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1 And Salomon şe sonne of Dauid waxed stronge in hys kingdome & şe Lorde his God was with him, & magnifyed him in şe dignitye.
2 And Salomon spake vnto all Israel, to the captaynes ouer thousandes, to şe captaynes ouer hundredes, to şe iudges and to euery offycer in all Israel, and to the awncient fathers.
3 And so Salomon & all the congregacyon with him went to the hye place that was at Gibeon: for there was the tabernacle of the witnesse of God, which Moses the seruaunte of the Lorde made in the wildernesse.
4 But the Arcke of God had Dauid brought from Kiriath Iearim, into şe place which Dauid had prepared therfore. For he had pytched a tente for it at Ierusalem.
5 Moreouer, the brasen aulter şt Bezaleel the sonne of Uri, the sonne of Hur had made, was there, before the tabernacle of the Lorde. And Salomon and the congregacyon went to vyset it.
6 And Salomon gat vp there before the Lorde to the brasen aulter that was before the tabernacle of wytnesse, & offred a thousande burntsacrifyces vpon it.
7 And şt same nyght dyd God appeare vnto Salomon, and sayde vnto hym: aske, what I shall geue the.
8 And Salomon sayde vnto God: thou hast shewed great mercye vnto Dauid my father, and hast made me to raygne in his steade.
9 Nowe therfore O Lorde God, let thy promyse which thou madest vnto Dauid my father, be true. For şu hast made me kynge ouer a people: which is lyke the dust of the earth in multitude.
10 Wherfore, geue me nowe wysdome & knowledge, that I maye be able to go out and in before this people: for who els can iudge this people that is so great?
11 And God sayde to Salomon, because this was in thyne hert, and because thou hast not asked treasure, and rychesse, & honoure, and the lyues of thyne enemyes, nether yet longe lyfe: but hast asked wysdome and knowledge for thy selfe, to iudge my people, ouer which I haue made the kyng
12 wysdome and knowledge is graunted vnto the, and I will geue the treasure, and rychesse, and glorye: so that amonge the kynges that haue bene before the or after the, none was or shalbe lyke the.
13 And so Salomon cam from the hylaulter (that was at Gibeon) to Ierusalem, from the tabernacle of witnesse, and raygned ouer Israel.
14 And Salomon geathered charettes and horsemen: and he had a thousande, and foure hundred charettes, and .xij. thousande horsemen, whom he bestowed in the charet cyties, and with the kynge at Ierusalem.
15 And the kynge made syluer and golde at Ierusalem, as plenteous as stones: and Cedar trees made he as plentie as the mulbery trees that growe in the valeyes
16 And şe horses which Salomon had, were brought him out of Egypt by the kynges marchauntes şt were together, which beynge of one company, toke them out at a pryce.
17 They came also and brought out of Egypte a charet for fyxe hundred peces of syluer: euen an horse for an hundred & fyftie. And so brought they horses for all the kynges of the Hethites, & for the kynges of Siria by their awne hande.




1 And Salomon determined to buylde an house for the name of şe Lorde, and an house for his kyngdome
2 and Salomon tolde out thre skore and ten thousande men to beare burdens, and foure skore thousande men to hewe stones in the mountayne, and thre thousande and syxe hundred to ouer se them.
3 And Salomon sent to Hiram şe kynge of Tire sayinge. As thou dydest deale with Dauid my father and dydest send him Cedar wodde, to buylde him an house to dwelle in, euen so deale with me:
4 For I am aboute to buylde an house for the name of the Lorde my God, to offre vnto him holy thinges, and to burne swete encense, and to sett shewbreed before him continuallye, to offre burnt sacrifyces of the mornynge and euenynge: on the Saboth dayes, in şe fyrst daye of euery newe moone, & in the solempne feastes of the Lorde oure God: for it is an ordinaunce to be continually kepte of Israel.
5 And şe house which I buylde shalbe great: for great is oure God aboue all Gods.
6 But who is able to buylde him an house: when that heauen, and heauen aboue all heauens is not able to receaue him? what am I then that I shulde buylde hym an house? nay, but euen to burne sacrifice before him, shall this buyldinge be:
7 sende me nowe therfore a connynge man, şt can worcke in golde and syluer, in brasse and yron, in purple, cremosin and yelowe sylke, and that can skylle to graue, with the connynge men that are with me in Iuda and Ierusalem, whom Dauid my father dyd prepare.
8 Send me also Cedar trees, pyne trees & Algume trees out of Libanon. For I wote that thy seruauntes can skylle to hewe tymbre in Libanon. And beholde, my men shalbe wt thyne,
9 that they maye prepare me tymbre ynough. For the house which I am determyned to builde, shalbe wonderfull greate.
10 And beholde, for the vse of thy seruauntes the cutters and hewers of tymbre: I haue geuen .xx. thousande quarters of beaten wheate, and .xx. thousande quarters of barleye, and .xx. thousande bates of wyne, and .xx. thousande bates of oyle.
11 And Hiram kynge of Tire answered in wrytinge, which he sent to Salomon. Because şe Lorde hath loued his people, therfore hath he made the kynge ouer them.
12 And Hiram sayde moreouer: blessed be the Lorde God of Israel which made heauen and erth, and that hath geuen Dauid the kynge a wyse sonne, and one şt hath discrecion, prudence, and vnderstandynge, to buylde an house for the Lorde, & a palace for him selfe.
13 And nowe I haue sent a wyse man, and a man of vnderstandynge (whom my father Huram dyd vse)
14 the sonne of a woman of the daughters of Dan, and his father was a man of Tire, and he can skylle to worke in gold and syluer, in brasse and yron, in stone and tymbre, in purple and yelowe sylke, in fyne whyte and cremosin: and can graue sondrie maner of grauinges, and to fynde out dyuerse maner of sotle worke that shalbe sett before him, with thy connynge men, & with the connynge men of my Lorde Dauid thy father.
15 Nowe therfore, şe wheate, and barleye, oyle and wyne which my Lorde hath spoken of, let him sende vnto his seruauntes.
16 And we will cut wood in Libano, as moch as thou shalt nede, and will bring it to şe, in shippes by see to Iapho, from whence thou mayst carye them to Ierusalem.
17 And Salomon nombred all the straungers that were in the lande of Israel, after the nombre of them whom his father Dauid had nombred. And they were founde an hundred and .liij. thousande and syxe hundred.
18 And he set .lxx. thousande of them to beare burthens, and .lxxx. thousande to hewe stones in şe mountayne, and thre thousande and syxe hundred officers, to set şe people a worke.




1 And Salomon beganne to buylde the house of şe Lorde at Ierusalem in mount Moria where (the Lorde) appeared vnto Dauid his father: euen in the place that Dauid prepared in the thresshynge floure of Ornan şe Iebusyte.
2 And he began to buylde in the seconde daye of the seconde moneth the fourth yeare of his raygne.
3 And these are the paternes wherby Salomon was instructe to buylde şe house of God. The length was thre skore cubytes after the olde measure, and the bredthe .xx. cubytes.
4 The porche, şt was in bredth as large as the temple, had .xx. cubytes: and the heygth was an hundred & .xx. cubytes. And he ouerlayed it on şe ynner syde with pure golde.
5 And the greater house he syled with fyrre tree, which he ouerlayde with the best gold, and graued therto palmetrees and cheynes.
6 And he ouerlayed the house with precyouse stone bewtyfully. And the golde was golde of Paruaim.
7 The house (I saye) şe beames, postes, walles and dores therof, ouerlayed he with gold, and made grauen worke vpon the walles.
8 And he made şe house moost holye, whose length was .xx. cubytes lyke to the bredthe of the house, and the bredthe therof was also .xx. cubytes. And he ouerlayde it wyth good golde, euen with .vj. hundred talentes.
9 And the waight of the nayles of gold was fyftie sycles. And he ouerlayde şe vpper chambres with golde.
10 And in şe house most holy, he made two Cherubyns of ymage worke, lyke chyldren, and ouerlayde them with gold.
11 And şe wynges of the Cherubs were .xx. cubytes longe. The one wynge was fyue cubites, reaching to the wall of the house, and the other wynge was lykewyse fyue cubytes, reachynge to şe wynge of the other Cherub.
12 And euen so the one wynge of the other Cherub was fyue cubytes, reachynge to the wall of the house, and the other wynge was fyue cubites also, and reached to the wynge of the other Cherub.
13 So that the wynges of the sayde Cherubs were stretched out .xx. cubytes. And they stode on their fete, and loked inwardes.
14 And he made a fore hangyng of yelow sylke purple, cremosyne, and fyne white, and caused the pictures of Cherubs to be brodered theron.
15 And he made before the house, two pyllers of .xxxv. cubytes hye. And the heed that was aboue on the toppe of euerye one of them was fyue cubytes.
16 And he made chaynes of wrethen worke for the queere, and put them on the heedes of the pyllers, & made an hundred pomegranates, and put them on the cheynes.
17 And he reared vp the pyllers before the temple: one on the ryght hande, and the other on the lefte, and called şe ryght Iachin, and the lefte Boaz.




1 And he made an aulter of brasse .xx. cubytes longe, and .xx. cubytes broade, and ten cubytes hye.
2 And he cast a brasen Lauatorye of ten cubytes from brym to brym, rounde in compase, and fyue cubytes hye: and a lyne of thyrtye cubytes dyd compase it rounde aboute.
3 And vnder it was the fasshyon of oxen which dyd compase it rounde aboute: with ten cubytes dyd they compase the Lauatory rounde aboute, and there were, two rowes of oxen which were cast of lyke molten worke.
4 And it stode also vpon twelue oxen: thre loked towarde the North, thre towarde the west, thre towarde the South, and thre towarde the Eest, and the Lauatory was set vpon them, and all their backes were towarde the Lauatory.
5 And the thyckest of it was an handbreede, and the brym lyke the brym of a cuppe, with floures of lylyes. And it receaued and helde thre thousande bates.
6 And he made ten lauers: and put fyue on the ryght hande, and fyue on the lefte, to washe and clense in them, soch thinges as they offred for a burntofferynge. But the great Lauatory was for the preastes to washe in.
7 And he made ten candelstyckes of golde (accordinge to the paterne şt was geuen of them) and put them in the temple: fyue on the ryght hande and fyue on şe lefte.
8 And he made also ten tables, and put them in the temple: fyue on the ryght syde, and fyue on the lefte. And he made an hundred basens of golde.
9 And he made the courte of the preastes, & the great courte and dores to it: and ouerlayde the dores of them with brasse.
10 And he set the great Lauatorye on şe ryght syde of the Eest ende, ouer agaynst the South.
11 And Hiram made pottes, shouelles and basens, and fynesshed the worke that he was appoynted to make for kynge Salomon in the house of God.
12 The two pyllers, the couerynges or two heedes on the toppes of the pyllers: & the two wrethes to couer the two scalpes or heedes that were on the toppes of the pyllers:
13 and foure hundred pomegranates on the two wrethes, two rowes of pomegranates on one wrethe, to couer the two toppes or heedes that were on the pyllers.
14 And he made two bottomes, and lauers made he vpon the bottomes:
15 the great Lauatory, and twelue oxen vnder it.
16 Pottes also and shouelles, flesshe hokes, and all these vesselles dyd Hyram (hys father) make to kynge Salomon for şe house of the Lorde, of bryght brasse.
17 In the playne of Iordan dyd the kynge cast them, euen in the claye ground that is, betwene Socoth & Zaredatha.
18 And Salomon made all these vesselles in greate aboundaunce, for the weight of brasse coulde not be rekened.
19 And Salomon made all the vesselles that were for the house of God: the golden aulter also & the tables to sett the shewbred vpon
20 Moreouer, the candelstickes with their lampes (to burne after the maner before the quere) and that of precious golde:
21 and the floures and the lampes, and the snoffers made he of golde, and that perfecte golde:
22 and şe dressynge knyues, basens, spones and censers of pure golde. And the dore of the temple, and the ynner dores within the place moost holye, and the ynner dores of the temple, were gylted. And so was all the worcke şt Salomon made for the house of the Lorde fynisshed.




1 And so all the worke that Salomon made in the house of the Lorde was fynisshed, and Salomon brought in all the thynges that Dauid his father had dedycated, with the syluer and golde and all the Iewelles, and put them amonge şe treasures of the house of God.
2 Then Salomon gathered the elders of Israel togeather and all the heedes of the trybes, and auncient fathers of the chyldren of Israel, vnto Ierusalem: to bringe şe Arcke of the couenaunt of the Lorde out of the cycie of Dauid which is Zion.
3 Wherfore all the men of Israel resorted vnto the kynge in the feaste, euen in the seuenth moneth.
4 And all the elders of Israel came, and the Leuites toke vp the Arcke.
5 And the preastes and the Leuites brought a waye the Arcke and the tabernacle of wytnesse, and all the holy vesselles that were in şe tabernacle, and they bare them.
6 And kynge Salomon and all the congregacyon of Israel şt were assembled vnto him before the Arcke, offered shepe and oxen, so manye, that they coulde not be tolde nor nombred for multitude.
7 And the preastes brought the Arcke of şe appoyntement of the Lorde vnto his place, euen into the quere of the temple within the place most holye, and set it vnder the wynges of the cherubs,
8 that the Cherubs stretched out their wynges ouer the place of the Arcke, & the Cherubs couered both şe Arcke and her barres aboue on hye.
9 And the barres of the Arcke, were so longe, that the heades of the barres were sene without the Arcke within şe quere, but not without. And there şe Arcke remayned vnto this daye.
10 But there was nothynge in the Arcke, saue the two tables which Moses put therin at Horeb, when the Lorde made a couenaunt with the chyldren of Israel, after they were come out of Egypt.
11 And it fortuned, that when the preastes were come out of the holy place the sanctuarye was fylled with smoke, for all şe preastes that were present, were sanctifyed and dyd not then wayte by course,
12 that both the Leuites and the syngers, vnder Asaph, Heman and Ieduthun, were appoynted to sondrye offyces with their chyldren and brethren & were arayed in fyne whyte, hauynge Symbales, Psalteries, and Harpes, & stode at the Eest end of the aulter and by them an hundred and .xx. preastes blowinge with trompettes.
13 And the trompette blowers and the syngers so agreed, şt it semed but one voyce in praysinge and thankynge the Lorde. And whan they lyfte vp their voyce with şe trompettes, symbales and other instrumentes of musyck, and whan they praysed the Lorde, howe that he is good, and that his mercye lasteth euer, şe house of God was fylled wt a cloude:
14 so that the preastes coulde not endure to mynister by the reason of the cloude. For the maiesty of the Lorde had fylled the house of God.




