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Chapter 1


1 In ye begynnynge God created heauen & earth:
2 and ye earth was voyde and emptie, and darcknes was vpon the depe, & ye sprete of God moued vpo the water.
3 And God sayde: let there be light, & there was light.
4 And God sawe the light that it was good. Then God deuyded ye light from the darcknes,
5 and called the light, Daye: and the darcknes, Night Then of the euenynge and mornynge was made the first daye.
6 And God sayde: let there be a firmament betwene the waters, and let it deuyde ye waters a sunder.
7 Then God made ye firmamet, and parted the waters vnder the firmamet, from the waters aboue the firmament: And so it came to passe.
8 And God called ye firmament, Heauen. Then of the euenynge & mornynge was made the seconde daye.
9 And God sayde: let the waters vnder heauen gather theselues vnto one place, yt the drye londe maye appeare. And so it came to passe.
10 And God called ye drye londe, Earth: and the gatheringe together of waters called he, ye See. And God sawe yt it was good.
11 And God sayde: let ye earth bringe forth grene grasse and herbe, that beareth sede: & frutefull trees, that maye beare frute, euery one after his kynde, hauynge their owne sede in them selues vpon the earth. And so it came to passe.
12 And the earth brought forth grene grasse and herbe, yt beareth sede euery one after his kynde, & trees bearinge frute, & hauynge their owne sede in them selues, euery one after his kynde. And God sawe that it was good.
13 Then of the euenynge & mornynge was made the thirde daye.
14 And God sayde: let there be lightes in ye firmament of heauen, to deuyde the daye fro the night, that they maye be vnto tokes, seasons, dayes, and yeares.
15 And let them be lightes in ye firmament of heauen, to shyne vpon the earth: And so it came to passe.
16 And God made two greate lightes: one greater light to rule the daye, and a lesse light to rule the night, and (he made) starres also.
17 And God set them in the firmament of heauen, yt they might shyne vpo earth,
18 and to rule the daye and the night, and to deuyde the light from darcknes. And God sawe that it was good.
19 Then of the euenynge and mornynge was made the fourth daye.
20 And God sayde: let the waters brynge forth creatures that moue and haue life, & foules for to flye aboue the earth vnder the firmamet of heauen.
21 And God created greate whalles, and all maner of creatures that lyue and moue, which the waters brought forth euery one after his kynde: and all maner of fethered foules, euery one after his kynde. And God sawe that it was good,
22 and blessed them, sayenge: Growe, and multiplie, and fyll the waters of the sees, and let the foules multiplie vpon the earth.
23 Then of the euenynge and mornynge was made the fifth daye.
24 And God sayde: let ye earth brynge forth lyuynge soules, euery one after his kynde: catell, wormes & what as hath life vpon earth, euery one after his kynde. And so it came to passe.
25 And God made ye beastes of the earth euery one after his kynde, and catell after their kynde, and all maner wormes of the earth after their kynde. And God sawe that it was good.
26 And God sayde: let vs make man in or similitude after oure licknesse, that he maye haue rule ouer the fysh of the see, and ouer the foules vnder ye heauen, and ouer catell, and ouer all the earth, and ouer all wormes that crepe on ye earth.
27 And God created man after his licknesse: after ye licknesse of God created he him, male & female created he them.
28 And God blessed them, and sayde vnto them: Growe, and multiplie, and fyll the earth, and subdue it, & haue domynion ouer the fish of the see, and ouer the foules of the ayre, and ouer all the beastes that crepe vpo the earth.
29 And God sayde: lo, I haue geuen you all maner herbes that beare sede vpon the whole earth, and all maner frutefull trees that beare sede, to be meate for you.
30 And to all beastes of the earth, and to all foules vnder the heauen, and to euery worme that hath life (vpon earth) all maner grene herbes to eate. And so it came to passe.
31 And God behelde all yt he had made, and lo, they were exceadinge good. Then of the euenynge and mornynge was made the sixte daye.

Chapter 2

1 Thus was heaue and earth fynished with all their hoost,
2 and thus in the seuenth daye God ended his worke, which he had made, & rested in the seuenth daye from all his workes which he had made:
3 And blessed the seuenth daye, & sanctified it, because yt in it he rested from all his workes, which God created and made.
4 These are the generacions of heaue and earth whan they were created, in the tyme whan the LORDE God made heauen and earth:
5 before there was eny twygg vpon earth, and or euer there grew eny grene herbe vpon the felde. For the LORDE God had yet sent no rayne vpon ye earth, nether was there eny man to tylle the earth.
6 But there arose a myst from the earth, & watered all the londe.
7 And ye LORDE God shope man eue of the moulde of the earth, & brethed in to his face ye breth of life. And so was man made a lyuynge soule.
8 The LORDE God also planted a garde of pleasure in Eden , towarde ye east, and set man therin whom he had made.
9 And the LORDE God caused to sprynge out of the earth all maner trees, pleasaut to loke vpo, and good to eate: and the tre of life in the myddest of the garden, and the tre of knowlege of good and euell.
10 And out of Eden there wente a ryuer, to water the garden, and there deuyded it selfe into foure heade waters.
11 The first is called Phison, which renneth aboute all the londe of Heuyla.
12 And there is founde golde, (& the golde of that countre is precious,) and there is founde Bedellion, and the precious stone Onix.
13 The second water is called Gihon, which runneth aboute the whole londe of ye Morias.
14 The thirde water is called Hydeckell, which runneth towarde the east syde of ye Assirias. The fourth water is Euphrates .
15 And the LORDE God toke man, & set him in the pleasaunt garden of Eden , to dresse it & to kepe it.
16 And the LORDE God commaunded man, sayege: Thou shalt eate of all maner trees in ye garden:
17 But of ye tre of knowlege of good and euell, shalt thou not eate. For loke in what daye so euer thou eatest therof, thou shalt dye the death.
18 And the LORDE God sayde: It is not good yt ma shulde be alone. I wil make him an helpe, to beare him copany.
19 And whan God the LORDE had made of the earth all maner beastes of the felde, & all maner foules vnder the heaue, he brought them vnto man, to se what he wolde call the: For as ma called all maner of liuinge soules, so are their names.
20 And man gaue names vnto all maner catell, & vnto the foules vnder the heaue, and vnto all maner beastes of ye felde. But vnto man there was founde no helpe, to beare him company.
21 Then the LORDE God caused an herde slepe to fall vpon man, and he slepte. And he toke out one of his rybbes, and (in steade therof) he fylled vp ye place with flesh.
22 And the LORDE God made a woman, of ye rybbe that he toke out of man, and brought her vnto him.
23 Then sayde man: This is once bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh. She shalbe called woman, because she was take of man.
24 For this cause shal a man leaue father and mother, and cleue vnto his wife, & they two shalbe one flesh.
25 And they were both naked, the man and his wife, and were not ashamed.

Chapter 3

1 Bvt the serpent was sotyller then all the beastes of the felde (which ye LORDE God had made) and sayde vnto the woman: Yee, hath God sayde indede: Ye shall not eate of all maner trees in the garden?
2 Then sayde the woman vnto the serpent: We eate of the frute of the trees in the garden:
3 But as for the frute of the tre that is in the myddes of the garden, God hath sayde: Eate not ye of it, and touch it not, lest ye dye.
4 Then saide the serpent vnto the woman: Tush, ye shall not dye the death.
5 For God doth knowe, that in what daye so euer ye eate of it, youre eyes shalbe opened, and ye shalbe as God, and knowe both good and euell.
6 And the woman sawe that ye tre was good to eate of, and lustye vnto the eyes, and a pleasaunt tre to make wyse, and toke of the frute of it, and ate, and gaue vnto hir husbande also therof, and he ate.
7 Then were the eyes of them both opened, and they perceaued that they were naked, and sowed fygge leaues together, and made them apurns.
8 And they herde the voyce of the LORDE God, which walked in the garden in the coole of the daye. And Adam hyd him self with his wyfe, from the presence of ye LORDE God amonge the trees of the garden.
9 And ye LORDE God called Adam, and sayde vnto him: Where art thou?
10 And he saide: I herde thy voyce in the garden, and was afrayed, because I am naked, and therfore I hyd my self.
11 And he sayde: who tolde the, that thou art naked? Hast thou not eaten of the tre, wherof I commaunded the, yt thou shuldest not eate?
12 Then sayde Adam: The woman which thou gauest me (to beare me company) gaue me of the tre, and I ate.
13 And the LORDE God sayde vnto the woman: wherfore hast thou done this? The woman sayde: the serpent disceaued me so, that I ate.
14 Then sayde the LORDE God vnto the serpent: Because thou hast done this, cursed be thou aboue all catell and aboue all beastes of the felde. Vpon thy bely shalt thou go, & earth shalt thou eate all the dayes of thy life.
15 And I wyll put enemyte betwene the and the woman, and betwene yi sede and hir sede. The same shal treade downe thy heade, and thou shalt treade him on the hele.
16 And vnto the woman he sayde: I will increase thy sorow, whan thou art with childe: with payne shalt thou beare thy childre, and thy lust shal pertayne vnto yi husbande, and he shal rule the.
17 And vnto Adam he sayde: For so moch as thou hast herkened vnto the voyce of thy wyfe, and hast eaten of the tre, wherof I commaunded the, sayenge: thou shalt not eate of it. Cursed be ye earth for thy sake. With sorowe shalt thou eate therof, all the dayes of thy life.
18 Thornes and thistles shalt it beare vnto the, and thou shalt eate the herbes of the felde.
19 In the sweate of thy face shalt thou eate thy bred, tyll thou be turned agayne vnto earth, whece thou art take: for earth thou art, and vnto earth shalt thou be turned agayne.
20 And Adam called his wyfe Heua, because she is the mother of all lyuynge.
21 And the LORDE God made Adam & his wyfe garmentes of skynnes, & those he put on them.
22 And the LORDE God sayde: lo, Adam is become as it were one of vs, & knoweth good & euell. But now lest he stretch his hande, and take also of the tre of life, and eate, and lyue for euer.
23 Then the LORDE God put him out of the garden of Eden, to tyll ye earth, whece he was take.
24 And he cast Adam out. And before the garden of Eden he set Cherubes, and a naked fyrie swerde, to kepe ye waye vnto the tre of life.

Chapter 4

1 Morouer Adam laye with Heua his wyfe, which coceaued & bare Cain, and sayde, I haue opteyned ye man of the LORDE.
2 And she proceaded forth, & bare his brother Abell. And Abell became a shepherde, but Cain became an husbande man.
3 And it fortuned after certaine daies, that Cain brought of the frute of the earth, an offrynge vnto ye LORDE.
4 And Abell brought also of the firstlinges of his shepe, and of ye fat of them. And the LORDE had respecte vnto Abell and to his offerynge:
5 but vnto Cain and his offerynge he loked not. Then was Cain exceadinge wroth, and his countenaunce chaunged.
6 And the LORDE sayde vnto Cain: Why art thou angrie? and why doth thy countenaunce chaunge? Is it not so? that yf thou do well, thou shalt receaue it:
7 but and yf thou do euell, thy synne lyeth open in the dore? Shal he then be subdued vnto the? and wilt thou rule him?
8 And Cain talked with Abell his brother. And it happened, that whan they were in the felde, Cain arose agaynst Abell his brother, and slew him.
9 Then sayde the LORDE vnto Cain: Where is Abell thy brother? He sayde: I can not tell. Am I my brothers keper?
10 And he sayde: What hast thou done? The voyce of thy brothers bloude crieth vnto me out of the earth.
11 And now shalt thou be cursed vpon the earth, which hath opened hir mouth, and receaued thy brothers bloude of thine hande.
12 Whan thou tyllest ye grounde, she shall hensforth not geue hir power vnto the. A vagabunde and a rennagate shalt thou be vpon ye earth.
13 And Cain sayde vnto ye LORDE: my synne is greater, then that it maye be forgeuen me.
14 Beholde, thou castest me out this daye from out of ye londe, and from yi sight must I hyde myself, and must be a vagabunde and a rennagate vpon ye earth. And thus shal it go with me: that who so fyndeth me, shal slaye me.
15 But the LORDE sayde thus vnto him: Who so euer slayeth Cain, it shalbe auenged seuenfolde. And the LORDE put a marck vpon Cain, that no man which founde him, shulde kyll him.
16 So Cain wente out from ye face of the LORDE, and dwelt in the lande Nod, vpon the east syde of Eden .
17 And Cain laye with his wyfe, which conceaued and bare Henoch. And he buylded a cite, and called it after the name of his sonne Henoch.
18 And Henoch begat Irad, Irad begat Mahuiael. Mahuiael begat Mathusael. Mathusael begat Lamech.
19 And Lamech toke him two wyues: ye one was called Ada , & the other Zilla.
20 And Ada bare Iabel, of whom came they that dwelt in tentes and had catell.
21 And his brothers name was Iuball: Of him came they that occupied harpes & pypes.
22 And Zilla she also bare Tubalcain, a worker in all connynge poyntes of metall & yron. And Tubalcains sister was called Naema.
23 And Lamech sayde vnto his wyues Ada and Zilla: Heare my voyce (ye wyues of Lamech) and herken vnto my wordes: for I haue slayne a man, and wounded my selfe: and (haue kylled) a yonge man, and gotte my self strypes.
24 Cain shalbe aueged seue tymes: but Lamech seuen and seuentie tymes.
25 Adam laye yet with his wyfe agayne, & she bare a sonne, and called him Seth. For God (sayde she) hath apoynted me another sede, for Abell, whom Cain slew.
26 And Seth begat a sonne also, and called him Enos. At the same tyme beganne men to call vpon the name of the LORDE.

Chapter 5

1 This is the boke of the generacion of man, in the tyme whan God created man, and made him after the symilitude of God.
2 Male and female made he them, and blessed the, & called their names Man, in the tyme whan they were created.
3 And Adam was an hundreth and thirtie yeare olde, and begat a sonne, which was like his owne ymage, and called his name Seth:
4 & lyued therafter eight hudreth yeare, and begat sonnes and doughters.
5 And his whole age was nyne hundreth and thirtie yeares, and so he dyed.
6 Seth was an hundreth and fyue yeare olde, and begat Enos:
7 & lyued therafter eight hundreth and seuen yeare, and begat sonnes and doughters.
8 And his whole age was nyene hudreth and twolue yeares, and so he dyed.
9 Enos was nyentie yeare olde, and begat Renan:
10 and lyued therafter eight hundreth & fyftene yeare, and begat sonnes & daughters.
11 And his whole age was nyene hudreth and fyue yeares, and so he dyed.
12 Renan was seuetie yeare olde, and begat Mahalaliel:
13 and lyued therafter eight hundreth and fourtie yeare, and begat sonnes & doughters.
14 And his whole age was nyene hundreth and ten yeares, and so he dyed.
15 Mahalaliel was thre score yeare olde & fyue,
16 and begat Iared: and lyued therafter eight hundreth and thirtie yeare, and begat sonnes and doughters.
17 And his whole age was eight hundreth, nyentie and fyue yeares, and so he dyed.
18 Iared was an hundreth and two & sixtie yeare olde, and begat Henoch:
19 & lyued therafter eight hudreth yeare, and begat sonnes & doughters.
20 And his whole age was nyene hundreth and two and sixtie yeare, and so he dyed.
21 Henoch was fyue and thre score yeare olde, and begat Mathusalah:
22 and led a godly conuersacion thre hundreth yeares therafter, and begat sonnes & doughters.
23 And his whole age was thre hundreth and fyue and thre score yeares.
24 And for so moch as he lyued a godly life, God toke him awaye, & he was nomore sene.
25 Mathusalah was an uhdreth & seue and foure score yeare olde, & begat Lamech:
26 and lyued therafter seuen hundreth and two and foure score yeare, and begat sonnes & doughters.
27 And his whole age was nyene hundreth and nyene and trescore yeares, and so he dyed.
28 Lamech was an hundreth and two and foure score yeare olde, and begat a sonne,
29 & called him Noe, and sayde: This same shall coforte vs in oure workes, and in the sorowe of oure hondes vpon the earth, which the LORDE hath cursed.
30 After this he lyued fyue hudreth and fyue & nyentie yeare, and begat sonnes and doughters.
31 And his whole age was seuen hundreth seuen and seuentie yeares, and so he dyed.
32 Noe was fyue hundreth yeare olde, and begat Sem, Ham and Iaphet.

Chapter 6

1 So whan men beganne to multiplie vpon the earth, and had begot them doughters,
2 the children of God sawe the doughters of men, that they were fayre, and toke vnto the wyues soch as they liked.
3 Then sayde ye LORDE: My sprete shal not allwaye stryue with man, for he is but flesh also. I wil yet geue him respyte an hundreth and twety yeares.
4 There were giauntes also in the worlde at that tyme. For whan the children of God had lyen with the daughters of men, and begotten them children, ye same (children) became mightie in the worlde, and men of renowne.
5 But whan the LORDE sawe yt the wickednes of man was increased vpon ye earth, and that all ye thought and imaginacion of their hert was but onely euell contynually,
6 it repented him, that he had made man vpon the earth, and he sorowed in his hert,
7 and sayde: I wyll destroye man kynde which I haue made, from the earth: both man, beest, worme, and foule vnder the heauen: for it repenteth me, that I haue made them.
8 Neuertheles Noe founde grace in the sight of the LORDE.
9 This is ye generacion of Noe. Noe was a righteous and parfecte ma, and led a godly life in his tyme,
10 and begat thre sonnes: Sem, Ham and Iaphet.
11 Notwithstondinge ye earth was corrupte in ye sight of God, and full of myschefe.
12 Then God loked vpon ye earth: and lo, it was corrupte (for all flesh had corrupte his waye vpon the earth.)
13 Then sayde God vnto Noe: The. ende of all flesh is come before me, for the earth is full of myschefe before them. And lo, I wyll destroye them with the earth.
14 Make the an Arcke of Pyne tre, and make chambers in it, and pitch it within and without with pitch
15 and make it after this fashion: The length shal be thre hundreth cubites, the bredth fiftie cubites, and the heyght thirtie cubites.
16 A wyndow shalt thou make aboue of a cubyte greate: but the dore shalt thou set in the myddest in the syde of it: And the Arke shalt thou make with thre loftes one aboue another.
17 For lo, I wyll bringe a floude of water vpon the earth, to destroye all flesh (wherin the breth of life is) vnder the heaue: All that is vpon earth, shal perishe.
18 But with the wyll I make a couenaunt, and thou shalt go in to the Arcke with thy sonnes, with thy wyfe, and with thy sonnes wyues.
19 And of all creatures what so euer flesh it be, thou shalt bringe into the Arcke, euen a payre: the male and the female, that they maye lyue wt the:
20 Of foules after their kynde, of beastes after their kynde, and of all maner wormes of the earth after their kinde. Of euery one of these shal there a payre go in vnto the, that they maye lyue.
21 And thou shalt take vnto the all maner of meate that maye be eaten, and shalt laye it vp in stoare by the, that it maye be meate for the and them.
22 And Noe dyd acordinge to all that God commaunded him.

Chapter 7

1 And ye LORDE sayde vnto Noe: Go in to the Arcke thou & thy whole house: for the haue I sene righteous before me at this tyme.
2 Of all cleane beastes take vnto the seuen and seuen, the male and his female. And of vncleane beastes a payre, the male and his female.
3 Like wyse of the foules vnder the heauen, seuen and seuen, the male and his female, that there maye be sede left a lyue vpon the whole earth.
4 For yet after seuen dayes, I wil sende raine vpon the earth fourtie dayes and fourtie nightes, and wyll destroye all maner of thinges that I haue made, from of the face of the earth.
5 And Noe dyd all that the LORDE commaunded him.
6 Sixe hudreth yeare olde was he, whan the water floude came vpon earth.
7 And he wente in to the Arcke, with his sonnes, his wyfe, and his sonnes wyues, for the waters of the floude.
8 Of cleane beastes and of vncleane, of all fethered foules, & of all that crepeth vpon earth,
9 wente in vnto him to the Arcke by pares, a male and a female, as ye LORDE comaunded him.
10 And whan the seuen dayes were past, the water floude came vpon the earth.
11 In the sixe hundreth yeare of Noes age, vpon the seuentene daye of the seconde moneth, that same daye were all ye fountaynes of the greate depe broken vp, and the wyndowes of heauen were opened,
12 and there came a rayne vpon ye earth fourtie dayes and fourtie nightes.
13 Vpon the selfe same daye wete Noe into the Arcke, with Sem, Ham and Iaphet his sonnes, and with his wyfe, and the thre wyues of his sonnes,
14 and all maner of beastes after their kynde, all maner of catell after their kynde, all maner of crepynge thinges (that crepe vpo the earth) after their kynde, and all maner of foules (what so euer coude flye & what so euer had fethers) after their kynde:
15 These wente all vnto Noe in to the Arcke by cooples, of all flesh in whom was the breth of life.
6 And these were the male & the female of all maner of flesh, and wente in, acordinge as God commauded him. And the LORDE shut (the dore) vpon him.
17 Then came the water floude fourtie dayes vpon the earth, and the water increased, and bare vp the Arcke, and lift it vp ouer ye earth.
18 Thus the water preuayled, and increased sore vpon the earth, so that the Arcke wente vpon the waters.
19 Yee the waters preuayled and increased so sore vpon earth, that all the hye mountaynes vnder the whole heauen were couered.
20 Fyftene cubytes hye preuayled ye waters ouer the mountaynes, which were couered.
21 Then all flesh that crepte vpon earth, perished, both foules, catell, beastes, and all yt moued vpon earth, and all men.
22 What so euer had the breth of life vpon the drye londe, dyed.
23 Thus was destroyed all that was vpon the earth, both man and beast, both wormes and foules vnder ye heaue: all these were destroyed from the earth, Saue Noe onely remayned, and they that were with him in the Arcke.
24 And the waters preuayled vpon the earth, an hundreth and fiftie dayes.

Chapter 8

1 Then God remembred Noe and all the beastes, and all the catell that were with him in the Arcke, and caused a wynde to come vpon the earth: and ye waters ceassed,
2 and the fountaynes of the depe and the wyndowes of heauen were stopte, and the rayne of heaue was forbydden,
3 and the waters ranne styll awaye from ye earth, and decreased after an hundreth and fiftye dayes.
4 Vpon the seuentene daye of the seuenth moneth rested the Arcke vpon the mountaynes of Ararat.
5 And the waters wete awaye and decreased vntyll the tenth moneth: for the first daye of the tenth moneth, the toppes of the mountaynes appeared.
6 After fourtie dayes Noe opened ye wyndow of the Arcke which he had made,
7 & sent forth a rauen, which flew out, and came agayne, vntyll the waters were dryed vp vpo the earth.
8 Then sent he forth a doue from him, to wete, whether the waters were falle vpon the earth.
9 But when ye doue coude fynde no restynge place for hir fete, she came agayne vnto him in to the Arcke, for the waters were yet vpon the face of all the earth. And he put out his hande, and toke her to him in to the Arke.
10 Then he abode yet seuen dayes mo, & sent out the doue agayne out of the Arke:
11 & she returned vnto him aboute the euen tyde: and beholde, she had broken of a leaf of an olyue tre, & bare it in hir nebb. Then Noe perceaued, that the waters were abated vpon the earth.
12 Neuertheles he taried yet seuen other dayes, and sent forth the doue, which came nomore to him agayne.
13 In the sixte hundreth and one yeare of Noes age, vpon the first daye of ye first moneth, the waters were dryed vp vpon the earth. Then Noe toke of the hatches of the Arke, and sawe yt the face of the earth was drye.
14 So vpon the seuen and twentye daye of the seconde moneth the whole earth was drye.
15 Then spake God vnto Noe, and sayde:
16 Go out of the Arke, thou and thy wyfe, and thy sonnes, and thy sonnes wyues with the.
17 As for all the beastes that are with the, what so euer flesh it be (both foule & catell and all maner of wormes that crepe vpon the earth) let them go out with the, and be ye occupied vpon the earth, growe and multiplye vpon the earth.
18 So Noe wente out, with his sonnes, and with his wife, and with his sonnes wyues.
19 All the beastes also and all the wormes, and all the foules, and all that crepte vpon the earth, wente out of the Arke, euery one vnto his like.
20 And Noe buylded an altare vnto ye LORDE, and toke of all maner of cleane beastes & of all maner of cleane foules, and offred bret sacrifices vpon ye altare.
21 And ye LORDE smelled the swete sauor, & sayde in his hert: I wyl hence forth curse the earth nomore for mas sake, for the ymaginacion of mans hert is euell, euen from the very youth of him. Therfore from hece forth I wil nomore smyte all that lyueth, as I haue done.
22 Nether shall sowynge tyme and haruest, colde and heate Sommer and wynter, daye and night ceasse so longe as the earth endureth.

