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1 Paul an apostle of Iesu christ by the wyll of God, and brother Timotheus. Unto the congregacyon of God, which is at Corinthum, with all the saynctes whych are in all Achaia
2 Grace be wyth you & peace from God oure father, and from the Lorde Iesus Christ.
3 Blessed be God (the father of oure Lorde Iesus Christ) which is the father of mercy, & the God of all comforte,
4 whych comforteth vs in all oure tribulacyon, in so moche that we are hable to comforte them whych are in any maner of trouble, with the same comforte, wherwith we oure selues are comforted of God.
5 For as the affliccyons of Christ are plenteous in vs, euen so is oure consolacyon plenteous by Christ.
6 Whether we be troubled for youre consolacyon and health, which saluacyon sheweth her power in that ye soffre the same affliccyons, which we also suffre: or whether we be comforted for youre consolacyon and saluacyon:
7 our hope also is stedfast for you: in as moche as we know, how that as ye are partetakers of the affliccyons, so shall ye be partakers also of the consolacyon.
8 Brethren, I wolde not haue you ignoraunt of oure trouble, which happened vnto vs in Asia . For we were greued out of measure passing strength, so greatly that we despayred euen of lyfe.
9 Also we receaued an answer of deeth in oure selues, that we shuld not put oure trust in our selues: but in God, whych rayseth the deed to lyfe,
10 and whych delyuered vs from so great a deeth: and doth delyuer. On whom we trust, that yet hereafter he wyll delyuer,
11 by the helpe of youre prayer for vs, that by the meanes of many persones, thankes maye be geuen of many on oure behalfe, for şe gyfte geuen vnto vs.
12 For oure reioysinge is this, euen the testimony of oure conscience, that in synglenes and godly purenes, & not in fleshly wysdom, but by the grace of God, we haue had oure conuersacyon in the world, and most of all to you wardes.
13 We wryte none other thynges vnto you, then that ye reade & also knowe. Yee, and I trust ye shall fynde vs vnto the ende, euen as ye haue founde vs partly:
14 for we are youre reioysinge, euen as ye are oures in the daye of the Lord Iesus.
15 And in this confidence was I mynded fyrst to haue come vnto you, that I myght haue had one pleasure more with you,
16 and to passe by you into Macedonia, & to haue come agayne out of Macedonia vnto you, and to be led forth of you towarde Iewrye.
17 Whan I thus wyse was mynded: dyd I vse lyghtnes? Or thynke I carnally those thynges which I thinke? that with me shuld be yee, yee, and naye naye.
18 God is faythfull: For oure preachyng to you, was not yee & naye.
19 For Goddes sonne Iesus Christ which was preached amonge you by vs (euen by me and Siluanus and Timotheus) was not yee & naye: but by hym it was yee:
20 For all the promises of God, by him are yee: and are in him Amen, vnto the lawde of God thorow vs.
21 For it is God, which stablyssheth vs with you in Christ and stondeth by vs, and hath annoynted vs,
22 whych hath also sealed vs, and hath geuen the ernest of the sprete in oure hertes.
23 I call God for a recorde vnto my soule that for to fauer you with all I came not eny more vnto Corynthum.
24 Not that we be Lordes ouer your fayth: but are helpers of youre ioye. For by fayth ye stande.




1 But I determined this in my selfe, that I wold not come agayne to you in heuynes.
2 For yf I make you sorye, who is it şt shuld make me glad, but the same which is made sory by me?
3 And I wrote thys same vnto you, lest yf I came vnto you, I shuld take heuynes of them, of whom I ought to reioyce. Thys confidence haue I towarde you all, that my ioye is the ioye of you all.
4 For out of great affliccyon and anguysshe of hert. I wrote vnto you with many teares: not that ye shulde be made sory, but that ye myght perceaue the loue, whych I haue, most specially vnto you.
5 If eny man hath caused sorow, the same hath not made me sory, but partely: lest I shulde greue you all.
6 It is sufficient vnto the same man, that he was rebuked of many.
7 So that now contrary wyse, ye ought rather to forgeue him, and comforte him: lest that same persone shuld be swalowed vp wt ouer moch heuynes.
