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1 That which was from the begynnynge, whyche we haue hearde, whyche we haue sene wyth oure eyes, whych we haue loked vpon, and our handes haue handled, of e word of e lyfe.
2 And the lyfe appeared, & we haue sene and beare wytnes, & shewe vnto you that eternall lyfe, whyche was wyth the father, & appeared vnto vs.
3 That which we haue sene & herde, declare we vnto you, t ye also maye haue fellowshyppe with vs, and that oure felloushyppe maye be wyth the father and his sonne Iesus Christ.
4 And thys write we vnto you, t youre ioye maye be full.
5 And this is the tydynges whych we haue hearde of hym & declare vnto you, t God is lyght, & in him is no dercknes at all.
6 If we saye, t we haue feloushippe with hym, and walcke in dercknes, we lye, & do not e truth.
7 But & yf we walke in lyght euen as he is in lyght, then haue we fellishippe wt him, and the bloude of Iesus Christ his sonne clenseth vs from all synne.
8 If we saye that we haue no synne, we deceaue oure selues, and the trueth is not in vs:
9 If we knowledge oure synnes, he is faythfull & iust, to forgeue vs oure synnes, and to clense vs from all vnryghtewesnes.
10 If we saye we haue not synned, we make hym a lyar, and hys worde is not in vs.




1 My lytell chyldren, these thinges write I vnto you, that ye synne not. And yf eny man synne, we haue an aduocate wyth the father, Iesus christ, the ryghteous:
2 & he it is t obtayneth grace for oure synnes, not for oure synnes onely: but also for e synnes of all the worlde.
3 And herby we are sure t we knowe hym, yf we kepe hys commaundementes.
4 He that sayth I knowe hym, and kepeth not hys commaundementes is a lyar, and the veritye is not in hym.
5 But whoso kepeth hys worde, in hym is the loue of God perfect in dede: herby knowe we that we are in him.
6 He t sayth he bydeth in hym, ought to walke euen as he walked.
7 Brethren, I wryte no newe commaundement vnto you: but that olde commaundement, which ye haue had from the beginnynge.
8 The olde commaundement is the worde, which ye haue hearde from the beginninge. Agayne, a new commaundement I wryte vnto you, that is true in him, and the same is true also in you: for the dercknes is past, and the true lyght now shyneth.
9 He that sayth how that he is in the lyght, & yet hateth his brother, is in dercknes euen vntyll thys tyme.
10 He that loueth his brother, abydeth in the lyght, and ther is none occasion of euyll in hym.
11 He that hateth his brother, is in dercknes, & walketh in dercknes: and can not tell whyther he goeth, because that dercknes hath blynded hys eyes.
12 Babes I wryte vnto you, how t youre synnes are forgeuen you for his names sake.
13 I wryte vnto you fathers, how that ye haue knowne him that is from the beginnynge. I wryte vnto you yonge men, how t ye haue ouercome e wicked: I write vnto you lytell chyldren, how t ye haue knowen e father.
14 I haue wryten vnto you fathers, how that ye haue knowne hym that is from the beginnynge. I haue wryten vnto you yonge men, how that ye are stronge, and the worde of God abydeth in you, and ye haue ouercome that wycked.
15 Se that ye loue not the worlde, nether the thynges that are in the worlde. If eny man loue the worlde, the loue of the father is not in hym.
16 For all that is in the worlde (as the lust of the flesshe, and the lust of the eyes, & the pryde of life) is not of the father, but of the worlde.
17 And the worlde passeth awaye and the lust therof: but he that fulfylleth the will of God, abydeth for euer.
18 Lytell chyldren, it is the last tyme, and as ye haue herde how that Antichrist shall come, euen now are there many begonne to be Antichristes allredy, wherby we knowe, t it is the last tyme.
19 They went out from vs, but they were not of vs. For yf they had bene of vs, they wolde no dout haue continued with vs. But that it myght appeare, that they were not of vs.
20 Neuerthelesse, ye haue an oyntment of him t is holy, and ye knowe all thinges.
21 I haue not writen vnto you, as though ye knewe not e trueth: but as though ye knewe it (& knowe also) t no lye commeth of trueth.
