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1 And kynge, Dauid was olde & stryken in yeres: so t whan they couered hym wt clothes, he caught no heat.
2 wherfore his seruauntes sayde vnto him let there be sought for my Lord e kynge a younge mayden, to stonde before e kynge and to cheryshe him. And let her lye in thy bosome, t my Lorde the kinge maye get heate.
3 And so they sought for a fayre damosell thorow out all e coastes of Israel, & founde one Abisag a Sunamite, & brought her to the kynge.
4 And the damosell was excedinge fayre, & cherisshed e kynge, & ministred to him. But e kyng knewe her not.
5 And Adonia the sonne of Hagith exalted him selfe, sayinge: I willbe kyng. And he gatt him charettes & horsmen, and fyftie men to runne before him.
6 And his father wolde not displease him at anye tyme, nor sayd so moch to him as, why doest thou so? And he was a goodlye man, & his mother bare him next after Absalom.
7 And he toke councell at Ioab the sonne of Zaruia, & at Abiathar e preast. And they helped Adonia.
8 But Sabock the preast, Banaiahu e sonne of Iehoiada, Nathan the prophet, Semei and Rei, and all the men of myght which were with Dauid, fauoured not Adonia.
9 And Adonia sacrifyced shepe and oxen, and fatt catell, by the stone of Zoheleth, which is fast by the well of Rogell, and called all his brethren the kynges sonnes, and the men of Iuda the kynges seruauntes.
10 But Nathan the prophet and Banaiahu, and the other myghtie men, and Salomon his brother, he called not.
11 Wherfore, Nathan spake vnto Bethsabe the mother of Salomon, sayinge: hast u not hearde howe that Adonia e sonne of Hagith doth rayne, and Dauid oure Lord knoweth it not?
12 Nowe therfore come, & I will geue e councell, howe to saue thyne awne lyfe, & the lyfe of thy sonne Salomon.
13 Go and get the in vnto kynge Dauid, and saye vnto him: didest not u (my Lorde O kynge) swere vnto thy handmayde, sayinge? Salomon thy sonne shall raygne after me, & he shall sytt vpon my seate? Why is then Adonia kynge?
14 Beholde, whyle thou yet talkest there with e kyng, I will come in after e, & confirme thy wordes.
15 And Bethsabe went in vnto the kynge into the chambre. And the kinge was very olde, and Abisag the Sunamite ministred vnto e king.
16 And Bethsabe stowped & made obeysaunce vnto the kynge. And e kynge sayde: what is thy matter?
17 She answered him: My Lorde, thou swarest by the Lorde thy God vnto thyne handmayde: Salomon thy sonne shall raygne after me, & he shall sytt vpon my seate.
18 And beholde, nowe is Adonia kynge, & my Lord the kynge wotteth not of it.
19 And he hath offered oxen, fat catell, & many shepe, and hath called all the sonnes of the kynge, & Abiathar the preast, and Ioab the captayne of the hoste. But Salomon thy seruaunt hath he not bydden.
20 And nowe my Lorde (O kynge,) the eyes of all Israel wayte on the, t thou shuldest tell them, who ought to sytte on the seate of my Lord the kynge after him.
21 For elles when my Lorde the kynge shall sleape with his fathers, I and my sonne Salomon shalbe synners.
22 And whyle she yet talked with the kynge, Nathan e prophet came also.
23 And they tolde the kynge sayinge: beholde, here commeth Nathan the prophete. And when he was come into the kynge, he made obeysaunce before the kynge vpon his face on the ground,
24 & Nathan sayde: My Lorde (O kynge) hast thou sayd, Adonia shall raygne after me, & he shall sytt vpon my seate?
25 For he is gone downe this daye, & hath slayne many oxen, & fat shepe, and hath called all the kynges sonnes, & the captaynes of the host, & Abiathar the preast. And beholde, they eate and dryncke before him, and saye: God saue kynge Adonia.
26 But me thy seruaunt, and Sadock the preast, and Banaiahu the sonne of Iehoiada, & thy seruaunt Salomon hath he not called.
27 Is thys thynge done of my Lorde the kynge, & u hast not shewed it vnto thy seruaunt, who shulde sytt on e seate of my Lord e kyng after him?
28 Then kyng Dauid answered & sayde: call me Bethsabe. And she came into the kynges presence, and stode before him.
29 And e kynge sware sayinge. As truly as the Lorde lyueth (t hath rydd my soule out of all aduersyte)
30 euen as I sware vnto the by the Lorde God of Israel, sayinge: Salomon thy sonne shall raygne after me, & he shall syt vpon my seate for me, so will I do this daye.
31 Then Bethsabe bowed on her face to the erth, & dyd reuerence vnto the kyng, & sayde. I praye God t my Lorde kyng Dauid maye lyue euer.
32 And kyng Dauid sayde: call me Sadoch the preast, & Nathan the prophet, and Banaiahu the sonne of Iehoiada. And they came before the kynge.
33 The kinge also sayde vnto them: take wt you the seruauntes of youre Lorde, & set Salomon my sonne vpon myne awne Mule, & carye him downe to Gihon.
34 And let Sadock the preast, & Nathan the prophet anoynte him there, kynge ouer Israel . And blowe ye wt trompettes, & saye: God saue kyng Salomon.
35 And then come vp after him, that he maye come and sytte vpon my seate. For he shalbe kynge in my steade. And I will commaunde him to be captayne ouer Israel and Iuda.
36 And Banaiahu the sonne of Iehoiada answered the kynge, & sayde, Amen. I praye God t the Lorde God of my Lorde e kynge saye so to.
37 And as God hath bene with my Lorde the kynge, euen so be he with Salomon also, & make his seate greater, then the seate of my Lorde kynge Dauids hath bene.
38 And so Sadock the preast, and Nathan the prophet, & Banaiahu the sonne of Iehoiada, & the Crethites and Phelethites went downe, & sett Salomon vpon kynge Dauids Mule, and brought him to Gihon.
39 And Sadock the preast toke an horne of oyle out of the tabernacle, and anoynted Salomon. And all they of the people blewe trompettes, and sayde: God saue kynge Salomon.
40 And all the people cam vp after him, pyping with pipes and reioysynge greatlye, so t the erth range with the sounde of them.
41 And Adonia and all the gestes t he had called vnto him, hearde it, euen as they had made an ende of eatynge. And when Ioab hearde the sounde of the trompet, he sayde: howe happeneth it t there is soche a noyse in the cytie?
42 And as he yet spake: beholde, Ionathas e sonne of Abiathar e preast came. And Adonia sayde vnto him: come in, for u art u valeaunt man, and bryngest good tydynges.
43 And Ionathas answered & sayd to Adonia: Uerely oure Lorde kynge Dauid hath made Salomon kyng.
44 And the kynge hath sent wt him, Sadock the preaste, & Nathan the prophet, and Banaiahu the sonne of Iehoiada, and the Crethites, and the Phelethites, and they haue set him vpon e kynges mule.
45 And Sadock the preast, and Nathan the prophet haue anoynted hym kyng in Gihon. And they came vp agayne, and reioysed, that the cytie dyd sounde agayne. And that is the noyse, that ye haue hearde.
46 And Salomon sytteth on the seate of the kingdome.
47 And moreouer the kynges seruauntes came to blesse oure Lorde kinge Dauid, sayinge: thy God make the name of Salomon more honorable then thy name, and make hys seate greater then thy seate. And the kynge bowed hym selfe vpon the bedd.
48 And thus sayde the kynge: Blessed be the Lorde God of Israell: which hath made one to syt on my seate thys daye, myne eye seynge it.
49 And all the gestes that were with Adonia were afrayed, and rose vp, and went euery man hys waye.
50 And Adonia fearyng the presence of Salomon, arose, and went, and caught holde on the hornes of the aultare.
51 And one tolde Salomon, sayinge: beholde, Adonia doth feare kynge Salomon: for he hath caught holde on the hornes of the aultare, saying: let king Salomon swere vnto me thys daye that he wyll not sley his seruaunt with the swearde.
52 And Salomon sayde: yf he wyllbe a chylde of vertue, there shall not an heer of hym fall to the earth. But and yf wickednes be founde in him, he shall dye.
53 And so kynge Salomon sent, and they brought hym from the aultare. And he came, and dyd obeysaunce vnto kyng Salomon. And Salomon sayde vnto hym: gett the to thyne house.




1 The dayes of Dauid drewe nye t he shulde dye, and he charged Salomon hys sonne, sayinge.
2 I go the waye of all the worlde, be thou stronge therfore, and shewe thy selfe a man.
3 Kepe thou the watch of the Lorde thy God, that thou walke in hys wayes, and kepe his statutes, and his preceptes, hys iudgementes, and hys testimonyes, euen as it is wrytten in the lawe of Moses: that thou mayest prospere in all that thou doest, and in euery thynge that thou medlest withall.
4 That the Lorde also maye make good hys worde which he spake vnto me, sayinge: yf thy chyldren take heade to theyr waye, that they walke before me in truethe, with all their hertes, and with all their soules, then shalt thou not be without a man on the seat of Israell.
5 Moreouer, thou wottest howe Ioab e sonne of Zaruia serued me, and what he dyd to that two captaynes of the hoostes of Israell: vnto Abner the sonne of Ner, and vnto Amasa the sonne of Iether: whom he slue and shed bloude in tyme of peace (euen as it had bene in warre) and put the bloude of warre vpon hys gyrdle that was about hys loynes, and in hys shoes that were on hys fete.
6 Deale with hym therfore accordynge to thy wysdome, and brynge not hys hoore heed downe to the graue in peace.
7 But shewe kyndnes vnto the sonnes of Berselai the Gileadite, that they maye eate at thy table. For they came to me, when I fled from Absalon thy brother.
8 And beholde, thou hast with the Semei the sonne of Gera, the sonne of Gemini, of Bahurim, which cursed me with an horryble curse, in the daye whan I went to Mahanahim. But he came to mete me at Iordan, and I sware to hym by the Lorde, sayinge: I wyll not sley the with the swearde:
9 But thou shalt not counte him as vngyltie. For thou art a man of wysdome, and knowest what thou oughtest to do vnto hym. His hoore heed shalt thou brynge to the graue with bloude.
10 And so Dauid slepte with hys fathers, and was buryed in the cytie of Dauid.
11 And the dayes which Dauid raygned vpon Israel, were fourtye yeares: seuen yeares raygned he in Hebron: and thirtye and thre yeares raygned he in Ierusalem.
12 Then satt Salomon vpon the seate of Dauid his father, & his kyngdome was stablisshed mightely.
13 And Adonia the sonne of Hagith came to Bethsabe the mother of Salomon. And she sayde: Commest thou peaceably? And he sayde: peaceably.
14 He sayde moreouer: I haue somwhat to saye vnto the. She sayde: saye on.
15 And he sayde: thou knowest that the kyngdome was myne, and that all Israell set their faces on me, that I shulde raygne, howbeit, e kingdome is turned awaye, and geuen to my brother: for it is appoynted him of the Lorde:
16 and nowe I aske a peticion of the: denye me nott. And she sayde vnto him: Saye on.
17 And he sayde: speake, I praye the, vnto Salomon the kinge, for he will not saye the naye, that he geue me Abisag the Sunamite to wyfe.
18 And Bethsabe sayde: well, I will speake for the vnto the kinge.
19 Bethsabe therfore went vnto the kinge Salomon, to speake vnto him for Adonia. And the kinge rose vp to mete her, and bowed him selfe vnto her, and satt him downe on his seate. And there was a seate sett for the kinges mother, and she sat on his right syde.
20 Then she sayde: I desyre a lytell peticion of the, I praye the, saye me not naye. And the kynge sayde vnto her: Aske on, my mother: for I will not saye the naye.
21 She sayde: lett Abisag the Sunamite be geuen to Adonia thy brother to wyfe.
22 And kinge Salomon answered and sayde vnto his mother: why doest thou aske Abisag the Sunamite for Adonia? aske for him the kyngdome also: for he is myne elder brother, and hath for hym Abiathar the preaste and Ioab the sonne of Zaruia.
23 Then kyng Salomon sware by the Lorde, sayinge: God do so, and so to me, yf Adonia haue not spoken this word agaynst his awne lyfe.
24 Nowe therfore, as trulye as the Lorde lyueth, which hath ordeyned me, and set me on the seate of Dauid my father, and made me an house, as he promised, Adonia shall dye thys daye.
25 And kyng Salomon sent by the hande of Banaiahu the sonne of Iehoiada, and he smote hym, that he dyed.
26 And vnto Abiathar the preste, sayde the kynge: get the to Anatoth vnto thyne awne feldes: for thou arte worthy of deeth: but I wyll not at this tyme kyll the, because thou barest the arcke of e Lorde God before Dauid my father, and because thou hast suffred with my father in all hys affliccyons.
27 And so Salomon put awaye Abiathar from being preste vnto the Lorde: that he myght fulfill the wordes of the Lord which he spake ouer the house of Eli in Silo.
28 Then tidynges came also to Ioab: for Ioab had turned after Adonia though he turned not after Absalom. And Ioab fled vnto the tabernacle of the Lorde, and caught holde on the hornes of the aultare.
29 And it was tolde kynge Salomon, howe that Ioab fled vnto the tabernacle of the Lorde, and stode by the aultare. Then Salomon sent Banaiahu the sonne of Iehoiada, sayinge: go and fall vpon him.
30 And Banaiahu came into the tabernacle of the Lord, and sayde vnto hym, Thus sayeth the kynge: come out. And he sayde: naye, but I will dye euen here. And Banaiahu brought the kynge worde agayne, saying: thus sayd Ioab, and thus he answered me.
31 And the kynge sayde. Do euen as he hath sayde: smyte hym, and burye hym, that thou mayest take awaye the bloude, which Ioab shed causelesse, from me, and from the house of my father.
32 And the Lorde shall bryng hys bloud vpon his awne heed, for he smote two men right wyser and better then he, and slue them with the swerde, my father Dauid not knowynge therof: euen Abner the sonne of Ner, captayne of the hoost of Israel, and Amasa the sonne of Iether captaine of e hoost of Iuda.
33 Theyr bloude shall therfore returne vpon the heed of Ioab, and on the heed of hys seed for euer. But vpon Dauid, and vpon his seed, and vpon hys house, and vpon hys seate shall there be peace for euer of the Lord.
34 So Banaiahu e sonne of Iehoiada went vp, and smote hym, and slue hym, and buryed hym in hys awne house in the wyldernesse.
35 And the kynge put Banaiahu the sonne of Iehoiada in hys rowme ouer the hoost and put Sadock the preste in the rowme of Abiathar.
36 And the kynge sente and called Semei, and sayde vnto hym: buylde the an house in Ierusalem, and dwell there: and se that thou go not forth thence any whether.
37 For be thou sure, that the daye that thou goest out, and passest ouer the ryuer of Cedron, thou shalte dye t daye, and thy bloude shalbe vpon thyne awne heade.
38 And Semei sayde vnto the kynge. Thys is a good thinge: as my Lorde the kynge hathe sayde: so wyll hys seruaunt do. And Semei dwelt in Ierusalem many a daye.
39 And it chaunced after thre yeres, that two of the seruauntes of Semei ranne away vnto Achis, sonne of Maacha king of Geth. And they tolde Semei, sayinge: beholde, thy seruauntes be in Geth.
40 And Semei stode vp, & sadled hys asse, and gat hym to Geth to Achis, to seke hys seruauntes, and returned, and brought hys seruauntes agayne from Geth.
41 And it was tolde Salomon, howe that Semei hathe gone from Ierusalem to geth, and was come agayne.
42 And the kynge sent, and called Semei, and sayd vnto hym: Dyd I not charge the by the Lorde with an othe, and testifyed vnto the, sayinge: be sure, that whensoeuer thou goest out, and walkest abroade any whether, thou shalt dye e deeth? And thou saydest vnto me: it is good tidynges that I haue hearde.
43 Why then hast thou not kept the othe of the Lorde, and the commaundement that I charged the withall?
44 The kynge sayde moreouer to Semei: thou remembrest all the wyckednesse which thyne hert knoweth, and that thou dyddest to Dauid my father. The Lorde also shall brynge thy wyckednesse vpon thyne awne heed:
45 and kyng Salomon shalbe blessed, and the seat of Dauid stablysshed before e Lord for euer.
46 So the kynge commaunded Banaiahu the sonne of Iehoiada: which went out, and smote hym that he dyed: And the kyngdome was stablysshed in the hande of Salomon.




