glorye of his kyngdome, & the glorious worshippe of hys greatnesse, many dayes longe, euen an hundreth and foure score dayes.
5 And when these dayes were expyred, the kyng made a feast vnto all şe people, şt were in Susan the chefe cytie, both vnto great and small, seuen dayes long in the court of şe garden by the kynges palace:
6 where there hanged white, grene & yalow clothes, fastened with coardes of fyne sylke & purple in syluer rynges, vpon pylers of Marble stone. The benches also were of golde & syluer made vpon a pauement of grene, white, yalow and black Marble.
7 And they dranke in vessels of golde, & chaunged vessell after vessell. And the kynges wyne was moch, accordyng to the power of the kyng.
8 And şe drinke was so apoynted şt none shulde compell anye man, for so the kyng had commaunded by the officers of his house, şt euery one shuld do as it liked him.
9 And şe quene Uasti made a feast also for the wemen in the palace of Ahasuerus .
10 And on the seuenth daye when the kyng was mery after şe wyne, he commaunded Mehuman, Biztha, Harbona, Bigtha, Abagthan, Zethar & Carchas, the seuen chamberlaynes (şt dyd seruice in the presence of kyng Ahasuerus)
11 to fetch the quene Uasti with şe crowne regal into the kynges presence that he myght shewe the people and princes her fairnesse, for she was bewtifull.
12 But şe quene Uasthi wolde not come at şe kinges word by his chamberlaynes. Then was şe kyng very wroth, & his indignacion kyndled in him.
13 And the kyng spake to the wyse men, that had vnderstanding in the ordinaunces of the land, for the kynges matters must be handled before all soch as haue knowledge of the lawe and iudgement:
 14 and the next vnto him were, Carsena, Sethar, Admata, Tharsis, Mares, Marsena, & Mamucan, the seuen princes of Persia, and Media, whych sawe the kynges face, & sat aboue in the kyngdom
15 what lawe (saieth şe king) shuld be executed vpon the quene Uasthi, because she dyd not accordyng to the worde of the kyng Ahasuerus, whych he commaunded by his chamberlaynes?
16 And Memucan answered before the kyng and the princes: the quene Uasthi hath not onely done euell agaynst the kynge, but also agaynst all the princes and agaynst all the people şt are in all şe landes of kyng Ahasuerus:
17 for this dede of the quene shall come abrode vnto all wemen, so şt they shall despised their husbandes before their eyes, and shal saye: the kyng Ahasuerus commaunded Uasthi şe quene to be brought in before hym, but she wold not come.
18 And so shall the princesses in Persia and Media saye likewyse vnto all the kynges princes, when they heare of this dede of the quene, thus shall there aryse to moch despitefulnes & wrath.
19 If it please the kyng therfore, let there go a commaundment from him, & let it be written according to the lawes of the Persians and Medians (and not to be transgressed) şt Uasthi come nomore before kyng Ahasuerus, & let şe king geue her kingdome vnto another, that is better then she.
20 And when this commaundement of the kyng (which shalbe made) is published thorow out all his empire (whych is greate) all wemen shall hold their husbandes in honoure both among great and small.
21 This pleased the kyng & the prynces: and the kyng dyd according to the word of Memucan.
22 For he sent letters forth in to all the kynges landes, in to euery land, accordyng to the wryting therof, & to euery people after their language, şt euery man shulde be lord in his awne house. And this caused he to be spoken after the language of his people.




1 After these actes, when the displeasure of king Ahasuerus was now layed, he thought vpon Uasthi, & what she had done, and what was concluded agaynst her.
2 Then sayd the kynges seruauntes that ministred vnto him: Let there be fayre young virgins sought for the kyng,
3 and the kyng appointed certayne men in all the landes of his empyre, whom he charged şt they shuld bryng together all the fayre yong virgins vnto Susan the head cite, to the wemens buylding, vnder the hand of Hagei the kynges chamberlayne, that kepte the wemen, to geue them their apparell.
4 And that the damsell whych pleased the kynge shuld be quene in Uasthis steade. And this pleased the kyng, and he dyd so.