22 Who is a lyar, but he that denyeth that Iesus is Christ? the same is Antichrist, that denieth the father & the sonne.
23 Whosoeuer denyeth the sonne, the same hath not the father.
24 Let therfore abyde in you that same which ye hearde from the beginninge. If that which ye hearde from the beginnynge shal remayne in you, ye also shall contynew in the sonne, and in the father.
25 And thys is the promes that he hath promysed vs, euen eternall lyfe.
26 These thinges haue I writen vnto you, concernynge them that disceaue you.
27 And the anoyntinge which ye haue receaued of him dwelleth in you. And ye nede not, that eny man teach you: but as e anoyntinge teacheth you of all thinges, and is true, and no lye, and as it hath taught you, euen so byde therin.
28 And now babes abyde in hym: that when he shall appeare, we maye be bolde, & not be made ashamed of hym at hys commynge.
29 If ye knowe that he his righteous, knowe also t euery one which doth rightewesnes, is borne of hym.




1 Beholde, what loue the father hath shewed on vs, that we shuld be called e e sonnes of God. For this cause e worlde knoweth you not, because it knoweth not hym.
2 Dearely beloued, now are we e sonnes of God & yet it doth not appeare, what we shalbe. But we knowe, that when it shall appeare, we shalbe lyke him. For we shall se hym as he is.
3 And euery man that hath this hope in him, pourgeth him selfe, euen as he also is pure.
4 Whosoeuer commytteth synne, committeth vnryghteousnes also, and synne is vnryghteousnes.
5 And ye knowe, that he appeared, to take awaye oure synnes, and in him is no synne.
6 As many as byde in hym, synne not: whosoeuer synneth, hath not sene hym, nether knowne hym.
7 Babes, let no man deceaue you. He that doeth ryghteousnes, is ryghteous, euen as he is ryghteous.
8 He that committeth synne, is of the deuyll: for the deuyll synneth sence the beginnynge. For this purpose appeared the sonne of God, to lowse the worckes of e deuyl.
9 Whosoeuer is borne of God, synneth not: for his seed remayneth in him, and he cannot synne, because he is borne of God.
10 In thys are the chyldren of God knowen, and the chyldren of the deuyll. Whosoeuer doeth not ryghteousnes, is not of God, nether he that loueth not hys brother.
11 For this is the tidinges, that ye hearde from the beginninge, that ye shuld loue one another,
12 not as Cayn which was of that wicked, and slewe his brother. And wherfore slewe he hym? Because his awne workes were euyll, and hys brothers good.
13 Maruayle not my brethren though e world hate you.
14 We knowe, that we are translated from deeth vnto lyfe, because we loue the brethren. He that loueth not hys brother, abydeth in deeth.
15 Whosoeuer hateth his brother, is a man slear. And ye knowe, t no man slear, hath eternall lyfe abydynge in hym.
16 Herby perceaue we loue: because he gaue his lyfe for vs: & we ought to geue oure liues for the brethren.
17 But whoso hath thys worldes good and seyth hys brother haue neade: and shutteth vp his compassion from him: how dwelleth the loue of God in hym?
18 My babes, let vs not loue in worde, nether in tonge: but in dede & in veritie.
19 Herby we knowe, that we are of the veritie & can quyet oure hertes before hym.
20 For yf oure herte condempne vs, God is gretter then oure herte, and knoweth all thinges.
21 Dearly beloued, yf oure herte condempne vs not, then haue we trust to God warde:
22 & what soeuer we aske we receaue of hym, because we kepe his commaundementes, & do those thinges which are pleasinge in his syght.
23 And this is hys commaundement, t we beleue on the name of his sonne Iesus Christ, and loue one another, as he gaue commaundement.
24 And he that kepeth hys commaundementes, dwelleth in him, & he in him, and herby we knowe that he abydeth in vs, euen by the sprete which he hath geuen vs.




1 Dearly beloued beleue not euery sprete: but proue e spretes, whether they are of god or not, for many false prophetes are gone out into the worlde.
2 Herby shall ye knowe e sprete of God. Euery sprete that confesseth that Iesu Christ is come in the fleshe is of God.
3 And euery sprete which confesseth not that Iesus Christ is come in the flesshe, is not of God. And this is that sprete of Antichrist, of whom ye haue hearde, howe t he shulde come: and euen now alredy is he in the worlde.
4 Lyttell chyldren, ye are of God, and haue ouercome them: for greater is he that is in you, then he that is in the worlde.
