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1 After the deeth of Saul when Dauid was returned from the slaughter of the Amalekites, and had bene two dayes in Zikleg:
2 Beholde, there came a man the thyrde daye out of the hoste from Saul, with his clothes rent and erth vpon hys heed. And when he came to Dauid, he fell to the erth and dyd obeysaunce.
3 Dauid sayde vnto him: whence comest thou? He sayde vnto him: Out of the hoste of Israel am I escaped.
4 And Dauid sayde vnto him. And what is chaunced? tell me. He sayde: the people is fled from the battell: and many of the people are ouerthrowen, and deed: and Saul & Ionathas his sonne are deed also.
5 And Dauid sayde vnto the younge man that tolde him these thynges: How knowest thou that Saul and Ionathas hys sonne be deed?
6 The younge man that tolde him, answered: I came by chaunce to mount Gilboa: And beholde, Saul leaned vpon his speare. For the charettes and companyes of horsemen folowed harde after him.
7 And whan he loked backe he sawe me, and called me. And I answered: here am I.
8 And he sayde vnto me: what art thou? I answered hym: I am an Amalekite.
9 He sayde vnto me agayne: Stonde vpon me, and slee me: For anguysshe is come vpon me, though my lyfe be yet all in me.
10 And so I stode vpon hym, and slue him: for I was sure şt he coulde not lyue, after that he had fallen. And I toke the crowne şt was vpon hys heed, and the Braselet that was on hys arme, and haue brought them hyther vnto my Lorde.
11 Then Dauid toke holde on hys clothes, and rent them, and so dyd all the men that were wt him
12 And they mourned, and wepte, and fasted vntyll euen, for Saul and Ionathas his sonne, & for the people of the Lorde, and for the house of Israel, because they were ouerthrowen with the swerde.
13 And Dauid sayde vnto the younge man that brought him these tydinges. Whence art thou? And he answered. I am the sonne of an alyaunt an Amalekite.
14 And Dauid sayde vnto him: Howe is it şt thou wast not afrayed, to laye thyne hande on the Lordes anoynted, to destroye hym?
15 And Dauid called one of his younge men and sayde: Go to, and runne vpon him. And he smote hym: that he dyed:
16 then sayde Dauid vnto him: thy bloude be vpon thyne awne heed. For thyne awne mouth hath testyfied agaynst the sayinge: I haue slayne the Lordes anoynted.
17 And Dauid mourned with thys lamentacyon ouer Saul and ouer Ionathas hys sonne,
18 and bad teache the chyldren of Israel the vse of the bowe. And Beholde, it is wrytten in the boke of the ryghtwes.
19 O noble Israell, the wounded are slayne vpon thy hilles: Oh howe are the myghtie ouerthrowen.
20 Tell yt not in Gath, nor publishe it in şe streats of Ashalon: lest the daughters of the Philistines reioyse, and lest the daughters of the vncircumcysed triumphe.
21 Ye mountaynes of Gilboa, vpon you be nether dewe nor rayne, not vpon these feldes of offerynges. For there şe shilde of the myghtie is cast downe: şe shylde of Saul, as though he had not bene anoynted with oyle.
22 The bowe of Ionathas & the swerde of Saul turned neuer backe agayne emptie, from the bloude of the slayne, & from the fatte of the myghtye warryoures.
23 Saul and Ionathas were louely & pleasaunt in their lyues, and in their deathes they were not deuided: They were swifter then Egles, and stronger then Lyons.
24 Ye daughters of Israel, wepe ouer Saul, which clothed you in purple with pleasures, and hanged ornamentes of golde vpon your apparell.
25 Howe were the myghtye slayne in battell? Ionathas is deed on şe hye hylles.
26 Woo is me for the (my brother Ionathas) verye kynde hast thou bene vnto me. Thy loue to me was wonderfull, passynge şe loue of wemen.
27 O howe are the myghtie ouerthrowen, and the wepons of warre destroyed?




1 After thys it fortuned, that Dauid asked councell at the Lorde, sayinge: shall I go vp into any of the cyties of Iuda? And the Lorde sayde vnto hym: go. And Dauid sayde agayne: Whither shall I go? He answered: Unto Hebron.
2 And so Dauid went thither with his two wyues, Ahinoam şe Iesrahelite, & Abigail Nabals wyfe the Carmelite.
3 And the men that were wyth him, dyd Dauid carye vp also, euery man with his housholde. And they dwelt in the townes of Hebron.
4 And the men of Iuda came, and there they anoynted Dauid kynge, ouer the house of Iuda. And they tolde Dauid sayinge: It is the men of Iabes in Gilead şt buryed Saul.
5 And Dauid sent messengers vnto the men of Iabes in Gilead, and sayde vnto them: blessed are ye vnto the Lorde, that ye haue shewed soche kyndnesse vnto youre Lorde Saul, and haue buryed him.
6 And nowe the Lorde shewe mercye & truthe vnto you. And I wyll do you also soche kyndnesse as ye haue done in thys thynge.
7 Therfore nowe let youre handes be stronge, and playe ye the men: For your master Saul is deed. And they that are of the house of Iuda, haue anoynted me kynge ouer them.
8 But Abner the sonne of Ner that was captayne of Sauls host,
9 toke Isboseth the sonne of Saul, and brought him to Mahanaim, and made hym kynge ouer Gilead, and ouer the Assurites, & ouer Iesrahel, Ephraim, BenIamin, and ouer all Israel.
10 And Isboseth Sauls sonne was fourtye yere olde, when he began to raygne ouer Israel, and raygned two yere. But the house of Iuda folowed Dauid.
11 And the tyme which Dauid raygned in Hebron ouer the house of Iuda, was .vij. yere and syxe monethes.
12 And Abner the sonne of Ner and the seruauntes of Isboseth the sonne of Saul went out of Mahanaim, to Gibeon.
13 And Ioab the sonne of Zaruia and the seruauntes of Dauid went out, and mette them by the Pole of Gibeon. And they satt downe the one, on the one syde of the Pole, and the other on the other syde.
14 And Abner sayde to Ioab: let the younge men aryse, and playe before vs. And Ioab sayde: Let them aryse.
15 Then there arose and went ouer. twelue of Ben Iamin by nombre, which pertayned to Isboseth the sonne of Saul, and twelue of the seruauntes of Dauid.
16 And euery one caught hys felowe (that came agaynst hym) by the heed, and thrust hys swerde in hys syde, and so they felle downe together. Wherfore the place was called: The felde of the myghtye. And it is in Gibeon.
17 And there beganne an exceadinge cruell battell that same daye. For Abner and the men of Israel fell before the seruauntes of Dauid.
18 And there were thre sonnes of Zaruiah there: Ioab, Abisai and Asahel. And Asahel was as lyght of fote as a wylde Roo,
19 and Asahel folowed after Abner, and turned nether to the ryght hand nor to the lefte, from Abner.
20 Then Abner loked behynde hym, and sayde: art thou Asahel? He answered: yee that I am.
21 Abner sayde: turne the ether to şe ryghthand or to şe lefte and catche one of the younge men, and take the his weapons. But Asahel wolde not depart from hym.
22 And Abner sayde agayne to Asahel departe fro me. Wherfore shulde I smyte the to the grounde, and not be able to holde vp my face to Ioab, thy brother?
23 Howbeit, whan he wolde in no wyse departe, Abner with the hynder ende of the speare smote hym vnder şe short rybbes, that the speare cam out behynde hym: şt he fell downe in şe same place, and dyed there. And as many as cam to the place where Asahel fell downe and dyed, stode still.
24 Ioab also & Abisai folowed Abner. And the sonne went downe, when they were come to şe hyll Ama that lyeth before Giah by the waye şt goeth thorowe the wyldernesse of Gibeon.
25 And the chyldren of Ben Iamin geathered them selues together on a heape, to Abner, & stode on the toppe of an hyll.
26 Then Abner called to Ioab, and sayde: shall the swerde deuoure styll for euer? knowest thou not, that it wylbe bitternesse in the latter ende? howe longe shall it be, yer thou bydde şe people returne from folowynge their brethren?
27 And Ioab sayde: as truely as God lyueth yf thou haddest not spoken in the mornynge, the people had bene departed, euery one from persecutynge hys brother.
28 And so Ioab blewe a trompet, and all the people stode styll, and pursued after Israel no more nether fought they any more.
29 And Abner and his men walked all that nyght thorowe the playne, & went ouer Iordan, & past thorowe all Bethhoron tyll they cam to Mahanaim.
30 And Ioab returned from persecuting Abner. And whan he had geathered all şe people together, there lacked of Dauids seruauntes nyntene men, & Asahel.
31 But the seruauntes of Dauid had slayne of Beniamin, and of Abners men, thre hundred & thre skore men.
32 And they toke vp Asahel, and buryed hym in the sepulchre of his father in Bethlehem. And Ioab and his men went all nyght, vntyll the dawnyng of the daye, and came to Hebron.




1 There was longe warre betwene the howse of Saul, and şe howse of Dauid. But Dauid waxed stronger and stronger, & the house of Saul waxed weaker and weaker.
2 And vnto Dauid were chyldren borne in Hebron: his eldest sonne also was Ammon, of Ahinoam the Iezrahelite:
3 the seconde Cheleab, of Abigail the wyfe of Nabal the Carmelite: the thyrde Absalom, the sonne of Maachah şe daughter of Thalmai, the kynge of Gessur:
4 the fourth, Adonia, the sonne of Hagith: the fyfte, Sephatia the sonne of Abital:
5 şe sixte Iethream by Egla Dauids wyfe. These were borne to Dauid in Hebron.
6 And it fortuned, that whyle there was warre betwene the house of Saul and the house of Dauid, Abner helde vp the house of Saul.
7 And Saul had a concubyne named Rizpa, the daughter of Aia. And Isboseth sayde to Abner: Wherfore hast thou gone into my fathers concubyne?
8 Then was Abner very wroth for the wordes of Isboseth, & sayde: Am I not a dogges heed, which agaynst Iuda do shewe mercye thys daye vnto the house of Saul thy father, & to his brethren and frendes, and haue not delyuered the into the hande of Dauid: and thou fyndest a fault in me this daye for this woman?
9 So and so do God to Abner. For as the Lorde hath sworne to Dauid, so wyll I be on hys syde,
10 to bryng the kyngdom from the house of Saul, that the throne of Dauid maye be stablysshed ouer Israel, and ouer Iuda euen from Dan to Bersabe.
11 And he coulde geue Abner neuer a woorde to answer, because he feared hym.
12 And Abner sent messengers to Dauid secretely, saying: Whose is şe lande? Make a bonde with me, and beholde, my hande is wyth the, to bryng all Israel vnto the.
13 He sayde: It is good, that I make a bonde with the. But one thyng I requyre of the, that thou se not my face, except thou fyrst bring Michol Sauls daughter, when thou comest to se me.
14 And Dauid sent messengers to Isboseth Sauls sonne, saying, delyuer me my wife Michol, which I maryed with an hundred forskynnes of şe Philistines.
15 And Isboseth sent, and toke her from her husbande Paltiel the sonne of Lais.
16 And her husband went with her, and cam wepyng behynde her, tyll they cam to Bahurim. Then sayde Abner vnto hym, go and returne. And he returned
17 And Abner had communicacyon with the elders of Israel, sayeng: ye sought for Dauid in tymes past, that he might be your kyng.
18 Now then do it: for the Lorde hath sayd of Dauid: By the hand of my seruaunt Dauid, I will saue my people Israel, out of şe handes of the Philistines, and out of the hande of all their enemyes.
19 And Abner spake in şe eares of Beniamin, and went to tell in the eares of Dauid in Hebron, all that Israell was content wyth, and the whole house of Beniamin.
20 And so Abner came to Dauid to Hebron, hauyng twentye men wt hym, & Dauid made him & the men that were with him a feast.
21 And Abner sayde vnto Dauid: I wyll vp, and go geather all Israell vnto my Lorde the kyng, that they maye make an appoyntment wyth the, and that thou mayst commaunde all, as thyne hart desyreth. And whan Dauid had lett Abner departe, he went in peace.
22 And beholde, the seruauntes of Dauid, & Ioab came from chasyng the robbers, and brought a great praye with them. But Abner was not with Dauid in Hebron: for he had sent him awaye to depart in peace.
23 When Ioab and all the host that was with hym, were come, men tolde Ioab saying: Abner the sonne of Ner came to the kyng, and he hath sent hym awaye, şt he is gone in peace.
24 Then Ioab came to the kynge, and sayde: what hast thou done? Beholde, Abner cam vnto the: & why hast thou sent hym awaye, that he shulde skape quyte?
25 Thou knowest Abner şe sonne of Ner, for he came to disceaue the, & to know thy outgoing & ingoing, and to know all that thou doest.
26 And when Ioab was come out from Dauid, he sent messengers after Abner, which brought him agayne from the well of Sira, vnknowyng to Dauid.
27 And when Abner was come agayne to Hebron, Ioab toke hym a syde in şe gate to speake with him secretly, & smote him vnder şe short rybbes şt he dyed, for the bloud of Asahel his brother.
28 And when after warde it cam to Dauids eare, he sayd. I and my kyngdom are giltlesse before the Lorde for euer concernyng the bloude of Abner şe sonne of Ner.
29 Let the bloude remayne on şe heed of Ioab & on all his fathers house şt şe house of Ioab be neuer wythout one or other that hath runnyng issues or leper, and şt leaneth on a staff, and that doth fal on the swerde, & lacketh breed.
30 And the cause why Ioab and Abisai slue Abner was, şt Abner had slayne their brother Asahel at Gibeon in battell.
31 And Dauid sayd to Ioab, and to all the people that were with hym. Rent youre clothes, and put on sacke cloth, and mourne before Abner. And king Dauid him self folowed the corse.
32 And when they buried Abner in Hebron, the kyng lifte vp his voyce, & vepte besyde the sepulchre of Abner, and so dyd all the people.
33 And the kyng lamented ouer Abner, and sayde: died Abner as a foole dieth?
34 thy handes were not bounde, ner thy fete brought into cheynes: but as a man falleth before wicked children, so fellest thou. And all they that were of şe people, wept yet moare ouer hym.
35 And when all şe people cam to eate meate with Dauid, while it was yet daye, Dauid sware saying: So & so do God to me, yf I tast breed or ought elles, tyll the sonne be downe.
36 And the people wist it, and it pleased them. And whatsoeuer the kyng dyd, it pleased all the people.
37 For all the people & all Israel vnderstode that day, how that it was not the kynges dede, şt Abner the sonne of Ner was slayne.
38 And the kyng sayde vnto his seruauntes: know ye not, how that there is a lorde and a great man fallen this daye in Israel?
39 And I am this daye tender, and anoynted king. And these men the sonnes of Zaruia be to hard for me. The Lorde rewarde the doer of euel, accordynge to his wykednesse.




