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1 Adam, Seth, Enos,
2 Kenan, Mahalehel, Iared,
3 Henoch, Methusalah, Lameth,
4 Noah, Sem, Ham, & Iapheth.
5 The sonnes of Iapheth, Gomer, Magog, Madai, Iauan, and Thubal, Mesech, and Thiras.
6 The sonnes of Gomer, Aschenaz, Diphath and Thogarma.
7 And the sonnes of Iauan, Elisa, and Tharsisa, Citim and Dodanim.
8 The sonnes of Ham, Chus, and Mizraim, Phut, and Chanaam.
9 The sonnes of Chus, Siba, and Hauila, Sabbetha, and Rahma, and Sabtheca. And the sonnes of Rahma, Seba, and Dedan.
10 And Chus begat Nimrod: and he beganne to be myghtye vpon the earth.
11 Mizraim begat Ludin, and Anamin, Lahabim, and Naphthnim,
12 Phatrusim, and Cassuim, of which came şe Philistines and the Caphthorites.
13 Canaam begat Zidon hys eldest sonue, and Heth,
14 Iebusi also and Amori, and Girgasi,
15 Heui, Araki, and Sini,
16 and Aruadi, Zamari and Hemathi.
17 The sonnes of Sem, Elam, and Assur, Arphacsad, Lud, and Aram, and Uz, Hul, and Gether, and Masech.
18 Arphacsad begat Selah, and Selah begat Eber.
19 And vnto Eber were borne two sonnes: the name of the one was Peleg, because that in hys dayes the lande was deuyded. And hys brothers name was Ioktan.
20 Ioktan begat Almodad, and Saleph, Hazermaneth and Ierah,
21 Haboram also and Usal, and Dikla,
22 Ebal and Abimael, and Seba,
23 and Ophir, Hauila and Iobab. All these were şe sonnes of Ioktan,
24 Sem, Arphacsad, Selah,
25 Eber, Peleg, Rehu,
26 Serug, Nahor, Therah,
27 Abram other wyse called Abraham.
28 The sonnes of Abraham, Isahac and Ismael.
29 And these are theyr generacyons: the eldest sonne of Ismael was Nabaioth, then Kedar, Adbeel, and Mibsam,
30 Misma, and Dumah, Maska Hadad, and Thema,
31 Ietur, Naphis, and Kedma. These are the sonnes of Ismael.
32 The chyldren of Ketura Abrahams concubyne: she bare Zimram, Ioksan, Medan, Midian, Iisbok, and Suah. The chyldren of Ioksan: Seba, and Dedan.
33 The chyldren of Midian, Epha, & Ephar, Henoch, Abida and Eldaa. All these are chyldren of Ketura.
34 And so Abraham begat Isahac. The sonnes of Isahac, Esau and Israel .
35 The sonnes of Esau: Eliphaz, Rehuel, Iehus, Iaelam, and Korah.
36 The chyldren of Eliphaz: Theman, Omer, Zephi, & Gathan, Kenas, Thimna, & Amalek.
37 The children of Rehuel: Nahath, Zerah, Samma, and Miza.
38 The sonnes of Seir: Lotan, Sobal, Zibeon, and Ana, Dison, Ezer, and Disan.
39 The chyldren of Lotan: Hori, and Homan: & Thimna was Lotans syster.
40 The chyldren of Sobal: Alian, Manahath, Ebal, Sephi, and Onam. The sonnes of Zibeon: Aia, & Ana.
41 And the sonnes of Ana: Dison. The sones of Dison: Hanran, Esban, Iithran, and Cheran.
42 The sonnes of Ezer: Bilhan, Zaeuan, and Zakan. The sonnes of Disan: Uz, and Aran.
43 These are the kynges that raygned in the lande of Edom, before any kynge raygned ouer the chyldren of Israel: Bela the sonne of Beor and şe name of hys citye was Dinhaba.
44 And Bela dyed, and Iobab the sonne of Zerah of Bozra raygned in his steade.
45 And when Iobab also was deed, Husam of the lande of the Themanytes raygned in hys steade.
46 And whan Husam was deed, Hadad the sonne of Bedad which smote Midian in the felde of Moab, raygned in hys steade, and the name of hys citye was Auith.
47 So Hadad dyed, and Samla of Masreka raygned in hys steade.
48 And Samla dyed, and Saul of Rehoboth by the ryuer syde, raygned in hys steade.
49 And whan Saul was deed, Baalhanan the sonne of Achbor raygned in hys steade.
50 And Baalhanan dyed, and Hadad raygned in his steade, & the name of hys citye was Pahi, and hys wyues name was Mehetabeel the daughter of Matred the daughter of Mesahab.
51 Hadad died also, and there were dukes in Edom: Duke Thimna, Duke Aliah, and Duke Ietheth,
52 Duke Apholibama, Duke Ela, Duke Pinon,
53 Duke Kenaz, Duke Themam, Duke Mibzar,
54 Duke Magdiel, and Duke Iram. These are the Dukes of Edom.




1 These are the sonnes of Israell: Ruben, Simeon, Leui, Iuda, Isachar, and Zabulon,
2 Dan, Ioseph, Beniamin, Nephtali, Gad, and Asser.
3 The sonnes of Iuda: Er, Onan, and Sela. These thre were borne vnto hym of Bath , Sua the Cananytesse. And Er the eldest sonne of Iuda was euell in the syght of the Lorde, and he slue hym.
4 And Thamar hys daughter in lawe bare hym Pharez, and Zara: and so all the sonnes of Iuda were fyue.
5 The sonnes of Pharez: Hezron and Hamul.
6 The sonnes of Zarah: Zimri, Ethan, Heman, Chalchol, and Dara: which were fyue in all.
7 And the sonnes of Charmi, Achar that troubled Israel, transgressynge in the thing, that was damned.
8 The sonnes of Ethan: Azaria.
9 The sonnes also of Hezron şt were borne vnto him: Ierhameel, Ram and Chelubat.
10 And Ram begat Aminadab: and Aminadab begat Nahson a lord of the children of Iuda.
11 And Nahson begat Salma: and Salma begat Boaz:
12 Boaz begat Obed: and Obed begat Isai:
13 And Isai begat hys eldest sonne Eliab: and Aminadab the seconde, and Simaa the thyrde,
14 Nathanael the fourth, and Radai the fyfte,
15 Ozem the syxte, and Dauid the seuenth.
16 Whose systers were Zeruia and Abigail. The sonnes of Zeruia: Abisai, Ioab, & Azahel, thre.
17 And Abigail bare Amaza: the father of which Amaza was Iether an Ismaelite.
18 And Caleb the sonne of Hezron begat Asuba, of hys wyfe Asuba, and Ierihoth, whose sonnes are these: Ieser, Sobab, and Ardon.
19 And when Asuba was deed, Caleb toke Ephrata, which bare hym Hur.
20 And Hur begat Uri, and Uri begat Bezaleel.
21 Afterward came Hezron to the daughter of Machir the father of Gilead, and toke her when he was thre skore yeare olde. And she bare hym Segub:
22 and Segub begat Iair, which had thre and twentye cityes in the lande of Gilead .
23 And he ouercame Gessur and Aram, the townes of Iair from them which dwell in them: and Kenath and the townes therof: euen thre skore townes. All these were the sonnes of Machir the father of Gilead .
24 And after that Hezron was deed at Caleb in Ephrata, Abia Esrons wife, bare him Ashur the father of Thekoa.
25 And the sonnes of Ierhameel the eldest sonne of Hezron were: Ran the eldest, Buna, Oren, Ozen, and Ahia.
26 And Ierhmeel had yet another wyfe named Atara which was the mother of Onam.
27 And the sonnes of Ram the eldest sonne of Ierhameel were: Maaz, Iamin, and Ekar.
28 The sonnes of Onam were: Samai, and Iada. The sonnes of Sammai: Nadab and Abisur.
29 And the wyfe of Abisur was called Abihail, and she bare hym Ahban and Molid.
30 The sonnes of Nadab: Seled and Appaim. And Seled dyed without chyldren.
31 The sonne of Appaim: Iesei. And the sonne of Iesei: Sesan. And the sonnes of Sesan: Ahlai.
32 And the sonnes of Iada the brother of Samai: Iether and Ionatham. And Iether dyed without chyldren.
33 The sonnes of Ionatham: Peleth and Zaza. These were the sonnes of Ierhameel.
34 Sesan had no sonnes: but daughters. And Sesan had a seruaunt that was an Egipcian named Iarha:
35 to whom he gaue his daughter to wyfe: and she bare hym Athai.
36 And Athai begat Nathan. And Nathan begat Zabad.
37 And Zabad begat Aphlal. And Aphlal begat Obed.
38 Obed begat Iehu. And Iehu begat Azaria.
39 Azaria begat Aalez. And Halez begat Elasa:
40 Elasa begat Sisamai. And Sisamai begat Sallum:
41 Sallum begat Iecamia: Iecamia begat Elisamah.
42 The sonnes of Caleb the brother of Ierhameel: Mesa hys eldest sonne which was the father of Ziph. And the sonnes of Maresa the father of Hebron .
43 The sonnes of Hebron : Corah, & Tapuah, Rekem & Sama.
44 Sama begat Raham the father of Ierkoam. And Rekem begat Sammai.
45 The sonne of Sammai was Maon. And Maon was the father of Bethzur.
46 And Epha a concubine of Calebs bare Haran , and Mosa, and Gazez. Haran begat Gazez.
47 The sonnes of Iahdai were: Regem, Iothan, Gesan, Pellet, Epha, and Saaph.
48 And Maacha was Calebs concubyne, of whom he begat Semer and Thirhana.
49 And she bare also Saaph the father of Madmanna, and Seua the father of Machbena and the father of Gibea. And Achsa was Calebs daughter.
50 These were the sonnes of Caleb şe sonne of Hur the eldest sonne of Ephrata: Sobal the father of Kiriath Iearim,
51 Salma the father of Bethlehem, and Hareph the father of Beth Gader,
52 and Sobal the father of Kiriath Iearim had sonnes, and he sawe the halfe of the countrey of the mansions.
53 The kyndredes of Kiriath Iearim are these: the Iithrites, the Happuthites, the Hassumathites, and the Hamisraites. And of them came the Zarathites & the Esthaulites.
54 The sonne of Salma: the Bethlehemites, and Netophathites şe glory of the house of Ioab, and halfe the countrey of the mansions gat the Zaraites.
55 The kindredes of the writers dwelt at Iabes, the Tirathites, the Simeathites, the Suchathites, which are the Kenites, that came of Hemath the father of the house of Rechab.




1 These were the sonnes of Dauid which were borne vnto hym in Hebron the eldest, Ammon of Ahinoam the Israelitesse. The seconde Daniel of Abigail the Carmelitesse.
2 The thyrde Absalom the sonne of Maacha daughter of Thalmai kinge of Gesur. The fourth Adonia the sonne of Haggith.
3 The fyft Sephatia of Abital. The syxte Iethream by Egla hys wyfe.
4 These .vi. were borne vnto him in Ebron, & there he raygned .vii. yeare & syxe monethes. And in Ierusalem he raygned .xxxiij. yeare.
5 And these were borne vnto hym in Ierusalem: Simeia, Sobab, Nathan & Salomon .iiij. of Bathsua the daughter of Ammiel,
6 Ibhar also & Elisama, Elipalet,
7 Noga, Nepheg, & Iaphia,
8 Elisama, Eliada, and Eliphelet: nyne in nomber.
9 These are all the sonnes of Dauid, besyde the sonnes of the concubynes, and Thamar was ther syster.
10 Salomons sonne was Rehoboam, whose sonne was Abia: and Asa was hys sonne, and Ichosaphat his sonne:
11 whose sonne was Ioran: and hys sonne was Ahazia: and Ioas was hys sonne.
12 Amazia hys sonne, Azariah hys sonne, and Iotham hys sonne.
13 Ahaz was hys sonne, Hezekia hys sonne, and Manasse hys sonne.
14 And Amon was hys sonne, and Iosia was hys sonne.
15 And the sonnes of Iosiah were: şe eldest sonne Iohanan, the seconde Iehoakim, the thyrde Zedekia, and the fourth Sallum.
16 The sonnes of Iehoakim were, Ieconiah his sonne, and Zedekiah hys sonne.
17 The sonne of Ieconia: Assir, and Schealthiel hys sonne.
18 Malchiram also and Phedaia, Senazer, Iecamia, Hosama and Nedabia.
19 The sonnes of Pedaia were: Zurobabel and Simehi. The sonnes of Zurobabel, Mesulam, Hanania, and Selumith their syster,
20 and Hasubah, Ohel, Berechia, Hasadia, and Iusabhesed, fyue in nombre.
21 The sonnes of Hanania: Pelatia, and Iesaia, whose sonne was Rephaah, and his sonne Arnan, and hys sonne was Obadia, and hys sonnes Sechania.
22 The sonne Sechaniah was Semaiah. And the sonnes of Semaia were Hatus, Igeal, Bariah, Naariah and Saphat, and Sesa, syxe.
23 And the sonnes of Naariah were Elioenai, Hezezia, and Azricam, thre.
24 And the sonnes of Elioenai were Hodaiah, Eliasib, Pheleia, Akub, Iohanam, Dealaia & Anani, seuen.