1 Salomon made affinite with Pharao kynge of Egypt, & toke Pharaos daughter, and brought her into the cytie of Dauid, vntyll he had made an ende of buyldinge his awne house, & the house of the Lord, and the wall of Ierusalem rounde about.
2 Onely the people sacrificed in aultars made on hylles, because there was no house buylte vnto the name of e Lord, vntill those dayes.
3 And Salomon loued e Lorde, and walked in the ordynaunces of Dauid hys father, saue onely that he sacrificed and offered incense vpon aultares in hylles.
4 And the kyng went to Gibeon, to offer there: for that was a speciall offerynge place. A thousand burnt offeringes dyd Salomon offre vpon that aultare:
5 and in Gibeon the Lorde apeared to Salomon in a dreame by nyght. And God sayde: aske what thou wylt, that I maye geue it the.
6 And Salomon sayde: thou haste shewed vnto thy seruaunt Dauid my father great mercy, when he walked before the in trueth, in ryghtewesnes, & in playnesse of hert with the. And thou hast kepte for hym this greate mercy, that u hast geuen hym a sonne, to sytt on hys seate: as it is come to passe thys daye.
7 And nowe, O Lord my God, it is thou t hast made thy seruaunt kynge in steade of Dauid my father, And I am but yonge, and wote not howe to go out and in.
8 And thy seruaunt is in the myddes of thy people, which thou haste chosen. And verely, the people are so manye, that they cannot be tolde nor nombred for multitude.
9 Geue therfore vnto thy seruaunt an vnderstandynge hert, to iudge thy people, t I maye decerne betwene good and bad. For who is able to iudge thys, thy so myghtye a people?
10 And thys pleased the Lorde well, t Salomon had desyred thys thynge.
11 And God sayde vnto him: because thou hast asked this thynge, and hast not asked longe lyfe, nether hast asked ryches, nor the soule of thyne enemyes, but hast asked vnderstandynge and discrecyon in iudgement.
12 Beholde, I haue done accordynge to thy peticyon. For I haue geuen the a wyse and an vnderstandynge herte, so that there was none like the before the, nether after the shal eny aryse lyke vnto the.
13 And I haue also geuen the, that which thou hast not asked, euen rychesse and honoure, so that there shalbe no kynge lyke vnto the all thy dayes.
14 And yf u wylt walke in my wayes, to kepe myne ordinaunces and my commaundmentes, as thy father Dauid dyd walke, I will lengthen thy dayes. When Salomon awoke, behold, it was a dreame.
15 And he came to Ierusalem and stode before the arck of the testament of the Lorde, and offered burntofferynges and peace offerynges, and made a feaste to all his seruauntes.
16 Then came there two wemen, that were harlottes, vnto the kynge. and stode before hym.
17 And the one woman sayde: Oh my Lorde, I and thys woman dwell in one house. And I was delyuered of a chyld with her in the house.
18 And the thyrde daye after that I was delyuered, she was delyuered also: and we were together, and no straunger with vs in the house, saue we two.
19 And thys wyues chyde dyed in the nyght, for she smothered it.
20 And she rose at mydnyght, and toke my sonne from my syde, whyle thyne handemayde slepte, and layde it in her bosome, and putt her deed chylde in my bosome.
21 And when I rose vp to geue my chylde sucke: beholde, it was deed. But whan I had loked vpon it in the mornynge, beholde, it was not my sonne, which I dyd beare.
22 The other woman sayde: it is not so: but my sonne lyueth, and thy sonne is deed. And she sayde agayne: No, but thy sonne is deed, and my sonne is alyue. And thus they pleated before the kynge.
23 Then sayde the kyng: the one sayth, this that is alyue is my sonne: and the deed is thyne. And the other saythe, naye: but thy sonne is the deed, & the lyuinge chylde is myne,
24 And the kynge sayde: bryng me a swearde. And they brought out a swearde before the kynge.
25 And the kynge sayde. Deuyde the lyuinge chylde in two, and geue the one halfe to the one, and the other to the other.
26 Then spake the woman, whose the lyuynge chylde was, vnto the kynge, for her bowelles yerned vpon her sonne, and sayde: I beseche the my Lorde, geue her the lyuyng chylde, and in no wyse sleye it. But the other sayd: let it be nether myne nor thyne, but deuyde it.
27 Then the kynge answered and sayd: geue her the lyuing chylde, and sley it not: for she is the mother therof.
28 And all they of Israel hearde of the iudgement, which the kynge hath iudged, and feared the kynge: for they sawe that the wysdome of God was in hym, to do iustice.




1 And so kynge Salomon was kinge ouer all Israel.
2 And these were hys lordes. Azariahu the sonne of Sadock the prest.
3 Elihoreph and Ahiah the sonnes of Sisa, scrybes. Iehosaphath the sonne of Ahilud, the recorder.
4 Banaiahu the sonne of Iehoiada was ouer the hooste. And Sadock and Abiathar were the preastes.
5 And Azariahu the sonne of Nathan was ouer the officiers. And Zabud the sonne of Nathan was a preste, the kynges companyon.
6 And Ahisar stewarde of housholde. And Adoniram the sonne of Abda was ouer the trybutes.
7 And Salomon had twelue officiers ouer all Israel, which prouyded vitayle for the kynge and his housholde: eche man hys moneth in a yeare, made prouision for necessary thinges.
8 And these are theyr names: the sonne of Hur in mount Ephraim:
9 the sonne of Dekar in Makaz, and in Saalbin & Bethsames, Elon and Bethhanan:
10 e sonne of Hesed in Aruboth, to whom perteyned Socho and all the land of Hepher:
11 the sonne of Abinadab in all e region of Dor, which had Tapheth e daughter of Salomon to wyfe:
12 Baana the sonne of Ahilud was ouer Chanach & Magiddo, & ouer all Bethsan, which is by Zarthana beneth Iezrael, from Bethsan to the playne of Mehola, euen vnto the place that is ouer agaynst Iechmeam:
13 the sonne of Gaber had Ramoth Gilead, & his were the townes of Iair: the sonne of Manasse, which are in Gilead, & vnder him was the region of Argob which is in Basan thre skore greate cyties with walles and barres of brasse.
14 Ahinadab the sonne of Hiddo had Mahenaim.
15 Ahimaaz was in Nephthalim, and he toke Basmath the daughter of Salomon to wyfe.
16 Baana e sonne of Husai was in Aser & in Aloth.
17 Iehosaphat the sonne of Paruah was in Isachar.
18 Semei e sonne of Ela was in Beniamin.
19 Gaber e sonne of Ury was in the countrey of Gilead, the lande of Sehon kyng of the Amorites, & of Og king of Basan, and was officer alone in the lande.
20 And Iuda and Israel were many, euen as e sand of the see in nombre, eatyng, drynckyng & making mery.
21 And Salomon raygned ouer all kyngdoms, from the ryuer vnto e lande of the Philistines: euen vnto e border of Egypt, and they brought presentes, and serued Salomon all the dayes of hys lyfe.
22 And Salomons breed for one daye was .xxx. quarters of manchet floure, and thre skore quarters of meale:
23 ten stalled oxen, and .xx. out of the pastures, and a hundred shepe, besyde hertes, buckes, and wilde goates and capons.
24 For he ruled in all the region on the other side Euphrates, from Thiphsah to Aza; ouer all the kynges on the other syde the ryuer. And he had peace with all hys seruauntes on euery syde.
25 And Iuda and Israel dwelt without feare, euery man vnder hys vyne and vnder hys fygg tre, from Dan to Beerseba, all the dayes of Salomon.
26 And Salomon had .xl.M. stalles of horses for charrettes, and .xij.M. horsmen.
27 And the officers prouyded vytayle for kyng Salomon and for all that came out of any place to kynge Salomons table, euery man hys moneth, so that there lacked nothyng.
28 Barlye also and straw for the horses and mules, brought they vnto the place where the offycers were, euery man in hys offyce.
29 And God gaue Salomon wysdome and vnderstandynge exceadynge moche, and a large hert, euen as the sand that is on the see shore:
30 and Salomons wysdome excelled the wysdome of all the chyldren of the east contrey, and all the wysdome of Egipt.
31 For he was wyser then all men, yee then, Ethan the Ezrahite, and Heman, Chalcol, & Darda the sonnes of Mahol. And his name was spoken of thorowe out all nacyons on euery syde.
32 And Salomon spake thre thousand prouerbes. And his songes were a thousand and fyue.
33 And he spake of trees, euen from the Cedar tre that groweth in Libanon, vnto e Isope that spryngeth out of the wall. He spake also of beastes, of foules, of wormes, and of fysshes.
34 And there came of all nacyons to heare the wysdome of Salomon, and from all kynges of the earth, which had hearde of hys wysdome.




1 And Hiram kinge of Tire sent his seruauntes vnto Salomon, for he had heard, t they had anoynted hym kynge in the rowme of hys father. For Hiram was euer a louer of Dauid.
2 And Salomon sent to Hiram, saying:
3 thou knowest how that Dauid my father coulde not builde an house vnto the name of the Lorde hys God, for the warres which were aboute him on euery side, vntyll the Lorde putt them vnder the soles of hys fete.
4 But nowe the Lorde my God hath geuen me rest on euery syde, so that there is nether aduersarye, nor anye euyll plage.
5 And behold, I am determined to buyld an house vnto the name of the Lorde my God, as the Lorde spake vnto Dauid my father sayinge: thy sonne whom I wyll set vpon thy seate for e, he shall buylde an house vnto my name.
6 Nowe therfore, commaunde thou that they hewe me Cedar trees out of Libanon. And my seruauntes shalbe with thyne, and vnto the, wyll I geue e hyre for thy seruauntes, accordynge to all soche thynges as thou shalt appoynte, for thou knowest that ther are not amonge vs, that can skyll to hewe tymber, lyke vnto the Sidones.
7 Whan Hiram heard the wordes of Salomon, he reioysed greatly, & sayd. Blessed be e Lord this daye which hath geuen vnto dauid a wyse sonne ouer this myghty people.
8 And Hiram sent to Salomon, saying: I haue consydred the thynges which thou sentest to me for: & will accomplysh all thy desyre, concerning tymbre of Cedar trees and fyrre.
9 My seruauntes shall bryng them from Libanon to the see. And I will conuey them by ship vnto e place that thou shalt shewe me: & wyll cause them to be discharged there, and thou shalt receaue them. And thou shalt do me a pleasure agayne yf thou minystre fode for myne house.
10 And so Hiram gaue Salomon cedar trees & firre trees, accordyng to all hys desyre.
11 And Salomon gaue Hiram .xx.M. quarters of whete for fode to his housholde, and twentye buttes of pure oyle. Thus much gaue Salomon to Hiram yeare by yeare.
12 And the Lorde gaue Salomon wisdome as he promised him. And ther was peace betwene Hiram and Salomon: & they two were confedered together.
13 And king Salomon reysed a some out of all Israel. And the some was thirtye thousande men,
14 whom he sent to Libanon .x.M. a moneth by coursse, so that when they had bene one moneth in Libanon, they abode two monethes at home. And Adoniram was ouer the some.
15 And Salomon had thre score and ten thousande that bare burthens, and foure score thousand masons in the mountaynes,
16 besydes the lordes, whom Salomon appoynted to ouer se the worke, euen thre thousand and thre hundred, which ruled the people t wrought in the worke.
17 And the kynge commaunded them to bryng great stones, weighty stones and hewed stones for the foundacion of the house.
18 And Salomons masons and the masons of Hiram dyd hewe them, wt the workmen of the corners. And so they prepared both tymbre & stones for the buildyng of e house.




1 And it came to passe t in the .iiij.C. and .lxxx. yere (after the children of Israel were come out of the land of Egipt) and the .iiij. yere of the raygne of Salomon vpon Israel: and in the moneth ziff, which is the .ij. moneth, he beganne to buylde the house of the Lord.
2 And the house which Salomon buylt for the Lorde, was .lx. cubytes longe, and .xx. cubytes broade, and .xxx. cubites hye.
3 And he made a porche before the body of the temple, which was .xx. cubytes long after the bredth of the house, and .x. cubites broade, euen in the forefront of the house.
4 And in the house he made wyndowes broade without, and narowe within.
5 And in the wall of the house, he made chambers rounde about, (euen in the walles of the house) rounde about the temple & the queer: and made sydes rounde about.
6 The nethermost chamber was fyue cubytes broad, and the myddle was syxe cubytes broade, & the thyrd was seuen cubites broad. For without in the wall of e house he layed beames round about, that the beames of the chambers shuld not be fastened in e walles of the house.
7 And the house was buylt of stone, made perfecte allready before it was brought thyther, so that there was neither hammer, ner axe, ether any tole of yron heard in the house, whyle it was in buyldinge.
8 The dore of the myddle chambre was in e ryght syde of the house: and men went vp wt windyng stayres into the myddle chambre, and out of the myddle, into the thyrde.
9 And so he buylte the house and fynysshed it, and roufft it with beames of Cedar timber.
10 And then he buylt chambers to all the temple, of fyue cubytes heygth, and they were ioyned to the house with beames of Cedar.
11 And the worde of the Lorde came to Salomon, saying:
12 concernynge the house which thou arte in buyldynge, yf thou wylt walke in myne ordinaunces, and execute my lawes, and kepe my commaundementes, to walke in them: then wyll I make good vnto the my promes, which I promysed Dauid thy father.
13 And I wyll dwell amonge the chyldren of Israel, and will not forsake my people Israel.
14 Salomon therfore built the house and fynysshed it,
15 and syled the walles of the house within, wt borders of Cedar tree: euen from the pauement of the house vnto the rouffe dyd he syle the walles of it within, with Cedar tre: and borded the floure of the house wt planckes of fyrre.
16 And he syled .xx. cubytes in the sydes of the queer of the temple, both floore & walles with bordes of Cedar, & dressed it within in the secrete place of the temple, euen in the moost holye.
17 And the fyrst house, that is to saye, the body of the temple without, was fourtye cubites longe.
18 And the Cedar of the house within, was kerued with knoppes, & grauen with floures, and all was Cedar timber, so that no stone was sene.
19 And the queer that was within the temple, he prepared, to set there the arcke of the appoyntement of the Lorde:
20 And the queer before was twentye cubites longe, and twenty cubites in bredth, and twentye cubytes in heygth. And he syled it with pure golde, and borded the aultare with Cedar.
21 And Salomon also syled the house within with pure golde. And he made golden barres runne alonge the queer, which he had couered with golde.
22 And the whole house, he ouerlayd with golde vntyll he had ended it. And the aultare t was in the queer he ouerlayde with golde also.
23 And within the queer he made .ij. Cherubins of olyue tree, ten cubytes hye.
24 Fyue cubytes longe was a wynge of the one Cherub, and fyue cubites longe was a winge of the other Cherub: so that from the vttermost parte of one wyng vnto the vttermost part of the other, were ten cubites.
25 And the other Cherub was ten cubites hye also, so t both the Cherubes were of one measure & one syse.
26 For the heigth of the one Cherub was ten cubites, and so was it of e other. And he put the Cherubes within the ynner house.
27 And the Cherubes stretched out their winges, so that the one winge of e one touched the one wall, and the one winge of the other touched the other wall. And the other two winges of them touched one another in the myddes of e house.
28 And he ouerlayed the Cherubs with golde.
29 And in all the walles of the house round about, he made fygures of carued and syled worke: as namely, pictures of Cherubs and Palmetrees and grauen floures, both within in the queer, & without in the temple.
30 And the floure of the house he couered with golde both within in e queer and also without in the temple.
31 And in the enteryng of the queer he made two dores of Olyue tree. And both the vpper & two syde postes were .v. square. The two dores also were of Oliue tree,
32 and he graued them with grauynge of Cherubs and Palmetrees, and grauen floures, & couered them with gold, and layed thinne plates of golde vpon the Cherubs and Palmetrees.
33 And in like maner dyd he in the dore of the temple, sauynge that the postes were of Oliuetre fouresquare.
34 The two dores were of fyrre tree: and eyther dore with two folding leaues,
35 he graued theron Cherubs Palmetrees, and flours: and couered them with golde, which was layed thynne vpon the carued worke.
36 And he buylt the ynner court wt thre rowes of hewed stone, and one rowe of Cedar wodde.
37 In the fourth yere was the foundacion of the house of the Lorde layed: euen in the moneth Ziff.
38 And in the eleuenth yere in the moneth Bull, which is the eyght moneth, was the house full fynisshed thorowout all the partes therof, and accordynge to all the fasshyon of it. And so was he seuen yere in buyldynge it.




