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Chapter 1


1 And Salomon the sonne of Dauid was stablyshed in his kyngdome, and the LORDE his God was with him, & made him exceadinge greate.
2 And Salomon spake vnto all Israel, to the captaynes ouer thousandes and ouer hundreds, to the Iudges, and to all ye prynces in Israel, and to the chefest fathers,
3 so that they wente (Salomon and the whole congregacion with him) vnto the hye place which was at Gibea: for there was ye Tabernacle of ye witnesse of God, which Moses the seruaunt of the LORDE had made in ye wyldernesse.
4 For Dauid had brought vp the Arke of God from Kiriath Iarim, whan he had prepared for it: for he had pitched a tent for it at Ierusalem.
5 As for ye brasen altare which Bezaleel the sonne of Vri the sonne of Hur had made, it was there before the habitacion of the LORDE: and Salomon and the congregacion soughte God.
6 And Salomon offred a thousande burntofferynges vpo the brasen altare that stode before the Tabernacle of witnesse.
7 In the same nighte appeared God vnto Salomon, and sayde vnto him: Axe, what shal I geue the?
8 And Salomon sayde vnto God: Thou hast done greate mercy vnto my father Dauid, and hast made me kynge in his steade.
9 Now LORDE God, let yi worde that thou hast promysed vnto my father Dauid, be verified, for thou hast made me kynge ouer a people, which is as many in nobre as the dust vpon the earth.
10 Graunte me wysdome therfore and knowlege, yt I maye go out and in before this people: for who is able to iudge this greate people of thine?
11 Then sayde God vnto Salomon: For so moch as thou art so mynded, and hast not desyred riches ner good, ner honor, ner the soules of thine enemies, ner longe life, but hast requyred wysdome and knowlege, to iudge my people, ouer whom I haue made the kynge,
12 wysdome therfore and knowlege be geuen the. Morouer, riches & good and honoure wyll I geue the, so that soch one as thou hath not bene before the amoge the kynges, nether shal be after the.
13 So came Salomon from the hye place (which was at Gibeon) vnto Ierusale from ye Tabernacle of witnesse, and reigned ouer Israel.
14 And Salomon gathered him charettes and horsmen, so that he had a thousande and foure hundreth charettes, & twolue thousande horsmen: and those appoynted he to be in the charet cities, and with the kynge at Ierusalem.
15 And the kynge broughte it so to passe, that there was as moch syluer & golde at Ierusale as stones: and as many Ceders, as the Molberyes trees, that are in the valleys.
16 And there were horses broughte vnto Salomon out of Egipte, & the kynges marchauntes fetched them from Kena for moneye.
17 And they came vp, and broughte out of Egipte a charet for sixe hudreth syluer pes, and an horse for an hundreth and fiftye. Thus broughte they also vnto all the kynges of the Hethites, and to the kynges of ye Syrians.

Chapter 2

1 And Salomon thoughte to buylde an house vnto the name of the LORDE, & an house for his kyngdome:
2 and tolde out thre score and ten thousande men to beare burthens, and foure score thousande that hewed tymber vpo the mount, and thre thousande and sixe hundreth officers ouer them.
3 And Salomon sent vnto Hiram the kynge of Tyre, sayenge: As thou dyddest with my father, & sendedst him Ceder trees, to builde an house for to dwell in (euen so do thou wt me also.)
4 Beholde, I wyl buylde an house vnto the name of the LORDE my God, to sanctifie it, for to burne good incense before him, and allwaye to prepare ye shewbred, and burntofferynges in the mornynge and in the euenynge, on the Sabbathes & Newmones, and solempne feastes of ye LORDE oure God euermore for Israel.
5 And the house that I wyl buylde, shal be greate: for oure God is greater then all goddes.
6 But who is able to buylde him an house? For heauen & the heauens of all heauens maye not coprehende him. Who am I then, that I shulde buylde him an house? But onely for this intent to burne incense before him?
7 Sede me now therfore a wyse ma to worke with golde, syluer, brasse, yron, scarlet, purple, yalow sylke and soch one as can graue carued worke with the wyse men that are with me in Iewry and Ierusalem, whom my father Dauid ordeyned.
8 And sende me tymber of Ceder, pyne tre and costly wodd from Libanus: for I knowe that yi seruauntes can hewe tymber vpon Libanus. And beholde, my seruauntes shalbe with yi seruauntes,
9 to prepare me moch tymber: for the house that I wyl buylde, shalbe greate & maruelous goodly.
10 And beholde, I wyl geue vnto the carpenters thy seruauntes which hewe the tymber, twetye thousande quarters, of beaten wheate, and twentye thousande quarters of barlye, and twentye thousande Batthes of wyne, and twentye thousande Batthes of oyle.
11 Then sayde Hiram the kynge of Tyre by wrytinge, and sent it vnto Salomon: Because the LORDE loueth his people, therfore hath he made ye to be kynge ouer them.
12 And Hiram sayde morouer: Praysed be ye LORDE God of Israel, which made heauen earth, that he hath geue kynge Dauid a wyse and prudent sonne, and soch one as hath vnderstondinge to buylde an house vnto the LORDE, & an house for his realme.
13 Therfore sende I now a wyse man that hath vnderstondynge, euen Hiram Abi
14 (which is the sonne of a woman of the doughters of Dan, and his father was of Tyre) which can worke in golde, syluer, brasse, yron, stone, tymber, scarlet, yalowe sylke, lynnen, purple and to carue all maner of thinges, and to make what conynge thinge so euer is geuen him, with thy wyse men, and with the wyse men of my lorde kynge Dauid yi father.
15 And now let my lorde sende the wheate, barlye, oyle and wyne vnto his seruautes, acordinge as he hath sayde,
16 and so wyll we hewe ye tymber vpon Libanus, as moch as thou nedest, and wyll brynge it by flotes in the See vnto Iapho, from whence thou mayest brynge it vp to Ierusalem.
17 And Salomon nombred all the straungers in the londe of Israel, acordinge to the nombre whan Dauid his father nombred them: and there were founde an hundreth & fiftye thousande, thre thousande and sixe hudreth.
18 And of the same he made thre score and ten thousande beares of burthens, and foure score thousande hewers vpo ye mount, and thre thousande and sixe hundreth ouerseers, which helde ye people at their worke.

Chapter 3

1 And Salomon beganne to buylde the house of the LORDE at Ierusalem vpon the mount Moria, that was shewed vnto Dauid his father, which Dauid had prepared for the rowme, vpon the corne floore of Arnan the Iebusite.
2 In the seconde daye of the seconde moneth in the fourth yeare of his reigne begane he to buylde.
3 And so layed Salomon the foundacion to buylde the house of God: first the length thre score cubytes, the bredth twentye cubites
4 and the Porche before the wydenes of the house, was twentye cubites longe, but the height was an hundreth and twentye, and he ouerlayed it on the ynsyde with pure golde.
5 But the greate house syled he with Pyne tre, and ouerlayed it with the best golde, and made palme trees and throwne worke theron,
6 and ouerlayed the house with precious stones to beutifye it. As for the golde, it was golde of Paruaim.
7 And the balkes and postes aboue, and the walles, and the dores of it ouerlayed he with golde, and caused Cherubins to be carued on the walles.
8 He made also the house of the Most holy, whose length was twentye cubites acordinge to the wydenesse of the house: and the bredth of it was twentye cubites likewyse, and he ouerlayed it with the best golde by sixe hundreth talentes.
9 And for nales he gaue fiftye Sicles of golde in weight, and ouerlayed the chambers with golde.
10 He made also in the house of the most holy, two Cherubins of carued worke, and ouerlayed them with golde:
11 and the length on the wynges of the Cherubins, so that one wynge had fyue cubytes, and touched the wall of the house: and the other wynge had fyue cubytes also, and touched the wynge of the other Cherub.
12 Euen so had one wynge of the other Cherub fyue cubites likewyse, and touched the wall of the house: and his other wynge had fyue cubites also, and touched the wynge of the other Cherub:
13 so that these wynges of the Cherubins were spred out twentye cubites wyde. And they stode vpo their fete, and their face was turned to the house warde.
14 He made a vayle also of yalow sylke, scarlet, purple and lynworke, and made Cherubins theron.
15 And before the house he made two pilers fyue and thirtie cubites longe, and the knoppes aboue theron, fyue cubytes.
16 And he made throwne worke for the quere, and put it aboue vpon the pilers: and made an hundreth pomgranates, and put them on the wrythren worke.
17 And he set vp the pilers before the temple, the one on the righte honde, and the other on the lefte: and that on the righte honde called he Iachin, and it on the lefte honde called he Boos.

Chapter 4

1 He made a brasen altare also, twentye cubytes longe, and twentye cubytes brode, and ten cubites hye.
2 And he made a molten lauer ten cubites wyde fro the one syde to the other rounde aboute, and fyue cubytes hye. And a metelyne of thirtie cubites mighte comprehende it aboute.
3 And ymages of Bullockes were vnder it. And aboute the lauer (which was ten cubites wyde) there were two rowes of knoppes, yt were molten withall.
4 It stode so vpon the bullockes, that thre were turned towarde the north, thre towarde the west, thre towarde the south, and thre towarde the east, and the lauer aboue vpon them, and all their hynder partes were on the ynsyde.
5 The thicknesse of it was an handbredth, and the edge of it was like the edge of a cuppe, and as a floured rose. And it conteyned thre thousande Batthes.
6 And he made ten kettels, wherof he set fyue on the righte hande and fyue on the lefte, to wasshe in them soch thinges as belonged to the burntofferynge, that they mighte thrust them therin: but ye lauer (made he) for for the prestes to wash in.
7 Ten golden candelstickes made he also as they ought to be, and set them in the temple: fyue on the righte hande, and fyue on the lefte.
8 And made ten tables, and set them in the temple: fyue on the righte hande, and fyue on the lefte. And made an hundreth basens of golde.
9 He made a courte likewyse for the prestes, and a greate courte, and dores in the courte, and ouerlayed ye dores with brasse.
10 And the lauer set he on the righte syde towarde the south east.
11 And Hiram made cauldrous, shouels and basens. So Hiram fynished the worke which he made for kynge Salomon in the house of God:
12 namely the two pilers with the roundels and knoppes aboue vpon both the pilers, and both the wrythen ropes to couer both the roundels of ye knoppes aboue vpo the pilers,
13 and the foure hundreth pomgranates on both the wrythe ropes, two rowes of pomgranates on euery rope, to couer the roundels of the knoppes that were aboue vpon the pilers.
14 He made the stoles also and ye kettels vpon the stoles,
15 and a lauer, and twolue bullockes there vnder.
16 And pottes, shouels, fleshokes, and all their vessels made Hiram Abif of pure metall for kynge Salomon vnto the house of the LORDE.
17 In the coaste of Iordane dyd the kynge cause them to be molten in thicke earth betwene Suchoth and Zaredatha.
18 And Salomon made all these vessels which were so many, that the weight of ye metall was not to be soughte out.
19 And Salomen made all the ornamentes for the house of God: namely, the golden altare, the tables and the shewbreds theron,
20 the candelstickes with their lampes of pure golde, to burne before the Quere acordinge to the maner:
21 and the floures and the lampes and the snoffers were of golde, all these were of pure golde.
22 And the knyues, basens, spones and pottes, were of pure golde. And the intraunce and his dores within vnto the Most holy, and the dores of the house of the temple were of golde.

