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Chapter 1


1 For so moch as many haue taken in hande, to set forth ye wordes of the actes that are come to passe amonge vs,
2 like as they delyuered the vnto vs, which from the begynnynge sawe them their selues, and were mynisters of the worde,
3 I thought it good (after that I had diligently searched out all from the begynnynge) to wryte the same orderly vnto the (good Theophilus)
4 that thou mightest knowe the certete of ye wordes, wherof thou art infourmed.
5 In the tyme of Herode kynge of Iewry, there was a prest named Zachary of the course of Abia: and his wife of the doughters of Aaron, & hir name Elizabeth .
6 They were both righteous before God, and walked in all the commaundementes and statutes of the LORDE vnreproueably.
7 And they had no childe, for Elizabeth was baren, and they were both well stricken in age.
8 And it came to passe as he executed the prestes office before God whan his course came
9 (acordinge to the custome of the presthode) it fell to his lott to burne incense.
10 And he wente in to the temple of the LORDE, and the whole multitude of the people was without in prayer, whyle the incense was aburnynge.
11 And the angell of the LORDE appeared vnto him, and stode on the right syde of the altare of incese.
12 And whan Zachary sawe him, he was abasshed, & there came a feare vpon him.
13 But the angell sayde vnto him: Feare not Zachary, for thy prayer is herde. And yi wife Elizabeth shal beare the a sonne, whose name thou shalt call Ihon,
14 & thou shalt haue ioye and gladnesse: and many shal reioyce at his byrth,
15 for he shal be greate before the LORDE. Wyne and stronge drynke shal he not drynke. And he shalbe fylled wt the holy goost, euen in his mothers wombe.
16 And many of the children of Israel shal he turne vnto the LORDE their God.
17 And he shal go before him in the sprete and power of Elias, to turne the hertes of ye fathers vnto the children, and the vnfaithfull vnto the wyssdome of the righteous, to make the people ready for the LORDE.
18 And Zachary sayde vnto the Angel: Wherby shal I knowe this? For I am olde, and my wife well stricken in age.
19 The angell answered, and sayde vnto him: I am Gabriell that stonde before God, and am sent to speake vnto the, and to shewe the these glad tydinges.
20 And beholde, thou shalt be domme, and not able to speake, vntyll the daye that this come to passe, because thou hast not beleued my wordes, which shalbe fulfylled in their season.
21 And the people wayted for Zachary, and marueyled, that he taried so longe in the teple.
22 And wha he wete out, he coude not speake vnto them. And they perceaued, that he had sene a vision in the teple. And he beckened vnto them, and remayned speachlesse.
23 And it fortuned wha the tyme of his office was out, he wente home in to his house.
24 And after those dayes Elizabeth his wife conceaued, and hyd hir self fyue monethes, & sayde:
25 Thus hath ye LORDE done vnto me in ye dayes, wherin he hath loked vpo me, to take awaye fro me my rebuke amoge men.
26 And in the sixte moneth was the angell Gabriel sent from God in to a cite of Galile, called Nazareth,
27 vnto a virgin that was spoused vnto a man, whose name was Ioseph, of the house of Dauid, and the virgins name was Mary.
28 And the angell came in vnto her, and sayde: Hayle thou full of grace, the LORDE is with the: blessed art thou amonge wemen.
29 Wha she sawe him, she was abasshed at his sayenge, and thought: What maner of salutacion is this?
30 And the angell sayde vnto her: Feare not Mary, for thou hast foude grace with God.
31 Beholde, thou shalt coceaue in thy wobe, & beare a sonne & shalt call his name Iesus:
32 he shalbe greate, & shalbe called ye sonne of the Hyest. And the LORDE God shal geue him ye seate of Dauid his father,
33 & he shal be kinge ouer ye house of Iacob for euer & there shalbe no ende of his kyngdome.
34 Then sayde Mary vnto the angell: How shal this be, seinge I knowe not a ma?
35 The angell answered, & sayde vnto her: The holy goost shal come vpon the, & the power of the Hyest shal ouershadowe the. Therfore that Holy also which shalbe borne (of the) shalbe called the sonne of God.
36 And beholde, thy cosen Elizabeth she also hath coceaued a sonne in hir olde age, & this is the sixte moneth of her, which is reported to be baren:
37 for wt God is nothinge vnpossyble.
38 And Mary sayde: Beholde, here am I the handmayde of the LORDE: be it vnto me, as thou hast sayde. And the angell departed fro her.
39 And Mary arose in those dayes, and wente in to the moutaynes with haist, into ye cite of Iewry,
40 and came in to ye house of Zachary, and saluted Elizabeth.
41 And it fortuned as Elizabeth herde the salutacion of Mary, the babe sprange in hir wombe. And Elizabeth was fylled with the holy goost,
42 & cried loude, and sayde: Blessed art thou amoge wemen, and blessed is the frute of yi wombe.
43 And how happeneth this to me, that ye mother of my LORDE commeth vnto me?
44 Beholde, whan I herde the voyce of thy salutacion, the babe sprange in my wombe wt ioye,
45 And blessed art thou that hast beleued, for ye thinges shalbe perfourmed, which were tolde ye fro ye LORDE.
46 And Mary sayde: My soule magnifieth the LORDE.
47 And my sprete reioyseth i God my Sauioure.
48 For he hath loked vpo the lowe degre of his hande mayde. Beholde, fro hence forth shal all generacions call me blessed.
49 For he that is Mightie, hath done greate thinges vnto me, and holy is his name.
50 And his mercy endureth thorow out all generacions, vpon them that feare him.
51 He sheweth strength with his arme, and scatreth them that are proude in the ymaginacion of their hert.
52 He putteth downe the mightie from the seate, and exalteth them of lowe degre.
53 He fylleth the hongrie with good thinges, and letteth the riche go emptye.
54 He remebreth mercy, and helpeth vp his seruaunt Israel .
55 Euen as he promysed vnto oure fathers, Abraham and to his sede foreuer.
56 And Mary abode with her aboute thre monethes, and then returned home agayne.
57 And Elizabethes tyme was come, that she shulde be delyuered, & she brought forth a sonne.
58 And hir neghbours and kynsfolkes herde, yt the LORDE had shewed greate mercy vpo her,& they reioysed with her.
59 And it fortuned vpon the eight daye, they came to circumcyse ye childe, and called him Zachary after his father:
60 And his mother answered, and sayde: No, but he shalbe called Ihon.
61 And they sayde vnto her: There is none in yi kynne, yt is so called.
62 And they made signes vnto his father, how he wolde haue him called.
63 And he axed for wrytinge tables, wrote & sayde: His name is Ihon. And they marueyled all.
64 And immediatly was his mouth and his toge opened, and he spake, & praysed God.
65 And there came a feare vpon all their neghbours. And all this acte was noysed abrode thorow out all the hill countre of Iewry:
66 And all they yt herde therof, toke it to hert, and sayde: What maner of man wil this childe be? For the hande of the LORDE was with him.
67 And Zachary his father was fylled with the holy goost, and prophecied, and sayde:
68 Blessed be ye LORDE God of Israel, for he hath vysited and redemed his people.
69 And hath set vp an horne of saluacion in the house of his seruaunt Dauid.
70 Euen as he promysed afore tyme, by the mouth of his holy prophetes.
71 hat he wolde delyuer vs fro oure enemies, & from ye hande of all soch as hate vs.
72 And yt he wolde shewe mercy vnto oure fathers, & thynke vpo his holy couenaut.
73 Euen the ooth yt he sware vnto oure father Abraham,
74 for to geue vs. That we delyuered out of ye hade of or enemies, might serue him without feare
75 all the dayes of oure life, in soch holynes and righteousnes as is accepte before him.
76 And thou childe shalt be called a prophet of the Hyest: for thou shalt go before ye LORDE, to prepare his wayes.
77 And to geue knowlege of saluacion vnto his people, for the remyssion of their synnes.
78 Thorow the tender mercy of oure God, wherby the daye sprynge from an hye hath vysited vs.
79 That he might geue light vnto them yt syt in darcknesse and shadowe of death, and to gyde oure fete in to the waye of peace.
80 And the childe grew, and waxed stronge in sprete, and was in the wyldernes, tyll the tyme that he shulde shewe him self vnto the people of Israel .

Chapter 2

1 It fortuned at the same tyme, that there wete out a comaundement fro Augustus the Emperoure, that the whole worlde shulde be taxed.
2 And this taxynge was the first that was executed, whan Syrenius was leftenaunt in Siria.
3 And they wente all, euery one to his owne cite to be taxed.
4 Then Ioseph gat him vp also fro Galile, out of the cite of Nazareth , in to Iewry, to ye cite of Dauid, which is called Bethleem, (because he was of ye house and lynage of Dauid)
5 that he might be taxed wt Mary his spoused wife, which was wt childe.
6 And it fortuned whyle they were there, ye tyme was come, that she shulde be delyuered.
7 And she brought forth hir first begotte sonne, & wrapped him in swadlinge clothes, and layed him in a maunger: for they had els no rowme in the ynne.
8 And there were in ye same region shepherdes in the felde by the foldes, and watchinge their flocke by night.
9 And beholde, ye angell of the LORDE stode by the, and ye brightnes of the LORDE shone rounde aboute them, and they were sore afrayed.
10 And the angell sayde vnto them: Be not afrayed. Beholde, I brynge you tydiges of greate ioye, which shall happen vnto all people:
11 for vnto you this daye is borne ye Sauioure, eue Christ ye LORDE, in the cite of Dauid.
12 And take this for a token: Ye shal fynde the babe swadled, and layed in a maunger.
13 And straight waye there was by the angell a multitude of heauenly hoostes, which praysed God, and sayde:
14 Glory be vnto God an hye, & peace vpon earth, and vnto men a good wyll.
15 And it fortuned wha the angels were gone from the in to heaue, the shepherdes sayde one to another: let vs go now euen vnto Bethleem, and se this thinge that is happened, which ye LORDE hath shewed vnto vs.
16 And they came wt haist, & founde both Mary and Ioseph, & the babe layed in ye maunger.
17 And whan they had sene it, they published abrode the sayenge, yt was tolde the of this childe.
18 And all they that herde it, wondred at the wordes, which the shepherdes had tolde them.
19 But Mary kepte all these sayenges, and pondred them in hir hert.
20 And the shepherdes returned, praysinge and laudinge God, for all that they had herde and sene, euen as it was tolde them.
21 And whan eight dayes were ended, that the childe shulde be circumcysed, his name was called Iesus, which was named of ye angell, before he was conceaued in his mothers wombe.
22 And wha the dayes of their purificacion after the lawe of Moses, were come, they brought him to Ierusale, that they might present him vnto the LORDE
23 (As it is wrytten in the lawe of the LORDE: Euery machilde that first openeth the Matrix, shalbe called holy vnto ye LORDE)
24 and that they might geue the offerynge, as it is wrytte in the lawe of the LORDE (namely) a payre of turtle doues, or two yonge pigeons.
25 And beholde, there was a man (at Ierusale) whose name was Symeon, and the same ma was iust, and feared God, and loged for the consolacion of Israel , and the holy goost was in him.
26 And an answere was geue him of the holy goost, that he shulde not se death, before he had sene ye LORDES Christ.
27 And he came by inspiracion in to the teple. And whan the elders brought the childe Iesus in to the temple, to do for him after ye custome of the lawe,
28 then toke he him vp in his armes, and praysed God, and sayde:
29 LORDE, now lettest thou thy seruaut departe in peace, acordinge to thy promesse.
30 For myne eyes haue sene thy Sauioure,
31 who thou hast prepared before all people.
32 A light for the lightenynge of the Heythe, & for the prayse of yi people of Israel .
33 And his father and mother marueyled at the thinges that were spoke of him.
34 And Symeon blessed them, and sayde vnto Mary his mother: Beholde, this (childe) shalbe set to a fall, and to an vprysinge agayne of many in Israel , and for a token, which shalbe spoke agaynst.
35 And the swerde shal pearse thy soule, that the thoughtes of many hertes maye be opened.
36 And there was a prophetisse, one Anna, the doughter of Phanuel of the trybe of Aser, which was of a greate age, and had lyued seuen yeares with hir hussbade from hir virginite,
37 & had now bene a wedowe aboute foure score & foure yeares, which came neuer fro the teple, seruynge God wt fastynge and prayenge, daye and night:
38 the same came forth also the same houre, and praysed the LORDE, and spake of him vnto all that loked for the redempcion at Ierusalem.
39 And whan they had perfourmed all acordinge to the lawe of the LORDE, thy returned i to Galile, to their owne cite Nazareth .
40 And the childe grewe, and wexed stronge in sprete, full of wyssdome, & the grace of God was with him.
41 And his elders wente to Ierusalem euery yeare at the feast of Easter.
42 And whan he was twolue yeare olde, they wente vp to Ierusalem, after the custome of the feast.
43 And whan they had fulfilled the dayes, and were gone home agayne, the childe Iesus abode styll at Ierusalem. And his elders knewe it not,
44 but thought he had bene in the company, and they came a dayes iourney, and sought hi amoge their kynss folkes & acquataunce.
45 And wha they founde him not, they wete agayne to Ierusale, and sought him.
46 And it fortuned after thre dayes, yt they founde him in the temple, syttinge amonge the teachers, hearynge the, and opposynge them.
47 And all they that herde him, wodred at his vnderstondynge and answeres.
48 And whan they sawe him, they were astonnyed. And his mother sayde vnto him: My sonne, why hast thou done this vnto vs? Beholde, thy father and I haue sought the sorowynge.
49 And he sayde vnto them: What is it, that ye haue sought me? Wyst ye not, yt I must go aboute my fathers busynes?
50 And they vnderstode not the sayenge yt he spake vnto them.
51 And he wente downe with the, and came to Nazareth , and was obediet vnto them. And his mother kepte all these wordes in hir hert.
52 And Iesus increased in wyssdome, age and fauoure with God and men.

Chapter 3

1 In the fiftenth yeare of the raigne of Tiberius the Emperoure, wha Pontius Pilate was leftenaut in Iewry and Herode one of the foure princes in Galile, and his brother Philippe one of the foure prynces in Iturea, & in the coastes of Traconites, and Lysanias one of the foure princes of Abilene,
2 when Hannas and Caiphas were hye prestes, the came ye worde of God vnto Ihon the sonne of Zachary in the wyldernes.
3 And he came in to all ye coastes aboute Iordan, and preached the baptyme of repetaunce for the remyssion of synnes.
4 As it is wrytte in ye boke of ye sayenges of Esaye the prophet, which sayeth: The voyce of a cryer in the wyldernes: prepare the waye of the LORDE, and make his pathes straight.
5 Euery valley shalbe fylled, and euery mountayne & hyll shalbe brought lowe. And what so is croked, shalbe made straight: and what rough is, shalbe made smooth,
6 and all flesh shal se the Sauioure of God.
7 Then sayde he vnto the people, yt wente out to be baptysed of him: Ye generacion of vipers, who hath certified you, that ye shal escape ye wrath to come?
8 Take hede, brynge forth due frutes of repetauce, & begynne not to saye: We haue Abraha to or father. For I saye vnto you: God is able of these stones to rayse vp children vnto Abraham.
9 The axe is put vnto the tre allready: so that euery tre which bryngeth not forth good frute, shalbe hewen downe, and cast in to the fyre.
10 And the people axed him, and sayde: What shal we do then?
11 He answered, & sayde vnto the: He that hath two coates, let him parte wt him yt hath none: and he that hath meate, let him do likewyse.
12 The publicans came also, to be baptysed and sayde vnto him: Master, what shal we do?
13 He sayde vnto them: Requyre nomore, then is appoynted you.
14 Then ye soudyours axed him likewyse, and sayde: What shal we do then? And he sayde vnto the: Do no man violence ner wronge, and be content with youre wages.
15 But whan the people were in a doute, & thought all in their hertes, whether he were Christ,
16 Ihon answered, and sayde vnto the all: I baptyse you with water, but after me there cometh one stronger the I, whose shue lachet I am not worthy to lowse: he shal baptyse you with the holy goost and with fyre.
17 Whose fanne is in his hande, and he shal pourge his floore, and shal gather ye wheate in to his barne, and shal burne the chaffe with vnquencheable fyre.
18 And many other thynges more exorted he, & preached vnto the people.
19 But Herode the Tetrarcha (wha he was rebuked of him because of Herodias his brothers wife, and for all the euels that Herode dyd)
20 besydes all this he layed Iho in preson.
21 And it fortuned whan all the people receaued baptyme, and whan Iesus also was baptysed and prayed, that heauen opened,
22 and the holy goost came downe in a bodely shappe like a doue vpon him. And out of heauen there came a voyce, which sayde: Thou art my deare sonne, in who I delyte.
23 And Iesus was aboute thirtie yeares whan he beganne. And he was taken for the sonne of Ioseph, which was the sonne of Eli,
24 which was the sonne of Mathat. Which was the sonne of Leui. Which was the sonne of Melchi. Which was the sonne of Ianna. Which was the sonne of Ioseph.
25 Which was the sonne of Mathathias. Which was the sonne of Amos. Which was the sonne of Nahum. Which was the sonne of Essli. Which was the sonne of Nange.
26 Which was the sonne of Maath. Which was the sonne of Mathathias. Which was the sonne of Simei. Which was the sonne of Ioseph. Which was the sonne of Iuda.
27 Which was the sonne of Iohanna. Which was the sonne of Resia. Which was the sonne of Zorobabel. Which was the sonne of Salathiel. Which was the sonne of Neri.
28 Which was the sonne of Melchi. Which was the sonne of Abdi. Which was the sonne of Cosam. Which was the sonne of Elmadam. Which was the sonne of Her.
29 Which was the sonne of Ieso. Which was the sonne of Eliezer. Which was the sonne of Iorem. Which was the sonne of Mattha. Which was the sonne of Leui.
30 Which was the sonne of Simeon. Which was the sonne of Iuda. Which was the sonne of Ioseph. Which was the sonne of Ionam. Which was the sonne of Eliachim.
31 Which was the sonne of Melca. Which was the sonne of Menam. Which was the sonne of Mathathan. Which was the sonne of Nathan. Which was the sonne of Dauid.
32 Which was the sonne of Iesse. Which was the sonne of Obed. Which was the sonne of Boos. Which was the sonne of Salmon. Which was the sonne of Naasson.
33 Which was the sonne of Aminadab. Which was the sonne of Aram . Which was the sonne of Esrom. Which was the sonne of Phares. Which was the sonne of Iuda.
34 Which was the sonne of Iacob. Which was the sonne of Isaac. Which was the sonne of Abraham. Which was the sonne of Thara. Which was the sonne of Nahor.
35 Which was the sonne of Serug. Which was the sonne of Regu. Which was the sonne of Peleg. Which was the sonne of Eber. Which was the sonne of Salah.
36 Which was the sonne of Caynan. Which was the sonne of Arphachsad. Which was the sonne of Sem. Which was the sonne of Noe. Which was the sonne of Lamech.
37 Which was the sonne of Mathusalah. Which was the sonne of Henoch. Which was the sonne of Iared. Which was the sonne of Mahaleel. Which was the sonne of Renan.
38 Which was the sonne of Enos. Which was the sonne of Seth. Which was the sonne of Adam. Which was the sonne of God.