Chapter 9

1 And God blessed Noe and his sonnes, and sayde vnto them: increace & multiplye, and fyll the earth.
2 The feare also and drede of you be vpon all beastes of the earth, vpon all foules vnder the heauen, and vpon all that crepeth on the earth, and all fyshes of the see be geuen in to youre hades.
3 All that moueth and hath life, be youre meate. Euen as the grene herbe, so haue I geue you all.
4 Onely eate not the flesh with the bloude, wherin the soule is:
5 For the bloude of you wherin youre soule is, wyll I requyre of the hande of all beastes: and the soule of ma wyll I requyre of mans hande, yee euery mans soule of anothers hande.
6 He that sheddeth mas bloude, his bloude shal be shed by man agayne, for God made man after his owne licknesse.
7 As for you, be ye frutefull, and increase, and be occupied vpon the earth, that ye maye multiplye therin.
8 Farthermore, God sayde vnto Noe and to his sonnes wt him:
9 Beholde, I make my couenaunt with you, and with youre sede after you,
10 and with euery lyuynge creature that is with you, both foule, catell, and all beastes vpon the earth with you, of all that is gone out of the Arke, what so euer beast of the earth it be:
11 And thus I make my couenaunt with you, that hence forth all flesh shal not be destroyed with the waters of eny floude, and from hence forth there shall come no floude to destroye the earth.
12 And God sayde: This is the token of my couenaunt which I haue made betwene me and you, and all lyuynge creatures amonge you for euermore:
13 My bowe will I set in the cloudes, and it shal be the token of my couenaunt betwene me and ye earth:
14 so that wha I brynge cloudes vpon the earth, the bowe shal appeare in the cloudes.
15 And then wyll I thynke vpon my couenaunt betwixte me and you and all lyuynge creatures in all maner of flesh: so that from hence forth there shall nomore come eny floude of water to destroye all flesh.
16 Therfore shall my bowe be in the cloudes, that I maye loke vpon it, and remembre the euerlastynge couenaunt, betwixte God and all liuynge creatures in all flesh that is vpon earth.
17 God sayde also vnto Noe: This is the toke of the couenaunt, which I haue made betwene me and all flesh vpon earth.
18 The sonnes of Noe which wente out of the Arke, are these: Sem, Ham and Iaphet. As for Ham, he is the father of Canaa.
19 These are Noes thre sonnes, of whom all londes were ouerspred.
20 Noe beganne to take hede vnto ye tyllinge of the grounde, & planted a vyniarde.
21 And dranke of the wyne, and was dronken, and laye vncouered in his tente.
22 Now when Ha the father of Canaan sawe his fathers preuities, he tolde his two brethren without.
23 The toke Sem and Iaphet a mantell and put it vpo both their shulders, and wente backwarde, and couered their fathers secretes: & their faces were turned asyde, yt they shulde not se their fathers preuyties.
24 So whan Noe awaked from his wyne, and perceaued what his yonger sonne had done vnto him,
25 he sayde: Cursed be Canaan , and a seruaunt of seruauntes be he vnto his brethren.
26 He sayde morouer: Praysed be the LORDE God of Sem, and Canaan be his seruaunt.
27 God increase Iaphet, and let him dwell in the tentes of Sem, and Canaan be his seruaunt.
28 And Noe lyued after the floude thre hundreth & fiftie yeare,
29 so yt his whole age was ix. hudreth and fyftie yeare, and so he dyed.

Chapter 10

1 This is the generacion of the childre of Noe, Sem, Ham, and Iaphet, & they begat children after the floude.
2 The children of Iaphet are these: Gomer, Magog, Madai, Iauan, Tubal, Mesech and Thyras.
3 The childre of Gomer are these: Ascenas, Riphat and Togarma.
4 The children of Iauan are these: Elisa, Tharsis, Cithim and Dodanim:
5 Of these are deuided the Iles of ye Heithen in their countrees, euery one after his speach, kynred and people.
6 The childre of Ham are these: Thus, Misraim, Phut and Canaan .
7 The children of Chus are these: Seba, Heuila Sabtha, Reyma and Sabthecha. The children of Reyma are these: Sheba and Deda.
8 Thus also begat Nemrod, which beganne to be mightie in the earth,
9 and was a mightie hunter in the sight of the LORDE. Therof commeth the prouerbe: This is a mightie hunter before the LORDE like as Nemrod.
10 And the origenall of his kyngdome was Babel , Erech, Acad & Chalne in ye londe of Synear.
11 Out of that lode came Assur, and buylded Niniue, and ye stretes of ye cite, and Calah ,
12 and Ressen betwene Ninyne & Calah: This is a greate cite.
13 Mizraim begat Ludim, Enamim, Leabim, Naphtuhim,
14 Pathrusim & Casluhim, from whence came the Philistynes and Capthorims.
15 Canaa also begat Zidon his eldest sonne, & Heth,
16 Iebusi, Emori, Girgosi,
17 Hiui, Arki, Sini,
18 Aruadi, Zemari & Hamati: fro whence ye kynreds of ye Cananites are dispersed abrode.
19 And ye Coastes of ye Cananites were fro Sido forth thorow Gerar vnto Gasa, tyll thou comest vnto Sodoma, Gomorra, Adama, Zeboim, & vnto Lasa.
20 These are the children of Ham in their kynreds, tunges, londes & people.
21 And Sem which is ye father of all the children of Eber, & the elder brother of Iaphet, begat childre also.
22 And these are his children: Ela, Assur, Arphachad, Lud & Aram.
23 The childre of Aram are these: Vz, Hul, Gether & Mas.
24 And Arphachsad begat Sala, and Sala begat Eber.
25 Eber begat two sonnes: the name of the one was Peleg, because that in his tyme the worlde was deuyded, and his brothers name was Iaketan,
26 And Iaketan begat Almodad, Saleph, Hazarmaphet, Iarah,
27 Hadoram, Usal, Dikela,
28 Obal, Abimael, Seba,
29 Ophir, Heuila & Iobab: All these are ye childre of Iaketan.
30 And their dwellynge was from Mesa , tyll thou come vnto Sephar a mountayne of ye east.
31 These are ye children of Sem in their generacions, tunges, londes and people.
32 This is now ye generacion of ye children of Noe in their kynredes & people. Of these were ye people vpon earth spred a brode after ye floude.

Chapter 11

1 Morouer all the worlde had one tonge & language.
2 Now as they wente towarde the East, they founde a playne in ye londe of Synear, & there they dwelt,
3 & saide one to another: Come on, let vs make bryck & burne it. And they toke bryck for stone, & slyme for morter,
4 And sayde: Come, let vs buylde a cite & a tower, whose toppe maye reach vnto heaue, yt we maye make vs a name, afore we be scatred abrode in all londes.
5 Then came ye LORDE downe, to se ye cite & tower, yt ye childre of me had buylded.
6 And ye LORDE saide: Beholde, the people is one, & haue one maner of language amoge the all, & this haue they begonne to do, & wil not leaue of from all yt they haue purposed to do.
7 Come on, let vs go downe, & cofounde their tonge eue there, yt one vnderstonde not what another saieth.
8 Thus ye LORDE scatred the fro thece in all lodes, so yt they left of to buylde the cite.
9 Therfore is it called Babell, because the LORDE cofounded there the language of all the worlde, and from thece scatred them abrode in to all londes.
10 These are ye generacions of Sem. Sem was an hundreth yeare olde, and begat Arphachsad two yeare after the floude,
11 and lyued therafter fyue hudreth yeare, and begat sonnes and doughters.
12 Arphachsad was fiue & thirtie yeare olde, and begat Salah,
13 and lyued therafter foure hundreth and thre yeare, and begat sonnes & doughters.
14 Salah was thirtie yeare olde, and begat Eber,
15 & lyued therafter foure hudreth & thre yeare, & begat sonnes and doughters.
16 Eber was foure and thirtie yeare olde, & begat Peleg,
17 and lyued therafter foure hundreth and thirtie yeare, and begat sonnes & doughters.
18 Peleg was thirtie yeare olde, and begat Regu,
19 and lyued therafter two hudreth and nyene yeare, and begat sonnes & doughters.
20 Regu was two and thirtie yeare olde, and begat Serug,
21 and lyued therafter two hundreth and seuen yeare, and begat sonnes and doughters.
22 Serug was thirtie yeare olde, and begat Nahor,
23 and lyued therafter two hundreth yeare, and begat sonnes & doughters.
24 Nahor was nyene and twentye yeare olde, and begat Terah,
25 and lyued herafter an hundreth and nyentene yeare, and begat sonnes and doughters.
26 Terah was seuentie yeare olde, and begat Abram, Nahor and Haran .
27 These are the generations of Terah: Terah begat Abram, Nahor and Haran . And Haran begat Lot,
28 but Hara dyed before Terah his father in ye londe where he was borne, at Vr in Chaldea .
29 Then Abram and Nahor toke them wyues. Abrams wife was called Sarai, & Nahors wyfe Milca the doughter of Haran , which was father of Milca and Iisca.
30 But Sarai was baren, and had no childe.
31 Then toke Terah Abra his sonne, & Lot his sonne Harans sonne, & Sarai his doughter in lawe, his sonne Abrams wife, & caried them wt him from Vr in Chaldea, to go in to the lande of Canaan. And they came to Haran , & dwelt there.
32 And Terah was two hundreth & fyue yeare olde, and dyed in Haran .

Chapter 12

1 And ye LORDE sayde vnto Abram: Get the out of thy countre, and from thy kynred, and out of thy fathers house, in to a londe which I wil shew the.
2 And I wil make of the a mightie people, and wyll blesse the, and make the a greate name, yee thou shalt be a very blessynge.
3 I wil blesse them that blesse the, and curse them that curse the: and in the shal all the generacions of the earth be blessed.
4 Then wente Abram out, as the LORDE commaunded him, and Lot wente with him. Fyue & seuentie yeare olde was Abra, whan he wente out of Haran .
5 So Abram toke Sarai his wife, and Lot his brothers sonne, wt all their goodes which they had gotten, and soules which they begat in Hara, and departed to go in to ye londe of Canaan.
6 And whe they were come in to the same londe, he wente thorow, tyll he came vnto the place of Sichem, and vnto the Okegroue of More: for ye Cananites dwelt in ye lode at ye same time.
7 Then the LORDE appeared vnto Abra, & sayde: This londe wil I geue vnto yi sede. And there he buylded an aulter vnto ye LORDE, which appeared vnto him.
8 The brake he vp fro thece, vnto a mountayne yt laye on ye east syde of the cite of Bethel , & pitched his tent: so yt he had Bethel on the west side, and Ay on ye east syde: & there buylded he an altare also vnto the LORDE, & called vpon the name of the LORDE.
9 Afterwarde departed Abram farther, & toke his iourneye southwarde.
10 But there came a derth in the londe. Then wente Abram downe in to Egipte to kepe himself there as a straunger, for the derth was sore in the londe.
11 And whan he was come nye for to entre in to Egipte, he sayde vnto Sarai his wife: Beholde, I knowe yt thou art a fayre woman to loke vpon.
12 Now whan the Egipcians se the, they wil saye: She is his wife, and so shal they slaye me, and saue the alyue.
13 Therfore (I pray ye) saye thou art my sister, that I maye fare the better by reason of the, and that my soule maye lyue for thy sake.
14 Now whan he came in to Egipte, ye Egipcians sawe ye woman, yt she was very faire:
15 & Pharaos prynces sawe her also, & praysed her before him. Then was she brought in to Pharaos house,
16 and Abram was well intreated for hir sake: and he had shepe, oxe, and he Asses, seruauntes, maydes, she Asses and Camels.
17 But ye LORDE plaged Pharao & his house wt greate plages, because of Sarai Abras wife.
18 Then Pharao called Abra vnto him, and sayde: Why hast thou dealt thus wt me? Wherfore toldest thou not me at the first, yt she was thy wife?
19 Why saydest thou then, that she was yi sister? Wherfore I toke her to my wife. And now lo, there is yi wife, take her, and go thy waye.
20 He gaue his officers also a charge ouer him, to conveye him out, and his wife, and all that he had.

Chapter 13

1 So Abra departed out of Egipte, wt his wife, & with all yt he had, & Lot wt him also, towarde ye south.
2 Abram was very rich in catell, siluer & golde.
3 And he wente on forth from the south vnto Bethel, vnto the place where his tent was at ye first, betwene Bethel and Ay:
4 euen vnto ye place where he had made the altare before, & where he called vpon the name of the LORDE
5 Lot also which wente with him, had shepe, greate catell & tentes:
6 so yt the londe was not able to receaue them, that they might dwell together: for the substaunce of their riches was so greate, that they coude not dwell together.
7 And there fell a strife betwene the hirdmen of Abrams catell, and the hirdmen of Lots catell. The Cananites also and the Pheresites dwelt at that tyme in the londe.
8 Then sayde Abram vnto Lot : O let there be no strife betwene me and the, and betwene my hyrdmen and thine, for we are brethre.
9 Is not all the whole londe open before the? Departe fro me, I praye the. Yf thou wilt go to the left hande, I wil take the right: Or yf thou wilt go to the right hande, I wil take the left.
10 Then Lot lift vp his eyes, and behelde all the countre rounde aboute Iorda, that it was a plenteous countre of water. For before the LORDE destroyed Sodoma and Gomorra, it was rounde aboute Zoar, euen as the pleasaunt garden of the LORDE, and as the londe of Egipte.
11 Then Lot chose all the coastes of Iorda, and toke his iourney towarde ye East. And so the one brother departed from the other.
12 Abram dwelt in the lande of Canaan, and Lot in the cities of the same coastes, and pitched his tent towarde Sodome.
13 But ye men of Sodome were wicked, and synned exceadingly agaynst the LORDE.
14 Now whan Lot was departed from Abram, the LORDE saide vnto Abram: Lift vp thine eyes, and loke from the place where thou dwellest, northwarde, southwarde, eastwarde, and westwarde:
15 for all the londe that thou seist, wyll I geue vnto the and to thy sede for euer,
16 and wyll make thy sede as the dust of the earth: so that yf a man can nombre the dust of the earth, he shall nombre thy sede also.
17 Arise, and go thorow the londe, in the length and bredth, for I wyl geue it vnto the.
18 So Abram remoued his tent, and wente and dwelt in ye Okegroue of Mamre, which is in Ebron, and buylded there an altare vnto the LORDE.

Chapter 14

1 And it chaunsed in the tyme of Amraphel the kynge of Synear, Arioch the kynge of Ellasar, Kedorlaomer the kinge of Elam, & Thy deal the kynge of ye Heithen,
2 That they made warre wt Bera ye kynge of Sodome, and wt Birsa the kynge of Gomorra, & with Sineab the kynge of Adama, & with Semeaber the kynge of Zeboim, and with the kynge of Bela, which is called Zoar.
3 These came all together in to the brode valley, where now the salt see is:
4 for twolue yeares were they subiectes vnto kinge Kedorlaomer, & in the thirtenth yeare they fell from him.
5 Therfore in the fourtenth yeare came Kedorlaomer, and the kynges yt were with him, & smote the Giauntes in Astaroth Karnaim, & Susim at Ham, & Emim in the felde of Kiriathaim,
6 and ye Horites in their owne mount Seir vnto the playne of Pharan, which bordreth vpo the wildernes.
7 And then they turned, & came to the well of iudgment (which is Cades) & smote all the countre of the Amalechites, and also the Amorites, that dwelt in Hazezon Thamar.
8 Then wente out the kynge of Sodome, & the kynge of Gomorra, & the kynge of Adama, and the kynge of Zeboim, and the kynge of Bela (called Zoar) & prepared them selues to fight in the brode valley
9 wt Kedorlaomer the kynge of Elam, & with Thideal ye kynge of the Heithen, & with Amraphel ye kynge of Synear, & with Arioch the kynge of Ellasar: foure kynges wt fyue.
10 And yt brode valley had many slyme pyttes. But the kynge of Sodoma and Gomorra were put to flight, & fell there, & the residue fled vnto ye mountaynes.
11 Then toke they all the goodes at Sodoma and Gomorra, & all their vytales, & wente their waye.
12 They toke Lot also Abrams brothers sonne, & his good (for he dwelt at Sodome) and departed.
13 Then came one that had escaped, and tolde Abram the Aleaunt, which dwelt in the Okegroue of Mamre the Amoryte, which was the brother of Escol & Aner: for these were confederate with Abram.
14 Now whan Abram herde yt his brother was taken, he harnessed his bonde seruauntes borne in his owne house, thre hundreth & eightene, & folowed after them vntill Dan,
15 & deuyded the, & fell vpo them by night wt his seruauntes, and smote the, and chased them awaye vnto Hoba, which lieth on ye left hande of the cite of Damascos,
16 and brought agayne all the goodes, and also his brother Lot, and his goodes, ye wemen also and the people.
17 And as he came agayne from the slaughter of Kedorlaomer & of the kinges that were with him, the kynge of Sodome wente to mete him in to the playne felde, which is called kynges dale.
18 But Melchisedech the kynge of Salem brought forth bred and wyne. And he beynge the prest of the most hye God,
19 blessed him and sayde: Blessed be thou Abram vnto the most hye God possessor of heauen and earth.
20 And praysed be God the Hyest, which hath delyuered thine enemies in to thy handes. And Abram gaue him tythes of all.
21 Then sayde the kynge of Sodome vnto Abram: Geue me the soules, and take ye goodes vnto thy self.
22 But Abram sayde vnto the kinge of Sodome: I lift vp my honde vnto the LORDE the most hye God, possessor of heauen and earth,
23 that I wyll not take of all that is thyne, so moch as a threde or a shue lachet, lest thou shuldest saye: I haue made Abram ryche:
24 Saue onely that which the yonge men haue spent, and the men Aner Escol and Mamre, that wente with me, let them take their parte.

Chapter 15

1 It happened after these actes, yt the worde of ye LORDE came vnto Abra in a vysion, and sayde: Feare not Abram, I am thy shylde and thy exceadinge greate rewarde.
2 But Abram sayde: LORDE LORDE, what wilt thou geue me? I go childles, and the seruaunt of my house (this Eleasar of Damascos) hath a sonne.
3 And Abram sayde morouer: Beholde, vnto me hast thou geuen no sede: and lo, the sonne of my housholde shal be myne heyre.
4 And beholde, the worde of the LORDE spake vnto him, and saide: He shal not be thine heyre, but one that shal come out of thine owne body, he shal be thine heyre.
5 And he bad him go forth, and sayde: Loke vp vnto heauen, and tell ye starres: Canst thou nombre them? And he sayde vnto him: Euen so shal thy sede be.
6 Abram beleued the LORDE, and yt was counted vnto him for righteousnes.
7 And he sayde vnto him: I am ye LORDE, yt brought the from Vr out of Chaldea , to geue ye this londe to possesse it.
8 But Abram sayde: LORDE LORDE, Wherby shall I knowe, that I shall possesse it?
9 And he sayde vnto him: Take a cow of thre yeare olde, and a she goate of thre yeare olde, and a ramme of thre yeare olde, and a turtyll doue, and a yonge pigeon.
10 And he toke all these, and deuyded them in the myddes, and layde the one parte ouer agaynst the other, but the foules deuyded he not.
11 And the foules fell vpo the flesh, but Abram droue them awaye.
12 Now whan the Sonne beganne to go downe, there fell an heuy slepe vpo Abram. And lo, feare and greate darcknes fell vpon him.
13 And he sayde vnto Abram: knowe this of a suertye, that thy sede shalbe a strauger, in a londe that is not theirs. And they shall make bonde men of them, and intreate them euell foure hundreth yeares.
14 But the people who they shal serue, wyl I iudge. Afterwarde shall they go forth with greate substaunce:
15 and thou shalt departe vnto thy fathers in peace, and shalt be buried in a good age.
16 And after the fourth generacion they shall come hither agayne, for the wickednes of ye Amorites is not yet full.
17 So whan the Sonne was downe, and it was waxed darcke: Beholde, there smoked a fornace, and a fyre brande wente betwene ye partes.
18 The same daye made the LORDE a couenaut with Abram, and sayde: Vnto thy sede wil I geue this lode, from the water of Egipte, vnto the greate water Euphrates :
19 the Kenytes, the Kenizites, the Kydmonites,
20 the Hethites, the Pherezites, the Giauntes,
21 the Amorites, the Cananites, the Gergesites, and the Iebusites.

Chapter 16

1 Sarai Abrams wife bare him no children: but she had an handmayde an Egipcian, whose name was Agar,
2 and sayde vnto Abram: Beholde, the LORDE hath closed me, that I can not beare. Go in (I praye the) vnto my mayde: peraduenture I shalbe multiplied by her, more then by myself. And Abram herkened vnto the voyce of Sarai. Than Sarai
3 Abrams wife toke Agar hir mayde ye Egipcian (after they had dwelt ten yeare in the londe of Canaan ) and gaue her vnto hir husbande Abra, to be his wife.
4 And he wente in vnto Agar, and she conceaued. Now whan she sawe yt she had conceyued, she despysed hir mastresse.
5 Then sayde Sarai vnto Abram: I must suffre wronge for thy sake. I layde my mayde by the: but now because she seyth, that she hath conceaued, I must be despysed in hir sight: the LORDE be iudge betwene me and the.
6 And Abram sayde vnto Sarai: Beholde, thy mayde is vnder thine auctorite, do with her, as it pleaseth the. Now whan Sarai dealt hardly wt her, she fled from her.
7 But the angell of the LORDE founde her besyde a well of water in the wildernesse (euen by the well in the waye to Sur)
8 and sayde vnto her: Agar Sarais maide, whence commest thou? & whyther wylt thou go? She sayde: I fle fro my mastresse Sarai.
9 And the angel of the LORDE sayde vnto her: Returne to thy mastresse agayne, and submitte thyself vnder hir hande.
10 And the angel of the LORDE sayde vnto her: Beholde, I wil so encreace yi sede, that it shall not be nombred for multitude.
11 And the angel of the LORDE sayde further vnto her: Beholde, thou art with childe, & shalt bringe forth a sonne, and shalt call his name Ismael, because the LORDE hath herde yi trouble.
12 He shal be a wylde man. His hande agaynst euery man, and euery mans hande agaynst him: and he shal dwel ouer agaynst all his brethren.
13 And she called the name of the LORDE yt spake vnto her: Thou art the God that seist me. For she sayde: Of a suertye I haue sene the back partes of him that sawe me.
14 Therfore called she the well: The well of the liuinge that sawe me. Which (well) is betwene Cades and Bared.
15 And Agar bare Abram a sonne, and Abram called his sonnes name which Agar bare him, Ismael.
16 And Abram was foure score yeare olde and sixe, whan Agar bare him Ismael.

