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Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4

Chapter 1


1 Paul an Apostle of Iesus Christ, by the wyll of God, to preach the promes of ye life which is in Christ Iesu.
2 To my deare sonne Timotheus. Grace, mercy, and peace from God the father and from Christ Iesu oure LORDE.
3 I thanke God, whome I serue fro my fore elders in a pure conscience, that without ceassynge I make mencion of the in my prayers night and daye:
4 and longe to se the (whan I remembre thy teares) so that I am fylled with ioye,
5 whan I call to remembraunce the vnfayned faith that is in the, which dwelt first in thy graundemother Lois, and in thy mother Eunica: And am assured, that it dwelleth in ye also.
6 Wherfore I warne the, that thou stere vp ye gifte of God which is in the by puttynge on of my handes.
7 For God hath not geuen vs the sprete of feare, but of power, and of loue, and of right vnderstondynge.
8 Be not thou asshamed therfore of ye testimony of or LORDE, nether of me, which am his presoner: but suffre thou aduersite also wt the Gospell, acordinge to the power of God
9 which hath saued vs, and called vs with an holy callynge: not acordinge to oure dedes, but acordinge to his owne purpose and grace, which was geuen vs in Christ Iesu before the tyme of the worlde,
10 but is now declared openly by the appearynge of oure Sauioure Iesu Christ. Which hath taken awaye ye power of death, and hath brought life and immortalite vnto lighte, thorow the Gospell:
11 whervnto I am appoynted a preacher and an Apostell, and a teacher of the Heythen:
12 for the which cause I also suffre these thinges, neuertheles I am not ashamed. For I knowe whom I haue beleued, and am sure that he is able to kepe that which I haue commytted vnto his kepynge agaynst that daye.
13 Holde the after ye ensample of the wholsome wordes, which thou heardest of me, concernynge faith and loue in Christ Iesu.
14 This hye charge kepe thou thorow the holy goost, which dwelleth in vs.
15 This thou knowest, that all they which are in Asia , be turned fro me, of which sorte are Phigelus and Hermogenes.
16 The LORDE geue mercy vnto the house of Onesiphorus: for he oft refresshed me, and was not asshamed of my cheyne:
17 but whan he was at Rome he soughte me out very diligently, and founde me.
18 The LORDE graunte vnto him, that he maye fynde mercy with the LORDE in that daye. And how moch he mynistred vnto me at Ephesus , thou knowest very well.

Chapter 2

1 Thou therfore my sonne, be stronge thorow the grace which is in Christ Iesu.
2 And what thinges thou hast herde of me by many witnesses, the same commytte thou vnto faithfull men, which are apte to teach other.
3 Thou therfore suffre affliccion as a good soudyer off Iesu Christ.
4 No ma that warreth, tangleth him selfe with wordly busynesses, & that because he wolde please him, which hath chosen him to be a soudyer.
5 And though a man stryue for a mastrye, yet is he not crowned, excepte he stryue laufully.
6 The hussbandman that laboureth, must first enioye the frutes.
7 Consydre what I saye. The LORDE shal geue the vnderstondynge in all thinges.
8 Remembre that Iesus Christ, beynge of the sede of Dauid, rose agayne fro the deed, acordynge to my Gospell,
9 where in I suffre as an euell doer euen vnto bandes: but the worde of God is not bounde.
10 Therfore suffre I all for the electes sakes, that they also mighte optayne the saluacion in Christ Iesu with eternall glory.
11 This is a true sayenge: Yf we be deed wt him, we shal lyue with him also:
12 Yf we be pacient, we shal also raigne with him: Yf we denye him, he also shal denye vs:
13 Yf we beleue not, yet abydeth he faithfull, he can not denye himselfe.
14 Of these thinges put thou them in remebraunce, and testifye before the LORDE, that they stryue not aboute wordes, which is to no profit, but to peruerte the hearers.
15 Study to shewe thy selfe vnto God a laudable workman, that nedeth not to be ashamed, deuydynge the worde of trueth iustly.
16 As for vngoostly and vayne talkynges, eschue them: for they helpe moch to vngodlynes,
17 and their worde fretteth as doth a canker: Of whose nombre is Hymeneos & Philetus,
18 which as concernynge the trueth haue erred, sayenge, that the resurreccion is past allready, and haue destroyed the faith of dyuerse personnes.
19 But ye sure grounde of God stondeth fast, and hath this seale: The LORDE knoweth them that are his, and let euery ma that calleth vpon the name of Christ, departe from iniquyte.
20 Not withstondynge in a greate house are not onely vessels of golde and of syluer, but also of wod and of earth: some for honoure, and some to dishonoure.
21 But yf a man pourge himselfe from soch felowes, he shalbe a vessell sanctified vnto honoure, mete for the LORDE, and prepared vnto all good workes.
22 Fle thou the lustes of youth, but folowe righteousnes, faith, loue, peace, with all them that call vpon the LORDE with pure hert.
23 As for folish questions and soch as teach not, put them fro the: for thou knowest that they do but geder stryfe.
24 The seruaunt of the LORDE ought not to stryue, but to be gentle vnto euery man: apte to teach, one that can forbeare
25 the euell, one yt can with mekenesse enfourme them yt resist: yf God at eny tyme wyl geue them repentaunce for to knowe the trueth,
26 and to turne agayne from the snare of the deuell, which are holden in preson of him at his will.