1 But Salomon was buyldyng his awne house thirtene yere, & finysshed it all.
2 And he buylt the house in the wodd of Libanon, an hundred cubytes longe, and fyftye cubytes broad, & .xxx. cubytes hye. And it stode vpon foure rowes of Cedar pyllars, and Cedar beames were layed vpon the pyllers.
3 And e rouffe was Cedar aboue vpon the beames, that laye on the pyllers: euen fyue and fourtye beames in fyftene rowes.
4 And there were wyndowes in thre rowes: and the wyndowes were one agaynst another thre folde.
5 And the dores with the syde postes, and the vpperposte were fouresquare, and had windowes one agaynst another thre folde.
6 And he made a porch by the pillars, that bare vp the house .l. cubites longe, and .xxx. cubites broad: & that porch was before those & the other pillers. For there was a thick tree set before them.
7 Then he made a porche to syt a iudge in, syled with Cedar thorowout all the pauementes.
8 And hys awne house (that he kept residence in: & that was in another courte without e porch) was made of that same worcke. And then Salomon made an house for Pharaos daughter whom he had taken to wyfe, lyke vnto the fasshion of that porche.
9 And all these were of the best stones, hewed after a measure, and sawed wt sawes within and without, from the foundacion vnto the beames that laye aboue, after the measure, & euen so on the outsyde towarde the great court.
10 And the foundacyon was layed vpon rych stones & e very great stones: wherof some were .x. cubites, & some .viij. cubites.
11 And aboue were good stones squared after a certayn rule, & couered wt Cedar.
12 And the great court round about was wt thre rowes of hewed stone, & one rowe of Cedar planckes, after e maner of the ynner court of the house of the Lorde, & of the porch of the temple.
13 And kyng Salomon sent and fett one Hiram out of Tire,
14 a wedowes sonne of the tribe of Nephtalim, his father beyng a man of Tire. Which Hiram was a craftes man in brasse full of wysdome, vnderstandynge and connynge: to worke all maner of worcke in brasse. And he came to king Salomon, & wrought all his worcke.
15 For he cast two pillers of brasse of .xviij. cubites hye a pece, & a stringe of .xij. cubites dyd compasse ether them about.
16 And he made .ij. heed peces of molten brasse (after the fasshion of a crowne) to sett on the toppes of the pyllers. The heigth of the one heed pece conteined .v. cubites, & the heigth of the other heed pece conteyned .v. cubites also:
17 he made also net worck & garlandes of cheyne worcke, vpon the heed peces that were on the top of the pyllers, euen seuen rowes vpon the one heed pece, and seuen vpon the other.
18 And so he made the pyllers, and two rowes round about, in the one wrethen worcke, to couer the heed peces t were vpon the pomgranates. And thus dyd he also for the other heed pece.
19 And the heed peces that were on the toppes of the pillers, couered he aboue with a curyous worke of roses: towarde the palace by the space of .iiij. cubytes.
20 Likewyse, vnder e heed peces in those .ij. pillers beneth, oueragainst e middes & before e net worke. And vpon the seconde heed pece were ther .ij.C. pomgranates in two rowes round about.
21 And he set vp the pillers in the porch of the temple. And when he had set vp the rightpiller, he called e name therof Ioachim: & whan he had set vp the left piller, he called e name therof Boaz.
22 And in the toppe of the pyllers was a worke of roses, and so was e workmanshyp of the pyllers finyshed.
23 And he made a molten lauatory, ten cubytes wyde from brym to brym, round in compasse, & .v. cubytes hye. And a stryng of thirtye cubytes dyd compasse it about:
24 and vnder the brym of it, there were knoppes round about, ten in one cubite: and they compassed the lauatory round about. And e knoppes were cast wt it, in two rowes, when it was caste.
25 And it stode on twelue oxen: of which thre loked toward the north .iij. towarde the west .iij. towarde the south, & .iij. toward the east. and the lauatory stode vpon them, & all theyr hinderpartes were inward.
26 It was an hand breadeth thycke, & e brym wrought lyke the brim of a cup wt floures of lylies. And it conteyned two thousande bates.
27 And he made .x. sokettes of brasse .iiij. cubites longe, and .iiij. cubites broade a pece, & .iij. cubites hye.
28 And the worke of the sokettes was on this maner. They had sides, and the sydes were betwene the ledges.
29 And on the sydes that were betwene the ledges, were lyons, oxen and cherubs. And lykewyse, vpon the ledges that were aboue: and beneth the lyons and oxen were certayne addicions made of thynne worke.
30 And vnder euery soket, were foure brasen wheles, and bordes of brasse. And in the foure corners therof, were vndersetters vnder the lauatorye, cast eche oueragaynst hys felowe.
31 And the stalke of the lauatory was in the myddle of it, one cubite hye, and a cubite and an halfe rounde: and in the heigth of it were grauen workes, whose sydes were made foursquare, and not rounde.
32 And vnder the sydes were .iiij. wheles: and the axeltrees ioyned fast to the bottome. And the heygth of euery whele was a cubyte and an halfe.
33 And the workmanshyp of the wheles was lyke the worke of a charret whele. And the axeltrees, the nauelles, spokes and shaftes were all molten:
34 And there were foure vndersetters in the .iiij. corners of one socket: and the vndersetters were of the very bottome selfe.
35 And in e heygth of the bottome was there round compasse of a cubite hye: and in that heygth of the bottome, there proceaded both ledges & sydes out of the same.
36 For in the bordes of the ledges, and on the sydes, he had grauen pyctures of cherubins, lyons and palmetrees, one by an other rounde aboute.
37 Thus made he the ten sockettes after this maner. And they had all one fashion of castyng: one measure, and one sise.
38 Then made he .x. lauers of brasse, one lauer conteyning .xl. bates: and one lauer was foure cubytes, and vpon euery one of the ten sockettes, he put one lauer.
39 And he put fyue of those sockettes on the right side of e house and other fyue on the lefte. And he set the lauatorye on the ryght syde of the house eastwarde and towarde the south.
40 And Hiram made pottes, shouels and basens, and so finyshed all the worke t he made kyng Salomon for the house of the Lorde:
41 t is to saye, two pillers, two round heed peces, that were to be sett on the toppes of the two pillers .ii. net workes to couer the two round heed peces set vpon the toppes of the pyllers,
42 and .iiij.C. pomgranates for the two net workes, euen two rowes of pomgranates in one net worke, to couer the two heed peces that were to be sett on the toppes of the pyllers.
43 And the ten sockettes, and ten lauers on the sockettes.
44 The lauatory and .xij. oxen vnder it:
45 and pottes, shouelles and basens. And all these vessels which Hiram made to kyng Salomon for the house of e Lord, were of bright brasse.
46 In the playne of Iordan did the king cast them: euen in the thycke claye betwene Sococh and Zarthan.
47 And Salomon left all the vessels vnwayed, because they were so exceadyng many, neyther founde they oute the weyght of the brasse.
48 And so Salomon made all the vessels that pertayned vnto the house of the Lorde: the golden aulter and the golden table, wheron the shewe bread was.
49 And fyue candelstyckes, for the ryght syde, and fyue for the lefte before the queer of pure golde: with floures,
50 lampes, and snoffers of golde: & boules, flat peces, basons, spones and masoures of pure golde: and hindges made he of golde for the dores of the queer, the place moost holy, and for the dores of the temple also.
51 And so was ended all e worke that kyng Salomon made for the house of the Lorde. And Salomon brought in e thinges which Dauid his father had dedicated: euen the siluer, golde, & vessels: and layed them vp amonge the treasures of the house of the Lorde.




1 Then Salomon gathred together the elders of Israel, all e heades of the tribes, and them that were captaynes among the father of e children of Israel, vnto him in Ierusalem, that they might bryng vp the arck of the appointement of the Lorde out of the citye of Dauid, which is Syon.
2 And all the men of Israel assembled vnto kynge Salomon to the festae that falleth in the monethe Ethanim, which is the seuenth moneth.
3 And all the elders of Israel were come and the preastes toke vp the arck.
4 They bare the arck of the Lord into the tabernacle of witnes, and all the holy vessels that were in the tabernacle: those dyd the prestes and the Leuites beare.
5 And kyng Salomon and all the congregacion of Israel that were assembled vnto hym, and went wyth hym before the arcke, dyd offer shepe and oxen, that coulde not be tolde nor nombred for multitude.
6 And so the prestes brought the arcke of e appoyntement of e Lorde vnto his place: euen into the queer of the temple & place most holy, vnder the winges of the cherubs.
7 For the cherubs stretched out their winges ouer the place of the arck, & couered both it & also the staues therof a hie vpon it.
8 And they drewe out the staues, t the endes of them myght appeare out of the holy place within the queer: but they were not sene wt out. And there they haue bene vnto this daye:
9 and ther was nothyng in the arcke, saue the two tables of stone, which Moses put there at Horeb, in the which tables e Lord made an apoyntement with the chyldren of Israel, when he brought them out of the lande of Egypt.
10 And it fortuned t when the prestes were come out of the holy place, the cloude fylled the house of the Lorde,
11 t the preastes coulde not stande and minister, because of the cloude: for the glory of the Lord had fylled e house of the Lorde.
12 Then spake Salomon: the Lorde sayde: t he wolde dwell in the darck cloude.
13 I haue built the an house to dwell in an habitacion for the, to abyde in for euer.
14 And the kyng turned his face, and blessed all the congregacyon of Israel: and all the congregacion of Israel stode styll.
15 And he sayd: Blessed be the Lorde God of Israel, which spake wt hys mouth vnto Dauid my father, and hath wt his hande fulfylled it, saying:
16 Sens the daye t I brought my people Israel out of Egipt, I chose no cytie of all e trybes of Israel, to buylde an house, t my name myght be therin. But I haue chosen Dauid to be ruler ouer my people Israel.
17 And it was in the herte of Dauid my father to builde an house for e name of e Lord God of Israel.
18 And the Lord sayd vnto Dauid my father. Where as it was thyne herte to buylde an house vnto my name, thou diddest well, t thou was so mynded.
19 Neuerthelesse u shalt not buylde e house, but thy sonne that shall come out of thyne loynes, he shall buyld the house vnto my name.
20 And e Lord hath made good his worde t he spake. And I am rysen vp in the rowme of Dauid my father, and sytt on the seate of Israel as the Lorde promised and haue buylt an house for the name of the Lorde God of Israel.
21 And I haue prepared therin a place for the arcke wherin is the couenaunt of the Lorde, which he made with our fathers, when he brought them out of the lande of Egypte,
22 Salomon stode before the aultare of the Lorde in the syght of all the congregacyon of Israel, and stretched out hys handes towarde heauen,
23 and sayde: Lorde God of Israel, ther is no God like the in heauen aboue, or in the earth beneth, thou that kepest couenaunt and mercy for thy seruauntes that walke before the with all their hert:
24 thou that hast kept with thy seruaunt Dauid my father, t thou promysedest hym. Thou spakest also with thy mouth, and hast fulfilled it wt thyne hande, as it is come to passe this daye.
25 Therfore nowe Lorde God of Israel kepe with thy seruaunt Dauid my father t thou promysedest hym, saying: thou shalt not be without a man in my syght to syt in the seate of Israel: so that thy children take hede to their waye, that they walke before me as thou hast walked in my syght.
26 And nowe, O God of Israel, let thy worde be verifyed, which thou spakest vnto thy seruaunt Dauid my father.
27 Will God in dede dwell on the erth? Beholde the heauens, and heauens of all heauens are not able to conteyne the. And howe shulde than this house do it, that I haue builded?
28 Haue u therfore respect vnto the prayer of thy seruaunt, and to hys supplicacyon, O Lorde my God, to heare the voyce and prayer before the this daye:
29 that thyne eyes maye be open towarde this house, night and daye, euen toward this place, of which thou hast sayde: My name shal be there. That u mayest herken vnto e prayer which thy seruaunt praieth in this place.
30 And regarde u, e supplicacion of thy seruaunt & of thy people Israel, when they praye in this place. And heare thou in heauen thy dwellynge place, & when thou hearest, haue mercy.
31 Yf any man trespace against his neyghbour, and there go an oth betwene them, and the one compelled the other, and come swearyng before thyne aulter in this house,
32 then herken thou in heauen, and worke and iudge thy seruauntes, that u condempne the vngodly to bryng hys waye vpon his head, and iustifye the righteous to geue hym accordyng to hys ryghteousnesse.
33 When thy people Israel be put to e worse before the enemye, because they haue synned agaynst the: and afterwarde turne agayne to the, and knowledge vnto thy name, and praye and make intercession vnto the in thys house:
34 then heare thou in heauen, to be mercyfull vnto the synne of the people Israel, & brynge them agayne into the lande, which thou gauest vnto their fathers.
35 If heauen be shut vp, & there be no rayne because they haue synned agaynst the: yet yf they praye in thys place, & knowledge vnto thy name, & turne from their synne, thorow thy scourgynge of them:
36 then heare thou in heauen, and be mercyfull of thy seruauntes and of thy people Israel, that thou shewe them a good waye to walke in, and geue rayne vpon thy londe that thou hast geuen vnto thy people to enheret.
37 If there be in the lande derth, or pestilence, drouth, blastynge, greshopper or caterpiller, or yf theyr enemye besege them in the lande of theyr cyties, or whatsoeuer plage or sycknesse chaunce:
38 then what prayers & supplicacyon soeuer be made of any man of all thy people Israel, which shall knowledge euery man the plage of his awne hert, and stretche forth hys handes to warde thys house:
39 heare thou then in heauen, euen in thy dwellynge place, and be mercyfull, and worke, and geue euery man accordinge to all hys wayes (euen as thou that only knowest his hert, for thou onely knowest the hertes of all the chyldren of men:)
40 that they maye feare the as longe as they lyue in the lande, which thou gauest vnto oure fathers.
41 And lykewyse, yf a straunger that is not of thy people Israel come out of a farre contrey for thy names sake,
42 for they shall heare of thy greate name, & of thy myghtie hande and of thy stretched out arme & shall come and praye in thys house.
43 Therfore, heare thou in heauen thy dwellynge place, and do all that the straunger calleth to the for: that all nacions of the erth maye knowe thy name and feare the, as do thy people Israel: and that they maye knowe that thy name is called vpon in thys house whych I haue buylte.
44 Yf thy people go out to batell agaynst their enemye, whether soeuer thou shalt sende them and shal praye vnto the, (O Lord) to warde the waye of the cytie whyche thou hast chosen, and towarde the house that I haue buylte for thy name:
45 heare thou in heauen theyr prayer and supplicacion, and iudge their cause.
46 Yf they synne aganst the (for there is no man that synneth not) and thou be angrie with them, and delyuer them into the hande of theyr enemyes: so that they carye them awaye prysoners vnto the lande of theyr enemyes, whether farre or neare,
47 yet yf they turne agayne vnto theyr hertes in the lande (to the whych they be caryed awaye captyue,) and returne and praye vnto the in the lande of theyr enemyes, saying: we haue synned, we haue done wyckedlye, and haue committed vngodlynesse,
48 and so turne agayne vnto the with all theyr herte, and all theyr soule in the lande of their enemies, which led them awaye captyue, and praye vnto the toward the waye of theyr lande, whych thou gauest vnto theyr fathers, and towarde the cytie, which thou hast chosen, & towarde the house which I haue buylt for thy name:
49 then heare thou theyr prayer and supplicacyon in heauen thy dwellynge place, & iudge theyr cause:
50 and be mercyfull vnto thy people, that haue synned agaynst the, and vnto all theyr iniquyties, wherby they haue done wyckedly agaynst the, and get thou them the fauoure of those which led them awaye captyue, that they maye haue compassyon on them.
51 For they be thy people, and thyne enherytaunce, which thou broughtest out of Egypte, euen from the myddes of the fornace of yron.
52 And let thyne eyes be open vnto the prayer of thy seruaunt, and vnto the prayer of thy people Israel to herken vnto them, in all that they call for vnto e.
53 For thou dyddest seperat them, from amonge all the nacyons of the erth, (to be thyne owne enheritaunce) as thou saydest by the hande of Moses thy seruaunt, when thou broughtest oure fathers oute of Egipte O Lorde God.
54 And when Salomon had made an ende of prayinge all thys prayer and supplicacyon vnto the Lorde, he arose from before the aultare of the Lorde, and from knelynge on hys knees, and from stretchynge of his handes vp to heauen,
55 an stode and blessed all the congregacion of Israel with a loude voyce, saying.
56 Blessed be the Lorde, that hath geuen reste vnto hys people Israel, accordyng to all that he promised, there hath not fayled one word of all the good promyse, whych he promysed by the hande of Moses hys seruaunt.
57 The Lorde oure God be with vs, as he was with oure fathers, and forsake vs not,
58 nether leaue vs: but that he may bowe oure hertes vnto him, that we maye walcke in all his wayes and kepe hys commaundementes hys statutes and hys lawes, whyche he commaunded oure fathers.
59 And these my wordes whych I haue prayed before the Lorde, be nye vnto the Lorde oure God daye and nyght, that he defende the cause of his seruaunt, and the cause of hys people Israel (what thynge soeuer chaunce at any tyme)
60 that all nacyons of the erth maye knowe, that the Lord is God, and none but he.
61 Let youre herte therfore be perfecte with the Lord oure God, that ye walke in hys statutes, and kepe hys commaundementes, as thys daye.
62 And the kynge and all Israel with hym, offered offerynges before the Lorde.
63 And Salomon offered a sacrifyce of peace offeringes vnto the Lorde, and he offered vnto the Lorde .xxii. thousande oxen and an hundred & twenty thousande shepe. And so the kynge & all the chyldren of Israel dedicated the house of the Lorde.
64 The same daye dyd the kynge halowe the myddel of the courte, that was before the house of the Lorde: for there he offered burnt offerynges, meate offerynges and the fat of e peace offeringes: because e brasen aultare that was before e Lord, was to lytle to receaue e burnt offeringes, meate offerynges, and the fatt of the peace offerynges.
65 And Salomon helde that same tyme an hye feast & all Israel with hym, a very great congregacyon, euen from the entrynge in of Hemath vnto the ryuer of Egypt, before the Lorde oure God, seuen dayes & seuen dayes euen .xiiii. dayes.
66 And the eyght daye he sent the people awaye. And they blessed the kyng and went vnto theyr tentes ioyous and with glad herte, because of all the goodnesse that e Lorde had done for Dauid his seruaunt, and for Israel hys people.