1 Then Salomon sayde: the Lorde hath spoken, howe şt he wyll dwell in the cloude.
2 And I haue buylt an habitacyon for the, and a place for thy dwellynge for euer.
3 And the kynge turned his face, and blessed the hole congregacyon of Israel, and all the congregacyon of Israel stode.
4 And he sayde: blessed be şe Lorde God of Israel which hath with his handes, fulfylled it, that he spake with his mouth to my father Dauid, sayinge:
5 sence the daye that I brought my people out of the lande of Egypt, I chose no cytie amonge all şe trybes of Israel to buylde an house in, şt my name myght be there, nether chose I any man to be a ruler ouer my people Israel:
6 sauynge şt I haue chosen Ierusalem, that my name myght be there, and haue chosen Dauid to be ouer my people Israel.
7 And whan it was in the herte of Dauid my father to buylde an house for şe name of şe Lord God of Israel:
8 şe Lord sayd to Dauid my father: for as moch as it was in thyne herte to buylde an house for my name, thou dydest well that thou so thoughtest in thyne hert.
9 Notwithstandynge, şu shalt not buylde the house, but thy sonne which is proceaded out of thy loynes, he shall builde an house for my name.
10 The Lorde therfore, hath made good his sayinge that he hath spoken, and I am rysen vp in the rowme of Dauid my father, and am set on the seate of Israel, as the Lord promysed, and haue buylt an house for the name of the Lorde God of Israel.
11 And in it haue I put the Arcke, wherin is the couenaunt of the Lorde that he made with şe children of Israel.
12 And the kynge stode before şe aulter of the Lorde in the presence of all the congregacyon of Israel, and stretched out his handes.
13 For nowe Salomon had made a brasen pulpyt of fyue cubytes longe & fyue cubytes broad, and thre of heyght, & had set it in the myddes of the great courte, & vpon it, he stode and kneled downe, vpon his knees before all the congregacyon of Israel & stretched out his handes towarde heauen,
14 & sayde: O Lorde God of Israel, there is no God lyke the in heauen and in erth, which kepest couenaunt and shewest mercye vnto thy seruauntes that walke before the with all their hertes.
15 Thou which hast kept wt thy seruaunt Dauid my father the thynges that thou promisedest him: thou saydest it wt thy mouth, and hast fulfylled it with thyne handes, as it is to se this daye.
16 And nowe Lorde God of Israel, kepe wt thy seruaunt Dauid my father, the thynges that thou promysedest him, sayinge: thou shalt in my syght not be without a man, that shall sytte vpon the seate of Israel: so that thy children take hede to their wayes, to walcke in my lawe, as thou hast walked before me.
17 And nowe Lord God of Israel, lett thy sayinge be true which thou spakest vnto thy seruaunt Dauid.
18 And wyll God in very dede, dwell with men on erthe? Beholde heauen and heauen aboue all heauens do not contayne the: howe moch lesse the house which I haue buylded?
19 Let it be thy pleasure therfore to turne to the prayer of thy seruaunte and to his supplicacyon (O Lorde my God) to herken vnto the voyce and prayer which thy seruaunt prayeth before the:
20 and let thyne eyes be open towarde this house daye and nyght, ouer this place, wherin şu hast sayde, that thou woldest put thy name: to herken vnto the prayer which thy seruaunte prayeth in this place:
21 herken vnto the prayers of thy seruaunt & of thy people Israel, which they praye in this place: heare thou (I saye) out of thy dwellinge place, euen out of heauen: heare and be mercyfull.
22 If a man synne agaynst his neyboure, and take on ooth against him, and make him to sweare, & they both come before thyne aulter in this house:
23 then heare thou from heauen, and worcke, & iudge thy seruauntes, that thou rewarde the vngodly, & recompence him his waye vpon his heed, and iustefye şe ryghteous, and geue him accordynge to his ryghtwesnesse.
24 And yf thy people Israel be put to the worse before the enemye, because they haue synned agaynst the. Yet yf they turne & geue thankes vnto thy name, and make intercessyon, and praye before the in this house:
25 then heare thou from heauen, and be mercyfull vnto the synne of thy people Israel, and brynge them agayne vnto the lande, which thou gauest to them and to their fathers.
26 Whan heauen is shutt vp, and there be no rayne, because they haue synned agaynst the: yet yf they praye in this place, and confesse thy name, and repent from their synne for the which thou chastenest them:
27 then heare thou in heauen, & be mercyfull vnto the synne of thy seruauntes and of thy people Israel, and guyde thou them into the good waye, to walke in, and sende rayne vpon thy lande, which thou hast geuen vnto thy people, for an enheritaunce.
28 And yf there be dearth in the lande, or pestylence, corrupcyon, or blastinge of corne, grashoppers, or caterpyllers, or that theyr enemyes besege them in the cyties of theyr lande, or whatsoeuer plage or syckenesse it be.
29 Then what supplicacyons and prayers soeuer shalbe made of any man, & of all thy people Israel, whych shall knowe euery man his awne sore and his awne greffe, and shall stretche out their handes towarde this house,
30 thou shalt heare from heauen, euen from thy dwellynge place, and shalt be mercyfull, and geue euery man accordynge vnto all his wayes, euen as thou doest knowe euery mannes herte: for şu onely knowest the hertes of the chyldren of men:
31 şt they maye feare the & walke in thy wayes as longe as they lyue in the lande, which thou gauest vnto oure fathers.
32 Moreouer, the straunger which is not of thy people Israel, yf he come from a farre lande for thy greate names sake, and thy myghtye hande, and thy stretched oute arme, Yf they come (I saye) & praye in thy house:
33 thou shalt heare from heauen, euen from thy dwellynge place, and shalt do accordynge to all that the straunger calleth to the for. That all people of şe erth maye knowe thy name, and feare şe, as doeth thy people Israel , and that they maye knowe, howe that in thys house which I haue buylt, thy name is called vpon.
34 Yf thy people go out to warre agaynst their enemyes, by the waye that thou shalt sende them, and they praye to the, in the waye towarde this cytie which thou hast chosen, euen towarde the house which I haue buylt for thy name:
35 then heare thou from heauen their supplicacyon and prayer, and helpe them in theyr ryght.
36 If they synne agaynst the, as there is no man but he doth synne, and thou be angrye with them, and delyuer them ouer before their enemyes, and they take them and leade them awaye vnto a lande ferre or neare,
37 yet yf they repent in their hert in the lande where they be in captyuite, and turne, and praye vnto the in the lande of their captiuite, sayinge: we haue synned, we haue done euell & wyckedlye,
38 and turne agayne to the, wyth all their herte and all their soule, in the lande of their captyuite, where they kepe them in bondage, and so praye towarde theyr lande which thou gauest vnto their fathers, euen towarde the cytie whych thou hast chosen, and towarde the house which I haue buylt for thy name.
39 Then heare thou from heauen euen from thy dwellinge place, their supplicacion and their prayer, and iudge their cause, and be mercyfull vnto thy people, which haue synned agaynst the.
40 Nowe my God, let thyne eyes be open, and thyne eares attent vnto the prayer that is made in this place.
41 Nowe vp O Lorde God into thy restynge place: thou and the Arcke of thy strengthe. O Lorde God, let thy preastes be clothed with health, and let thy saynctes reioyse in goodnesse.
42 O Lord God, turne not a waye the face of thyne anoynted. Remembre the mercyes, which thou hast promysed to Dauid thy seruaunte.




1 And when Salomon had made an ende of prayinge, there came downe fyre from heauen, & consumed the burnte offerynge and the sacrifyces. And the house was fylled with şe glorie of the Lorde,
2 & the preaste coulde not go into the house of the Lorde, because the glorye of the Lorde had fylled the Lordes house.
3 And whan all the chyldren of Israel sawe howe the fyre, and the glorye of the Lorde came downe vpon the house, they fell downe flat vpon their faces to the erth vpon the pauement, and worshypped and confessed vnto şe Lord, that he is gracious, and that his mercye lasteth euer.
4 And the kynge and all the people offered sacrifyces before the Lorde.
5 And kynge Salomon offered a sacrifyce of .xxij. thousande oxen, and an hundred & twentye thousande shepe. And so the kynge and all the people dedicated the house of God.
6 And şe preastes wayted on their offyces, and the Leuites had the instrumentes of musycke of the Lorde, which kynge Dauid had made to confesse vnto the Lorde, that his mercye lasteth euer, playenge a psalme of Dauid with their hande. And the preastes blewe with trompettes before them: and all they of Israel stode.
7 Moreouer, Salomon halowed the myddle of the courte, that was before the Lorde: for there he offered burntofferinges and the fatt of the peaceofferynges, because the brasen aulter which Salomon had made, was not able to receaue the burntofferynges and the meateofferynges and the fatte.
8 So at the same tyme Salomon kepte a feast of seuen dayes, and all they of Israel with him, an exceadynge great congregacyon, euen from the entringe in of Hamath, vnto the ryuer of Egypt.
9 And in the eyght daye they made a gatheringe. For they kepte the dedicacyon of the aulter seuen dayes, and the feast seuen dayes.
10 And the .xxiij. daye of the seuenth moneth, he let the people departe into their tentes glad and merye in hert, for the goodnesse that şe Lorde had shewed to Dauid, and to Salomon, and to Israel his people.
11 And so Salomon finisshed the house of the Lorde, and şe kynges house: and all that came in his hert to make in the house of the Lorde, and in hys awne house, went prosperouslye forwarde.
12 And the Lorde apered to Salomon by nyght, and sayde to him. I haue hearde thy peticyon, and haue chosen this place for my selfe, to be an house of sacrifyce.
13 Yf I shut vp heauen, that there be no rayne: or yf I commaunde the locustes to deuoure the lande, or yf I sende pestilence amonge my people:
14 and yf they that are of my people, amonge whom my name is called vpon, do humble them selues, and make intercessyon, and seke my presence, and turne from their wycked wayes, then will I heare from heauen, and be mercyfull to their synne, & wyll heale their lande.
15 And from hence forth myne eyes shalbe open, and myne eares attent vnto the prayer that is made in this place.
16 And therfore nowe I haue chosen and sanctifyed this house, şt my name maye be there for euer: and myne eyes and myne heart shalbe there perpetuallye.
17 And yf thou wylt walke before me, as Dauid thy father walked, to do all şt I haue commaunded the, and shalt obserue my statutes and my lawes:
18 then wyll I stablyshe the seat of thy kyngedome, accordynge as I made the couenaunt with Dauid thy father sayinge: şu shalt not be without a man, to be ruler in Israel.
19 But & yf ye turne awaye, and forsake my statutes, and my commaundementes, which I haue set before you, and shall go & serue other Gods, and worshyppe them:
20 then wyll I plucke them vp by the rotes out of my lande which I haue geuen them, and this house, which I haue sanctifyed for my name, wyll I cast out of my syght, and will make it to be a prouerbe & a least amonge all nacyons.
21 And euery one that passeth by shalbe astonnyed at this house, which belonged to the most hye God, & shall saye, why hath the Lorde dealte on this fassion wyth thys lande and wyth thys house?
22 And they shal answere: because they forsoke the Lord God of their fathers, whyche brought them out of the lande of Egypte, and caught holde on other Gods, and worshypped them, and serued them: euen therfore hath he brought all thys euell vpon them.




1 And it fortuned, that after .xx. yeare, when Salomon had buylt the house of the Lorde and hys awne house:
2 he buylte the cyties that Hiram gaue him, and put of the chyldren of Israell in them.
3 And Salomon went to Hamath Zoba, and strengthed it.
4 And he buylt Thadmor in the wyldernesse, and repayred all the store cyties which were in Hamath.
5 And he buylt Bethhoron the vpper and Bethhoron the nether, stronge cyties, hauynge walles, gates and barres.
6 And Baalah and all the stoare cyties that Salomon had, and al the charet cyties, and the cyties of the horsemen, and euery pleasaunt place, that Salomon had lust to buylde in Ierusalem and Libanon, and thorowe out all the lande of his dominion.
7 And all the people that were lefte of the Hethites, Amorites, Pheresytes, Heuites & Iebusites, which were not of the children of Israel:
8 but were the children of them, which were lefte after them in the lande, and were not consumed of the children of Israel, them dyd Salomon make to paye trybute vnto this daye.
9 But of the children of Israel dyd Salomon make no bondmen for his worke: but they were men of warre and rulers and great Lordes with hym, and captaynes ouer his charetes and horsemen.
10 And kyng Salomons offycers that ouersawe and ruled the people, were two hundred and fyftye.
11 And Salomon brought the daughter of Pharao out of the cytie of Dauid, into the house that he had buylded for her. For he sayd: my wyfe shall not dwel in the house of Dauid kyng of Israel , for it is holy, because that the Arcke of the Lorde is come vnto it.
12 Then Salomon offered burnt offeringes vnto the Lorde, on the aulter of the Lorde which he had buylt before the porche,
13 doyng euery thynge in his due tyme and offerynge accordynge to the commaundement of Moses, in the sabbothes, newmoones, and solempne feastes, thre tymes in the yeare, that is to saye, in the feast of swete bread, in the feast of weakes, and in the feast of tabernacles.
14 And Salomon set the sortes of preastes to their offyces, as Dauid his father had ordered them, and the Leuites in theyr watches for to prayse & ministre before the preastes daye by daye, and the porters by course at euery gate. For so had Dauid the man of God commaunded.
15 And they omytted not the commaundement of the kynge vnto the preastes and the Leuytes, concernynge eny maner of thynge, and concernynge the treasures.
16 For Salomon made prouision for the charges, from the fyrst daye that the foundacion of the house of the Lorde was layde: tyll it was fynished, that the house of the Lorde was perfecte.
17 Then went kyng Salomon to Ezion Gaber, and to Eloth at the see syde in the lande of Edom.
18 And Hiram sent him by the hande of his seruauntes, shyppes and seruauntes that had knowledge of the see: and they came with the seruauntes of Salomon to Ophir, and caryed thence foure hundred and fyftye talentes of golde, and brought it to kynge Salomon.




1 And whan the quene of Saba hearde of the fame of Salomon, she came to proue hym in harde questions at Ierusalem, with a very great company, with camelles that bare spices & plentye of golde and precyouse stones. And when she was come to Salomon, she commoned with hym of all that she had in her herte.
2 And Salomon foyled her, all her questions, and there was not one worde hyd from Salomon, whych he tolde her not.
3 And when the quene of Saba had sene the wysdome of Salomon and the house that he had buylte,
4 and the meate of hys table, the syttynge of his seruauntes, and the standing of his wayters, theyr apparell, hys buttelars, theyr apparell, hys goynge vp, by the whych he went into the house of the Lorde, ther was nomore sprete in her.
5 And she sayde to the kynge: the sayenge which I heard in myne awne lande, of thyne actes, and of thy wysdome, is true.
6 I beleued not şe wordes of them, vntyll I came, & myne eyes had sene it. And beholde, the one halfe of thy wysdome was not tolde me: for thou exceadest şe fame that I hearde.
7 Happye are thy men, and happy are these thy seruauntes which stande before the alwaye, & heare thy wysedome.
8 Blessed be the Lorde thy God, which had lust to the, to set the kynge on his seat, that thou myghtest be kyng, ordeyned by the Lorde thy God. Because thy God loueth Israell, and hath delyte to make them contynue euer, therfore made he the kynge ouer them to do ryght and equyte.
9 And she gaue the kyng an hundred & .xx. talentes of golde, and of spyces exceadynge great abundaunce and preciouse stones, nether was there any more soche spyce, as the quene of Saba gaue kyng Salomon.
10 And the seruauntes of Hiram and the seruauntes of Salomon which brought golde from Ophir, brought also Algume wood and preciouse stones.
11 And the kyng made of the Algume wood, steyres in the house of the Lorde and in the kynges palace, and harpes and psalteries for syngers. And there was no soch wood sene before in the lande of Iuda.
12 And kynge Salomon gaue to the quene of Saba euery pleasaunt thing that she asked but not so moche as she brought vnto the kyng. And so she turned and went awaye to her awne lande with her seruauntes.
13 The weyght of golde that came to Salomon in one yere, was syxe hundred .lxvi. talentes of golde,
14 besydes that which chapmen and marchauntes brought: and all the kynges of Arabia and rulers of that countrey, brought gold and syluer to Salomon.
15 And kynge Salomon made two hundred bucklers of beaten golde, and .vi. hundred sycles of beaten gold were spent vpon one bucklar:
16 and thre hundred shyldes made he of beaten gold, and one shylde cost thre hundred peces of golde, and the king put them in the house that was in the forest of Libanon.
17 And the kynge made a great seat of Iuorie, & ouerlayde it with pure golde.
18 Another were syxe steppes to the seate wyth a fote stole of golde fastened to the seate: and pomelles on eche syde of the syttynge place,
19 and two lyons standynge by the pomelles. And .xii. lyons stode on the one syde and on the other: vpon the syxe steppes, so that there was no soche worke made in any kyngdome.
20 And all the drynckinge vesselles of kyng Salomon were of golde, and all the vessels of the house that was in the forest of Libanon, were of precious golde: for syluer was counted nothynge worthe in the dayes of Salomon.
21 For the kynges shyppes wente to Tharsis wyth the seruauntes of Hiram: euery thre yeare once came the shyppes to Tharsis, and brought golde, syluer, Iuorie and apes and pecockes.
22 And kyng Salomon passed all the kynges of the earth in rychesse and wysedome.
23 And all the kynges of the earth sought the presence of Salomon, to heare his wysdome that God had put in hys herte:
24 And they brought euery man his present: vesselles of syluer, and vesselles of golde, rayment, harnesse spyces, horses and mules, and whatsoeuer myght be gotten, yeare by yeare.
25 And Salomon had foure thousande stalles for horses and charettes, & twelue thousande horsemen, whom he bestowed in the charet cyties, & some were with the kyng at Ierusalem.
26 And he raygned ouer all the kynges that were from Euphrates vnto the lande of the Philistines, and to the border of Egipt.
27 And the kynge made syluer in Ierusalem as plenteous as stones, and Cedar trees as plenteous, as the mulbery trees that growe in şe valleyes.
28 And they brought vnto Salomon horses out of Egypt, & out of al landes.
29 The rest of the actes of kyng Salomon, fyrst and last, are they not written in the sayenges of Nathan the Prophete, and in the prophesye of Ahiah the Silonite, and in the visions of Iedo the sear of visions, agaynst Ieroboam the sonne of Nabat?
30 And Salomon raygned in Ierusalem vpon all Israel fourtye yeares.
31 And Salomon slepte wyth hys fathers, and they buryed hym in the cytie of Dauid his father, and Rehoboam his sonne raygned in his steade.




1 And Rehoboam went to Sichem: for to Sichem were all Israell come together, to make hym kynge.
2 And when Ieroboam the sonne of Nebat (which was fled into Egypte from the presence of Salomon the kynge) hearde it, he returned out of Egypt.
3 And they sent and called hym. And so Ieroboam and all they of Israel came and comoned wyth Rehoboam, sayenge:
4 Thy father layed a greuouse yocke vpon vs: nowe therfore remytte thou somewhat of the greuouse seruyce of thy father and of his heuye yocke that he put vpon vs, and we wyll serue the.
5 And he sayde to them come agayne vnto me after thre dayes. And the people departed.
6 And kynge Rehoboam counsayled wyth the elders that had stande before Salomon his father, whyle he yet lyued, and he sayde: what councell geue ye me, to answere thys people agayne?
7 And they tolde him, saying: If thou be kynde to thys people, and shewe thy selfe lowely to them, and speake louynge wordes to them, they wyll be thy seruauntes for euer.
8 But he left the councell whiche the elders gaue him, and toke councell wyth the youngemen, that were growen vp with hym and that stode in his presence.
9 And he sayde vnto them: what aduise geue ye, that we may answere thys people, which haue commoned wyth me, sayinge: Abate some what of the yocke, which thy father dyd put vpon vs.
10 And the yonge men that were growen vp wyth hym, spake vnto hym, sayinge: Thus shalt thou answere the people that spake to the, sayinge: Thy father made oure yocke heuye: but make thou it some what lyghter for vs. Thus shalt thou saye vnto them, my lytle fynger shalbe heuyer then my fathers, loynes.
11 For where my father put a heuye yocke vpon you, I wyll put more to your yock: my father chastysed you wt whyppes, but I wyll chastyce you with scorpions.
12 And so Ieroboam & all şe people came to Rehoboam the thyrde daye, as the kynge badde, saying: come agayne to me the thyrd daye.
13 And şe kynge answered them cruelly: and kyng Rehoboam left şe councell of the aged men,
14 and answered them after şe aduise of şe yonge men, sayinge: My father made your yocke greuous, and I wyll adde therto: my father chastysed you with whyppes, but I wyll chastyce you with scorpions.
15 And so the kynge herkened not vnto şe people: but şe occasion came of God, şt the Lord myght make good his saying, which he spake, by the hande of Ahia the Silonite, to Ieroboam the sonne of Nebat.
16 And when all they of Israel sawe that şe kynge wolde not agree vnto them, şe people answered şe kynge sayinge: what parte haue we wt Dauid, or enheritaunce wt the sonne of Isai? let euery man of Israel go to his tent. And now Dauid, se to thyne awne house. And so all Israel gat them to their tentes,
17 so şt Rehoboam raygned ouer no moo of şe chyldren of Israel, then dwelt in the cyties of Iuda.
18 Then kynge Rehoboam also sente Haduram şt was ruler ouer şe tribute, and şe chyldren of Israel stoned hym wt stones şt he dyed. But kyng Rehoboam made spede to get him vp to his charret, to flye to Ierusalem.
19 And they of Israel rebelled agaynst şe house of Dauid vnto thys daye.