5 In the cyte of Susan there was a Iewe, whose name was Mardocheus, the sonne of Iair, the sonne of Semei, the sonne of Cis a man of Iemini,
6 which was caryed awaye from Ierusalem, whan Iekonia the kyng of Iuda was led awaye, (whom Nabuchodonozor the kyng of Babilon caryed thence)
7 & he norished Hadassa (that is Esther) his vncles daughter: for she had nether father nor mother, and she was a fayre & beutyfull damsell: whom Mardocheus (when her father & mother was deed) receaued for his awne daughter.
8 So it fortuned that when the kynges commaundement & commission was published, and many damosels were brought together in the cite of Susan vnder the hande of Hagei. Esther was brought also vnto the kynges house vnder the hand of Hagei the keper of the wemen,
9 & the damsell pleased him, and she founde fauoure in his syght. And he caused ornamentes to be geuen her & soch thynges as belonged to her, and appoynted her seuen comlye damsels out of the kynges house, & fauoured both her and her gentyll wemen singularly in the house of the wemen.
10 But Esther shewed not her people & her kynred: for Mardocheus had charged her, that she shuld not tell it.
11 And Mardocheus walked euery daye before the court of the wemens house, that he myght knowe howe Esther dyd, and what shulde become of her.
12 And when the appoynted tyme of euery damsell came, that she shuld go into şe kyng Ahasuerus, after that she had bene twelue monethes in the deckynge of the wemen (for their deckynge must haue so moch tyme, namely syxe monethes with Balme & Myrre, and syxe monethes with good spices, so were the wemen beutyfyed)
13 then went there one damosell vnto the kyng, and whatsoeuer she requyred that must be geuen her to go wyth her out of the wemens buylding vnto şe kynges palace.
14 In the euenyng she went, and in the morow agayne into the seconde house of the wemen abyding vnder the hand of Saasgas the kynges chamberlayne, whych kept the concubines. And she came in vnto the kyng nomore, excepte it pleased the kyng to haue her, and that he called her by name.
15 Now when the tyme came of Esther the daughter of Abihan the vncle of Mardocheus (whych had receaued her as hys awne daughter) that she shuld come into şe kyng, she desyred nothyng, but what Hagei the kynges chamberlayne the keper of the wemen, sayde. And Esther found fauoure in the syght of all them şt loked vpon her.
16 And Esther was taken vnto kyng Ahasuerus into his house royall, in şe tenth moneth which is şe moneth Tebeth, in şe seuenth yeare of his raygne.
17 And the kyng loued Esther aboue all the wemen, & she found grace and fauoure in hys syght before all the virgins: so that he set the crowne of the kyngdome vpon hir head, and made her quene in steade of Uasthi.
18 And the kyng made a great feast vnto all his princes and seruauntes (which feast was because of Esther) & caused şe landes to be in quyernes, & gaue giftes, as became şe royaltye of a king.
19 And when the virgins were gathered together the seconde tyme, Mardocheus sat in the kynges gate.
20 And as yet had not Esther shewed her kynred and her people, accordinge as Mardocheus had bydden her: for Esther dyd after the worde of Mardocheus, lyke as yf she had bene yet vnder hys gouernaunce.
21 At the same tyme, whyle Mardocheus sat in the kynges gate, two of the kynges chamberlaynes Bigthan and Theres which kept the dore, were wroth, & sought to laye their handes on şe kyng Ahasuerus:
22 wherof also Mardocheus gat knowledge, and tolde it vnto quene Esther, & Esther certifyed the kyng therof in Mardocheus name.
23 And when inquisicion was made, it was founde so. And they were both hanged on tre: and it was written in the Chronycles before the kynge.




1 After these actes dyd şe kynge Ahasuerus promote Haman the sonne of Amadatha şe Agagite, & set him hye, & set hys seat aboue all şe princes that he had with him.
2 And all the kynges seruauntes that were in the kynges gate, bowed their knees, and worshypped Haman: for the kyng had so commaunded concernyng him. But Mardocheus bowed not the knee, and worshypped him not.
3 Then the kynges seruauntes whych were in the kynges gate, sayde vnto Mardocheus: why transgressest thou the kynges commaundment?
4 And when they spake thus daylie vnto him, he folowed them not, and they tolde Haman, that they myght se how Mardocheus matters wolde endure: for he had told them, that he was a Iewe.
