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1 Paul an Apostle of Iesus Christ, by the wyll of God. To the saynctes which are at Ephesus, and to them which beleue on Iesus Christ
2 Grace be with you, & peace from God our father, and from the Lorde Iesus Christ.
3 Blessed be God the father of oure Lorde Iesus Christ, which hath blessed vs with all maner of spirituall blessyng in heuenly thinges by Christ
4 accordinge as he had chosen vs in hym, before the foundacions of the worlde were layde, that we shulde be holy, and without blame before hym, thorowe loue.
5 Which ordeyned vs before thorowe Iesus Christ to be heyres vnto hym selfe, accordinge to the good pleasure of hys wyll,
6 to the prayse of the glory of hys grace, wherwith he hath made vs accepted thorowe the beloued.
7 By whome we haue redempcyon thorowe his bloude, euen the forgeuenes of synnes, accordinge to the ryches of grace:
8 wherof he hath minystred vnto vs aboundantlye in all wisdome and prudence.
9 And hath opened vnto vs the mystery of hys wyll, accordynge to hys good pleasure, which he had purposed in hym selfe,
10 to haue it declared whan the tyme was full come, that he myght set vp all thynges perfectly by Christ (both the thynges which are in heuen, and the thynges which are in earth)
11 euen by hym by whom we are made heyres, and were therto predestinate accordynge to the purpose of hym by whose power all thynges are wrought accordinge to the purpose of hys awne wyll:
12 şt we (which before beleued in Christ) shuld be vnto the prayse of hys glory.
13 In whom also we beleue, for asmoche as we haue hearde the worde of trueth, euen the Gospell of youre saluacyon: wherin, whan ye had beleued ye were sealed with the holy sprete of promes
14 which is şe ernest of oure inheritaunce, for the recouerynge of the purchassed possessyon, vnto the prayse of hys glory.
15 Wherfore I also (after that I hearde of şe fayth, which ye haue in şe Lorde Iesu, & loue vnto all şe saynctes)
16 cease not to geue thankes for you, makynge mencyon of you in my prayers:
17 that the God of oure Lorde Iesus Chryst, the father of glory, maye geue vnto you the sprete of wysdome and reuelacyon, by the knowledge of him selfe,
18 and lyghten the eyes of youre myndes, that ye maye knowe what the hope is, where vnto he hath called you, and howe riche the glorye is of his inheritaunce vpon the saynctes,
19 and what is şe excedinge greatnes of his power to vs warde, which beleue accordynge to the workynge of şt his mighty power,
20 which he wrought in Christ, when he raysed him from the deed, and set him on his ryght hande in heauenly thinges,
21 aboue all rule, & power, & myght and dominion, and aboue euery name that is named, not in this worlde onely, but also in the worlde to come:
22 and hath put all thynges vnder his fete, and hath made him aboue all thinges the heed of the congregacyon,
23 which is his body and the fulnes of him, that fylleth all in all.




1 And you hath he quickened where as ye were deed in treaspasses and synnes,
2 in the which in tyme passed ye walked, accordyng to the course of this worlde, euen after the gouerner that ruleth in the ayer, the sprete that nowe worketh in the chyldren of vnbelefe
3 amonge whom we all had oure conuersacyon also in tyme past, in the lustes of oure flesshe, and fulfylled the wyll of the flesshe and of the mynde: and were by nature the chyldren of wrath, euen as well as other.
4 But God which is riche in mercy (for his greate loue wher with he loued vs,
5 euen when we were deed by synnes) quyckened vs together in Christ (by grace are ye saued)
6 and raysed vs vp together with hym and made vs sytte together with him amonge them of heauen in Christ Iesu.
7 That in tymes to come he myght shewe the exceadynge, ryches of hys grace, in kyndnes to vs warde thorowe Chryst Iesu.
8 For by grace are ye made safe thorow fayth, and that not of youre selues. It is the gyfte of God,
9 and commeth not of workes, lest eny man shulde boast him selfe
10 For we are his worckmanshyppe, created in Chryst Iesu vnto good workes, whiche God ordeyned, that we shulde walke in them.
11 Wherfore, remember that ye beynge in tyme passed gentyls in the flesshe, were called vncircumcisyon from that whych is called circumcisyon in the flesshe, which circumcision is made by handes:
12 remember (I saye) that at that tyme ye were without Chryst, beynge aliauntes from the comen welth of Israel, and straungers from the testamentes of the promes hauynge no hope, and beynge with out God in this worlde.