1 The sonnes of Iuda: Pharez, Hezron, Carmi, Hur and Sobal.
2 And Reaia the sonne of Sobal begat Iahath. And Iahath begat Ahumai and Lahad: and these are the kinredes of the Zoreathites.
3 And of these came the father of Etham, Iezrael, Iisma and Iidbas, and the name of theyr syster was Hazlelpeni.
4 Penuel was the father of Gedor. And Eser the father of Husa. And these are the sonnes of Hur the eldest sonne of Ephrata the father of Bethlehem .
5 And Ashur the father of Thekoa had two wyues: Heleah and Naara.
6 And Naara bare hym Ahusam, Hepher, Themni and Hahastari. These were the sonnes of Naarah.
7 And the sonnes of Heleah were Zareth, Iezoar and Ethnan.
8 And Coz begat Anub and Zobeba, and the kynred of Aharhel the sonne of Harum.
9 And Ioabes was more honorable then his brethren. And hys mother called his name Iabes, sayinge. because I bare hym with sorowe.
10 And Iabes called on the God of Israel, sayinge: If thou wylt blesse me in dede, and enlarge my coastes, and shalt let thyne hande be with me. and wylt kepe me from euell that it hurt me not? And God graunted hym hys desyre.
11 Chelub the brother of Suah begat Mehir, whych was the father of Esthon.
12 And Esthon begat Bethrapha, and Paseha, and Thehinna the father of the citye of Nahas: these are the men of Recha.
13 The sonnes of Kenas: Othniel and Saraia. And the sonnes of Othniel were Hathath.
14 And Meonothi begat Ophran. And Seraia begat Ioab the father of the valeye of craftes men (so called) because they were craftes men.
15 And the sonnes of Caleb the sonne of Iephune were: Iru, Ela and Naan. And the sonne of Ela was Kenas.
16 And the sonnes of Iehalelel were Ziph, and Ziphah, Thiria and Asarel.
17 And the sonnes of Ezra: were: Iether, and Mered, Epher, Ialon, Thahar, and Miriam, and Sammai, and Iisbah the father of Esthemoa.
18 And hys wyfe Iehudia bare Iered the father of Gedor, and Heber the father of Socho, and Ieruthiel the father of Zanoah. And these are the sonnes of Bithiah the daughter of Pharao, whych Mered toke.
19 The sonnes of the wyfe of Hodia the syster of Nahan the father of Keilah were: Barmi, and Esthemoa. the Maachathite.
20 The sonnes of Symon were: Ammon, and Rimna, Benhanan and Thilon. And the sonnes of Iissi were: Zoheth, and Benzoheth.
21 The sonnes of Selah the sonne of Iuda were: Er the father of Lecha, and Laada the father of Maresa, and the kynredes of the housholdes of them that wrought linnen in the house of Asbea.
22 And Iokim and the men of Chozebah, and Ioas, and Saraph, whych had the dominyon in Moad, and Iasubi Lehem. These also are wordes of olde.
23 These were potters, and dwelt there amonge trees & hedges, nye vnto the kynge: because of hys worke.
24 The sonnes of Simeon were: Nemuel, Iamin, Iarib, Zerah and Saul:
25 whose sonne was Sallum: and the sonne of hym was Mibsam, and hys sonne was Misma.
26 And the sonne of Misma was Hamuel, and hys sonne was Zachur, and the sonne of hym was Simehi.
27 Semehi had syxtene sonnes & syxe daughters. But hys brethren had nott manye chyldren, neyther was all the kynred of them lyke to the chyldren of Iuda in multytude.
28 And they dwelt at Beerseba, Molada, and at Hazar Sual,
29 at Bilha, at Ezem, and at Tholad,
30 at Bethuel, at Horma, and at Ziklag,
31 at Bethmarcaboth, Hazar Susun, at Bethbirei, and at Saaraim. These were theyr cityes vnto the raygne of Dauid.
32 And theyr vyllages were: Etan, and Ain, Rimmon, Tochen and Asan, fyue townes;
33 and all theyr vyllages that were rounde aboute the same cytyes vnto Baal. Thys is the habitacyon of them, and theyr genealogie.
34 Mosobab and Iamlech, and Iosa şe sonne of Amasia:
35 and Ioel and Iehu the sonne of Iosibia, the sonne of Saraia, the sonne of Asiel:
36 and Elioenai, and Iaakoba, Isohaia and Asaiah, Adiel, Isimiel and Benaia:
37 and Ziza the sonne of Schibhi, the sonne of Allon, the sonne of Ieoaia, the sonne of Zemri, the sonne of Semaia.
38 These are famouse captaynes in their kynredes, setting vp greatly the house of theyr fathers.
39 And they went to the entryng in of Gedor, euen vnto the east syde of the valeye, to seke pasture for ther shepe.
40 And they founde fatt pasture and good, and a wyde lande, quyet and frutefull: for they of Ham had dwelt ther before.
41 And these now afore written by name, came in the dayes of Hezekia kynge of Iuda, and smote the tentes of them, and the habitacions that were founde there, and destroyed them vtterly vnto this daye, & dwelt in theyr rowmes: because there was pasture there for theyr shepe.
42 And some of the chyldren of Symeon went to mount Seyr, euen fyue hundred men, hauynge for theyr captaynes, Phelathia, Nearia, Raphaia and Uziel the sonnes of Isi:
43 and smote the reste of the Amalekites that were escaped, and they dwelt there vnto thys daye.




1 The sonnes of Ruben the eldest sonne of Israel: for asmoche as he was the eldest, and had defyled hys fathers bedd, his byrthryght was geuen vnto the sonnes of Ioseph the sonne of Israel. Howbeit, the genealogy is not rekoned after this byrthryght.
2 For Iuda, he preuayled aboue hys brethren, and of this trybe came şe chefe, and the byrthryght was geuen to Ioseph.
3 The sonnes then of Ruben the eldest sonne of Israel were: Henoch, Phalu, Hezron and Charmi.
4 The sonnes of Ioel: Samaiah: hys sonne, Gog hys sonne, and Semhi hys sonne,
5 Micah hys sonne, Reaia hys sonne, and Baal hys sonne,
6 Beera hys sonne. Whome Thiglath Pylneser kynge of Assyria caryed awaye: for he was a great lorde among the Rubenites.
7 And when hys brethren in theyr kynredes, rekoned the genealogye of theyr generacyons: Ieiel and Zachariah were the chefe.
8 And Baal the sonne of Azan, the sonne of Sema, the sonne of Ioel, dwelt in Aroer: and so forthe vnto Nebo and Baalmeon.
9 And eastwarde, he enhabited vnto the entrynge in of the wyldernesse, from the ryuer Euphrates: for they had moche catell in the lande of Gilead.
10 And in the dayes of Saul, they warred with the Hagarites, which were ouerthrowen into theyr hande. And they dwelte in theyr tentes thorowout all the east lande of Gilgal.
11 And the chyldren of Gad dwelte ouer against them in the lande of Basan, euen vnto Salcha.
12 And in Basan, Ioel was şe chefest, and Sapham the nexte, then Ianai and Saphat.
13 And theyr brethren of the housholde of theyr fathers, were Michael, Meosuesam, Seba, Iorai, Iahcan, Zia, Eber, Senen.
14 These are the chyldren of Abihail the sonne of Huri, the sonne of Ieroah, the sonne of Gilead, the sonne of Michael, the sonne of Iesisai, the sonne of Iahdo, the sonne of Buz.
15 Ahi (the sonne of Abdiel, the sonne of Guni) was a captayne of the housholde of theyr fathers.
16 And they dwelt in Gilead, in Basan, and in her townes, and in all the suburbes of Saron, and in theyr borders.
17 All these were rekoned by kynredes in the dayes of Iotham kynge of Iuda, and in the dayes of Ieroboam kyng of Israel.
18 The sonnes of Ruben, and of Gad, and of halfe the trybe of Manasse, were fyghtynge men, and able to beare shylde and swearde, and to shote with bowe, excercysed in warre, euen foure and fourtye thousande, seuen hundred and threskore, that wente out to the warre.
19 And they fought with the Hagarites, with Ietur, Nephis and Nodab.
20 And they were helped of the Lorde against them, and the Hagarites were deliuered into their hande, and so were all that were with them. For they cryed to God in the battayll, and he hearde them, because they put theyr trust in hym.
21 And they toke of theyr catell and of theyr camels fyftye thousande, and two hundred and fyftye thousande shepe, and two thousande asses, and of the soules of men, an hondred thousande:
22 and there fell many wounded, because şe warre was of God. And they dwelt in theyr steades, vntyll the tyme that they were caryed awaye.
23 And the chyldren of şe halfe tribe of Manasse dwelt in the lande, from Basan vnto Baal Hermon, and Semir, and vnto mount Hermon:
24 for they were growne to a greate multitude. And these were the heedes of the housholdes of theyr fathers: Epher, and Iesi, Eliel and Azriel, Ieremia and Hodauia, and Iaohdiel, stronge men and valeaunt, famouse men, and heedes of the housholdes of theyr fathers.
25 And they transgressed agaynste the God of theyr fathers, and went a whorynge after the goddes of the people of the land, whom God destroyed before them:
26 and God stered vp the sprete of Phul kynge of Assiria, and the sprete of Thiglath Pilneser kynge of Assiria, and caryed them awaye: euen the Rubenytes, the Gaddites, and şe halfe trybe of Manasse, and brought them vnto Halah, Habor, Hara: and to the ryuer Gozan, vnto thys daye.




1 The sonnes of Leui: Gerson, Cahath and Merari.
2 The sonnes of Cahath: Amram, Izahar, Hebron and Uziel.
3 The chyldren of Amram: Aaron, Moses and Miriam. The sonnes also of Aaron: Nadab, Abihu, Eleazar & Ithamar.
4 Eleazar begat Phinehes. Phinehes begat Abisua.
5 Abisua begat Boki: Boki begat Uzi.
6 Uzi begat Zarahia. Zarahia begat Meraioth.
7 Meraioth begat Amaria, and Amaria begat Ahitob.
8 Ahitob begat Zadoc, and Zadoc begat Ahimaaz.
9 Ahimaaz begat Azaria, and Azaria begat Iohanam.
10 Iohanam begat Azaria, which minystred in the temple that Salomon buylte in Ierusalem.
11 Azaria begat Amaria, Amaria begat Ahitob.
12 Ahitob begat Zadoc, and Zadoc begat Sallum.
13 Sallum begat Helkia, and Helkia begat Azaria.
14 Azaria begat Saraia, and Saraia begat Iehozedech.
15 And Iehozedech departed, when the Lorde caryed awaye Iuda and Ierusalem by the hande of Nebuchadnezar.
16 The sonnes of Leui: Gersom, Cahath and Merari.
17 And these be the names of the sonnes of Gersom: Libni and Simhi.
18 And the sonnes of Cahath were: Amram, Izahar, Hebron and Uziel.
19 The sonnes of Merari: Mahli & Musi, and these are the kynreddes of Leui, concernynge theyr fathers.
20 The sonne of Gersom was Lobni, whose sonne was Iahath, and hys sonne Zemma,
21 and hys sonne Ioah, and hys sonne Iddo, and his sonne Zerah, and his sonne Ieathrai.
22 The sonnes of Cahath: Aminadab and hys sonne Korah, and hys sonne Assyr,
23 and hys sonne Elcana, and hys sonne Ebiasaph, and hys sonne Assyr,
24 & Thahath was his sonne, and Uriel his sonne, and Uzia his sonne, and Saul was hys sonne.
25 The sonnes of Elcana: Amasai, & Ahimoth
26 & Elcana. The sonnes of Elcana, Zophai, whose sonne was Nahath,
27 & hys sonne Eliab, and Ieroham hys sonne, and Elcana hys sonne,
28 and Samuel the sonne of hym. And the sonnes of Samuel: the eldest Uasni, and Abia.
29 The sonnes of Merari: Mahli, and hys sonne Libni, and hys sonne Simhi, and hys sonne Uza,
30 and hys sonne Simha, and hys sonne Hagia, and hys sonne Asaia.
31 And these be they, whom Dauid set for to singe in the house of the Lorde, after that the Arcke had reste.
32 And they mynistred before the dwellynge place, and the Tabernacle of wytnesse wyth synginge, vntyll Salomon had buylt the housse of the Lorde in Ierusalem. And then they wayted on theyr offyces, accordynge to the order of them.
33 These are they that wayted with theyr children, of the sonnes of Cahath: Heman a synger, which was the sonne of Ioell, the sonne of Semuel,
34 the sonne of Elcana, the sonne of Ieroham, the sonne of Eliel: the sonne of Thoah,
35 the sonne of Zuph, the sonne of Elcana, the sonne of Mahath, the sonne of Amasai,
36 the sonne of Elcana, the sonne of Ioel, the sonne of Asaria, the sonne of Zephania,
37 the sonne of Thahath the sonne of Assyr, the sonne of Ebiasaph, the sonne of Korah,
38 the sonne of Izahar, the sonne of Cahath, the sonne of Leui, the sonne of Israel.
39 And his brother Asaph stode on his ryght hande, and Asaph was the sonne of Barachia, the sonne of Simha,
40 the sonne of Michael, the sonne of Baasaia, şe sonne of Melchia,
41 the sonne of Atham, the sonne of Zarah, the sonne of Adaia,
42 the sonne of Ethan, the sonne of Zima, the sonne of Simhi,
43 the sonne of Iahath, the sonne of Gersom, the sonne of Leui.
44 And theyr brethren the sonnes of Merari stode on the lefte hande: euen Ethan the sonne of Kysi, the sonne of Abdi, the sonne of Maluch,
45 the sonne of Hasabia, the sonne of Amazia, the sonne of Helkia,
46 the sonne of Amzi, the sonne of Bani, the sonne of Samer,
47 the sonne of Mahli, the sonne of Musi, the sonne of Merari, the sonne of Leui.
48 Theyr brethren also the Leuites were appoynted vnto all maner of seruice of the tabernacle of the house of God.
49 But Aaron & hys sonnes burnt incense vpon the aulter of burntofferynge & on the aulter of incense (and were apoynted) for all that was to do in the place moste holy, and to make an attonement for them of Israel, accordynge to all şt Moses the seruaunt of God had commaunded.
50 These are the sonnes of Aaron: Eleazar, whose sonne was Phinehes, & his sonne Abisua:
51 & his sonne Boki, whose sonne was Uzi, and hys sonne Zerahia:
52 and the sonne of hym Meraioth, and hys sonne Amaria, and the sonne of hym, Ahitob:
53 and Zadoc hys sonne, and Ahimaaz hys sonne.
54 And these are the dwellynge places of them (thorowe out theyr townes & coastes) euen of the sonnes of Aaron thorow out the kynredde of the Caathites, for so the lot fell for them.
55 And they gaue vnto them Hebron in the lande of Iuda & the Suburbes therof rounde aboute it.
56 But the felde of the cytie, & the villages pertaynynge therto they gaue to Caleb the sonne of Iephune.
57 And to şe sonnes of Aaran they gaue the cyties of refuge: euen Hebron and Libna, with theyr Suburbes: Iathyr & Esthemoa wyth their Suburbes:
58 and Hilen wyth her Suburbes, and Debit wyth her Suburbes:
59 Afan and her Suburbes, Bethsemes and her Suburbes.
60 And out of the trybe of BenIamin, Geba and her Suburbes, Alemeth and her Suburbes, Anathoth and her Suburbes, all theyr cytyes thorowe out theyr kynreddes were .xiij.
61 And vnto the sonnes of Cahath the remnaunt of the kynne of the trybe, were cyties geuen out of the halfe trybe of Manasse by lotte: euen ten cyties.
62 And the sonnes of Gersom thorowe out theyr kynreddes, had out of the trybe of Isacar, out of the trybe of Asser, and out of the trybe of Nephthali: and out of the trybe of Manasse in Basan, thyrtene cytyes.
63 And vnto the sonnes of Merari were geuen by lot thorowe out theyr kynreddes out of the trybe of Ruben, and out of the trybe of, Gad, and out of the trybe of Zabulon, twelue cyties.
64 And the chyldren of Israel gaue the Leuytes cytyes wyth theyr Suburbes,
65 & that by Lott, out of the trybe of the chyldren of Iuda, and out of the trybe of the chyldren of Symeon, and out of the trybe of the children of BenIamin these cyties which they called by theyr names.
66 And they şt were of the kynreds of the sonnes of Cahath, had cyties and theyr coastes out of the trybe of Ephraim.
67 And they gaue vnto them cyties of refuge: Sichem in mount Ephraim and her Suburbes, Gaser and her Suburbes,
68 Iocmeam and her Suburbes, Bethhoron and her Suburbes,
69 Aialon and her Suburbes, Geth Rimmon and her Suburbes.
70 And out of the halfe trybe of Manasse, Aner and her Suburbes, and Bileam and her Suburbes for the kyndred of şe remnaunt of the sonnes of Cahath.
71 And vnto the sonnes of Gerson were geuen out of the kyndred of the halfe trybe of Manasse: Golon in Basan and her Suburbes, and Astharoth and her Suburbes.
72 Out of the trybe of Isacar, Kedes & her Suburbes, Dabrath and her Suburbes,
73 Ramoth also and her Suburbes, Anem and her Suburbes.
74 And out of Asser, Masal & her Suburbes. Abdon and her Suburbes,
75 Hukok and her Suburbes, Rehob and her Suburbes.
76 Out of the trybe of Nephthali, Kedes in Galilea and her Suburbes, Hammon and her Suburbes, Kiriathaijm & her Suburbes.
77 And vnto the rest of the chyldren of Merari were geuen out of the trybe of Zabulon. Rimmon and her Suburbes. Thabor and her Suburbes.
78 And on the other syde Iordan by Iericho, euen on the east syde of Iordan, were geuen them out of the trybe of Ruben: Bezer in the wyldernesse wyth her Suburbes: Iahzah with her Suburbes:
79 Kedemoth wyth her Suburbes. Mephath wyth her Suburbes.
80 Out of the trybe of Gad, Ramoth in Gilead wyth her Suburbes, Mahanaim wyth her Suburbes,
81 Hesebon with her Suburbes, and Iezer wyth her Suburbes.