Chapter 17

1 Now whan Abram was nyentye yeare olde and nyene, the LORDE appeared vnto him, & sayde vnto him: I am the allmightie God, walke before me, & be vncorrupte.
2 And I wyll make my couenaunt betwene me & the, and wyl multiplye the exceadyngly.
3 Then fell Abram vpon his face. And God talked furthur, with him, and sayde:
4 Beholde, It is I, and haue my couenaut with the, and thou shalt be a father of many people.
5 Therfore shalt thou nomore be called Abram, but thy name shal be Abraham: For I haue made the a father of many nacions,
6 & I wil multiplye the exceadingly, and wil make people of ye, yee and kynges also shal come out of the.
7 Morouer I wil make my couenaut betwene me and the, and thy sede after the thorow out their posterities, that it maye be an euerlastinge couenaunt, so that I wyll be the God of the, and of thy sede after the.
8 And vnto the and to thy sede after the, will I geue the lande, wherin thou art a straunger: euen all the lande of Canaan for an euerlastinge possession, and will be their God.
9 And God sayde morouer vnto Abraham: Kepe my couenaunt then, thou and they sede after the.
10 This is my couenaunt which ye shal kepe betwene me and you, and thy sede after ye thorow out their posterites. Euery manchilde that is amonge you, shalbe circumcyded:
11 and ye shall circumcyde the foreskynne of yor flesh. This same shalbe a token of the couenaunt betwene me and you.
12 Euery manchilde whan it is eight dayes olde, shalbe circucyded thorow out youre posterities: In like maner all housholde folkes borne at home, or bought, or eny other also that is a strauger and not of thy sede.
13 Thus shall my couenaunt be in youre flesh for an euerlastinge couenaunt.
14 And yf there shalbe any manchilde vncircumcided in the foreskinne of his flesh, his soule shalbe roted out from his people, because he hath broken my couenaunt.
15 And God sayde vnto Abraham: Sarai thy wyfe shall nomore be called Sarai, but Sara shal be hir name:
16 for I will blesse her, and geue the a sonne of her. I wil blesse her, and people shall come of her, yee and kynges of many people.
17 Then fell Abraha vpo his face, and laughed, and sayde in his hert: Shal a childe be borne vnto me that am an hundreth yeare olde? And shall Sara yt is nyentie yeare olde, beare?
18 And Abraha sayde vnto God: O that Israel might lyue in thy sight.
19 Then sayde God: Yee euen Sara thy wyfe shall beare the a sonne, and thou shalt call his name Isaac: for with him wil I make my euerlastinge couenaunt, and with his sede after him.
20 And as concernynge Ismael also, I haue herde thy request: Beholde, I haue blessed him, and will increase him, and multiplye him exceadingly. Twolue prynces shal he beget, and I wyll make a greate nacion of him.
21 But my couenaunt wyll I make wt Isaac, whom Sara shal beare vnto the, eue this tyme twolue moneth.
22 And he left of talkynge with him, and God wente vp from Abraham.
23 Than toke Abraham his sonne Ismael, and all the seruauntes borne in his house, and all that were bought, (as many as were men children in his house,) and circumcyded the foreskynne of their flesh, euen the same daye, as God had sayde vnto him.
24 And Abraham was nyentie yeare olde and nyne, whan he cut of the foreskynne of his flesh.
25 As for Ismael, he was thirtene yeare olde, whan the foreskynne of his flesh was circumcyded.
26 Euen vpon one daye were they all circumcyded: Abraham, and Ismael his sonne,
27 and all the men in his house, (whether they were borne at home, bought, or eny other straunger:) they were all circumcyded with him.

Chapter 18

1 Annd the LORDE apeared vnto him in the Okegroue of Mamre, as he sat in his tent dore in the heate of ye daie.
2 And as he lift vp his eyes, and loked, beholde, there stode thre men ouer agaynst him. And whan he sawe them, he ranne to mete them from his tent dore, and bowed him self downe vpon the grounde,
3 and sayde: LORDE, yf I haue founde fauoure in thy sight, go not by yi seruaut.
4 There shalbe brought you a litle water, & ye shall wash yor fete, & rest youre selues vnder the tre.
5 And I wyll fet you a morsell of bred, to comforte youre hertes withall, and then shall ye go youre wayes, for therfore are ye come to youre seruaunt. They sayde: do euen so as thou hast spoken:
6 Abraham wente a pace in to the tent to Sara, and sayde: Make haist, & mengle thre peckes of fyne meele, knede it, and bake cakes.
7 And he ranne to the beastes, & fet a calf that was tender and good, and gaue it vnto a yonge man, which made it ready at once.
8 And he toke butter and mylke and of the calfe that he had prepared, and set it before the, stode him self by them vnder the tre, & they ate.
9 Then saide they vnto him: where is Sara thy wyfe? He answered: within in ye tent.
10 Then sayde he: aboute this tyme twolue moneth, (yf I lyue) I will come to the agayne, and Sara thy wyfe shal haue a sonne. And Sara herde that out of the tent dore, which was behynde his backe.
11 And Abraham and Sara were both olde, & well stryken in age: so that it wente nomore with Sara after ye maner of wemen:
12 therfore laughed she within hir self, and sayde: Now that I am olde & my lorde olde also, shal I yet geue my self to lust?
13 Then sayde ye LORDE vnto Abraham: Wherfore doth Sara laugh, and saye: Is this true in dede, that I shal beare, and yet am olde?
14 Shulde eny soch thinge be to harde for the LORDE? Aboute this tyme (yf I lyue) I wil come to the agayne, & Sara shal haue a sonne.
15 Then Sara denyed it, and sayde: I laughed not, for she was afrayed. But he sayde: It is not so, thou dyddest laughe.
16 Then the men stode vp from thence, and turned them towarde Sodome: and Abraham wente with them, to brynge them on their waye.
17 Then sayde the LORDE: How can I hyde from Abraham, ye thinge that I wil do?
18 seynge he shal be a greate and mightie people, and all ye people vpo earth shalbe blessed in him?
19 For I knewe him that he wil comaunde his children and his housholde after him, to kepe the waye of ye LORDE, and to do after right and conscience, that the LORDE maye bringe vpo Abraham what he hath promised him.
20 And the LORDE sayde: There is a crie at Sodome and Gomorra, which is greate, & their synnes are exceadinge greuous:
21 therfore will I go downe & se, whether they haue done all together, acordinge to that crye, which is come before me, or not, that I maye knowe.
22 And the men turned their face, and wete towarde Sodome. But Abraham stode still before ye LORDE,
23 and stepte vnto him, and sayde: Wilt thou then destroye the righteous with the vngodly?
24 Peradueture there maye be fiftie righteous within ye cite: wilt thou destroye those, and not spare the place, for fiftie righteous sake that are therin?
25 That be farre fro the, yt thou shuldest do this, and to slaye the righteous with the vngodly, and that the righteous shulde be as the vngodly. That be farre from the. Shulde not the iudge of all the worlde do acordinge to right?
26 And the LORDE sayde: Yf I fynde fiftie righteous at Sodome in the cite, I wil spare all the place for their sakes.
27 Abraham answered, and sayde: O se, I haue taken vpon me to speake vnto the LORDE, howbeit I am but dust and asshes.
28 Peraduenture there maye be fyue lesse then fiftie righteous therin: Wilt thou then destroye the whole cite because of those fyue? He sayde: yf I fynde fyue and fourtie therin, I will not destroye them?
29 And he proceded further to speake vnto him, and sayde: Peraduenture there might be fourtie founde therin. And he sayde: I wil do nothinge vnto them for those fourtyes sake.
30 Abraham sayde: Oh let not my LORDE be angrie, that I speake yet more. Peradueture there might be thirtie founde therin. And he sayde: Yf I fynde thirtie therin, I will do nothinge vnto them.
31 And he sayde: O se, I haue taken vpon me to speake vnto my LORDE. Peradueture there might be twetie founde therin. He answered: I wyll not destroye them for those twentyes sake.
32 And sayde: O let not my LORDE be angrie, that I speake yet once more. Peraduenture there might be ten founde therin. He saide: I wil not destroye them for those ten sake.
33 And the LORDE wente his waye, whan he had left talkynge with Abraham. And Abraham returned vnto his place.

Chapter 19

1 In the euenynge came the two angels vnto Sodome. And Lot sat vnder the gate of the cite. And whe he sawe them, he rose vp for to mete them, and bowed him self downe to the grounde vpon his face,
2 & sayde: Se lordes, turne in (I praye you) in to youre seruauntes house, and tarye all night: let youre fete be wasshen, so maye ye ryse tomorow by tymes, and go youre waye. Neuertheles they sayde: Nay, but we wyll byde in the stretes all night.
3 Then compelled he them sore: and they turned in vnto him, and came in to his house. And he made them a feast, and baked swete cakes, and they ate.
4 But before they wente to rest, the men of the cite of Sodome came and compased the house rounde aboute, yonge and olde, all the people from all quarters,
5 and called Lot, and sayde vnto him: Where are the me that came vnto the to night? Bringe them out here vnto vs, that we maye knowe them.
6 And Lot wente out at the dore vnto the, and shut the dore after him,
7 and sayde: O brethren, do not so wickedly.
8 Beholde, I haue two doughters, which yet haue knowne no man: them will I brynge out vnto you, do with them as it liketh you. Onely do nothinge vnto these men of God, for therfore are they come vnder the shadowe of my rofe.
9 But they sayde: Come thou hither. Then sayde they: Camest not thou onely herin as a straunger, and wilt thou now be a iudge? Wel, we will deale worse with the the with them. And they pressed sore vpon ye man Lot . And whan they ranne to, and wolde haue broken vp the dore,
10 the men put out their hondes, and pulled Lot vnto them in to the house, and shut to the dore.
11 And the men at ye dore of the house were smytte with blyndnesse both small and greate, so that they coude not fynde the dore.
12 And ye men saide vnto Lot : Hast thou yet here eny sonne in lawe, or sonnes or doughters? Who so euer belongeth vnto the in the cite, brynge him out of this place:
13 for we must destroye this place, because the crye of them is greate before the LORDE, which hath sent vs to destroye them.
14 Then wente Lot forth, and spake to his sonnes in lawe, which shulde haue maried his doughters, and sayde: O stonde vp, and get you out of this place, for the LORDE wyll destroye this cite. Neuertheles they toke it but for a sporte.
15 Now whan the mornynge arose, the angels caused Lot to spede him, and sayde: Stonde vp, take thy wife & thy two doughters which are at hande, that thou also perishe not in the synne of this cite.
16 But whyle he prolonged the tyme, the men caught him and his wife, and his two doughters by the hande (because the LORDE was mercifull vnto him,) and brought him forth, & set him without the cite.
17 And whe they had brought him out, they sayde: Saue thy soule, and loke not behynde the, nether stonde thou in all this countre: Saue thy self vpon the mountayne, that thou perish not.
18 Then sayde Lot vnto the: Oh no my LORDE,
19 beholde, in as moch as thy seruaut hath founde grace in thy sight, now make ye mercy greate, which thou hast shewed vnto me, in that thou sauest my soule alyue. I can not saue my self vpon the mountayne. There might some mysfortune fall vpon me, that I shulde dye.
20 Beholde, here is a cite by, that I maye flye vnto, and it is a litle one: let me saue myself there in. Is it not a litle one, that my soule maye lyue?
21 Then sayde he vnto him: Beholde, I haue loked vpon the in this poynte also, that I will not ouerthrowe the cite, wherof thou hast spoken.
22 Haist the, and saue thy self there: for I can do nothinge tyll thou be come thither. Therfore is the cite called Zoar.
23 And the Sonne was vp vpon the earth, whan Lot came in to Zoar.
24 Then the LORDE caused brymstone and fyre to rayne downe from the LORDE out of heauen vpon Sodoma and Gomorra,
25 and ouerthrew those cities, the whole region, and all that dwelt in the cities, and that that grew vpon the earth.
26 And his wife loked behynde her, and was turned into a pillar of salt.
27 Abraham rose vp early in the mornynge, and gat him vnto the place, where he had stonde before the LORDE,
28 and turned his face towarde Sodoma and Gomorra, and all ye londe of that countre, and loked. And beholde, there rose vp a smoke from ye countre, as it had bene ye smoke of a fornace.
29 For whan God destroyed ye cities of the region, he thought vpon Abraham, and conueyed Lot out of the cities which he ouerthrew, wherin Lot dwelt.
30 And Lot departed out of Zoar, and dwelt in the mountaynes with both his daughters (for he was afrayed to tary at Zoar) and so remayned he in a caue wt both his daughters.
31 Then sayde ye elder vnto the yonger: Oure father is olde, and there is not a man more vpon earth, that can come in vnto vs after the maner of all the worlde.
32 Come therfore, let vs geue oure father wyne to drynke, and lye with him, that we maye saue sede of oure father.
33 So they gaue their father wyne to drynke that same night. And the elder doughter wente in, and laye with hir father: and he perceaued it not, nether when she laye downe, ner when she rose vp.
34 On the morow the elder sayde vnto the yonger: Beholde, yesternight laye I with my father: let vs geue him wyne to drynke this night also: that thou mayest go in and lye with him, that we maye saue sede of oure father.
35 So they gaue their father wyne to drynke that night also: And the yonger arose like wyse, and laye with him: & he perceaued it not, nether when she laye downe, ner when she rose vp.
36 Thus were both the doughters of Lot with childe by their father.
37 And the elder bare a sonne, and called him Moab , of whom come ye Moabytes vnto this daye.
38 And ye yonger bare a sonne also, and called him the sonne Ammi, of whom come the children of Ammon vnto this daye.

Chapter 20

1 As for Abraham, he departed thence, into the south countre, and dwelt betwixte Cades and Sur, and was a straunger at Gerar,
2 and sayde of Sara his wife: She is my sister. Then Abimelech the kinge of Gerar sent for her, and caused her be fett awaye.
3 But God came to Abimelech by night in a dreame, & sayde vnto him: Beholde, thou art but a deed man, for the womans sake which thou hast taken, for she is a mans wife.
4 Neuertheles Abimelech had not yet touched her, and sayde: LORDE, wilt thou sley a righteous people?
5 Sayde not he vnto me: she is my sister? Yee and sayde not she her self also: he is my brother? With a pure hert & with innocent handes haue I done this.
6 And God sayde vnto him in a dreame: I knowe that thou dyddest it wt a pure hert, and therfore I kepte the, that thou shuldest not synne agaynst me, nether haue I suffred the to touch her.
7 Now therfore delyuer the man his wife ageyne, for he is a prophet: and let him pray for ye, and thou shalt lyue. But and yf thou delyuer her not ageyne, be sure, that thou shalt dye the death, and all that is thine.
8 Then Abimelech rose vp by tymes in the mornynge, and called all his seruauntes, and tolde all these thinges in their eares, and the men were sore afrayed,
9 and Abimelech called Abraham, and sayde vnto him: Wherfore hast thou done this vnto vs? And what haue I offended ye, that thou shuldest brynge on me and on my kyngdome so greate a synne? Thou hast not dealt with vs, as a man shulde deale.
10 And Abimelech saide morouer vnto Abraham: What sawest thou, yt thou hast done this thinge?
11 Abraham sayde: I thought: Peraduenture there is no feare of God in this place, & they shall sleye me for my wifes sake,
12 And of a trueth she is my sister, for she is my fathers doughter, but not my mothers doughter, and is become my wife.
13 So whan God charged me to wadre out of my fathers house, I sayde vnto her: Shew this kyndnes vpon me, that, where so euer we come, thou saye of me, that I am thy brother.
14 Then toke Abimelech shepe and oxen, seruauntes and maydens, and gaue them vnto Abraham, and delyuered him Sara his wife agayne,
15 and sayde: Beholde, my londe stondeth open before the, dwell where it liketh the.
16 And vnto Sara he sayde: Beholde, I haue geuen thy brother a thousande syluer pens: lo, he shalbe vnto the a couerynge of the eyes, for all that are with the, and euery where, and a sure excuse.
17 As for Abraham, he prayed vnto God: Then God healed Abimelech, and his wyfe, and his maydens, so that they bare childre.
18 For a fore the LORDE had closed all the matrices of Abimelechs house, because of Sara Abrahams wife.

Chapter 21

1 The LORDE also vysited Sara, acordinge as he had promysed: & dealt with her, euen as he had sayde.
2 And Sara was with childe, and bare Abraham a sonne in his olde age, euen in the tyme appoynted, like as God had spoken vnto him afore.
3 And Abraham called his sonne which was borne vnto him (who Sara bare him) Isaac,
4 and circumcided him the eight daye, like as God commaunded him.
5 An hundreth yeare olde was Abraha, whan his sonne Isaac was borne vnto him.
6 And Sara sayde: God hath prepared a ioye for me, for who so euer heareth of it, wyll reioyse with me.
7 She sayde morouer: Who wolde haue saide vnto Abraham, that Sara shulde geue children sucke, and beare him a sonne in his olde age?
8 And the childe grew, and was weened. And Abraham made a greate feast, in ye daye whan Isaac was weened.
9 And Sara sawe the sonne of Agar the Egipcian (whom she had borne vnto Abraham) that he was a mocker,
10 and sayde vnto Abraham: Cast out this bonde mayden and hir sonne, for this bonde maydes sonne shall not be heyre wt my sonne Isaac.
11 This worde displeased Abraham sore, because of his sonne.
12 Neuertheles God sayde vnto him: let it not displease the because of the childe and the hand mayde: What so euer Sara hath sayde vnto the, folowe it, for in Isaac shall the sede be called vnto the.
13 As for the honde maydens sonne, I wyll make a people of him also, because he is of thy sede.
14 Then Abraham rose vp early in the mornynge, and toke bred and a botell with water, and put it vpon Agars shulders, and gaue her the childe, and sent her awaye. Then departed she, and wandred out of the waye in ye wyldernes beside Berseba.
15 Now whan the water in the botell was out, she layed the childe vnder a bush,
16 and wente, and sat hir downe ouer on ye other syde, a bowe shote of. For she sayde: I can not se the childe dye. And she sat hir downe ouer on ye other syde, and lifte vp hir voyce, and wepte.
17 Then God herde the voyce of the childe, and the angell of God called vnto Agar out of heauen, and sayde vnto her: What ayleth the, Agar? Feare not, for God hath herde ye voyce of the childe, where he lyeth.
18 Aryse and take the childe, and holde him by the hande, for I wyll make a greate people of him.
19 And God opened hir eyes, that she sawe a well of water. Then wente she and fylled ye botell with water, and gaue ye childe drynke.
20 And God was with the childe, which grew vp, and dwelt in ye wildernes, and became a connynge archer,
21 and dwelt in ye wildernes of Pharan, and his mother toke him a wyfe out of the londe of Egipte.
22 At the same tyme talked Abimelech and Phicol his chefe captayne with Abraham, and sayde: God is with the in all that thou doest.
23 Therfore sweare now vnto me by God, that thou wilt not hurt me, ner my children, ner my childers children: but that thou shalt shewe vnto me (and to the londe wherin thou art a straunger) the same kyndnesse that I haue done vnto the.
24 Then sayde Abraham: I wyll sweare.
25 And Abraham rebuked Abimelech for the well of water, which Abimelechs seruauntes had taken awaye by violence.
26 Then answered Abimelech: I knewe not who dyd it, nether dyddest thou tell me, and I haue not herde of it but this daye.
27 The toke Abraham shepe and oxen, and gaue them vnto Abimelech, and they both made a bonde together.
28 And Abraham set seuen lambes by them selues.
29 Then sayde Abimelech vnto Abraha: What meane those seuen lambes, which thou hast set by them selues?
30 He answered: seue lambes shalt thou take of my hande, that they maye be wytnes vnto me, that I haue dygged this well.
31 Therfore is the place called Berseba, because they sware there both together.
32 And so they made the bonde at Berseba. Then rose Abimelech and Phicol his chefe captayne, and departed agayne in to the londe of ye Philistynes.
33 And Abraham planted trees at Berseba, and called vpon the name of the LORDE ye euerlastinge God,
34 and was a straunger in ye londe of the Philistynes a longe season.

Chapter 22

1 After these actes God tempted Abraham, and sayde vnto him: Abraham. And he answered: I am here.
2 And he sayde: Take ye sonne, this onely sonne of thine, eue Isaac whom thou louest, and go thy waye in to the londe of Moria, & offre him there for a burntofferynge, vpon a mountayne that I shal shew the.
3 Then Abraham stode vp by tymes in the mornynge, and sadled his Asse, and toke with him two yonge men, and his sonne Isaac, and cloue wodd for the brentofferynge, gat him vp, and wente on vnto the place, wherof the LORDE had sayde vnto him.
4 Vpon the thirde daye Abraham lift vp his eyes, and sawe the place a farre of,
5 and sayde vnto his yonge me: Tary ye here with the Asse: as for me and the childe, we wyl go yonder: and whan we haue worshipped, we wyll come to you againe.
6 And Abraha toke the wodd to the brentofferynge, and layed it vpon Isaac his sonne. As for him self, he toke the fyre and a knyfe in his hande, and wente on both together.
7 Then sayde Isaac vnto his father Abraham: My father. Abraham answered: here I am, my sonne. And he sayde: lo, here is fyre and wodd, but where is the shepe for the brentofferynge?
8 Abraham answered: My sonne, God shall prouyde him a shepe for the brentofferynge. And they wente both together.
9 And whan they came to the place which God shewed him, Abraham buylded there an altare, and layed the wodd vpon it, and bande his sonne Isaac, layed him on the altare, aboue vpo the wodd,
10 and stretched out his hande, and toke the knyfe, to haue slayne his sonne.
11 Then the angell of the LORDE called from heauen vnto him, and sayde: Abraham Abraham. He answered: here am I.
12 He sayde: Laye not thy handes vpon the childe, & do nothinge vnto him: for now I knowe that thou fearest God, and hast not spared thine onely sonne for my sake.
13 Then Abraham lift vp his eyes, and sawe behynde him a ramme, holde fast by the hornes in the breres, and wente, and toke the ramme, and offred him for a brent sacrifice, in steade of his sonne.
14 And Abraham called the place. The LORDE shall prouyde. Therfore it is a comon sayenge yet this daye: Vpon the mountayne shal the LORDE prouyde.
15 And the angell of the LORDE cryed vnto Abraham from heauen the seconde tymy,
16 and sayde: I haue sworen by myne owne self (sayeth the LORDE) that for so moch as thou hast done this, and hast not spared thine onely sonne,
17 I wyll prospere and multiplye thy sede as the starres of heauen, and as the sonde vpon the see shore. And thy sede shall possesse the gates of his enemies:
18 and in thy sede shal all the nacions of the earth be blessed, because thou hast herkened vnto my voyce.
19 So Abraham turned ageyne to the yonge men, and they gat vp, and wente together vnto Berseba, and dwelt there.
20 After these actes it fortuned, that it was tolde Abraham: Beholde, Milca hath borne children also vnto thy brother Nahor:
21 namely, Hus ye eldest, and Bus his brother, and Kemnel, of whom came the Syrians:
22 and Cesed, and Haso, and Pildas, and Iedlaph and Bethuel.
23 And Bethuel begat Rebecca. These eight dyd Milca beare vnto Nahor Abrahams brother.
24 And his concubyne called Rehuma, bare also: namely, Theba, Sahan, Thahas, and Maacha.

Chapter 23

1 Sara was an hundreth and seue and twentye yeare olde: so longe lyued she,
2 and dyed in the head cite which is called Hebron , in the lande of Canaan . Then wente Abraham, to mourne and wepe for her.
3 Afterwarde he stode vp from his coarse, and talked with the Hethites, & sayde:
4 I am a strauger and an indweller amonge you, geue me a possession to bury in with you, that I maye bury my coarse by me.
5 Then the Hethites answered Abraham, and sayde vnto him:
6 O heare lorde, thou art a prynce of God amonge vs: bury thy dead in the best of oure sepulcres, there shall none of vs forbyd ye, that thou shuldest not bury thy deed in his sepulcre.
7 Then Abraham stode vp, and thanked the people of ye londe: namely the Hethites.
8 And he talked with them, and sayde: Yf it be youre wyll that I burye my coarse by me, heare me the, & speake for me to Ephron the sonne of Zoar,
9 that he maye geue me the dubble caue, which he hath in ye ende of his felde. For a reasonable money let him geue it me, for a possession to burye in amoge you.
10 For Ephron dwelt amonge the Hethites. Then answered Ephron the Hethite vnto Abraham, that the Hethites might heare, before all that wente out and in at the gates of his cite, and sayde:
11 No my lorde, but heare me: As for the felde, and the caue also that is therin, I geue it the: and in the sight of my people I geue it the, to burye thy deed in.
12 Then Abraham thanked the people of the londe,
13 and talked with Ephron, that the people of the londe might heare, and sayde: Heare me then, Receaue of me the money that I geue the for the felde, and so wyll I burye my deed there.
14 Ephron answered Abraham, and sayde vnto him:
15 Heare me my lorde: The felde is worth foure hundreth Sycles of syluer: but what is that betwixte me and the? Burye thy deed.
16 Abraham herkened vnto Ephron, and weyed him the money which he had sayde, that the Hethites might heare: namely foure hundreth syluer sycles of currant money amonge marchauntes.
17 Thus Ephrons felde (where in the dubble caue is) which lyeth ouer before Mamre, euen the felde and the caue, was made sure
18 for Abrahams owne good, with all the trees of the felde also rounde aboute, in the sight of the Hethites, and of all that go out and in at the gates of his cite.
19 Then Abraham buried Sara his wife in the dubble caue of the felde, that lyeth ouer before Mamre (that is, Hebron ) in the londe of Canaan .
20 So the felde and the caue therin was made sure of the Hethites vnto Abraham, for a possession to bury in.