8 Wherfore, I exhorte you, that loue maye haue strength ouer him.
9 For this cause verely dyd I wryte, that I myght knowe the profe of you, whether ye shulde be obedient in all thynges.
10 To whom ye forgeue eny thynge, I forgeue also. For yf I forgaue eny thynge, to whom I forgaue it, for youre sakes forgaue I it, in the syght of Christ,
11 lest Satan shuld preuent vs. For his thoughtes are not vnknowen vnto vs.
12 When I was come to Troada for Christes Gospelles sake (and a dore was opened vnto me of the Lord)
13 I had no rest in my sprete, because I founde not Titus my brother: but toke my leaue of them, and went awaye into Macedonia.
14 Thankes be vnto God, which alwayes geueth vs the victorie in Christ, and openeth the sauer of his knowledge by vs in euery place.
15 For we are vnto God the swete sauoure of Christ, amonge them that are saued, and amonge them which perysshe.
16 To the one parte are we the sauour of deeth vnto deeth. And vnto şe other part are we şe sauour of lyfe vnto lyfe. And who is mete vnto these thinges?
17 For we are not as the most part are, which choppe and chaunge with the worde of God: but euen out of purenes, and by the power of God, in the syght of God, so speake we in Christ.




1 We begyn to prayse oure selues agayne, Nede we as some other, of Epistles of recommendacyon vnto you or letters of recommendacion from you?
2 Ye are oure epistle wrytten in oure hertes, which is vnderstande and red of all men,
3 for asmoch as ye declare that ye are the epistle of Christ, mynistred by vs and wrytten, not with ynke: but with the sprete of the lyuynge God not in tables of stone, but in flesshy tables of the hert.
4 Suche trust haue we thorow Christ to God ward,
5 not that we are sufficient of oure selues to thynke eny thyng, as of our selues: but yf we be able vnto any thinge şe same commeth of God,
6 which hath made vs able to mynister the newe testament, not of the letter, but of the sprete. For the letter kylleth, but the sprete geueth lyfe.
7 If the ministracyon of deeth thorow the letters fygured in stones, was glorious, so şt the chyldren of Israel coulde not beholde the face of Moses, for the glory of his countenaunce (whych glory is done awaye)
8 why shall not the ministracyon of the sprete be moch more gloryous?
9 For yf the ministringe of condemnacyon be glorious: moch more doth the ministracyon of ryghtewesnes exceade in glory.
10 For no dout that whych was there glorifyed, is not once glorifyed in respecte of this exceadynge glory.
11 For yf that which is destroyed was glorious, moch more that which remayneth, is glorious.
12 Seyng then that we haue soch trust, we vse great boldnes,
13 & do not as Moses, which put a vayle ouer his face, that the chyldren of Israel shuld not se for what purpose that serued which is put awaye.
14 But their myndes were blinded. For vntyll this daye remayneth the same coueringe vntaken awaye in the lecture of the olde testament, whych vayle shalbe put awaye in Christ.
15 But euen vnto this daye when Moses is redde the vayle hangeth before their hertes.
16 Neuerthelesse when they tourne to the Lord, the vayle shalbe taken awaye.
17 The Lorde no dout is a sprete. And where şe sprete of the Lord is, there is libertie.
18 But we all beholde in a myrroure the glorye of şe Lorde with his face open, and are chaunged vnto şe same similitude, from glory to glory, euen as of the sprete of the Lorde.




1 Therfore, seyng that we haue soch an offyce, euen as God hath had mercy on vs, we go not out of kynde:
2 but haue cast from vs the clokes of vnhonestye, and walke not in craftynes, nether handle we the worde of God disceatfully, but open the trueth, & reporte oure selues to euery mannes conscience in şe syght of God
3 If oure Gospell be yet hyd, it is hyd amonge them that are lost,
4 in whom the God of this world hath blynded the myndes of them which beleue not, lest the lyght of the gospell of the glory of Christ (whych is şe ymage of God) shulde shyne vnto them.
5 For we preache not our selues, but Christ Iesus to be the Lorde, and oure selues youre seruauntes, for Iesus sake.
6 For it is God, that commaunded the lyght to shyne out of darcknes, which hath shyned in oure hertes, for to geue the lyght of the knowledge of the glory of God, in the face of Iesus Christ.
