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 1 The elder vnto şe beloued Gayus whom I loue in the trueth.
2 Beloued I wisshe in all thynges that thou prosperedest, and faredest well, euen as thy soule prospereth,
3 For I reioysed greatly, when şe brethren came, and testifyed of the trueth that is in the, how thou walkest in the trueth.
4 I haue no greater ioye, then for to heare, how that my sonnes walke in veritye.
5 Beloued thou doest faythfully, what soeuer şu doest to şe brethren, and to straungers,
6 which beare wytnes of thy loue before the congregacyon. Which brethren if thou brynge forwardes of theyr iorney (after a godly sorte) şu shalt do well:
7 because that for his names sake they went forth: and toke nothynge of the Gentyls.
8 We therfore ought to receaue such, that we myght be helpers to the trueth.
9 I wrote vnto the congregacion: but Diotrephes which loueth to haue the preeminence amonge them, receaueth vs not.
10 Wherfore yf I come, I will declare hys dedes which he doeth, iestinge on vs wt malicious wordes, nether is therewith content. Not onely he him selfe receaueth not şe brethren: but also he forbyddeth them şt wolde, and thrusteth them out of the congregacion.
11 Beloued, folowe not that which is euyll, but that which is good. He that doeth well is of God: but he that doeth euill, seyth not God.
12 Demetrius hath good reporte of all men & of the trueth it selfe. yee, and we oure selues also beare recorde, & ye knowe, that oure recorde is true.
13 I had many thinges to wryte: but I will not with ynke and penne wryte vnto the.
14 I trust I shall shortly se şe & we shall speake mouth to mouth. Peace be vnto the. The louers salute the. Grete the louers by name.