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Chapter 1


1 In the begynnynge was the worde, and the worde was with God, and God was ye worde.
2 The same was in the begynnynge wt God.
3 All thinges were made by the same, and without the same was made nothinge that was made.
4 In him was the life, and the life was the light of men:
5 and the light shyneth in the darknesse, and the darknesse comprehended it not.
6 There was sent from God a man, whose name was Ihon.
7 The same came for a witnesse, to beare wytnesse of ye light, that thorow him they all might beleue.
8 He was not that light, but that he might beare witnesse of ye light.
9 That was the true light, which lighteth all men, that come in to this worlde.
10 He was in the worlde, & the worlde was made by him, and ye worlde knewe him not.
11 He came in to his awne, and his awne receaued him not.
12 But as many as receaued him, to them gaue he power to be the children of God: euen soch as beleue in his name.
13 Which are not borne of bloude, ner of the wyl of the flesh, ner of the wyl of man, but of God.
14 And the worde became flesh, and dwelt amonge vs: and we sawe his glory, a glory as of the onely begotte sonne of the father, full of grace and trueth.
15 Ihon bare wytnesse of him, cryed, and sayde: It was this, of whom I spake: After me shal he come, that was before me, For he was or euer I:
16 and of his fulnesse haue all we receaued grace for grace.
17 For the lawe was geuen by Moses, grace and trueth came by Iesus Christ.
18 No man hath sene God at eny tyme. The onely begotte sonne which is in the bosome of the father, he hath declared the same vnto vs.
19 And this is the recorde of Ihon, whan the Iewes sent prestes and Leuites fro Ierusalem, to axe him: Who art thou?
20 And he confessed and denyed not. And he confessed, and sayde: I am not Christ.
21 And they axed him: What the? Art thou Elias? He sayde: I am not. Art thou the Prophet? And he answered: No.
22 Then sayde they vnto him: What art thou the, yt we maye geue answere vnto the that sent vs? What sayest thou of yi self?
23 He sayde: I am ye voyce of a cryer in the wyldernesse. Make straight ye waye of the LORDE. As ye prophet Esay sayde:
24 And they that were sent, were of ye Pharises.
25 And they axed him, & sayde vnto him: Why baptysest thou then, yf thou be not Christ, ner Elias, ner a prophet?
26 Ihon answered them, and sayde: I baptyse with water, but there is one come in amonge you, whom ye knowe not.
27 It is he that cometh after me, which was before me: whose shue lachet I am not worthy to vnlowse.
28 This was done at Bethabara beyonde Iordane, where Ihon dyd baptyse.
29 The nexte daye after, Ihon sawe Iesus commynge vnto him, and sayde: Beholde the labe of God, which taketh awaye the synne of the worlde.
30 This is he, of whom I sayde vnto you: After me commeth a man, which was before me. For he was or euer I,
31 and I knewe him not: but that he shulde be declared in Israel , therfore am I come to baptyse with water.
32 And Ihon bare recorde, & sayde: I sawe the sprete descende from heauen like vnto a doue, and abode vpon him,
33 & I knewe him not. But he that sent me to baptyse with water, ye same sayde vnto me: Vpon whom thou shalt se the sprete descende and tary styll on him, the same is he, that baptyseth with the holy goost.
34 And I sawe it, and bare recorde, that this is the sonne of God.
35 The nexte daye after, Ihon stode agayne, and two of his disciples.
36 And wha he sawe Iesus walkynge, he sayde: Beholde the labe of God.
37 And two of his disciples herde him speake, and folowed Iesus.
38 And Iesus turned him aboute, and sawe them folowinge, and sayde vnto the: What seke ye? They sayde vnto him: Rabbi, (which is to saye by interpretacion, Master.) Where art thou at lodginge?
39 He sayde vnto them: Come and se it. They came and sawe it, & abode with him the same daye. It was aboute the tenth houre.
40 One of the two, which herde Ihon speake, and folowed Iesus, was Andrew the brother of Symon Peter:
41 the same founde first his brother Symon, and sayde vnto him: We haue founde Messias (which is by interpretacion, ye Anoynted)
42 and brought him to Iesus. Whan Iesus behelde him, he sayde: Thou art Symon the sonne of Ionas, thou shalt be called Cephas, which is by interpretacion, a stone.
43 The nexte daye after, wolde Iesus go agayne in to Galile, and founde Philippe, and sayde vnto him: Folowe me.
44 Philippe was of Bethsaida the cite of Andrew and Peter.
45 Philippe founde Nathanael, and sayde vnto him: We haue founde him, of who Moses in the lawe, and ye prophetes haue wrytten, euen Iesus the sonne of Ioseph of Nazareth.
46 And Nathanaell sayde vnto him: What good can come out of Nazareth ? Philippe sayde vnto him: Come, and se.
47 Iesus sawe Nathanael comynge to him, and sayde of him: Beholde, a righte Israelite, in whom is no gyle.
48 Nathanael sayde vnto him: From whence knowest thou me? Iesus answered, and sayde vnto him: Before yt Philippe called the, whan thou wast vnder the fygge tre, I sawe the.
49 Nathanaell answered, and sayde vnto hi: Rabbi, thou art ye sonne of God, thou art ye kynge of Israel .
50 Iesus answered, & sayde vnto him: Because I sayde vnto the, that I sawe the vnder the fygge tre, thou beleuest: thou shalt se yet greater thinges the these.
51 And he sayde vnto him: Verely verely I saye vnto you: Fro this tyme forth shal ye se the heauen open, and the angels of God goinge vp & downe ouer the sonne of man.

Chapter 2

1 And vpon the thirde daye there was a mariage at Cana in Galile, and the mother of Iesus was there.
2 Iesus also and his disciples was called vnto ye mariage.
3 And whan the wyne fayled, the mother of Iesus saide vnto him: They haue no wyne.
4 Iesus sayde vnto her: Woma, what haue I to do wt the? Myne houre is not yet come.
5 His mother sayde vnto ye mynisters: Whatsoeuer he sayeth vnto you, do it.
6 There were set there sixe water pottes of stone, after ye maner of the purifienge of ye Iewes, euery one coteyninge two or thre measures.
7 Iesus sayde vnto the: Fyll the water pottes with water. And they fylled the vp to ye brymme.
8 And he sayde vnto the: Drawe out now, & brynge vnto the Master of the feast. And they bare it.
9 Wha the master of ye feast had taisted ye wyne which had bene water, and knewe not whence it came (but the mynisters that drue ye water, knewe it) the Master of the feast called the brydegrome,
10 and sayde vnto him: Euery man at the first geueth the good wyne: & whan they are dronken, the that which is worse. But thou hast kepte backe the good wyne vntyll now.
11 This is the first token that Iesus dyd at Cana in Galile, and shewed his glory, and his disciples beleued on him.
12 Afterwarde wente he downe to Capernaum , he, his mother, his brethre, and his disciples, and taried not longe there.
13 And the Iewes Easter was at hande. And Iesus wete vp to Ierusalem,
14 and founde syttinge in the teple, those that solde oxen, shepe, and doues, and chaungers of money.
15 And he made a scourge of small cordes, and droue them all out of the teple with the shepe and oxen, and poured out the chaungers money, and ouerthrewe the tables,
16 and sayde vnto them that solde the doues: Haue these thinges hece, and make not my fathers house an house of marchaundyse.
17 His disciples remembred it, that is wrytten: The zele of thine house hath euen eaten me.
18 Then answered the Iewes, and sayde vnto him: What token shewest thou vnto vs, that thou mayest do these thinges?
19 Iesus answered & sayde vnto the: Breake downe this temple, and in thre dayes wil I set it vp agayne.
20 Then sayde the Iewes: Sixe and fourtye yeare was this temple abuyldinge , and wilt thou set it vp in thre dayes?
21 But he spake of ye teple of his body.
22 Now wha he was rysen agayne from the deed, his disciples remembred that he thus sayde, and they beleued the scripture, and the wordes which Iesus spake.
23 Wha he was at Ierusale at Easter in ye feast, many beleued on his name, whan they sawe ye tokes yt he dyd.
24 But Iesus comytted not himself vnto the, for he knewe the all,
25 & neded not yt eny ma shulde testifye of man, for he knewe well what was in man.

Chapter 3

1 There was a man of the Pharises, named Nicodemus a ruler amoge the Iewes.
2 The same came vnto Iesus by night, & sayde vnto hi: Master, we knowe yt thou art come a teacher fro God: for no ma can do these tokes yt thou doest, excepte God be with him.
3 Iesus answered, and sayde vnto him: Verely verely I saye vnto the: Excepte a man be borne a new, he can not se the kyngdome of God.
4 Nicodemus sayde vnto him: How can a man be borne, whan he is olde? Can he entre into his mothers wombe, and be borne agayne?
5 Iesus answered: Verely verely I saye vnto the: Excepte a ma be borne of water and of the sprete, he can not come in to ye kyngdome of God.
6 That which is borne of flesh, is flesh: & that which is borne of the sprete, is sprete.
7 Maruell not, that I sayde vnto ye: Ye must be borne of new.
8 The wynde bloweth where he wyl, and thou hearest his sounde: but thou canst not tell whece he commeth, and whither he goeth. So is euery one, that is borne of the sprete.
9 Nicodemus answered, and sayde vnto him: How maye these be?
10 Iesus answered, & sayde vnto hi: Art thou a Master in Israel , & knowest not these?
11 Verely I saye vnto ye: We speake that we knowe, and testifie that we haue sene, and ye receaue not oure wytnesse.
12 Yf ye beleue not whan I tell you of earthly thinges, how shulde ye beleue, wha I speake vnto you of heauenly thinges?
13 And no man ascendeth vp in to heauen, but he that is come downe from heaue, (namely) the sonne of man which is in heauen.
14 And like as Moses lift vp the serpent in the wyldernes, euen so must the sonne of man be lift vp,
15 that who so euer beleueth in him, shulde not perish, but haue euerlastinge life.
16 For God so loued the worlde, that he gaue his onely sonne, that who so euer beleueth in hi, shulde not perishe, but haue euerlastinge life.
17 For God sent not his sonne in to ye worlde to condempne the worlde, but that the worlde might be saued by him.
18 He that beleueth on him, shal not be codemned. But he that beleueth not, is codemned allready: because he beleueth not on the name of the onely sonne of God.
19 But this is ye codempnacion, that the light is come in to the worlde, and men loued the darknesse more the ye light: for their workes were euell.
20 Whosoeuer doth euell, hateth the light, and cometh not to the light, that his dedes shulde not be reproued.
21 But he that doth the trueth, commeth to the light, that his workes maye be knowne: for they are done in God.
22 Afterwarde came Iesus & his disciples in to the lode of Iewry, and had his beynge there with them, and baptysed
23 Ihon baptysed also in Enon besyde Salem : for there was moch water there. And they came thither, and were baptysed:
24 for Iohn was not yet put in preson.
25 Then arose there a question amonge the disciples of Ihon with the Iewes aboute the purifienge,
26 and they came vnto Ihon, and sayde vnto him: Master, he yt was with the beyonde Iordan, of whom thou barest wytnesse, beholde, he baptyseth, and euery man cometh vnto him.
27 Ihon answered and sayde: A man can receaue nothinge, excepte it be geuen him from heaue.
28 Ye youreselues are my witnesses, how that I sayde, I am not Christ, but am sent before him.
29 He that hath the bryde, is the brydegrome: but the frende of the brydegrome stondeth, and herkeneth vnto him, and reioyseth greatly ouer the voyce of the brydegrome, this same ioye of myne is now fulfilled.
30 He must increace, but I must decreace.
31 He that commeth from an hye, is aboue all. He that is of the earth, is earthly, and speaketh of the earth. He that commeth fro heauen, is aboue all,
32 and testifieth what he hath sene & herde, and no man receaueth his wytnesse.
33 But he that receaueth it, hath set to his seale, that God is true.
34 For he who God hath sent, speaketh ye wordes of God: for God geueth not the sprete (vnto him) by measure.
35 The father loueth the sonne, and hath geuen him all thinges in to his hande.
36 He that beleueth on the sonne, hath euerlastinge life: he that beleueth not the sonne, shal not se the life, but ye wrath of God abydeth vpon him.