Chapter 5

1 Thus was all ye worke fynished, which Salomon made in the house of the LORDE. And Salomon broughte in all yt his father Dauid had sanctified, namely, syluer and golde, and all maner of ornamentes, and layed them in the treasures of the house of God.
2 The gathered Salomon all the Elders in Israel together, all ye heades of the trybes, prynces of the fathers amoge the childre of Israel vnto Ierusale, to brynge vp the Arke of the couenaunt of the LORDE out of the cite of Dauid, that is Sion.
3 And there resorted vnto the kynge all the men in Israel at the feast, that is in the seuenth moneth,
4 and all ye Elders in Israel came. And ye Leuites toke the Arke,
5 & broughte it vp with the Tabernacle of witnesse, and all the holy vessels that were in the Tabernacle: and ye prestes and Leuites broughte them vp.
6 As for kynge Salomon and all the cogregacion of Israel that was gathered vnto him before the Arke, they offred shepe and oxen, so many, that no man coulde nombre ner reken them.
7 Thus the prestes broughte the Arke of ye couenaunt of the LORDE vnto hir place in to the quere of the house, euen in to ye Most holy vnder the wynges of the Cherubins,
8 so that the Cherubins spred out their wynges ouer the place of the Arke: and the Cherubins couered the Arke and the staues therof from aboue.
9 And the staues were so longe, yt the knoppes of them were sene from the Arke before the quere, but on the outsyde were they not sene. And it was there vnto this daye.
10 And there was nothinge in the Arke, saue the two tables, which Moses put therin at Horeb, whan the LORDE made a couenaunt with the childre of Israel, what tyme as they were departed out of Egipte.
11 And whan the prestes wente out of the Sanctuary (for all ye prestes that were founde, sanctified them selues, because the courses were not kepte)
12 the Leuites with all those that were vnder Asaph, Heman, Iedithun and their children and brethren, beynge clothed in lynnen, songe with Cymbales, psalteries and harpes, and stode towarde the east parte of the altare, and an hundreth & twentye prestes with them, which blewe wt trompettes.
13 And it was, as yf one dyd trompet and synge, as though a voyce had bene herde of praysinge and geuynge thankes vnto the LORDE. And whan the voyce arose from ye trompettes, cymbales and other instrumentes of musick, and from praysinge the LORDE (because he is gracious, and because his mercy endureth for euer) the house of the LORDE was fylled on the ynsyde with a cloude,
14 so yt the prestes coulde not stonde to mynister for the cloude: for the glory of the LORDE fylled the house of God.

Chapter 6

1 Then sayde Salomon: The LORDE sayde, that he wolde dwell in a darck cloude:
2 I haue buylded an house to be an habitacion vnto the: & a seate, yt thou mayest dwell there for euer.
3 And the kynge turned his face, and blessed all the congregacion of Israel: for the whole cogregacion of Israel stode,
4 & he sayde: Praysed be the LORDE God of Israel, which promysed by his mouth vnto my father Dauid, and with his hande hath fulfylled it, wha he sayde:
5 Sece the tyme that I broughte my people out of the londe of Egipte, I haue chosen no cite in all ye trybes of Israel, to buylde an house for my name to be there, nether haue I chosen eny man to be prynce ouer my people of Israel.
6 But Ierusalem haue I chosen, for my name to be there: & Dauid haue I electe, to be prynce ouer my people of Israel.
7 And whan my father Dauid was mynded to buylde an house vnto the name of the LORDE God of Israel,
8 the LORDE sayde vnto Dauid my father: Where as thou wast mynded to buylde an house vnto my name, thou hast done well:
9 howbeit thou shalt not buylde the house, but thy sonne which shall come out of thy loynes, shal buylde the house vnto my name.
10 Thus hath ye LORDE now perfourmed his worde, that he spake: for I am come vp in my father Dauids steade, and syt vpon the seate of Israel, euen as the LORDE sayde, & haue buylded an house vnto the name of ye LORDE God of Israel,
11 & in it haue I put ye Arke, wherin is the couenaunt of ye LORDE, which he made with the childre of Israel.
12 And he stode before the altare of the LORDE in the presence of the whole congregacion of Israel, and spred out his handes:
13 for Salomon had made a brasen pulpit, and set it in the myddes of the courte, fyue cubites longe, and fyue cubites brode, and thre cubites hye: vpon the same stode he, and fell downe vpon his knees in the presence of the whole cogregacion of Israel, and helde out his handes towarde heaue
14 and sayde: O LORDE God of Israel, there is no god like the, nether in heauen ner vpon earth, thou that kepest couenaunt and mercy for thy seruauntes, that walke before the with all their hert.
15 Thou hast kepte promes wt my father Dauid thy seruaunt: With thy mouth thou saydest it, and with thy hande hast thou fulfylled it, as it is come to passe this daye.
16 Now LORDE God of Israel, make good vnto my father Dauid yi seruaunt, that which thou hast promysed him, & sayde: Thou shalt not want a man before me, to syt vpon the seate of Israel: yf thy children kepe their waye, so yt they walke in my lawe, like as thou hast walked before me:
17 Now LORDE God of Israel, let yi worde be verified, which thou hast promysed vnto Dauid thy seruaunt.
18 For thinkest thou that God in very dede dwelleth amonge men vpon earth? Beholde, the heauen and ye heauens of all heauens maye not coteyne the: how shulde then this house do it, which I haue buylded?
19 But turne the vnto the prayer of thy seruaunt, and to his supplicacio (O LORDE my God) that thou mayest heare the thankesgeuynge and prayer, which thy seruaunt maketh before the,
20 so that thine eyes be open ouer this house daye and night, euen ouer this place (wherin thou saydest thou woldest set thy name) that thou mayest heare the prayer, which thy seruaunt shall make in this place.
21 Heare now therfore the intercession of thy seruaunt and of thy people of Israel, what so euer they shall desyre in this place: heare thou it from the place of thy habitacion, eue from heauen: and whan thou hearest it, be mercifull.
22 Whan eny ma synneth agaynst his neghboure, and an ooth be put vpon him which he ought to sweare, and the ooth commeth before thine altare in this house,
23 then heare thou from heauen, and se yt thy seruaunt haue righte, so that thou rewarde the vngodly, and recopence him his waye vpon his awne heade, and to iustifye the righteous, and to geue him acordinge to his righteousnes.
24 Whan thy people of Israel is smytte before their enemies (whyle they haue synned agaynst the) and yf they turne vnto the, and knowlege thy name, and make their prayer and intercession before the in this house,
25 then heare thou them from heauen, and be mercifull vnto the synne of thy people of Israel, & brynge them agayne into the londe, yt thou hast geuen them and their fathers.
26 Whan the heauen is shut vp, so that it rayne not (for so moch as they haue synned agaynst the) and yf they make their prayer in this place, and knowlege thy name, and turne from their synnes (whan thou hast brought them lowe)
27 heare thou them then in heauen, and be mercifull vnto the synne of thy seruauntes, and of thy people of Israel, that thou mayest teach them the good waye wherin they shulde walke, and let it rayne vpon thy londe which thou hast geuen thy people to possesse.
28 Whan a derth, or pestilence, or drouth, or blastinge, or greshopper or catirpiller, is in the londe: Or whan their enemye layeth sege to their portes in the lode, or whan eny other plage or disease happeneth,
29 who so euer the maketh his prayer or peticion amonge eny maner of men, or amonge all thy people of Israel, yf eny man fele his plage and disease, and spredeth out his handes vnto this house,
30 heare thou then from heauen, euen from ye seate of thy habitacion, and be mercifull: and geue euery man acordinge to all his wayes, in so moch as thou knowest his hert (for thou onely knowest the hert of the children of men)
31 that they maye feare the, and allwaye walke in thy wayes, as longe as they lyue in the londe, which thou hast geuen vnto oure fathers.
32 And whan eny straunger which is not of thy people of Israel, commeth out of a farre countre because of thy greate name, and mightie hande, and out stretched arme, and commeth to make his prayer in this house,
33 heare thou him then from heaue, euen from the seate of thy habitacion: and do all for ye which that straunger calleth vpo the, that all the nacions vpon earth maye knowe thy name, and feare the, as thy people of Israel do: and that they maye knowe, how yt this house which I haue buylded, is named after thy name.
34 Whan thy people go forth to ye battayll agaynst their enemies, the waye that thou shalt sende them, and shall praye vnto the towarde the waye of this cite which thou hast chosen, and towarde the house that I haue buylded vnto thy name,
35 heare thou the their prayer and peticion from heauen, and helpe them to their righte.
36 Whan they synne agaynst the (for there is no man that synneth not) and thou be wroth at them, and geue them ouer before their enemyes, so that they cary them awaye captyue in to a countre farre or nye,
37 and yf they turne within their hertes in the londe where they are presoners, and so conuerte, and make their intercession vnto the in the londe of their captiuyte, and saye: We haue synned, and done amysse, and haue bene vngodly:
38 and so turne them selues vnto ye with all their hert and with all their soule in the londe of their captiuyte, wherin they are presoners: and make their prayer towarde the waye of their owne londe, which thou gauest vnto their fathers, and towarde the cite which thou hast chosen, and towarde the house that I haue buylded vnto thy name:
39 then heare thou their prayer and supplicacion from heauen, euen from the seate of thy dwellynge, and helpe them to their righte, and be mercifull vnto thy people that haue synned agaynst the.
40 My God, let thine eyes now be ope, and let thine eares geue hede vnto prayer in this place.
41 Aryse now O LORDE God vnto thy restinge place, thou and the Arke of thy strength. Let thy prestes O LORDE God be clothed with health, and let thy sayentes reioyse ouer this good.
42 LORDE God, turne not awaye the face of thine anoynted: thinke vpon the mercies of thy seruaunt Dauid.

Chapter 7

1 And wha Salomo had ended his praier, there fell a fyre from heauen, and cosumed the burntofferynge and the other offeringes. And the glory of the LORDE fylled the house,
2 so that ye prestes coulde not go in to the house of the LORDE, while ye glory of the LORDE filled ye LORDES house.
3 And all the children of Israel sawe the fyre fall downe, and the glory of the LORDE ouer the house: and they fell on their knees wt their faces to the grounde vpon the pauement, and worshipped, and gaue thankes vnto the LORDE, because he is gracious, and because his mercy endureth for euer.
4 As for the kynge and all the people, they offred before the LORDE.
5 For kynge Salomon offred two and twetye thousande bullockes, and an hundreth thousande and twentye thousande shepe, & so both the kynge and all the people dedicated the house of God.
6 But the prestes stode in their watches, & the Leuites with the musicall instrumentes of the LORDE, which kynge Dauid had caused to make for to geue thankes vnto the LORDE, (because his mercy endureth for euer) wt psalmes of Dauid thorow their hande. And the prestes blewe trompettes ouer agaynst them, and all Israel stode.
7 And Salomon halowed the myddelmost courte, which was before the house of the LORDE, for there prepared he the burntofferynges and the fat of the slayne offeringes: for the brasen altare that Salomon made, might not conteyne all the burntofferinges, meatofferynges, and the fat.
8 And at the same tyme helde Salomon a feast seuen daies longe, and all Israel with him a very greate congregacion, from Hemath vnto the ryuer of Egipte,
9 and on the eight daye helde he a conuocacion. For the dedicacion of the altare helde they seuen daies, and the feast seuen dayes also.
10 But on the thre and twentyeth daye of the seuenth moneth he let the people go vnto their tentes ioyfull and with mery hertes because of all the good, that the LORDE had done vnto Dauid, vnto Salomo, and to his people of Israel.
11 Thus fynished Salomo the house of ye LORDE, and the kinges house, and all yt came in his hert to make in the house of the LORDE, and in his awne house, prosperously.
12 And the LORDE appeared vnto Salomon in the nighte season, and sayde vnto him: I haue herde thy prayer and chosen this place vnto my selfe for an house of sacrifyce.
13 Beholde, whan I shut the heaue so yt it raine not, or commaunde the greshopper to cosume the londe, or cause a pestilence to come amonge my people,
14 to humble my people, which is named after my name: and yf they praye, and seke my face, and turne from their euell wayes, the wyl I heare them from heauen, and wyll forgeue their sinne, and heale their londe.
15 So shal myne eyes now be open, and myne eares shal be attente vnto prayer in this place.
16 Thus haue I now chosen this house, and sanctifyed it, that my name maye be there for euer: and myne eyes and my hert shal allwaye be there.
17 And yf thou walke before me, as thy father Dauid walked, so that thou do all that I commaunde the, and kepe myne ordinauces and lawes,
18 then wyll I stablishe the seate of thy kyngdome, acordynge as I promysed thy father Dauid, and sayde: Thou shalt not wante a man to be lorde ouer Israel.
19 But yf ye turne backe, and forsake myne ordynaunces and commaundemetes which I haue layed before you, and so go youre waye, and serue other goddes, and worshippe them,
20 the wyll I rote you out of my londe that I haue geuen you: and this house which I haue sanctifyed vnto my name, wil I cast awaye out of my presence, and geue it ouer to be a byworde and fabell amoge all nacions.
21 And euery one that goeth by, shall be astonnyed at this hye house, and shall hysse at it, and saye: Wherfore hath the LORDE dealte thus with this londe and with this house?
22 Then shall it be sayde: Euen because they haue forsaken the LORDE God of their fathers (which brought them out of the londe of Egipte) & haue cleued vnto other goddes, & worshipped them, and serued the: therfore hath he brought all this euell vpon the.

