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Chapter 1


1 These are the Sermons of Ieremy the sonne of Helchia the prest, one of them that dwelt at Anathot in the londe of Ben Iamin:
2 when the LORDE had first spoken with him, in the tyme of Iosias the sonne of Amon kinge of Iuda, in the xiij yeare of his kingdome:
3 and so duringe vnto the tyme of Ioachim the sonne of Iosias kinge of Iuda, and vnto the xj yeares of Sedechias the sonne of Iosias kinge of Iuda were ended: when Ierusalem was taken, euen in the fyfth Moneth.
4 The worde of the LORDE spake thus vnto me:
5 Before I fasshioned the in thy mothers wobe, I dyd knowe the: And or euer thou wast borne, I sanctified the, & ordened the, to be a prophet vnto the people.
6 The sayde I: Oh LORDE God, I am vnmete, for I am yet but yonge.
7 And the LORDE answered me thus: Saye not so, I am to yonge: For thou shalt go to all that I shall sende the vnto, and what so euer I comaunde the, that shalt thou speake.
8 Be not afrayed of their faces, for I wilbe with the, to delyuer the, saieth the LORDE.
9 And with that, the LORDE stretched out his honde, and touched my mouth, and sayde morouer vnto me: Beholde I put my wordes in thy mouth,
10 and this daye do I set the ouer the people and kingdomes: that thou mayest rote out, breake of, destroye, and make waist: and that thou mayest buylde vp, and plate.
11 After this, the LORDE spake vnto me sayenge: Ieremy, what seist thou? And I sayde: I se a wakynge rodde.
12 Then sayde ye LORDE: thou hast sene right, for I will watch diligently vpon my worde, to perfourme it.
13 It happened afterwarde, that the LORDE spake to me agayne, & sayde: What seist thou? And I sayde: I do se a seethinge pot, lokinge from out of the north hitherwarde.
14 Then sayde the LORDE vnto me: Out of the north shall come a plage vpon all the dwellers of the londe.
15 For lo, I will call all the officers of the kyngdomes of the north, (saieth the LORDE.) And they shall come, and euery one shall set his seate in the gates of Ierusalem, and in all their walles rounde aboute, and thorow all the cities of Iuda.
16 And thorow them shall I declare my iudgment, vpon all the wickednesse of those men that haue forsaken me: that haue offred vnto straunge goddes, & worshipped the workes of their owne hondes.
17 And therfore gyrde vp thy loynes, arise, and tell them all, that I geue the in comaundement. Feare them not, I will not haue the to be afrayed of the.
18 For beholde, this daye do I make the a stroge fensed towne, an yron pyler, and a wall of stele agaynst ye whole londe, agaynst the kinges and mightie men of Iuda, agaynst the prestes and people of the londe.
19 They shall fight agaynst the, but they shall not be able to ouercome the: for I am wt the, to delyuer the, saieth the LORDE.

Chapter 2

1 Morouer, the worde of the LORDE comaunded me thus:
2 Go thy waye, crie in the eares of Ierusale, & saye: Thus saieth the LORDE: I remembre the for the kyndnesse of thy youth, and because of thy stedfast loue: in that thou folowdest me thorow the wildernesse, in an vntilled londe.
3 Thou Israel wast halowed vnto te LORDE, and so was his first frutes. All they that deuoured Israel , offended: misfortune fell vpon them, saieth the LORDE.
4 Heare therfore the worde of the LORDE, O thou house of Iacob, and all the generacion of the house of Israel .
5 Thus saieth ye LORDE vnto you: What vnfaithfulnesse founde youre fathers in me, that they wente so farre awaye fro me, fallinge to lightnesse, and beinge so vayne?
6 They thought not in their hertes: Where haue we left the LORDE, yt brought vs out of the lode of Egipte: yt led vs thorow the wildernesse, thorow a deserte and rough londe, thorow a drie and a deedly londe, yee a londe that no man had gone thorow, and wherein no man had dwelt.
7 And when I had brought you in to a pleasaunt welbuylded londe, that ye might enioye the frutes and all the comodities of the same: ye went forth and defyled my londe, & brought myne heretage to abhominacion.
8 The prestes the selues saide not once: where is ye LORDE? They yt haue the lawe in their hondes, knowe me not: The shepherdes offende agaynst me. The prophetes do seruyce vnto Baal, & folowe soch thinges as shall bringe them no profit.
9 Wherfore I am constrayned (sayeth the LORDE) to make my complaynte vpon you, and vpon youre children.
10 Go in to the Iles of Cethim, and loke wel: sende vnto Cedar, take diligent hede: and se, whether soch thinges be done there,
11 whether the Gentiles themselues deale so falsly & vntruly with their goddes (which yet are no goddes in dede.) But my people hath geuen ouer their hie honoure, for a thinge that maye not helpe them.
12 Be astonished (o ye heauens) be afrayde, & abashed at soch a thinge, saieth the LORDE.
13 For my people hath done two euels. They haue forsake me the well of the water of life, and digged them pittes, yee vile and broken pittes, that holde no water.
14 Is Israel a bonde seruaunt, or one of the housholde? Why is he then so spoyled?
15 Why do they roare and crie then vpon him, as a lyon ? They haue made his londe wayst, his cities are so brent vp, that there is no man dwellinge in them.
16 Yee the children of Noph and Taphanes haue defyled thy necke.
17 Cometh not this vnto the, because thou hast forsaken the LORDE thy God, euer sence he led the by the waye?
18 And what hast thou now to do in ye strete of Egipte? to drinke foule water? Ether, what makest thou in the waye to Assiria? To drinke water of the floude?
19 Thine owne wickednesse shal reproue the, and thy turnynge awaye shal condemne the: that thou mayest knowe and vnderstonde, how euel and hurtful a thinge it is, yt thou hast forsaken the LORDE thy God, and not feared him, saieth the LORDE God of hoostes.
20 I haue euer broken thy yock of olde, & bursten thy bondes: yet saiest thou, I wil nomore serue, but (like an harlot) thou runnest aboute vpon all hie hilles, & amonge all grene trees:
21 where as I planted the out of noble grapes and good rotes. How art thou turned then into a bytter, vnfrutefull, and straunge grape?
22 Yee and that so sore: that though thou wasshest the with Nitrus & makest thiself to sauoure with that swete smellinge herbe of Borith: yet in my sight thou art stayned with thy wickednesse, saieth the LORDE thy God.
23 Saye not now: I am not vnclene, and I haue not folowed the goddes. Loke vpo thyne owne waies in the woddes, valleis & dennes: so shalt thou knowe, what thou hast done. Thou art like a swift Dromedary, that goeth easely his waye:
24 and thy wantonnes is like a wilde Asse, that vseth the wildernesse, and that snoffeth and bloweth at his wil. Who can tame the? All they that seke the, shal not fayle, but fynde the in thyne owne vnclennes.
25 Thou kepest thy fote from nakednes, and thy throte from thurste, and thinkest thus in thy self: tush, I wil take no sorowe, I wil loue the straunge goddes, & hange vpon them.
26 Like as a thefe that is taken with the dede, commeth to shame, eue so is the house of Israel come to confucion: the comon people, their kinges and rulers, their prestes and prophetes.
27 For they saye to a stock, thou art my father, and to a stone: thou hast begotten me, yee they haue turned their back vpon me, & not their face. But in the tyme of their trouble, when they saye: stonde vp, and helpe vs,
28 I shal answere the: Where are now thy goddes, that thou hast made the? byd them stonde vp, and helpe the in the tyme of nede? For loke how many cities thou hast (o Iuda) so many goddes hast thou also.
29 Wherfore the wil ye go to lawe with me, seinge ye all are synners agaynst me, saieth the LORDE?
30 It is but lost laboure, that I smyte youre children, for they receaue not my correction. Youre owne swearde destroyeth youre prophetes, like a deuouringe lyon .
31 Yf ye be the people of the LORDE, then herke vnto his worde: Am I the become a wildernesse vnto the people of Israel ? or a londe that hath no light? Wherfore saieth my people then: we are falle of, and we wil come no more vnto the?
32 Doth a mayden forget hir raymet, or a bryde hir stomacher? And doth my people forget me so loge?
33 Why boostest thou thy wayes so hylie, (to optayne fauoure there thorow) when thou hast yet stained them wt blasphemies?
34 Vpon thy wynges is founde the bloude of poore and innocent people, and that not in corners and holes only, but opely in all these places.
35 Yet darrest thou saye: I am giltlesse: Tush, his wrath can not come vpo me. Beholde, I wil reason with ye, because thou darrest saye: I haue not offended.
36 O how euel wil it be for the, to abyde it: when it shall be knowne, how oft thou hast gone bacwarde? For thou shalt be confounded, as wel of Egipte, as of the Assirians:
37 Yee thou shalt go thy waye from the, & smyte yine hondes together vpon thy heade. Because the LORDE shal bringe that confidence and hope of thine to naught, and thou shalt not prospere with all.

Chapter 3

1 Comonly, when a man putteth awaye his wife, and she goeth from him, and marieth with another, then the question is: shulde he resorte vnto her eny more after that? Is not this felde then defyled and vnclene? But as for the, thou hast played the harlot with many louers, yet turne agayne to me, saieth the LORDE.
2 Lift vp thine eyes on euery syde, and loke, yf thou be not defyled. Thou hast waited for them in the stretes, and as a murtherer in the wildernesse. Thorow thy whordome and shamefull blasphemies, is the londe defyled.
3 This is the cause, that the rayne and euenynge dew hath ceased. Thou hast gotten the an whores foreheade, and canst not be ashamed.
4 Els woldest thou saye vnto me: O my father, thou art he that hast brought me vp, and led me fro my youth:
5 Wilt thou then put me awaye, and cast me of foreuer? Or wilt thou withdrawe thy self clene fro me? Neuertheles, thou speakest soch wordes, but thou art euer doinge worse, and worse.
6 The LORDE sayde also vnto me, in the tyme of Iosias the kinge: Hast thou sene what that shrekinge Israel hath done? how she hath runne vp vpon all hie hilles, and amonge all thick trees, and there played the harlot?
7 hast thou sene also, (when she had done all this) how I sayde vnto her: that she shulde turne agayne vnto me, and yet she is not returned? Iuda that vnfaithfull sister of hirs also sawe this:
8 Namely, that affter I had well sene the aduoutrye of the shrenkinge harlot Israel , I put her awaye, and gaue her a byll of deuorcement. For all this, hir vnfaithfull sister Iuda was not ashamed, but wente backe and played the whore also.
9 Yee and the noyse of hir whordome hath defyled the whole lode. For she hath committed hir aduoutrie with stones and stockes.
10 Neuerthelesse, hir vnfaithfull sister Iuda is not turned vnto me agayne with hir whole herte, but faynedly, saieth the LORDE.
11 And the LORDE sayde vnto me: The bacslyder Israel is more rightuous, the the vnfaithfull Iuda:
12 and therfore go preach these wordes towarde the north, & saye: Thou shrenkinge Israel, turne agayne (saieth the LORDE,) and I will not turne my face from you, for I am merciful, saieth the LORDE, & I will not allwaye beare displeasure agaynst the:
13 but on this condicion, that thou knowe thy greate blasphemy: Namely, that thou hast vnfaithfully forsaken the LORDE thy God, & hast made thy silf partaker of straunge goddes vnder all grene trees, but hast had no wil to heare my voyce, saieth the LORDE.
14 O ye shrenkinge children, turne agayne, saieth the LORDE, and I wilbe maried with you. For I will take one out of the citie and two out of one generacion from amoge you, and bringe you out of Sion:
15 and will geue you hyrdme after myne owne mynde, which shal fede you with lernynge and wysdome.
16 Morouer, when ye be increased and multiplied in the londe, then (saieth the LORDE) there shall nomore boost be made of the arke of the LORDES Testament: No man shall thinke vpon it, nether shall eny man make mencion of it: for from thence forth it shall nether be visited, ner honoured with giftes.
17 Then shall Ierusalem be called the LORDES seate, and all Heithen shalbe gathered vnto it, for the name of the LORDE sake, which shalbe set vp at Ierusalem. And from that tyme forth, they shall folowe nomore the ymaginacion of their owne frauwerde herte.
18 The those yt be of the house of Iuda, shal go vnto the house of Israel : And they shal come together out of the north, in to the same londe that I haue geuen youre fathers.
19 I haue shewed also, how I toke the vp beinge but a childe, and gaue the a pleasaunt londe for thine heretage, yee and a goodly hooste of the Heithen: and how I commaunded the, that thou shuldest call me father only, and not to shrencke fro me.
20 But like as a woman fayleth hir louer, so are ye vnfaithfull vnto me (o ye house of Israel ) saieth the LORDE.
21 And therfore the voyce of the children of Israel was herde on euery side, wepinge and waylinge: for they haue defyled their waye, and forgotten God their LORDE.
22 O ye shrenkinge children, turne agayne, (saynge: lo, we are thine, for thou art the LORDE oure God:) And so shal I heale youre bacturnynges.
23 The hilles fall, and all the hie pryde of the mountaynes, but the health of Israel stondeth only vpon God oure LORDE.
24 Confucion hath deuoured oure fathers laboure from oure youth vp: yee their shepe and bullockes, their sonnes and doughters.
25 So do we also slepe in oure confucion, and shame couereth vs: for we and oure fathers from oure youth vp vnto this daye haue synned agaynst the LORDE oure God. and hahaue not obeyed the voyce of the LORDE oure God.

Chapter 4

1 O Israel, yf thou wilt turne the, then turne vnto me, saieth the LORDE. And yf thou wilt put awaye thy abhominacios out of my sight, thou shalt not be moued:
2 And shalt sweare: The LORDE lyueth: in treuth, in equite and rightuousnesse: and all people shall be fortunable and ioyfull in him.
3 For thus saieth the LORDE, to all Iuda and Ierusalem: plowe youre londe, and sowe not amonge the thornes.
4 Be circumcided in the LORDE, and cut awaye the foreskynne of youre hertes, all ye of Iuda, and all the indwellers of Ierusalem: that my indignacion breake not out like fyre, & kyndle, so that no man maye quench it, because of the wickednes of youre ymaginacions.
5 Preach in Iuda and Ierusalem, crie out and speake: blowe the trompettes in the londe, crie that euery man maye heare, and saye: Gather you together, and we will go in to stronge cities.
6 Set vp the token in Sion, spede you, and make no tarienge: for I will bringe a greate plage, and a greate destruction from the north.
7 For the spoyler of the Gentiles is broken vp from his place, as a lyon out of his dene, that he maye make the londe waist, and destroye the cities, so, that no man maye dwell therin.
8 Wherfore gyrde youre selues aboute wt sack cloth, mourne, and wepe, for the fearfull wrath of the LORDE shal not be withdrawen from you.
9 At the same tyme (saieth the LORDE) the hert of the kinge and of the prynces shal be gone, the prestes shalbe astonished, and the prophetes shalbe sore afrayed.
10 Then sayde I: O LORDE God, hast thou then disceaued this people and Ierusalem, sayenge: ye shall haue peace, and now the swearde goeth thorow their lyues?
11 Then shal it be saide to the people & to Ierusalem: there commeth a warme wynde from the north thorow the waye of my people, but nether to fanne, ner to clese.
12 After that shall there come vnto me a stronge wynde, and then wil I also geue sentence vpon them.
13 For lo, he commeth downe like as a cloude, and his charettes are like a stormy wynde: his horsmen are swifter then the Aegle. Wo vnto vs, for we are destroyed.
14 O Ierusalem, wash thine hert from wickednesse, that thou mayest be helped. How longe shal thy noysome thoughtes remayne with the?
15 For a voyce from Dan and from ye hill of Ephraim speaketh out, and telleth of a destruction.
16 Beholde, the Heithen geue Ierusalem warnynge, and preach vnto her, that hir destroyers are comynge from farre countrees. They tell the cities of Iuda the same also,
17 they shall geue them warnynge in euery place, like as the watch men in the felde. For they haue prouoked me to wrath, saieth the LORDE.
18 Thy wayes and thy thoughtes, haue brought the vnto this, this is thyne owne wickednesse and disobediece, that hath possessed thyne hert:
19 Ah my bely, ah my bely, (shalt thou crie) how is my hert so sore? my hert paunteth within me, I can not be still, for I haue herde the crienge of the trompettes, and peales of warre.
20 They crie murthur vpon murthur, the whole londe shal perish. Immediathly my tentes were destroyed, and my hanginges, in the twincklinge of an eye.
21 How longe shall I se the tokens of warre, and heare the noyse of the trompettes?
22 Neuertheles this shall come vpon them, because my people is become foolish, and hath vterly no vnderstondinge. They are the children of foolishnes, and without eny discrecio. To do euell, they haue witt ynough: but to do well, they haue no wisdome.
23 I haue loked vpon the earth, and se, it is wayst and voyde. I loked towarde heauen, and it had no shyne.
24 I behelde the mountaynes, and they trembled, and all the hilles were in a feare.
25 I loked aboute me, and there was no body, and all the byrdes of the ayre were awaye.
26 I marked well, and the plowed felde was become waist: yee all their cities were broken downe at the presence of the LORDE, and indignacion of his wrath.
27 For thus hath the LORDE sayde: The whole londe shalbe desolate, yet will I not then haue done.
28 And therfore let the earth mourne, and let the heauen be sory aboue: for the thinge that I haue purposed and taken vpon me to do, shal not repente me, and I will not go from it.
29 The whole londe shal fle, for the noyse of the horsmen and bowmen: they shall runne in to dennes in to woddes, and clymme vp the stony rockes. All the cities shalbe voyde, and no man dwellinge therin.
30 What wilt thou now do, thou beinge destroyed? For though thou clothest thy self with scarlet, & deckest ye with gold: though thou payntest thy face wt colours, yet shalt thou trymme thy self in vayne. For those that hither to haue bene thy greate fauourers, shal abhorre the, and go aboute to slaye ye.
31 For (me thinke) I heare a noyse, like as it were of a woman trauelinge, or one laboringe of hir first childe: Euen the voyce of the doughter Sion, that casteth out hir armes, and swowneth, sayenge: Ah wo is me, how sore vexed and faynte is my herte, for them that are slayne?

Chapter 5

1 Loke thorow Ierusalem, beholde and se: Seke thorow hir stretes also within, yf ye can fynde one man, that doth equall and right, or that laboureth to be faithfull: and I shall spare him (saieth the LORDE)
2 For though they can saye: the LORDE lyueth, yet do they sweare to disceaue:
3 Where as thou (o LORDE) lokest only vpon faith and treuth. Thou hast scourged them, but they toke no repentaunce: thou hast correcte them for amendemet, but they refused thy correction. They made their faces harder then a stone, and wolde not amende.
4 Therfore I thought in my self: peraduenture they are so symple and folish, that they vnderstonde nothinge of the LORDES waye, and iudgmentes of oure God.
5 Therfore will I go vnto their heades and rulers, and talke with them: yf they knowe the waye of the LORDE, and the iudgmetes of oure God. But these (in like maner) haue broken the yock, and bursten the bondes in sonder.
6 Wherfore a lyon out of the wod shal hurte them, and a wolfe in the euenynge shal destroye them. The cat of the mountayne shal lie lurkinge by their cities, to teare in peces all them, that come therout. For their offences are many, and their departinge awaye is greate.
7 Shulde I then for all this haue mercy vpon the? Thy children haue forsaken me, and sworne by them that are no goddes. And albeit they were bounde to me in mariage, yet they fell to aduoutrie, and haunted harlottes houses.
8 In the desyre of vnclenly lust they are become like the stoned horse, euery man neyeth at his neghbours wife.
9 Shulde I not correcke this, saieth the LORDE? Shulde I not be avenged of euery people, that is like vnto this?
10 Clymme vp vpon their walles, beate them downe, but destroye them not vtterly: cut of their braunches, because they are not the LORDES.
11 For vnfaithfully hath the house of Israel and Iuda forsaken me, saieth the LORDE.
12 They haue denied the LORDE, and sayde: it is not he. Tush, there shall no misfortune come vpon vs, we shall se nether swearde ner honger.
13 As for the warnynge of the prophetes, they take it but for wynde, yee there is none of these, which will tell them, that soch thinges shal happen vnto them.
14 Wherfore thus saieth the LORDE God of hoostes: because ye speake soch wordes, beholde: The wordes that are in thy mouth will I turne to fyre, and make the people to be wod, that it maye consume them.
15 Lo, I will bringe a people vpo you from farre, o house of Israel (saieth the LORDE) a mightie people, an olde people, a people whose speach thou knowest not, nether vnderstodest what they saye.
16 Their arowes are sodane death, yee they them selues be very giauntes.
17 This people shal eate vp thy frute & thy meate, yee they shal deuoure thy sonnes and thy doughters, thy shepe and thy bullockes. They shall eate vp thy grapes & fyges. As for thy stronge and well fensed cities, wherin thou didest trust, they shal destroye them with the swearde.
18 Neuertheles I will not then haue done with you, saieth the LORDE.
19 But yf they saye: wherfore doth the LORDE oure God all this vnto vs? Then answere them: because, that like as ye haue forsake me, and serued straunge goddes in youre owne londe, euen so shall ye serue other goddes also in a straunge londe.
20 Preach this vnto the house of Iacob, & crie it out in Iuda, and saye thus:
21 Heare this (thou folish and vndiscrete people.) Ye haue eyes, but ye se not: eares haue ye, but ye heare not.
22 Feare ye not me, saieth the LORDE? Are ye not ashamed, to loke me in the face? which bynde the see with the sonde, so that it can not passe his boundes: For though it rage, yet can it do nothinge: and though the wawes therof do swell, yet maye they not go ouer.
23 But this people hath a false and an obstinate herte, they are departed and gone awaye fro me.
24 They thinke not in their hartes: O let vs feare the LORDE oure God, that geueth vs rayne early and late, when nede is: which kepeth euer still the haruest for vs yearly.
25 Neuertheles youre misdedes haue turned these from you, & youre synnes haue robbed you herof.
26 For amonge my people are founde wicked personnes, that priuely laye snares and waite for men, to take them, and destroye them.
27 And like as a net is full of byrdes, so are their houses full of that, which they haue gotten with falsede and disceate. Herof cometh their greate substaunce and riches,
28 herof are they fat and welthy, and are runne awaye fro me with shamefull blasphemies. They ministre not the lawe, they make no ende of the fatherlesses cause, they iudge not the poore acordinge to equite.
29 Shulde I not punysh these thinges, saieth the LORDE? Shulde I not be avenged of all soch people, as these be?
30 Horrible and greuous thinges are done in the londe.
31 The prophetes teach falsely, and the prestes folowe them, and my people hath pleasure therin. What will come therof at the last?

Chapter 6

1 Come out of Ierusalem, ye stronge childre of BenIamin: blowe vp the trompettes ye Tecuites, set vp a token vnto Bethacarem, for a plage and a greate misery pepeth out from the North.
2 I will licken the doughter Sion to a fayre and tendre woman, and to her shall come the shepherdes with their flockes.
3 Their tentes shal they pitch rounde aboute her, and euery one shal fede with his honde.
4 Make batell agaynst her (shal they saye:) Arise, let vs go vp, while it is yet daye. Alas, the daye goeth awaye, & the night shadowes fall downe:
5 Arise, let vs go vp by night, and destroye hir stronge holdes,
6 for thus hath the LORDE of hoostes commaunded. Hew downe hir trees, and set vp bulworkes agaynst Ierusale. This is the cite that must be punished, for in her is all maliciousnes.
7 Like as a codyte aboundeth in water, eue so this citie aboudeth in wickednes. Robbery and vnrightuousnesse is herde in her, sorow & woundes are euer there in my sight.
8 Amede the (o Ierusalem) lest I with drawe my herte from the, and make the desolate: & thy londe also, yt no man dwel in it.
9 For thus saieth the LORDE of hoostes: The residue of Israel shalbe gathered, as the remnaunt of grapes. And therfore turne thine honde agayne in to the basket, like the grape gatherer.
10 But vnto whom shal I speake? whom shal I warne, that he maye take hede? Their eares are so vncircumcised, that they maye not heare. Beholde, they take the worde of God but for a scorne, and haue no lust therto.
11 And therfore I am so full of thy indignacion (o LORDE) that I maye suffre no longer. Shed out thy wrath vpon the children that are without, and vpon all yonge men. Yee the man must be taken presoner with the wife, and the aged with the crepel.
12 Their houses with their londes and wiues shal be turned vnto straungers, whe I stretchout myne hode vpon the inhabitours of this londe, saieth the LORDE.
13 For from the leest vnto the most, they hange all vpon covetousnes: and from the prophet vnto the prest, they go all aboute with falsede and lyes.
14 And besyde that, they heale the hurte of my people with swete wordes, sayenge: peace, peace, when there is no peace at all.
15 Therfore they must be ashamed, for they haue comitted abhominacion. But how shulde they be ashamed, when they knowe nothinge, nether of shame ner good nurture? And therfore they shal fall amonge the slayne, and in the houre when I shall viset them, they shalbe brought downe, saieth the LORDE.
16 Thus saieth the LORDE: go into the stretes, considre and make inquisicion for the olde waye: and yf it be the good and right waye, then go therin, that ye maye fynde rest for youre soules. (But they saye: we will not walke therin)
17 and I will set watchmen ouer you, and therfore take hede vnto the voyce of the trompet. But they saye: we will not take hede.
18 Heare therfore ye Gentiles, and thou congregacion shalt knowe, what I haue deuysed for them.
19 Heare thou earth also: beholde, I will cause a plage come vpon this people, euen the frute of their owne ymaginacions. For they haue not bene obedient vnto my wordes and to my lawe, but abhorred them.
20 Wherfore bringe ye me incense from Saba , & swete smellinge Calamus from farre countrees? Youre burnt offeringes displease me, and I reioyse not in youre sacrifices.
21 And therfore thus saieth the LORDE: beholde, I will make this people fall, and there shal fall from amonge them the father wt the children, one neghboure shal perish with another.
22 Morouer thus saieth ye LORDE: Beholde, there shal come a people from the North, & a greate people shal arise from ye endes of ye earth,
23 wt bowes & wt dartes shal they be weapened: It is a rough & fearce people, an vnmerciful people: their voyce roareth like the see, they ride vpo horses wel apointed to ye batell agaynst the, o doughter Sion.
24 Then shal this crie be herde: Oure armes are feble, heuynes and sorow is come vpon vs, as vpon a woman trauelinge with childe.
25 Noman go forth in to the felde, no man come vpon the hie strete: for the swearde and feare of the enemie shalbe on euery side.
26 Wherfore, gyrde a sack cloth aboute the (o thou doughter of my people) sprynkle thy self with asshes, mourne and wepe bitterly, as vpon thy only beloued sonne: For the destroyer shal sodenly fall vpon vs.
27 The haue I set for a prouer of my harde people, to seke out and to trye their wayes.
28 For they are all vnfaithful and fallen awaye, they hange vpon shameful lucre, they are clene brasse and yron, for they hurte and destroye euery man.
29 The bellous are brent in the fyre, the leade is consumed, the melter melteth in vayne, for the euel is not taken awaye from them.
30 Therfore shal they be called naughty syluer, because the LORDE hath cast them out.