5 And when Haman sawe, that Mardocheus bowed not the knee vnto him, nor worshipped him, he was full of indignacion,
6 and thought it to lyttell to laye handes onely on Mardocheus: for they had shewed him şe nacion of Mardocheus, wherfore he sought to destroye all the Iewes, that were thorow out the whole empyre of Ahasuerus, and that were of the nacion of Mardocheus.
7 In the fyrst moneth (that is the moneth Nisan) in the twelueth yeare of kyng Ahasuerus they cast Phur (that is a lott) before Haman from daye to daye, and from moneth to moneth, to the twelueth moneth that is the moneth Adar.
8 And Haman sayde vnto kynge Ahasuerus: There is here a people scatered abrode and dispersed among all people in all the landes of thyne empyre, & they haue their lawes contrary from all people, & do not after the kynges lawes, nether is it the kynges profet to suffre them after thys maner.
9 If it please the kynge, let it be wrytten, that they maye be destroyed, & so wyll I weye downe ten thousand talentes of syluer, by the handes of şe worckmen, to be brought into the kynges treasure.
10 And the kyng toke his rynge from his hand, & gaue it vnto Haman the sonne of Amidatha the Agagite the Iewes enemye.
11 And the kynge sayde vnto Haman: Let the syluer be geuen the, and do with that people as it pleaseth the.
12 Then were the kynges scrybes called on şe thirtenth daye of şe fyrst moneth and there was written (according as Haman commaunded) vnto all the kynges officers & to the captaynes that were in all the landes, and to the rulars of euery people in the countreyes on euery syde, accordyng to the wryting of euery nacion, and after their language, in the name of kyng Ahasuerus was it wrytten and sealed with the kynges rynge.
13 And the wrytynges were sent by postes into all the kynges landes, to rote out, to kyll, and to destroye all Iewes, both yong & olde, chyldren & wemen in one daye (namely vpon the thirtenth daye of the twelueth moneth, whych is the moneth Adar) & to spoyle their goodes.
14 This was the summe of the wryting, şt there shulde be a commaundement geuen in all landes, and publisshed vnto all people, that they shulde be ready agaynst the same daye.
15 And the postes went in all şe hast, accordyng to the kynges commaundement. And in Susan the chefe cytie was the commaundement deuised. And şe kyng & Haman sate & drancke: whan in the meane tyme the cytie of Susan was disquieted.




1 When Mardocheus perceaued all şt was done, he rente his clothes and put on sack cloth, with asshes, and went out into the myddes of the cytie, and cryed loud and lamentably,
2 & came before the kynges gate: but he myght not entre within şe kynges gate, because he had sack cloth on.
3 And in all landes, countrees, & places, as farre as the kynges worde and commaundment extended, there was greate lamentacion among the Iewes, fasting, weping, and mourning, and many laye in sack clothes & in asshes.
4 So Esthers damosels and her chamberlaynes, came & told it her. Then was the quene exceadyngly astonnied. And she sent rayment, that Mardocheus shulde put on, and laye the sack cloth from him. But Mardocheus wold not take them.
5 Then called Esther Hathath one of the kynges chamberlaynes (whych stode before her) and gaue him a commaundment vnto Mardocheus, şt he might knowe what it were, wherfore he dyd so.
6 So Hathat went forth to Mardocheus vnto the strete of şe cytie, whych was before the kynges gate.
7 And Mardocheus tolde him of all şt had happened vnto him, and of the summe of syluer şt Haman had promised to weye downe into şe kynges treasury, because of şe Iewes yf he wolde destroye them
8 (& he gaue hym the copye of the kynges commaundement, that was deuysed at Susan, to destroye them, that he might shewe it vnto Esther) and to speake to her, and charge her, that she shuld go into the kyng, and make her prayer and supplicacion vnto him for her people.
9 And when Hathath came in, he told Esther the wordes of Mardocheus.
10 And agayne, Esther spake vnto Hathath, & commaunded him to saye vnto Mardocheus:
11 all the kynges seruauntes, & the people in the landes of the kynge, knowe that whosoeuer commeth within the court vnto the kyng, whether it be man or woman, whych is not called, şe commaundment is, şt the same shall dye, excepte the kynge holde out the golden scepter vnto him for then he shall lyue. As for me, I haue not bene called to come into the kyng now this thyrtie dayes.