7 But we haue this treasure in erthen vessels, that the excellency of şe power myght be Gods, and not oures.
8 We are troubled on euery syde, yet are we not without shyft. We are in pouertie: but not vtterly without somwhat.
9 We suffre persecucion: but are not forsaken therin. We are cast downe: neuerthelesse we perysshe not.
10 We all wayes beare aboute in the bodye, the dyinge of the Lorde Iesus, that the lyfe of Iesu myght also appeare in oure bodye.
11 For we which lyue, are alwayes delyuered vnto deeth for Iesus sake, that the lyfe also of Iesu myght appere in oure mortall flesshe
12 So then, deeth worketh in vs, but lyfe in you.
13 But seynge that we haue the same sprete of fayth (accordynge as it is wrytten: I beleued, and therfore haue I spoken.) We also beleue, and therfore speake
14 For we knowe, that he which raysed vp the Lorde Iesus, shall rayse vp vs also by the meanes of Iesus, & shall sett vs with you.
15 For all thynges do I for youre sakes that the plenteous grace by thanckes geuen of many, maye redounde to the prayse of God.
16 Wherfore, we are not weried, But though oure vtwarde man peryshe, yet the inwarde man is renewed daye by daye.
17 For oure tribulacyon which is momentany and lyght. prepareth an excedinge & an eternall wayght of glorye vnto vs,
18 while we loke not on the thynges which are sene, but on the thynges whych are not sene. For the thynges whych are sene, are temporall: but thynges whych are not sene, are eternall.




1 For we knowe that yf oure erthy mancion of this dwellyng were destroyed, we haue a byldinge of God, an habitacyon not made with handes, but eternall in heauen.
2 For therfore syghe we, desyring to be clothed with oure mansion which is from heauen:
3 so yet, yf that we be founde clothed, & not naked.
4 For we that are in this tabernacle, syghe & are greued because we wold not be vnclothed, but wolde be clothed vpon, that mortalite myght be swalowed vp of lyfe.
5 He şt hath ordeyned vs for this thynge, is God: which very same hath geuen vnto vs the ernest of the sprete.
6 Therfore, we are alwaye of good cheare, and knowe, that as longe as we are at home in the body, we are absent from God.
7 For we walke in fayth, not after outward appearaunce.
8 Neuerthelesse, we are of good comforte, and had leuer to be absent from the body, and to be present with God.
9 Wherfore, whether we be at home or from home, we endeuoure oure selues, to please him.
10 For we must all appeare before the iudgement seate of Christ, that euery man maye receaue the workes of hys body accordynge to that he hath done, whether it be good or bad.
11 Seynge then that we knowe, how şe Lorde is to be feared, we fare fayre wyth men. For we are knowen well ynough vnto God. I trust also şt we are knowen in youre consciences.
12 For we prayse not oure selues agayne vnto you, but geue you an occasyon to reioyce of vs, that ye maye haue some what against them, whych reioyce in the face, and not in the herte.
13 For yf we be to feruent, to God are we to feruent. Or If we kepe measure, for youre cause kepe we measure.
14 For the loue of Christ constrayneth vs, because we thus iudge, that yf one dyed for all, then were all deed,
15 and he dyed for all: that they whych lyue, shuld not hence forth lyue vnto them selues, but vnto him whych dyed for them, & rose agayne.
16 Wherfore, hence forth knowe we no man after the flesshe. In so moch though we haue knowen Christ after the flesshe, now yet hence forth knowe we him so nomoare.
17 Therfore yf eny man be in Christ, he is a newe creature Olde thynges are passed awaye, beholde, all thinges are become new.
18 Neuerthelesse, all thynges are of God, whych hath reconcyled vs vnto him selfe by Iesus Christ, and hath geuen to vs the offyce to preache the attonement.
19 For God was in Christ, and made agrement betwene the worlde and him selfe, & imputed not their synnes vnto them, and hath commytted to vs the preachynge of the attonement.
20 Now then are we messengers in the rowme of Christ euen as though God dyd beseche you thorow vs. So praye we you in Christes stede, that ye be reconcyled vnto God:
21 for he made him to be synne for vs, which knewe no synne, that we by his meanes shulde be şt ryghtewesnes, which before God is alowed.




1 We also as helpers exhorte you şt ye receaue not the grace of God in vayne.
2 For he sayth: I haue heard the in a tyme accepted: and in the daye of saluacyon, haue I suckered the. Beholde, now is that accepted tyme: beholde, now is that daye of saluacyon.