Chapter 8

1 And after twentye yeares (wherin Salomon buylded the house of the LORDE and his awue house)
2 he buylded the cyties also which Hiram gaue vnto Salomon, and caused the children of Israel to dwell therin.
3 And Salomon wente vnto Hemath Zoba, and made it stronge,
4 and buylded Thadmor in the wyldernes, and all the cornecyties which he buylded in Hemath.
5 He buylded the vpper and lower Bethoron likewyse, so that they were stronge cities wt walles, portes and barres.
6 And Baelath, and all the cornecites which Salomon had, and all the cities of the charettes and of the horse men, and all that Salomon had lust to buylde, both at Ierusalem and vpon Libanus, and in all the londe of his domynion.
7 All the remnaunt of the people of the Hethites, Amorites, Pheresites, Heuites and Iebusites, which were not of the children of Israel,
8 and their children which they had lefte behynde them in the londe, (whom the children of Israel had not vtterly destroied) those dyd Salomon make trybutaries vnto this daye.
9 As for the children of Israel, Salomon made no bondmen of them vnto his worke, but they were men of warre, and chefe captaynes, and ouer his charettes & horsmen.
10 And the chefe of kynge Salomons officers were two hundreth and fyftie, which ruled the people.
11 And Salomon caused Pharaos doughter to be fetched vp out of the cite of Dauid, in to the house that he had bnylded for her: for he sayde: My wyfe shall not dwell in the house of Dauid the kynge of Israel, for it is sanctifyed, in as moch as ye Arke of the LORDE is come in to it.
12 Then offred Salomon burntofferynges vnto the LORDE vpon the LORDES altare, which he had buylded before the porche,
13 euery one vpon his daye to offre after the comaundement of Moses, on the Sabbathes, Newmones & at the appoynted seasons of the yeare, euen thre tymes, namely in ye feast of vnleuended bred, in the feast of wekes, & in the feast of Tabernacles.
14 And he set the prestes in ordre to their ministracion acordynge as Dauid his father had appoynted, and the Leuites in their offyces, to geue thankes and to mynister in the presence of the prestes, euery one vpon his daye. And the dorekepers in their courses, euery one at his dore, for so had Dauid the ma of God commaunded.
15 And they departed not from the kynges commaundement ouer the prestes and Leuites in euery matter and in the treasures.
16 Thus was all Salomons busynesse made ready, from the daye that the foundacion of the LORDES house was layed, tyll it was fynished, so that the house of the LORDE was all prepared.
17 Then wente Salomon vnto Ezeon Geber, and vnto Eloth by the See syde in the londe of Edomea.
18 And Hiram sent him shippes by his seruauntes which had knowlege of the See, and they wente with Salomos seruauntes vnto Ophir, and fetched from thence foure hundreth and fyftye talentes of golde, and broughte it vnto kynge Salomon.

Chapter 9

1 And whan the quene of rich Arabia herde the fame of Salomon, she came with a very greate tryne to Ierusalem (with Camels that bare spyces and golde, and precious stones) to proue Salomon with darke sentences. And whan she came vnto Salomon, she spake vnto him all that she had deuysed in hir mynde.
2 And the kynge tolde her all hir matters, & Salomon had nothinge in secrete, but he tolde it her.
3 And whan the Quene of riche Arabia sawe the wysdome of Salomon, and ye house that he had buylded,
4 the meates of his table, the dwellinges of his seruauntes, ye offices of his mynisters and their garmentes, & his butlers and their apparell, and his parler where he wente vp in to the house of the LORDE, she coulde no longer refrayne.
5 And she sayde vnto the kynge: It is true that I haue herde in my londe of thy behaueoure and of thy wysdome:
6 howbeit I wolde not beleue their wordes, tyll I came my selfe, & sawe it with myne eyes: and beholde, the halfe of thy greate wysdome hath not bene tolde me: there is more in ye then the fame that I haue herde.
7 Happye are thy men, and happie are these thy seruauntes, yt allwaye stonde before the, and heare thy wysdome.
8 Praysed be the LORDE thy God, which had soch pleasure vnto the, that he hath set the vpon his seate to be kynge vnto the LORDE thy God. Because thy God loueth Israel, to set them vp for euer, therfore hath he ordeyned ye to be kynge ouer them, that thou shuldest mayntayne iustice and equyte.
9 And she gaue ye kynge an hundreth and twentye talentes of golde, & very moch spyce & precious stones. There were no mo soch spyces as these that the Quene of riche Arabia gaue vnto kynge Salomo.
10 And Hirams seruauntes and the seruauntes of Salomon, which broughte golde from Ophir, broughte costly tymber also & precious stones.
11 And of the same costly tymber dyd Salomon cause to make stares in the house of the LORDE, and the kynges house, and harpes and psalteries for the Musicians. There was no soch tymber sene before in the londe of Iuda.
12 But kynge Salomon gaue the Quene of riche Arabia all that she desyred and axed, & moch more then she had broughte vnto the kynge. And she returned, and departed into hir londe with hir seruauntes.
13 The golde that was broughte vnto Salomon in one yeare, was sixe hundreth and sixe and thre score talentes,
14 besydes that ye chapmen and marchauntes broughte. And all the kynges of the Arabians, and the lordes in ye londe broughte golde and syluer vnto Salomon.
15 Of the which kynge Salomon made two hundreth speares of beaten golde, so yt sixe hundreth peces of beaten golde came vpo one speare:
16 & thre hundreth shildes of beaten golde, so that thre hundreth peces of beaten golde came to one shylde: and the kynge put the in the house of the wod of Libanus.
17 And the kynge made a greate seate of Yuery, and ouerlaied it with pure golde:
18 and the seate had sixe steppes, and a fotestole of golde festened vnto the seate, and it had two leanynge postes vpon both the sydes of the seate,
19 and two lyons stode beside the leanynge postes, and there stode twolue Lions vpo the syxe steppes on both the sides. In all realmes hath not soch one bene made.
20 And all kynge Salomons drynkynge vessels were of golde, and all the vessels of the house of the wod of Libanus, were of pure golde: for syluer was rekened nothinge in Salomons tyme.
21 For the kynges shippes wente vpon the See with the seruauntes of Hira, & came once in thre yeare, and brought golde, syluer, Yuery, Apes and Pecockes.
22 Thus was kynge Salomon greater then all the kynges vpon earth, in riches and wisdome.
23 And all the kynges of ye earth desired (to se) Salomons face, and to heare his wysdome, which God had geuen him in his hert.
24 And they brought him yearly euery ma his present: Iewels of siluer and golde, raymet, harnesse, spyces, horses and Mules.
25 And Salomon had foure thousande charethorses, and twolue thousande horsmen, and put them in the charetcities, and with the kynge at Ierusalem.
26 And he was lorde ouer all the kynges from the water vnto the londe of the Philistynes, and to the coaste of Egipte.
27 And the kynge brought it so to passe, that there was as moch syluer at Ierusalem as stones: and as many Ceders, as there were Molbery trees in the valleys.
28 And there were horses broughte vnto him out of Egipte, and out of all countres.
29 What more there is to saye of Salomon, both of his first and of his last, beholde, it is writte in the Cronicles of the prophet Nathan, and in the prophecies of Ahia of Silo, & in ye actes of Ieddi the Seer against Ieroboa ye sonne of Nebat.
30 And Salomo reigned at Ierusale ouer all Israel fortie yeares.
31 And Salomon fell on slepe wt his fathers, & was buried in the cyte of Dauid his father. And Roboa his sonne was kige i his steade.

Chapter 10

1 Roboam wente vnto Sichem: for all Israel was come vnto Sichem: to make him kinge.
2 And whan Ieroboa the sonne of Nebat herde that, which was in Egipte (whither he was fled for kynge Salomon) he came agayne out of Egipte.
3 And they sent for him and called him. And Ieroboam came with all Israel, and spake to Roboam, and sayde:
4 Thy father made or yocke greuous: make thou lighter now ye harde bondage of thy father, and ye heuy yocke that he layed vpon vs, and we wyll submytte oure selues vnto the.
5 He sayde vnto them: Come to me agayne ouer thre dayes. And ye people wente their waye.
6 And Roboam the kynge axed coucell at the Elders, which had stonde before Salomon his father whyle he lyued, and he sayde: What is youre councell, that I maye geue this people an answere?
7 They spake vnto him, and sayde: Yf thou be louynge vnto this people, and deale gently with them, and geue them good wordes, then shal they allwaye be obedient vnto the.
8 Neuerthelesse he forsoke the councell of the Elders that they had geuen him, and toke councell at ye yonge men which were growne vp wt him, and stode before him.
9 And he sayde vnto the: What is youre councell, that we maye answere this people, which haue spoken vnto me, and saide: Make oure yock lighter, yt thy father layed vpon vs?
10 The yongemen yt were growne vp with him, spake vnto him, and sayde: Thus shalt thou saye vnto the people, that haue talked with the & spoken: Thy father made oure yock to heuy, make thou or yock lighter, Thus shalt thou saye vnto them: My litle finger shalbe thicker then my fathers loynes.
11 Yf my father hath layed an heuy yock vpon you, I wyl make youre yock the more. My father chastened you wt scourges, but I wyl beate you with scorpions.
12 Now whan Ieroboam and all the people came to Roboam on the thirde daye (acordynge as ye kinge sayde: Come to me againe on the thirde daie)
13 the kynge gaue the an harde answere. And Roboa the kynge forsoke ye councell of the Elders,
14 & spake vnto the after ye yonge mens councell, & sayde: Yf my father haue made yor yock to heuy, I wil make it yet heuyer. My father chastened you wt scourges, but I wyl beate you wt scorpios.
15 Thus the kynge folowed not ye peoples minde: for so was it determyned of God, yt ye LORDE might stablishe his worde, which he spake by Ahia of Silo, vnto Ieroboa ye sonne of Nebat.
16 But whan all Israel sawe that the kynge wolde not consente vnto them, ye people answered the kynge, and sayde: What porcion haue we then in Dauid, or inheritauce in the sonne of Isai? Let euery man of Israel get him to his tent. Loke thou now to thy house Dauid. And all Israel wente vnto their tentes,
17 so that Roboam reigned but ouer the children of Israel that dwelt in the cities of Iuda.
18 And Roboam sent forth Adoram the rentgatherer, but the children of Israel stoned him to death. And kynge Roboa strengthed himselfe vpon his charet, to flye vnto Ierusalem.
19 Thus fell Israel awaie fro the house of Dauid vnto this daye.

Chapter 11

1 And whan Roboam came to Ierusalem, he gathered together the house of Iuda and BenIamin (euen an hudreth and foure score thousande chosen men of armes) to fyghte agaynst Israel, that they mighte brynge the kyngdome agayne vnto Roboam.
2 But ye worde of the LORDE came to Semaia the man of God, and sayde:
3 Speake to Roboam the sonne of Salomon kynge of Iuda, and to all Israel yt are in Iuda and BenIamin, and saye:
4 Thus sayeth the LORDE: Ye shal not go vp, ner fyght agaynst youre brethren: let euery man go home agayne, for this is my dede. They herkened vnto the wordes of ye LORDE, and wete not forth agaynst Ieroboa.
5 As for Roboa, he dwelt at Ierusalem, and buylded vp the stronge cities in Iuda,
6 namely Bethlee, Etan, Tekoa,
7 Bethzur, Socho, Adulla,
8 Gath, Maresa, Siph,
9 Adoraim, Laches, Aseka,
10 Zarega, Aialon, and Hebron (which were the fensed cities in Iuda and BenIamin)
11 & he made them stronge, and set prynces therin, & prouyded them of vytayles, oyle and wyne,
12 and in all cities prepared he shildes and speares, and made them very stronge. And Iuda and BenIamin were vnder him.
13 The Prestes and Leuites also came vnto him out of Israel and from all the borders therof,
14 And lefte their suburbes & possession, and came to Iuda vnto Ierusalem: for Ieroboam and his sonnes expelled them, that they shulde not execute the offyce of ye presthode vnto ye LORDE.
15 But for himselfe he fouded prestes to ye hye places, & to feldedeuels & calues, which he caused to make.
16 And after them came there men out of all the trybes of Israel, which gaue ouer their hertes to seke ye LORDE God of Israel, & came to Ierusale for to offre vnto the LORDE God of their fathers.
17 And so strengthed they ye kingdome of Iuda, and matayned Roboam the sonne of Salomon thre yeare longe: for they walked in ye waye of Dauid & Salomon thre yeares.
18 And Roboam toke Mahelath ye doughter of Ieremoth ye sonne of Dauid to wife, & Abihail the doughter of Eliab ye sonne of Isai,
19 which bare him these sonnes: Ieus, Semaria & Saham.
20 After her toke he Maecha the doughter of Absalom, which bare him Abia, Athai Sisa and Selomith.
21 But Roboam loued Maecha the doughter of Absalom better then all his wyues & concubynes: for he had eightene wyues and thre score cocubynes, and begat eight & twentye sonnes, and thre score doughters.
22 And Roboam set Abia the sonne of Maecha to be heade and prynce amonge his brethren: for he thoughte to make him kynge:
23 for he was wyse, & more mightie then all his sonnes in all the countrees of Iuda & Ben Iamin, and in all the stronge cities. And he gaue them plenteousnes of fode, and desyred many wyues.

