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1 Paul an Apostle of Iesus Christ, by the commyssyon of God our sauyour, & Lord Iesus Christ, which is our hope.
2 Unto Timothe hys naturall sonne in the fayth. Grace mercy and peace from God oure father, & from şe Lord Iesus Christ our Lorde.
3 As I besought the to abyde styll at Ephesus (when I departed into Macedonia) euen so do, that şu commaunde some, that they folowe no straunge doctrine,
4 nether geue hede to fables & endles genealogyes whych brede doubtes more then Godlye edifyinge, which is by fayth
5 for the ende of the commaundement is, loue out of a pure herte, and of a good conscience, and of fayth vnfayned: from the whych thynges,
6 because some haue erred, they are turned vnto vayne iangelynge,
7 because they wolde be doctours of the lawe, and yet vnderstande not what they speake, nether wherof they affyrme.
8 We knowe, that the lawe is good, yf a man vse it lawfully:
9 knowynge thys, howe that the lawe is not geuen vnto a ryghteous man, but vnto the vnryghteous and disobedyent, to the vngodly and to synners, to vnholy and vncleane: to murtherers of fathers and murtherers of mothers, to manstears,
10 to whormongers: to them that defyle them selues whyth mankynde: to manstealers: to lyars, to periured, and yf ther be eny other thynge that is contrary to the holsome doctryne,
11 accordynge to the Gospell of the glory of the blessed God, whych Gospell is commytted vnto me.
12 And I thanke Chryst Iesus oure Lorde, whych hath made me stronge: for he counted me true, and put me in offyce
13 where as before I was a blasphemer, and a persecuter, & a Tyraunt. But yet I obtayned mercy, because I dyd it ignorauntly thorowe vnbelefe.
14 Neuerthelesse, şe grace of oure Lorde was exceadynge aboundaunt with fayth and loue, whych is by Christ Iesu.
15 This is a true sayinge (and by all meanes worthy to be receaued of vs) şt Chryst Iesus came into şe worlde, to saue synners, of whom I am chefe.
16 Not wythstandynge for this cause optayned I mercy, that Iesus Christ shulde fyrst shewe on me all longe pacience, to declare an ensample vnto them which shulde beleue on him vnto eternall lyfe.
17 So then vnto God, kynge euerlastynge, immortall inuisyble, wyse onely, be honoure and prayse for euer and euer. Amen.
18 Thys commaundement commyt I vnto the sonne Timotheus accordynge to the prophesyes, whych in tyme past were prophesyed of the, that thou in them shuldest fyght a good fyght,
19 hauynge fayth and good conscyence: whych some haue put awaye from them, and as concernynge fayth haue made shypwracke.
20 Of whose nombre is Hymeneus and Alexander whom I haue delyuered vnto Satan, that they maye lerne not to blaspheme.




1 I Exhorte therfore, that aboue all thynges, prayers, supplicacyons, intercessions, and geuynge of thankes be had for all men:
2 for kynges, and for all that are in auctorite, that we maye lyue a quyet and a peaceable lyfe, wyth all Godlynes and honestye.
3 For that is good and accepted in şe syght of God oure sauyoure,
4 whych wyll haue all men to be saued, and to come vnto the knowledge of şe trueth.
5 For ther is one God, and one mediator betwene God and man, euen the man Christ Iesus,
6 whych gaue him selfe a raunsome for all men, that it shulde be testifyed at hys tyme,
7 where vnto I am ordayned a preacher and an Apostle. I tell the trueth in Christ and lye not: beynge the teacher of the gentyls wyth fayth and veritye.
8 I wyll therfore that the men praye euery where, lyftynge vp pure handes without wrath, or doubtinge.
9 Lykewise also the wemen, that they araye them selues in comlye apparell wyth shamfastnes and discrete behaueour, not wt broyded heare, ether golde or pearles, or costly araye:
10 but as becommeth wemen, that professe godlynesse thorowe good worckes.
11 Let the woman learne in sylence wyth all subieccyon.
12 But I suffre not a woman to teach, nether to vsurpe auctoryte ouer the man: but to be in sylence.
13 For Adam was fyrst fourmed, & then Eue.
14 Adam also was not deceaued, but the woman was deceaued, and was subdued to the transgressyon.
15 Notwythstandynge thorowe bearynge of chyldren she shalbe saued, yf they contynue in fayth and loue, and holynes, wyth discrecyon.