3 Lett vs geue no occasyon of euyll, that in oure offyce be founde no faute:
4 but in all thynges let vs behaue oure selues as the minysters of God. In moch pacience, in affliccyons, in necessitees in anguysshes,
5 in strypes, in presonmentes: in stryfes: in laboures, in watchynges, in fastynges,
6 in purenes, in knowledge, in longe suffring, in kyndenes, in the holy ghost, in loue vnfayned,
7 in the worde of trueth, in the power of God, by the armoure of ryghtewesnes of the ryght hande & on şe lyfte
8 be honoure and dishonoure: be euyll reporte & good reporte: as desceauers, and yet true,
9 as vnknowen, and yet knowen: as dyinge, and beholde, we lyue: as chastened, and not kylled:
10 as sorowing, & yet alwaye merye: as poore, and yet make many ryche: as hauinge nothyng, & yet possessyng all thynges.
11 O ye Corynthyans, oure mouth is open vnto you. Oure hert is made large:
12 ye are in no strayte in vs, but are in a strayte in youre awne bowelles:
13 I promyse vnto you lyke reward, as vnto chyldren.
14 Set your selues at large, and beare not ye the yoke wt şe vnbeleuers. For what fellyship hath ryghtewesnes with vnryghtewesnes? Or what company hath lyght wt darknes?
15 Or what concorde hath Christ with Beliall? Ether what parte hath he that beleueth, with an infidell?
16 Or how agreeth the temple of God with Images for ye are the temple of the lyuinge God, as sayde God? I wyll dwell amonge them, & walcke amonge them, and wylbe their God: & they shalbe my people.
17 Wherfore come out from amonge them, and separate youre selues from them (sayth şe Lorde) and touche none vncleane thynge: so wyll I receaue you,
18 and wylbe a father vnto you, and ye shalbe my sonnes & daughters, sayth the Lorde allmyghty.




1 Seynge that we haue soche promyses (dearely beloued) lett vs clense oure selues from all filthynes of şe flesshe and sprete, and growe vp to full holynes wyth the feare of God.
2 Understand vs we haue hurte no man: we haue corrupte no man: we haue defrauded no man.
3 I speake not this to condemne you: for I haue shewed you before, that ye are in oure hertes to dye & lyue with you:
4 I am very bolde ouer you, I reioyce greatly in you. I am fylled with comforte, and am exceadynge ioyouse in all oure tribulacyon.
5 For when we were come into Macedonia oure flesshe had no rest, but we were troubled on euery syde. Outwarde was fyghtyng, inward was feare.
6 Neuerthelesse God that conforteth the abiecte, conforted vs by the commynge of Titus.
7 And not by his commynge onely: but also by the consolacyon which we receaued of you: when he tolde vs youre desyre, youre feruent mynde for me: so that I reioyced the more.
8 For though I made you sory with a letter, I repent not: though I dyd repent. For I perceaue, that the same epistle made you sorye, though it were but for a ceason.
9 But I nowe reioyce, not that ye were sory, but that ye so sorowed that ye repented. For ye sorowed godly: so şt in nothynge ye were hurte by vs.
10 For godly sorowe causeth repentaunce vnto saluacyon, not to be repented of, contrary wyse, worldely sorowe causeth deeth.
11 For beholde, what diligence this godly sorowe that ye toke, hath wrought in you: yee it caused you to cleare yourselues. It caused indignacyon, it caused feare, it caused desire. it caused punisshment. For in all thynges ye haue shewed your selues, that ye were cleare in that matter.
12 Wherfore, though I wrote vnto you, I dyd it not for his cause that had done the hurt, nether for his cause that was hurte: but şt youre good mynde for vs might appeare amonge you in the syght of God.
13 Therfore, we are comforted, because ye are comforted; yee, and exceadingly the more ioyed we, for the ioye that Titus had: because hys sprete was refresshed of you all.
14 I am therfore not nowe ashamed, though I boasted my selfe to hym of you. For as all thynges which we spake vnto you are true, euen so, oure boastynge that I made vnto Titus is founde true.
15 And his inwarde affeccion is founde aboundant towarde you, whan he remembreth the obedience of you all howe wt feare & tremblinge ye receaued hym.