Chapter 12

1 Bvt wha the kyngdome of Roboam was confirmed and stablyshed, he forsoke the lawe of the LORDE & all Israel with him.
2 And in the fyfth yeare of Roboam wete Sisack the kynge of Egipte vp agaynst Ierusalem (for they had transgressed agaynst the LORDE)
3 with a thousande and two hundreth charettes, and with thre score thousande horsmen, and the people were innumerable that came with him out of Egipte, Libya, Suchim & out of Ethiopia,
4 and he wanne the stroge cities that were in Iuda, and came to Ierusalem.
5 Then came Semaia ye prophet vnto Roboam and to ye rulers of Iuda (which were gathered together at Ierusalem for Sisack) & sayde vnto them: Thus sayeth ye LORDE: Ye haue lefte me, therfore haue I lefte you also in Sisacks hande.
6 The the rulers in Israel with the kynge submytted them selues, and sayde: The LORDE is righteous.
7 But wha the LORDE sawe yt they hubled them selues, ye worde of the LORDE came to Semaia, & sayde: They haue humbled them selues, therfore wyl I not destroye them, but I wyl geue them a litle delyueraunce, that my indignacion fall not vpon Ierusalem by Sisack:
8 for they shalbe subdued vnto him, yt they maye knowe what it is to serue me, & to serue the kyngdomes of the worlde.
:9 Thus wete Sisack the kynge of Egipte vp to Ierusalem, & toke the treasures in the house of the LORDE, & the treasures in the kynges house, and caried all awaye, and toke the shyldes of golde that Salomon caused to make:
10 in steade wherof kynge Roboa made shyldes of stele, and commytted the vnto the chefe fotemen, which kepte the dore of the kynges house.
11 And as oft as the kynge wente in to the house of the LORDE, ye fote men came & bare them, & brought them againe in to ye fote mens chaber.
12 And for so moch as he submytted himselfe, ye wrath of ye LORDE turned fro him, so that all was not destroied: for there was yet some good in Iuda.
13 Thus was Roboam the kinge stablished in Ierusalem, and reigned. One and fortye yeare olde was Roboam wha he was made kynge, and reigned seuentene yeare at Ierusalem in the cite, which the LORDE had chosen out of all the trybes of Israel, to set his name there. His mothers name was Naema an Ammonitisse:
14 and he did euell, and prepared not his hert to seke the LORDE.
15 These actes of Roboam, both fyrst and last, are wrytten in the actes of Semaia the prophet, & of Iddo the Seer, and are noted, & so are the warres that Roboam and Ieroboam had together as longe as they lyued.
16 And Roboam fell on slepe with his fathers and was buryed in the cite of Dauid, & Abia his sonne was kynge in his steade.

Chapter 13

1 In the eightenth yeare of kynge Ieroboam, was Abia kynge in Iuda,
2 & reigned thre yeare at Ierusalem. His mothers name was Michaia the doughter of Vriel of Gibea. And there was warre betwene Abia and Ieroboam.
3 And Abia prepared himselfe to the battayll with foure hudreth thousande stronge chosen men of warre. But Ieroboam made himselfe ready to fight agaynst him wt eight hundreth thousande chosen men of strength.
4 And Abia gatt him vp vpon the hyll Zemaraim, which lyeth vpon mount Ephraim and sayde: Herken vnto me thou Ieroboam and all Israel:
5 Knowe ye not that the LORDE God of Israel hath geuen Dauid ye kyngdome of Israel for euer, vnto him and his sonnes with a Salt couenaunt?
6 But Ieroboa the sonne of Nebat, the seruaunt of Salomon Dauids sonne, gat him vp & fell awaye from his lorde.
7 And there resorted vnto him vagaboundes and children of Belial, and haue strengthed them selues against Roboa the sonne of Salomo: for Roboam was but yonge and of a fearfull hert, and coulde not resiste them.
8 Now thinke ye to set youre selues against the kyngdome of the LORDE amonge the sonnes of Dauid, for so moch as there is so greate a multitude of you, and haue ye golden calues yt Ieroboam made for goddes.
9 Haue ye not expelled the prestes of the LORDE the children of Aaron and the Leuites? and haue made you prestes of youre awne, euen as the people of the londes? Who so euer commeth to fyll his hande with a yonge bullocke and seuen rammes, shal be preste vnto them that are not goddes.
10 But with vs is ye LORDE oure God, who we forsake not: and the prestes that minister vnto the LORDE, the children of Aaron and the Leuites in their busines,
11 and euery mornynge and euery euenynge kyndle they the burntofferynges vnto the LORDE, and the swete incense, and prepare the shewbred vpo the pure table, and the golden candilsticke with his lampes, to be kyndled euery euenynge: for we wayte vpo the LORDE oure God. As for you, ye haue forsaken him.
12 Beholde, God is the captayne of oure hoost, and with vs are his prestes, and the blowynge trompettes, to trompe agaynst you. Ye children of Israel, fight not agaynst the LORDE God of yor fathers: for ye shal not prospere.
13 Neuertheles Ieroboam made a preuy watch on euery syde, to come vpon them behynde, so that they were before Iuda, and ye preuy watch behynde.
14 Now wha Iuda turned them, beholde, there was battayll before the & behynde. Then cryed they vnto ye LORDE, & the prestes tromped with the trompettes,
15 & wha euery man in Iuda gaue a shoute, God plaged Ieroboam and Israel before Abia and Iuda.
16 And the children of Israel fled before Iuda, and God gaue them in to their handes,
17 so that Abia & his people dyd a greate slaughter vpon them, and there fell wounded of Israel fyue hundreth thousande chosen men.
18 Thus were the children of Israel subdued at that tyme, but the children of Iuda were comforted, for they put their trust in ye LORDE God of their fathers.
19 And Abia folowed vpon Ieroboam, and wanne cities fro him, Bethel with the vyllages therof, Iesana wt hir vyllages, and Ephron with the villages therof,
20 so that Ieroboam came nomore to strength, as longe as Abia lyued. And the LORDE smote him that he dyed.
21 Now whan Abia was strengthed, he toke fourtene wyues, and begat two and twentye sonnes and sixtene daughters.
22 What more there is to saye of Abia, and of his wayes and his doynges, it is wrytten in the storye of the prophet Iddo.

Chapter 14

1 And Abia fell on slepe with his fathers, and they buryed him in ye cite of Dauid: and Asa his sonne was kynge in his steade. In his tyme was the londe in rest ten yeares.
2 And Asa dyd that which was good & right in the sighte of the LORDE his God,
3 and put awaye the straunge altares, and the hye places, and brake the pilers, and hewed downe the groues,
4 and sayde vnto Iuda, that they shulde seke the LORDE God of their fathers, and to do after ye lawe and commaundementes.
5 And the hye places and ymages put he awaye out of all the cities of Iuda: and the kyngdome had rest before him.
6 And he builded stroge cities in Iuda, whyle the londe was in quietnes, & whyle there was no warre agaynst him in the same yeares: for ye LORDE gaue him rest.
7 And he sayde vnto Iuda: Let vs buylde vp these cities, and fense them rounde aboute with walles and towres, with portes and barres, while the londe is yet with vs: for we haue soughte the LORDE oure God, and he hath geuen vs rest on euery syde. So they buylded, and it wente prosperously with the
8 And Asa had an hoost of me which bare shildes & speares, out of Iuda thre C. thousande, and out of BenIamin two hudreth and foure score thousande, that bare shyldes & coulde shute wt bowes, and all these were mightie stronge men.
9 But Serah the Moryan came out against the wt an hoost of a thousande times a thousande, and with thre hundreth charettes, and came vnto Maresa.
10 And Asa wente forth agaynst him. And they prepared them selues to the battayll in the valley Zephata beside Maresa.
11 And Asa called vpon ye LORDE his God and sayde: LORDE, it is no differece wt ye, to helpe by fewe or by many. Helpe vs O LORDE oure God: for oure trust is in the, & in thy name are we come forth against this multitude. LORDE oure God, let no man preuayle agaynst the.
12 And the LORDE smote the Morias before Asa and before Iuda, so that they fled.
13 And Asa with ye people that was by him, folowed vpon them vnto Gerar. And the Morias fell, so that none of them remained alyue, but were smytten before the LORDE and before his hoost. And they caried exceadinge moch spoyle from thence.
14 And he smote all the cyties aboute Gerar, for a fearfulnesse of the LORDE came vpon them. And they spoyled all the cities, for there was moch spoyle in them.
15 They smote the tentes of the catell also, and toke many shepe and Camels, and came agayne to Ierusalem.

Chapter 15

1 And the sprete of God came vpo Asarias the sonne of Obed,
2 which wente forth to Asa, and sayde vnto him: Heare me Asa and all Iuda & Ben Iamin: The LORDE is with you, whyle ye are with him: and yf ye seke him, he wylbe founde of you. But yf ye forsake him, he shal forsake you also.
3 Neuertheles there shal be many dayes in Israel, that there shalbe no true God, no prest to teach, & no lawe.
4 And whan they turne in their trouble vnto the LORDE God of Israel, and seke him, he shalbe founde.
5 At that tyme shall it not be well with him that goeth out and in: for there shal be greate vproures vpon all them yt dwell on the earth.
6 For one people shall all to smyte another, & one cite another: for God shal vexe them wt all maner of trouble.
7 But be ye stronge, and let not youre handes be feble: for youre worke hath his rewarde.
8 Whan Asa herde these wordes, and the propheciege (of Asarias the sonne) of Obed the prophet, he toke a corage vnto him, and put awaye the abhominacions out of all ye londe of Iuda and Ben Iamin, and out of the cities that he had wonne vpon mount Ephraim: and renued the LORDES altare, which stode before the porche of the LORDE.
9 And all Iuda and Ben Iamin gathered them selues together, and the straungers with them out of Ephraim, Manasses and Simeon: for there fell many vnto him out of Israel, whan they sawe that the LORDE his God was with him.
10 And they resorted vnto Ierusalem in the thirde moneth of the fyftenth yeare of the reigne of Asa,
11 and the same daye offred they vnto the LORDE of the spoyle that they had broughte, seuen hudreth oxen, and seuen thousande shepe.
12 And they entred in to ye couenaunt, that they wolde seke the LORDE God of their fathers, with all their hert and with all their soule.
13 And who so euer wolde not seke ye LORDE God of Israel, shulde dye, both small & greate, both man and woman:
14 and they sware vnto the LORDE with loude voyce, with shoutinge, with trompettes and with shawmes.
15 And all Iuda were glad ouer the ooth: for they had sworne with all their hert, and they soughte him with a whole wyll: and he was founde of them, and the LORDE gaue them rest on euery syde.
16 And Asa ye kynge put downe his mother from the mynistracion, that she had founded in the groue vnto Miplezeth. And Asa roted out hir Miplezeth, and beate it in sunder, and brent it by the broke Cedron.
17 But the hye places were not put downe out of Israel. Yet was the hert of Asa perfecte as longe as he lyued.
18 And loke what his father had halowed, and that he him selfe had halowed, he broughte it in to ye house of God, syluer, golde and ornametes.
19 And there was no warre vnto the fyue and thirtieth yeare of the reigne of Asa.