1 And whan Rehoboam was come to Ierusalem, he gathered of the house of Iuda & Beniamin, nyne score thousande chosen men of warre to fight agaynst Israel, & to brynge şe kyngdome agayne to Rehoboam.
2 And the word of the Lorde came to Semeiahu the man of God, saying:
3 speake vnto Rehoboam the sonne of Salomon kynge of Iuda, & to all them of Israel that are in Iuda & Beniamin, & saye:
4 thus sayeth şe Lorde. Ye shall not go vp nor fight agaynst your brethren: returne euery man to his house, for thys thynge is done of me. And they obeyed şe wordes of şe Lorde, and returned from goynge agaynst Ieroboam.
5 And Rehoboam dwelt in Ierusalem, and buylt stronge cyties in Iuda.
6 He buylded vp Bethleem, and Etham, and Theko:
7 Bethzur, Socho and Adullam:
8 Gath, and Maresa: and Ziph Adurahim,
9 Lachis and asecha:
10 Zorca Aialon and Hebron, which is in Iuda & Beniamin, stronge cyties.
11 And he repayred şe stronge holdes & put captaynes in them, and store of vitayle, & wyne, & oyle.
12 And in all cyties he put shyldes & speares, and made them exceadynge stronge, hauynge Iuda and Beniamin on his syde.
13 And the prestes and şe leuites that were in all Israel, resorted to hym out of all their coastes.
14 For the leuites lefte their suburbes and their possession, and came to Iuda and Ierusalem: for Ieroboam and his sonnes had cast them out from minystrynge vnto the Lorde.
15 And he ordeyned hym prestes for the hylaultares, for the deuylles and for the calues which he had made.
16 And after şe leuites there went of all şe trybes of Israel, soche as submitted their hertes to seke the Lorde God of Israel, and came to Ierusalem, to offer vnto the Lorde God of their fathers.
17 And so they strengthed the kyngdome of Iuda, and made Rehoboam the sonne of Salomon myghtye thre yeare longe for thre yere they walked in şe waye of Dauid and Salomon.
18 And Rehoboam toke hym Mahalath şe daughter of Ierimoth the sonne of Dauid to wyfe, and Abihail the daughter of Eliab the sonne of Isai,
19 which bare hym chyldren Ieus, Samaria, and Zaha.
20 And after her he toke Maaca şe daughter of Absalon which bare hym Abia, Atthai, Ziza, & Selomith.
21 And Rehoboam loued Maacah the daughter of Absalon aboue all his wyues & concubynes, for he toke eyghtene wyues and thre skore concubynes, and begat .xxviii. sonnes and .lx. daughters.
22 Ad Rehoboam made Abiah the sonne of Maacah the chefe ruler amonge his brethren, and to haue the ouersyght of the kyngdome.
23 And he played wysely, and scatered all his chyldren thorowe out all the countreyes of Iuda and Ben Iamin vnto euery stronge cytie. And he gaue them aboundaunce of vitayle, and obtayned many wyues.




1 And it came to passe, that when Rehoboam had stablysshed the kyngdome, and became myghtye, he forsoke the lawe of the Lorde, and all Israel with him.
2 And it fortuned, that in the fyfte yeare of kynge Rehoboam, Sesac the kyng of Egypte came vp agaynst Ierusalem, because they had transgressed agaynst the Lorde
3 wt .xii.C. charettes, and .lx.M. horsmen. And the people were without nombre, that came with hym out of Egypte Lubim, Sukkim, and the blackmores.
4 And they toke the stronge cyties in Iuda, and came to Ierusalem.
5 Then came Semeia şe prophete to Rehoboam & to the Lordes of Iuda, that were gathered together within Ierusalem for Sesac, and sayd vnto them: thus sayd the Lord, ye haue left me, & therfore haue I also left you in şe handes of Sesac.
6 Wherupon the lordes of Israel and the kynge humbled them selues, and sayde, the Lorde is ryghteous.
7 And whan the Lorde sawe that they submitted themselues, the worde of şe Lorde cam to Semeia, sayinge: They submitte them selues, therfore I wyll not destroye them. But I wyll delyuer them somwhat, and my wrath shall not burne vpon Ierusalem by şe hande of Sesac.
8 Neuerthelesse, they shalbe hys seruauntes, to knowe what difference is betwene my seruice, and the seruice of the kyngdomes of the worlde.
9 And so Sesac kynge of Egypte came to Ierusalem, and toke awaye the treasures of the house of the Lorde, and the treasures of şe kynges house: he toke euen all. And he caryed awaye the shyldes of golde, which Salomon made.
10 In steade of which, kynge Rehoboam made shyldes of brasse, and commytted them to the handes of the captaynes which had şe ouersyght of the fotemen, and that kept the entraunce of şe kynges house.
11 And it came to passe, that when the kynge entred into the house of the Lorde, the garde came & fet them, and brought them agayne vnto the garde chambre.
12 And when he humbled hymselfe, the wrath of the Lorde turned from hym, that he wolde not destroye all together. And in Iuda all was well.
13 And so kyng Rehoboam waxed myghty & raygned in Ierusalem. And Rehoboam was .xli. yere olde, when he began to raygne, & he raygned .xvii. yeres in Ierusalem, the cytie which the Lorde had chosen out of all the trybes of Israel to put his name there. And hys mothers name was Naama an Ammonitesse.
14 And he dyd euyll, because he prepared not hys hert to seke the Lorde.
15 The actes also of Rehoboam, fyrst and last, are they not wrytten in şe sayinges of Semeia the prophete, and of Iddo the fear which noted the genealogie? and there was warre alwaye betwene Rehoboam & Ieroboam.
16 And Rehoboam slept wt his fathers, and was buryed in the cytie of Dauid, and Abia his sonne raygned in his steade.




1 The .xviii. yere of kynge Ieroboam began Abia to raygne ouer Iuda,
2 & he raygned thre yere in Ierusalem. His mothers name also was Michaiahu the daughter of Uriel of Gibea. And there was warre betwene Abia & Ieroboam.
3 And Abia made prouisyon for şe warre, hauyng valeaunt & expert men of warre, euen .iiii.C.M. chosen men. And Ieroboam set him selfe in araye to fyght agaynst hym, wt .viii.C.M. picte men which were stronge & men of armes.
4 And Abia stode vp vpon Zemaraim an hill which is in mount Ephraim, & sayd: heare me şu Ieroboam and all Israel.
5 Do not you knowe, howe şt the Lorde God of Israel gaue şe kyngdome, ouer them of Israel, to Dauid for euer, euen to hym and to hys sonnes with a salted couenaunt?
6 And Ieroboam the sonne of Nebat şe seruaunt of Salomon the sonne of Dauid is rysen vp, & hath rebelled agaynst his lorde.
7 And ther gathered to hym lewde men şe chyldren of Belial, & preuayled agaynst Rehoboam şe sonne of Salomon: when Rehoboam was yong & tender hearted, & coulde not stande before them.
8 And nowe ye saye, şt ye be able to preuayle agaynst şe kyngdome of the Lorde, which is in şe hande of the sonnes of Dauid, & ye be a greate multitude, & haue the golden calues which Ieroboam made you for gods.
9 And haue ye not cast out the prestes of the Lorde the sonnes of Aaron, and the leuites, and haue made you prestes after the maner of the nacions of other landes? so that whosoeuer commeth, & consecrateth his hande with a yonge oxe & seuen rammes, the same maye be a preste of them that are no gods.
10 But we belonge vnto the Lord our God whom we haue not forsaken, and şe prestes are şe sonnes of Aaron, which ministre vnto the Lorde, and şe leuites wayte vpon theyr office.
11 They burne vnto şe Lorde euery mornynge & euenynge, burnt sacrifyces & swete incense: şe shewe breed set they in ordre vpon a pure table: & prepare şe candelstick of gold wt the lampes of şe same to burne euer at euen. And truly we kepe the watche of the Lorde oure God: but ye haue forsaken him.
12 And behold, God hym selfe is our captayne, & hys prestes blowe wt the trompettes, & crye alarum agaynst you. O ye chyldren of Israel, fyght not agaynst the Lord God of your fathers: for it wyll not prospere with you.
13 But for all şt, Ieroboam conuayed men preuely about, to come behynde them: & so they were before Iuda, & şe layers in wayte were behynde them.
14 And when they of Iuda loked about, behold the battayll was before & behynde, & they cryed vnto şe Lord & şe prestes blewe wt şe trompetes,
15 & şe men of Iuda gaue a showte. And as the men of Iuda showted, it came to passe, that God smote Ieroboam and all Israel before Abia and Iuda.
16 And şe children of Israel fled before Iuda, and God delyuered them into theyr hande.
17 And Abia & hys people slue a great slaughter of them: there fell downe wounded of Israel .v.C.M. chosen men.
18 And so the chyldren of Israel were brought vnder, at that tyme, and the chyldren of Iuda preuayled: because they leaned vnto the Lorde God of theyr fathers.
19 And Abia folowed after Ieroboam, and toke cities from hym, Bethel wt the townes belongyng therto, Iesana with the townes that longed therto, and Ephron with her townes.
20 And Ieroboam recouered no strength agayne in şe daies of Abia. And şe Lorde plaged him, & he dyed.
21 But Abia waxed mightye, and maryed .xiiij. wyues, and begat .xxij. sonnes, and .xvj. daughters.
22 The rest of the actes of Abia, his customes and hys sayinges are wrytten in the storye of the prophete Iddo.




1 So Abia slepte wt hys fathers, and they buryed hym in şe cytie of Dauid, and Asa hys sonne raygned in hys steade. In whose dayes the lande was in quyetnes ten yere.
2 And Asa dyd that was good & right in the eyes of the Lorde hys God:
3 for he toke awaye straunge aultars and the hyllaultars, and brake downe the ymages, and cut downe the groues,
4 and commaunded Iuda to seke the Lorde God of their fathers, and to do accordynge to the lawe and commaundement.
5 And he put awaye out all the cyties of Iuda the hylaultars and the ymages: and şe kyngdome was quyet before hym.
6 And he buylte stronge cities in Iuda: because the land was in rest, and he had no warre in those yeares. For the Lorde had geuen hym rest.
7 Therfore he sayde to Iuda: let vs buyld these cityes, and make about them walles, towres, gates and barres, for the lande is yet in rest before vs, because we haue sought the Lorde oure God: we haue sought hym, and he hath geuen vs rest on euery side: & so they buylt and it prospered with them.
8 And Asa had an armye of men that bare shyldes and speares, out of Iuda, thre hundred thousand: and out of Beniamin that bare shyldes and drue bowes, two hundred & foure skore thousande, all these were valeaunt men.
9 And there came out agaynst them Zarah the black morian with an hoost of ten hondred thousande, and thre hondred charrettes, and came as farre as Maresa.
10 And Asa went out before him, and they ioyned the battayll in the valey of Zephata besyde Maresa.
11 And Asa cryed vnto the Lorde hys God, & sayde: Lorde, it is no harde thinge with şu to helpe ether many, or them that haue no power: helpe vs therfore, O Lorde our God, for we trust to the, and in thy name we go agaynst thys multytude. Thou arte the Lorde oure God, and no man shall preuayle agaynst the.
12 So the Lorde smote the blacke mores before Asa and Iuda, & the blacke mores fled.
13 And Asa and the people that was with him, folowed after them vnto Gerar. And the blacke mores hoost was ouerthrowen, that there was none of them lefte, but were destroyed before the Lorde and before his host. And they caryed awaye a myghtye greate praye.
14 And they smote all the cyties rounde about Gerar. For the feare of şe Lorde came vpon them. And they spoyled all the cyties and there was exceadynge moche spoyle in them.
15 They smote also the tentes of catell, & caryed awaye plentye of shepe and camels, and returned to Ierusalem.




1 And the sprete of God came on Asaria the sonne of Oded.
2 And he went out to mete Asa, & sayde vnto him: heare me Asa, and all Iuda, Beniamin. The Lorde is with you, whyle ye be with hym, and when ye seke hym, he wyll be founde of you: and agayne, when ye forsake hym, he also wyll forsake you.
3 And truly, for a longe season in Israel no man sought the true God, no man regarded şe preste that taught them, no man cared for the lawe.
4 And when any man in hys trouble dyd turne vnto the Lord God of Israel, and sought him, he was founde of them.
5 And in that time me there was no peace to hym, that dyd goo out and in: but greate sedicyon was there amonge all the inhabiters of the earth.
6 And nacyon was destroyed of nacyon, and cytie of cytie: for God dyd moue all aduersitye amonge them.
7 Playe ye therfore the men, and let not youre handes slacke, for youre worke shalbe rewarded.
8 And when Asa hearde those wordes, and the prophesye of Azaria the sonne of Oded şe prophete, he toke courage, & put awaye the abhominable ydols out of all şe lande of Iuda and Beniamin, & out of the cityes which he wanne in mount Ephraim, and renued the aultar of the Lorde, that was before şe porch of the Lorde.
9 And he gathered all Iuda and Beniamin, and the straungers with them out of Ephraim, Manasse, & Simeon. For there fell many to hym out of Israel, when they sawe that the Lorde hys God was wt hym.
10 So they assembled at Ierusalem the thyrde monethe, the fyftenth yeare of the raygne of Asa.
11 And they offered vnto the Lord şe same tyme of the spoyle which they had brought .vij.C. oxen, and .vij. thousande shepe.
12 And they made a couenaunt to seke the Lorde God of theyr fathers, with all theyr hert & all theyr soule.
13 And whosoeuer wolde not seke the Lorde God of Israel, shulde dye for it: whether he were small or great man or woman.
14 And they sware vnto the Lorde with a loude voyce, showtynge & blowyng wyth trompettes and shawmes.
15 And all they in Iuda reioyced at şe oth, for they had sworne vnto the Lorde, with all theyr herte, and sought hym with all theyr lust, and he was founde of them. And the Lorde gaue them rest rounde about on euery syde.
16 And kinge Asa put Maacha his mother out of auctorite, because she had made an abhominable ydoll in a groue: and Asa brake downe her ydoll, and stamped it, & burnt it at the broke Cedron.
17 But all şe hylaulters were not taken awaye out of Israel: though the hert of Asa was perfecte all hys dayes.
18 And he brought into şe house of God the thynges that hys father had dedicat, and that he hym selfe had dedicate: euen syluer, & golde, and Iewelles.
19 And ther was nomore warre vnto the .xxxv. yere of the raygne of Asa.




1 In the .xxxvi. yere of the raygne of Asa, came Baasa kyng of Israel vp agaynst Iuda, and buylt Rama, to the entent that he wolde let none passe out or in to Asa kynge of Iuda.
2 And Asa set out golde and syluer, out of the treasures of şe house of the Lorde, & of the kynges house, & sent to Benhadad kyng of Siria şt dwelt at Darmesec, and sayd:
3 There is a confederacion betwene me & the, betwene my father & thine. Beholde, I haue sent the syluer and golde, that thou wylt come and breake thyne appoyntment wt Baasa kynge of Israel, that he maye departe from me.
4 And Benhadad graunted vnto kynge Asa, and sent to the captaynes of hys armye to the cityes of Israel. And they smote Iion, Dan, and Abelmain, and the strong cyties of Nephthali.
5 And when Baasa hearde this, he left buyldynge of Rama, and let his worcke cease.
6 And then Asa the kyng toke all Iuda, and caryed awaye the stones and tymbre of Rama, wherwith Baasa was a buyldyng, and he buylt therwith Geba and Mizpa.
7 At that same tyme, Hanani the sear came to Asa kyng of Iuda, & sayde vnto hym: because thou hast trusted in the kyng of Siria, and not rather put thy trust in the Lorde thy God, therfore is the host of the kynge of Siria escaped out of thyne hande.
8 Had not the blacke mores and Lubim an exceadinge great hoost with many charettes and horsemen? And yet because thou trustedest in the Lorde, he delyuered them into thyne hande.
9 For the eyes of şe Lorde beholde all the erth, to strength them that are of perfecte hert towarde him. Herin thou hast done folyshly, and therfore from hensforth thou shalt haue warre.
10 And Asa was wroth with the fear, & put him into a preson house, for he was displeased with hym because of thys thynge. And Asa destroyed certayne of the people the same ceason.
11 And beholde, these dedes of Asa, fyrst, & last, are wrytten in the boke of the kinges of Iuda and Israel.
12 And Asa in the .xxxix. yere of hys raygne fell sycke in hys fete, and that hys disease contynued very longe. And in hys sycknes he sought not the Lord, but phisicions.
13 And Asa slept with his fathers, and dyed in the .xlj. yere of hys raygne.
14 And they buryed hym in his awne sepulchre, which he had made for hym selfe in the cytye of Dauid, and layed hym in the bed which he had fylled with dyuerse kyndes of spices & swete odours, made by the craft of the potecaryes. And they burnt very moch spyce about him.