Chapter 24

1 Abraham was olde and well stricken in age, and the LORDE had blessed him in all thinges.
2 And he sayde vnto his eldest seruaunt of his house, which had the rule of all his goodes: Laye thine hade vnder my thye, that
3 I maye make the sweare by ye LORDE the God of heauen and earth, that thou take no wife vnto my sonne amonge ye doughters of ye Cananites, (amonge whom I dwell)
4 but that thou go in to my countre? and to myne owne kynred, and brynge my sonne Isaac a wife.
5 The seruaunt sayde: What and the woman wyl not folowe me in to this countre? shal I then cary thy sonne agayne in to yonder londe, where thou camest out of?
6 Abraham sayde vnto him: Beware of that, that thou brynge not my sonne thither agayne.
7 The LORDE, the God of heauen, which toke me fro my fathers house and from the londe of my kynred, and that talked with me, and sware also vnto me, and sayde: Vnto yi sede wyll I geue this londe: Euen he shall sende his angell before the, that thou maiest brynge my sonne a wife from thence.
8 But yf the woman wyll not folowe the, thou art discharged of this ooth: onely brynge not my sonne thither agayne.
9 Then ye seruaunt layed his hade vnder his master Abrahams thye, and sware the same vnto him.
10 So the seruaunt toke ten Camels of the Camels of his master and departed, and had wt him of all maner of goodes of his master, and gat him vp, and departed vnto Mesopotamia , to the cite of Nahor.
11 Then let he the Camels lye downe without before the cite besyde a well of water in the euenynge, aboute the tyme that the wemen vsed to go forth, and to drawe water.
12 And he sayde: O LORDE, thou God of my master Abraham, mete me to daye, and shew mercy vnto my master Abraham.
13 Lo, I stonde here besyde the well of water, & the mens doughters of this cite wyll come forth to drawe water:
14 Now yf there come a damsell, to whom I saye: bowe downe thy pytcher, & let me drynke, and yf she saye: drynke, and I wyll geue ye Camels drynke also: That ye same be she, whom thou hast prouyded for thy seruaunt Isaac: & that I maye knowe by ye same that thou hast shewed mercy vpon my master.
15 And or euer he had left of speakynge, beholde, Rebecca the doughter of Bethuel (which was the sonne of Milca, that was the wyfe of Nahor Abrahams brother) came forth, and bare a pytcher vpon hir shulder,
16 and she was a very fayre damsell of face, and yet a virgin, and vnknowne of eny man: She wente downe to the well, and fylled hir pitcher, and came vp agayne.
17 Then ranne the seruaunt to mete her, and sayde: Let me drynke a litle water out of yi pitcher.
18 And she sayde: drynke syr. And haistely let she downe the pitcher in hir hande, and gaue him drynke.
19 And whan she had geuen him drynke, she sayde: I wyll drawe for thy Camels also, tyll they haue dronke ynough.
20 And she made haist, and poured out hir pitcher in to the trough, and ranne agayne to the well to drawe, and drew for all his Camels.
21 The ma marueyled at her, and helde his tonge, tyll he knewe whether the LORDE had prospered his iourney or not.
22 Now whan the Camels had all dronken, he toke a golde earynge of half a Sycle weight, and two bracelettes for hir handes, weynge ten Sycles of golde,
23 and sayde: Doughter, whose art thou? tell me. Is there rowme for vs in thy fathers house to lodge in?
24 She sayde vnto him: I am the doughter of Bethuel, the sonne of Mylca, whom she bare vnto Nahor.
25 And sayde morouer vnto him: We haue plentye of litter and prouender, and rowme ynough to lodge in.
26 Then the man bowed himself, and thanked the LORDE,
27 and sayde: Praysed be the LORDE the God of my master Abraham, which hath not withdrawen his mercy and his trueth fro my master, for the LORDE hath brought me the waye to my masters brothers house.
28 And the damsell ranne and tolde all this in hir mothers house.
29 And Rebecca had a brother called Laban. And Laban ranne to the man without by the well syde:
30 and that came by the reason that he sawe the earynges, and the bracelettes vpon his sisters handes, and herde the wordes of Rebecca his syster, that she sayde: thus spake the man vnto me. And whan he came to the man, beholde, he stode by the Camels at the well syde.
31 And he sayde: Come in thou blessed of the LORDE, wherfore stondest thou without? I haue dressed the house, and made rowme for ye Camels.
32 So he brought the man in to ye house, and vnbridled the Camels, and gaue them litter and prouender, and water to wash his fete, and the mens that were with him,
33 and set meate before him. Neuertheles he sayde: I wil not eate, tyll I haue fyrst tolde myne earade. They answered: Tell on.
34 He sayde: I am Abrahams seruaunt,
35 and the LORDE hath prospered my master richely, so yt he is become greate: and he hath geuen him shepe and oxe, syluer and golde, seruauntes and maidens, Camels and Asses:
36 yee and Sara my masters wife hath borne my master a sonne in hir olde age: vnto him hath he geuen all that he hath.
37 And my master hath taken an ooth of me and saide: Thou shalt not take a wife for my sonne amonge the doughters of the Cananites, in whose lande I dwell,
38 but go yi waye to my fathers house and to myne owne kynred, and there take a wyfe for my sonne.
39 But I sayde vnto my master: What and the woman wyl not folowe me?
40 Then sayde he vnto me: The LORDE (before whom I walke) shall sende his angell with the, and prospere thy iourney, that thou mayest take a wife for my sonne of myne owne kynred, and of my fathers house.
41 And so whan thou commest to my kynred, yf they geue her not vnto ye, thou shalt be discharged of myne oothe.
42 So I came this daye vnto the well of water, and sayde: O LORDE thou God of my master Abraham, Yf thou hast prospered my iourney that I go:
43 Beholde, I stonde here by the well of water: Now yf there come forth a virgin to draw water, and I saye vnto her: geue me a litle water to drinke out of thy pitcher,
44 and she saye vnto me: Drynke thou, and I wyll drawe water for thy Camels also: that the same be the woma, which the LORDE hath prouyded for my masters sonne.
45 Now or euer I had spoken out these wordes in my hert, beholde, Rebecca commeth forth with a pitcher vpon hir shulder, and goeth downe to the well, and draweth. Then sayde I: geue me a drynke.
46 And immediatly she toke downe the pitcher fro hir shulder, and sayde: drynke, and I wyll geue thy Camels drynke also.
47 So I dranke, and she gaue the Camels also to drynke. And I axed her, and sayde: Doughter, whose art thou? She answered: I am ye doughter of Bethuel the sonne of Nahor, whom Milca bare vnto him. Then layed I the earinge vpon hir face, and the bracelettes vpon hir handes,
48 and bowed myself, and thanked the LORDE, and praysed the God of my master Abraham, which had brought me ye right waye, to take my masters brothers doughters vnto his sonne.
49 Yf ye be they then that shew mercy and faithfulnes vnto my master, tell me: Yf not, yet tell me, that I maye turne me to ye right hande or to the left.
50 Then answered Laban and Bethuel, and sayde: This is come of the LORDE, therfore can we saye nothinge agaynst the, nether euell ner good.
51 There is Rebecca before the, take her, and go thy waye, that she maye be thy masters sonnes wife, as the LORDE hath sayde.
52 When Abrahams seruaunt herde these wordes, he bowed him self vnto the LORDE flat vpon the earth,
53 and toke forth Iewels of syluer and golde, and rayment, and gaue them vnto Rebecca. But vnto hir brethren and the mother, he gaue spyces.
54 Then he ate and dronke, and the men also that were with him, and caried there all night. But in the mornynge he arose, and sayde: Let me departe vnto my master.
55 Neuerthelesse hir brother and hir mother sayde: Let the damsell tary with vs at the leest ten dayes, and then shall she go.
56 Then sayde he vnto them: holde me not, for the LORDE hath prospered my iourney: let me go, that I maye departe vnto my master.
57 Then sayde they: let vs call the damsell, and axe her, what she sayeth therto.
58 And they called Rebecca, and sayde vnto her: Wilt thou go with this man? And she answered: Yee I wyll go with him.
59 So they let Rebecca their syster go with hir norse and Abrahams seruaunt, and his men.
60 And they blessed Rebecca, and sayde vnto her: Thou art oure syster, growe in to many thousande tymes thousandes, and thy sede possesse the gates of his enemies.
61 So Rebecca gat hir vp wt hir damsels, and satt them vpon the Camels, and wente their waye after the man. And the seruaunt toke Rebecca, and departed.
62 As for Isaac, he was commynge from the well of ye liuynge & seynge, for he dwelt in the south countre,
63 and was gone forth to his meditacions in the felde aboute the euen tyde. And he lift vp his eyes, and sawe, that there were Camels commynge.
64 And Rebecca lift vp hir eyes, and sawe Isaac. Then lighted she of the Camell,
65 and sayde vnto ye seruaunt: What man is this, that commeth agaynst vs in the felde? The seruaut sayde: The same is my master. Then toke she hir cloke, and put it aboute her.
66 And the seruaunt tolde Isaac all the earande that he had done.
67 Then Isaac brought her in to his mother Saras tent, and toke Rebecca, and she became his wife, and he loued her. So Isaac was comforted ouer his mother.

Chapter 25

1 Abraham toke another wife called Ketura,
2 which bare him Simram & Iaksan, Medan & Midian, Iesbak and Suah.
3 Iaksan begat Seba and Dedan. The children of Dedan were Assurim, Latusim, and Leumim.
4 The children of Midian were Epha, Epher, Hanoch, Abida and Eldaa. All these are the children of Ketura.
5 And Abraham gaue all his goodes vnto Isaac:
6 As for the children that he had of the concubynes, he gaue them giftes, and (whyle he yet lyued) he sent the awaye from his sonne Isaac, eastwarde in to the east countre.
7 This is the age of Abraham which he lyued: euen an hundreth and fyue and seuentye yeare,
8 and fell sicke and dyed in a good age, whan he was olde, & had lyued ynough and was gathered vnto his people.
9 And his sonnes Isaac and Ismael buried him in the dubble caue in the felde of Ephron the sonne of Zoar the Hethite, which lyeth ouer before Mamre,
10 in the felde that Abraham bought of the Hethites. There was Abraham buried with Sara his wife.
11 And after the death of Abraham God blessed his sonne Isaac. And he dwelt by the well of the lyuynge and seynge.
12 This is the generacion of Ismael Abrahams sonne, whom Agar Saras mayde the Egipcian bare vnto him.
13 And these are the names of Ismaels children, of whom their kynredes are named. The eldest sonne of Ismael, Nebaioth, Cedar, Abdeel, Mibsan,
14 Misma, Duma, Masa,
15 Hadar, Thema, Iethur, Naphis and Kedma.
16 These are the childre of Ismael with their names in their courtes and cities twolue londeprynces.
17 And this is the age of Ismael, euen an hundreth and seuen and thirtie yeare, and he fell sicke and dyed, and was gathered vnto his people.
18 He dwelt from Heuila vnto Sur towarde Egipte, as men go to the Assirians And he dyed in the presence of all his brethren.
19 This is the generacion of Isaac the sonne of Abraha. Abraham begat Isaac.
20 Isaac was fourtye yeare olde, whan he toke to wyfe Rebecca the doughter of Bethuel ye Syrian of Mesopotamia, & Sister of Laban the Syrian.
21 Isaac besought the LORDE for his wyfe (because she was baren) and the LORDE was intreated, and Rebecca his wyfe conceaued.
22 And the children stroue totogether in her wombe. Then sayde she: Yf it shulde go so with me, why am I then wt childe? And she wente for to axe the LORDE.
23 And the LORDE sayde vnto her: Two maner of folke are in thy wombe, and two maner of people shall be deuyded out of thy body, and the one nacion shall ouercome the other, and the greater shall serue the lesse.
24 Now whan the tyme came that she shulde be delyuered, beholde, there were two twyns in hir wombe.
25 The first that came forth, was reed, all rough as an hyde, and they called him Esau.
26 Anone therafter came his brother forth, which helde the hele of Esau with his hade, and they called him Iacob. Thre score yeare olde was Isaac, whan they were borne.
27 And whan the boies were growne vp, Esau became an hunter, & an husbande man. As for Iacob, he was a symple man, and dwelt in the tentes.
28 And Isaac loued Esau, because he ate of his venison. But Rebecca loued Iacob.
29 And Iacob dight a meace of meate. The came Esau from the felde, and was weery,
30 and sayde vnto Iacob: Let me proue of yt reed meace of meate, for I am fayntie (therfore is he called Edom .)
31 But Iacob sayde: Sell me this daye thy byrthright.
32 Esau answered: Lo, I must dye neuerthelesse, what good then shall my byrthright do me?
33 Iacob sayde: Then sweare vnto me euen this same daye. And he sware vnto him, and so he solde his byrthright vnto Iacob.
34 Then Iacob gaue him bred and that meace of ryse. And he ate and dronke, and stode vp, and wente his waye. And so Esau regarded not his byrthright.

Chapter 26

1 There came a derth in the londe, passynge the other that was in Abrahams tyme. And Isaac wente to Gerar, vnto Abimelech the kynge of ye Philistynes.
2 Then the LORDE appeared vnto him, and sayde: Go not downe in to Egipte, but tary in the lande that I shall saye vnto the.
3 Be thou a strauger in this lande, and I wil be with the and blesse the. For vnto the and thy sede wyll I geue all this londe, and wyll perfourme myne ooth that I sware to thy father Abraham.
4 And I wyll multiplye thy sede as the starres of heauen, and vnto thy sede wyll I geue all this londe, and thorow thy sede shall all nacions be blessed,
5 because Abraham was obedient vnto my voyce, and kepte myne ordinaunces, my comaundementes, my statutes, and my lawes.
6 So Isaac dwelt at Gerar.
7 And whan the men of the same place axed him of his wife, he sayde: she is my sister. For he was afrayed to saye: she is my wife, (thinkinge thus:) they might slaye me for Rebeccas sake, for she was beutifull to loke vnto.
8 Now whan he had bene there a longe season, Abimelech the kynge of the Phylistynes loked out at a wyndow, and sawe Isaac sportinge with Rebecca his wife.
9 Then Abimelech called Isaac, and sayde: Beholde, she is thy wyfe, why saydest thou then: She is my sister? Isaac answered him: I thought, I might peraduenture hahe died because of her.
10 Abimelech saide: Why hast thou then done this vnto vs? It coude lightly haue come to passe, that some of the people might haue lyen with thy wyfe, and so haddest thou brought synne vpo vs.
11 The Abimelech commaunded all the people, and sayde: Who so toucheth this man or his wyfe, shal dye the death.
12 And Isaac sowed in that londe, and foude the same yeare an hundreth busshels, for the LORDE blessed him.
13 And he became a greate man, wente forth, and grew, tyll he was exceadinge greate,
14 so that he had moch good in shepe and greate catell, and a greate housholde. Therfore had the Philistynes envye at him,
15 and stopped all the welles, that his fathers seruauntes had dygged in the tyme of Abraham his father, and fylled them with earth,
16 In so moch that Abimelech also himself sayde vnto him: Departe from vs, for thou art farre mightier then we.
17 Then departed Isaac from thence, and pitched his tent in the valley of Gerar , and dwelt there.
18 And whan he was satled, he caused to dygge vp the welles agayne, that they had dygged vp in his father Abrahas tyme, which the Philistynes had stopte after the death of Abraham, and he called the after ye same names that his father had named them withall.
19 Isaacs seruauntes also dygged in the valley, and there they founde a well of lyuinge water.
20 But the hyrdmen of Gerar stroue with Isaacs hyrdmen, and saide: The water is oures. Then called he the well Eseck, because they had done him wronge.
21 Then dygged they another well, and stroue for that also: therfore called he it Sytena.
22 So he gatt him from thence, and dygged another well, for the which they stroue not: th rfore he called it Rehoboth, and sayde: Now hath the LORDE made vs rowme, and letten vs growe in the londe.
23 Afterwarde he departed thence vnto Berseba.
24 And the LORDE appeared vnto him the same night, and sayde: I am the God of thy father Abraham, feare thou not, for I am with the, and wyll blesse the, and multiplye thy sede for my seruaunt Abrahams sake.
25 Then buylded he an altare there, and called vpon the name of the LORDE, and pitched his tent there, and there his seruauntes dygged a well.
26 And Abimelech wente vnto him from Gerar, and Ahusath his frende, and Phicolhis chefe captayne.
27 But Isaac sayde vnto them: Wherfore come ye to me? seynge ye hate me, and haue put me awaye from you?
28 They sayde: We se with open eyes, that the LORDE is with the, therfore we deuysed that there shulde be an ooth betwixte vs and the, and that we wolde make a bonde with the,
29 that thou do vs no harme, like as we haue not hurte the, and as we haue done nothinge vnto the, but all good, and let the departe in peace. As for the, thou art ye blessed of the LORDE.
30 Then Isaac made them a feast, and they ate and dronke.
31 And on the morow they arose, and sware one to the other. And Isaac let them go, and they departed from him in peace.
32 The same daye came Isaacs seruauntes, and tolde him of the well that they had digged, and sayde vnto him: We haue founde water.
33 And he called it Saba . Therfore is ye cite called Bersaba vnto this daye.
34 Whan Esau was fourtye yeare olde, he toke wyues: Iudith the doughter of Beri the Hethite, and Basmath the doughter of Elon the Hethite:
35 both these were dishobedient vnto the sprete of Isaac and Rebecca.

Chapter 27

1 And it came to passe when Isaac was olde, his eyes waxed dymme of sight, and he called Esau his greater sonne, and sayde vnto him: My sonne. He answered him: Here am I.
2 And he sayde: Beholde, I am olde, and knowe not whan I shal dye.
3 Now therfore take thy geer, thy quyuer and thy bowe, and get the forth to the felde, and take me some venyson,
4 and make me meate (soch as I loue) and brynge it me herein, that I may eate, yt my soule maye blesse the, before I dye.
5 But Rebecca herde these wordes, that Isaac sayde vnto his sonne. And Esau wente his waye in to the felde, to hunte venyson, and to brynge it home.
6 Then sayde Rebecca vnto Iacob hir sonne: beholde, I haue herde thy father talkinge with Esau thy brother, and sayenge:
7 Brynge me venyson, and make me meate, that I maye eate, and blesse the before ye LORDE, yer I dye.
8 Now therfore my sonne, heare my voyce, what I commaunde the:
9 Go thy waye to the flocke, and fetch me two good kyddes, that I maye make meate of them for thy father, soch as he loueth:
10 this shalt thou brynge in vnto thy father, that he maye eate, that he maye blesse the before his death.
11 Neuertheles Iacob sayde vnto Rebecca his mother: Beholde, my brother Esau is tough, and I am smooth:
12 then might my father peraduenture fele me, and I shulde seme vnto him as though I begyled him, and so brynge a curse vpon me and not a blessynge.
13 Then sayde his mother vnto him: That curse be vpon me my sonne, folowe thou my voyce: go thy waye and fetch it me.
14 So he wente his waye, and fetched it, and brought it vnto his mother. Then his mother made meate, acordinge as his father loued,
15 and toke Esaus hir elder sonnes costly rayment (which she had with her in ye house) and put them vpon Iacob hir yonger sonne.
16 But the kyddes skynnes put she aboute his handes, and where he was smooth aboute the neck:
17 and so she put the meate with bred (as she had made it) in hir sonne Iacobs hande.
18 And he brought it in vnto his father, and sayde: My father. He answered: here am I, who art thou my sonne?
19 Iacob sayde: I am Esau thy firstborne sonne, I haue done as thou saydest vnto me: aryse, syt vp, and eate of my venyson, that thy soule maye blesse me.
20 But Isaac sayde vnto his sonne? My sonne, how hast thou founde it so soone? He answered: The LORDE yi God brought it to my hande.
21 The sayde Isaac vnto Iacob: Come neare my sonne, that I maye fele the, whether thou be my sonne Esau or not.
22 So Iacob wete vnto Isaac his father. And whan he had felt him, he sayde: The voyce is Iacobs voyce, but the handes are the handes of Esau.
23 And he knew him not, for his handes were rough like as ye handes of his brother Esau. And he blessed him.
24 And he sayde vnto him: art thou my sonsonne Esau? He answered: Yee I am.
25 Then sayde he: Bringe me here then to eate of thy venyson my sonne, that my soule maye blesse the. Then he brought it him, and he ate: and he brought him wyne also, and he dranke.
26 And Isaac his father sayde vnto him: Come nye, and kysse me my sonne.
27 So he came nye, and he kyssed him. Then smelled he the sauoure of his clothes, and blessed him, and sayde: Beholde, the smell of my sonne is as ye smell of the felde, which ye LORDE hath blessed.
28 God geue the of the dew of heauen, and of the fatnesse of the earth, and plenteousnes of corne and wyne.
29 Nacions be thy seruauntes, and people fall downe at yi fote. Be thou lorde ouer thy brethren, and thy mothers children fall downe at thy fote. Cursed be he, that curseth the: and blessed be he, that blesseth the.
30 Now whan Isaac had made an ende of blessynge, and Iacob was scace gone out from his father Isaac, his brother Esau came from his huntinge,
31 and made meate also, and brought it vnto his father, and sayde vnto him: Aryse my father, and eate of yi sonnes venyson, that thy soule maye blesse me.
32 Then answered him Isaac his father: Who art thou? He sayde: I am Esau thy firstborne sonne.
33 Then was Isaac exceadingly amased aboue measure, and saide: Who? Where is then the hunter that brought me, and I haue eaten of all afore thou camest, and haue blessed him? And he shall be blessed still.
34 Whan Esau herde these wordes of his father, he cried loude, and was exceadynge sory, and sayde vnto his father: O blesse me also my father.
35 But he sayde: Thy brother came with sotyltie, and hath taken thy blessinge awaye.
36 Then sayde he: He maye well be called Iacob, for he hath vndermined me now two tymes. My byrth right hath he awaye, and beholde, now taketh he awaye my blessynge also. And he sayde: Hast thou not kepte one blessynge for me?
37 Isaac answered, and sayde vnto him: I haue made him lorde ouer ye, and all his brethren haue I made his seruautes. With corne & wine haue I prouyded him. What shal I do vnto the now my sonne?
38 Esau sayde vnto his father? Hast thou not one blessynge more my father? O blesse me also my father. And he lift vp his voyce, & wepte.
39 Then Isaac his father answered and sayde vnto him: Beholde, thou shalt haue a fat dwellinge vpon earth, & of ye dew of heauen from aboue:
40 with thy swerde shalt thou get thy lyuynge, and shalt serue thy brother. And it shall come to passe, yt thou shalt put of his yock, and plucke it from thy neck.
41 And Esau bare euell wyll vnto Iacob, because of the blessynge that his father had blessed him withall, and sayde in his herte: The tyme wyll come shortly, that my father shal mourne, for I wil slaye my brother Iacob.
42 The was it tolde Rebecca of these wordes of hir elder sonne, and she sent, and bad call for Iacob hir yonger sonne, and saide vnto him: Beholde, thy brother Esau threateneth the, that he wil slaye the.
43 And now my sonne heare my voyce: Get the vp, and flye vnto my brother Laban in Haran,
44 and tary there with him a whyle, tyll the furiousnes of thy brother be swaged, and
45 till his wrath agaynst ye be turned from the, and he forget what thou hast done vnto him. So wyll I then sende for the, and cause the be fetched from thece. Why shulde I be robbed of you both in one daye?
46 And Rebecca sayde vnto Isaac: I am weery of my life, because of the doughters of Heth: Yf Iacob take a wife of the doughters of Heth, which are as the doughters of this londe, what shall this life then profit me?