1 And when Salomon had fynysshed the buyldynge of the house of the Lorde and the kynges palace, & all that he had in hys mynde, and was apoynted to make:
2 the Lorde appered vnto hym agayne, as he appered to hym at Gibeon.
3 And the Lorde sayde vnto hym: I haue hearde thy prayer and thy intercessyon, that thou hast made before me. For I haue halowed this house (which thou hast buylte) to put my name ther for euer, and myne eyes and myne herte shalbe there perpetuallye.
4 And yf thou wylt walcke before me (as Dauid thy father walcked, in purenesse of herte and in ryghteousnesse) to do all that I haue commaunded the, and wylt kepe my statutes, & my lawes,
5 then wyll I stablysshe the seate of thy kyngdome vpon Israel for euer, as I promysed to Dauid thy father sayinge. Thou shalt not be without a man vpon the seate of Israel.
6 But and yf ye and youre chyldren turne awaye from me, and wyll not kepe my commaundementes and my statutes (whyche I haue set before you) but go and serue other Goddes, and worshyppe them:
7 then wyll I wede Israel oute of the lande, whych I haue geuen them. And thys house whych I haue halowed for my name, wyll I cast oute of my syght. And Israel shalbe a prouerbe and a fable amonge all nacyons.
8 And thys house shalbe taken awaye: so that euery one that passeth by it, shalbe astonyed, and shall hysse, and they shall saye: why hath the Lorde done thus vnto thys lande and to thys house?
9 And they shall answere: because they forsoke the Lorde theyr God, whyche brought theyr fathers out of the lande of Egypt, and haue taken holde vpon other Goddes, and haue worshipped them, and serued them, therfore hath the Lorde brought vpon them all thys euell.
10 And it fortuned, that at the ende of twentye yeres, Salomon fynisshed the buyldynge of the two houses, that is to wete, the house of the Lorde and the kynges palace.
11 And Hyram the kynge of Tyre brought Salomon tymbre of Cedar, and fyrre trees, golde, and whatsoeuer he desyred. And Salomon agayne gaue Hyram .xx. cyties into the lande of Galile.
12 And Hyram came oute from Tyre to se the cyties whyche Salomon had geuen hym, and they pleased hym not.
13 And he sayde: what cyties are these, which thou hast geuen me, my brother? and he called them the lande of Cabull vnto thys daye.
14 And Hyram sent the kynge syxe skore hundred wayght of golde.
15 And thys is the summe, which kynge Salomon raysed for a trybute whan he buylded e house of the Lorde and hys awne house, and Millo, and the wall of Ierusalem, and Hazoer, and Megeddo, and Gazer.
16 For Pharao kynge of Egypte went vp, & toke Gazer, and burnt it with fyre, and slue the Cananites t dwelt in the cytie, and gaue it for a present vnto hys daughter, Salomons wyfe.
17 And Salomon buylt Gazer and Beth Horon the nether:
18 and Baalath and Thamar in the wyldernesse and in the lande:
19 and all the treasure cyties that Salomon had, and cyties for hys charettes, & cyties for hys horsemen, and all that Salomon desyred and wolde buylde in Ierusalem, in Libanon, and in all the lande of hys dominyon.
20 And all the people that were lefte of the Amorites, Hethites, Pheresites, Heuites and Iebusites, (whych were not of the chyldren of Israel)
21 theyr chyldren that were lefte after them in the lande, whom the chyldren of Israel also were not able to destroye. Those dyd Salomon compell to bryng tribute vnto thys daye.
22 But of the chyldren of Israel dyd Salomon make no bonde men. But they were men of warre, hys ministers, hys Lordes, his captaynes, and rulers of his charettes, and of hys horsemen.
23 And these were the Lordes, that were sett ouer Salomons worke: euen fyue hundred were they and fyftye, and they ruled the people that wrought the worcke.
24 And Pharaos daughter came vp oute of the cytie of Dauid vnto the house which Salomon had buylt for her. And then dyd he also buylde Millo.
25 And thryse a yere dyd Salomon offer burntofferinges and peace offeringes vpon the aultare, whyche he buylt vnto the Lorde. And he burnt incense vpon the altare that was before the Lorde, and so he fynisshed the house.
26 And kynge Salomon made a nauye of shyppes in Azion Gaber whyche is besyde Eloth, on the bryncke of the redd see, in the lande of Edom.
27 And Hyram sent by shyppe also of hys seruauntes, that were shypmen, and had knowledge of the see, wyth the seruauntes of Salomon.
28 And they came to Ophyr and fet from thence one and twentye skore hundred weyght of golde, & brought it to kynge Salomon.




1 And the Quene of Saba hearynge the fame of Salomon (concernynge the name of the Lorde) came to proue him with harde questyons.
2 And she came to Ierusalem with a very great trayne: with Camelles that bare swete odoures, and golde exceadynge moche, and preciouse stones. And she came to Salomon and comoned with him of all that was in her hert.
3 And Salomon declared vnto her all her questions, so that there was not one thinge hydd from the kynge, which he expounded not vnto her.
4 And the quene of Saba consydred all Salomons wysdome, and the house that he had buylded,
5 and the meate of his table, & the syttynge of hys seruauntes, the order of hys mynisters, and theyr apparell, hys dryncke, and his burnt sacrifices that he offered in the house of the Lorde, and she was astonnied.
6 And she sayde vnto the kynge. It was a true worde that I hearde in myne awne lande of thy sayinges, and of thy wysdome.
7 Howbeit I beleued it not, tyll I came, & sawe it wyth myne eyes. And beholde, the one halfe was not tolde me: for thy wysdome and prosperite exceadeth the fame whych I hearde of the.
8 Happy are thy men: and happye are these thy seruauntes, which stande euer before the, and heare thy wysdome.
9 Blessed be the Lord thy god, which loued the, to set the on the seat of Israel, because e Lord loued Israel for euer, and made the kynge, to do equyte and ryghtewysnesse.
10 And she gaue the kynge syxe skore hundred weight of golde, and of swete odoures excedynge moch, and preciouse stones. There came nomore soche aboundaunce of swete odoures, as the quene of Saba gaue to kynge Salomon.
11 The nauye also of the shyppes of Hyram (that caryed golde from Ophyr) brought lyke wyse greate plenty of Almuge tre and preciouse stones.
12 And e kynge made of the Almuge trees, pillers for e house of the Lorde and for the kynges palace, and made harpes and psalteryes for syngers. There came no moare suche Almuge trees, nor were anye moare sene vnto thys daye.
13 And kyng Salomon gaue vnto the Quene of Saba accordynge to all her desyre whatsoeuer she asked: besydes that he gaue her of a fre wyll with his awne hande. And so she returned vnto her awne countrey: both she, and her seruauntes.
14 The weyght of golde that came to Salomon in one yeare, was syxe hundred thre score and syxe talentes of golde,
15 besydes that he had of chapmen and of marchauntes and of Potycaryes, and of all the kynges of Arabye, and of the Lordes of the countreye.
16 And kynge Salomon made two hundred bucklers of beaten gold, syxe hundred sycles of gold went to a buckler.
17 And he made thre hundred shyldes of beaten golde, thre pounde of golde went to one shylde, and the kynge put them in the house of the wood of Libanon.
18 And the kynge made a great seate of yuerye, and couered it with the best golde.
19 And the seate had syxe steppes. And the toppe of the seate was rounde behynde, & there were pomelles on ether syde on the place of e seate and two Lyons stode besyde the pomelles.
20 And there stode .xii. Lyons on the steppes .vi. on a syde. Ther was none lyke (worke) sene in any kyngdome.
21 And all kynge Salomons drynckynge vesselles were of golde, & lykewyse al the vesselles of the house of the wood of Libanon were of pure gold. And as for syluer, it was nothing worth in e dayes of Salomon,
22 For e kinges nauye of shyppes went on the see vnto Tharsis wt the nauie of Hyrams shippes: euen once in the yere went the nauye to Tharsis, & brought golde and syluer Elephantes teth, apes and pecokes.
23 And so kynge Salomon exceaded all the kynges of the erth both in richesse & wysdome.
24 And all the worlde resorted to Salomon, to heare his wysdome, which God had put in hys herte.
25 And brought him euery man his present, vessels of syluer and vessels of golde, rayment, harnesse, and swete odoures and horsses and Mules, yere by yere.
26 And Salomon gathered together charettes and horsmen: and he had a thousande and foure hundred charettes, & twelue thousande horsemen, whom he bestowed in the charette cyties, and with the kynge at Ierusalem.
27 And the kynge made syluer in Ierusalem as plenteous as stones, & Cedar as plenteouse as the wylde fygge trees that growe aboundauntly in the feldes.
28 The bryngyng of horses also out of Egypte: & the collection of the wares: dyd the kynges marchauntes take agayne, and sold the stuffe for a pryce.
29 A charet came vp out of Egypte for syxe hundred sycles of syluer: that is one horsse for an hundred and fyftye. And euen so so for all the kinges of the Hethithes and for the kynges of Syria, dyd they brynge them oute thorowe theyr handes.




1 But kynge Salomon loued many outelandishe wemen: and the daughter of Pharao: and wemen of the Moabites, Ammonites, Edomites, Zidonites, and Hethites.
2 Where as yet (concernynge these nacyons) the Lorde sayde vnto the chyldren of Israell: come not ye at them, nor let them come at you: elles wyll they turne youre hertes after theyr goddes. Neuerthelesse, Salomon claue vnto them in loue.
3 And he had seuen hundred Quenes, and thre hundred concubines, and his wyues. turned a waye his hert.
4 For it came to passe, when Salomon was olde, hys wyues turned his herte after other Gods: and his herte was not perfecte with the Lord his God, as was the herte of Dauid his father:
5 for Salomon folowed Astaroth the God of the Zidons, and Milcom, the abhominacion of the Ammonites.
6 And Salomon wrought wyckednesse in the sight of the Lorde, & folowed not the Lorde perfectly, as dyd Dauid hys father.
7 For than did Salomon buylde an hye place for Chamos the abominacyon of Moab, in the hyll that is before Ierusalem, & vnto Moloch the abhominacyon of the chyldren of Ammon.
8 And lykewise dyd he for all his out landishe wyues, which burnt incense and offered vnto theyr gods.
9 And the Lorde was angrye with Salomon, because hys hert was turned from the Lorde God of Israel which had appeared vnto him twyse,
10 and gaue him a charge (concerninge this thinge) that he shuld not folowe other gods. But he kepte not that, which the Lorde commaunded him,
11 wherfore the Lord sayde vnto Salomon: for as moch as this is done of the, and thou hast not kepte myne appoyntment, and my statutes (which I commaunded the) I wyll rent the kyngdome from the, and wyll geue it to thy seruaunt.
12 Notwithstandynge in thy dayes I will not do it because of Dauid thy father but will take it from the hande of thy sonne.
13 Howbeit, I will not take awaye all e kyngdome: but will geue one trybe to thy sonne, because of Dauid my seruaunt, and because of Ierusalem which I haue chosen.
14 And the Lorde stered vp an aduersarye vnto Salomon: euen one Hadad an Edomite of the kynges sede, which was in Edom.
15 For when Dauid was in Edom, and Ioab the captayne of the hoste was gone vp to burye them that were slayne, he smote all the men chyldren in Edom.
16 For syxe monethes dyd Ioab remayne there and all Israel, tyll he had destroyed all the men chyldren in Edom.
17 And thys Hadad fled and certen other Edomites of hys fathers seruauntes with him, to come into Egipte: Hadad beyng yet a lytle chylde.
18 And they arose out of Madian, and came to Paran, and toke men with them out of Paran and came to Egypte vnto Pharao kynge of Egipte, which gaue him an house, & appoynted him vitayles, and gaue him lande.
19 And Hadad gat greate fauoure in e syght of Pharao, so that he gaue hym to wyfe the syster of his awne wyfe, euen the syster of Thahpenes the quene.
20 And e sister of Thahpenes bare him Genubath his sonne, whom Thahpenes norisshed in Pharaos house. And Genubath was of Pharaos householde amonge the sonnes of Pharao.
21 And when Hadad hearde in Egypte, that Dauid was layde to slepe wyth hys fathers, and that Ioab the captayne of e host was deed also, he sayd to Pharao: let me departe, that I maye go to myne awne contreye.
22 Pharao sayde vnto hym: what hast thou lacked here with me, t thou woldest thus go to thine awne contreye? He answered. Nothing. Howbeit, let me go
23 And God stered him vp an other aduersary, one Rezon the sonne of Eliada, whyche fled from his Lorde Hodadezer kynge of Zoba.
24 And he gathered men vnto hym, and became captayne ouer the companye, when Dauid slewe them. And they went to Damasco, and dwelt there, and raigned in Damasco:
25 Therfore was he an aduersarye to Israel all the dayes of Salomon. And this was e myschefe, in that Hadad dyd abhorre Israel, and raygned ouer Syria
26 And Ieroboam the sonne of Nebat an Ephrathite of Zareda (whose mother was called Zeruah, which was a wydowe, and he Salomons seruaunt) lyfte vp his hande agaynst the kynge.
27 But this was the cause, that he lyfte vp his hande agaynst the kyng. Salomon buylte Mello, & mended the broken places of the cytie of Dauid his father.
28 And this felowe Ieroboam was a man of warre. And Salomon sawe the younge man, that he was able to do the worke, he made hym ruler ouer all e tribute of e house of Ioseph.
29 And it chaunced at that ceason, that Ieroboam went out of Ierusalem, and the prophete Ahiah the Silonite mett him by the waye hauynge a newe mantell on hym, and they two were alone in the felde.
30 And Ahiah caught the newe mantell that was on hym and rent it in twelue peces,
31 and sayde to Ieroboam take the ten peces. For thus sayth the Lorde God of Israel: behold, I wyll rent the kyngdome oute of the handes of Salomon, and wyll geue ten tribes to the
32 and he shall haue one, for my seruaunte Dauids sake and for Ierusalem the cytie whyche I haue chosen out of all the trybes of Israel:
33 because they haue forsaken me, and haue worshypped vnto Astharoth the God of the Zidons, & Chamos the God of the Moabites, and Milcom the God of the chyldren of Ammon, and haue not walked in my wayes (to fulfyll my pleasure, my statutes and my lawes) as dyd Dauid hys father.
34 I wyll not take the whole kyngdome out of his hande: but wyll make hym chefe all hys lyfe longe, for Dauid my seruauntes sake, whom I chose: because he kepte my commaundementes and my statutes.
35 But I wyll take the kyngdome out of his sonnes hande, & wyll geue it vnto the, euen ten tribes of it:
36 and vnto hys sonne wyll I geue one trybe, t Dauid my seruaunt maye haue a lyght allwaye before me in Ierusalem, the cytie which I haue chosen me, to put my name there.
37 And I wyll take the, & thou shalt raygne accordynge to all that thy soule desyreth, & shalt be kynge ouer Israel.
38 And yf thou herken vnto all that I commaunde the, & wylt walke in my wayes & do that is ryght in my syght, that thou kepe my statutes and my commaundementes (as Dauid my seruaunt dyd) then wyll I be with the, & buylde the a sure house that shall contynewe, as I buylte for my seruaunt Dauid, and wyll geue Israel vnto the
39 And I wyll for thys offence (which Salomon hath commytted) vexe the seede of Dauid, but not for euer.
40 Salomon sought therfore to kyll Ieroboam, and Ieroboam arose, and fled into Egypte vnto Sisak kynge of Egypte, and continued there in Egypte vntyll the deeth of Salomon.
41 The rest of the wordes that concerne Salomon, and all that he dyd, and hys wysdome: are they not wrytten in the boke of the wordes of Salomon?
42 The tyme that Salomon raygned in Ierusalem vpon all Israel, was fourtye yere.
43 And Salomon slepte and he layde him with hys fathers, and was buryed in the cytie of Dauid his father, and Rehoboam his sonne raygned in hys steade.