1 And Iehosaphat his sone raygned in hys steade, & preuayled agaynst Israel.
2 And he put souldyers in all the stronge cityes of Iuda, and sett rulers in the lande of Iuda and in the cityes of Ephraim, which Asa his father had wonne.
3 And the Lorde was with Iehosaphat, because he walked in the olde wayes of his father Dauid, and sought not Baalim.
4 But sought the Lorde God of hys father, & walked in hys commaundmentes: and not after the doynges of Israel.
5 And the Lord stablisshed the kyngdome in his hande, and all they that were in Iuda, brought hym presentes, so that he had aboundance of riches and honoure.
6 And he lyft vp his hert vnto şe wayes of the Lorde, and he putt downe yet more of the hylaultars and groues out of Iuda.
7 In the thyrde yere of hys raygne he sent to hys lordes, euen to Benhail, Obadia, Zacharia, Nethanel and to Michaahu, şt they shulde teach in the cityes of Iuda,
8 and with them he sent leuites: euen Semeiahu, Nethaniahu, Zabadiahu, Asahel, Semiramoth, & Tubadonia, and with them Elisamah and Iehoram prestes.
9 And they taught in Iuda, and had the boke of the lawe of God wt them, and went about thorowout all the cityes of Iuda, and taught the people.
10 And the feare of the Lorde fell vpon all şe kyngdomes of the landes that were rounde about Iuda, & they fought not agaynst Iehosaphat.
11 And some of şe philistines brought Iehosaphat gyftes, and tribute syluer: And therto the Arabians brought him catell: euen .vij.M. and .vij.C. rammes, and .vij.M. and .vij.C. he goates.
12 And so Iehosaphat prospered & grue vp on hye. And he buylt in Iuda, castels and stronge cityes,
13 & he had great substaunce in the cities of Iuda, but the men of armes & strongest soudiers were in Ierusalem.
14 And these are the offyces of them in the houses of their fathers, the captaines ouer thousandes in Iuda. Adna the captayne, & with hym of fightynge men .iij.C.M.
15 And next to hys hande was Iehohanan a captayne, and with hym .ij.C. and .lxxx.M.
16 And nexte him was Amazia the sonne of Zichri, which of his awne good wil offred him selfe vnto şe Lord, and wt hym .ij.C.M. myghty men of warre.
17 And of the chyldren of Beniamin, Eliada a man of myght, and had with hym armed men with bowe & shylde .ij.C.M.
18 And nexte hym was Iehosabad, and with hym an .C. and .lxxx.M. that were prepared for the warre.
19 These wayted on the kynge, besydes those which the kinge put in the stronge cityes thorowout all Iuda.




1 And Iehosaphat had aboundance of rychesse and honoure, and ioyned affinyte wt Ahab.
2 And after certayne yeres he went downe to Ahab to Samaria. And Ahab slue many shepe & oxen for hym, and for the people that he had with hym, and entreated him to go vp with hym vnto Ramoth in Gilead.
3 And Ahab kynge of Israel sayde to Iehosaphat kynge of Iuda: wylt thou go with me to Ramoth in Gilead? And he answered hym: I wyll be as şu, and my people shalbe as thyne, and we wyll go with the to the warre.
4 And Iehosaphat sayd vnto the kynge of Israel: aske councell I praye şe, at the worde of the Lorde, thys same daye.
5 Therfore the kyng of Israel gathered together of prophetes .iiij.C. men, and sayde vnto them: shall we go to Ramoth in Gilead to fyght, or shulde I cease? And they sayde: go vp, & God shall delyuer it into the kinges hande.
6 But Iehosaphat sayde: is there yet here neuer a prophete more of the Lordes, şt we might aske of him?
7 And the kinge of Israel sayde vnto Iehosaphat: there is yet one man, by whom we maye aske the Lorde. But I hate him: for he neuer prophecieth me good, but alwaye euell, and the same is Michea the sonne of Iimla. And Iehosaphat sayd: let not the kynge saye so.
8 And the kinge of Israell called one of his chamberlaynes, and sayde: fetch hether quyckly Michea the sonne of Iimla.
9 And şe kynge of Israel and Iehosaphat kyng of Iuda sate ether of them on his seate in their apparell, in a thresshing floure beside şe gate of Samaria, and all the prophetes prophesyed before them.
10 And one Zedekia the sonne of Chanana had made hym hornes of yron, & sayd: thus sayth the Lorde: with these shallt şu ouerthorowe Siria, vntyll they be brought to naught.
11 And all the prophetes prophesyed euen so, sayinge: Go vp to Ramoth in Gilead, and it shall prospere with the: for the Lord shall delyuer it into the hande of the kynge.
12 And the messenger şt went to call Michea, spake to him, saying: beholde, the wordes of the prophetes speake good to the kyng with one assent, lett thy wordes therfore be lyke one of theirs, that thou speake that which is pleasaunt.
13 And Michea sayd: as truly as the Lorde liueth: euen what my God sayth that wyll I speake.
14 And whan he was come to the kynge, the kynge sayde vnto hym: Michea, shuld we go to Ramoth in Gilead to fight, or leaue of? And he sayde: go vp, & all shalbe well: & they shalbe delyuered into your hande.
15 And the kyng sayde to him: So & so may tymes do I charge the, şt thou saye nothynge but şe trueth to me, in the name of the Lorde.
16 Then he sayde: I dyd se all them of Israel scatered in the mountaynes, as shepe şt haue no shepherde. And the Lord sayde: these haue no master, let then returne euery man therfore to hys house in peace.
17 And the kynge of Israel sayd to Iehosaphat: dyd I not tell the, şt he wold not prophecy good vnto me: but euell.
18 But he sayde agayne: therfore heare ye şe worde of the Lorde. I sawe the Lorde syt vpon his seate, & all the company of heauen stode on hys ryght hande & on hys lefte.
19 And şe Lorde sayde: who shall deceaue Ahab king of Israel, şt he maye go vp & be ouerthrowen at Ramoth in Gilead? And he sayde: oue sayth this, another that.
20 And there came out a sprete & stode before the Lorde, & sayde: I wyll deceaue him. And the Lorde sayde vnto him: Wherin?
21 And he sayd: I will go out, & be a lyinge sprete in şe mouth of all his prophetes. And the Lorde sayde: şu shalt deceaue him, and shalt preuayle: go out, and do euen so.
22 And now therfore beholde, şe Lord hath put a lyinge sprete in the mouthes of all these thy prophetes, & the Lorde hath spoken euell agaynst the.
23 And Zedekia the sonne of Chanana went to, & smote Michea vpon şe cheke. & sayde: by what waye went the sprete of the Lorde from me, to speake wt the?
24 And Michea sayde: thou shalt se the daye when thou shalt go in from chambre to chambre, for to hyde thy selfe.
25 And the kinge of Israel sayde take ye Michea, and brynge hym to Amon şe gouerner of the citye, & to Ioas the kinges sonne,
26 & ye shall saye: thus sayth the kynge: putt thys felowe in the preson house, & fede hym wt breed of affliction & water of trouble vntill I come agayne in peace.
27 And Michea sayde: yf şu come agayne in peace, then hath not the Lorde spoken to me. And he sayde: herken to, ye people euery one of you.
28 And so the kinge of Israel and Iehosaphat the kinge of Iuda went vp to Ramoth in Gilead.
29 And şe kyng of Israel sayde vnto Iehosaphat: I must chaunge me, when I go to the batatyll: but se that thou haue thyne awne apparell vpon the. And the kynge of Israel chaunged hym selfe, and they came to battayll.
30 But şe kyng of Siria had commaunded the captaynes of the charrettes that were with him, sayinge: se that ye fight not agaynst small or greate, saue agaynst the kynge of Israel onely.
31 And when the captaynes of the charettes sawe Iehosaphat, they sayde: it is the kynge of Israel, and therfore they compassed about hym to fyght. But Iehosaphat cryed out, & the Lorde helped him, and God chased them awaye from hym.
32 For it came to passe that when the captaynes of the charretes perceaued that it was not the kyng of Israel, they turned backe agayne from him.
33 And a certayn man drewe a bowe with all hys myght, and smote the kyng of Israel betwene şe ioyntes of his habergyn. And he sayd to hys charretman: turne thyne hande, şt thou mayest cary me out of the hoost: for I am wounded.
34 And the battayll ceassed that daye. Howbeit the king of Israel caused his charet to stond still agaynst the Sirians vntyll euen. And about the tyme of the sunne going downe, he dyed.




1 And Iehosaphat the kynge of Iuda came home agayne in peace to Ierusalem.
2 And Iehu the sonne of Hanam the sear went out to mete hym, and sayde to kynge Iehosaphat: Woldest şu helpe the vngodly, and loue them şt hate the Lorde? Therfore is wrath come downe vpon the, from before the Lorde.
3 Neuertheles, there are some good actes founde in the, in şt thou hast hewen downe the groues out of the lande, and hast prepared thyne herte to seke God.
4 And so Iehosaphat dwelt at Ierusalem: & turned & went out to the people from Beerseba to mount Ephraim, & brought them again vnto şe Lord God of their fathers.
5 And he set iudges in the lande thorowout all the strong cityes of Iuda, citye by citye:
6 & sayde to the iudges: take hede what ye do, for ye execute not the iudgmentes of man, but of God, which is wt you in the iudgement.
7 Wherfore nowe, let the feare of şe Lorde be vpon you, and take hede, & be doyng the thynge şt pleaseth hym. For ther is no vnryghtewesnes wt the Lord oure God: şt he shulde haue any respecte of persones, or take rewardes.
8 Moreouer, in Ierusalem dyd Iehosaphat set of the leuites, and of the prestes and of the auncient fathers ouer Israel, in şe iudgement & cause of şe Lord. And they returned agayne to Ierusalem.
9 And he charged them saying: Thus shall ye do in the feare of the Lorde, wt the trueth & a pure herte:
10 What cause soeuer come to you of your brethren şt dwell in their cyties, betwene bloud & bloud, betwene law and commaundment, betwene statutes & ordynaunces, ye shall warne them, şt they trespace not agaynst the Lorde, & so wrath come vpon you & on youre brethren. Thus do, & ye shall not offende.
11 And behold, Amaria şe hye prest is amonge you in all matters of the Lord, & Zebadia the sonne of Ismael, a ruler of the house of Iuda, he is ouer soch busynesses as concerne the kyng: there be offycers of the leuites also before you. Take courage to you therfore, and be doynge manfully: and the Lorde shalbe with soche as be good.




1 After thys also, it fortuned şt the chyldren of Moab and the chyldren of Ammon, and wt them other of the Ammonites came agaynst: Iehosaphat to battayll.
2 And there came some that tolde Iehosaphat sayinge: there commeth a greate multitude agaynst the from the other syde of the see, & out of Siria. And beholde, they be in Hasason Thamar, which is Engadi.
3 And Iehosaphat feared, and set him selfe to seke şe Lord, and proclaymed fastyng thorowout all Iuda.
4 And they şt were in Iuda, gathered them selues together, to aske councell of the Lord. And they came out of all the cityes of Iuda, to make intercessyon to the Lorde.
5 And Iehosaphat stode betwene the congregacion of Iuda and Ierusalem in the house of the Lorde before the newe courte,
6 and sayde: O Lorde God of our fathers, art not thou God in heuen, and raygnest not thou on all the kyngdomes of the Hethen? And in thyne hande is power and myght, and there is no man that is able to withstande the.
7 Art not thou oure God, which dydest cast out the inhabiters of thys lande before thy people Israel, and gauest it to the seede of Abraham thy louer for euer?
8 And they dwelt therin, and haue buylt the a temple therin for thy name, sayinge:
9 Yf euell come vpon vs, as the swerde of iudgement, pestilence or hongre: then, yf we stand before this house in thy presence, for thy name is in thys house, and crye vnto the in our tribulacyon, heare thou, and helpe.
10 And nowe behold, the chyldren of Ammon, and Moab, & mount Seir, by whom şu woldest not let them of Israel go, when they came out of the lande of Egipte: but they departed from them, & destroyed them not.
11 Se, howe they rewarde vs, to come for to cast vs out of thy possessyon, which şu hast geuen vs to inheret.
12 O our God, wylt thou not iudge them: for we haue no myght agaynst thys great companye that commeth agaynst vs. Nether wote we what to do: but oure eyes be vnto the.
13 And all Iuda stode before the Lorde wt their yongeones, theyr wyues & theyr chyldren:
14 & ther was Iehasiel the sonne of Zacharia the sonne of Banaia şe sonne of Ieiel the sonne of Mathania, a leuite of the sonnes of Asaph, and vpon hym came the sprete of the Lorde, euen in the myddes of the congregacion.
15 And he sayde: herken all Iuda, and ye enhabiters of Ierusalem, & thou king Iehosaphat: Thus sayth şe Lord vnto you: be not afrayd nor faynte herted by reason of thys greate multitude: for şe battayll is not youres: but Gods.
16 Tomorow go ye downe agaynst them: for they come vp at Ziz, & ye shall finde them at the ende of the broke before the wildernes of Ieruel.
17 Ye shall not nede to fyght in thys battayll: but steppe forth & stande, & beholde şe helpe of the Lorde which is with you: feare not, nor let youre hertes fayle you, O ye of Iuda and of Ierusalem. Tomorowe go out agaynst them: for the Lorde wylbe with you.
18 And Iehosaphat bowed hys face to the erth, and all Iuda and the enhabiters of Ierusalem fell before the Lorde worshippynge the Lorde.
19 And the leuites of the chyldren of the Cahathites and of the children of the Corahites stode vp, to prayse the Lorde God of Israel with a loude voyce on hye.
20 And whan they arose earlye in the mornynge, they gat them out vnto the wyldernesse of Thekoa. And as they went out, Iehosaphat stode and sayde: heare me, O Iuda, & ye enhabiters of Ierusalem. Put your trust in the Lord your God, that ye maye be founde faythfull. Geue credence to hys prophetes, & so shall ye prospere.
21 And he gaue the people councell, and set some to syng vnto the Lord, & to prayse him in the bewtye of holynes, & to go out before the army, as they went, and to saye: prayse şe Lorde for hys mercy lasteth euer.
22 And what tyme as they beganne to laude & prayse, then the Lorde stered vp certayne of the chyldren of Ammon and Moab, which layed wayte for them that were of mount Seir: which were come agaynst Iuda. And they were ouerthrowen with strokes amonge them selues. For the chyldren of Ammon and Moab rose against şe enhabiters of mount Seir. And they slewe and destroyed them.
23 And whan they had made an ende of the enhabiters of Seir, euery one helped to destroye another amonge them selues.
24 And when Iuda came to the edge of şe wildernes, they loked vnto the multitude. And beholde, they were deed carcasses fallen to the erth, & none escaped.
25 And whan Iehosaphat and hys people came to take awaye şe spoyle of them, they founde amonge them aboundaunce of goodes, rayment and pleasaunt Iewels, which they toke for them selues, more then they could cary awaye: so şt they were thre dayes in gatherynge of the spoyle, it was so moch.
26 And the fourth daie they assembled in şe valley of blessinge: for there they blessed şe Lord: And therfore they called the name of şe same place, the valeye of blessyng vnto thys daye.
27 And so all the men of Iuda & Ierusalem returned with Iehosaphat theyr heade, for to go againe to Ierusalem with gladnesse: for the Lorde had made them to reioyse ouer theyr enemyes.
28 And they came to Ierusalem with psalteryes and harpes, & shawmes, euen vnto the house of the Lorde.
29 And the feare of God fell in the kyngdomes of all landes, whan they had hearde that the Lorde fought agaynst şe enemyes of Israel.
30 And so the realme of Iehosaphat was in tranquyllite: and hys God gaue hym rest on euery syde.
31 And Iehosaphat raygned vpon Iuda, & was .xxxv. yere olde when he beganne to raygne, & raygned .xxv. yere in Ierusalem. And his mothers name was Asuba the daughter of Silhi.
32 And he walked in the waye of Asa his father, & bowed not therfrom, doynge that which was ryght in the syght of the Lorde:
33 Howbeit the hylaultars were nott taken awaye, for the people had not yet prepared theyr hertes vnto the God of theyr fathers.
34 The rest of şe actes of Iehosaphat first & last beholde, they are wrytten amonge the sayinges of Iehu the sonne of Hanam, which noted them in the boke of the kynges of Israel.
35 After this dyd Iehosaphat kyng of Iuda ioyne him selfe wt Ahaziahu kinge of Israel, whose mynde was to do wyckedly.
36 He coupled hym selfe with hym, to make shippes to go to tharsis, And they made the shyppes in Ezion Gaber.
37 And Elieser şe sonne of Dodanah of Maresa prophesyed agaynst Iehosaphat, sayinge: because thou hast ioyned thy selfe with Ahaziahu, the Lorde hath broken thy workes. And the shippes were broken, şt they were not able to go to Tharsis.