1 The sonnes of Isacar: Thola, Phua, Iasub, Simron, foure.
2 And the sonnes of Thola: Uzi, Rephaia, Ieriel, Iamai, Iebsam and Sehmuel, whych were heedes in the housholdes of theyr fathers of Thola, men of myghte theyr kynreddes: whose nombre was in the dayes of Dauid, two and twentye thousande and syxe hundred.
3 The sonnes of Uzi: Izrahia. The sonnes of Izrahia: Michael, Obadia, Ioel, and Iesiah, fyue men, all captaynes.
4 And wyth them, in theyr generacyons after the housholde of their fathers, were syxe and thyrtye thousande soudyers and valeaunt men of warre: For they had many wyues and sonnes.
5 And theyr brethren amonge all the kynreddes of Isacar were valeaunt men of warre rekoned in all: foure skore and seuen thousande.
6 The sonnes of BenIamin: Bela: Bether and Iediel: thre.
7 The sonnes of Bela: Ezbon, Uzi, Uziel, Ierimoth and Iri, fyue heedes of the housholde of theyr fathers, men of myghte, and were rekoned by şe genealogies .xxij. thousande and .xxxiiij.
8 The sonnes of Becher: Zemira, Ioas, Eliezer, Elioenai, Omri, Ieremoth, Abia, Anathoth and Alamath. All these are the chyldren of Becher,
9 and the nombre of them after theyr genealogye and generacyons, and captaynes of the housholdes of their fathers men of myght, twentye thousande and two hundred.
10 The sonnes of Iediel: Bilhan. The sonnes of Bilhan: Ieus, BenIamin, Ehud and Canaana, Zethan, Tharsis and Ahilahar.
11 All these are the sonnes of Iediel, auncient heedes and men of warre .xvij. thousande and two hundred that went out harnessed to battell.
12 And Suppim and Hupim were the chyldren of Ir. And şe Husites were the chyldren of Aher.
13 The sonnes of Nephthali: Iahziel, Guni, Iezer and Salum, the chyldren of Bilha.
14 The sonnes of Manasse: Azriel whom (hys wyfe) bare vnto hym: But Aramiah hys concubine bare Machir the father of Gilead.
15 And Machir toke wyues for Hupim & Supim. And the name of hys syster was Maaca. And the name of another sonne was Zelophahad And Zelophahad had daughters.
16 And Maaca the wyfe of Machir bare a sonne, and called hys name Pherez, and the name of his brother was Zeres, and his sonnes were Ulam and Reken.
17 The sonnes of Ulam: Bedan: These are the sonnes of Gilead the sonne of Machir the sonne of Manasse.
18 And hys syster Molecath bare Ieshud, Abieser and Mahelah.
19 And the sonnes of Semida were: Ahiam, Sechem, Likchi and Aniham.
20 The sonnes of Ephraim: Suthalah, whose sonne was Bered, and Thahath hys sonne, and hys sonne Eladah, and Thahath his sonne:
21 and Sabad his sonne, and Suthelah his sonne, and Eser and Elead. And the men of Gath that were borne in that lande, slue them, because they were come downe to take awaye theyr catell.
22 And Ephraim theyr father mourned many a daye, and hys brethren came to conforte hym.
23 And whan he went into hys wyfe, she conceaued and bare hym a sonne, and he called şe name of it Beria, because it went euell wyth hys housholde.
24 And his daughter was Scera, whych buylt Bethoron the nether & also the vpper, and Uzan Seera.
25 And Raphah was hys sonne: whose sonne was Reseph, and Thelah, whose sonne was Thaham,
26 and hys sonne Ladan, and hys sonne. Amihud, and his sonne Elisama,
27 and hys sonne Nun and his sonne Iehosua.
28 Their possessions & habitacion was in Bethel, and the townes that longed therto, and vnto the Eest of Naeran, & on the west syde of Gazer with the townes therof, Sechem and the townes therof, Adaia & the townes therof,
29 and a longe by the borders of the children of Manasse, Bethsean and her townes, Thaanach and her townes, Magiddo & her townes, and Dor and her townes. In those dwelt the chyldren of Ioseph the sonne of Israel .
30 The sonnes of Aser: Iimna, Iesua, Isuai, & Beria, & Serah their syster.
31 The sonnes of Beria: Ieber and Melchiel, which is the father of Birsaith.
32 And Hepher begat Iaphlet, Somer, Hotham, & Sua was their syster.
33 The sonnes of Iaphlet: Pasah, Bimhal and Asuah. These are the children of Iaphlet.
34 The sonnes of Semer: Ahi, Rohga, Iehubba and Aram .
35 And the sonnes of hys brother Helem: Zophah, Iimna, Seles and Amal.
36 The sones Zophah. Suah, Harnepher Sual, Beri, and Iimrah,
37 Bezer, Hod, Samma, Silsa, Iethran and Beera.
38 The sonnes of Iether, Iephune, Pispa, & Ara.
39 The sonnes of Ola: Areh, Haniel & Rezia.
40 All these were the chyldren of Asser, and heedes of their fathers houses, noble men, and myghtye head captaynes. The nombre thorowe out şe genealogy of them şt were apte to the warre and battell was .xxvj. thousande men.




1 Beniamin begat Bela hys eldest sonne, Asbel the seconde, & Aharah the thirde,
2 Nohah the fourth and Raphah the fyfte.
3 And the sonnes of Bela were: Adar, Gera, Abihud,
4 Abisna, Naaman, and Ahoha,
5 Gera, Sephuphan and Huran:
6 And these are the sonnes of Ehud and these are auncient heedes amonge the inhabiters of Geba: and they caryed them to Manahath:
7 Naaman, Ahia & Gera, which Gera caryed them awaye and begat Uza & Ahihud.
8 And he begat Saharaim in the felde of Moab , after he had sent them awaye. Husim also & Baarah were his wyues.
9 And he begat of Hodes his wife, Iobab and Zibia, Mesa, and Malcham,
10 Ieuz, and Sachia & Mirma. These were his sonnes and auncient fathers.
11 And of Husim he begat. Ahitob and Elpaal.
12 The sonnes of Elpaal were: Eber, Misaham, and Samed, which built Ono, Lod, and the townes therof.
13 Beria & Sema were auncient fathers amonge the inhabiters of Aialon, and they draue awaye şe enhabiters of Geth.
14 And Aio, Sasac, & Ierimoth,
15 Sebadia, Ared, and Adar,
16 Michael, and Iispa, and Ioha, şe sonnes of Beria,
17 Zebadia, Mesullam, Hezeki, and Heber,
18 Ismerai also and Iesliah, & Iobab the sonnes of Elpaal.
19 Iakim, and Zicri, & Sabdi,
20 Elienai, Zilthai, and Eliel,
21 Adaia, & Beraia, & Zimreth the sonnes of Simhi,
22 Iispan, Eber, and Eliel,
23 Abdon and Zicri, and Hanan,
24 Hanania, Elam & Anthothia,
25 Iephdeia and Phenuel şe sonnes of Sasac.
26 And Samserai, Seharia and Athaliah,
27 Iaresia, Elia and Zichri the sonnes of Ieroham.
28 These were auncient fathers and captaynes in their kynredes, and these dwelt in Ierusalem.
29 And at Gibeon dwelt Abi Gibeon whose wyfe was called Maacah.
30 And his eldest sonne was Abdon, then Zur, Cis, Baal, and Nadab.
31 Gedor, Ahio and Zacher.
32 And Mikloth begat Simea. And these also dwelt with their brethren in Ierusalem ouer agaynst them.
33 Ner begat Cis, and Cis begat Saul, & Saul begat Iehonathan, Malchisua, Abinadab and Esbaal.
34 And şe sonne of Iehonathan was Meribbaal, and Meribbaal begat Micah.
35 And the sonnes of Micah were Pithon, Melech, Tharea & Ahaz.
36 And Ahaz begat Iehoiada. And Iehoiada begat Alemeth, Asmaueth and Zimri. Zimri begat Moza.
37 Moza begat Binea, whose sonne was Rapha, and hys sonne was Easa, and hys sonne Azel,
38 And Azel had syxe sonnes, whose names are these: Esricam, Bochri, Ismael, Scaria, Obadia, & Hanan. All these were the sonnes of Azel.
39 And the sonnes of Esek his brother, were: Ulam his eldest, Iehus şe seconde & Eliphelet the thirde:
40 And the sonnes of Ulam were myghtie men & stronge archers, & bowemen, and had many sonnes & sonnes sonnes, an hundred & fyftie. All these are of the sonnes of Beniamin.




1 And so all Israel numbred by kynreddes: beholde, they are wrytten in the boke of the kynges of Israel and of Iuda, and were caryed awaye to Babylon for their transgressyon:
2 Euen the olde enhabiters, that dwelt in their awne possessions & cyties, the Israelites, the preastes, Leuites & Nethenei.
3 And in Ierusalem dwelt of the children of Iuda, of şe chyldren of Beniamin, & of şe children of Ephraim & Manasse.
4 Uthai the sonne of Amihud, the sonne of Omri the sonne of Imri, the sonne of Beni, of the chyldren of Pharez, şe sonne of Iuda.
5 And of Siloni, Asaia the eldest and his sonnes.
6 And of şe sonnes of Zerah, Iehuel & their brethren .vj. hundred & nynetye.
7 And of the sonnes of Beniamin: Salu şe sonne of Mesullam şe sonne of Hodauia, the sonne of Senua:
8 & Iibneia the sonne of Ieroham. And Ela the sonne of Uzi the sonne of Michri. And Mesullam the sonne of Sephatia şe sonne of Rehuel, şe sonne of Iibnia.
9 And their brethren accordinge to their kynredes, nyne hundred fyftie and syxe. All these were principall men, and auncient in şe housholdes of their fathers.
10 And of the preastes: Iedaia, Iehoiarib & Iachin:
11 Azaria the sonne of Aelkia the sonne of Mesullam, the sonne of Zadoc, the sonne of Maraioth, the sonne of Ahitob the chefest in the house of God.
12 And Adaiah the sonne of Ieroham the sonne of Phashur, the sonne of Melchia. And Maasi the sonne of Adiel, the sonne of Iehezrah, the sonne of Mesullam, the sonne of Mesillomith, the sonne of Immor.
13 And their brethren which were heedes of the auncient housholdes of their fathers, a thousande seuen hundred & thre skore actiue men, for the worcke of the seruice of the house of God.
14 And of the Leuytes: Semeia the sonne of Aasub, the sonne of Asricam, the sonne of Hasabaia of şe sonnes of Merari.
15 And Bacbakar & Heres and Galal. And Mathania the sonne of Micah, the sonne of Zicri, şe sonne of Asaph.
16 And Obadia the sonne of Semeia the sonne of Galal, şe sonne of Iduthun. And Berechia the sonne of Aza the sonne of Elcana that dwelt in the villages of the Netophathites.
17 The porters were Sallum. Acub, Talmon & Ahiman and their brother, Sallum was the chefe.
18 For they watched hytherto, euen vnto the kynges gate eastwarde, thorowe out the tentes of the chyldren of Leuy.
19 And Sallum the sonne of Corah the sonne of Abiasaph the sonne of Corah, and his brethren the Corahites (of the house of their father) had their busynesse and offyce to kepe şe porches of the tabernacle: and their fathers the Hoste of the Lorde, kepte the enterynge.
20 And Phinces the sonne of Eleazar was their foregyde, and şe Lorde was with him.
21 And Zacharia the sonne of Meselemia kepte the watche before the dore of the tabernacle of witnesse.
22 All these were chosen men, to kepe şe thresholdes, euen two hundred & twelue, and thorowe out all şe genealogy were they numbred in their villages. And them dyd Dauid & Samuel the sear institute, because of their fidelite.
23 So they & their children had the ouersyght of the gates of the house of the Lorde, euen of the tabernacle, to kepe them.
24 In foure quarters dyd they kepe the watche: towarde şe east, west, north, & south.
25 And their brethren remayned in the countre and came after seuen dayes from tyme to tyme with them.
26 For the Leuites (which had the ouersyght of the vestryes & treasures of the house of God) were vnder şe custody of foure notable porters:
27 & they laye rounde aboute şe house of God: because şe kepynge therof pertayned to them, and they had şe keyes to open euery mornynge.
28 And certen of them had the rule of şe mynistringe vessels, & brought them in and out by tale.
29 Some of them were appoynted to ouerse the vesselles, and all şe ornamentes of the Sanctuary, and the floure, wine, oyle, frankincense and swete odoures.
30 And certayne of the sonnes of şe prestes made oyntmentes of the swete odoures.
31 And Mathathia one of the Leuites which was, the eldest sonne of Sallum: the Corathite, had the ouersyght of the thynges that were made in the fryenge panne.
32 And other of their brethren the sonnes of Cahath had the ouersyght of şe shewbred which they prepared euery Sabboth.
33 These are şe syngers: euen auncient fathers of the Leuites, which dwelt in separate chambres: & were fre, for they had to do in şe temple bothe daye and nyght.
34 These were auncient fathers of the Leuites in their generacions, & dwelt at Ierusalem.
35 And in Gibeon dwelt Abi Gibeon & Iehiel, whose wife was called Maacha,
36 his eldest sonne was Abdon, then Zur, Cis, Baal Ner and Nadab:
37 Gedor, Ahio, Zacharia and Mikloth.
38 And Mikloth begat Simean. And they also dwelt wt their brethren at Ierusalem, euen harde by them.
39 And Ner begat Cis, & Cis begat Saul. And Saul begat Iehonathan, Malchisua, Abinadab and Esbaal.
40 And the sonne of Iehonathan, was Meribbaal. And Meribbaal begat Micah,
41 and the sonnes of Micah were, Pithon, Melech and Thahrea.
42 And Ahaz begat Iahra. Iahra begat Alameth, Asmaneth, Zimri. Zimri begat Moza.
43 Moza begat Binea whose sonne was Rephaia, & his sonne was Elasa, & his sonne Azel.
44 And Azel had syxe sonnes, whose names are these: Azricam, Bochru, Ismael, Searia, Obadia and Hanan. These are the sonnes of Azel.