Chapter 16

1 In the sixe and thirtieth yeare of ye reigne of Asa, wente Baesa the kynge of Israel vp agaynst Iuda, and buylded Rama, to let Asa the kynge of Iuda, yt he shulde not go out and in:
2 But Asa toke forth the treasure in the house of the LORDE, and the syluer and golde in the kynges house, and sent it vnto Benadad ye kynge of Syria, which dwelt at Damascon, and caused to saye vnto him:
3 There is a couenaunt betwene me and the, betwene my father and thy father, therfore haue I sent ye syluer and golde, that thou mayest breake ye couenaunt with Baesa the kynge of Israel, that he maye departe fro me,
4 Benadad herkened vnto kynge Asa, and sent his hoost agaynst the cities of Israel, which smote Eion, Dan and Abel Maim, and all the corne cities of Nephtali.
5 Whan Baesa herde that, he lefte of from buyldinge Rama, and ceassed from his worke.
6 But kynge Asa toke all Iuda vnto him, and caried awaye ye stones and tymber (wherwith Baesa buylded) and he buylded Geba & Mizpa withall.
7 At the same tyme came Hanani the Seer vnto Asa the kynge of Iuda, and sayde vnto him: Because thou hast trusted vnto the kynge of Syria, and not put thy trust in the LORDE thy God, therfore is the power of the kynge of Syria escaped thy hade.
8 Were not the Moryans and Lybians a greate multitude with exceadinge many charettes and horsmen? Yet gaue the LORDE them in to thy hande, whan thou dyddest put thy trust in him:
9 for the eyes of the LORDE loke rounde aboute all londes, to strength them yt are in him with all their hert. Thou hast done vnwysely, therfore shalt thou haue warre from hece forth.
10 But Asa was wroth at ye Seer, and put him in preson: for he murmured with him ouer this thinge. And Asa oppressed certayne of the people at ye same tyme.
11 These actes of Asa both first and last, beholde, they are wrytten in the boke of ye kynges of Iuda & Israel.
12 And Asa was diseased in his fete in the nyne and thirtieth yeare of his reigne, and endured ther ouer. Nether soughte he the LORDE in his sicknesse, but trusted vnto Phisicians.
13 Thus fell Asa on slepe with his fathers, & dyed in the one and fortieth yeare of his reigne,
14 & was buried in his awne sepulcre which he had caused to be grauen for him selfe in the cite of Dauid. And they layed him vpon his bed, which was fylled with swete odoures & all maner of spyces (made after ye Apotecaries craft) and made a very greate burnynge.

Chapter 17

1 And Iosaphat his sonne was kynge in his steade, & waxed mightie against Israel.
2 And he put men of warre in all the stronge cities of Iuda, and set officers in the londe of Iuda, and in the cities of Ephraim, which Asa his father had wonne.
3 And the LORDE was wt Iosaphat: for he walked in the olde wayes of his father Dauid, & soughte not Baalim,
4 but the God of his father, & walked in his commaundementes, & not after the workes of Israel:
5 therfore dyd the LORDE stablyshe the kyngdome in his hade. And all Iuda gaue presentes vnto Iosaphat, & he had greate riches & worshippe.
6 And whan his hert was coraged in the wayes of the LORDE, he put downe styll the hye places and groues out of Iuda.
7 In the thirde yeare of his reigne sent he his prynces, Benhail, Obadia, Zacharias, Nethaneel & Michaia, to teach in the cities of Iuda:
8 & with them the Leuites: Semaia, Nethania, Sebadia, Asahel, Semiramoth, Ionathan, Adonia, Tobia & Tob Adonia, & with them ye prestes Elisama & Ioram.
9 And they taughte in Iuda, & had the boke of the lawe of ye LORDE wt them, & wente aboute in all ye cities of Iuda, & taughte the people.
10 And the feare of the LORDE came vpon all ye kyngdomes in the countrees that laye aboute Iuda, so yt they foughte not agaynst Iosaphat.
11 And the Philistynes broughte presentes and trybute of syluer vnto Iosaphat. And the Arabians broughte him seuen thousande and seuen hundreth rammes, and seuen thousande and seuen hundreth he goates.
12 Thus increased Iosaphat, & grewe euer greater. And he buylded castels and corne cities in Iuda.
13 And dyd moch in the cities of Iuda, and had valeaunt and mightie men at Ierusalem.
14 And this was ye ordinaunce thorow out the house of their fathers, which were rulers ouer the thousandes in Iuda. Adna a captayne, & wt him were thre hudreth thousande mightie men.
15 Nexte vnto him was Iohanan ye chefe, and with him were two hundreth and foure score thousande.
16 Nexte him was Amasia the sonne of Sichri the fre wyllinge of ye LORDE, and with him were two hundreth thousande valeaunt men.
17 Of the children of Ben Iamin was Eliada a mightie man, and with him were two hundreth thousande ready with bowes and shyldes.
18 Nexte vnto him was Iosabad, and with him were an hundreth and foure score thousande harnessed men of warre.
19 All these wayted vpon the kynge, besydes those that the kynge had layed in the stroge cities thorow out all Iuda.

Chapter 18

1 And Iosaphat had greate riches and worshippe, and made frendshippe wt Achab.
2 And after two yeares wente he downe to Achab vnto Samaria. And Achab caused many shepe and oxe to be slayne for him and for ye people that were with him. And he counceled him to go vp vnto Ramoth in Gilead.
3 And Achab the kynge of Israel sayde vnto Iosaphat the kynge of Iuda: Go with me vnto Ramoth in Gilead. He sayde vnto him: I am as thou, and my people as thy people, we wyll go with the vnto the battayll.
4 But Iosaphat sayde vnto the kynge of Israel: Axe councell (I praye the) this daye at the worde of the LORDE.
5 And the kynge of Israel gathered the prophetes together, euen foure hundreth men, & saide vnto them: Shal we go to the battayll vnto Ramoth in Gilead, or shal I let it alone? They sayde: Go vp, God shal delyuer it into the kynges hade.
6 But Iosaphat sayde: Is there not yet one prophet of the LORDE here, yt we maye axe at him?
7 The kynge of Israel sayde vnto Iosaphat: There is yet one man, at whom we maye axe of ye LORDE: but I hate him, for he prophecieth me no good, but allwaye euell, namely Micheas the sonne of Iemla. Iosaphat sayde: Let not the kynge saye so.
8 And the kynge of Israel called one of his chamberlaynes, & sayde: Brynge hither soone Micheas the sonne of Iemla.
9 And the kynge of Israel, and Iosaphat the kynge of Iuda, sat either of them vpon his seate, arayed in their garmentes. Euen in the place at the dore of the porte of Samaria sat they, and all ye prophetes prophecied before them.
10 And Sedechias the sonne of Cnaena had made him hornes of yron, and sayde: Thus sayeth the LORDE: With these shalt thou pusshe at the Syrians, tyll thou brynge them to naughte.
11 And all the prophetes prophecied likewyse, & sayde: Go vp vnto Ramoth in Gilead, and thou shalt prospere, and ye LORDE shal delyuer it in to the kynges hande.
12 And the messaunger that wente to call Micheas, spake vnto him, and sayde: Beholde, ye wordes of the prophetes are with one acorde good before the kynge: let thy worde (I praye the) be as one of theirs, and speake thou good also.
13 But Micheas sayde: As truly as the LORDE lyueth, loke what my God sayeth vnto me, yt wyl I speake.
14 And whan he came to the kynge, the kynge sayde vnto him: Micheas, shulde we go vnto Ramoth in Gilead to the battayll, or shulde we let it alone? He saide: Go vp, and ye shal prospere. It shal be geue you in youre handes.
15 But ye kynge sayde vnto him: I charge ye yet agayne, that thou tell me nothinge but ye trueth in the name of the LORDE.
16 Then saide he: I sawe all Israel scatered abrode vpo the mountaynes, as the shepe yt haue no shepherde. And the LORDE sayde: Haue these no lorde? Let euery one turne home agayne in peace.
17 The sayde the kynge of Israel vnto Iosaphat: Dyd not I tell the, yt he wolde prophecie me no good, but euell?
18 And he sayde: Therfore heare ye the worde of the LORDE: I sawe the LORDE syt vpon his seate, and all the hoost of heauen stondinge at his righte hande & at his lefte.
19 And the LORDE sayde: Wo wyll disceaue Achab the kynge of Israel, that he maye go vp & fall at Ramoth in Gilead? And whan one sayde thus, another so,
20 there came forth a sprete, and stode before ye LORDE, and sayde: I wyl disceaue him. The LORDE sayde vnto him: Wherwith?
21 He sayde: I wyll go forth, and be a false sprete in the mouth of all his prophetes. And he sayde: Thou shalt disceaue him, and shalt be able: go thy waye, and do so.
22 Beholde now, the LORDE hath geuen a false sprete in the mouth of all these thy prophetes, and the LORDE hath spoke euell agaynst the.
23 Then stepte forth Sedechias the sonne of Cnaena, and smote Micheas vpon the cheke, and sayde: Which waye is the sprete of ye LORDE departed fro me, to speake thorow the?
24 Micheas sayde: Beholde, thou shalt se it, whan thou commest in to ye ynmost chamber to hyde the.
25 But the kynge of Israel sayde: Take Micheas, and let him remayne wt Amon the ruler of the cite, and with Ioas the sonne of Melech,
26 and saye: Thus sayeth the kynge: Put this man in preson, and fede him wt bred and water of trouble, tyll I come agayne in peace.
27 Micheas saide: Yf thou commest agayne in peace, then hath not the LORDE spoken thorow me. And he sayde: Herken to all ye people.
28 So the kynge of Israel, and Iosaphat ye kynge of Iuda wente vp vnto Ramoth in Gilead.
29 And ye kynge of Israel sayde vnto Iosaphat: Chaunge thy clothes, and come to the battayll in thine araye. And ye kynge of Israel chaunged his rayment, & came in to the battayll.
30 But the kynge of Syria had commaunded the rulers of his charettes: Ye shal fighte nether agaynst small ner greate, but onely agaynst the kynge of Israel.
31 Now whan the rulers of the charrettes sawe Iosaphat, they thoughte: It is ye kynge of Israel, and they wete aboute to fighte agaynst him. But Iosaphat cryed, and the LORDE helped him. And God turned them from him:
32 for whan the rulers of the charettes sawe that it was not ye kynge of Israel, they turned back from him.
33 But a certayne man bended his bowe harde, & shot the kynge of Israel betwene the mawe and the longes. The sayde he vnto his charet man: Turne thine hade, and cary me out of the hoost, for I am wounded.
34 And the battayll was sore the same daye. And the kynge of Israel stode vpon his charet agaynst the Syrians vntyll the euenynge, and dyed wha the Sonne wente downe.

Chapter 19

1 Bvt Iosaphat the kynge of Iuda came home agayne in peace vnto Ierusalem.
2 And Iehu ye sonne of Hanani the Seer wete forth to mete him, & sayde vnto kynge Iosaphat: Shuldest thou so helpe the vngodly, and loue them that hate the LORDE? And for this cause is ye wrath vpo the from the LORDE:
3 neuertheles there is some good founde in the, that thou hast put the groues out of the londe, and hast prepared thine hert to seke God.
4 So Iosaphat abode at Ierusalem. And he wente agayne amonge the people, from Berseba vnto mout Ephraim, and broughte them agayne to the LORDE God of their fathers.
5 And he set Iudges thorow out the londe, in all the stronge cities of Iuda, and a certayne in euery cite.
6 And sayde vnto the Iudges: Take hede what ye do: for ye execute not the iudgment of man, but of the LORDE, and he is with you in iudgmet:
7 therfore let the feare of the LORDE be with you, and bewarre, and do it: for with the LORDE oure God there is no vnrighteousnes, ner respecte of personnes, ner acceptinge of giftes.
8 And at Ierusalem dyd Iosaphat ordeyne certayne of the Leuites and prestes, and of the awnciet fathers of Israel for ye iudgment of the LORDE, and ouer the matter of the lawe, and caused them to dwell at Ierusalem,
9 and commaunded them, and sayde: Se that ye do thus in the feare of the LORDE, in faithfulnes & in a perfect hert.
10 In all causes that come vnto you from youre brethren (which dwell in their cities) betwene bloude and bloude, betwene lawe and commaundement, betwene statutes and ordinaunces ye shal enforme them, yt they synne not against the LORDE, and so the wrath to come vpon you and youre brethren. Do thus, and ye shal not offende.
11 Beholde, Amaria the prest is chefe ouer you in all causes of ye LORDE: so is Sabadia the sonne of Ismael prynce in the house of Iuda in all the kynges matters: Ye haue officers likewyse the Leuites before you. Take a good corage vnto you, and be doynge, and the LORDE shalbe with the good.