1 Iehosaphat also slepte wt hys fathers, and was buryd with his fathers in the citie of Dauid, & Iehoram his sonne raygned in his steade:
2 and he had brethren which were the sonnes of Iehosaphat. Asaria, Iehiel, Zacharia, Asaria, Michael, & Sephatiahu. All these were şe sonnes of Iehosaphat kynge of Iuda.
3 And their father gaue them many greate gyftes of golde, and syluer, and other speciall substaunce, wt stronge cityes in Iuda: but the kyngdome gaue he to Iehoram, for he was the eldest.
4 And Iehoram rose vp agaynst şe kyngdome of his father, and preuayled, and slue all his brethren with the swerde, & diuerse of the lordes of Israel.
5 Iehoram was .xxxij. yere olde whan he beganne to raygne, and he raygned eight yere in Ierusalem.
6 And he walked in the waye of the kinges of Israel, lyke as dyd the house of Ahab, for he had the daughter of Ahab to wyfe, & he wrought euell in the eyes of the Lorde.
7 Howbeit, the Lord wolde nott destroye the house of Dauid, because of the couenaunt that he had made with Dauid, as he promysed to gyue a light to hym and to hys sonnes for euer.
8 In hys dayes the Edomites rebelled, whan they were vnder the dominyon of Iuda, and made them selues a kinge.
9 And Iehoram went forth wt his lordes, and all hys charettes were wt hym: & he rose vp by nyght, & smote şt Edomites, which compased him in, & the captaynes of şe charettes.
10 But Edom rebelled styll, so şt they wolde not be vnder the hande of Iuda vnto this daye. That same time also dyd Libna departe from beyng vnder his hande, because Iehoram had forsaken şe Lorde God of his fathers.
11 Moreouer, he made hylaulters in the cyties of Iuda, and caused the enhabiters of Ierusalem to commyt fornycacyon, and prouoked Iuda to Idolatrye.
12 And there came a writynge to him from Elia şe prophete, saying: Thus sayth şe Lord God of Dauid thy father: because şu hast not walked in the wayes of Iehosaphat thy father, & in the wayes of Asa kynge of Iuda,
13 but walkedst in the wayes of the kynges of Israel, & hast made Iuda & the dwellers of Ierusalem to go a whoring, lyke to şe whordome of the house of Ahab, & hast slayne thy brethren, euen thy fathers house, which were better then thou:
14 beholde, wt a greate plage wyll the Lorde smyte thy folke, thy children, thy wyues, and thy goodes.
15 And thou shalt suffre great payne: euen a dysease of thy bowelles, vntyll thy guttes fall out by reason of thy sycknes, daye by daye.
16 And so the Lorde stered vp agaynst Iehoram the sprete of the Philistines, & the Arabians şt were besyde the blacke mores.
17 And they came vp into Iuda, and wasted it, and caryed awaye all the substaunce şt was found in the kynges house, and hys sonnes, and his wyues: so that there was neuer a sonne lefte him saue Iehohahaz which was the yongest amonge hys sonnes.
18 And after all these thynges, the Lorde smote him in his bowelles wt an incurable disease.
19 And it came to passe, şt in processe of tyme, euen after şe ende of two yeres, hys guttes fell out in his sycknes: and so he dyed of very euell diseases. And they made no burnynge for him lyke the burnyng of hys fathers.
20 When he beganne to raygne, he was .xxij. yeare olde, and raygned in Ierusalem .viij. yere, & lyued wretchedly: howbeit they buryed hym in the citye of Dauid: but not among şe sepulchres of the kynges.




1 And the enhabiters of Ierusalem made Ahaziahu hys yonge sonne kinge in hys steade. For the men of warre that came with the host of the Arabians, had slayne all hys eldest sonnes. And so Ahaziahu the sonne of Iehoram kynge of Iuda, was made kynge.
2 Two and fourtye yere olde was he, whan he began to raygne, and he raygned one yere in Ierusalem. Hys mothers name was Athaliahu şe daughter of Amri.
3 And he walked also in the wayes of the house of Ahab, for hys mother (by her councell) entysed him to do wyckedly.
4 Wherfore he dyd that which was euell in the syght of the Lorde, as dyd they that were of şe house of Ahab: for they were hys councelers after the deeth of his father, to his destruccyon. And he walked after theyr councell,
5 and went with Iehoram sonne of Ahab king of Israel, to fight agaynst Hazael king of Siria at Ramoth in Gilead: and the Sirians smote Ioram.
6 And he returned to be healed in Iezrel, of the woundes which were geuen him at Rama, when he fought wt Hazael kyng of Siria. And Ahaziahu the sonne of Iehoram kynge of Iuda went downe to se Iehoram the sonne of Ahab at Iezrel, because he was diseased.
7 And it cam of God, şt Ahaziahu shulde be despysed for hys commynge to Iehoram: for whan he was come, he went out with Iehoram agaynst Iehu the sonne of Nimsi, whom the Lorde had anoynted to destroye the house of Ahab.
8 And so it came to passe şt whan Iehu was executynge iustice vpon the house of Ahab, & had founde the lordes of Iuda and the sonnes of the brethren of Ahaziahu that wayted on Ahaziahu, he slue them.
9 And he sought Ahaziahu, and they caught hym where he was hyd in Samaria, and brought him to Iehu. And when they had slayne hym, they buried hym: because (sayde they) he is the sonne of Iehosaphat, which sought the Lord with all hys hert. And the house of Ahaziahu had no power to kepe styll the kyngdome.
10 But when Athaliahu the mother of Ahaziahu sawe şt her sonne was deed, she arose and destroyed all the kynges seed in the kynred of şe house of Iuda.
11 And Iehosabeth the daughter of şe kinge toke Ioas the sonne of Ahaziahu, & stale hym from amonge şe kynges sonnes şt were slayne, and putt hym and hys nource in a preuye chambre. And so Iehosabeath the daughter of kinge Iehoram the wyfe of Iehoiada the prest, and the syster of Ahaziahu hyd hym from Athaliahu that he was not slayne.
12 And so he was wt them hyd in the house of God syxe yere. And Athaliahu raygned ouer the lande.




1 And in the seuenth yere Iehoiada beynge bolde, toke the captaynes of hundredes, Azariahu the sonne of Ieroham, and Ismael the sonne of Iehohanam, Azariahu the sonne of Obed, Maasiahu the sonne of Adaiahu, and Elisaphat the sonne of zichri, and made a bonde with them.
2 And they went aboute in Iuda, and gathered the Leuites out of all the cyties of Iuda and the auncyent fathers of Israel: and they came to Ierusalem.
3 And all the congregacyon made a bonde with the kynge in the house of God. And he sayd vnto them: beholde, the kynges sonne must raygne, as the Lorde hath sayde of the chyldren of Dauid.
4 This is it therfore that ye shall do: The thyrde parte of you shall (on the Sabbath) come to the preastes, Leuites, and kepers of the porches.
5 And another thyrde parte shalbe by şe kynges house, and another thyrde parte shalbe at the gate of the foundacyon, and all the people shalbe in the courtes of the house of the Lorde.
6 But ther shall none come into the house of the Lorde, saue the preastes & they that ministre vnto the Leuites. They shall go in, for they are holy: but all the people shall kepe the watch of the Lord.
7 And the Leuites shall compase the kynge rounde about and euery man shall haue hys wepon in hys hande: and what other man soeuer doth come into the house of the Lorde, he shall be slayne: and let them be with the kynge, whan he commeth in, and whan he goeth out.
8 And the Leuites and all Iuda dyd accordynge to all thynges şt Iehoiada the preaste had commaunded, & toke euery man hys men, şt came in on the Sabboth, wt them şt went out on the Sabboth daye: nether did Iehoiada şe preast let the companies departe.
9 And Iehoiada şe preast deliuered to the captaynes of hundredes, speares, shyldes, and boukelars, that had pertayned to kynge Dauid, and were in şe house of God.
10 And he set all the people euery man hauyng his wepon in his hande, from the ryght syde of the temple, to the left syde of the temple, alonge by the aulter and the temple, rounde aboute the kynge.
11 And they brought out the kynges sonne, and put vpon him the crowne, and the testimonie, and made him kynge. And Iehoiada & his sonnes annoynted him, & sayde: God saue the kynge.
12 When Athaliahu hearde the noyse of the people, runninge & praysinge the kynge, she came to şe people into the house of the Lorde.
13 And she loked, and beholde, the kynge stode in his place at the enterynge in, & the Lordes and the trompettes were by the kynge, & all the people of the lande reioysed, blowinge wt trompettes, & dyd playe with instrumentes of musycke, & taught to synge & prayse. But Athaliahu rent her clothes, and sayed: treason, treason.
14 And Iehoiada the preaste went out to the captaynes of hundredes that were gouerners of the hoste, & sayde vnto them: haue her out without the dore of the temple: and whoso foloweth her, let hym be slayne with the swerde. For şe preaste sayde şt they shulde not sley her in the house of şe Lorde.
15 And they layde handes on her, tyll she was come to the entrynge of the horsgate besyde the kynges house and there they slue her.
16 And Iehoiada made a bonde betwene hym and all the people and the kynge, that they shulde be the Lordes people.
17 And all the people went to the house of Baal, & destroyed it, and brake hys aulters and his ymages, & slue Mathan the preaste of Baal before the aulters.
18 And Iehoiada put the offyces for the house of the Lord vnder the hande of the preastes and Leuites, as Dauid had distrybuted them in the house of the Lorde, to offer burnt offerynges vnto the Lorde, as it is wrytten in the lawe of Moses, with reioysynge and syngynge, as it was ordeyned by Dauid.
19 And he set porters by şe gates of the house of the Lorde, that none which was vncleane in any thynge shulde entre in.
20 And he toke the captaynes of hundredes & all the nobles, and the gouernoures of the people, & all the folke of the lande, and caused the kynge to come downe out of the house of the Lord, and they came thorowe the hye gate into the kynges house, and set the kynge vpon the seate of the kyngdome.
21 And all the people of şe lande reioysed, and the cytie was in tranquillite, after şt they had slayne Athaliahu with the swerde.




1 Ioas was seuen yere olde when he beganne to raygne, & he raygned fourty yere in Ierusalem Hys mothers name also was Zibia of Beer Seba.
2 And Ioas dyd that which was ryght in the syght of the Lorde all the dayes of Iehoiada the preaste.
3 And Iehoiada toke hym two wyues, and he begat sonnes and daughters.
4 And it chaunsed after this, that Ioas was mynded, to renewe the house of the Lord
5 and he gathered together the preastes & şe Leuites, and sayd to them: go out vnto the cyties of Iuda, & gather of all Israell money, to repayre the house of youre God from yere to yere, and se that ye hast the thynge: howbeit the Leuites were slacke.
6 And the kyng called Iehoiada that was the chefest and sayd vnto hym. Why requirest thou not of the Leuites to brynge in, out of Iuda & Ierusalem, the collection of money accordynge to the commaundement of Moses the seruaunt of the Lorde and the congregacion of Israel shulde offre it for the tabernacle of wytnesse.
7 For wycked Athaliahu and her chyldren brake vp the house of God, and all the thynges that were dedicat for the house of the Lorde dyd they bestowe for Bealim.
8 And at the kinges commaundement, they made a chest, & set it without at the gate of şe house of the Lorde
9 and made proclamacyon thorowe Iuda and Ierusalem, to bryng into the Lorde the taxacion of money, şt Moses the seruaunt of God set vpon Israel in the wyldernesse.
10 And the Lordes and all the people reioysed, and brought in, and cast into the chest, vntill it was full.
11 And it fortuned, that at the same tyme they brought in şe chest (vnto them which were in the kynges busynesse) by the hande of the Leuites. And when they sawe şt there was moche money, the kynges scrybe (and one appoynted by the hye preast) came, and emptied the chest, and toke it, and caryed it to his place agayne: thus they dyd daye by daye, and gathered moche money.
12 And the kynge & Iehoiada gaue it to soch as dyd the laboure and worke in the house of the Lorde, and hyred masons and carpenters to repayre the house of the Lorde, and so dyd they artificers in yron and brasse, to mende the house of the Lorde.
13 And so the worckmen wrought, and the worcke mended thorowe theyr handes: and they made the house of God as it ought to be, and strengthed it.
14 And when they had finisshed it, they brought şe rest of the moneye before the kyng and Iehoiada, and ther with were made vessels for şe house of the Lorde: euen vessels to ministre withall, and to serue for burnt offerynges: chargers and spones, vessels of golde and syluer. And they offered burntofferynges in the house of the Lorde continuallye all the dayes of Iehoiada.
15 But Iehoiada waxed olde, and dyed full of dayes. For an hundred & thyrtye yere olde was he when he dyed.
16 And they buryed hym in the cytie of Dauid amonge the kynges, because he dealt well with Israel, and with God and with his house.
17 And after the deeth of Iehoiada, came the Lordes of Iuda, and made obeysaunce to the kynge. And the kynge herkened vnto them.
18 And so they lefte the house of the Lorde God of theyr fathers, & serued groues and ydoles. And then came the wrath of God vpon Iuda and Ierusalem, for this theyr trespaces sake.
19 And he sent prophetes to them, to bryng them agayne vnto the Lorde. And they testifyed vnto them: But they wolde not heare.
20 And the spyrite of God came vpon Zacharia şe sonne of Iehoiada the preast, which stode by the people, & sayde vnto them: Thus sayth God: why transgresse ye the commaundementes of the Lorde, şt ye cannot prospere? For because ye haue forsaken the Lord, he also hath forsaken you.
21 And they conspyred agaynst him, and stoned him with stones at the commaundement of the kynge: euen in the courte of the house of the Lorde.
22 And so Ioas the kynge remembred not the kyndnes which Iehoiada hys father had done to him, but slue his sonne. And when he dyed, he sayd: the Lorde loke vpon it, and requyre it.
23 And when the yere was out, it fortuned, that the host of Syria came vp agaynst him: and they came agaynst Iuda & Ierusalem, and destroyed all şe Lordes of the people from among the people, & sent all the spoyle of them vnto the kyng to Damasco
24 wt a small companye of men, & the Lord deliuered a very great hoste into their hande, because they had forsaken şe Lord God of theyr fathers. And morouer they serued Ioas according to his dedes.
25 And whan they were departed from him, they left him in great diseases & hys awne seruauntes conspyred agaynst him for şe bloude of the chyldren of Iehoiada the preaste, and slue hym on hys bed, and he dyed, & they buryed him in the cytie of Dauid: but not in the sepulchres of the kynges.
26 And these are they that conspired agaynst him: Zebad the sonne of Simeath an Ammonite, and Ihosabad the sonne of Simrith a Moabite.
27 And hys sonnes, and the summe of the taxe that was raysed in hys tyme, and the repayringe of the house of God, beholde, they are written in şe storie of the boke of the kynges. And Amaziahu hys sonne raynged in hys steade.




1 Amaziahu was .xxv. yere olde, when he beganne to raynge, and he raynged .xxix. yere in Ierusalem. Hys mothers name was Iehodadan of Ierusalem.
2 And he dyd that which is ryght in the syght of the Lorde: but not with a perfecte hert.
3 And as sone as he was settled in the kyngdome, he slue hys seruauntes, that had kylled the king hys father.
4 But he slue not their children, because it is written thus in the law & boke of Moses, where the Lorde commaunded, saying: the fathers shall not dye for the children, nether shall the chyldren dye for the fathers, but euery man shall dye for hys awne synne,
5 And Amaziahu gathered Iuda together, and made them captaynes ouer thousandes and ouer hundredes, accordynge to the houses of theyr fathers, thorowe out all Iuda and Beniamin. And he nombred them from twentye yere olde and aboue, and founde amonge them, thre hundred thousande chosen men, able to go to battell, and that coulde handle speare and shylde.
6 He hyred also an hundred thousande stronge fyghtynge men out of Israel, for an hundred talentes of syluer.
7 And there came a man of God to him, and sayde: O kynge, let not the armye of Israel come with the: for the Lorde is not with Israel, nether with all the house of Ephraim.
8 But yf thou wylt nedes be faythlesse, come on, and take the batell in hande, and God shall make the fall before şe enemie. For God hath power to helpe, & to cast downe.
9 And Amaziahu sayde to the man of God: what shall we do then, for the hundred talentes, which I haue geuen for the hoste of Israel? The man of God answered: the Lorde is able to geue the moche more then they be.
10 And Amaziahu seuered them to the armie that was come to him out of Ephraim, to go home agayne. Wherfore they were exceadynge wroth with Iuda, and returned home in greate angre.
11 And Amaziahu toke hert and caryed out hys people, and went to the salt valley, and smote of the chyldren of Seir ten thousande.
12 And other ten thousande dyd the chyldren of Iuda take alyue, and caryed them vnto şe toppe of a rocke, and cast them downe from the toppe of the rocke, that they all to burst:
13 but the souldyers of the armye which Amaziahu sent awaye, that they shulde not go wt his people to battell, fell vpon the cyties of Iuda, from Samaria vnto Bethhoron, & smote thre thousande of them, & toke moche spoyle.
14 And it chaunced, after şt Amaziahu was come from the slaughter of the Edomites, he brought the Gods of the chyldren of Seir, & set them vp to be hys Gods, and bowed hym selfe before them: and burned encense vnto them.
15 Wherfore the Lorde was wroth with Amaziahu and sent vnto hym a prophete, whych sayd vnto hym: why hast şu sought the Gods of the people, which were not able to delyuer theyr awne people out of thyne hande?
16 And it chaunced, that as the prophete talked with hym the kynge sayde vnto hym: haue men made the of the kynges councell? cease, why wylt thou be beaton? And the prophete ceased and sayde: I am sure that God is mynded to destroye the, because thou hast done this, and agreest not vnto my councell.
17 Then Amaziahu kynge of Iuda toke aduise, and sent to Ioas the sonne of Ichoahaz the sonne of Iehu kyng of Israel, & sayde come, that we maye se ether other.
18 And Ioas kynge of Israel sent to Amaziahu kynge of Iuda, sayinge: a thystell that is in Libanon, sent to a Cedar tree of Libanon, saying, geue thy daughter to my sonne to wyfe. And there came a wylde beast of Libanon, & troad downe the thystell.
19 Thou sayest şt thou hast beaten şe Edomites, and thyne hert maketh the proude, to glorify thy selfe. Nowe therfore byde at home: why dost thou prouoke vnto euell, that thou mayest perisshe, both thou and Iuda with the?
20 But Amaziahu wolde not herken to him: for it came of God, euen to deliuer them into şe hande of theyr enemyes because they sought councell at the Gods of Edom.
21 And so Ioas the kynge of Israel came vp: and they sawe ether other, both he and Amaziahu kynge of Iuda at Bethsames which is in Iuda.
22 And Iuda was put to şe worse before Israel, and they fled euery man to his tent.
23 And Ioas the kynge of Israel toke Amaziahu kyng of Iuda the sonne of Ioahas the sonne of Iehoahas at Bethsames: and brought hym to Ierusalem, & tare the walle of Ierusalem (from the gate of Ephraim vnto the gate that was ouer agaynst it) foure hundred cubytes.
24 And he toke awaye also all the golde and syiner, and all the Iewelles that were founde in the house of God with Obed Edom, and şe treasures of the kynges house, & the yonge wardes, and returned to Samaria.
25 And Amaziahu the sonne of Ioas kynge of Iuda lyued after the deeth of Ioas sonne of Iehoahaz king of Israel fiftene yere.
26 The rest of the actes of Amaziahu fyrst and last, are they not written in the boke of the kynges of Iuda and Israel?
27 And after the tyme that Amaziahu dyd turne awaye from the Lorde they conspired treason agaynst him in Ierusalem: and whan he was fled to Lachis, they sent to Lachis after hym, and slue hym there:
28 and brought hym vp with horsses, and buryed hym with hys fathers in şe cytie of Iuda.