1 And the Philistines fought agaynst Israel. And the men of Israel fled before the Philistines, & were ouerthrowen & wounded in Mounte Gilboa.
2 And şe Philistines folowed, & were fearce after Saul & his sonnes, & the Philistines smote Ichonathan & Abinadab & Malchisua the sonnes of Saul:
3 And the battell went sore agaynst Saul, & the archers founde hym, and he was wounded of shoters.
4 Then sayde Saul to his wepon bearer drawe thy swerde, and thrust me thorow therwith, that these vncircumcised come not and do me shame. But hys wepon bearer wolde not, for he feared excedynglye. So Saul caught a swerde, and fell vpon it.
5 And when his harnesbearer sawe that Saul was deed, he fell on a swerde also and dyed.
6 And thus Saul and his thre sonnes, and all they of hys house dyed together.
7 And when all the men of Israel that were in the valeye, sawe howe they fled, and that Saul and his sonnes were deed, they forsoke theyr cyties and ranne awaye, and the Philistines came, and dwelt in them.
8 And it fortuned that on the morowe when the Philistines came (to stripe the deed bodies) they founde Saul & hys sonnes ouerthrowen in mount Gilboe.
9 And when they had stript hym, they toke hys heed, and hys harnesse, and sent them into the lande of the Philistines rounde aboute to shewe them vnto theyr Idols, and to the people.
10 And they put his harnesse in the house of theyr God, & set vp hys heade in the temple of Dagon.
11 And when all they of Iabes in Gilead hearde all that the Philistines had done to Saul:
12 they arose (all the strongest of them) and fet awaye the body of Saul, and the bodyes of his sonnes, and brought them to Iabes, and buryed the bones of them vnder an oke in Iabes and fasted seuen dayes.
13 So Saul dyed for hys trespace that he trespaced agaynst the Lorde, in şt he kept not the worde of the Lorde, and in that he sought and asked councell of a woman that wrought with a sprete,
14 and asked not of şe Lorde. And therfore he slue hym, and turned the kyngdome vnto Dauid the sonne of Isai.




1 Then all Israel gathered them selues to Dauid vnto Hebron sayenge: Behold, we be thy bones and thy flesshe.
2 And moreouer in tyme past, euen when Saul was kynge, thou leddest Israel out & in. And the Lorde thy God sayde vnto the: thou shalt fede my people Israel , and thou shalt be captayne ouer my people Israel .
3 Therfore came all the elders of Israel to the kynge, to Hebron, and Dauid made a couenaunt with them in Hebron, before the Lorde. And they annoynted Dauid kynge ouer Israel , accordyng to the worde of the Lorde by the hande of Samuel.
4 And Dauid and all Israel went to Ierusalem, which is Iebus: where as were şe Iebusytes, the enhabiters of the lande.
5 And the enhabiters of Iebus sayde to Dauid: thou commest not here. Neuerthelesse, Dauid wanne the castell of Syon, which is called the cytie of Dauid.
6 And Dauid: sayde, whosoeuer smyteth the Iebusytes fyrst, shalbe the principall captayne and a Lorde. So, Ioab the sonne of Zaruia went fyrst vp, and was made the chefe captayne.
7 And Dauid dwelt in the castell Syon, and therfore they called it the cytie of Dauid.
8 And he buylt şe cytie on euery syde, euen from Millo rounde about, and Ioab repared şe rest of the cytie.
9 And Dauid prospered, and waxed greate, and the Lorde of Hostes was with hym.
10 These are the principall men of power whom Dauid had, and that claue to hym in hys kyngdome with all Israel, to make hym kynge, accordynge to the worde of the Lorde vnto Israel.
11 And this is the nombre of the myghtye men whom Dauid had: Iosobeam the sonne of Hachmoni the chefe amonge thirtye: he lyfte vp hys spere agaynst, thre hundred, and wounded them at one tyme.
12 After him was Eleazar his vncles sonne an Ahothite, which was one of the thre myghtyest.
13 He was with Dauid at Pasdammin, & there the Philistines were gathered together to battell. And there was there a parsell of grounde full of barleye, and the people fled before the Philistines.
14 And they, the thre afore sayde, stept forth into the middes of the felde, and saued it from burnynge and slue the Philistines. And the Lorde gaue a great victorye.
15 And the thre of the thyrtye chefe captaynes went to a rocke to Dauid, into the caue Adullam. And the Hoste of the Philistines abode in the valey of Rephaim.
16 And whan Dauid was in the holde, şe Philistines watch was at Bethlehem şt same time.
17 And Dauid longed, & sayde: Oh that one wolde geue me dryncke of the water of the well that is at the gate at Bethlehem.
18 And the thre brake thorowe the Host of the Philistines, and drewe water out of the well, that was by the gate at Bethlehem & toke it, and brought it to Dauid. Neuerthelesse, Dauid wolde not drynke of it, but rather offered it to the Lorde,
19 and sayde: my God forbyd it me, that I shulde do thys thynge. Shall I dryncke the bloude of these men, that haue put theyr lyues in Ieopardye: (for with the Ieopardye of theyr lyues they brought it) therfore he wolde not drincke it. And this did these thre myghtyest.
20 And Abisai the brother of Ioab: he also was captayne amonge thre: for he lyfte vp hys spere agaynst thre hundred, & wounded them, and had a name amonge the thre:
21 Yee amonge thre, he was more honorable then şe two, for he was their captayne. Howbeit, he attayned not vnto the thre.
22 Banaia the sonne of Iehoiada (the sonne of a very stronge man) dyd greater actes then Cabzeel: for he slue two strong lyons of Moab, and went downe, and slue a Lyon in a pyt in time of snowe.
23 And he slue an Egipcian, whose stature was euen fyue cubytes longe, & in the Egypcians hande was a speare lyke a weauers beame. And the other went downe to hym with a waster, and plucked şe speare out of the Egypcians hande, and slue him wt his awne speare.
24 Soche thynges dyd Banaia the sonne of Iehoiada, & had şe name amonge the thre myghtyest,
25 & was honorable among thirtie: but attayned not vnto şe (first) thre. And Dauid made him of hys councell.
26 The other men of armes were these: Asahel şe brother of Ioab, Elhanan hys vncles sonne of Bethlehem.
27 Sammoth the Harodite, Helez the Pelonite:
28 Ira the sonne of Ickes şe Thekoite, Abieser the Anatothite:
29 Sibacai the Husathite, Ilai the Ahohite:
30 Maharai şe Nethophathite, Heled the sonne of Baana şe Nethophatite.
31 Ithai the sonne of Ribai of Gibea that pertayneth to the children of Beniamin: Benaia the Phirathonite:
32 Hurai of the ryuers of Gaas, Abiel the Arbathite:
33 Azmaneth the Baharumite, Elihaba the Saalbonite.
34 The sonnes of Hassem the Gezonite, Ionathan the sonne of Sage, an Haraite.
35 Ahiam the sonne of Sacar the Haraite, Eliphal the sonne of Ur .
36 Hepher the Mecherathite, Ahia the Pelonite:
37 Hezro şe Carmelite, Naari şe sonne of Ezbai:
38 Ioel şe brother of Nathan: Mibhar the sonne of Hari:
39 Zelegam the Ammonite, Naharai a Berothite the bearer of the Harnesse of Ioab the sonne of Zeruia:
40 Ira the Iithrite, & Gared a Iethrite.
41 Uria the Hethite, and Zahad the sonne of Ahlai.
42 Adina the sonne of Siza a Rubenite, a captayne of the Rubenites, and thyrtie wt him.
43 Hanan the sonne of Maacah, and Iosaphat a Mithanite:
44 Uzia an Astherathite: Sama and Iehiel the sonnes of Hothan an Aroerite:
45 Iediel the sonne of Zimri, and Ioha hys brother an Hathizite.
46 Eliel a Mahanyte, Ieribai & Iosaia the sonnes of Elnaam, and Iithma a Moabite.
47 Eliel and Obed, and Iasiel a Mesobaite.




1 These are they that came to Dauid to Ziklag, whyle he yet kept hym selfe close, because of Saul şe sonne of Cis: and they were very stronge helpers in battell.
2 They were weapened with bowes, & coulde hurlle stones with the ryght hande and with the lyft and shote arowes oute of a bowe, & were of Sauls brethren, euen of Beniamin.
3 The chefest were Ahiezer, and Ioas şe sonnes of Simaa a Gibeonite, and Ieziel and Pelet the sonnes of Asmaneth. Beracah and Iehu of Anathoth.
4 And Ismaia a gilbeonite a mightie man amonge thyrtie, and more then the thyrtie. Ieremiah, Iehaziel, Iohanan, & Iosabad of Gedor.
5 Eleusai, Ierimoth Bealia Semaria, and Seaphatia, the Haraphites.
6 Elcana, Iesia, Azarael, Ioezer, Iosebeam Hakorim.
7 Ioela and Zebadiah the sonnes of Ieroam of Gedud:
8 And of the Gadites there separated them selues, some vnto Dauid into the holde of şe wyldernesse, men of myghte, and men apte for warre, & şt coulde handle shylde and speare, whose faces were lyke the faces of Lions, and they were as swyfte as the Rooes in the mountaynes:
9 Ezer the fyrst, Obdia the seconde, & Eliab the thyrde,
10 Masinana the fourth, Ieremia the fyfte.
11 Atthai the syxte, Eliel the seuenth,
12 Iohanan the eyght, Elsabath the nynth,
13 Ieremia the tenth, and Machbaonai the eleuenth.
14 These were of şe sonnes of Gad, and were captaynes ouer the men of warre, the small pursued an hundred, and the great a thousande.
15 These are they that went ouer Iordan in the fyrst moneth when he had fylled ouer all hys banckes. And they put to flyght all them of the valeye both towarde the East and Weste.
16 And there came of the chyldren of Beniamin and Iuda to the holde vnto Dauid.
17 And Dauid went out to mete them and answered, and sayde vnto them, If ye be come peasablye vnto me, to helpe me, myne hert shalbe knytt vnto you. But and yf you come to betraye me to myne aduersaryes (seynge ther is no wyckednes in myne handes) the God of oure fathers loke theron and rebuke it.
18 And the spiryte came vpon Amasai which was the chefe amonge thyrtye, and he sayde, thyne are we Dauid, and on thy syde thou sonne of Iesai: Peace, peace be vnto the, and peace be to thyne helpers, for thy God is thine helpe. Then Dauid receaued them, and made them heedes of companyes of the men of warre.
19 And there fell some of Manasse to Dauid when he came with the Philistines agaynst Saul to battell, but they helped them not For şe Lordes of the Philistiues toke advysement and sent hym awaye agayne sayinge he wyll fall to hys Master Saul to the ieopardie of oure heedes.
20 As he went to Ziklag, there fell to hym of Manasseh: Adna Iozadad, Iediel, Michael, Iozabad, Elihu and Zilthai, heedes of the thousandes that were of Manasse.
21 And they holpe Dauid agaynst the rouers. For they were all myghtie men of warre, and captaynes in the hoost.
22 For at that tyme there came one or other to Dauid daye by daye to helpe hym: vntyll it was a greate hoost, lyke the hooste of God.
23 And this is the nombre of the chefe captaynes that were prepared to battell, and came to Dauid to Hebron, to turne the kyngdome of Saul to hym, accordynge to the worde of the Lorde.
24 The chyldren of Iuda that bare shylde & speare, were syxe thousande and eyght hundred ready prepared to şe warre.
25 Of the chyldren of Simeon, men of myght to warre, seuen thousande and one hundred.
26 Of the chyldren of Leui, foure thousande and syxe hundred.
27 And Iehoiada was the chefe of them of Aaron, and with him thre thousande and seuen hundred.
28 And Zadock a younge man strong and valeaunt & of his fathers housholde .xxii. captaynes.
29 And of the children of Beniamin the brethren of Saul, thre thousande. And a greate parte of them dyd (vnto that tyme) folowe the house of Saul.
30 And of the children of Ephraim .xx. thousande & eyght hundred mightye men of warre and famous men in the housholde of their fathers.
31 And of the halfe trybe of Manasseh .xviii. thousande, which were appoynted by name to come and make Dauid kynge.
32 And of the chyldren of Isacar, which were men şt had understandynge in the ryght tyme, to knowe what Israel ought to do. The heedes of them were two hundred and all their brethren were at their wyll.
33 And of Zabulon that went out to the battayll and proceded forth to the warre, wt all maner of instrumentes of warre, fyftye thousand that were prepared to the warre, without anye dublenesse of hart.
34 And of Nephthali a thousande captaynes, and with them (with shyld & speare) .xxxvii. thousande.
35 And of Dan prepared to battel .xxviii. thousande & syxe hundred.
36 And of Asser that went out to the warre & kepte the forefront of the batell, fourtye thousand.
37 And of şe other syde of Iordan, of şe Rubenites, and Gaddites & of the halfe tribe of Manasse, with all maner of instrumentes of warre, an hundred & twentye thousande.
38 All these were men of warre, kepynge the forefront of the batell with perfect hart, and came to Hebron to make Dauid kynge ouer all Israel. And all the rest of Israel was of one accorde, to make Dauid king.
39 And there they were with Dauid thre dayes, eatynge and drincking: for theyr brethren had prepared for them.
40 Moreouer they that were nye them, vntyll Isacar, Zabulon and Nephtali, brought breade on Asses, Camels, Mules, & oxen, and meate: floure, fygges, reasyngs, wyne and oyle, oxen, and shepe aboundantlie. For there was ioye in Israel .




1 And Dauid counceled with the capitaynes of thousandes and hundredes, & with all şe Lordes,
2 and sayd vnto all the congregacyon of Israel: If it seme you good, and to be of the Lorde oure God, we wyll take and sende vnto oure brethren that are left in all the lande of Israel, & with them also, to the preastes and Leuites which are in their cyties & Suburbes, togather them together vnto vs.
3 And we wyll brynge agayne şe Arcke of the Lorde to vs: for we regarded it not in the dayes of Saul.
4 And all the congregacion was content that he shulde do so, for the thyng semed good in şe eyes of all the people.
5 So Dauid gathered all Israel together from Sihor in Egypte, vnto şe entrynge of Hemath, to bringe the arcke of the Lorde from kyriath Iearim.
6 And Dauid went vp & all Israel to an hye place towarde kyriath Iearim, that was in Iuda, to fet thence the arcke of the Lord God, that dwelleth betwen the Cherubes: where hys name is called on.
7 And they caryed the Arcke of God in a newe carte out of şe house of Abinadab. And Uza & hys brother guyded şe carte.
8 And Dauid & all Israel played before the arcke of God wt all theyr myght, with syngyng, and harpes, psalteries & tymbrelles and trompettes.
9 And when they came vnto the threshynge flowre of Chidon, Uza put forth his hande to holde the arcke, for the oxen stombled.
10 And the Lorde was wroth with Uza, and smote hym, because he put hys hande to the arcke. And there he dyed before God.
11 And Dauid was out of quyete, because the Lorde had rent a rent in Uza, & he called the name of that place: şe rentyng of Uza vnto this daye
12 And Dauid was afrayde of God that daye saying: howe shall I bringe the arcke of God home to me?
13 And so Dauid brought not the arcke home to hym to şe cytie of Dauid: But caried it into the house of ObedEdom a Gethite.
14 And the arcke of God remayned with ObedEdom, euen in hys house, thre monethes. And he blessed the house of ObedEdom and all that he had.