5 They are of the worlde, therfore speake they of the worlde, and the worlde heareth them.
6 We are of God. He that knoweth God, heareth vs: he t is not of God, heareth vs not. Herby knowe we the sprete of veritie, and the sprete of erroure.
7 Dearly beloued let vs loue one another: for loue commeth of God. And euery one that loueth, is borne of God, and knoweth God.
8 He that loueth not, knoweth not God: for God is loue.
9 In this appeared e loue of God to vs ward, because t God sent hys onely begotten sonne into the worlde, t we might liue thorow him.
10 Herin is loue, not t we loued God, but t he loued vs, & sent hys sonne to be the agrement for oure synnes.
11 Dearly beloued, yf God so loued vs, we ought also to loue one another.
12 No man hath sene God at eny tyme. If we loue one another, God dwelleth in vs, & hys loue is parfect in vs.
13 Herby knowe we t we dwell in hym, and he in vs: because he hath geuen vs of hys sprete.
14 And we haue sene, & do testifye, that the father sent e sonne to be the sauyour of the worlde.
15 Whosoeuer confesseth, t Iesus is the sonne God, in him dwelleth God, & he in God.
16 And we haue knowen and beleued the loue t God hath to vs. God is loue, & he that dwelleth in loue, dwelleth in God, and God in him.
17 Here in is the loue perfect in vs, t we shuld haue trust in the daye of iudgement: For as he is, euen so are we in this worlde.
18 Ther is no feare in loue, but parfect loue casteth out feare, for feare hath paynfulnes. He t feareth, is not parfect in lone.
19 We loue him, for he loued vs fyrst.
20 If a man say, I loue God, and yet hate his brother, he is a liar. For how can he t loued not hys brother whom he hath sene, loue God whom he hath not sene?
21 And this commaundement haue we of hym: t he which loueth God, shuld loue his brother also.




1 Whosoeuer beleueth t Iesus is Christ, is borne of God. And euery one that loueth hym which begat, loueth him also which was begotten of him.
2 By this we knowe, t we loue the chyldren of God, when we loue God, and kepe his commaundementes.
3 For this is the loue of God, that We kepe his commaundementes, and his commaundementes are not greuous.
4 For all that is borne of God, ouercommeth the worlde. And this is the victory that ouer commeth the worlde, euen oure fayth.
5 Who is it t ouercommeth the worlde: but he which beleueth, that Iesus is the sonne of God?
6 This Iesus Christ is he that cam by water & bloud, not by water onely: but by water and bloud. And it is the sprete that beareth wytnes, because the sprete is trueth.
7 <>
8 And ther are thre which beare recorde e sprete & water, and bloud: & these thre are one.
9 If we receaue the wytnes of men, the witnes of God is greater. For this is the witnes of God which he testifyed of his sonne.
10 He that beleueth on the sonne of God, hath the witnes in hym selfe. He that be beleueth not God, hath made him a liar
11 because he beleued not the recorde t God gaue of hys sonne. And this is t recorde, how that God hath geuen vnto vs eternall lyfe, & this lyfe is in hys sonne.
12 He that hath the sonne hath lyfe: & he that hath not the sonne of God, hath not lyfe.
13 These thynges haue I wrytten vnto you that beleue on the name of the sonne of God, that ye maye knowe, how that ye haue eternall lyfe, & that ye maye beleue on the name of the sonne of God.
14 And thys is e trust that we haue in hym: that yf we aske eny thynge accordynge to hys wyll, he heareth vs.
15 And yf we knowe t he heare vs whatsoeuer we aske, we knowe, that we haue the peticyons, that we desyre of hym.
16 If eny man se hys brother synne a synne not vnto deeth, let him aske, & he shall geue him lyfe for them that synne not vnto deeth. Ther is a synne vnto deeth, for which saye I not t a man shuld praye.
17 All vnryghtewesnes is synne, & ther is synne not vnto deeth
18 We knowe, that whosoeuer is borne of God, synneth not: but he that is begotten of God, kepeth hym selfe, & that wycked toucheth hym not.
19 We knowe, that we are of God, and the worlde is all together set on wyckednes.
20 We knowe, that the sonne of God is come, and hath geuen vs a mynde to knowe hym which is true: & we are in hym that is true, through is sonne Iesu Christ. This same is very God, and eternall lyfe.
21 Babes kepes youre selues from ymages. Amen.