1 And Rehoboam went to Sichem: for all Israel were come to Sichem, to make him kynge.
2 And Ieroboam the sonne of Nabat (which was yet in Egypte) hearde of it for he fled to Egypte from the presence of kyng Salomon, & dwelt in Egypte.
3 So they sent and called hym: and Ieroboam and all the congregacyon of Israel came, and spake vnto Rehoboam, sayenge
4 thy father made oure yocke greuouse, nowe therfore, make thou the greuouse seruice of thy father and hys sore yocke which he putt vpon vs, lyghtter, & we wyll serue the.
5 And he sayde vnto them: departe yet for the space of thre dayes, and then come agayne to me. And the people departed.
6 And kynge Rehoboam toke councell with the olde men that stode before Salomon hys father, while he yet lyued, and sayde: what councell geue ye, that I maye haue matter to answere thys people?
7 And they sayde vnto hym: If thou be a seruaunt vnto thys people this daye, and folowe theyr myndes and answere them, and speake kynde wordes to them: they wyll be thy seruauntes for euer.
8 But he forsoke the councell that the olde men had geuen him, and called vnto hys councell yonge men, that were growen vp with him, and wayted on hym.
9 And he sayde vnto them: what councell geue ye, that we maye answere thys people? for they haue commoned with me, sayenge: make the yocke which thy father dyd putt vpon vs, lyghtter?
10 And the younge men that were growen vp with hym spake vnto hym sayenge: Thus shalt thou speake vnto thys people (that haue sayde vnto the: thy father made oure yocke heuye, butt make thou it vs lyghtter) Euen thus shalt thou saye vnto them: My lytle fynger shalbe wayghtier, then my father was in the loynes.
11 And nowe where as my father did lade you & put a greuouse yocke vpon you, I wyll make it heuyer. My father also corrected you wt scourges, but I wyll chastyse you with scorpions.
12 And so Ieroboam and all the people came to Rehoboam the thyrde daye, as the kynge had apoynted, sayenge: come to me agayne the thyrde daye.
13 And the kyng answered the people churlyshly, and lefte the olde mens councell (that they gaue hym)
14 & spake to them after the councell of the younge men, sayenge. My father made youre yocke greuouse, and I will make it greuouser. My father also chastised you with whyppes, but I wyll chastise you with scorpyons.
15 And the kynge herkened not vnto the people: for it was the ordinaunce of God, that he myght performe hys sayenge, which e Lorde spake by Ahiah e Silonite vnto Ieroboam the sonne of Nebat.
16 And so, when all Israel sawe, t the kynge regarded them not, the people answered the kynge with these wordes, sayenge, what porcion haue we in Dauid: we haue no enheritaunce in the sonne of Isai. To youre tentes, O Israel, nowe se to thyne awne house Dauid. And so Israel departed vnto theyr tentes.
17 Howbeit, ouer the chyldren of Israel which dwelt in the cytie of Iuda, dyd Rehoboam raygne styll.
18 Then kynge Rehoboam sent Aduram the receauer of the tribute. And all they of Israel stoned hym to deeth. But kynge Rehoboam made spede to gett hym vp to hys charet, and to flye to Ierusalem.
19 And they of Israel rebelled agaynst the house of Dauid, vnto thys daye.
20 And when all Israel heard that Ieroboam was come agayne, they sent and called hym vnto the multitude, and made hym kynge ouer all Israel: and there was no trybe that folowed the house of Dauid, but Iuda onely.
21 And when Rehoboam was come to Ierusalem, he gathered all the house of Iuda, with the trybe of BenIamin an hundred & foure skore thousande of chosen men (which were good warryoures) to fyght agaynst the house of Israel, and to brynge the kyngdome agayne to Rehoboam the sonne of Salomon.
22 And the worde of God came vnto Semaia the man of God, sayenge:
23 speake vnto Rehoboam the sonne of Salomon kynge of Iuda, and vnto all the house of Iuda & BenIamin, and to the remnaunt of the people, sayenge.
24 Thus sayth the Lorde. Ye shall not go vp, nor yet fyght agaynst youre brethren the chyldren of Israel, returne euery man to his house, for this thinge is my doing. They herkened therfore to the worde of the Lorde, and returned to departe, accordynge to the worde of the Lorde.
25 Then Ieroboam buylt Sichem in mount Ephraim, & dwelt therin And went from thence, & buylt Penuel.
26 And Ieroboam thought in his hert: nowe shall the kyngdome returne to the house of Dauid.
27 For yf thys people go vp and do sacrifyce in the house of the Lorde at Ierusalem, then shall e hert of this people turne agayne vnto theyr Lorde Rehoboam kynge of Iuda: and so shall they kyll me, and go agayne to Rehoboam kynge of Iuda.
28 Wherupon the kynge toke councell, and made two calues of golde, and sayde vnto them. It is muche for you to go vp to Hierusalem. Beholde, O Israel: these are thy goddes, which brought you out of e lande of Egypte.
29 And he set the one in bethel, and the other set he in Dan.
30 And this thynge turned to synne. for the people went (because of the one) as farre as Dan.
31 And he made an housse of hillaultares, and made preastes of the lowest of the people, which were not of the sonnes of Leui.
32 And Ieroboam made a feaste the .xv. daye of the eyght moneth, lyke vnto the feaste that is in Iuda, and offered on the aultare. And so did he in Bethel, to offer vnto the calues that he had made. And he put in Bethel the Preastes of the hyllaultares, which he had made.
33 And he offered burnt offeringes vpon the alter, which he had made in Bethel, the .xv. daye of the eyght moneth: euen in the moneth which he had ymagened of hys awne herte: and made a solempne feast vnto the chyldren of Israel, and offred vpon the aultare, and burnt incense.




1 And beholde, there came a man of God out of Iuda (by the worde of the Lord) vnto Bethel, & Ieroboam stode by the aulter to put incense.
2 And he cried agaynst the aultare in the worde of the Lord & sayde. O aultare, aultare, thus sayth the Lord: Beholde, a chylde shall be borne vnto the house of Dauid, (Iosia by name) & vpon the shall he offer the preastes of the hillaultares that burne incense vpon the, & mennes bones shalbe brent vpon the.
3 And he gaue a token the same tyme, sayenge: thys is the token, that the Lorde hath spoken it. Beholde, the aulter shall rent, and the asshes that are vpon it, shall fall out.
4 And when the kynge hearde the sayenge of the man of God (which had cryed agaynst e aulter in Bethel) he stretched out hys hande from the aultare, sayenge: hold him. And his hande which he put forth agaynst him, dryed vp, & he coulde not pull it in agayne to hym:
5 the aulter also claue asunder, and the asshes fell out from the aulter, accordinge to the token which the man of God had geuen by the worde of the Lorde.
6 And the kynge answered, and sayde vnto the man of God. Oh praye vnto the Lorde thy God, and make intercessyon for me, that my hande maye be restored me agayne. And the man of God besought the Lorde, and the kynges hande was restored agayne, & became as it was afore.
7 And the kynge sayde vnto the man of God come home with me, that thou mayest dyne, and I wyll geue the a rewarde.
8 And the man of God sayde vnto the kynge: yf thou woldest geue me halfe thyne house, I will not go in with e, nether wyll I eate breade or drincke water in thys place.
9 For so was it charged me, thorowe the worde of the Lorde, sayeng: eate no bread nor dryncke water, nor turne againe by the same waye that thou camest.
10 And so he went another waye, & returned not by the waye that he came to Bethel.
11 And there dwelt an olde prophet in Bethel, & hys sonne came, and tolde hym all the workes, that the man of God had done that daye in Bethel: and the wordes which he had spoken vnto the kynge tolde they theyr father also.
12 And theyr father sayde vnto them: what waye went he? And his sonnes shewed him what waye the man of God went, which came fom Iuda.
13 And he sayde vnto hys sonnes: sadle me the Asse. Which whan they had sadled, be gatt hym vp theron,
14 and went after the man of God, & founde hym syttynge vnder a tre. And he sayde vnto him: art thou the man of God that camest from Iuda? And he sayde: I am.
15 He sayde vnto him: come home with me, and eate bread.
16 He answered: I maye not returne with the, to go in with the nether wyll I eate bread or drincke water with e in this place.
17 For it was sayde to me in the worde of the Lorde: Thou shalt eate no bred, nor drincke water there, nor turne agayne to go by e waye that thou camest.
18 He sayde vnto him: I am a prophet also as well as thou, and an Angell spake vnto me in the worde of e Lorde, sayenge: brynge him agayne with the into thyne house, that he maye eate bread and dryncke water. And he lyed vnto hym.
19 And so he went agayne with hym, and dyd eate bread in hys house and drancke water,
20 And it fortuned, that as they sate at the table, the worde of the Lorde came vnto the prophete, that brought him agayne.
21 And he cryed vnto the man of God that came from Iuda, sayenge: thus sayth the Lord because thou hast disobeyed the mouth of the Lorde, and hast not kept the commaundement which the Lorde thy God commaunded the,
22 but camest backe agayne, and hast eaten bread and droncke water in the place (concernynge the which the Lorde dyd saye vnto the: Thou shalt eate no bread nor dryncke water) thy carkasse shall not come vnto the sepulchre of thy fathers.
23 And so it came to passe, that when he had eaten bread and droncke, the prophete which brought him agayne, sadled him an asse.
24 And whan he was gone, a Lyon mett hym by the waye, and slue him, and his carkasse was cast in the waye, and the Asse stode therby, and the Lyon stode by the coarse also.
25 And men that passed by, sawe the carkasse cast in the waye, and the Lyon standynge therby: & they came and tolde it in the towne where the olde prophete dwelt.
26 And when the prophete that brought him backe agayne from the waye, hearde therof, he sayde: it is the man of God: he was disobedient vnto the worde of the Lorde, and therfore the Lorde hath delyuered him vnto the Lyon, which hath rent him and slayne him, accordinge to the worde of the Lorde, which he spake vnto hym.
27 And he spake to his sonnes, sayinge. sadle me an Asse: and so they dyd.
28 And he went, and founde hys bodye cast in the waye, and the Asse and the Lyon stode by the coarse. And the Lyon had not eaten the carkasse, nor hurt the Asse.
29 And the prophete toke vp the bodye of the man of God, and layed it vpon the Asse, and brought it agayne: and the olde prophete came to the cytie to lament, and to burye hym.
30 And he layde hys bodye in his awne graue, and they lamented ouer him. (Alas my brother.)
31 And when he had buried him, he spake to his sonnes, saying. When I am deed, se that ye burye me in the sepulchre wherin the man of God is buryed: laye my bones besyde hys bones.
32 For the sayenge which he cryed at the worde of the Lord agaynst the aultare in Bethel (and agaynst all the houses of hyll aultares which are in e cyties of Samarie) shall come to passe.
33 Howbeit, for all that, Ieroboam conuerted not from hys wycked waye: but turned backe, and made of the lowest of the people preastes of the hill aultares. And whoso pleased hym, he fylled hys hande, and he became preaste of the hill aultares.
34 And this thynge turned to synne vnto the house of Ieroboam euen to destroye hym, and to brynge hym to naught from of the face the erthe.




1 At that tyme Abia the sonne of Ieroboam fell sycke.
2 And Ieroboam sayde vnto hys wyfe: vp (I praye the) and disguyse thy selfe, that thou be not knowen to be the wyfe of Ieroboam, and get the to Silo. For ther is Ahia the Prophete which tolde me that I shulde be kynge ouer thys people.
3 And take with the ten loues, and cracknelles, and a cruse of honye, and go to him: that he maye tell the what shall become of the childe.
4 And Ieroboams wyfe dyd so: and arose, and went to Silo, and came to the house of Ahia. But Ahia coulde not se, for hys eyes were waxen dymme for age.
5 And the Lorde sayde vnto Ahia: beholde, the wyfe of Ieroboam cometh, to aske a thinge of the for her sonne, for he is sycke. But thus shalt thou saye vnto her. And when she came in, she feyned her selfe to be a nother woman.
6 But when Ahia hearde the sounde of her fete as she came in at the dore, he sayde: come in thou wyfe of Ieroboam, why feynest thou thy selfe so, to be another? I am sent to the to shewe the heuy thinges.
7 Go, tell Ieroboam, thus sayth the Lorde God of Israel. It repenteth me for as moche as I exalted the from amonge the people, and made the prynce ouer my people Israel.
8 I dyd rent the kyngdome awaye from the house of Dauid and gaue it the: Neuertheles, thou hast not bene as my seruaunt Dauid, which kepte my commaundementes, and folowed me wyth all hys herte, to do t whych is ryght in myne eyes:
9 but hast done euyll, aboue all that were before the: for thou hast gone, and made the other goddes, and molten ymages, to prouoke me, and hast cast me behynde thy backe: therfore beholde,
10 I wyll brynge euell vpon the house of Ieroboam, and wyll rote out from Ieroboam euen hym that pysseth agaynste the wall and hym that is in preson and forsaken in Israel, and wyll take awaye the remnaunt of the house of Ieroboam, as a man taketh awaye donge, tyll he hath caryed out all.
11 Whosoeuer (of Ieroboams house) dye in the towne, hym shall the dogges eate: & he t dieth in the felde, shall the fowles of the ayre eate: for the Lorde hath sayde it.
12 Up therfore and gett the to thyne house. Beholde, whan thy fote entereth into the cytie, e chylde shall dye.
13 And all they of Israel shall mourne for him, and burye him: for he onely of Ieroboam, shall come to the sepulchre, because in hym there is founde goodnesse towarde the Lorde God of Israel in the house of Ieroboam.
14 Moreouer, the Lorde shall stere hym vp a kynge ouer Israel, which shall destroye the house of Ieroboam in that daye. But what is it now?
15 For the Lorde shall smyte Israell, as whan a rede is shaken in the water and he shall wede Israel out of thys good lande (which he gaue to theyr fathers,) and shall skatter them beyonde the ryuer, because they haue made them Idoles groues, and angred the Lorde.
16 And he shall geue Israel vp, becuase of the synnes of Ieroboam, which dyd synne, and made Israel to synne.
17 And Ieroboams wyfe arose, and departed, and came to Thirzah, and whan she came to the thresholde of the dore, the chylde was deed.
18 And all Israel buryed hym, and lamented him, accordynge to the worde of e Lorde which he spake by the hande of hys seruaunt Ahia the Prophete.
19 And the rest of the wordes that concerne Ieroboam, howe he warred, and howe he raygned. Beholde they are wrytten in the boke of the Cronicles of the kynges of Israel.
20 And the dayes which Ieroboam raygned, were .xxii. yere. And whan he was layed aslepe with hys fathers, Nadab his sonne raygned in his steade.
21 Rehoboam the sonne of Salomon raygned in Iuda, and Rehoboam was .xli. yere olde when he beganne to raygne, and he raygned .xvij. yere in Ierusalem (the cytie which the Lorde dyd chose out of all the trybes of Israel, to put his name there.) His mothers name was Naama an Ammonite.
22 And Iuda wrought wickednesse in the syght of the Lorde, and angred him in moo thinges then their fathers dyd, in their synnes, which they synned.
23 For they also made them hyll aulters, Images, & Idols groues on euery hye hyll, & vnder euery thick tre.
24 And there was a stues of male chyldren in the lande, & they dyd accordinge to all the abhominacions of the nacions which the Lorde cast out before the chyldren of Israel.
25 And it fortuned, that in the fyft yere of kynge Rehoboam: Sisack kynge of Egypte came vp agaynst Ierusalem,
26 and toke awaye the treasures of e house of the Lorde, & the treasures of the kynges house, & spoyled all that was to be had. And he toke awaye the shyldes of golde which Salomon had made.
27 In whose steade kynge Rehoboam made brasen shyldes, and committed them vnto the handes of the kepynge of the captaines of the garde, which wayted at the dore of the kynges house.
28 And whan the kynge went into the house of the Lord, they of the garde bare them, and brought them agayne into the garde chambre.
29 The rest of the wordes that concerne Rehoboam, and all t he dyd, are they not wrytten in the boke of the Cronicles of the kynges of Iuda?
30 And there was warre betwene Rehoboam and Ieroboam all theyr lyues.
31 And Rehoboam slepte with his fathers, and was buried besyde his fathers in the cytie of Dauid. Hys mothers name was Naama an Ammonite. And Abiam hys sonne raygned in hys steade.