Chapter 4

1 Now whan Iesus had knowlege, yt it was come to the eares of the Pharises, that Iesus made and baptised mo disciples the Ihon
2 (howbeit Iesus himself baptysed not, but his disciples)
3 he left the londe of Iewry, and departed agayne in to Galile.
4 But he must nedes go thorow Samaria .
5 Then came he in to a cite of Samaria , called Sichar, nye vnto ye pece of lode, yt Iacob gaue vnto Ioseph his sonne.
6 And there was Iacobs well. Now whan Iesus was weerye of his iourney, he satt hi downe so vpo the well. And it was aboute the sixte houre.
7 Then came there a woman of Samaria to drawe water. Iesus sayde vnto her: Geue me drynke.
8 (For his disciples were gone their waye in to ye cite, to bye meate.)
9 So the woman of Samaria sayde vnto him: How is it that thou axest drynke of me, seynge thou art a Iewe, and I a woman of Samaria ? For the Iewes medle not with the Samaritans.
10 Iesus answered, and sayde vnto her: Yf thou knewest the gift of God, and who it is that sayeth vnto the, geue me drynke, thou woldest axe of him, and he wolde geue the, the water of life.
11 The woman sayde vnto him: Syr, thou hast nothinge to drawe withall, and the well is depe, from whence hast thou then that water of life?
12 Art thou greater then oure father Iacob, which gaue vs this well? And he himself dranke therof, and his children, and his catell.
13 Iesus answered, and sayde vnto her: Who so euer drynketh of this water, shal thyrst agayne:
14 But whosoeuer shal drynke of the water that I shal geue him, shal neuer be more a thyrst: but the water that I shal geue him, shalbe in him a well of water, which spryngeth vp in to euerlastinge life.
15 The woman sayde vnto him: Syr, geue me that same water, that I thyrst not, nether nede to come hither to drawe.
16 Iesus sayde vnto her: Go, call they hussbande, and come hither.
17 The woman answered, and sayde vnto him: I haue no hussbande.
18 Iesus sayde vnto her: Thou hast sayde well, I haue no hussbande: for thou hast had fyue hussbandes, and he whom thou hast now, is not thine hussbande: there saydest thou right.
19 The woma sayde vnto him: Syr, I se, that thou art a prophet.
20 Oure fathers worshipped vpon this mountayne, and ye saye, that at Ierusalem is the place, where men ought to worshippe.
21 Iesus sayde vnto her: Woman, beleue me, the tyme commeth, that ye shal nether vpon this mountayne ner at Ierusalem worshippe the father.
22 Ye wote not what ye worshippe, but we knowe what ye worshippe, for Saluacion commeth of the Iewes.
23 But the tyme commeth, and is now allready, that the true worshippers shal worshippe the father in sprete and in the trueth: For the father wil haue soch so to worshippe him.
24 God is a sprete, and they that worshippe him, must worshippe in sprete and in the trueth.
25 The woma sayde vnto him: I wote that Messias shal come, which is called Christ. Whan he commeth, he shal tell vs all thinges.
26 Iesus sayde vnto her: I that speake vnto the, am he.
27 And in the meane season came his disciples, and they marueyled that he talked with the woman. Yet sayde no man: What axest thou, or what talkest thou with her?
28 Then the woman let hir pot stonde, and wente in to the cite, and sayde vnto the people:
29 Come, se a man, which hath tolde me all that euer I dyd, Is not he Christ?
30 Then wente they out of the cite, and came vnto him:
31 In the meane whyle his disciples prayed him, and sayde: Master, eate.
32 But he sayde vnto them: I haue meate to eate, that ye knowe not of
33 Then sayde the disciples amoge them selues: Hath eny man brought him meate?
34 Iesus sayde vnto the: My meate is this, that I do the wyll of him that sent me, and to fynish his worke.
35 Saye not ye youre selues: There are yet foure monethes, and then commeth the haruest? Beholde, I saye vnto you: lift vp youre eyes, and loke vpon the felde, for it is whyte allready vnto the haruest.
36 And he that reapeth, receaueth rewarde, and gathereth frute to euerlastinge life, that both he that soweth and he that reapeth, maye reioyse together.
37 For herin is the prouerbe true: One soweth, another reapeth.
38 I haue sent you to reape that, wheron ye bestowed no laboure. Other haue laboured, and ye are come in to their laboures.
39 Many Samaritans of the same cite beleued on him, for the sayenge of the woman, which testified: He hath tolde me all that euer I dyd.
40 Now whan the Samaritans came to him, they besought him, that he wolde tary with them. And he abode there two dayes,
41 and many mo beleued because of his worde,
42 and sayde vnto the woman: We beleue now hence forth, not because of thy sayenge, we haue herde him oureselues, and knowe, that this of a trueth is Christ the Sauioure of the worlde.
43 After two dayes he departed thence, and wente in to Galile.
44 For Iesus himself testified, that a prophet is nothinge set by at home.
45 Now wha he came in to Galile, the Galileas receaued him, which had sene all that he dyd at Ierusalem in the feast: for they also were come thither in the feast.
46 And Iesus came agayne vnto Cana in Galile, where he turned the water vnto wyne. And there was a certayne ruler, whose sonne laye sicke at Capernaum .
47 This herde that Iesus came out of Iewry in to Galile, and wente vnto him, and besought him, that he wolde come downe, and helpe his sonne, for he laye deed sicke.
48 And Iesus sayde vnto him: Excepte ye se tokens and wonders, ye beleue not.
49 The ruler sayde vnto him: Come downe Syr, or euer my childe dye.
50 Iesus sayde vnto him: Go thy waye, thy sonne lyueth. The man beleued the worde, that Iesus sayde vnto him, and wente his waye.
51 And as he was goinge downe, his seruauntes mett him, and tolde him, and sayde: Thy childe lyueth.
52 Then enquyred he of them the houre, wherin he beganne to amende. And they sayde vnto him: Yesterdaye aboute the seueth houre the feuer left him.
53 Then the father perceaued, that it was aboute the same houre, wherin Iesus sayde vnto him: Thy sonne lyueth. And he beleued with his whole house.
54 This is now the seconde token that Iesus dyd, whan he came from Iewry in to Galile.

Chapter 5

1 Afterwarde, there was a feast of the Iewes, and Iesus wente vpto Ierusalem.
2 There is at Ierusalem by the slaughter house a pole, which in Hebrue is called Bethseda, & hath fyue porches,
3 wherin laye many sicke, blynde, lame, wythred, which wayted, whan the water shulde moue.
4 For the angell wente downe at his tyme in to the pole, and stered the water. Who so euer now wente downe first, after that the water was stered, ye same was made whole, what soeuer disease he had.
5 And there was a man, which had lyen sicke eight and thirtie yeares.
6 Whan Iesus sawe him lye, & knewe that he had lyen so longe, he saide vnto him: Wilt thou be made whole?
7 The sicke answered him: Syr, I haue no man, whan the water is moued, to put me in to the pole. And whan I come, another steppeth downe in before me.
8 Iesus sayde vnto him: Aryse, take vp thy bed, and go thy waye.
9 And immediatly the man was made whole, and toke vp his bed and wente his waye. But vpon the same daye it was the Sabbath.
10 Then sayde the Iewes vnto him that was made whole: To daye is ye Sabbath, it is not laufull for the to cary the bed.
11 He answered them: He that made me whole, sayde vnto me: Take vp thy bed, and go yi waye.
12 Then axed they him: What man is that, which sayde vnto the: Take vp thy bed, and go yi waye?
13 But he that was healed, wyst not who he was: for Iesus had gotte him self awaye, because there was moch people.
14 Afterwarde founde Iesus him in the teple, and sayde vnto him: Beholde, thou art made whole, synne no more, lest a worse thinge happen vnto the.
15 The ma departed, and tolde the Iewes, that it was Iesus, which had made hi whole.
16 Therfore dyd ye Iewes persecute Iesus, and sought to slaye him, because he had done this vpo ye Sabbath.
17 But Iesus answered them: My father worketh hither to, and I worke also.
18 Therfore sought the Iewes the more to slaye hi: because he brake not onely ye Sabbath, but saide also, that God was his father, and made him self equall with God.
19 The answered Iesus, and sayde vnto them: Verely verely I saye vnto you: The sonne can do nothinge of himself, but that he seyth the father do. For what soeuer he doeth, that doeth ye sonne also.
20 The father loueth the sonne, & sheweth him all that he doth, and wyll shewe him yet greater workes, so that ye shal marueyle.
21 For as the father rayseth vp the deed, and maketh them lyue, eue so the sonne also maketh lyuynge whom he wyll.
22 For the father iudgeth no man, but hath geuen all iudgmet vnto the sonne,
23 that they all might honoure the sonne, euen as they honoure ye father. Who so honoureth not the sonne, the same honoureth not the father, which hath sent him.
24 Verely verely I saye vnto you: Who so heareth my worde, and beleueth him that sent me, hath euerlastinge life, and cometh not in to damnacion, but is passed thorow from death vnto life.
25 Verely verely I saye vnto you: The houre cometh, & is now allready, yt the deed shal heare ye voyce of ye sonne of God: and they that heare it, shal lyue.
26 For as the father hath life in him self, so likewyse hath he geuen vnto the sonne, to haue life in himself:
27 & hath geue hi power also to execute iudgmet because he is the sonne of ma.
28 Maruayle not ye at this: for ye houre cometh, in ye which all that are in ye graues, shal heare his voyce,
29 and shal go forth, they that haue done good, vnto the resurreccion of life: but they that haue done euell, vnto the resurreccion of damnacion.
30 I can do nothinge of my self. As I heare, so I iudge: & my iudgmet is iust. For I seke not myne owne wyll, but the wyll of the father which hath sent me.
31 Yf I beare wytnesse of my self, my wytnesse is not true.
32 There is another that beareth wytnesse of me, and I am sure, that the wytnesse which he beareth of me, is true.
33 Ye sent vnto Ihon, and he bare wytnes of the trueth.
34 As for me, I take no recorde of ma, but these thinges I saye, that ye might be saued.
:35 He was a burnynge and shyninge light, but ye wolde haue reioysed a litle whyle in his light.
36 Neuertheles I haue a greater wytnesse then the wytnesse of Ihon. For the workes which the father hath geue me to fynish, the same workes which I do, beare wytnesse of me, that the father hath sent me.
:37 And ye father him self which hath sent me, beareth wytnesse of me. Ye haue nether herde his voyce at eny tyme, ner sene his shappe:
38 and his worde haue ye not abydinge in you, for ye beleue not him, whom he hath sent.
39 Searche the scripture, for ye thinke ye haue euerlastinge life therin: and the same is it that testifyeth of me,
40 and ye wil not come vnto me, that ye might haue life.
41 I receaue not prayse of men.
42 But I knowe you, that ye haue not the loue of God in you.
43 I am come in my fathers name, and ye receaue me not. Yf another shal come in his awne name, him wil ye receaue.
44 How can ye beleue which receaue prayse one of another, and seke not the prayse, that is of God onely?
45 Ye shall not thynke that I wyll accuse you before ye father: there is one yt accuseth you, euen Moses, in who ye trust.
46 Yf ye beleued Moses, ye shulde beleue me also: For he hath wrytte of me.
47 But yf ye beleue not his wrytinges, how shal ye beleue my wordes?

