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1 Simon Peter a seruaunt, and an Apostle of Iesus Christ, to them whych haue obtayned lyke precyous fayth wt vs thorow şe ryghtewesnes of oure God and sauioure Iesus Christ.
2 Grace be vnto you, and peace be multiplyed thorow the knowledge of God and of Iesus oure Lorde.
3 Accordynge as his godly power hath geuen vnto vs all thinges that pertayne vnto lyfe and godlynes, thorow the knowledge of him that hath called vs by glory, and vertue,
4 by the whych are geuen vnto vs excellent and moste greate promyses, that by the meanes therof ye myght be partakers of the godly nature, yf ye flye şe corrupcyon of worldly lust.
5 And herunto geue all diligence: in youre fayth mynyster vertue: in vertue knowledge:
6 in knowledge temperaunce, in temperaunce pacience: in pacience godlynes,
7 in godlynes brotherly kyndnes, in brotherly kyndnes loue.
8 For yf these thynges be amonge you, and be plenteous, thy wyll make you that ye nether shalbe ydle nor vnfrutefull in the knowledge of oure Lorde Iesus Christ.
9 But he that lacketh these thynges, is blynde and gropeth for the waye wyth his hande, and hath forgotten, that he was pourged from hys olde synnes.
10 Wherfore brethren, geue the more diligence for to make your calling & eleccyon sure For yf ye do soch thynges, ye shall neuer fall.
11 Yee and by this meanes an entrynge in shal be mynistred vnto you aboundantly into the euerlastyng kyngdome of oure Lorde and sauioure Iesus Christ.
12 Wherfore, I wyll not be neglygent to put you all wayes in remembraunce of soch thynges though ye knowe them youre selues, and and be stablished in the present trueth.
13 Notwythstandynge I thynke it mete (as longe as I am in thys tabernacle) to strete you vp by puttyng you in remembraunce, for as moch,
14 as I am sure, that shortly I must put of thys my tabernacle, euen as oure Lorde Iesus Christ shewed me.
15 I wyll euer also geue my diligence, that ye maye haue wherwyth to stere vp the remembraunce of these thinges after my departyng.
16 For we haue not folowed deceatfull fables, when we opened vnto you the power and commynge of oure Lorde Iesus Christ, but wyth our eyes we sawe his maiestie:
17 euen then verely when he receaued of God the father honoure and glory, and when ther came soch a voyce to hym from the excellent glorye. Thys is my dere beloued sonne, in whom I haue delyte.
18 This voyce we hearde come from heauen, whan we were wyth hym, in the holy mounte.
19 We haue also a ryght sure worde of prophecye, wher vnto yf ye take hede, as vnto a lyght that shyneth in a darcke place, ye do well, vntyll the daye dawne, and the daye starre aryse in youre hertes.
20 So that ye fyrst know thys: that no prophecye in the scripture hath eny pryuate interpretacyon:
21 For the scripture came neuer by the wyll of man: but holy men of God spake, as they were moued by the holy goost.




1 Ther were false prophetes also amonge the people, euen as ther shalbe false teachers amonge you: whych preuely shall brynge in damnable sectes (euen denyenge the Lorde that hath bought them) and brynge vpon them selues swyft damnacyon,
2 and many shall folowe their damnable wayes, by whom the waye of trueth shal be euyll spoken of,
3 and thorow coueteousnes shall they wyth fayned wordes make marchandyse of you, whose iudgement is now not farre of, and their damnacyon slepeth not.
4 For yf God spared not the angels şt synned, but cast them downe into hell, and delyuered them into chaynes of dercknes to be kept vnto iudgement:
5 nether spared şe olde worlde, but saued. Noe şe eyght preacher of ryghtewesnes, and brought in şe floud vpon the worlde of the vngodly,
6 and turned the cyties of Zodom and Gomor into asshes: ouerthre we them, damned them, and made on them an ensample vnto those that after shulde lyue vngodly.
7 And iust Lot vexed wyth the vnclenly conuersacyon of şe wycked, delyuered he.
8 For he beynge ryghteous, and dwellynge among them in seynge and hearyng, vexed his ryghteous soule from daye to daye wyth their vnlaufull dedes.
9 The Lorde knoweth how to delyuer the godly out of temptacyon, and to reserue the vniuste vnto the daye of iudgement for to be punysshed:
10 but chefely them that walcke after the flesshe in the lust of vnclennes, and despyse auctoryte. Presumpteous are they, and stubborne, whych feare not to speake euyll of them that excell in worshippe.