13 But nowe by şe meanes of Christ Iesu, ye which somtyme were farre of, are made nye by the bloude of Chryst.
14 For he is oure peace, which hath made of both one, and hath broken downe the wall that was a stoppe betwene vs,
15 and hath also put awaye thorowe his flesshe, the cause of hatred, euen the lawe of commaundementes contayned in the lawe wrytten, for to make of twayne one newe man in hym selfe, so makynge peace,
16 and to reconcyle both vnto God in one body thorowe the crosse, & slewe hatred therby:
17 and came, and preached peace to you which were a farre of, and to them that were nye.
18 For thorowe hym we both haue an intraunce, in one sprete vnto the father.
19 Now therfore, ye are not straungers, and foreyners: but citesyns with the sayntes & of the housholde of God:
20 and are buylt vpon the foundacyon of the Apostles and Prophetes, Iesus Chryst him selfe beynge the heed corner stone,
21 in whom what buyldynge soeuer is coupled together, it groweth vnto an holy temple in the Lorde,
22 in whom ye also are buylt together, to be an habitacion of God thorowe the ghost.




1 For this cause, I Paul am a presoner of Iesus Chryst for you Hethen:
2 If ye haue hearde of the ministracyon of the grace of God which is geuen me to you warde.
3 For by reuelacion shewed he the mistery vnto me, as I wrote afore in feawe wordes
4 wherby when ye reade, ye maye vnderstand my knowledge in şe mistery of Christ,
5 which mistery in tymes passed was not opened vnto the sonnes of men, as it is nowe declared vnto hys holy Apostles and Prophetes by the sprete:
6 that the Gentyls shulde be inheritours also, and of the same body, and partetakers of hys promes in Christ, by the meanes of the Gospell,
7 wherof I am made a mynyster, accordinge to the gyfte of the grace of God which is geuen vnto me after the workynge of hys power.
8 Unto me the least of all saynctes is this grace geuen, that I shulde preache amonge the Gentyls şe vnsearcheable riches of Christ
9 and to make all men se, what the felyshyppe of the mystery is, which from the begynnynge of the worlde hath bene hyd in God which made all thinges thorow Iesus Christ:
10 to the intent, that nowe vnto the rulers and powers in heauenly thinges, myght be knowen by the congregacion, the manyfolde wysdome of God,
11 accordynge to the eternall purpose, which he wrought in Christ Iesu oure Lord,
12 by whom we haue boldnesse and entraunce with the confidence which is by the fayth of hym.
13 Wherfore I desyre, şt ye faynt not because of my tribulacions that I suffre for youre sakes: which is youre prayse.
14 For this cause I bowe my knees vnto şe father of oure Lorde Iesus Christ,
15 which is father ouer all that is called father in heauen and in erth,
16 that he wolde graunt you accordynge to the ryches of hys glorye, that ye maye be strengthed with might by his sprete in the inner man,
17 that Christ maye dwell in youre hertes by fayth, that ye beynge roted and grounded in loue,
18 myght be able to comprehende with all saynctes, what is şe bredth and length, deepth and heygth:
19 & to knowe the excellent loue of the knowledge of Christ that ye myght be fulfylled with all fulnes, which commeth of God.
20 Unto hym that is able to do exceadynge aboundantly aboue all that we aske or thynke accordynge to the power that worketh in in vs,
21 be prayse in the congregacyon by Christ Iesus, thorowe out all ages worlde without ende. Amen.




1 I therfore (which am a presonner of the Lordes) exhorte you, that ye walke worthy of the vocacyon wherwith ye are called,
2 with all lowlynes and mekenesse, with humblenes of mynde, forbearynge one another thorowe loue,
3 and be diligent to kepe the vnitie of the sprete thorowe the bonde of peace,
4 beynge one body, and one sprete, euen as ye are called in one hope of your callinge.
5 One Lorde, one fayth, one baptyme
6 one God and father of all, which is aboue all and thorowe all, and in you all.