Chapter 20

1 After this came the childre of Moab, the children of Ammon, and certayne of Amanim wt them, to fighte against Iosaphat.
2 And they came and tolde Iosaphat, and sayde: There cometh a greate multitude agaynst the from beyonde the See of Syria, & beholde, they are at Hazezon Thamar, that is Engaddi.
3 And Iosaphat was afrayed, & set his face to seke ye LORDE, & caused a fast to be proclamed in all Iuda.
4 And Iuda came together to seke the LORDE. And out of all ye cities of Iuda came they to seke the LORDE.
5 And Iosaphat stode amoge ye cogregacion of Iuda & Ierusalem in the house of ye LORDE before the new courte,
6 and sayde: O LORDE God of oure fathers, art not thou God in heauen, and hast domynion in all the kyngdomes of the Heythen? And in thy hande is strength and power, and there is no man that can withstode the.
7 Hast not thou or God expelled the inhabiters of this londe before thy people of Israel? and hast geue it vnto the sede of Abraham thy louer for euer?
8 so that they haue dwelt in it, & haue buylded the a Sanctuary vnto yi name therin, and sayde:
9 Yf there come eny plage, swerde, iudgmet, pestilence, or derth vpon vs, we wyll stonde before this house euen before the (for thy name is in this house) and wyll crye vnto the in oure trouble, and thou shalt heare, and shalt saue vs.
10 Beholde now, the children of Ammon, of Moab, & they of mount Seir, vpon whom thou woldest not suffre the children of Israel to go, whan they wente out of the londe of Egipte, but they were fayne to departe from the, and not to destroye them:
11 and beholde, they deale contrarely with vs, and come to thrust vs out of the inheritaunce, that thou hast geuen vs in possession.
12 O oure God, wylt thou not iudge them? For in vs is no strength to withstonde this greate multitude that commeth agaynst vs. We knowe not what we shulde do, but oure eyes loke vnto the.
13 And all Iuda stode before the LORDE, with their children, wyues and sonnes.
14 But vpon Iehasiel the sonne of Zacharias, the sonne of Benaia, the sonne of Iehiel, the sonne of Mathania the Leuite of ye children of Assaph, came the sprete of the LORDE in the myddes of the congregacion,
15 and sayde: Geue hede all thou Iuda, and ye inhabiters of Ierusalem, and thou kynge Iosaphat: Thus sayeth the LORDE vnto you: Be not ye afrayed, nether feare ye this greate multitude: for it is not ye that fighte, but God.
16 Tomorow shal ye go downe vnto the. And beholde, they go vp by Sis, and ye shal fynde them at the reed see by the broke before the wyldernes of Ieruel:
17 for ye shall not fighte in this cause. Do ye but steppe forth, and stonde, and se the health of the LORDE that is with you. Feare not O Iuda and Ierusalem, and be not afrayed, tomorow go ye forth agaynst them, and the LORDE shalbe with you.
18 The Iosaphat bowed him selfe wt his face to the earth, & all Iuda, & the inhabiters of Ierusalem fell before the LORDE, & worshipped the LORDE.
19 And the Leuites of ye childre of the Kahathites & of the children of the Corahites arose to prayse the LORDE God of Israel wt loude voyce on hye.
20 And they gat them vp early in ye mornynge, and wete forth by the wyldernesse of Thekoa. And whan they were goynge out, Iosaphat stode, & sayde: Herke vnto me O Iuda, & ye indwellers of Ierusale: Put youre trust in the LORDE yor God, & ye shal be safe: and geue credence vnto his prophetes, & ye shall prospere.
21 And he gaue councell vnto ye people, and appoynted the syngers vnto ye LORDE, and them that gaue prayse in the bewtye of holynes to go before the harnessed me, & to saye: O geue thankes vnto the LORDE, for his mercy endureth for euer.
22 And whan they beganne to geue thankes and prayse, the LORDE caused the hynder watch that was come agaynst Iuda, to come vpon the childre of Ammon, Moab & them of mount Seir, and they smote them.
23 Then stode the children of Ammon & Moab agaynst them of mount Seir, to damne them, and to destroye them. And whan they had destroyed them of mount Seir, one helped another to destroye them selues also.
24 And whan Iuda came to Mispa vnto the wyldernes, they turned them towarde the multitude, and beholde, the deed bodies laye vpo the earth, so that none was escaped.
25 And Iosaphat came with his people to deuyde the spoyles of them. And they founde amonge them so moch goodes and rayment and precious Iewels (which they toke from them) that they coulde not beare them. And thre dayes were they deuydinge the spoyle, for it was so moch.
26 On the fourth daye came they together into the valley of blessynge: for there blessed they the LORDE. Therfore is the place called the valley of blessinge vnto this daye.
27 So euery man of Iuda & Ierusalem turned back agayne, & Iosaphat before them, to go to Ierusale with ioye: for ye LORDE had geuen them gladnesse on their enemies.
28 And they entred in to Ierusalem with psalteries, harpes & trompettes vnto the house of the LORDE.
29 And there came a feare of God ouer all the kyngdomes in the londes, whan they herde that the LORDE had foughte agaynst ye enemies of Israel.
30 Thus was ye kyngdome of Iosaphat in quyetnes, & God gaue him rest on euery syde.
31 And Iosaphat reigned ouer Iuda, & was fyue & thirtie yeare olde whan he was made kynge, & reigned fyue & twentye yeare at Ierusalem. His mothers name was Asuba the doughter of Silhi
32 And he walked in the waye of his father Asa, & departed not asyde from doynge yt which was righte in the sighte of the LORDE:
33 sauynge that ye hye places were not put downe, for the people had not yet prepared their hert to the God of their fathers.
34 What more there is to saye of Iosaphat, both the first & the last, beholde, it is wrytten in the actes of Iehu ye sonne of Hanani, which he noted vp in the boke of the kynges of Israel.
35 Afterwarde dyd Iosaphat the kynge of Iuda agree wt Ahasia the kynge of Israel, which was vngodly in his doynges.
36 And he agreed with him to make shippes, for to go vpon the see. And they made the shippes at Ezeon Gaber.
37 But Elieser the sonne of Dodana of Maresa prophecied agaynst Iosaphat, and sayde: Because thou hast agreed with Ahasia, therfore hath the LORDE broken thy workes. And so ye shippes were broken, & mighte not go vpon the See.

Chapter 21

1 And Iosaphat fell on slepe wt his fathers, & was buried wt his fathers in the cite of Dauid, & Ioram his sonne was kynge in his steade.
2 And he had brethre the sonnes of Iosaphat: Asaria, Iehiel, Zacharias, Asaria, Michael & Sephatia. All these were the children of Iosaphat kynge of Iuda.
3 And their father gaue them many giftes of syluer, golde & Iewels, wt stronge cities in Iuda. But the kyngdome gaue he vnto Ioram: for he was the first borne.
4 But whan Ioram came vp ouer his fathers kyngdome, & had gotten the power of it, he slewe all his brethre with the swerde, & certayne rulers also in Israel.
5 Two & thirtie yeare olde was Ioram whan he was made kynge, & reigned eight yeare at Ierusale,
6 & walked in the waye of ye kynges of Israel, euen as the house of Achab dyd (for Achabs doughter was his wife) & he dyd that which was euell in the sighte of the LORDE.
7 Neuertheles ye LORDE wolde not destroie the house of Dauid, for the couenauntes sake, which he made wt Dauid, and acordinge as he had sayde, yt he wolde geue him and his children a lanterne for euermore.
8 At ye same tyme fell ye Edomites awaye from Iuda, and made a kynge ouer them selues:
9 for Ioram had gone ouer with his captaynes and all the charettes with him, & had gotten him vp in the night season, and slayne the Edomites on euery syde, and the rulers of the charettes:
10 therfore fell ye Edomites awaye from Iuda vnto this daye. At ye same tyme fell Lybna awaye from him also: because he forsoke the LORDE God of his fathers.
11 He made hye places also on the mountaynes in Iuda, & caused them of Ierusale to go awhorynge, and disceaued Iuda.
12 But there came a wrytinge vnto him fro the prophet Elias, sayenge: Thus sayeth the LORDE God of thy father Dauid: Because thou hast not walked in the wayes of thy father Iosaphat, nether in ye wayes of Asa the kynge of Iuda,
13 but walkest in the waye of the kynges of Israel, and makest Iuda and them of Ierusalem to go awhorynge after the whordome of the house of Achab, and hast slayne thy brethren also of thy fathers house, which were better the thou.
14 Beholde, the LORDE shal smyte the wt a greate plage on thy people, on thy children & thy wyues, and on all thy substaunce.
15 But thou thy selfe shalt haue moch sicknesse in thy bowels, tyll thy bowels go forth from daye to daye for very disease.
16 So ye LORDE raysed vp agaynst Ioram, the sprete of the Philistynes, & Arabians, which lye besyde the Morians,
17 and they wente vp in to Iuda, and waysted it, and caried awaye all the substaunce that was founde in the kynges house, & his sonnes, and his wyues, so yt there was not one sonne lefte him, saue Ioahas his yogest sonne.
18 And after all this dyd ye LORDE smyte him in his bowels, with soch a sicknesse as coulde not be healed.
19 And whyle that endured from daye to daye, whan the tyme of two yeares was expyred, his bowels wente from him wt his sicknesse, and he dyed in euell diseases. And they made not a burninge ouer him, as they dyd vnto his fathers.
20 Two and thirtie yeare olde was he wha he was made kynge, and reigned eight yeare at Ierusale, and walked not well. And they buried him in the cite of Dauid, but not amoge the sepulcres of the kynges.

Chapter 22

1 And they of Ierusalem made Ochosias his yogest sonne kynge in his steade: for the men of warre that came wt the hoost of the Arabians, had slayne all ye first, therfore reigned Ochosias the sonne of Ioram kynge of Iuda.
2 Two and fortye yeare olde was Ochosias whan he was made kynge, and reigned one yeare at Ierusalem. His mothers name was Athalia the doughter of Amri.
3 And he walked also in ye wayes of the house of Achab: for his mother entysed him so yt he was vngodly.
4 Therfore dyd he euell in ye sighte of the LORDE, euen as ye house of Achab: for they were his councell geuers after his fathers death, to destroye him, and he walked after their councell.
5 And he wente with Ioram the sonne of Achab kynge of Israel, to the battayll vnto Ramoth in Gilead, agaynst Hasael the kynge of Syria. But the Syrias smote Ioram,
6 so yt he turned back to be healed at Iesreel: for he had woundes that were geuen him at Rama, whan he foughte with Hasael the kynge of Syria. And Asarias the sonne of Ioram kynge of Iuda wete downe to vyset Ioram ye sonne of Achab at Iesreel, which laye sicke:
7 For it was ordeyned of God vnto Ochosias, that he shulde come to Ioram, & so to go forth with Ioram agaynst Iehu ye sonne of Nimsi, whom the LORDE had anoynted to rote out the house of Achab.
8 Now whan Iehu wolde be aueged of ye house of Achab, he founde certayne rulers of Iuda, and ye childre of Ochosias brethren which serued Ochosias, and he slewe them.
9 And he soughte Ochosias, and they ouertoke him, wha he had hyd him at Samaria: & he was broughte vnto Iehu, which slewe him, and they buried him, for they sayde: He his the sonne of Iosaphat, which soughte ye LORDE with all his hert. And there was no man more of the house of Ochosias that mighte be kynge.
10 Whan Athalia the mother of Ochosias sawe yt hir sonne was deed, she gat hir vp, & destroyed all the kynges sede in the house of Iuda.
11 But Iosabeath ye kynges sister toke Ioas ye sonne of Ochosias, and stale him awaye fro amonge the kynges childre yt were slayne, & put him with his norse in a chamber. Thus Iosabeath kynge Iorams douhgter, the wyfe of Ioiada the prest, hyd him from Athalia, so yt he was not slayne: for she was Ochosias sister.
12 And he was hyd with them in the house of God sixe yeares, for so moch as Athalia was quene in the londe.