1 So Hyram the kynge of Tyre sent messengers to Dauid & tymbre of Cedar trees, with masons and carpenters, to buylde hym an house.
2 And Dauid perceaued, that the Lorde had confirmed hym kynge vpon Israel, and that hys kyngdome was lyfte vp on hye, because of hys people Israel.
3 And Dauid toke yet mo wyues at Ierusalem, and begat mo sonnes and daughters.
4 These are the names of hys chyldren, which were borne vnto him at Ierusalem: Samua, Sobab, Nathan and Salomon:
5 Iibhar, Elisua and Elipalet,
6 Noga, Nepheg and Iaphia,
7 Elisama, Beeliada and Eliphalet.
8 And when the Philistines heard şt Dauid was anoynted kynge vpon all Israel, all the Philistines went vpto seke Dauid. And Dauid hearde of it, and went oute agaynst them.
9 And the Philistines came in, & praunsed thorowe the valey of Rephaim.
10 And Dauid asked councell at God saying: shall I go against the Philistines, and wylt thou delyuer them into myne hande? And the Lorde sayde vnto hym: go vp, for I wyll delyuer them into thine hande.
11 And so they came vp to Baal Perazim & Dauid smote them there. And Dauid sayd: God hath deuided myne enemies with myne hande, as a man wolde deuyde water. And therfore they called the name of that place Baal Perazim.
12 And whan they had lefte theyr gods there, Dauid gaue a commaundment, and they were burnt with fyre.
13 And the Philistines came together agayne & russhed into şe valley.
14 And Dauid asked agayne at God. And God sayde to hym: go not vp after them, but turne awaye from them, that thou mayest come vpon them ouer agaynst the peeretres.
15 And when thou hearest a sound go in the toppes of the peretrees, then go out to battell: for God is gone forth before the, to smyte the hoste of the Philistines.
16 Dauid therfore dyd as God commaunded him: & they smote the hoste of the Philistines, from Gibeon to Gazer.
17 And şe fame of Dauid went out into all landes, and the Lorde made all nacyons feare hym.




1 And Dauid made hym houses in şe cytie of Dauid, and prepared a place for the arcke of God, pytched for it a tent.
2 Then Dauid sayde the arcke of God ought not to be caryed but of the Leuites. For them hath the Lord chosen to beare the arcke of the Lorde, and to minister vnto hym for euer.
3 And Dauid gathered all Israell together to Ierusalem, to fetche the arcke of the Lorde vnto hys place which he had ordeyned for it.
4 And Dauid brought togeather the chyldren of Aaron and the Leuites.
5 Of the sonnes of Cahath was Ariel the chefe, and of hys brethren there were an hundred and .xx.
6 Of the chyldren of Merari: Asaia the chefe, and of hys brethren two hundred and .xx.
7 Of the sonnes of Gersom: Ioel the chefe, and of hys brethren an hundred and thyrtye.
8 Of the chyldren of Elizapan: Semaia the chefe, and of hys brethren two hundred.
9 Of the sonnes of Hebron : Eliel the chefe, and of hys brethren .lxxx.
10 Of the sonnes of Uziel: Aminadab the chefe, and of hys brethren an hundred and twelue.
11 And Dauid called Zadock and Abiathar the preastes, and the Leuites, Uziel, Asaia Ioel, Semaia, Eliel and Aminadab:
12 & sayde vnto them: ye that are the princypall fathers of the Leuites, se that ye be holy with youre brethren, that ye maye bringe in the Arcke of the Lorde God of Israel, vnto the place that I haue prepared for it.
13 For because ye were not there at the fyrst, şe Lord oure God made a rent amonge vs, for that we sought hym not as the fasshyon ought to be.
14 So the preastes and the Leuites sanctifyed them selues, to fett the Arcke of the Lord God of Israel.
15 And the children of the Leuites bare the Arcke of God, vpon theyr shulders with staues theron, as Moses commaunded accordynge to the worde of the Lorde.
16 And Dauid spake to the chefe heedes of şe Leuites, that they shulde appoynte certayne of theyr brethren to synge with instrumentes of Musicke, psalteries, harpes and symbales that they might make a sounde, and to synge on hye with Ioyfulnesse:
17 And şe Leuites appoynted Heman the sonne of Ioel: and (of his brethren) Asaph the sonne of Berechia. And of the sonnes of Merari and of theyr brethren Ethan the sonne of Cusaiahu.
18 And with them theyr brethren of the seconde degree: Zacharia, Ben, Iaaziel, Semiramoth, Iehiel, Unni, Eliab, Benaiahu, Maasiah, Mathathiahu, Eliphalehu, Mikniahu, Obed Edom, & Iaiel, porters.
19 So Heman, Asaph & Ethan the syngers made a sounde with symbales of brasse
20 And Zacharia, Aziel, Semiramoth, Iehiel, Unni, Eliab, Maasaiahu and Banaiahu played with psalteries on an Alamoth.
21 Mathatiahu, Eliphalehu, Mikniahu, Obed Edom, Ieiel, and Azaziah played vpon harpes an eyght aboue, with courage.
22 And Chenaniahu the chefe of the Leuites, was master of the songe, for he taught other to synge, because he was a man of vnderstandynge.
23 Berecia and Elcana kepte the dore of the Arcke.
24 And Secamahu, Iehosaphat, Nethanael, Amasai, Zachariahu, Banaiahu & Eliezeer the preastes dyd blowe with trompettes before the Arcke of God. And Obed Edom and Iehia were kepers of şe dore of the arcke.
25 And Dauid and the elders of Israel and the capitaynes ouer thousandes, went to fet the Arcke of the appoyntment of the Lorde out of the house of ObedEdom with gladnes.
26 And when God helped the leuites, that bare the Arcke of the appoyntement of the Lorde, they offered seuen oxen, and seuen rammes.
27 And Dauid had on hym a lynnen garment, lyke as had also all the Leuites that bare the Arcke, and so had the syngers, and Chenania şe ruler of the songe, with the syngers. And Dauid had vpon hym an Ephod of lynen.
28 And all they of Israel brought the Arcke of the Lordes couenaunt with showtynge, and blowyng of the shawme and trompettes: makynge a noyse with symbales, psalteryes, and harpes.
29 And as the Arcke of the appoyntment of the Lorde came into the cytie of Dauid, Michol the daughter of Saul, lokynge out at a wyndowe, sawe kyng Dauid daunsyng and playinge, and she despysed hym in her herte.




1 So they brought in şe arcke of God and set it in the myddes of the tent that Dauid pytched for it. And they offered burnt sacrifyces and peace offerynges before God.
2 And when Dauid had made an ende of offerynge the burnt offerynges and peace offerynges, he blessed the people in the name of the Lorde.
3 And he dealt to all Israel (both man & woman) a cracknell of breade, and a good pece of flesshe, and a flacket of wyne.
4 And he appoynted certen of the Leuites to ministre before the Lorde, & to repete, & to thanke and prayse the Lorde God of Israel.
5 And Asaph was the chefe, & next to hym Zacharia, Ieiel, Semiramoth, Iehiel, Mathathia, Eliab, Benaia, Obed Edom, & Ieiel with psalteries & harpes. But Asaph made a sounde with symbales.
6 Banaiahu & Iahaziel preastes blewe wt trompettes continuallye before the Arcke of the couenaunt of God.
7 And that same tyme Dauid did appoynte chefelye to thanke the Lorde, by Asaph & his brethren.
8 O geue thankes vnto the Lorde, call vpon hys name, make hys actes knowen amonge the people.
9 Synge vnto him & playe vnto him: talke of all hys wonderfull dedes.
10 Reioyce in hys holy name: let the hertes of them that seke the Lorde, be glad.
11 Seke the Lorde and hys strengthe: Seke hys presence allwaye.
12 Remembre his maruelles which he dyd, and hys wonders, & the iudgementes of hys mouth.
13 The seed of Israel are hys seruauntes: the chyldren of Iacob are hys chosen.
14 He is the Lorde oure God: in all landes are hys iudgementes.
15 Thynke on hys appoyntment for euer, (and on the worde which he commaunded to a thousande generacions.)
16 Which he made with Abraham, and of hys othe to Isahac:
17 which he set before Iacob for a decree, and to Israel for an euerlastynge couenaunt,
18 sayinge: to the wyll I geue the lande of Canaan to be the porcyon of youre enheritaunce.
19 When you were fewe and smalle in nombre, and sogeourners therin.
20 And they walked from nacyon to nacyon, and from one kyngdome to another people.
21 He suffered no man to do them wronge: but rebuked, euen kynges for theyr sakes.
22 Touche not myne anoynted, and do my prophetes no harme.
23 Synge vnto the Lorde all the erthe: and shewe from daye to daye hys Saluacyon.
24 Tell of hys glorye amonge the heithen: his wonderfull dedes amonge all nacyons.
25 For greate is the Lorde, and worthy to be praysed exceadyngly: he is to be feared aboue all Gods.
26 For all the Gods of the people are of no value: But the Lorde made heauen.
27 Prayse and honoure are in hys presence: strength and gladnes are in hys place.
28 Asscrybe vnto the Lorde ye kynredes of people, Asscrybe to the Lorde, glorye and domynion.
29 Asscrybe vnto the Lorde, the glorye due vnto hys name: brynge sacrifyces, and come before hym, and worshyppe the Lorde with holy honoure.
30 Let all the erth feare hym, all though the compase of şe erth be so stablysshed that it cannot be moued:
31 let the heauens reioyse, and let the erth be glad, and lett men tell among the nacyons, that the Lorde is kynge.
32 Let the see thunder and the fulnesse therof lett the feldes reioyse, and all that is therin.
33 Then shall the trees of the wood reioyse at the presence of the Lorde, because he commeth to iudge the erth.
34 O geue thankes vnto the Lorde, for he is good, for hys mercye endureth euer:
35 and saye ye: saue vs (o God) of oure saluacion, geather vs to gether, and delyuer vs from amonge the hethen, that we maye geue thankes to thy holy name, & triumphe in the prayse of the.
36 Blessed be the Lord God of Israel for euer & euer, and let all people saye Amen, and prayse the Lorde.
37 And so, he lefte there before the arcke of şe Lordes couenaunt, Asaph & hys brethren, to ministre before the Arcke continually, in soch thynges as were to be done daye by daye,
38 And Obed Edom & hys brethren, threskore and eyght, and Obed Edom the sonne of Iedithun, and Hosa were apoynted to be porters.
39 And Zadock şe preast and hys brethren the preastes, were before şe tabernacle of şe Lorde, in the hye place şt was at Gibeon,
40 to offer burntofferynges vnto the Lorde, vpon the burntoffering aultare perpetuallye, in the mornyng and euenyng, accordyng to all şt which is written in the lawe of the Lorde, which he commaunded Israel.
41 And with them were Heman & Ieduthun, & other that were chosen (whose names were expressed) to geue thankes to the Lorde, şt his mercye lasteth euer.
42 And with them dyd Heman and Ieduthun, synge with the trompettes & symbales makynge a swete melody with instrumentes of Musycke and godly songes. And the sonnes of Ieduthun were porters.
43 And all the people departed, euery man to hys house: and Dauid returned to blesse hys house.




1 And it fortuned şt whan Dauid dwelt in hys house, he sayde to Nathan the prophete: lo, I dwell in an house of Cedar tree: but the Arcke of the Lordes couenaunt remayneth vnder curtaynes.
2 And Nathan sayd to Dauid: do all that is in thyne herte, for God is with the.
3 And the same nyght it fortuned that the worde of God came to Nathan, sayinge:
4 go and tell Dauid my seruaunt, thus sayth the Lorde, thou shalt not buylde me an house to dwell in.
5 For I haue dwelt in no house sence the daye that I brought out the chyldren of Israel vnto thys daye: but haue gone from tent to tent, and from one habitacyon to another.
6 And whersoeuer I haue walked wyth all Israel, spake I euer one worde to anye of the iudges of Israell (whom I commaunded to fede my people,) sayinge: why haue ye not buylt me an house of Cedar tree?
7 Nowe therfore, thus shalt şu saye vnto my seruaunt Dauid: thus sayth the Lorde of Hostes: I toke the out of the pastures whan thou wentest after shepe, that thou shuldest be captayne ouer my people Israel.
8 And I haue bene wt the whither soeuer thou hast walked, & haue weded out all thyne enemyes out of thy sight & haue made şe a name, lyke şe name of the greatest men that are in the erthe.
9 And I haue ordeyned a place for my people Israel and made it faste, so that nowe they maye dwell in theyr place, and moue nomore. Nether shall the chyldren of wyckednesse vexe them any moare as at the begynnynge.
10 And sense the tyme that I commaunded iudges to be ouer my people Israel, I haue subdued all thyne enemies, and I tolde the, that the Lorde wolde buylde the an house.
11 Thys also shall come to passe: when thy dayes be expired, şt thou must go vnto thy fathers, I wyll rayse vp thy sead after şe which shalbe of thy sonnes, and I wyll prepare for hym the kyngdome.
12 He shall buylde me an house, and I wyll stablishe his seate for euer
13 I wylbe hys father, and he shalbe my sonne, and I wyll not take my mercy awaye from hym, as I toke it from hym that was before the.
14 But I wyll sett hym in myne house and in my kyngdome for euer, and hys seate shalbe sure for euermore
15 According to all these wordes, and accordyng to all thys visyon, dyd Nathan tell kinge Dauid.
16 And Dauid the kynge came & sat before the Lorde, & sayde: what am I (O Lord God,) and what is mynehoushold, that thou hast promoted me thus farre?
17 And yet thys semed lyttel in thyne eyes, O God: But thou hast also spoken of thy seruauntes house for a greate whyle to come: and hast loked vpon me as vpon a man of hye degree (O Lorde God.)
18 What shall Dauid desyre more of the for the honoure of thy seruaunt? For thou hast knowen thy seruaunt:
19 O Lorde for thy seruauntes sake, euen accordynge to thyne awne hert hast thou done all thys magnifycence, to shewe all great thinges.
20 Lorde, there is none lyke the, nether is there anye God saue thou, accordinge to all that we haue hearde wt oure eares.
21 Moreouer, what nacion on the erth is lyke thy people Israel, to whom God hath vouchsafed to come and redeme them to be hys awne people, and to make the a name of excellency and terriblenesse, with castyng out nacyons from before thy people, whom thou hast delyuered out of Egypte?
22 Thy people of Israel dyddest thou make thyne awne people for euer, and thou becamest theyr God.
23 Therfore nowe Lorde, let the thynge that thou hast spoken concernynge thy seruaunt and hys house, be true for euer, that thou do as thou hast sayde: let it come to passe,
24 that thy name maye be magnifyed for euer, that it maye be sayde: the Lorde of Hostes is the God of Israel (euen the God of Israel) & the house of Dauid thy seruaunt endureth stable before the.
25 For thou (O my God) hast tolde thy seruaunte, şt thou wylt buylde him an house. And therfore thy seruaunt hath founde in hys hert to praye before the.
26 And nowe Lord, thou art God, and hast promised thys goodnesse vnto thy seruaunte.
27 Nowe therfore, let it be thy pleasure to blesse şe house of thy seruaunt, that it maye contynue before the for euer. For whom thou blessest (O Lorde) the same is blessed for euer.