Chapter 4

1 Iesus full of the holy goost, came agayne from Iordane, and was led of ye sprete into wyldernes,
2 & fourty dayes loge was he tepted of ye deuell. And in those dayes ate he nothinge. And whan they were ended, he hongred afterwarde.
3 And the deuell sayde vnto him: Yf thou be ye sonne of God, comaunde this stone, yt it be bred.
4 And Iesus answered & sayde vnto hi: It is wrytten: Man shal not lyue by bred onely, but by euery worde of God.
5 And ye deuell toke him vp into an hye moutayne, and shewed him all the kyngdomes of ye whole worlde in ye twinckelinge of an eye,
6 & sayde vnto him: All this power wil I geue vnto the, and the glory therof, for it is geue ouer vnto me, and I geue it, to whom I wil.
7 Yf thou now wilt worshippe me, they shal all be thine.
8 Iesus answered him, and sayde: Auoyde fro me thou Satan. It is wrytten: Thou shalt worshippe the LORDE thy God, and him onely shalt thou serue.
9 And he caried him to Ierusalem, and set him vpon a pynnacle of the temple, and sayde vnto him: Yf thou be ye sonne of God, cast thy self downe from hence.
10 For it is wrytte: He shal geue his angels charge ouer the, to kepe the,
11 and with their handes they shal holde the vp, that thou dashe not thy fote agaynst a stone.
12 And Iesus answered, and sayde vnto him: It is sayde: Thou shalt not tempte the LORDE thy God.
13 And whan ye deuell had ended all the temptacions, he departed from him for a season.
14 And Iesus came agayne in the power of the sprete in to Galile. And the fame of him was noysed thorow out all ye region rounde aboute.
15 And he taught in their synagoges, and was commended of euery man.
16 And he came vnto Nazareth where he was noursed, and as his custome was, he wete in to the synagoge vpon ye Sabbath, and stode vp for to rede.
17 Then was there delyuered him the boke of ye prophet Esay. And whan he had turned ouer the boke, he founde the place where it is wrytten:
18 The sprete of the LORDE is with me, because he hath anoynted me: to preach the Gospell vnto ye poore hath he sent me: to heale the broken harted: to preach delyuerauce to the captyue, and sight to the blynde: and frely to set at liberty them that are brused:
19 and to preach the acceptable yeare of the LORDE.
20 And whan he had closed the boke, he gaue it agayne to ye mynister, & sat him downe. And the eyes of all that were in the synagoge, were fastened on him.
21 And he begane to saye vnto them: This daye is this scripture fulfilled in youre eares.
22 And they all gaue him wytnesse, and wodred at the gracious wordes, which proceaded out of his mouth, and they saide: Is not this Iosephs sonne?
23 And he sayde vnto them: Doutles ye wyl saye vnto me this prouerbe: Phisician, heale thyself. For how greate thinges haue we herde done at Capernau? Do the same here also in thine owne countre.
24 But he saide: Verely I saye vnto you: There is no prophet accepted in his owne countre.
25 Neuertheles of a trueth I saye vnto you: There were many wedowes in Israel in ye tyme of Elias, wha the heaue was shut thre yeares and sixe monethes, and whan there was a greate derth in all the lande:
26 & to none of the was Elias sent, but onely vnto Sarepta of the Sydonyans to a wedowe.
27 And many lepers were there in Israel in the tyme of Eliseus ye prophet, and none of the was clensed, saue onely Naaman of Syria.
28 And as many as were in the synagoge, wha they herde yt, were fylled with wrath.
29 And they rose vp, and thrust him out of the cite, and led him vp to the edge of the hyll whervpo their cite was buylded, that they might cast him downe headlynge.
30 But he wente his waye euen thorow the myddest of them,
31 and came to Capernaum a cite of Galile, and taught the vpo the Sabbathes.
32 And they wondred at his doctryne, for his preachinge was with power.
33 And in the Synagoge there was a man possessed with a foule deuell, & he cryed loude,
34 and sayde: Let me alone, what haue we to do wt the thou Iesus of Nazareth? Art thou come to destroye vs? I knowe ye who thou art, euen the Holy of God.
35 And Iesus rebuked him and sayde: holde thy tuge, and departe out of him. And the deuell threw hi in the myddest amonge them, and departed from him, and dyd him no harme.
36 And there came a feare ouer the all, and they spake amonge themselues, and sayde: What maner of thinge is this? He commaundeth the foule spretes with auctorite and power, and they departe out.
37 And ye fame of him was noysed thorow out all the places of ye countre rounde aboute.
38 And he rose vp out of the synagoge, and came in to Symons house. And Symos mother in lawe was take with a greate feuer, & they prayde him for her.
39 And he wete vnto her, & comaunded the feuer. And it left her, & imediatly she rose vp, & mynistred vnto the.
40 And whan the Sonne was gone downe all they that had sicke of dyuerse diseases, brought the vnto him. And he layed his hades vpon euery one of the, & made the whole.
41 The deuels also departed out of many, criege and sayenge: Thou art Christ the sonne of God. And he rebuked the, & suffred them not to speake: for they knewe that he was Christ.
42 But wha it was daye, he wete out in to a deserte place. And the people sought hi, and came vnto him, & kepte him, yt he shulde not departe fro the.
43 But he sayde vnto the: I must preach the Gospell of ye kyngdome of God to other cities also: for there to am I sent.
44 And he preached in the synagoges of Galile.

Chapter 5

1 It came to passe, yt the people preassed vpon him to heare the worde of God, and he stode by the lake of Genazereth,
2 and sawe two shippes stode by ye lake syde, but ye fishers were gone out of the, and had wasshed their nettes.
3 Then wente he in to one of the shippes, which was Symons, and prayed him, yt he wolde thrust out a litle fro the londe. And he sat him downe, and taught the people out of ye shippe.
4 And whan he had left of talkynge, he sayde vnto Symon: Launch out in to the depe & let slyppe yor nettes, to make a draught.
5 And Symon answered and sayde vnto him: Master, we haue laboured all ye night, and taken nothinge. But vpo thy worde, I wil lowse forth the nett.
6 And wha they had so done, they toke a greate multitude of fisshes, & their net brake.
7 And they made sygnes to their felowes which were in ye other shippe, yt they shulde come, & helpe the. And they came, & fylled both the shippes full, so yt they soncke.
8 Whan Symon Peter sawe yt, he fell downe at Iesus knees, & sayde: LORDE, go
9 fro me, for I am a synfull man: For he was astonnyed and all that were wt him, at this draught of fishes which they toke,
10 and so were Iames and Ihon also the sonnes of Zebede, which were Symons companyons. And Iesus sayde vnto Symo: Feare not, for fro hence forth thou shalt take men.
11 And they brought the shippes to londe, and left all, and folowed him.
12 And it fortuned as he was in a cite, beholde, there was a man full of leprosy. Wha he sawe Iesus, he fell vpo his face, & besought him, and sayde: LORDE, yf thou wilt, thou canst make me cleane.
13 And he stretched out his hade, and touched him, and sayde: I wil, be thou cleane. And immediatly the leprosy departed from him.
14 And he charged him, yt he shulde tell no ma, but go thy waye (sayde he) and shewe thyself vnto ye prest, and offre for yi clensynge, as Moses comaunded, for a witnesse vnto the.
15 But ye fame of hi wete out farther abrode, & there came moch people together, to heare him, & to be healed by hi fro their sicknesses.
16 And he departed in to the wyldernesses, & gaue him self to prayer.
17 And it fortuned vpo a daye, yt he taught, and there sat ye Pharises and scrybes, which were come out of all the townes of Galile, and Iewry, and fro Ierusale, and the power of the LORDE wete fro him, & healed euery man.
18 And beholde, certayne men brought vpon a bed, a man yt had ye palsye, and they sought how they might brynge him in, and laye him before him.
19 And whan they coude not fynde by what waye they might bringe him in (for ye people) they clymmed vp to ye toppe of the house, & let him downe thorow the tylinge wt the bed, amoge the before Iesus.
20 And whan he sawe their faith, he sayde vnto hi: Man, yi synnes are forgeue ye.
21 And the scrybes and pharyses begane to thynke, & saide: What is he this, yt speaketh blasphemy. Who ca forgeue synnes, but onely God?
22 Neuertheles wha Iesus perceaued their thoughtes, he answered, and saide vnto the: What thynke ye in yor hertes?
23 Whether is easier to saye: Thy synnes are forgeue ye, Or to saye: Aryse, and walke?
24 But that ye maye knowe, that the sonne of ma hath power to forgeue synnes vpon earth, he sayde vnto ye sicke of the palsie: I saye vnto ye: Aryse, take vp yi bed, and go home.
25 And immediatly he rose vp before the, & toke vp the bed yt he had lyen vpo, and wete home, and praysed God.
26 And they were all astonnyed, and gaue God ye prayse, and were fylled wt feare, and sayde: We haue sene maruelous thynges to daye.
27 And afterwarde he wete out, and sawe a publican named Leui, syttinge at ye receate of custome, & he sayde vnto him: Folowe me.
28 And he left all, rose vp, & folowed him.
29 And Leui made hi a greate feast i his house. And many publicans & other sat wt hi at ye table
30 And the scrybes and Pharyses murmured agaynst his disciples, & saide: Wherfore do ye eate & drynke wt publicas & synners?
31 And Iesus answered, & sayde vnto the: The whole nede not ye phisician, but they yt are sicke.
32 I am not come to call ye righteous, but sinners to repentauce.
33 But they sayde vnto him: Wherfore fast ye disciples of Iho so of, & praye so moch, & the disciples of the Pharises likewyse, but yi disciples eate and drynke?
34 And he sayde vnto them: Can ye make the weddynge childre fast, so loge as the brydegrome is with the?
35 But the tyme wil come that the brydegrome shalbe take fro the, then shal they fast.
36 And he sayde vnto them a symilitude: No man putteth a pece of new cloth in to an olde garment: for els he renteth the new, and the pece of the new agreeth not with the olde.
37 And no man putteth new wyne in to olde vessels, for els ye new wyne barsteth the vessels, and runneth out it self, and the vessels perishe.
38 But new wyne must be put in to new vessels, and so are they both preserued.
39 And there is no man that drynketh the olde, and wolde straight waye haue the new, for he sayeth: the olde is pleasaunter.

Chapter 6

1 And it fortuned vpon an after pryncipall Sabbath, that he wente thorow the corne felde, & his disciples plucked the eares of corne, and ate, and rubbed the with their hades.
2 But certayne of the Pharises sayde vnto them: Wherfore do ye that, which is not laufull to do vpon the Sabbath?
3 And Iesus answered, and sayde vnto the: Haue ye not red what Dauid dyd, wha he was hongrie, and they that were with him,
4 how he wente in to the house of God, and toke the shewbred, and ate, and gaue also vnto them that were with him, which was laufull for no man to eate, but for the prestes onely?
5 And he sayde vnto them: The sonne of man is LORDE euen ouer the Sabbath.
6 It came to passe vpo another Sabbath, that he wete in to the synagoge, and taught and there was a man, whose right hande was wythred.
7 But ye scrybes and Pharises marked him, whether he wolde heale vpon the Sabbath, that they might fynde an occasion agaynst him.
8 Neuertheles he perceaued their thoughtes, and sayde vnto the ma with the wythred hande: Aryse, and steppe forth here. And he arose, and stepped forth.
9 Then sayde Iesus vnto the: I wil axe you a question: What is it laufull to do vpo the Sabbath? good, or euell? to saue life, or to destroye it?
10 And he behelde the all rounde aboute, and sayde vnto the ma: Stretch out thine hande. And he dyd so. Then was his hande restored him to right, euen as whole as the other.
11 But they were fylled full of madnes, and commoned together, what they wolde do to him.
12 And it fortuned at the same tyme, that he wente out in to a mountayne to praye, and continued all night in prayer to God.
13 And wha it was daye, he called his disciples, and chose twolue of them, whom he called also apostles.
14 Symon, whom he named Peter, and Andrew his brother, Iames and Ihon, Phylippe and Bartylmew,
15 Mathew and Thomas, Iames the sonne of Alpheus , Symon called Zelotes,
16 Iudas the sonne of Iames, and Iudas Iscarioth, which was the traytoure.
17 And he wente downe with them, and stode vpon a playne in the felde, and the company of his disciples, and a greate multitude of people, from all Iewry, and Ierusale, and from Tyre and Sydon by the see coast, which were come to heare him, and to be healed of their diseases,
18 and they that were vexed with foule spretes, were healed.
19 And all the people sought to touch him, for there wente vertue fro him, and healed the all.
20 And he lift vp his eyes vpo his disciples, and sayde: Blessed are ye poore, for yours is the kyngdome of God.
21 Blessed are ye that honger here, for ye shalbe satisfied. Blessed are ye yt wepe here, for ye shal laugh.
22 Blessed are ye, whan men hate you, and put you out of their copanyes, and reuyle you, and cast out youre name as an euell thinge, for the sonne of mans sake.
23 Reioyse ye then, and be glad: for beholde, youre rewarde is greate in heauen. Euen thus dyd their fathers vnto the prophetes also.
24 But wo vnto you riche, for ye haue youre cosolacion allready.
25 Wo vnto you that are full, for ye shal honger. Wo vnto you that laugh here, for ye shal wepe and wayle.
26 Wo vnto you whan euery man prayseth you, Euen so dyd their fathers vnto the false prophetes also.
27 But I saye vnto you that heare: Loue youre enemies: do good vnto them that hate you:
28 blesse them that curse you: praye for them that wrongfully trouble you.
29 And who so smyteth the on the one cheke, offre him ye other also. And who so taketh awaye thy cloake, forbyd him not yi cote also.
30 Who so euer axeth of the, geue him: and who so taketh awaye thyne, axe it not agayne.
31 And as ye wolde that men shulde do vnto you, euen so do ye vnto them likewyse.
32 And yf ye loue them that loue you, what thake haue ye therfore? For synners also loue their louers.
33 And yf ye do good for youre good doers, what thanke haue ye therfore? For synners also do euen the same.
34 And yf ye lende vnto them, of who ye hope to receaue what thake haue ye ther fore? For synners also lende vnto synners, that they maye receaue as moch agayne.
35 But rather loue ye yor enemies, do good, and lende, lokynge for nothinge therof agayne: so shal yor rewarde be greate, and ye shalbe the children of the Hyest, for he is kynde, euen to the vnthankfull and to the euell.
36 Be ye therfore mercifull, as youre father also is mercifull.
37 Iudge not, and ye shal not be iudged. Condepne not, and ye shal not be condempned. Forgeue, and ye shal be forgeuen.
38 Geue, and to you shalbe geue. A good measure, pressed downe, shaken together, & runynge ouer, shal me geue into youre bosome. For with what measure ye meete, with the same shal it be measured to you agayne.
39 And he sayde a symilitude vnto the: Can the blynde shewe the waye to ye blynde? Do they not both the fall in to the dyche?
40 The disciple is not aboue his master. But whosoeuer is perfecte, ye same shalbe as his master.
41 But why seist thou a moote i thy brothers eye, and considrest not the beame, that is in thine awne eye?
42 Or how canst thou saye vnto thy brother: holde styll brother, I wil plucke ye moate out of thyne eye, and thou thy self seist not ye beame in thine awne eye? Thou ypocryte, Fyrst cast the beame out of thine awne eye, and the shalt thou se clearly to pull the moote out of thy brothers eye.
43 For it is no good tre, yt bryngeth forth euell frute: and no euell tre yt bringeth forth good frute.
44 Euery tre is knowne by his frute. For me gather not fygges of thornes, ner grapes of busshes.
45 A good ma out of ye good treasure of his hert, bryngeth forth yt which is good: and an euell ma out of the euell treasure of his hert, bryngeth forth that which is euell. For of the abundaunce of the hert, the mouth speaketh.
46 But why call ye me LORDE LORDE, & do not that I saye vnto you?
47 Who so euer commeth vnto me, and heareth my wordes and doth the, I wil shewe you to whom he is lyke.
48 He is like vnto a man which buylded an house, and digged depe, and layed ye foundacion vpon a rocke. Whan the waters came, the floudes bett vpon that house, and coulde not moue it: for it was grouded vpo ye rocke.
49 But he that heareth and doth not, is like vnto a man that buylded his house vpo the earth without foundacion, and the streames bett vpo it, and it fell immediatly, and greate was the fall of that house.