Chapter 7

1 These are the wordes, that God spake vnto Ieremy:
2 Stonde vnder the gates of the LORDES house, and crie out these wordes there, with a loude voyce, and saye: Heare the worde of the LORDE, all ye of Iuda, that go in at this dore, to honoure the LORDE.
3 Thus saieth the LORDE of hoostes the God of Israel. Amende youre wayes and youre councels, and I wil let you dwell in this place.
4 Trust not in false lyenge wordes, sayenge: here is the temple of the LORDE, here is the temple of the LORDE, here is the temple of the LORDE.
5 For yf ye will amende youre waies and councels, yf ye wil iudge right betwixte a man and his neghboure:
6 yf ye wil not oppresse the straunger, the fatherles & the wyddowe: yf ye will not shed innocent bloude in this place: yf ye wil not cleue to strauge goddes to youre owne destruction:
7 then wil I let you dwell in this place, yee in the londe that I gaue afore tyme vnto youre fathers for euer.
8 But take hede, yee trust in councels, that begyle you and do you no good.
9 For when ye haue stolle, murthured, committed aduoutrie, and periury: Whe ye haue offred vnto Baal, folowinge straunge & vnknowne goddes:
10 Then come ye, and stonde before me in this house (which hath my name geuen vnto it) and saye: Tush, we are absolued quyte, though we haue done all these abhominacions.
11 What? thinke you this house that beareth my name, is a denne of theues? And these thinges are not done priuely, but before myne eyes, saieth the LORDE.
12 Go to my place in Silo, where vnto I gaue my name afore tyme, and loke well what I dyd to the same place, for the wickednes of my people of Israel .
13 And now, though ye haue done all these dedes (saieth the LORDE) and I my self rose vp euer by tymes to warne you and to comon with you: yet wolde ye not heare me: I called, ye wolde not answere.
14 And therfore euen as I haue done vnto Silo, so wil I do to this house, that my name is geuen vnto, (and that ye put youre trust in) yee vnto the place that I haue geuen to you and youre fathers.
15 And I shal thrust you out of my sight, as I haue cast out all youre brethren the whole sede of Ephraim.
16 Therfore thou shalt not praye for this people, thou shalt nether geue thakes, nor byd prayer for them: thou shalt make no intercession to me for them, for in no wise will I heare the.
17 Seist thou not what they do in the cities of Iuda, and without Ierusalem?
18 The children gather stickes, the fathers kyndle the fyre, the mothers kneade the dowe, to bake cakes for the quene of heauen. They poure out drinkoffringes vnto strauge goddes, to prouoke me vnto wrath:
19 How be it they hurte not me (saieth the LORDE) but rather confounde, and shame them selues.
20 And therfore thus saieth the LORDE God: beholde, my wrath and my indignacion shalbe poured out vpon this place, vpon men and catell, vpo the trees in the felde and all frute of the londe, & it shal burne so, that no man maye quench it.
21 Thus saieth the LORDE of hoostes, the God of Israel: Ye heape vp youre burntoffringes with youre sacrifices, & eate ye flesh.
22 But when I brought youre fathers out of Egipte, I spake no worde vnto them of burntoffringes and sacrifices:
23 but this I commaunded them, sayenge: herken and obeye my voyce, and I shalbe youre God and ye shal be my people: so that ye walke in all the wayes, which I haue comaunded you, that ye maye prospere.
24 But they were not obedient, they inclyned not their eares there vnto, but went after their owne ymagynacions and after the mocions of their owne wicked herte, and so turned them selues awaye, and conuerted not vnto me.
25 And this haue they done, from the tyme that youre fathers came out of Egipte, vnto this daye. Neuertheles, I sent vnto them my seruauntes all the prophetes: I rose vp early and sent them worde,
26 yet wolde they not herke, ner offre me their eares, but were obstinate, and worse then their fathers.
27 And thou shalt now speake all these wordes vnto them, but they shal not heare the: thou shalt crie vpon them, but they shal not answere the.
28 Therfore shalt thou saye vnto them: this is the people, that nether heareth the voyce of the LORDE their God, ner receaueth his correction. Faithfulnes & treuth is clene rooted out of their mouth.
29 Wherfore cut of thine hayre, and cast it awaye, take vp a complaynte in the whole londe: for the LORDE shal cast awaye, and scatre the people, yt he is displeased withall.
30 For the children of Iuda haue done euell in my sight, saieth the LORDE. They haue set vp their abhominacions, in the house yt hath my name, and haue defyled it.
31 They haue also buylded an aulter at Tophet, which is in the valley of ye childre of Enno: yt they might burne their sonnes and doughters, which I neuer comaunded them, nether came it euer in my thought.
32 And therfore beholde, the dayes shal come (saieth the LORDE) that it shal no more be called. Tophet, or the valley of the children of Ennon, but the valley of the slayne: for in Tophet they shalbe buried, because they shal els haue no rowme.
33 Yee ye deed bodies of this people shal be eaten vp of the foules of the ayre & wilde beastes of the earth, & no man shal fraye them awaie.
34 And as for the voyce of myrth & gladnesse of the cities of Iuda, & Ierusalem, the voyce of the brydegrome and of the bryde: I will make them ceasse, for the londe shal be desolate.

Chapter 8

1 At the same tyme, saieth the LORDE, the bones of the kinges of Iuda, the bones of his princes, the bones of the prestes and prophetes, yee and the bones of the citisens of Ierusale, shalbe brought out of their graues
2 and layed agaynst the Sonne, the Moone and all the heauenly hooste: whom they loued, whom they serued, whom they ranne after, whom they sought & worshipped. They shal nether be gathered together ner buried, but shal lye vpo the earth, to their shame and despisinge.
3 And all they that remayne of this wicked generacion, shal desyre rather to dye the to lyue: where so euer they remayne, & where as I scatre them, saieth the LORDE of hoostes.
4 This shalt thou saye vnto them also: Thus saieth the LORDE: Do men fall so, that they arise not vp agayne: And turne they so farre awaye, yt they neuer conuerte?
5 Wherfore then is this people and Ierusalem gone so farre backe, that they turne not againe? They are euer the longer the more obstinate, and will not be conuerted.
6 For I haue loked, and considered: but there is no ma, that speaketh a good worde: there is no man, that taketh repetaunce for his synne, that will so moch as saye: wherfore haue I done this? But euery man (as soone as he is turned backe) runneth forth still, like a wilde horse in a battayl.
7 The Storke knoweth his apoynted tyme, the Turtledoue, ye Swalow and the Crane, cosidre the tyme of their trauayle: but my people will not knowe the tyme of the punyshment of the LORDE.
8 How darre ye saye then: we are wise, we haue the lawe of the LORDE amonge vs? Beholde, the disceatfull penne of the scrybes, setteth forth lies:
9 therfore shal the wise be confounded, they shalbe afrayed and taken: for lo, they haue cast out the worde of the LORDE: what wysdome can then be amonge them?
10 Wherfore, I will geue their wynes vnto aleauntes, and their feldes to destroyers. For from the lowest vnto the hyest, they folowe all shamefull lucre: and from the prophet vnto the prest, they deale all with lies.
11 Neuertheles, they heale the hurte of my people with swete wordes, sayenge: peace, peace, where there is no peace at all.
12 Fye for shame, how abhominable thinges do they? And yet they be not ashamed, yee they knowe of no shame. Wherfore in the tyme of their visitacion, they shal fall amonge the deed bodies, saieth the LORDE.
13 Morouer I will gather them in (saieth the LORDE) so that there shal not be one grape vpon the vyne, nether one fyge vpon the fyge tre, and the leaues shalbe plucte of. Then will I cause them to departe, and saye:
14 why prolonge we the tyme? Let vs gather oure selues together, and go in to the stronge cite, there shall we be in rest: For the LORDE oure God hath put vs to sylence, and geuen vs water myxte with gall, to drynke, because we haue synned agaynst him.
15 We loked for peace, and we fayre not the better, we wayted for the tyme of health, and lo, here is nothinge but trouble.
16 Then shall the noyse of his horses be herde from Dan, the whole londe shall be afrayed at the neyege of his stronge horses: for they shal go in, and deuoure the londe, with all that is in it: the cities, and those that dwell therin.
17 Morouer, I will sende Cockatrices & serpetes amonge you (which will not be charmed) and they shal byte you, sayeth the LORDE.
18 Sorowe is come vpon me, and heuynes vexeth my herte:
19 for lo, the voyce of the criege of my people is herde from a farre countre: Is not the LORDE in Sion? Is not he kinge in her? Wherfore then haue they greued me (shall the LORDE saye) with their ymages and foolish straunge fashions?
20 The haruest is gone, the Somer hath an ende, and we are not helped.
21 I am sore vexed, because of the hurte of my people: I am heuy and abashed,
22 for there is no more Triacle at Galaad, and there is no Phisician, that ca heale the hurte of my people.

Chapter 9

1 O who will geue my heade water ynough, & a well of teares for myne eyes: that I maye wepe night ad daye, for the slaughter of my people?
2 Wolde God that I had a cotage some where farre from folke, that I might leaue my people, and go from the: for they be all aduoutrers and a shrenckinge sorte.
3 They bede their tuges like bowes, to shute out lies: As for the treuth, they maye nothinge awaye with all in the worlde. For they go from one wickednes to another, and holde nothinge of me, saieth the LORDE.
4 Yee one must kepe himself from another, no man maye safely trust his owne brother: for one brother vndermyneth another, & one neghboure begyleth another.
5 Yee one dissembleth with another, and they deale with no treuth. They haue practised their tunges to lye, and taken greate paynes to do myschefe.
6 They haue set their stole in the myddest of disceate, and (for very dissemblinge falsede) they wil not knowe me, saieth the LORDE.
7 Therfore thus saieth the LORDE of hoostes, beholde, I wil melte them and trie the, for what shulde I els do to my people?
8 Their tunges are like sharpe arowes, to speake disceate. With their mouth they speake peaceably to their neghboure, but preuely they laye waite for him.
9 Shulde I not punysh them for these thinges, saieth the LORDE? Or, shulde I not be auenged of eny soch people, as this?
10 Vpon the mountaynes will I take vp a lamentacion and soroufull crie, and a mournynge vpon the fayre playnes of the wildernes: Namely, how they are so brente vp, that no man goeth there enymore: Yee a man shal not heare one beast crie there. Byrdes and catell are all gone from thece.
11 I will make Ierusalem also an heape of stones, and a denne of venymous wormes. And I wil make the cities of Iuda so waist, that no man shal dwell therin.
12 What man is so wise, as to vnderstonde this? Or to whom hath the LORDE spoken by mouth, that he maye shewe this, and saye: O thou londe, why perishest thou so? Wherfore art thou so brent vp, and like a wildernesse, that no ma goeth thorow?
13 Yee the LORDE himself tolde the same vnto them, that forsoke his lawe, and kepte not the thynge that he gaue them in commaundement, nether lyued therafter:
14 but folowed the wickednes of their owne hertes, and serued straunge goddes, as their fathers taught them.
15 Therfore, thus saieth the LORDE of hoostes, the God of Israel: Beholde, I will fede this people with wormwod, and geue the gall to drynke.
16 I will scatre them also amonge the Heithen, whom nether they ner their fathers haue knowne: and I will sende a swearde amonge them, to persecute them, vntill I bringe them to naught.
17 Morouer, thus saieth the LORDE of hoostes: loke that ye call for mournynge wyues, and sende for wise women: that they come shortly,
18 and singe a mournynge songe of you: that the teares maye fall out of oure eyes, and that oure eye lyddes maye gushe out of water.
19 For there is a lamentable noyse herde of Sion: O how are we so sore destroyed? O how are we so piteously confounded? We must forsake oure owne naturall countre, and we are shot out of oure owne lodgiges.
20 Yet heare the worde of the LORDE (o ye women). And let youre eares regarde the wordes of his mouth: that ye maye lerne youre doughters to mourne, and that euery one maye teach hir neghbouresse, to make lamentacion.
21 Namely thus: Deeth is clymme vp in at oure wyndowes, he is come in to oure houses, to destroye the childe before the dore, & ye yonge man in the strete.
22 But tell thou planely, thus saieth ye LORDE: The deed bodies of men shal lye apon ye grounde, as the donge vpon the felde, and as the hay after the mower, and there shalbe no man to take them vp.
23 Morouer, thus saieth the LORDE: Let not the wise man reioyse in his wisdome, ner the stronge man in his strength, nether the rich man in his riches:
24 But who so wil reioyse, let him reioyse in this, that he vnderstodeth, and knoweth me: for I am the LORDE, which do mercie, equite and rightuousnes vpon earth. Therfore haue I pleasure in soch thinges, saieth ye LORDE.
25 Beholde, the tyme cometh (saieth the LORDE) that I wil vyset all them, whose foreskynne is vncircumcised:
26 The Egipcians, the Iewes, the Edomites, the Ammonites, the Moabites, and the shauen Madianites, that dwel in the wildernes. For all ye Gentiles are vncircumcised in the flesh, but all the house of Israel , are vncircumcised in the herte.

Chapter 10

1 Heare the worde of the LORDE, yt he speaketh vnto the, o thou house of Israel:
2 Thus saieth the LORDE: Ye shal not lerne after the maner of the Heithe, and ye shal not be afrayed for the tokens of heauen: for the Heithen are afrayed of soch:
3 Yee all the customes and lawes of the Getiles are nothinge, but vanite. They hewe downe a tre in the wod with the hondes of the worke man, and fashion it with the axe:
4 they couer it ouer with golde or syluer, they fasten it wt nales and hammers, that it moue not.
5 It stodeth as stiff as the palme tre, it can nether speake ner go, but must be borne. Be not ye afrayed of soch, for they ca do nether good ner euel.
6 But there is none like vnto ye (o LORDE) thou art greate, and greate is the name of yi power.
7 Who wolde not feare the? or what kige of the Gentiles wolde not obeye the? For amonge all the wysemen of the Gentiles, and in all their kingdomes, there is none, that maye be lickened vnto the.
8 They are all together vnlerned and vnwise, All their connynge is but vanite:
9 namely, wod, syluer, which is brought out of Tharsis, and beate to plates: and golde from Ophir, a worke yt is made with the honde of the craftesman & the caster, clothed with yalow sylck and scarlet: euen so is the worke of their wyse men all together.
10 But the LORDE is a true God, a lyuinge God, and an euerlastinge kinge. Yf he be wroth, the earth shaketh: all the Getiles maye not abyde his indignacion.
11 As for their goddes, it maye well be sayde of the: they are goddes, that made nether heaue ner earth: therfore shal they perish fro the earth, and from all thinges vnder heauen.
12 But (as for oure God) he made the earth with his power, and with his wisdome hath he fynished the whole compasse of the worlde, with his discrecion hath he spred out the heauens,
13 At his voyce the waters gather together in the ayre, he draweth vp ye cloudes from the vttemost partes of ye earth: he turneth lighteninge to rayne, and brigeth forth the wyndes out of their treasuries:
14 His wisdome maketh all men fooles. And confunded be all casters of ymages, for that they cast, is but a vayne thinge, and hath no life.
15 The vayne craftes men with their workes, that they in their vanite haue made, shall perish one with another in the tyme of visitacion.
16 Neuertheles, Iacobs porcio is not soch: but it is he, that hath made all thinges, and Israel is the rodd of his inheritauce: The LORDE of hoostes is his name.
17 Put awaye thy vnclennesse out of the londe, thou that art in the stronge cities.
18 For thus saieth the LORDE: Beholde, I wil now thrust out the inhatours of this londe a greate waye off, and trouble them of soch a fashio, that they shal no more be founde.
19 Alas, how am I hurte? Alas, how panefull are my scourges vnto me? For I cosidre this sorow by my self, & I must suffre it,
20 My tabernacle is destroyed, and all my coardes are broken. My children are gone fro me, ad can no where be founde. Now haue I none to sprede out my tente, or to set vp my hanginges.
21 For the hyrdmen haue done folishly, that they haue not sought the LORDE. Therfore haue they dealt vnwisely with their catell, & all are scatred abrode.
22 Beholde, the noyse is harde at honde, and greate sedicio out of the north: to make the cities of Iuda a wyldernesse, and a dwellinge place for Dragons.
23 Now I knowe (o LORDE) that is not in mas power to ordre his owne waies, or to rule his owne steppes & goinges.
24 Therfore chaste thou vs (o LORDE) but with fauoure, and not in thy wrath, bringe vs not vtterly to naught.
25 Poure out thy indignacion rather vpon the Getiles, that knowe ye not, and vpon the people that call not on thy name: And that because they haue consumed, deuoured and destroyed Iacob, and haue roted out his glory.

Chapter 11

1 This is another Sermon, which the LORDE commaunded Ieremy for to preach, sayenge:
2 Heare the wordes of the couenant, and speake vnto all Iuda, and to all them that dwel at Ierusalem,
3 And saye thou vnto the: Thus saieth the LORDE God of Israel: Cursed be euery one, that is not obedient vnto ye wordes of this couenaut:
4 which I commaunded vnto youre fathers, what tyme as I brought them out of Egipte, from the yron fornace, sayenge: Be obedient vnto my voyce, and do accordinge to all that I commaunde you: so shal ye be my people, and I wil be youre God,
5 and will kepe my promyse, yt I haue sworne vnto youre fathers: Namely, that I wolde geue them a londe which floweth with mylke and hony, as ye se, it is come to passe vnto this daye. Then answered I, and sayde: Amen. It is euen so LORDE, as thou sayest.
6 Then the LORDE sayde vnto me agayne: Preach this in ye cities off Iuda and rounde aboute Ierusalem, and saye: Heare the wordes off this couenaunt, that ye maye kepe them.
7 For I haue diligently exorted youre fathers, euer sence the tyme that I brought them out off the Londe off Egipte, vnto this daye. I gaue them warnynge by tymes, sayenge: herken vnto my voyce:
8 Neuertheles, they wolde not obeye me, nor enclyne their eares vnto me, but folowed the wicked ymaginacios of their owne hertes. And therfore haue I accused them as transgressours of all the wordes off this conuenaunt, that I gaue them to kepe, which they (notwithstodinge) haue not kepte.
9 And the LORDE sayde vnto me: It is foude out, that whole Israel and all the citisens off Ierusalem are gone backe.
10 They haue turned them selues to the blasphemies off their fore fathers, which had no lust to heare my worde. Euen likewise haue these also folowed straunge goddes, and worshipped them. The house off Israel and Iuda haue broken my couenaunt, which I made wt their fathers.
11 Therfore thus saieth the LORDE: Beholde, I will sende a plage amonge you, which ye shal not be able to escape: and though ye crie vnto me, I will not heare you.
12 The shal the townes off Iuda and the citisens of Ierusalem go, and call vpon their goddes, vnto whom they made their oblacios: but they are not able to helpe them in tyme off their trouble.
13 For as many cities as thou hast (o Iuda) so many goddes hast thou also: And loke how many stretes there be in the (o Ierusalem) so many shameful aulters haue ye set vp, to offre vpon them vnto Baal.
14 But praye not thou for this people, byd nether prayse ner prayer for them: for though they crie vnto me in their trouble, yet will I not heare them.
15 O thou beloued, why doest thou so shamefull greate blasphemies in my house? euen as though that holy flesh might absolue the, specially when thou hast made thy boost off thy wickednes.
16 The LORDE called the a grene olyue tre, a fayre one, a frutefull one, a goodly one: but now that there is a contrary reporte off the abrode, he will burne the vp, ad destroye thy braunches.
17 For the LORDE off hoostes that plated the, hath deuysed a plage for the (o thou house of Israel & Iuda) for ye euel that ye haue done, to prouoke him to wrath, in that ye dyd seruyce vnto Baal.
18 This (o LORDE) haue I lerned of the, and vnderstonde it, for thou hast shewed me their ymaginacions.
19 But I (as a meke lambe) was caried awaye to be slayne: not knowinge, that they had deuysed soch a councel agaynst me, sayenge: We will destroye his meate with wod, and dryue him out of the londe of the lyuynge, that his name shal neuer be thought vpon.
20 Therfore I will beseke the now (o LORDE of hoostes) thou rightuous iudge, thou that tryest the reynes and the hertes: let me se the auenged of them, for vnto the haue I committed my cause.
21 The LORDE therfore spake thus of the citesens of Anothot, that sought to slaye me, sayege: Preach not vnto vs in the name of the LORDE, or els thou shalt dye of oure hondes.
22 Thus (I saye) spake the LORDE of hoostes: Beholde, I will viset you. Youre yonge me shal perish with the swearde, yor sonnes and youre doughters shal vtterly dye of honger,
23 so that none shal remayne. For vpon the citesyns off Anathot wil I bringe a plage, and the yeare of their visitacion.

Chapter 12

1 O Lorde, thou art more rightuous, then that I shulde dispute with the: Neuertheles, let me talke with the in thinges reasonable. How happeneth it, that the waye off the vngodly is so prosperous? and that it goeth so wel with them, which (with out eny shame) offede and lyue in wickednesse?
2 Thou plantest them, they take rote, they growe, and bringe forth frute. They boost moch off the, yet doest thou not punysh them.
3 But thou LORDE (to whom I am well knowne) thou that hast sene, & proued my herte, take them awaye, like as a flock is caried to the slaughter house, and apoynte them for the daye off slaughtinge.
4 How longe shall the londe mourne, and all the herbes off the felde perish, for the wickednes off them that dwell therin? The catell and the byrdes are gone, yet saye they: tush, God will not destroye vs vtterly.
5 Seinge thou art weery in runnynge with the fote men, how wilt thou then runne wt horses? In a peaceable sure londe thou mayest be safe, but how wilt thou do in the furious pryde of Iordane?
6 For thy brethren ad thy kynred haue altogether despised the, and cried out vpon the in thine absence. Beleue them not, though they speake fayre wordes to the.
7 As for me (saye I) I haue forsaken myne owne dwellinge place, and left myne heretage. My life also that I loue so wel, haue I geuen in to the hodes of myne enemies.
8 Myne heretage is become vnto me, as a Lyon in the wod. It cried out vpon me, therfore haue I forsaken it.
9 Myne heretage is vnto me, as a spreckled byrde, a byrde of dyuerse coloures is vpon it. Go hence, and gather all the beastes of the felde together, that they maye eate it vp.
10 Dyuerse hyrdme haue broken downe my vynyarde, and troden vpon my porcion. Of my pleasaunt porcion, they haue made a wildernes & deserte.
11 They haue layed it waist: and now that it is waist, it sigheth vnto me. Yee the whole londe lieth waist, and no man regardeth it.
12 The distroyers come ouer the heeth euery waye, for the swearde off the LORDE shal consume from the one ende of ye lode to the other, and no flesh shal haue rest.
13 They shal sowe wheat, and reepe thornes. They shal take heretage in possession, but it shal do them no good. And ye shalbe confounded of youre owne wynnynges, because of the greate wrath of the LORDE.
14 Thus saieth the LORDE vpon all myne euel neghbours, that laye honde on myne heretage, which I haue geuen my people of Israel : Beholde, I wil plucke them (namely Israel ) out of their londe, and put out the house of Iuda from amonge them.
15 And whe I haue rooted the out, I wilbe at one with the agayne, and wil haue mercy vpon them: and brynge them agayne, euery man to his owne heretage, and in to his lode.
16 And yf they (namely that trouble my people) wil lerne ye wayes of them, to sweare by my name: The LORDE lyueth (like as they lerned my people to sweare by Baal) the shal they be rekened amoge my people.
17 But yf they wil not obeye, the will I rote out the same folke, and destroye them, saieth the LORDE,

Chapter 13

1 Morouer, thus saied the LORDE vnto me: go thy waye & get the a lynnen breche, and gyrde it aboute thy loynes, and let it not be wet.
2 Then I got me a brech, acordinge to the commaundemet of the LORDE, and put it aboute my loynes.
3 After this, the LORDE spake vnto me agayne:
4 Take the breche that thou hast prepared & put aboute the, and get the vp, and go vnto Euphrates , and hyde it in a hole off the rock.
5 So wet I, and hydde it, as the LORDE commaunded me.
6 And it happened longe after this, that the LORDE spake vnto me: Vp, and get the to Euphrates , and fet the breche from thence, which I commaunded the to hyde there.
7 Then went I to Euphrates , and digged vp, and toke the brech from the place where I had hyd it: and beholde, the brech was corrupte, so that it was profitable for nothinge.
8 Then sayde the LORDE vnto me:
9 Thus saieth the LORDE: Euen so will I corruppe the pryde off Iuda, and the hie mynde off Ierusale.
10 This people is a wicked people, they will not heare my worde, they folowe ye wicked ymaginacions off their owne hert, & hange vpon strauge goddes, the haue they serued & worshipped: and therfore they shalbe as this brech, that serueth for nothinge.
11 For as strately as a brech lieth vpon a mas loynes, so strately dyd I bynde ye whole house of Israel, and the whole house of Iuda vnto me, saieth the LORDE: that they might be my people: that they might haue a glorious name: yt they might be in honoure: but they wolde not obeye me.
12 Therfore laye this ryddle before them, and saye: Thus saieth the LORDE God of Israel: euery pot shal be fylled with wyne. And they shal saye: thinkest thou we knowe not, yt euery pot shalbe fylled with wyne?
13 Then shalt thou saye vnto them: Thus saieth the LORDE: Beholde, I shal fyll all the inhabitours of this lode wt dronckenes, the kynges that syt vpo Dauids stole, the prestes and prophetes, with all yt dwell at Ierusalem.
14 And I will shute them one agaynst another, yee ye fathers agaynst the sonnes, saieth the LORDE. I wil not pardon them, I wil not spare them, ner haue pitie vpon them: but destroye them.
15 Be obedient, geue eare, take no disdayne at it, for it is the LORDE himself that speaketh.
16 Honoure ye LORDE youre God herein, or he take his light from you, and or euer youre fete stomble in darknesse at ye hill: lest whe ye loke for the light, he turne it in to ye shadowe and darknesse of death.
17 But yf ye wil not heare me, that geue you secrete warnynge, I will mourne fro my whole herte for youre stubburnesse. Piteously will I wepe, and the teares shall gushe out of myne eyes. For the LORDES flocke shal be caried awaye captiue.
18 Tell the kinge & the rulers: Humble yor selues, set you downe lowe, for ye crowne of yor glory shal fall from youre heade.
19 The cities towarde the south shalbe shut vp, & no man shal open the. All Iuda shal be caried awaye captyue, so that none shall remayne.
20 Lift vp youre eyes, and beholde the, that come from the North: Like a fat flocke shal they fall vpon the.
21 To whom wilt thou make thy mone, when they come vpon the? for thou hast taught the thy self, and made the masters ouer the. Shal not sorowe come vpo the, as on a woman trauelinge with childe?
22 And yf thou woldest saye the in thine hert: Wherfore come these thinges vpo me? Eue for the multitude of thy blasphemies, shall thy hynder partes & thy fete be discouered.
23 For like as the man of Inde maye chaunge his skynne, & the cat of the mountayne hir spottes: so maye ye that be exercised in euell, do good.
24 Therfore will I scatre you, lyke as ye stobble that is take awaye with ye south wynde.
25 This shal be youre porcion, and the porcion of youre measure, wher with ye shalbe rewarded of me, saieth the LORDE: because ye haue forgotten me, and put youre trust in disceatful thinges.
26 Therfore shall I turne thy clothes ouer thy heade, and discouer thy thees, that thy preuyties maye be sene:
27 yi aduoutrie, thy deedly malice, thy beastlynes and thy shamefull whordome. For vpon the feldes and hilles I haue sene thy abhominacions. Wo be vnto the (o Ierusale) whe wilt thou euer be clensed enymore?

Chapter 14

1 The worde of the LORDE shewed vnto Ieremy, cocernynge ye derth off the frutes.
2 Iuda shal mourne, men shall not go moch more thorow his gates: the londe shal be nomore had in reputacion, & the crie of Ierusale shal breake out.
3 The lordes shall sende their seruauntes to fetch water, & when they come to the welles, they shal fynde no water, but shal carie their vessels home emptie. They shalbe ashamed ad confounded, & shal couer their heades.
4 For the groude shalbe dried vp, because there cometh no rayne vpon it. The plowmen also shalbe ashamed, ad shal couer their heades.
5 The Hynde shal forsake the yonge fawne, that se brigeth forth in ye felde, because there shalbe no grasse .
6 The wilde Asses shall stonde in the Mosse, and drawe in their wynde like the Dragos, their eyes shal fayle for wat of grasse .
7 Doutles oure owne wickednesse rewarde vs: But LORDE do thou acordinge to yi name, though oure transgressions and synnes be many.
8 For thou art the comforte & helpe of Israel in the tyme of trouble. Why wilt thou be as a straunger in the Londe, and as one that goeth ouer the felde, ad cometh in only to remayne for a night?
9 Why wilt thou make thy self a cowarde, and as it were a giaute that yet maye not helpe? For thou art ours (o LORDE) and we beare thy name, therfore forsake vs not.
10 Then spake the LORDE, concernynge this people yt haue pleasure to go so nembly wt their fete, and leaue not of, and therfore displease the LORDE: in so moch, that he will now bringe agayne to remembraunce all their mysdedes, ad punysh all their synnes.
11 Yee euen thus sayde the LORDE vnto me: Thou shalt not praye to do this people good.
12 For though they fast, I will not heare their prayers. And though they offre burnt offriges & sacrifices, yet wil not I accepte them. For I will destroye them with the swearde, honger and pestilence.
13 Then answerde I: O LORDE God, the prophetes saye vnto them: Tush, ye shal se no swearde, and no honger shall come vpon you, but the LORDE shal geue you continuall rest in this place.
14 And the LORDE sayde vnto me: The prophetes preach lies vnto them in my name. I haue not spoken with them, nether gaue I them eny charge, nether dyd I sende the: yet they preach vnto you false visions, charmynge, vanite, and disceatfulnesse of their owne herte.
15 Therfore thus saieth the LORDE: As for those prophetes that preach in my name (whom I neuertheles haue not sent) and yt saye: Tush, there shal nether batel ner honger be in this londe: With swearde ad with honger shal those prophetes perish,
16 and the people to whom they haue preached, shal be cast out of Ierusalem, dye of honger, ad be slayne with the swearde, (and there shal be no man to burie them) both they ad their wyues, their sonnes and their doughters. For thus wil I poure their wickednes vpon the.
17 This shalt thou saye also vnto them: Myne eyes shal wepe without ceassinge daye & night. For my people shalbe dtstroyed with greate harme, and shall perish with a greate plage.
18 For yff I go in to the felde, lo, it lieth all full off slayne men: Yff I come in to the cite, lo, they be all fameshed of honger. Yee their prophetes also and prestes shalbe led in to an vnknowne londe.
19 Hast thou then vtterly forsaken Iuda? (sayde I) Dost thou so abhorre Sio? Or hast thou so plaged vs, that we can be healed nomore? We loked for peace, and there cometh no good: for the tyme of health, & lo, here is nothinge but trouble.
20 We knowlege (o LORDE) all oure mysdedes, and the synnes of oure fathers, that we haue offended ye.
21 Be not displeased (o LORDE) for thy names sake, forget not thy louynge kyndnes: Remembre ye trone of thyne honoure, breake not the couenaut, that thou hast made with vs.
22 Are there eny amonge the goddes of the Gentiles, that sende rayne, or geue the showers of heauen? Dost not thou it o LORDE oure God, in who we trust? Yee LORDE, thou dost all these thinges.