16 I reioyce şt I maye be bolde ouer you in all thinges.




1 I certifye you brethren, of the grace of God which was geuen in şe congregacyons of Macedonia ,
2 howe that the aboundaunce of theyr reioysynge is, that they are tryed with moche tribulacyon. And though they were exceadynge poore, yet haue they geuen exceading rychely, and that in singlenesse.
3 For to theyr powers, I beare them recorde, yee, & beyonde theyr power, they were wyllynge of theyr awne accorde,
4 and prayed vs with great instaunce, şt we wolde receaue their benefyte, and suffre them to be partetakers with other in minystrynge to the saynctes.
5 And thys they dyd, not as we loked for: but gaue their awne selues fyrst to the Lord, and after vnto vs by the wyll of God:
6 so that we coulde not but desyre Titus, to accomplysshe the same beniuolence amonge you also, euen as he had begonne.
7 Nowe therfore, as ye are riche in all parties, in fayth, in worde, in knowledge, in all feruentnes, and in loue, which ye haue to vs: euen so, se that ye be plenteous in thys beniuolence also.
8 This saye I, not commaundynge: but because of feruentnes, I do alowe the vnfaynednesse of youre loue towarde other men.
9 For ye knowe the liberalytie of oure Lord Iesus Christ, that though he was ryche, yet for youre sakes he became poore that ye, thorowe hys pouertye, myght be made ryche.
10 And I geue councell hereto. For thys is expedient for you, which beganne, not to do onely, but also to wyll a yeare ago.
11 Nowe therfore, performe the thynge which ye beganne to do: that as there was in you a redynes to will, euen so, ye maye performe the dede of that which ye haue.
12 For yf there be fyrst a wyllynge mynde, it is accepted accordynge to that a man hath, and not accordynge to that he hath not.
13 It is not my mynde that other be sett at ease, and ye brought into combraunce:
14 but that ther be egalnes nowe at this tyme: and that your aboundance maye sucker their lacke: and that theyr aboundance maye supply youre lacke:
15 that there maye be equalyte, agreynge to that which is wrytten: He that had moche, had not the more aboundance: & he that had a litle, had neuer the lesse.
16 Thankes be vnto God, which put the same good mynde for you in the herte of Titus,
17 which accepted the requeste: yee, rather he was so well wyllinge, that of his awne accorde, he came vnto you.
18 We haue sente with hym the brother, whose laude is in the gospell thorowout all the congregacyons:
19 and not that onelye, but is also chosen of the congregacions to be a felowe with vs in oure iorney, concerning this beniuolence that is ministred by vs vnto the prayse of the same Lorde, and to stere vp youre prompte mynde.
20 For thys we exchewe, that eny man shuld rebuke vs in this plenteous distrybucyon, that is ministred by vs
21 and make prouisyon for honest thinges: not onely in the syght of şe Lorde: but also in the syght of men.
22 We haue sent wt them a brother of oures, whom we haue ofte tymes proued dilygent in many thynges: but nowe moch more diligent.
23 The greate confidence which I haue in you, hath caused me thys to do: partelye for Titus sake which is my felowe and helper as concernyng you: partely because of other which are our brethren, and the messengers of the congregacyons, & the glory of Christ.
24 Wherfore, shewe ye vnto them the proffe of youre loue, and of oure boastynge of you in the syght of the congregacyons.




1 Of the ministrynge to şe saynctes, it is but superfluous for me to wryte vnto you:
2 for I knowe the redynes of your mynde, wherof I boast my selfe vnto them of Macedonia , that Achaia was prepared a yeare ago: and your ensample hath prouoked many.
3 Neuerthelesse, yet haue I sent these brethren, lest our boasting which I make of you shulde be in vayne, in thys behalfe, that ye (as I haue sayde) maye prepare your selues:
4 lest parauenture yf they of Macedonia come with me, and finde you vnprepared, we (I wyll not saye ye) shulde be ashamed in thys matter of boastynge.
5 Wherfore, I thought it necessarye to exhorte the brethren, to come before hande vnto you, and to prepare youre good blessynge promysed afore, that it myght be ready, so şt it be a blessynge, and not a defraudynge.
6 This yet I saye: he which soweth lytell, shal reape lytell: & he şt soweth (in geuyng) largelye and frelye, shall reape plenteouslye:
7 And let euery man do, accordinge as he hath purposed in hys herte, not groudgyngly, or of necessyte. For God loueth a chearfull geuer.