Chapter 28

1 Then called Isaac his sonne Iacob and blessed him, and charged him, & sayde vnto him: Take not a wife of the doughters of Canaan,
2 but get the vp, and go in to Mesopotamia vnto the house of Bethuel thy mothers father, and take ye there a wife of ye doughters of Laban yi mothers brother.
3 And the Allmightie God blesse the, and make the frutefull, and multiplye the, (that thou mayest be a multitude of people)
4 and geue the the blessynge of Abraham vnto ye & thy sede with the, that thou mayest possesse the lande, wherin thou art a straunger, which God gaue vnto Abraham.
5 So Isaac let Iacob departe, that he might go in to Mesopotamia vnto Laban the sonne of Bethuel of Siria, ye brother of Rebecca, his and Esaus mother.
6 Now when Esau sawe that Isaac had blessed Iacob, and let him departe in to Mesopotamia, that he might take a wife there: and yt, as he blessed him, he charged him, & sayde: Thou shalt not take a wife of the doughters of Canaan,
7 and that Iacob obeyed his father and his mother, and was gone vnto Mesopotamia:
8 seynge also that Isaac his father loked not gladly vpon the doughters of Canaan,
9 he wente his waye vnto Ismael, and besyde the wyues that he had afore, he toke Mahaloth the doughter of Ismael (Abrahas sonne) the sister of Nebaioth, to wife.
10 As for Iacob, he departed from Bersaba, and wente vnto Haran
11 and came to a place, where he taried all night: for the Sonne was downe. And he toke a stone of ye place, & put it vnder his heade, and layed him downe in ye same place to slepe.
12 And he dreamed, and beholde, there stode vpon ye earth, a ladder, whose toppe reached vnto the heauen. And beholde, the angels of God wente vp and downe vpon it,
13 and the LORDE stode vpon it, and sayde: I am the LORDE God of thy father Abraham, and the God of Isaac: The londe yt thou lyest vpon, wyl I geue vnto the, and to thy sede:
14 and thy sede shal be as ye dust of ye earth. And thou shalt sprede forth towarde the west, east, north, and south: and thorow the and thy sede shall all the kynreds vpon earth be blessed.
15 And beholde, I am with ye, and wyll kepe the where so euer thou goest, & wyl brynge the hither agayne in to this lande: for I wil not leaue the, tyll I haue made good, all that I haue promysed the.
16 Now whan Iacob awaked from his slepe, he saide: Surely the LORDE is in this place, and I knew not.
17 And he was afraied, and sayde: How fearfull is this place? here is nothinge els but an house of God, & a gate vnto heaue.
18 And Iacob arose early in the mornynge, and toke the stone that he had layed vnder his heade, and set it vp, and poured oyle vpon it.
19 And he called the place Bethel , but afore the cite was called Lus.
20 And Iacob made a vowe, and sayde: Yf God wyll be with me, and kepe me in this iourney yt I go & geue me bred to eate, and clothinge to put on,
21 and brynge me peaceably home agayne vnto my father: The shall the LORDE be my God,
22 and this stone that I haue set vp, shalbe an house of God: and all that thou geuest me, I wyl geue the the tenth therof.

Chapter 29

1 Then Iacob gat him vp vpon his fete, and wente in to the east countre,
2 & loked aboute him, and beholde, there was a well in the felde, and ye flockes of shepe therby, for the flockes dranke of the well. And there laye a greate stone at the welles mouth,
3 and thyther they vsed to brynge the flockes, and to roule the stone from ye mouth of the well, and to geue the shepe drynke, & so they put the stone agayne vpon the welles mouth in to his place.
4 And Iacob sayde vnto them: Brethren, whece be ye? They answered: we are of Haran .
5 He sayde vnto them: Knowe ye Laban the sonne of Nahor? They answered: We knowe him well.
6 He sayde: Is he in good health? They answered: he is in good health. And lo, there commeth his doughter Rachel with the shepe.
7 He sayde: It is yet hye daye, & is not yet tyme to dryue in the catell: geue the shepe to drynke, & go youre waye, & fede them.
8 They answered: We can not, tyll all the flockes be brought together, and tyll we roule the stone from the welles mouth, & so geue the shepe drynke.
9 Whyle he yet talked with them, Rachel came with hir fathers shepe, for she kepte ye shepe.
10 Whan Iacob sawe Rachel ye doughter of Laban his mothers brother, and the shepe of Laban his mothers brother, he wete, & rouled the stone from the welles mouth, and gaue his mothers brother shepe to drynke,
11 and kyssed Rachel, lift vp his voyce, and wepte,
12 and tolde her, yt he was hir fathers brother, and ye sonne of Rebecca. Then ranne she, and tolde her father.
13 Wha Laban herde of Iacob his sisters sonne, he ranne to mete him, and enbraced him, and kyssed him, and brought him in to his house. And so he tolde him all this matter.
14 The sayde Laban vnto him: Wel, thou art my bone and my flesh. Abyde with me a moneth longe.
15 But after that saide he vnto Iacob: Because thou art my brother, shalt thou therfore serue me for nought? Tell me, what shall thy wages be.
16 Laban had two doughters, the eldest was called Lea, & the yongest Rachel.
17 And Lea was tender eyed, but Rachel was beutyfull & well fauoured of face,
18 and Iacob loued her well, and sayde: I will serue the seuen yeare, for Rachel thy yongest doughter.
19 Laban answered: It is better that I geue her the, then vnto another: tary thou with me.
20 So Iacob serued seuen yeare for Rachel, and they semed vnto him but few dayes, he loued her so well.
21 And Iacob saide vnto Laban: geue me my wyfe, for the tyme is come that I shulde lye with her.
22 The Laban bad all the people of that place, and made a mariage.
23 But at eue he toke his doughter Lea, and brought her in vnto him, and he laye wt her.
24 And Laban gaue Zilpa his mayde vnto his doughter Lea to be hir mayde.
25 But on the morow, beholde, it was Lea. And he sayde vnto Laban: Why hast thou done this vnto me? Haue not I serued ye for Rachel? Why hast thou then begyled me?
26 Laban answered: It is not the maner in oure countre, to mary the yongest before the eldest.
27 Holde out this weke, & I will geue the this also, for the seruyce yt thou shalt do me yet seuen yeares more.
28 Iacob dyd so, & helde out yt weke. Then gaue he him Rachel his doughter to wyfe.
29 And Laban gaue Bilha his mayden vnto Rachel his doughter to be hir mayden.
30 So he laye with Rachel also, & loued Rachel more the Lea, and serued him yet seuen yeares more.
31 But when the LORDE sawe, that Lea was nothinge regarded, he made her frutefull, and Rachel baren.
32 And Lea coceaued, and bare a sonne, whom she called Ruben, and sayde: The LORDE hath loked vpon my aduersite. Now wyll my husbande loue me.
33 And she conceaued agayne, and bare a sonne, and sayde: The LORDE hath herde that I am despysed, and hath geue me this also, and she called him Symeon.
34 She coceaued yet agayne, and bare a sonne, and sayde: Now wyll my husbande kepe me company agayne, for I haue borne him thre sonnes, therfore called she his name Leui.
35 She conceaued ye fourth tyme, and bare a sonne, and sayde: Now wyll I geue thankes vnto the LORDE, therfore called she him Iuda, and left bearynge.

Chapter 30

1 When Rachel sawe that she bare no children vnto Iacob, she had enuye at hir sister, & saide vnto Iacob: Geue me childre also, or els I am but deed.
2 But Iacob was very wroth at Rachel, & sayde: Am I then in Gods steade, which kepeth ye frute of yi wombe from ye?
3 Neuertheles she sayde: Beholde, there is Bilha my mayden, lye wt her, yt she maye beare vpon my lappe, & that I maye be increased by her.
4 And so she gaue him Bilha hir mayden to wyfe. And Iacob laye with her.
5 So Bilha conceaued, and bare Iacob a sonne.
6 Then sayde Rachel: God hath geuen sentence on my syde, and herde my voyce, and geue me a sonne, therfore called she him Dan.
7 Bilha Rachels mayde coceaued agayne, and bare another sonne vnto Iacob.
8 Then sayde Rachel: God hath turned it with me, and my sister, and I haue gotte the vpperhande. And she called him Nephthali.
9 Now whan Lea sawe that she had left bearynge, she toke Silpa hir mayde, and gaue her vnto Iacob to wyfe.
10 So Silpa Leas mayde bare Iacob a sonne.
11 Then saide Lea: This is good lucke, & she called him Gad.
12 After this Silpa Leas mayde bare Iacob another sonne.
13 Then sayde Lea: Well is me, for the doughters will call me blessed, and she called him Asser.
14 Ruben wente out in the tyme of ye wheate haruest, and founde Mandragoras in the felde, and brought them home vnto his mother Lea. Then sayde Rachel vnto Lea: Geue me some of yi sonnes Madragoras.
15 She answered: Hast thou not ynough that thou hast taken awaye my husbande, but wilt take awaye my sonnes Mandragoras also? Rachel saide: Wel, let him lye with the this night for thy sonnes Mandragoras.
16 Now whan Iacob came home at euen from the felde, Lea wente forth to mete him, and sayde: Thou shalt lye wt me, for I haue bought the for my sonnes Mandragoras. And he slepte with her that night.
17 And God herde Lea, and she conceaued, and bare Iacob the fifth sonne,
18 & sayde: God hath rewarded me, because I gaue my mayden vnto my husbande, and she called him Isachar.
19 Lea conceaued yet agayne, and bare Iacob the sixte sonne,
20 and sayde: God hath endewed me with a good dowry. Now wyll my husbande dwell with me agayne, for I haue borne him sixe sonnes, & she called him Zabulon.
21 After that she bare a doughter, whom she called Dina.
22 Neuertheles God thought vpo Rachel, and herde her, and made her frutefull.
23 Then she conceaued, and bare a sonne, and sayde: God hath taken awaye my rebuke,
24 and she called him Ioseph, and sayde: God geue me yet another sonne.
25 Now whan Rachel had borne Ioseph, Iacob sayde vnto Laban: Let me go, & departe in to my place and vnto myne owne lande:
26 geue me my wyues and my children, (for the which I haue serued the) yt I maye go: for thou knowest, what seruyce I haue done the.
27 Laban sayde vnto him: Can I not fynde fauoure in thy sight? I perceaue, that God hath blessed me for thy sake.
28 Appoynte thou the rewarde, yt I shal geue the.
29 But he saide vnto him: Thou knowest how I haue serued the, and what maner of catell thou hast vnder me.
30 Thou haddest but litle afore I came hither, but now is it growne into a multitude, and the LORDE hath blessed ye for my sake. And now whan shall I loke to myne owne house also?
31 He saide: What shal I then geue the? Iacob sayde: Thou shalt geue me nothinge at all, but yf thou wilt do this for me yt I saye, then wyll I fede and kepe thy shepe agayne.
32 I wyll go thorow all thy flockes to daye, and separate thou from amonge them all the shepe that be spotted and partye coloured, and all blacke shepe amonge the lambes. Now loke what shalbe partie coloured and spotted amoge the kyddes, the same shalbe my rewarde:
33 so shal my righteousnes testifie with me to daye or tomorow, whan it cometh vnto my rewarde before the, so that, what so euer is not spotted and partye coloured amonge the kyddes, and blacke amoge the lambes, let that be theft with me.
34 Then sayde Laban: Beholde, let it be so as thou hast sayde.
35 And that same daye he sundered out the speckled and partye coloured goates, and all the spotted and partye coloured kyddes (where there was eny whyte vpon them) and all that was black amonge the lambes, and put them vnder the hande of his children,
36 and made rowme of thre dayes iourney wyde betwixte him and Iacob. So Iacob kepte the residue of Labans flocke.
37 But Iacob toke staues of grene wyllies, hasell and of chestnottrees, and pylled whyte strekes in them,
38 and layed the staues that he had pylled, in the drynkinge troughes before the flocke, which came there to drynke, that they shulde conceaue, whan they came to drynke.
39 So the flockes conceaued ouer ye staues, and brought forth speckelde, spotted and partye coloured.
40 Then Iacob parted ye lambes, and put them to the flocke vnto the spotted: and all that was blacke in Labans flocke, that put he vnto the spotted. And he made him a flocke of his owne, which he put not vnto Labans flocke.
41 Neuertheles in the first buckynge tyme of the flockes, he layed the staues in the drynkinge troughes before the eyes of the flockes, that they shulde conceaue ouer the staues.
42 But in the latter buckynge tyme he layed them not in. So the later were Labans, but the firstlinges were Iacobs.
43 Thus the man became exceadinge riche, so that he had many shepe, maydens & seruauntes, Camels and Asses.

Chapter 31

1 He herde also of ye wordes of Labans children, that they sayde: Iacob hath brought all or fathers good vnto him self, & of oure fathers good hath he gotten these riches.
2 And Iacob behelde Labans countenaunce, & beholde, it was not towarde him as yesterdaye and yeryesterdaye.
3 And the LORDE sayde vnto him: Departe agayne to thy fatherlade, and to thy kynred, I wyll be with the.
4 Then sent Iacob and bad call Rachel and Lea in to the felde to his flockes,
5 and sayde vnto them: I se youre fathers countenaunce, that it is not towarde me like as yesterdaye and yeryesterdaye: but the God of my father hath bene with me.
6 And ye knowe, that I haue serued youre father with all my power.
7 And he hath disceaued me, and chaunged my wages now ten tymes. But God hath not suffred him, to do me harme.
8 Yf he sayde: The partye coloured shalbe thy rewarde, then the whole flocke bare partye coloured. Yf he sayde: The speckelde shalbe thy rewarde, the the whole flocke bare speckelde.
9 Thus hath God with drawen youre fathers goodes from him, and geuen them vnto me.
10 For whan the buckynge tyme came, I lift vp myne eyes and sawe in a dreame, and beholde, the rammes leapte vpon the flocke that was speckelde, spotted, & partye coloured.
11 And the angel of God sayde vnto me in a dreame: Iacob. And I answered: here am I.
12 He sayde: lift vp thine eyes, and beholde, the rammes leape vpon the speckelde, spotted, and partie coloured flocke: for I haue sene all yt Laban doth vnto the.
13 I am ye God at Bethel , where thou dyddest anoynte the stone, & maydest a vowe there vnto me. Get the vp now, & departe out of this londe, & go agayne in to the londe of thy kynred.
14 Then answered Rachel and Lea, and sayde vnto him: As for vs, we haue no porcion ner inheritauce more in oure fathers house,
15 & he hath couted vs as straugers, for he hath solde vs, & spent vp or wages.
16 Therfore hath God withdrawe or fathers riches from him vnto vs & oure children. What so euer now God hath sayde vnto the, that do.
17 So Iacob gat vp, and set his children and wyues vpon Camels,
18 and caried awaye all his catell and all his substaunce, that he had gotten at Mesopotamia, yt he might come vnto Isaac his father in the lande of Canaan .
19 Laba was gone to clyppe his flocke, and Rachel stale hir fathers ymages.
20 Thus dyd Iacob steale awaie ye hert of Laban ye Syrian, in yt he tolde him not that he fled.
21 So he fled, & all that was his, gat vp, and passed ouer the water, & wente straight towarde the mount Gilead .
22 Vpon the thirde daye it was tolde Laban, that Iacob fled.
23 And he toke his brethre vnto him, and folowed after him seuen dayes iourney, and ouertoke him vpon the mount Gilead .
24 But God came vnto Laban the Syrian in a dreame by night, & sayde vnto him: Be warre, that thou speake nothinge to Iacob but good.
25 And Laba drew nye vnto Iacob. As for Iacob, he had pytched his tente vpon the mount. And Laban with his brethre pytched his tent also vpon the same mount Gilead .
26 Then sayde Laban vnto Iacob: What hast thou done, that thou hast stollen awaie my hert, and caried awaye my doughters, as though they had bene taken captyue wt ye swerde?
27 Wherfore keptest thou that secrete, that thou woldest flye, and hast stollen awaye fro me, and toldest me not, that I might haue brought the on the waye with myrth, with synginge, with tabrettes and harpes?
28 and hast not suffred me to kysse my children and doughters? Thou hast done foolishly, and so moch might I haue made,
29 that I coude haue done you euell: but youre fathers God saide yesterdaye vnto me: Bewarre, that thou speake nothinge vnto Iacob but good.
30 And for so moch then as thou woldest nedes departe, and longedest sore after yi fathers house, why hast thou stollen away my goddes?
31 Iacob answered and sayde vnto Laban: I was afrayed, that thou shuldest haue taken away thy doughters fro me:
32 but loke by whom thou fyndest thy goddes, let the same dye here before oure brethren. Seke that thine is by me, and take it awaye. (But he knew not, that Rachel had stollen them.)
33 Then wente Laban in to Iacobs tent and in to Leas tent, and in to both the maydens tetes, and founde nothinge: and out of Leas tente he wente in to Rachels tent.
34 Then toke Rachel the ymages, and layed them vnder the Camels strawe, and sat downe vpon them. But Laban searched the whole tent, and founde nothinge.
35 Then sayde she vnto hir father: Be not angrie my lorde, that I can not ryse vp vnto the: for it goeth wt me after the maner of wemen. So he sought, and founde not the ymages.
36 And Iacob was wroth, and chode with Laban, answered & sayde vnto him: What haue I trespased or offended, yt thou art so whote vpon me?
37 Thou hast searched all my housholde stuff, & what hast thou founde of thy housholde stuff? Laye it here before my brethren & thyne, yt they maye iudge betwene vs both.
38 Twentye yeare haue I bene wt the: thy shepe & goates haue not bene vnfrutefull, the rammes of thy flocke haue I not eaten:
39 Loke what was torne of beastes, I brought it not vnto ye, I was fayne to paie it my self: thou requyredest it of my hande, whether it were stollen fro me by daye or by night.
40 On the daye tyme the heate cosumed me, and the frost on the night, and my slepe departed fro myne eyes.
41 Thus haue I serued twentye yeare in thy house, fourtene yeares for thy doughters, & sixe for thy flocke, and ten tymes hast thou chaunged my rewarde:
42 & yf the God of my father the God of Abraham, and the feare of Isaac had not bene on my syde, thou haddest latten me go awaye emptye. But God hath loked vpon myne aduersite and laboure, and rebuked the yesterdaye.
43 Laban answered and sayde: The doughters are my doughters, & the children are my childre, and the flockes are my flockes, & all that thou seist is myne. What can I do this daye vnto these my doughters, or to their children whom they haue borne?
44 Now therfore come on, let vs make a couenaunt (I & thou) which maye be a wytnesse betwene me and the.
45 Then toke Iacob a stone, & set it vp (for a piler or markstone)
46 and sayde vnto his brethren: Gather stones. And they toke the stones, and made an heape, & ate vpon the same heape.
47 And Laba called it Iegar Sahadutha, but Iacob called it Gilead : (either of them after the properte of his language.)
48 Then sayde Laban: This heape be wytnesse betwene me and the this daye (therfore is it called Gilead)
49 and a testimony, for he sayde: The LORDE loke betwene me and ye, whan we are departed ye one from ye other:
50 yf thou vexe my doughters, or take other wyues vnto them. There is no ma with vs, but lo, God is the wytnesse betwene me and the.
51 And Laban sayde morouer vnto Iacob: Beholde, this is the heape, and this is the marckstone that I haue set vp betwixte me and the:
52 the same heape be wytnesse, and the same marckstone also be wytnesse, yf I passe ouer vnto the, or yf thou passe ouer this heape & marckstone vnto me, to do eny harme.
53 The God of Abraham, and the God of Nahor, and the God of their fathers, be iudge betwene vs. And Iacob sware vnto him by the feare of his father Isaac.
54 And Iacob offred an offerynge vpon the mount, and called his brethre to eate bred. And whan they had eaten, they taried vpon the mount all night.
55 But vpon the morow Laban rose vp early, kyssed his childre & doughters, & blessed the, & departed, and came agayne vnto his place.

Chapter 32

1 As for Iacob, he wente on his iourney, & the angels of God met him.
2 And whan he sawe them, he sayde: It is Gods hoost, & called the same place Mahanaim.
3 Iacob sent messaungers before him to his brother Esau in to the lande of Seir, of the felde of Edom,
4 & commaunded the, & sayde: Saye thus vnto my lorde Esau: Thy seruaunt Iacob sendeth ye this worde: I haue bene out wt Laban, & haue bene hither to amonge straungers,
5 & haue oxen & Asses, shepe, seruauntes & maydes, & haue sent forth to shewe it the my lorde, yt I might fynde fauoure in thy sight.
6 The messaungers came agayne vnto Iacob, and sayde: We came vnto thy brother Esau, & he commeth forth also agaynst the with foure hundreth men.
7 Then was Iacob sore afrayed, and wyst not what waye to turne himself, & deuyded the people that was with him, and the shepe, and the oxen, & the Camels in to two droues,
8 & sayde: Yf Esau come vpon the one droue, and smyte it, the other shal escape.
9 Iacob sayde morouer: O God of my father Abraha, God of my father Isaac, LORDE thou that saydest vnto me: Departe agayne to thine owne londe and to thy kynred, and I wyl do the good:
10 I am to litle for all the mercies and all the trueth that thou hast shewed vnto thy seruaunt (for I had no more but this staff whan I wente ouer this Iordan, and now am I become two droues)
11 delyuer me from ye hande of my brother, fro the hade of Esau, for I am afrayed of him, lest he come and smyte me the mother with the children.
12 Thou saydest: I wyll do the good, and wyll make thy sede as the sonde of ye see, which can not be nombred for multitude.
13 And there he taried that night, and toke of soch as came to hande, a present vnto his brother Esau,
14 two hudreth she goates, twentye he goates, two hundreth shepe, twentye rammes
15 and thirtie mylck camels wt their foales, fourtye kyne, ten bullockes, twentye she Asses with ten foales,
16 and put them in the handes of his seruauntes, euery flock by them selues, & sayde vnto them: Go ye forth before me, & put a space betwixte one flocke after the other,
17 and commaunded the first and sayde: When my brother Esau meteth the, and axeth the: Whose art thou? & whyther goest thou? and whose are these that thou dryuest before the?
18 Thou shalt saye: They be thy seruaunt Iacobs, which sendeth a present vnto his lorde Esau, and commeth behynde vs him self.
19 Thus commaunded he the seconde also, and the thirde, and all them that folowed the flockes, and sayde: Like as I haue tolde you, so speake ye vnto Esau, whan ye mete him,
20 and saye vnto him also: Beholde, yi seruaut Iacob is behynde vs. For he thought: I wyll reconcyle him with the present that goeth before me, after warde wyll I se him my self, peraduenture he shall receaue me to grace.
21 So the present wente before him, but he taried in the tente the same night,
22 and rose vp in ye night, and toke his two wyues and the two maydens and his eleuen sonnes, and wente vnto the foorde of Iacob,
23 toke them and caried them ouer the water, so that all that he had came ouer,
24 and taried him self alone on this syde. Then wrestled there a man with him vntyll the breake of ye daye.
25 And whan he sawe yt he might not ouercome him, he touched the senowe of his thye, and ye senowe of his thye shrancke in wrestlinge with him.
26 And he sayde: Let me go, for ye daye breaketh on. But he answered: I will not let ye go, excepte thou blesse me.
27 He sayde: What is thy name? He answered: Iacob.
28 He sayde: Thou shalt nomore be called Iacob, but Israel , for thou hast stryuen with God and with men, and hast preuayled.
29 And Iacob axed him, & sayde: Tell me, what is yi name? But he sayde: Why axest thou what my name is? And he blessed him there.
30 And Iacob called the place Peniel, for I haue sene God face to face, & my soule is recouered.
31 And as he came ouer fro Peniel, ye Sonne rose vpo him, & he halted vpon his thye.
32 Therfore eate the children of Israel no vane vpon the senow of ye thye vnto this daye, because ye vane vpon the senow of Iacobs thye was touched.