11 When şe angels which are greater both in power & might, receaue not of şe Lord rayling iudgment agaynst them selues.
12 But these as brute beastes, naturally brought forth to be taken and destroyed, speake euyll of the thinges şt they vnderstande not, & shall perisshe in their awne destruccion,
13 & receaue the rewarde of vnryghtwesnes. They count it pleasure to lyue delyciously for a season. Spottes they are & fylthynes: which lyue at pleasure in their owne disceauable wayes, feastinge & scorninge you:
14 hauinge eyes full of aduoutrie, and şe cannot cease from synne: begyling vnstable soules. Hertes they haue excercysed with robrie. They are cursed chyldren
15 which haue forsaken the ryght waye, and are gone astraye folowynge the waye of Balaam the sonne of Bosor, which loued the rewarde of vnryghtewesnes:
16 but was rebuked of hys iniquitie. The tame and domme beast, speakynge with mannes voyce, forbade the madnesse of the Prophete.
17 These are welles without water: cloudes that are, caried with a tempest, to whom the myst of darcknes is reserued for euer.
18 For when they haue spoken the greate swelling wordes of vanytie, they entyse thorow lustes in the volupteousnes of the flesh, them that were cleane escaped: euen them şt now lyue in erroure:
19 while they promes them libertie, where as they them selues are şe bonde seruauntes of corruption. For of whom a man is ouer come, vnto şe same is he brought in bondage.
20 For yf they (after they haue escaped from the fylthynes of the worlde thorow the knowledge of the Lord and the sauyour Iesu Christ) are yet tangled againe therin, and ouercome then is the latter ende worse wyth them then the begynninge.
21 For it had bene better for them, not to haue knowne şe waye of ryghteousnes, then after they haue knowen it, to turne from the holy commaundement şt was geuen vnto them:
22 But the same is happened vnto them that is vsed to be spoken by şe true prouerbe. The dogge is turned to his awne vomet agayne and the sow şt was wasshed is turned agayne to her walowynge in the myer.




1 This is the seconde epistle that I now write vnto you dearly beloued, wherwith I stere vp your syncere mynde, by putting you in remembraunce,
2 that ye maye be myndefull of the wordes (whych were tolde before of the holy Prophetes) and also the commaundement of vs whych be Apostles of the Lorde and sauyour
3 This fyrst vnderstande, that ther shall come in the last dayes, mockers whych wyll walke after their awne lustes,
4 & saye: Where is the promes of hys commyng? For sence the fathers dyed, all thynges continue in the same estate wherin they were at the beginninge.
5 For this they knowe not (and that wylfully) how that şe heauens a great whyle ago were, & the erth out of the water appeared vp thorow the water, by the word of God:
6 by the whych thynges the world that then was, peryshed beynge ouerrunne wyth water.
7 But the heauens and erth whych are now, be kept by hys worde in store, and reserued vnto fyre, agaynst the daye of iudgement & perdicion of vngodly men.
8 Dearly beloued, be not ignoraunt of this one thinge, howe that one daye is with the Lorde as a thousande yeare, & a thousande yeare as one daye.
9 The Lord that hath promised, is not slacke, as some men count slacknes: but is pacyent to vs warde: for asmoch as he wolde haue no man lost, but wyll receaue all men to repentaunce.
10 Neuerthelesse the daye of the Lord wyll come as a thefe in the nyghte, in the which daye, the heauens shall passe awaye in maner of a tempest, and the elementes shal melt with heat: the erth also & the workes that are therin, shall burne.
11 Seyng then that all these thinges shal perishe, what maner persons ought ye to be in holy conuersacyon, and godlynes:
12 lokyng for, and hastinge vnto the commynge of the daye of God, by whom the heauens shall perisshe with fyre, & the elementes shall melt with heate?
13 Neuerthelesse, we (according to his promes) loke for a new heauen and a new earth, wherin dwelleth ryghtewesnes.
14 Wherfore dearly beloued, seynge that ye loke for such thinges, be diligent şt ye maye be founde of hym in peace, wythout spotte and vndefyled.
15 And suppose that the longe sufferinge of the Lord is saluacyon, euen as oure derely beloued brother Paule also (accordinge to the wysdome geuen vnto him) hath wrytten vnto you,
16 ye, almoost in euery epistle, speakynge of such thinges: amonge which are many thinges harde to be vnderstande, which they that are vnlearned & vnstable, peruert, as they do also şe other scriptures vnto their awne destruccion.
17 Ye therfore beloued, (seynge ye be warned afore hand) beware, lest ye, wyth other men be also plucked awaye thorow the erroure of the wycked, and fall from your awne stedfastnes:
18 but growe in grace, & in the knowledge of oure Lorde and sauyoure Iesus Christ. To whom be glory both now and for euer. Amen.