Chapter 6

1 After this wente Iesus ouer the see vnto the cite Tiberias in Galilee .
2 And moch people folowed him, because they sawe the tokens that he dyd vpon the which were diseased.
3 But Iesus wete vp in to a mountayne, and there he sat with his disciples.
4 And Easter ye feast of the Iewes was nye.
5 Then Iesus lift vp his eyes, and sawe yt there came moch people vnto him, and he sayde vnto Philippe: Whence shal we bye bred, yt these maye eate?
6 But this he sayde to proue him, for he himself knewe, what he wolde do.
7 Philippe answered him: Two hundreth peny worth of bred is not ynough amonge the, yt euery one maye take a litle.
8 The sayde vnto hi one of his disciples, Andrew ye brother of Symo Peter:
9 There is a lad here, yt hath fyue barlye loaues, and two fishes, but what is that amoge so many?
10 Iesus sayde: Make the people syt downe. There was moch grasse in the place. Then they sat the downe, aboute a fyue thousande men.
11 Iesus toke the loaues, thanked, and gaue them to the disciples: the disciples (gaue) to them that were set downe. Likewyse also of the fishes as moch as they wolde.
12 Whan they were fylled, he sayde vnto his disciples: Gather vp the broken meate that remayneth, that nothinge be lost.
13 The they gathered, and fylled twolue baskettes with the broke meate, that remayned of the fyue barlye loaues, vnto them which had eaten.
14 Now whan the men sawe the token yt Iesus dyd, they saide: This is of a trueth the Prophet, yt shulde come into the worlde.
15 Whan Iesus now perceaued that they wolde come, and take him vp, to make him kynge, he gat him awaye agayne in to a mountayne himself alone.
16 At euen wente his disciples downe to ye see,
17 and entred in to the shippe, and came to the other syde of ye see vnto Capernau. And it was darcke allready. And Iesus was not come to the.
18 And ye see arose thorow a greate wynde.
19 Now whan they had rowed vpo a fyue and twetie or thirtie furlonges, they sawe Iesus goinge vpon the see, and came nye to the shippe. And they were afrayed.
20 But he sayde vnto them: It is I, be not afrayed.
21 Then wolde they haue receaued him in to ye shippe. And immediatly ye shippe was at the londe whither they wente.
22 The nexte daye after, the people which stode on the other syde of the see, sawe that there was none other shippe there saue that one, wherin to his disciples were entred: and that Iesus wete not in with his disciples in to the shippe, but yt his disciples were gone awaie alone.
23 Howbeit there came other shippes from Tiberias, nye vnto ye place where they had eate the bred, after yt the LORDE had geuen thankes.
24 Now whan the people sawe that Iesus was not there, nether his disciples, they toke shippe also, and came to Capernaum , and sought Iesus.
25 And whan they founde him on the other syde of the see, they sayde vnto him: Master, whan camest thou hither?
26 Iesus answered the, & sayde: Verely verely I saye vnto you: Ye seke me not because ye sawe ye tokes, but because ye ate of the loaues, and were fylled.
27 Laboure not for the meate which perisheth but yt endureth vnto euerlastinge life, which the sonne of ma shal geue you: For him hath God the father sealed.
28 The sayde they vnto him: What shal we do, that we maye worke ye workes of God?
29 Iesus answered, and sayde vnto the: This is the worke of God, that ye beleue on him, whom he hath sent.
30 Then sayde they vnto him: What token doest thou the, that we maye se and beleue ye? What workest thou?
31 Oure fathers ate Mana in the wyldernesse, as it is wrytte: He gaue the bred fro heauen to eate.
32 Then sayde Iesus vnto the: Verely verely I saye vnto you: Moses gaue you not bred from heaue, but my father geueth you the true bred from heauen:
33 For this is that bred of God, which commeth from heauen, and geueth life vnto the worlde.
34 The sayde they vnto him: Syr, geue vs allwaye soch bred.
35 But Iesus sayde vnto the: I am yt bred of life. He that cometh vnto me, shal not huger: & he that beleueth on me, shal neuer thyrst.
36 But I haue sayde vnto you, yt ye haue sene me, and yet ye beleue not.
37 All that my father geueth me, cometh vnto me: and who so cometh vnto me, him wyl not I cast out:
38 for I am come downe from heaue, not to do myne awne wyll, but the wyll of him that hath sent me.
39 This is ye will of the father, which hath sent me, that of all that he hath geue me, I shulde lose nothinge, but shulde rayse it vp agayne at the last daye.
40 This is the wyl of him which hath sent me, that, who soeuer seyth the sonne and beleueth on him, haue euerlastinge life, and I shal rayse him vp at the last daye.
41 The murmured the Iewes ther ouer, that he sayde: I am yt bred which is come downe from heaue,
42 and they sayde: Is not this Iesus, Iosephs sonne, whose father and mother we knowe? How sayeth he then, I am come downe from heauen?
43 Iesus answered, and sayde vnto them: Murmur not amonge youre selues.
44 No man can come vnto me, excepte the father which hath sent me, drawe him. And I shal rayse him vp at the last daye.
45 It is wrytten in the prophetes: They shal all be taught of God. Who so euer now heareth it of the father, and lerneth it, commeth vnto me.
46 Not that eny man hath sene the father, saue he which is of the father, the same hath sene the father.
47 Verely verely I saye vnto you: He that beleueth on me, hath euerlastinge life.
48 I am that bred of life.
49 Youre fathers ate Manna in the wyldernes, and are deed.
50 This is that bred which commeth from heauen, that who so eateth therof, shulde not dye.
51 I am that lyuynge bred, which came downe fro heauen: Who so eateth of this bred, shal lyue for euer. And the bred that I wil geue, is my flesh which I wil geue for ye life of the worlde.
52 Then stroue the Iewes amonge them selues, and sayde: How ca this folowe geue vs his flesh to eate?
53 Iesus sayde vnto the: Verely verely I saye vnto you: Excepte ye eate ye flesh of ye sonne of man and drynke his bloude, ye haue no life in you.
54 Who so eateth my flesh, and drynketh my bloude, hath euerlastinge life: and I shal rayse him vp at the last daye.
55 For my flesh is ye very meate, and my bloude is ye very drynke.
56 Who so eateth my flesh, and drynketh my bloude, abydeth in me, and I in him.
57 As the lyuynge father hath sent me, and I lyue for the fathers sake: Euen so he that eateth me, shall lyue for my sake.
58 This is ye bred which is come fro heauen: Not as youre fathers ate Manna, and are deed. He that eateth of this bred, shal lyue for euer.
59 These thinges sayde he in the synagoge, wha he taught at Capernaum .
60 Many now of his disciples that herde this, sayde: This is an harde sayenge, who maye abyde the hearynge of it?
61 But whan Iesus perceaued in hi self, that his discipes murmured ther at he sayde vnto them: Doth this offende you?
62 What and yf ye shal se the sonne of man ascende vp thither, where he was afore?
63 It is ye sprete that quyckeneth, ye flesh profiteth nothinge. The wordes that I speake, are sprete, and are life.
64 But there are some amoge you, that beleue not. For Iesus knewe well from the begynnynge, which they were that beleued not, and who shulde betraye him.
65 And he sayde: Therfore haue I sayde vnto you: No man can come vnto me, excepte it be geuen him of my father.
66 From that tyme forth, many of his disciples wente backe, and walked nomore with him.
67 Then sayde Iesus vnto the twolue: Wyll ye also go awaye?
68 Then answered Simon Peter: LORDE, Whither shal we go? Thou hast the wordes of euerlastinge life:
69 and we haue beleued & knowne, that thou art Christ the sonne of the lyuynge God.
70 Iesus answered them. Haue I not chosen you twolue, and one of you is a deuell?
71 But he spake of Iudas Symon Iscarioth: the same betrayed him afterwarde, and was one of the twolue.

Chapter 7

1 After that wente Iesus aboute in Galile, for he wolde not go aboute in Iewry, because the Iewes sought to kyll him.
2 But the Iewes feast of Tabernacles was at hande.
3 Then sayde his brethren vnto him: Get the hece, and go into Iewry, that thy disciples also maye se thy workes, that thou doest.
4 He that seketh to be openly knowne, doth nothinge in secrete. Yf thou do soch thinges, the shewe yi self before the worlde:
5 For his awne brethren also beleued not in him.
6 Then sayde Iesus vnto them: My tyme is not yet come, but youre tyme is allwaye ready.
7 The worlde can not hate you, but me it hateth: because I testifye of it, that the workes of it are euell.
8 Go ye vp vnto this feast, I wyll not go vp yet vnto this feast, for my tyme is not yet fulfylled.
9 Whan he sayde this vnto them, he abode styll in Galile.
10 But as soone as his brethren were gone vp, then wente he vp also vnto the feast, not openly, but as it were secretly.
11 Then sought him ye Iewes at ye feast, and sayde: Where is he?
12 And there was a greate murmur of him amonge the people. Some sayde: He is good. But other sayde: No, he doth but disceaue the people.
13 Howbeit no man spake frely of him, for feare of the Iewes.
14 But in the myddes of the feast wete Iesus vp in to the temple, and taught.
15 And the Iewes marueyled and sayde: How can he ye scrypture, seynge he hath not lerned it?
16 Iesus answered them, and sayde: My doctryne is not myne, but his that hath sent me.
17 Yf eny man wyl do his will, he shal knowe, whether this doctryne be of God, or whether I speake of my self.
18 He that speaketh of himself, seketh his awne prayse: but he that seketh the prayse of him that sent him, the same is true, & there is no vnrighteousnes in him.
19 Hath not Moses geuen you the lawe? and none of you kepeth the lawe? Why go ye aboute to kyll me?
20 The people answered, and sayde: Thou hast the deuell, who goeth aboute to kyll the?
21 Iesus answered and sayde: One worke haue I done, and ye all maruayle.
22 Moses gaue you the circumcision, (not because it commeth of Moses, but of ye fathers:) Yet do ye circumcyse a man vpon the Sabbath.
23 Yf a man receaue circucision vpon the Sabbath, that the lawe of Moses shulde not be broken, dissdayne ye then at me, because I haue made a ma euery whyt whole on the Sabbath?
24 Iudge not after the vtter appearauce, but iudge righteous iudgment.
25 Then sayde some of them of Ierusalem: Is not this he, who they go aboute to kyll?
26 And beholde, he speaketh boldely, and they saye nothinge to him. Do oure rulers knowe in dede, that he is very Christ?
27 Howbeyt we knowe, whence this is. But wha Christ commeth, no man shal knowe whence he is.
28 Then cryed Iesus in the temple as he taught, and sayde: Yee ye knowe me, and whence I am ye knowe, and of my self am I not come, but he yt sent me, is true, whom ye knowe not.
29 But I knowe him, for I am of him, and he hath sent me.
30 Then sought they to take him, but no mam layed handes vpon him, for his houre was not yet come.
31 But many of the people beleued on him, and sayde: Whan Christ commeth, shall he do mo tokens, then this doth?
32 And it came to the Pharises eares, that ye people murmured soch thinges of him. And the Pharises and hye prestes sent out seruauntes, to take him.
33 Then sayde Iesus vnto them: I am yet a litle whyle with you and then go I vnto him that hath sent me.
34 Ye shal seke me, & not fynde me: and where I am, thither can ye not come.
35 Then sayde the Iewes amonge them selues: Whyther wil he go, that we shal not fynde him? Wyl he go amoge the Grekes that are scatred abrode, and teach the Grekes?
36 What maner of sayenge is this, that he sayeth: ye shal seke me, and not fynde me: and where I am, thither can not ye come?
37 But in the last daye which was ye most solempne daye of the feast, Iesus stode vp, cried, and sayde: Who so thyrsteth, let him come vnto me, and drynke.
38 He that beleueth on me, as the scripture sayeth, out of his body shal flowe ryuers of the water of life.
39 (But this spake he of the sprete, which they that beleue on him, shulde receaue. For the holy goost was not yet there, because Iesus was not yet glorifyed.)
40 Many of the people now whan they herde this sayenge, sayde: This is a very prophet.
41 Other sayde: He is Christ. But some sayde: Shal Christ come out of Galile?
42 Sayeth not the scripture, that Christ shal come of the sede of Dauid, and out of the towne of Bethleem, where Dauid was?
43 Thus was there discencion amonge the people for his sake.
44 Some of them wolde haue taken him, but no man layed handes on him.
45 The seruauntes came to the hye prestes and pharises, and they sayde vnto them: Why haue ye not brought him?
46 The seruauntes answered: Neuer ma spake as this man doth.
47 Then answered them the pharises: Are ye also disceaued?
48 Doth eny of the rulers or pharises beleue on him?
49 But the comon people which knowe not the lawe, are cursed.
50 Nicodemus sayde vnto them, he that came to him by night, which was one of them:
51 Doth oure lawe iudge eny man, before it heare him, and knowe what he hath done?
52 They answered and sayde vnto him? Art thou a Galilean also? Searche and loke, out of Galile aryseth no prophet.
53 And so euery man wente home.