Chapter 7

1 Whan he had ended his talkynge vnto the people, he wente in to Capernaum :
2 and a captaynes seruaunt laye deed sicke, whom he loued.
3 Wha he herde of Iesus, he sent the elders of the Iewes vnto him, and prayed him, that he wolde come, and make his seruaunt whole.
4 But wha they came to Iesus, they besought him instantly, & sayde: He is worthy yt thou shuldest shewe this for him,
5 for he loueth oure people, & hath buylded vs ye synagoge.
6 And Iesus wente wt them. Now whan they were not farre from ye house, ye captaine sent fredes vnto hi, saiege vnto him: Oh LORDE, trouble not thy self, I am not worthy, yt thou shuldest enter vnder my rofe,
7 and therfore I thought not my self worthy to come to ye: but speake ye worde, & my seruaut shalbe whole.
8 For I my self also am a ma, subiecte to the hygher auctorite, & haue soudyers vnder me. And I saye vnto one: Go, & he goeth. And to another: Come, & he cometh. And to my seruaut: Do this, & he doeth it.
9 Whan Iesus herde yt, he marueyled at hi, & turned him aboute, & sayde vnto ye people yt folowed hi: I saye vnto you: So greate faith haue I not founde, no not in Israel .
10 And wha they that were sent, came home agayne, they founde the seruaut that was sicke, whole.
11 And it fortuned afterwarde, that he wete in to a cite called Naim, and many of his disciples wente with him, and moch people.
12 Whan he came nye to the gate of the cite, beholde, there was caried out one deed, which was the onely sonne of his mother, and she was a wyddowe, and moch people of the cite wente with her.
13 And whan the LORDE sawe her, he had copassion on her, and sayde vnto her: Wepe not.
14 And he came nye, and touched the Coffyn. And they that bare him, stode styll. And he sayde: Yonge man, I saye vnto the: Aryse.
15 And the deed sat vp, and beganne to speake. And he delyuered him vnto his mother.
16 And there came a feare on them all, and they praysed God, and sayde: A greate prophet is rysen amonge vs, and God hath vysited his people.
17 And this fame of him was noysed in all Iewry, and in all ye regions that laye rounde aboute.
18 And the disciples of Iho shewed him of all these thinges.
19 And Ihon called vnto him two of his disciples, and sent the vnto Iesus sayenge: Art thou he that shal come, or shal we loke for another?
20 Whan the men came to him, they sayde: Ihon ye baptist hath sent vs vnto the, sayenge: Art thou he that shal come, or shal we loke for another?
21 At the same houre healed he many from sicknesses & plages, and fro euell spretes, and vnto many that were blynde, he gaue sight.
22 And Iesus answered, & sayde vnto the: Go yor waye, shewe Ihon, what ye haue sene & herde. The blynde se, the halt go, the lepers are clensed, the deaf heare, the deed aryse, the Gospell is preached vnto ye poore,
23 and blessed is he, that is not offended at me.
24 Whan the messaungers of Iho were departed, Iesus begane to speake vnto ye people cocernynge Iho: What are ye gone out for to se in ye wyldernesse? Wolde ye se a rede, that is shake wt the wynde?
25 Or what are ye gone out for to se? Wolde ye se a ma clothed in soft rayment? Beholde, they that are gorgiously arayed, & lyue delycately, are in kynges courtes.
26 Or what are ye gone out for to se? Wolde ye se a prophet? Yee I saye vnto you: one that is more the a prophet.
27 This is he, of whom it is wrytten: Beholde, I sende my messaunger before yi face, which shal prepare thy waye before the.
28 For I saye vnto you: Amonge the yt are borne of weme, there is no greater prophet the Ihon the baptist. Notwith stondynge he that is lesse in the kyngdome of God, is greater then he.
29 And all the people that herde him, and ye publicans, iustified God, and were baptysed with the baptyme of Ihon.
30 But the Pharises and scrybes despysed ye councell of God against theselues, & were not baptised of hi.
31 But the LORDE saide: Where vnto shal I licken the men of this generacion? And whom are they like?
32 They are like vnto childre which syt in the market, and crye one to another, and saye: We haue pyped vnto you, and ye haue not daunsed: we haue mourned vnto you, & ye haue not wepte.
33 For Ihon ye baptist came, and ate no bred, and drake no wyne, and ye saye: he hath ye deuell.
34 The sonne of man is come, eateth and drynketh, & ye saye: This man is a glutton and a wyne bebber, a frende of publicans and synners.
35 And wyssdome is iustified of all hir children.
36 And one of the Pharises desyred him, yt he wolde eate with him. And he wente in to the Pharises house, and sat him downe at ye table.
37 And beholde, there was in the cite a woma, which was a synner. Whe she knewe that Iesus sat at the table in the Pharises house, she brought a boxe with oyntment,
38 & stode behynde at his fete, and wepte, and beganne to water his fete with teares, and to drye the wt the hayres of hir heade, and kyssed his fete, & anoynted the with oyntmet.
39 But whan the Pharise which had called him sawe that, he spake within himself, and sayde: Yf this ma were a prophet, he wolde knowe who, & what maner of woman this is that toucheth him, for she is a synner.
40 And Iesus answered, and saide vnto him: Simo, I haue somewhat to saye vnto the. He sayde: Master saye on.
41 A certayne lender had two detters, the one ought fyue hundreth pens, the other fiftie:
42 but whan they had nothinge to paye, he forgaue the both. Tell me which of them wyl loue him most?
43 Symon answered, and sayde: He, (I suppose) to who he forgaue most. Then sayde he vnto him: Thou hast iudged right.
44 And he turned him to the woman, and sayde vnto Symo: Seist thou this woma? I am come in to thine house, thou hast geue me no water vnto my fete, but she hath watred my fete with teares, and dryed the wt the hayres of hir heade:
45 Thou hast geue me no kysse, but she (sens the tyme she came in) hath not ceassed to kysse my fete:
46 Thou hast not anointed my heade wt oyle, but she hath anoynted my heade with oyntment.
47 Therfore I saye vnto the: Many synnes are forgeuen her, for she hath loued moch. But vnto whom lesse is forgeuen, the same loueth the lesse.
48 And he sayde vnto her: Thy synnes are forgeuen the.
49 Then they that sat at the table with him, beganne to saye within them selues: What is he this, that forgeueth synnes also?
Luk 7:50 But he sayde vnto the woman: Thy faith hath saued the, Go thy waye in peace.

Chapter 8

1 And it fortuned afterwarde, that he wente thorow the cities and townes, and preached, and shewed ye Gospell of the kyngdome of God, and the twolue wt him.
2 And certayne wemen also, who he had healed fro euell spretes and infirmities: Namely, Mary which is called Magdalene, out of whom wente seuen deuels,
3 and Ioanna ye wife of Chusa Herodes stewarde, and Susanna, and many other, that mynistred vnto them of their substaunce.
4 Now wha moch people were gathered together, and haisted vnto him out of the cities, He spake by a symilitude:
5 There wente out a sower to sowe his sede, & whyle he was sowynge, some fell by the waye syde, and was trodde vnder fote, and the foules of the ayre ate it vp.
6 And some fell on stone, and whan it was spronge vp, it wythred awaye, because it had no moystnesse.
7 And some fell amonge thornes, and the thornes sprange vp with it, and choked it.
8 And some fell vpo a good grounde, and sprange vp, and bare frute an hundreth folde. Wha he sayde this he cryed: Who so hath eares to heare, let him heare.
9 And his disciples axed him, and sayde: What symilitude is this?
10 And he sayde: Vnto you it is geue, to knowe the mysteryes of the kyngdome of God, but vnto the other in parables, yt though they se it, they shulde not se it, and though they heare it, they shulde not vnderstonde.
11 This is the parable: The sede is the worde of God:
12 As for those that are by ye waye syde, they are they that heare it, afterwarde commeth the deuell, and taketh awaye the worde out of their hertes, that they shulde not beleue, and be saued.
13 But they on ye stone, are soch as whan they heare it, receaue the worde with ioye, and these haue no rote: they beleue for a whyle, and in the tyme of temptacion they fall awaye.
14 As for it that fel amonge the thornes, are soch as heare it, and go forth amonge the cares, riches and volupteousnesses of this life, and are choked and brynge forth no frute.
15 But that on the good grounde, are they that heare the worde, and kepe it in a pure good hert, and brynge forth frute in pacience.
16 No man lighteth a cadell, and couereth it with a vessell, or putteth it vnder a table, but setteth it vpon a candelsticke, that soch as go in maye se light.
17 For there is nothinge hyd, that shal not be openly shewed: and there is nothinge secrete, that shal not be knowne, and come to light.
18 Take hede therfore how ye heare. For who so hath, vnto him shalbe geue: but who so hath not, from him shalbe taken awaye, eue the same that he thynketh to haue.
19 There wente vnto him his mother and his brethren, and coude not come at him for the people.
20 And it was tolde him. Thy mother and thy brethren stonde without, and wolde se the.
21 But he answered, & sayde vnto the: My mother and my brethren are these, which heare the worde of God, and do it.
22 And it fortuned vpon a certayne daye, yt he wente in to a shippe, and his disciples wt him, & he sayde vnto the: Let vs passe ouer to the other syde of ye lake. And they thurst of fro the lode.
23 And as they sayled, he slepte. And there came a storme of wynde vpon ye lake, and the wawes fell vpon the, and they stode in greate ioperdy.
24 Then wete they vnto him, and waked him vp, & sayde: Master master, we perishe. Then he arose, and rebuked the wynde, and the tepest of water, and they ceassed, and it waxed calme.
25 But he sayde vnto the: Where is youre faith? Neuertheles they were afrayed, and wodred, and sayde one to another: What is he this? For he comaundeth the wyndes and the water, and they are obedient vnto him.
26 And they sayled forth in to the countre of the Gadarenites, which is ouer agaynst Galile.
27 And whan he wente out to londe, there met him out of ye cite a ma, which had a deuell longe tyme, & ware no clothes, & taried in no house, but in the graues.
28 Neuertheles wha he sawe Iesus, he cried, and fell downe before him, and cried loude, & sayde: What haue I to do with the Iesus, thou sonne of the Hyest God? I beseke the, that thou wilt not tormete me.
29 For he comaunded the foule sprete, that he shulde departe out of the ma, for he had plaged hi a loge season. And he was bounde with cheynes, and kepte wt fetters, and he brake the bondes in sonder, and was caried of the deuell in to the wyldernesse.
30 And Iesus axed him, and sayde: What is thy name? He sayde: Legion. For there were many deuels entred in to him.
31 And they besought him, that he wolde not comaunde the to go in to the depe.
32 But there was there a greate heerd of swyne fedynge vpon the mountayne, and they besought him, that he wolde geue them leue, to entre in to ye same. And he gaue the leue.
33 Then departed ye deuels out of the ma, and entred into the swyne. And the heerd russhed headlynges with a storme in to the lake, and were drowned.
34 But wha ye herdmen sawe what had chaunsed, they fled, and tolde it in the cite and in the vyllagies.
35 Then wente they out, for to se what was done, and came to Iesus, and founde the ma (out of whom the deuyls were departed) syttinge at Iesus fete, clothed, and in his right mynde, and they were afrayed.
36 And they yt had sene it, tolde the how the possessed was healed.
37 And the whole multitude of ye countre of the Gadarenites besought him, that he wolde departe from them, for there was a greate feare come vpon the. And he gat him in to ye shippe, and turned agayne.
38 And the man out of who the deuels were departed, besought him, yt he might be with him. But Iesus sent him awaye, and sayde:
39 Go home agayne, and shewe how greate thinges God hath done for the. And he wente his waye, & preached thorow out all ye cite, how greate thinges Iesus had done for hi.
40 And it fortuned wha Iesus came agayne, the people receaued him, for they wayted for him.
41 And beholde, there came a man named Iairus (and he was a ruler of the synagoge) and fell at Iesus fete, & besought him, that he wolde come in to his house.
42 For he had but one doughter (vpon a twolue yeare of age) and she laye at ye poynt of death. And as he wente, the people thronged him.
43 And a woma hauynge the bloudyssue twolue yeares, (which had spent all hir substaunte vpon phisicians, and coude be healed of none)
44 came behynde, & touched the hemme of his garmet, and immediatly hir yssue of bloude was staunched.
45 And Iesus sayde: Who hath touched me? But whan they all denyed, Peter sayde, and they that were with him: Master, the people thronge the and thrust the, and thou sayest: Who hath touched me?
46 Iesus saide: Some body hath touched me, for I fele, that there is vertue gone out fro me.
47 But whan the woman sawe that she was not hyd, she came treblynge, and fell downe before him, and tolde him before all the people, for what cause she had touched him, & how she was healed immediatly.
48 And he sayde vnto her: Doughter, be of good comforte, thy faith hath made the whole, go thy waye in peace.
49 Whyle he yet spake, there came one fro ye ruler of ye synagoges house, and sayde vnto him: Thy doughter is deed, disease not the master.
50 Whan Iesus herde that, he answered him, and sayde: Feare not, beleue onely, and she shal be made whole.
51 But whan he came in to the house, he suffred no man to go in, saue Peter, and Iames and Iho, and the father and mother of the mayden.
52 They wepte all, and sorowed for her. But he sayde: Wepe not, for she is not deed, but slepeth.
53 And they laughed hi to scorne, knowynge well that she was deed.
54 But he thrust them all out, and toke her by the hande, and cryed, and sayde: Mayde aryse.
55 And hir sprete came agayne, & she arose straight waye. And he comaunded to geue her meate.
56 And hir elders were astonnyed. But he charged them, that they shulde tell no man, what was done.