8 God is able to make you riche in all grace that ye in all thynges hauynge sufficyent vnto the vtmost, maye be riche vnto all maner of good workes,
9 as it is wrytten: He hath sparsed abroade, and hath geuen to the poore, hys ryghtewesnesse remayneth for euer.
10 He that minystreth seed vnto şe sower, minystre breed also for fode: and multyplye youre seede, and increase the frutes of youre ryghtewesnesse,
11 that on all partes, ye maye be made ryche into all synglenes, which causeth thorowe vs, that thankes are geuen vnto God.
12 For the offyce of thys minystracion, not onely supplyeth the nede of the saynctes: but also is aboundaunt herin, that for thys laudable minystringe, thankes might be geuen to God of many,
13 which prayse God for the obedience of youre consentynge to the Gospell of Christ, and for youre synglenesse in distrybutyng to them, and to all men,
14 and in theyr prayers for you, which longe after you, for the aboundaunt grace of God in you.
15 Thankes be vnto God, for hys vnspeakeable gyfte.




1 I Paul my selfe beseche you by şe mekenesse & softenesse of Christ, which whan I am present amonge you, am of no reputacyon: but am bolde towarde you beynge absent.
2 I beseche you, şt I nede not to be bolde whan I am presente, with that same boldnesse, wherewith I am supposed to haue bene bolde, agaynst some, which repute vs as though we walked carnally.
3 For though we walke in şe flesshe, yet we do not warre flesshly.
4 For şe weapens of oure warrefare are not carnall thynges, but thynges myghty in God, to cast downe stronge holdes,
5 wherewith we ouerthrowe councels and euery hye thynge that exalteth it selfe agaynst the knowledge of God, and brynge into captiuyte all ymaginacion to the obedience of Christ,
6 & are ready to take vengeaunce on all disobedience, when your obedience is fulfylled.
7 Loke ye on thinges after the vtter appearaunce? If any man trust in hym selfe, that he is Christes, lett hym consyder thys agayne of him selfe, that as he is Christes, euen so, are we Christes.
8 For though I boaste my selfe somwhat more of oure auctorite (which the Lorde hath geuen vs to edifye, and not to destroye you) it shall not be to my shame:
9 lest I shulde seme as though I wente aboute to make you afrayede with letters.
10 For şe epistles (sayth he) are sore, and stronge: but hys bodelye presence is weake, and hys speache rude.
11 Lett hym that is soche thynke on thys wyse: that as we are in wordes by letters, when we are absent, soche are we in dedes, when we are present.
12 For we cannot fynde in our hertes to make oure selnes of the nomber of them, or to compare oure selues to them, which prayse them selues. Neuerthelesse, whyle they measure them selues wt them selues, and compare them selues with them selues, they vnderstande nought.
13 But we will not reioyce aboue measure: but accordynge to the measure of the rule, which God hath distributed vnto vs, a measure to reache euen vnto you.
14 For we stretch not out our selues beyonde measure, as though we reached nott vnto you. For euen to you also haue we come wt the gospell of Christ,
15 and we boast not our selues out of measure of other mennes labours: Yee, and we hope it wyll come to passe, şt when your faith is increased amonge you, we shalbe magnifyed accordynge to oure measure, more largely,
16 and that I shall preache the Gospell in those regions which are beyonde you: & not to boast of those thynges, which by another mans measure are prepared allready.
17 But let him that reioyseth, reioyse in the Lorde.
18 For he şt prayseth hym selfe, is not alowed but he whom the Lorde prayseth.




1 Wold to God, ye could haue suffred me a lytell in my folyshnes: yee, ye do also forbeare me.
2 For I am gelous ouer you wt godly gelousye: For I haue coupled you to one man, that ye shulde make your selues a chaste virgin vnto Christ.
3 But I feare lest it come to passe şt as the serpent begyled Eue thorowe hys subteltye, euen so your wittes shulde be corrupte from the synglenes that ye had toward Christ.
4 For yf he şt commeth preache another Iesus then hym whom we preached: or yf ye receaue another sprete then şt which ye haue receaued, ether another Gospell then that ye haue receaued, ye might right well haue bene content.