1 When Sauls sonne heard that Abner was deed in Hebron, his handes were feble, & all the Israelites were afrayed:
2 & Sauls sonne had two men şt were captaynes ouer the soudiars, şe one called Baanah, and the other Rechab, the sonnes of Rimmon a Berothite, of the chyldren of Beniamin: for Beroth was rekened to Beniamin.
3 And these Berothites fled to Gitthaim, and soiourned there vntill the same tyme.
4 And Ionathas Sauls sonne had a sonne that was lame on hys feete. And he was fyue yere olde, when the tydinges cam of Saul & Ionathas out of Iesrahel. And his nourse toke him vp, & fled awaye. And as she made hast to flee, the childe fell, & beganne to halt, and hys name was Miphiboseth.
5 And the sonnes of Rimmon the Berothite, Rechab an Baanah went, and cam in the heat of şe daye to the house of Isboseth, which slept on a bed at none.
6 And they cam into the myddes of the house as though they wold haue fetched whete, and Rechab and Baana hys brother smote him vnder the short rybbes and fled.
7 For whan they cam into the house, he slept on his bed in hys resting chamber, and they smote hym and slue him, and behedded hym, and toke hys heed, & gat them awaye thorow şe plaine all şe night.
8 And they brought the heed of Isboseth vnto Dauid, to Hebron, and sayde to the kyng: beholde, there is the heed of Isboseth Sauls sonne, thine enemye which sought after thy lyfe. And the Lorde hath aduenged my lord the kyng this daye of Saul and of his seede.
9 And Dauid answered Rechab and Baana his brother, the sonnes of Rimmon the Berothite, and sayde vnto them: as surely as the lord lyueth, which hath delyuered my soule out of all aduersites:
10 Whan one tolde me & sayd that Saul was deed, thinkyng to haue brought good tydynges, I caught hym, and slue hym in zikleg: whych thought that I wolde haue geuen hym a rewarde for hys tydynges brynging.
11 How moch more whan wycked men haue slayne a ryghtuouse person, in his awne house and vpon his bed? Shall I not require his bloud of youre hande, and take you from the erth?
12 And Dauid commaunded his young men, & they slue them, and cut of their handes and fete, & hanged them vp ouer the pole in Hebron. But they toke the heed of Isboseth, and buryed it in the sepulchre of Abner in Hebron.




1 Then cam all the trybes of Israel to Dauid, vnto Hebron and sayd, Beholde, we are of thy bone, and of thy fleshe.
2 And in tyme past when Saul was oure kynge, thou leddest Israel in and oute. And the Lorde hath sayd to the: thou shalt fede my people Israell, and thou shalt be a captayne ouer Israel.
3 And so all the elders of Israel came to the kynge to Hebron. And kyng Dauid made a couenaunt wyth them in Hebron before the Lord. And they annoynted Dauid kyng ouer Israell.
4 Dauid was thirtye yere olde, when he began to raygne, and he raygned fourtye yere.
5 In Hebron he raygned ouer Iuda seuen yere, and syxe monethes: And in Ierusalem he raygned thirtye and thre yeres ouer all Israel and Iuda.
6 The kyng also and his men went to Ierusalem, vnto the Iebusites, the enhabiters of şe land. Which spake vnto Dauid sayeng: except thou take awaye the blynde and the lame, thou shalt not come in hither. For they sayd: Thou art not able to come in hither.
7 Neuerthelesse Dauid toke the strong holde of Sion. The same is the citie of Dauid.
8 And Dauid sayd the same daye: Whosoeuer smyteth the Iebusites, & getteth vp to the gutters of the houses, & smyteth the lame & the blynd şt hate Dauids soule? Wherfore: they sayd, the blynd and the lame shall not come into şe house.
9 And so Dauid dwelt in the towre, & called it in the citye of Dauid, & buylt round about it from Millo inwarde.
10 And Dauid prospered & grew, and the Lord God of hostes was with him
11 And Hiram kyng of Tire sent messengers to Dauid, and Cedar trees, and carpenters & Masons for walles: and they builte Dauid an house.
12 And Dauid perceaued, that şe Lord had stablissshed hym kynge ouer Israel, & that he had exalted his kingdom for his people Israels sake.
13 And Dauid toke him mo concubyues and wyues out of Ierusalem, after he was come from Hebron, & mo sonnes, & daughters were yet borne to Dauid.
14 And these be the names of the sonnes şt were borne vnto hym in Ierusalem: Sammua, Sobab, Nathan, & Salomon,
15 Iibhar also and Elisua, Nepheg, & Iaphia,
16 Elisama Eliada, and Eliaphelet.
17 But when the Philistines heard, şt they had anoynted Dauid king ouer Israel, they cam all vp to seke Dauid. And as sone as Dauid heard of it, he gat hym to an holde.
18 And whan the Philistines cam, they layde them a long in şe valeye of Raphaim.
19 And Dauid asked councell of the Lorde sayeng: shall I go vp to the Philistines? wilt şu deliuer them into my handes? And şe lord answered vnto Dauid: go vp, for I will doutlesse delyuer şe Philistines into thy handes.
20 And Dauid cam to the playne of Perazim, and smote them there, and sayd: the Lorde hath deuided myne enemyes asondre before me, as waters be deuyded asondre. And therfore, şe name of the place was called: şe playne of Perazim:
21 And there they left their Images, & Dauid & his men toke them vp.
22 And the Philistines cam yet agayne, and layd them selues in the valeye of Rephaim.
23 And whan Dauid asked at the Lord: He answered: Thou shalt not go vp: but compasse them on the backsyde, & come vpon them ouer agaynst the Peretrees.
24 And when şu hearest the noyse of a thing going in the toppe of the Peretrees, then remoue. For then shall the Lord go out before the, to smyte the hoste of the Philistines.
25 And Dauid did as the Lord had commaunded hym, & smote the Philistines from Geba, vntyll thou come to Gazer.




1 Againe: Dauid gathered together all the chosen men of Israel, euen thirtye thousand,
2 & arose, & went withall the folke that were with hym of the men of Iuda, to fett awaye from thence, the Arck of God: whose name is called the name of the Lorde of hostes that dwellyth vpon it, betwene the cherubyns.
3 And they put the Arck of God vpon a new cart, and brought it out of the house of Abinadab şt was at Gibea. And Uza and Ahio the sonnes of Abinadab draue the new carte.
4 And when they brought it out of the house of Abinadab that was at Gibea, with the Arck of God, Ahio went before the Arck.
5 And Dauid and all the house of Israel playde before the Lorde in sondrye instrumentes made of Cedre wodd, with harpes, psalteries, timberelles, fedylles, and symbals.
6 And when they cam to Nachons thresshyng floure, Uza put his hand to the arck of God, and held it, for the oxen stombled.
7 And the Lorde was wroth wyth Uza, and God smote him in the same place for his fault, and there he dyed before the Arcke of God.
8 And Dauid was displeased, because the Lord had smytten Uza. And the name of the place was called Perez. The renting of Uza, vntyll thys daye.
9 And Dauid was then afrayed of the Lorde, and sayde: how shall the Arcke of the Lorde come to me?
10 And so Dauid wolde not bryng the Arcke of the Lorde vnto him into the citye of Dauid. But Dauid caried it into the house of Obeth Edom a Gethite.
11 And the Arcke of the Lord continued in the house of Obeth Edom the Gethite, thre monethes, and the Lorde blessed Obeth Edom, and all hys housholde.
12 And one tolde kynge Dauid, how that the Lorde had blessed the house of Obeth Edom, and all that pertayned vnto hym, because of şe Arcke of God. And Dauid went and brought the Arck of God from the house of Obeth Edom, into the citye of Dauid wyth gladnes.
13 And when they that bare the Arcke of the Lorde, had gone syxe spaces, he offered an oxe and a fat shepe.
14 And Dauid daunsed before the Lorde withall his myght, and was gyrded with a lynnen Ephod.
15 So Dauid and all the house of Israel brought şe arck of the Lorde, wyth showtyng and trompet blowyng.
16 And it fortuned, that as the arcke of the Lorde cam into the citye of Dauid, Michol Sauls daughter loked thorow a window, and saw kynge Dauid spryng, and daunce before the Lorde, and she dyspysed hym in her hert.
17 And when they brought in şe Arck of the Lorde, they set it in his place, euen in the myddes of the tabernacle şt Dauid had pitched for it. And Dauid offered burnt offeringes & peace offeringes before the lord.
18 And as sone as Dauid had made an ende of offeryng burnt offerynges & peace offerynges, he blessed the people in the name of the Lord of Hostes,
19 & gaue among all the folke, euen amonge the hole multitude of Israel, as well to the wemen as men, to euerye one a Cake of breed, & a pece of fleshe, & a flasket of drincke. And so all the people departed euery one to his house.
20 Then Dauid returned to blesse hys housholde: and Michol şe daughter of Saul came out to mete Dauid, & sayd: O how glorious was şe king of Israel this daye, which was vncouered to daye, in şe eyes of şe maydens of his seruauntes, as yf it had bene a lyght brayned felow vncouered?
21 And Dauid sayd vnto Michol. I thought to daunce before the Lord, which chose me rather then thy father, & all his kynne, and commaundyd me to be ruler ouer all the people of şe Lord euen ouer Israel.
22 And therfore will I playe before the Lorde. And wilbe yet more vyle then so, & wilbe meke in myne awne syght: & of the very same maydeseruauntes which thou hast spoken of: shal I be had in honoure
23 Therfore Michol şe daughter of Saul had no chylde, vnto the daye of her deeth.




1 It fortuned, that as the kyng satt in his house (after şt the Lord had geuen hym rest rounde about from all his enemyes)
2 he sayde vnto Nathan the prophet: behold, I dwell now in an house of Cedar trees, but the Arcke of God dwelleth within the curtayne.
3 And Nathan sayd vnto the kyng: go & do all that is in thine hert for the Lord is with the.
4 And it fortuned the same nyght that the woord of the lord came vnto Nathan sayeng:

5 go and tell my seruaunt Dauid, thus sayth the Lorde: shalt thou bylde me an house to dwelle in?
6 For I haue not dwelt in any house, sence the tyme şt I brought the children of Israel out of Egipt, vnto this daye:
7 but haue walked, in a tent and tabernacle. In all the places where in I haue walked with al the children of Israel, spake I one word wt any of the tribes of Israel (sens I commaunded the iudges to fede my people Israel) sayeng: why bylde ye not me an house of Cedar trees?
8 Now therfore, so saye vnto my seruaunt Dauid: thus sayth the Lorde of Hostes. I toke the from the shepe cote (as thou wast folowyng shepe) that thou myghtest be ruler ouer my people Israel.
9 And I was with the in all that thou wentest to, & haue destroyed all thyne enemyes out of thy syght, and haue made the a great name, lyke vnto the name of the great men that are in the worlde.
10 And therfore, I will appoynt a place for my people Israel, and wyll plant it, şt they maye dwell in a place of their awne, and moue no moare, nether shall wyckyd people trouble them any more, as they did at the beginnyng:
11 sence the tyme that I sett Iudges ouer my people Israel. And I will geue the rest from all thine enemyes. And the Lord telleth the, that he wyll make the an howse.
12 And when thy dayes he fulfilled, şu shalt slepe wyth thy fathers, and I wyll set vp thy seede after the, which shall procead out of thy bodye, & will stablyshe his kyngdome.
13 He shall bylde an house for my name, & I wyll stablyshe the seate of his kyngdome for euer.
14 I wylbe his father, and he shalbe my sonne: yf he synne, I wyll chasten hym wyth soche a rodde as men be chastened wt, & wt soche plages as the children of men be plaged wt.
15 But my mercie shal not depart awaye from him, as I toke it from Saul, whom I put downe before the.
16 And thyne house and thy kyngdome shall endure wt out ende after the, and thy seate shalbe stablyshed foreuer.
17 According to all these wordes and accordyng to all thys visyon, dyd Nathan speake vnto Dauid.
18 Then went Dauid in, and set hym downe before the Lord, and sayde: what am I, O Lord God? and what is my house? that thou shuldest haue brought me this farre forth?
19 And this was yet a small thing in thy sight, O Lord God, but şu hast spoken also of thy seruauntes house for a great while to come: For this is şe vse of man, O lord God.
20 And what can Dauid saye moare vnto the: for thou Lord God knowest thy seruaunt.
21 Euen for thy wordes sake & according to thine awne hert hast şu done all these greate thynges to make them knowen vnto thy seruaunt.
22 Wherfore thou art great, O Lord God: for there is none lyke the nether is there any God saue thou, according to all that we haue heard wt oure eares.
23 And what one people in the erth is lyke thy people Israel whose God, went & delyuered them, that they myght be his people, & that he myght make hym a name, & to shewe great & terrible things in şe erthe, for thy people which thou redemedst to the out of Egipt, euen the people with their goddes.
24 For thou hast ordeyned thy people Israel, to be thy people for euer. And şu Lorde art become theyr God.
25 And now (Lord God) the worde that thou hast spoken concernyng thy seruaunt and his house: make it good for euer, and do as thou hast sayd.
26 For so shall thy name be magnified for euer, of men şt shall saye: the Lorde of Hostes is the God of Israell: and the house of thy seruaunt shall be stablyshed before the.
27 For şu, O Lord of Hostes, God of Israell, hast tolde in the eare of thy seruaunt, sayeng: I wyll bylde the an house And therfore hath thy seruaunt found in his harte, to praye this prayer vnto şe.
28 Therfore now Lord God, thou art God, and thy wordes must be true, thou that hast tolde this goodnesse vnto thy seruaunt.
29 And now go to, and blesse the housse of thy seruaunt, that it maye contynew for euer before the. for şu. Lord God hast spoken it, and with thy blessyng shall the house of thy seruaunt be blessed for euer.