1 This is a true sayinge: If a man desyer the offyce of a Bysshoppe, he desyreth an honest worke.
2 A Bisshoppe therfore must be blameles, şe husbande of one wyfe, dilygent, sober, discrete, a keper of hospitalite: apte to teach:
3 not geuen to ouer moch wyne, no fyghter, not gredy of fylthye lucre. but gentle, abhorryng fyghtynge, abhorrynge coueteousnes,
4 one şt ruleth well his awne house, one şt hath chyldren in subieccyon with all reuerence.
5 For yf a man cannot rule his awne house, howe shall he care for the congregacyon of God?
6 He maye not be a yonge scoler, lest he swell and fall into the iudgement of the euyll speaker.
7 He must also haue a good reporte of them whych are without, lest he fall into rebuke, and snare of the euyll speaker.
8 Lyke wyse must the mynisters be honest, not double tonged, not geuen vnto moch wyne, nether gredy of fylthy lucre:
9 but holdynge the mystery of the fayth with a pure conscience.
10 And let them fyrst be proued, and then let them mynister so, that no man be able to reproue them.
11 Euen so must theyr wyues be honest, not euyll speakers: but sober and faythfull in all thynges.
12 Let the Deacons be the husbandes of one wyfe, and such as rule theyr chyldren well, and their awne housholdes.
13 For they that mynister well, get them selues a good degre and greate lybertye in şe fayth, whych is in Christ Iesu.
14 These thynges write I vnto the trustinge to come shortely vnto the:
15 but and yf I tarie longe, that then thou mayst yet haue knowledge, howe thou oughtest to behaue thy selfe in the house of God, whych is the congregacyon of the lyuynge God, the pyllar & grounde of trueth.
16 And without doute great is that mystery of godlynes: God was shewed in the flesshe, was iustifyed in the sprete, was sene amonge the Angels, was preached vnto the gentyls, was beleued on in the worlde, and receaued vp in glory.




1 The sprete speaketh euydently, that in the later tymes some shall departe from the fayth, and shall geue hede vnto spretes of erroure, and deuelysshe doctrines of them
2 which speake false thorowe ypocrysye, & haue their consciences marcked wt an hote yron,
3 forbyddynge to mary, & commaundynge to abstayne from meates which God hath created to be receaued with geuynge thanckes, of them whych beleue, & knowe the trueth.
4 For all the creatures of God are good, & nothynge to be refused, yf it be receaued with thankesgeuynge.
5 For it is sanctified by the worde of God & prayer.
6 If thou put şe brethren in remembraunce of these thynges thou shalt be a good mynyster of Iesu Chryst whych hast bene norisshed vp in şe wordes of şe fayth & of good doctrine, whych thou hast continually followed.
7 But cast awaye vngostly and olde wyues fables. Exercyse thy selfe rather vnto godlynes.
8 For bodely exercyse profyteth lytell: but godlynes is profytable vnto all thynges, as a thinge which hath promyses of şe lyfe that is nowe, & of the lyfe to come.
9 This is a sure sayinge, & by all meanes worthy to be alowed.
10 For therfore we bothe laboure & suffre rebuke, because we haue a stead fast hope in the lyuinge God, which is the saueoure of all men, specially of those that beleue.
11 Soch thynges commaunde & teache.
12 Let no man despyse thy youth but be vnto them that beleue, an ensample, in worde, in conuersacyon, in loue, in sprete, in fayth, in purenes.
13 Tyll I come, geue attendaunce to readynge, to exhortacyon, to doctrine.
14 Despyse not the gyfte that is in the, whych was geuen şe thorowe prophesye, with şe layinge on of handes by şe auctoryte of presthode.
15 These thinges exercyse, and geue thy selfe vnto them, that it maye be sene, howe thou profetest in all thynges.
16 Take hede vnto thy selfe, and vnto learnynge, and continue therin. For yf thou shalt so do, thou shalt saue thy selfe, & them that heare the.