Chapter 9

1 And he called the twolue together, and gaue them power and auctorite ouer all deuels, and that they might heale diseases.
2 And he sent the out to preach the kyngdome of God, and to heale ye sicke,
3 and sayde vnto them: Ye shal take nothinge with you by the waye, nether staff, ner scryppe, ner bred, ner money: ner haue two coates.
4 And into what house so euer ye entre, there abyde, tyll ye go thence.
5 And who so euer receaue you not, departe out of the same cite, and shake of the dust from youre fete, for a wytnesse ouer them.
6 And they departed, and wente thorow the townes, preachinge ye Gospell, & healynge euery where.
7 Herode the Tetrarcha herde of all that was done by him. And he toke care, for so moch as it was sayde of some: Iho is rysen agayne from the deed:
8 of some, Elias hath appeared: of some, One of the olde prophetes is rysen agayne.
9 And Herode sayde: Iho haue I beheaded, who is this then, of who I heare soch thinges? And he desyred to se him.
10 And the Apostles came agayne, and tolde him how greate thinges they had done. And he toke them to him, and wente asyde into a solytary place by the cite called Bethsaida .
11 Whan the people knew of it, they folowed him. And he receaued them, and spake vnto them of the kyngdome of God, and healed soch as hade nede therof.
12 But the daye beganne to go downe. Then came the twolue to him, and sayde vnto him: let the people departe fro the, that they maye go in to the townes rounde aboute, and in to ye vyllagies, where they maye fynde lodgynge & meate, for we are here in ye wyldernesse.
13 But he sayde vnto them: Geue ye them to eate. They sayde: We haue nomore but fyue loaues and two fysshes. Excepte we shulde go & bye meate for so moch people
14 (for there were vpon a fyue thousande men) But he sayde vnto his disciples: Cause them to syt downe by fifties in a copany.
15 And they dyd so, and made them all to syt downe.
16 Then toke he the fyue loaues and two fisshes, and loked vp towarde heaue, and sayde grace ouer them, brake them, and gaue them to the disciples, to set the before the people.
17 And they ate, and were all satisfied. And there were taken vp of that remayned to them, twolue baskettes full of broken meate.
18 And it fortuned whan he was alone, and at his prayer, and his disciples with him, he axed them, and sayde: Whom saye the people that I am?
19 They answered, and sayde: They saye, thou art Ihon the baptist: Some, that thou art Elias: Some, that one of the olde prophetes is rysen agayne.
20 But he sayde vnto them: Whom saye ye that I am? Then answered Peter and sayde: Thou art the Christ of God.
21 And he charged them strately, and commaunded them, that they shulde tell this vnto no ma,
22 and sayde: For the sonne of man must suffre many thinges, and be cast out of the Elders and of ye hye prestes, and scrybes, and be put to death, and ryse agayne the thirde daye.
23 Then sayde he vnto them all: Yf eny ma wil folowe me, let hi denie himself, & take vp his crosse daylie, & folowe me.
24 For who so euer wil saue his life, shal lose it. But who so loseth his life for my sake, shal saue it.
25 For what auauntage hath a man, though he wanne the whole worlde, and loseth himself, or runneth in dammage of himself?
26 Who so is ashamed of me and of my sayenges, of him shall the sonne of ma also be ashamed, whan he commeth in his glory, and in the glory of his father, and of the holy angels.
27 I saye vnto you of a treuth: there be some of them that stonde here, which shall not taist of death, tyll they se the kyngdome of God.
28 And it fortuned, that aboute an eight dayes after these wordes, he toke vnto him Peter, Ihon and Iames, and wente vp in to a mout for to praye.
29 And as he prayed, the shappe of his countenaunce was chaunged of another fashion, and his garment was whyte, and shyned:
30 and beholde, two men talked with him, Which were Moses and Elias,
31 that appeared gloriously, and spake of his departynge, which he shulde fulfill at Ierusalem.
32 As for Peter and them that were with him, they were full of slepe. But whan they awoke, they saw his glory, and the two men stondynge with him.
33 And it chaunsed, whan they departed fro him, Peter sayde vnto Iesus: Master, here is good beynge for vs. Let vs make thre tabernacles: one for the, one for Moses, and one for Elias, and wyst not what he sayde.
34 But whyle he thus spake, there came a cloude, and ouershadowed them. And they were afrayed, whan the cloude couered them.
35 And out of the cloude there came a voyce, which sayde: This is my deare sonne, heare him.
36 And whyle this voyce came to passe, they founde Iesus alone. And they kepte it close, and tolde no ma in those dayes eny of the thinges which they had sene.
37 And it chaunsed on the nexte daye after, whan they came downe from the mount. moch people met him,
38 and beholde, a man amonge the people cryed out, and sayde: Master, I beseke the, loke vpon my sonne, for he is my onely sonne:
39 beholde, the sprete taketh him, and sodenly he crieth, and he teareth him, that he fometh, and with payne departeth he from him, whan he hath rente him. And
40 I besought thy disciples to cast him out, and they coulde not.
41 Then answered Iesus, and sayde: Oh thou vnfaithfull and croked generacion, how longe shal I be with you, & suffre you? Brynge hither thy sonne.
42 And whan he came to him, the deuell rente him and tare him. But Iesus rebuked the foule sprete, and healed the chylde, and delyuered him vnto his father agayne.
43 And they were all amased at the mighty power of God. And whyle they wondred euery one at all thinges which he dyd, he sayde vnto his disciples:
44 Comprehende these sayenges in youre eares. For the sonne of man must be delyuered in to the hades of men.
45 But they wyst not what that worde meaned, and it was hyd from them, that they vnderstode it not. And they were afrayed to axe him of that worde.
46 There came a thought also amonge them, which of them shulde be the greatest.
47 But wha Iesus sawe the thoughtes of their hert, he toke a childe, & set him harde by him,
48 and sayde vnto them? Whosoeuer receaueth this childe in my name, receaueth me: and who so euer receaueth me, receaueth him that sent me. But who so is leest amoge you all, ye same shal be greate.
49 Then answered Iho, and sayde: Master, we sawe one dryue out deuels in thy name, and we forbad him, for he folowed the not with vs.
50 And Iesus saide vnto him: For byd him not, for he that is not agaynst vs, is for vs.
51 And it fortuned whan the tyme was fulfylled that he shulde be receaued vp from hence, he turned his face to go straight to Ierusalem,
52 and before him he sent messaungers, which wente their waye, and came into a towne of the Samaritans, to prepare lodginge for him.
53 And they wolde not receaue him, because he had turned his face to go to Ierusale.
54 But whan his disciples Iames and Ihon sawe that, they sayde: LORDE, wilt thou, that we commaunde, that fyre fall downe from heauen, and consume them, as Elias dyd?
55 Neuertheles Iesus turned him aboute, and rebuked them, and sayde: Knowe ye not, what maner of sprete ye are of?
56 The sonne of man is not come to destroye mens soules, but to saue them. And they wente in to another towne.
57 And it fortuned as they went by the waye, one sayde vnto him: I wil folowe the, whyther so euer thou go.
58 And Iesus sayde vnto him: The foxes haue holes, and the byrdes vnder the heaue haue nestes: but the sonne of man hath not wheron to laye his heade.
59 And he sayde vnto another: Folowe me. He sayde: Syr, geue me leue first to go, and burye my father.
60 But Iesus sayde vnto him: Let the deed burye their deed. But go thou thy waye, and preach the kyngdome of God.
61 And another sayde: Syr, I will folowe the, but geue me leue first, to go byd them farwele, which are at home in my house.
62 Iesus sayde vnto him: Who so putteth his hade to the plowe, and loketh backe, is not mete for the kingdome of God.

Chapter 10

1 Afterwarde the LORDE appoynted out other seuentie, and sent them two and two before him in to euery cite and place, whither he himself wolde come,
2 and sayde vnto them: The haruest is greate, but the labourers are fewe. Praye therfore the LORDE of the haruest, to sende forth labourers in to his haruest.
3 Go youre waye: beholde, I sende you forth as the labes amonge ye wolues.
4 Beare nether wallet, ner scryppe, ner shues, and salute no ma by the waye.
5 In to what so euer house ye entre, first saye: Peace be in this house.
6 And yf the childe of peace be there, youre peace shal rest vpon him. Yf no, then shal youre peace turne to you agayne.
7 But tary ye still in the same house, eatinge aud drynkinge soch as they haue. For the labourer is worthy of his rewarde. Go not from house to house.
8 And in to what so euer cite ye entre, and they receaue you, eate soch thinges as are set before you.
9 And heale the sicke that are there, and saye vnto them: The kyngdome of God is come nye vnto you.
10 But in to what so euer cite ye come, and they receaue you not, go youre waye out in to the stretes of the same, and saye:
11 Euen the very dust which cleaueth vpon vs of youre cite, wype we of vpon you. But of this ye shal be sure, that the kyngdome of God was come nye vnto you.
12 I saye vnto you: It shalbe easyer for Sodome in that daye, then for that cite.
13 Wo vnto the Chorazin, wo vnto the Bethsaida : for yf the miracles which haue bene done amonge you had bene done at Tyre and Sidon , they had done pennaunce longe agoo, syttinge in sack cloth and in asshes.
14 Neuertheles it shalbe easyer for Tyre and Sidon at the iudgment, then for you.
15 And thou Capernaum which art exalted vnto the heauen, shalt be thrust downe vnto hell.
16 He that heareth you, heareth me: and he that despyseth you, despyseth me: but who so despyseth me, despyseth him yt sent me.
17 The seuetye came agayne with ioye, and sayde: LORDE, the deuels also are subdued vnto vs in thy name.
18 But he sayde vnto them: I sawe Sathan fall downe from heauen as a lightenynge.
19 Beholde, I haue geuen you power to treade vpon serpetes and scorpions, and ouer all power of the enemye, and nothinge shall hurte you.
20 Neuertheles, reioyce not ye in this, that the spretes are subdued vnto you: but reioyse, that youre names are wrytten in heauen.
21 At the same houre reioysed Iesus in sprete, and sayde: I prayse the (O father and LORDE of heauen and earth) that thou hast hyd these thinges from the wyse and prudent, and hast opened them vnto babes. Euen so father, for so it pleased the.
22 All thinges are geuen ouer vnto me of my father: and no man knoweth who the sonne is, but onely the father: nether who the father is, saue onely the sonne, and he to who the sonne wil open it.
23 And he turned him vnto his disciples, and sayde in especiall: Blessed are the eyes, which se that ye se.
24 For I saye vnto you: Many prophetes and kynges, wolde haue sene the thynges that ye se, and haue not sene them: and to haue herde the thynges that ye heare, and haue not herde them.
25 And beholde, there stode vp a scrybe and tempted him, and sayde: Master, what must I do, to inheret euerlastinge life?
26 He sayde vnto him: What is wrytten in the lawe? How readest thou?
27 He answered and sayde: Thou shalt loue thy LORDE God with all thy hert, with all thy soule, with all thy strength, and with all thy mynde, and thy neghboure as thy self.
28 He sayde vnto him: Thou hast answered right: this do, and thou shalt lyue.
29 But he wolde haue iustified himself, & sayde vnto Iesus: Who is then my neghboure?
30 Then answered Iesus, and sayde: A certayne man wente downe from Ierusalem vnto Iericho, and fell amonge murthurers, which stryped him out of his clothes, and wounded him, and wente their waye, and left him half deed.
31 And by chauce there came downe a prest the same waye: and whan he sawe him, he passed by.
32 And likewyse a Leuite, wha he came nye vnto the same place and sawe him, he passed by.
33 But a Samaritane was goynge his iourney, and came that waye, and whan he sawe him, he had compassion vpon him,
34 wente vnto him, bounde vp his woundes, and poured oyle and wyne therin, and lifte him vp vpon his beast, and brought him in to the ynne, and made prouysion for him.
35 Vpon the next daye whan he departed, he toke out two pens, and gaue them to the oost, aud sayde vnto him: Take cure of him, and what so euer thou spendest more, I wil paye it the, whan I come agayne.
36 Which of these thre now thinkest thou, was neghboure vnto him, that fell amonge the murtherers?
37 He sayde: He that shewed mercy vpon him Then sayde Iesus vnto him: Go thy waye then, and do thou likewyse.
38 It fortuned as they wete, that he entred in to a towne, where there was a woman named Martha, which receaued him in to hir house.
39 And she had a sister, called Mary, which sat hir downe at Iesus fete, and herkened vnto his worde.
40 But Martha made hirself moch to do, for to serue him. And she stepte vnto him, and sayde: LORDE, carest thou not, that my sister letteth me serue alone? Byd her therfore, that she helpe me.
41 But Iesus answered, and sayde vnto her: Martha Martha, thou takest thought, and combrest thy self aboute many thinges:
42 there is but one thinge nedefull. Mary hath chosen a good parte, which shal not be taken awaye from her.

Chapter 11

1 And it fortuned that he was in a place, and prayed. And whan he had ceassed, one of his disciples sayde vnto him: LORDE, teach vs to praye, as Ihon also taught his disciples.
2 He sayde vnto the: Whan ye praye, saye: O oure father which art in heauen, halowed be thy name. Thy kyngdome come. Thy wil be fulfilled vpon earth, as it is in heauen.
3 Geue vs this daye oure daylie bred.
4 And forgeue vs oure synnes, for we also forgeue all them that are detters vnto vs. And lede vs not in to temptacion, but delyuer vs from euell.
5 And he sayde vnto them: Which of you is it that hath a frende, and shulde go to him at mydinght, and saye vnto him: frende, lende me thre loaues,
6 for a frende of myne is come to me out of the waye, and I haue nothinge to set before him:
7 and he within shulde answere and saye: Disquyete me not, the dore is shutt allready, and my children are with me in the chamber, I can not ryse, and geue the.
8 I saye vnto you: and though he wolde not aryse and geue him, because he is his frende, Yet because of his vnshamefast begginge he wolde aryse, and geue him as many as he neded.
9 And I saye vnto you also: Axe, and it shal be geuen you: Seke, and ye shal fynde: knocke, and it shalbe opened vnto you.
10 For who so euer axeth, receaueth: and he that seketh, fyndeth: and to him that knocketh, shal it be opened.
11 Yf the sonne axe bred of eny of you that is a father, wyl he geue him a stone therfore? Or yf he axe a fysshe, wyl he for the fish offre him a serpent?
12 Or yf he axe an egg, wyl he profer him a scorpion?
13 Yf ye then which are euell, can geue youre children good giftes, how moch more shal the father of heauen geue the holy sprete vnto them that axe him?
14 And he droue out a deuell that was domme: and it came to passe whan the deuell was departed out, the domme spake, and the people wondred.
15 But some of them sayde: He dryueth out the deuels, thorow Beelzebub the chefe of the deuels.
16 The other tempted him, and desyred a token of him from heauen.
17 But he knewe their thoughtes, and sayde vnto them: Euery kyngdome deuyded within it self, shal be desolate, and one house shal fall vpo another.
18 Yf Sathan then be at variaunce within himself, how shal his kyngdome endure? Because ye saye, that I dryue out deuels thorow Beelzebub.
19 And yf I dryue out deuels thorow Beelzebul, by whom the do youre children dryue them out? Therfore shall they be youre iudges.
20 But yf I cast out the deuels by the fynger of God, then is the kyngdome of God come vnto you.
21 Whan a stronge harnessed man kepeth his house, that he possesseth is in peace:
22 but whan a stronger then he commeth vpo him, and ouer commeth him, he taketh fro him all his wapens, wherin he trusted, and deuydeth the spoyle.
23 He that is not with me, is agaynst me: and he that gathereth not with me, scatereth abrode.
24 Whan the vncleane sprete is gone out of a man, he walketh thorow drye places, sekynge rest, and fyndeth none. Then sayeth he: I wil turne agayne in to my house, from whence I wente out.
25 And whan he commeth, he fyndeth it swepte, and garnished.
26 Then goeth he, and taketh vnto him seuen other spretes, worse the himself. And whan they are entred in, they dwell there. And the ende of that man is worse then the begynnynge.
27 And it fortuned whan he spake soch, a certayne woman amonge the people lift vp hir voyce, and sayde vnto him: Blessed is ye wombe that bare the, and the pappes that thou hast sucked.
28 But he sayde: Yee blessed are they that heare the worde of God, and kepe it.
29 Whan the people were gathered thicke together, he beganne to saye: This is an euell generacion, they desyre a toke, and there shal no token be geuen them, but the toke of the prophet Ionas.
30 For like as Ionas was a toke vnto the Niniuytes, so shal the sonne of man be vnto this generacion.
31 The quene of the south shal aryse at the iudgmet with the men of this generacion, and shall condempne them: for she came from the ende of the worlde, to heare the wyssdome of Salomon. And beholde, here is one more then Salomon.
32 The men of Niniue shal aryse at the iudgment with this generacion, and shall condempne them: for they dyd pennaunce after the preachinge of Ionas: and beholde, here is one more the Ionas.
33 No man lighteth a candell, and putteth it in a preuy place, nether vnder a busshell, but vpon a candilsticke, that they which come in, maye se ye light.
34 The eye is the light of the body. Yf thine eye then be syngle, all thy body shal be full of light: but yf thine eye be wicked, then shal all thy body be full of darcknesse.
35 Take hede therfore, that the light which is in the, be not darcknesse.
36 Yf thy body now be light, so that it haue no parte of darknesse, then shal it be all full of light, and shall light the euen as a cleare lightenynge.
37 But whyle he yet spake, a certayne Pharise prayed him, that he wolde dyne with him. And he wente in, and sat him downe at the table.
38 Whan the Pharise sawe that, he marueyled, that he wasshed not first before dyner.
39 But the LORDE sayde vnto him: Now do ye Pharises make cleane the out syde of the cuppe and platter, but youre inwarde partes are full of robbery and wickednesse.
40 Ye fooles, is a thinge made cleane within, because the outsyde is clensed?
41 Neuertheles geue almesse of that ye haue, and beholde, all is cleane vnto you.
42 But wo vnto you Pharises, ye that tythe mynt and rewe, and all maner herbes, and passe ouer iudgmet and ye loue of God. These ought to haue bene done, and not to leaue the other vndone.
43 Wo vnto you Pharises, for ye loue to syt vppermost in the synagoges, and to be saluted in the market.
44 Wo vnto you scrybes and Pharyses, ye ypocrites, for ye are like couered sepulcres, where ouer men walke, and are not awarre of them.
45 Then answered one of the scrybes, and sayde vnto him: Master, with these wordes thou puttest vs to rebuke also.
46 But he saide: And wo vnto you also ye scrybes, for ye lade men with vntollerable burthens, and ye youre selues touch them not with one of yor fyngers.
47 Wo vnto you, for ye buylde the sepulcres of the prophetes, but youre fathers put them to death.
48 Doutles ye beare wytnesse, and consente vnto the dedes of yor fathers: for they slewe them, and ye buylde their sepulcres.
49 Therfore sayde the wyssdome of God: I wil sende prophetes and Apostles vnto the: and some of them shal they put to death and persecute,
50 hat the bloude of all the prophetes which hath bene shed sens the foundacion of the worlde was layed, maye be requyred of this generacion:
51 from the bloude of Abell, vnto ye bloude of Zachary, which perished betwene the altare and ye temple. Yee I saye vnto you: it shalbe requyred of this generacion.
52 Wo vnto you scrybes, for ye haue receaued ye keye of knowlege. Ye are not come in youre selues, and haue forbydden them that wolde haue bene in.
53 Whan he spake thus vnto them, the scrybes and Pharyses beganne to preasse sore vpon him, and to stoppe his mouth with many questions,
54 and layed wayte for him, and sought to hunte out some thinge out of his mouth, that they might accuse him.