1 After this it fortuned şt Dauid smote the Philistines, and subdued them, & toke the brydell of bondage out of the hande of the Philistines.
2 And he smote şe Moabites & measured them with a lyne, & cast them downe to the grounde. Euen wyth two lynes measured he them whom he slue, and the length of one lyne saued he alyue. And so becam the Moabites Dauids seruauntes, & payed trybute. Dauid smote also,
3 Hadarezer the sonne of Rehob kynge of Zoba as he went to recouer his border at the ryuer Pherat.
4 And Dauid toke a thousand & seuen hundred horsemen of his hoost, and twentye thousand fote men, and cut of the hofe of all his charette horses, reseruyng onely one hundred charettes.
5 And whan the Sirians of Damascon came to succoure Hadarezer kynge of Zoba, Dauid slue of the Sirians two and twentye thousande men,
6 and put soudyours in Siria Damascon. And şe Sirians became seruauntes, to Dauid, payeng tribute. And thus şe Lord sarued Dauid, in all that he went vnto.
7 And Dauid toke şe shildes of gold that belonged to the seruauntes of Hadarezer, & brought them to Ierusalem.
8 And out of Beta & Berothai (cities of Hadarezer) did Dauid bring exceding moch brasse.
9 When Thoi kyng of Aamath heard how Dauid had smytten all the hoste of Hadarezer,
10 he sent Ioram his sonne vnto kynge Dauid, to salute hym with peace, & to blesse hym, because he had fought agaynst Hadarezer, and beaten hym: for Thoy had greate warre wt Hadarezer, which (Ioram) brought with him, vesselles of siluer, vessels of golde, and vessels of brasse:
11 Which brasse kyng Dauid dyd dedicat vnto the Lord wt the syluer and golde that he had consecrated of all nacyons, whych he subdued:
12 of Siria of the Moabites, & of the chyldren of Ammon, of the Philistines, & of Hamalek, and of the spoyle of Hadarezer sonne of Rehob kyng of Zoba.
13 And Dauid gat hym a name after that he returned & had smytten of the Siriens in the valeye of Salt .xviii. thousand men.
14 And he put kepers in Edom, euen thorow out al Edom put he soudyoures, & all they of Edom becam Dauids seruauntes, And the Lorde kept Dauid whatsoeuer he toke in hand.
15 And Dauid raygned ouer all Israel, and executed ryght, & Iustice vnto all his people.
16 And Ioab the sonne of Zaruiah was ouer the host, and Iehosaphat şe sonne of Ahilud was recorder.
17 And Sadoch the sonne of Ahitob, & Abimelech the sonne of Abiathar were the Preastes, and Saraia was the Scrybe.
18 And Banaiahu şe sonne of Iehoiada was ouer the Crethites and the Phelethites: & Dauids sonnes were chefe rulars.




1 And Dauid sayd: is there yet any man left of şe house of Saul? For I will shew hym mercye for Ionathas sake.
2 And there was of şe houshold of Saul a seruaunt whose name was Ziba: & whan they had called hym vnto Dauid, the kyng sayd vnto him: art thou Ziba? He sayd: thy seruaunt is he.
3 And şe kyng sayde: remayneth ther yet any man of şe house of Saul, whom I maye shew the mercye of God vpon? Ziba answered the kynge: Ionathas hath yet a sonne, which is lame on his fete.
4 The king sayd vnto him where is he? Ziba sayd vnto the kynge: behold, he is in the house of Machir şe sonne of Amiel of Lodeber.
5 Then kyng Dauid sent, & fett hym out of the house of Machir the sonne of Amiel, out of the Lodeber.
6 Now when Miphiboseth the sonne of Ionathas, şe sonne of Saul was come vnto Dauid, he fell on his face, and did reuerence. And the kyng sayde: Miphiboseth? He answered: Behold thy seruaunt.
7 Dauid sayde vnto him: feare not, for I will surely shew the kindnesse for Ionathas thy fathers sake, & will restore şe all the feldes of Saul thy father, & şu shalt eate bred on myne awne table continually.
8 And he bowed hym self, and sayde: what is thy seruaunt, that thou shuldest vouchesafe to loke vpon soche a deed dogg as I am?
9 Then the kyng called vnto Ziba Sauls young man & sayd vnto him: I haue geuen vnto thy masters sonne, all that pertayned to Saul and to all his house.
10 Se therfore şt thou, & thy sonnes and thy seruauntes tyll the lande, and bryng in, that thy masters sonne maye haue fode to eate. But Miphiboseth thy masters sonne shal eate bred allwaye vpon my table. For Ziba had fiftene sonnes and twentye seruauntes.
11 Then sayd Ziba vnto the kyng: According to all şt my Lord the kyng hath commaunded his seruaunt, so shall thy seruaunt do. Well (sayd şe kyng) Miphiboseth shall eate vpon my table, as one of the kynges sonnes.
12 Miphiboseth had a sonne that was younge, named Micha, and all that dwelled in the house of Ziba were seruauntes vnto Miphiboseth.
13 And Miphiboseth dwelt in Ierusalem, for he dyd eate euer at the kynges table, and was lame on both his fete.




1 It happened after this, şt the king of the children of Ammon died, & Hanon his sonne raygned in his steade.
2 Then sayd Dauid: I will shew kyndnesse vnto Hanon şe sonne of Nahas, as hys father shewed kyndnesse vnto me. And Dauid sent to confort hym by the hand of his seruauntes ouer hys father. And Dauids seruauntes came into the lande of the children of Ammon,
3 and the Lordes of the children of Ammon sayd vnto Hanon their Lord: thynkest thou şt Dauid dothe honoure thy father, that he hath sent comfortoures to the? Hath not Dauid rather sent his seruauntes vnto şe, to searche şe cytie, & to spye it out, and to ouerthrow it?
4 Wherfore, Hanon toke Dauids seruauntes, & shaued of the one halfe of euerye mannes berd and cut of their garmentes in the myddle, euen harde to the buttockes of them, & sent them awaye.
5 When they tolde it vnto Dauid, he sent to mete them (for they were men excedingly a shamed) & the kyng sayd: tarie at Iericho vntill your beerdes be growen, and then returne.
6 And when the chyldren of Ammon saw that they stancke in şe sight of Dauid, they sent and hired the Syrians of the house of Rehob, & the Sirians of Zoba .xx. thousand fote men, and of kyng Maacha a thousand men, & of Istob twelue thousand men.
7 And when Dauid hearde of it, he sent Ioab & all the host of strong men.
8 And the children of Ammon came out, and waged battell at the entring in of şe gate, & the Sirians of Zobah, of Rehob, Istob and Maacah were by them selues in the felde.
9 When Ioab saw şt the front of the battell was agaynst hym before and after, he chose of all the fresh young men of Israell, & put them in araye agaynst the Syrians.
10 And the rest of the people he delyuered into the hand of Abisay hys brother, şt he myght put them in araye agaynst şe children of Ammon.
11 And be sayd, yf the Sirians be stronger then I, thou shalt helpe me. But yf the chyldren of Ammon be to strong for the, I will come and succoure the.
12 Therfore quyte the lyke a man, & let vs stonde stiff for oure people, & for the cities of oure God. And the Lord do şt which is good in his owne eyes.
13 And Ioab proceded forth, & şe people şt was with hym, to fight with the Sirians. But they fled before him.
14 And when the children of Ammon saw that the Sirians were fled, then fled they also before Abisay, and entred into the citye. And so Ioab returned from şe children of Ammon, & came to Ierusalem.
15 And when the Sirians saw that they were put to şe worsse before Israel, they geathered them togeather.
16 And Hadarezer sent, & brought out the Sirians şt were beyounde the ryuer. And they came with their armye and Hobah the captayne of the host of Hadarezer went before them.
17 And when it was shewed Dauid, he geathered all Israel togeather, and passed ouer Iordan, & cam to Helam: And the Sirians set them selues in araye agaynst Dauid, & fought with him:
18 and the Sirians fled before Israel. And Dauid destroyed seuen hundred charettes of the Sirians, and fourtye thousand horsemen, and smote Sobah the captayne of their host, which also dyed there.
19 And when all the kinges (that were seruauntes to Hadarezer) saw that they were put to the worse before Israell, they made peace with them, & serued them. And so the Sirians feared to helpe şe children of Ammon any moare.




1 And it came to passe şt (after the yeare was expyred) in the tyme when kynges vse to go forth to battell, Dauid sent Ioab and hys seruauntes wyth hym, and all Israel, whych destroyed the chyldren of Ammon, and beseged Raba. But Dauid taryed styll at Ierusalem.
2 And it chaunced in an euenynge, that Dauid arose out of hys bed, and walked vpon the roufe of the kynges palace, and from the roufe he sawe a woman wasshynge her selfe: and the woman was very bewtyfull to loke vpon.
3 And he sent to enquyre what woman it shuld be, sayenge: is it not Bethsabe the daughter of Eliam, and wyfe to Urias the Hethite?
4 And dauid sent messengers, and fett her. And she came in vnto hym & he laye wyth her. And she was purifyed from her vnclennesse, and returned vnto her house.
5 And the woman conceaued, & sent and tolde Dauid, & sayd: I am wyth chylde.
6 And Dauid sent to Ioab, (sayenge:) sende me Urias the hethite. And Ioab sent Urias to Dauid.
7 And when Urias was come vnto hym. Dauid demaunded of him: howe Ioab dyd, and howe the people fared, and howe the men of warre prospered.
8 And Dauid sayd to Urias: go downe to thyne house, and washe thy fete. And Urias departed out of the kynges palace, and there folowed hym a seruyce from the kinges table.
9 But Urias slept at the dore of the kynges palace wythall the seruauntes of hys Lorde, and went not downe to hys house.
10 Which when they had tolde Dauid (sayenge: Urias went not downe into hys house.) Dauid sayde vnto Urias: Camest thou not from thy iorney? why dyddest thou not go downe then vnto thyne house?
11 Urias answered Dauid. The arcke & Israel and Iuda dwell in pauylyons: and my Lorde Ioab and the seruauntes of my Lorde lye vpon the flatt erthe: and shall I then go into myne house, to eate, and to dryncke, and lye wyth my wyfe? By thy lyfe and by the lyfe of thy soule, I wyll not do thys thynge.
12 And Dauid sayde vnto Urias: tarye here this daye also, and tomorowe I wyll lett the depart. And so Urias abode in Ierusalem that daye, and the morowe.
13 And whan Dauid had called hym, he dyd eate and dryncke before hym, and he made hym droncke. And at euen he went out to lye on hys couche wyth the seruauntes of his Lord, but went not downe to hys house.
14 On şe morow Dauid wrote a letter to Ioab, and sent it by the hande of Urias.
15 And he wrote thus in şe letter, sayeng: put Urias in the forefront of the sharper battell, and come ye backe from hym, that he maye be smytten and dye.
16 So whan Ioab beseged the cytie, he assygned Urias vnto a place, where he wyst that stronge men were.
17 And the men of the cytie cam out, and fought wyth Ioab. And there were certen ouerthrowen of the people, and of the seruauntes of Dauid, and Urias the Hethite dyed also.
18 Then Ioab sent, and tolde Dauid all the thynges concernynge the warre,
19 and charged the messenger, sayenge: when thou hast made an ende of tellynge the matters of the warre vnto the kynge,
20 yf he begynne to fume, and saye vnto the: wherfore approched ye so nye vnto the cytie, whan ye dyd fyght? wyst ye not that they wolde hurle and shote from the wall?
21 who smote Abimelech sonne of Iereboseth? dyd not a woman cast a pece of a mylstone vpon hym from of the wall, and he dyed in Thebes? why went ye nye the wall? then saye thou? thy seruaunt Urias the Hethite is deed also.
22 So the messenger went, and came, and shewed Dauid all that Ioab had sent hym for,
23 and the messaunger sayd vnto Dauid: şe men preuayled agaynst vs, and cam out vnto vs into the felde, & we stacke vnto them, euen vnto the enteryng of the gate.
24 And the shoters shotte from the walles, vpon thy seruauntes, and some of the kinges seruauntes be deed. And thy seruaunt Urias the Hethite is deed also.
25 And Dauid sayde vnto the messenger: thus shalt şu saye vnto Ioab: let not that thynge trouble the. For şe swerde deuoureth one as well as another: make thy battell more stronge agaynst the cytye to ouerthrowe it, & se that thou courage Ioab.
26 And when the wyfe of Urias heard that her husbande was deed, she mourned for hym.
27 And whan the mournynge was past, Dauid sent and fett her to hys house, and she became hys wyfe, and bare hym a sonne. But this thynge that Dauid dyd, displeased the Lorde.