Chapter 33

1 Iacob lift vp his eyes, & sawe his brother Esau comynge with foure hundreth men: and he deuyded his children vnto Lea vnto Rachel, and to both the maydes,
2 and set the maydens with their children before, and Lea with hir childre after, and Rachel with Ioseph hynder most.
3 And he wente before them, and bowed him self to the grounde seuen tymes, tyll he came to his brother.
4 But Esau ranne to mete him, and enbraced him, and fell aboute his neck, & kyssed him, and wepte,
5 and lift vp his eyes, and sawe the wyues with the children, and sayde: What are these with the? He answered: They are the children, which God hath geuen vnto thy seruaunt.
6 And the maydens came forth with their children, and dyd their obeysaunce vnto him.
7 Lea came forth also with hir childre, and kneled vnto him. Afterwarde came Ioseph and Rachel forth, and kneled vnto him likewyse.
8 And he sayde: What meanest thou wt all the droue that I met? He answered: that I might fynde grace in the sight of my lorde,
9 Esau sayde: I haue ynough my brother, kepe that thou hast.
10 Iacob answered: Oh nay, but yf I haue founde grace in yi sight, receaue my present of my hande (for I sawe thy face, as though I had sene the face of God) and be at one with me.
11 Take this present in good worth, that I haue brought ye, for God hath geuen it me, & I haue ynough of all thinges. So he compelled him to take it.
12 And he sayde: Let vs go on and take oure iourney, I wyll go in thy company.
13 But he sayde vnto him: My lorde, thou knowest that I haue tender children by me, and small and greate catell also, which are yet but yonge: yf they shulde be dryue ouer in one daye, the whole flocke wolde dye.
14 Let my lorde go on before his seruaut. I wyll dryue after fayre and softly, (there after as the catell & the children can go,) tyll I come to my lorde in Seir.
15 Esau sayde: Yet wil I leaue some of my people with the. He answered: What nede is it? Let me but onely fynde grace in the sight of my lorde.
16 So Esau departed againe the same daye towarde Seir,
17 and Iacob toke his iourney towarde Sucoth, and buylded him an house, and made tetes for his catell. Therfore is the place called Sucoth.
18 Afterwarde came Iacob peaceably vnto the cite of Sichem, which lyeth in ye lande of Canaan, after that he was come agayne out of Mesopotamia , and pitched before the cite,
19 and bought a pece of londe of the children of Hemor ye father of Sichem for an hundreth pens. There pitched he his tent,
20 and there he set vp an altare, and called vpon the name of the mightie God of Israel.

Chapter 34

1 Dina ye doughter of Lea, which she bare vnto Iacob, wente out to beholde the doughters of the londe.
2 Whan Sichem the sonne of Hemor the Heuite (which was lorde of the lode) sawe her, he toke her, and laye with her, and forced her,
3 and his hert hanged vpon her, and he loued ye damsell, and talked louyngly with her,
4 and spake to his father Hemor: Get me this mayden to wife.
5 And Iacob vnderstode, that Dina his doughter was defyled, and his sonnes were with the catell in the felde, and Iacob helde his tonge tyll they came.
6 Then Hemor the father of Sichem wente forth vnto Iacob to comen with him.
7 In the meane season came Iacobs sonnes from ye felde. And whan they herde it, it greued the men, and they were very wroth, that he had wrought foly in Israel , and lyen with Iacobs doughter: for so was not the vse to do.
8 Then comened Hemor with the, and sayde: My sonne Sichems hert longeth for youre doughter, O geue hir him to wife:
9 make frendshipe with vs, geue vs youre doughters, and take ye oure doughters,
10 and dwell with vs, the londe shall be open vnto you, dwell and occupie, and haue youre possessions therin.
11 And Sichem sayde vnto hir father and brethren: Let me fynde grace with you: loke what ye appoynte me, I will geue it:
12 requyre the dowrye and gift of me hardely, I wyll geue it acordinge as ye wyll axe, onely geue me the damsell to wife.
13 Then Iacobs sonnes answered Sichem and Hemor his father (and spake disceatfully, because their sister Dina was defyled)
14 & sayde vnto them: That can we not do, to geue oure sister to an vncircumcided man: for that were a shame vnto vs.
15 Neuertheles we wyll consente vnto you, yf ye wylbe like vnto vs, and be circumcided as many as are males amonge you:
16 then will we geue you oure doughters, and take youre doughters vnto vs, and dwell with you, and be one people.
17 But yf ye wyll not herken vnto vs, to be circumcided, then wyl we take oure doughter, and go oure waye.
18 These wordes pleased Hemor and his sonne wel,
19 and the yonge man deferde not to do the same, for he had lust to Iacobs doughter: and he was holden in honoure aboue all in his fathers house.
20 Then came Hemor and Sichem his sonne vnder ye gate of cite, and comened with the citisens of the cite, and saide:
21 These men are peaceable with vs, and will dwell in the lande and occupye: now is the londe brode of both the sydes, we wyl take their doughters vnto vs, and geue them oure doughters.
22 But then wyll they consent vnto vs, to dwell by vs, and to be one people with vs, yf we circumcyse all the men children amonge vs, like as they are circumcysed:
23 their catell and goodes, and all that they haue, shalbe ours, yf we consent vnto them, that they maye dwel with vs.
24 And they herkened vnto Hemor and Sichem his sonne, as many as wente out and in at ye gate of his cite, and circumcided all the males, that wente out and in at his cite.
25 And vpon the thirde daye (whan it was panefull to them) the two sonnes of Iacob Simeon and Leui Dinas brethren, toke euery man his swerde, and wente boldly in to the cite, and slew all the males,
26 and slew Hemor also and Sichem his sonne with the edge of the swerde, and toke their sister Dina out of Sichems house, and wente their waye.
27 Then came Iacobs sonnes ouer the slayne, and spoyled the cite (because they had defyled their sister)
28 and toke their shepe, oxen, Asses, and what so euer was in the cite and in the londe,
29 and all maner of goodes: All their children and wyues toke they captyue, and spoyled all yt was in the houses.
30 And Iacob sayde vnto Symeon and Leui: Ye haue brought it so to passe, yt I stynke before the inhabiters of this lande, ye Cananites and Pheresites, & I am but a small nombre: Yf they gather them selues now together against me, they shal slaye me, so shal I be destroyed with my house.
31 But they answered: Shulde they the deale with oure sister as with an whoore?

Chapter 35

1 And God sayde vnto Iacob: Get the vp, and go vnto Bethel , & dwell there, and make there an altare vnto the God, that appared vnto the, whan thou fleddest from thy brother Esau.
2 Then sayde Iacob vnto his housholde and to all yt were with him: Put awaye from you ye straunge goddes, that are amonge you, and clense youre selues, and chaunge youre clothes,
3 and let vs get vp, and go vnto Bethel, that I maye there make an altare vnto the God, which herde me in the tyme of my trouble, and hath bene with me in the waye that I haue gone.
4 Then gaue they him all the straunge goddes that were vnder their handes, and their earynges, and he buried them vnder an Oke that stode besyde Sichem,
5 & departed. And there came a feare of God vpon the cities that laye roude aboute, so that they folowed not after ye sonnes of Iacob.
6 So came Iacob vnto Lus in ye lande of Canaan (which is called Bethel ) and all the people that were with him,
7 and there he buylded an altare, and called ye place Bethel , because the LORDE appeared vnto him there, whan he fled from his brother.
8 Then dyed Debora Rebeccas norse, and was buried beneth Bethel vnder the Oke, and it was called the Oke of lamentacion.
9 And God appeared agayne vnto Iacob, after that he was come out of Mesopotamia, and blessed him,
10 & saide vnto him: Thou art called Iacob, neuertheles thou shalt nomore be called Iacob, but Israel shal be yi name. And so was he called Israel .
11 And God sayde vnto him: I am the Allmightie God, be frutefull and multiplye: people and a multitude of people shal come of the, and kynges shall come out of thy loynes:
12 and the lande that I gaue vnto Abraham and Isaac, wyll I geue vnto the, & wyl geue it vnto thy sede after the.
13 So God departed from him, from ye place where he talked wt him.
14 And Iacob set vp a piler of stone, in the place where he talked with him, & poured drynkofferynges theron, and poured oyle vpon it.
15 And Iacob called ye place where God talked with him, Bethel .
16 And he departed from Bethel : and whan he was yet a felde brode from Ephrath, Rachel traueyled, & the byrth came harde vpon hir.
17 But whan she had soch payne in trauelynge, ye mydwife sayde vnto her: feare not, for thou shalt haue this sonne also.
18 But as hir soule was departynge, yt she must dye, she called him Ben Oni: neuertheles his father called hi Be Iamin.
19 So Rachel died, & was buried in the waye towarde Ephrath, which now is called Bethlehe.
20 And Iacob set vp a piller vpon hir graue, there is Rachels grauestone vnto this daye.
21 And Israel departed, and pitched his tent beyonde the tower of Eder .
22 And it chaunsed, that when Israel dwelt in that londe, Ruben wente and laye with Bilha his fathers concubyne, and that came to Israels eares. And Iacob had twolue sonnes.
23 The sonnes of Lea were these: Ruben Iacobs first borne sonne, Simeon, Leui, Iuda, Isachar, & Zabulo.
24 The sonnes of Rachel, were Ioseph and Ben Iamin.
25 The sonnes of Bilha Raches mayde: Dan, and Nepthali.
26 The sonnes of Silpa Leas mayde: Gad and Aser. These are ye sonnes of Iacob, which were borne vnto him in Mesopotamia.
27 And he came to his father Isaac to Mamre in to the head cite which is called Hebron , where in Abraha & Isaac were straugers.
28 And Isaac was an hundreth & foure score yeare olde,
29 & fell sicke, and dyed, & was gathered vnto his people, whan he was olde, & had lyued ynough: and his sonnes Esau & Iacob buried him.

Chapter 36

1 This is the generacio of Esau, which is called Edom .
2 Esau toke wyues of the doughters of Canaan . Ada the doughter of Elo the Hethite: & Ahalibama the doughter of Ana, the childes childe of Zibeon the Heuyte:
3 And Basmath Ismaels doughter, the sister of Nebaioth.
4 And Ada bare Eliphas vnto Esau. Basmath bare Reguel.
5 Ahalibama bare Ieus, Iaelam, & Korah. These are the childre of Esau, yt were borne vnto him in the lande of Canaan .
6 And Esau toke his wiues sonnes & doughters, and all the soules of his house, his substaunce, and all the catell with all the goodes that he had gotten in the lande of Canaan, and wente in to a countre awaye fro his brother Iacob:
7 for their substaunce was so greate, that they coude not dwell together: and the londe wherin they were straungers, might not holde them because of their goodes.
8 So Esau dwelt vpon mount Seir . And Esau is Edom .
9 This is ye generacio of Esau, of who are come ye Edomites vpon ye mount Seir.
10 And these are ye names of the childre of Esau: Eliphas ye sonne of Ada Esaus wife: Reguel ye sonne of Basmath Esaus wife:
11 The sonnes of Eliphas were these: Theman, Omar, Zepho, Gaetham & Kenas.
12 And Thimna was a concubyne of Elyphas ye sonne of Esau, and bare him Amaleck. These are ye children of Ada Esaus wyfe.
13 The children of Reguel are these: Nahath Serah, Samma, Misa. These are the children of Basmath Esaus wife.
14 The children of Ahalibama Esaus wife the doughter of Ana, that was the childes childe of Zibeon (which she bare vnto Esau) are these: Ieus, Iaelam and Korah.
15 These are the prynces amoge the childre of Esau. The children of Eliphas the first sonne of Esau, were these: The prynce Theman, ye prynce Omar, the prynce Zepho, the prynce Kenas,
16 the prynce Korah, the prynce Gaethan, the prynce Amaleck. These are the prynces of Eliphas in the lade of Edo, and are the children of Ada .
17 And these are the children of Roguel Esaus sonne: ye prynce Nahath, ye prynce Serah, ye prynce Sama, ye prynce Misa. These are ye prynces of Reguel in ye londe of ye Edomites, & they are ye children of Basmath Esaus wife.
18 These are the children of Ahalibama Esaus wife: The prynce Ieus, ye prince Iaelam, the prynce Korah. These are the prynces of Ahalibama, ye doughter of Ana Esaus wife.
19 These are ye childre of Esau and their princes. He is Edom .
20 The children of Seir ye Horite yt dwelt in the londe, are these: Lothan, Sobal, Zibeon, Ana,
21 Dison, Ezer & Disan. These are the prynces of the Horites, all children of Seir in the londe of Idumea.
22 But ye childre of Lothan were these: Hori, & Hema, & Lothas sister was called Thimna.
23 The children of Sobal were these: Alua, Manahat, Ebal, Sepho & Ona.
24 The childre of Zibeo were: Aia & Ana. This is the same Ana yt foude Mules in ye wyldernes, wha he kepte his fathers Zibeons Asses.
25 The children of Ana were: Dison: & Ahalibama, yt is ye doughter of Ana.
26 The childre of Dison were: Hemdan, Esban, Iethra & Charan.
27 The children of Ezer were: Bilhan, Seana, & Ackan.
28 The children of Disan were: Vz & Aran.
29 These are ye prices of ye Horites: The prince Lothan, ye prynce Sobal, ye prynce Zibeo, ye prynce Ana,
30 ye prynce Dison, ye prince Ezer, ye prynce Disan. These are the prynces of the Horites, which ruled in ye londe of Seir.
31 The kynges that reigned in the londe of Edumea (before the childre of Israel had eny kynge) are these:
32 Bela ye sonne of Beor was kynge in Edumea, & ye name of his cite was Dinhaba.
33 And wha Bela died, Iobab ye sonne of Serah of Bosra was kinge in his steade.
34 When Iobab dyed, Husam out of ye lode of the Themanites was kynge in his steade.
35 Whan Husam dyed, Hadad ye sonne of Bedad) which slewe ye Madianites in ye Moabites felde) was kinge in his steade, & the name of his cite was Auith.
36 Whan Hadad dyed, Samla of Masreck was kinge in his steade.
37 Wha Samla died, Saul of Rehoboth by ye water syde, was kinge in his steade.
38 Whan Saul dyed, Baal Hana the sonne of Achbor was kynge in his steade.
39 Wha Baal Hana the sonne of Achbor dyed, Hadad was kinge in his steade, & the name of his cite was Pagu, & his wifes name was Mehet Abeel, the doughter of Matred, the doughter of Mesahab.
40 Thus are the princes of Esau called in their kynreds, places & names: The prynce Thymna, ye prynce Alua, ye prynce Ietheth,
41 the prynce Ahalibama, the prynce Ela, the prynce Pynon,
42 the prynce Kenas, ye prynce Theman, ye prince Mibzar,
43 the prince Magdiel, ye prynce Ira. These are the prynces in Edumea, like as they dwelt in ye lade of their possessions. And Esau is ye father of ye Edomites.

Chapter 37

1 Iacob dwelt in ye lande, wherin his father was a straunger, namely in the lade of Canaa.
2 And these are ye generacios of Iacob. Ioseph was seuetene yeare olde, wha he became a keper of the catell wt his brethren, & the lad was wt the children of Bilha & Silpa his fathers wyues, and tolde their father of ye euell reporte yt was of the.
3 Israel loued Ioseph more the all his childre because he had begotte him in his olde age, and he made him a cote of many coloures.
4 Now wha his brethre sawe, yt his father loued him more the all his brethre, they had euell wyll at him, & coude not speake a fredly worde vnto hi.
5 Ioseph also had once a dreame, and tolde his brethre therof. The hated they him ye more,
6 for he sayde: Heare I praye you what I dreamed.
7 Me thought we were byndinge sheeues vpo ye felde, & my shefe arose, and stode vp, and youre sheeues rounde aboute made obeysaunce vnto my shefe.
8 Then sayde his brethre vnto him: Shalt thou be or kinge, and haue domynio ouer vs? And they hated him yet ye more, because of his dreame, & his wordes.
9 And he had yet another dreame, which he tolde his brethre, & saide: Beholde, I had yet another dreame: Me thought ye Sonne & ye Moone & eleuen starres made obeisauce to me.
10 And wha this was tolde his father and his brethre, his father reproued him, & sayde vnto him: What maner of dreame is this, yt thou hast dreamed? Shall I & thy mother, & thy brethren come & fall before ye vpon the groude?
11 And his brethre had envie at him. But his father marcked this sayenge.
12 Now wha his brethren were gone forth to kepe their fathers catell in Siche,
13 Israel sayde vnto Ioseph: Do not yi brethren kepe the catell in Sichem? Come, I wil sende the vnto the. He answered: Here am I.
14 And he sayde: Go thy waye, and loke whether it be well wt thy brethren and with ye catell, and brynge me worde agayne how it is. And he sent him out of the valley of Hebron , to go vnto Sichem.
15 Then a certayne man founde him, wandringe out of his waye in the felde, which axed him, and sayde: Whom sekest thou?
16 He answered: I seke my brethren: tell me I pray the where they kepe.
17 The man sayde: They are gone from hence, for I herde them saye: let vs go vnto Dothan . Then folowed Ioseph after his brethren, and founde them at Dothan .
18 Now whan they sawe him a farre of, afore he came at the, they deuysed to sleye him,
19 and sayde one to another: Lo, there cometh the dreamer,
20 come on, and let vs sley him, & cast him in a pytt, and saye: a wicked beast hath deuoured him: the shal it be sene, what his dreames are.
21 When Ruben herde that, he wolde haue delyuered him out of their handes, & sayde: O let vs not sley a soule.
22 Ruben sayde morouer vnto him: Shed no bloude, but cast him in to this pytt yt is in the wyldernes, & laye ye no hades vpon him. (He wolde haue delyuered him out of their hades, yt he might haue brought him agayne vnto his father.)
23 Whan Ioseph now came to his brethre, they stryped him out of his cote, that partye coloured cote which he had vpon him,
24 & toke him and cast him in to a pytt. But the same pytt was emptye, and no water in it,
25 & they sat them downe to eate. In the meane season they lift vp their eyes, and sawe a copany of Ismaelites comynge from Gilead , with their camels, which bare spyces, balme, and myrre, and were goinge downe into Egipte.
26 Then saide Iuda vnto his brethre: what helpeth it vs, that we sleye oure brother, and hyde his bloude?
27 Come, let vs sell him vnto the Ismaelites, that oure handes be not defyled vpon him, for he is oure brother, oure flesh and bloude. And they herkened vnto him.
28 And as the Madianites marchaunt men wente by, they drew Ioseph out of the pytt, and solde him vnto the Ismaelites (for twetye syluer pens) which brought him in to Egipte.
29 Now whan Ruben came agayne vnto the pytt, & founde not Ioseph therin, he rent his clothes,
30 and came agayne to his brethre and sayde: The lad is not yonder, whyther shal I go?
31 Then toke they Iosephs cote & slewe a goate, and dypped the cote in ye bloude,
32 and sent awaye that partie coloured cote, and caused it be brought vnto their father and sayde: This haue we founde, loke, whether it be thy sonnes coate, or no.
33 But he knewe it, and sayde: It is my sonnes coate, a wicked beast hath deuoured him, a rauyshinge beast hath rauyshed Ioseph.
34 And Iacob rete his clothes, and put a sack cloth aboute his loynes, & mourned for his sonne a longe season.
35 And all his sonnes & doughters came vnto him to coforte him. But he wolde not be coforted, & saide: With sorowe wil I go downe in to the graue vnto my sonne. And his father wepte for him.
36 But the Madianites solde him in Egipte vnto Potiphar Pharaos chefe Marshall .

Chapter 38

1 It fortuned at the same time, yt Iuda wente downe fro his brethren, & gat him to a man called Hyra at Odollam.
2 And there Iuda sawe a ma of Canaas doughter called Sua, and toke her. And whe he had lyen with her,
3 she conceaued and bare a sonne, whom she called Er.
4 And she conceaued agayne, & bare a sonwho she called Ona.
5 She proceaded yet further, & bare a sonne, who she called Sela. And wha she had borne him, she left of bearinge.
6 And Iuda gaue his first sonne Er a wife, whose name was Thamar.
7 But he was wicked before the LORDE, therfore the LORDE slew him.
8 Then sayde Iuda vnto his sonne Onan: Go lie with thy brothers wife, and marye thyself with her, that thou mayest rayse vp sede vnto thy brother.
9 But when Onan knewe that the sede shulde not be his owne, whan he laye with his brothers wife, he let it fall vpon the earth and destroyed it, yt he shulde not geue sede vnto his brother.
10 This thinge that he dyd displeased the LORDE sore, and he slewe him also.
11 Then sayde Iudas vnto Thamar his sonnes wyfe. Remayne a wyddow in thy fathers house, tyll my sonne Sela be growne: for he thought: peraduenture he might dye also like as his brethren. So Thamar wente hir waye, and remained in hir fathers house.
12 Now wha many dayes were past, ye doughter of Sua Iudas wife dyed. And whan Iuda had left mournynge, he wente vp vnto Thimnath to clyppe his shepe with his shepherde Hyra of Odollam.
13 Then was it tolde Thamar: beholde, thy father in lawe goeth vp vnto Thimnath, to clyppe his shepe.
14 Then put she of ye wyddowes garmentes that she had vpon her, couered and dysgysed hir self, & sat hir downe without the porte by the waye syde towarde Thymnath. For she sawe that Sela was growne, and she was not geuen vnto him to wife.
15 Now whan Iuda sawe her, he thought it had bene an whoore, for she had couered hir face:
16 and he gat him to her in the waye, and saide: I praye the let me lye with the, for he knewe not that it was his doughter in lawe. She answered: What wilt thou geue me, that thou mayest lie with me?
17 He sayde: I wil sende the a kydd from the flocke. She answered: Geue me a pledge then, tyll thou sende it me.
18 He sayde: What pledge wilt thou that I geue the? She answered: Thy signet, and thy bracelet, and thy staff that thou hast in thy hade. Then he gaue it her, and laye with her, and she was with childe of him.
19 And she gat hir vp, and wente hir waye, and layed of hir cloke, and put on hir wyddowes garmetes agayne.
20 Iuda sent the kydd by his shepherde of Odolla, to fetch the pledge agayne from the woman, and he founde her not.
21 Then axed he the men of the same place, & sayde: Where is the whoore yt sat without in the waye? They answered: There hath no whoore bene here.
22 And he came agayne vnto Iuda, and saide: I haue not found her, morouer ye men of the same place saide: that there hath no whoore bene there.
23 Iuda sayde: Let her take it vnto her, lest we happly be shamed, for I haue sent the kydd, and thou hast not founde her.
24 After thre monethes it was tolde Iuda: Thamar thy doughter in lawe hath plaied the whoore: and beholde, by whordome is she gotten with childe. Iuda sayde: brynge her forth, that she maye be brent.
25 And whan she was brought forth, she sent vnto hir father in lawe, and sayde: By the man yt oweth these, am I wt childe. And she sayde: Knowest thou whose is this signet, this bracelet & this staff?
26 Iuda knewe the, & sayde: She is more righteous the I, for I gaue hir not my sonne Sela: But he laye nomore with her.
27 Whan the tyme came that she shulde be delyuered, there were two twyns founde in hir wombe.
28 And as she was now in trauelynge, the one put out his hande. Then the mydwife toke and boude a reed threde aboute it, and saide: This shal come out first.
29 But whan he pluckte in his hande agayne, his brother came forth. And she sayde: Wherfore is there a rent mayde for thy sake? And he was called Phares.
30 Afterwarde came his brother forth, which had ye reed threde aboute his hande, and he was called Zarah.