12 And they certifyed Mardocheus of Esthers wordes,
13 & Mardocheus bad saye agayne vnto Esther, thynke not to saue thyne awne lyfe, while thou art in şe kynges house, before all Iewes:
14 for yf şu holdest thy peace at this tyme, then shall the Iewes haue helpe and deliueraunce out of another place, & thou & thy fathers house shalbe destroyed. And who knoweth whether thou art come to the kyngdom, for this causes sake?
15 Esther had them geue Mardocheus this answer:
16 Go thou thy waye, and gether together all the Iewes that are found at Susan, and fast ye for me, that ye eat not and drynke not in thre dayes, nether daye nor nyght. I and my damosels will fast lykewise, and so will I go into the kyng, which thing yet, is contrary to the commaundment: and yf I perishe, I perishe.
17 So Mardocheus went his waye, & dyd all that Esther had commaunded him.




1 And on the thyrde daye it fortuned, that Esther put on her royall apparell, & stode in the court of the kynges palace within, ouer agaynst şe kynges house. And the kyng sate vpon his royall seate in the kynges palace ouer agaynst the gate of the house.
2 And when the kyng sawe Esther the quene standyng in the court, she found grace in hys syght. And the kyng helde out the golden scepter that was in his hande towarde Esther. So Esther stepte forth, and touched the toppe of the scepter.
3 Then sayde the kynge vnto her: What wylt thou quene Esther? and what requyrest thou? aske euen the halfe of the empire, and it shall be geuen the.
4 And Esther answered. If it please the kyng, let the kyng & Haman come this daye vnto the bancket, that I haue prepared for hym.
5 And the kyng sayde: cause Haman to make hast, that he maye do as Esther hath sayde. So the kyng & Haman came to the banket şt Esther had prepared,
6 & the kyng sayde vnto Esther at the bancket of wyne: what is thy peticyon? that it maye be geuen the. And what requyrest thou? If it be euen the halfe of the empire, it shalbe done.
7 Then answered Esther, and sayd, my peticion and desyre is,
8 yf I haue founde grace in the syght of the kyng, and yf it please the kyng, to geue me my peticion, & to fulfyll my request, then let the kyng & Haman come to the bancket şt I shall prepare for them, and so will I do tomorow, as the kyng hath sayde.
9 Then went Haman forth the same daye ioyfull and mery in his mynde. And when the same Haman sawe Mardocheus in şe kynges gate, şt he stode not vp & kneled before hym, he was full of indignacion at Mardocheus.
10 Neuertheles, Haman refrayned him selfe: & when he came home, he sent, and called for his frendes, & Zares his wyfe,
11 and Haman tolde them of the glory of his ryches, and the multitude of his children, & all together howe şe kyng had promoted him so greatly and howe that he had set him aboue the princes and seruauntes of the kyng.
12 Haman sayd moreouer: Yee & Esther şe quene dyd let no man come in with the kyng vnto the bancket that she had prepared, excepte me, & tomorow am I bidden vnto her also with the kyng.
13 But in all this am I not satisfyed, as longe as I se Mardocheus the Iewe syttynge at the kynges gate.
14 Then sayd Zares hys wyfe and all hys frendes vnto him: Let them make a galowse of fyftye cubites hye, and tomorow speake thou vnto şe kyng, that Mardocheus maye be hanged theron, & go thou in merely wyth the kynge vnto the bancket. And Haman was wel content with all, & caused the galowes to be made.




1 The same nyght could not the king slepe, and he commaunded to bryng the Chronicles and storyes: whych when they were red before the kyng
2 they happened on the place where it was wrytten, how Mardocheus had told that Bigthana and Theres şe kynges two chamberlaynes (which kept the thresholdes) sought, to laye handes on kyng Ahasuerus.
3 And the kyng sayd: what worshyppe & good haue we done to Mardocheus therfore? Then sayde the kynges seruauntes that mynistred vnto hym: There is nothynge at all done for hym.
4 And the kyng sayde: Who is in the courte? (for Haman was gone into the court wythout before şe kinges house, that he myght speake vnto the kynge to hange Mardocheus on şe tre, that he had prepared for hym.)
5 And the kynges seruauntes sayde vnto hym: beholde, Haman standeth without in the court. And şe kyng sayd: let him come in.
6 And when Haman came in, the kyng sayd vnto hym: what shall be done vnto the man, whom the şe kynge volde fayne brynge vnto worshippe? Haman thought in his hert: Whom desyreth the kyng to bryng vnto worshippe more then me?