Chapter 12

1 There were gathered together an innumerable multitude of people, in so moch that they trode one another: Then beganne he, and sayde first vnto his disciples: Bewarre of the leuen of the Pharises, which is ypocrisye.
2 But there is nothinge hyd, that shal not be discouered: nether secrete, that shal not be knowne.
3 Therfore whatsoeuer ye haue spoke in darknesse, that same shal be herde in light: and that ye haue spoken in to the eare in the chabers, shalbe preached vpon the house toppes.
4 But I saye vnto you my frendes: Be not afrayed of them that kyll the body, and after that haue nomore that they can do.
5 But I wil shewe you, whom ye shal feare. Feare him, which after he hath kylled, hath power also to cast in to hell: Yee I saye vnto you: Feare him.
6 Are not fyue sparowes bought for two farthinges? Yet is not one of them forgotten before God.
7 The very hayres of youre heade also are nombred euery one. Feare not therfore, for ye are better then many sparowes.
8 I saye vnto you: Who so euer knowlegeth me before men, him shal the sonne of ma also knowlege before the angels of God:
9 But he that denyeth me before men, shalbe denyed before the angels of God.
10 And who so euer speaketh a worde agaynst the sonne of man, it shalbe forgeuen him: But who so blasphemeth the holy goost, it shal not be forgeuen him.
11 Whan they brynge you in to their synagoges, and to the rulers & officers, take ye no thought, how or what ye shal answere, or what ye shal speake:
12 for the holy goost shal teach you in the same houre, what ye ought to saye.
13 But one of the people sayde vnto him: Master, byd my brother deuyde the enheritaunce with me.
14 Neuertheles he sayde vnto him: Man, who hath set me to be a iudge or heretage parter ouer you?
15 And he sayde vnto them: Take hede, and bewarre of couetousnesse, for no man lyueth therof, that he hath abundaunce of goodes.
16 And he tolde them a symilitude, and sayde: There was a riche man, whose felde had brought forth frutes plenteously,
17 and he thought in himself, and sayde: What shal I do? I haue nothinge wher in to gather my frutes.
18 And he sayde: This wil I do, I wil breake downe my barnes, & buylde greater, and therin wil I gather all myne increace, & my goodes,
19 & wil saye vnto my soule: Soule, thou hast moch goodes layed vp in stoare for many yeares, take now thine ease, eate, drinke, and be mery.
20 But God sayde vnto him: Thou foole, this night shal they requyre thy soule from the, and whose shal it be that thou hast prepared?
21 Thus goeth it with him yt gathereth treasure for himself, and is not riche in God.
22 But he sayde vnto his disciples: Therfore I saye vnto you: Take ye no thought for youre life, what ye shal eate: nether for youre body, what ye shal put on.
23 The life is more then meate, and the body more then raymet.
24 Consydre the rauens, they nether sowe ner reape, they haue also nether stoare house ner barne, and yet God fedeth them. But how moch better are ye then the foules?
25 Which of you (though he toke thought therfore) coulde put one cubyte vnto his stature?
26 Seinge then ye be not able to do that which is least, why take ye thought for the other?
27 Considre the lilies vpo the felde, how they growe: they laboure not, they spynne not. But I saye vnto you: that euen Salomen in all his royalte was not clothed like one of these.
28 Wherfore yf God so cloth the grasse, yt is to daye in ye felde, and tomorow shalbe cast in to the fornace, how moch more shal he clothe you, o ye of litle faith?
29 Axe not ye therfore what ye shal eate, or what ye shal drynke, and clymme not vp an hye:
30 The Heithen in the worlde seke after all soch thinges.
31 But seke ye the kyngdome of God, and all these shal be mynistred vnto you.
32 Feare not thou litle flocke, for it is youre fathers pleasure to geue you the kyngdome.
33 Sell that ye haue, and geue almesse. Make you bagges, which waxe not olde: euen a treasure that neuer fayleth in heauen, where no thefe commeth, and no moth corruppeth:
34 for where youre treasure is, there wil youre hert be also.
35 Let youre loynes be gerded aboute, and youre lightes burnynge,
36 and be ye like vnto men that wayte for their lorde, agaynst he returne from the mariage, that whan he cometh & knocketh, they maye straight waye open vnto him.
37 Blessed are those seruauntes, whom the LORDE (whan he cometh) shal fynde wakynge. Verely I saye vnto you: He shal gyrde vp him self, and make them syt downe at the table, and shal go by them, and mynister vnto them.
38 And yf he come in the seconde watch, and in the thirde watch, and fynde them so, blessed are those seruauntes.
39 But be sure of this, that yf the good man of the house knewe, what houre the thefe wolde come, he wolde surely watch, and not suffre his house to be broken vp.
40 Therfore be ye ready also, for at an houre whan ye thynke not, shal the sonne of man come.
41 But Peter sayde vnto him: LORDE, tellest thou this symilitude vnto vs, or to all men also?
42 The LORDE sayde: How greate a thinge is a faithfull and wyse stewarde, whom his lorde setteth ouer his houssholde, to geue the their dewtye in due season?
43 Blessed is that seruaunt, whom his lorde (whan he cometh) shal fynde so doynge.
44 Verely I saye vnto you: he shal set him ouer all his goodes.
45 But yf the same seruaut shal saye in his hert: Tush, it wil be longe or my lorde come, and shal begynne to smyte ye seruauntes and maydens, yee & to eate and drynke,& to be dronke:
46 the same seruauntes lorde shal come in a daye whan he loketh not for him, and in an houre that he is not aware of, & shal hew him in peces, and geue him his rewarde with the vnbeleuers.
47 The seruaunt that knewe his lordes wil and prepared not himself, nether dyd acordinge to his will, shal be beaten with many strypes:
48 But he that knewe it not, and yet dyd thinges worthy of strypes, shal be beaten with few strypes. For loke vnto whom moch is geuen, of him shal moch be sought: and loke to whom moch is commytted, of him shal moch be requyred.
49 I am come to kyndle fyre vpo earth, and what wolde I rather, the that it were kyndled allready.
50 Notwithstodinge I must first be baptised with a baptyme, and how am I payned tyll it be ended?
51 Thynke ye, that I am come to brynge peace vpon earth? I tell you nay, but rather debate.
52 For from hence forth there shal be at varyauce in one house: thre agaynst two, and two agaynst thre.
53 The father shal be deuyded agaynst ye sonne, and the sonne agaynst the father: the mother agaynst the doughter, & the doughter agaynst the mother: the mother in lawe agaynst hir doughter in lawe, and ye doughter in lawe agaynst hir mother in lawe.
54 And he sayde vnto the people: Whan ye se a cloude ryse out of ye west, straight waye ye saye: there cometh a shower, and so it is:
55 and whan ye se the southwynde blowe, ye saye: It wil be hote, and it commeth so to passe.
56 O ye ypocrytes, ye can discerne the fashion of the skye and of the earth: Why can ye not discerne this tyme also?
57 Yee and why iugde ye not of youre selues, what is right?
58 Whyle thou goest with thine aduersary vnto the Prynce, geue diligece by the waye, that thou mayest be quyte of him, lest he brynge the before the iudge, and the iudge delyuer the to the iaylar, and the iaylar cast the in to preson.
59 I tell the, thou shalt uot come out thence, tyll thou paye the vttemost myte.

Chapter 13

1 There were present at the same season certayne, that shewed him of ye Galileans, whose bloude Pilate had megled with their awne sacrifice.
2 And Iesus answered, and sayde vnto them: Suppose ye, that these Galileas were greater synners then all the other Galileans, because they suffred soch punyshment?
3 I tell you naye, but excepte ye amede youre selues, ye shal all perishe likewyse.
4 Or thinke ye that ye eightene (vpon whom the tower in Siloe fell and slewe them) were giltie aboue all men that dwell at Ierusalem?
5 I tell you naye: but excepte ye amende youre selues, ye shal all perishe likewyse.
6 And he tolde them this symilitude: A certayne ma had a fygge tre, which was planted in his vynyarde, & he came and sought frute theron, and founde none.
7 Then sayde he vnto the wynegardener: Beholde, This thre yeare longe haue I come euery yeare, and sought frute vpon this fygge tre, and fynde none: cut it downe, why hyndreth it the grounde?
8 But he answered, and sayde: Syr, let it alone yet this yeare, tyll I dygge roude aboute it and donge it,
9 yf it wyl brynge forth frute: Yf no, then cut it downe afterwarde.
10 And he taught in a synagoge vpon the Sabbath:
11 and beholde, there was a woma, which had a sprete of infirmyte eightene yeares, and was croked, and coulde not well loke vp.
12 Whan Iesus sawe her, he called her to him, and sayde vnto her: Woman, be delyuered from thy disease.
13 And he layed his handes vpo her, and immediatly she was made straight, and praysed God.
14 Then answered the ruler of the synagoge, and toke indignacion (because Iesus healed vpo ye Sabbath) and sayde vnto the people: There are sixe dayes, wherin men ought to worke, in them come and be healed, and not on the Sabbath.
15 Then the LORDE answered him, and sayde: Thou ypocryte, doth not euery one of you lowse his oxe or asse fro the crybbe vpo Sabbath, and leade him to the water?
16 But shulde not this (which is Abrahams doughter) whom Sathan hath bounde now eightene yeares, be lowsed from this bonde vpo the Sabbath?
17 And whan he thus sayde, all his aduersaries were ashamed. And all the people reioysed ouer all the excellent dedes, that were done by him.
18 And he sayde: What is the kyngdome of God like? Or wher vnto shal I copare it?
19 It is like a grayne of mustarde sede, which a man toke, and cast in his garden: and it grewe, and waxed a greate tre, and the foules of the ayre dwelt amonge the braunches of it.
20 And agayne he sayde: Where vnto shal I licken the kyngdome of God?
21 It is like vnto leuen, which a woman toke, and myxte it amoge thre peckes of meele, tyll it was all leuended.
22 And he wete thorow cities and townes, and taught, and toke his iourney towarde Ierusalem.
23 And one sayde vnto him: LORDE, are there few (thinkest thou) that shalbe saued? But he sayde vnto them:
24 Stryue ye to entre in at the strayte gate, for many (I saye vnto you) shal seke to come in, and shal not be able.
25 From that tyme forth, whan the good man of the house is rysen vp, and hath shut the dore, then shal ye begynne to stonde without, and to knocke at ye dore, and saye: LORDE LORDE, open vnto vs. And he shal answere, and saye vnto you: I knowe you not whence ye are.
26 Then shal ye begynne to saye: We haue eaten and dronken before the, and thou hast taught vs vpon ye stretes.
27 And he shal saye: I tell you, I knowe you not whence ye are. Departe fro me all ye workers of iniquyte.
28 There shalbe wepynge and gnasshinge of teth, when ye shal se Abraham, and Isaac, and Iacob and all the prophetes in ye kyngdome of God, and youre selues thrust out,
29 And wha they shal come from the east and from the west, from the north and from the south, which shal syt at ye table in the kyngdome of God.
30 And beholde, there are last, which shal be fyrst: and there are first, which shalbe last.
31 Vpon the same daye there came certayne of ye Pharises, and sayde vnto him: Get the out of the waye, and departe hence, for Herode wyl kyll the.
32 And he sayde vnto the: Go ye and tell that foxe: beholde, I cast out deuels, and heale the people todaye and tomorow, and vpo the thirde daye shal I make an ende:
33 for it can not be, that a prophet perishe without Ierusalem.
34 O Ierusalem Ierusale, thou that kyllest the prophetes, and stonest the that are sent vnto ye, how oft wolde I haue gathered thy children together, euen as the henne gathereth hir nest vnder hir wynges, and ye wolde not?
35 Beholde, yor habitacion shal be left vnto you desolate. For I saye vnto you: ye shal not se me, tyll ye tyme come that ye shal saye: blessed be he, yt cometh in ye name of the LORDE.

Chapter 14

1 And it fortuned that he came in to the house of one of ye chefe Pharises vpo a Sabbath, to eate bred, & they watched him.
2 And beholde, there was a ma before him, which had ye dropsye.
3 And Iesus answered, & spake vnto the scrybes and Pharises, & sayde: Is it laufull to heale on the Sabbath?
4 But they helde their tonge. And he toke him, and healed him, & let him go,
5 and answered, and sayde vnto the: Which of you shal haue an oxe or an asse fallen in to a pytte, and wil not straight waye pull him out on the Sabbath daye?
6 And they coude not answere him agayne to that.
7 And he tolde a symilitude vnto ye gestes, wha he marked how they chose the hyest seates, & sayde vnto the:
8 Whan thou art bydde of eny man to a weddynge, syt not downe in the hyest rowme, lest a more honorable man the thou be bydde of him,
9 and he that bade both the and him, come & saye vnto ye: geue this ma rowme, and thou the begynne with shame to take ye lowest rowme.
10 But rather wha thou art bydde, go and syt in ye lowest rowme, that wha he that bade the, cometh, he maye saye vnto the: Frende, syt vp hyer: then shalt thou haue worshipe in the presence of them that syt at the table.
11 For who so euer exalteth himself, shalbe brought lowe: and he yt humbleth himself, shalbe exalted.
12 He sayde also vnto him that had bydden him: Wha thou makest a dyner or a supper, call not thy frendes, ner thy brethren, ner thy kynsfolkes, ner yi riche neghbours, lest they call the agayne, and recompece be made ye.
13 But wha thou makest a feast, call the poore, the crepell, the lame, the blynde,
14 then art thou blessed, for they can not recompece ye. But it shalbe recompensed the in the resurreccion of the righteous.
15 Whan one of them that sat by at the table herde this, he sayde vnto him: Blessed is he, that eateth bred in ye kyngdome of God.
16 But he sayde vnto him: A certayne ma made a greate supper, and called many ther to.
17 And in ye houre of the supper he sent his seruaute, to saye vnto the yt were bydde: Come, for now are all thinges ready.
18 And they begane all together to excuse the selues one after another: The first saide vnto hi: I haue bought a ferme, and I must nedes go forth and se it, I praye ye haue me excused.
19 And ye seconde sayde: I haue bought fyue yoke of oxen, and now I go to proue them, I praye the haue me excused.
20 And the thirde sayde: I haue maried a wife, therfore can I not come.
21 And the seruaunt came, and brought his lorde worde agayne therof. Then was the good man of the house displeased, and sayde vnto his seruaut: Go out quyckly in to the stretes and quarters of ye cite, and brynge in hither the poore and crepell, and lame and blynde.
22 And the seruaut sayde: lorde, it is done as thou hast comaunded, and there is yet more rowme.
23 And the lorde sayde vnto the seruaunt: Go out into the hye wayes, and to the hedges, and compell them to come in, that my house maye be fylled.
24 But I saye vnto you: that none of these men which were bydden, shal taist of my supper.
25 There wente moch people with him, and he turned him aboute and sayde vnto them:
26 Yf eny man come vnto me, and hate not his father, mother, wife, childre, brethre, sisters, yee and his owne life also, he can not be my disciple.
27 And whosoeuer beareth not his crosse, and foloweth me, can not be my disciple.
28 Which of you is it yt wil buylde a tower, and sytteth not downe first and counteth ye cost, whether he haue sufficiet to perfourme, it?
29 lest after he hath layed the foundacio, and is not able to perfourme it, all they that se it, begynne to laugh him to scorne,
30 & to saye: This man beganne to buylde, and is not able to perfurme it.
31 Or what kynge wil go to make battayl agaynst another kynge, and sytteth not downe first, and casteth in his mynde, whether he be able with ten thousande, to mete him that commeth agaynst him with twentye thousande?
32 Or els, whyle the other is yet a greate waye of he sendeth embassage, and desyreth peace.
33 So likewyse euery one of you that forsaketh not all that he hath, can not be my disciple.
34 Salt is a good thinge: but yf the salt be vnsauery, what shal they season withall.
35 It is nether good vpon the lande, ner in the donge hyll, but shal be cast awaye. He that hath eares to heare, let him heare.