1 And the Lorde sent Nathan vnto Dauid. And he came vnto him and tolde hym: there were two men in one cytie, the one ryche, and the other poore.
2 The ryche man had excedynge many shepe and oxen.
3 But the poore had nothynge saue one lytle shepe, whych he had bought, and noryshhed vp. And it grewe vp wyth hym and wyth hys chyldren also, and dyd eate of hys awne meate, and drancke of hys awne cuppe, and slept in hys bosome, and was vnto hym as hys daughter.
4 And there cam a straunger vnto the ryche man. And he coulde not fynde in hys heart to take of hys awne shepe, and of hys awne oxen, to dresse for the straunger that was come vnto hym. But toke the poore mannes shepe, and dressed it for şe man that was come to him:
5 And Dauid was excedyng wroth wt the man, and sayde to Nathan: as surely as the Lorde lyueth, the man that hath done this thyng is the chylde of deeth.
6 He shall restore the lambe twyse foure folde, because he dyd thys thynge, and had no pitye.
7 And Nathan sayth to Dauid: thou art the man. Thus sayth the Lorde God of Israel, I anoynted the kynge ouer Israel, and rydde the out of the hande of Saul,
8 I gaue the thy masters house, and thy masters wyues into thy bosome, and gaue the, the house of Israel and of Iuda, & might (yf that had bene to lytle) haue geuen the so moche moare.
9 Wherfore then hast thou despised the commaundement of the Lorde, to do wyckednesse in hys syght? thou hast kylde Urias the Hethite with the swerde, and hast taken his wife to thy wyfe, & hast slayne hym with the swerde of the chyldren of Ammon.
10 Nowe therfore, the swerde shall neuer depart from thyne house, because thou hast despysed me, and taken the wyfe of Urias the Hethite, to be thy wife.
11 Wherfore thus sayth the Lorde: beholde, I wyll stere vp euell agaynst the, euen out of thyne awne house, & wyll take thy wyues before thyne eyes, and geue them vnto thy neyghboure, and he shall lye wyth thy wyues in the syght of the sonne.
12 For thou dydest it secretly, But I wyll do thys thynge before all Israel, and in the open sonne lygth.
13 And Dauid sayde vnto Nathan I haue synned agaynst the Lorde. And Nathan sayd vnto Dauid: the Lorde also hath put awaye thy synne, thou shalt not dye.
14 Howbeit, because in doyng thys deade, thou hast geuen the enemyes of the Lord a cause to rayle, the chylde that is borne vnto the, shall surelye dye.
15 And Nathan departed vnto hys house. And the Lorde stroke the chylde that Urias wyfe bare vnto Dauid, and it sickened sore.
16 Dauid therfore besought God for şe chylde, and fasted and went in, and laye all nyght vpon the erthe.
17 And the elders of hys house arose and went to hym, to take him vp from şe erth. But he wolde not, nether dyd he eate meat wyth them.
18 And it happened the seuenth daye, that şe chylde dyed. And the seruauntes of Dauid durst not tell him, that the chylde was deed. For they sayd: beholde, while the chyld was yet alyue, we spake vnto hym, and he wolde not herken vnto oure voyce. Howe wyll he then vexe hym selfe, yf we tell hym, that the chylde is deed?
19 But Dauid seynge hys seruauntes whysperynge, perceaued, that the chylde was deed, & Dauid sayd vnto hys seruauntes: is the chylde deed? They sayde: yee.
20 And Dauid arose from the erth, and washed and anoynted him selfe, and chaunged his apparell, & came into the house of the Lorde, & worshypped, & afterward cam to hys awne house and badd şt they shulde set bred before hym, and he dyd eate.
21 Then sayd his seruauntes vnto hym: what thynge is thys, that thou hast done? Thou dyddest faste and wepe for the chylde, whyle it was a lyue, & as sone as it was deed, thou diddest ryse vp, and eate meate.
22 He sayde: whyle the chylde was yet a lyue, I fasted and wepte. For this I thought: who can tell whether God wyll haue mercye on me, that the chylde maye lyue.
23 But nowe, seynge it is deed, wherfore shulde I fast? can I brynge him agayne any moare? I shall go to hym, rather then he shall come agayne to me.
24 And Dauid conforted Bethsabe his wyfe, and went in vnto her, and laye wyth her, and she bare a sonne, and called his name Salomon, and the Lorde loued hym.
25 And he sent by the hande of Nathan the prophete, and called his name Iedidia, of the Lordes behalfe.
26 Ioab fought agaynst Raba the cytie of the chyldren of Ammon, and toke the cyty of the kyngdome.
27 And Ioab sent messengers to Dauid, sayeng: I haue made assawt to Raba, and haue taken the cytie wyth waters.
28 Nowe therfore geather şe rest of the people together, and besege the cytie, that thou mayest take it: lest I take it, and call it after my name.
29 And Dauid geathered all şe people together, and went agaynst Raba, & beseged it, and gatt it.
30 And he toke theyr kynges croune from of hys heed, which wayed an hundred wayght of golde, and in it were precyous stones. And it was set on Dauids heed. And he brought out the spoyle of the cytie in excedynge great aboundance.
31 And he caryed out the people that was therin, and put them vpon sawes and vpon yron harowes, and vpon axes of yron, & thrust them into the tylekell. Thus dyd he with all the cyties of the children of Ammon. And so Dauid and all the people returned vnto Ierusalem.




1 After this it chaunced that Absalom the sonne of Dauid had a fayre syster, named Thamar, whom Amnon the sonne of Dauid loued.
2 And he was so sore vexed, that he fell sycke for the loue of hys syster Thamar: for she was a virgyn, and he thought it harde for hym to haue hys purpose of her.
3 But Amnon had a frende, called Ionadab, şe sonne of Simeah Dauids brother: and Ionadab was a very wyse man.
4 And he sayde vnto him: how cometh it, that thou beyng the kinges sonne, art thus consumed euery daye? Wylt thou not tell me? Amnon answered hym: I loue Thamar my brother Absaloms syster.
5 Ionadab sayde vnto him: laye şe downe on thy bedde, & make thy selfe sicke. And when thy father is come to se the, saye vnto hym: Oh let my syster Thamar come, and geue me meate, & dresse it in my syght, that I maye se it and eate it of her hande.
6 And so Amnon laye downe, & made hym selfe sycke. And when the kynge was come to se him, Amnon sayde vnto him: Oh let Thamar my syster come, & make me a couple of frytters in my sygth, that I maye eate of her hande.
7 Then Dauid sent home to Thamar, sayeng: go now to thy brother Amnon house, and dresse him meate.
8 So Thamar wente to her brother Amnons house, and he was layed downe. And she toke floure, and made paste, and dressed frytters in his syght, & dyd bake them,
9 and toke a platter, & powred them out before him, but he wolde not eate.
10 And Amnon sayde: Haue out all men from me. And they went all out from hym. And Amnon sayde vnto Thamar: brynge the meate into the chambre, that I maye eate of thyne hand. And Thamar toke the frytters, whych she had made, & brought them into the chambre to Amnon her brother.
11 And whan she had set them before him, to eate, he toke her, and sayd vnto her: come lye wt me my syster.
12 And she answered him: nay my brother, do not force me, for there hath no such thinge bene done in Israel: do not thou this abhominacion.
13 For whither shall I be able to go wt my shame? And thou shalt be as one of the foles in Israel. O speake vnto the kynge, and he shall not denye me vnto the.
14 Howbeit he wolde not herken vnto her voyce but toke her, & forced her, and laye wt her.
15 And then Amnon hated her excedynglye: so that şe hate wher wyth he hated her, was greater then şe loue, wt which he before loued her. And Amnon sayde vnto her: vp, & get şe hence.
16 She answered him: Thou hast no cause. This euell şt şu puttest me awaye is greater then şe other that şu dyddest vnto me. Neuerthelesse he wolde not heare her,
17 but called his boye that serued him, & sayd: put a waye this woman from me, & bolt şe dore after her.
18 And she had a kirtell of diuerse coloures vpon her: for wt soche were şe kynges daughters (that were virgines) appareled. Then his seruaunt brought her oute, and locked şe dore after her.
19 And Thamar toke & put asshes on her heed, & rent her gaye kyrtell şt was on her, & layed her hande on her heed, & so went: & as she went, cryed.
20 And Absalom her brother sayde vnto her: hath Amnon thy brother bene with the? Now yet be still my syster: he is thy brother. Let not this thynge greue thine hert And so Thamar remayned desolate in her brother Absaloms house.
21 But whan kynge Dauid heard of all these thinges, he was very wroth.
22 And Absalom sayde vnto hys brother Amnon nether good ner badd. Howbeit Absalom hated Amnon because he had forced hys syster Thamar.
23 And it happened after two yere, that Absalom had shepe shearers in şe playne of Hazor besyde the trybe of Ephraim, & bad all şe kynges sonnes,
24 and cam to the kyng, & sayd: beholde, thy seruaunt hath shepe sherers, let the kynge wt his seruauntes come to thy seruaunte.
25 The king answered Absalom: naye my sonne. We will not go all, ner be chargeable vnto the. And Absalom laye sore vpon hym: howbeit he wolde not go, but blessed hym.
26 Then sayd Absalom: Yf thou wylt not come, then let my brother Amnon go wt vs. And the kynge answered hym: what nedeth it, that he go wyth the?
27 But Absalom made soche instance that he let Amnon, & all şe kynges chyldren go with hym.
28 Nowe had Absalom commaunded his younge men, sayenge: marke when Amnons hert is mery wyth wyne & when I byd you smyte Amnon, then kyll hym: and feare not, haue not I bydden you? be bolde therfore, & playe the men.
29 And the younge men of Absalom dyd vnto Amnon euen as Absalom had commaunded. And all the kynges sonnes arose, & euery man gat hym vp, vpon hys Mule, & fled.
30 And it fortuned, that whyle they were yet in the waye, tydynges cam to Dauid sayeng: Absalom hath slayne all the kynges sonnes, & there is none left alyue.
31 Then Dauid arose, & tare his garmentes, and laye along on şe erth: & all his seruauntes stode by with theyr clothes rent.
32 And Ionadab the sonne of Simeah Dauids brother, answered, and sayde: let not my Lorde suppose şt they haue slayne all the younge men the kynges sonnes, saue Amnon only is deed. For that hath bene determined in Absaloms mynde, sence he forced hys syster Thamar.
33 Nowe therfore, let not my Lorde the kynge take the thynge so greuouslye, to thincke that all şe kinges sonnes are deed, saue Amnon only is deed.
34 But Absalom fled. And the younge man that kept the watche, lyfte vp hys eyes, and loked: And beholde, ther cam moche people by a waye, a longe by the hynder parte on an hylles syde.
35 And Ionadab sayde vnto the kynge: beholde, the kynges sonnes come: As thy seruaunt sayde, so it is.
36 And as sone as he had lefte speakynge: beholde, the kynges sonnes came, and lyfte vp theyr voyces, and wepte. The kynge also and all hys seruauntes wepte excedyngly.
37 But Absalom escaped, and went to Thalmai the sonne of Amihur kynge of Gesur. And Dauid mourned for hys sonne euery daye.
38 And so Absalom escaped and went to Gesur, and was there thre yeares.
39 And kynge Dauid desyred to go forth vnto Absalom: For where as Amnon was deed, he was comforted ouer hym.