7 And Haman answered the kyng Let the man whom the kyng pleaseth to bring vnto worshippe, be brought hyther,
8 that he maye be arayed with the royall garmentes which the kyng vseth to weare: & the horse şt the kyng rydeth vpon, and that the crowne royall maye be set vpon his heed.
9 And let this rayment and horse be delyuered vnder the hand of one of the kynges princes, that they maye araye the man withall (whom the kyng is disposed to bryng to honoure) & cary hym vpon the horse thorow the strete of the cytie, and proclayme before him: thus shalt it be done to the man, whom the kynge pleaseth to bryng to honoure.
10 And the kyng sayde: make hast, and take as thou hast sayde, the rayment & the horse: and do euen so vnto Mardocheus the Iewe, şt sytteth before the kynges gate, & let nothing fayle of all that thou hast spoken.
11 Then toke Haman the rayment & the horse, and arayed Mardocheus, and brought him on horsbacke thorow the strete of şe cytie, and proclaymed before him: Euen thus shall it be done vnto şe man whom the kyng is disposed to honoure.
12 And Mardocheus came agayne to the kynges gate, but Haman gat hym home in all şe hast mournynge bare headed,
13 and tolde Zares his wyfe and all hys frendes, euery thing şt had happened him. Then sayd his wyse men and Zares his wyfe vnto him: It yf be Mardocheus, of the sede of şe Iewes, before whom thou hast begonne to fall, thou shalt not preuayle agaynst hym, but shalt surely fall before him.
14 And whyle they were yet talkyng with him, came the kynges chamberlaynes, & caused Haman to make hast, to come vnto the bancket that Esther had prepared.




1 And the kyng and Haman came into the bancket that quene Esther had prepared,
2 and the kyng sayd vnto Esther on the seconde daye at the bancket of wyne: what is thy peticion (quene Esther) that it maye be geuen the? And what requyrest thou? Yee, aske euen half of the empyre, & it shall be done.
3 And Esther the quene answered, & sayd: If I haue found grace in thy syght (O kyng) and yf it please the kyng, then graunt me my lyfe at my desyre and my people, for my peticions sake:
4 for we are solde, I & my people, to be destroyed, to be slayne & to perishe. And wold God we were solde to be bondmen and bond wemen, then wold I hold my tonge: For the enemye pondreth not the kynges harme.
5 The kynge Ahasuerus answered, and sayde vnto quene Esther: who is he? And where is he, şt darre presume in hys mynde, to do after şt maner?
6 And Esther sayd: the enemye and aduersary is this wicked Haman. Haman, was exceadingly afrayed before the kyng and the quene.
7 And the kynge arose from the bancket and from the wyne in hys displeasure, & went into the palace garden. And Haman stode vp, & besought quene Esther for his lyfe: for he sawe, that there was a mischefe prepared for him of şe king all ready.
8 And when the kyng came agayne out of the palace garden into the place where they dranke wyne, Haman had layed him vpon şe bed, şt Esther sat vpon. Then sayd the kyng: wyll he force the quene also before me in the house? As sone as that worde went out of şe kynges mouth they couered Hamans face.
9 And Harbona one of the chamberlaynes that stode before the kyng, sayde: Beholde, there standeth a galowes in Hamans house fyftie cubytes hye, whych he had made for Mardocheus, that spake good for the kyng. The kyng sayde: hang him theron.
10 So they hanged Haman on the galowes, that he had made for Mardocheus. Then was the kynges wrath pacified.




1 The same daye dyd kyng Ahasuerus geue the house of Haman the Iewes enemye, vnto quene Esther. And Mardocheus came before şe king: for Esther tolde, howe that he belonged vnto her.
2 And the kyng put of his fynger rynge, whych he had taken from Haman, & gaue it vnto Mardocheus. And Esther set Mardocheus ouer şe house of Haman.
3 And Esther spake yet more before the kyng: & fell downe at his fete wepyng, & besought him, that he wold put awaye şe wickednes of Haman the Agagite, and hys deuyce that he had ymagined agaynst the Iewes.