Chapter 8

1 Iesus wente vnto mount Oliuete ,
2 and early in the mornynge came he agayne in to the temple, and all the people came vnto him. And he sat downe, and taught them.
3 And ye scrybes and Pharises brought vnto him a woman taken in aduoutrye, and set her there openly,
4 and sayde vnto him: Master, this woman was taken in aduoutrye, eue as the dede was adoynge.
5 Moses in the lawe commaunded vs to stone soch. What sayest thou?
6 This they sayde, to tempte him, that they might haue wherof to accuse him. But Iesus stouped downe, and wrote with his fynger vpo the grounde.
7 Now whyle they contynued axynge him, he lift him self vp, and sayde vnto them: He that is amonge you without synne, let him cast the first stone at her.
8 And he stouped downe agayne, and wrote vpon the grounde.
9 But whan they herde that, they wente out, one after another: the eldest first, and left Iesus alone, and the woman stondinge before him.
10 Iesus lift himself vp, and whan be sawe no man but the woman, he sayde vnto her: Woman, where are thine accusers? Hath noman condempned the?
11 She sayde: LORDE, no man. Iesus sayde: Nether do I codempne the, Go thy waye, and synne nomore.
12 Then spake Iesus agayne vnto them, and sayde: I am the light of the worlde. He that foloweth me, shal not walke in darknesse, but shal haue the light of life.
13 Then sayde the Pharises vnto him: Thou bearest recorde of thy self, thy recorde is not true.
14 Iesus answered, and sayde vnto them: Though I beare recorde of my self, yet my recorde is true: for I knowe whence I came, and whither I go: but ye can not tell whence I come, and whither I go.
15 Ye iudge after the flesh, I iudge no man:
16 but yf I iudge, my iudgment is true: for I am not alone, but I and the father that hath sent me.
17 It is wrytten also in youre lawe, that the testimony of two men is true.
18 I am one that beare wytnesse of my self: And the father that sent me, beareth wytnes of me also.
19 Then sayde they vnto him: Where is thy father? Iesus answered: Ye nether knowe me ner yet my father. Yf ye knewe me, ye shulde knowe my father also.
20 These wordes spake Iesus vpon the Godschest, as he taught in the teple. And noman toke him, for his houre was not yet come.
21 Then sayde Iesus agayne vnto them: I go my waye, and ye shal seke me, and shal dye in youre synnes: whither I go, thither can not ye come.
22 Then sayde ye Iewes: Wyl he kyll him self then, that he sayeth: whither I go, thither can not ye come?
23 And he sayde vnto them: Ye are from beneth, I am from aboue: Ye are of this worlde, I am not of this worlde.
24 Therfore haue I sayde vnto you, that ye shal dye in youre synnes. For yf ye beleue not that I am he, ye shal dye in youre synnes.
25 Then sayde they vnto him: Who art thou then? And Iesus sayde vnto the: Eue the very same thinge that I saye vnto you.
26 I haue many thinges to saye and to iudge of you. But he that sent me, is true: and loke what I haue herde of him, that speake I before the worlde,
27 Howbeit they vnderstode not, that he spake of the father.
28 Then sayde Iesus vnto them: Whan ye haue lift vp an hye the sonne of man, then shal ye knowe that I am he, and that I do nothinge of my self: but as my father hath taught me, euen so I speake.
29 And he that sent me, is with me. The father leaueth me not alone, for I do alwaie that pleaseth him.
30 Whan he thus spake, many beleued on him. Then sayde Iesus vnto the Iewes, that beleued on him:
31 Yf ye contynue in my worde, then are ye my very disciples,
32 and ye shall knowe the trueth, and the trueth shal make you fre.
33 Then answered they him: We are Abrahams sede, we were neuer bonde to eny man, how sayest thou then: Ye shal be fre?
34 Iesus answered them, and sayde: Verely verely I saye vnto you: Who so euer doth synne,
35 is the seruaunt of synne: As for the seruaunt, he abydeth not in the house for euer,
36 but the sonne abydeth euer. Yf the sonne therfore make you fre, then are ye fre in dede.
37 I knowe that ye are Abrahams sede, but ye seke to kyll me. For my worde taketh not amonge you.
38 I speake that I haue sene of my father, & ye do that ye haue sene of youre father.
39 They answered, and sayde vnto him: Abraham is oure father. Iesus sayde vnto them: Yf ye were Abrahams children, ye wolde do the dedes of Abraham.
40 But now ye go aboute to kyll me, a man, that haue tolde you the trueth, which I haue herde of God, this dyd not Abraham.
41 Ye do the dedes of youre father. Then sayde they vnto him: We are not borne of fornicacion, we haue one father, euen God.
42 Iesus sayde vnto them: Yf God were youre father, then wolde ye loue me. For I am proceaded forth, and come from God. For I am not come of my self, but he hath sent me.
43 Why knowe ye not the my speach? Eue because ye can not abyde the hearinge of my worde.
44 Ye are of the father the deuell, and after the lustes of youre father wyl ye do. The same was a murthurer from the begynnynge, and abode not in the trueth: for the trueth is not in him. Whan he speaketh a lye, then speaketh he of his awne: for he is a lyar, and a father of the same.
45 But because I saye the trueth, ye beleue me not.
46 Which of you can rebuke me of one synne? Yf I saye the trueth, why do ye not beleue me?
47 He that is of God, heareth Gods worde. Therfore heare ye not, because ye are not of God.
48 Then answered the Iewes, and sayde vnto him: Saye we not right, that thou art a Samaritane, and hast the deuell?
49 Iesus answered: I haue no deuell, but I honoure my father, and ye haue dishonoured me.
50 I seke not myne awne prayse, but there is one that seketh it, and iudgeth.
51 Verely verely I saye vnto you: Yf eny man kepe my worde, he shal neuer se death.
52 Then sayde the Iewes vnto him: Now knowe me, that thou hast the deuell. Abraham is deed and the prophetes, and thou sayest: Yf eny ma kepe my worde, he shal neuer taist of death.
53 Art thou greater then oure father Abraham? which is deed, and the prophetes are deed? Who makest thou thy self?
54 Iesus answered: Yf I prayse myself, then is my prayse nothinge. But it is my father that prayseth me, which ye saye is youre God,
55 and ye knowe hi not: but I knowe him. And yf I shulde saye, I knowe him not, I shulde be a lyar, like vnto you. But I knowe him, and kepe his worde.
56 Abraham youre father was glad, that he shulde se my daye, And he sawe it, and reioysed.
57 Then sayde the Iewes vnto him: Thou art not yet fiftie yeare olde, and hast thou sene Abraham?
58 Iesus sayde vnto the: Verely verely I saye vnto you: Or euer Abraham was, I am.
59 Then toke they vp stones, to cast at him. But Iesus hyd himself, and wente out of the temple.

Chapter 9

1 And Iesus passed by, and sawe a man that was borne blynde.
2 And his disciples axed him, & sayde: Master, Who hath synned? this, or his elders, that he was borne blynde?
3 Iesus answered: Nether hath this synned, ner his elders, but that ye workes of God shulde be shewed on him.
4 I must worke the workes of him that hath sent me, whyle it is daye. The night commeth, whan no man can worke.
5 As longe as I am in the worlde, I am the light of the worlde.
6 Whan he had thus sayde, he spat on the grounde, and made claye of the spetle, and rubbed the claye on the eyes of the blynde,
7 and sayde vnto him: Go thy waye to the pole of Syloha (which is interpretated, sent) and wash the. Then wete he his waye and wasshed him, and came seynge.
8 The neghbours and they that had sene him before, that he was a begger, sayde: Is not this he that sat, and begged?
9 Some sayde: It is he. Other sayde: he is like him. But he himself sayde: I am euen he.
10 Then sayde they vnto him: How are thine eyes opened?
11 He answered, and sayde: The ma that is called Iesus, made claye, and anoynted myne eyes, and sayde: Go thy waye to the pole of Siloha, and wash the. I wente my waye, & washed me, and receaued my sight.
12 Then sayde they vnto him: Where is he? He sayde: I can not tell.
13 Then brought they vnto the pharises, him that a litle before was blynde
14 It was the Sabbath, whan Iesus made the claye, and opened his eyes.
15 Then agayne the Pharises also axed him, how he had receaued his sight. He sayde vnto the: He put claye vpon myne eyes, and I wasshed me, & now I se.
16 Then sayde some of the pharises: This man is not of God, seynge he kepeth not ye Sabbath. But the other sayde: How can a synfull man do soch tokens? And there was a stryfe amonge the.
17 They sayde agayne vnto ye blynde: What sayest thou of him, that he hath opened thine eyes? He sayde: he is a prophet.
18 The Iewes beleued not hi, that he was blynde, and had receaued his sight, tyll they called the elders of him, that had receaued his sight,
19 and they axed them, and sayde: Is this youre sonne, whom ye saye, was borne blynde? How doth he now se then?
20 His elders answered them, and sayde: We knowe, that this is oure sonne, and that he was borne blynde.
21 But how he now seyeth, we can not tell: or who hath opened his eyes, can we not tell. He is olde ynough himself, axe him, let him speake for him self.
22 This sayde his elders, because they feared the Iewes. For the Iewes had conspyred allready, that yf eny man dyd confesse that he was Christ, the same shulde be excomunicate.
23 Therfore sayde his elders: He is olde ynough, axe him.
24 Then called they the ma agayne yt was blynde, and sayde vnto him: Geue God ye prayse, we knowe that this man is a synner.
25 He answered, & sayde: Whether he be a synner or no, I can not tell: one thinge am I sure off, that I was blynde, and now I se.
26 The sayde they vnto him agayne: What dyd he vnto the? How opened he thine eyes?
27 He answered them: I tolde you right now. Herde ye it not? What, wil ye heare it agayne? Will ye also be his disciples?
28 Then rayted they him, and sayde: Thou art his disciple.
29 We are sure that God spake wt Moses: As for this felowe, we know not whece he is.
30 The man answered, and sayde vnto the: This is a maruelous thinge, that ye wote not whence he is, and he hath opened mine eyes.
31 For we knowe that God heareth not ye sinners: but yf eny ma be a fearer of God, and doth his will, him heareth he.
32 Sens ye worlde beganne was it not herde, that eny man opened the eyes of one that was borne blynde.
33 Yf this man were not of God, he coulde haue done nothinge.
34 They answered, and sayde vnto him: Thou art alltogether borne in synne, and teachest thou vs? And they thrust him out.
35 Iesus herde, yt they had thrust him out, and wha he had founde him, he sayde vnto him: Beleuest thou on the sonne of God?
36 He answered, and sayde: LORDE, who is it, yt I might beleue on him?
37 Iesus sayde vnto him: Thou hast sene him, and he it is, that talketh with the.
38 He sayde: LORDE, I beleue. And he worshipped him.
39 And Iesus sayde: I am come to iudgmet in to this worlde, that they which se not, might se: and that they which se, might be made blynde.
40 And some of the Pharises yt were with him, herde this, and sayde vnto him: Are we then blynde also?
41 Iesus sayde vnto the: Yf ye were blynde, ye shulde haue no synne. But now that ye saye, we se, therfore youre sonne remayneth.

Chapter 10

1 Verely verely I saye vnto you: He yt entreth not in at the dore in to the shepefolde, but clymmeth vp some other waye, the same is a thefe & a murthurer.
2 But he that goeth in at the dore, is the shepherde of the shepe:
3 to him ye porter openeth, and the shepe heare his voyce, and he calleth his awne shepe by name, and ledeth them out.
4 And whan he hath sent forth his awne shepe, he goeth before them, and the shepe folowe him: for they knowe his voyce.
5 As for a straunger, they folowe him not, but flye from him: for they knowe not the voyce of straungers.
6 This prouerbe spake Iesus vnto them, but they vnderstode not what it was, that he sayde vnto them.
7 Then sayde Iesus vnto them agayne: Verely verely I saye vnto you: I am the dore of the shepe.
8 All they that are come before me, are theues and murthures. But ye shepe harkened not vnto them.
9 I am the dore. Yf eny man entre in by me, he shalbe saued, and shal go in and out, and fynde pasture,
10 A thefe cometh not, but for to steale, kyll, and destroye. I am come, yt they might haue life, and haue it more abundauntly.
11 I am a good shepherde. A good shepherde geueth his life for the shepe.
12 But an hyred seruaunt, which is not the shepherde, nether the shepe are his awne, seyth ye wolfe comynge, and leaueth ye shepe, and flyeth. And the wolfe catcheth & scatereth ye shepe.
13 But the hyred seruaut flyeth, because he is an hyred seruaunte, and careth not for the shepe.
14 I am a good sheperde, and knowe myne, and am knowne of myne.
15 Eue as my father knoweth me, and I knowe ye father. And I geue my life for my shepe.
16 And I haue yet other shepe, which are not of this folde, and those same must I brynge also, and they shal heare my voyce, and there shalbe one flocke and one shepherde.
17 Therfore doth my father loue me, because I leaue my life, that I maye take it agayue.
18 Noma taketh it fro me, but I leaue it of myself. I haue power to leaue it, and haue power to take it agayne. This commaundement haue I receaued of my father.
19 Then was there discension amoge the Iewes for these sayenges.
20 Many of the sayde: He hath the deuell, and is madd, why heare ye him?
21 Other sayde: These are not wordes of one that is possessed. Can the deuell also open ye eyes of the blynde?
22 It was the dedicacion of the teple at Ierusale, & was wynter,
23 and Iesus walked in Salomos porche.
24 The came ye Iewes rounde aboute hi, & saide vnto hi: How loge dost thou make vs doute? Yf thou be Christ, tell vs planely.
25 Iesus answered the: I tolde you, & ye beleue not. The workes yt I do in my fathers name, they beare wytnesse of me.
26 But ye beleue not, because ye are not of my shepe as I sayde vnto you.
27 My shepe heare my voyce, & I knowe the, & they folowe me.
28 And I geue the euerlastinge life, & they shal neuer perishe, and noma shal plucke the out of my hande.
29 My father which gaue the me, is greater the all: & noman is able to plucke them out of my fathers hande.
30 I and the father are one.
31 Then the Iewes toke vp stones agayne, to stone him.
32 Iesus answered the: Many good workes haue I shewed you fro my father, for which of the stone ye me?
33 The Iewes answered hi, and sayde: For the good worke sake we stone the not, but for the blasphemy: and because yt thou beynge a man, makest thyself God.
34 Iesus answered the: Is it not wrytten in youre lawe: I haue sayde, Ye are Goddes?
35 Yf he call them Goddes, vnto whom the worde of God came (& the scripture can not be broke)
36 saye ye the vnto hi, who ye father hath sanctified & sent in to ye worlde: thou blasphemest God, because I sayde: I am ye sonne of God?
37 Yf I do not ye workes of my father, beleue me not:
38 but yf I do the, the (yf ye beleue not me) yet beleue ye workes, yt ye maye knowe & beleue, yt the father is in me, & I in ye father.
39 They wente aboute agayne to take him, but he escaped out of their hades,
40 and wete awaye agayne beyode Iordane, into ye place where Iho had baptysed before, & there he abode.
41 And many came to hi, and sayde: Iho dyd no tokes, but all yt Ihon spake of this man, is true.
42 And many beleued on him there.