Chapter 39

1 Ioseph was brought downe in to Egipte, & Potiphar an Egipcia Pharaos chefe marshall bought him of ye Ismaelites, yt brought him downe.
2 And ye LORDE was wt Ioseph, in so moch yt he became a luckye ma, & was in his master ye Egipcians house.
3 And his master sawe yt the LORDE was wt him: for what so euer he dyd, the LORDE made it to prospere in his hade:
4 so yt he founde fauor in his masters sight, & was his seruaunt. He made him ruler of his house, and put all that he had, vnder his hande.
5 And from the tyme forth that he had made him ruler of his house and all his goodes, ye LORDE blessed the Egipcians house for Iosephs sake: and there was nothynge but the very blessynge of the LORDE in all yt he had in ye house & in the felde,
6 therfore left he all yt he had, in Iosephs hande. And medled with nothinge himself, saue onely the bred that he ate. And Ioseph was fayre of bewtye, and well fauoured of face.
7 And it fortuned after these actes, that his masters wife cast hir eyes vpon Ioseph, and sayde: Slepe with me.
8 But he denyed, and saide vnto her: Beholde, my master knoweth not what is in ye house, and all that he hath, that hath he put vnder my hande.
9 And there is no man so greate in the house as I, and he hath kepte nothinge fro me, excepte the: for thou art his wife. How shulde I then do so greate euell, and synne agaynst God?
10 But she spake soch wordes vnto Ioseph daylie. Neuertheles he herkened not vnto her, to slepe by her, or to be in her company.
11 It fortuned vpon a tyme, that Ioseph wente in to the house to do his busynesse, and there was none of ye folkes of the house thereby.
12 And she caught him by his garment, & sayde: Slepe with me. But he left the garment in hir hande, and fled, and gat him out of the house.
13 Now wha she sawe that he had left his garmet in hir hande, and fled out,
14 she called the folkes in the house, and sayde vnto the: Lo, he hath brought vs in the Hebrue, to do vs shame. He came in here vnto me, to slepe by me: but I cried with loude voyce.
15 And whan he herde that I made a noyse & cried, he left his garmet here by me, and fled, and ranne out.
16 And she layed vp his garmet by her, tyll his master came home,
17 and tolde him euen the same wordes, and sayde: The Hebrue seruaunt whom thou broughtest here vnto vs, came in here to me, for to do me shame.
18 But whan I made a noyse and cried, he left his garment here by me, and fled out.
19 Whan his master herde the wordes of his wyfe which she tolde him, and sayde: Thus hath the Hebrue seruaunt done vnto me, he was very wroth.
20 Then his master toke him, and put him in the preson, wherin the kinges presoners laie. And there he laye in preson.
21 But the LORDE was with him, and had mercy vpon him, & caused him to fynde fauor in the sight of the officer of ye preson,
22 so that he committed all the presoners of the preson vnto his hades: that what so euer were done, might be done by him.
23 For the officer of the preson sawe, yt the LORDE was with him in all yt was vnder his handes, and that what so euer he dyd, the LORDE made it to come prosperously to passe.

Chapter 40

1 And it fortuned after this, that ye kynge of Egiptes chefe butlar and ye chefe baker offended their lorde the kynge of Egipte.
2 And Pharao was angrie wt them, & caused them be put in preson in ye chefe marshals house,
3 where Ioseph laye presoner.
4 And the chefe marshall put Ioseph vnto them, yt he might serue them. And so they were in preson for a season.
5 And they dreamed, both the butlar & the baker in one night, euery ma his owne dreame, and euery dreame had his interpretacio.
6 Now in the mornynge whan Ioseph came in vnto them, and sawe that they loked sadly, he axed them and sayde:
7 Why loke ye so sadly to daye?
8 They answered: We haue dreamed, and haue no man to declare it vnto vs. Ioseph sayde: Interpretinge belongeth vnto God, but tell it me yet.
9 Then the chefe butlar tolde Ioseph his dreame, and saide vnto him: I dreamed that there was a vyne before me,
10 which had thre braunches, and it budded, grewe and bare blossoms, and the grapes ther of were rype.
11 And I had Pharaos cuppe in my hande, & toke (the grapes) and wronge the in to ye cuppe, and gaue Pharao the cuppe in his hade.
12 Ioseph sayde: This is the interpretacio:
13 The thre braunches are thre dayes, and ouer thre dayes shall Pharao take the, and putt the in thine office agayne, that thou mayest geue him the cuppe in his hande after the olde maner, wha thou wast his butlar.
14 But whan thou art in thy prosperite, thynke vpon me, and shewe me kyndnesse, that thou mayest certifie Pharao of me, yt he maie bringe me out of this house:
15 for I was preuely caried out of the lande of the Hebrues, and here also haue I done nothinge, that they shulde haue put me in this dongeon.
16 Whan the chefe baker sawe, that the interpretacion was good, he sayde vnto Ioseph: I dreamed, that I bare thre wyker baskettes vpon my heade,
17 and in ye vppermost basket all maner of bake meates vnto Pharao, and the foules ate out of the basket vpon my heade.
18 Ioseph answered, and sayde: This is the interpretacion: The thre baskettes are thre dayes,
19 and after thre dayes shall Pharao take the, and hange the vpon the galowe, and the foules shal eate thy flesh from of ye.
20 And vpon the thirde daye it came to passe, that Pharao helde his byrth daye, and made a feast vnto all his seruauntes, and toke the chefe butlar and the chefe baker before all his seruauntes,
21 and restored the chefe butlar to his butlar shipe agayne, so that he reached the cuppe in to Pharaos hande.
22 As for the chefe baker, he caused him be hanged like as Ioseph had interpretated vnto him.
23 Neuerthelesse the chefe butlar thought not on Ioseph, but forgat him.

Chapter 41

1 And after two yeares Pharao had a dreame, how that he stode by a water syde: and beholde, out of the water there came seuen
2 goodly kyne, and fatfleshed, and wente fedinge in the medowe.
3 After these he sawe other seuen kyne come out of the water, which were euell fauoured and leane fleshed, and wente by the kyne vpon ye water syde:
4 and the euell fauoured leene kyne ate vp the seuen goodly and fatt kyne. Then Pharao awaked.
5 And he slepte agayne, and dreamed the seconde tyme. And he sawe that seuen eares of corne grewe vpon one stalke, full and good.
6 Afterwarde he sawe seue thynne and blasted eares come vp,
7 and the seuen thynne eares deuoured the seuen greate and full eares. Then Pharao awaked, and sawe that it was a dreame.
8 And whan it was daye, his sprete was troubled, and he sente out, & caused to call all the soythsayers in Egipte & all the wyse men, and tolde them his dreame. But there was none, that coude tell Pharao the interpretacion of it.
9 Then spake the chefe butlar vnto Pharao, and saide: This daye do I remembre my fawte.
10 Whan Pharao was angrie with his seruauntes, and put me in preson with ye chefe baker in ye chefe marshals house,
11 we dreamed both in one night euery ma his dreame, hauinge his owne interpretacion.
12 Then was there with vs a yonge man an Hebrue, the chefe marshals seruaunt, vnto whom we tolde it, and he declared oure dreames vnto vs, vnto eueryma acordinge to his dreame.
13 And as he declared it vnto vs, so came it to passe. So I was restored vnto myne office, and he was hanged.
14 Then Pharao sent and called for Ioseph and they let him out of the dongeon. And he let himself be shauen, and chaunged his clothes, and came in vnto Pharao.
15 Then saide Pharao vnto him: I haue dreamed a dreame, and there is no man that can interprete it: but I haue herde tell of the, that wha thou hearest a dreame, thou declarest it.
16 Ioseph answered Pharao, and sayde: God shall geue Pharao a prosperous answere, yee well without me.
17 Pharao sayde vnto Ioseph: I dreamed that I stode by a water syde, and beholde, out of the water there came
18 seuen kyne, fatfleshed and goodly, and wente fedinge in ye medowe.
19 And after them I sawe other seue kyne come out, thynne, euell fauoured, and leenfleshed. So euell fauoured sawe I neuer in all the lande of Egipte.
20 And the seuen leene and euell fauoured kyne, ate vp the seuen first fat kyne.
21 And whan they had eate them vp, a man coude not perceaue that they had eaten them, & were as euell fauoured as they were afore. Then I awaked.
22 And I sawe agayne in my dreame seuen eares of corne, growinge vpo one stalke, full and good.
23 Afterwarde there spronge vp seuen wythred eares, thynne and blasted,
24 and the seuen thynne eares deuoured the seuen good eares. And I haue shewed it vnto my soithsayers, but they can tell me nothinge therof.
25 Ioseph answered Pharao: Both Pharaos dreames are one. God sheweth Pharao what he wil do.
26 The seuen good kyne are seuen yeares, and the seuen good eares are seuen yeares also. It is one dreame.
27 The seuen leene and euell fauoured kyne, that came vp after them, are seuen yeares. And the seuen thynne and blasted eares, shalbe seuen yeares of derth.
28 This is now the thinge which I tolde Pharao, that God sheweth Pharao, what he wyll do.
29 Beholde, there shal come seuen yeares wt greate plenteousnes in ye whole lande of Egipte,
30 and after the same there shall come seuen yeares of derth, so that all this plenteousnes shalbe forgotten in ye lande of Egipte: and the derth shall consume the lande,
31 so that the plenteousnes shal not be perceaued in the lande, because of the derth that commeth therafter, for it shall be very greate.
32 Where as Pharao dreamed the seconde tyme, it signifieth that this thinge is surely prepared of God, and that God wil shortly brynge the same to passe.
33 Let Pharao now prouyde for a man of vnderstondinge & wysdome, whom he maye set ouer the lande of Egipte,
34 and se that he ordene officers in the londe, and take ye fifth (parte) of the lande of Egipte in the seuen plenteous yeares,
35 and gather all ye foode yt shal come of the plenteous yeares, that they maye laye vp corne vnder Pharaos power for sustenaunce in the cities,
36 and kepe it, yt there maye be foode founde prepared for the lande in the seuen deare yeares, which shall come vpon the lande of Egipte, that the lande be not destroyed of honger.
37 The sayenge pleased Pharao well and all his seruautes.
38 And Pharao sayde vnto his seruauntes? How might we fynde soch a man, in whom is the sprete of God?
39 And sayde vnto Iosep: For so moch as God hath shewed ye all this, there is none of soch vnderstondinge & wysdome as thou.
40 Thou shalt be ouer my house, and acordinge vnto thy worde shall all my people obeye: onely in the kynges seate wyll I be more then thou.
41 And he sayde: Beholde, I haue set the ouer the whole lande of Egipte.
42 And he toke of his ringe from his hade and gaue it Ioseph in his hade, and clothed him with whyte sylke, and honge a cheyne of golge aboute his neck,
43 and made him ryde vpo the seconde charet: and caused it be proclamed before him, that men shulde bowe their knees vnto him, as to him who Pharao had set ouer the whole lande of Egipte.
44 And Pharao sayde vnto Ioseph: I am Pharao: without thy wyll shall no man moue his hande or his fote in all the lade Egipte.
45 And he called him Zaphnath Paena, & gaue him a wife, euen Asnath the doughter of Potiphar the prest of On. So Ioseph wente out, for to vyset the lande of Egipte.
46 (And he was thirtie yeare olde, whan he stode before Pharao.) And he departed from Pharao, and wente thorow all the lande of Egipte.
47 And the londe dyd so those seuen plenteous yeares, and they gathered
48 all the foode of the seuen yeares that were in the lande of Egipte, & layed it in the cities. Loke what foode grewe in the felde rounde aboute euery cite, they put it therin.
49 So Ioseph layed vp the corne in stoare, and that moch aboue measure, as the sonde of the see: in so moch yt he left of nombrynge of it, for it coude not be nombred.
50 And vnto Ioseph there were borne two sonnes (before ye derth came) whom Asnath the doughter of Potiphar prest of On bare vnto him.
51 And the first called he Manasses: for God (sayde he) hath caused me to forget all my laboure, and all my fathers house.
52 The seconde called he Ephraim: for God (sayde he) hath caused me to growe in ye lande of my trouble.
53 Now whan ye seuen plenteous yeares were ended in Egipte,
54 then beganne the seuen deare yeares to come, wherof Ioseph had sayde. And there was derth in all landes, but in all the lade of Egipte there was foode.
55 Now whan the lande of Egipte beganne to suffre honger also, the people cryed vnto Pharao for bred. But Pharao sayde vnto all ye Egipcians: Go vnto Ioseph, what he sayeth vnto you, yt doo.
56 So whan there was derth in all ye lade, Ioseph opened all yt was by him, & solde vnto the Egipcians. Thus ye derth preuayled in the lande,
57 & all countrees came to Egipte to bye at Ioseph: for the derth was mightie in all landes.

Chapter 42

1 Whan Iacob sawe that there was moch corne in Egipte, he sayde vnto his sonnes: Why gape ye?
2 Beholde, I heare that there is moch corne in Egipte, go downe & bye vs corne, yt we maie lyue, & not dye.
3 So Iosephs ten brethre wente downe to bye corne in Egipte.
4 As for Ben Iamyn Iosephs brother, Iacob wolde not let him go wt his brethre, for he sayde: Some mysfortune might happen vnto him.
5 So ye childre of Israel came to bye corne, amonge other yt came wt them: for there was derth also in ye lande of Canaan .
6 But Ioseph was gouernoure in the lande, and solde corne vnto all the people in the lande. Now wha his brethre came to him, they fell downe to the grounde before him vpon their faces.
7 And he sawe them, & knewe the, and helde him self straunge towarde them, and talked roughly with them, and saide vnto them: Whence come ye? They sayde: Out of the lande of Canaan to bye vytayle.
8 Neuertheles though he knewe them, yet knewe they not him.
9 And Ioseph thought vpon ye dreames that he had dreamed of them, and sayde vnto them: Ye are spyes, and are come to se where the lande is open.
10 They answered him: No my lorde, thy seruauntes are come to bye vytayle:
11 we are all one mans sonnes, we are vnfayned, and thy seruauntes were neuer spyes.
12 He sayde vnto the: No, but ye are come to se where the lande is open.
13 They answered him: We thy seruauntes are twolue brethren, the sonnes of one man in the lade of Canaan , and the yongest is with oure father: as for one, he is awaye.
14 Ioseph sayde vnto them: This is it that I sayde vnto you: spyes are ye.
15 Here by wyll I proue you: By the life of Pharao ye shall not get hence, excepte youre yongest brother come hither.
16 Sende awaye one of you to fetch youre brother, but ye shalbe in preson. Thus wyll I trye out yor wordes, whether ye go aboute wt trueth or not: for els, by the life of Pharao ye are spyes.
17 And he put the together in warde thre dayes longe.
18 Vpon the thirde daye he sayde vnto the: Yf ye wil lyue, the do thus, for I feare God:
19 Yf ye be vnfayned, let one of youre brethren lye bounde in youre preson: but go ye youre waye, and cary home the necessary foode,
20 & brynge me youre yongest brother, so wyll I beleue youre wordes, that ye shall not dye. And so they dyd.
21 And they sayde one to another: This haue we deserued against oure brother, in that we sawe the anguysh of his soule, whan he besought vs, and we wolde not heare him: therfore cometh now this trouble vpon vs.
22 Ruben answered them, and saide: Tolde not I you ye same, whan I sayde: O synne not agaynst ye lad, but ye wolde not heare. Now is his bloude requyred.
23 But they knew not that Ioseph vnderstode it, for he spake vnto the by an interpreter.
24 And he turned him from them, and wepte. Now whan he had turned him to them agayne, and talked wt them, he toke Symon from amonge them & bounde him before their eyes,
25 and commaunded to fyll their sackes wt corne, and to put euery mans money in his sack, and to geue euery one his expenses by the waye. And so was it done vnto them.
26 And they laded their corne vpon their Asses, and departed thence.
27 ut whan one opened his sacke to geue his Asse prouender in the Inne, he spyed his money in his sack mouth,
28 and sayde vnto his brethren: My money is restored me agayne: lo, it is in my sack. Then their hertes fayled them, and they were afrayed amonge them selues, and sayde: Wherfore hath God done this vnto vs?
29 Now whan they came home to Iacob their father in the lade of Canaan , they tolde him all that had happened vnto them, & sayde:
30 The man that is lorde of the londe, spake roughly to vs, and toke vs for spyes of the countre.
31 And whan we answered: we are vnfayned, & were neuer spyes,
32 but are twolue brethren the sonnes of oure father: one is awaye, and the yongest is yet this daye wt oure father in the lande of Canaan,
33 He sayde: Hereby wyl I marke, that ye are vnfayned: Leaue one of youre brethren with me, & take foode necessary for youre houses, & go youre waye,
34 and brynge youre yongest brother vnto me: so shal I knowe that ye are no spyes, but vnfayned: the shal I delyuer you youre brother also, and ye maye occupie in the lande.
35 And whan they opened their sackes, euery man founde his boundell of money in his sacke. And wha they and their father sawe, that it was the bundels of their money, they were afrayed.
36 Then sayde Iacob their father: Ye haue robbed me of my children. Ioseph is awaye, Simeon is awaye, and ye will take Ben Iamin awaye: It goeth all ouer me.
37 Ruben answered his father & sayde: Yf I brynge him not to the againe, then slaye my two sonnes: delyuer him but in to my hande, I wyl brynge him agayne vnto the.
38 He sayde: my sonne shal not go downe with you: for his brother is deed, and he is left alone. Yf eny mysfortune shulde happen vnto him by the waye yt ye go, ye shulde bringe my graye hayre with sorowe downe vnto the graue.

Chapter 43

1 Bvt the derth oppressed ye lande.
2 And whan all the vytales that they had brought out of Egipte were spent, Iacob their father sayde vnto them: Go agayne, and bye vs a litle foode.
3 The Iuda answered him, and sayde: The man sware vnto vs, and sayde: ye shal not se my face, excepte youre brother be with you.
4 Yf so be now that thou wilt sende oure brother with vs, we wil go downe, and bye the foode.
5 But yf thou wilt not sende him, we wyl not go downe. For the man sayde vnto vs: Ye shal not se my face, excepte youre brother be with you.
6 Israel sayde: Wherfore haue ye done this euell vnto me, to tell ye man, that ye had yet a brother?
7 They answered: The man enquered so strately of vs and of oure kynrede, & sayde: Is youre father yet a lyue? Haue ye yet a brother? Then tolde we him, as he axed vs. How coulde we knowe, that he wolde saye: brynge youre brother downe wt you?
8 Then sayde Iuda vnto Israel his father: Let the lad go with me, that we maye get vs vp and take oure iourney, and lyue, and not dye, both we and thou, and oure childre.
9 I wyll be suertye for him, of my handes shalt thou requyre him. Yf I brynge him not vnto the agayne, & set him before thine eyes, I wil beare ye blame my life longe.
10 For yf we had not made this tarienge, we had now bene come agayne twyse.
11 Then sayde Israel their father vnto the: Yf it must nedes be so, then do this: take of the best frutes of the lande in youre sackes, and brynge the man a present: a curtesy balme, and hony, and spyces, and myrre, and dates, and almondes.
12 Take other money with you also, and the money that was brought agayne in youre sacke mouthes, cary it agayne with you: peraduenture it was an ouersight.
13 And take youre brother, get you vp, & go agayne vnto the man.
14 The Allmightie God geue you mercy in the sight of ye man, that he maye let you haue youre other brother, and Ben Iamin. As for me, I must be as one, that is robbed of his children.
15 Then they toke the present, and other money with them, and Ben Iamin, gat the vp, and wente in to Egipte, and stode before Ioseph.
16 Then Ioseph behelde them with Ben Iamin, and sayde vnto the ruler of his house: Bringe these men in, and sley, & make ready, for they shal dyne with me at noone.
17 And the man dyd as Ioseph bad him, & brought the men in to Iosephs house.
18 Whan they were brought in to Iosephs house, they were afrayed, and sayde: We are brought hither because of the money, that came agayne in oure sackes at the first, to pyke a quarell with vs, and to laye somethinge to oure charge, and to take vs for bonde seruauntes with oure Asses.
19 Therfore came they to ye man, that was ruler of Iosephs house, and talked wt him at the doore,
20 and sayde: Syr, we came downe at the first to bye foode,
21 and whan we came in the Inne, and opened oure sackes, beholde, euery mans money was in his sack mouth with full weight: therfore haue we brought it with vs agayne,
22 & haue brought other money with vs also, to bye foode: but we can not tell, who put oure money in oure sackes.
23 He sayde: Be content, feare you not, youre God euen ye God of youre fathers hath geue you yt treasure in youre sackes, I had youre money. And he brought forth Simeon vnto them,
24 and led them into Iosephs house, and gaue them water to wash their fete, & gaue their Asses prouender.
25 And they made readye ye present, ageynst Ioseph came at noone: for they herde, yt they shulde dyne there.
26 Now whan Ioseph wente in to the house, they brought him home ye present that they had, and fell downe to the grounde before him.
27 But he welcomed them curteously, and sayde: Is youre father, (that olde man which ye tolde me of) in good health? Is he yet alyue?
28 They answered: Thy seruaunt oure father is in good health, and is yet alyue. And they bowed them selues, and fell downe before him.
29 And he lift vp his eyes, and sawe his brother Ben Iamin his mothers sonne, and saide: Is this youre yongest brother, that ye tolde me of? And he sayde morouer: God be mercifull vnto the my sonne.
30 And Ioseph made haist (for the grounde of his hert was kyndled towarde his brother) and sought how he might wepe, & wente in to his chamber, and wepte there.
31 And whan he had washed his face, he wente out, and refrayned him self, and sayde: set bred (on the table.)
32 And they brought vnto him by him self, and vnto them by the selues, and to the Egipcians also that ate wt them, by them selues. (For the Egipcians darre not eate bred with the Ebrues, that is an abhominacion vnto them.)
33 And they were set ouer agaynst him, the first borne acordinge to his first byrth, and the yongest after his youth. They marueled at it amonge them selues,
34 and there were brought them sundrye meates from his table. But Ben Iamins parte was fyue tymes more then the other. And they dronke, and were mery with him.

Chapter 44

1 And Ioseph commaunded the ruler of his house, and sayde: Fyll the mens sackes with foode, as moch as they maye carye,
2 and put euery mans money in his sacke mouth, & put my syluer cuppe in the sack mouth of the yongest with the money for ye vytayles. He dyd as Ioseph had sayde.
3 And on the morow whan it was daye, they let ye men go with their Asses.
4 But whan they were out of the cite, and not come farre, Ioseph sayde to the ruler of his house: Vp, and folowe after the me, and whan thou ouertakest them, saie vnto them: Wherfore haue ye rewarded euell for good?
5 Is not that it, that my lorde drynketh out of? and that he prophecieth withall? It is euell done of you, that ye haue done.
6 And whan he had ouertaken them, he sayde the same wordes vnto them.
7 They answered him: Wherfore saieth my lorde soch wordes? God forbyd, that thy seruauntes shulde do eny soch thinge?
8 Beholde, the money that we foude in oure sackes mouthes, that brought we vnto the agayne, out of the lande of Canaan : how shulde we then haue stollen either syluer or golde out of thy lordes house?
9 Loke by whom it shall be founde amonge thy seruauntes, let him dye: yee and we also wyll be my lordes bondmen.
10 He sayde: let it so be, as ye haue spoken. Loke by whom it shall be founde, let him be my seruaunt, but ye shalbe harmlesse.
11 And they made haist, and toke downe euery man his sack to the grounde, and euery man opened his sack:
12 And he searched & beganne at the greatest vnto the yongest, and the cuppe was founde in Ben Iamins sacke.
13 Then rente they their clothes, and euery man lade the burthen vpon his Asse, & wente agayne vnto the cite.
14 And Iuda wente with his brethren vnto Iosephs house (for he was there yet) and they fell before him on the groude.
15 Ioseph sayde vnto them: What maner of dede is this, that ye haue done? Knewe ye not, that soch a man as I am, can prophecy?
16 Iuda sayde: What shall we saye vnto my lorde? or how shal we speake? and what excuse shal we make? God hath founde out ye wickednesse of thy seruauntes. Beholde, we and he, by whom the cuppe is founde, are my lordes seruauntes.
17 But he sayde: God forbyd that I shulde do so. The man by whom the cuppe is founde, shall by my seruaunt, but go ye vp in peace vnto youre father.
18 The stepte Iuda vnto him, and sayde: My lorde, let thy seruaunt speake one worde in thine eares my lorde, be not displesed at yi seruaunt also, for thou art eue as Pharao.
19 My lorde axed his seruauntes, and sayde: Haue ye yet a father or brother?
20 Then answered we: We haue a father, which is olde, and a yonge lad begotten in his age, and his brother is deed, & he is left alone of his mother, and his father loueth him.
21 Then saydest thou: Brynge him downe vnto me, and I wil se him.
22 But we answered my lorde: The lad can not come from his father, yf he shulde come from him, he were but a deed man.
23 Then saydest thou vnto thy seruauntes: Yf youre yongest brother come not hither with you, ye shall se my face nomore.
24 Then wente we vp vnto thy seruaunt my father, and tolde him my lordes wordes.
25 Then sayde oure father: Go youre waye agayne, and bye vs a litle foode.
26 But we sayde: We can not go downe, excepte oure yongest brother be with vs, then wyll we go downe: for we darre not loke the man in the face, yf oure yongest brother be not with vs.
27 Then sayde thy seruaunt my father vnto vs: Ye knowe that my wife bare me two sonnes,
28 one wente out fro me, and I sayde: he is torne in peces.
29 Yf ye take this fro me also, and eny mysfortune happe him, then shal ye brynge my gray heer with sorowe downe vnto the graue.
30 Yf I now come home vnto my father, & the lad be not with me (seynge his soule hangeth by the soule of this)
31 then shall it come to passe, that yf he se not the lad there, he shal dye. So shal we thy seruauntes brynge the gray heer of thy seruaunt oure father with sorowe downe to the graue.
32 For I thy seruaunt became suertye for the lad vnto my father, and sayde: yf I brynge him not agayne, I will beare the blame all my lyfe longe.
33 Therfore let thy seruaunt byde here in steade of ye lad, to be my lordes bonde man, and let the lad go vp with his brethren.
34 For how can I go vp vnto my father, yf the lad be not with me? Then shulde I se the mysery that shulde happen vnto my father.