1 In the .xviij. yere of kynge Ieroboam the sonne of Nabat, raygned Abiam ouer Iuda.
2 Thre yere raygned he in Ierusalem and hys mothers name was Maacha the daughter of Abisalom.
3 And he walked in all the synnes of his father, which he had done before hym and hys hert was not perfect with the Lord hys God as the hert of Dauid his father.
4 Neuerthelesse for Dauids sake dyd the Lord hys God geue hym a lyght in Ierusalem, that he sett vp his sonne after hym, and to stablisshe Ierusalem:
5 because Dauid dyd that which was ryght in the syght of e Lorde, and turned from nothinge that he commaunded hym all the dayes of hys lyfe saue onely in the matter of Urias the Hethite.
6 And there was warre betwene Rehoboam and Ieroboam as longe as he lyued.
7 The rest of the wordes that concerne Abiam, and all that he dyd, are they not wrytten in the boke of the Cronicles of the kynges of Iuda? And ther was warre betwene Abiam and Ieroboam.
8 And Abiam slepte with hys fathers, and they buryed hym in the cytie of Dauid. And Asa his sonne raygned in his steade.
9 In the .xx. yere of Ieroboam kynge of Israel, raygned Asa ouer Iuda
10 .xli. yere raygned he in Hierusalem, & hys mothers name was Maacha, the daughter of Abisalom.
11 And Asa dyd that semed ryght in the eyes of the Lorde, as dyd Dauid his father.
12 And he toke awaye the whore kepers out of the lande, and put awaye all the abhominable Idols that his fathers had made.
13 And he put downe Maacha hys mother from berynge rule, because she had made ymages in groues. And Asa destroyed her ymages, and burnt them by the broke Cedron.
14 But e hillaulters were not put downe. Neuerthelesse Asaes herte was perfecte with the Lord all his dayes.
15 He brought in the holy vessels of his father, (& t he had dedicat) vnto e house of the Lorde: golde & syluer, & Iewelles.
16 And there was warre betwene Asa & Baasa kynge of Israell all theyr dayes.
17 And Baasa kynge of Israel, went vp agaynst Iuda, & buylt Rama, so t he wolde let none go out or in, to Asa kynge of Iuda.
18 Then Asa toke all the syluer & golde, that was lefte in the treasures of the house of the Lorde, & the treasures of the kynges house, and delyuered them vnto the handes of hys seruauntes, & Asa sent them to Benhadad the sonne of Tabrimon the sonne of Hezion kynge of Siria, (that dwelt at Damasco,) sayenge:
19 there is a bonde betwene me & the, betwene my father and thy father. And beholde, I haue sent vnto the a present of syluer & golde t thou come & breake the bonde t thou hast wt Baasa kynge of Israell, that he maye departe from me.
20 So Benhadad herkened vnto kyng Asa, and sent the captaynes of the hostes (which he had) agaynst the cyties of Israel, & smote Hion, & Dan, & Abel, Beth Macah, & all the region of Ceneroth with all the lande of Nephthali.
21 And when Baasa heard therof, he lefte buylding of Rama & dwelt in Thirza.
22 Then kyng Asa made a proclamacyon thorowout all Iuda, t none shuld be excused. And so they toke the stones of Ramah & the tymber (wherwith Baasa had buylded,) & kyng Asa buylt with them the hyll of BenIamin and Mizpa.
23 The remnaunt of all the wordes that concerne Asa, and all hys myght and all that he dyd, & the cyties whych he buylded, are they not wrytten in the boke of the chronicles of the kynges of Iuda? Neuerthelesse in hys olde age he was diseased in hys fete.
24 And Asa slepte wyth hys fathers, & was buryed besyde his fathers in the cytie of Dauid hys father. And Iehosaphat his sonne raygned in his steade.
25 And Nadab the sonne of Ieroboam beganne to raygne vpon Israel the seconde yere of Asa kynge of Iuda, and raygned vpon Israel two yere.
26 And he dyd euell in the syght of the Lorde, walkynge in the waye of hys father and in hys synne wherwith he made Israel synne.
27 And Baasa the sonne of Ahia (whych was of the house of Isachar) conspired agaynst hym, and Baasa smote him at Gibbethon which is a cytie of the Philistines: for Nadab & all Israel layed seage to Gibbethon.
28 Euen in the thirde yere of Asa kynge of Iuda, dyd Baasa slaye him, and raygned in his steade.
29 And it fortuned that whan he was kyng, he smot all e house of Ieroboam, and lefte him naught that breathed, vntyll he had put hym cleane out, accordyng vnto the sayeng of the Lord, which he spake by his seruaunt Ahia the Selonite:
30 because of the synnes of Ieroboam wherwyth he synned and made Israel synne, whan he wyth hys prouocacyon angred the Lorde God of Israel.
31 The rest of the wordes that concerne Nadab, and all that he dyd, are they not wrytten in the boke of the chronicles of the kynges of Israel?
32 And there was warre betwene Asa and Baasa kynge of Israel all theyr dayes.
33 So in the thyrde yere of Asa kynge of Iuda, began Baasa the sonne of Ahia to raygne ouer all Israell in Thirza .xxiiij. yeare.
34 And he dyd t which is euell in the syght of e Lorde, walkynge in the waye of Ieroboam, & in his synne, which made Israel to synne.




1 Then the worde of the Lorde came to Iehu the sonne of Hanani agaynst Baasa, sayeng:
2 for as moche as I exalted the out of e dust, & made the captayne ouer my people Israel, and thou hast walked in the waye of Ieroboam, and hast made my people Israel to synne, to angre me wt theyr synnes:
3 Beholde, I wyll roote out the posterite of Baasa, and the posterite of hys house, and wyll make hys house lyke the house of Ieroboam the sonne of Nebat.
4 That man of Baasa whych dyeth in the cytie, him shall the dogges eate: and that man of hym whych dyeth in the feldes, shall the foules of the ayre eate.
5 The rest of e wordes t concerne Baasa, & what he dyd, & his power, are they not written in e boke of e chronicles of the kynges of Israel?
6 And so Baasa slepte wt hys fathers, & was buried in Thirza. And Ela his sonne raygned in his steade.
7 And by the hande of the prophete Iehu e sonne of Hanani, came the worde of the Lorde agaynst Baasa, and agaynst his house, & agaynst all the wyckednesse that he dyd in the syght of the Lorde (in angringe him wt the worke of his awne handes) that he shulde be lyke the house of Ieroboam, & because he kylled hym.
8 The .xxvj. yere of Asa kynge of Iuda beganne Ela e sonne of Baasa to raygne ouer Israel in Thirza, two yere.
9 And his seruaunt Zimri (which was captayne of halfe his charettes) conspired agaynst hym, as he was in Thirza drynckynge: and was droncken in e house of Arza stuard of hys house in Thirza.
10 And Zimri came, and smote him, and kylled hym in the .xxvij. yere of Asa kynge of Iuda, and raygned in hys steade.
11 And it fortuned that whan he was kynge and satt on hys seate, he slue all the house of Baasa, not leauynge therof, one to pisse agaynst a wall: Yee, he slue hys kynsfolkes and frendes, also.
12 And thus dyd Zimri destroye all the house of Baasa, accordynge to the worde of the Lorde, whych he spake agaynst Baasa by the hande of Iehu the prophet,
13 for all the synnes of Baasa & synnes of Ela hys sonne, whych they synned, and made Israel to synne, and angre the Lord God of Israel with their vanities.
14 The rest of e wordes t concerne Ela, & all he dyd, are they not wrytten in the boke of the Chronicles of the kynges of Israel?
15 In the .xxvij. yere of Asa kynge of Iuda, dyd Zimri raygne .vij. dayes in Thirza, and the people was then in the hoost besegynge Gebethon a citie of e Philistines.
16 And e people in the hoost heard one saye: Zimri hath conspired, & slayne e kynge: Wherfore, all they of Israell made Amri (the captayne of the hoost) kyng ouer Israel that same daye, euen in e hoost.
17 And Amri departed vp from Gibbethon, and all Israel with hym, & they beseged Thirza.
18 And when Zimri sawe t the citie must nedes be taken, he went into the palayse of the kynges house, and burnt him selfe and the kynges house wt fyre, and so dyed,
19 for his synnes whych he synned, in doynge t which is euell in the syght of the Lorde, and in walkynge in the waye of Ieroboam and in hys synnes whych he dyd, and in that he made Israel to synne.
20 The rest of the wordes t concerne Zimri and the treason t he wrought, are they not wrytten in the boke of the Chronicles of the kynges of Israel?
21 Then were the people of Israel deuyded into two partes, for halfe e people folowed Thibni e sonne of Ginath, makynge hym kynge: & the other halfe folowed Amri.
22 But the people that folowed Amri, preuayled agaynst the people that folowed Thibni the sonne of Ginath. And so Thibni dyed, and Amri raygned.
23 In e .xxxi. yere of Asa kynge of Iuda, beganne Amri to raygne ouer Israel .xii. yere. Sixe yere raygned he in Thirza.
24 He bought the hyll Sohomron of one Schemar for two talentes of syluer, and buylt in the hill, and called the name of the cytie whych he buylt, after the name of Schemar whych had bene owner of the hyll Schomron.
25 But Amri wrought that which is euell in e eyes of the Lorde, and dyd worsse then all t were before hym.
26 For he walked in all e waye of Ieroboam the sonne of Nebat, & in hys synnes, t made Israel synne, to anger e Lorde God of Israel wt their vanyties.
27 The rest of the wordes t concerne Amri, & all t he dyd, & his strength t he shewed, are they not written in the boke of the chronicles of e kynges of Israel?
28 And so Amri slepte wt hys fathers and was buryed in Schemaron, and Ahab his sonne raygned in hys steade.
29 In e .xxxviij. yere of Asa kynge of Iuda, beganne Ahab the sonne of Amri to raygne ouer Israel, and the same Ahab the sonne of Amri raygned ouer Israell in Samaria .xxij. yere.
30 And Ahab the sonne of Amri dyd euell in the syght of the Lord, aboue all that were before.
31 For it semed vnto hym but a lyght thinge to walke in the synnes of Ieroboam the sonne of Nebat. He toke Iezabel also the daughter of Ethbaal kynge of the Sidonites to wyfe, and went and serued Baal, & worshypped hym.
32 And he reared vp an aultare for Baal in the temple of Baal, whych he had buylded in Schomron.
33 And Ahab made groues, and proceded further in angrynge the Lorde God of Israel then all the kynges of Israel that were before hym.
34 In his dayes dyd Hiel of Bethel buylde Iericho. And it coste him Abiram his eldest sonne when he layde e foundacion, & his youngest sonne Segub, when he sett vp the gates, according vnto the worde of e Lord which he spake by Iosua the sonne of Nun.




1 And Elia the Thesbite (whych was of e enhabiters of Gilead) sayde vnto Ahab: as truly as the Lord God of Israel lyueth, before whome I stande there shalbe nether dewe nor rayne these yeres, but accordynge to my worde.
2 And the worde of the Lorde came vnto him, sayeng:
3 gett the hence, & turne the estwarde, & hide thy selfe in e brooke Cherith, t is it that lyeth before Iordan:
4 Thou shalt drynck of e ryuer, & I haue commaunded the rauens to fede e there.
5 And so he went, & dyd according vnto the worde of e Lord: For he went, & dwelt by e brooke Cherith, t is before Iordan.
6 And e rauens brought him bread & fleshe in the mornyng, & lykewise bread & flessh in e euening, & he drancke of the brooke.
7 And it chaunced after a while, t the brooke dryed vp, because ther fell no rayne vpon e erth
8 And e word of the Lorde came vnto him, sayeng:
9 vp & gett the to Zarphath, whych is in Sido, & dwell there. Beholde I haue commaunded a wydowe there to sustayne the.
10 So he arose, & went to Zarphath. And when he came to the gate of the cytie, the wedow was there, geathering stickes. And he called to her, & sayd: fet me I praye e, a lytle water in a vessell, t I maye dryncke.
11 And as she was goyng to fett it, he cryed after her, and sayd: bryng me I praye the, a morsell of bread also in thyne hande.
12 She sayd: As truely as the Lord thy God lyueth, I haue no bread readye, but euen an handfull of mele in a barell, and a lyttle oyle in a cruse. And behold, I am gathering two stickes for to go in, & dresse it for me and my sonne, that we maye eate it, and dye.
13 And Elia sayde vnto her: feare not, come & do as thou hast sayde: but make me therof a lyttle cake fyrst of all, & bringe it vnto me: and afterwarde make for the and thy sonne.
14 For thus sayth the Lorde God of Israel: the meale in the barell shall not be wasted nether shall the oyle in the cruse be mynisshed, vntyll the Lorde haue sent rayne vpon the erthe.
15 And she went, and dyd as Elia sayde. And she & he & her house dyd eate a good space,
16 and the meale wasted not out of the barell, nether was the oyle spent out of e cruse accordyng to the worde of the Lorde, which he spake by the hande of Elia.
17 And after these thynges, it happened, that the sonne of the wyfe of the house fell sycke. And his sycknesse was so sore, t there was no breath left in him.
18 And she sayde vnto Elia: what haue I to do with the, O thou man of God? art thou come vnto me, to call my synne agayne to remembraunce, & to slaye my sonne?
19 He sayde vnto her: geue me thy sonne. And he toke him out of her lappe, and caryed him vp into a lofte wher he abode, & layde him vpon his awne bedd,
20 & called vnto the Lorde, and sayde: O Lorde my God, hast thou punysshed also this wedowe (wt whom I dwell as a stranger) & hast slayne her sonne?
21 And he stretched hym selfe vpon the chylde thre tymes, & called vnto the Lorde, and sayd: O Lorde my God, let this childes soule come into him agayne.
22 And the Lorde hearde the voyce of Elia, and the soule of the chylde came into hym agayne, & he reuyued.
23 And Elia toke the boye, and brought hym downe out of the chambre into the house, & delyuered hym vnto hys mother, and Elia sayde: beholde, thy sonne lyueth.
24 And the woman sayde vnto Elia: nowe I knowe, that thou art a man of God, and that the worde of the Lorde in thy mouth, is true.