Chapter 11

1 There laye one sicke, named Lazarus of Bethania, in ye towne of Mary & hir sister Martha.
2 It was yt Mary which anoynted ye LORDE wt oyntment, & dryed his fete wt hir heer, whose brother Lazarus laye sicke.)
3 The sent his sisters vnto hi, & sayde: LORDE, beholde, he who thou louest lyeth sicke.
4 Wha Iesus herde that, he sayde: This sicknesse is not vnto death, but for the prayse of God, yt the sonne of God maye be praysed there thorow.
5 Iesus loued Martha & hir sister, & Lazarus.
6 Now wha he herde that he was sicke, he abode two dayes in ye place where he was.
7 Afterwarde sayde he vnto his disciples: Let vs go agayne i to Iewry.
8 His disciples sayde vnto him: Master, lately wolde the Iewes haue stoned the, & wilt thou go thither agayne:
9 Iesus answered: Are there not twolue houres in ye daye? He yt walketh in the daye, stombleth not, for he seyeth ye light of this worlde.
10 But he that walketh in the night, stobleth: for there is no light in him.
11 This he spake, & after warde sayde he vnto the: Lazarus or frende slepeth, but I go to wake him out of slepe.
12 The sayde his disciples: LORDE, yf he slepe, he shal do well ynough
13 (Howbeyt Iesus spake of his death but they thought yt he had spoke of ye bodely slepe.)
14 The sayde Iesus vnto the planely: Lazarus is deed,
15 & I am glad for yor sakes, yt I was not there, that ye maye beleue. Neuertheles let vs go vnto hi.
16 The sayde Thomas (which is called Didimus) vnto ye disciples: Let vs go also, yt we maye dye wt hi.
17 The came Iesus, & founde yt he had lyen in ye graue foure dayes allready.
18 Bethanye was nye vnto Ierusale, aboute fiftene furloges.
19 And many of the Iewes were come to Martha & Mary, to coforte the ouer their brother.
20 Now wha Martha herde yt Iesus came, she wete to mete him. But Mary satt styl at home.
21 The sayde Martha vnto Iesus: LORDE, yf thou haddest bene here, my brother had not bene deed.
22 But neuertheles I knowe also, what soeuer thou axest of God, that God wyl geue it the.
23 Iesus sayde vnto her: Thy brother shal ryse agayne.
24 Martha sayde vnto hi: I knowe, yt he shal ryse agayne in the resurreccion at ye last daye.
25 Iesus saide vnto her: I am the resurreccion & the life He yt beleueth on me, shal lyue, though he were deed allready:
26 & whosoeuer lyueth and beleueth on me, shal neuer dye. Beleuest thou this?
27 She saide vnto him: Yee LORDE, I beleue, that thou art Christ the sonne of God, which shulde come into the worlde.
28 And wha she had sayde this, she wete hir waye, & called Mary hir sister secretly, & saide: The maister is come, & calleth for the.
29 She whan she herde that, rose vp quyckly, and came vnto him:
30 For Iesus was not yet come in to ye towne, but was yet in the place, where Martha met him.
31 The Iewes that were wt her in the house and comforted her, whan they sawe Mary, that she rose vp haistely, & wente out, they folowed her, & saide: She goeth to the graue, to wepe there.
32 Now wha Mary came where Iesus was & sawe him, she fell downe at his fete, & sayde vnto hi: LORDE, yf thou haddest bene here, my brother had not bene deed.
33 Wha Iesus sawe her wepe, & the Iewes wepinge also yt came wt her, he groned in the sprete, & was sory wt in himself,
34 & sayde: Where haue ye layed him? They sayde: LORDE come, & se it.
35 And Iesus wepte.
36 Then sayde ye Iewes: Beholde how he loued him.
37 But some of the saide: Coulde no the which opened the eyes of ye blynde, haue made also, that this ma shulde not haue dyed?
38 But Iesus groned agayne in himself, and came to the graue. It was a caue, and a stone layed on it.
39 Iesus saide: Take awaye ye stone. Martha the sister of him yt was deed, saide vnto hi: LORDE, he stynketh allready, for he hath bene deed foure dayes.
40 Iesus sayde vnto her: Sayde I not vnto the, that yf thou dyddest beleue, thou shuldest se the glory of God?
41 Then toke they awaye the stone, where the deed laye. Iesus lift vp his eyes, and sayde: Father, I thake ye, that thou hast herde me.
42 Howbeit I knowe, that thou hearest me allwaye: but because of ye people that stonde by, I sayde it, that they maye beleue, that thou hast sent me.
43 Whan he had sayde this, he cryed loude: Lazarus come forth.
44 And ye deed came forth bounde hande & fote wt graue clothes, & his face bounde wt a napkyn. Iesus sayde vnto the: Lowse him, & let him go.
45 Many now of ye Iewes which mere come vnto Mary, and sawe what Iesus dyd, beleued on him.
46 But some of the wente their waye vnto the pharises, and tolde the what Iesus had done.
47 Then the hye prestes, and the pharises gathered a councell, and sayde: What do we? This man doth many tokens.
48 Yf we let him go thus, all me wyl beleue in him: the shal the Romaynes come, and take awaye oure londe and people.
49 But one of them, named Caiphas, which was hye prest that same yeare, sayde vnto them: Ye knowe nothinge nether considre ye eny thinge at all.
50 It is better for us that one ma dye for the people, then that all the people shulde perishe.
51 This spake he not of himself, but for so moch as he was hye prest of the same yeare, he prophecied. For Iesus was for to dye for the people,
52 and not for the people onely, but that he shulde gather together the children of God, which were scatered abrode:
53 From that daye forth they toke coucell, how they might put him to death.
54 Iesus walked nomore openly amonge the Iewes, but wente from thence in to a countre by the wyldernesse, to a cite called Ephraim, & there had he his beynge with his disciples.
55 The Iewes Easter was nye at hande. And there wente vp many to Ierusale out of that countre before ye Easter, to purifye them selues.
56 Then stode they vp, and axed after Iesus, and spake amonge them selues in the temple: What thynke ye, that he cometh not to ye feast?
57 The hye prestes & pharises had geuen a commaundement, that yf eny man knewe where he were, he shulde shewe it, that they might take him.

Chapter 12

1 Sixe dayes before Easter came Iesus vnto Bethanye, where Lazarus was, which was deed, whom Iesus raysed vp from the deed.
2 There they made him a supper, and Martha serued. But Lazarus was one of them, that sat at the table with him.
3 Then toke Mary a pounde of oyntment of pure and costly Nardus, and anoynted Iesus fete, & dryed his fete with hir heer. The house was full of the sauoure of the oyntment.
4 Then sayde one of his disciples, Iudas Iscarioth Symons sonne, which afterwarde betrayed him:
5 Why was not this oyntment solde for thre hundreth pens, and geuen to the poore?
6 (This sayde he not that he cared for the poore, but because he was a thefe, and had the bagge, and bare that which was geue.)
7 Then sayde Iesus: Let her alone, this hath she kepte agaynst the daye of my buryenge.
8 For the poore haue ye allwaye with you, but me haue ye not allwaye.
9 Then moch people of the Iewes had knowlege, that he was there, and they came not for Iesus sake onely, but also yt they might se Lazarus, whom he had raysed from the deed.
10 But ye hye prestes were aduysed to put Lazarus to death also:
11 because yt for his sake many of the Iewes wete awaye and beleued on Iesus.
12 Vpon the nexte daye moch people which were come vnto the feast, whan they herde that Iesus came towarde Ierusalem,
13 they toke braunches of palme trees, and wete out to mete him, and cryed: Hosianna, Blessed be he, that in the name of the LORDE commeth kynge of Israel .
14 Iesus gat a yonge Asse, and rode theron, As it is wrytte:
15 Feare not thou doughter of Sion, beholde, thy kynge cometh rydinge vpo an Asses foale.
16 Neuertheles his disciples vnderstode not these thinges at the first, but whan Iesus was glorified, then remebred they that soch thinges were wrytte of him, and that they had done soch thinges vnto him.
17 The people that was with him whan he called Lazarus out of ye graue and raysed him from the deed, commended the acte.
18 Therfore the people met him, because they herde, that he had done soch a miracle.
19 But the pharises sayde amonge them selues: Ye se, that we preuayle nothinge, beholde, all ye worlde runneth after him.
20 There were certayne Grekes (amonge the that were come vp to Ierusale to worshipe at the feast)
21 the same came vnto Philippe, which was of Bethsaida out of Galile, & prayed him, and sayde: Syr, we wolde fayne se Iesus.
22 Philippe came, & tolde Andrew. And agayne, Philippe and Andrew tolde Iesus.
23 Iesus answered the, and sayde: The houre is come, that the sonne of man must be glorified.
24 Verely verely I saye vnto you: Excepte the wheatcorne fall in to the grounde, and dye, it bydeth alone: But yf it dye, it bryngeth forth moch frute.
25 He that loueth his life, shal lose it: and he that hateth his life in this worlde, shal kepe it vnto life euerlastinge.
26 He that wyl serue me, let him folowe me. And where I am, there shal my seruaunt be also: and he that serueth me, him shal my father honoure.
27 Now is my soule heuy, and what shal I saye? Father, helpe me out of this houre. But therfore am I come in to this houre.
28 Father, glorifye thy name. Then came there a voyce from heauen: I haue glorified it, and wyl glorifye it agayne.
29 Then sayde the people that stode by and herde: It thondereth. Other sayde: An angell spake vnto him.
30 Iesus answered, and sayde: This voyce came not because of me, but for youre sakes.
31 Now goeth the iudgment ouer the worlde. Now shal the prynce of this worlde be thrust out.
32 And I whan I am lift vp from the earth, wyl drawe all vnto me.
33 (But this he sayde, to signifye, what death he shulde dye.)
34 Then answered him the people: We haue herde in the lawe, that Christ endureth for euer: and how sayest thou then, that the sonne of man must be lift vp? Who is this sonne of man?
35 Then sayde Iesus vnto them: The light is yet a litle whyle with you, walke whyle ye haue the light, that the darknesse fall not vpo you. He that walketh in the darknesse, woteth not whither he goeth.
36 Beleue ye on the light, whyle ye haue it, that ye maye be the children of light. These thinges spake Iesus, and departed awaye, and hyd himself from them.
37 And though he had done soch tokens before the, yet beleued they not on him,
38 that the sayenge of Esay the prophet might be fulfylled, which he spake: LORDE, who beleueth oure preachinge? Or to whom is the arme of the LORDE opened?
39 Therfore coulde they not beleue, for Esay saide agayne:
40 He hath blynded their eyes, and hardened their hert, that they shulde not se with the eyes, ner vnderstonde with the hert, & shulde be conuerted, and he shulde heale them.
41 This sayde Esay, whan he sawe his glory, and spake of him.
42 Neuertheles many of the chefe rulers beleued on him, but because of the Pharises they wolde not be aknowne of it, lest they shulde be excommunicate,
43 For they loued more the prayse with men, then with God.
44 Iesus cryed and sayde: He that beleueth on me, beleueth not on me, but on him that sent me.
45 And he that seyth me, seyth him yt sent me.
46 I am come a light in to the worlde, that whosoeuer beleueth on me, shulde not byde in darknesse.
47 And he that heareth my wordes and beleueth not, I iudge him not, for I am not come to iudge the worlde, but to saue the worlde.
48 He that refuseth me, and receaueth not my wordes, hath one allready that iudgeth him. The worde that I haue spoken, that shall iudge him at the last daye,
49 For I haue not spoken of my self: but the father that sent me, hath geuen me a commaundement, what I shulde do and saye.
50 And I knowe that his commaundement is life euerlastinge. Therfore loke what I speake, that speake I eue so, as the father hath sayde vnto me.