4 And şe kynge helde out şe golden scepter toward Esther. Then rose Esther, and stode before the kynge,
5 and sayd: yf it please the kyng, & yf I haue found grace in his syght, and yf it be acceptable before the kynge, then let it be wrytten, that the letters of the deuyce of Hamam the sonne of Hamadatha the Agagite, maye be called agayne: whych letters he wrote, to destroye the Iewes, which are in all the kynges landes.
6 For how can I suffre and se the euell, that shall happen vnto my people? Or how can I loke vpon the destruccion of my kynred?
7 And şe kyng Ahasuerus sayd vnto quene Esther, & to Mardocheus şe Iewe: Behold, I haue geuen Esther şe house of Haman, whom they haue hanged vpon a tre, because he layed hand vpon the Iewes.
8 Wryte ye also for the Iewes, as it lyketh you in the kynges name, & seale it with the kynges ryng (for the writynges that were wrytten in the kynges name, and sealed with the kynges rynge, durst no man dysanull.)
9 Then were the kynges scribes called at şe same tyme, euen in şe thirde moneth, that is the moneth Siuan, on the thre and twentyeth daye. And it was written (accordynge to all as Mardocheus commaunded) vnto the Iewes, and to the princes, to the Debityes and captaynes in the landes which are from India vntill Ethiopia, namely an hundred and seuen and twentye landes, vnto euery one accordynge to the writing therof, & vnto euery people after theyr speche, & to the Iewes accordynge to theyr wrytinge and language.
10 And he wrotte in şe kinge Ahasuerus name, and sealed it with the kynges ringe. And by postes that rode vpon horses, and swyfte yong Mules, sent he the wrytinges,
11 wherin the kyng graunted the Iewes (in what cyties soeuer they were) to gather them selues together, and to stande for their lyfe, and for to rote out, to slaye, & to destroye all the power of the people and land that wold trouble them. with chyldren and wemen, and to spoyle their good
12 vpon one daye in all the landes of kyng Ahasuerus, namely vpon the thyrtenth daye of the twelueth moneth, which is the moneth Adar.
13 The some of the wrytynge was, how there shulde be a commaundment geuen in all landes and publisshed among all people, and that the Iewes shulde be ready agaynst that daye, and to auenge them selues on their enemyes.
14 And so the postes that rode vpon the swift horses and Mules, made hast with all spede, to execute şe kinges worde: & şe commaundement was deuised in Susan şe chefe cytie.
15 And Mardocheus went out from the kynge, in royall apparell of yelow and whyte, and with a great crowne of golde, beyng arayed with a garment of sylke and purple, and the cytie of Susan reioysed and was glad:
16 and vnto the Iewes there was come lyght and gladnesse, ioye and worshippe.
17 In all landes & cyties, into what places soeuer the kynges worde and commaundement reched, there was ioye & myrth, prosperite & good dayes among the Iewes: in somoch, that many of the people in the lande became of the Iewes belefe, and the feare of the Iewes came vpon them.




1 In the twelueth moneth, that is the moneth Adar, vpon the thirtenth daye of the same, whan şe kynges word and commaundement shulde be done, euen vpon the same daye that the enemyes shulde haue destroyed the Iewes to haue oppressed them, it turned contrary wyse, euen that the Iewes shulde subdue their enemyes.
2 For then gathered şe Iewes together in their cyties wythin all şe landes of kynge Ahasuerus, to laye hand on soch as wolde do them euell, and no man coulde withstand them: for the feare of them was come ouer all people.
3 And all the rulers in the landes, and princes & Debites, & officers of the kyng, promoted the Iewes, for the feare of Mardocheus came vpon them.
4 For Mardocheus was greate in the kynges house, and the reporte of him was noysed in all landes, how he increased and grewe.
5 Thus şe Iewes smote all theyr enemyes with a sore slaughter, and slewe & destroyed, and dyd after their wyll vnto soche as were their aduersaries.
6 And at Susan şe chefe cytie slew the Iewes, and destroyed fyue hundreth men:
7 & slewe Pharsandatha, Dalphou Asphatha,
8 Phoratha, Adalia, Aridatha,
9 Pharmastha, Arisai, Aridai, and Uaizatha,
10 the ten sonnes of Haman the sonne of Hamadata the enemye of şe Iewes: but on his goodes they layed no handes.