5 For I suppose that I was not behynde the chefe Apostles.
6 But though I be rude in speakinge, yet I am not so in knowledge. Howbeit amonge you, we haue bene well knowen to şe vtmost what we are in all thinges.
7 Dyd I therin synne, because I submytted my selfe, that ye might be exalted: & because I preached to you şe Gospell of God fre?
8 I robbed other congregacyons, & toke wages of them, to do you seruyce.
9 And when I was present wt you, & had nede I was chargeable to no man: for şt which was lackynge vnto me, the brethren which came from Macedonia, supplied, and in all thinges I kept my selfe so that I shuld not be chargeable to any man, and so wyll I kepe my selfe.
10 If the trueth of Christ be in me, thys reioysyng shall not be taken from me in the regions of Achaia.
11 Wherfore? Because I loue you not? God knoweth.
12 Neuertheles, what I do, that wyll I do, to cut awaye occasyon from them which desyre occasion: şt they might be founde lyke vnto vs, in that wherin they reioyce.
13 For soch fals apostles are disceatfull workers, and fassy on them selues lyke vnto the apostles of Christ.
14 And no maruayle: for Satan him selfe is chaunged into the fassyon of an angell of light.
15 Therfore it is no great thynge though hys mynisters fassyon them selues, as though they were the ministers of ryghtewesnes: whose ende shalbe accordyng to theyr dedes.
16 I saye agayne, lest eny man thynke that I am folysshe: or els euen nowe take ye me as a foole, that I also maye boast my selfe a lytell.
17 That I speake, I speake not after the Lorde: but as it were folyshly, in thys matter of boastinge.
18 Seynge that many reioyce after the flesshe, I wyll reioyce also.
19 For ye suffre foles gladly, seynge ye youre selues are wyse.
20 For ye suffre yf a man bryng you into bondage, yf a man deuoure, yf a man take yf a man exalte him selfe, yf a man smyte you on the face.
21 I speake as concerning rebuke, as though we had bene weake, Howbeit, wherinsoeuer eny man dare be bolde (I speake folyshly) I dare be bolde also.
22 They are Ebrues, euen so am I. They are Israelites, euen so am I. They are şe seede of Abraham, euen so am I.
23 They are şe mynisters of Chryst (I speake as a foole) I am more. In labours more aboundante: In strypes aboue measure: In preson more plenteouslye: In deeth ofte.
24 Of the Iewes fyue tymes receaued I euery tyme .xl. strypes saue one.
25 Thryse was I beaten wt roddes, I was once stoned, I suffered thryse shypwracke. Nyght and daye haue I bene in the deepe see.
26 In iorneying often: in parels of waters: in parels of robbers: in ieopardyes of myne awne nacyon: in ieopardyes among şe hethen: in parels in şe citie: in parels in wildernes: in parels in the see: in parels amonge false brethren:
27 in laboure & trauayle: in watchinges often: in honger and thyrst: in fastynges often: in colde and nakednes:
28 besyde the thinges which outwardly happen vnto me. I am combred daylye, and do care for all congregacyons.
29 Who is weake, and I am not weake? who is offended, & I burne not?
30 If I must nedes boast, I wyll boaste of the thynges that concerne myne infirmyties.
31 (12:1a) The God & father of oure Lorde Iesus Christ, which is blessed for euermore knoweth that I lye not.
32 (12:1b) In the cytie of Damascon, the gouerner of şe people vnder king Aretas, layde watch in the cytie of the Damascens, and wold haue caught me:
33 (12:1c) and at a windowe was I let downe in a basket thorowe the wall, and so scaped I his handes.




1 (12:1d) Doutles, it is not expedient for me to boast, I wyll come to visyons and reuelacions of the Lord,
2 I knowe a man in Christ aboue fourtene yeares ago (whyther he were in the body, I cannot tell, or whyther he were out of the body, I cannot tell, God knoweth) howe that he was taken vp into the thyrde heauen.
3 And I knowe the same man (whither in the body or out of the body, I cannot tell, God knoweth)
4 howe şt he was taken vp into Paradyse, and hearde secret wordes, which no man can vtter.
5 Of thys man wyll I boast, but of my selfe wyll I not boast, except it be of myne infirmityes
6 For though I wolde boast, I shall not be a foole: for I wolde saye the trueth. Neuerthelesse, I spare you: lest any man shulde thinke of me, aboue that which he seeth me to be, or that he heareth of me.