1 Then all the people of Iuda toke Uzia (which was syxtene yere olde) and made hym kynge in the rowme of hys father Amaziahu.
2 And he buylt Eloth, and brought it agayne to Iuda, after that the kynge was layd to slepe with hys fathers.
3 Syxtene yere olde was Uzia, when he began to raygne, and he raygned .lii. yere in Ierusalem. Hys mothers name also was Ieeholia of Ierusalem.
4 And he did that which was right in the syght of the Lorde, accordynge to all, as dyd hys father Amaziahu.
5 And it came to passe, that he sought God in the dayes of zachariahu (which mayntened the feare of God) & as longe as he sought the Lorde, God made hym to prospere.
6 And he went to batell agaynst the Philistines, and brake downe the wall of Geth, & the wall of Iabne, and the wall of Asdob, & buylt cyties about Asdod & among the Philistines.
7 And God holpe him against şe Philistines, and agaynst the Arabiens şt dwelt in Gurbaal and Hammehunim.
8 And the Ammonites gaue tribute to Uzia, and his name spredde abroade euen to şe entryng in of Egypte: for he played the man exceadingly.
9 Moreouer Uzia buylt towres in Ierusalem by the corner gate, & by the valeye gate, and at the turninge of the wall, and made them stronge.
10 And he buylt towres in the wyldernesse, and digged many welles: For he had moche catell, in the valeys and playnes, plowmen and vynedressers in the mountaynes and in Charmel, for he loued husbandrye:
11 And Uzia had an host of fyghtynge men that went out to warre in the armye accordynge to the nombre of theyr office vnder the hande of Ieiel the scrybe & Maasiahu the ruler, & vnder the hande of Hananiahu which was one of şe kynges Lordes.
12 And the hoale nombre of the auncient fathers, & of the men of myght were two thousande and syxe hundred:
13 & vnder the hande of them was the armye of the men of warre, euen thre hundred and seuen thousande, & fyue hundred şt made warre with the power of an armye, helpyng the kynge against şe enemies.
14 And Uzia prouided them thorowe out all the host, shildes, speares, helmettes, haberginnes, bowes and slynges for to cast stones.
15 And he made sotle engynnes in Ierusalem, which he inuented & layed on şe towres and corners, to shote arowes and greate stones with all. And his name spredd farre abroad, because he was helped so excellently, so şt he became very mighty.
16 But in his strength, his hert arose to hys destruction: For he transgressed agaynst the Lorde hys God, & went into the temple of şe Lorde, to burne cense vpon the alter of incense.
17 And Asariahu the preaste went in after him, and with him foure skore preastes of the Lorde that were valeaunt men.
18 And they stode by Uzia the kynge, and sayde vnto hym: it pertayneth not to şe Uzia to burne incense vnto the Lorde, but to the preastes the chyldren of Aaron, that are consecrate for to offre incense. Come therfore out of the sanctuarye for thou hast trespaced, and it is no worshyp to the before the Lorde God.
19 And Uzia was wroth, & had incense in his hande to burne it: & so whyle he had indignacyon agaynst the preastes, the leprosye sprange in his foreheed before the preastes in the house of the Lorde, euen besyde the incense aulter.
20 And Asariahu the chefe preaste with all the other preastes loked vpon him: and beholde, he was become a leper in his foreheed, & they vexed him thence. And he was fayne to go out, because the Lorde had smitten hym.
21 And Uzia the kynge contynued a lepre vnto the daye of hys deeth, and dwelt seuerall in an house beynge a leper and shutte out of the house of the Lorde. And Iotham hys sonne had the gouernaunce of the kynges house, and iudged the people of the lande.
22 The rest of the actes of Uzia fyrst & last, dyd Isai şe prophete the sonne of Amos, wryte
23 And so Uzia slepte with hys fathers, and they buryed him with his fathers in the felde of the buryall which was besyde the sepulchres of the kinges. For they sayde: he is a leper. And Ioatham hys sonne raygned in hys steade.




1 Iotham was fyue and twenty yere olde, when he beganne to raygne, and raygned syxtene yere in Ierusalem. Hys mothers name also was Ierusa the daughter of Zadoc.
2 And he dyd that which was ryght in the syght of the Lorde in all poyntes as dyd hys father Uzia saue, that he came not into the temple of the Lorde, and the people dyd yet wyckedly.
3 He buylt the hye gate of the temple of the Lorde, and on the walle (where the house of ordinaunce was) he buylte moche.
4 Moreouer he buylt cyties in the mountaynes of Iuda, and in the wood countreye he buylt castelles and towres.
5 He fought with the kynge of the chyldren of Ammon, and preuayled agaynst them. And the chyldren of Ammon gaue hym the same yere an hundred talentes of syluer, and ten thousande quarters of wheate, & ten thousand of barleye. So moche dyd the chyldren of Ammon geue hym the seconde yere and the thyrd also.
6 So Iotham became myghtie, because he directed hys waye before şe Lorde his God.
7 The rest of the actes of Iotham & all hys warres, & his conuersacyon, lo, they are written in the boke of the kynges of Israel and Iuda.
8 He was .xxv. yere olde when he beganne to raygne, & raygned syxtene yere in Ierusalem.
9 And Iotham slepte with his fathers, and they buryed hym in the cytie of Dauid: & Ahaz hys sonne raygned in hys steade.




1 Ahaz was twenty yere old when he beganne to raygne, & raygned syxtene yere in Ierusalem, and he dyd not that which is ryght in the syght of the Lorde, as dyd his father Dauid:
2 For he walked in şe wayes of şe kynges of Israel, & made molten ymages for Baalim.
3 He offered incense in the valeye of the sonne of Hinnom, and burnt hys chyldren in fyre after the abominacions of the Heithen, whom the Lord cast out before the chyldren of Israel.
4 He offered also, and burnt incense in hilaulters and on mountayns and vnder euery grene tre.
5 Wherfore the Lorde his God delyuered him into the hande of the kynge of the Siriens: which bet him, & caried awaye a great multitude of hys captiue, and brought them to Damascon. And he was delyuered into the hande of the kynge of Israel, which smote him with a greate slaughter.
6 For Pekah the sonne of Remaliahu slue in Iuda an hundred & twentye thousande in one daye, which were all fyghtinge men: and that because they had forsaken the Lorde God of theyr fathers.
7 And Zichria mightye man of Ephraim slue Maasiahu the kynges sonne, & Africa the gouernour of the house, and Elcana şt was next to the kynge.
8 And the children of Israel toke prisoners of theyr brethren, two hundred thousande wemen, sonnes, & daughters, & caryed awaye moche spoyle of them, & brought the spoyle to Samaria.
9 But there was a prophete of the Lordes (whose name was Obed) and he went out before şe host that came to Samaria, & sayde vnto them. Beholde, because the Lorde God of youre fathers is wroth wt Iuda, he hath delyuered them into youre hande. And ye haue slayne them with cruelnesse, şt reacheth vp to heauen.
10 And nowe ye purpose to kepe vnder the chyldren of Iuda and Ierusalem, and to make them bondmen and bondwemen. And do ye not lade youre selues with synne in the syght of şe Lorde youre God?
11 Nowe heare me therfore, and delyuer the captyues agayne which ye haue taken of youre brethren. for els shall şe great wrath of God be vpon you.
12 Wherfore, certayne of the heedes of the chyldren of Ephraim, as Asaria the sonne of Iehohanan. Berechiahu the sonne of Mesillemoth, and Iehezkiahu the sonne of Sallum, and Amasa the sonne of Hadlai, stode vp agaynst them that came from the warre,
13 and sayde vnto them: bringe not in the captiues hyther. For where as we haue offended towarde God allreadye, ye entende to adde more to our synnes & trespace. For our trespace is great allready, and there is a fearce wrath agaynst Israel.
14 And vpon that, the men of armes lefte the captiues and the spoyle before the Lordes and all the congregacyon.
15 And the men that were nowe rehearsed by name, rose vp, and toke the prisoners, & with the spoyle clothed all şt were naked amonge them, and arayed them, & shoed them, & gaue them to eate and to drinke, & anoynted them, and caryed all that were feble of them vpon asses, & brought them to Iericho (the cytie of Paulme trees) to theyr brethren: & then they returned to Samaria agayne.
16 At that same tyme dyd kyng Ahaz send vnto şe kynges of Assur, to haue helpe of them.
17 And the Edomites came agayne, and slue some of Iuda, and caryed awaye captyues.
18 And the Philistines inuaded the cities in the lowe countrey, and towarde the south of Iuda: & toke Bethsames, & Aialon, and Gederoth, and Socho with the townes longynge therto, and Thimna with the townes of the same: Gimso, and the townes therof, and dwelt there.
19 For the Lord brought Iuda lowe, because of Ahaz kynge of Iuda, which made Iuda naked, & transgressed sore against the Lorde.
20 And Thilgath pilneser kynge of şe Assyrians came vpon him, and troubled him rather then strengthed hym.
21 For Ahaz toke awaye a porcion out of the house of the Lorde, and out of the kynges house, & out of şe Lordes houses, & gaue vnto the kynge of the Assyrians: and yet it helped him not.
22 And in the very tyme of hys tribulacion dyd kyng Ahaz trespace yet moare agaynst the Lord.
23 For he offered vnto the Gods of them of Damasco, which bette hym, & he sayd: because the Gods of the kynges of Syria healpe them, therfore wyll I offer to them, that they maye helpe me also. But they were his destruccyon, and the destruccion of all Israel.
24 And Ahaz gathered together the vessels of the house of God, and brake them, and shut vp the dores of the house of the Lord, and made him aulters in euery corner of Ierusalem.
25 And in all the cities of Iuda he made hyllaulters, to burne incense vnto other Gods, & angred the Lorde God of his fathers.
26 The rest of hys actes and hys workes fyrst and last: beholde, they are written in the boke of the kynges of Iuda & Israel.
27 And Ahaz slepte with hys fathers, & they buryed hym in the cytie of Ierusalem: but brought hym not vnto the sepulchres of the kynges of Israel. And Hezekia his sonne raygned in hys steade.




1 Hezekia beganne to raygne, when he was fyue & twenty yere olde, & raygned nyne & twenty yere in Ierusalem. And his mothers name was Abia şe daughter of Zachariahu.
2 And he dyd that which was ryght in the syght of the Lorde, in all poyntes as dyd Dauid hys father.
3 He opened the dores of the house of the Lorde (in the fyrst yere and fyrst moneth of hys raygne) and repayred them.
4 And he brought in the preastes and şe Leuites, and gathered them together in to the eest strete:
5 and sayde vnto them. Heare me ye Leuites, & now be sanctifyed and halowe the house of the Lorde God of youre fathers, brynge fylthinesse out of the holy place.
6 For oure fathers haue trespaced, and done euell in the eyes of the Lorde oure God: and haue forsaken him, & turned awaye theyr faces from the habitacion of the Lorde, and turned theyr backes on it.
7 And besyde şt they haue shut vp the dores of the porche and quenched the lampes, & haue nether burnt incense, nor offered burnt offeringes in the holy place vnto the God of Israel.
8 Wherfore the wrath of the Lorde fell on Iuda and Ierusalem: & he hath brought them to trouble, to be wondred on, and to be hissed at, euen as ye se with youre eyes.
9 For, lo, oure fathers were ouerthrowen with the swerde, and oure sonnes, oure daughters & oure wyues were caryed awaye captiue for the same cause.
10 And nowe it is in my hert, to make a couenaunt with the Lorde God of Israel: şt he maye turne awaye his heuye indignacyon from vs.
11 Nowe therfore my sonnes, be not neclygent: for the Lorde hath chosen you to stande before him, and for to ministre and serue hym, and to burne incense.
12 Then the Leuites arose: Mahath şe sonne of Amasai, & Ioel the sonne of Asariahu of the chyldren of the Cahathites. And of the sonnes of Merari, Kis the sonne of Addi, and Asariahu the sonne of Iehalelel. And of the sonnes of the Gersonites, Ioah the sonne of Simma, and Eden the sonne of Ioah.
13 And of the sonnes of Elizaphan, Simri & Iehiel. And of the sonnes of Asaph, Zechariahu and Mathaniahu.
14 And of the sonnes of Heman, Iehiel & Simei. And of şe sonnes of Ieduthun Semaia and Uziel.
15 And they gathered their brethren, & purifyed them selues, & came accordynge to the commaundement of the kynge and the wordes of the Lorde, for to clense the house of the Lorde.
16 And the preastes went into the ynner partes of the house of the Lord to clense it, and brought out all the vnclennesse that they founde in the temple of the Lorde into the court of the house of the Lorde. And the Leuites toke it, to carye it out into the broke Cedron.
17 They beganne the fyrst daye of the fyrst moneth to purifye, and the eyght daye of şe monethe came they to the porche of the Lorde: and purged the house of the Lorde in eyght dayes, and in the syxtene daye of the fyrst moneth they made an ende.
18 And they went into Hezekia the kynge, & sayde: we haue clensed all the house of şe Lord, the aulter of burntofferinge, with all his vessels, & the shewbreed table with all his apparell:
19 and all the vessels which kyng Ahaz did cast a syde when he raygned & transgressed, them we haue prepared and sanctifyed: and beholde, they are before şe aulter of the Lord.
20 And Hezekia the kynge rose earlye, & gathered the Lordes of the cytie and went vp to şe house of the Lorde.
21 And they brought seuen oxen, seuen rammes, seuen shepe, and seuen hegoates, to be a synne offeryng for the kyngdome, for the sanctuarie, & for Iuda. And he commaunded the preastes the sonnes of Aaron, to offer them on the aulter of the Lorde.
22 And they slue the oxen, & the preastes receaued şe bloude, & sprinkled it on the aulter: lyke wyse, whan they had slayne the rammes, they sprinkled şe bloude vpon the aulter: they slue also the shepe, & they sprinkled the bloud vpon the aulter.
23 And then they brought forth the hegoates for the synne offerynge before şe kynge and the congregacyon, & put theyr handes vpon them.
24 And the preastes slue them, and with the bloude of them they clensed the aulter, to make satisfaccion for all Israel: for the kynge commaunded, şt the burnt offerynge and the synne offering shulde be made for all Israel.
25 And set the Leuites in the house of şe Lorde with symbales, psalteries and harpes accordynge to the commaundement of Dauid and of Gad the kynges sear, and Nathan the prophete. For so was the commaundment of the Lorde thorowe the hande of his prophetes.
26 And the Leuites stode, hauynge şe instrumentes of Dauid, and the preastes helde the trompettes.
27 And Hezekia commaunded to offer the burntofferynge vpon the aulter. And when the burntoffering beganne, the songe of the Lorde beganne also, & the trompettes wt the instrumentes that were ordeyned by the hande of Dauid kynge of Israel.
28 And all the congregacion worshypped, synginge a song, and blowinge with the trompets, & all thys continued, vntyll the burnt offerynge was fynysshed.
29 And when they had made an ende of offerynge, the kynge and all that were present wt hym. bowed them selues, & worshypped.
30 And Hezekia the kynge & the Lordes spake to the Leuites to prayse the Lorde with şe wordes of Dauid, & of Asaph the sear. And the Leuites sange prayses with gladnesse, and şe other bowed them selues, and worshypped.
31 And Hezekia answered, & sayde: nowe ye haue consecrate youre handes to the Lord: go to therfore, & bringe in the sacrifices & thankofferynges into the house of the Lorde. And the congregacyon brought in the sacrifyces & thanke offerynges & burntofferinges, as many as were of a fre liberall hart.
32 And şe nombre of the burntofferinges which the congregacion brought, was .lxx. oxen, an hundred rammes, & two hundred shepe: which were, all for the burnt offeringe of the Lorde.
33 And ther were dedicated syxe hundred oxen, and thre thousande shepe.
34 And the preastes were to fewe, to fleye all the burnt offeringes: but their brethren şe Leuites dyd helpe them, till they had ended the worke, and vntyll the preastes were sanctifyed. For the Leuites were purer herted to be sanctifyed then the preastes.
35 And therto şe burnt offerynges were many with the fatte of şe peace offeringes & the drinke offerynges şt be longe to the burnt offerynge. And so the seruice pertayninge to the house of the Lorde was fynisshed.
36 And Hezekia reioysed & all şe people, that God had made the folcke so readye: and that the thynge was so soone done.