1 After processe of many dayes e worde of the Lord came to Elia in the thyrde yeare, sayinge: go shewe thy selfe vnto Ahab, and I wyll sende rayne vpon the erth.
2 And Elia went to shewe hym selfe vnto Ahab, & ther was a great famyshement in Schomron.
3 And Ahab called Obadia, whych was the gouerner of hys house: & Obadia feared God greatlye:
4 For when Iezabell destroyed the prophetes of e Lord, he toke an hundred prophetes and hyd them, fiftie men in one caue & fyftie in another, & prouyded bred & water for them.
5 And Ahab sayde vnto Obadia: Go into the lande, vnto all fountaynes of water, & vnto all brokes, yf happlye we maye fynde grasse, to saue the horses and the mules, & that we destroye not some of the beastes.
6 And so they deuyded the lande betwene them, to walke thorow it. Ahab went one waye by hym selfe, and Obadia went another waye by hym selfe.
7 And it chaunced that as Obadia was in the waye, Elia mett him. And Obadia knewe hym, & fell on hys face, & sayde: art not u my Lord Elia?
8 And he answered hym: I am he. Go and tell thy Lorde: beholde, Elia is here.
9 He sayde: what haue I synned, that u woldest delyuer thy seruaunt into e hand of Ahab, to sley me?
10 As trulie as the Lord thy God lyueth, there is no nacyon or kyngdome, whether my Lorde hath not sent, to seke the. And when they sayde: he is not there, he tooke an othe of the kyngdome & nacyon, whan he founde the not.
11 And nowe thowe sayest: goo & tell thy Lorde, that Elia is here.
12 And as sone as I am gone from the, the sprete of the Lord shall carie the into some place that I do not knowe. and so when I come and tell Ahab, & he canne not finde the, he shall sley me. But I thy seruaunt feare the Lorde from my youth vp.
13 Was it not tolde my Lorde, what I dyd, when Iezabell slue the prophetes of e Lorde howe I hydde an hundred men of the Lordes prophetes, fyftie men in one caue and fyftie in another, and prouyded them of breed and water?
14 And nowe thou sayest, goo thou nowe and shewe thy Lorde. Beholde, Elia is here, that he maye sley me?
15 And Elia sayde: as truly as the Lorde of Hostes lyueth, before whom I stande, I wyll shew my selfe vnto him this daye.
16 So Obadia went to mete Ahab, and tolde hym. And Ahab went to mete Elia.
17 And it fortuned t whan Ahab sawe Elia, he sayde vnto him: art thou he that troubleth Israel?
18 He answered: it is not I that haue troubled Israel, but thou, and thy fathers house, in that ye haue forsaken the commaundementes of the Lorde, and thou hast folowed Baal.
19 Nowe therfore sende and geather to me all Israel vnto mount Carmel, and the prophetes of Baal foure hundred and fyftie, and the prophetes of the Idols groues foure hundred, which eate of Iezabels table.
20 So Ahab sent vnto all the chyldren of Israel, & gathered e prophetes togeather vnto mount Carmel.
21 And Elia came vnto all the people, and sayde: howe longe halte ye betwene two opynions? If the Lord be God, folowe hym: but yf Baal be he, then go after hym. And the people answered hym not one worde.
22 Then sayde Elia vnto the people agayne. I onely remayne a prophete of e Lorde: but Baals prophetes are foure hundred and fyftie.
23 Let them therfore geue vs two oxen, & let them chose the one, & cut hym in peces, & laye hym on wodd, and put no fyre vnder: and I will dresse the other oxe, & laye him on wodd, and will put no fyre vnder.
24 And call ye on the name of youre God, & I wyll call on the name of the Lorde: and then the God that answereth by fyre, let him be God. And all the people answered & sayde. yt is well spoken.
25 And Elia sayd vnto the prophetes of Baal: chose you an oxe, and dresse hym fyrst (for ye are many) and call on the name of your goddes, but put no fyre vnder.
26 And they toke the one oxe that he dyd geue them, & they dressed it & called on the name of Baal from mornynge to noone: sayeng: O Baal heare vs. But there was no voyce nor one to answere. And they lepte vpon the aulter that they had made.
27 And at none it fortuned, that Elia mocked them, and sayde: crye lowde, for he is a God: peraduenture he is talkinge or occupyed (in folowinge vpon his enemyes) or is in his iourneye, or happely he slepeth, & must be awaked withe youre crye.
28 And they cryed lowde, and cut them selues, as their maner was, wt knyues & launcers, tyll the bloude folowed on them.
29 And it chaunsed, t when myddaye was passed they prophesyed vntill e tyme of e euenyng sacrifyce. But there was nether voyce ner one to answere, ner any t regarded them.
30 And Elia sayde vnto all the folke: come to me. And all e people came to hym. And he repayred the aulter of the Lord, that was broken.
31 And Elia toke .xij. stones according to the nombre of the .xij. trybes of the sonnes of Iacob (vnto whom the worde of the Lorde came, sayeng. Israel shalbe thy name.
32 And with the stones he made an aultare in the name of the Lorde. And he made a dyche rounde about e aulter, as brode as two forowes of the corne felde.
33 And he put the wodd in order, & hewed the oxe in peces, & layed hym on the wodd, and sayde: fyll foure barels wt water, and powre it on the burntsacrifyce & on the wodd.
34 And he sayd: do so agayne. And they dyd so the seconde tyme. And he sayde agayne: do it the thyrde tyme. And they dyd it the thyrde tyme.
35 And the water ranne rounde about the aulter, and he fylled the pitte wyth water also.
36 And it fortuned when e tyme came (wherin e burntsacrifyce of e eueninge vsed to be offred) Elia the prophete came & sayd: Lord God of Abraham, Isahac & of Israel, it shalbe knowen this daye, that thou art the God in Israel, & that I am thy seruaunt, & t I haue done all these thynges at thy commaundement.
37 Heare me (O Lorde) heare me, t this people maye knowe, that thou art e Lorde God, & u hast turned theyr herte agayne now at the last.
38 And the fyre of the Lord fell, & consumed the burntsacrifyce & e wodd, the stones & the dust, & lycked vp the water t was in e pitte.
39 And when all e people sawe it, they fell on their faces, & sayd. The Lord, he is God, e Lord, he is God.
40 And Elia sayde vnto them. Take the prophetes of Baal, & let not one of them escape. And they toke them, and Elia brought them vnto e brooke Kison, & slue them there.
41 And Elia sayd vnto Ahab: gett e vp, eate and drinck, for ther is a sounde of moche rayne.
42 And so Ahab went vp to eate and to drinck, & Elia went vp to e toppe of Carmel. And he layed him selfe flatt vpon the erth, & put his face betwene his knees,
43 & sayd to his seruaunt: go vp (I praye e) & looke towarde the waye of the see. And he went vp & loked, & sayde: there is nothyng. And he sayde: go agayne .vij. tymes.
44 And it fortuned, t at e seuenth tyme he sayd: behold, there ariseth a little clowde of the see, lyke a mannes hande. He sayde: go, & saye vnto Ahab, Make fast thy charet, & gett the downe, t the rayne stoppe the not.
45 And it came to passe, t in the meane while, e heuen was blacke wt clowdes & winde, & there was a great rayne. And Ahab gatt vp & came to Iezreel.
46 And the hand of e Lord was on Elia, & he gyrded vp hys loynes, & ranne before Ahab, tyll he came to Iezreel.




1 And Ahab tolde Iezabel, all that Elia had done, and howe he had slayne all the prophetes wyth the swerde.
2 Then Iezabel sent a messenger vnto Elia, sayenge: so & so let the goddes do to me, yf I make not thy soule lyke one of theyrs, by to morowe thys tyme.
3 When he sawe that, he arose & went for his lyfe and came to Beerseba in Iuda, & left his seruaunt there.
4 But he hym selfe went a dayes iourney into the wyldernesse, and came and satt downe vnder a Iuniper tree, and desyred for his soule; that he myght dye, and sayde, it is nowe ynough (O Lorde) take my soule, for I am not better then my fathers.
5 And as he laye and slepte vnder the Iuniper tree: beholde, an Angell touched hym, and sayde vnto hym: vp, and eate.
6 And whan he loked aboute hym: beholde, there was a loaffe of broyled breade & a vessell of water at his heed. And he dyd eate and drincke, and layde him downe agayne to slepe.
7 And the Angell of the Lorde came agayne the seconde tyme, and touched him, and sayde: vp, and eate, for thou hast yet a great iourneye.
8 And he arose, and dyd eate and dryncke, and walked in the strength of that meate fourtye dayes & fourtye nyghtes, euen vnto Horeb the mount of God.
9 Whan he came thether into a caue, he lodged there in, all nyght. And beholde, the worde of the Lorde came to him & sayde vnto hym: what doest u here Elia?
10 And he answered. I haue bene gelous for the Lorde God of Hostes sake. For the chyldren of Israel haue forsaken thy couenant, broken downe thyne aulters and slayne thy prophetes with the swerde, and I onlye am lefte, and they seke my lyfe to take it awaye.
11 And he sayde: come out & stande vpon the mount, before the Lord. And beholde e Lorde went by, & a myghtie stronge wynde that rent the mountaynes & brake the rockes before the Lorde. But the Lorde was not in the wynde. And after the winde came an erth quake. But the Lorde was not in the erthe quake.
12 And after the erthe quake, came fire: but the Lord was not in the fyre. And after the fyre, came a small styll voyce.
13 And when Elia hearde it, he couered his face with hys mantle, & went out & stode in the entringe in of the caue. And beholde, there came a voyce vnto him, & sayd. what doest thou here Elia?
14 And he answered. I haue bene gelouse for e Lorde God of Hostes sake: because the chyldren of Israel haue forsaken thy couenaunt, cast downe thyne aulters, & slayne thy prophetes with the swerde, & I only am lefte, & they seke my lyfe to take it awaye.
15 And the Lorde sayde vnto him: go & turne thy waye to the wildernesse vnto Damasco, that thou mayest annoynte Hazael, kynge ouer Siria.
16 And Iehu e sonne of Nimsi, shalt thou annoynte kyng ouer Israel. And Elysa the sonne of Saphat of Abel Meholoh shalt u annoynte to be prophete in thy rowme.
17 And it shall come to passe that whoso escapeth e swerde of Hazael, hym shall Iehu slaye: and yf any man scape the swerde of Iehu, hym shall Elisa put to death.
18 And therto I haue lefte me seuen thousande in Israel, of whych neuer man bowed his knees vnto Baal, nor kyssed him wyth hys mouthe.
19 So he departed thence, & founde Elisa the sonne of Saphat plowyng, & hauyng twelue yocke of oxen before him, & he wt the twelue. And Elia went by him, & cast his mantell vpon him.
20 And he lefte the oxen, & ranne after Elia & sayde: let me I praye the, kysse my father & my mother, & then I will folow e. He sayd vnto him: go backe agayne, for what is it, t I haue done to e?
21 And whan he went backe agayne from him, he toke a couple of oxen, & slue them, and dressed the fleshe wyth the instrumentes of the oxen, & gaue vnto the people, and they dyd eate. And then he arose, & went after Elia, and mynistred vnto hym.




1 And Benhadad the kyng of Siria gathered all his hoste together, hauynge .xxxij. kynges wt hym, and horses and charettes: & went vp and beseged Samaria, & warred agaynst it.
2 And he sent messengers to Ahab kynge of Israel into the cytie, and sayde vnto him: thus sayeth Benhadad.
3 Thy syluer and thy golde is myne, and the fayrest of thy wyues, and of thy chyldren be myne.
4 And the kyng of Israel answered and sayde. My Lorde kynge accordynge to thy sayeng, I am thyne and all that I haue.
5 And whan the messengers came agayne, they sayd: thus sayeth Benhadad. For as moche as I haue sent vnto the, sayinge: thou shalt delyuer me thy syluer & thy golde, and thy wyues, & thy chyldren.
6 I wyll therfore sende my seruauntes vnto e to morow this tyme: & they shall serche thyne house, & the houses of thy seruauntes. And whatsoeuer is pleasaunt in thyne eyes, they shall take it in their handes, and bringe it awaye.
7 Then the kyng of Israel sent for all the elders of the lande, & sayde: take hede I praye you & se, howe thys felow goeth about myscheafe. For he sent vnto me, for my wyues, for my chyldren, for my syluer & for my golde: & I denyed hym not.
8 And all the elders & all the people sayde: herken not vnto hym, nor consent.
9 Wherfore he sayde vnto the messengers of Benhadad: tell my Lorde the kynge, all that thou dyddest send for to thy seruaunt at the fyrst tyme, that I wyll do, but this thing I maye not do. And the messengers departed, and brought answer agayne.
10 And Benhadad sent vnto hym agayne, and sayd: and thus do the Gods vnto me, yf e dust of Samaria be ynough for all the people that folowe me, to take euery man an handfull.
11 And the kynge of Israel answered, & sayde: tell hym: let not him that putteth on his harnesse boste hym selfe, as he that putteth it of.
12 And it fortuned, that when Benhadad hearde that tydynges, as he was wt e kynges drynkyng with in the pauyllyons, he sayde vnto his seruauntes, put on yor harnesse. And they set them selues in araye agaynst the cytie.
13 And beholde there came a Prophet vnto Ahab kynge of Israel, sayinge: thus sayth the Lorde. Hast thou sene all this great multitude? beholde, I wyll delyuer it into thyne hande this daye, and thou shalt knowe, that I am the Lorde.
14 And Ahab sayd: By whom? he sayde: thus sayth the Lorde: euen by the seruauntes of e gouernoures of the sheres. He sayde agayne: Who shall ordre the batayll? And he answered: thou.
15 Then he nombred the seruauntes of the gouerners of the shyres: and they were two hundred and .xxxij. And after them also, he nombred all the people, all the chyldren of Israel, euen seuen thousande.
16 And they went out at none. but Benhadad dyd dryncke tyll he was droncken in the pauyllyons both he and e kynges: euen .xxxij. kynges, that holpe hym.
17 And the seruauntes of the gouernours of the shyres went out fyrst. And Benhadad sent out, and they shewed hym, sayeng: there are men come out of Samaria.
18 He sayde. Whether they be come out for peace, take them a lyue: or whether they be come out to fyght, take them yet a lyue.
19 And so those younge men of the gouernours of the shyres came out of the cytie, and the Host after them, and they slue euery one hys enemye that came in his waye.
20 And the Siriens fled, and they of Israel folowed after them. And Benhadad the kynge of Syria scaped on a horsse, wyth his horsemen.
21 And the kynge of Israel went out, and smote the horsses & charettes, & wyth a great slaughter slue he the Sirians.
22 And there came a Prophete to the kynge of Israel, and sayde vnto hym: go forth and playe the man, be wyse and take hede what thou doest: for when the yere is gone about, the kynge of Siria wyll come vp agaynst the.
23 And the seruauntes of the kyng of Siria sayde vnto hym. The Gods of the hilles are theyr Gods, and therfore they had the better of vs: but let vs fyght agaynst them in the playne, and for what ye will, we shall haue the better of them.
24 And this do: take e kynges a waye euery man out of his place, and put dukes in their rowmes.
25 And do thou nombre the an hoste, lyke the host that thou hast loste, soche horses & soch charettes, and we will fyght agaynst them in the playne, & thou shalt se vs gett the better of them. And he herkened vnto their voyce, & dyd euen so.
26 And it fortuned, that after the yere was gone aboute, Benhadad nombred the Syrians, and went vp to Aphek to fyght agaynst Israell.
27 And the children of Israel were nombred, & with theyr whole nombre went they agaynst them, and the chyldren of Israel pitched before them, lyke two lytle flockes of kyddes: but the Sirians fylled the countreye.
28 And there came a man of God, and sayde vnto the kyng of Israel: thus sayth the Lorde: Because the Sirians haue sayed: the Lorde is but God of the hylles, and not God of the valeys: therfore will I deliuer all this great multitude into thine hande, & ye shall knowe, that I am the Lorde.
29 And they pitched one ouer agaynst the other .vij. dayes, & it came to passe, t in the seuenth daye e batayle was ioyned. And e chyldren of Israel slue of e Sirians an hundred thousand fote men in one daye.
30 But the rest fled to Aphek into e cytie. And there fell a walle vpon .xxvij. thousand of e men t were lefte. And Benhadad fled, & came into the cytie, from chambre to chambre.
31 And his seruauntes sayde vnto hym. Beholde, we haue hearde saye, that e kynges of the house of Israel are mercyfull kinges. We will therfore put sacke cloth about or loynes and ropes about oure neckes, & go out to the kyng of Israel: yf happlye he wyll saue thy lyfe.
32 And so they gyrded sacke clothe aboute theyr loynes & put ropes aboute theyr heedes, & came to e kyng of Israel, & sayde. Thy seruaunt Benhadad sayth, I praye e let me lyue. He sayde: is he yet alyue? he is my brother.
33 And they toke e worde for good lucke & hastely caught it out of his mouth & sayde: yee thy brother Benhadad. He sayd: go, bring hym hyther. And Benhadad came out vnto hym, & he caused him to come vp into e charett.
34 And he sayd vnto him: the cyties whych my father toke from thy father, I wyll restore agayne. And thou shalt make streates for e in Damasco, as my father dyd in Samaria. And I wyll make an apoyntment with the, & send the awaye. And so he made an appoyntment with him, and sent hym awaye.
35 And there was a certen man of e children of e prophetes, which sayde vnto his neyghboure in the worde of the Lorde: smyte me I praye the. And the man wold not smyte him:
36 Then sayde he vnto him. Because thou hast not herkened vnto e voyce of the Lorde: beholde as soone as u art departed from me, a lyon shall slaye the. And it came to passe, t as soone as he was departed from him, a Lyon founde him, & slue him.
37 Then he founde another man & sayde: smyte me I praye the. And the man smote him, so that in smytinge he wounded hym.
38 So e Prophete went forth, & wayted for the kyng by the waye, & put him selfe out of knowledge wt asshes, which he layed vpon hys face.
39 And when the kyng came by, he cryed vnto e kyng, & sayd: thy seruaunt went out in e myddes of e battell. And beholde, there went awaye a man, whom another man brought vnto me, and sayde: kepe this man. And yf he be myssed or lost, thy lyfe shall go for his: or else, thou shalt paye a talent of syluer.
40 And as thy seruaunt had here & there to do, he was gone. And the kyng of Israel sayde vnto hym: euen so shall thy iudgement be, as thou hast defyned it thy selfe.
41 And he hasted, & toke e asshes awaye from his face: & the kyng of Israel knewe him, t he was of e Prophetes.
42 And he sayde vnto him. thus sayth e Lorde: because thou hast lett go a man that is in my cursse, thy lyfe shall go for his lyfe, and thy people for his people.
43 And e king of Israel went to his house, waywarde, & in displeasure, & came to Samaria.