1 And after this it fortuned, şt Dauid smote the Philistines, and subdewed them, & toke Geth & the townes şt longed therto, out of the hande of the Philistines.
2 And he smote Moab, and the Moabites became Dauids seruauntes, and payde hym tribute.
3 And Dauid smote Hadarezer kynge of Zoba vnto Hanath, as he went to stablisshe hys dominion by the ryuer Euphrates,
4 And Dauid toke from hym a thousande charettes, & seuen thousande horse men, & twentye thousand fotemen, & lamed all şe charett horses, & reserued of them an hundred charettes.
5 And when the Syriens of Damasco came to helpe Hadadezer kynge of Zoba, Dauid slue of the Syriens .xxii. thousande,
6 and Dauid subdued Syria Damasco: And the Syriens became Dauids seruauntes, & brought hym trybute. And the Lorde preserued Dauid in all that he went to.
7 And Dauid toke şe shyldes of golde that were on the seruauntes of Hadadezer, and brought them to Ierusalem.
8 And from Tebhath & from Chun (cyties of Hadarezer) brought Dauid exceadynge moche brasse. Wher wt Salomon made şe brasen lauatorye, the pillers, & the vesselles of brasse.
9 And when Tou Kynge of Hemath, heard how Dauid had beaten all the strength of Hadarezer kynge of Zoba,
10 he sent Haduran his sonne to kynge Dauid, to make peace wt hym & to blesse hym, because he had fought agaynst Hadarezer, & beaten him (for Tou had warre wt Hadarezer) & Dauid brought, all maner of Iewelles of golde, syluer and brasse wt hym.
11 And kynge Dauid dedicated them vnto the Lorde, with şe syluer & gold şt he brought from all nacyons, from Edom, from Moab, from the chyldren of Ammon, from the Philistines, & from Amalec.
12 And Abisai şe sonne of Zeruia slue of the Edomites in the salte valeye .xviii. thousande,
13 and put Soudiars in Edom , and all the Edomites became Dauids seruauntes. Thus the Lorde kepte Dauid in all şt he toke in hande.
14 And Dauid raygned ouer all Israel, & executed iudgement and ryghteousnes amonge all his people.
15 And Ioab şe sonne of Zaruia was ouer the hoste, and Iehosaphat the sonne of Ahilud recorder,
16 and Zadock the sonne of Ahitub and Abimelech şe sonne of Abiathar were şe preastes, and Sauesa was scribe,
17 and Banaiahu the sonne of Iehoiada was ouer the Crethites, and the Phelethites, & the eldest sonnes of Dauid were nexte vnto the kynge.




1 After this, it chaunced that Nahas the kynge of the chyldren of Ammon dyed, & his sonne raygned in his steade.
2 And Dauid sayde, I wyll shewe kyndnesse vnto Hanon şe sonne of Nahas, because hys father dealt kyndelye with me: And Dauid sent messengers to comforte hym ouer the deeth of hys father. And the seruauntes of Dauid came into şe lande of the chyldren of Ammon to Hanon, to comforte hym.
3 But the Lordes of the chyldren of Ammon sayde to Hanon: thynkest thou şt Dauid doth honoure thy father in thy syght, şt he hath sent conforters vnto the? Are not hys seruauntes come to searche, to loke, and to spye out the lande?
4 Wherfore Hanon toke Dauids seruauntes and shaued them, and cut of their cootes harde by their buttokes, and sent them awaye.
5 And there went certayne and tolde Dauid, howe şe men were serued. And şe kynge sent to mete them (for şe men were exceadynglye ashamed) and şe kynge sayde: tarye at Iericho, vntyll youre beardes be growen, and then returne.
6 And when the chyldren of Ammon sawe that they stanke in şe syght of Dauid. Hanon & the chyldren of Ammon sent a thousande talentes of syluer to hyre them charettes & horsemen, out of Mesopotamia, and out of Syria Maacha & out of Zoba.
7 And they hyred .xxxii. thousande charettes, and the kynge of Maacha & his people, which came, and pytched before Meoba. And the chyldren of Ammon gathered them selues togeather from their cyties, & came to battel.
8 And whan Dauid heard of it, he sent Ioab and all şe hoste of stronge men.
9 And the chyldren of Ammon came out, and put them selues in araye to battel before the gate of the cytie. And şe kynges that were come, kepte them by them selues backe in the felde.
10 When Ioab also sawe that şe fronte of the battell was agaynst him before & behynde, he chose out of all the chosen men of Israel, and put them in araye agaynst şe Syrians.
11 And şe rest of the people he delyuered vnto the hande of Abisai his brother, & they put them selues in araye agaynst şe chyldren of Ammon.
12 And he sayde: If the Sirians be to strong for me, şu shalt succoure me: & yf şe chyldren of Ammon preuayle agaynst şe, I will helpe şe.
13 Plucke vp thine hert, & let vs playe the men, for oure peoples sake & for şe cyties of oure God, & the Lorde shall do şt which is good in his awne syght.
14 So Ioab & the people şt were wt him, drue nye before şe Syrians vnto şe battayll, & they fled before him.
15 And when şe chyldren of Ammon sawe şt the Syriens were fled, they ranne awaye lykewise before Abisai his brother, and gat them into şe cytie. And Ioab came to Ierusalem.
16 And when şe Siriens sawe şt they were put to the worse before Israel, they sent messengers & fet out şe Siriens şt were beyond şe ryuer, & Sophach şe capitayne of şe Host of Hadadezer went before them.
17 And it was tolde Dauid, & he geathered all Israel, & went togeather ouer Iordan, & came, and set vpon them. And whan Dauid had put him selfe in araye agaynst the Siriens they fought with him.
18 But şe Siriens fled before Israel . And Dauid destroyed of the Siriens seuen thousande charettes, & .xl. thousand fote men, and kylled Sophach şe captayne of şe hoste.
19 And when şe seruauntes of Hadarezer, sawe, that they were put to şe worse before them of Israel, they made peace wt Dauid, & became his seruauntes. Nether wolde the Siriens helpe şe chyldren of Ammon any more.




1 And it came to passe, that after the yere was expyred (aboute the tyme şt kynges go out a warrefare.) Ioab caryed out the armye of the hoste, and destroyed the contreye of the chyldren of Ammon, & came, & beseged Rabba, & destroyed it: But Dauid taryed at Ierusalem whyle Ioab smote Rabba and destroyed it:
2 And Dauid toke the croune of their kynge: from of hys heed, & founde that it had şe wayght of a talent of golde, and there were preciouse stones in it, and it was ordeyned for Dauids heed. And he brought also exceadynge moche spoyle out of şe cytie.
3 And he brought out the people that were in it, and tormented them with sawes and harowes of yron, and with other sharpe instrumentes, and so dealte Dauid with all the cyties of şe chyldren of Ammon. And Dauid & all the people came agayne to Ierusalem.
4 After this it fortuned, that there arose warre at Gazer with şe Philistines. At which tyme Sobocai the Husathite slue Sippai, that was of şe chyldren of Rephaim, and they were subdewed.
5 And there was battell agayne with the Philistines, and Elhanan şe sonne of Iair, slue Lahemi the brother of Goliath the Gethite, whose speare was lyke a weauers beame.
6 And there chaunced yet agayne warre at Geth, where as was a man of a great stature wt .xxiiii. fyngers, & toes .vi. on euery hande, and .vi. on euery fote, & was the sonne of Raphah. But whan he defyed Israel ,
7 Iehonathan şe sonne of Simea Dauids brother slue hym.
8 These were borne vnto Raphah at Geth, & were ouerthrowen in the hande of Dauid, & in the hande of his seruauntes.




1 And Satan stode vp agaynst Israel, & prouoked Dauid to nombre Israel.
2 And Dauid sayde to Ioab and to the rulers of şe people. Go ye and nombre Israel from Beer Seba to Dan, and brynge it to me that I maye know the nombre of them.
3 And Ioab answered: the Lorde make hys people an hundred tymes so manye mo as they be. But my Lorde O king, are they not all my Lordes seruauntes? why then doth my Lorde requyre thys thynge? why wyll my Lorde be a cause of trespace to Israel ?
4 Neuerthelesse, the kynges worde preuayled agaynst Ioab. And Ioab departed and walked thorowe out all them of Israel , and came to Ierusalem agayne
5 & gaue the nombre of the counte of the people vnto Dauid. And all they of Israel were a thousand thousande & an hundred thousande men that drue swerde: and Iuda was .cccc.lxx. thousande men that drue swerd.
6 But şe Leuites and Ben Iamin counted he not amonge them. For şe kynges worde was abhominable to Ioab.
7 And the Lorde was displeased with thys thynge, and smote Israel .
8 And Dauid sayde vnto God: I haue synned exceadyngly in doynge this thynge. And nowe (I beseche the) do awaye the wyckednesse of thy seruaunt, for I haue done very folyshlye.
9 And the Lorde spake vnto Gad Dauids sear, sayinge:
10 goo and tell Dauid, sayinge: Thus sayth şe Lorde: I geue the, the choyse of thre thynges: chose the one of them, that I maye do vnto the.
11 And Gad came to Dauid, and sayde vnto hym. Thus sayth the Lorde. Chose the,
12 ether thre yeares famyshement, or thre monethes to be destroyed before thyne aduersaryes, and that şe swerde of thyne enemyes maye ouertake the: or else the swerde of the Lorde and pestilence in the lande thre dayes, and şe Angell of the Lorde destroying thorowe out all şe coastes of Israel. And nowe aduise thy selfe, what worde I shall brynge agayne to hym that sent me.
13 And Dauid sayde vnto Gad. I am in an exceadynge straite: Let me fall nowe into the hande of the Lorde, for passynge great are hys mercyes, but let me not fall into the hand of men.
14 So şe Lorde sent pestilence vpon Israel , and there were ouerthrowen of Israel .lxx. thousande men.
15 And God sent the Angel into Ierusalem to destroye in it. And as he was about to destroye, şe Lord behelde, and had compassyon on the euyll, and sayde to the Angell şt destroyed: it is ynough, let now thyne hande ceasse. And the Angell of the Lorde stode by şe thresshynge flowre of Ornan the Iebusyte.
16 And Dauid lyfte vp hys eyes, and sawe şe Angell of the Lord stande betwene şe erth and heauen, hauynge a drawen swerde in hys hande, stretched out towarde Ierusalem. Then Dauid & şe elders of Israel whych were clothed in sacke, fell vpon theyr faces.
17 And Dauid sayd vnto God: Is it not I that commaunded şe people to be nombred? It is I that haue synned & done euell in dede, & what haue these shepe done? let thyne hande (O Lorde my God) be on me and on my fathers house, but not on thy people that they shulde be punysshed.
18 And the Angell of the Lorde commaunded Gad to saye to Dauid, that Dauid shulde go vp, and set vp an aulter vnto the Lorde, in the thresshynge flowre of Ornan the Iebusyte.
19 And Dauid went vp accordynge to the sayinge of Gad, which he spake in the name of şe Lorde.
20 And Ornan turned aboute, and sawe the Angell, & hys foure sonnes were with hym, and hyd them selues: But Ornan was thresshyng wheat.
21 And as Dauid came to Ornan, Ornan loked & sawe Dauid, and went out of the thresshynge floure, and bowed hym selfe to Dauid wyth his face to the grounde.
22 And Dauid sayde to Ornan: geue me the place of the thresshyng flowre, that I maye buyld an aulter therin vnto the Lord. Thou shalt geue it me for as moche money as it is worthe, that the plage maye cease from the people.
23 And Ornan sayde vnto Dauid: take it to the, & let my Lord şe kyng do that which semeth good in his eyes: loo, I geue the oxen also for burnt sacrifyces, & şe thresshyng sleades for wodde, & wheate for meat offeryng: I geue it all.
24 And kynge Dauid sayd to Ornan: not so, but I wyll bye it for as moche moneye as it is worth. For I wyll not take that whych is thyne for the Lorde, ner offer burntoffrynges wythout coast.
25 And so Dauid gaue to Ornan for that place, sycles of gold .vi. hundred by waight.
26 And Dauid buylt there an aulter vnto the Lord, and offered burntofferynges & peaceoffrynges, and called vpon the Lord, and he heard hym from heauen in fyre vpon the aulter of burntoffering.
27 And whan the Lord had spoken to şe Angell, he put vp his swerd agayne into şe shethe of it.
28 At that tyme when Dauid sawe, that the Lorde had hearde hym in the thresshynge flowre of Ornan the Iebusyte: he vsed to offer there.
29 For the tabernacle of the Lord which Moses made in the wildernesse, and the aulter of burntofferynge were at that ceason in the hyll at Gibeon.
30 And Dauid coulde not go before it to aske councell at God, for he was aferde of the swerde of the Angell of the Lorde.




1 And Dauid sayde: thys is şe house of the Lorde God, and thys is the aultare for the burntofferynge of Israel.
2 And Dauid commaunded togeather together the straungers that were in the lande of Israel, and he sett masons to hewe fre stone, for the buylding of the house of God.
3 And Dauid prepared plentie of yron for nayles and dores of şe gates, and to ioyne with all, and aboundance of brasse without wayght,
4 and Cedar trees wythout nombre. For the Zidons and they of Tyre brought moch Cedar wood to Dauid.
5 And Dauid sayde. Salomon my sonne is younge and tender, and the house that is to be buylt for the Lorde, must exceade in greatnesse, şt it maye be spoken of and praysed in all landes. I wyll therfore make ordinaunce for it. And so Dauid prepared many thinges before his deeth.
6 And he called Salomon his sonne, & charged him to buyld an house for the Lord God of Israel.
7 And Dauid sayde to Salomon. my sonne, I thought (as it was in myne hert) to buylde an house vnto the name of şe Lorde my God.
8 But the worde of the Lorde came to me, saying: şu hast shed moch bloude, and hast made greate battelles: thou shalt therfore not buyld an house vnto my name, for şu hast shed moch bloude vpon the erth in my syght.
9 Beholde, a sonne is borne to the, & he shalbe a man of reste, for I wyll geue him rest from all hys enemyes round about. For his name is Salomon: and I wyll sende rest and peace vpon Israel in hys dayes.
10 He shall buylde an house for my name, and he shalbe my sonne, and I wylbe his father, & wyll prepare the seate of his kyngdome vpon Israel for euer.
11 Nowe therfore my sonne, şe Lord be wt the, & prospere şu & şu shalte buylde the house to the name of the Lorde thy God, as he hath sayde of the.
12 And the Lorde shall geue the wysdome & vnderstandyng, & shall geue the commaundmentes for Israel, that ye maye kepe the lawe of the Lord thy God.
13 For then thou shalt prospere: euen whan thou takest hede & fulfyllest the statutes & lawes whych the Lorde charged Moses with, for Israel. Plucke vp thyne hert therfore, & be stronge, dread not, nor be discouraged.
14 Beholde, in myne aduersyte haue I also prepared for şe house of the Lord, an hundred thousande talentes of golde, & a thousande thousande talentes of syluer, & as for brasse & yron it cannot be nombred, for it is very moche. And I haue prepared tymbre and stone, and thou mayest prouide more therto.
15 Moreouer, thou hast workemen wyth the ynowe, & masons and carpenters to worke in stone & tymbre, and many men şt be actiue for euery worke.
16 And of golde, syluer, brasse and yron, there is no nombre. Up therfore, and be doynge, & the Lorde shalbe wyth the.
17 And Dauid commaunded all şe lordes of Israel, to helpe Salomon his sonne, saying:
18 Is not şe Lord yor God wt you? & hath he not geuen you rest on euery syde? for he hath geuen şe enhabitoures of şe lande into my hande, & the lande is subdued before the Lord & before his people.
19 Nowe therfore set youre hertes & yor soules, to seke the Lord youre God. Up, and buylde ye the temple of the Lorde God, to bryng the Arcke of the couenaunt of şe Lord and the holy vesselles of God, into the house so buylt for the name of the Lorde.