Chapter 15

1 Then spake the LORDE vnto me, ad sayde: Though Moses and Samuel stode before me, yet haue I no herte to this people. Dryue them awaye, that they maye go out of my sight.
2 And yf they saye vnto the: Whyther shal we go? The tell the: The LORDE geueth you this answere: Some vnto death, some to the swearde, some to honger, some in to captiuyte.
3 For I will bringe foure plages vpon them, saieth the LORDE. The swearde shal stragle them, the dogges shal deuoure them, the foules of the ayre ad beestes of the earth shal eate them vp, and destroye them.
4 I will scatre them aboute also in all kingdomes and londes to be plaged, because of Manasses the sonne of Ezechias kinge of Iuda, for the thinges that he dyd in Ierusalem.
5 Who shal then haue pite vpon the, o Ierusalem? Who shal be sory for the? Or who shal make intercession, to opteyne peace for the?
6 seinge thou goest fro me, ad turnest bacwarde, saieth the LORDE? Therfore I will stretch out myne honde agaynst the, to destroye the, and I will not be intreated.
7 I will scatre the abrode with the fanne on euery side of the londe: I will waist my people and destroye them, for they haue had no lust to turne from their owne wayes.
8 I will make their wyddowes mo in nombre, then the sondes of the see. Vpon ye mothers of their children, I shal bringe a destroyer in the noone daye. Sodenly and vnawarres, shal I sende a feare vpon their cities.
9 She that hath borne vij. children, shal haue none, hir herte shalbe ful of sorowe. The Sonne shall fayle her in the cleare daye, when she shalbe confounded and faynte for very heuynesse. As for those yt remayne, I wil delyuer them vnto the swearde off their enemies, saieth the LORDE.
10 O mother, alas that euer thou dydest beare me, an enemie and hated of the whole londe: Though I neuer lente ner receaued vpon vsury, yet euery man speake euell vpon me.
11 And ye LORDE answered me: Lede not I the then vnto good? Come not I to the, when thou art in trouble: and helpe ye, when thine enemie oppresseth the?
12 Doth one yron hurte another, or one metall that cometh from the north, another?
13 As for youre riches and treasure, I wil geue them out in to a pray, not for eny money, but because of all youre synnes, that ye haue done i all youre coastes.
14 And I wil brige you with youre enemies in to a londe, yt ye knowe not: for the fyre that is kyndled in my indignacion, shal burne you vp.
15 O LORDE (sayde I then) thou knowest all thinges, therfore remembre me, ad viset me, delyuer me fro my persecuters: Receaue not my cause in yi loge wrath, yet thou knowest, that for thy sake I suffre rebuke.
16 When I had founde thy wordes, I at them vp gredely: they haue made my hert ioyfull & glad. For I call vpon thy name, o LORDE God off hoostes.
17 I dwell not amonge the scorners, nether is my delyte therin: but I dwell only in the feare of thy honde, for thou hast fylled me with bytternes.
18 Shall my heuynes endure for euer? Are my plages then so greate, yt they maye neuer be healed? Wilt thou be as a water, that falleth, and can not contynue?
19 Vpon these wordes, thus sayde the LORDE vnto me: Yf thou wilt turne agayne, I shal set the in my seruyce: and yf thou wilt take out the thinge that is precious from the vyle, thou shalt be euen as myne owne mouth. They shal conuerte vnto the, but turne not thou vnto the:
20 and so shal I make the a stroge wall of stele agaynst this people. They shal fight agaynst the, but they shal not preuayle. For I myself will be with the, to helpe the, and delyuer the, saieth the LORDE.
21 And I will ryd the out of the hondes of the wicked, and delyuer the out of the honde of Tirauntes.

Chapter 16

1 Morouer, thus sayde the LORDE vnto me:
2 Thou shalt take ye no wife, ner beget children in this place.
3 For of the children that are borne in this place, of their mothers that haue borne them, and of their fathers that haue begotten them in this londe, thus saieth the LORDE:
4 They shal dye an horrible deeth, no ma shal mourne for them, ner burie them, but they shal lye as doge vpon the earth. They shal perish thorow the swearde and honger, and their bodies shal be meate for the foules of the ayre, and beestes of the earth.
5 Agayne, thus saieth the LORDE: Go not vnto them, that come together, for to mourne and wepe: for I haue taken my peace fro this people (saieth the LORDE) yee my fauoure and my mercy.
6 And in this londe shal they dye, olde and yonge, and shall not be buried: no man shall bewepe them, no man shall clippe or shaue himselff for them.
7 There shal not one viset another, to mourne with them for their deed, or to comforte them. One shall not offre another the cuppe off consolacion, to forget their heuynes for father and mother.
8 Thou shalt not go in to their feast house, to syt downe, moch lesse to eate or drynke with them.
9 For thus saieth the LORDE off hoostes the God off Israel : Beholde, I shall take awaye out of this place, the voyce off myrth ad gladnesse, the voyce off the brydegrome and off the bryde: yee and that in youre dayes, that ye maye se it.
10 Now when thou shewest this people all these wordes, and they saye vnto the: Wherfore hath the LORDE deuysed all this greate plage for vs? Or what is the offence and synne, that we haue done agaynst the LORDE oure God?
11 Then make thou them this answere: Because youre fathers haue forsaken me (saieth the LORDE) and haue cleued vnto straunge goddes, whom they haue honoured and worshipped: but me haue they forsake, and haue not kepte my lawe.
12 And ye wt youre shamefull blasphemies, haue exceaded the wickednes off youre fathers. For euery one off you foloweth the frawerde euel ymaginacion off his owne hert, and is not obedient vnto me.
13 Therfore wil I cast you out off this londe, in to a londe that ye and youre fathers knowe not: and there shall ye serue straunge goddes daye and night, there will I shewe you no fauoure.
14 Beholde therfore (saieth the LORDE) the daies are come, that it shall nomore be sayed: The LORDE lyueth, which brought the children of Israel out of the lode of Egipte:
15 but (it shall be sayde) the LORDE lyueth, that brought the children of Israel from the North, & from all londes where I had scatred them. For I wil bringe the agayne in to the lode, that I gaue vnto their fathers.
16 Beholde, (saieth the LORDE) I will sende out many fishers to take them, and after yt wil I sende out many hunters to hunte the out, from all mountaynes and hilles ad out of the caues of stones.
17 For myne eyes beholde all their wayes, and they can not be hyd fro my face, nether can their wicked dedes be kepte close out of my sight.
18 But first will I sufficiently rewarde their shamefull blasphemies and synnes, wherwith they haue defyled my londe: Namely, with their stinckinge Idols and abhominacions, wherwt they haue fylled myne heretage.
19 O LORDE, my strength, my power, and refuge in tyme off trouble. The Gentiles shall come vnto the from the endes off the worlde, and saye: Verely oure fathers haue cleued vnto lies, their Idols are but vayne and vnprofitable.
20 How can a man make those his goddes, which are not able to be goddes?
21 And therfore, I will once teach them (saieth ye LORDE) I wil shewe them my honde and my power, that they maye knowe, yt my name is ye LORDE.

Chapter 17

1 Youre synne (o ye off the trybe of Iuda) is writte in the table of yor hertes, & graue so vpon the edges of yor aulters wt a penne of yron & with an Adamat clawe:
2 yt youre children also maye thynke vpon youre aulters, woddes, thicke trees, hie hilles, mountaynes & feldes.
3 Wherfore, I will make all youre substaunce & treasure be spoyled, for the greate synne that ye haue done vpon youre hie places, thorow out all ye coostes off youre lode.
4 Ye shal be cast out also from the heretage, that I gaue you. And I wil subdue you vnder the heuy bodage of youre enemies, in a londe that ye knowe not. For ye haue ministred fyre to my indignacion, which shal burne euermore.
5 Thus saieth the LORDE: Cursed be the man that putteth his trust in man, ad that taketh flesh for his arme: and he, whose herte departeth from ye LORDE.
6 He shall be like the heeth, that groweth in the wildernes. As for the good thinge that is for to come, he shall not se it: but dwell in a drie place off the wildernes, in a salt and vnoccupied londe.
7 O Blissed is the man, that putteth his trust in the LORDE, and whose hope the LORDE is himself.
8 For he shalbe as a tre, that is planted by the water syde: which spredeth out the rote vnto moystnesse, whom the heate can not harme, when it commeth, but his leaues are grene. And though there growe but litle frute because off drouth, yet is he not carefull, but he neuer leaueth of to bringe forth frute.
9 Amonge all thinges lyuynge, man hath the most disceatfull and vnsercheable hert. Who shall then knowe it?
10 Euen I the LORDE ripe out the grounde off the hert, ad search the reynes and rewarde euery ma acordinge to his wayes, and acordinge to the frute off his councels.
11 The disceatfull maketh a nest, but bringeth forth no yonge: He commeth by riches, but not rightuously. In the myddest off his life must he leaue them behinde him, and at the last be founde a very foole.
12 But thou (o LORDE) whose trone is most glorious, excellent and off most antiquite, which dwellest in the place of oure holy rest:
13 Thou art the comforte off Israel . All they that forsake the, shalbe confounded: all they that departe from the, shalbe written in earth, for they haue forsaken the LORDE, the very condite of the waters of life.
14 Heale me (o LORDE) and I shall be whole: saue thou me, and I shalbe saued, for thou art my prayse.
15 Beholde, these men saye vnto me: Where is the worde of the LORDE? Let it come.
16 Where as I neuertheles ledinge the flock in thy wayes, haue compelled none by violence. For I neuer desyred eny mas deeth, this knowest thou well. My wordes also were right before the.
17 Be not now terrible vnto me (o LORDE) for thou art he, in whom I hope, when I am in parell.
18 Let my persecuters be confounded, but not me: let them be afrayed, and not me. Thou shalt bringe vpon the the tyme off their plage, and shalt destroye them right sore.
19 Agayne, thus hath the LORDE sayde vnto me: Go and stonde vnder the gate, where thorow the people and the kinges of Iuda go out and in, yee vnder all the gates of Ierusalem,
20 and saye vnto them: Heare the worde of the LORDE, ye kinges of Iuda, and all thou people of Iuda, and all ye citesyns of Ierusalem, that go thorow this gate:
21 Thus the LORDE commaundeth: Take hede for youre lyues, that ye carie no burthen vpon you in the Sabbath, to bringe it thorow the gates of Ierusalem:
22 ye shall beare no burthen also out of youre houses in the Sabbath: Ye shall do no laboure there in, but halowe the Sabbath, as I commaunded youre fathers.
23 How be it they obeyed me not, nether herkened they vnto me: but were obstinate & stubburne, ad nether obeyed me, ner receaued my correccion.
24 Neuertheles, yf ye will heare me (saieth the LORDE) and beare no burthen in to ye cite thorow this gate vpon the Sabbath: Yf ye will halowe the Sabbath, so that ye do no worke there in:
25 then shal there go thorow the gates of this cite, kinges and prynces, that shall syt vpon the stole of Dauid: They shall be caried vpon charettes, and ryde vpon horses, both they and their princes: Yee whole Iuda and all the citesyns of Ierusalem shall go here thorow, and this cite shall euer be the more and more inhabited.
26 There shall come men also from the cities of Iuda, from aboute Ierusalem, ad from ye londe of Ben Iamin, from the playne feldes, from the mountaynes and from the wildernesse: which shall bringe burntoffringes, sacrifices, oblacions, and incense, and offre vp thankesgeuynge in the house of the LORDE.
27 But yff ye will not be obedient vnto me, to halowe the Sabbath, so that ye will beare youre burthens thorow the gates off Ierusalem vpon the Sabbath: Then shall I set fyre vpon the gates off Ierusalem, ad it shal burne vp the houses off Ierusalem, and no man shal be able to quench it.

Chapter 18

1 This is another communicacion, that God had with Ieremy, sayenge:
2 Arise, and go downe in to the Potters house, and there shall I tell the more off my mynde.
3 Now when I came to the Potters house, I founde him makinge his worke vpon a whele.
4 The vessel that the Potter made off claye, brake amonge his hodes: So he beganne a new, and made a nother vessell, acordinge to his mynde.
5 Then sayde the LORDE thus vnto me:
6 Maye not I do wt you, as this Potter doth, O ye house off Israel ? saieth the LORDE? Beholde, ye house off Israel : ye are in my honde, euen as the claye in the Potters honde.
7 When I take in honde to rote out, to destroye, or to waist awaye eny people or kigdome:
8 yff that people (agaynst whom I haue thus deuysed) couerte from their wickednes: Immediatly, I repente off the plage, that I deuysed to bringe vpon the.
9 Agayne: Whe I take in honde, to buylde, or to plante a people or a kingdome:
10 yff the same people do euell before me, and heare not my voyce: Immediatly, I repente of the good, that I deuysed to do for them.
11 Speake now therfore vnto whole Iuda, and to them that dwell at Ierusalem: Thus saieth the LORDE: Beholde, I am deuysinge a plage for you, and am takinge a thinge in honde agaynst you. Therfore, let euery man turne from his euell waye, take vpon you the thinge that is good, and do right.
12 But they saye: No more of this, we will folowe oure owne ymaginacions, and do euery ma acordinge to the wilfulnesse of his owne mynde.
13 Therfore thus saieth the LORDE: Axe amonge the Heithen, yf eny man hath herde soch horrible thinges, as the doughter of Sion hath done.
14 Shal not ye snowe (yt melteth vpon the stony rockes of Libanus) moysture the feldes? Or maye the springes off waters be so grauen awaye, that they runne nomore, geue moystnesse, ner make frutefull?
15 But my people hath so forgotten me, yt they haue made sacrifice vnto vayne goddes. And whyle they folowed their owne wayes they are come out of the hie strete, and gone in to a fote waye not vsed to be troden.
16 Where thorow they haue brought their londe in to an euerlastinge wildernesse and scorne: So yt who so euer trauayleth ther by, shalbe abashed, and wagge their heades.
17 With an East wynde will I scatre the, before their enemies. And when their destruction cometh, I will turne my backe vpo them, but not my face.
18 Then sayde they: come, let vs ymagin somthinge agaynst this Ieremy. Yee this dyd euen the prestes, to whom ye lawe was commytted: the Senatours, yt were the wysest: and the prophetes, which wanted not ye worde off God. Come (sayde they) let vs cut out his tuge, and let vs not regarde his wordes.
19 Considre me (o LORDE) and heare the voyce of myne enemies.
20 Do they not recompence euell for good, when they dygg a pyt for my soule? Remembre, how that I stode before the, to speake for the, ad to turne awaye thy wrath from them.
21 Therfore let their childre dye of hunger, and let them be oppressed with the swearde. Let their wyues be robbed of their childre, and become wyddowes: let their husbodes be slayne, let their yonge men be kylled with the swearde in the felde.
22 Let the noyse be herde out of their houses, when the murtherer cometh sodenly vpon them: For they haue digged a pit to take me, and layed snares for my fete.
23 Yet LORDE, thou knowest all their coucell, that they haue deuysed, to slaye me. And therfore forgeue them not their wickednes, and let not their synne be put out of thy sight: but let them be iudged before the as the giltie: This shalt thou do vnto the in ye tyme of thy indignacion.

Chapter 19

1 Morouer, thus saide the LORDE vnto Ieremy: Go thy waye, and bye the an erthen pytcher, and bringe forth the Senatours and chefe prestes
2 in to the valley of the children off Ennon, which lieth before the porte that is made of brick, & shewe them there the wordes, that I shall tell the,
3 and saye thus vnto them: Heare the worde of the LORDE, ye kinges of Iuda, ad ye citesyns of Ierusalem: Thus saieth the LORDE of hoostes the God of Israel: Beholde, I will bringe soch a plage vpon this place, that ye eares of all that heare it, shal glowe.
4 And that because they haue forsake me, and vnhalowed this place, and haue offred in it vnto straunge goddes: who nether they, their fathers, ner the kinges off Iuda haue knowne. They haue filled this place also wt the bloude of innocentes,
5 for they haue set vp an aulter vnto Baal, to burne their children for a burntoffringe vnto Baal, which I nether commaunded, ner charged them, nether thought once there vpon.
6 Beholde therfore, ye tyme cometh (saieth the LORDE) yt this place shal no more be called Tophet, ner ye valley of ye childre of Enno, but ye valley of slaughter.
7 For in this place wil I slaye the Senatours of Iuda & Ierusale, & kill the downe wt the swearde in ye sight of their enemies, ad of them that seke their lyues. And their deed carca es wil I geue to be meate for the foules of the ayre, and beestes of the felde.
8 And I wil make this cite so desolate, ad despysed: that who so goeth there by, shal be abashed & geast vpon her, because of all hir plages.
9 I will fede them also wt the flesh of their sonnes & their doughters. Yee euery one shal eate vp another in the beseginge & straytnesse, wher wt their enemies (yt seke their lyues) shal kepe the in.
10 And the pitcher shalt thou breake in the sight of the me, yt shalbe wt the, and saye vnto the:
11 Thus saieth the LORDE off hoostes: Eue so wil I destroye this people & cite: as a Potter breaketh a vessel, that can not be made whole agayne. In Tophet shal they be buried, for they shal haue none other place.
12 Thus wil I do vnto this place also, saieth the LORDE, and to the yt dwell there in: yee I wil do to this cite, as vnto Tophet
13 (For the houses of Ierusale & the houses of the kinges of Iuda are defyled, like as Tophet,) because off all the houses, in whose parlers they dyd sacrifice vnto all the hooste of heaue, and poured out drynke offringes vnto straunge goddes.
14 And so Ieremy came from Tophet, where the LORDE had sent him to prophecie, and stode in the courte off the house off the LORDE, and spake to all the people:
15 Thus saieth the LORDE off hoostes the God of Israel: Beholde, I will bringe vpon this cite and vpon euery towne aboute it, all the plages that I haue deuysed agaynst them: for they haue bene obstinate, ad wolde not obeye my warnynges.

Chapter 20

1 When Pashur the preast, the sonne off Emmer, chefe in the house of ye LORDE, herde Ieremy preach so stedfastly:
2 he smote Ieremy, and put him in the stockes, that are by the hie gate of Ben Iamin, in the house of ye LORDE.
3 The nexte daye folowinge, Pashur brought Ieremy out of the stockes agayne. Then sayde Ieremy vnto him: The LORDE shall call the nomore Pashur (that is excellent and increasinge) but Magor (that is fearfull ad afrayed) euery where.
4 For thus saieth the LORDE: beholde, I will make the afrayed, the thy self, and all that fauoure ye: which shal perish with the swearde off their enemies, euen before yi face. And I wil geue whole Iuda vnder the power of the kinge of Babilon, which shall carie some vnto Babilon presoners, and slaye some with the swearde.
5 Morouer, all ye substaunce of this londe, all their precious and gorgeous workes, all costlynesse, and all the treasure of the kinges of Iuda: wil I geue in to the hodes of their enemies, which shal spoyle them, and carie them vnto Babilon.
6 But as for the (o Pashur) thou shalt be caried vnto Babilon with all thine housholde, & to Babilo shalt thou come, where thou shalt die, and be buried: thou and all thy fauourers, to whom thou hast preached lies.
7 O LORDE, thou makest me weake, but thou refreshest me, & makest me stronge agayne. All the daye longe am I despysed, and laughed to scorne of euery man:
8 because I haue now preached longe agaynst malicious Tyranny, and shewed them off destruccion. For ye which cause they cast the worde off the LORDE in my teth, and take me euer to the worst.
9 Wherfore, I thought from hence forth, not to speake of him, ner to preach eny more in his name. But the worde off the LORDE was a very burnynge fyre in my hert and in my bones, which when I wolde haue stopped, I might not.
10 For why, I herde so many derisios and blasphemies, yee euen of myne owne companyons, and off soch as were conuersaunte with me: which wente aboute, to make me afrayed sayenge: vpon him, let vs go vpon him, to feare him, and make him holde his tonge: yt we maye ouercome him, and be avenged off him.
11 But the LORDE stode by me, like a mightie giaunte: therfore my persecuters fell, and coude do nothinge. They shal be sore confouded, for they haue done vnwisely, they shall haue an euerlastinge shame.
12 And now, o LORDE of hoostes, thou rightuous sercher) which knowest the reynes and the very hertes:) let me se them punyshed, for vnto the I committe my cause.
13 Synge vnto the LORDE, and prayse him, for he hath delyuered the soule off the oppressed, from the honde off the violent.
14 Cursed be the daye, wherein I was borne: vnhappie be ye daye, where in my mother brought me forth.
15 Cursed be the man, that brought my father the tidinges, to make him glad, sayenge: thou hast gotten a sonne.
16 Let it happen vnto that man, as to the cities which ye LORDE turned vpside downe (when he had longe herde the wicked rumoure of them)
17 because he slewe me not, as soone as I came out off my mothers wombe, and because my mother was not my graue hirselff, that the byrth might not haue come out, but remayned still in her.
18 Wherfore came I forth off my mothers wombe? To haue experience of laboure and sorowe? and to lede my life with shame?

Chapter 21

1 These are the wordes that the LORDE spake vnto Ieremy, what tyme as kinge Sedechias sent vnto him Pashur the sonne off Melchia, and Sophonias the sonne of Maasia prest, sayenge:
2 Axe councell at the LORDE (we praye the) of oure behalfe, for Nabuchodonosor the kinge off Babilon besegeth vs, yff the LORDE (peraduenture) will deale with vs, acordinge to his maruelous power, and take him from vs.
3 Then spake Ieremy: Geue Sedechias this answere,
4 Thus saieth the LORDE God off Israel: beholde, I will turne backe the weapens, that ye haue in youre hondes, wherwith ye fight agaynst the kinge of Babilo & the Caldees, which besege you rounde aboute ye walles: & I wil brige the together in to the myddest of this cite,
5 and I myselff will fight agaynst you, with an outstretched honde, ad with a mightie arme, in greate displeasure and terrible wrath:
6 and will smyte them, that dwell in this cite: yee both me ad catell shal dye of the pestilence.
7 And after this (saieth the LORDE) I shall delyuer Sedechias the kinge of Iuda, & his seruauntes, his people (and soch as are escaped in the cite, from the pestilence, swearde, and honger) into the power of Nabuchodonosor kinge of Babilon: yee in to the hodes of their enemies, in to the hodes of those yt folowe vpon their lyues, which shall smyte them with ye swerde: they shal not pite the, they shal not spare them, they shall haue no mercy vpon them.
8 And vnto this people thou shalt saye: Thus saieth the LORDE: beholde, I laye before you the waye of life and deeth.
9 Who so abydeth in this cite, shal perish: ether wt the swearde, with honger, or with pestilece. But who so goeth out to holde on ye Caldees parte, yt besege it, he shal saue his life, and shall wynne his soule for a pray.
10 For I haue set my face agaynst this cite (saieth the LORDE) to plage it, and to do it no good. It must be geue in to the honde of the kinge of Babilon, & be brent with fyre.
11 And vnto the house of the kinge off Iuda, saye thus: Heare the worde of ye LORDE
12 (o thou house off Dauid) for thus saieth the LORDE: Ministre rightuousnes, and that soone, delyuer the oppressed fro violent power: or euer my terrible wrath break out like a fyre. and burne so, that no man maye quech it, because of the wickednes of youre ymaginacions.
13 Beholde (saieth the LORDE) I wil come vpo you, that dwel in the valleis, rockes and feldes and saye: Tush, who will make vs afrayed? or who will come in to oure houses?
14 For I will vyset you (saieth the LORDE) because off the wickednes off youre invencions, and will kyndle soch a fyre in youre wod, as shall cosume all, that is aboute you.

Chapter 22

1 Thus sayde the LORDE also: Go downe in to the house of the kinge off Iuda, and speake there these wordes,
2 & saye: Heare the worde off the LORDE, thou kinge off Iuda that syttest in the kyngly seate off Dauid: thou and thy seruauntes ad ye people, that go in & out at this gate.
3 Thus the LORDE commaundeth: kepe equite and rightuousnesse, delyuer the oppressed fro the power off the violent: do not greue ner oppresse the straunger, the fatherlesse ner the wyddowe, ad shed no innocet bloude in this place.
4 And yff ye kepe these thinges faithfully, then shall there come in at the dore off this house kynges, to syt vpo Dauids seate: they shal be caried in Charettes and ryde vpon horses, both they & their seruauntes, ad their people.
5 But yf ye wil not be obedient vnto these commaundementes, I sweare by myne owne self (saieth ye LORDE) this house shalbe waist.
6 For thus hath the LORDE spoken vpon the kinges house of Iuda: Thou art the heade, as Galaad is in Libanus: What wilt thou laye of it, yf I make the not so waist (& thy cities also) that no man shal dwell there in?
7 I will prepare a destroyer with his weapes for the, to hew downe thy special Cedre trees, and to cast them in the fyre.
8 And all the people that go by this cite, shall speake one to another: Wherfore hath the LORDE done thus vnto this noble cite?
9 Then shall it be answered: because they haue broken the couenaunt off the LORDE their God, and haue worshipped and serued strauge goddes.
10 Mourne not ouer the deed, and be not wo for them, but be sory for him that departeth awaye: for he commeth not agayne, ad seeth his natyue countre no more.
11 For thus saieth the LORDE, as touchinge Sellum the sonne of Iosias kinge of Iuda, which reygned after his father, and is caried out off this place: He shal neuer come hither agayne,
12 for he shal dye in the place, where vnto he is led captyue, and shall se this londe nomore.
13 Wo worth him, that buyldeth his house with vnrightuousnes, ad his perlers with the good, that he hath gotten by violence: which neuer recompenseth his neghburs laboure, ner payeth him his hyre.
14 He thinketh in himself: I wil buylde me a wyde house, ad gorgeous perlers: He causeth wyndowes to be hewen there in, and the sylinges and geastes maketh he off Cedre, and paynteth them with Zenober.
15 Thinkest thou to reigne, now that thou prouokest me to wrath with yi Cedre trees? Dyd not thy father eate and drynke, and prospere well, as loge as he dealt with equite ad rightuousnesse?
16 Yee when he helped ye oppressed and poore to their right, then prospered he well. From whence came this, but only because he had me before his eyes? saieth the LORDE.
17 Neuertheles, as for thine eyes and thine herte, they loke vpon covetousnesse, to shed innocent bloude, to do wronge and violence.
18 And therfore, thus saieth the LORDE agaynst Ioachim, ye sonne of Iosias kynge of Iuda: They shall not mourne for him (as they vse to do) alas brother, alas syster: Nether shall they saye vnto him: Alas syr, alas for that noble prynce.
19 But as an Asse shall he be buried, corrupte and be cast without the gates of Ierusalem.
20 Clymme vp the hill off Libanus (o thou doughter Sion) lift vp thy voyce vpon Basan, crie from all partes: for all thy louers are destroyed.
21 I gaue the warninge, whyle thou wast yet i prosperite, But thou saydest: I wil not heare. And this maner hast thou vsed from thy youth, that thou woldest neuer heare my voyce.
22 All thy hyrdmen shalbe dryuen with the wynde, and thy derlinges shalbe caried awaye in to captiuyte: Then shalt thou be brought to shame and confucion, because of all thy wickednes:
23 thou that dwellest vpon Libanus, ad makest thy nest in the Cedre trees. O how greate shal yi mournynge be, when thy sorowes come vpon the, as a woman trauelinge with childe?
24 As truly as I lyue (saieth the LORDE.) Though Iechonias the sonne off Ioachim kinge off Iuda were the signet off my right honde, yet will I plucke him of:
25 And I wil geue the in to ye power off the that seke to slaye the, and in to the power off them that thou fearest: in to the power off Nabuchodonosor the kinge off Babilon, and in to the power of the Caldees.
26 Morouer, I will sende the, and thy mother that bare the, in to a straunge londe, where ye were not borne, ad there shall ye dye.
27 But as for the londe that ye will desyre to returne vnto, ye shall neuer come at it agayne.
28 This ma Iechonias shalbe like an ymage robbed and torne in peces, which pleaseth no man, for all his apparell. Wherfore both he and his sede shalbe sent awaye, and cast out into a lode, that they knowe not.
29 O thou earth, earth, earth: heare the worde off the LORDE:
30 Wryte this man amonge the outlawes, for no prosperite shall this man haue all his life longe. Nether shall eny of his sede be so happie, as to syt vpon the seate of Dauid, and to beare rule in Iuda.