11 At the same tyme was the kyng certyfied of the nombre of those that were slayne in şe cyte of Susan.
12 And the kyng sayde vnto quene Esther. The Iewes haue slayne and destroyed fyue hundreth men in the cytie of Susan, & the ten sonnes, of Haman. What haue they done thynkest şu in the other landes of the kynge? And what is thy peticion, that it maye be geuen the? or what requirest thou more to be done?
13 Esther answered: If it please şe kynge, let him suffre the Iewes tomorow also to do accordynge vnto this dayes commaundement, that they maye hang Hamans ten sonnes vpon the tre.
14 And the kynge charged to do so, and the commaundement was deuised at Susan, & they hanged Hamans ten sonnes.
15 For the Iewes that were in Susan gathered them selues together, vpon the fourtenth daye of the moneth Adar, & slew thre hundreth men at Susan, but on their goodes they layed no handes.
16 As for the other Iewes that were in the kynges landes, they came together, and stode for their lyues, şt they myght haue rest from their enemies: & slew of their enemyes fyue and seuentye thousand, howbeit, they layed no handes on their goodes.
17 This they dyd on the thirtenth daye of the moneth Adar, and on the fourtenth daye of the same moneth rested they, which daye they helde wt feastinge and gladnesse.
18 But the Iewes şt were at Susan, came together both on the thyrtenth daye and on the fourtenth, and on the fyftenth daye of the same they rested, and helde that daye with feastyng and gladnes.
19 And therfore the Iewes that dwelt in şe villages and vnwalled townes, helde the fourtenth daye of the moneth Adar, with gladnes and feastynge, and kepte holy daye, and euery one sent gyftes vnto another.
20 And Mardocheus wrote these actes, and sent the writynges vnto all the Iewes that were in all the landes of kynge Ahasuerus, both nye & farre
21 that they shuld make a law among them selues & holde the fourtenth and fiftenth daye of the moneth Adar,
22 as şe dayes wherin the Iewes came to rest from their enemyes, and as a moneth wherin their payne was turned to ioye, & their sorowe into a holy daye, & that in those dayes they shuld make feastes and gladnes, & one to sende gyftes vnto another, & to distribute vnto the poore.
23 And the Iewes were content with it şt they had begonne to do, and şt Mardocheus wrote vnto them:
24 how that Haman the sonne of Hamadatha all the Iewes enemy, had deuised against şe Iewes, how he might destroye them and caused to cast Phur (that is a Lot) for to put them in feare, & to bryng them to naught:
25 & how Hester went, and spake to the kynge, şt thorowe letters his wicked deuyce (which he ymagined agaynst şe Iewes) myght be turned vpon his awne heed, & how hee & his sonnes were hanged on the tre.
26 For the which cause they called this daye Phurim, because of the name of the lott, and because of all the wordes of this writing: & what they them selues had sene, & what had happened vnto them.
27 And the Iewes set it vp, and toke it vpon them and their sede, and vpon all soch as ioyned them selues vnto them, that they wolde not misse but obserue these two dayes yerely, accordynge as they were wrytten and appoynted,
28 how that these dayes are not to be forgotten, but to be kepte of childers children among all kynredes in all landes and cyties. They are the dayes of Phurim, which are not to be ouerslipte among the Iewes, & the memoriall of them ought not to perisshe from their sede.
29 And quene Esther the daughter of Abihail and Mardocheus the Iew wrote wt all auctorite (to confirme this seconde writting of Phurim)
30 and sent the letters vnto all the Iewes in the hundreth & seuen and twentye landes of the empyre of Ahasuerus, wt frendly and faythfull wordes,
31 to confirme these dayes of Phurim, in their tyme appoynted, accordynge as Mardocheus the Iew & Esther the quene had appoynted them. And they bound their soule and their sede to fasting, & prayer.
32 And Esther stablisshed the wordes of these lottes, as it is written in the boke.




1 (9:33) And the kynge Ahasuerus layed trybute vpon the lande, and vpon the Iles of the see.
2 (9:34) And all that he dyd by his power and auctorite, & the great worshippe of Mardocheus, which the kyng gaue him, be they not written in the Chronycles of the kynges of Media and Persia?
3 (9:35) For Mardocheus the Iewe was the seconde next vnto kyng Ahasuerus and greate among the Iewes, and accepted among the multitude of his brethren, as one şt seketh the welth of his people, and speaketh the best for all hys sede.