1 Ioab the sonne of Zaruia perceaued, that the kynges hert was towarde Absalom,
2 & he sent to Thekoa, and fett thence a wyse woman, and sayde vnto her: fayne thy selfe to be a mourner, and put on mournynge apparell. And anoynt not thy self with oyle. but be as a woman that had longe tyme mourned for some deed bodye.
3 And come to the kynge, and speake of thys maner vnto hym. And so Ioab taught her what she shuld saye
4 And when the woman of Thekoa had fallen on her face to the grounde, and done obeysaunce, she sayde vnto the kynge: helpe me O kynge.
5 The kynge sayde vnto her: what ayleth the? She answered: I am a wedowe, and myne husbande is deed.
6 And thy handmayde had two sonnes, and they two fought together in the felde, (where was no man to go betwene them) but the one smote the other and slewe hym.
7 And beholde, the whole kynred is rysen agaynst thy handmayde, and they sayd: delyuer vs him that smote hys brother: that we maye kyll hym for şe soule of his brother whome he slue. We will destroye the heyre also. And so they shall quenche my sparkle whych is left, that he shall stere vp (to my husbande) nether name ner issue vpon şe erth.
8 And the kynge sayde vnto the woman: go home to thyne house, I wyll geue a charge for the.
9 And the woman of Thekoa sayde vnto the kynge: My Lorde O kynge, thys trespace be on me and on my fathers house, and the kynge and hys seate be giltlesse.
10 And the kynge sayd: yf any man saye ought vnto the, bryng hym to me, and he shall hurte the no moare.
11 Then sayde she: lett the kynge remember hys Lorde God, that the auenger of the bloude geather not on heapes together to destroye, and that they slaye not my sonne. And he answered: as sure as the Lorde lyueth there shall not one heere of thy sonne fall to the erthe.
12 The woman sayde: let thyne handmayde speake one worde moare vnto my Lorde şe kynge. And he sayde: saye on.
13 The woman sayde: wherfore then hast şu determined such a thyng agaynst şe people of God? For şe kyng doth speake this thynge as one which is fautye, that he shulde not fett agayne hys banesshed.
14 For we must nedes dye, & perysh as water spylt on the grounde, which cannot be geathered vp agayne: Neither doth God spare any soule. Let the kynge therfore fynde şe meanes, şt hys banysshed be not vtterly expelled from hym.
15 Nowe therfore am I come, to speake of this thing vnto the kynge my Lorde: For they şt be of the people, haue feared me. And thy handmayde sayde: Nowe wyll I speake vnto şe kyng, parauenture the kynge will perfourme şe request of his handmayde.
16 And the kinge shall heare his handmayde, to delyuer her out of the hande of the man that wolde haue destroyed me and also my sonne out of şe enheritaunce of God.
17 And thyne handmayde sayde: the worde of my Lorde the kynge shall nowe be confortable? For my Lorde the kynge is as an Angel of God, in hearyng of good and badd: therfore the Lorde thy God be with the.
18 Then the kynge answered, & sayde vnto şe woman: hyde not from me (I praye the) the thynge that I shall aske the: And the woman sayde: let my Lorde the kyng nowe saye on.
19 And the kynge sayde: Is not the hande of Ioab wyth the in all this matter? The woman answered, and sayde: as sure as thy soule lyueth my Lorde kynge, there is els no man (on the ryght hande nor on the leaft) but as my Lorde the kynge hath spoken, thy seruaunt Ioab he bad me, and he put all these wordes in the mouthe of thyne handmayde.
20 For to the intent that I shulde alter my communicacyon, hath thy seruaunt Ioab done this thinge. And my Lord is wise, euen as an Angell of God, to vnderstand all thynges that are in the erthe.
21 And the kynge sayde vnto Ioab beholde, I am content to do this thing. Go, and fett home the chylde Absalom agayne.
22 And Ioab fell to the grounde on his face, and bowed hym selfe, & blessed the kynge And Ioab sayde: nowe thy seruaunt knoweth, that I haue founde grace in thy syght (my Lorde O kynge) in that the kynge hath fulfylled the request of hys seruaunt.
23 And so Ioab arose, and went to Gesur, and brought Absalom to Ierusalem.
24 And the kyng sayd: let him turne to hys awne house, and not se my face. And so Absalom returned to hys awne house, and sawe not the kynges face.
25 But in all Israel there was not so goodlye a man as Absalom, for he was very bewtifull: in so moche şt from şe sole of his fote to şe toppe of his heed, there was no blemeshe in him.
26 And when he shaued hys heed (for at euery yeares end he shaued it, because şe heer was heute on hym and must nedes shaue it) the heere of his heed wayed two hundred cycles after the kynges weyght.
27 And this Absalom had thre sonnes borne him and one daughter, named Thamar, whyche was afayre, woman to loke vpon.
28 So Absalom dwelt two yere in Ierusalem, & sawe not the kynges face.
29 Therfore Absalom sent for Ioab, to haue sent hym to the kinge. But he wolde not come to him. And whan he sent agayne, he wolde not come.
30 Therfore he sayde vnto hys seruauntes: beholde, Ioab hath a parcell of lande fast by my place, and he hath barlye therin. Go, and set it on fire. And Absaloms seruauntes sett it on fyre.
31 Then Ioab arose & came to Absalom vnto his house, & sayde vnto him: wherfore haue thy seruauntes burnt my felde wyth fyre.
32 And Absalom answered Ioab: beholde, I sent for the, desyringe the to come, because I wolde haue sent the to şe kinge, for to saye: wherfore am I come from Gesur. It had bene better for me, to haue bene there styll. Nowe therfore, wolde I se the kynges face. And yf there be any trespace in me, kyll thou me.
33 And so Ioab came to the kynge, & tolde him: whych whan he had sent for Absalom, he came to the kynge, and fell to the grounde on hys face before hym. And the kynge kyssed Absalom.




1 After this it fortuned, that Absalom gatt hym charettes and horsses, and fyftie men to runne before him.
2 And he roase vp erlye in the morninges, and stode in the place of the entring in of the gate. And euery man that had anye matter and came to the kynge for iudgement, him dyd Absalom call vnto hym, and sayde: of what cytie art thou? He answered: thy seruaunt is of one of the trybes of Israel.
3 And Absalom sayde vnto hym: se, thy matter is good and ryghteous, but there is no man deputed of the kynge to heare the.
4 Absalom sayde moreouer: Oh, that I were made iudge in the lande, that euery man which hath anye pleye and matter in the lawe, myght come to me, and that I myght do him iustice?
5 And whan any man came nye to hym, and dyd him obeysaunce, he put forth his hande and toke hym to hym, and kyssed hym.
6 And on this maner dyd Absalom to all Israel that came to the kynge for Iudgement, and he stale the hertes of the men of Israel.
7 And after fourtye yeres it fortuned that Absalom sayde vnto the kynge: let me go nowe to Hebron, and paye my vowe which I haue vowed, vnto the Lorde:
8 for thy seruaunt vowed a vowe (when I was in Gesur in the lande of Siria) sayeng: yf the Lord shall bringe me agayne to Ierusalem, I will serue şe Lord.
9 And the kynge sayde vnto hym: go in peace. And so he arose, and went to Hebron.
10 But Absalom sent spyes thorowe out all şe tribes of Israel sayenge: as sone as ye heare the voyce of the trompet blowe, ye shall saye: Absalom raigneth kynge in Hebron.
11 And with Absalom went two hundred men out of Ierusalem, that were called. And they went wt pure hertes, not knowinge of any thynge.
12 And Absalom sent also for Ahithophel the Gilonite Dauids counseller, that he shulde come out of hys cytie Gilo, whyle he offered sacrifyces. And there was wrought stronge treason. For the people went and increased wt Absalom in multitude.
13 And there cam a messenger to Dauid & sayd: the hertes of the men of Israel are turned after Absalom.
14 And Dauid sayde vnto all his seruauntes şt were wt him at Ierusalem: vp, şt we maye be gone, for we shall not else escape from Absalom. Make spede, to departe: leste he come sodenlie, and catche vs, & bringe some myscheffe vpon vs, and smyte the cytie with the edge of the swerde.
15 And şe kynges seruauntes sayde vnto him: beholde, thy seruauntes are redye, to do whatsoeuer my Lord şe kyng shall apoynte.
16 And the kynge & all his housholde departed a fote. And he left behinde hym ten concubines, to kepe the house.
17 And so şe kynge & all the people went out a fote, & taryed in a place that was farre of.
18 And all his seruauntes went about him. And all the Cerethites and all the Phelethites and all şe Gethites (euen .vj. hundred men whych were come a fote from Geth) went before the kynge.
19 Then sayde şe kynge to Ithai the Gethite, wherfore commest thou wyth vs? Returne and abide with the kynge, for thou art a straunger, and art remoued from thyne awne place.
20 Thou camest but yesterdaye, and shulde I vnquyet the to daye to go wt vs? I wyll go whether I can. Therfore returne thou, & carye agayne thy brethren. Mercye and truthe.
21 And Ithai answered the kynge and sayd: as trulye as God lyueth & as my Lord the kinge lyueth, in what place my Lord the kynge shalbe, whether in deeth or lyfe, euen there also wyll thy seruaunt be.
22 And Dauid şe kynge sayde to Ithai: come then and go forwarde. And Ithai the Gethite went forth, & all hys men, & all the chyldren that were wt hym.
23 And all the countreye wepte wyth a loude voyce, & so dyd all the people that went forth. The kynge also hym selfe passed ouer the broke Kydron. And all the people went towarde the waye şt leadeth to the wyldernesse.
24 And Sadock and all şe Leuites were wyth him, and bare the arcke of the apoyntment of God. And there they set downe the Arcke of God. And Abiathar went vp, vntill the people were all come ouer, out of the cytie.
25 And şe kynge sayde vnto Sadock. Carye the Arcke of God agayne into the cytie. If I shall fynde fauoure in the eyes of şe Lorde, he will bringe me agayne, and shewe me both it, & the tabernacle therof.
26 But and yf the Lorde thus saye: I haue no lust vnto the, beholde, here am I, let him do wyth me, what semeth good in his eyes.
27 The kynge sayde also vnto Sadock the preaste: Art not şu a Sear? Returne into the citie in peace. And take your two sonnes wyth you: Ahimaaz thy sonne, and Ionathas the sonne of Abiathar.
28 Beholde, I will tarye in the feldes of the wyldernesse, vntyll there come some worde from you to be tolde me.
29 Sadock therfore and Abiathar caryed the Arcke of God agayne to Ierusalem, and they taryed there.
30 And Dauid went vpon mount olyuet, and wepte as he went, and had his heed couered, & went barefote. And all the people that was wyth hym, had euery man hys heed couered, and as they went vp, they wepte also.
31 And one tolde Dauid sayenge: Ahithophel is one of them that haue conspired wyth Absalom. And Dauid sayde. O Lorde, turne the councell of Ahithophel into folyshenes.
32 When Dauid was come to the toppe of the mount he worshypped God: and beholde, Husai şe Arachite came agaynst hym with hys coote torne, and hauynge erth vpon his heed.
33 Unto whome Dauid sayde: yf thou go wyth me, thou shalt be a burthen vnto me.
34 But yf thou returne to the cytie, & saye vnto Absalom: I wyll be thy seruaunt O kynge: (as I haue thus longe bene thy fathers seruaunt, so am I nowe thy seruaunt) thou mayst for my sake destroye the councell of Ahithophel.
35 And thou hast there with şe Sadock and Abiathar the Preastes, vnto whom thou shalt shewe all that thou canst heare out of the kynges house.
36 And beholde, they haue there wyth them theyr two sonnes: Ahimaaz Sadockes sonne, and Ionathas Abiathars sonne: by them also shall ye sende me all that ye can heare.
37 And so Husai Dauids frende gat hym to the cytie. And Absalom also entred into Ierusalem.




1 And when Dauid was a lytle past the toppe of the hyll: beholde Ziba the seruaunt of Miphiboseth came to mete hym with a couple of Asses sadeled, and vpon them two hundred loues and one hundred bonches of Resynges, and an hundred frayles of dryed fygges, and a bottell of wyne.
2 And the kyng sayd vnto Ziba: what meanest thou wyth these? And Ziba sayde. They be Asses for the kynges houshold to ryde on, and bread and frute for the younge men to eate, and wyne: that such as be faynt in the wyldernesse, maye drynk.
3 And the kynge sayde: where is thy masters sonne? Ziba answered vnto şe kynge: beholde, he taryeth styll at Ierusalem. For he sayde: thys daye shall the house of Israel restore me the kyngdome of my father.
4 Then sayde the kyng to Ziba, beholde, thyne are all that pertayned vnto Miphiboseth. And Ziba sayde: I do homage to the. I beseche the that I maye fynde grace in thy syght, my Lorde, O kynge.
5 And when kynge Dauid came to Bahurim: beholde, thence cam out a man of the kynred of the house of Saul, named Semei the sonne of Gera, and he cam out cursynge.
6 And he cast stones at Dauid, and at all the seruauntes of kynge Dauid: And all şe people also and all the men of warre were on hys ryght hande, and on hys lefte,
7 And thus sayde Semei whan he cursed: come forthe, come forth thou bloude sheder, and thou man of Belyall.
8 The Lorde hath brought vpon the all şe bloude of şe house of Saul, in whose steade thou hast raygned, and the Lord hath delyuered the kyngdom into the hande of Absalom thy sonne. And beholde şu art come to thy mischeffe, because şu art a bloudesheder.
9 Then sayde Abisai the sonne of Zaruia vnto the kynge: why doth thys deed dogg cursse my Lorde the kynge? let me go nowe, and take of the heed of hym.
10 And the kynge sayde: what haue I to do wyth you ye sonnes of Zaruia: let hym cursse: for the Lorde hath bydden hym cursse Dauid, Who dare then saye: Wherfore hast thou done so?
11 And Dauid sayde to Abisai, and to all his seruauntes, beholde, my sonne whych cam of myne awne bodye, seketh my lyfe. How moche more then maye thys sonne of Iemini do it? Suffre him to cursse for the Lord hath bydden him:
12 haplye the Lorde wyll loke on my wepyng eyes & wretchednesse, & do me good for hys curssynge this daye.
13 And as Dauid and his men went by the waye, Semei went alonge on the hylles syde ouer agaynst hym, & curssed as he went, and threwe stones at him, and cast dust.
14 And the kynge and all şt were with him cam werye, and refresshed them selues there.
15 And Absalom and all the people of the men of Israel came to Ierusalem, and Ahithophel was wyth him.
16 And as sone as Husai the Arachite was come vnto Absalom, he sayde vnto hym: God saue the kynge, God saue şe kyng.
17 And Absalom sayde agayne to Husai: is this şe kyndnesse thou owest to thy frende? Why wentest thou not wyth hym?
18 Husai answered vnto Absalom: naye not so, but whom the Lorde and this people and all the men of Israel chose, hys will I be, and with hym wyll I dwell.
19 Moreouer, vnto whome shall I do seruice, but euen to hys sonne? And as I was seruaunt before wt thy father, euen so shall I be with the.
20 Then spake Absalom to Ahithophell: geue councell, what is best for vs to do.
21 And Ahithophell sayde vnto Absalom: get the in vnto thy fathers concubines, which he hath lefte to kepe the house. And all Israel shall heare, that şu art cast out of thy father: then shall the handes of all that are wyth the, be stronge.
22 And so they pitched Absalom a tent vpon şe toppe of the house. And he went in vnto hys fathers concubynes in the syght of all Israel.
23 And the councell of Ahithophel which he counceled in those dayes, was as a man had asked councell of God: euen so was all the councell of Ahithophel, both wyth Dauid and wyth Absalom.