1 So when Dauid was olde and full of dayes, he made Salomon hys sonne kynge ouer Israel.
2 And then he geathered togeather all şe Lordes of Israel wyth the preastes and the Leuites.
3 And the Leuites were nombred from the age of .xxx. yeare and aboue, and the nombre and summe of them was .xxxviij. thousande men.
4 Of which .xxiiij. thousande were set to further the worcke of the house of the Lorde. And syxe thousande were offycers & Iudges.
5 Foure thousande were porters and foure thousande praysed şe Lorde with soche instrumentes as was made to prayse wyth all.
6 And so Dauid put an ordre among them deuidinge them in partes. Of şe children of Leui? Gerson, Cahath & Merari:
7 Of the Gersonites was Laadan & Semei.
8 The sonnes of Laadan the chefe was Iehiel, Zethan & Ioel, thre.
9 The sonnes of Semei: Selomith, Haziel, & Haran , thre. These were şe auncient fathers of laadan.
10 And şe sonnes of Semei were Iahath, Zina, Ieus & Beria: these foure were the sonnes of Semei.
11 And Iahath was the chefe, Zina the seconde. But Ieus and Beria had not many sonnes, therfore they were in one rekenynge, accordyng to theyr fathers housholde rekened for one auncient housholde.
12 The sonnes of Cahath: Amram, Izahar, Hebron and Uziel, foure.
13 The sonnes of Amram: Aaron & Moses. And Aaron was separated, to haue the rule of the holy thynges in the place moost holye, he and hys sonnes for euer: and to burne incense before the Lorde, and to mynistre vnto him, & to blesse in his name for euer.
14 Moses also the man of God, and his chyldren, were named wyth şe trybe of Leui.
15 The sonnes of Moses: Gerson and Eliezer.
16 Of the sonnes of Gerzon: Sebuel was the chefe.
17 The sonnes of Eliezer: Rehabia the chefe. And Eliezer had none other sonnes: But the sonnes of Rehabia were very manye.
18 The sonnes of Izahar: Salomith, the chefe.
19 The sonnes of Hebron: Ieriahu the fyrst, Amaria the seconde, Iahaziel the thirde, and Iecameam the fourth.
20 The sonnes of Uziel: Micha the fyrst, and Iesia the seconde.
21 The sonnes of Merari Mahli: and Musi. The sonnes of Mahli Eleazar and Cis.
22 And Eleazar dyed, and had no sonnes, but daughters, and their brethren the sonnes of Cis toke them.
23 The sonnes of Musi: Mahli, Eder , & Ieremoth, thre.
24 These are the chyldren of Leui after the houshold of theyr fathers, euen the auncient of the fathers according to theyr offyces, and after şe nombre and somme of şe names of them that dyd the worcke in the seruice of the house of the Lord, from the age of twentye yeares & aboue.
25 And Dauid sayde: the Lorde God of Israel hath geuen rest vnto his people, that they maye dwell in Ierusalem for euer.
26 That the Leuites also shuld nowe nomore beare şe tabernacle & all the vesselles for the seruyce therof:
27 for accordynge to the last wordes of Dauid,
28 the Leuites were nombred from twentye yere and aboue, and their offyce was vnder the hande of the sonnes of Aaron, for the seruice of the house of the Lorde, in the courtes & celles, and in the purifyinge of all holye thynges, and in the worcke of the seruice of the house of God.
29 In the shewe breed in şe fyne flowre, in şe meateofferinge, in the wafers of swete breed, in the fryinge panne, in the grydyron, and in all maner of measures and cyse,
30 and to stande euery daye in the mornynge, to thanke and prayse the Lorde, and so lykewyse at euen.
31 And to offer all burntsacrifyces vnto the Lorde, in şe Sabbothes, in the newe moones, & on the festfull dayes by nombre and custome continually (as they were commaunded) before the Lorde.
32 And that they shulde wayte on the tabernacle of wytnesse, and on the holy place, and on the sonnes of Aaron their brethren, in the seruice of the house of the Lorde.




1 These are the deuisyons of the sonnes of Aaron: The sonnes of Aaron: Nadab, Abihu, Eleazar & Ithamar.
2 Nadab also and Abihu dyed before theyr father, & had no chyldren. But Eleazar and Ithamar executed the prestes offyce.
3 And Dauid ordered them on this maner: Zadock of şe sonnes of Eleazar, & Abimelek of şe sonnes of Ithamar were according to theyr offyces in theyr ministracyon.
4 And there were mo auncient men founde amonge şe sonnes of Eleazar, then the sonnes of Ithamar. And thus were they ordred together: Amonge şe sonnes of Eleazar there were syxtene rulers, accordynge to the housholde of their fathers: & eyght among the sonnes of Ithamar according to şe houshold of theyr fathers.
5 And thus were they put in order by lott, şe one sorte from the other, & so were there rulers in şe Sanctuarye & Lordes before God, as well of şe sonnes of Ithamar as of şe sonnes of Eleazar.
6 And Simeia the sonne of Nathaneel the Scribe, of the kynred of the Leuites wrote them before the kyng and the Lordes, & before Zadock the preast and Abimeleck the sonne of Abiathar, and before the auncient fathers, before şe preastes & the Leuites: one principall houshold beyng reserued for Eleazar and one for Ithamar.
7 And the fyrst lot fell to Iehoiarib, & the seconde to Iedaia.
8 The thirde to Harim, & the fourth to Schorim.
9 The fyfte to Melchia, & the syxte to Miamin.
10 The seuenth to Hakos, & the eyght to Abia.
11 The nynthe to Iesua, & şe tenth to Secamahu.
12 The leuenth to Eliasib, & the twelueth to Iakim.
13 The thirtenth to Hupa, & the fourtenth to Iesebeab.
14 The fiftenth to Bisga, & şe syxtenth to Immer.
15 The seuententh to Hezir, & şe eyghtenth to Hapzez.
16 The nynetenth to Pathahia, and the twentieth to Ieheskel.
17 The twentieth & one to Iachin and şe .xxij. to Gamul.
18 The .xxiij. to Delaiahu, and the .xxiiij. to Maasiahu.
19 These are the ordinaunces of them in their offices, whan they came into the house of the Lorde, accordyng to their maner vnder Aaron their father, as the Lorde God of Israel had commaunded hym.
20 The rest of the sonnes of Leui, are these: of the sonnes of Amram, Subael. Of şe sonnes of Subael, Iehediahu.
21 Of the sonnes of Rehabia, şe fyrst Iesia.
22 Of the Iezaharites, Selomoth. Of şe sonnes also of Selomoth, Iahath.
23 His sonnes Ieriahu şe first Amariahu şe seconde, Iahaziel the thirde, & Iekameam the fourth.
24 Of the sonnes of Usiel, Micha. Of the sonnes of Micha, Samir.
25 The brother of Micha was Iisia. Of the sonnes also of Iisia Zechariahu.
26 The sonnes of Merari, were: Mahli & Musi. The sonnes of Iaaziahu, Beno.
27 The sonnes of Merari by Iahaziahu, Beno, Sohem, Zacur & Ibri.
28 Of Maheli came Eleazar & he had no sonnes.
29 Of kis: the sonnes of Kis: Ierahemeel.
30 The sonnes of Musi: Mahli, Eder and Ierimoth. These are şe children of the Leuites after the housholde of their fathers.
31 And these cast lottes next to their brethren the sonnes of Aaron, in the presence of Dauid the kyng, and Zadoc & Ahimelec & the auncient fathers, preastes, & Leuites: euen the principall fathers before their yonger brethren.




1 And so Dauid and the captaynes of şe hoste appoynted out to do seruyce, şe sonnes of Asaph Heman and Ieduthun, whan they dyd prophesye wyth harpes, psalteries and simbales. And there was a multitude of the men that were appoynted to the seruyce and mynistracyon.
2 Of the sonnes of Asaph: Zaccur, Ioseph, Nathania and Aserela that wayted on Asaph, whych prophesyed by the kynge.
3 Of Ieduthun: the sonnes of Ieduthun: Gedeliahu, Zeri, Iesaiahu, Hasabiahu, and Mathithiahu syxe, vnder the handes of theyr father Ieduthun, whych prophesyed wyth a harpe, for to geue thankes & prayses vnto the lord.
4 Of Heman şe sonnes of Heman: Buklahu, Mathaniahu, Uziel, Zebuel, Ierimoth, Hanania, Hanani, Eliatha, Gedalthi, Romanthi, Ezer, Iosbekasa, malothi. Hothir, & Mahazioth.
5 All these were the sonnes of Heman which was şe kynges Sear in the wordes of God to lyfte vp şe horne of şe regall dignitie. And God gaue to Heman .xiiij. sonnes and the daughters.
6 All these also were at şe hande of their father synging in şe house of şe Lorde wt simbales, psalteries & harpes, whan Asaph Ieduthun and Heman executed the seruyce in the house of God, at the kinges hande.
7 And the multitude of them wyth their brethren that were instructe in the songes of the Lord: euen all şt were connyng, were two hundred foure skore & eyght.
8 And they cast Lottes among them selues howe they shulde wayte as well for the small as for the greate, for the scoler as well as for the skole master.
9 And the fyrst lot in Asaph fell to Ioseph. The seconde to Gedeliahu (wyth his brethren and sonnes) whych men were twelue.
10 The thirde fell to Zaccur wyth hys sonnes & brethren beyng twelue persones.
11 The fourth to Izri with his sonnes and brethren, twelue personnes.
12 The fyfte to Nathaniahu with his sonnes and brethren, twelue personnes.
13 The syxte to Bukiahu with hys sonnes and brethren, twelue personnes.
14 The seuenth to Iesarela with hys sonnes & brethren, twelue personnes.
15 The eyght to Iesaiahu with his sonnes & brethren, twelue personnes.
16 The nynth to Mathaniahu with hys sonnes and brethren, twelue personnes.
17 The tenth to Simei with his sonnes and brethren, twelue personnes.
18 The eleuenth to Azarael wyth hys sonnes and brethren, twelue personnes.
19 The twelueth to Hasabia wyth hys sonnes and brethren, twelue personnes.
20 The thyrtenth to Subael wyth hys sonnes & brethren twelue personnes.
21 The fourtenth to Mathathiahu wt hys sonnes & brethren twelue personnes:
22 The fyftenth to Ieremoth wt his sonnes & brethren, twelue personnes.
23 The syxtenth to Hananiahu wyth his sonnes and brethren, twelue personnes.
24 The .xvii. to Iosbekasa wyth his sonnes, and brethren twelue personnes.
25 The eyghtenth to Hanani with hys sonnes & brethren, twelue personnes.
26 The nynetenth to Malothi with hys sonnes & brethren, twelue personnes.
27 The twentyeth to Eliathath with hys sonnes and brethren, twelue personnes.
28 The .xxi. to Hothir with hys sonnes & brethren twelue personnes.
29 The .xxij. to Gidalthi with his sonnes and brethren, twelue personnes.
30 The .xxiii. to Mahazioth wt hys sonnes and brethren, twelue personnes.
31 The .xxiiii. to Romanthi Azer with hys sonnes & brethren, twelue personnes.




1 These are the deuisyons of the porters, Amonge the Corethites: Meselemiahu the sonne of Kore of the chyldren of Asaph.
2 And the sonnes of Meselemiahu were these: Zachariahu the eldest, Iedihel the seconde, Zebadiahu the thyrde, and Iathniel the fourth,
3 Elam şe fyfte, Iehohanan the sixt, & Eliocnai the seuenth.
4 The sonnes of Obed Edom: Semeia the eldest, Iehosabad the seconde, Ioah the thyrde, Sacar the fourth, & Nethanael the fyfte,
5 Amiel the syxte, Isachar the seuenth, Peulthai the .viij. for God blessed hym.
6 And vnto Semeia his sonne were sonnes borne, şt ruled in the house of their father, for they were men of myght.
7 The sonnes of Semeia: Othni, Rephael, Obed and Elzabad & hys brethren were stronge men. Elihu and Samahiahu.
8 All these were of the chyldren of Obed Edom, they and their children, and their brethren, actiue men and of strength to do seruice, euen .lxii. of Obed Edom .
9 And Meleniah had sonnes and brethren, actiue men .xviii.
10 The sonnes of Hosa of the chyldren of Merari: Simri the chefe, & though he was not the eldest, yet his father sett him in şe chefest place.
11 Helkiahu the seconde, Tebaliahu the thirde, and Zechariahu the fourth: all the sonnes and brethren of Hosa were .xiii.
12 Amonge these was deuyded the offyce of the portershyppe that they shulde be auncient men, to wayte wyth theyr brethren, whan they mynistred in the house of the Lord.
13 And they cast lottes, betwene the great and small after the houshold of their fathers, for euery gate.
14 And the lot on the east syde fell vpon Selemeiahu. And for Zachariahu hys sonne (which was a wise counceller) they cast lottes, & hys lot came out towarde the North.
15 And Obed Edoms lot fell to şe South. And for hys sonnes fell the houses of Asuppim.
16 For Suphim and Hosa towarde the west, with the gate that stondeth toward the hyer waye: one watch beynge ouer agaynst another.
17 In the east were syxe Leuites: & towarde the North .iiii. a daye: toward şe South .iiii. a daye, & towarde Asuppim, two & two.
18 In Pharbar towarde the west: two at şe goyng vp, & two in Pharbar.
19 These are şe deuisyons of the porters among the sonnes of Koreh & amonge the sonnes of Merari.
20 And of the Leuites, Ahiah had the ouersyght of the treasure of the house of God, and of the treasure of the dedicat thynges.
21 As concernyng şe sonnes of Laadan whych were şe chyldren of the Gersonites. Of Laadan came auncient fathers, Euen of Laadan there came Gersuni & Iehieli.
22 The sonnes of Iehieli: Zethan & Ioel hys brother, which were ouer the treasures of the house of the Lorde.
23 Of the Amramites also & Izaharites, Hebronites & Ozielites,
24 was Subuel şe sonne of Gerson the sonne of Moses, a ruler ouer the treasures.
25 And of his brethren the sonnes of Eliezer, was Rahabiahu, whose sonne was Isaiahu, whose sonne was Ioram, whose sonne was Zichri, whose sonne was Selomith,
26 whych Selomith and hys brethren were ouer all the treasures of the dedycate thynges, which Dauid the kynge, & the auncient fathers, the capitaynes ouer thousandes & hundredes, & the captaynes of the hoste,
27 had dedicated out of the spoyles wonne in battels: they dyd dedicate them to mainteyne the house of the Lorde:
28 & all that Samuel the sear, and Saul the sonne of Cis, and Abner the sonne of Ner, and Ioab the sonne of Zarnia had dedicated, & whosoeuer had dedicate anye thynge, it was vnder the hande of Selomith and of hys brethren.
29 Of şe Izaharites was Chenaniahu & hys sonnes, appoynted to the businesse withoutforth ouer Israel: for they were officers and Iudges.
30 And of the Hebronites Hasabiahu & his brethren, men of actiuite a thousande & seuen hundred, were officers amonge them of Israel beyond Iordan westward, in all busynesse belonging to God, and seruice of the kynge.
31 Amonge şe Hebronites was Iedia the chefest, euen a prince among the Hebronites & fathers of hys kynred. And in the fourtye yeare of the kyngdome of Dauid, they were sought for. And there were found amonge them men of actiuite at Iazer in Gilead .
32 And hys brethren were men of actiuite, euen two thousand & seuen hundred auncient fathers, whom kynge Dauid made rulers ouer the Rubenites, Gaddites, and ouer the halfe trybe of Manasse, for euery matter pertaynynge to God, and for the kynges busynesse.