Chapter 23

1 Wo be vnto the shepherdes, that destroye, and scatre my flocke, saieth the LORDE.
2 Wherfore, this is the comaundemet of the LORDE God of Israel, vnto the shepherdes that fede my people: Ye scatre ad thrust out my flocke, and loke not vpon them. Therfore, now will I vyset the wickednes of youre ymaginacions, saieth ye LORDE:
3 And will gather together the remnaunt of my flocke, from all londes that I had dryuen them vnto, and will bringe them agayne to their pastures, that they maye growe and increace.
4 I will set shepherdes also ouer them, which shall fede them. They shall nomore feare and drede, for there shall none off them be lost, saieth the LORDE
5 Beholde, the tyme commeth (saieth the LORDE) that I wil rayse vp the rightuous braunch off Dauid, which shall beare rule, and discusse matters with wysdome, and shall set vp equyte and rightuousnes agayne in the earth.
6 In his tyme shall Iuda be saued, and Israel shal dwell with out feare. And this is the name that they shall call him: euen the LORDE oure rightuous maker.
7 And therfore beholde, the tyme commeth (saieth the LORDE) that it shall no more be sayde: the LORDE lyueth, which brought the children off Israel out of the londe of Egipte:
8 But the LORDE lyueth, which brought forth, ad led the sede of the house off Israel, out off the north londe, and from all countrees where I had scatred them, and they shal dwell in their owne londe agayne.
9 My herte breaketh in my body because of the false prophetes, all my bones shake: I am become like a droncken man (that by the reason of wyne can take no rest) for very feare of the LORDE, and of his holy wordes:
10 Because the londe is full of aduoterers, where thorow it is destroyed and mourneth, and ye pleasaunt pastures of the deserte are dryed vp. Yee the waye that men take, is wicked, & their gouernaunce is nothinge like the holy worde of the LORDE.
11 For the prophetes and the prestes them selues are poluted Ypocrytes, ad their wickednes haue I founde in my house, saieth the LORDE.
12 Wherfore, their waye shall be slippery in the darcknesse, where in they maye stacker and fall. For I will bringe a plage vpon them, euen the yeare of their visitacion, saieth the LORDE.
13 I haue sene foly amonge the prophetes of Samaria , yt they preched for Baal, ad disceaued my people off Israel .
14 I haue sene also amonge the Prophetes off Ierusalem foule aduoutery, and presumptuous lies. They take the most shamefull men by the hode, flatringe them, so that they canot returne from their wickednes. All these with their citesyns are vnto me, as Sodom, and as the inhabitours off Gomorre.
15 Therfore thus saieth the LORDE of hoostes concernynge the prophetes: Beholde, I wil fede them with wormwod, & make them dryncke the water of gall. For fro the prophetes of Ierusalem is the sicknes of Ypocrisie come in to all the londe.
16 And therfore the LORDE of hoostes geueth you this warnynge: Heare not the wordes of the prophetes, that preach vnto you, and disceaue you: for they speake the meanynge of their owne herte, and not out of the mouth of the LORDE.
17 They saye vnto them, that despyse me: The LORDE hath spoken it: Tush, ye shal prospere right well. And vnto all them, that walke after the lust of their owne herte, they saye: Tush, there shall no mysfortune happen you.
18 For who hath sytten in the councell of the LORDE, that he hath herde and vnderstonde, what he is aboute to do? Who hath marcked his deuyce, and herde it?
9 Beholde, the stormy wether of the LORDE (that is, his indignacion) shal go forth, and shal fall downe vpon the heade of the vngodly.
20 And the wrath of the LORDE shal not turne agayne, vntill he perfourme, and fulfull the thoughte of his herte. And in the latter dayes ye shall knowe his meanynge.
21 I haue not sent these prophetes, (saieth the LORDE) and yet they ranne. I haue not spoken to them, and yet they preached.
22 But yf they had continued in my councell and herde my wordes: they had turned my people from their euell wayes and wicked ymaginacions.
23 Am I the God that seeth but the thinge, which is nye at honde, and not that is farre of? saieth the LORDE.
24 Maye eny man hyde him self so, that I shal not se him? saieth the LORDE. Do not I fulfill heauen and earth? saieth the LORDE.
25 I haue herde well ynough, what the prophetes saye, that preach lyes in my name, sayege: I haue dreamed, I haue dreamed.
26 How longe wil this cotynue in the prophetes hertes, to tel lyes, and to preach the craftie sotylte of their owne herte?
27 Whose purpose is, (with the dreames that euery one tell) to make my people forget my name, as their fore fathers dyd, whe Baal
28 The prophet that hath a dreame, let him tell it: and he that vnderstondeth my worde, let him shewe it faithfully. For what hath chaffe and wheat to do together? saieth the LORDE.
29 Is not my worde like a fyre, saieth the LORDE) and like an hammer, that breaketh the harde stone?
30 Therfore thus saieth the LORDE: beholde, I wil vpo the prophetes, that steale my worde priuely from euery man.
31 Beholde, here am I (saieth the LORDE) agaynst the prophetes, that take vpon their tunges to speake: The LORDE hath sayde it,
32 that darre prophecy lies, and disceaue my people with their vanities and miracles, whom I neuer sent, ner commaunded them. They shal do this people greate harme, saieth the LORDE.
33 Yf this people, ether eny prophete or prest axe the, and saye: what is the burthen of the LORDE? Thou shalt saye vnto them: What? burthen? Therfore will I cast you fro me (saieth the LORDE) because ye youre selues are a burthen.
34 And the prophet, prest or people that vseth this terme (the burthen of the LORDE) him will I viset, and his house also.
35 But thus shall ye saye, euery one to another: What answere hath the LORDE geuen? or, what is the LORDES commaundement?
36 And as for the burthen of the LORDE, ye shal speake nomore of it: for euery mans owne worde is his burthen, because ye haue altered the wordes of the lyuynge God the LORDE of hoostes oure God.
37 Thus shall euery man saye to the prophetes: what answere hath the LORDE geuen the? Or, what saieth the LORDE?
38 And not once to name the burthen of the LORDE. Therfore thus saieth the LORDE: For so moch as ye haue vsed this terme (the burthen of the LORDE) where as I notwithstondinge sent vnto you, and forbade you to speake of the LORDES burthen:
39 Beholde therfore, I will repute you as a burthen, and will cast you out of my presence: yee and the cite also, that I gaue you and youre fathers:
40 and will bringe you to an euerlastinge confucion, and in to soch a shame, as shal neuer be forgotten.

Chapter 24

1 The LORDE shewed me a visio: Beholde, there stode two maundes of figes before ye Teple of the LORDE, after yt Nabuchodonosor kynge of Babilo had led awaye captyue Iechonias the sonne of Ioachim kinge of Iuda, the mightie men also of Iuda, with the workemasters and conynge men of Ierusalem, vnto Babilon.
2 In the one maunde were very good fyges, euen like as those that be first ripe. In the other maunde were very naughtie figes, which might not be eaten, they were so euell.
3 Then sayde the LORDE vnto me: what seist thou Ieremy? I sayde: fyges, where of some be very good, and some so euel, that no man maye eate them.
4 Then came the worde of the LORDE vnto me, after this maner:
5 Thus saieth ye LORDE the God of Israel: like as thou knowest the good fyges, so shal I knowe the men led awaye, whom I haue sent out of this place in to the londe of the Caldees, for their profite:
6 and I will set myne eyes vpon them for the best, for I will bringe them agayne in to this londe: I will buylde them vp, and not breake them downe: I will plante them, and not rote them out.
7 And I will geue them an herte, to knowe, how that I am the LORDE. They shalbe my people, and I wilbe their God, for they shal returne vnto me with their whole herte.
8 And like as thou knowest the naughtie fyges, which maye not be eate, they are so euel: Euen so wil I (saieth the LORDE) let Sedechias the kinge of Iuda, (ye and all his prynces, & the residue of Ierusalem that remayne ouer in this londe, & them also that dwell in Egipte) to be vexed & plaged in all kingdomes & londes.
9 And will make them to be a reprofe, a comon byworde, a laughinge stocke & shame, in all the places, where I shal scatre them.
10 I will sende the swearde, honger & pestilence amonge them, vntill I haue clene consumed them out of the londe, that I gane vnto them & their fathers.

Chapter 25

1 A sermone that was geuen vnto Ieremy, vpon all the people of Iuda: In the fourth yeare of Ioachim the sonne of Iosias kinge of Iuda, that was, in the first yeare of Nabuchodonosor kinge of Babilon.
2 Which sermone, Ieremy the prophet made vnto all the people of Iuda, & to all ye Inhabitours of Ierusale, on this maner:
3 From the xiij yeare of Iosias the sonne of Amon kinge of Iuda, vnto this present daye, (that is euen xxiij yeare) the worde of the LORDE hath bene committed vnto me. And so I haue spoke to you, I haue rysen vp early, I haue geue you warnynge in season, but ye wolde not heare me.
4 Though the LORDE hath sent his seruauntes, all the prophetes vnto you in season: Yet wolde ye not obeye, ye wolde not encline yor eares to heare.
5 He sayde: turne agayne euery man from his euell waye, & from youre wicked ymaginacions, & so shal ye dwell for euer in the londe, that the LORDE promised you & youre fore fathers:
6 And go not after straunge goddes, serue them not, worshipe them not, & angre me not with the workes of youre hodes: then will not I punysh you.
7 Neuertheles, ye wolde not heare me (saieth the LORDE) but haue defied me with the workes of youre hodes, to youre owne greate harme.
8 Wherfore, thus saieth the LORDE of hoostes: Because ye haue not herkened vnto my worde,
9 lo, I will sende out, & call for all the people, yt dwell in the north (saieth the LORDE) & wil prepayre Nabuchodonosor the kinge of Babilon my seruaunt, and wil bringe them vpon this londe, and vpon all yt dwell therein, & vpon all the people that are aboute them, and will vterly rote them out. I will make of them a wildernesse, a mockage, and a continuall deserte.
10 Morouer, I will take from them the voyce of gladnesse and solace, the voyce of the brydegrome & the bryde, the voyce of the anoynted, with the cresshettes:
11 & this whole londe shal become a wildernes, & they shall serue the sayde people and the kinge of Babilon, thre score yeares and ten.
12 When the lxx yeares are expyred, I wil viset also the wickednesse of the kinge of Babylon & his people, saieth the LORDE: yee & the londe of the Caldees, & wil make it a perpetuall wildernes,
13 & wil fulfil all my wordes vpon that londe, which I haue deuysed agaynst it: yee all that is written in this boke, which Ieremy hath prophecied of all people:
14 so that they also shal be subdued vnto dyuerse nacions & greate kynges, for I wil recompense them, acordinge to their dedes & workes of their owne hondes.
15 For thus hath the LORDE God of Israel spoken vnto me: Take this wyne cuppe of indignacion fro my honde, that thou mayest cause all the people (to whom I sende the) for to drinke of it:
16 that when they haue dronke there of, they maye be madd, & out of their wyttes, when the swearde commeth, that I wil sende amoge them.
17 Then toke I the cuppe from the LORDES honde, & made all the people drynke there of, vnto whom the LORDE had sent me.
18 But first the cite of Ierusalem, & all the cities of Iuda, their kinges & prynces: to make the desolate, waist, despysed & cursed, acordinge as it is come to passe this daye.
19 Yee & Pharao ye kinge of Egipte, his seruauntes, his prynces & his people altogether one wt another
20 and all kinges of the londe of Hus, all kinges of the Philistynes londe, Ascalon, Gaza, Accaron & the remnaunt of Asdod,
21 the Edomites, the Moabites & the Ammonites:
22 all the kinges of Tirus & Sidon: the kinges of the Iles, that are beyonde the see:
23 Dedan, Thema, Buz & the shauen Ismaelites:
24 all the kinges of Araby, & (generally) all the kinges that dwell in the deserte:
25 all the kinges of Simri, all the kinges of Elam, all ye kinges of the Meedes,
26 all kinges towarde the north (whether they be farre or nye) euery one with his neghbours: Yee and all the kingdomes that are vpon the whole earth. The kinge of Sesach (sayde he) shal drinke with them also.
27 And saye thou vnto them: this is the commaundement of the LORDE of hoostes the God of Israel: drinke and be droncken, spewe, and fall, that ye neuer ryse: and that thorow the swearde, which I wil sende amonge you.
28 But yf they will not receaue the cuppe of thy honde, and drinke it, then tell them: Thus doth the LORDE of hoostes threaten you: drynke it ye shal, and that shortly.
29 For lo, I begynne to plage the cite, that my name is geuen vnto: thynke ye then, that I will leaue you vnpunyshed? Ye shall not go quyte. For why, I call for a swearde vpo all the inhabitours of the earth, saieth the LORDE of hoostes.
30 Therfore tell them all these wordes, and saye vnto them: The LORDE shal crie from aboue, and let his voyce be herde from his holy habitacion. With a greate noyse shall he crie from his courte regall. He shal geue a greate voyce (like the grape gatherers) and the sounde thereof shalbe herde vnto the endes of the worlde.
31 For the LORDE hath a iudgment to geue vpon all people, and will holde his courte of iustice with all flesh and punyshe the vngodly, saieth the LORDE.
32 For thus sayeth ye LORDE of hoostes: Beholde, a miserable plage shall go from one people to another, and a greate stormy water shal arise from all the endes of the earth.
33 And the same daye shall the LORDE himself slaye them, from one ende of the earth to another. There shall no mone be made for eny of them, none gathered vp, none buried: but shall lie as dunge vpon the grounde.
34 Mourne (o ye shepherdes) & crie: sprinckle youre selues with asshes, o ye rammes of the flocke: for the tyme of youre slaughter is fulfilled, and ye shal fall like vessels connyngly made for pleasure.
35 The shepherdes shall haue no waye to fle, and the rammes of the flocke shall not escape.
36 Then shal the shepherdes crie horribly, and the rammes of the flocke shal mourne: for the LORDE shal consume their pasture,
37 and their best feldes shal lie deed because of the horrible wrath of the LORDE.
38 They shall forsake their foldes like as a lyon : For their londes shalbe waist, because of the wrath of the destroyer, and because of his fearfull indignacion.

Chapter 26

1 In the begynnynge of the reigne of Ioachim the sonne of Iosias kynge of Iuda, came this worde from the LORDE, sayenge:
2 Thus saieth the LORDE: Stonde in the courte of the LORDES house, and speake vnto all them which (out of the cities of Iuda) come to do worshippe in the LORDES house, all the wordes yt I commaunde the to saye. Loke that thou kepe not one worde backe,
3 yf (perauenture) they will herke, and turne euery man from his wicked waye: that I maye also repente of the plage, which I haue determed to brynge vpon them, because of their wicked invencions.
4 And after this maner shalt thou speake vnto them: Thus saieth the LORDE: yf ye will not obeye me, to walke in my lawes, which I haue geuen you,
5 and to heare the wordes of my seruauntes the prophetes, whom I sent vnto you, rysynge vp tymely, and still sendinge: Yf ye will not folowe the (I saye)
6 then will I do to this house, as I dyd vnto Silo, and will make this cite to be abhorred of all the people of the earth.
7 And the prestes, the prophetes and all the people herde Ieremy preach these wordes, in the house of the LORDE.
8 Now when he had spoken out all the wordes, that the LORDE commaunded him to preach vnto all the people, then the prestes, the prophetes and all the people toke holde vpon him, and sayde: thou shalt dye.
9 How darrest thou be so bolde, as to saye in the name of the LORDE: it shal happen to this house as it dyd vnto Silo? and this cite shalbe so waist, that no man shal dwell there in?
10 And when all the people were gathered aboute Ieremy in the house of the LORDE, the prynces of Iuda herde of this rumoure, & they came soone out of the kinges Palace in to the house of the LORDE, and sat them downe before the new dore of the LORDE.
11 Then spake the prestes and the prophetes vnto the rulers & to all the people, these wordes: This man is worthy to dye, for he hath preached agaynst this cite, as ye youre selues haue herde with youre eares.
12 Then sayde Ieremy vnto the rulers and to all the people: The LORDE hath sente me to preach agaynst this house & agaynst this cite all the wordes that ye haue herde.
13 Therfore amende youre wayes, and youre advysementes, and be obedient vnto the voyce of the LORDE youre God: so shal the LORDE repet of the plage, yt he had deuysed agaynst you.
14 Now as for me: I am in youre hondes, do with me, as ye thinke expediet and good.
15 But this shall ye knowe: yf ye put me to death, ye shal make youre selues, this cite & all the inhabitours there of, giltie of innocent bloude. For this is of a treuth: that the LORDE hath sente me vnto you, to speake all these wordes in youre eares.
16 Then sayde the rulers and the people vn the prestes and prophetes: This man maye not be condemned to death, for he hath preached vnto vs in the name of the LORDE oure God.
17 The Elders also of the londe stode vp, & sayde thus vnto all the people:
18 Micheas the Morascite, which was a prophet vnder Ezechias kinge of Iuda, spake to all the people of Iuda: Thus saieth the LORDE of hoostes: Sion shalbe plowed like a felde, Ierusale shalbe an heape of stones, & the hill of the LORDES house shalbe turned to an hie wod.
19 Dyd Ezechias ye kinge of Iuda & the people of Iuda put him to deeth for this? No verely, but rather feared ye LORDE, & made their praier vnto him. For the which cause also ye LORDE repented of the plage, yt he had deuysed agaynst them. Shulde we then do soch a shamefull dede agaynst oure soules?
20 There was a prophet also, that preached stiffly in the name of the LORDE, called Vrias the sonne of Semeia of Cariathiarim: this ma preached also agaynst this cite & agaynst this lode, acordinge to all as Ieremy saieth.
21 Now when Ioachim the kinge with all the estates & prynces had herde his wordes, the kinge went aboute to slaye him. When Vrias perceaued that, he was afrayed, & fled, & departed in to Egipte.
22 Then Ioachim the kinge sent seruauntes into the lode of Egipte, Namely: Elnatha the sonne of Achbor, & certayne men wt him into Egipte,
23 which fetched Vrias out of Egipte, & brought him vnto kinge Ioachim that slewe him with the swearde, & cast his deed body into ye como peoples graue.
24 But Ahicam the sonne of Saphan helped Ieremy, that he came not in to the hondes of the people to be slayne.

Chapter 27

1 In the begynnynge of the reigne of Ioachim the sonne of Iosias kynge of Iuda, came this worde vnto Ieremy from the LORDE, which spake thus vnto me:
2 Make the bondes & chaynes, and put them aboute thy neck,
3 & sende the to the kinge of Edom, the kinge of Moab, the kinge of Amon, the kinge of Tirus, & to the kinge of Sidon: & that by the messaungers, which shal come to Ierusalem vnto Sedechias the kinge of Iuda,
4 and byd them saye vnto their masters: Thus saieth the LORDE of hoostes the God of Israel, speake thus vnto yor masters:
5 I am he that made the earth, the men & ye catell that are vpon the grounde, with my greate power & outstretched arme, & haue geuen it vnto whom it pleased me.
6 And now will I delyuer all these londes in to the power of Nabuchodonosor the kinge of Babilon my seruaunt. The beestes also of the felde shal I geue him to do him seruyce.
7 And all people shal serue him, & his sonne, and his childes children, vntil the tyme of the same lode be come also: Yee many people & greate kinges shal serue him.
8 Morouer, that people & kingdome which wil not serue Nabuchodonosor, and that wil not put their neckes vnder ye yock of the kinge of Babilon: the same people will I viset with swearde, with honger, with pestilence, vntill I haue consumed them in his hondes, saieth the LORDE.
9 And therfore, folowe not youre prophetes, soythsayers, expounders of dreames, charmers & witches, which saye vnto you: ye shal not serue the kinge of Babilon.
10 For they preach you lies, to bringe you farre from youre londe, & that I might cast you out, & destroye you.
11 But the people that put their neckes vnder the yock of the kinge of Babilon, & serue him, those I wil let remayne still in their owne lode (saieth the LORDE) & they shal occupie it, & dwell there in.
12 All these thinges tolde I Sedechias the kinge of Iuda, and sayde: Put youre neckes vnder the yock of the kinge of Babilon, and serue him & his people, that ye maye lyue.
13 Why wilt thou and thy people perish with the swearde, with honger, with pestilence: like as the LORDE hath deuysed for all people, that wil not serue the kinge of Babilon?
14 Therfore geue no eare vnto those prophetes (that tell you: Ye shall not serue the kinge of Babilon) for they preach you lies,
15 nether haue I sent them, saieth the LORDE: how be it they are bolde, falsely for to prophecie in my name: that I might ye sooner dryue you out, & that ye might perish with yor preachers.
16 I spake to the prestes also and to all the people: Thus saieth the LORDE: Heare not the wordes of those prophetes, that preach vnto you, & saye: Beholde, the vessels of the LORDES house shall shortly be brought hither agayne from Babilon: For they prophecie lies vnto you.
17 Heare them not, but serue the kinge of Babilon, yt ye maye lyue. Wherfore will ye make this cite to be destroyed?
18 But yf they be true prophetes in very dede, and yf the worde of the LORDE be commytted vnto them, then let them praye the LORDE of hoostes, that the remnaunt of the ornamentes (which are in the house of the LORDE, and remayne yet in the house of the kinge of Iuda and at Ierusalem) be not caried to Babilon also.
19 For thus hath the LORDE of hoostes spoken concernynge the pylers, the lauer, the seate and the residue of the ornamentes that yet remayne in this citie,
20 which Nabuchodonosor the kinge of Babilon toke not, when he caried awaye Iechonias the sonne of Ioachim kinge of Iuda, with all the power of Iuda and Ierusalem, from Ierusalem vnto Babilon, captyue.
21 Yee thus hath the LORDE of hoostes the God of Israel spoken, as touchinge the residue of the ornamentes of the LORDES house, of the kinge of Iudaes house, and of Ierusalem:
22 They shalbe caried vnto Babilon, and there they shall remayne, vntil I vyset them, saieth the LORDE. Then wil I bringe them hither agayne.

Chapter 28

1 And this was done in the same yeare: eue in the begynnynge of the reigne of Sedechias kinge of Iuda. But in the fourth yeare of the reigne of Sedechias kinge of Iuda, in the fifth Moneth, It happened, that Hananias ye sonne of Assur the prophet of Gabaon, spake to me in the house of the LORDE, in the presence of the prestes & of all the people, & sayde:
2 Thus saieth the LORDE of hoostes the God of Israel: I haue broke the yock of the kinge of Babilon,
3 and after two yeare will I bringe agayne in to this place, all the ornamentes of the LORDES house, yt Nabuchodonosor kinge of Babilon caried awaye from this place vnto Babilon.
4 Yee I will bringe agayne Iechonias the sonne of Ioachim the kinge of Iuda himself, with all the presoners of Iuda, (yt are caried vnto Babilon,) eue in to this place, saieth ye LORDE, for I wil breake ye yock of the kinge of Babilo.
5 Then the prophet Ieremy gaue answere vnto that prophet Hananias, before the prestes & before all the people that were present in the house of the LORDE.
6 And the prophet Ieremy sayde: Amen, the LORDE do that, & graunte the thinge, which thou hast prophecied: that he maye bringe agayne all the ornamentes of the LORDES house, & restore all the presoners from Babilon in to ths place.
7 Neuertheles, herken thou also, what I will saye, that thou & all the people maye heare:
8 The prophetes that were before vs in tymes past, which prophecied of warre, or trouble, or pestilence,
9 ether of peace, vpon many nacions & greate kingdomes, were proued by this (yf God had sende them in very dede) when the thinge came to passe, which that prophet tolde before.
10 And Hananias the prophet toke the chayne from the prophet Ieremias neck, & brake it:
11 & with that sayde Hananias, that all the people might heare: Thus hath the LORDE spoken: Euen so will I breake the yock of Nabuchodonosor kinge of Babilo, from the neck of all nacions, yee & that within this two yeare. And so the prophet Ieremy wente his waye.
12 After now that Hananias the prophet had taken the chayne from the prophet Ieremies neck, and broken it: The worde of the LORDE came vnto the prophet Ieremy sayenge:
13 Go, and tell Hananias these wordes: Thus saieth the LORDE: Thou hast broken the chayne of wodd, but in steade of wodd, thou shalt make chaynes of yron.
14 For thus saieth the LORDE of hoostes the God of Israel: I wil put a yock of yron vpon the neck of all this people, that they maye serue Nabuchodonosor the kinge of Babilon, yee & so shal they do. And I wil geue him ye beestes in the felde.
15 Then sayde the prophet Ieremy vnto ye prophet Hananias: Heare me (I praye the) Hananias: The LORDE hath not sent the, but thou bringest this people in to a false beleue.
16 And therfore thus saieth ye LORDE: beholde, I wil sende the out of the lode, & within a yeare thou shalt die, because thou hast falsely spoke agaynst the LORDE.
17 So Hananias the prophet died the same yeare in the seuenth Moneth.