1 Ahithophel sayde vnto Absalom: let me chose out nowe twelue thousande men. And I will vp, & folowe after Dauid thys nyght.
2 And I wyll come vpon hym, whyle he is werye and weake handed, and wyll feare hym: And all the people that are with hym, shall flee. And so will I smyte the kynge onlye,
3 and wyll bryng agayne all the people vnto the, euen as easely as yf I wolde brynge anye other thing. And whan I haue slayne the man whom thou sekest, all the people shall haue rest.
4 And şe saying pleased Absalom well, and all the elders of Israel.
5 Then sayde Absalom: call also Husai şe Arachite, and let vs heare his councell.
6 When Husai was come to Absalom, Absalom spake vnto hym, sayinge: Ahithophel hath geuen soche councell: Shall we do after his saying, or no? tell thou.
7 Husai answered vnto Absalom: the councell that Ahithophel hath geuen, is not good at this tyme:
8 For (sayd Husai) şu knowest thy father, & his men, howe that they be strong. And they be chafed in their myndes, and are euen as a Beare robbed of her whelpes in the felde. Thy father is a man also practised in warre, & maketh no tarienge with şe people.
9 Beholde he lurketh now in some caue, or in some other stronge place. And though some of his men be ouerthrowen at the fyrst brunt, yet they that heare it will saye: The people that foloweth Absalom, be put to the worsse.
10 And the best men thou hast whose herttes are as the hertes of Lyons, shall shrynke therat. For all Israel knoweth, that thy father is a myghtye man, and they whych be wyth him are all men of warre.
11 Therfore my councell is, that all Israel be geathered vnto the, from Dan to Beerseba, (which are as şe sande of the see in nombre) and that thou go to batayle in thyne awne person.
12 For so shall we come vpon him in one place or other, where we shall fynde hym, & we will fall vpon him euen as thicke as the dewe falleth on the grounde. And of all şe men that are wyth hym, we shall not leaue hym one.
13 Moreouer, yf he be gotten into a towne then shall all the men of Israel bringe ropes to that cytie, and we wyll drawe it into the ryuer, vntyll there be not one stone founde there.
14 And Absalom and all the men of Israel sayde: the councell of Husai the Arachite is better, then the councell of Ahithophell. For it was euen the Lordes determinaycon to destroye the good councell of Ahithophel: that the Lorde myght brynge euell vpon Absalom.
15 Then sayde Husai vnto Sadock and Abiathar the Preastes of this and that maner dyd Ahithophel and the elders of Israel councell Absalom. And thus and thus haue I counceled.
16 Nowe therfore send quicklye, and shewe Dauid saying tarye not all nyght in the feldes of the wyldernesse, but gett the ouer, lest the kynge be deuoured and all the people that are wt hym.
17 Nowe Ionathas and Ahimaaz abode by şe well Rogell: (for they myght not be sene to come into the cytie.) And a wenche went and tolde them. And they went, & shewed kynge Dauid.
18 Neuerthelesse a lad sawe them, and tolde it to Absalom. But they went both of them awaye quycklye, and cam to a mannes house in Bahurim, which had a well in his yarde into the whych they went downe.
19 And a woman toke and sprede a couerlet ouer the welles mouth, and strawed fyrmentie corne theron. And the thynge was not spyed.
20 And when Absaloms seruauntes came to the wyfe to şe house, they sayde. Where is Ahimaaz & Ionathas? The woman answered them they be gone ouer the lytell broke of water. And when they had sought them and coulde not fynde them, they returned to Ierusalem.
21 And as sone as they were departed, şe other came out of the well, and went and tolde kynge Dauid, and sayde vnto hym: vp, and get you quyckly ouer the water for soche councel hath Ahithophel geuen, agaynst you.
22 Then Dauid arose, & all şe people that were wt hym, and they were come ouer Iordan be that it was daye: so şt there lacked not one of them, şt was not come ouer Iordan.
23 And when Ahithophel sawe, şt his councell was not folowed, he sadelled his Asse, & arose, & gate hym home to hys awne house, and to hys awne cytie, and put hys housholde in order, and hanged him selfe, and dyed, and was buryed in the sepulchre of hys father.
24 Then Dauid came to Mahenaim. And Absalom passed ouer Iordan, he and all the men of Israel with him.
25 And Absalom made Amasa captayne of şe hoste in stede of Ioab, whych Amasa was a mannes sonne named Iethra an Israhelite, that went into Abigail the daughter of Nahas syster to Zeruia Ioabs mother.
26 So Israel and Absalom pytched in the lande of Gilead.
27 And when Dauid was come to Mahanaim, Sobi the sonne of Nahas out of Rabba the citie of the children of Ammon, & Machir the sonne of Ammiel out of Lodeber, and Berzelai the Gileadite out of Roglim,
28 brought beddes, basens, erthen vesselles, wheat & barly, floure, and parched corne, beanes, rice, ootmell, hony,
29 butter, shepe and chese of kyene, for Dauid and all the people that were with him, to eate. For they sayd: The people is hongrye, weerye, and thyrstye in the wyldernesse.




1 And Dauid nombred the people that were wyth hym, and sett captaynes of thousandes and of hundredes ouer them.
2 And Dauid sent forth şe thirde parte of the people vnder the hande of Ioab, and another parte vnder the hande of Abisai the sonne of Zeruia Ioabs brother, and the other thyrde parte vnder the hande of Ithai the Gethite. And the kynge sayde vnto the people: I wyll go with you also.
3 And the people answered: Thou shalt not go forth: for yf we fle, oure aduersaries will not care for vs: nether shall they regard vs, though halfe vs were slayne: but şu art worth ten thousande of vs: Wherfore it is better, şt thou succoure vs out of the cytie.
4 And the kynge sayde vnto them: what semeth you best, that wyll I do. And the kynge stode by the gate syde, and all the people came out by hundredes and by thousandes.
5 And şe kynge commaunded Ioab & Abisai, & Ithai sayeng: intreate şe younge man Absalom gently for my sake. And all the people hearde, that the kynge gaue all şe captaynes charge concernynge Absalom.
6 And so the people went out into the felde agaynst Israel, and the battel was in the woode of Ephraim:
7 Where the people of Israel were put to the worsse before the seruauntes of Dauid, & there was a great slaughter that daye, euen of twentye thousande men.
8 For şe felde was fought there in dyuerse places, all abroade vpon the erthe. And şe wodd deuoured moo people that daye, than dyd the swerde.
9 And Absalom came before the seruauntes of Dauid rydynge vpon a Mule, whych caryed hym vnder şe thicke bowes of a great Oke. And his heed was caught of the Oke, and he was lifte vp betwene heuen & erthe: & şe Mule that was vnder hym, went his waye.
10 And one şt saw it tolde Ioab, sayeng: beholde, I sawe Absalom hange in an Ocke:
11 and Ioab sayde vnto the man şt tolde him. Yf thou dydest se hym, why dydest not thou there smyte him to the ground, & I wold haue geuen the ten sicles of siluer, & a girdle?
12 The man sayde vnto Ioab: though thou woldest laye a thousande sycles of syluer in my hande, yet wolde I not stretche out myne hande agaynst the kynges sonne. For we hearde with oure eares when the kynge charged the, and Abisai and Ithai, sayenge: Beware, şt none touch the younge man Absalom:
13 Moreouer, yf I had done it, I shulde haue done agaynst myne owne life: for there is no matter hyd from the kinge: yee and thou thy selfe woldest haue bene agaynst me.
14 Then sayde Ioab: I may not stande thus taryeng wyth the. And he toke thre speares in his hande, & thrust them thorowe Absalom, while he was yet a lyue on the bodye of the tree.
15 And ten seruauntes that bare Ioabs wepons, turned, and smote Absalom and slue him.
16 And when Ioab blewe the trompet, the people returned from folowynge Israel: for Ioab spared the people.
17 And they toke Absalom, and cast hym into a great pytt in the wood, & layed a myghtie great heape of stones vpon hym. And all Israel fled to their tentes.
18 And thys Absalom yet in hys lyfe tyme toke counsell & reared vp a piller, whyche is in kynges dale. For he sayd: I haue no sonne. And therfore to kepe my name in remembraunce do I it. And he called the pyller after hys awne name. And it is called vnto thys daye: Absaloms pyller.
19 Then sayde Ahimaaz the sonne of Sadock: let me runne nowe, and beare the kyng tydinges, how şt the Lorde hath iudged hym quyte of the hande of hys enemyes.
20 And Ioab sayd vnto hym: şu art no man to beare good tydynges to daye: şu shalt beare tydynges another tyme: but to daye şu shalt beare none, because the kynges sonne is deed.
21 Then sayde Ioab to Chusi: go and tell the kynge, what thou hast sene: And Chusi bowed him selfe vnto Ioab, and ranne.
22 Then sayd Ahimaaz the sonne of Sadock agayne to Ioab: come what come wyll, let me also runne after Chusi. And Ioab sayd: Wherfore wilt thou runne my sonne? seing that for the tydynges thou shalt haue no rewarde: well (sayde he) come what will, let me runne.
23 He sayd vnto him: runne. Then Ahimaaz ranne by şe playne waye, and came before Chusi.
24 And Dauid sat betwene the two gates. And the watcheman went vp to the rouffe ouer the gate vnto the walle, & lyfte vp hys eyes, and sawe: & beholde, there cam a man runnynge alone.
25 And şe watcheman cryed, & tolde şe kynge. And the kynge sayde: yf he be alone, there is good tydinges in his mouth. And he came, & drewe nye.
26 And şe watcheman sawe another man runnynge, and he called vnto the porter and sayde: beholde, there commeth another man runnynge alone. And the kynge sayde: he is also a tydinges brynger.
27 And the watcheman sayde. me thynketh the runnynge of the formost is lyke şe runnynge of Ahimaaz the sonne of Sadock The kynge sayde: he is a good man, and commeth with good tydinges.
28 And Ahimaaz called, & sayde vnto the kynge: good tydinges, and he fell downe flatt to the erth vpon his face before the kynge, and sayde: blessed be the Lorde thy God, which hath shutt vp the men that lyft vp their handes agaynst my Lorde the kynge.
29 And the kynge sayde: is the younge man Absalom safe? Ahimaaz answered: When Ioab sent (Chusi) the kynges seruaunt, and me thy seruaunt, I sawe much a doo. But I whotte not what it was.
30 And şe kynge sayde vnto him: turne, and stande here. And he turned, and stode styll.
31 And beholde, Chusi came also, and sayde: Good tydinges my Lorde the kynge, For şe Lorde hath quytte the thys daye out of the hande of all them şt rose agaynst the.
32 And the Kynge sayde vnto Chusi. Is the younge man Absalom safe? Chusi answered: The enemyes of my Lord the kynge, and all that ryse agaynst şe, to do the hurt, be as that younge man is.
33 And the kynge was moued, and went vp to a chambre ouer the gate, and wept. And as he went, thus he sayde: O my sonne Absalom, my sonne, my sonne Absalom, wolde God I had dyed for the: O Absalom my sonne, my sonne.