1 And Hezekia sent to all Israell and Iuda, and wrote letters to Ephraim & Manasse, that they shulde come to the house of the Lorde at Ierusalem, and offer Passeouer vnto şe Lord God of Israel.
2 And the kynge helde a councell with his Lordes and all the congregacion of Ierusalem to kepe şe feast of Passeouer in the seconde moneth.
3 For they coulde not kepe it at that tyme: because the prestes were not sanctifyed sufficiently, nether was the people gathered together to Ierusalem.
4 And the thynge pleased the kynge and al the congregacion.
5 And they decreed that it shulde be proclaymed thorowe out all Israel from Bersabe to Dan, şt they shulde come, & holde the feast of Passeouer vnto şe Lord God of Israel at Ierusalem: for they had not done it of a greate season as they shuld haue done by the lawe.
6 So the postes wente with letters of the hande of the kyng, & of his Lordes thorowe out all Israell and Iuda: & at the commaundement of the kynge they sayd: Ye children of Israel, turne agayne vnto the Lord God of Abraham, Isahac & Israel, and let euery one returne to the remnaunt that are escaped you out of the hande of the kynges of Assur.
7 And be not ye lyke your fathers, & your brethren which trespaced agaynst the Lorde God of theyr fathers, which gaue them vp to be destroyed, as ye se.
8 And nowe be not ye stiffenecked, lyke as were your fathers, but yelde your selues vnto the Lorde, & entre into his holy place, which he hath sanctified for euer and serue the Lorde your God, & the fearcenesse of his wrath shal turne awaye from you.
9 For yf ye turne agayne vnto the Lord, then shall your brethren and your children fynde compassion in the presence of them that toke them captyue, and they shall come agayne vnto this land: for şe Lord your God is gracious & mercyfull and wil not turne awaye his face from you, yf ye conuerte vnto hym.
10 And so the postes went from cytie to cytie in the lande of Ephraim & Manasse, euen vnto Zabulon. But they laughed them to skorne & mocked them.
11 Neuerthelesse, yet dyuerse of Asser, Manasse and of Zabulon submytted them selues, and came to Ierusalem.
12 And the hande of God was in Iuda, so that he gaue them one hert, to do the commaundement of the kyng and of the rulers, accordyng to the worde of the Lorde.
13 And there assembled to Ierusalem moch people, and there was present a myghtye great congregacion, to holde the feast of swete bread in şe second moneth.
14 And they arose, & remoued the aulters that were in Ierusalem. And all the vessels of incense dyd they awaye, and cast them into şe broke Cedron.
15 And they slue Passeouer the fourtenth daye of şe second moneth. And the preastes and Leuites. which were ashamed, sanctifyed them selues, and brought in the burnt offerynges into the house of the Lorde.
16 And they stode in theyr offyce after theyr maner, and accordynge to the lawe of Moses the man of God. And the preastes sprinkled the bloude, which they receaued of the hande of the Leuites.
17 For there were many in the congregacion, şt were not sanctifyed: & the Leuites dyd sley Passeouer for al şt were not cleane, & that myght not execute şe holy worke of the Lorde.
18 For many of şe people, and very many: out of Ephraim, Manasse, Isakar and Zabulon were not cleansed, & yet dyd eate Passeouer agaynst şe lawe apoynted. Wherfore Hezekia prayed for them, and sayd: the good Lorde
19 be mercyful vnto them: For he set hys whole hert, to seke the Lorde God euen the God of his fathers: but all the other dyd not so accordyng to vnfayned holynesse.
20 And the Lorde hearde Hezekia, and healed the people.
21 And the chyldren of Israel that were present at Ierusalem, helde the feast of swete bread seuen dayes with great gladnesse, and the Leuites and the preastes praysed, and magnifyed the power of the Lorde daye by daye, vpon instrumentes.
22 And Hezekia spake hertely vnto all the Leuites that had vnderstandyng and were of a good mynde toward şe Lorde. And they dyd eate thorowe out that feast, seuen dayes longe, & offered peaceofferynges, & thanked the Lorde God of theyr fathers.
23 And şe hole assemble toke councell, to do so other seuen dayes, and they helde those seuen dayes with gladnesse.
24 For Hezekia kinge of Iuda toke out (from amonge his catel) for the congregacion, a thousande yonge oxen, and seuen thousande shepe. And the Lordes gaue out to the congregacion a thousande yonge oxen, and ten thousande shepe. And a greate nombre of the preasts were sanctifyed.
25 And all the congregacyon of Iuda wyth the preastes & Leuites, & al the congregacion that came out of Israel, and the straungers that came out of the lande of Israel, and that dwelt in Iuda, reioysed:
26 & there was great gladnesse in Ierusalem. For sence the tyme of Salomon the sonne of Dauid kynge of Israel there was no soche ioye in Ierusalem.
27 And the preastes and the Leuites arose, and blessed the people, and theyr voyce was hearde of the Lord, and theyr prayer came vp vnto heauen, his holy dwellynge place.




1 And when all these thynges were fynysshed, all they of Israel that were present in the cyties of Iuda, went out and brake the ymages, and cut downe the Idoles groues, & al to brake the hye places, and aulters, thorow out all Iuda and Beniamin, in Ephraim also and Manasse, vntyll they had vtterly destroyed them al. And all the children of Israel returned euery man to his possessions & to their awne cyties.
2 And Hezekia appoynted sondrye companies of the preastes and Leuites after the dyuersyte of their ministracions, euery man accordynge to his office: both preastes and Leuites, for the burntofferinge & peace offeringes, to ministre, & to geue thankes & prayse in the gates of the host of the Lord.
3 And the kynges porcion of his substaunce şt he gaue, were dayly burntofferinges in themorning and euening, & burntofferinges for the Saboth dayes, newmones, & solempne feastes, accordynge as it is written in the lawe of the Lorde.
4 And he bade şe people that dwelt in Ierusalem, geue the parte to the preastes & Leuites, that they might substauncially applye them selues to the lawe of the Lord.
5 And as sone as the kynges commaundement came abroad, the children of Israel brought aboundaunce of first frutes, of corne, wyne, oyle, honye, & of all maner of frutes of the felde, & the tythes of all maner of thynges brought they in plenteously.
6 And şe chyldren of Israel and Iuda that dwelt in the cyties of Iuda, they also brought in the tythes of oxen and shepe, and other holy tythes which were consecrate vnto the Lorde theyr God, they dyd offre, and brought them all by heapes.
7 In the thyrd moneth they beganne to laye the heapes (in maner of a foundacion) and finisshed them in the seuenth moneth.
8 And when Hezekia and the Lordes came and sawe the heapes, they blessed şe Lorde & his people Israel.
9 And Hezekia questioned with the preastes & the Leuites concernyng the heapes.
10 And Azaria the chefe preaste of the house of Zadock, answered him, & sayde: sense the people beganne to bryng the heaue offerynges into the house of the Lord, we also haue had ynough to eate, there remayned so moch: for şe Lorde hath blessed his people and this heape is left.
11 And Hezekia bad prepare the chambres in the house of the Lord. And they dyd prepare them,
12 & caryed in the first frutes, the tythes, and the dedicat thynges, faythfully. Ouer which Chonaniahu the Leuite had the rule, and Semei his brother next to him.
13 And Iehiel, Asaziahu, Nahath, Asael, Ierimoth, Iosabad, Eliel, Iesmachiahu, Mahath & Banaiahu were ouer sears ordeyned by Chonaniahu, & Semei his brother was an offycer of Hezekia the kyng, and Azaria was the ruler of the house of God.
14 And Chore the sonne of Imna the Leuite and porter of şe East dore, had the ouersyght of the thinges that were offred of a frewill vnto God (and were geuen in maner seuerally vnto the Lorde) and ouer the thynges most holy.
15 And vnder his hand were Eden, Miniamin, Iesua, Semeiahu, Amariahu, and Sechaniahu in the cities of the preastes appoynted of theyr fydelyte to geue to their brethren theyr porcions, as wel to the small as to the greate.
16 Except that to the males that were reckened from thre yere & aboue (amonge al that went into the house of the Lord) they shuld geue daye by daye, for theyr ministracion, & for theyr geuyng attendaunce, & for their diuerse waytinges by course.
17 And to the preastes & Leuites thorowe out the housholde of theyr fathers, from twentye yere & aboue to wayte when their courses came.
18 And to the families of all their babes, wyues, sonnes & daughters thorowe all the congregacion. For vpon the fydelyte of them were the holy thynges bestowed.
19 And to the chyldren of Aaron, the preastes, whych were in the feldes & suburbes of their cyties, cytie by cytie the men (whose names were expressed afore) shulde geue porcions, euen to all the males amonge the preastes, and to all the Leuites accordynge to theyr nombre.
20 And of thys maner dyd Hezekia thorowe out all Iuda, & wrought it that is good, and ryght and true, before the Lorde hys God.
21 And in all the worckes şt he beganne for the seruice of the house of God, for the lawe, and for the commaundementes, he sought his God, & that dyd he with all his hert, & prospered.




1 After şt these deades were faythfully done Sennacherib kynge of Assur came, & entred into Iuda, & compased şe stronge cyties, and thought to winne them for him selfe.
2 And so when Hezekia sawe şt Sennacherib was come, & that he was purposed to fyght agaynst Ierusalem,
3 he toke councel with his Lordes, and men of myght to stop the water of the fountaynes without the cytie: & they dyd helpe him.
4 For ther gathered many of the people together, & stopte al the welles, and the broke that ranne thorow the myddes of the lande, sayenge: why shall the kynges of Assur come, and fynde moch water?
5 And Hezekia went to lustelye, and built vp all the wal where it was broken, & made ordinaunce vpon the towres and to şe other wall without, and repayred Myllo in the cytie of Dauid, and made many dartes and shyldes.
6 And he sett captaynes of warre ouer the people, and gathered them together to hym in the large strete of the gate of the cytie, and spake ientely to them, saying:
7 Plucke vp yor hertes, and be strong: Be not afraied ner discouraged for the kyng of Assur, and for all şe multitude that he hath with him: for there be moo with vs then with him.
8 With him is an arme of flesh. But with vs is the Lorde oure God, for to helpe vs, and to fyght oure batayles. And şe people toke a courage thorow the wordes of Hezekia kyng of Iuda.
9 After thys dyd Sennacherib kynge of Assur send of hys seruauntes to Ierusalem, (but he hym selfe remayned besyde Lachis: hauyng all his power with him) vnto Hezekia kyng of Iuda and vnto all Iuda şt were at Ierusalem, sayenge:
10 Thus sayeth Sennacherib kyng of Assur: wherin do ye trust, O ye that dwell in Ierusalem which is beseged?
11 Doth not Hezekia entyce you to geue ouer youre selues vnto deeth, hongre, and thurst, sayeng: the Lorde our God shall ridd vs oute of the hande of the kynge of Assur?
12 Hath not the same Hezekia put downe hys hye places and hys aulters, and commaunded Iuda and Ierusalem, sayinge: Ye shall worshyppe before one aulter, and burne incense vpon the same?
13 Know ye not, what I and my fathers haue done vnto the people of all landes? were the Gods of the people of otherlandes able or mighty to saue their landes out of my hand?
14 which of all the Gods of those nacions (şt my fathers destroyed) coulde delyuer hys people out of myne hand? And shall yor God be able to delyuer you out of myne hande?
15 Wherfore, nowe lett not Hezekia deceaue you, ner persuade you of this facion, nor yet beleue him. For as no God among all nacions and kingdomes, was able to rydde hys people out of my hande and out the hande of my fathers: How moch lesse shall your goddes be able to kepe you out of myne hand?
16 And yet mo thinges dyd his seruauntes speake against şe Lord God, and agaynst his seruaunt Hezekia.
17 And (Sennacherib) also wrote a letter, to rayle on the Lord God of Israell, & spake agaynst him, sayinge: as the Gods of the nacyons of other landes haue not bene able to delyuer their people out of myne hande. Euen so shal not the God of Hezekia delyuer hys people out of myne hand.
18 And they cryed wt a loude voyce in the Iewes speach vnto the people of Ierusalem şt were on the wall, to feare them and to make them faynt harted, & that they might so take şe cyte.
19 And they spake against the God of Ierusalem, as against the Gods of the nacyons of the earth, which were the worckes of the handes of men.
20 But Hezekia the kynge, and the prophet Isai the sonne of Amoz prayed agaynst that blasphemy, and cryed vp to heauen.
21 And the Lord sent an angell, which destroyed all the men of warre and the Lordes and captaynes of the hoost of the kyng of Assur, şt he turned his face agayne wt shame toward hys awne land. And when he was come into şe house of his God, they that came of hys awne body, slue hym there with the sweard.
22 And so şe Lord saued Hezekia and the inhabiters of Ierusalem out of the hand of Sennacherib king of Assur, and from the hand of all other, and mayntened them on euery syde.
23 And many brought offerynges vnto the Lord to Ierusalem, and presentes to Hezekia king of Iuda: so that he was magnifyed in the syght of all nacions from thence forth.
24 In those dayes Hezekia was sycke vnto the death, & prayed vnto the Lord, which answered him, & shewed hym a wonderfull miracle.
25 But Hezekia dyd not agayne vnto God acording to it şt he had shewed hym, for his hert arose: & there came wrath vpon him and vpon Iuda & Ierusalem.
26 Notwithstanding Hezekia submitted hym self (after that hys hert was rysen vp) he, & the inhabyters of Ierusalem: and the wrath of the Lord came not vpon them in the dayes of Hezekia.
27 And Hezekia had exceadynge moche ryches and honour. And he gat hym treasures of syluer and golde, precious stones, and spices, shyldes, and of all maner pleasaunt Iuelles:
28 and made store houses for the frutes of corne, for wyne and oyle: and stalles for all maner of beastes, and foldes for shepe.
29 And he made him cyties, and had of shepe and oxen great aboundance. For God had geuen him substaunce exceadinge moch.
30 This same Hezekia stopped the vpper water sprynges of Gihon, and brought them downe to the west syde of the cyte of Dauid. And Hezekia prospered in all hys worckes.
31 And when the prynces of Babylon sent vnto him Ambassatoures, to enquyre of the wondre şt chaunced in the lande, God left hym to trye hym, and that all that was in hys hert, myght be knowne.
32 The rest of the dedes of Hezekia, and hys goodnes, behold, they are wryten in the vysyon of Isai the prophete the sonne of Amoz in the boke of the kinges of Iuda and Israell.
33 And Hezekia slepte with his fathers, & they buryed hym in the most worthy place of the sepulchres of the sonnes of Dauid: and all Iuda and the enhabiters of Ierusalem dyd hym worshyppe at his death. And Manasse hys sonne raygned in his steade.