1 The chyldren of Israel: after the nombre of them, the auncient heedes & captaynes of thousandes and hundredes, & their offycers şt serued the kyng by diuerse courses which came in & went out, moneth by moneth, thorow out all şe monethes of the yere. And in euery course were .xxiiii. thousande.
2 Ouer şe fyrst course for şe fyrst moneth, was Iasoboan şe sonne of Zabdiel. And in his course were .xxiiii. thousand.
3 And şe chefest of all şe captaynes of şe host for şe fyrst moneth, was of the children of Pharez.
4 Ouer şe course of şe seconde moneth was Dodai an Ahohite & in his course was Mikloth a ruler: (his helper) And in şt course were .xxiiii. thousande.
5 The chefe captayne of the thirde host for şe thirde moneth, was Banaiahu the sonne of Iehoiada şe hye preaste: And in his course were .xxiiii. thousand.
6 This is şt Banaiahu, which was most myghtie amonge .xxx. & aboue .xxx. And in his parte was Amizadad his sonne.
7 The fourth captayne for the fourth moneth, was Asael the brother of Ioab, and Zabadia his sonne after him. And in his course were .xxiiii. thousande.
8 The fyfte capytayne for the fyfte moneth was Samhut the Iezrahite: & in hys course were .xxiiii. thousand.
9 The syxte capytayne for the syxte moneth was Ira the sonne of Ickes a Theckutte: & in hys course were .xxiiii. thousande.
10 The seuenth captayne for the seuenth moneth, was Helez the Pelonite, of the chyldren of Ephraim & in his course were .xxiiii. thousand.
11 The eyght captayne for the eyght moneth, was Sibechai an Husathite of şe kynne of Zarhi: & in his course were .xxiiii. thousand.
12 The nynth capitayne for şe nynth moneth, was Abiezer an Anathothite of şe sonnes of Iemim: and in hys course were .xxiiij. thousand.
13 The tenth capitayne for the tenth moneth, was Mahari the Netophathite of the Zarahites: and in hys course were .xxiiij. thousande.
14 The leuenth for the eleuenth moneth, was Banaia the Pirathonite of the chyldren of Ephraim: and in his course were .xxiiii. thousand.
15 The twelueth captayne for the twelueth moneth, was Heldai the Netophathite wt Othoniel, and in his course were .xxiiii. thousand.
16 And the rulers ouer the trybes of Israel were these: Amonge the Rubenites was Eliezer the sonne of Zichri. Among the Simeonites also was Saphatiahu the sonne of Maacha.
17 Amonge the Leuites: Hasabia the sonne of Kemuel. Amonge the Haromites: Zadock.
18 Among them of Iuda: Elihu of the brethren of Dauid. Amonge them of Isachar. Omri şe sonne of Michael.
19 Amonge them of Zabulon: Iesinaiahu şe sonne of Obadiahu. Among them of Nephthali: Ierimoth the sonne of Azriel.
20 Amonge, the chyldren of Ephraim: Hosea the sonne of Azartahu. In the halfe trybe also of Manasse: Ioel şe sonne of Phedaiahu.
21 Of şe halfe trybe of Manasse in Gilead : Iido the sonne of Zachariahu. Amonge them of BenIamin: Iaasiel the sonne of Abner.
22 Amonge them of Dan: Azarel the sonne of Ieroham. These are the Lordes of the trybes of Israel .
23 But Dauid toke not the nombre of them vnder .xx. yere: because şe Lord sayd he wold encrease Israel lyke vnto the starres of the skye.
24 And Ioab the sonne of Zaruia beganne to nombre: but he fynisshed it not, because şt there fell wrath for it against Israel: neither was the nombre put in to the chronycles of kynge Dauid.
25 Ouer the kynges treasures was Azmaueth the sonne of Adiel. And ouer the treasures of the feldes, in the cyties & villages & castelles, was Iehonathan, şe sonne of Uziahu.
26 And ouer the worckmen in the feldes that tylled the ground, was Ezri şe sonne of Chelub.
27 And the ouersyght of şe vineyardes had Semei şe Ramathite. Ouer the increase also of the vineyardes, & ouer şe winesellers was Sabdi the Hasiphunite.
28 And ouer the oliuetrees & mulberytrees şt were in the valeyes, was Baal Hanan the Gederite. And ouer şe treasure of oyle, was Ioas:
29 ouer the oxen that fed in Saron, was Setari the Saronite. And ouer the oxen that were in the valeyes was Saphat şe sonne of Adlai.
30 Ouer the camelles, Obil the Ismaelyte. And ouer the Asses was Iohadtahu the Meronothite.
31 Ouer the shepe, was Iazis the Hagerite. All these were the rulers of the substance of kynge Dauid.
32 And Iehonathan Dauids vncle, a man of councell, and of vnderstondyng was a scrybe, and Ichiel the sonne of Hachmoni was wyth the kynges sonnes enstructinge them.
33 And Ahitophel was of the kynges counsell. And Husai şe Arachite was the kynges companyon.
34 And next to Ahitophel was Iehoiada the sonne of Banaiahu, & Abiathar. And the captayne of the kynges warre, was Ioab.




1 And Dauid geathered togeather all the Lordes of Israel: şe Lordes of the trybes, the Lordes of the companyes that ministred to the kyng by course, the captaynes ouer the thousandes & ouer the hundredes & the Lordes that had şe ouersyght ouer all the substaunce and possessyon of Dauid, hys sonnes, wyth the chambrelaynes: all the myghtye and valeaunt and all actiue men vnto Ierusalem.
2 And kynge Dauid stode vp vpon hys fete, and sayde. Heare me my brethren & my people. I had in myne hert to buylde an house of rest for the Arcke of the couenaunt of the Lord, & for şe fote stole of oure God, & had made redye, for the buylding.
3 But God sayd vnto me: şu shalt not buylde an house for my name, because şu hast bene a man of warre, and hast shed bloud.
4 Moreouer, the Lord God of Israel chose me before all şe house of my father, to be kinge ouer Israel for euer, for in Iuda wold he chose a captayne: & of şe housholde of Iuda is the house of my father, & amonge the sonnes of my father he had a lust to me, to make me king ouer all Israell.
5 And of all my sonnes (for şe Lord hath geuen me manye sonnes) he hath chosen Salomon my sonne, to sytt vpon the seat of şe kyngdom of şe Lord in Israel.
6 And he sayde vnto me: Salomon thy sonne, he shall buyld me an house & courtes, I haue chosen hym to be my sonne, & I wilbe his father.
7 I will stablyshe his kingdome for euer, If he will be strong to do my commaundmentes, & my lawes, as it goeth this daye.
8 Now therfore, in the syght of all Israel the congregacyon of şe Lorde, & in the audience of oure God: kepe & seke for all the commaundmentes of the Lord yor God, şt ye maye enioye a good land, & leaue inheritaunce for yor children after you for euer.
9 And şu Salomon my sonne, knowe thou şe God of thy father, and serue hym with a pure hert, and wyth a swete courage. For the Lorde sercheth all hertes, and vnderstandeth all the ymaginacyons of thoughtes. And yf thou seke hym, he wylbe founde of the: But yf thou forsake hym, he wyll cast the of for euer.
10 Take hede nowe, for şe Lorde hath chosen the, to buylde hym an house of a Sanctuarie. Be stronge therfore, and playe the man.
11 And Dauid gaue Salomon his sonne the paterne of the porche & of şe houses that longed therto, of the store houses, upper chambres, ynner parloures, & of the house of the mercyeseate:
12 & the example of all that he had in hys mynde, for the courtes of the house of the Lorde, & for all the celles rounde about, for the treasures of the house of God, and for the treasures of the dedycate thynges,
13 & for the diuisyons of the preastes and Leuites that wayted by course, & for all the workemanshyp, that shulde serue for the house of the Lorde, & for all the vesselles that shulde serue in the house of the Lorde.
14 For golde & for the wayght of golde, for all vesselles of sondrye ministracions: for all maner of vesselles of syluer in weyght, & for all vesselles, whatsoeuer purpose they serued vnto.
15 The wayght of golde for the candelstyckes, and the golde for their lampes, with the wayght for euery candelstycke, & for the lampes therof. And for the candelstyckes of syluer by wayght, both for the candelstycke and also for her lampes accordinge to the diuersite of şe vse of euery candelstyck.
16 And by wayght golde for the tables of shewe breed, euen for euery table: and lyke wyse syluer for the tables of syluer.
17 And golde for fleshehokes, cuppes and drynckyng pottes: And pute golde in wayght for basens, euen for euery basen. And lykewyse syluer by wayght, for euery basen of syluer.
18 And for the aulter of incense, pure golde by wayght. And gold for the paterne of the charett of the Cherubes şt stretched out their wynges, and couered the Arcke of şe couenaunt of the Lord.
19 All (sayde Dauid) was geuen me by wrytynge of the hande of the Lorde, whych made me vnderstande all the workmanshyp of the paterne.
20 And Dauid sayde to Salomon hys sonne: Be stronge, and do manfully, feare not, nor be faynt harted. For the Lorde God, euen my God, is wyth the, and he shall not fayle the, nor forsake the, vntyll thou hast fynysshed all the worke that must serue for şe house of the Lord.
21 Beholde, the preastes and Leuites are deuided in companyes, for all maner of seruyce that pertayneth to the house of God: they are wyth the for all maner of workmanshyp, and so are all that excell in wysedome for any maner of seruyce. Thou hast also the Lordes and all the people for euery thynge that thou hast nede of.




1 And Dauid the kynge sayde vnto all the congregacyon: God hath speciallye chosen Salomon my sonne whych is yet younge & tender, & the worcke is greate, for the house shall not be for man, but for the Lorde God.
2 Moreouer, I haue prepared wt all my myghte for the house of God: golde for vessels of golde, syluer fer them of syluer, brasse for thynges of brasse, yron for thynges of yron, & wood for thynges of wood: and onix stones, and stones to be sett, glystringe stones and of diuerse coloure, and all maner of preciouse stones, and marble stones in great aboundance.
3 And because I haue lust to şe house of my God:
4 I haue of myne owne propre good, of golde and syluer whych I haue seuerally geuen to the house of my God, besyde all şt I haue prepared for şe holy house: euen thre thousande talentes of golde of Ophir, and seuen thousande talentes of tryed syluer: to ouerlaye the walles of the houses withall:
5 şe golde for thynges of golde syluer for them of syluer, & for all maner of worcke by şe handes of artifycers. And whosoeuer is willing, maye this daye consecrate hys hande vnto the Lorde.
6 And so the auncient fathers and the Lordes of the trybes of Israel, the captaynes of thousandes and hundredes, with the Lordes that were rulers ouer the kynges worke, were wyllynge
7 and gaue for the seruyce of the house of God, fyue thousande talentes of Golde, and ten thousande peces of golde: and ten thousande talentes of syluer, and .xviij. thousande talentes of brasse, and an hundred thousande talentes of yron.
8 And they with whom preciouse stones were founde gaue them to the treasure of the house of şe Lord, by the hande of Ichiel the Gersonite.
9 And the people reioysed, whan they were so wyllynge to geue their goodes, and wyth a perfecte hert they offred vnto the Lorde. And Dauid the kynge reioysed wyth great gladnesse.
10 And Dauid blessed the Lorde before all the congregacyon, and sayde: Blessed be thou Lord God of Israel oure father, from euer and for euer.
11 Thyne (O Lorde) is greatnesse, and power, glorie, victorie and prayse: for all that is in heauen and in erth is thyne, & thyne is the kyngdom (O Lorde) and thou excellest aboue all, euen as the heed of all.
12 And rychesse and honoure come of the, and thou rayguest ouer all, and in thyne hande is power and strength, and in thyne hand it is to make great & to geue strength vnto all.
13 And nowe oure God, we thanke the, and prayse thy gloriouse name.
14 But whom am I? and what is my people? that we shulde enforce oure selues to geue these thinges so willingly? But all thynges come of the: and of that which we receaued of thyne hande we haue geuen the.
15 For we be but straungers before the, and soiourners, as were all oure fathers. Oure dayes on the erth also are but as a shadowe, and there is none abydinge.
16 O Lorde oure God, all this stuffe şt we haue prepared to buylde the an house for thy holy name, commeth of thyne hande, & is all thyne.
17 (I wote also my God) that thou tryest the hertes, and hast pleasure in vnfaynednesse. And in the unfaynednesse of myne herte. I haue willinglye offred all these thinges. And nowe haue I sene thy people which are founde here, to offer vnto the willyngly and wyth gladnesse.
18 O Lorde God of Abraham, Isahac, & of Israel oure fathers, kepe this for euer, as the begynnynge of the thoughtes of the herte of thy people, and prepare their hertes vnto the.
19 And geue vnto Salomon my sonne, a perfecte herte, to kepe thy commaundementes, thy testymonies and thy statutes, and to do all, & to buylde the house for the which I haue made prouision for.
20 And Dauid sayde to all the congregacyon: Nowe blesse the Lorde youre God. And all the congregacion blessed the Lorde God of their fathers, and bowed downe their heades and worshypped the Lorde and the kynge.
21 And they offered offerynges vnto the Lorde. And on the morowe after şe sayde daye, they offered burntofferynges vnto the Lorde euen a thousande younge oxen, a thousande rammes & a thousande shepe, with their dryncke offerynges. Many sacrifyces offred they for all Israel ,
22 & dyd eate & dryncke before the Lorde the same daye wt greate gladnesse. And they made Salomon the sonne of Dauid kynge the seconde tyme, and annoynted him prynce before the Lorde, and Zadock to be the hye preaste.
23 And Salomon sate on the seate of the Lorde, and was kyng in steade of Dauid his father, & prospered, and all they of Israel obeyed him.
24 And all the Lordes and men of power, and all the sonnes of kynge Dauid submitted them selues, & were vnder kynge Salomon.
25 And the Lorde magnified Salomon in dignitye, in the syght of all them of Israel, and gaue him so gloriouse a kyngdome as no kynge had before him in Israel.
26 And so Dauid the sonne of Isay raygned ouer all Israel .
27 And şe space that he raygned ouer Israel, was fourtye yere: seuen yeare raygned he in Hebron, & .xxxiij. yere raygned he in Ierusalem.
28 And he dyed in a good age: full of dayes, ryches and honoure. And Salomon his sonne raygned in his steade.
29 The actes of Dauid şe kynge fyrst and laste, beholde, they are written in the boke of Samuel the sear, and in the boke of Nathan şe prophete, and in şe boke of Gad the sear,
30 wt all his kyngdome and power & tymes, şt went ouer him and ouer all Israel, & ouer all şe kyngdomes of şe erth.