7 Unto euery one of vs is geuen grace, accordynge to the measure of the gyfte of Chryst.
8 Wherfore he sayth: whan he went vp an hye, he ledde captiuitye captyue, and gaue gyftes vnto men.
9 That he ascended: what meaneth it? but that he also descended fyrst into the lowest partes of the erth?
10 He that descended, is euen the same also that ascended vp, aboue all heauens, to fulfyll all thynges.
11 And the very same made some Apostles, some Prophetes, some Euangelistes, some Shepherdes and Teachers:
12 to the edifyenge of the saynctes, to the worke and ministracyon, euen to the edifyinge of the body of Chryst,
13 tyll we all come to the vnitye of fayth, and knowledge of the sonne of God, vnto a perfecte man, vnto the measure of the full perfecte age of Chryst
14 That we hence forth shulde be nomore chyldren, wauerynge & caryed aboute with euery wynde of doctrine, by the wylynes of men, thorowe craftynes, wherby they laye a wayte for vs to deceaue vs.
15 But let vs folowe the trueth in loue, and in all thynges growe in hym, which is the heed, euen Christ,
16 in whom yf all the body be coupled and knet together thorow out euery ioynt wherwith one ministreth to another (accordynge to the operacyon as euery parte hath hys measure) he increaseth the body, vnto the edifyinge of it selfe thorowe loue.
17 This I saye therfore, and testifye thorowe the Lorde, that ye hence forth walke not, as other Gentyls walke, in vanite of theyr minde,
18 whyle they are blinded in their vnderstandynge, beynge farre from a godly lyfe, by the meanes of the ignorancy that is in them, and because of the blyndnes of their hertes:
19 which beynge past repentaunce, haue geuen them selues ouer vnto wantannes, to worke all manner of vnclennes, euen with gredines.
20 But ye haue not so learned Christ.
21 If so be that ye haue hearde of him, and haue bene taught in him, as the trueth is in Iesu:
22 (as concernynge the conuersacyon in tyme past) to laye from you that olde man, which is corrupte, accordynge to the deceauable lustes.
23 To be renued also in the sprete of youre mynde,
24 and to put on that newe man, which after God is shapen in ryghte wesnes and true holynes.
25 Wherfore, put awaye lyinge, & speake euery man truth vnto his neyghboure, for as moche as we are members one of another.
26 Be angrye, and synne not: let not the sunne go doune vpon youre wrath,
27 nether geue place vnto the backbyter.
28 Let hym şt stole, steale nomore but let him rather laboure wt his handes şe thynge which is good, that he maye geue vnto him that nedeth.
29 Let no fylthy communicacion procede out of youre mouth: but şt which is good to edifye wt all, as oft as nede is şt it maye minister grace vnto the hearers.
30 And greue not ye the holy sprete of God by whom ye are sealed vnto the daye of redempcyon.
31 Let all bitternes & fearsnes & wrath & rorynge & cursyd speakynge, be put awaye from you, with all maliciousnes.
32 Be ye courteouse one to another, mercyfull, forgeuynge one another, euen as God for Christes sake hath forgeuen you.




1 Be ye therfore folowers of God as deare chyldren,
2 and walke ye in loue euen as Christ loued vs, and gaue him selfe for vs an offerynge and a sacrifyce of a swete sauer to God
3 As for fornicacyon and all vnclennes, or coueteousnes let it not be once uamed amonge you, as it be commeth saynctes:
4 or fylthines or folysshe talkynge, or iestinge, which are not comly: but rather geuynge of thankes.
5 For thys ye knowe that no whormonger, ether vncleane person, or coueteous person, (which is a worshypper of ymages) hath eny inheritaunce in the kyngdome of Chryst and of God.
6 Let no man deceaue you with vayne wordes. For because of soche thynges commeth the wrath of God, vpon the chyldren of disobedience.
7 Be not ye therfore companyons of them.
8 Ye were somtyme darcknes, but nowe are ye lyght in the Lorde. Walke as children of lyght
9 (For şe frute of the sprete consysteth in all goodnes, and ryghtewesnes and trueth.)
10 Searchynge what is acceptable vnto the Lorde.
11 And haue no fellyshyppe with the vnfrutefull workes of darcknes but rather rebuke them.
12 For it is shame euen to name those thynges which are done of them in secrete:
13 but all thynges, when they are brought forthe by the lyght, are manifeste. For whatsoeuer is manifeste, that same is lyght.
14 Wherfore he sayth: awake thou that slepest, and stonde vp from deeth, and Chryst shall geue the lyght.
15 Take hede therfore howe ye walke circumspectly: not as vnwyse, but as wyse men.
16 Wynnynge occasyon, because the dayes are euyll.
17 Wherfore, be ye not vnwyse, but vnderstande what the wyll of the Lorde is,
18 and be not droncke with wyne wherin is excesse: but be fylled with the sprete,
19 speakynge vnto youre selues in psalmes and hymnes, and spretuall songes, synginge and makyng melodie to the Lorde in youre hertes,
20 gyuynge thankes allwayes for all thynges, vnto God the father in the name of oure Lorde Iesus Chryst,
21 submittynge youre selues one to another in the feare of God.