7 And lest I shulde be exalted out of measure thorowe şe excellencye of the reuelacions: there was gyuen vnto me vnquyetnes thorowe the flesshe, euen the messenger of Satan to buffet me, because I shulde not be exalted out of measure.
8 For this thynge besought I the Lorde thryse, that it might departe from me.
9 And he sayde vnto me: my grace is sufficient for the. For my strength is made parfect thorow weaknes. Uery gladly therfore wyll I reioyce of my weaknes, şt şe strength of Christ maye dwell in me.
10 Therfore, haue I delectacion in infirmityes, in rebukes, in necessities, in persecucyons, in anguysshes for Chrystes sake. For when I am weake, then am I stronge.
11 I am become a foole in boasting my selfe. Ye haue compelled me: for I ought to haue bene commended of you. For in nothynge was I inferior vnto şe chefe apostles, though I be nothing,
12 yet şe tokens of an apostle were wrought amonge you with all pacyence, and signes and wonders, and myghty dedes.
13 For what is it, wherin ye were inferyors vnto other congregacions, except it be herin, that I was not chargeable vnto you. Forgeue me thys wronge.
14 Beholde, nowe the thyrde tyme I am ready to come vnto you: and yet wyll I not be chargeable vnto you. For I seke not youres, but you. For the chyldren ought not to laye vp for the fathers and mothers, but the fathers and mothers for the chyldren.
15 I wyll very gladly bestowe, and wylbe bestowed for youre soules, though the more I loue you; the lesse I am loued agayn.
16 But be it, that I was not chargeable vnto you: neuertheles, when I was crafty, I toke you with gyle.
17 Dyd I pyll you by any of them, whom I sent vnto you?
18 I desyred Titus, & with hym I sent a brother. Dyd Titus defraude you of any thyng? walked we not in one sprete? Walked we not in lyke steppes?
19 Agayne, thynke you şt we excuse our selues vnto you? we spake in Christ in the syght of of God: but we do all thinges (dearly beloued) for youre edifyinge.
20 For I feare, lest it come to passe, şt yf I come, I shall not fynde you soch as I wolde: & şt I shalbe founde vnto you soch as ye wolde not. I feare, lest ther be amonge you debates, enuyinges, wrath, stryfes, bakbytynges, whysperinges, swellynges, & sedicyons:
21 and that when I come agayne, God brynge me lowe among you, & I be constrayned to bewayle many of them which haue synned allready, & haue not repented of the vnclennes: and fornicacion and wantannes which they haue commytted.




1 Nowe come I the thyrd tyme vnto you: in the mouth of two or thre witnesses shal euery worde be stablysshed.
2 I tolde you before, & tell you before: and as I sayd when I was present with you the seconde tyme, so wryte I nowe beynge absent, to them which in tyme past haue synned, & to all other: that yf I come agayne, I wyll not spare,
3 seynge that ye seke experience of Christ which speaketh in me, which among you is not weake but is myghtye in you.
4 For though he was crucifyed in weaknes, yet liueth he thorowe the power of God. And we (no doute) are weake in hym: but we shall lyue with hym: by the myght of God amonge you.
5 Examen your selues, whether ye are in the fayth or not. Proue youre awne selues. Knowe ye not your awne selues, howe that Iesus Christ is in you? excepte ye be castawayes,
6 I trust ye shall knowe that we are not castawayes.
7 I desyre before God that ye do none euyll, not that we shulde seme commendable: but that ye shuld do that which is honeste: & let vs be counted as castawayes.
8 We can do nothinge agaynst the trueth: but for şe trueth.
9 We are glad when we ar weake, and ye stronge. This also we wysshe for, euen youre perfectnesse.
10 Therfore wryte I these thinges beynge absent, lest whan I am present, I shulde vse sharpenesse, accordynge to to the power which the Lorde hath geuen me to edifye, and not to destroye.
11 Finallye brethren, fare ye well, be parfect, be of good conforte, be of one mynde, lyue in peace, and the God of loue and peace shalbe with you.
12 Grete one another in an holy kysse.
13 All the saynctes salute you.
14 The grace of oure Lord Iesus Christ, and the loue of God, and the felyshyppe of the holy ghost be with you all. Amen.