Chapter 13

1 Before the feast of Easter whan Iesus knewe that his tyme was come, that he shulde departe out of this worlde vnto ye father, as he loued his which were in the worlde, euen so loued he them vnto the ende.
2 And after supper, whan the deuell had allready put into ye hert of Iudas Iscarioth Symons sonne, to betraye him,
3 Iesus knowinge that the father had geuen all thinges in to his handes, & that he was come from God, and wente vnto God,
4 he rose from supper, and layed asyde his vpper garmentes, and toke a towell, and gyrde it aboute him.
5 Afterwarde poured he water into a basen, and beganne to wash the disciples fete, and dryed them with the towell, yt he was gyrded withall.
6 Then came he vnto Symon Peter, and ye same sayde vnto him: LORDE, shalt thou washe my fete?
7 Iesus answered and sayde vnto him: What I do, thou knowest not now, but thou shalt knowe it herafter.
8 The sayde Peter vnto him: Thou shalt neuer wash my fete. Iesus answered him: Yf I wash ye not, thou shalt haue no parte with me.
9 Symon Peter sayde vnto him: LORDE, not the fete onely, but the handes also and the heade.
10 Iesus sayde vnto him: He that is wasshe, nedeth not, saue to washe ye fete, but is cleane euery whytt. And ye are cleane but not all.
11 For he knewe his betrayer, therfore sayde he: ye are not all cleane.
12 Now whan he had wasshen their fete, and taken his clothes, he sat him downe agayne, and sayde vnto the: Wote ye what I haue done vnto you?
13 Ye call me master and LORDE, and ye saye right therin, for so I am.
14 Yf I then youre LORDE and master haue wasshen youre fete, ye ought also to wash one anothers fete.
15 I haue geue you an ensample, that ye shulde do as I haue done vnto you.
16 Verely verely I saye vnto you: the seruaunt is not greater then his lorde, nether is the Apostell greater then he that sent him.
17 Yf ye knowe these thinges, blessed are ye yf ye do them.
18 I speake not of you all, I knowe whom I haue chosen, but that the scripture might be fulfilled: He yt eateth my bred, hath lift vp his hele against me.
19 I tell it you now, before it come, that whan it is come to passe, ye maye beleue, that I am he.
20 Verely verely I saye vnto you: He that receaueth whom so euer I sende, receaueth me: and he that receaueth me, receaueth him that sent me.
21 Whan Iesus had thus sayde, he was heuy in sprete, and testified, and sayde: Verely verely I saye vnto you: One amonge you shal betraye me.
22 Then the disciples loked one vpon another, & were in doute, of whom he spake.
23 But there was one amoge his disciples, that leaned at the table on Iesus bosome, who Iesus loued:
24 to him beckened Symon Peter, that he shulde axe, who it was, of whom he spake.
25 For the same leaued vpo Iesus brest , and sayde vnto him: LORDE, who is it?
26 Iesus answered: It is he, vnto whom I dyppe the soppe & geue it. And he dypte in the soppe, and gaue it vnto Iudas Iscarioth Symons sonne.
27 And after ye soppe the deuell entred in to him. Then sayde Iesus vnto him: That thou doest, do quyckly.
28 But ye same wyst no man at the table, for what intent he sayde it vnto him.
29 Some thought (for so moch as Iudas had the bagge) that Iesus had sayde vnto him: Bye that is necessary for vs agaynst the feast: Or that he shulde geue some thinge vnto the poore.
30 Whan he had receaued the soppe, he wente out immediatly, and it was night.
31 Whan he was gone forth, Iesus sayde: Now is the sonne of ma glorified, and God is glorified in him.
32 Yf God be glorified in him, the shal god glorifie him also in hiself, & straight waye shal he glorifye him.
33 Deare childre, I am yet a litle whyle with you. Ye shal seke me, and (as I sayde vnto ye Iewes) whither I go, thither can ye not come. And now I saye vnto you,
34 A new comaundemet geue I you, that ye loue together as I haue loued you, yt euen so ye loue one another.
35 By this shal euery man knowe that ye are my disciples, yf ye haue loue one to another.
36 Symon Peter sayde vnto him: LORDE, whither goest thou? Iesus answered him: Whither I go, thou canst not folowe me now, but thou shalt folowe me herafter.
37 Peter sayde vnto him: LORDE, why ca not I folowe the now? I wil geue my life for yi sake.
38 Iesus answered him: Wilt thou geue thy life for my sake? Verely verely I saye vnto ye. The cock shal not crowe, tyll thou haue denyed me thryse.

Chapter 14

1 And he sayde vnto his disciples: Let not youre hert be afrayed. Yf ye beleue on God, the beleue also on me.
2 In my fathers house are many dwellinges. Yf it were not so, I wolde haue tolde you: I go to prepare the place for you.
3 And though I go to prepare the place for you, yet wil I come agayne, and receaue you vnto myself, yt ye maye be where I am.
4 And whither I go, ye knowe, and the waye knowe ye also.
5 Thomas sayde vnto him: LORDE, we knowe not whither thou goest, & how can we knowe the waye?
6 Iesus sayde vnto him: I am the waye, and the trueth, and the life. Noman cometh to the father but by me.
7 Yf ye knewe me, ye knewe my father also. And fro hece forth ye knowe hi, & haue sene him.
8 Philippe sayde vnto him: LORDE, shewe vs the father, and it sufficeth vs.
9 Iesus sayde vnto him: Thus longe am I with you, and hast thou not knowne me? Philippe, he that seyth me, seyth the father. And how sayest thou then: Shewe vs the father?
10 Beleuest thou not that I am in the father, and that ye father is in me? The wordes that I speake vnto you, those speake not I of my self: but the father that dwelleth in me, he doth the workes.
11 Beleue me, that I am in the father, and that ye father is in me: Or els, beleue me at the leest for the workes sake.
12 Verely verely I saye vnto you: He that beleueth on me, shal do the workes that I do, and shal do greater then these: for I go to the father.
13 And what soeuer ye axe ye father in my name, that wyl I do, that the father maye be praysed in the sonne.
14 Yf ye axe eny thinge in my name, I wyl do it.
15 Yf ye loue me, kepe my commaundementes.
16 And I wyl praye the father, and he shal geue you another comforter, that he maye byde wt you for euer:
17 euen ye sprete of trueth, whom ye worlde can not receaue, for it seyth him not, nether doth it knowe him: but ye knowe him, for he abydeth wt you, & shalbe in you
18 I wil not leaue you cofortles, I come vnto you.
19 It is yet a litle whyle, the shal the worlde se me nomore, but ye shal se me: for I lyue, and ye shal lyue also.
20 In yt daye shal ye knowe, that I am in the father and ye in me, and I in you.
21 He that hath my comaundementes, and kepeth them, the same is he that loueth me: and he that loueth me, shalbe loued of my father: & I wyl loue him, and wyl shewe myne awne self vnto him.
22 Iudas sayde vnto hi: (not that Iscarioth) LORDE, What is the cause the, that thou wilt shewe thy self vnto vs, and not vnto the worlde?
23 Iesus answered, and sayde vnto him: He that loueth me, wyl kepe my worde, and my father wyl loue him: and we wyl come vnto him, and wyll make oure dwellynge with him.
24 But he that loueth me not, kepeth not my sayenges. And the worde that ye heare, is not myne, but the fathers which hath sent me.
25 This haue I spoken vnto you, whyle I was with you.
26 But that comforter euen ye holy goost, who my father shal sende in my name, he shal teache you all thinges, & bringe all to youre remembraunce, what soeuer I haue tolde you.
27 Peace I leaue vnto you, my peace I geue you: I geue not vnto you, as the worlde geueth. Let not yor hert be troubled, nether let it be afrayed.
28 Ye haue herde, that I sayde vnto you: I go, & come agayne vnto you. Yf ye loued me, ye wolde reioyse, because I saide, I go to the father: for ye father is greater the I.
29 And now haue I tolde you, before it come, that whan it is come to passe, ye maye beleue:
30 Here after wyl not I talke moch with you. For the prynce of this worlde cometh, and hath nothinge in me.
31 But that the worlde maye knowe that I loue ye father. And as the father hath comaunded me, so do I. Aryse, let vs go hence.

Chapter 15

1 I am a true vyne, and my father is an hussbande man.
2 Euery braunch that bringeth not forth frute in me, shal he cut of: and euery one that bryngeth forth frute, shal he pourge, yt it maye bringe forth more frute.
3 Now are ye cleane, because of the worde, that I haue spoke vnto you.
4 Byde ye in me, and I in you. Like as ye braunch can not brynge forth frute of it self excepte it byde in the vyne, Euen so nether ye also, excepte ye abyde in me.
5 I am the vyne, ye are the braunches. He that abydeth in me, and I in him, the same bryngeth forth moch frute: for without me can ye do nothinge.
6 He that abydeth not in me, is cast out as a vyne braunche, and it wythereth, and men gather it vp, and cast it in to the fyre, and it burneth.
7 Yf ye abyde in me, and my wordes abyde in you, ye shal axe what ye wyl, & it shal be done vnto you.
8 Herin is my father praysed, that ye brynge forth moch frute, and become my disciples.
9 Like as my father hath loued me, eue so haue I loued you. Cotynue ye i my loue.
10 Yf ye kepe my comaundementes, ye shal cotynue in my loue: like as I haue kepte my fathers comaundementes, and cotynue in his loue.
11 These thinges haue I spoken vnto you, that my ioye might remayne in you, and yt youre ioye might be perfecte.
12 This is my comaundement, that ye loue together, as I haue loued you.
13 No man hath greater loue, then to set his life for his frende.
14 Ye are my frendes, yf ye do that I commaunde you.
15 Hence forth call I you not seruauntes, for a seruaunt knoweth not what his lorde doeth. But I haue sayde that ye are frendes: For all that I haue herde of my father, haue I shewed vnto you.
16 Ye haue not chosen me, but I haue chosen you, and ordeyned you, that ye go, and bringe forth frute, and that youre frute contynne, that what soeuer ye axe the father in my name, he shulde geue it you.
17 This I commaunde you, that ye loue one another.
18 Yf the worlde hate you, then knowe, that it hath hated me before you.
19 Yf ye were of the worlde, the worlde wolde loue his awne. Howbeit because ye are not of the worlde, but I haue chosen you from the worlde, therfore the worlde hateth you.
20 Remembre my worde, that I sayde vnto you: The seruaunt is not greater then his lorde. Yf they haue persecuted me, they shal persecute you also: Yf they haue kepte my worde, they shal kepe yours also.
21 But all this shal they do vnto you for my names sake, because they knowe not him yt sent me.
22 Yf I had not come & spoke vnto the, the shulde they haue no synne But now haue they nothinge to cloake their synne withall.
23 He yt hateth me, hateth my father also.
24 Yf I had not done amoge the the workes which no other ma dyd, they shulde haue no synne. But now haue they sene it, and yet haue they hated both me & my father.
25 Neuertheles that the sayenge might be fulfilled, which is wrytten in their lawe: They haue hated me without a cause.
26 But wha the comforter commeth, who I shal sende you from the father eue the sprete of trueth which proceadeth of the father, he shal testifie of me
27 and ye shal beare wytnesse also: for ye haue bene with me from the begynnynge.