Chapter 23

1 Bvt in the seuenth yeare was Ioiada bolde, and toke the rulers ouer hundreds: namely Asaria ye sonne of Ieraham, Ismael ye sonne of Iohanan, Asaria ye sonne of Obed, Maeseia ye sonne of Adaia, and Elisaphat ye sonne of Sichri with him, into the couenaunt:
2 and they wente aboute in Iuda, and broughte ye Leuites together out of all the cities of Iuda, and the chefe fathers of Israel, to come vnto Ierusalem.
3 And all the cogregacion made a couenaunt with the kynge in the house of God, and he sayde vnto them: Beholde, the kynges sonne shal be kynge, eue as the LORDE spake cocernynge the children of Dauid.
4 This is it therfore yt ye shal do: The thirde parte of you that entre on the Sabbath, shalbe amonge the prestes & Leuites, which are dorekepers at the thresholdes:
5 & one thirde parte in the kynges house, and one thirde parte at the grounde porte. But all the people shalbe in the courtes of the house of the LORDE,
6 and that no man go in to the house of the LORDE, excepte the prestes and Leuites that mynister there, they shal go in: for they are halowed. And let all ye people wayte vpon the LORDE.
7 And the Leuites shal get them rounde aboute ye kynge, euery one with his weapen in his hande. And who so els goeth in to ye house, let him dye. And they shall be wt the kynge wha he goeth out & in.
8 And the Leuites & all Iuda dyd as Ioiada ye prest had commaunded, and euery one toke his men that entred on the Sabbath, wt those yt wente of on the Sabbath: for Ioiada ye prest suffred not those two companies to parte asunder.
9 And Ioiada ye prest gaue the captaynes ouer hundreds speares & shyldes, and kynge Dauids weapens, which were in the house of God,
10 and set all the people euery one wt his weapen in his hande, from the righte corner of the house, vnto the lefte corner of the altare, and to the house warde aboute the kynge.
11 And they broughte forth the kynges sonne, & set the crowne vpon his heade, and gaue them the wytnesse, & made him kynge. And Ioiada wt his sonnes anoynted him, & sayde: God saue the kynge.
12 But whan Athalia herde the noyse of ye people yt ranne together and praysed ye kynge, she wente forth to the people in to ye house of the LORDE,
13 and loked: and beholde, ye kynge stode in his place at ye intraunce, and the rulers and trompettes aboute ye kynge: and all the people of the londe were glad, & blewe the trompes, and there were syngers yt coulde playe wt all maner of musicall instrumentes. But she rete hir clothes, & sayde: Sedicion, sedicion.
14 Neuertheles Ioiada ye prest gat him forth with the captaynes ouer hundreds and rulers of the hoost, and sayde vnto them: Brynge her forth betwene ye walles, & who so euer foloweth her, shal be slayne with ye swerde: for the prest had comaunded, that she shulde not be slayne in ye house of the LORDE.
15 And they layed handes on her. And whan she came at the intraunce of the horsgate of the kynges house, they put her to death there.
16 And Ioiada made a couenaunt betwene him and all the people, and the kynge, yt they shulde be the people of the LORDE.
17 The wete all the people in to the house of Baal, and destroyed it, & brake downe his altares & ymages, & slewe Mathan the prest of Baal before the altare.
18 And Ioiada appoynted ye officers in the house of the LORDE amoge the prestes & Leuites whom Dauid had ordeyned for ye house of the LORDE, to offre burntsacrifices vnto ye LORDE, as it is wrytten in the lawe of Moses: wt ioye & songes made by Dauid.
19 And ye porters set he at ye gates of ye house of ye LORDE, yt none shulde entre, which were defiled wt eny maner of thinge.
20 And he toke the captaynes ouer hudreds and the mightie men and lordes of ye people, and all the people of the londe, and brought the kinge downe from the house of the LORDE, and broughte him thorow the hye porte of the kynges house, and caused the kinge sit vpon the seate royall.
21 And all the people of the lode were glad, and the cite was at rest. But Athalia was slayne with the swerde.

Chapter 24

1 Ioas was seuen yeare olde whan he was made kynge, and reigned fortie yeare at Ierusale. His mothers name was Zibea of Berseba.
2 And Ioas dyd that which was right in the sight of the LORDE, as longe as Ioiada the prest lyued.
3 And Ioiada gaue him two wiues, & he begat sonnes & doughters.
4 Afterwarde deuysed Ioas to renue the house of the LORDE,
5 & gathered together the prestes and Leuites, & sayde vnto the: Go forth vnto all the cities of Iuda, & gather the money of all Israel, to repayre ye house of God yearly, and do it righte soone: but the Leuites made no haist.
6 Then the kynge called Ioiada the pryncipall, and sayde vnto him: Why lokest thou not vnto the Leuites, yt they bringe in from Iuda and Ierusalem, the colleccion which Moses the seruaunt of the LORDE appoynted to be gathered amoge Israel for the Tabernacle of witnes?
7 For yt vngodly Athalia & hir sonnes haue waisted the house of God: and all that was halowed for the house of the LORDE, haue they bestowed on Baalim.
8 Then commaunded the kynge to make a chest, and to set it without at the intraunce of the house of the LORDE:
9 & caused it to be proclamed in Iuda and Ierusale, that they shulde bringe in to the LORDE, the colleccio, which Moses the seruaut of God appointed vnto Israel in ye wildernes.
10 The were all ye rulers glad, & so were all ye people, & brought it, and cast it in to the chest, tyll it was full.
11 And whan the tyme was yt the Leuites shulde brynge the Arke at ye kinges comaundement (whan they sawe yt there was moch money therin) then came the kinges scrybe, & he yt was appoynted of the chefe prest, and emptyed the chest, and caried it againe in to his place. Thus dyd they euery daye, so that they gathered moch money together.
12 And ye kinge & Ioiada gaue it vnto ye workmasters of ye house of the LORDE, and they hired masons & carpenters to repayre the house of ye LORDE, and men that coulde worke in yron and brasse, to repayre the house of ye LORDE.
13 And the labourers wrought, so that ye repairinge in ye worke wente forwarde thorow their hande, and they set the house of God in his bewtye, and made it stronge.
14 And whan they had perfourmed this, they brought the resydue of the money before the kynge and Ioiada, wherof there were made vessels for the house of the LORDE, vessels for the ministracion and burntofferinge, spones and ornamentes of golde and siluer. And they offred burntofferynges allwaye in the house of the LORDE, as longe as Ioiada lyued.
15 And Ioiada waxed olde, and had lyued longe ynough, and dyed, & was an hundreth and thirtie yeare olde whan he dyed:
16 and they buried him in the cite of Dauid, amonge the kynges, because he had done good vnto Israel, and towarde God & his house.
17 And after the death of Ioiada, came the rulers in Iuda, and worshipped the kynge. Then consented the kynge vnto the.
18 And they forsoke the house of the LORDE God of their fathers, and serued ye groues and ymages. Then came ye wrath of the LORDE vpo Iuda and Ierusalem because of this trespace of theirs.
19 Yet sent he prophetes vnto the, yt they shulde turne vnto the LORDE, & they testified vnto the: but they wolde not heare.
20 And the sprete of God came vpon Zachary the sonne of Ioiada the prest, which stode ouer ye people, & sayde vnto the: Thus sayeth God: Wherfore do ye transgresse the comaundementes of the LORDE, which shall not be to yor prosperite: for ye haue forsaken ye LORDE, therfore shal he forsake you.
21 Neuertheles they conspyred agaynst him, & stoned him at ye kynges comaundement in ye courte of the house of the LORDE.
22 And Ioas ye kinge thought not on the mercy yt Ioiada his father had done for him, but slewe his sonne. Notwithstondinge wha he dyed, he sayde: The LORDE shal loke vpon it, and requyre it.
23 And whan the yeare was gone aboute, ye power of the Syrians wente vp, & came to Iuda & Ierusalem, and destroyed the rulers in the people, and sent all the spoiles of them vnto Damascon.
24 For the power of the Syrians came but with a fewe men, yet gaue ye LORDE a very greate power in to their hande: because they had forsaken ye LORDE God of their fathers. They executed iudgment also vpon Ioas.
25 And whan they departed fro him, they lefte him in greate sicknesses. Neuertheles his seruauntes conspyred against him (because of the bloude of the childre of Ioiada the prest) & slewe him vpo his bed, & he dyed, and they buryed him in the cite of Dauid, but not amonge the sepulcres of the kynges.
26 They that conspyred against him, were these: Sabad ye sonne of Simeath the Ammonitisse, and Iosabad the sonne of Simrith the Moabitisse.
27 As for his sonnes, and the summe that was gathered vnder him, and the buyldinge of the house of God beholde, they are wrytten in the storye in the boke of the kynges. And Amasias his sonne was kynge in his steade.

Chapter 25

1 Fyue and twentye yeare olde was Amasias whan he was made kynge, and reigned nyne and twentye yeare at Ierusalem. His mothers name was Ioadan of Ierusalem.
2 And he dyd yt which was right in the sighte of the LORDE, but not wt a whole her.
3 Now whan his kingdome was in stregth, he slewe his seruautes which had slayne the kinge his father.
4 But their childre slewe he not, for so is it wrytten in the boke of the lawe of Moses, where the LORDE comaundeth, and sayeth: The fathers shal not dye for the children, nether shal the children dye for the fathers: but euery one shal die for his awne synne.
5 And Amasias broughte Iuda together, and set them after the fathers houses, after the rulers ouer thousandes & ouer hundreds amonge all Iuda and BenIamin, and nombred them from twentye yeare olde & aboue, and founde of the thre hundreth thousande chosen men, which were able to go forth to the warre, and caryed speares and shyldes.
6 And out of Israel appoynted he an hundreth thousande stronge men of warre for an hundreth talentes of siluer.
7 But there came a man of God vnto him, and sayde: O kynge, Let not the hoost of Israel come wt the: for the LORDE is not with Israel, nether with all the childre of Ephraim.
8 For yf thou commest to shewe yi boldnes in the battaill, God shal make the fall before thine enemies. For God hath power to helpe, and to cause for to fall.
9 Amasias sayde vnto the man of God: What shal be done then with ye hundreth talentes yt I haue geue ye soudyers of Israel? The ma of God sayde: The LORDE hath yet more the this to geue the.
10 So Amasias separated out the men of warre which were come to him out of Ephraim, yt they shulde departed vnto their place. Then waxed their wrath very whote agaynst Iuda, and they wente agayne vnto their place in wrothfull displeasure.
11 And Amasias stregthed himselfe, and caried out his people, and wente forth in to the Salt valley, and smote ten thousande of the children of Seir.
12 And the childre of Iuda toke ten thousande of the alyue, whom they broughte vp to the toppe of a mountayne, and cast the downe headlinges from the toppe of the mount, so that they all to barst in sunder.
13 But ye childre of the men of warre whom Amasias had sent awaye agayne (that they shulde not go to the battayll with his people) fell in to the cities of Iuda, from Samaria vnto Beth Horon, and smote thre thousande of me, and toke moch spoyle.
14 And whan Amasias came agayne from the slaughter of the Edomites, he broughte the goddes of the children of Seir, and made them his goddes, and worshipped before them, & brent incense vnto them.
15 Then was the LORDE very wroth at Amasias, & sent vnto him a prophet, which sayde vnto him: Why sekest thou the goddes of the people, which coulde not delyuer their folke from yi hande?
16 And whan he talked with him, the kynge sayde vnto him: Haue they made ye of the kynges councell? Ceasse, why wilt thou be smytten? Then the prophet ceassed, & sayde: I perceaue, that the LORDE is mynded to destroye ye, because thou hast done this, and herkenest not vnto my councell.
17 And Amasias ye kyuge of Iuda toke coucell, & sent vnto Ioas the sonne of Ioahas ye sonne of Iehu, kynge of Israel, sayege; Come, let vs se one another.
18 But Ioas the kynge of Israel sent vnto Amasias ye kynge of Iuda, sayenge: The hawthorne in Libanus sent vnto ye Cedre tre in Libanus, sayege: Geue thy doughter vnto my sonne to wife. But a wylde beest in Libanus ranne ouer ye hawthorne, & trode it downe.
19 Thou thinkest: Beholde, I haue smytten the Edomites, therfore is thine hert proude to boaste. Now byde at home: why stryuest thou after mysfortune, that thou mayest fall & Iuda wt the?
20 Neuertheles Amasias consented not: for so was it broughte to passe of God, yt they mighte be geuen in to the handes of the enemies, because they soughte the goddes of ye Edomites.
21 Then wente Ioas the kynge of Israel vp, & they sawe one another, he and Amasias the kynge of Iuda, at Beth Semes which lyeth in Iuda.
22 But Iuda was smytte before Israel, and they fled euery one vnto his tent.
23 And Ioas the kynge of Israel toke Amasias ye kynge of Iuda, the sonne of Ioas ye sonne of Ioahas, at Beth Semes, & broughte him to Ierusalem, & brake downe the wall of Ierusale, from ye porte of Ephraim vnto the corner porte, eue foure hundreth cubites longe:
24 and toke with him all the golde, and siluer, and all the ornamentes that were foude in ye house of God with ObedEdom, and in the treasures in the kynges house, and the childre to pledge vnto Samaria.
25 And Amasias the sonne of Ioas kynge of Iuda, liued after the death of Ioas the sonne of Ioahas kynge of Israel fiftene yeare.
26 What more there is to saye of Amasias (both the first and last) beholde, it is written in ye boke of the kynges of Iuda & Israel.
27 And fro the tyme forth that Amasias departed from the LORDE, they conspyred against him at Ierusalem. But he fled vnto Lachis. The sent they after him vnto Lachis, & slewe him there.
28 And they brought him vpo horses & buried him beside his fathers in the cite of Iuda.