1 Manasse was .xij. yeare olde when he beganne to raygne, & he raygned .lv. yeare in Ierusalem:
2 But dyd euell in the syght of the Lord, lyke vnto the abhominacions of şe heathen, whom the Lorde cast out before the children of Israel. For he went to,
3 and buylt the hylaulter, which Hezekia hys father had broken downe. And he rered vp aulters for Baalim, and made groues, and worshypped all the hoost of heauen, and serued them.
4 And he buylt aulters in şe house of the Lord: where as the Lorde yet had sayd: in Ierusalem shall my name be for euer.
5 And he buylded aulters for all the hoost of heauen, in the two courtes of the house of the Lorde.
6 And he burnt hys chyldren in fyre, in the valey of the sonne of Hinnom. He was a sorcerer, he regarded the cryenge of byrdes, vsed inchauntementes, and mayntened workers wt spretes, and sears of fortunes: and wrought moch euell in the syght of the Lorde, to angre him with all.
7 And he put the kerued ymage & an Idole which he had made, in the house of God. Of which house God had sayd to Dauid and to Salomon his sonne: in this house and in Ierusalem whych I haue chosen afore all the trybes of Israell, wyll I put my name for euer,
8 and will nomore bryng the seate of Israell from of the lande which I haue ordeyned for your fathers. If so be that they wyll be diligent and do all that I haue commaunded them in al the lawe, and statutes, and ordinaunces by the hande of Moses.
9 And so Manasse made Iuda and the enhabiters of Ierusalem to erre, and to do worse then the heathen, whom the Lorde destroyed before the chyldren of Israell.
10 And the Lorde spake to Manasse & to hys people, but they wolde not regarde.
11 Wherfore, the Lord brought vpon them the captaynes of the host of the kyng of the Assirians, whych toke Manasse in holde, and bounde hym with chaynes, and caryed hym to Babylon.
12 And when he was in trybulacion, he besought the Lord hys God, & humbled hym selfe exceadyngly before the God of his fathers,
13 and made intercession to hym and God was entreated of hym, and hearde his prayer, and brought hym agayne to Ierusalem into his kyngdome. And then Manasse knewe, that the Lorde was God.
14 After this he built a wal without the cytie of Dauid on the west syde of Gihon in the valley as they come to the fish gate, & round about Ophel, and brought it vp of a very great heygth, and put captaynes of warre in all the strong cyties of Iuda.
15 And he toke awaye straunge Gods & ymages out of the house of God, and all the aulters that he had buylt in the mount of the house of God, and in Ierusalem, and cast them oute of the cytie.
16 And he prepared the aultar of şe Lord, and sacrifyced theron peace offerynges, and thankoffrynges, and charged Iuda, to serue the Lord God of Israel.
17 Neuertheles, şe people dyd offer styll in the hylaulters, howbeit vnto the Lorde their God onely.
18 The rest of the actes of Manasse, and his prayer vnto his God, and the wordes of the sears and of them that spake to hym in the name of the Lorde God of Israell, beholde, they are writen in the sayenges of the kynges of Israel.
19 And his prayer, and howe that he was hearde, and all his synnes, and his trespasse, and the places where he made hylaulters, and set vp groues, and ymages (before he was mekened) beholde, they are wrytten among the sayenges of the sears.
20 And Manasse slepte with hys fathers, and they buryed hym in hys awne house: and Amon his sonne raigned in his rowme.
21 Amon was two and twenty yeare olde, when he beganne to raygne, and raygned two yeare in Ierusalem.
22 But he did euell in the syght of the Lord, lyke as dyd Manasse his father, for Amon sacrificed to all şe kerued ymages which Manasse hys father had made, and serued them,
23 and submitted not him selfe before the Lord as Manasse hys father had mekened hym selfe. But Amon trespassed greatly.
24 And his awne seruauntes conspired agaynst him, and slue hym in hys awne house.
25 But the people of the lande slue all them that had conspyred agaynst kynge Amon. And the same people of the lande made Iosia hys sonne kynge in hys rowme.




1 Iosia was eyght yeare olde whan he began to raygne, and he raygned in Ierusalem thyrtye and one yere.
2 And he dyd that which was ryght in the syght of the Lorde, and walked in the wayes of Dauid his father, and bowed nether to şe ryght hand ner to şe left.
3 In şe .viij. yere of hys raygne (when he was yet a childe) he beganne to seke after the God of Dauid hys father. And in the twelueth yeare he beganne to pourge Iuda and Ierusalem from hylaulters, groues, kerued ymages, and ymages of metall:
4 and they brake downe the aulters of Baalim euen in hys presence: and other ymages that were in greater honoure then they, he caused to be destroyed. And the groues, kerued ymages, and ymages of metall he brake and made dust of them, and strawed it vpon the graues of them that had offered to them.
5 And he burnt the bones of the preastes vpon the aulters of them, and clensed Iuda and Ierusalem.
6 And euen so dyd he in the cyties of Manasse, Ephraim, Simeon vnto Nephthali. And in the wyldernesses of them rounde about,
7 he plucked a sondre the aulters and the groues, and dyd beate them and stampte them to powdre, & beate downe all the ymages thorow out all the lande of Israel: and returned to Ierusalem agayne.
8 In the eyghtene yere of his raygne when he had purged the lande and the temple he sent Saphan the sonne of Amaziahu, and Maasiah the gouernoure of the cytie & Ioah the sonne of Ioahaz the recorder, to repayre the house of the Lorde hys God.
9 And when they came to Helkiah the hye preast, they delyuered them the money that was brought in to the house of God, whych the Leuites that kepte the entryes had geathered of the hande of Manasse and Ephraim, and of all that yet remayned in Israel, and of all Iuda and BenIamin, and of the enhabiters of Ierusalem.
10 And they put in the handes of the worckemen, that had the ouersyght of the house of the Lorde: and they gaue it to the labourers that wrought in the house of the Lorde, to repayre and mende the house.
11 Even to masons and carpenters gaue they it, to get stone and tymbre, for couples and for beames of the houses, which the kynges of Iuda had destroyed:
12 And the men dyd the worcke faythfully. And the ouersears of them to courage them forward, were Iahath and Obadiahu Leuites of the chyldren of Merari: & Secharia & Mesullam, of the chyldren of the Cahathites, and other of the Leuytes whych all coulde skylle of instrumentes of Musicke.
13 And ouer the bearers of burthens and ouer all şt wrought, in whatsoeuer worckemanshyppe it were, were there Scrybes, officers and porters of the Leuites.
14 And whan they brought out the money that was brought into the house of the lord, Helkia the preaste founde the boke of the lawe of the Lord geuen by Moses.
15 And Helkia answered and sayde to Saphan the scribe: I haue founde the boke of the law, in the house of the Lorde, and Helkia gaue the boke to Saphan.
16 And Saphan caryed the boke to the kyng, and brought the kyng worde agayne, sayenge: all that was commytted to thy seruauntes, that do they.
17 And they haue gathered together the money that was found in the house of the Lord, and haue delyuered it into the handes of the ouersears of the worke, and to the handes of the worckemen.
18 And then Saphan the scribe shewed the kyng, saying: Helkia the preast hath geuen me a boke, & Saphan redd in it before şe king.
19 And it fortuned, that when the kyng had heard the wordes of the lawe, he tare his clothes:
20 and the kyng commaunded Helkia and Ahikam the sonne of Saphan, and Abidon the sonne of Micah, and Saphan the scrybe, and Asaia a seruaunt of the kynges, saying:
21 go & enquire of the Lorde for me and for them şt are left in Israel and Iuda, concerning the wordes of the boke that is found. For great is the wrath of the Lorde that is fallen vpon vs, because oure fathers haue not kepte the worde of şe Lord, to do after all that is wrytten in this boke.
22 And Helkia and they that the kynge had appoynted, went to Hulda a prophetisse the wyfe of Sallum the sonne of Tokhath the sonne of Hasra keper of şe wardrope (for she dwelt in Ierusalem with in the second wall) and so they communed with her.
23 She answered them: thus sayth şe Lorde God of Israel: tell ye şe man that sent you to me.
24 Euen thus sayth the Lord: Behold, I wyll bryng euell vpon this place, & vpon the enhabiters therof (euen all the cursses that are wrytten in the boke which they haue reade before the kyng of Iuda)
25 because they haue forsaken me, and haue offered vnto other Gods, to angre me wt all maner worckes of theyr handes, therfore is my wrath set on fyre agaynst thys place and shall not be quenched.
26 And as for the kyng of Iuda whych sent you to enquire of the Lorde, so shall ye saye vnto him: thus sayth the Lord God of Israel concernyng the wordes which şu hast heard.
27 Because thyne hert dyd melt, & thou dydest meke thy self before God, when thou heardest his wordes agaynst this place & agaynst the enhabiters therof: & humbledest thy selfe before me, and tarest thy clothes, and weptest before me, that haue I hearde also sayth the Lord.
28 Behold, I wyll take şe to thy fathers, and thou shalt be put in thy graue in peace, and thyne eyes shall not se all the myschefe that I wyll bryng vpon thys place, & vpon the enhabyters of şe same. And they brought the kynge worde agayne.
29 Then the kynge sent, and gathered to gether all the elders of Iuda and Ierusalem.
30 And the kyng went vp into the house of the Lorde, and all the men of Iuda, and the enhabiters of Ierusalem, & the preastes & Leuites and all the people great and smalle: & the kyng dyd reade all the wordes of şe boke of the couenaunt that was found in the house of the Lorde.
31 And şe kyng stode at hys standyng, & made a couenaunt before the Lord, to folowe the Lorde, and to kepe his commaundementes, his wytnesses, and hys statutes, wyth all hys hert & wyth all his soule, & to fulfyll the wordes of the appoyntment wrytten in the sayde boke.
32 And he set in theyr rowme all them that were founde in Ierusalem and BenIamin, and the enhabiters of Ierusalem dyd accordyng to the couenaunt of the Lorde God of theyr fathers.
33 And Iosia put awaye all maner of abhominacyons out of all landes that pertayned to the chyldren of Israell, and brought in all that were found in Israel, to worshyp, and to serue the Lorde theyr God. And they turned not a syde from after the Lorde God of theyr fathers, as longe as he lyued.




1 And Iosia helde the feast of passeouer vnto the Lord in Ierusalem, & they slue passeouer in the fourtene daye of şe first moneth.
2 And he set the preastes in theyr offyces, and ayded them in the seruice of the house of the Lorde.
3 And he sayde vnto the Leuytes (that taught all Israel, and were sanctifyed vnto the Lord) put the holy arcke in the house whych Salomon the sonne of Dauid kyng of Israel, dyd buyld, there shall no other burthen be layd vpon youre shoulders: But now serue the Lorde youre God and hys people Israel.
4 And prepare yourselues by youre auncient housholdes and companies, accordynge to the wrytynge of Dauid kyng of Israel, and the wrytyng of Salomon his sonne.
5 And stande in the holy place accordynge to the deuisyon of the auncient housholdes of youre brethren the chyldren of the people, & after the deuisyon of the auncient housholdes of the Leuites,
6 kyll passeouer, & sanctifye and prepare youre brethren, that they may do accordyng to the word of the Lorde by the hande of Moses.
7 And Iosia gaue to the people flockes of shepe and kyddes, all for passeouer and for all that were present, thyrtie thousand by tale, and thre thousande oxen, and these were euen of the kynges substaunce.
8 And hys Lordes gaue willynglye both vnto the people & to the preastes, & vnto the Leuytes. Helkia also, Zacharia and Iehiel, rulers of the house of God, gaue vnto şe preastes for passeouer offerynges two thousand and syxe hundred shepe, and thre hundred oxen.
9 Conama & Semeiahu and Nethanel his brethren, and Hasabiahu and Iaiel and Iosabad, rulers of the Leuites, gaue vnto the Leuites Passeouer offerynges, euen fyue thousand shepe, & fyue hundred oxen.
10 And so the seruice was prepared, and the preastes stode in theyr places, and the Leuites in theyr distincte companies at the kynges commaundment.
11 And they slue Passeouer, and the preastes sprinckled the bloude with theyr hande, & the Leuites pulled of the skynnes of the beastes.
12 And they fett awaye the burntofferinges, to geue them vnto the people that were deuyded by auncient houses, & that they shulde offer vnto şe Lorde, lyke as it is wrytten in the boke of Moses. And so dyd they wyth the oxen also.
13 And they dressed the Passeouer wyth fyre as the maner was. And the other dedycat beastes: sodde they in pottes, caulderns & pannes, and deuyded them among all the people.
14 And afterwarde, they made readye for them selues & for the preastes: for the chyldren of Aaron were busyed in offeryng of burntofferynges and the fatt vntyll nyght: therfore the Leuites prepared for them selues and for the preastes the sonnes of Aaron.
15 And the syngers, the chyldren of Asaph stode in theyr standynge accordyng to the commaundement of Dauid and Asaph, Heman Ieduthum the kynges sear: and the porters wayted at euery gate, and myght not departe from theyr seruice: for theyr brethren the Leuites prepared for them.
16 And so all the seruice of the Lorde was prepared the same daye, to offer Passeouer, and to offer burntoffrynges vpon the aulter of the Lord accordynge to the commaundement of kyng Iosia.
17 And so the chyldren of Israel that were present, offered Passeouer the same tyme, and kepte the feast of swete breade seuen dayes.
18 And ther was no Passeouer lyke to şt kepte in Israel from the dayes of Samuel şe prophete: nether dyd all şe kynges of Israel hold soch a Passeouer feast as dyd Iosia and the preastes and Leuites and all Iuda, and Israel şt were present, and the enhabiters of Ierusalem.
19 This Passeouer was holden in the eyghtene yere of the raygne of Iosia.
20 After all thys, when Iosia had prepared the temple, Necho kyng of Egypt came vp to fyght agaynst Carcamis besyde Euphrates, and Iosia went out agaynst hym:
21 whych sent messengers to hym, & sayd: what haue I to do wyth the thou kynge of Iuda? Be not thou agaynst thy self this daye: For my warre is agaynst another house, & God bade me make hast. Leaue of therfore & medle not with God whych is wyth me, least he destroye the.
22 Neuerthelesse, Iosia wolde not turne hys face from hym, but rather toke aduyse to fyght with him, and herkened not vnto the wordes of Necho out of the mouth of God, and came to fyght in the valeye of Magedo,
23 & the shoters shott dartes at kyng Iosia. And the kyng sayd to his seruauntes: carye me awaye, for I am sore wounded.
24 His seruauntes therfore had him out of that charet, and put him in another charet şt they had. And whan they had brought him to Ierusalem, he dyed, and was buryed in the sepulchre of his fathers. And all Iuda and Ierusalem mourned for Iosia.
25 And Ieremia lamented Iosia, and all syngynge men and synginge wemen mourned for Iosia in their lamentacions, to thys daye, and made the same lamentacions an ordinaunce in Israel, & behold, they be wryten in the lamentacions.
26 The rest of the actes of Iosia & hys goodnes which he dyd in folowynge the wryting in the lawe,
27 and his sayenges, first and last: behold, they are wryten in the boke of the kynges of Israel and Iuda.




1 And the people of the land toke Iehoahaz the sonne of Iosia, and made him kynge in his fathers steade in Ierusalem.
2 And Iehoahaz was thre and twentye yeare olde, when he beganne to raygne, and he raygned thre monethes in Ierusalem.
3 And the kyng of Egypt put him downe at Ierusalem, ann merced the lande in an hundred talentes of syluer, and a talent of gold.
4 And the kynge of Egypt made Eliakim his brother king vpon Iuda and Ierusalem, & turned hys name vnto Iehoakim: and Necho toke Iehoahaz hys brother, and caried hym to Egipt.
5 Iehoakim was fyue and twenty yeare olde, when he began to raygne, and he raygned eleuen yeare in Ierusalem: and he dyd euyll in the sight of the Lorde his God.
6 Agaynst him then came vp Nabuchodonosor king of Babylon, and bounde hym with two chaynes, to carye him to Babilon.
7 The king Nabuchodonosor also caried of şe vessels of the house of the Lorde to Babilon, & and put them in his temple at Babilon.
8 The rest of the actes of Iehoakim, and his abhominacions which he did, and carued ymages that were layde to hys charge, beholde, they are writen in the booke of the kynges of Israell: and Iehoacin his sonne raygned in hys steade.
9 Iehoacin was eyght yeare olde whan he beganne to raygne, and he raygned thre monethes and ten dayes in Ierusalem: and dyd euelll in the sight of the Lorde:
10 And when the yeare was out, kynge Nabuchodonosor sent, and let him to Babilon with the goodly vessels of the house of the Lord, and made Zedekia (his fathers brother) kynge ouer Iuda and Ierusalem.
11 Zedekia was one and twenty yere olde, when he beganne to raygne, & raygned eleuen yere in Ierusalem.
12 And he dyd euell in the syght of the Lorde hys God, and humbled not him selfe before Ieremia the prophete at the mouth of the Lorde.
13 And he rebelled agaynst Nabuchodonosor, which had receaued an oth of hym by God. But he was stifnecked, and to harde herted to turne vnto şe Lorde God of Israell.
14 Moreouer, all the rulers, the prestes, & the people trespaced more synnyng after all maner of abhominacyons of the heathen, and poluted the house of the Lord, which he had halowed in Ierusalem.
15 And the Lord God of their fathers sent to them, by hys messengers, risyng vp by tymes and sendynge: for he had compassyon on hys people, and on his dwellyng place.
16 But they mocked the messengers of God, & despised his wordes, and mysse vsed hys prophetes, vntyll the wrath of the Lord arose agaynst his people, and tyll there was no remedy.
17 And so he brought vpon them the kyng of Caldeye, which slue their yong men with the swearde in their holy temple, and spared nether yonge man, mayden, olde man, ner hym that stowped for age. He gaue them all into his hande.
18 And all the vessels of the house of God, (both great and small) and the treasures of the house of şe Lorde, and the treasures of the kynge, and of hys Lordes: all these caried he to Babilon.
19 And they burnt the house of God and brake downe the wall of Ierusalem and burnt all the places therof with fyre, and destroyed all the goodly Iewles therof.
20 And şe rest that had escaped the sweard, caryed he to Babylon, where they were bound to him and his chyldren, vntyll the tyme that Persia had the empire.
21 To fulfyll the word of the Lord by the mouth of Ieremia, vntyll the lande had her pleasure of her Sabbothes: for as longe as she laye desolate, she kept Saboth, vntyll seuenty yeares were fulfylled.
22 And the first yeare of Cyrus kynge of Persia (whan the worde of the Lorde spoken by the mouth of Ieremia, was fynisshed) the Lord stered vp the sprete of Cyrus kyng of Persia, that he made a proclamacion thorow out all his kyngdome, and that by writynge, sayeng:
23 Thus sayeth Cyrus kyng of Persia: all the kyngdomes of the earth hath the Lord God of heauen geuen me, and hath charged me to buylde him an house in Ierusalem, that is in Iuda. Wherfore, whosoeuer is amonge you of all hys people, the Lorde his God be with hym, and lett hym go vp.