Chapter 15

1 There resorted vnto him all the publicans and synners, that they might heare him.
2 And ye Pharises and scrybes murmured, and sayde: This man receaueth synners, and eateth with them.
3 But he tolde the this symilitude, and sayde:
4 What man is he amonge you, that hath an hundreth shepe, and yf he loose one of the, that leaueth not the nyne and nyentye in the wyldernesse, and goeth after that which is lost tyll he fynde it?
5 And whan he hath founde it, he layeth it vpon his shulders with ioye:
6 and whan he commeth home, he calleth his fredes and neghbours, and sayeth vnto the: Reioyce with me, for I haue founde my shepe, yt was lost.
7 I saye vnto you: Eue so shal there be ioye in heauen ouer one synner that doth pennaunce, more then ouer nyne and nyentye righteous, which nede not repentaunce.
8 Or what woman is it that hath ten grotes, yf she loose one of them, that lighteth not a candell, and swepeth the house, and seketh diligently, tyll she fynde it?
9 And whan she hath founde it, she calleth hir frendes & neghbouresses, and sayeth: Reioyce with me, for I haue foude my grote, which I had lost.
10 Euen so (I tell you) shal there be ioye before the angels of God, ouer one synner yt doth pennaunce.
11 And he sayde: A certayne man had two sonnes,
12 and the yonger of them sayde vnto the father: Father, geue me the porcion of ye goodes, that belongeth vnto me. And he deuyded the good vnto them.
13 And not longe therafter, gathered the yonger sonne all together, & toke his iourney in to a farre countre, and there waisted he his goodes with ryotous lyuynge.
14 Now whan he had spent all that he had, there was a greate derth thorow out all the same lode. And he begane to lacke,
15 and wente his waye, and claue to a cytesin of that same countre, which sent him in to his felde, to kepe swyne.
16 And he wolde fayne haue fylled his bely with the coddes, that the swyne ate. And no man gaue him them.
17 Then came he to him self, and sayde: How many hyred seruauntes hath my father, which haue bred ynough, and I perish of honger?
18 I wil get vp, and go to my father, and saye vnto him: Father, I haue synned agaynst heauen and before the,
19 and am nomore worthy to be called thy sonne, make me as one of thy hyred seruauntes.
20 And he gat him vp, & came vnto his father. But whan he was yet a greate waye of, his father sawe him, and had copassion, and ranne, and fell aboute his neck, and kyssed him.
21 Then sayde the sonne vnto him: Father, I haue synned agaynst heaue, and before the, I am nomore worthy to be called thy sonne.
22 But the father sayde vnto his seruauntes: Brynge forth the best garment, and put it vpon him, and geue him a rynge vpon his hande, and shues on his fete,
23 and brynge hither a fed calfe, and kyll it, lat vs eate and be mery:
24 for this my sonne was deed, and is alyue agayne: he was lost, and is founde. And they beganne to be mery.
25 But the elder sonne was in the felde. And whan he came, and drewe nye to the house, he herde ye mynstrelsye and daunsynge,
26 and called one of the seruauntes vnto him, and axed what it was.
27 He sayde vnto him: Thy brother is come, and thy father hath slayne a fed calfe, because he hath receaued him safe and sounde.
28 Then was he angrie, and wolde not go in. Then wente his father out, and prayed him.
29 But he answered, and sayde vnto his father: Lo, thus many yeares haue I done the seruyce, nether haue I yet broken thy commaundement, and thou gauest me neuer one kydd, yt I might make mery with my frendes.
30 But now that this thy sonne is come, which deuoured his goodes with harlottes, thou hast slayne a fed calfe.
31 But he sayde vnto him: My sonne, thou art allwaye with me, and all that is myne, is thine:
32 thou shuldest be mery and glad, for this yi brother was deed, and is alyue agayne: he was lost, and is founde agayne.

Chapter 16

1 He sayde also vnto his disciples: There was a certayne riche man, which had a stewarde, that was accused vnto him, that he had waisted his goodes.
2 And he called him, and sayde vnto him: How is it, that I heare this of the? geue acomptes of yi stewardshipe, for thou mayest be no longer stewarde.
3 The stewarde sayde within himself: What shal I do? My lorde wil take awaye the stewardshipe fro me. I ca not dygge, and to begg I am ashamed.
4 I wote what I wil do, that wha I am put out of the stewardshipe, they maye receaue me in to their houses.
5 And he called vnto hi all his lordes detters, and sayde vnto the first: How moch owest thou vnto my lorde?
6 He sayde: an hundreth tonnes of oyle. And he sayde: Take yi byll, syt downe quyckly, & wryte fiftie.
7 Then sayde he vnto another: How moch owest thou? He sayde: an hundreth quarters of wheate. And he sayde vnto him: Take thy byll, and wryte foure score.
8 And the lorde comended the vnrighteous stewarde, because he had done wysely. For the children of this worlde are in their kynde wyser, the the children of light.
9 And I saye vnto you: Make you frendes with the vnrighteous Mammon, yt whan ye shal haue nede, they maye receaue you in to euerlastinge Tabernacles.
10 He that is faithfull in the least, is faithfull also in moch: and he that is vnrighteous in the least, is vnrighteous also in moch.
11 Yf ye then haue not bene faithfull in the vnrighteous Mammon, who wyll beleue you in that which is true?
12 And yf ye haue not bene faithfull in anothers mans busynesse, who wil geue you that which is youre awne?
13 No seruaunt can serue two masters: for either he shal hate the one, and loue ye other: or els he shal leane to the one, and despyse the other. Ye can not serue God and Mammon.
14 All these thinges herde the Pharises, which were couetous, and they mocked hi.
15 And he sayde vnto them: Ye are they that iustifie yor selues before men, but God knoweth youre hertes. For yt which is hye amonge men, is an abhominacion before God.
16 The lawe and ye prophetes prophecied vnto Ihon, and from that tyme forth is ye kyngdome of God preached thorow ye Gospell, and euery man preasseth in to it by violence.
17 But easier is it, for heauen and earth to perishe, then one tittle of ye lawe to fall.
18 Who so euer putteth awaye his wife, & marieth another, breaketh matrimonye: and he that marieth her which is deuorced fro hir hussbande, breaketh wedlocke also.
19 There was a certayne riche man, which clothed him self with purple and costly lynnen, and fared deliciously euery daye.
20 And there was a poore man named Lazarus which laye at his gate full of sores,
21 and desyred to be fylled with the crommes, that fell from the riche mans table. Yet came the dogges, and licked his sores.
22 But it fortuned, that the poore man dyed, and was caried of the angels in to Abrahams bosome. The riche man dyed also, and was buried.
23 Now whan he was in the hell, he lift vp his eyes in the payne, and sawe Abraham afarre of, and Lazarus in his bosome:
24 and he cried, and sayde: Father Abraham, haue mercy vpon me, and sende Lazarus, that he maye dyppe the typpe of his fynger in water, & coole my tonge, for I am tormeted in this flame.
25 But Abraha saide: Remebre sonne, yt thou hast receaued good in yi life, & contrary wyse Lazarus receaued euell. But now is he comforted, and thou art tormented.
26 And beside all this, there is a greate space set betwene vs and you: so yt they which wolde go downe from hence vnto you, cannot: nether maye they passe ouer from thence vnto vs.
27 Then sayde he: I pray the then father, that thou wilt sende him vnto my fathers house,
28 for I haue yet fyue brethren, that he maye warne them, lest they also come in to this place of torment.
29 Abraham sayde vnto him: They haue Moses and the prophetes, let them heare them.
30 But he sayde: Nay father Abraham, but yf one wente vnto them fro the deed, they wolde do pennaunce.
31 Neuertheles he sayde vnto him: Yf they heare not Moses & the prophetes, then shal they not beleue also, though one rose agayne fro the deed.

Chapter 17

1 He sayde vnto his disciples: It is vnpossible that offences shulde not come: but wo vnto him by whom they come:
2 It were better for him, that a mylstone were hanged aboute his neck, and he cast in to the see, then that he shulde offende one of these litle ones.
3 Take hede to youre selues. Yf thy brother trespace agaynst the, rebuke him:
4 and yf he amende, forgeue him. And though he synne agaynst the seuen tymes in a daye, and come seuen tymes in a daye to ye agayne, and saye: It repenteth me, forgeue him.
5 And the Apostles sayde vnto ye LORDE: Increace oure faith.
6 The LORDE sayde: Yf ye haue faith as a grayne of mustarde sede, and saye vnto this Molbery tre: Plucke thy self vp by the rotes, and plate thy self in the see, it shalbe obediet vnto you.
7 Which of you is it, that hath a seruaunt (which ploweth, or fedeth the catell) wha he commeth home from ye felde, that he wil saye vnto him: Go quyckly, and syt the downe to meate?
8 Is it not thus? that he sayeth vnto him: Make ready, that I maye suppe, gyrde vp thyself, and serue me, tyll I haue eaten and dronken, afterwarde shalt thou eate and drynke also.
9 Thanketh he the same seruaunt also, because he dyd that was commaunded him? I trowe not.
10 So likewyse ye, wha ye haue done all that is comaunded you, saye: We are vnprofitable seruauntes, we haue done that we were bounde to do.
11 And it fortuned, whan he toke his iourney towarde Ierusalem, he wente thorow the myddest of Samaria and Galile.
12 And as he came in to a towne, there met him ten leporous men, which stode afarre of,
13 and lift vp their voyce, and sayde: Iesu master, haue mercy vpon vs.
14 And whan he sawe them, he sayde vnto the: Go, and shewe youre selues vnto ye prestes. And it came to passe, as they wente, they were clensed.
15 And one of them wha he sawe that he was clensed, he turned backe agayne, and praysed God with loude voyce,
16 and fell downe on his face at his fete, and gaue him thankes. And the same was a Samaritane.
17 Iesus answered and saide: Are there not ten clensed? But where are those nyne?
18 There were els none founde, that turned agayne, and gaue God the prayse, saue onely this strauger.
19 And he sayde vnto him: Aryse, go thy waye, thy faith hath made ye whole.
20 But whan he was demaunded of ye Pharises: Whan cometh the kyngdome of God? He answered them, and sayde: The kyngdome of God commeth not with outwarde appearaunce,
21 nether shal it be sayde: lo, here or there is it. For beholde, ye kyngdome of God is inwarde in you.
22 And he sayde to the disciples: The tyme shal come, wha ye shal desyre to se one daye of the sonne of man, and shal not se it.
23 And they shal saye vnto you: Se here, Se there. Go not ye, nether folowe,
24 for as the lightenynge shyneth aboue from the heauen, and lighteth ouer all that is vnder the heaue, so shal the sonne of ma be in his daye.
25 But first must he suffre many thinges, and be refused of this generacion.
26 And as it came to passe in the tyme of Noe, so shal it come to passe also in ye dayes of the sonne of man.
27 They ate, they dranke, they maried, and were maried, euen vnto ye daye that Noe wente in to the Arke, and ye floude came, and destroyed them all.
28 Likewyse also as it came to passe in the tyme of Lot , they ate, they dranke, they bought, they solde, they planted, they buylded.
29 But euen the same daye that Lot wente out of Sodom , it rayned fyre and brymstone from heaue, and destroyed them all.
30 After this maner also shal it go, in the daye whan the sonne of man shal appeare.
31 In that daye, who so is vpo the rofe, and his stuffe in ye house, let him not come downe to fetch it: Likewyse he that is in the felde, let him not turne backe, for it that is behynde him.
32 Remebre Lottes wife.
33 Who so euer goeth aboute to saue his life, shal lose it: and who so euer shal lose it, shal saue it.
34 I saye vnto you: In yt night shal two lye vpon one bed, the one shalbe receaued, the other shalbe for saken.
35 Two shalbe gryndinge together, the one shalbe receaued, the other shalbe forsaken.
36 <>
37 And they answered, and sayde vnto him: Where LORDE? He sayde vnto the: Where so euer ye deed carcase is there wil ye Aegles be gathered together.

Chapter 18

1 He tolde them a symilitude, signifienge, yt men ought allwayes to praye, & not to leaue of,
2 & sayde: There was a iudge in a cite, which feared not God, and stode in awe of no man.
3 And in the same cite there was a wedowe, which came vnto him, and sayde: delyuer me fro myne aduersary.
4 And he wolde not a greate whyle. But afterwarde he thought within hi self: Though I feare not God, & stonde in awe of no man,
5 yet seynge this weddowe is so importune vpon me, I wil delyuer her, lest she come at the last, and rayle vpon me.
6 Then sayde the LORDE: Heare what ye vnrighteous iudge sayeth.
7 But shall not God also delyuer his chosen, that crye vnto hi daye and night, though he differre the?
8 I saye vnto you: He shal delyuer them, and that shortly. Neuertheles, whan the sonne of man cometh, suppose ye, that he shal fynde faith vpon earth?
9 And vnto certayne which trusted in the selues, that they were perfecte, and despysed other, he spake this symilitude:
10 There wente vp two men in to the teple, to praye: the one a Pharise, the other a publican.
11 The Pharise stode, and prayed by himself after this maner: I thanke the God, that I am not as other men, robbers, vnrighteous, aduouters, or as this publican.
12 I fast twyse in the weke, I geue the tithes of all that I haue.
13 And the publican stode afarre of, and wolde not lift vp his eyes to heauen, but smote vpon his brest , and sayde: God be thou mercyfull vnto me synner.
14 I tell you: This man wente downe in to his house iustified more the the other. For who so euer exalteth himself, shalbe brought lowe: and he that humbleth himself, shalbe exalted.
15 They brought yonge children also vnto him, that he shulde touch them. But whan the disciples sawe that, they rebuked them.
16 Neuertheles Iesus called them vnto him, and sayde: Suffre childre to come vnto me, and forbyd the not, for of soch is ye kyngdome of God.
17 Verely I saye vnto you: Whosoeuer receaueth not ye kyngdome of God as a childe, shal not enter therin.
18 And a certayne ruler axed him, and sayde: Good master, what must I do, that I maye enheret euerlastinge life?
19 But Iesus sayde vnto him: Why callest thou me good? There is no man good, but God onely.
20 Thou knowest the comaundementes: Thou shalt not breake wedlocke: Thou shalt not kyll: Thou shalt not steale: Thou shalt not beare false wytnesse: Honoure thy father and yi mother.
21 But he sayde: All these haue I kepte fro my youth vp.
22 Wha Iesus herde that, he sayde vnto him: Yet lackest thou one thinge, sell all that thou hast, and geue it vnto ye poore, and thou shalt haue a treasure in heauen, and come & folowe me.
23 Whan he herde that, he was sory, for he was very riche.
24 Whan Iesus sawe that he was sory, he sayde: How hardly shal the riche come in to the kyngdome of God?
25 It is easyer for a Camell to go thorow the eye of a nedle, the for a rich man to entre in to the kyngdome of God.
26 Then sayde they yt herde that: Who can then be saued?
27 But he sayde: loke what is vnpossible with me, is possible with God.
28 Then sayde Peter: Beholde, we haue forsake all, and folowed the.
29 He sayde vnto the: Verely I saye vnto you: There is no ma yt forsaketh house, or elders, or brethren, or wife, or children for the kyngdome of Gods sake,
30 which shal not receaue moch more in this tyme, and euerlastinge life in the worlde to come.
31 He toke vnto him the twolue, and sayde vnto them: Beholde, we go vp to Ierusale, and it shal all be fulfilled, that is wrytten by the prophetes of the sonne of man.
32 For he shal be delyuered vnto ye Heythen, and shalbe mocked, and despytefully intreated, and spitted vpon:
33 and whan they haue scourged him, they shal put him to death, and vpon the thirde daye shal he aryse agayne.
34 And they vnderstode nothinge of these thinges. And this sayenge was hyd from them, and they perceaued not the thinges that were spoken.
35 And it came to passe, whan he came nye vnto Iericho, there sat one blynde by the waye, and begged.
36 And whan he herde the people passe by, he axed what it was.
37 Then sayde they vnto him, that Iesus of Nazareth passed by.
38 And he cryed, and sayde: Iesu thou sonne of Dauid, haue mercy vpon me.
39 But the people that wente before, rebuked him, that he shulde holde his tunge. Neuertheles he cried moch more: Thou sonne of Dauid haue mercy vpo me.
40 Iesus stode styl, & comaunded hi to be brought vnto hi. And whan he was come neare, he axed him
41 and sayde: What wilt thou, that I do vnto the? He sayde: LORDE, that I maye receaue my sight.
42 And Iesus sayde vnto him: Receaue thy sight, thy faith hath saued the.
43 And immediatly he sawe, and folowed him, & praysed God. And all the people that sawe it, gaue God the prayse.