22 Ye wemen, submit youre selues vnto youre awne husbandes, as vnto the Lorde.
23 For the husbande is the wyues heed, euen as Chryst is the heed of the congregacyon, and the same is he that ministreth saluacion vnto the body.
24 Therfore, as the congregacyon is in subieccyon to Chryst, lykewyse let the wyues also be in subieccyon to theyr husbandes in all thinges.
25 Ye husbandes, loue youre wyues, euen as Chryst also loued the congregacyon, and gaue hym selfe for it,
26 to sanctifye it, and clensed it in the fountayne of water thorow the worde,
27 to make it vnto him selfe a gloryous congregacyon, without spot or wrynckle, or eny soche thynge: but şt it shulde be holy, and without blame.
28 So ought men to loue theyr wyues, as their awne bodyes. He that loueth hys wyfe, loueth hym selfe.
29 For no man euer yet hated hys awne flesshe: but noryssheth and cherissheth it, euen as the Lorde doth the congregacyon.
30 For we are members of his body, of his flesshe, and of hys bones.
31 For thys cause shall a man leaue father and mother, & shall be ioyned vnto his wyfe, and of two shalbe made one flesshe.
32 Thys is a greate secrete, but I speake of Chryst and of the congregacyon.
33 Neuerthelesse, do ye so, that euery one loue hys wyfe euen as hym selfe, and let the wyfe reuerence her husbande.




1 Chyldren, obey youre fathers and mothers in the Lorde: for that is ryght
2 Honoure thy father and mother, (the same is the fyrst commaundement in the promes)
3 that thou mayst prospere, and lyue longe on the erth.
4 Ye fathers moue not youre chyldren to wrath: but brynge them vp thorowe the doctryne and informacyon of the Lorde.
5 Ye seruauntes, obeye them that are youre bodely masters, with feare & tremblynge, euen with the synglenes of youre herte, as vnto Christ:
6 not doynge seruice vnto the eye, as they şt go about to please men: but as the seruauntes of Christ, doynge the wyll of God from the herte
7 with good wyll, seruynge the Lorde, and not men.
8 Knowynge thys, that whatsoeuer good thynge eny man doeth, the same shall he receaue agayne of God, whether he be bonde or fre.
9 And ye masters, do euen the same thynges vnto them puttinge awaye threatenynges: Knowynge, that youre master also is in heauen, nether is ther eny respecte of person with hym.
10 Finally my brethren, be stronge thorowe the Lorde and thorowe the power of his myght.
11 Put on all the armoure of God, that ye maye stande agaynst the assautes of şe deuyll.
12 For we wrestle not agaynst bloude and flesshe: but agaynst rule, agaynst power, agaynst worldy rulers, euen gouerners of the darcknes of thys worlde, agaynst spretuall craftynes in heauenly thynges.
13 Wherfore take vnto you şe whole armoure of God, that ye maye be able to resyste in the euyll daye, and stande perfecte in all thinges.
14 Stande therfore, and youre loynes gyrd with the trueth, hauynge on the brest plate of ryghtewesnes,
15 & hauynge shoes on youre fete, that ye maye be prepared for the Gospell of peace.
16 Aboue all, take to you the shylde of fayth, wherwith ye maye quenche all şe fyrie dartes of the wycked.
17 And take the helmet of saluacyon, and the swearde of the sprete, which is the worde of God.
18 And praye all wayes with all maner of prayer and supplicacyon in the sprete: and watch ther vnto with all instance and supplycacyon for all saynctes
19 and for me, that vtteraunce maye be geuen vnto me şt I maye open my mouth frely, to vtter şe secretes of my Gospell
20 (wherof I am messenger in bondes) that therin I maye speake frely, as I ought to speake.
21 But that ye maye also knowe what condicyon I am in, and what I do, Tichicus the deare brother and faythfull mynyster in the Lorde, shall shewe you of all thynges,
22 whom I haue sent vnto you for şe same purpose, that ye myght knowe what case we stande in, and that he myght comforte youre hertes.
23 Peace be vnto the brethren and loue with fayth, from God the father and from the Lorde Iesus Chryst.
24 Grace be with all them which loue oure Lorde Iesus Chryst syncerely. Amen.