Chapter 16

1 These thinges haue I sayde vnto you, that ye shulde not be offended.
2 They shal excomunicate you. The tyme commeth, that who soeuer putteth you to death, shal thynke that he doth seruyce vnto God.
3 And soch thinges shal they do vnto you, because they haue nether knowne ye father ner yet me.
4 But these thinges haue I sayde vnto you, that whan the tyme cometh ye maye thynke theron, that I tolde you. But these thinges haue I not sayde vnto you from the begynnynge: For I was with you.
5 But now I go vnto him that sent me, & none of you axeth me: Whither goest thou?
6 but because I haue sayde these thinges vnto you, youre hert is full of sorowe.
7 Neuertheles I tell you the trueth, It is better for you yt I go awaye: For yf I go not awaye that comforter commeth not vnto you: but yf I departe, I wil sende hi vnto you.
8 And whan he commeth, he shal rebuke the worlde of synne, and of righteousnes, & of iudgment.
9 Of synne, because they beleue not on me.
10 Of righteousnes, because I go to the father, and ye shal se me nomore.
11 Of iudgmet, because the prynce of this worlde is iudged allready.
12 I haue yet moch to saye vnto you, but ye can not now beare it awaye:
13 howbeit whan he (the sprete of trueth commeth) he shal lede you in to all trueth. For he shal not speake of himself, but what soeuer he shal heare, that shal he speake: and he shall shewe you, what is for to come.
14 He shal glorifye me: for he shal receaue of myne, and shal shewe vnto you.
15 All that the father hath, is myne. Therfore haue I sayde: he shal receaue of myne, and shewe vnto you.
16 After a litle whyle, and ye shal not se me: and agayne after a litle whyle, and ye shal se me: for I go to the father.
17 The saide some of his disciples amonge themselues: What is this that he sayeth vnto vs, After a litle whyle, and ye shal not se me: & agayne after a litle whyle, & ye shal se me: for I go to the father?
18 Then sayde they: What is this, that he sayeth: After a litle whyle? We can not tell what he sayeth.
19 Then perceaued Iesus that they wolde axe him, and he sayde vnto them: Ye enquyre of this amonge youre selues, that I sayde: After a litle whyle, and ye shal not se me: & agayne after a litle whyle, and ye shal se me.
20 Verely verely I saye vnto you: Ye shal wepe and lamente, but the worlde shal reioyse: Ye shal be sory, but youre sorowe shal be turned in to ioye.
21 A woman whan she trauayleth, hath sorowe, for hir houre is come. But whan she is delyuered of the childe, she thinketh nomore of the anguyshe, for ioye that a man is borne in to the worlde.
22 And now haue ye sorowe also: but I wil se you agayne, and youre hert shal reioyse, and youre ioye shal noman take from you.
23 And in that daye shal ye axe me no question. Verely verely I saye vnto you: Yf ye axe ye father ought in my name, he shal geue it you.
24 Hither to haue ye axed nothinge in my name. Axe, and ye shal receaue, yt youre ioye maye be perfecte.
25 These thinges haue I spoken vnto you by prouerbes. Neuertheles the tyme commeth, that I shal speake nomore by prouerbes, but I shal shewe you planely of my father.
26 In that daye shal ye axe in my name. And I saye not vnto you, that I wyl praye vnto the father for you:
27 for the father himself loueth you, because ye haue loued me, & beleued that I am come out from God.
28 I wente out from the father, and came in to the worlde: Agayne, I leaue ye worlde, and go to the father.
29 His disciples sayde vnto him: Beholde, now talkest thou planely, and speakest no prouerbe.
30 Now are we sure yt thou knowest all thinges, and nedest not that eny ma shulde axe the. Therfore beleue we, that thou camest out from God:
31 Iesus answered them: Now ye do beleue:
32 Beholde, the houre draweth nye, and is come allready, that ye shalbe scatred, euery man in to his awne, and shal leaue me alone: and yet am I not alone, for the father is with me.
33 These thinges haue I spoken vnto you, that in me ye might haue peace. In ye worlde haue ye trouble, but be of good comforte, I haue ouercome the worlde.

Chapter 17

1 These thinges spake Iesus, and lift vp his eyes towarde heauen, and sayde: Father, the houre is come, that thou glorifye thy sonne, that thy sonne also maye glorifye the.
2 Like as thou hast geuen him power ouer all fleshe, that he shulde geue euerlastinge life to as many as thou hast geuen him.
3 But this is the life euerlastinge, that they knowe the (that thou onely art the true God) and whom thou hast sent, Iesus Christ.
4 I haue glorified ye vpo earth, & fynished ye worke, yt thou gauest me to do.
5 And now glorifye me thou father by thine awne self, with ye glory which I had or euer the worlde was.
6 I haue declared thy name vnto ye men, whom thou gauest me from the worlde. They were thine, and thou gauest them vnto me, and they haue kepte thy worde.
7 Now knowe they, that all thinges what soeuer thou hast geuen me, are of the.
8 For ye wordes which thou gauest me, haue I geue vnto them, and they haue receaued them, & knowne of a trueth, that I am come forth from the, and haue beleued, that thou hast sent me.
9 I praye for them, and praye not for the worlde, but for them whom thou hast geuen me, for they are thine.
10 And all that is myne, is thine: and what thine is, that is myne. And I am glorifyed in them.
11 And now am I nomore in the worlde, and they are in ye worlde, and I come to the. Holy father, kepe in thy name, those whom thou hast geue me, that they maye be one, like as we are.
12 Whyle I was with the in the worlde, I kepte them in thy name. Those yt thou gauest me, haue I kepte, and none of them is lost, but that lost childe, that the scripture might be fulfylled.
13 But now come I vnto the, and this I speake in the worlde, that they maye haue my ioye perfecte in them.
14 I haue geuen them thy worde, and the worlde hateth the: for they are not of the worlde, euen as I also am not of the worlde.
15 I praye not that thou shuldest take them out of the worlde, but that thou kepe the fro euell.
16 They are not of the worlde, as I also am not of the worlde.
17 Sanctifye them in thy trueth. Thy worde is the trueth.
18 Like as thou hast sent me in to the worlde, so haue I sent them in to the worlde:
19 and for their sakes I sanctifye my self, that they also maye be sanctifyed in the trueth.
20 Neuertheles I praye not for them onely, but also for those, which thorow their worde shal beleue on me,
21 that they all maye be one, like as thou father art in me, and I in ye that they also maye be one in vs: that the worlde maye beleue, that thou hast sent me.
22 And the glory which thou gauest me, haue I geuen them: that they maye be one, like as we are one.
23 I in the, and thou in me, that they maye be perfecte in one, and that the worlde maye knowe, that thou hast sent me and hast loued them, as thou hast loued me.
24 Father, I wil, that they whom thou hast geuen me, be with me where I am, yt they maye se my glory, which thou hast geue me: for thou hast loued me, or euer ye worlde was made.
25 Righteous father, the worlde hath not knowne ye, but I haue knowne ye: and these haue knowne, that thou hast sent me.
26 And I haue declared thy name vnto them, & wyl declare it, yt the loue wherwith thou hast loued me, maye be in the, & I in them.

Chapter 18

1 Whan Iesus had thus spoke, he wete forth with his disciples ouer the broke Cedron, where there was a garde, in to the which Iesus entred and his disciples.
2 But Iudas yt betrayed hi, knewe the place also. For Iesus resorted thither oft tymes wt his disciples.
3 Now whan Iudas had take vnto him the copany, & mynisters of the hye prestes and Pharises, he came thither with creshettes, wt lanternes, and with weapens.
4 Iesus now knowinge all yt shulde come vpon him, wete forth, and sayde vnto the: Whom seke ye?
5 They answered him: Iesus of Nazareth. Iesus sayde vnto them: I am he. Iudas also which betrayed him, stode with the.
6 Now whan Iesus sayde vnto the: I am he, they wete bacwardes, and fell to the grounde.
7 Then axed he the agayne: Whom seke ye? They sayde: Iesus of Nazareth .
8 Iesus answered: I haue tolde you, that I am he. Yf ye seke me, then let these go their waye.
9 That the worde might be fulfylled, which he sayde: Of them who thou gauest me, haue I not lost one.
10 Then had Symon Peter a swerde, and drewe it out, and smote the hye prestes seruaut, and cut of his right eare. And ye seruautes name was Malchus.
11 Then sayde Iesus vnto Peter: Put vp thy swerde in to the sheeth. Shal I not drynke of ye cuppe, which my father hath geue me?
12 Then the company and the captayne & the officers of the Iewes toke Iesus, and bounde him,
13 & led him awaye first vnto Annas, that was fatherlawe vnto Caiphas, which was hye prest yt same yeare.
14 It was Caiphas, which gaue coucell vnto ye Iewes that it were good, that one man shulde dye for the people.
15 As for Symon Peter, he and another disciple folowed Iesus. The same disciple was knowne vnto the hye prest, and wete in with Iesus in to the hye prestes palace.
16 But Peter stode without at the dore. Then yt other disciple which was knowne vnto the hye prest, wente out, and spake to the damsell yt kepte the dore, and brought in Peter.
17 Then the damsell that kepte the dore, sayde vnto Peter: Art not thou also one of this mans disciples? He sayde: I am not.
18 The seruauntes & officers stode, and had made a fyre of coles (for it was colde) & warmed the selues. Peter also stode with them, and warmed him self.
19 The hye prest axed Iesus of his disciples, and of his doctryne.
20 Iesus answered him: I haue spoken openly before the worlde, I haue euer taught in the synagoge and in the teple, whither all the Iewes resorted, & in secrete haue I spoke nothinge.
21 Why axest thou me? Axe the yt haue herde, what I haue spoken vnto the: beholde, they can tell what I haue sayde.
22 But whan he had thus spoke, one of the officers that stode by, smote Iesus on the face, and sayde: Answerest thou the hye prest so?
23 Iesus answered him: Yf I haue euell spoke, the beare wytnesse of euell: but yf I haue well spoken, why smytest thou me?
24 And Annas sent him bounde vnto Caiphas ye hye prest.
25 Symo Peter stode and warmed him self. The sayde they vnto him: Art not thou one of his disciples? He denyed, and sayde: I am not.
26 A seruaut of the hye prestes, a kynssma of his, whose eare Peter had smytten of, sayde vnto him: Dyd not I se the in the garde with him?
27 Then Peter denyed agayne. And immediatly the cock crew.
28 Then led they Iesus from Caiphas in to the comon hall. And it was early in the mornynge. And they them selues wete not in to the como hall, lest they shulde be defyled, but yt they might eate ye Pascall lambe.
29 Then wente Pilate out vnto the, and sayde: What accusacion brynge ye agaynst this man?
30 They answered, and sayde vnto him: Yf he were not an euell doer, we had not delyuered him vnto the.
31 Then sayde Pilate vnto the: Take ye him, and iudge him after yor lawe. Then sayde ye Iewes vnto him: It is not laufull for vs to put eny ma to death.
32 That ye worde of Iesus might be fulfilled, which he spake, whan he signified, what death he shulde dye.
33 Then entred Pilate in to the comon hall agayne, and called Iesus, & sayde vnto him: Art thou the kynge of the Iewes?
34 Iesus answered: Sayest thou that of thy self, or haue other tolde it the of me?
35 Pilate answered: Am I a Iewe? Thy people and the hye prestes haue delyuered the vnto me. What hast thou done?
36 Iesus answered: My kyugdome is not of this worlde. Yf my kyngdome were of this worlde, my mynisters wolde fight therfore, yt I shulde not be delyuered vnto the Iewes. But now is my kyngdome not from hence.
37 The sayde Pilate vnto hi: Art thou a kynge the? Iesus answered: Thou sayest it, for I am a kynge. For this cause was I borne, and came in to the worlde, that I shulde testifye the trueth. Who so euer is of the trueth, heareth my voyce.
38 Pilate sayde vnto hi: What is the trueth? And whan he had sayde that he wete out agayne to the Iewes, and sayde vnto them: I fynde no gyltinesse in him:
39 But ye haue a custome, that I shulde geue one vnto you lowse at Easter. Wyl ye now yt I lowse vnto you the kynge of ye Iewes?
40 The cryed they agayne alltogether, and sayde: Not him, but Barrabas. Yet was Barrabas a murthurer.