Chapter 29

1 This is the Copie of the lettre, yt Ieremy the prophet sent from Ierusalem vnto the presoners: the Senatours, prestes, prophetes, & all the people, whom Nabuchodonosor had led vnto Babilo:
2 after ye tyme yt kinge Iechonias & his Quene, his chambrelaynes, the prynces of Iuda & Ierusale & the workmasters of Ierusale were departed thither.
3 Which lettre, Elasa ye sonne of Sapha & Gamaria ye sonne of Helchia dyd beare, who Sedechias the kinge of Iuda sent vnto Babilo to Nabuchodonosor ye kinge of Babilo: these were ye wordes of Ieremias lettre:
4 Thus hath ye LORDE of hoostes ye God of Israel spoke, vnto all the presoners, yt were led fro Ierusale vnto Babilo:
5 Buylde you houses to dwell therein: plate you gardes, yt ye maye enioye the frutes thereof:
6 take you wyues, to beare you sonnes and doughters: prouyde wyues for youre sonnes, & husbondes for youre doughters: that they maye get sonnes & doughters, and that ye maye multiplie there. Laboure not to be fewe,
7 but seke after peace & prosperite of the cite, where in ye be presoners, & praye vnto God for it. For in the peace there of, shal yor peace be.
8 For thus saieth the LORDE of hoostes the God of Israel: Let not those prophetes and soythsaiers yt be amonge you, disceaue you: & beleue not youre owne dreames.
9 For why, they preach you lies in my name, & I haue not sent them, saieth the LORDE.
10 But thus saieth the LORDE: When ye haue fulfilled lxx yeares at Babilon, I wil bringe you home, and of myne owne goodnes I will carie you hither agayne vnto this place.
11 For I knowe, what I haue deuysed for you, saieth the LORDE. My thoughtes are to geue you peace, & not trouble (which I geue you all redie) & that ye might haue hope agayne.
12 Ye shall crie vnto me, ye shal go & call vpo me, & I shal heare you.
13 Ye shal seke me, & fynde me: Yee, yf so be that ye seke me with youre whole herte,
14 I will be founde of you (saieth the LORDE) and will delyuer you out of preson, & gather you together agayne out of all places, where in I haue scatred you, saieth the LORDE: and wil bringe you agayne to the same place, from whence I caused you be caried awaye captyue.
15 But where as ye saye, that God hath raysed you vp prophetes at Babilon:
16 Thus hath the LORDE spoken (concernynge the kinge that sytteth in the stole of Dauid, and all ye people that dwell in this cite, youre brethren that are not gone with you into captiuyte.)
17 Thus (I saye) speaketh the LORDE of hoostes: Beholde, I wil sende a swearde, honger & pestilence vpon them, & wil make them like vntymely fyges, that maye not be eate for bytternes.
18 And I wil persecute them with the swearde, with honger & death. I will delyuer them vp to be vexed of all kingdomes, to be cursed, abhorred, laughed to scorne, & put to confucion of all the people, amonge whom I haue scatred them:
19 & that because they haue not bene obedient vnto my commaundementes, (saieth the LORDE) which I sent vnto them by my seruauntes the prophetes. I stode vp early, and sent vnto them, but they wolde not heare, saieth the LORDE.
20 Heare therfore the worde of the LORDE, all ye presoners, whom I sent from Ierusale vnto Babilon:
21 Thus hath the LORDE of hoostes the God of Israel spoken, of Achab ye sonne of Colaias, & of Sedechias the sonne of Maasia, which prophecie lies vnto you in my name: Beholde, I wil delyuer them in to the honde of Nabuchodonosor the kinge of Babilon, that he maye slaye them before youre eyes.
22 And all ye presoners of Iuda that are in Babilon, shal take vpo them this terme of cursinge, and saye: Now God do vnto the, as he dyd vnto Sedechias & Achab, whom the kinge of Babilon rosted in the fyre,
23 because they synned shamefully in Israel . For they haue not onely defiled their neghbours wyues, but also preached lyenge wordes in my name, which I haue not commaunded them. This I testifie, & assure, saieth the LORDE.
24 But as for Semeia the Nehelamite, thou shalt speake vnto him:
25 Thus saieth the LORDE of hoostes the God of Israel: Because thou hast sealed lettres vnder thy name, vnto all the people that is at Ierusalem, & to Sophonias the sonne of Maasia the prest, yee and sent them to all the prestes: where in thou wrytest thus vnto him:
26 The LORDE hath ordened the to be prest in steade of Ioiada the prest, that thou shuldest be the chefe in the house of the LORDE aboue all prophetes, & preachers, & that thou mightest put them in preson, or in ye stockes.
27 How happeneth it then, that thou hast not reproued Ieremy of Anathot, which neuer leaueth of his prophecienge.
28 And beside all this, he hath sent vs worde vnto Babilon, and tolde vs planely, that oure captiuyte shal longe endure: that we shulde buylde vs houses to dwell therin, & to plante vs gardens, that we might enioye the frutes therof.
29 Which lettre Sophonias the prest dyd rede, and let Ieremy the prophet heare it.
30 Then came the worde of the LORDE vnto Ieremy, sayenge:
31 Sende worde to all them that be in captiuyte, on this maner: Thus hath the LORDE spoken concernynge Semeia ye Nehelamite: Because that Semeia hath prophecied vnto you without my commyssion, & brought you in to a false hope,
32 therfore thus the LORDE doth certifie you: Beholde, I wil vyset Semeia the Nehelamite, & his sede: so that none of his shall remayne amonge this people, & none of them shall se the good, yt I will do for this people, saieth the LORDE. For he hath preached falsely of the LORDE.

Chapter 30

1 These are the wordes, that the LORDE shewed vnto Ieremy, saienge:
2 Thus saieth the LORDE God of Israel: Wryte vp diligently all the wordes, that I haue spoken vnto the, in a boke
3 For lo, the tyme commeth (saieth the LORDE) that I will bringe agayne the presoners of my people of Israel and Iuda, saieth the LORDE: For I will restore them vnto the londe, that I gaue to their fathers, and they shall haue it in possession.
4 Agayne, these wordes spake the LORDE, cocernynge Israel and Iuda:
5 Thus saieth the LORDE: We heare a terrible crie, feare and disquietnesse.
6 For what els doth this signifie, that I se? Namely, that all stronge men smyte, euery man his honde vpon his loynes, as a woman in the payne of hir trauayle. Who euer sawe a man trauayle with childe? Enquere therafter, & se. Yee all their faces are maruelous pale.
7 Alas for this daye, which is so dredefull, that none maye be lickened vnto it: and alas for the tyme of Iacobs trouble, from the which he shall yet be delyuered.
8 For in that daye, saieth the LORDE, I will take his yock from of thy neck, & breake thy bondes. They shall nomore serue straunge goddes vnder him,
9 but they shall do seruyce vnto God their LORDE, and to Dauid their kinge, whom I will rayse vp vnto them.
10 And as for the, o my seruaunt Iacob, feare not (saieth ye LORDE) and be not afrayed, o Israel . For lo, I will helpe the also from farre, & thy sede from the londe of their captiuyte. And Iacob shall turne agayne, he shalbe in rest, and haue a prosperous life, and no man shall make him afrayed.
11 For I am with the, to helpe the, saieth the LORDE. And though I shal destroye all the people, amonge whom I haue scatred the, yet will I not destroye the, but correcke the, and that with discrecion. For I knowe, that thou art in no wise without faute.
12 Therfore thus saieth ye LORDE: I am sory for thy hurte and woundes.
13 There is no man to medle with thy cause, or to bynde vp thy woundes: there maye no man helpe the.
14 All thy louers haue forgotten the, and care nothinge for the. For I haue geuen the a cruell stroke, and chastened the roughly: and that for the multitude of thy mysdedes, for thy synnes haue had the ouer hande.
15 Why makest thou mone for thy harme? I my self haue pite of thy sorowe, but for the multitude of thy mysdedes and synnes, I haue done this vnto the.
16 And therfore all they that deuoure the, shalbe deuoured, and all thine enemies shalbe led in to captiuyte. All they that make the waist, shalbe waisted them selues: and all those that robbe the, will I make also to be robbed.
17 For I will geue the thy health agayne, and make thy woundes whole, saieth the LORDE: because they reuyled the, as one cast awaye and despised, o Sion.
18 For thus saieth the LORDE: Beholde, I will set vp Iacobs tentes agayne, and defende his dwellinge place. The cite shalbe buylded in hir olde estate, and the houses shal haue their right foundacion.
19 And out of them shall go thankesgeuynge, and the voyce of ioye. I will multiplie them, and they shall not mynishe: I shall endue them with honoure, and no man shall subdue them.
20 Their children shalbe as afore tyme, and their congregacion shal cotinue in my sight. And all those that vexe them, will I viset.
21 A captayne also shall come of them, and a prynce shall springe out from the myddest of them: him will I chalenge to myself, and he shall come vnto me. For what is he, that geueth ouer his herte, to come vnto me? saieth the LORDE.
22 Ye shalbe my people also, and I wilbe youre God.
23 Beholde, on the other syde shall the wrath of the LORDE breake out as a stormy water, as a mightie whyrle wynde: and shal fall vpo the heades of the vngodly.
24 The terrible displeasure of the LORDE shall not leaue of, vntill he haue done, & perfourmed the intent of his herte, which in the latter dayes ye shal vnderstonde.

Chapter 31

1 At the same tyme (saieth the LORDE) shal I be the God of all the generacions of Israel , & they shalbe my people.
2 Thus saieth the LORDE: The people of Israel which escaped in ye wildernes from the swearde, founde grace to come in to their rest.
3 Euen so shal the LORDE now also apeare vnto me from farre, and saye: I loue the with an euerlastinge loue, therfore do I sprede my mercy before the.
4 I will repayre the agayne (o thou doughter of Israel ) that thou mayest be fast and sure. Thou shalt take thy tabrettes agayne, & go forth with them, that lede the daunce.
5 Thou shalt plante vynes agayne vpon ye hilles of Samaria , and the grape gatherers shall plante, and synge.
6 And when it is tyme, the watch men vpon the mount of Ephraim shall crie: Arise, let vs go vp vnto Sion to oure LORDE God,
7 for thus saieth the LORDE: Reioyce with gladnes because of Iacob, crie vnto the heade of the Gentiles: speake out, synge, and saye: The LORDE shall delyuer his people, the remnaunt of Israel &, make them whole
8 Beholde, I will bringe them agayne from out of the north lode, and gather them from the endes of the worlde, with the blynde and lame that are amonge them, with the women that be greate with childe, and soch as be also delyuered: and the company of them that come agayne, shal be greate.
9 They departed from hence in heuynes, but with ioye will I bringe them hither agayne. I will lede them by the ryuers of water in a straight waye, where they shall not stomble: For I will be Israels father, and Epraim shalbe my firstborne.
10 Heare the worde of the LORDE (o ye Gentiles) preach in the Iles, that lie farre of, and saye: he that hath scatred Israel , shall gather him together agayne, and shall kepe him as a shepherde doth his flocke.
11 For the LORDE shall redeme Iacob, and ryd him from the honde of the violent.
12 And they shal come, & reioyce vpon the hill of Sion, & shall haue plenteousnes of goodes, which the LORDE shall geue them: Namely, wheate, wyne, oyle, yonge shepe and calues. And their conscience shalbe as a well watred garden, for they shall nomore be hongrie.
13 Then shal the mayde reioyce in the daunce, yee both yonge and olde folkes. For I will turne their sorow in to gladnesse, and will comforte them, and make them ioyfull, euen from their hertes.
14 I will poure plenteousnes vpon the hertes of the prestes, and my people shalbe satisfied with good thinges, saieth the LORDE.
15 Thus saieth the LORDE: The voyce of heuynes, wepynge and lamentacion came vp in to heauen: euen of Rachel mournynge for hir children, and wolde not be comforted, because they were awaye.
16 But now saieth the LORDE: leaue of from wepynge and crienge, witholde thyne eyes from teares, for thy laboure shalbe rewarded, saieth the LORDE. And they shall come agayne out of the londe of their enemies:
17 Yee euen thy posterite shall haue consolacion in this (saieth the LORDE) that thy children shall come agayne in to their owne londe.
18 Morouer I herde Ephraim, (that was led awaye captyue) complayne on this maner: O LORDE, thou hast correcte me, and thy chastenynge haue I receaued, as an vntamed calfe. Conuerte thou me, and I shalbe conuerted, for thou art my LORDE God.
19 Yee as soone as thou turnest me, I shall refourme my self: and when I vnderstonde, I shall smyte vpon my thee. For verely I haue comitted shamefull thinges: O let my youth beare this reprofe and confucion.
20 Vpon this complaynte, I thought thus by myself: is not Ephraim my deare sonne? Is he not the childe, with whom I haue had all myrth and pastyme? For sence the tyme that I first comoned with him, I haue him euer in remembraunce: therfore my very herte dryueth me vnto him: gladly and louyngly will I haue mercy vpon him, saieth the LORDE.
21 Get the watchmen, prouyde teachers for the: set thine herte vpon the right waie, that thou shuldest walke, and turne agayne: (o thou doughter of Israel ,) turne agayne to these cities of thyne.
22 How longe wilt thou go astraie, o thou shrekinge doughter? For the LORDE will worke a new thynge vpon earth: A woman shall compasse a man.
23 For thus saieth the LORDE of hoostes the God of Israel: It will come therto, that when I haue brought Iuda out of captiuyte, these wordes shalbe herde in ye londe and in his cities: The LORDE, which is the fayre brydegrome of rightuousnesse, make the frutefull, o thou holy hill:
24 And there shall dwell Iuda and all hir cities, the shepherdes and husbonde men:
25 For I shall fede the hongrie soule, and refresh all faynte hertes.
26 When I herde this, I came agayne to myself, and mused, like as I had bene waked out of a swete slepe.
27 Beholde (saieth the LORDE) the dayes come, that I will sowe the house of Israel and the house of Iuda, with men and with catell.
28 Yee it shall come therto, that like as I haue gone aboute in tymes past to rote them out, to scatre them, to breake them downe, to destroye them and chaste them: Euen so will I also go diligently aboute, to buylde them vp agayne, and to plante them, saieth the LORDE.
29 Then shall it no more be sayde: ye fathers haue eaten a sower grape, and the childrens teth are set on edge:
30 for euery one shal dye for his owne mysdede, so that who so eateth a sower grape, his teth shalbe set on edge.
31 Beholde, the dayes come (saieth the LORDE) yt I will make a new couenaunt with ye house of Israel & with ye house of Iuda:
32 not after the couenaunt that I made with their fathers, when I toke them by the honde, & led them out of the londe of Egipte: which couenaunt they brake, wherfore I punyshed them sore, saieth the LORDE:
33 But this shalbe the couenaunt that I will make with the house of Israel after those dayes, saieth the LORDE: I will plante my lawe in the inwarde partes of them, and write it in their hertes, and wilbe their God, and they shalbe my people.
34 And from thece forth shall no man teach his neghboure or his brother, and saye: knowe the LORDE: But they shall all knowe me, from the lowest vnto the hyest, saieth the LORDE. For I will forgeue their mysdedes, and wil neuer remembre their synnes eny more.
35 Thus saieth the LORDE which gaue the sonne to be a light for the daye, and the Moone and starres to shyne in the night: which moueth the see, so that the floudes therof waxe fearce: his name is the LORDE of hoostes.
36 Like as this ordinaunce shal neuer be taken out of my sight, saieth the LORDE: So shal the sede of Israel neuer ceasse, but all waye be a people before me.
37 Morouer, thus saieth the LORDE: like as the heauen aboue can not be measured, and as the foundacions of the earth beneth maye not be sought out: So will I also not cast out the whole sede of Israel , for that they haue commytted, saieth the LORDE.
38 Beholde, the daies come saieth the LORDE, yt the cite of ye LORDE shalbe enlarged from the towre of Hananeel, vnto ye gate of the corner wall.
39 From thence shal the right measure be taken before her vnto the hill toppe of Gareb, and shal come aboute Gaatha,
40 and the whole valley of the deed carcases, and of the ashes, & all Seremoth, vnto the broke of Cedron: and from thence vnto the corner of the horsgate towarde ye east, where as the Sanctuary of the LORDE also shalbe set. And when it is now buylded, & set vp of this fashion it shall neuer be broken, ner cast downe eny more.

Chapter 32

1 These wordes spake the LORDE vnto Ieremy, in the tenth yeare of Sedechias kinge of Iuda, which was ye xviij yeare of Nabuchodonosor,
2 what tyme as the kinge of Babilons hooste layed sege vnto Ierusalem. But Ieremy the prophet laye bounde in ye courte of the preson, which was in the kinge of Iudaes house:
3 where Sedechias the kinge of Iuda caused him to be layed, because he had prophecied of this maner: Thus saieth the LORDE: Beholde, I will delyuer this cite in to the hondes of the kinge of Babilon, which shal take it.
4 As for Sedechias the kinge of Iuda, he shal not be able to escape the Caldees, but surely he shall come in to the hondes of the kinge of Babilon: which shall speake with him mouth to mouth, and one of them shall loke another in the face.
5 And Sedechias shalbe caried vnto Babilon, and there shall he be, vntill the tyme that I vyset him, saieth the LORDE. But yf thou takest in hode to fight agaynst the Caldees, thou shalt not prospere.
6 And Ieremy sayde: Thus hath the LORDE spoken vnto me:
7 Beholde, Hananeel the sonne of Sellum thine Vncles sonne shall come vnto the, and requyre the to redeme ye londe, that lieth in Anathot vnto thy self: for by reason of kynred it is thy parte to redeme it, and to bye it out.
8 And so Hananeel myne Vncles sonne came to me in the courte of the preson, (acordinge to the worde of the LORDE,) and sayde vnto me: Bye my londe (I praye the) that lieth in Anothot in the countre of Ben Iamyn: for by heretage thou hast right to lowse it out for thy self, therfore redeme it. Then I preceaued, that this was the commaundement of the LORDE,
9 and so I lowsed the londe from Hananeel of Anathot, myne Vncles sonne, and weyed him there the moneye: euen seuen sycles, and ten syluer pens.
10 I caused him also to make me a writinge, and to seale it, and called recorde there by, and weyed him there the money vpon the waightes.
11 So I toke the euydence with the copie (when it was orderly sealed and red ouer)
12 and I gaue the euydence vnto Baruch the sonne of Nerias the sonne of Maasia in the sight of Hananeel my cosen, and in the presence of the witnesses, that be named in the euydence, and before all the Iewes that were therby in the courte of the preson.
13 I charged Baruch also before them, saienge:
14 The LORDE of hoostes the God of Israel commaundeth the, to take this sealed euydence with the copie, and to laye it in an erthen vessell, that it maye longe continue.
15 For the LORDE of hoostes of the God of Israel hath determed, that houses, feldes and vynyardes shalbe possessed agayne in this londe.
16 Now when I had delyuered the euydence vnto Baruch ye sonne of Nerias, I besought the LORDE, sayenge:
17 O LORDE God, It is thou that hast made heauen and earth with thy greate power and hie arme, and there is nothinge to harde for ye.
18 Thou shewest mercy vpon thousandes, thou recompecest the wickednes of the fathers, in to the besome of the children that come after them.
19 Thou art the greate and mightie God, whose name is the LORDE of hoostes: greate in councell, and infinite in thought: Thine eyes loke vpon all the wayes of mens children, to rewarde euery one after his waye, and acordinge to the frutes of his inuencions:
20 Thou hast done greate tokens and wonders in the londe of Egipte (as we se this daye) vpon the people of Israel and vpon those men: to make thy name greate, as it is come to passe this daye:
21 Thou hast brought thy people of Israel out of the londe of Egipte, with tokens, with wondres, with a mightie honde, with a stretched out arme and with greate terriblenes:
22 and hast geuen them this londe, like as thou haddest promysed vnto their fathers: Namely, that thou woldest geue them a lode, that floweth with mylke and honye.
23 Now when they came therin, and possessed it, they folowed not thy voyce, and walked not in thy lawe: but all that thou commaundedest them to do, that haue they not done, and therfore come all these plages vpon them.
24 Beholde, there are bulworckes made now agaynst the cite, to take it: and it shalbe wonne of the Caldees that besege it, with swearde, with honger and death, and loke what thou hast spoken, that same shal come vpon them. For lo, all thinges are present vnto the:
25 Yet sayest thou vnto me (o LORDE God) and commaundest me, that I shall loose a pece of londe vnto my self, and take witnesses therto: and yet in the meane season the cite is delyuered in to the power of the Caldees.
26 Then came the worde of the LORDE vnto me, sayenge:
27 Beholde, I am the LORDE God of all flesh, Is there eny thinge then to harde for me?
28 Therfore thus sayde the LORDE: beholde, I shal delyuer this cite in to the power of the Caldees, and in to the power of Nabuchodonosor the kinge of Babilon, they shall take it in:
29 For the Caldees shall come, and wynne this cite, and set fyre vpon it, and burne it: with the gorgeous houses, in whose parlers they haue made sacrifice vnto Baal, and poured drynkeofferinges vnto straunge goddes, to prouoke me vnto wrath.
30 For seinge the children of Israel and the children of Iuda haue wrought wickednes before me euer from their youth vp, what haue they els done, but prouoked me with the workes of their owne hondes? saieth the LORDE.
31 Or, what hath this cite bene els, but a prouokinge of my wrath, euer sence the daye that I buylded it, vnto this houre? Wherin I cast it out of my sight,
32 be cause of the greate blasphemies of the childre of Israel and Iuda, which they haue done to prouoke me: yee they, their kinges, their prynces, their prestes, their prophetes, whole Iuda, and all the citesyns of Ierusalem.
33 When I stode vp early, and taught them and instructe them, they turned their backes to me, and not their faces.
34 They wolde not heare, to be refourmed and correcte. They hane set their goddes in ye house, that is halowed vnto my name, to defyle it.
35 They haue buylded hie places for Baal in the valley of the children of Ennon, to vowe their sonnes and doughters vnto Moloch: which I neuer commauded them, nether came it euer in my thought, to make Iuda synne with soch abhominacion.
36 Morouer thus hath the LORDE God of Israel spoken, concernynge this cite, which (as ye youre selues confesse) shalbe delyuered in to the honde of the kinge of Babilon, when it is wonne with the swerde, with honger and with pestilence.
37 Beholde, I will gather them together from all londes, wherin I haue scatred them in my wrath, in my fearfull and greate displeasure: and will bringe them agayne vnto this place, where they shal dwell safely.
38 And they shalbe my people, and I wilbe their God.
39 And I will geue them one herte and one waye, that they maye feare me all the daies of their life, that they and their children after them maye prospere.
40 And I will set vp an euerlastinge couenaunt with them, Namely: that I will neuer ceasse to do them good, and that I will put my feare in their hertes, so that they shall not runne awaye fro me.
41 Yee I will haue a lust and pleasure to do them good, and faithfully to plante them in this londe, with my whole herte, and with all my soule.
42 For thus saieth the LORDE: like as I haue brought all this greate plage vpon this people: so will I also bringe vpon them all the good, that I haue promysed them
43 And men shall haue their possessions in this londe, wherof ye saye now, that it shal nether be inhabited of people ner of catell, but be deliuered in to the hodes of the Caldees:
44 Yee londe shalbe bought for money, & euydeces made ther vpon & sealed before witnesses in the countre of Ben Iamin, & rounde aboute Ierusalem: in the cities of Iuda, in the cities that are vpo the mountaynes, & in them that lie beneth, yee & in the cities that are in the deserte. For I wil bringe their presoners hither agayne, saieth the LORDE.

Chapter 33

1 Morouer the worde of the LORDE came vnto Ieremy on this maner, whe he was yet bounde in the courte of the preson:
2 Thus saieth the LORDE, which fulfilleth the thinge that he speaketh the LORDE which perfourmeth the thinge that he taketh in honde: euen he, whose name is the LORDE:
3 Thou hast cried vnto me, and I haue herde the: I haue shewed greate and hie thinges, which were vnknowne vnto you.
4 Thus (I saye) spake the LORDE God of Israel, concernynge the houses of this cite, and the houses of the kinges of Iuda: that they shalbe broken thorow the ordinaunce and weapens,
5 when the Caldees come to besege them: and they shalbe fylled with the deed carcases of men, whom I will slaye in my wrath and displeasure: whe I turne my face from this cite, because of all hir wickednes.
6 Beholde, (saieth the LORDE) I will heale their woundes, and make them whole: I will open them the treasure of peace and treuth.
7 And I will returne the captiuyte of Iuda and Israel : and will set them vp agayne, as they were afore.
8 From all mysdedes (wherin they haue offended agaynst me) I will clese them: And all their blasphemies which they haue done agaynst me, when they regarded me not, I will forgeue them.
9 And this shal get me a name, a prayse and honoure, amonge all people of the earth, which shall heare all the good, that I will shewe vnto them: Yee they shall be afrayed and astonnied at all the good dedes and benefites, that I will do for them.
10 Morouer, thus saieth the LORDE: In this place, wherof ye saye that it shalbe a wildernesse, wherin nether people ner catell shal dwell: In like maner in the cities of Iuda and without Ierusalem (which also shalbe so voyde, that nether people ner catell shall dwell there)
11 Shal the voyce of gladnesse be herde agayne, the voyce of the brydegrome and of the bryde, the voyce of them that shall synge: (Prayse the LORDE of hoostes, for he is louynge, and his mercy endureth for euer) and the voyce of them that shall offre vp giftes in the house of the LORDE. For I will restore the captiuyte of this londe, as it was afore, saieth the LORDE.
12 Thus saieth the LORDE of hoostes. It shall come yet therto, that in this londe, which is voyde from men and catell, and in all the cities of the londe, there shal be set vp shepherdes cotages:
13 in the cities vpon the mountaynes, and in the cities that lie vpon the playne, and in the deserte. In the londe of BenIamin, in the feldes of Ierusalem, and in the cities of Iuda shal the shepe be nombred agayne, vnder the honde of him, that telleth them, saieth the LORDE.
14 Beholde, the tyme commeth (saieth the LORDE) that I wil perfourme that good thinge, which I haue promised vnto the house of Israel and to the house of Iuda.
15 In those daies and at the same tyme, I will bringe forth vnto Dauid, the braunch of rightuousnes, and he shall do equite and rightuousnesse in the londe.
16 In those daies shall Iuda be helped, and Ierusalem shall dwell safe, and he that shall call her is euen God oure rightuous maker.
17 For thus the LORDE promyseth: Dauid shal neuer want one, to syt vpon the stole of the house of Israel :
18 nether shall the prestes and Leuites want one to offre all waye before me, burntofferinges, to kyndle the meatofferinges, & to prepare the sacrifices.
19 And the worde of the LORDE came vnto Ieremy after this maner:
20 Thus saieth the LORDE: Maye the couenaunt which I haue made with daye and night, be broken, that there shulde not be daye and night in due season?
21 Then maye my couenaunt also be broken, which I made with Dauid my seruaunt, and so he not to haue a sonne to reigne in his Trone. So shall also the prestes and Leuites neuer fayle, but serue me.
22 For like as the starres of heauen maye not be nombred, nether the sonde of the see measured: so will I multiplie the sede of Dauid my seruaunt, and of the Leuites my ministers.
23 Morouer, the worde of the LORDE came to Ieremy, saienge:
24 Cosidrest thou not what this people speaketh? Two kynreddes (saye they) had the LORDE chosen, & those same two hath he cast awaye. For so farre is my people come, yt they haue no hope to come together eny more, and to be one people agayne.
25 Therfore thus saieth the LORDE: Yf I haue made no couenaunt with daye & night, and geue no statute vnto heauen and earth:
26 then will I also cast awaye the sede of Dauid my seruaunt: so that I wil take no prynce out of his sede, to rule the posterite of Abraha, Isaac and Iacob. But yet I will turne agayne their captiuyte, and be mercifull vnto them.

Chapter 34

1 These are the wordes which the LORDE spake vnto Ieremy, what tyme as Nabuchodonosor the kinge of Babilon, & all his hoostes (out of all the kingdomes yt were vnder his power) and all his people, fought agaynst Ierusalem and all the cities therof.
2 Thus saieth the LORDE God of Israel: Go, & speake to Sedechias the kinge of Iuda, & tell him: The LORDE sendeth the this worde: Beholde, I will delyuer this cite in to the hode of the kinge of Babilon, he shal burne it,
3 and thou shalt not escape his hondes, but shalt be led awaye presoner, and delyuered into his power. Thou shalt loke the kinge of Babilon in the face, and he shal speake with the mouth to mouth, and then shalt thou go to Babilon.
4 Yet heare the worde of the LORDE, o Sedechias thou kinge of Iuda: Thus saieth the LORDE vnto the: Thou shalt not be slayne with the swearde,
5 but shalt die in peace. Like as yi fore fathers, the kinges, thy progenitours were brente: so shalt thou be brente also, & in the mournynge they shal saye: oh lorde. For thus haue I determed, saieth the LORDE.
6 Then spake Ieremy the prophet all these wordes vnto Sedechias kinge of Iuda in Ierusalem:
7 what tyme as the kinge of Babilons hooste beseged Ierusalem, and the remnaunt of the cities: Namely, Lachis & Azecha, which yet remayned of the stronge defensed cities of Iuda.
8 These are the wordes that the LORDE spake vnto Ieremy the prophet, when Sedechias was agreed with all the people at Ierusalem, that there shulde be proclamed a liberte:
9 so that euery man shulde let fre go his seruaunt and handemayde, Hebrue & Hebruesse & no Iewe to holde his brother as a bonde man.
10 Now as they had consented, euen so they were obedient, & let them go fre.
11 But afterwarde they repented, & toke agayne the seruauntes and handemaydens, whom they had letten go fre, and so made them bonde agayne.
12 For the which cause the worde of the LORDE came vnto Ieremy from the LORDE him self, sayenge:
13 Thus saieth the LORDE God of Israel: I made a couenaunt with youre fathers, when I brought them out of Egipte, (that they shulde no more be bondmen,) sayenge:
14 When seuen yeares are out, euery man shal let go fre his bought seruaunte an Hebrue, yf he haue serued him sixe yeares. But yor fathers obeied me not & herkened not vnto me
15 As for you, ye were now turned, & dyd right before me, in yt ye proclamed, euery ma to let his neghboure go fre, & in yt ye made a couenaunt before me, in the temple that beareth my name:
16 But yet ye haue turned youre selues agayne, and blasphemed my name: In this, yt euery man hath requyred his seruaunt and handemayden agayne, whom ye had letten go quyte and fre, and compelled them to serue you agayne, and to be youre bonde men.
17 And therfore thus saieth the LORDE: Ye haue not obeyed me, euery man to proclame fredome vnto his brother and neghbor: wherfore, I will call you vnto a fredome, saieth the LORDE: euen vnto the swearde, to the pestilence, and to honger, and will make you to be plaged in all the kyngdomes of the earth.
18 Yee those men that haue broke my couenaunt, and not kepte the wordes of the apoyntmet, which they made before me: when they hewed the calfe in two, & when there wente thorow the two halfes therof:
19 The prynces of Iuda, the prynces of Ierusalem, the gelded men, the prestes and all the people of the londe (which wete thorow the two sydes of the calfe.)
20 Those men wil I geue in to the power of their enemies, and in to the hondes of them that folowe vpon their lyues. And their deed bodies shall be meate for the foules of the ayre, and beestes of the felde.
21 As for Sedechias the kinge of Iuda & his prynces, I will delyuer them in to the power of their enemies, and of them that desyre to slaye them, and in to the honde of the kynge of Babilons hooste, which now is departed from you:
22 But thorow my commaundement (saieth the LORDE) they shal come agayne before this cite, they shall fight agaynst it, wynne it, and burne it. Morouer I will laye the cities of Iuda so waist, that no man shall dwell therin.