1 And it was tolde Ioab: beholde, şe kynge wepeth and mourneth for Absalom.
2 And the victorie of that daye was turned into mournynge vnto all şe people. For the people hearde saye that daye, howe the kynge sorowed for hys sonne.
3 And the people stale awaye that daye from goynge into the cytie, as people confounded stele awaye, when they flee in battel.
4 But the kynge hyd his face, and cryed with a loude voyce. O my sone Absalom, O Absalon my sonne, my sonne.
5 And Ioab came into the house to şe kynge, and sayde: thou hast shamed this daye the faces of all thy seruauntes, which this daye haue saued thy lyfe, and the lyues of thy sonnes and of thy daughters, & the lyues of thy wiues, and of thy concubynes,
6 in that thou louest thyne enemyes, and hatest thy frendes. For thou hast declared thys daye, that thou regardest nether thy Lordes nor seruauntes. And this daye I do perceaue, that yf Absalom had lyued, & all we had dyed this daye, that had pleased şe well.
7 Nowe therfore vp, and come out, and speake kyndely vnto thy seruauntes: For I swere by the Lorde, except thou come out, there will not tarye one man with the thys nyght. And that wilbe worsse vnto the, then all the euell that fell on the from thy youth vnto thys houre.
8 Then the kynge arose, and satt downe in the Gate. And they tolde vnto all the people, sayinge: Beholde, the kynge doth sytt in şe Gate. And all the people came before the kinge. But Israel fled, euery man to hys tent.
9 And it fortuned şt all the people were at stryffe thorowe out all the trybes of Israel, sayinge: the kyng saued vs out of the hande of oure enemyes, he delyuered vs out of şe hande of şe Philistines, and nowe he is fleed out of the lande for Absalom.
10 But Absalom whom we anoynted ouer vs, is deed in battell. Therfore, why are ye so styll, that ye brynge not şe kynge agayne?
11 And kyng Dauid sent to Sadock and Abiathar şe preastes, sayinge: speake vnto the elders of Iuda & saye: why are ye behynde, to brynge şe kynge agayne to his house, seynge that soch tydinges is come from all Israel vnto the kynge euen to hys house?
12 Ye are my brethren, my bones & my fleshe: wherfore then are ye the last that bringe the kynge home agayne?
13 And saye ye to Amasa: art thou not of my bone & of my fleshe? God do so and so to me, yf thou be not captayne of şe host to me for euer in şe roume of Ioab.
14 And he bowed the hertes of all the men of Iuda, euen, as the hert of one man: so şt they sent this worde to the kyng: Returne thou with all thy seruauntes.
15 So the kynge returned, & came to Iordan. And Iuda came to Gilgal, for to go downe to mete şe kynge, & to conueye him ouer Iordan.
16 And Simei şe sonne of Gera, the sonne of Iemini, whych was of Bahurim, hasted, and came with the men of Iuda to mete king Dauid,
17 and there were a thousande men of Beniamin wt hym, & Ziba the seruaunt of the house of Saul and his .xv. sonnes and twentye seruauntes with him. And they went quyckly ouer Iordan before the kynge. And there went ouer a boate
18 that caryed ouer şe kynges housholde and they dyd him pleasure. And Simei the sonne of Gera fell before the kynge (as he was come ouer Iordan)
19 and sayde vnto him: let not my Lorde impute wickednesse vnto me, ner remember the thinges (that they seruaunt dyd wickedly when my Lorde the kyng departed out of Ierusalem) that the kyng shulde take it to herte.
20 For thy seruaunt doth knowe, howe şt I haue done amysse. And therfore beholde, I am the fyrst this daye of all the house of Ioseph, that am come to go downe, to mete my Lorde the kynge.
21 But Abisai şe sonne of Zeruia answered, and sayde: shall not Semei dye for this, because he cursed the Lords anoynted?
22 And Dauid sayde: what matter is betwene you and me ye sonnes of zeruia? For thys daye ye be aduersaryes vnto me. Shall there any man dye this daye in Israel? Do not I knowe, that I am this daye kynge ouer Israel?
23 And therfore the kynge sayde vnto Semei: thou shalt not dye, & the kynge sware vnto him.
24 And Miphiboseth the sonne of Saul came also to mete the kynge, & had nether wasshed his fete, ner shauen his beerde, ner wasshed his clothes from the tyme the kynge departed, vntyll he came agayne in peace.
25 And it fortuned that when he was come to Ierusalem, and mett the kynge, the kynge sayde vnto him: wherfore wentest not thou wyth me Miphiboseth?
26 He answered: my Lorde, O kynge, my seruaunt deceaued me. For thy seruaunt sayde I wolde haue mine Asse sadled to ryde theron, for to go to the kynge, because thy seruaunt is lame.
27 And Ziba hath falsely reported of thy seruaunt vnto my Lorde the kynge. And my Lorde the kynge is as an angel of God: do therfore what semeth good in thine eyes.
28 For all my fathers house were but deed men before my Lorde the kynge: and yet dydest thou put thy seruaunt amonge them şt dyd eate at thyne awne table. What ryght therfore haue I yet, to crye any more vnto şe kynge?
29 And the kynge sayde vnto him: Why speakest thou yet in thyne awne cause? I haue sayde: thou and Ziba deuide the landes betwene you.
30 And Miphiboseth sayde vnto şe kynge: yee lett him take all: for so moch as my Lorde the kynge is come agayne in peace vnto his awne house.
31 And Berselai the Gileadite came downe from Roglim, and went ouer Iordan with the kyng, to convaye him ouer Iordan:
32 Berselai was a very aged man, euen foure skore yere olde, & prouyded şe kynge of sustenaunce, whyle he laye at Mahanaim: for he was a man of verye great substaunce.
33 And şe kynge sayde vnto Berselai: come thou with me, & I will fede the with me in Ierusalem.
34 And Berselai sayde vnto the kynge: I am thus olde, and howe am I able to go vp with the kynge vnto Ierusalem?
35 I am this daye foure skore yere olde: and can I decerne betwene good and euell? Hath thy seruaunt any tast in that he eateth or drincketh? Can he heare any more the voyce of synginge men & women? Wherfore then shulde thy seruaunt be yet a burthen vnto my Lorde the kynge?
36 Thy seruaunt will go a lytle waye ouer Iordan with the kynge: and why wyll şe kynge recompence it me with soch a rewarde?
37 O let thy seruaunt turne back agayne, that I maye dye in myne awne cytie, and (be buryed) in şe graue of my father and of my mother. Beholde, here is thy seruaunt Chimeam: let him go with my Lorde the kynge, and do to him, what shall please the:
38 And the kynge answered: Chimeam shall go with me. And I will do to him that thou shalt be content with. And whatsoeuer thou shalt requyre of me, that same will I do for the.
39 And all the people went ouer Iordan. And when the kynge was come ouer Iordan, he kyssed Berselai, and blessed him, & he went backe agayne vnto his awne place.
40 And then the kynge went to Gilgal, and Chimeam went with him, & so dyd all the people of Iuda, and brought ouer the kynge, and there were but halfe the men of Israel.
41 And beholde, all the men of Israel came to the kynge, and sayde vnto him, why haue oure brethren şe men of Iuda stolen the awaye and haue brought the kyng & his housholde, and all Dauids men with him ouer Iordan?
42 And all the men of Iuda answered the men of Israel: the kynge is nere of kynne to vs: wherfore be ye angrye for şt matter? thynke ye that we eate of şe kynges cost, or that we take vs any gyftes?
43 And the men of Israel answered şe men of Iuda and sayde: we haue ten partes in the kynge, & haue therto more ryght to Dauid then ye. Why then dyd ye despyse vs, şt oure aduise shulde not be fyrst had in restoringe oure kynge agayne? And şe wordes of the men of Iuda were fearcer, then the wordes of the men of Israel.




1 Whan there cam thither a certayne man of Belial (named Seba, the sonne of Bichri, a man of gemini) he blew a trompet & sayde: we haue no parte in Dauid, neither haue we enheritaunce in the sonne of Isai, let the men of Israel departe vnto there tentes.
2 And so euery man of Israel went from Dauid, and folowed Seba the sonne of Bichri. But the men of Iuda claue fast vnto their kynge, from Iordan to Ierusalem.
3 And Dauid came to his house to Ierusalem, and toke the ten women his concubines, that he had left behynde him to kepe the house, and put them in warde, and fedd them: but laye no moare wyth them. And so they were enclosed vnto the daye of their deeth, lyuynge in wedowhode.
4 Then sayde the kynge to Amasa: call me the men of Iuda togeather agaynst the thirde daye, and be thou here also.
5 And so Amasa went to gather the men of Iuda to geather: but taried longer, then the tyme which he had appoynted him.
6 And Dauid sayde to Abisai: nowe shall Seba the sonne of Bichri do vs more harme, then dyd Absalom. Take thou therfore thy Lordes seruauntes, & folowe after him: lest he gett him walled cyties, and escape vs.
7 And there went out after hym Ioabs men, and the Crethites and the Phelethites, and all the myghtiest men. And they departed out of Ierusalem to folowe after Seba the sonne of Bichri.
8 And when they were at the great stone in Gibeon, Amasa went before them. And Ioabs garment (that he had about him) was gyrde vnto him, and he had gyrded theron, a knyfe, which was ioyned fast to hys loynes, in soch a sheth şt (as he went) it fell some tymes out.
9 And Ioab sayde to Amasa: art thou in health my brother? And Ioab toke Amasa by the chynne with the ryght hande, to kysse hym.
10 But Amasa toke no hede to the knyffe that was in Ioabs hande, for therwith he smote hym in the short rybbes, and shed out hys bowelles to the grounde, and thrust at him nomore, and he dyed. So Ioab and Abisai his brother folowed after Seba the sonne of Bichri.
11 And one of Ioabs men stode by him, and sayde: He şt beareth any fauoure to Ioab, or good will to Dauid, let him go after Ioab?
12 And Amasa laye walowed in bloude, in the myddes of the waye. And there was a man, which when he sawe that all the people stode styll, he rowled Amasa out of the waye into the felde, & cast a cloth vpon him, because he sawe that euery one that came, stode styll by hym.
13 And as sone as he was tombeled out of the waye, all the people went after Ioab, to folowe after Seba the sonne of Bichri.
14 And he went thorowe all the trybes of Israel vnto Abel, and to Bethmaacha and all the places of Barim. And they geathered together, and went after him.
15 And they came, & beseged him in Abel & in Bethmaacha And they cast vp a bancke agaynst the cytie that stode in the valleye. All the people that was with Ioab, thrust at the wall to ouerthrowe it.
16 Then cryed a wyse woman out of the cytie, heare heare, byd Ioab come hither, that I maye speake with hym.
17 When Ioab was come vnto her, the woman sayde: art şu Ioab? He answered: I am he. She sayde vnto him: heare the wordes of thy handmayde? And he answered: I do heare.
18 And she sayde agayne: They spake in the olde tyme, sayinge: men must aske peace first, how moche rather shulde they so do to Abell? For so haue they contynued hytherto:
19 I am one of them that are peaceable and faythfull in Israel. And thou goest about to destroye a citie and a mother in Israel. Why wilt thou deuoure the enheritaunce of the Lorde?
20 And Ioab answered, and sayde: God forbyd, God forbid it me, that I shulde ether deuoure or destroye.
21 The matter is not so: but a man of mount Ephraim (Seba şe sonne of Bichri by name) hath lyfte vp his hande agaynst the kynge, euen against Dauid. Delyuer vs him only, and I will departe from the cytie. And the woman sayde vnto Ioab: Beholde, his heed shalbe throwen to the, ouer the wall.
22 And then the woman went vnto all şe people with her wisdome. And they smote of the heed of Seba şe sonne of Bichri, and cast it out to Ioab. And he blewe a trompet, and they skatered from the cytie, euery man to his tent. And Ioab returned to Ierusalem, vnto the kynge.
23 Ioab was ouer all the hoste of Israel. And Banaia şe sonne of Iehoiada was ouer the Crethites & Phelethites.
24 And Aduram was ouer the tribute. And Iehosaphat the sonne of Ahilud was Recorder.
25 Seua was scribe. And Sadock & Abiathar were the preastes.
26 And Ira the Iairite was Dauids preast.




1 Then there fell an hongre in the dayes of Dauid, thre yeres together. And Dauid enquired of the Lorde. And the Lorde answered: it is for Saul, and şe house of bloude, because he slue the Gibaonites.
2 And the kynge called the Gibaonites, & sayde vnto them (Nowe the Gibaonites were, not of the chyldren of Israel, but a remnaunt of the Ammorites, and the chyldren of Israel sware vnto them: And Saul sought to sley them, for a zele that he had to the children of Israel and of Iuda.)
3 Wherfore Dauid sayde vnto them, what shall I do for you, and wherwith shall I make the attonement, that ye maye blesse the enheritaunce of the Lorde?
4 The Gibaonites answered him: we wyll haue no syluer ner gold, of Saul ner of hys house: nether is it oure mynde, şt thou shuldest kyll any man in Israel. He sayde: what saye ye then şt I shall do for you?
5 They answered the kinge: the man that consumed vs, & ymagened to brynge vs to nought him will we destroye, that nought of him continewe in any of the coastes of Israel.
6 Let seuen men of his sonnes be delyuered vnto vs, and we will hange them vp vnto the Lorde, in Gibeah of Saul, whom the Lorde dyd chose. And the kynge sayde: I will geue them you.
7 But the kynge had compassyon on Miphiboseth the sonne of Ionathas, the sonne of Saul, because of the Lords othe şt was betwene them: euen betwene Dauid and Ionathas the sonne of Saul.
8 But he toke the two sonnes of Rizpa the daughter of Aia (whom she bare vnto Saul) euen Armoni and Miphiboseth, & the fyue sonnes of Michol (the daughter of Saul) whom she bare to Adriel the sonne of Barselai şe Meholathite.
9 And he delyuered them vnto the handes of the Gibeonites, which hanged them in the hill before the Lorde. And they fell all seuen togeather, and were slayne in the dayes of heruest: euen in the fyrst dayes, and in the beginnynge of Barley heruest:
10 And Rizpa the daughter of Aia toke sackclothe and hanged it vp for them vpon the Rocke, euen from the begynninge of haruest vntyll rayne dropped vpon them out of heuen: and suffered nether the byrddes of the Ayre to fall on them by daye, nor beastes of the felde by nyght.
11 And it was tolde Dauid what Rizpa the daughter of Aia the concubyne of Saul had done:
12 and Dauid went, & toke the bones of Saul and of Ionathas his sonne, from the men of Iabes in Gilead (which had stolen them from the strete of Bethsan, where the Philistines had hanged them when the Philistines had slayne Saul in Gilboa.)
13 And he brought thence the bones of Saul, and şe bones of Ionathas his sonne, & they toke vp the bones of them that were hanged.
14 And the bones of Saul and Ionathas hys sonne buryed they in the contrey of Beniamin, in Zela, in the sepulchre of Cis hys father. And when they had performed all that the kynge commaunded. God was then at one with the lande.
15 It fortuned, that the Philistines had yet warre agayne with Israel. And Dauid went downe & his seruauntes with hym, & fought agaynst the Philistines. And Dauid waxed fayntie,
16 and Iesby of Nob one of the sonnes of the gyauntes (the yron of whose speare wayed thre hundred sycles, and he beynge gyrded with a newe swerde) thought to haue slayne Dauid.
17 But Abisai the sonne of Zaruia succoured hym, and smote the Philistine, and killed him. Then the seruauntes of Dauid sware vnto him, sayinge: Thou shalt go no moare out with vs to battell, that şu quench not the lyght of Israel.
18 And yet after this, there was a battell with the Philistines at Nob, and then Sibbechai the Husathite slewe Saph which was one of the sonnes of the giauntes.
19 And there was yet another battell in Nob with the Philistines, where Elhanam the sonne of Iaere Orgim, a Bethlemite slue one Goliath a Gethite: the staffe of whose speare was as great as a weuers cloth beame.
20 And there was yet another battell in Geth where was a man of a great stature, & had on euery hand .vj. fyngers and on euery fote .vj. toes .xxiiij. in all. And was borne also of the kynred of the giauntes in Geth.
21 And whan he defyed Israell, Ionathas the sonne of Simea the brother of Dauid slewe hym
22 These foure giauntes were borne in Geth, & fell into the hande of Dauid and into the handes of his seruauntes.