Chapter 3

1 Bvt this shalt thou knowe, that in the last dayes shal come parelous tymes.
2 For there shalbe me which shal holde of the selues, couetous, boasters, proude, cursed speakers, dishobedient to their elders, vnthankfull, vngoostly,
3 vnkynde, truce breakers, false accusers, ryatours, fearce, despysers of them which are good,
4 traytours, heady, hye mynded, gredy vpon voluptuousnes more then the louers of God,
5 hauynge a shyne off godly lyuynge, but denyenge the power therof. And soch avoyde.
6 Of this sorte are they which rune fro house to house, & brynge in to bondage weme lade wt synne: which (wemen) are led with dyuerse lustes,
7 euer lernynge, and are neuer able to come vnto the knowlege of the trueth.
8 But like as Iamnes and Iabres withstode Moses, euen so do these also resist the trueth: me they are of corrupte myndes, and lewde as cocernynge ye faith:
9 but they shal preuayle no longer. For their folishnes shalbe manifest vnto all men, as theirs was.
10 But thou hast sene the experience of my doctryne, my fasshion of lyuynge, my purpose, my faith, my longsufferynge, my loue, my pacience,
11 my persecucions, my affliccions, which happened vnto me at Antioche, at Iconium, at Lystra, which persecucions I suffred paciently, and from the all the LORDE delyuered me.
12 Yee and all they that wil lyue godly in Christ Iesu, must suffre persecucion.
13 But the euell men and disceauers shal waxe worse and worse, disceauynge and beynge disceaued.
14 But contynue thou in the thinges that thou hast lerned, which also were comytted vnto the, seynge thou knowest of who thou hast learned them,
15 And for so moch as thou hast knowne holy scripture of a childe, the same is able to make ye wyse vnto saluacion thorow the faith in Christ Iesu.
16 For all scripture geue by inspiracion of God, is profitable to teach, to improue, to amende, and to instructe in righteousnes,
17 that a man off God maye be perfecte, and prepared vnto all good workes.

Chapter 4

1 I testifye therfore before God & before the LORDE Iesu Christ, which shal come to iudge the lyuynge and the deed, at his appearynge in his kyngdome:
2 Preach thou the worde, be feruent, be it in season or out of season: Improue, rebuke, exhorte with all longe sufferynge and doctryne.
3 For the tyme wil come, whan they shal not suffre wholsome doctryne, but after their awne lustes shal they (whose eares ytche) get them an heape of teachers,
4 and shal turne their eares from the trueth, and shalbe geuen vnto fables.
5 But watch thou in all thinges, suffre aduersite, do the worke of a preacher of the Gospell, fulfyll thine office vnto the vttemost.
6 For I am now ready to be offered, and the tyme of my departinge is at honde.
7 I haue foughte a good fighte: I haue fulfylled the course: I haue kepte the faith.
8 From hence forth there is layed vp for me a crowne of righteousnes, which the LORDE the righteous iudge shal geue me in yt daye: Howbeit not vnto me onely, but vnto all them that loue his comynge.
9 Make spede to come vnto me atonce.
10 For Demas hath lefte me, and loueth this present worlde, and is departed vnto Tessalonica, Crescens in to Galacia, Titus vnto Dalmacia,
11 Onely Lucas is with me. Take Marke, & brynge him with the: for he is profitable vnto me to the mynistracion.
12 Tichicus haue I sent to Ephesus .
13 The cloke that I lefte at Troada with Carpus brynge with the whan thou commest: and the bokes, but specially the parchemet.
14 Alexader the coppersmyth dyd me moch euell, the LORDE rewarde him acordynge to his dedes,
15 of whom be thou ware also. For he withstode oure wordes sore.
16 In my first answerynge no man assisted me, but all forsoke me. I praye God that it be not layed to their charges.
17 Notwitstondynge the LORDE stode by me, & stregthed me, that by me the preachinge shulde be fulfylled to the vttemost, and that all the Heythe shulde heare. And I was delyuered out of the mouth of the lyon .
18 And the LORDE shal delyuer me from all euell doynge, and shal kepe me vnto his heauenly kyngdome. To whom be prayse for euer and euer, Amen.
19 Salute Prisca and Aquila , and ye houssholde of Onesiphorus.
20 Erastus abode at Corinthum. But Trophimus left I sicke at Miletu.
21 Make spede to come before wynter. Eubolus, and Pudens, and Linus, and Claudia, and all the brethren salute the.
22 The LORDE Iesus Christ be with thy sprete. Grace be with you, Amen.