Chapter 19

1 And he entred in, and wente thorow Iericho:
2 & beholde, there was a man named Zacheus, which was a ruler of the publicans, and was riche,
3 and desyred to se Iesus what he shulde be, and he coulde not for the people, for he was lowe of stature.
4 And he ranne before, and clymmed vp in to a wylde fygge tre, that he might se him: for he shulde come yt waye.
5 And whan Iesus came to the same place, he loked vp, and sawe him, and sayde vnto him: Zache, come downe haistely, for todaye must I turne in to thy house.
6 And he came downe hastely, and receaued him with ioye.
7 Whan they sawe that, they murmured all, and sayde, yt he was gone in, to a synner.
8 But Zacheus stode forth, and sayde vnto the LORDE: Beholde LORDE, the half of my goodes geue I to the poore: and yf I haue defrauded eny man, I restore him foure folde.
9 Iesus sayde vnto him: This daye is health happened vnto this house, for so moch as he also is Abrahams sonne.
10 For the sonne of ma is come, to seke and to saue that which was lost.
11 Now whyle they herkened, he tolde a symilitude also, because he was nye vnto Ierusalem, and because they thought, that the kyngdome of God shulde appeare immediatly.
12 And he sayde: A certayne noble ma wete in to a farre countre, to receaue hi a kyngdome, and then to come agayne.
13 This man called ten of his seruauntes, and delyuered them ten pounde, and sayde vnto them: Occupye, tyll I come agayne.
14 But his citesyns hated him, and sent a message after him, and sayde: We wil not haue this man to raigne ouer vs.
15 And it fortuned whan he came agayne, after that he had receaued the kyngdome, he bade call for the seruauntes, vnto whom he had geue his money, yt he might knowe, what euery one had done.
16 Then came the first and sayde: Syr, thy pounde hath wonne ten pounde.
17 And he sayde vnto him: Well thou good seruaut, for so moch as thou hast bene faithfull in the least, thou shalt haue auctorite ouer ten cities.
18 The seconde came also, and sayde: Syr, thy pounde hath wonne fyue pounde.
19 And to him he sayde: And thou shalt be ouer fyue cities.
20 And ye thirde came, and sayde: Lo syr, here is thy pounde, which I haue kepte in a napkyn.
21 I was afrayed of the, for thou art an harde man, thou takest vp yt thou hast not layed downe, and reapest that thou hast not sowne.
22 He sayde vnto him: Of thine awne mouth iudge I the thou euell seruaunt. Knewest thou thou that I am an harde man, takynge vp that I layde not downe, and reapynge that I dyd not sowe?
23 Wherfore then hast thou not delyuered my money to the exchaunge banke? And at my commynge might I haue requyred myne awne with vauntage?
24 And he sayde vnto them that stode by: Take ye pounde from him, and geue it vnto him that hath ten pounde.
25 And they sayde vnto him: Syr, he hath ten pounde already.
26 But I saye vnto you: Whosoeuer hath, vnto him shal be geue: but from him that hath not, shal be taken awaye euen that he hath.
27 As for those myne enemies, which wolde not that I shulde raigne ouer them, bringe them hither, and slaye them before me.
28 And whan he had thus sayde, he wete on forwarde, and toke his iourney vp to Ierusalem.
29 And it fortuned whan he came nye to Bethphage and Bethany vnto mount Oliuete , he sent two of his disciples,
30 and sayde: Go in to the towne that lyeth ouer agaynst you, and assone as ye are come in, ye shal fynde a foale tyed, wheron yet neuer man satt, lowse it, and brynge it hither.
31 And yf eny ma axe you wherfore ye lowse it, saye thus vnto him. The LORDE hath nede therof.
32 And they that were sent, wete their waye and founde euen as he had sayde.
33 But wha they lowsed ye foale; the owners therof sayde vnto the: Why lowse ye the foale?
34 They sayde: The LORDE hath nede therof.
35 And they brought it vnto Iesus, and cast their clothes vpo the foale, and set Iesus theron.
36 Now as he wente, they spred their garmentes in the waye.
37 And whan he wete downe fro mount Oliuete, ye whole multitude of his disciples begane ioyfully to prayse God with loude voyce, ouer all the miracles that they had sene,
38 and sayde: Blessed be he, that cometh a kynge in the name of the LORDE. Peace be in heauen, and prayse in the height.
39 And some of the Pharises amonge the people sayde vnto him: Master, rebuke thy disciples.
40 And he answered and sayde vnto them: I tell you, yf these holde their peace, yet shal the stones crye.
41 And whan he was come neare, he behelde the cite, and wepte vpo it,
42 and sayde: Yf thou knewest what were for yi peace, thou shuldest remebre it euen in this present daye of thine. But now is it hyd from thine eyes.
43 For the tyme shal come vpon the, that thine enimies shal cast vp a bake aboute the, and aboute thy children with the, and besege ye, and kepe the in on euery syde,
44 and make the eauen with the grounde, and shal not leaue in the one stone vpon another, because thou hast not knowne ye tyme, wherin thou hast bene visited.
45 And he wente into the temple, and begane to dryue out them that bought and solde therin,
46 and sayde vnto them: It is wrytten: My house is an house of prayer, but ye haue made it a denne of murthurers.
47 And he taught daylie in the teple. But the hye prestes and the scrybes and the chefest of ye people wente aboute to destroye him,
48 and founde not, what to do vnto him. For all the people stacke by him, and gaue him audience.

Chapter 20

1 And it fortuned one of those dayes, whan he taught the people in the teple, and preached the Gospell, the hye prestes and scrybes came to him with the Elders,
2 and spake vnto him, and sayde: Tell vs, by what auctorite doest thou these thinges? Or who gaue the this auctorite?
3 But he answered, & sayde vnto the: I wil axe you a worde also, tell it me:
4 The baptyme of Iho was it from heauen, or of men?
5 But they thought in them selues, and sayde: Yf we saye, from heauen, then shal he saye: Why dyd ye not the beleue him?
6 But yf we saye, of men, then shal all the people stone vs, for they be persuaded, that Ihon is a prophet.
7 And they answered, that they coulde not tell, whence it was.
8 And Iesus sayde vnto them: Nether tell I you, by what auctorite I do these thinges.
9 And he beganne to tell the people this symilitude: A certayne man planted a vynyarde, and let it out vnto hussbadmen, and wente himself in to a straunge countre for a greate season.
10 And whan his tyme was come, he sent a seruaut to the hussbadmen, that they might geue him of the frute of the vynyarde. But the hussbandmen bet him, and sent him awaye emptye.
11 And agayne he sent yet another seruaut: but they bet him also, and intreated him shamefully, & sent him awaye emptye.
12 And besydes this, he sent the thirde: but they wounded him also, and thrust him out.
13 Then sayde the lorde of the vynyarde: What shal I do? I wil sende my deare sonne, peraduenture they wil stonde in awe of him, whan they se him.
14 But whan the hussbande men sawe the sonne, they thought in the selues, and sayde: This is the heyre, come, let vs kyll him, yt the inheritaunce maye be oures.
15 And they thrust him out of ye vynyarde, and slew him. What shal now the lorde of the vynyarde do vnto them?
16 He shal come, and destroye those hussbandmen, and let out his vynyarde vnto other. Whan they herde that, they sayde: God forbyd.
17 But he behelde the, and sayde: What is this then that is wrytten: The same stone which the buylders refused, is become the head corner stone?
18 Who so euer falleth vpon this stone, shalbe broken in sunder: but vpo who so euer he falleth, he shall grynde him to poulder.
19 And the hye prestes and scrybes wente aboute to laye handes vpon him the same houre, and they feared the people: for they perceaued, that he had spoke this symilitude agaynst them.
20 And they watched hi, & sent forth spyes, which shulde fayne the selues perfecte, that they might take him in his wordes, to delyuer him vnto the power and auctorite of ye debite.
21 And they axed him, & sayde: Master, we knowe that thou sayest & teachest right, and regardest the outwarde appearauce of no man, but teachest the waye of God truly.
22 Is it laufull, that we geue tribute vnto the Emperoure, or not?
23 But he perceaued their craftynes, and sayde vnto them: Why tepte ye me?
24 Shewe me the peny. Whose ymage and superscripcion hath it? They answered, and sayde: The Emperours.
25 Then sayde he vnto them: Geue the vnto the Emperoure, that which is the Emperours: & vnto God, that which is Gods.
26 And they coude not reproue his worde before the people, and marueyled at his answere, and helde their peace.
27 Then came vnto him certayne of the Saduces (which holde that there is no resurreccion) and axed him,
28 and sayde: Master, Moses wrote vnto vs, yf eny mans brother dye hauynge a wife, and dyeth without childre, then shal his brother take his wife, and rayse vp sede vnto his brother.
29 Now were there seue brethre: the first toke a wife, and dyed childlesse:
30 and the seconde toke the wife, and deyed without children also:
31 and the thirde toke her, likewyse all the seue, and left no children behynde the, and dyed.
32 At the last after them all, the woman dyed also.
33 Now in the resurreccion, whose wife shal she be of them For seuen had her to wife.
34 And Iesus answered and saide vnto them: The childre of this worlde mary, & are maried,
35 but they yt shalbe worthy to enioye that worlde and the resurreccion from the deed, shal nether mary ner be maried,
36 for they can dye nomore. For they are like vnto the angels, and are the children of God, in so moch as they are children of the resurreccion.
37 But that the deed ryse agayne, hath Moses also signified besydes the bush, when he called the LORDE, the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Iacob.
38 But God is not a God of the deed but of the lyuynge, for they lyue all vnto him.
39 Then answered certayne of the scrybes, and sayde: Master, thou haist sayde well.
40 And from that tyme forth they durst axe him no mo questions.
41 But he sayde vnto them: How saye they that Christ is Dauids sonne?
42 And Dauid himself sayeth in the boke of the Psalmes: The LORDE sayde vnto my LORDE: Syt thou on my right honde,
43 tyll I make thine enemies thy fote stole.
44 Dauid calleth him LORDE, how is he then his sonne?
45 Now whyle all the people gaue audience, he sayde vnto his disciples:
46 Bewarre of the scrybes, which wyl go in longe garmentes, and loue to be saluted vpon the market, and desyre to syt hyest in the synagoges, and at the table.
47 They deuoure wedowes houses and that vnder a culoure of longe prayenge: These shal receaue the greater danacion.

Chapter 21

1 And he loked vp, and behelde ye riche, how they put in their offerynges in to the Gods chest.
2 He sawe also a poore wedowe, which put in two mytes,
3 and he sayde: Verely I saye vnto you: This poore wedowe hath put in more the they all:
4 For these all haue of their excesse put in vnto the offerynge of God, but she of hir pouerte hath put in all hir lyuynge that she had.
5 And wha some spake of the temple, that it was garnished with goodly stones and Iewels, he saide:
6 The time shal come, wherin of all this that ye se, there shal not be left one stone vpon another, which shal not be broken downe.
7 They axed him, and sayde: Master, wha shal these be? and what shalbe the token, whan these shal come to passe?
8 He sayde: Take hede, that ye be not disceaued: For many shal come in my name, and saye, I am he, & the tyme is come hard by. Folowe them not.
9 But whan ye heare of warres and insurreccions, be not ye afrayed, for soch must come to passe, but the ende is not yet there so soone.
10 Then sayde he vnto them: One people shal ryse agaynst another, and one realme ageynst another,
11 & shal be greate earthquakes here and there, pestilence, and derth, and fearfull thinges. And greate tokes shal there be fro heaue.
12 But before all these, they shal laye handes vpon you, and persecute you, and delyuer you vp in to their synagoges and presons, and brynge you before kynges & prynces for my names sake.
13 But this shal happen vnto you for a wytnesse.
14 Be at a poynt therfore in youre hertes, that ye take no thought, how ye shal answere:
15 for I wil geue you mouth & wyssdome, agaynst the which all youre aduersaries shal not be able to speake ner to resist.
16 But ye shal be delyuered vp euen of youre elders, brethren, kynssfolkes and frendes, and some of you shal they put vnto death,
17 and ye shal be hated of euery man for my names sake,
18 and yet shal not one hayre of youre heade perishe.
19 Holde fast youre soules with pacience.
20 But whan ye shal se Ierusalem beseged with an hoost, then vnderstonde, that the desolacion of it is nye.
21 Then let them which be in Iewry, flye vnto the mountaynes: and let soch as be in the myddest therof, departe out: and let soch as be in the countrees, not come therin.
22 For these are the dayes of vengeaunce, that euery thinge which is wrytten, maye be fulfilled.
23 But wo vnto them that are with childe, and to them that geue sucke in those dayes: for there shalbe greate trouble vpon earth, and wrath ouer this people,
24 and they shal fall thorow the edge of the swerde, and be led captyue amoge all nacions. And Ierusale shalbe troden downe of the Heithen, vntyll the tyme of the Heithen be fulfilled.
25 And there shalbe tokens in the Sonne and Mone, and starres, and vpon earth the people shalbe in soch perplexite, that they shal not tell which waye to turne them selues. And the see and the waters shal roare,
26 and men shal pyne awaye for feare, and for lokynge after the thinges which shal come vpo earth. For euen the very powers of heauen shal moue.
27 And then shal they se the sonne of man commynge in the cloude with power and greate glory.
28 But whan these thinges begynne to come to passe, the loke vp, and lift vpp youre heades, for youre redempcion draweth nye.
29 And he tolde them a symilitude: Beholde the fygge tre, and all tre trees,
30 wha they now shute forth their buddes, ye se by them, and perceaue, that Sommer is now at hande.
31 So likewyse ye, whan ye se all these thinges come to passe, be sure that the kyngdome of God is nye.
32 Verely I saye vnto you: This generacio shal not passe, tyll all be fulfilled.
33 Heauen and earth shal passe, but my wordes shal not passe.
34 But take hede vnto youre selues, that yor hertes be not ouerlade with excesse of eatinge and with dronkennes, and with takinge of thought for lyuynge, and so this daye come vpo you vnawares.
35 For as a snare shal it come on all them that dwell vpon earth.
36 Watch therfore cotynually, and praye, that ye maye be worthy to escape all this that shal come, & to stode before ye sonne of man.
37 And on the daye tyme he taught in the temple, but in the night season he wente out and abode all night vpon mount Oliuete.
38 And all the people gat them vp early vnto him in the temple, for to heare him.