1 Rebuke not an elder, rygorously but exhorte him as a father: the yonger men, as brethren:
2 the elder wemen, as mothers: the yonger as systers, wt all purenes.
3 Honoure wyddowes, which are true wyddowes.
4 If eny wyddow haue chyldren or nevews, let them learne fyrst to rule their awne houses godly & to recompense their elders. For şt is good & acceptable before God.
5 She şt is a true wyddowe & frendelesse, putteth her trust in God, & contynueth in supplicacyons and prayers nyght & daye.
6 But she şt lyueth in pleasure, is deed, euen yet alyue.
7 And these thynges commaunde that they maye be without rebuke.
8 But yf eny prouide not for her awne (& specially for them of her housholde) the same hath denyed the fayth, and is worsse then an infydell.
9 Let no wyddowe be chosen vnder threscore yere olde, & soch a one as was şe wyfe of one man,
10 and well reported of men in good workes: yf she haue brought vp chyldren, yf she haue lodged strangers, yf she haue wesshed the saynctes fete, yf she haue mynistred vnto them whych were in aduersytie, yf she haue bene contynually geuen vnto all maner of good worckes.
11 The yonger wyddowes refuse. For when they haue begonne to were wanton agaynst Christ, they wyll mary,
12 hauynge damnacyon, because they haue cast awaye their fyrst fayth.
13 And also they learne to goo from house to house ydle: yee not ydle onely, but also tatlers and besybodyes, speakynge thynges which are not comly.
14 I wyll therfore that the yonger wemen mary, to beare chyldren, to guyde the house, and geue none occasyon to the aduersary to speake euyll.
15 For many of them are all ready turned backe, and are gone after Satan.
16 And yf eny man or woman that beleueth haue wyddowes, let them mynyster vnto them, & let not the congregacyon be charged: that there maye be sufficyent for them that are wyddowes in dede.
17 The elders that rule well, are worthy of double honoure, most specially they whych laboure in the worde & teachynge.
18 For the scripture sayth: thou shalt not moosel the mouth of şe oxe that treadeth out the corne. And the labourer is worthy of his reward.
19 Agaynst an elder, receaue none accusacyon: but vnder two or thre witnesses.
20 Then that synne, rebuke openly, that other also maye feare.
21 I testifye before God and the Lord Iesus Christ & the electe angels, that thou obserue these thynges without hastynesse of iudgement, & do nothinge parcially.
22 Laye handes sodenly on no man, nether be partaker of other mens synnes: kepe thy selfe pure.
23 Dryncke no lenger water, but vse a lytell wyne for thy stommakes sake and thyne often dyseases.
24 Some mennes synnes are open before hande, and go before vnto iudgement: & some mennes synnes folowe after.
25 Lykewyse also good workes are manifest before hande, and they that are other wyse, cannot be hyd.




1 Let as many seruauntes as are vnder the yoke, counte theyr masters worthy of all honour, that şe name of God & hys doctryne be not euyll spoken of.
2 Se that they whych haue beleuynge masters, despyse them not because they are brethren: but rather do seruyce, for as moch as they are beleuynge and beloued, & partakers of the benefyte.
3 These thynges teach & exhorte. If eny man folowe other doctrine, and enclyne not vnto the wholsome wordes of oure Lorde Iesu Christ, and to the doctrine which is accordynge to Godlynes,
4 he is pufte vp, and knoweth nothynge: but wasteth hys braynes about questions and stryfe, of wordes, wherof sprynge enuye, stryfe, raylynges, euyll surmisynges,
5 vayne disputacyon of men that haue corrupte myndes, & that are robbed of the trueth: which thynke, that lucre is godlynes. From them that are soch separate thy selfe.
6 Godlynes is greate ryches If a man be content with that he hath.
7 For we brought nothynge into the worlde, nether maye we cary any thynge out.
8 But when we haue fode and rayment we must ther with be content.
9 They that wylbe ryche, fall into temptacyon and snares, & into many folysshe & noysome lustes, which droune men into perdicyon & destruccyon.
10 For coueteousnes of money is the rote of all euyll: whych whyll some lusted after, they erred from the fayth, & tanglyd them selues with many sorowes.
11 But thou man of God, flye soch thynges. Folowe ryghtewesnes, godlynes, fayth, loue, pacience, meaknes.
12 Fyght the good fyght of fayth. Laye, hande on eternall lyfe, wher vnto thou art also called, and hast professed a good professyon before many witnesses.
13 I geue şe charge in şe syght of God, which quickneth all thynges, & before Iesu Chryst (which vnder Poncius Pylate wytnessed a good witnessyng)
14 şt thou kepe şe commaundement, & be without spotte and vnrebukeable, vntyll the appearynge of oure Lorde Iesus Christ,
15 which appearyng (in hys tyme) he shall shewe, that is blessed & myghty onely, kynge of kynges, & Lorde of Lordes,
16 whych onely hath immortalite, and dwelleth in the lyght that no man can attayne, whom no man hath sene, nether can se, vnto whom be honoure and rule euerlastynge. Amen.
17 Charge them which are ryche in this world, that they be not hye mynded, ner trust in vncertayne ryches, but in the lyuinge God (which geueth vs aboundauntly all thynges to enioye them)
18 that they do good: that they be riche in good workes: that they be redy to geue & gladly to distribute,
19 laying vp in store for them selues a good fundacion against şe tyme to come, şt they maye obtayne eternall lyfe.
20 O Timothe, saue that which is geuen the to kepe, and avoyde vngostly vanyties of voyces and opposycyons of science falsly so called:
21 whych science whyle some professed, they erred as concernynge the fayth. Grace be with the. Amen.