Chapter 19

1 Then Pilate toke Iesus, and scourged him.
2 And the soudyers platted a crowne of thornes, and set it vpon his heade, and put a purple garment vpon him,
3 and sayde: Hayle kynge of the Iewes. And they smote him on the face.
4 Then wente Pilate forth agayne, and sayde vnto the: Beholde, I brynge him forth vnto you, yt ye maye knowe, yt I fynde no faute in hi.
5 So Iesus wente out, & ware a crowne of thorne and a purple robe. And he sayde vnto them: Beholde, the man.
6 Whan the hye prestes & the mynisters sawe him, they cryed, & sayde: Crucifye, crucifye. Pilate saide vnto the: Take ye him, and crucifye him, for I fynde no giltynesse in him.
7 The Iewes answered him: We haue a lawe, & after oure lawe he ought to dye, because he made him self the sonne of God.
8 Whan Pilate herde that worde, he was the more afrayed,
9 and wente agayne in to the comon hall, and sayde vnto Iesus: Whence art thou? But Iesus gaue him no answere.
10 The sayde Pilate vnto him: Speakest thou not vnto me? Knowest thou not, yt I haue power to crucifye ye, & haue power to lowse ye?
11 Iesus answered: Thou shuldest haue no power vpo me, yf it were not geue the from aboue. Therfore he that delyuered me vnto ye, hath the more synne.
12 From that tyme forth Pilate sought meanes to lowse him. But the Iewes cryed, & sayde: Yf thou let him go, thou art not the Emperours frede. For whosoeuer maketh himself kynge, is agaynst the Emperoure.
13 Whan Pilate herde yt worde, he brought Iesus forth, & sat hi downe vpo ye iugdmet seate, in the place which is called the Pauement, but in the Hebrue, Gabbatha.
14 It was the daye of preparinge of the Easter aboute the sixte houre. And he sayde vnto the Iewes: Beholde yor kynge.
15 But they cryed: Awaye wt him, awaye wt him, crucifie him. Pilate saide vnto the: Shal I crucifye yor kynge? The hye prestes answered: We haue no kynge but ye Emperor.
16 The delyuered he him vnto them, to be crucifyed. They toke Iesus, and led him awaye.
17 And he bare his crosse, and wente out to the place called ye place of deed men skulles, which in Hebrue is named Golgatha,
18 where they crucified him, and two other with him, on either syde one, but Iesus in the myddes
19 Pilate wrote a superscripcion, and set vpon the crosse. And there was wrytten: Iesus of Nazareth, kynge of the Iewes.
20 This superscripcion red many of the Iewes. For ye place where Iesus was crucifyed, was nye vnto the cite. And it was wrytten in Hebrue, Greke & Latyn.
21 Then sayde the hye prestes of the Iewes vnto Pilate: Wryte not kynge of the Iewes, but yt he sayde, I am kynge of the Iewes.
22 Pilate answered: What I haue wrytten, that haue I wrytten.
23 The sondyers, whan they had crucifyed Iesus, toke his garmentes, and made foure partes, to euery soudyer one patte, and the cote also. As for the cote, it was vnsowed fro aboue, wrought thorow and thorow.
24 Then sayde they one to another: Let vs not deuyde it, but cast lottes for it, who shal haue it, that the scripture might be fulfilled, which sayeth: They haue parted my garmentes amonge them, and on my cote haue they cast lottes. This dyd the soudyers in dede.
25 There stode by the crosse of Iesus, his mother, and his mothers sister Mary, the wife of Cleophas, and Mary Magdalene.
26 Now whan Iesus sawe his mother, and the disciple stondynge by, who he loued, he sayde vnto his mother: Woman, beholde, that is thy sonne.
27 Then sayde he to the disciple: beholde, that is thy mother. And from that houre the disciple toke her vnto him.
28 After that whan Iesus knewe that all was perfourmed, that the scripture might be fulfylled, he sayde: I am a thyrst.
29 There stode a vessell full of vyneger. They fylled a sponge with vyneger and wonde it aboute with ysope, and helde it to his mouth.
30 Now whan Iesus had receaued the vyneger, he sayde: It is fynished, and bowed his heade, and gaue vp the goost.
31 The Iewes then, for so moch as it was the daye of preparinge, that ye bodies shulde not remayne vpon the crosse on the Sabbath, (for ye same Sabbath daye was greate) besought Pilate, that their legges might be broken, and that they might be taken downe.
32 Then came the soudyers, and brake the legges of the first, and of the other that was crucifyed with him.
33 But whan they came to Iesus, and sawe that he was deed allready, they brake not his legges,
34 but one of the soudyers opened his syde with a speare. And immediatly there wente out bloude and water.
35 And he that sawe it, bare recorde, and his recorde is true. And he knoweth that he sayeth true, that ye might beleue also.
36 For this is done, yt the scripture might be fulfylled: Ye shal not breake a bone of him.
37 And agayne, another scripture sayeth: They shal se him, whom they haue pearsed.
38 After that, Ioseph of Arimathia, which was a disciple of Iesus (but secretly for feare of the Iewes) besought Pilate, yt he might take downe the body of Iesus. And Pilate gaue him lycence.
39 There came also Nicodemus, (which afore came vnto Iesus by night) & brought of Myrre & Aloes mingled together, aboute an hudreth poude weight.
40 The toke they the body of Iesus, & wonde it with lynnen clothes, and with the spyces, as the maner of the Iewes is to burye.
41 And by ye place where Iesus was crucified, there was a garde, and in the garden a new sepulchre, where in was neuer man layed:
42 there layed they Iesus, because of the preparinge daye of ye Iewes, for the sepulcre was nye at hande.

Chapter 20

1 Vpon one daye of the Sabbath, came Mary Magdalene early (whe it was yet darcke) vnto the sepulcre, & sawe that the stone was take from the sepulcre.
2 Then ranne she, & came to Symon Peter, and to ye other disciple, whom Iesus loued, and sayde vnto them: They haue take awaye the LORDE out of the sepulcre, & we can not tell where they haue layed him.
3 The wete Peter forth and the other disciple, and came to the sepulcre.
4 They rane both together, and that other disciple out rane Peter, and came first to the sepulcre,
5 and loked in, and sawe the lynnen clothes layed. But he wete not in.
6 The came Symon Peter after him, and wente in to the sepulcre, & sawe the lynne clothes lye,
7 and the napkyn that was bounde aboute Iesus heade, not layed with the lynnen clothes, but wrapped together in a place by it self.
8 The wete i also yt other disciple, which came first to ye sepulcre, & he sawe & beleued:
9 for as yet they knewe not ye scriptures, yt it behoued hi to ryse agayne fro ye deed.
10 The wete ye disciples againe together.
11 As for Mary, she stode before ye sepulcre & wepte without. Now as she wepte she loked in to the sepulcre,
12 and sawe two angels in whyte garmentes syttinge, ye one at the heade, & the other at ye fete, where they had layed the body of Iesus.
13 And they sayde vnto her: Woma, why wepest thou? She saide vnto the: They haue taken awaye my LORDE, & I wote not where they haue layed hi.
14 And whan she had sayde yt, she turned her self backe, & sawe Iesus stondinge, & knewe not yt it was Iesus.
15 Iesus sayde vnto her: Woman, why wepest thou? Whom sekest thou? She thought yt it had bene ye gardener, & sayde vnto him: Syr, yf thou hast borne him hence: then tell me where thou hast layed him? and I wil fetch hi.
16 Iesus sayde vnto her: Mary. Then turned she her aboute, & sayde vnto him: Rabboni, yt is to saye: Master.
17 Iesus sayde vnto her: Touche me not, for I am not yet ascended vnto my father. But go thou yi waye vnto my brethre & saye vnto the: I ascede vp vnto my father and yor father: to my God, & yor God.
18 Mary Magdalene came, & tolde ye disciples: I haue sene the LORDE, & soch thinges hath he spoken vnto me.
19 The same Sabbath at eue wha ye disciples were gathered together, and the dores were shut for feare of ye Iewes, came Iesus, and stode i ye myddes, & sayde vnto the: Peace be wt you.
20 And wha he had so sayde, he shewed the his hades & his syde. The were ye disciples glad, yt they sawe ye LORDE.
21 The sayde Iesus vnto the agayne: Peace be with you. Like as my father sent me, eue so sede I you.
22 And whan he had sayde yt, he brethed vpo the, and sayde vnto the: Receaue the holy goost.
23 Whose synnes soeuer ye remytte, they are remytted vnto the: and whose synnes so euer ye retayne, they are retayned.
24 But Thomas one of the twolue which is called Didimus, was not wt the wha Iesus came.
25 The sayde the other disciples vnto him: We haue sene the LORDE. But he sayde vnto the: Excepte I se in his handes the prynte of the nales, and put my hade in to his syde, I wil not beleue.
26 And after eight dayes agayne were his disciples with in, & Thomas wt the. The came Iesus (wha ye dores were shutt) & stode in the myddes, & sayde: Peace be wt you.
27 After yt sayde he vnto Thomas: Reach hither yi fynger, and se my handes, and reach hither yi hade, & put it i to my syde, & be not faithlesse, but beleue.
28 Thomas answered, & sayde vnto him: My LORDE, and my God.
29 Iesus sayde vnto him: Thomas, because thou hast sene me, thou hast beleued. Blessed are they, that se not, and yet beleue.
30 Many other tokes dyd Iesus before his disciples, which are not wrytte in this boke.
31 But these are wrytte, yt ye shulde beleue, yt Iesus is Christ the sonne of God, & that ye thorow beleue might haue life in his name.

Chapter 21

1 After that shewed Iesus himself agayne at the see of Tiberias But on this wyse shewed he himself.
2 There were together Symo Peter, & Thomas which is called Didimus, & Nathanael of Cana a cite of Galile, & the sonnes of Zebede, & two other of his disciples.
3 Symon Peter sayde vnto the: I go a fyshinge. They sayde vnto hi: We also wil go wt the. They wete out, & entred into a shippe straight waye. And yt same night toke they nothinge.
4 But wha it was now morow, Iesus stode on the shore, but his disciples knewe not yt it was Iesus.
5 Iesus sayde vnto the: Childre, haue ye eny thinge to eate? They answered hi: No.
6 He sayde vnto the: Cast out the nett on ye right syde of the shippe, & ye shal fynde. The they cast out, & coulde nomore drawe it for ye multitude of fishes.
7 The sayde ye disciple who Iesus loued, vnto Peter: It is the LORDE. Whan Simon Peter herde that is was the LORDE, he gyrde his mantell aboute him (for he was naked) and sprange in to ye see.
8 But other disciples came by shippe (for they were not farre fro londe, but as it were two hundreth cubytes) and they drewe the net with the fisshes.
9 Now whan they were come to londe, they sawe coles layed, and fysh theron, and bred.
10 Iesus sayde vnto the: Bringe hither of the fyshes, that ye haue taken now.
11 Symon Peter stepped forth, and drew the nett to the londe, full of greate fysshes, an hundreth and thre and fyftie. And for all there were so many, yet was not the net broken.
12 Iesus sayde vnto them: Come, and dyne. But none of the disciples durst axe him: Who art thou? For they knewe, that it was the LORDE.
13 Then came Iesus, and toke ye bred, and gaue it the: and the fysshe likewyse.
14 This is now the thirde tyme that Iesus appeared vnto his disciples, after that he was rysen agayne from the deed.
15 Now wha they had dyned, Iesus sayde vnto Symon Peter: Symo Iohana, louest thou me more then these do? He sayde vnto him: Yee LORDE, thou knowest yt I loue the. He sayde vnto him: Fede my labes.
16 He sayde vnto him agayne the seconde tyme: Symo Iohana, louest thou me? He sayde vnto him: Yee LORDE, thou knowest, yt I loue ye. He sayde vnto him: Fede my shepe.
17 He saide vnto him ye thirde tyme: Symon Iohana, louest thou me? Peter was sory, because he sayde vnto him, louest thou me? And he sayde vnto him: LORDE, thou knowest all thinges, thou knowest, that I loue ye. Iesus sayde vnto him: Fede my shepe.
18 Verely verely I saye vnto the: Whan thou wast yoge, thou gerdedst thyselfe, and walkedst whither thou woldest. But wha thou art olde, thou shalt stretch forth thy handes, and another shal gyrde the, and lede the whither thou woldest not.
19 But this he sayde, to signifye with what death he shulde glorifye God. Whan he had spoken this, he sayde vnto him: Folowe me.
20 Peter turned him aboute, and sawe the disciple folowinge, whom Iesus loued, (which also leaned vpo his brest at the supper, and sayde: LORDE, who is it that betrayeth the)?
21 Wha Peter sawe him, he sayde vnto Iesus: LORDE, but what shal he do?
22 Iesus sayde vnto him: Yf I wil that he tary tyll I come, what is that to the? Folowe thou me.
23 Then wente there out a sayenge amonge the brethren: This disciple dyeth not. And Iesus sayde not vnto him: He dyeth not, but: Yf I wil that he tary tyll I come, what is that to the?
24 This is the same disciple, which testifyeth of these thinges, and wrote these thinges, and we knowe that his testimony is true.
25 There are many other thinges also that Iesus dyd, which, yf they shulde be wrytte euery one, I suppose the worlde shulde not contayne the bokes, that were to be wrytten.