Chapter 22

1 The feast of swete bred (which is called Easter) drue nye.
2 And ye hye presstes and Scrybes sought how they might put him to death, and were afrayed of the people.
3 But Satan was entred in to Iudas, named Iscarioth (which was of ye nombre of ye twolue)
4 and he wete his waye, and talked with the hye prestes and with ye officers, how he wolde betraye him vnto them.
5 And they were glad, and promysed to geue him money.
6 And he cosented, & sought oportunite, yt he might betraye hi without eny rumoure.
7 Then came ye daye of swete bred, wherin the Easter lambe must be offered.
8 And he sent Peter and Ihon, and sayde: Go youre waye, prepare vs the Easter lambe, that we maye eate.
9 But they sayde vnto him: Where wilt thou, that we prepare it?
10 He saide vnto them: Beholde, wha ye come in to ye cite, there shal mete you a man, bearinge a pitcher of water, folowe him in to the house yt he entreth in,
11 and saye vnto the good man of the house: The master sendeth ye worde: Where is ye gesthouse, wherin I maye eate the Easter labe with my disciples?
12 And he shal shewe you a greate parlour paued.
13 They wente their waye, and founde as he had sayde vnto them, and made ready the Easter lambe.
14 And whan the houre came, he sat him downe, and the twolue Apostles with him,
15 and he sayde vnto them: I haue hertely desyred to eate this Easter labe with you before I suffre.
16 For I saye vnto you: that hence forth I wil eate nomore therof, tyll it be fulfilled in the kyngdome of God.
17 And he toke the cuppe, gaue thankes, and sayde: Take this and deuyde it amonge you.
18 For I saye vnto you: I wil not drynke of the frute of ye vyne, vntyll the kyngdome of God come.
19 And he toke the bred, gaue thankes, and brake it, and gaue it them, and sayde: This is my body, which shalbe geuen for you. This do in the remembraunce of me.
20 Likewyse also the cuppe, after they had supped, and sayde: This cuppe is the new Testamet in my bloude, which shalbe shed for you.
21 But lo, the hande of him that betrayeth me, is with me on the table.
22 And the sonne of man trulye goeth forth, as it is appoynted. But wo vnto that man, by whom he is betrayed.
23 And they beganne to axe amonge them selues, which of them it shulde be, that shulde do that.
24 There rose a strife also amoge the, which of them shulde be take for the greatest.
25 But he sayde vnto them: The kynges of ye worlde haue domynion ouer ye people, and they that beare rule ouer the, are called gracious lordes.
26 But ye shal not be so: But the greatest amonge you, shalbe as the yongest: and the chefest, as a seruaunt.
27 For which is the greatest? he that sytteth at the table, or he that serueth? Is not he that sytteth at the table? But I am amoge you as a mynister.
28 As for you, ye are they, that haue bydde wt me in my temptacions.
29 And I wil appoynte the kyngdome vnto you, euen as my father hath appoynted me,
30 that ye maye eate and drynke at my table in my kyngdome, and syt vpon seates, and iudge the twolue trybes of Israel .
31 But the LORDE sayde: Simon Simon, beholde, Satan hath desyred after you, that he might siffte you euen as wheate:
32 but I haue prayed for ye, that thy faith fayle not. And whan thou art couerted, strength thy brethren:
33 But he sayde vnto him: LORDE, I am ready to go with the into preson, and in to death.
34 Neuertheles he sayde: Peter, I saye vnto the: The cock shal not crowe this daye, tyll thou haue thryse denyed, yt thou knewest me.
35 And he sayde vnto them: Whan I sent you without wallet, without scryppe, and without shues, lacked ye eny thinge? They sayde: No.
36 Then sayde he vnto them: But now, he that hath a wallet, let him take it vp, likewyse also the scryppe. But he that hath not, let him sell his coate, & bye a swerde.
37 For I saye vnto you: It must yet be fulfilled on me, that is wrytte: He was counted amonge the euell doers. For loke what is wrytten of me, it hath an ende.
38 But they sayde: LORDE, Beholde, here are two swerdes. He sayde vnto the: It is ynough.
39 And he wente out (as he was wonte) vnto mout Oliuete. But his disciples folowed him vnto the same place.
40 And whan he came thither, he sayde vnto the: Praye, that ye fall not in to teptacion.
41 And he gat him from them aboute a stones cast, and kneled downe, prayed,
42 & sayde: Father, yf thou wilt, take awaye this cuppe fro me: Neuerthelesse, not my wyll, but thyne be fulfylled.
43 And there appeared vnto him an angell fro heauen, and conforted him.
44 And it came so, that he wrestled with death, and prayed the longer. And his sweate was like droppes of bloude, runnynge downe to the grounde.
45 And he rose vp fro prayer, and came to his disciples, and founde them slepinge for heuynesse,
46 and sayde vnto them: What, slepe ye? ryse vp and praye, that ye fall not into tentacion.
47 But whyle he yet spake, beholde, the multitude, and one of the twolue called Iudas wente before them, and he came nye vnto Iesus, to kysse him.
48 But Iesus sayde vnto him: Iudas, betrayest thou the sonne of ma with a kysse?
49 Whan they that were aboute him, sawe what wolde folowe, they sayde vnto him: LORDE, shal we smyte with the swerde?
50 And one of the stroke a seruaut of ye hye prestes, & smote of his eare.
51 But Iesus answered, and sayde: Suffre the thus farre forth. And he touched his eare, & healed him.
52 But Iesus sayde vnto the prestes and rulers of the temple, and to the Elders that were come vnto him: Ye are come forth as it were to a murthurer with swerdes, & with staues.
53 I was daylie with you in the temple, and ye layed no handes vpon me. But this is youre houre, and the power of darknesse.
54 Neuerthelesse they toke him, and led him, and brought him in to the hye prestes house. As for Peter, he folowed hi a farre of.
55 Then kyndled they a fyre in the myddest of the palace, and sat them downe together. And Peter sat him downe amonge them.
56 Then a damsell sawe him syttinge by the light, and behelde him well, and sayde vnto him: This same was also with him.
57 But he denyed him, and sayde: Woma, I knowe him not.
58 And after a litle whyle, another sawe him, and sayde: Thou art one of them also. But Peter sayde: Man, I am not.
59 And aboute the space of an houre after, another affirmed, & sayde: Verely this was with him also, for he is a Galilean.
60 But Peter saide: Ma, I wote not what thou sayest. And immediatly whyle he yet spake, ye cock crewe.
61 And the LORDE turned him aboute and loked vpo Peter. And Peter remembred the wordes of ye LORDE, how he sayde vnto him: Before the cock crowe, thou shalt denye me thryse.
62 And Peter wente out, and wepte bytterly.
63 The men that helde Iesus, mocked him, and stroke him,
64 blyndfolded him, and smote him on the face, and axed him, and sayde: Prophecie, who is it that smote the?
65 And many other blasphemies sayde they vnto hi.
66 And whan it was daye, there gathered together the Elders of the people, the hye prestes and scrybes, and led him vp before, their councell, and sayde:
67 Art thou Christ? Tell vs. But he sayde vnto them: Yf I tell you, ye wyl not beleue:
68 But yf I axe you, ye wyl not answere me, nether wyl ye let me go.
69 From this tyme forth shal the sonne of man sytt at the right hade of the power of God.
70 Then sayde they all: Art thou then ye sonne of God? He sayde vnto them: Ye saye it, for I am.
71 They sayde: What nede we anye farther wytnesse? We oure selues haue herde it of his awne mouth.

Chapter 23

1 And the whole multitude of the arose, and led him vnto Pilate,
2 and begane to accuse him, and sayde: We haue founde this felowe peruertinge the people, and forbyddinge to geue trybute vnto the Emperoure, and sayeth, that he is Christ a kynge.
3 But Pilate axed him, and sayde: Art thou the kynge of the Iewes? He answered him, and sayde: Thou sayest it.
4 Pilate sayde vnto ye hye prestes and to the people: I fynde no cause in this man.
5 But they were the more fearce, and sayde: He hath moued the people, in that he hath taught here & there in all the londe of Iewry, and hath begonne at Galile vnto this place.
6 Whan Pilate herde mencion of Galile, he axed whether he were of Galile.
7 And whan he perceaued that he was vnder Herodes iurisdiccion he sent him to Herode, which was also at Ierusale in those dayes.
8 When Herode sawe Iesus, he was exceadinge glad, for he had longe bene desyrous to se him: because he had herde moch of him, & hoped to se a miracle of hi.
9 And he axed him many thinges. Neuertheles he answered him nothinge.
10 The hye prestes and scrybes stode, and accused him sore.
11 But Herode wt his men of warre despysed him, and mocked him, put a whyte garmet vpo him, and sent him agayne vnto Pilate.
12 Vpo ye same daye were Pilate and Herode made frendes together, for afore they had bene at variaunce.
13 Pilate called the hye prestes, and the rulers, and the people together,
14 and sayde vnto the: Ye haue brought this man vnto me, as one that peruerteth the people, and beholde, I haue examyned him before you, & fynde in the ma none of the causes, wherof ye accuse him:
15 Nor yet Herode: for I sent you to him, and beholde, there is brought vpon hi nothinge, that is worthy of death.
16 Therfore wil I chasten him, and let him lowse:
17 For he must haue let one lowse vnto them after the custome of the feast.
18 Then cried the whole multitude, and sayde: Awaye with him, and delyuer vnto vs Barrabas,
19 which for insurreccion made in the cite, and because of a murthur, was cast in to preson.
20 Then called Pilate vnto them agayne, & wolde haue let Iesus lowse.
21 But they cried, and sayde: Crucifye him, Crucifye him.
22 Yet sayde he vnto them, the thirde tyme: What euell the hath he done? I fynde no cause of death in hi, therfore wil I chasten him, and let him go.
23 But they laye styll vpon him with greate crye, and requyred yt he might be crucified. And the voyce of the and of the hye preastes preuayled.
24 And Pilate gaue sentence, that it shulde be as they requyred,
25 and let lowse vnto the, him, that for insurreccio and murthur was cast in to preson, whom they desyred, but gaue Iesus ouer vnto their wyll.
26 And as they led him awaye, they toke one Simon of Cyren (which came from the felde) and layed ye crosse vpon him, to beare it after Iesus.
27 And there folowed him a greate multitude of people and of wemen, which bewayled and lamented him.
28 But Iesus turned him aboute vnto the, and sayde: Ye doughters of Ierusale, wepe not ouer me: but wepe ouer youre selues, and ouer youre childre.
29 For beholde, the tyme wil come, wherin it shal be sayde: Blessed are the baren, and the wombes that haue not borne, and the pappes that haue not geuen sucke.
30 Then shal they begynne to saye vnto the mountaynes: Fall vpon vs. And to the hylles: Couer vs.
31 For yf this be done to a grene tre, what shalbe done then to the drye?
32 And two other (which were myssdoers) were led out also, to be put to death with him.
33 And wha they came to ye place, which is called Caluery, they crucifyed him euen there, and the two myssdoers with him, the one on the righte hande, the other on ye left.
34 But Iesus sayde: Father, forgeue them, for they wote not what they do. And they parted his garmentes, and cast lottes therfore.
35 And the people stode and behelde. And the rulers mocked him with them, and sayde: He hath helped other, let him helpe him self now, yf he be Christ ye chosen of God.
36 The soudyers also mocked him, wete vnto him, & brought him vyneger,
37 and sayde: Yf thou be the kynge of the Iewes, then helpe thyself.
38 And aboue ouer him was this superscripcion wrytten with letters of Greke, Latyn, and Hebrue: This is the kynge of the Iewes.
39 And one of the myssdoers that hanged there, blasphemed him, and sayde: Yf thou be Christ, then helpe thy self and vs.
40 Then answered the other, rebuked him, and sayde: And thou fearest not God also, which art yet in like danacion.
41 And truly we are therin be right, for we receaue acordinge to oure dedes. As for this man, he hath done nothinge amysse.
42 And he sayde vnto Iesus: LORDE, remembre me, whan thou commest in to thy kyngdome.
43 And Iesus sayde vnto him: Verely I saye vnto the: To daye shalt thou be with me in Paradyse.
44 And it was aboute the sixte houre, and there was darknesse ouer ye whole londe vntyll the nyenth houre.
45 And the Sonne was darkened, and the vayle of the temple rente in two euen thorow the myddes.
46 And Iesus cryed loude, & sayde: Father, in to thy handes I commende my sprete. And whan he had so sayde, he gaue vp the goost.
47 But whan the Captayne sawe what had happened, he praysed God, and sayde: Verely this was a iust ma.
48 And all the people that stode by & behelde, whan they sawe what was done, smote vpon their brestes, & turned backe agayne.
49 But all his acquantaunce, and the wemen that had folowed him out of Galile, stode a farre of, and behelde all these thinges.
50 And beholde, a ma named Ioseph, a Senatour, which was a good iust man,
51 the same had not consented vnto their councell, and dede, which was of Arimathia a cite of the Iewes, which same also wayted for the kyngdome of God:
52 he wete vnto Pilate, and axed the body of Iesus.
53 And the toke him downe, wrapped him in a lynnen cloth, and layed him in a hewen sepulcre, wherin neuer man was layed.
54 And it was the daye of preparinge, and the Sabbath drue on.
55 The wemen that were come with him out of Galile, folowed him, and behelde the Sepulcre, & how his body was layed.
56 But they returned, and made ready the spyces & anontmetes. And vpon the Sabbath they rested, acordinge to the lawe.

Chapter 24

1 Bvt vpon one of the Sabbathes very early in the mornynge, they came vnto the Sepulcre, and brought ye spyces which they had prepared, and certayne wemen with the.
2 Neuertheles they founde the stone rolled awaye from the sepulcre,
3 and wente in, and founde not the body of ye LORDE Iesu.
4 And it happened as they were amased therat, beholde, there stode by them two men in shyninge garmentes.
5 And they were afrayed, and cast downe their faces to the earth. Then sayde they vnto the: What seke ye? the lyuynge amoge the deed?
6 He is not here. He is rysen vp. Remembre, how yt he tolde you wha he was yet in Galile,
7 and sayde: The sonne of man must be delyuered in to the hades of synners, and be crucified, and the thirde daye ryse agayne.
8 And they remebred his wordes,
9 and wente from the sepulcre, and tolde all this vnto the eleuen, and to all the other.
10 It was Mary Magdalene, and Iohanna, and Mary Iames, and the other with them, that tolde this vnto the Apostles.
11 And theyr wordes semed vnto them, as though they had bene but fables, and they beleued them not.
12 But Peter arose, and ranne to the sepulcre, and stouped in, and sawe the lynnen clothes layed by them selues, and departed. And he wondred within himself at that which had happened.
13 And beholde, two of them wente that same daye, to a towne (which was thre score furloges from Ierusalem) whose name was called Emaus.
14 And they talked together of all these thinges yt had happened.
15 And it chaunced as they were thus talkinge and reasonynge together, Iesus himself drue nye, and wente with them.
16 But their eyes were holden, that they shulde not knowe hi.
17 And he sayde vnto them: What maner of comunicacions are these that ye haue one to another as ye walke, and are sad?
18 Then answered the one, whose name was Cleophas, and sayde vnto him: Art thou onely a straunger at Ierusale, not knowinge what is come to passe there in these dayes?
19 And he sayde vnto the: What? They sayde vnto him: That of Iesus of Nazareth, which was a prophet, mightie in dede and worde, before God and all ye people,
20 how oure hye prestes and rulers delyuered him to the condemnacion of death, and crucified him.
21 But we hoped that he shulde haue delyuered Israel . And besydes all this, todaye is the thirde daye that this was done.
22 Yee & certayne wemen also of oure company which were early at the Sepulcre,
23 and founde not his body, came and tolde, that they had sene a visio of angels, which sayde he was alyue.
24 And certayne of them that were with vs, wente vnto the sepulcre, and founde it euen so as ye weme sayde, but hi founde they not.
25 And he sayde vnto the: O ye fooles and slowe of hert to beleue all that the prophetes haue spoke?
26 Ought not Christ to haue suffred these thinges, and to entre in to his glory?
27 And he beganne at Moses and at all the prophetes, and expounded vnto them all the scriptures, that were spoken of him.
28 And they drue nye vnto the towne, which they wete vnto, and he made as though he wolde haue gone farther.
29 And they compelled him, and sayde: Abyde with vs, for it draweth towardes night, and the daye is farre passed. And he wente in to tary with the.
30 And it came to passe whan he sat at the table with the, he toke the bred, gaue thankes, brake it, and gaue it them.
31 Then were their eyes opened, and they knewe him. And he vanyshed out of their sight.
32 And they sayde, betwene the selues: Dyd not oure hert burne with in vs, whan he talked with vs by the waye, whyle he opened the scriptures vnto vs?
33 And they rose vp the same houre, turned agayne to Ierusalem, and founde ye eleue gathered together, and them that were with them, which
34 sayde: The LORDE is rysen of a trueth, and hath appeared vnto Symon.
35 And they tolde the what had happened by ye waye, and how they knewe him in breakynge of the bred.
36 But whyle they were talkynge therof, Iesus himself stode in the myddes amonge the, and sayde: Peace be with you.
37 But they were abashed and afrayed, supposinge that they had sene a sprete.
38 And he saide vnto the: Why are ye abashed? & wherfore ryse there soch thoughtes in yor hertes?
39 Beholde my hades & my fete, it is euen I my self. Handle me, and se, for a sprete hath not flesh and bones, as ye se me haue.
40 And whan he had thus spoke, he shewed the his hodes and his fete.
41 But whyle they yet beleued not for ioye and wondred, he sayde vnto them: Haue ye eny thinge here to eate?
42 And they set before him a pece of a broyled fish, and an hony combe.
43 And he toke it, and ate it before the.
44 And he sayde vnto them: These are the wordes, which I spake vnto you, whyle I was yet with you. For it must all be fulfilled that was wrytten of me in the lawe of Moses, in the prophetes, & in the Psalmes.
45 The opened he their vnderstondinge, that they might vnderstonde the scriptures,
46 and sayde vnto them: Thus is it wrytte, and thus it behoued Christ to suffre, & the thirde daye to ryse agayne fro the deed,
47 and to let repentaunce and remyssion, of synnes be preached in his name amoge all nacions, and to begynne at Ierusale.
48 As for all these thinges, ye are wytnesses of the.
49 And beholde, I wil sende vpon you the promes of my father: but ye shal tary in the cite of Ierusalem, tyll ye be endewed with power from aboue.
50 But he led them out vnto Bethany , and lift vp his handes, and blessed them.
51 And it came to passe wha he blessed them, he departed from them, and was caried vp in to heauen.
52 And they worshipped him, and turned agayne to Ierusalem with greate ioye:
53 and were contynnally in ye teple, geuynge prayse and thankes vnto God. Amen.