Chapter 45

1 Then coude not Ioseph refrayne him self before all them that stode aboute him: and he comaunded euery man to go out from him, and there stode no man by him, whan Ioseph vttred him self vnto his brethren.
2 And he wepte loude, so that ye Egipcians and Pharaos housholde herde it.
3 And he sayde vnto his brethren: I am Ioseph, is my father yet alyue? And his brethren coulde not answere him, they were so abashed before his face.
4 But he sayde: Come nye vnto me. And they came nye. And he sayde: I am Ioseph youre brother. whom ye solde in to Egipte.
5 And now vexe not youre selues, & thinke not yt there is eny wrath, because ye solde me hither. For God sent me hither before you, for yor lyues sake.
6 For these are now two yeares, that ye derth hath bene in the lande, and there are yet fyue yeares behynde, wherin there shalbe no plowinge ner haruest.
7 But God sent me hither before you, yt he might let you remayne vpon earth, and to saue youre lyues by a greate delyueraunce.
8 And now, it was not ye then that sent me hither, but God which hath made me a father vnto Pharao, & lorde ouer all his house, and a prynce in the whole lande of Egipte.
9 Haist you therfore, and go vp vnto my father, and saye vnto him: Thy sonne Ioseph sendeth the this worde: God hath made me lorde in all Egipte, come downe vnto me, tarye not,
10 thou shalt dwel in the lande of Gosen, and be with me: thou and thy children, and thy childers childre, thy small and greate catell, and all that thou hast.
11 There wyll I make prouysion for the (for there are yet fyue yeares of derth) that thou perishe not wt thine house, and all that is thyne.
12 Beholde, youre eyes and the eyes of my brother Ben Iamin se, that I myne owne self speake vnto you by mouth.
13 Shewe my father all my worshipe in Egipte, and all that ye haue sene: haist you, and come downe hither with my father.
14 And he fell aboute his brother Ben Iamyns neck, and wepte, and Ben Iamin wepte vpon his neck also.
15 And he kyssed all his brethren, and wepte vpon them. And afterwarde talked his brethren wt him.
16 And this tydinges came in to Pharaos house: Iosephs brethren are come, which pleased Pharao well, and all his seruauntes.
17 And Pharao spake vnto Ioseph: Saye vnto thy brethren: Do thus, lade youre beastes, go youre waye, and whan ye come in to the lande of Canaan,
18 take youre father and youre housholdes, and come vnto me, I wyl geue you of the goodes in the lade of Egipte, so that ye shall eate the fatt in the lande.
19 And he commaunded them, Do thus, Take you charettes out of ye lande of Egipte for youre children and wyues, and brynge youre father, and come,
20 and regarde not youre housholde stuff: for the goodes of all the lade of Egipte shalbe yours.
21 The children of Israel dyd so, and Ioseph gaue the charettes acordynge to Pharaos commaundement, and expenses by the waye,
22 and gaue them all, vnto euery one a chaunge of rayment: but vnto Ben Iamin he gaue thre hundreth syluer pens, and fyue chaunge of rayment.
23 As for his father, he sent him ten Asses laden with goodes out of Egipte, and ten Asses with corne and bred, and vytayles for his father by ye waye.
24 So he sent awaye his brethren, and sayde vnto them: Stryue not by the waye.
25 Thus they departed out of Egipte, and came to the lande of Canaan vnto Iacob their father, and tolde him, and sayde:
26 Thy sonne Ioseph is yet alyue, and is a lorde in all the lande of Egipte. But his hert wauered, for he beleued them not.
27 The tolde they him all the wordes of Ioseph, which he had sayde vnto them. And whan he sawe ye charettes that Ioseph had sent to fetch him, his sprete reuyued,
28 & he sayde: I haue ynough, that my sonne Ioseph is yet a liue I wil go, and se him, before I dye.

Chapter 46

1 Israel toke his iourney with all that he had. And whan he came to Berseba, he offred offerynges vnto ye God of his father Isaac.
2 And God spake vnto him in a vision by night: Iacob Iacob. He sayde: here am I.
3 And he saide: I am ye mightie God of thy father, be not afrayed to go into Egipte, for there wyl I make a greate people of the.
4 I wyll go downe with the, & wil brynge the vp also. And Ioseph shal laye his hande vpon thine eyes.
5 Then Iacob gat him vp from Berseba, and ye children of Israel caried Iacob their father with their children and wyues vpon the charettes that Pharao had sent to cary him.
6 And they toke their catell & substaunce which they had gotten in the lande of Canaan , and so came in to Egipte: Iacob & all his sede with him,
7 his children & his childers children with him, his doughters, and the doughters of his children, & all his sede.
8 These are ye names of the children of Israel , which came in to Egipte, Iacob & his sonnes. The first borne sonne of Iacob: Ruben.
9 The children of Ruben: Hanoch, Pallu, Hezron and Charmi.
10 The children of Simeon: Iemuel, Iamin, Ohad, Iachim, Zohar and Saul the sonne of the Cananitish woman.
11 The childre of Leui: Gerson, Cahath & Merari.
12 The childre of Iuda: Er, Onan, Sela, Phares & Serah. But Er and Onan dyed in the lande of Canaan . The childre of Phares: Hesron and Hamul.
13 The children of Isachar: Thola, Phua, Iob & Semron.
14 The children of Zabulon: Sered, Elon and Iahleel.
15 These are the childre of Lea, which she bare vnto Iacob in Mesopotamia with his doughter Dina. These all together with sonnes & doughters make thre & thirtie soules.
16 The childre of Gad: Zipheon, Haggi, Suni, Ezbon, Eri, Arodi and Areli.
17 The children of Asser: Iemna, Iesua, Iesui, Bria & Sera their sister. The children of Bria: Heber and Malchiel.
18 These are the children of Silpa, whom Laban gaue vnto Lea his doughter, and she bare vnto Iacob these sixtene soules.
19 The childre of Rachel Iacobs wife: Ioseph and Ben Iamin.
20 And vnto Ioseph in ye land of Egipte were borne Manasses and Ephraim, whom Asnath the doughter of Potiphar prest of On bare vnto him.
21 The children of Ben Iamin: Bela, Becher, Asber, Gera , Naama, Ehi, Ros, Mupim, Hupim and Ard.
22 These are the children of Rachel, which were borne vnto Iacob, fourtene soules alltogether.
23 The children of Dan: Husim.
24 The childre of Nephtali: Iahzeel, Guni, Iezer, Sillem.
25 These are the children of Bilha, whom Laban gaue vnto his doughter Rachel, & she bare Iacob these seuen soules.
26 All the soules yt came wt Iacob in to Egipte, which proceaded out of his loynes (besyde the wyues of his childre) are all together sixe & sixtie soules.
27 And Iosephs childre which were borne vnto him in Egipte, were two soules: so that all the soules of the house of Iacob which came into Egipte, were seuentye.
28 And he sent Iuda before him vnto Ioseph, to shew him the waye to Gosen, & they came in to the lande of Gosen.
29 Then Ioseph bended his charett fast, and wente vp to mete Israel his father vnto Gosen. And whan he sawe him, he fell aboute his neck, & wepte sore vpon his neck.
30 Then sayde Israel vnto Ioseph: Now am I content to dye, for so moch as I haue sene thy face, that thou art yet alyue.
31 Ioseph sayde vnto his brethren, & to his fathers house: I will go vp, & tell Pharao, & saye vnto him: My brethre and my fathers house are come vnto me out of the lande of Canaan,
32 and are kepers of catell (for they are men that deale with catell:) their small & greate catell, and all that they haue, haue they brought with them.
33 Now yf Pharao call you, and saye: what is youre occupacio?
34 then ye shal saye: Thy seruauntes are men yt haue dealt wt catell from oure youth vp hytherto, both we & oure fathers, that ye maye dwell in the lande of Gosen: for the Egipcians abhorre all kepers of catell.

Chapter 47

1 Then came Ioseph, and tolde Pharao & sayde: My father and my brethren, their small & greate catell, & all yt they haue, are come out of ye lande of Canaan :
2 & beholde, they are in the lande of Gesen. And he toke fyue of his brethren, & presented them vnto Pharao.
3 Then sayde Pharao vnto his brethren: What is youre occupacion? They answered: Thy seruauntes are kepers of catell, we and oure fathers also.
4 And they sayde morouer vnto Pharao: We are come to dwell with you in the lande, for yi seruautes haue no pasture for their catell, so sore doth the derth oppresse the lande of Canaan . Now therfore let yi seruauntes dwell in the lande of Gosen.
5 Pharao sayde vnto Ioseph: Thy father and thy brethren are come vnto the:
6 the lande of Egipte is open before the, let them dwell in the best place of the lande, & se yt they dwell euen in the lande of Gosen. And yf thou knowest that there be men of actiuyte amoge the, make the rulers of my catell.
7 Ioseph brought in Iacob his father also, & set him before Pharao. And Iacob thanked Pharao.
8 But Pharao axed Iacob: How olde art thou?
9 Iacob sayde: The tyme of my pylgremage is an hudreth and thirtie yeares: litle and euell is the tyme of my pilgremage, and attayneth not vnto the tyme of my fathers in their pylgremages.
10 And Iacob thanked Pharao, and wete out from him.
11 So Ioseph prepared dwellinges for his father and his brethren, & gaue them a possession in the lande of Egipte, euen in the best place of the lande, namely, in the lande of Raemses, as Pharao comaunded.
12 And he made prouysion for his father and his brethren, and all his fathers house with bred, euen as yonge children.
13 There was no bred in all the londe, for the derth was very sore: so yt the lande of Egipte & the lande of Canaan were fameshed by ye reason of the derth.
14 And Ioseph brought together all the money that was founde in Egipte and Canaan , for ye corne that they bought. And he layed vp all the money in Pharaos house.
15 Now whan money fayled in the lande of Egipte and Canaan , all the Egipcians came vnto Ioseph, & saide: Geue vs bred. Why suffrest thou vs to dye before ye, because weare without money?
16 Ioseph saide: Brynge hither youre catell, so wil I geue you for youre catell, seynge ye are without money.
17 Then brought they their catell vnto Ioseph. And he gaue the bred for their horses, shepe, oxen and Asses. So he fed them with bred yt yeare, for all their catell.
18 Whan yt yeare was ended, they came vnto him the next yeare, & sayde vnto him: We wil not hyde it from or lorde, yt not onely the money, but all the catell also is spent vnto or lorde: & there is nothinge left more for or lorde, but onely or body & oure lande.
19 Wherfore suffrest thou both vs to dye, and oure londe? Take vs and oure lade for bred, that we and oure lande maye be bonde vnto Pharao: geue vs sede, that we maye lyue and not dye, & yt the lande become not a wildernesse.
20 So Ioseph toke all the lande of Egipte in for Pharao: for the Egipcians solde euery man his lande, because ye derth was so mightie vpon them: and so the lode became Pharaos,
21 with the people that wente out and in at his cities, from one syde of Egipte vnto the other,
22 excepte the prestes londe, that toke he not in: For it was ordened of Pharao for the prestes, that they shulde eate that which was appoynted them, which he gaue them, therfore they neded not to sell their londes.
23 Then sayde Ioseph vnto the people: Beholde, I haue taken possession of you and youre lande this daye for Pharao, Beholde, there haue ye sede, sowe the londe,
24 and of the corne ye shall geue the fifth parte vnto Pharao: foure partes shalbe youres, to sowe the londe for youre sustenaunce, and for youre houses and children.
25 They sayde: Let vs but lyue, & fynde grace before the oure lorde, we wyl gladly be Pharaos seruauntes:
26 So Ioseph made the a lawe vnto this daye ouer the Egipcians londe, to geue Pharao the fifth parte, excepte the prestes londe, which was not bonde vnto Pharao.
27 So Israel dwelt in Egipte in the londe of Gosen, and had it in possession, and grew and multiplied exceadingly.
28 And Iacob lyued seuentene yeare in the lande of Egipte, so that his whole age was an hudreth and seuen and fourtye yeares.
29 Now whan the tyme came that Israel shulde dye, he called Ioseph his sonne, and sayde vnto him: Yf I haue founde grace in thy sight, then laye thine honde vnder my thye, yt thou shalt shewe mercy and faithfulnes vpon me, and not burye me in Egipte,
30 but I will lye by my fathers, and thou shalt carye me out of Egipte, & burye me in their buryall. He sayde: I wil do as thou hast sayde.
31 But he sayde: Then sweare vnto me. And he sware vnto him. The Israel bowed himself towarde the bed heade.

Chapter 48

1 After this it was tolde Ioseph: Beholde, yi father is sicke. And he toke with him his two sonnes Manasses and Ephraim.
2 Then was it tolde Iacob: beholde, yi sonne Ioseph cometh vnto ye. And Israel toke a corage vnto him, & sat vp vpo ye bed,
3 & sayde vnto Ioseph: The Allmightye God appeared vnto me at Lus in ye lade of Canaan, & blessed me,
4 & saide vnto me: Beholde, I wil cause ye to growe & increase & wyll make a multitude of people of ye, & wil geue this lade vnto yi sede after ye for an euerlastinge possession.
5 Therfore shal now thy two sonnes Manasses & Ephraim (which were borne vnto the in Egipte, before I came hither vnto the) be myne, like as Ruben & Simeon.
6 As for those that thou begettest after the, they shal be thine owne. But these shalbe named with the names of their brethren in their inheritaunce.
7 And wha I came out of Mesopotamia, Rachel dyed by me in the lande of Canaan, by the waye, whan there was yet but a feldes brede vnto Eprath: and I buryed her in the waye towarde Ephrath, which now is called Bethleem.
8 And Israel loked vpon Iosephs sonnes, & sayde: What are these?
9 Ioseph answered: They are my sonnes, which God hath geuen me here. He sayde: Brynge the hither to me, yt I maye blesse the.
10 (For Israels eyes were heuy for age, & he coude not well se.) And he brought the vnto him. So he kyssed them, & enbraced the,
11 & saide vnto Ioseph: Beholde, I haue sene yi face, which I thought not: & lo, God hath caused me to se yi sede also.
12 And Ioseph toke them from his lappe, and they fell downe to the grounde vpon their face.
13 Then Ioseph toke them both, Ephraim in his right hande towarde Israels left hade, and Manasses in his left hande towarde Israels right hade, & brought the vnto him.
14 But Israel stretched out his right hande, & layed it vpo ye heade of Ephraim ye yogest & his left hande vpo Manasses heade, & did so wyttingly wt his handes, for Manasses was ye firstborne.
15 And he blessed Ioseph, & saide: The God before who my fathers Abraha & Isaac haue walked: ye God yt hath fed me my lyfe longe vnto this daye:
16 the angell which hath delyuered me fro all euell, blesse these laddes, yt they maye be called after my name, & after ye name of my fathers Abraha & Isaac, yt they maye growe & multiplye vpon earth.
17 But wha Ioseph sawe yt his father layed ye right hade vpo Ephraims heade, it displeased him, & he lift vp his fathers hande, to remoue it fro Ephraims heade vnto ye heade of Manasses,
18 & sayde vnto him: Not so my father, this is ye firstborne, laye yi right hade vpo his heade.
19 Neuertheles his father wolde not, & saide: I knowe it well my sonne, I knowe it well, this shall be a people also, & shalbe greate: but his yonger brother shal be greater the he, & his sede shal be full of people.
20 So he blessed them the same daye & saide: In ye shal Israel blesse, so yt it shal be sayde: God set the as Ephraim & Manasses. And so he set Ephraim aboue Manasses.
21 And Israel saide vnto Ioseph: Beholde, I dye, & God shall be wt you, & brynge you agayne in to ye lande of youre fathers.
22 I haue geuen the a pece of londe, without ye brethren, which I gat with my swerde and my bowe out of the hande of the Amorites.

Chapter 49

1 And Iacob called his sonnes, & sayde: Gather you, yt I maie tell you, what shal happen vnto you in ye last times:
2 Come together, and heare ye childre of Iacob: Herken vnto Israel youre father.
3 Rube my first sonne, thou art my power and the begynnynge of my strength, chefe in gouernaunce, & chefe in auctorite.
4 Thou passest forth swiftly as ye water. Thou shalt not be the chefest: For thou hast clymmed vp vpon thy fathers bed, euen than defyledest thou my couch with goynge vp.
5 Symeon and Leui brethren, their deedly weapens are perlous instrumentes.
6 In to their secretes come not my soule, and my worshipe be not ioyned with their congregacion: for in their wrath they slew a man, and in their selfwyll they houghed an oxe.
7 Cursed be their wrath, because it is so fearce: and their indignacion, because it is so rigorous. I wil deuyde them in Iacob, and scater them in Israel
8 Iuda, thou art he. Thy brethren shall prayse the: for thy hade shal be in thine enemies neck: thy fathers children shall stoupe vnto the.
9 Iuda is a yonge lyon , thou art come vp hye my sonne, fro the spoyle. He kneled downe and couched himself as a lyon & as a lionesse: who wil rayse him vp?
10 The cepter shal not be remoued fro Iuda, ner a master fro his fete, tyll the Worthye come, and vnto him shal the people fall.
11 He shall bynde his foale vnto the vyne, and his Asses colte to ye noble braunch. He shal wash his garment in wyne, and his mantell in the bloude of grapes.
12 His eyes are roudier then wyne, and his teth whyter then mylck.
13 Zabulon shal dwell in the hauen of the see, and in the porte of shippes, and shal border vpon Sydon.
14 Isachar shal be a stronge Asse, & laye him downe betwixte ye borders.
15 And he saw rest, that it was good, and the lande, that it was pleasaunt. And bowed downe his shulder to beare, and became a seruaut vnto trybute.
16 Dan shal be iudge in his people, as well as a trybe in Israel .
17 Dan shalbe a serpent in the waye, and an edder in the path, and byte the horse in the heles, that his ryder maye fall backwarde.
18 LORDE I loke for thy saluacion.
19 As for Gad, a wapened hoost of men shal fall violently vpon him, but he shall hurte them in the hele.
20 Of Asser cometh his fat bred, and he shal geue delicates vnto kynges.
21 Nepthali is a swift hynde, and geueth goodly wordes.
22 The fruteful sonne Ioseph, that florishinge sonne to loke vpon, the doughters go vpo the wall.
23 And though the shoters angered him, stroue with him, and hated him,
24 yet his bowe bode fast, and the armes of his hades were made stroge by the handes of ye Mightie in Iacob. Of him are come herdmen & stones in Israel .
25 Of yi fathers God art thou helped, & of the Allmightie art thou blessed, wt blessynges of heauen from aboue, with blessinges of ye depe yt lyeth vnder, with blessynges of brestes & wombes.
26 The blessinges promised vnto thy father and my fore elders go mightely, after the desyre of the hyest in the worlde: these shal light on Iosephs heade, and on the toppe of his heade, that was separate from his brethren.
27 Ben Iamin, a rauyshinge wolfe. In the mornynge shal he deuoure the praye, but in the euenynge he shal deuyde the spoyle.
28 All these are the twolue trybes of Israel : and this is it that their father spake vnto them, whan he blessed them, euery one with a sundrye blessynge.
29 And he commaunded them, and sayde vnto them: I shal be gathered vnto my people, burye me with my fathers in ye caue which is in the felde of Ephron the Hethite,
30 in the dubble caue that lyeth ouer against Mamre in ye lande of Canaa, which Abraha bought with the felde, of Ephron the Hethite for a possession to burye in.
31 There buryed they Abraha & Sara his wife, there buried they Isaac also & Rebecca his wife: & their buried I Lea,
32 in the good of the felde & of the caue therin, which was bought of the Hethites.
33 And whan Iacob had ended this commaundement vnto his children, he pluckte his fete together vpon the bed, and died, and was gathered vnto his people.

Chapter 50

1 The fell Ioseph vpon his fathers face, and wepte, and kyssed him.
2 And Ioseph comauded his seruautes ye Phisicias, to embawme his father. And the Phisicians embawmed Israel ,
3 tyll fourtye dayes were ended (for so longe endured the dayes of embawminge) & the Egipcians bewayled him seuentye dayes.
4 Now whan the mournynge dayes were ended, Ioseph spake vnto Pharaos housholde, & sayde: Yf I haue founde fauor in youre sight, the speake vnto Pharao and saie:
5 My father hath taken an ooth of me, & sayde: Beholde, I dye, burye me in myne owne graue, which I dygged for myself in the lade of Canaan. Therfore wyl I now go vp, and burye my father, and come agayne.
6 Pharao saide: Go thy waye vp, and burye thy father, acordinge as thou hast sworne vnto him.
7 So Ioseph wete vp, to burye his father. And there wete wt him all Pharaos seruautes yt were the elders of his courte, and all ye elders of the lande of Egipte,
8 & all Iosephs housholde, and his brethren, and his fathers housholde. Onely their children, shepe & oxen left they in ye lade of Gosen,
9 & toke their iourney vp with him, vpo charettes and horses, and the company was exceadinge greate.
10 Now whan these came to the playne of Atad yt lyeth beyonde Iordane, they made there a very greate and bytter lamentacion, & he mourned for his father seue dayes.
11 And wha the people in the lande (the Cananites) sawe the mournynge in the playne of Atad, they sayde: The Egipcias make there greate lametacion. Therfore is the place called: The lamentacion of the Egipcians, which lyeth beyonde Iordane.
12 And his children dyd as he had comaunded them,
13 and caried him to ye lande of Canaan , and buried him in ye dubble caue, that Abraham bought with the felde for a possession to bury in, of Ephron ye Hethite ouer ageynst Mamre.
14 So Ioseph toke his iourney agayne in to Egipte with his brethren, and with all those that wente vp with him to burye his father, whan they had buried him.
15 But Iosephs brethre were afrayed, wha their father was deed, and sayde: Ioseph might happly haue indignacion at vs, and recompense vs all the euell that we dyd vnto him,
16 therfore let they saye vnto him: Thy father commaunded before his death, and sayde:
17 Thus shal ye saye vnto Ioseph: O forgeue thy brethren the offence and their synne, that they dyd so euell vnto the. O forgeue now this trespace of vs the seruauntes of thy fathers God. But Ioseph wepte, whan they spake so vnto him.
18 And his brethren wente, and fell downe before him, and sayde: Beholde, here are we thy seruauntes.
19 Ioseph sayde vnto the: Feare ye not, for I am vnder God.
20 Ye thought euell ouer me, but God hath turned it vnto good, to do as it is come to passe this daye, for the sauynge of moch people.
21 Therfore be not ye now afrayed, I wyl care for you and youre children. And he comforted them, and spake louyngly vnto them.
22 Thus dwelt Ioseph in Egipte with his fathers house, and lyued an hudreth and ten yeare,
23 and sawe Ephrayms children, vnto ye thirde generacion: In like maner the children of Machir the sonne of Manasses, begat children also vpon Iosephs lappe.
24 And Ioseph sayde vnto his brethren: I dye, and God wyl vyset you, and brynge you out of this lande, to the lande that he sware vnto Abraham, Isaac and Iacob.
25 Therfore toke he an ooth of the childre of Israel , and sayde: Whan God shal vyset you, the cary my bones fro hence.
26 So Ioseph dyed, wha he was an hudreth and ten yeare olde, and they embawmed him, & layed him in a chest in Egipte.