Chapter 35

1 The wordes which the LORDE spake vnto Ieremy, (in the reigne of Ioachim the sonne of Iosias kinge of Iuda) are these:
2 Go vnto ye house of the Rechabites, & call them out, & bringe the to ye house of the LORDE in to some commodious place, and geue them wyne to drynke.
3 Then toke I Iasanias the sonne of Ieremy, the sonne of Habazania, and his brethre and all his sonnes, and the whole housholde off the Rechabites:
4 and brought them to the house off the LORDE, in to the closet of the children off Hanan the sonne off Igdalia the man off God: which was by the closet off the prynces, that is aboue the closet of Maasia the sonne of Sellum, which is the chefe off the tresury.
5 And before the sonnes of the kynred of the Rechabites, I set pottes full of wyne, and cuppes, and sayde vnto them: drynke wyne.
6 But they sayde: we drynke no wyne, For Ionadab the sonne of Rechab oure father commaunded vs, sayenge: Ye and youre sonnes shall neuer drynke wyne, buylde no houses, sowe no sede, plante no vynes,
7 yee ye shall haue no vynyardes: but for all youre tyme ye shall dwell in tetes, yt ye maye lyue loge in the lode, wherin ye be straugers.
8 Thus haue we obeyed the comaundemet of Ionadab ye sonne of Rechab oure father, in all yt he hath charged vs, and so we drynke no wyne all oure lyue longe: we, oure wyues, or sonnes & oure doughters.
9 Nether buylde we eny house to dwell therin, we haue also amonge vs nether vynyardes, ner corne lode to sowe:
10 but we dwell in tentes, we obeye, & do acordinge vnto all, that Ionadab oure father commaunded vs.
11 But now yt Nabuchodonosor the kinge of Babilo came vp in to the lode, we sayde: come, let vs go to Ierusale, yt we maye escape the hooste of the Caldees ad the Assirias: & so we dwell now at Ierusale.
12 Then came ye worde of the LORDE vnto Ieremy, sayenge:
13 Thus saieth the LORDE of hoostes the God of Israel: Go & tell whole Iuda & all the inhabitours of Ierusale: Wyll ye not be refourmed, to obeye my wordes? saieth the LORDE.
14 The wordes which Ionadab the sonne off Rechab comaunded his sonnes, yt they shulde drynke no wyne, are fast & surely kepte: for vnto this daye they drynke no wyne: but obeye their fathers comaundement. But as for me, I haue stode vp early, I haue spoke vnto you, & geuen you earnest warnynge: & yet haue ye not bene obediet vnto me.
15 Yee I haue sent my seruautes, all the prophetes vnto you, I rose vp early, & sent you worde, sayenge: O turne you, euery man from his wicked waye: amede yor lyues, & go not after strauge goddes, to worshippe the: yt ye maye cotinue in the lode, which I haue geuen vnto you and youre fathers, but ye wolde nether heare me, ner folowe me.
16 The childre of Ionadab Rachabs sonne haue stedfastly kepte their fathers comaudement, yt he gaue them, but this people is not obedient vnto me
17 And therfore thus saieth the LORDE of hoostes ye God of Israel: Beholde, I wil bringe vpo Iuda & vpo euery one yt dwelleth in Ierusale, all the trouble yt I haue deuysed agaynst the. For I haue spoke vnto the, but they wolde not folowe: I haue called vnto them, neuertheles they wolde geue me no answere.
18 Ieremy also spake vnto the housholde off the Rechabites: Thus saieth the LORDE of hoostes the God of Israel: For so moch as ye haue obeyed ye comaundemet of Ionadab yor father, & kepte all his preceptes, & done acordinge vnto all yt he hath bydden you:
19 Therfore thus saieth the LORDE of hoostes the God of Israel: Ionadab the sonne of Rechab shal not fayle, but haue one out of his stocke, to stode allwaye before me.

Chapter 36

1 In the fourth yeare of Ioachim the sonne of Iosias kynge of Iuda, came ye worde of the LORDE vnto Ieremy, sayege:
2 Take a boke, & write therin all ye wordes, yt I haue spoke to the, to Israel, to Iuda & to all the people, fro the tyme yt I begane for to speake vnto the (in ye reigne of Iosias) vnto this daye.
3 That when the house of Iuda heareth of the plage, which I haue deuysed for the, they maye peradueture turne, eueryman fro his wicked waye, that I maye forgeue their offences and synnes.
4 Then dyd Ieremy call Baruch the sonne of Nerias, & Baruch wrote in the boke at ye mouth of Ieremy, all the wordes of the LORDE, which he had spoken vnto him.
5 And Ieremy commaunded Baruch sayenge: I am in preson, so that I maye not come in to the house of ye LORDE:
6 therfore go thou thither, & rede the boke, that thou hast writte at my mouth: Namely, the wordes off the LORDE, & rede the in the LORDES house vpon the fastinge daye: that the people, whole Iuda, & all they that come out of the cities, maye heare.
7 Peraduenture they will praye mekely before the face of the LORDE, and turne, euery one from his wicked waye. For greate is the wrath and displeasure, that the LORDE hath taken agaynst this people.
8 So Baruch the sonne of Nerias dyd, acordinge vnto all that Ieremy the prophet comauded him, readinge the wordes off the LORDE out off the boke in the LORDES house.
9 And this was done in the fyfth yeare off Ioachim ye sonne of Iosias kinge of Iuda, in the ix. moneth when it was commaunded, that all the people of Ierusalem shulde fast before the LORDE, and they also that were come from the cities of Iuda vnto Ierusalem.
10 Then red Baruch the wordes of Ieremy out of the boke within the house of the LORDE, out of ye treasury of Gamarias the sonne off Saphan the scrybe, which is besyde the hyer loffte off the new dore of the LORDES house: that all ye people might heare.
11 Now whe Micheas the sonne off Gamarias the sonne of Saphan had herde all the wordes of the LORDE out of ye boke,
12 he wete downe to the kinges palace in to ye scrybes chabre for there all ye prynces were set: Elisama the scrybe, Dalias the sonne of Semei, Elnatha the sonne off Achbor, Gamaria the sonne of Saphan, Sedechias the sonne of Hananias, with all the princes.
13 And Micheas tolde them all the wordes, yt he herde Baruch rede out of the boke before the people.
14 Then all the prynces sent Iehudi ye sonne of Nathanias the sonne of Salamia the sonne of Chusi, vnto Baruch, sayenge: Take in thine honde the boke, wherout thou hast red before all the people, and come. So Baruch the sonne of Nerias toke ye boke in his honde, and came vnto them.
15 And they sayde vnto him: Syt downe, and rede the boke, yt we maye heare also. So Baruch red, yt they might heare.
16 Now when they had herde all the wordes, they were abashed one vpon another, and sayde vnto Baruch: We wil certifie the kinge of all these wordes
17 And they examined Baruch, sayenge: Tell vs, how didest thou wryte all these wordes out off his mouth?
18 Then Baruch answered them: He spake all these wordes vnto me with his mouth, and I alone was with him, and wrote them in the boke.
19 Then sayde the prynces vnto Baruch: Go thy waye, and hyde the with Ieremy, so that no man knowe where ye be.
20 And they went in to the kinge to the courte. But they kepte the boke in the chambre off Elisama the scrybe, ad tolde the kynge all the wordes, that he might heare.
21 So the kynge sent Iehudi to fetch him ye boke, which he brought out of Elisama ye scrybes chambre. And Iehudi red it, that the kynge and all the prynces, which were aboute him, might heare.
22 Now the kynge sat in the wynter house, for it was in the ix. Moneth, and there was a good fyre before him.
23 And whe Iehudi had red thre or foure leaues therof, he cut the boke in peces with a penne knyfe, and cast it in to the fyre vpo the herth, vntil the boke was all brente in the fyre vpon the herth.
24 Yet no man was abashed therof, or rente his clothes: nether the kynge himselffe, ner his seruauntes, though they herde all these wordes.
25 Neuertheles Elnathan, Dalias ad Gamarias, besoughte the kinge, that he wolde not burne the boke: notwithstondinge ye kynge wolde not heare them,
26 but commaunded Ieramyhel the sonne off Amalech, Sarias the sonne of Esriel and Selamia ye sonne of Abdiel, to laye hondes vpon Baruch the scrybe, and vpon Ieremy the prophet: but the LORDE kepte them out of sight.
27 After now that the kynge had brente the boke, ad ye sermos which Baruch wrote at ye mouth off Ieremy: The worde of the LORDE came vnto Ieremy sayenge:
28 Take another boke, and write in it all the forsayde sermons, that were written in the first boke, which Ioachim the kynge off Iuda hath brente.
29 And tell Ioachim the kynge off Iuda, Thus saieth the LORDE: thou hast brente ye boke, and thoughtest within thy selff: Why hast thou written therin, that the kynge off Babilon shal come, & make this lode waist? so that he shall make both people and catel to be out of it?
30 Therfore thus the LORDE saieth, of Ioachim the kynge of Iuda: There shal none of his generacion syt vpon the trone of Dauid. His deed corse shalbe cast out, that the heat off the daye, and the frost of the night maye come vpon him:
31 And I will vyset the wickednes of him, of his sede, and of his seruauntes. Morouer all the euell that I haue promised the (though they herde me not) will I bringe vpon them, vpon ye inhabitours of Ierusalem, and vpon all Iuda.
32 Then toke Ieremy another boke, and gaue it Baruch the scrybe the sonne of Nerias, which wrote therin out of the mouth off Ieremy: all the sermons that were in the first boke, which Ioachim the kynge off Iuda dyd burne. And there were added vnto them many mo sermons, then before.

Chapter 37

1 Sedechias ye sonne of Iosias (which was made kynge thorow Nabuchodonosor kynge of Babilon) reigned in the londe of Iuda, in the steade off Iechonias the sonne of Ioachim.
2 But nether he, ner his seruauntes, ner the people in the lode wolde obeye the wordes of ye LORDE, which he spake by the prophet Ieremy.
3 Neuertheles Sedechias the kynge sent Iuchal the sonne of Selamia and Sophonias the sonne of Maasia the prest to the prophet Ieremy, sayenge: O praye thou vnto the LORDE oure God for vs.
4 Now Ieremy walked fre amonge the people at that tyme, and was not put in preson as yet.
5 Pharaos hooste also was come out of Egipte: which when the Caldees that beseged Ierusalem, perceaued, they departed from thence.
6 Then came the worde of the LORDE vnto Ieremy the prophet, sayege:
7 Thus saieth ye LORDE God of Israel, This answere shal ye geue to the kynge of Iuda, that sent you vnto me for councell: Beholde, Pharaos hooste which is come forth to helpe you, shall returne to Egipte in to his owne londe:
8 But the Caldees shall come agayne, & fight agaynst this cite, wynne it, and set fyre vpon it.
9 For thus saieth the LORDE: disceaue not yor owne myndes, thinkynge on this maner: Tush, the Caldees go now their waye from vs: No, they shall not go their waye.
10 For though ye had slayne the whole hooste off the Caldees. that besege you, and euery one of the slayne laye in his tent, yet shulde they stonde vp, and set fyre vpon this cite.
11 Now whe the hooste of the Caldees was broke vp from Ierusale for feare of the Egipcians armye,
12 Ieremy went out of Ierusale towarde the lode of Ben Iamin, to do certayne busynesse there amoge ye people.
13 And whe he came vnder Ben Iamyns Porte, there was a porter called Ierias the sonne of Selamia ye zone of Hananias, which fell vpo him & toke him, sayege: yi mynde is to runne to the Caldees.
14 Then sayde Ieremy: It is not so, I go not to the Caldees. Neuertheles Ierias wolde not beleue him, but brought Ieremy boude before the princes.
15 Wherfore the princes were angrie with Ieremy, causinge him to be beaten, & to be layed in preson in the house of Ionathas the scrybe. For he was the ruler of the preson.
16 Thus was Ieremy put in to the dongeon & preson, and so laye there a longe tyme.
17 Then Sedechias the kynge sent for him, & called him, & axed him quietly in his owne house, sayenge: thinkest thou this busynes (that now is in honde) cometh of the LORDE? Ieremy answerde: yee yt it doth: & thou (sayde he) shalt be delyuered in to the kynge of Babilons power.
18 Morouer, Ieremy sayde vnto kynge Sedechias: What haue I offended agaynst ye, agaynst thy seruautes, or agaynst this people, that ye haue caused me be put in preson?
19 Where are youre prophetes, which haue prophecied vnto you and sayde, that ye kynge of Babilo shulde not come agaynst you & this lode?
20 And therfore heare now, o my lorde the kynge: let my prayer be accepte before the, & sende me nomore in to ye house of Ionathas the scrybe, that I dye not there.
21 Then Sedechias the kynge commaunded to put Ieremy in the fore entrie off the preson, and dayly to the geuen him a cake of bred, and els no dighte meate, vntill all the bred in the cite was eaten vp. Thus Ieremy remayned in ye fore entre off the preson.

Chapter 38

1 Saphatias the sonne off Matha, Gedolias the sonne of Pashur, Iuchal the sonne of Selamia, & Pashur the sonne of Malchias perceaued the wordes, yt Ieremy had spoke vnto all the people, namely on this maner:
2 Thus saieth the LORDE: Who so remayneth in this cite, shall perish, ether with the swearde, with honger or with pestilence: But who so falleth vnto the Caldees, shal escape, wynnynge his soule for a pray, & shal lyue.
3 For thus saieth the LORDE This cite (no doute) must be delyuered into ye power of the kige of Babilo, & he also shal wynne it.
4 The sayde the prynces vnto ye kynge: Syr, we besech you let this man be put to death, For thus he discorageth the hodes of the soudyers yt be in this cite, & the hodes of all the people, whe he speaketh soch wordes vnto the. This ma verely laboureth not for peace of ye people, but mischefe.
5 Sedechias the kinge answered and sayde: lo, he is in yor hodes, for ye kige maye denye you nothinge.
6 Then toke they Ieremy, and cast him in to the dongeon off Malchias the sonne off Amalech, that dwelt in the fore entre off the preson. And they let downe Ieremy wt coardes in to a dongeon, where there was no water, but myre.
7 So Ieremy stack fast in the myre. Now when Abdemelech the Morian beynge a chamberlayne in the kynges courte, vnderstode, that they had cast Ieremy in to the dongeon:
8 he went out off the kynges house, and spake to the kynge (which the sat vnder the porte off Ben Iamin) these wordes:
9 My lorde the kynge, where as these men medle with Ieremy the prophet, they do him wronge: Namely, in that they haue put him in preson, there to dye of honger, for there is no more bred in the cite.
10 The the kynge commauded Abdemelech the Morian, and sayde: Take from hece xxx. men whom thou wilt, & drawe vp Ieremy the prophet out of the dongeon, before he dye.
11 So Abdemelech toke the men wt him, & went to ye house of Amalech, & there vnder an almery he gat olde ragges & worne cloutes, & let the downe by a coarde, in to the dongeon to Ieremy.
12 And Abdemelech the Morian sayde vnto the prophet Ieremy: O put these ragges and cloutes vnder thine arme holes, betwixte the and the coardes: ad Ieremy dyd so.
13 So they drewe vp Ieremy with coardes and toke him out of the dongeon, and he remayned in the fore entrie of the preson.
14 The Sedechias the kynge sent and caused Ieremy the prophet be called vnto him, in to the thirde entrie, that was by the house off the LORDE. And the kynge sayde vnto Ieremy: I wil axe the somwhat, but hyde nothinge fro me.
15 The Ieremy answerde Sedechias: Yf I be playne vnto the, thou wilt cause me suffre death: yf I geue the coucell, thou wilt not folowe me.
16 So the kynge swore an ooth secretly vnto Ieremy, sayenge: As truly as the LORDE lyueth, that made vs these soules, I will not slaye the, ner geue the in to the hodes of them, that seke after thy life.
17 Then sayde Ieremy vnto Sedechias: Thus saieth ye LORDE off hoostes the God of Israel: Yf case be, that thou wilt go forth vnto the kynge off Babilons prynces, thou shalt saue thy life, and this cite shall not be bret, yee both thou and thy housholde shall escape with youre lyues.
18 But yff thou wilt not go forth to the kynge off Babilons prynces, then shal this cite be delyuered in to the hondes of the Caldees which shal set fyre vpon it, and thou shalt be able to escape them.
19 And Sedechias sayde vnto Ieremy: I am afrayde for the Iewes, that are fled vnto the Caldees, lest I come in their hodes, and so they to haue me in derision.
20 But Ieremy answerde: No, they shal not betraye the: O herken vnto the voyce off the LORDE (I beseke ye) which I speake vnto the, so shalt thou be well, and saue thy life.
21 But yf thou wilt not go forth, the LORDE hath tolde me this planely:
22 Beholde, all the women that are left in the kynge of Iudaes house, shal go out to the kynge of Babilons prynces. For they thynke, yt thou art disceaued: and that ye men in whom thou didest put thy trust, haue gotten the vnder, and set thy fete fast in the myre, and gone their waye from the.
23 Therfore all thy wyues with their children shall fle vnto the Caldees, and thou shalt not escape their hondes, but shalt be ye kynge of Babilons presoner, & this cite shall be brent.
24 Then sayde Sedechias vnto Ieremy: loke yt no body knowe off these wordes, and thou shalt not dye.
25 But yf the prynces perceaue, that I haue talked with the, and come vnto the, sayenge: O speake, what sayde the kynge to the? hyde it not from vs, and we wil not put the to death. Tell vs (we praye the) what sayde ye kynge to the?
26 Se thou geue them this answere: I haue humbly besought the kynge, that he will let me lye nomore in Ionathas house, that I dye not there?
27 Then came all the princes vnto Ieremy, and axed him, And he tolde them, after the maner as the kynge bad him. Then they helde their peace, for they perceaued nothinge.
28 So Ieremy abode still in the fore entrie off the preson, vntill the daye that Ierusalem was wonne.

Chapter 39

1 Now when the cite off Ierusale was taken (for in the ix. yeare of Sedechias kynge of Iuda in the tenth Moneth, came Nabuchodonosor the kynge off Babilon and all his hooste, and beseged Ierusalem.
2 And in the xi. yeare of Sedechias in the fourth Moneth ye ix. daye of ye Moneth, he brake in to the cite).
3 Then all the kynge of Babilons prynces came in, & sat the downe vnder the porte: Nergall, Sarezer, Samgarnebo, Sarsechim, Rabsaris, Nergal, Sarezer, Rabmag, with all the other prynces of the kynge of Babilon.
4 And when Sedechias the kynge of Iuda with his soudyers sawe them, they fled, and departed out of ye cite by night thorow the kynges garde, and thorow the porte that is betwene the two walles, and so they wente towarde the wildernesse.
5 But the Caldees hooste folowed fast after them, and toke Sedechias in the felde of Iericho, and brought him presoner to Nabuchodonosor the kynge off Babilo vnto Reblatha, that lieth in the londe off Hemath where he gaue iugdment vpon him.
6 So the kynge of Babilon caused the children of Sedechias and all the nobles off Iuda be slayne, before his face at Reblatha
7 And made Sedechias eyes be put out, and boude him with chaynes, and sent him to Babilon.
8 Morouer, the Caldees bret vp the kynges palace, with ye other houses of the people, and brake downe the walles off Ierusalem.
9 As for the remnaunt of the people that were in the cite, and soch as were come to helpe them (what so euer was left of the come sorte) Nabuzaradan the chefe captayne caried them to Babilon.
10 But Nabuzarada the chefe captayne let the rascall people (and those that had nothinge) dwell still in the lode off Iuda, and gaue them vynyardes and corne feldes at the same tyme.
11 Nabuchodonosor also the kynge of Babilon gaue Nabuzarada the chefe captayne a charge, cocernynge Ieremy, sayenge:
12 take and cherish him, and make moch off him: se thou do him no harme, but intreate him after his owne desyre.
13 So Nabuzarada ye chefe captayne, Nabusasba the chefe chamberlayne, Nergalsarezer the treasurer and all the kynge of Babilons lordes, sent for Ieremy,
14 & caused him be fet out off the fore entrie off the preson, and committed him vnto Godolias the sonne off Ahicam the sonne of Saphan: that he shulde carie him home, and so he dwelt amonge the people.
15 Now whyle Ieremy laye yet bounde in the fore entrie of the preson, ye worde off the LORDE came vnto him sayenge:
16 Go, and tell Abdemelech the Morian: Thus saieth the LORDE off hoostes ye God off Israel: Beholde, the cruell and sharpe plage that I haue deuysed for this cite, will I brynge vpon them, that thou shalt se it:
17 but I wil delyuer the (sayeth the LORDE) and thou shalt not come in the hondes off those men, whom thou fearest.
18 For doutles I will saue the, so that thou shalt not perish with the swearde: but thy life shalbe saued, and that because thou hast put thy trust in me, saieth the LORDE.

Chapter 40

1 This is the maner, how the LORDE intreated Ieremy, when Nebuzaradan the chefe captayne had let him go fre from Rama, whither as he had led him bounde, amonge all the presoners, that were caried from Ierusalem and Iuda vnto Babilon.
2 The chefe captayne called for Ieremy, and sayde vnto him: The LORDE thy God spake mightely before off the mysery vpon this place:
3 Now the LORDE hath sent it, and perfourmed it, as he had promised: For ye haue synned agaynst the LORDE, and haue not bene obedient vnto his voyce, therfore commeth this plage vpon you.
4 Beholde, I lowse the bondes from thy hodes this daye: yf thou wilt now go with me vnto Babilon, vp the: For I will se to the, and prouyde for the: But yf thou wilt not go with me to Babilon, then remayne here. Beholde, all the londe is at thy will: loke where thou thinkest conveniet & good for the to Abyde, there dwell.
5 Yf thou canst not be content to dwell alone, then remayne wt Godolias the sonne off Ahica the sonne of Sapha, whom the kynge of Babilo hath made gouernoure ouer ye cities of Iuda, & dwell wt him amonge the people, or remayne, where so euer it pleaseth ye. So the chefe captayne gaue him his expeses wt a rewarde, & let him go.
6 Then wete Ieremy vnto Godolias ye sonne of Ahica to Masphat, & dwelt there wt him amonge the people that were left in the londe.
7 Now when ye captaynes of the hooste of Iuda (which wt their felowes were scatred abrode on euery syde in ye lode) vnderstode, yt the kynge of Babilo had made Godolias ye sonne of Ahica gouernoure in the lode, & yt man, wife & childe, yee & the poore men in the londe (yt were not led captyue to Babilon) shulde be vnder his Iurisdictio:
8 They came to Godolias vnto Masphat: Namely, Ismael the sonne of Nathanias, Iohana & Ionathas the sonnes of Carea, Sareas the sonne of Tanhometh, the sonnes of Opheus ye Netophetite, Iesanias ye sonne of Machati, wt their copanyons.
9 And Godolias the sonne of Ahicam the sonne off Sapha, swore vnto the & their felowes on this maner: Be not afrayed to serue the Caldees, dwell in the lode, & do the kynge of Babilon seruyce, so shal ye prospere.
10 Beholde, I dwell at Masphat to be an officer in the Caldees behalfe, & to satisfie soch as come to vs. Therfore gather you wyne, corne and oyle, and kepe them in youre ware houses, and dwell in youre cities, that ye haue in kepinge.
11 Yee all the Iewes also yt dwelt in Moab vnder ye Ammonites, in Idumea & in all ye coutrees, whe they herde, yt the kinge of Babilo had made Godolias the sonne of Ahica the sonne of Sapha, gouernoure vpo the yt were left in Iuda:
12 All the Iewes (I saye) returned out off all places where they were fled vnto: & came in to the lode of Iuda to Godolias vnto Masphat, & gathered wyne and other frutes, and that very moch.
13 Morouer Iohanna the sonne of Carea & all ye captaynes of ye hooste, yt were scatred on euery syde in the londe, came to Godolias in Masphat, & sayde vnto him:
14 knowest thou not yt Baalis kinge of ye Ammonites hath sent Ismael ye sonne of Nathanias, to slaye the? But Godolias ye sonne of Ahica beleued the not.
15 The sayde Iohana the sonne of Carea vnto Godolias in Masphat these wordes secretly: Let me go (I praye the) & I will slaye Ismael the sonne of Nathanias, so yt no body shal knowe it. Wherfore will he kyll the, yt all the Iewes which resorte vnto the, might be scatred, & the remnaunt in Iuda perishe?
16 The sayde Godolias the sonne of Ahicam to Iohanna the sonne of Carea: Thou shalt not do it, for they are but lies, that men saye of Ismael.

Chapter 41

1 Bvt in the seuenth Moneth it happened, yt Ismael the sonne of Nathanias ye sonne of Elisama (one of ye kynges bloude) came wt the that were greatest aboute the kynge, & ten men that were sworne with him: vnto Godolias the sonne off Ahicam to Masphat, and eate there together.
2 And Ismael ye sonne of Nathanias wt those ten men that were sworne to him, starre vp, and smote Godolias the sonne of Ahicam the sonne of Saphan wt the swearde, & slewe hym, whom the kynge off Babilo had made gouernoure off the londe.
3 Ismael also slewe all the Iewes that were with Godolias at Masphat, and all the Caldees that he founde there waitynge vpon him.
4 The nexte daye after that he had slayne Godolias (the matter was yet vnknowne)
5 there came certayne men from Sichem, fro Silo and Samaria , to the nombre off lxxx. which had shauen their beerdes, rent their clothes, & were all heuye, bringinge meatoffringes and incense in their hondes, to offre it in the house off the LORDE.
6 And Ismael the sonne of Nathamas went forth of Masphat wepinge, to mete them. Now whe he met them, he sayde: Go youre waye to Godolias the sonne of Ahicam.
7 And when they came in the myddest off the cite, Ismael the sonne off Nathamas (with them that were sworne vnto him) slewe them, eue at the myddest off the pyt.
8 Amonge these lxxx. me there were ten, yt sayde vnto Ismael: Oh slaye vs not, for we haue yet a greate treasure in the felde, off wheate, barley, oyle and hony. So he spared the, and slewe them not with their brethren.
9 Now the pyt wherin Ismael dyd cast the deed bodies off the me (whom he slewe because off Godolias) had kynge Asa caused to be made, for feare off Baasa the kynge off Israel, and the same pit dyd Ismael fyll with slayne men.
10 As for the renaunt off th peeople, the kynges doughters and all the people that were yet left at Masphat; vpon whom Nabusaradan the chefe Captayne had made Godolias the sonne of Ahicam gouernoure: Ismael the sonne off Nathanias caried them awaye presoners towarde the Ammonites.
11 But when Iohana the sonne off Carea and all they which had bene captaynes ouer the kynges hooste with him, herde of all the wickednes that Ismael the sonne off Nathanias had done:
12 they toke their companyons, and wente out for to fight with Ismael the sone of Nathanias, and founde him by the waters of Rabim in Gabaon.
13 Now when all the people, whom Ismael led captyue, sawe Iohana ye sonne off Carea and all the other captaynes off the hooste, they were glad.
14 So all the people that Ismael had caried awaye fro Masphat, were brought agayne. And whe they returned, they came to Iohanna the sonne off Carea.
15 But Ismael the sonne off Nathanias fled from Iohana wt eight of his sworne companyons, & wente to the Ammonites.
16 Then Iohanna the sonne of Carea and all the captaynes of the hooste that were wt him, toke the remnaut of the people, whom Ismael the sonne of Nathanias had led awaye (When he had slayne Godolias the sonne of Ahica) whom they also had rescued from him: fightinge men, women & children, and gelded men, whom they brought agayne from Gabaon:
17 and wente from thence, and sat them downe at Geruth Chimham, which lieth besyde Bethlee, that they might go into Egipte for feare of the Caldees:
18 of whom they were afrayed, because that Ismael the sonne off Nathanias had slayne Godolias Ahicams sonne, whom the kynge off Babilon had made gouernoure in the londe.