1 And Dauid spake the wordes of thys songe vnto the Lorde, what tyme the Lorde had delyuered him out of the hande of all his enemyes, and out of the hande of Saul.
2 And he sayde: the Lorde is my rocke, and my castel, and my delyuerer.
3 God is my strength, in him will I trust: he is my shylde, and the horne of my saluacyon: my worshyp and my refuge: my sauiour, thou shalt saue me from wronge.
4 I will call on şe Lorde which is prayse worthy, and so shall I be saued from myne enemyes.
5 For the corrupcyons of deeth closed me about: the floudes of Belial put me in feare.
6 The sorowes of hell compassed me about: the snares of deeth ouertoke me.
7 In my tribulacyon will I call vpon the Lorde, and crye to my God. And he shall heare my voyce out of his temple, and my crye shall enter into his eares.
8 The erth trimbled and quaked: the foundacyons of heuen moued and shoke, whan he was angrye.
9 Smoke went vp in his wrath, and consumynge fyre out of hys mouth, coles were kendled therof.
10 And he bowed heuen, and came downe, and there was darcknesse vnder his fete.
11 And he satt vpon Cherub & dyd flye he was sene caryed vpon the wynges of the wynde.
12 He made darcknesse a tabernacle rounde about hym, with waters geathered to geather in thycke cloudes.
13 Thorowe the bryghtnesse of his presence were the fyre coles kyndled.
14 God thundred from heuen, and he that is most hye, doth put out his voyce.
15 He shotte arowes, and skatered them: he hurled lyghtenynge, and ouerthrewe them.
16 The flowinges of the see appered, and the foundacyons of the worlde were sene, by the reason of the rebukinge of the Lorde, and thorowe the blastynge of the breeth of hys nostrelles.
17 He shall sende from heauen, and fett me, he shall plucke me out of many waters.
18 He shall delyuer me from my myghtye aduersarye, and fro myne enemyes, for they are to stronge for me.
19 When they had ouertaken me in the daye of my calamytye şe Lorde stayed me vp.
20 For he brought me out into rowmth: he delyuered me, because he had a loue vnto me.
21 The Lord will rewarde me accordinge to my ryghtwysnesse: accordynge to the purenesse of my handes will he recompense me.
22 For I haue kept the wayes of the Lorde, & done no wyckednesse agaynst my God.
23 For all his lawes are in my syght, & his statutes wyll not I put awaye fro me.
24 In his syght also haue I bene vndefyled, & haue kepte me fro myne awne iniquite.
25 And the Lorde dyd to me agayne, accordynge to my ryghtwesnes, euen after my purenesse in his eyesyght.
26 Wyth the godly thou shalt be godly, and wt the man that is vncorrupt, thou shalt be vncorrupt.
27 With the pure thou shalt be pure, & with the frowarde thou shalt be frowarde.
28 And the pore people şt are in aduersyte, şu shalt helpe. And on şe proude shalt thou cast thine eyes.
29 Thou art my light O Lorde: şe Lorde shall lyght my darknesse.
30 For with thy helpe I will runne thorowe an Hoste of men, and in my God wyll I sprynge ouer a walle
31 God is vncorrupt in his waye: the worde of the Lorde is tryed in the fyre: he is the defender of all them that trust in him.
32 For who is a God, saue the Lorde? & who is myghtie, saue oure God?
33 God strengtheth me with power, and ryddyth the waye in battell cleare before me.
34 He maketh my fete lyke hartes fete, & setteth me fast vpon my hye holde.
35 He teacheth my handes to fyght, şt euen a bowe of stele is to weake for myne armes.
36 Thou hast geuen me the shild of thy saluacyon, and with thy louinge mekenesse thou dost multiplie me.
37 Thou shalt make me space to walke in, and my legges shall not fayle me.
38 I wyll folowe vpon myne enemyes and destroye them, and turne not agayne vntyll I haue consumed them.
39 I will waste them and smyte them, that they shall not be able to aryse: yee, they shall fall vnder my fete.
40 Thou hast gyrded me about with myght to battell, and them that roase agaynst me, hast thou subdued vnder me.
41 And thou madest myne enemyes (& them that hated me) to turne their backes to me, that I myght destroye them.
42 They loke for helpe, but there is none to saue them: Yee, euen vnto the Lorde do they crye, but he heareth them not.
43 I will beate them as smalle as the dust of the erth: I will stampe them as the dyrte of the strete, and will spreade them abroade.
44 Thou shalt delyuer me from the dissencyon of my people: thou shalt kepe me to be an heed ouer nacyons: the people whych I knewe not, shall serue me.
45 Straunge children dissemble with me. At the hearynge of the eare they obeye me.
46 Straunge chyldren will shryncke awaye, and they shalbe smytten with feare in their preuye chamber.
47 God is a lyue, and blessed be my maker: magnifyed be God, my most stronge saluacion.
48 It is God that aduengeth me, and bryngeth downe the people vnder me.
49 He delyuereth me fro myne enemyes, şu also shalt lyfte me vpon hye from them that ryse agaynst me, thou shalt delyuer me from the wicked men.
50 And therfore I will prayse şe (O Lorde) amonge the nacyons, and wyll synge vnto thy name.
51 Whych sheweth greate saluacyon for his kynge, and dealeth mercyfully with his anoynted: euen wyth Dauid, and wyth his sede for euermore.




1 These be the last sayinges of Dauid. Dauid the sonne of Isay sayde. And the man (which was made, the anoynted of the God of Iacob, and the noble Psalmist of Israel) sayde:
2 şe sprete of the Lorde spake by me, & his worde was in my tonge.
3 The God of Israel spake of me, euen şe most myghtie of Israel, sayde: he şt beareth rule ouer men, ought to rule iustlye in şe feare of God.
4 And as şe mornynge lyght when the sonne is vp, a mornynge in whych are no cloudes to lett the bryghtnesse, and as the grasse of the erth is by the vertue of the rayne.
5 Shall not my house be so wt God? For he hath made with me an euerlastinge couenaunt, perfecte and sure in all poyntes & this is truly all my health & all my desire şt it growe but not as grasse.
6 But şe vngodly man of Belial shall be as a thorne cleane pluckt vp, which can not be taken wt handes:
7 But the man that shall touche them, must haue yron, or a longe helue. Or els must they be burnt with fyre in the same place.
8 These be the names of the myghtye men whom Dauid had: one şt satt in şe seat of wisdome, beinge chefest amonge thre, pleasaunt was he and stronge: he slue eyght hundred at one tyme.
9 After him was Eleazar the sonne of Dodi the sonne of Ahohi, one of the thre worthies wt Dauid, which defyed the Phylistines that were there geathered together to battell: whan the men of Israel were gone vp.
10 He arose & layed on the Philistines, vntyll hys hande was werye, and claue vnto the swerde. And the Lorde gaue great victorye the same daye. And the people returned, and went after him to runne to the spoyle.
11 After him was Samma the sonne of Age the Hararite: and the Philistines geathered together besyde a towne. (Where was a parcell of lande full of ryce) and the people fled from the Philistines.
12 But he stode in the myddes of the grounde, and defended it, and slue the Philistines. And the the Lorde gaue great victorye.
13 These thre (which were of the thirtye chefe captaynes) went downe to Dauid in şe haruest tyme vnto the caue Adullam, & the hoost of the Philistines abode in the valeye of Geauntes.
14 And Dauid was then in an holde. And the Soudioures of the Philistines were in Bethlehem.
15 And Dauid longed and sayde. Oh, that I had of the water that is in the well by the gate of Bethlehem, for to drincke.
16 And the thre myghtie brake thorowe the Host of the Philistines, & fett water out of the well of Bethlehem that was by the gate, and toke and brought it to Dauid: Neuerthelesse he wolde not dryncke therof, but offered it vnto the Lorde,
17 and sayde: the Lorde forbyd that I shulde do so. Is not this the bloude of the men that wente in ieopardye of their lyues? and therfore he wolde not dryncke it. And these thinges dyd these thre myghtie men.
18 Abisai the brother of Ioab, şe sonne of Saruiah, was chefe amonge the thre, and he lyfte vp hys speare agaynst thre hundred, & slue them, and had the name amonge the thre.
19 For he was nobler man then the thre and was their captayne. Howbeit he attayned not vnto thre.
20 And Banaiahu the sonne of Iehoiada (şe sonne of a myghtie man) valyant in actes, of kabzeel, slue two stronge lyons, euen lyons of Moab. He went downe also, & slue a lyon in a pyt in tyme of snowe.
21 And he slue an Egypcyan, a goodly bygge man, which had a speare in his hande. But he went downe to him with a staffe, and plucked the speare out of the Egypcians hande, and slue him wt hys awne speare.
22 These thynges did Banaiahu the sonne of Iehoiada, & had the name amonge the thre worthies.
23 He was honorable amonge thirtye, but he attayned not to şe (first) thre. And Dauid made him of hys councell.
24 Asahel the brother of Ioab also was one of the thirtye. Then Elhanan the sonne of Dodo of Bethlehem:
25 Samma the haronite: Elica the Harodite:
26 Helez the Paltite: Ira the sonne of Akes the Thekoite:
27 Abiezer of Anathoth: Meobnai the Husathite:
28 Zelmon an Ahohite: Maharai the Netophatite:
29 Heleb the sonne of Baanah an Netophatite: Ithai the sonne of Ribai out of an hill of the chyldren of Beniamin:
30 Banaiahu the Phiratonite: Hedai, of the ryuer of Gaas:
31 Abialbon the Arbathite: Asmaueth a Barhumite:
32 Elihaba a Saalbonite: and the sonnes of Iasen, Ionathas.
33 Samma the Hararite. Ahiam the sonne of Sarar an Hararite:
34 Eliphelet the sonne of Aasbai the sonne of a Maachathite: Eliam the sonne of Aithophel the Gilonite:
35 Hezrai the Carmelite: Paarai the Arbite:
36 Igal the sonne of Nathan of Zoba: Bani the Gadite:
37 Zelec an Amonite: Naharai a Berothyte, which was the harnesberer of Ioab şe sonne of Zaruia.
38 Ira the Iethrite: Gareb şe Iethrite
39 Uria the Hethite, thirtye & seuen in all.




1 And agayne, the Lord was wroth agaynst Israel, and he moued Dauid agaynst them, in şt he sayde: go and nombre Israel and Iuda.
2 For the kynge sayde to Ioab the captayne of his host: go thou abroade nowe, thorow out all the trybes of Israel, euen from Dan to Beer Seba, & nombre ye the people, that I maye knowe the nombre of them.
3 And Ioab sayde vnto the kynge: I beseche şe Lorde thy God, to make şe people as many moo as they be: ye and an hundred tymes so many mo, and that the eyes of my Lorde the kynge maye se them. And what is the cause şt my Lorde the kynge hath a lust to this thinge?
4 Not witstandynge the kynges worde preuayled agaynst Ioab and agaynst the captaynes of şe hoste: And Ioab and the captaynes of the host went out from the presence of the kynge, to nombre the people of Israel.
5 And they passed ouer Iordan, and pitched in Aroer on the ryght syde of the cytie that lyeth in the myddes of the valeye of Gad, ouer agaynst Iazer.
6 And then they came to Gilead, and to the nether lande, where was a newe habitacyon, & from thence they came to Dan Iaan about to Sidon,
7 & came to the stronge holde of Tyre, and to all the cyties of the Heuites and of the Cananites, & then went out to şe South of Iuda, euen to Beerseba.
8 And so, when they had bene abroade thorowe out all the lande, they returned to Ierusalem agayne, after the ende of nyne monethes and twentye dayes.
9 And Ioab delyuered vp the nombre and summe of the people vnto the kynge. And there were in Israel eyghte hundred thousande men of myght şt drewe swerdes. And the men of Iuda were fyue hundred thousande men.
10 And Dauids hert smote hym, after that he had nombred the people. And Dauid sayde vnto the Lorde: I haue synned excedyngly in that I haue done. And nowe Lorde take awaye the trespace of thy seruaunt: for I haue done very folyshely.
11 And when Dauid was vp in a morninge, the worde of the Lord came vnto the prophet Gad Dauids sear, sayinge:
12 go and saye vnto Dauid, thus sayth şe Lord: I offer the thre thynges, chose şe which of them I shall do vnto the.
13 So Gad came to Dauid, and shewed him, & sayde vnto him. Wilt thou haue seuen yeres hunger to come in thy lande, or wilt şu flee .iij. monethes before thyne enemies, they folowinge the, or that there be thre dayes pestilence in thy lande? Nowe therfore aduyse the, & se, what answere I shall geue to him şt sent me.
14 And Dauid sayde vnto Gad: I am in extreme trouble. We will fall now into the hande of the Lorde, for moch is his mercye, and lett me not falle into the hande of man.
15 And so şe Lorde sent a pestilence in Israel. from the mornynge vnto the tyme appoynted. And there dyed of the people from Dan to Beerseba seuenty thousande men.
16 And when the Angell stretched out his hande vpon Ierusalem to destroye it, the Lorde had compassion to do that euell, and sayde to the Angell that destroyed şe people: it is nowe sufficient: holde thyne hande. And şe angell was by the thresshinge place of Arefna the Iebusite.
17 And Dauid spake vnto the Lorde (when he sawe the angell that smote the people) and sayde: loo, it is I that haue synned, and I şt haue done wyckedly. But these shepe, what haue they done? lett thyne hande (I praye the) be agaynst me and agaynst my fathers house.
18 And Gad came the same daye to Dauid, and sayde vnto him: go vp and reare an aultare vnto the Lord in the thresshinge flowre of Arefna the Iebusite.
19 And Dauid (accordinge to the sayinge of Gad) went vp, as the Lorde commaunded.
20 And Arefna loked, and sawe the kynge and his seruauntes cominge towarde him. And Arefna went out, and bowed him selfe before the kynge flat on his face vpon the grounde,
21 and Arefna sayde wherfore is my Lorde the kynge come to his seruaunt? Dauid answered: to bye the thresshynge flowre of the, and to make an aultare vnto the Lorde, that the plage maye cease from the people.
22 And Arefna sayde vnto Dauid: let my Lord the kynge take and offer what semyth him good in his eyes: Beholde, here be oxen for burnt sacrifyce, and steades and the other instrumentes of the oxen for wood.
23 All these thynges dyd Arefna geue vnto the kynge, & sayde moreouer vnto the kynge: şe Lorde thy God accept the.
24 And the kynge sayde vnto Arefna: not so, but I wyll bye it of the at a pryce, and wyll not offer sacrifyce vnto the Lorde my God of şt which doth cost me nothinge. And so Dauid bought şe thresshynge flowre, & the oxen for fyftie sycles of syluer.
25 And Dauid buylt there an aultare vnto şe Lorde, & offered burnt sacrifyces and peace offeringes. And so the Lorde was intreated for the lande. And the plage ceased from Israel.