1 After these thynges, it chaunced, t Naboth the Iezrahelite had a vyneyarde in Iezrahel, harde by e palace of Ahab kyng of Samaria.
2 And Ahab spake vnto Naboth, sayenge. Geue me thy vyneyarde, t I maye make me a garden of yerbes therof, because it lyeth so nye my house: & I will geue the for it a better vyneyarde then it is: or rather yf it please the, I will geue the, e worthe of it in money.
3 And Naboth sayde to Ahab: the Lorde forbyd e from me, that I shulde geue the enheritaunce of my father vnto the.
4 And Ahab came into hys house heuye. & euell a payde, because of the worde which Naboth the Iezrahelite had spoken to him, for he had sayde: I wyll not geue the the enheritaunce of my fathers. And he layde him downe vpon his bed, and turned awaye his face, and wolde eate no bread.
5 But Iezabell hys wyfe came to him, and sayde vnto hym: why is thy sprete so waywarde, that thou eatest no breade?
6 And he sayde vnto her: For I spake vnto Naboth the Iezraelite, and sayde vnto hym: geue me thy vyneyarde for money: or else yf it please e, I wyl geue the another vyneyarde for it. And he answered: I wyl not geue the my vyneyarde.
7 And Iezabell his wyfe sayde vnto hym: Dost thou thus gouerne the kyngedom of Israel? vp, & eate bread, and set thyne hert at rest, I will geue the, e vyneyarde of Naboth the Iezraelite.
8 And so she wrote a letter in Ahabs name, and sealed it wyth hys seale and sent the lettre vnto the elders and to the nobles that were in hys cytye dwellinge wyth Naboth.
9 And she wrote in e letter, sayenge: proclayme a fast, and set Naboth on hye amonge the people,
10 and set two vnthriftes before him, to beare witnesse agaynst him, sayenge: thou dydest blaspheme God and the kyng. And then carye hym out, and stone hym to deeth.
11 And the men of his cyte: that is to saye, which dwelt in his cytie, did as Iezabel had sent vnto them, and as it was written in the letter whych she had sent vnto them.
12 They proclamed fastyng, and set Naboth among the chefe of the people,
13 & there came in two men (the children of Belial) and sate before him. And the two vnthriftie persones wytnessed agaynst Naboth, in the presence of e people, sayeng: Naboth dyd blaspheme God and the kyng, And they caried hym out of e cytie, and stoned hym wyth stones that he dyed.
14 And then they sent to Iezabel, sayenge: Naboth is stoned to dethe.
15 And it fortuned when Iezabel heard that Naboth was stoned to deeth: she sayde to Ahab: vp, and take possession of the vyneyarde of Naboth, the Iezrahelite, which he denied to geue the for money, for Naboth is not aliue, but deed.
16 And when Ahab hearde that Naboth was deed, he stode vp to go downe to the vyneyarde of Naboth the Iezrahelite, and to take possession of it.
17 And the worde of the Lorde came vnto Elia the Thesbite, sayeng:
18 vp and go downe to mete Ahab kynge of Israel, which is in Samaria. For lo, he is gone downe to e vineyarde of Naboth: to take possession of it.
19 And therfore shalt thou saye vnto him thus sayth the Lorde: hast thou kylled, & gotten possession? And thou shalt speake vnto him sayeng: thus sayth the Lorde in the place where dogges lycked the bloud of Naboth, shall dogges licke euen thy bloud also.
20 And Ahab sayde to Elia: hast thou founde me, o thou myne enemye? He answered: I haue founde the: for u art euen solde to worcke wickednesse in the syght of the Lorde.
21 Beholde, I will bring euell vpon the, and will make cleane riddance of thy posterite & wil destroye from Ahab, euen him t maketh water agaynst e wall, & him t is shut vp & left behynde in Israel:
22 & will make thyne house, lyke the house of Ieroboam the sonne of Nebat, & lyke the house of Baasa the sonne of Ahia, for the prouocacion, wherwith u hast prouoked, and made Israel to synne.
23 And of Iezabel spake the Lorde sayeng: dogges shall eate Iezabell, in the possession of Iezrahel.
24 And he that dyeth of Ahab in e towne, him shal dogges eate: & he t dyeth in the feldes, him shal the foules of the ayre eate.
25 But there was none lyke Ahab which dyd euen sell hym selfe, to worcke wyckednesse in the syght of the Lorde, and that because Iezabel hys wyfe prycked hym forwarde.
26 He dyd exceadynge abhominablye, in folowyng foule Idoles, according to all thynges, as did the Ammorites whom the Lord cast out before the children of Israel.
27 And it fortuned, that when Ahab hearde those wordes, he rent hys clothes, and put sackecloth about his flesh, and fasted, and laye in sack and went bare fote.
28 And the worde of the Lorde came to Elia, the Thesbyte, sayenge:
29 seest thou how Ahab humbleth hym selfe before me? because he so submytteth hym selfe before me, I wyl not bringe that euell in his dayes: but in his sonnes dayes, wyll I bringe euell vpon hys house.




1 And they continued thre yere without warre betwene Siria and Israel.
2 And in the third yere did Iehosaphat the kynge of Iuda, come downe to e kynge of Israel.
3 And the kynge of Israel sayde vnto hys seruauntes, knowe ye not that Ramoth in Gilead is oures? and we syt stylle, and take it not out of the hande of the kynge of Siria.
4 And he sayde vnto Iehosaphat: wilt thou come with me to batayle, agaynst Ramoth in Gilead? And Iehosaphat sayd vnto the kyng of Israel: I will be as thou art, and my people shall be as thyne, and my horsses as thyne.
5 And Iehosaphat sayde vnto the kynge of Israel: aske councell I praye the at the worde of the Lord to daye.
6 And then e king of Israel geathered the prophetes together upon a foure hundred men, and sayde vnto them: shall I go agaynst Ramoth in Gilead to batayle, or shall I let it alone? And they sayd, go vp: for the Lorde shall delyuer it into the handes of the kyng.
7 And Iehosaphat sayde: is there here neuer a Prophet of the Lorde more, that we myght enquyre of him?
8 And the kyng of Israel sayd vnto Iehosaphat: there is yet one man (Michea the sonne of Iimla,) by whom we maye aske councell of e Lorde. But I hate hym: for he doth not prophesye good vnto me, but euel. And Iehosaphat sayde: let not the kyng saye so.
9 Then the kynge of Israel called a chamberlayn and sayde: fet Michea the sonne of Iimla hyther at once.
10 And the kynge of Israel and Iehosaphat the kyng of Iuda set ether in hys seat and theyr apparell on them, in a voyde place besyde the entrynge in of the gate of Samaria, and all the Prophetes prophesyed before them.
11 And Zedekia the sonne of Canaana made hornes of yron, and sayd: thus sayth the Lorde: wyth these hornes shalt thou pusshe the Syrians, vntyll thou haue made an ende of them.
12 And all the Prophetes phrophesyed euen so, sayeng: go vp to Ramoth in Gilead, and prosper, for the Lorde shall delyuer it into the kynges hande.
13 And the messenger that was gone to call Michea, spake vnto hym sayenge: beholde the wordes of the Prophetes speake good vnto the kynge wt one mouth: let thy worde therfore (I praye the) be lyke the worde of euery one of them, to speake that whych is good.
14 And Michea sayde: as truely as the Lorde lyueth, whatsoeuer the Lorde sayeth vnto me, that wyll I speake.
15 And so he came to the kynge, and the kynge sayde vnto hym: Michea, ought we to go agaynst Ramoth in Gilead to batayle or to be still? He answered vnto hym: go and prosper, the Lorde shall delyuer it into the hande of the kynge.
16 And the kynge sayd vnto hym: So & so many times do I charge the, that thou tell me nothyng, but t whych is true, in the name of the Lorde.
17 He sayd: I saw all them of Israel scatered vpon the hylles, as shepe that haue not a sheperde. And the Lorde sayde: these haue no master, let euery man retourne to hys house in peace.
18 And the kynge of Israel sayde vnto Iehosaphat: dyd I not tell the, that he wolde prophesye no good vnto me, but euell?
19 And he sayde agayne: heare thou therfore the worde of the Lorde. I saw the Lorde syt on hys seate, and all the hoost of heauen stode about hym, on hys ryght hand and on hys lefte.
20 And the Lorde sayde: who shall persuade Ahab, that he maye go and fall at Ramoth in Gilead? and one sayde on thys maner, and a nother on that,
21 And there came forth a certayne sprete, and stode before the Lorde and sayde: I wil persuade hym.
22 And the Lorde sayde vnto hym: wherwyth? And he sayde: I wyll go out, and be a false sprete in the mouth of all hys prophetes. He sayde: thou shalt persuade hym, and preuayle, go forth then, and do euen so.
23 Now therfore beholde the Lord hath put a lyenge sprete in the mouth of all these thy prophetes: and the Lorde hath spoken euell towarde the.
24 But Zedekia the sonne of Chanaana went to and smote Michea on the cheke, & sayde: whan went the sprete of the Lorde from me, to speake vnto the?
25 And Michea sayde: beholde, thou shalt se in that daye, when thou shalt go from chambre to chambre to hyde the.
26 And the kyng of Israel sayd: take Michea and carye hym vnto Amon the gouerner of the cytie, and vnto Ioab the kynges sonne,
27 and saye: thus sayth the kynge: Put thys felow in the preson house, and fede him wyth breed of affliction, and with water of trouble vntyll I retourne in peace.
28 And Michea sayde: yf thou retourne in peace, e Lord hath not spoken by me. And he sayd: herken ye people euery one of you.
29 And so the kynge of Israel and Iehosaphat the kyng of Iuda went up to Ramoth in Gilead.
30 And the kynge of Israel sayde to Iehosaphat: chaunge the, whan thou goest to warre: and put on thyne apparell. And the kyng of Israel chaunged hym selfe, and went to battell.
31 But the kynge of Syria commaunded the, .xxxii. capitaynes (that had rule ouer hys charettes) sayenge: fyght nether wyth small nor greate saue onely agaynst the kynge of Israel.
32 And when the capytaynes of the charettes sawe Iehosaphat, they sayde: Surely it is the kynge of Israel, and they turned to fyght agaynst hym. And Iehosaphat cryed.
33 And so it came to passe, that when the captaynes of the charettes saw that he was not the kynge of Israel, they turned back from hym.
34 And a certen man drewe a bowe ignorantlye and smote e kynge of Israel betwene the ribbes, and his harnesse. Wherfore he sayde vnto e dryuer of his charettes: turne thy hande, and carye me out of the host, for I am sycke.
35 And the battell encreased t daye, & the kyng stode still in his charet agaynst the Sirians, & dyed at euen. And the bloude ranne out of the wounde into e myddes of the charett.
36 And there went a proclamacyun thorowe out the hoste aboute the goynge downe of the sonne, sayinge: euery man to his cytie, & to his awne countreye.
37 And so e kyng of Israel dyed, and they came to Samaria, and buryed him there.
38 And one wasshed the charet in e pole of Samaria and the dogges lycked vp his bloude (and harlottes wasshed by the pole syde) accordinge vnto the worde of the Lord which he spake.
39 The rest of the wordes t concerne Ahab & all that he dyd, & the Iuorie house which he made, and all the cyties that he buylded, are they not written in the boke of the chronicles of the kynges of Israel?
40 And so Ahab slepte with his fathers, and Ahazia his sonne raygned in his steade.
41 Iosaphat the sonne of Asa beganne to raygne vpon Iuda in e fourth yere of Ahab kyng of Israel,
42 and Iehosaphat was .xxxv. yere olde when he beganne to raygne, & raygned .xxv. yere in Ierusalem. His mothers name was Azuba the daughter of Silhi.
43 And he walked in all the wayes of Asa hys father and bowed not therfrom: but dyd that which was ryght in the eyes of the Lorde. Neuertheles, the hyllaulters were not taken out of the waye: for e people offered & burnt incense yet, in the hyllaultares.
44 And Iehosaphat made peace with the kyng of Israel.
45 The rest of the wordes that concerne Iehosaphat, and e myght that he vsed, and howe he warred, are they not wrytten in the boke of the chronicles of e kynges of Iuda?
46 And the remnaunt of the stues of the males, which remayned in the dayes of his father, he put cleane out of e lande.
47 There was then no kynge made in Edom.
48 And Iehosaphat made ten shippes in the se, to come thorowe Tharsis to Ophir for golde, but they went not: for the shyppes brake at ozion Gaber.
49 Then sayde Ahazia the sonne of Ahab vnto Iehosaphat: let my seruauntes go with thy seruauntes in the shippes. But Iehosaphat wolde not.
50 And Iehosaphat dyd slepe with his fathers, and was buryed with hys father in the cytie of Dauid his father: And Iehoram his sonne raygned in his steade.
51 Ahazia the sonne of Ahab beganne to raygne ouer Israel in Samaria, the seuententh yeare of Ichosaphat kynge of Iuda, & reygned two yeares ouer Israel.
52 But he did euell in the syght of the Lorde, and walked in the waye of his father, & in the waye of his mother, & in the waye of Ieroboam e sonne of Nebat, which made Israel to synne.
53 For he serued Baal, & worshypped him, and prouoked the Lorde God of Israel vnto wrath. accordynge to all that his father had done.