Chapter 42

1 So all the rulers, and Iohana the sonne off Carea, Iesanias the sonne off Osias came with all the people fro the leest vnto the most,
2 & sayde vnto Ieremy the prophet: O heare oure peticio, that thou mayest praye for vs vnto the LORDE yi God, and for the remnaunt, wherof there be very few left off many, as thou seist vs:
3 that the LORDE thy God maye shewe vs a waye to go in, & tell vs, what we shulde do.
4 Then Ieremy the prophete sayde vnto them: I haue herde you. Beholde, I will praye vnto God youre LORDE, as ye haue requyred me: and loke what answere the LORDE geueth you, I shall certifie you theroff, and kepe nothinge back fro you.
5 And they sayde vnto Ieremy: The LORDE off treuth & faithfulnes be oure recorde, that we wil do all, that the LORDE thy God commaundeth vs,
6 whether it be good or euell. We will herken vnto the voyce off oure LORDE God, to whom we sende the: that we maye prospere, when we haue folowed the voyce off the LORDE oure God.
7 And after ten dayes came the worde off the LORDE vnto Ieremy.
8 Then called he Iohanna the sonne of Carea, and all the captaynes of the people that were with him: Yee & all the people from the leest to the most,
9 & sayde vnto them: Thus saieth the LORDE God of Israel vnto whom ye sent me, to laye forth youre prayers before him:
10 Yf ye wil dwell in this londe, I shall buylde you vp, & not breake you downe: I shall plante you, & not rote you out: for I am pacified, as cocernynge the trouble that I haue done to you.
11 Feare not the kynge off Babilon, off whom ye stonde in awe: O be not afrayed off him, saieth the LORDE: for I will be with you, to helpe you, and delyuer you from his honde.
12 I will pardon you, I wil haue mercy vpon you, and brynge you agayne in to youre owne londe.
13 Neuertheles, yf ye purpose not to dwell in this londe, ner to folowe the voyce off the LORDE youre God:
14 but will saye thus: we will not dwell here, but go in to Egipte: where we shall nether se warre, heare the noyse off batell, ner suffre honger, there will we dwell.
15 Wherfore heare now the worde of the LORDE, o ye remnaunt of Iuda. Thus saieth the LORDE of hoostes the God of Israel: Yf ye be whole purposed to go in to Egipte, ad to be there as straugers:
16 the swearde that ye feare, shall ouertake you in Egipte: and the honger wheroff ye be here afrayed, shall hange vpon you into Egipte, and there ye shall dye.
17 For all they, that off set purpose vndertake to go in to Egipte, there to ease them selues off their mysery, shall perish with the swearde, with honger and pestilence: not one off them shall remayne, there shal none escape the plage, that I wil bringe vpon them.
18 For thus saieth the LORDE off hoostes the God off Israel: like as my wrath and indignacion is come vpon the inhabitours of Ierusale, so shall my displeasure go forth vpon you also, yf ye go in to Egipte: For there ye shalbe reuyled, abhorred, brought to shame and confucion: and as for this place, ye shall neuer se it more.
19 The LORDE forbyddeth you (o ye remnaut of Iuda) that ye shall not go in to Egipte. And forget not that I haue warned you earnestly this daye
20 ls shal ye begyle youre selues. For ye sent me vnto the LORDE youre God, and sayde: O praye thou the LORDE oure God for vs: and loke what answere the LORDE oure God geueth the, that bringe vs agayne, ad we shall do thereafter.
21 Now haue I shewed, and declared vnto you the voyce off the LORDE youre God, for the which cause he hath sent me to you.
22 Yf ye will not folowe it, be sure, yt ye shall perishe with the swearde, with honger & pestilence: euen in the same place, where youre lust was to go, and dwell.

Chapter 43

1 Now when Ieremy had ended all ye wordes of ye LORDE God vnto ye people, (for their sakes to whom God had sent him)
2 Asarias the sonne of Osias, & Iohana ye sonne of Carea, with all the proude personnes, sayde vnto Ieremy: Thou lyest, the LORDE oure God hath not sent ye to speake vnto vs, that we shulde not go in to Egipte, and dwell there:
3 But Baruch the sonne of Nerias prouoketh the agaynst vs, that he might bringe vs in to the captyuyte off the Caldees: that they might slaye vs, and carie vs awaye presoners vnto Babilon.
4 So Iohanna the sonne of Carea, and all the captaynes of the hooste, and all the people folowed not the commaundement of the LORDE: Namely, to dwell in the londe off Iuda:
5 But Iohanna the sonne of Carea & all the captaynes of the hooste, caried awaye all the remnaunt in Iuda, that were come together agayne from the Heithen (amoge whom they had bene scatred) to dwell in the londe of Iuda:
6 Men, women, childre, the kynges doughters: all those that Nabusaradan the chefe captayne had left with Godolias the sonne of Ahicam. They caried awaye also the prophet Ieremy, Baruch the sonne of Nerias,
7 and so came in to Egipte: for they were not obedient vnto the commaundement of God. Thus came they to Taphnis.
8 And in Taphnis the worde off the LORDE happened vnto Ieremy, sayenge:
9 Take greate stones in thine hode, and hyde them in the brick wall, vnder the dore off Pharaos house in Taphnis, that all the men of Iuda maye se,
10 and saye vnto them: Thus saieth the LORDE of hoostes the God of Israel: Beholde, I will sende and call for Nabuchodonosor the kynge of Babilon my seruaunt, and will set his seate vpon these stones that I haue hyd, and he shall sprede his tente ouer them.
11 And when he commeth, he shal smyte the lode of Egipte with slaughter, with presonment and with the swearde.
12 He shall set fyre vpon the temples of the Egipcias goddes, and burne them vp, & take them selues presoners. Morouer he shall araye himselff wt the lode of Egipte, like as a shepherde putteth on his cote, and shall departe his awaye from thence in peace.
13 The pilers also of the temple of the Sonne that is in Egipte, shal he breake in peces, and burne the tempels of the Egipcians goddes.

Chapter 44

1 This is the worde yt was shewed to Ieremy cocerninge all ye Iewes, which dwelt in Egipte: at Magdal, at Taphnis, at Memphis, & in the londe of Patures.
2 Thus saieth the LORDE of hoostes the God of Israel: Ye haue sene all ye mysery, yt I haue brought vpon Ierusalem, and vpon all the cities of Iuda: so that this daye they are desolate, and no man dwellinge therin:
3 & yt because of the greate blasphemies, which they committed, to prouoke me vnto anger: In that they wente backe to do sacrifice ad worshipe vnto straunge goddes: whom nether they, ner ye, ner yor fathers haue knowne.
4 How be it, I sent vnto them my seruautes all the prophetes: I rose vp early, I sent vnto them, and gaue them warninge: O do no soch abhominable thinges, & thinges that I hate
5 But they wolde not folowe ner herke, to turne from their wickednes, and to do nomore sacrifice vnto straunge goddes.
6 Wherfore my indignacion & wrath was kyndled, and it brente vp the cities of Iuda, the feldes with the stretes off Ierusalem: so that they were made waist and desolate, as it is come to passe this daye.
7 Now therfore thus saieth the LORDE of hoostes the God of Israel: How happeneth it, that ye do so greate euell vnto youre owne soules, thus to destroye the men and women, childre and babes of Iuda? so that none of you is left,
8 because ye prouoke me vnto wrath with the workes of youre owne hondes: whe ye offre vnto straunge goddes in the londe off Egipte, where as ye be gone to dwell: That ye might vtterly perishe, and that ye might be reuyled and shamfully intreated of all nacions.
9 Or, haue ye now forgotten the wickednes off yor forefathers, the wickednes off ye kynges of Iuda and their wyues, ye wickednes that ye youre selues ad youre wyues haue done in the londe of Iuda, in the cite and in the londe off Ierusalem?
10 Yet are ye not sory this daye, ye feare not, nether walke ye in my lawe and in my commaundementes, that I haue geue vnto you and youre forefathers.
11 Therfore thus saieth the LORDE of hoostes the God off Israel : I am stedfastly advysed and determed, to punysh you, and to rote out all Iuda.
12 As for the remnaunt off Iuda that purposly wente in to Egipte, there to ease them off their mysery: I will take them, and they shall all be destroyed. In ye londe of Egipte shall they perishe, beynge consumed with the swearde and with honger. For from ye leest vnto ye most, they shal perishe with the swearde and with honger. Morouer they shalbe reuyled, abhorred, shamed, and confounded.
13 For I will viset them that dwell in Egipte, as I haue visited Ierusalem: with the swearde, with honger and with pestilence:
14 So that none off the remnaunt off Iuda, which are gone to dwell in Egipte, shall be left to come agayne in to ye londe off Iuda: all though they thynke to come thither agayne, and to dwell there. For none shal come agayne, but soch as are fled awaye.
15 Then all the men which knewe that their wyues had offred vnto straunge goddes, & a greate sorte off wyues that stode there, yee and all the people that dwelt there in Egipte in the cite of Patures, answerde Ieremy, & sayde:
16 As for the wordes that thou hast spoken vnto vs in the name of the LORDE, we will in no wyse heare them:
17 but what so euer goeth out of oure owne mouth, that wil we do: We will do sacrifice, and offre oblacions vnto the Quene off heauen: like as we and or forefathers, oure kynges and oure heades haue done in the cities off Iuda, and in the stretes and feldes of Ierusalem. For then had we plenteousnesse off vytales, then were we in prosperite, and no mysfortune came vpon vs.
18 But sens we left of, to offre, and to do sacrifice vnto the Quene of heauen, we haue had scarcenes of all thinges, and perish wt the swearde and honger.
19 Last of all, when we wome did sacrifice and offred vnto the Quene of heaue, did we make her cakes ad poure vnto her drinkofferinges, to do her seruyce, without oure husbondes wylles?
20 Then sayde Ieremy vnto all the people, to the men, to the women and to all the folke, which had geuen him that answere:
21 Dyd not the LORDE remembre the sacrifices that ye, yor forefathers, youre kiges & rulers (wt all the people) haue offred in the cities of Iuda, in the stretes and londe off Ierusalem? and hath he not considered this in his mynde?
22 In so moch, that the LORDE might no longer suffre the wickednes off youre inuencions, and the abhominable thynges which ye dyd? Is not youre londe desolate & voyde, yee and abhorred, so that no ma dwelleth therin enymore, as it is come to passe this daye?
23 Dyd not all this happen vnto you, because ye made soch sacrifice, and synned agaynst the LORDE? Ye haue not folowed his voyce, to walke in his lawe, in his ordinaunces and statutes. Yee this is the cause, that all mysfortune happened vnto you, as it is come to passe this daye.
24 Morouer, Ieremy spake vnto all the people and to all the women: Heare the worde off the LORDE all Iuda, ye that be in the londe off Egipte:
25 Thus saieth the LORDE off hoostes the God of Israel: Ye and youre wyues haue spoken with youre owne mouth, the thinge that ye haue fulfilled in dede. Yee thus haue ye sayde: We will not fayle, but do the thynge that pleaseth vs: we wil do sacrifice and poure out drynkoffringes to the Quene of heauen. Purposly haue ye set vp youre owne good meanynges, & hastely haue ye fulfilled youre owne intente.
26 And therfore, heare the worde of the LORDE all Iuda, ye that dwell in the londe off Egipte. Beholde, I haue sworne by my greate name (saieth the LORDE) that my name shal not be rehearsed thorow eny mans mouth of Iuda, in all the londe of Egipte: to saye: The LORDE God lyueth,
27 for I wil watch, to plage them, and not for their wealth. And all the men of Iuda that be in the lode of Egipte, shal perish with the swearde and with hoger, vntill they be vtterly destroyed.
28 Neuertheles, those that fled awaye for ye swearde, shal come agayne in to the lode of Iuda (but there shal be very fewe of them) And all the remnaunt off Iuda, that are gone in to Egipte, there to dwell, shall knowe, whose wordes shalbe founde true: theirs or myne.
29 Take this for a token, that I wil viset you in this place (saieth the LORDE) and that ye maye knowe, how that I (without doute) wil perfourne my purpose vpon you,) to punysh you.
30 Beholde (saieth the LORDE I wil delyuer Pharao Ophram kynge of Egipte in to the hondes of his enemies, yt seke after his life: euen as I gaue Sedechias the kynge of Iuda in to the hondes of Nabuchodonosor kige of Babilo, which sought after his life.

Chapter 45

1 These are the wordes yt Ieremy the prophet spake vnto Baruch the sonne of Nerias, after that he had written these Sermos into a boke at the mouth of Ieremy, In the fourth yeare of Ioachim the sonne of Iosias kynge of Iuda.
2 Thus saieth the LORDE God of Israel vnto the, O Baruch:
3 In so moch as thou thoughtest thus (when thou wast writinge) Wo is me, the LORDE hath geuen me payne for my trauayle: I haue weeried my self wt sighinge, and shall I fynde no rest?
4 Therfore tell him (O Ieremy) yt the LORDE saieth thus: Beholde, The thige that I haue buylded, wil I breake downe agayne, and rote out the thinge, that I haue planted, yee this whole londe.
5 And sekest thou yet promocio? Loke not for it, and desyre it not. For I will bringe a miserable plage vpo all flesh, saieth the LORDE. But thy life will I geue the for a pray, where so euer thou goest.

Chapter 46

1 Here folowe the wordes off the LORDE to the prophet Ieremy, which he spake vnto the Gentiles.
2 These wordes folowinge preached he to the Egipcias concernynge the hoost off Pharao Necho kynge off Egipte, when he was in Charcamis besyde the water off Euphrates: what tyme as Nabuchodonosor the kynge of Babilon slewe him, In the fourth yeare off Ioachim the sonne off Iosias kynge off Iuda.
3 Ye make redy buckler and shylde, ye go forth to fight:
4 Yee harnesse youre horses, & set youre selues vpon them: Ye set youre salettes fast on, ye bringe forth speares, ye scoure youre sweardes, & put on youre brest plates.
5 But alas, how happeneth it, that I se you so afrayed? why shrecke ye backe? where fore are youre worthies slayne? Yee they runne so fast awaye, that none off them loketh behynde him. Fearfulnesse is fallen vpon euerychone off them, saieth the LORDE.
6 The lightest off fote shall not fle awaye, and the worthies shall not escape. Towarde the north by the water of Euphrates they shall stomble and fall.
7 But what is he this, that swelleth vp, as it were a floude, roaringe & raginge like the streames off water?
8 It is Egipte that ryseth vp like the floude, and casteth out the waters with so greate noyse. For they saye: We will go vp, and will couer the earth: we wil destroye ye cities, with them that dwell therin.
9 Get you to horse backe, roll forth ye Charettes, come forth ye worthies: ye Morians, ye Libeans with youre buclers, ye Lideans with youre bowes:
10 So shall this daye be vnto the LORDE God of hoostes, a daye of vegeaunce, that he maye avege him of his enemies. The swearde shal deuoure, it shalbe satisfied and bated in their bloude: For the LORDE God off hoostes shall haue a slayneoffringe towarde the North, by the water of Euphrates .
11 Go vp (o Galaad) & bringe triacle vnto the doughter off Egipte: But in vayne shalt thou go to surgery, for thy wounde shall not be stopped.
12 The Heithen shall heare off thy shame, and the londe shalbe full of thy confucion: for one stronge man shall stomble vpon another, how then shulde they not fall both together?
13 These are the wordes that the LORDE spake to the prophet Ieremy, concernyge ye hoost of Nabuchodonosor the kynge of Babilon, which was to destroye the londe off Egipte:
14 Preach out thorow the londe of Egipte, and cause it be proclamed at Migdal, Memphis and Taphnis, and saye: Stonde still, make the redie, for the swearde shal consume the rounde aboute.
15 How happeneth it that thy mightie worthies are fallen? why stode they not fast? Euen because the LORDE thrust them downe.
16 The slaughter was greate, for one fell euer still vpon another. One cried vpon another: Vp, let vs go agayne to oure owne people, and to oure owne naturall countre, from the swearde of oure enemie.
17 Crie euen there: O Pharao kynge of Egipte, the tyme will bringe sedicion.
18 As truly as I lyue (saieth the kynge, whose name is the LORDE of hoostes) it shall come as ye mount of Thabor, and as Libanus yf it stode in the see.
19 O thou doughter of Egipte, make redy thy geer to flyt. For Memphis shalbe voyde and desolate, so that no ma shal dwell therin.
20 The londe of Egipte is like a goodly fayre calfe, but one shall come out of the north to dryue her forwarde.
21 Hir wagied souldyers that be with her, are like fat calues. They also shall fle awaye together, and not abyde: for the daye off their slaughter and the tyme of their visitacion shall come vpon them.
22 The crie off their enemies shall make a noyse, as the blast of a trompet. For they shall entre in with their hooste, and come wt axes, as it were hewers downe of wod.
23 And they shall cut downe hir wod (saieth the LORDE) with out eny discrecion. For they shal be mo in nobre then the greshoppers, so that no man shalbe able to tell the.
24 The doughter of Egipte shalbe confouded. whe she shalbe delyuered in to the hondes off the people off the north.
25 Morouer thus saieth the LORDE of hoostes the God of Israel: Beholde I will vyset that restlesse people off Alexandria , Pharao and Egipte, yee both their goddes and their kynges: euen Pharao, and all them yt litten vnto him.
26 Yee I will delyuer them in to the hondes off those, that seke after their lyues: Namely, in to the power off Nabuchodonosor the kynge off Babilon, and in to the power off his seruautes. And after all these thinges, it shalbe inhabited as afore tyme, saieth the LORDE
27 But be not thou afrayed (o my seruaunt Iacob) feare not thou, o Israel . For lo, I wil helpe the from farre, and thy sede from the londe of thy captiuyte. Iacob also shall come agayne, and be in rest: he shall be rich, and no man shall do him harme.
28 Feare thou not (o Iacob my seruaunt) saieth the LORDE, for I am with the: and will destroye all nacions, amonge whom I haue scatred the. Neuertheles I will not consume the, but chasten the and correcke the: yee and that with discrecion: nether wil I spare the, as one that were fautlesse.

Chapter 47

1 These are the wordes, that the LORDE spake vnto Ieremy the prophet agaynst the Phylistines, before that Pharao smote the cite off Gaza.
2 Thus saieth the LORDE: Beholde, there shall waters arise out off the north: and shall growe to a greate floude, runnynge ouer and couerynge the londe, the cities and them that dwell therin. And the men shall crie, and all they that dwell in the londe, shall mourne
3 at the noyse and stampynge off their stronge barded horses, at the shakynge off their charettes, and at the romblinge off the wheles. The fathers shall not loke to their children, so feable and weery shall their hondes be:
4 at the same tyme, when he shal be there, to destroye the whole londe off the Phylistynes. He shall make waist both Tirus, Sidon ad all other that are sworne vnto them. For the LORDE will destroye all Palestina, and the other Iles, that be deuyded fro the countre.
5 Baldnesse is come vpon Gaza , Ascalon with hir other valleys shall kepe hir peace. How longe wilt thou slaye,
6 O thou swearde off the LORDE? Turne agayne in to ye sheeth, reste, and leaue off.
7 But how can it ceasse, when the LORDE himselff hath geuen it a charge agaynst Ascalon, and raysed it vp agaynst the cities off the see coast?

Chapter 48

1 Thus saieth ye LORDE off hoostes ye God of Israel against Moab : Wo be to ye cite of Nebo, for it shal be layed waist, brought to confucion and taken. Yee ye stroge cite of Cariatharim shalbe brought to shame, and afrayed:
2 Moab shall nomore be had in honoure: Wicked councell shalbe taken vpon Hesebon. Come (shall they saye) let vs rote them out, that they maye be nomore amonge the nombre of the Gentiles, yee that they maye nomore be thought vpon: Thus the swearde shall persecute ye.
3 A voyce shall crie from Horonaim: With greate waistinge and destruction,
4 is Moab made desolate. And this crie shalbe herde in all hir cities.
5 At the goinge vp vnto Luhtih there shall arise a lametacion: and downe towarde Horonaim, there shall be herde a cruell and a deedly crie:
6 Get you awaye, saue youre lyues & be like vnto the heeth in ye wildernes
7 For, because thou hast trusted in thy stronge holdes and treasure, thou shalt be taken. Chamos with his prestes and prynces shall go awaye in to captiuyte.
8 The destroyer shal come vpon all cities, none shall escape. The valleys shalbe destroyed, and the feldes shall be layed waist: like as the LORDE hath determed.
9 Make a token vnto Moab , that she get hir awaye spedely: for hir cities shalbe made so desolate, that no man shall dwell therin.
10 Cursed be he that doth the worke of the LORDE necligently, and cursed be he that kepeth backe his swearde from sheddynge off bloude.
11 Moab hath euer bene rich and carlesse from hir youth vp, she hath sytten and take hir ease with hir treasure. She was neuer yet put out off one vessell in to another (yt is) she neuer wente awaye in to captyuyte, therfore hir taist remayneth, and hir sauoure is not yet chaunged.
12 But lo, the tyme commeth (saieth the LORDE) that I shall sende hir trussers to trusse her vp, to prepare and season hir vessels: yee hir tankerdes rattell, and shake to & fro.
13 And Moab shalbe ashamed off Chamos, like as Israel was ashamed off Bethel , wherin she put hir trust.
14 Wherfore do ye thinke thus: we are mightie, and stronge men off warre?
15 Moab shalbe destroyed, and hir cities brente vp: hir chosen yonge men shall be slayne, saieth the kinge, whose name is the LORDE off hoostes.
16 The destruction off Moab commeth on a pace, and hir fall is at honde.
17 All hir neghbours shall mourne for her, and all they that knowe hir name, shal saye: O how happeneth it, that the stronge staff and the goodly rod is thus broken?
18 And thou doughter Dibo, come downe from thy glory, and syt in pouerte. For he that destroyeth Moab , shall come vp to the also, and breake downe thy stronge holdes.
19 And thou that dwellest in Aroer, get the to ye strete, & loke aboute the: axe them that are fled and escaped, and saye: what thynge is happened?
20 O, Moab is confounded and ouercome. Mourne and crie, tell it out at Arnon, that Moab is destroyed.
21 And mysery shall come vpon the playne londe: Namely, vpo holon, and Iaza: vpon Mephat
22 and Dibo, vpon Nebo and the house of Diplathaim,
23 vpon Cariatharim and Bethgamul, vpon Bethmaon
24 and Carioth, vpon Bosra and all the cities in the lode off Moab, whether they lye farre or neare.
25 The horne of Moab shal be smytte downe, & hir arme broken, saieth the LORDE.
26 Make hir dronken (for she magnified hirself aboue the LORDE:) that men maye clappe their hondes at hir vomyte, and that she also maye be laughed to scorne.
27 O Israell, shalt thou not laugh him to scorne, when he is taken amoge theues? Yee because off thy wordes that thou hast spoken agaynst him, thou shalt be dryuen awaye.
28 Ye Moabites shal leaue the cities, and dwell in rockes off stone, and become like doues, that make their nestes in holes.
29 As for Moabs pryde, we haue herde off it, she is very hie mynded. I knowe hir stoutnesse, hir boostinge, hir arogacy and the pryde off hir stomack, saieth the LORDE.
30 For hir furiousnes maye nether vpholde her wt strength, ner dede.
31 Therfore shal there mournynge be made for Moab , and euery ma shal crie for Moabs sake: a lamentacion shalbe made, to the men that stonde vpon the wall.
32 So will I mourne for the also (o Iazer) and for the, O thou vynyarde off Sybma. Thy wyne brauches shal come ouer ye see, and the braunches off Iazer but vnto the see: the destroyer shall breake in to thy haruest and grape gatheringe.
33 Myrth and cheare shalbe taken awaye from the tymbre felde, and from the whole londe off Moab . There shall be no swete wyne in the presse, the treader shall haue no stomacke to crie, yee there shall be none to crie vnto him:
34 which afore tyme were herde from hesebon to Eleale and Ioaz, which lifted vp their voyce from Zoar vnto Horonaim, that bullock off thre yeare olde. The waters also off Nemrim shalbe dried vp.
35 Morouer I will make Moab ceasse (saieth the LORDE) from the offringes and censinge that she hath made vnto hir goddes in hie places.
36 Wherfore my herte mourneth for Moab , like a crowde playenge an heuy songe: and for the mens sake off the bricke wall my herte mourneth also, euen as a pype, that pipeth a dolefull songe: for they shalbe very fewe, and destroyed.
37 All heades shall be shauen, and all beerdes clipped off: all hondes bounde, and all loynes gyrded aboute with sack cloth.
38 Vpo all the house toppes and stretes off Moab , there shalbe mournynge: For I will breake Moab like an vnprofitable vessell saieh the LORDE
39 O how fearfull is she? O how mourneth she? O how doth Moab hange downe hir heade, and is ashamed? Thus shall Moab be a laughinge stocke, and had in derision off all them, that be rounde aboute her.
40 For thus saieth the LORDE: Beholde, the enemie shal come flyenge as an Aegle, and sprede his wynges vpon Moab.
41 They shall clymme ouer the walles, and wynne the stronge holdes. Then the mighty mens hertes in Moab , shalbe like the herte off a woman trauelinge with childe.
42 And Moab shalbe made so desolate, that she shal nomore be a people, because she hath set vp her selfe agaynst the LORDE.
43 Feare, pyt, and snare shall come vpo the (o Moab ) saieth the LORDE.
44 Who so escapeth the feare, shal fall in the pyt: and who so getteth out off the pyt, shall be taken in the snare. For I will bringe a yeare off visitacion vpon Moab , saieth the LORDE.
45 They that are able to fle, shall stonde vnder the shadowe off Hesebon. For there shall go a fyre out off Hesebon, and a flame from Sion, & shall burne vp that proude people off Moab , both before and behynde.
46 Wo be vnto the (o Moab ) for thou people off Chamos shalt perish: Yee thy sonnes and doughters shall be led awaye captyue.
47 Yet at the last will I bringe Moab out off captiuyte agayne, saieth the LORDE. Thus farre off the plage off Moab.

Chapter 49

1 As concerninge the Ammonites, thus the LORDE saieth: Hath Israel no children, or is he without an heyre? Why hath youre kynge then taken Gad in? wherfore doth his people dwell in his cities?
2 Beholde therfore, the tyme commeth (saieth ye LORDE) that I will brynge a noyse off warre into Rabath off the Ammonites. Lahel shalbe desolate, and hir cities brent vp: and the Israelites shall be lordes ouer those, that had the in possession a fore, saieth the LORDE.
3 Hesebon shall mourne, for it shalbe roted out off the grounde, saieth the LORDE. The cities off Rabath shall crie out, and gyrde them selues with sack cloth: they shall mourne, and runne aboute the walles: for their kynge shall be led awaye presoner: yee his preestes and prynces with him.
4 Wherfore trustest thou in the water streames, that flowe to and fro, o thou fearce doughter: and thynkest thou art so safe (by reason off thy treasure) that no man shal come to the?
5 Beholde, I will brynge a feare vpon the, saieth the LORDE God off hoostes, from all those that be aboute the: so that ye shall be scatred euery man from another, and no ma shall gather them together agayne, that be fled.
6 But after that, I will bringe the Ammonites also out off captyuyte agayne.
7 Vpon the Edomites hath the LORDE off hoostes spoken on this maner: Is there nomore wysdome in Theman? Is there nomore good councell amonge his people? Is their wysdome then turned clene to naught?
8 Get you hence, turne youre backes, crepe downe into the depe, O ye citesyns off Dedan. For I will bringe destructio vpon Esau, yee and the daye off his visitacion.
9 Yff the grape gatherers came vpon the, shulde they not leaue some grapes? Yff the night robbers came vpon the, shulde they not take so moch, as they thought were ynough?
10 But I will make Esau bare, and discouer his secretes, so that he shall not be able to hyde them. His sede shalbe waisted awaye, yee his brethren and his neghbours, ad he himselff shall not be left behinde.
11 Thou shalt leaue thy fatherlesse children behinde the, and I will kepe them and thy wydowes shall take their comforth in me.
12 For thus hath the LORDE spoken: Beholde, they that men thought were vnmete to drinke of the cuppe, haue dronken with the first: and thynkest thou then to be fre? No, no: thou shalt nether be quyte no fre, but thou must drynke also:
13 For why, I haue sworne by my selff (saieth the LORDE) that Bosra shall become a wyldernesse, an open shame, a laughinge stocke and cursynge: and hir cities shalbe a continuall deserte.
14 For I am perfectly infourmed of the LORDE, that he hath sent a message all ready vnto the Hiethen. Gather you together, and go forth agaynst them: make you ready to the battayle,
15 for lo: I will make the but small amonge the Heithen, and litle regarded amonge men.
16 Thy hie stomack & the pryde of thy herte haue disceaued ye, because thou wilt dwell in the holes of stony rockes, and haue the hie mountaynes in possession. Neuertheles though thy nest were as hie as the Aegles, yet wil I cast the downe, saieth the LORDE.
17 Morouer Idumea shall be a wildernesse: who so goeth by it, shalbe abashed, and wondre at all hir miserable plages.
18 Like as Sodom , Gomor and the cities that laye there aboute, were turned vpsyde downe (saieth ye LORDE) so shal no body dwell in Idumea, and no man shal haue his habitacion there.
19 Beholde, like as the Lyon cometh vp from the pleasaunt medowes of Iordane vnto ye grene pastures of Etha, so wil I dryue him, & make him runne agaynst her. But who is the yonge man that I will ordene therto? Who is like, vnto me? What is he that will stryue with me? What shepherde maye stonde in my hondes?
20 Therfore heare the councell of the LORDE, that he hath taken vpon Idumea: & his purpose, that he hath deuysed vpon the citesyns of Theman: The leest of the flocke shal teare them in peces, & loke what fayre thynge they haue, they shal make it waist, & them selues also.
21 At the noyse of their fall ye earth shal quake, the crie of their voyce shalbe herde vnto the reed see.
22 Beholde, ye enemie shall come and fle vp hither, like as it were an Aegle, & sprede his wynges vpon Bosra. Then shal the hertes of the worthies in Edom be as the herte of a woman trauelinge of childe.
23 Vpon Damascus, Hemath and Arphad shall come confucion, for they shall heare euell tydinges: they shal be tossed to and fro like the see that can not stonde still.
24 Damascus shalbe sore afrayde, & shal fle, tremblinge shal come vpon her. Sorowe and payne shal ouer take her as a woman trauelinge of childe.
25 But how shulde so worshipfull and glorious a cite be forsaken?
26 Heare therfore: hir yonge men shal fall in the stretes, and all hir men of warre shal be take awaye in that tyme, saieth the LORDE of hoostes.
27 I will kyndle a fyre in the walles of Damascus , which shal cosume the palace of Benadad .
28 As for Cedar and the kyngdome of Hasor, whom Nabuchodonosor the kynge of Babilon smote downe, the LORDE hath spoken thus vpon them: Arise, and get you vp vnto Cedar, and destroye the people towarde the easte.
29 Their tentes and their flockes shal they take awaye, yee their hanginges and their vessell. Their Camels also shall they carie awaye with them. They shall come aboute them on euery syde with a fearfull crie.
30 Fle, get you soone awaye, crepe in to caues, that ye maye dwell there: O ye inhabitours of Hasor, saieth the LORDE: for Nabuchodonosor ye kinge of Babilon hath holden a councel concernynge you, & concluded his deuyce agaynst you.
31 Arise, & get you vp agaynst yonder rich & carelesse people (saieth the LORDE) which haue nether gates ner dore barres, & that dwell not together.
32 Their Camels shalbe stollen, & the droues of their catell dryuen awaye. Morouer, these that be shauen wil I scatre towarde all the wyndes, & bringe them to destruction: Yee & that thorow their owne familiers, saieth the LORDE.
33 Hasor also shall be a dwellinge for Dragons, and an euerlastinge wildernesse: so that no body shal dwell there, and no man shal haue there his habitacion.
34 These are the wordes, that the LORDE spake to the prophet Ieremy concernynge Elam , in the begynnynge of the reigne of Sedechias kinge of Iuda.
35 Thus saieth the LORDE of hoostes: Beholde, I wil breake the bowe of Elam , and take awaye their strength:
36 aud vpon Elam I wil bringe the foure wyndes from ye foure quarters of heauen, & wil scatre them agaynst the same foure wyndes. And there shal be no people, but some of Elam shal fle vnto them.
37 For I wil cause Elam be afrayed of their enemies, & of them that seke their lyues: & wil bringe vpo them the indignacion of my wrath, saieth the LORDE. And I wil persecute them with the swearde so longe til I haue brought them to naught.
38 I wil set my stole in Elam , I wil destroye both the kinge & ye prynces from thence, saieth the LORDE.
39 But in processe of tyme, I wil bringe Elam out of captiuyte agayne, saieth the LORDE.

Chapter 50

1 The wordes yt the LORDE spake vnto the prophet Ieremy, concernynge Babilon, & the londe of the Caldees:
2 Preach amonge the Gentiles, let youre voyce be herde, make a toke: crie out, kepe no sylence, but saye: Babilon shal be wonne, Bel shalhe cofounded, and Merodach shalbe ouer come. Yee their goddes shal be brought to shame, and their ymages shall stonde in feare.
3 For out of the north there shal come a people agaynst her, which shal make hir londe so waist, that no body shal dwell therin: nether man ner beast, for they shall fle and departe from thence.
4 In those dayes & at that tyme (saieth the LORDE) the childre of Israel shall come, they & the children of Iuda, wepinge & makinge haist, & shal seke the LORDE their God.
5 They shall axe the waye to Sion, thyther shall they turne their faces, & come, and hange vpon the, in a couenaunt that neuer shal be broken.
6 My people hath bene a lost flocke, my shepherdes haue disceaued them, & haue made them go astraye vpon the hilles. They haue gone from the mountayne to the litle hill, & forgotten their folde.
7 All they yt came vpon them, haue deuoured the: & their enemies sayde: We haue made no faute agaynst them, for they haue displeased the LORDE, yee euen the LORDE which is the bewtie of their rightuousnes, & yt defended their fathers.
8 Yet shal ye fle from Babilon, & departe out of ye londe of the Caldees, and ye shall be as the rammes that go before the flocke.
9 For lo, I will wake vp an hoost of people from ye northren londe, & bringe them vpon Babilon: these shal laye sege to it, & wynne it: Their arowes shal not mysse, like as a connynge archer shuteth not wronge.
10 And the Caldees shalbe spoyled, & all they that spoyle them, shalbe satisfied, saieth the LORDE:
11 because ye were so chearfull & glad, to treade downe myne heretage, & fulfilled youre pleasures, as the calues in the grasse : and triumphed ouer them like the bulles, when ye had gotten the victory.
12 Youre mothers shalbe sore confounded, and they that bare you, shal come to shame. She shall be the leest set by amonge the nacions, vyode, waist, & dried vp.
13 No man shal be able to dwell there, for the feare of ye LORDE, but she shal be whole desolate. All they that go by Babilon, shall stonde still, & be abashed, & shal wondre at all hir plages.
14 Go forth in yor araye agaynst Babilon rounde aboute, all ye that can hadle bowes: shute as her, spare no arowes, for she hath synned agaynst the LORDE.
15 Crie out: vpon her, vpon her, agaynst her roude aboute: she shal yelde herselfe, her foundacios shal fall, & hir walles shall come downe, for it shalbe the vengeaunce of the LORDE. Yee vegeaunce shalbe taken of her, & as she hath done, so shal she be dealt withall.
16 They shal rote out the sower from Babilon, & him yt handleth the sickle in haruest. For feare of the swearde of the enemie, euery man shall get him to his owne people, & euery man shal fle to his owne londe.
17 Israel is a scatred flocke, the Lyons haue dispersed them. First the kinge of the Assirians deuoured them, last of all this Nabuchodonosor kynge of Babilon hath brussed all their bones.
18 Therfore thus saieth the LORDE of hoostes the God of Israel: Beholde, I will viset the kinge of Babilon & his kingdome, as I haue visited the kinge of the Assirians:
19 and will bringe Israel agayne to his pleasaunt pasture, that he maye fede vpon Charmel & Basan, and be satisfied vpon the mount of Ephraim & Galaad.
20 In those dayes and at the same tyme (saieth the LORDE) yf the offence of Israel be sought for, there shal none be founde: Yf men enquere for the synne of Iuda, there shal be none: for I wil be mercifull vnto them, whom I suffre to remayne ouer.
21 Go downe (o thou avenger) in to the enemies londe, & viset them that dwell therin: downe with them, and smyte them vpon the backes, saieth the LORDE: do acordinge to all, that I haue commaunded the.
22 There is gone aboute the londe a crie of a slaughter & greate murthur, namely on this maner:
23 How happeneth it, that the hammer of the whole worlde is thus broken & brussed in sonder? How chaunceth it, that Babilon is become a wildernes amonge the Heithen on this maner?
24 I myself haue layed wayte for the, & thou art taken: vnawarres art thou trapped & snared: for why, thou hast prouoked ye LORDE vnto anger:
25 The LORDE hath opened his house of ordinaunce, & brought forth the weapens of his wrath. For the thinge that is done in the londe of the Caldees, it is the LORDE of hoostes worke.
26 These thinges shal come vpon her at the last, they shal breake in to hir preuy chabres, they shall leaue her as bare as stones, that be layed together vpon heapes. They shall so destroye her, yt nothinge shal be left.
27 They shal slaye all hir mightie souldyers, and put them to death. Wo be vnto the, for the daye & tyme of their visitacion is at honde.
28 Me thinke I heare already a crie, of them that be fled & escaped out of the londe of Babilon, which shewe in Sion the vengeaunce of the LORDE oure God, the vengeaunce of his temple: Yee a voyce of them, that crie agaynst Babilon:
29 Call vp all the archers agaynst Babilon, pytch youre tentes rounde aboute her, that none escape. Recompence her, as she hath deserued: and acordinge as she hath done, so deale with her agayne: for she hath set vp her self agaynst the LORDE, agaynst ye holy one of Israel .
30 Therfore shal hir yonge men fall downe in the stretes, & all hir men of warre shal be roted out in yt daye, saieth the LORDE.
31 Beholde, I speake vnto the (o thou proude) saieth the LORDE God of hoostes: for thy daye shal come, eue the tyme of yi visitacio.
32 And the proude shal stomble & fall, & no man shal helpe him vp. I wil burne vp his cities with fyre, & it shal consume all that is rounde aboute him.
33 Thus saieth the LORDE of hoostes: The children of Israel & Iuda suffre violence together. All they that haue them in captiuyte, kepe them fast, & wil not let them go:
34 but their aveger & redemer is mightie, whose name is the LORDE of hoostes: he shal manteyne their cause, he shal make the londe shake, & iudge them that dwell therin, one with another.
35 The swearde shall come vpon the Caldees (saieth the LORDE) vpon them that dwell in Babilon, vpon their prynces, & vpo their wyse me:
36 The swearde vpon their soythsayers, (as for those, they shall become fooles.) The swearde vpo their worthies, so that they shal stonde in feare:
37 The swearde vpon their horsmen and charettes, & vpon all the comon people that dwell vnder the: so that they all shal become like women: The swearde vpon their treasure, so that it shal be stolen awaye:
38 The swearde vpon their waters, so that they shalbe dried vp: For the londe worshippeth ymages, & delyteth in straunge wondrefull thinges.
39 Therfore shal wilde beestes, Apes & Estriches dwell therin: for there shal neuer man dwell there, nether shal eny man haue his habitacion there fore euermore.
40 Like as God destroyed Sodom & Gomorre, with the cities that laye there aboute, saieth the LORDE: So shal noman dwell there also, nether shal eny ma haue there his habitacion.
41 Beholde, there shal come a people from the north, with a greate bonde of men, & many kinges shal stonde vp from the endes of the earth:
42 They beare bowes & buclers, cruell are they & vnmercifull. Their voyce roareth like the raginge see, they ryde vpon horses, & come weapened to fight agaynst the: O Babilon.
43 As soone as the kinge of Babilon heareth tell of them, his hondes shal waxe feable: Sorowe and heuynes shall come vpon him, as a woman trauelinge with childe.
44 Beholde, like as the Lyon commeth vp from the pleasaunt medowes of Iordane vnto the grene pastures of Ethan, so wil I dryue the forth, and make them runne agaynst her. But whom shal I chose out, & ordene to soch thinge? For who is like me, or who wil stryue with me? or what shepherde maye stonde agaynst me?
45 Therfore heare the councel that the LORDE hath geuen vpon Babilon, and the deuyce that he hath taken vpon the londe of the Caldees. The leest amoge the people shal teare them in peces, & loke what pleasaunt thinge they haue: they shal laye it waist.
46 The noyse at ye wynnynge of Babilon shal moue the earth, & the crie shalbe herde amonge the Getiles.

Chapter 51

1 Thus hath the LORDE sayde: Beholde, I will rayse vp a perlous wynde agaynst Babilon & hir citesens, yt beare euell will agaynst me.
2 I wil sende also in to Babilo fanners, to fanne her out, & to destroye hir londe: for in the daye of hir trouble they shalbe aboute her on euery syde.
3 Morouer, the LORDE hath sayde vnto the bowe men, & to them yt clymme ouer the walles in brest plates: Ye shal not spare hir yongeme, kyll downe all hir hoost.
4 Thus the slayne shal fall downe in the londe of the Caldees, and the wounded in the stretes.
5 As for Israel & Iuda, they shall not be forsake of their God, of the LORDE of hoostes, of the holyone of Israel : no, though they haue fylled all their londe full of synne.
6 Fle awaye from Babilon, euery man saue his life. Let no man holde his tunge to hir wickednes, for the tyme of the LORDES vengeaunce is come, yee he shal rewarde her agayne.
7 Babilon hath bene in the LORDES honde a golden cuppe, yt maketh all londes droncken. Of hir wyne haue all people droncken, therfore are they out of their wittes.
8 But sodenly is Babilon fallen, and destroyed. Mourne for her, brynge plasters for hir woundes, yf she maye peraduenture be healed agayne.
9 We wolde haue made Babilon whole (saye they) but she is not recouered. Therfore wil we let her alone, & go euery ma in to his owne countre. For hir iudgmet is come in to heauen, & is gone vp to the cloudes.
10 And therfore come on, we will shewe Sion the worke of the LORDE oure God.
11 Make sharpe the arowes, and fyll the quyuers: for the LORDE shall rayse vp the sprete of the kynge of the Meedes, which hath allready a desyre to destroye Babilon. This shalbe the vengeaunce of the LORDES, and the vengeaunce of his temple.
12 Set vp tokens vpon the walles of Babilon, make youre watch stronge, set yor watch men in araye, yee holde preuye watches: & yet for all that shall the LORDE go forth with the deuyce, which he hath taken vpon them that dwell in Babilon.
13 O thou that dwellest by the greate waters, o thou that hast so greate treasure and riches, thyne ende is come: & the rekenynge of thy wynnynges.
14 The LORDE of hoostes hath sworne by himself, that he wil ouer whelme the with men like greshoppers in nombre, which with a corage shall crie Alarum Alarum agaynst the.
15 Yee euen the LORDE of hoostes, that with his power made the earth, with his wisdome prepayred ye rounde worlde, & with his discrecion spred out the heauens.
16 As soone as he letteth his voyce be herde, the waters in the ayre waxe fearce: He draweth vp the cloudes from the endes of the earth. He turneth ye lightenynges to rayne, he bringeth the wyndes out of their secrete places
17 By the reason of wysdome, all men are become fooles. Confounded be all the casters of ymages: for ye thinge that they make, is but disceate, & hath no breath.
18 Vayne is it, & worthy to be laughed at: & in the tyme of visitacion it shal perish.
19 Neuertheles, the porcion of Iacob is none soch: but he that made all thinges, whose name is the LORDE of hoostes, he is the rodde of his enheritaunce.
20 Thou breakest my weapens of warre, & yet thorow the I haue scatred the nacions & kyngdomes:
21 Thorow the haue I scatred horse & horseman, yee the charettes, & soch as sat vpon them:
22 Thorow the I haue scatred man & woman, olde and yonge, bacheler & mayden.
23 Thorow the I haue scatred the shepherde & his flocke, the husbond man & his catell, the prynces & the rulers.
24 Therfore wil I rewarde the cite of Babilon & all his citesyns the Caldees, with all the euell which they haue done vnto Sion: Yee that ye youre selues shall se it, saieth the LORDE.
25 Beholde, I come vpon the (thou noysome hill) saieth the LORDE, thou that destroyest all londes. I wil stretch out my honde ouer the, & cast the downe from the stony rockes: & wil make the a brente hill,
26 so that nether corner stones, ner pinnacles, ner foundacion stones shalbe taken enymore out of the but waist & desolate shalt thou lie for euermore, saieth the LORDE.
27 Set vp a toke in the londe: blowe the trompettes amonge the Heithen, prouoke the nacions agaynst her, call the kyngdomes, of Ararat, Menni & Ascanes agaynst her: nombre out Taphsar agaynst her, bringe as greate a sorte of horses agaynst her, as yf they were greshoppers.
28 Prepare agaynst them ye people of the Meedes wt their kynges, prynces & all their chefe rulers, yee and the whole londe that is vnder them.
29 The londe also shal shake & be afrayed, when the deuyce of the LORDE shall come forth agaynst Babilon: to make the londe of Babilon so waist, that no ma shal dwell eny more therin.
30 The Worthies of Babilon shal leaue the batell, & kepe themselues in stronge holdes, their strength hath fayled them, they shalbe like women. Their dwellinge places shal be brent vp, their barres shalbe broken.
31 One purseuaunt shal mete another, yee one poste shal come by another, to bringe the kinge of Babilon tydinges: that his cite is taken in on euery syde,
32 the foordes occupyde, the fennes brent vp, and the souldyers sore afrayed.
33 For thus saieth the LORDE of hoostes the God of Israel: The doughter of Babilon hath bene in hir tyme like as a thresshinge floore, but shortly shal hir haruest come.
34 Nabuchodonosor the kinge of Babilon hath deuoured and distroyed me, he hath made me an emptie vessell. He swalowed me vp like a Dragon, and fylled his bely with my delicates: he hath cast me out,
35 he hath take my substaunce awaye, & the thinge that was left me hath he caried vnto Babilon, saieth the doughter, that dwelleth in Sion: Yee & my bloude also, vnto the Caldees, saieth Ierusalem.
36 Therfore thus saieth the LORDE: Beholde, I wil defende thy cause, & avenge the: I will drynke vp hir see, & drye vp hir water sprynges.
37 Babilon shal become an heape of stones, a dwellinge place for dragons, a fearfulnes & wondringe, because no man dwelleth there.
38 They shall roare together like lyons , & as the yonge lyons when they be angrie, so shal they bede them selues.
39 In their heate I shal set drynke before the, & they shalbe droncken for ioye: Then shal they slepe an euerlastinge slepe, & neuer wake, saieth the LORDE.
40 I shal carie them downe to be slayne like shepe, like wethers & gootes.
41 O, how was Sesah wonne? O, how was the glory of ye whole londe taken? how happeneth it, that Babilon is so wondred at amonge the Heithe?
42 The see is rysen ouer Babilon, & hath couered her with his greate wawes.
43 Hir cities are layed waist, the londe lieth vnbuylded and voyde: it is a londe, where no man dwelleth, & where no ma traueleth thorow.
44 Morouer, I wil vyset Bel at Babilo: & the thinge that he hath swalowed vp, that same shal I plucke out of his mouth. The Gentiles also shall runne nomore vnto him, yee and the walles of Babilon shal fall.
45 O my people, come out of Babilon, that euery man maye saue his life, from the fearfull wrath of the LORDE.
46 Be not faynte herted, & feare not at euery rumoure that shalbe herde in the londe: for euery yeare bringeth new tydinges, yee straunge wickednes and lordshipe.
47 And lo, the tyme commeth that I wil vyset the ymages of Babilo, and the whole londe shalbe confounded, yee and hir slayne shal lie in the myddest of her.
48 Heauen and earth with all that is therin, shall reioyce ouer Babilon, when the destroyers shal come vpon her from the north, saieth ye LORDE.
49 Like as Babilo hath beaten downe and slayne many out of Israel , so shal there fall many, and be slayne in all hir kyngdome.
50 Ye that haue escaped the swearde, haist you, stode not still, remembre the LORDE afarre of: and thinke vpon Ierusalem,
51 for we were ashamed to heare the blasphemies: oure faces were couered with shame, because the straunge aleauntes came in to the Sanctuary of the LORDE.
52 Wherfore beholde (saieth the LORDE) the tyme commeth, that I wil vyset the ymages of Babilon, and thorow the whole lode they shal mourne and fall.
53 Though Babilon clymmed vp in to heaue, and kepte her power an hie: yet shal I sende her destroyers saieth the LORDE.
54 A piteous crie shall be herde from Babilon, and a greate mysery from the londe of the Caldees:
55 when the LORDE destroyeth them, and when he dryueth out the hie stomack & proude boostinge, where with they haue bene as furious, as the wawes of greate water floudes, and made greate crakes with their wordes
56 For the destroyers shall come vpon her (euen vpon Babilon) which shal take hir worthies, and brake their bowes: for God is disposed to avenge him self vpon them, & sufficiently to recompence the.
57 Yee (saieth the LORDE) I will make their prynces, their wyse men, their chefe rulers & all their worthies, droncke: so that they shal slepe an euerlastinge slepe, and neuer wake: Thus saieth the kinge, whose name is ye LORDE of hoostes.
58 Morouer, thus saieth the LORDE of hoostes: The thicke wall of Babilon shalbe broken, and hir proude gates shalbe brente vp. And the thinge that the Getiles and the people haue wrought with greate trauayle and laboure, shal come to naught, and be consumed in the fyre.
59 This is the charge that Ieremy gaue vnto Sarias the sonne of Nerias, the sonne of Maasia, when he wente towarde Babilon with Sedechias the kinge of Iuda, in the fourth yeare of his reigne. Now this Sarias was a peaceable prynce.
60 Ieremy wrote in a boke, all the misery that shulde come vpon Babilon, yee and all these sermons that be written agaynst Babilon,
61 and gaue Sarias this charge: When thou commest vnto Babilon, se that thou rede all these wordes,
62 and saye: O LORDE, thou art determed to rote out this place, so that nether people ner catell shal dwell there eny more, but to lie waist for euer:
63 and when thou hast redde out the boke, bynde a stone to it, and cast it in the myddest of Euphrates,
64 and saye: Euethus shal Babilon syncke, & be thrust downe with the burthen of trouble, that I will bringe vpon her: so that she shal neuer come vp agayne. Thus farre are ye preachinges of Ieremy.

Chapter 52

1 Sedechias was xxj. yeare olde, when he was made kynge, & he raigned xj. yeare in Ierusalem. His mothers name was Hamithal, Ieremies doughter of Lobna.
2 He lyued wickedly before the LORDE euen as Ioachim dyd.
3 Wherfore the LORDE was angrie at Ierusalem & Iuda, so longe till he had cast the out of his presence. And Sedechias fel from the kynge of Babilon.
4 But in ye ix. yeare of his raigne, In the teth Moneth, the tenth daye of the Moneth it happened, that Nabuchodonosor kynge of Babilon with all his hooste came before Ierusalem, & beseged it, & made them bulworkes rounde aboute it.
5 And this beseginge of the cite endured vnto the xj yeare of kynge Sedechias.
6 And in the fourth Moneth, the ix daye of the Moneth, there was so greate honger in the cite: that there were no more vitayles for the people of the londe.
7 So all the souldyers brake awaye, and fled out of the cite by night, thorow the waye of the porte betwene the two walles by the kynges garden. Now ye Caldees had copassed the cite rounde aboute, yet wente these men their waye towarde the wildernesse.
8 And so the Caldees folowed vpon them, and toke Sedechias the kinge in the felde of Iericho, when his hoost was runne from him.
9 So they caried the kynge awaye presoner to Reblatha, vnto the kinge of Babilon in the londe of Hemath, where he gaue iudgment vpon him.
10 The kinge of Babilo also caused Sedechias sonnes be slayne before his face, yee & put all the prynces of Iuda to death at Reblatha.
11 Morouer he put out the eyes of Sedechias, caused him be bounde with cheynes, to be caried vnto Babilon: & let him lie in preson, till he dyed.
12 Now ye tenth daye of the fyfth Moneth in the xix yeare of Nabuchodonosor kynge of Babilon, Nabusaradan the chefe captayne and the kinge of Babilons seruauntes came vnto Ierusalem,
13 & brent vp the house of the LORDE. He brent vp also the kinges palace, all the houses & all the gorgeous buyldinges in Ierusale.
14 And the whole hoost of the Caldees yt were with the chefe captayne, brake downe all the walles of Ierusalem rounde aboute.
15 As for the poore people & soch folke as yet was left in the cite, which also were fallen to the kinge of Babilon, yee & what people as yet remayned: Nabusaradan the chefe captayne caried them awaye presoners
16 But ye poore people of the countre, dyd Nabusaradan the chefe captayne leaue in the londe, to occupie the vynyardes & feldes.
17 The Caldees also brake the brasen pilers, that were in the house of the LORDE, yee the seate and the brasen lauer that was in the house of ye LORDE: & caried all the metall of them vnto Babilon.
18 They toke awaye also the Cauldrons, shouels, flesh hokes, sprinklers, spones & all the brasen vessell that was occupide in the seruyce:
19 with the basens, colepannes, sprinklers, pottes, candilstickes, spones, and cuppes: wherof some were of golde, and some of syluer.
20 The chefe captayne toke also the two pilers, the lauer, the xij brasen bullockes yt stode vnder ye seate, which kinge Salomon made in the house of the LORDE: & all the vessell conteyned so moch metall, that it might not be weyed
21 For euery piler was xviij cubites hie, & the rope that went aboute it, was xij cubites, & foure fingers thick and rounde:
22 Now vpon the rope were brasen knoppes, & euery knoppe was fyue cubites hie: & vpon the knoppes were whopes, & pomgranates rounde aboute of clene brasse.
23 After this maner were both the pilers fashioned with the pomgranates, wherof there were an hundreth and xcvj, which hanged vpon the whoopes rounde aboute.
24 The chefe captayne also toke Sarias ye hie prest, & Sophonias that was chefe next him, and the thre kepers of the treasury.
25 He toke out of the cite a chamberlayne which was a captayne of the souldyers, & seuen men that were the kinges seruauntes, which were founde in the cite: & Sepher a captayne that vsed to muster the men of warre: with lx men of the countre that were taken in the cite.
26 These Nabusaradan the chefe captayne toke, & caried them to the kinge of Babilon vnto Reblatha:
27 and the kinge of Babilon caused them to be put to death at Reblatha in the londe of Hemath. And thus Iuda was ledde awaye captyue, out of his owne londe.
28 This is the summe of the people, whom Nabuchodonosor ledde awaye captyue. In the seuenth yeare of his reigne, he caried awaye of ye Iewes, thre thousande thre and twenty.
29 In the xviij yeare Nabuchodonosor caried awaye from Ierusalem eight hunderth & xxxij personnes.
30 In the xxiij yeare of Nabuchodonosor Nabusaradan the chefe captayne, toke awaye seuen hundreth xlv Iewes presoners. The whole summe of all the presoners, is foure thousande and sex hundreth.
31 In the xxxvij yeare after that Ioachim the kinge of Iuda was caried awaye in the xxv daye of the xij Moneth, Euilmerodach kinge of Babilon (the same yeare yt he reigned) gaue Ioachim the kinge of Iuda his pardon, and let him out of preson,
32 and spake louyngly to him: And set his trone aboue ye trones of the other kinges that were with him in Babilon.
33 He chaunged also the clothes of his preson, yee and he ate with him all his life longe.
34 And he had a cotinuall lyuynge geuen him of the kinge of Babilon, euery daye a certayne thinge alowed him, all the dayes of his life, vntill he dyed.