Chapter 26

1 Then all the people of Iuda toke Osias, which was syxtene yeare olde, and made him kynge in steade of his father Amasias.
2 He builded Eloth, & broughte it agayne vnto Iuda, after that the kynge was fallen on slepe with his fathers.
3 Sixtene yeare olde was Osias whan he was made kinge, and reigned two and fiftie yeare at Ierusale. His mothers name was Iechalia of Ierusalem.
4 And he did right in the syght of the LORDE, as his father Amasias had done,
5 and soughte God as longe as Zacharias lyued, which taughte in the visyons of God: and as longe as he sought the LORDE, God made him to prospere.
6 For he wente forth, and foughte agaynst the Philistynes, and brake downe ye walles of Gath, and the walles of Iabne, and the walles of Asdod, and buylded cities aboute Asdod, & amonge the Philistynes.
7 For God helped him agaynst the Philistines, against the Arabians, agaynst them of GurBaal, & agaynst the Meunites.
8 And ye Ammonites gaue Osias presentes, & his name came in to Egipte: for he was exceadinge stronge.
9 And Osias buylded towres at Ierusalem vpon the cornerporte, and on the valley gate, and on other corners, and made them stronge.
10 He buylded castels also in the wyldernesse, and dygged many welles: for he had many catell, both in the medewes and in the playnes, husbandmen also and wynegardeners on the mountaynes and on Carmel: for he delyted in husbandrye.
11 And Osias had an hoost of men of warre goynge forth to the battaill, which were nobred vnder the hande of Ieiel the scrybe & of Maesa the offycer, vnder the hade of Hanania of the kynges rulers.
12 And the nombre of the chefe fathers amonge the stronge me of warre, was two thousande and syxe hundreth.
13 And vnder the hande of the hoost thre hundreth thousande, and seuen thousande and fyue hundreth mete for the battayll, in the strength of an armye to helpe the kinge agaynst the enemies.
14 And Osias prepared for all the hoost, shyldes, speares, helmettes, brestplates, bowes and slyngstones.
15 And at Ierusale he made ordinaunce coningly, to be vpon the towres and in the pynnacles, to shute arowes and greate stones. And the fame of him came farre abrode, because he was specially helped, tyll he became mightie.
16 And whan his power was greate, his hert arose to his awne destruccion: for he trespaced agaynst the LORDE his God, and wente in to the temple of the LORDE, to burne incense vpon the altare of incense.
17 But Asarias the prest wente after him, and foure score prestes with him, valeaunt men,
18 and withstode kynge Osias, and saide vnto him: It belongeth not vnto thy offyce (Osias) to burne incense vnto the LORDE, but vnto the prestes belongeth it, euen vnto the children of Aaron, which are halowed to burne incense. Go forth out of the Sanctuary: for thou offendest, and it shall be no worshippe vnto the before God the LORDE.
19 And Osias was wroth, and had a censoure in his hande. And whyle he murmured with the prestes, the leprosy spronge out of his foreheade in the presence of the prestes in the house of the LORDE before the altare of incense.
20 And Asarias the chefe prest turned his heade towarde him, and so dyd all the prestes, and beholde, he was leper in his foreheade. And they put him out from thence. Yee he made haist himselfe to go forth, for his plage came of the LORDE.
21 Thus became Osias ye kynge a leper vnto his death, and dwelt full of leprosye in a fre house: for he was put out of the house of the LORDE. But Ioram his sonne had the ouersight of the kynges house, and iudged the people in the londe.
22 What more there is to saie of Osias (both first and last) Esay the sonne of Amos hath wrytten it.
23 And Osias fell on slepe wt his fathers, and they buryed him with his fathers in the pece of grounde beside ye kynges sepulcres: for they sayde: He is leporous. And Iotham his sonne was kynge in his steade.

Chapter 27

1 Iotham was fyue and twentye yeare olde whan he was made kynge, and reigned sixtene yeare at Ierusalem. His mothers name was Ierusa the daughter of Sadoc:
2 & he dyd righte in the sighte of the LORDE as did Osias his father: sauynge yt he wente not in to the temple of the LORDE, and the people yet marred them selues.
3 He buylded the hye porte of the house of ye LORDE, and on the wall of Ophel buylded he moch,
4 and buylded the cities vpon the mountaynes of Iuda, and in the woddes buylded he castels and towres.
5 And he fought with the kinge of the children of Ammon, and ouer came them, so that the childre of Ammon gaue him ye same yeare an hundreth talentes of siluer, ten thousande quarters of wheate, and ten thousande of barlye. So moch dyd the children of Ammon geue him also in ye seconde & thirde yeare.
6 Thus became Iotham mightye, for he gyded his wayes before the LORDE his God.
7 What more there is to saye of Iotham, & all his warres, vnd his waies, beholde, it is wrytten in ye boke of the kinges of Israel & Iuda.
8 Fyue and twentye yeare olde was he whan he was made kynge, & reigned sixtene yeare at Ierusale.
9 And Iotha fell on slepe wt his fathers, & they buryed him in the cite of Dauid, and Achas his sonne was kynge in his steade.

Chapter 28

1 Achas was twentye yeare olde whan he was made kynge, and reigned sixtene yeare at Ierusalem, and dyd not that which was righte in the sighte of the LORDE, as did Dauid his father,
2 but walked in the wayes of the kinges of Israel, and made molten ymages vnto Baalim,
3 and brent incense in the valley of the children of Hennon, and bret his awne sonnes in ye fire, after the abhominacions of the Heithen, who the LORDE expelled before the childre of Israel.
4 And he dyd sacrifice and brent incense vpon the hye places and vpon the hilles, and amoge all grene trees.
5 Therfore dyd the LORDE his God delyuer him in to the hande of the kynge of Syria, so that they smote him, and caryed awaye a greate multitude of his men presoners, and broughte them to Damascon. He was geuen also vnder the hande of the kynge of Israel, so yt he dyd a greate slaughter vpon him.
6 For Pecah the sonne of Romelia smote in Iuda an hundreth & twentye thousande in one daye (which all were valeaunt men) eue because they had forsaken ye LORDE God of their fathers.
7 And Sichri a mightie ma of Ephraim slewe Maeseia ye kinges sonne, & Asrikam the prynce of the house, & Elkana the nexte vnto the kynge.
8 And the children of Israel caried of their brethren presoners two hundreth thousande, wemen, sonnes and doughters, and toke a greate spoyle from them, and broughte the spoyle vnto Samaria.
:9 But eue there was there a prophet of ye LORDE, whose name was Obed, which wete out to mete ye hoost that came to Samaria, and sayde vnto them: Beholde, because the LORDE God of youre fathers is wroth at Iuda, therfore hath he geuen them ouer in to youre handes: but ye haue slayne them so abhominably, that it is come vnto heaue.
10 Now thinke ye to subdue the children of Iuda and Ierusalem, to be bondmen and bondmaydens vnto you. Is not this a trespace then wt you agaynst the LORDE yor God?
11 Herken now vnto me, and sende ye presoners hence agayne, whom ye haue caried awaye from youre brethren: for the wrath of ye LORDE is fearce ouer you.
12 Then gat vp certayne of the chefe of the children of Ephraim, Asarias the sonne of Iohanan, Barachias the sonne of Mesillemoth, Ezechias the sonne of Sallum, & Amasa ye sonne of Hadlai, agaynst them yt came from ye battayll,
13 & sayde vnto them: Ye shal not brynge the presoners in hither, for youre mynde is but to make vs trespace before the LORDE, to make oure synnes and offences the greater: for the trespace is to moch allready, & the wrath is fearce ouer Israel.
14 So the hoost lefte the presoners & the spoyle before ye rulers and before the whole cogregacion.
15 Then stode vp the men (which now were rehearced by name) and toke the presoners, and as many as were naked amonge them, clothed they with ye spoyles, & deckte them, and put shues vpon their fete, and gaue the to eate and drynke, and anoynted them, and caried them vpon asses (as many as were feble) and broughte them to Iericho to ye Palme cite vnto their brethren, and came agayne to Samaria.
16 At the same tyme sent kynge Achas vnto the kynges of Assur, yt they shulde helpe him.
17 And the Edomites came agayne, and smote Iuda, and caried some awaye captyue.
18 The Philistynes also fell in to the cities in the playne, & towarde ye south parte of Iuda, & wanne Beth Semes, Aialon, Gederoth, and Socho with the vyllages therof, Timna wt the vyllages therof, & Gimso with the vyllages therof, and dwelt therin.
19 For ye LORDE subdued Iuda for Achas sake ye kynge of Iuda, because he made Iuda naked, and rebelled agaynst the LORDE.
20 And Teglatpilnesser the kynge of Assur came agaynst him, and beseged him, & he was not mightie ynough for him.
21 For Achas spoyled the house of the LORDE, and the kynges house, and of the rulers, to geue vnto ye kynge of Assur, but it helped him not.
22 Morouer kinge Achas trespaced yet more against the LORDE euen in his trouble,
23 and dyd sacrifyce vnto the goddes of them of Damascon, which had smitten him, & sayde: The goddes of the kynges of Syria helpe them, therfore wil I offre vnto them, that they maye helpe me also, where as the same yet were a fall vnto him and to all Israel.
24 And Achas gathered the vessels of ye house of God together, and brake the vessels in ye house of God, & shut the dores of the house of ye LORDE, and made him altares in all corners at Ierusalem,
25 and euery where in the cyties of Iuda made he hye places to burne incense vnto other goddes, and prouoked ye LORDE God of his fathers vnto wrath.
26 What more there is to saye of him and of all his wayes (both first and last) beholde, it is wrytten in the boke of the kynges of Iuda and Israel.
27 And Achas fell on slepe with his fathers, and they buried him in ye cite of Ierusalem: for they brought him not amonge the sepulcres of the kynges of Israel. And Ezechias his sonne was kynge in his steade.

Chapter 29

1 Ezechias was fyue & twentye yeare olde whan he was made kynge, & reigned nyne & twentye yeares at Ierusalem. His mothers name was Abia ye doughter of Zachary.
2 And he dyd that which was right in the sight of the LORDE, as did his father Dauid.
3 He opened the dores of ye house of the LORDE in the first moneth of ye first yeare of his raigne, & made them stronge,
4 & brought in the prestes and Leuites, and gathered them together vnto the East streate
5 and sayde vnto them: Herken vnto me ye Leuites, sanctifye youre selues now, yt ye maye halowe the house of the LORDE God of yor fathers, and put fylthines out of the Sanctuary:
6 for oure fathers haue trespaced, and done yt which was euell in the sighte of the LORDE oure God, and haue forsaken him. For they turned their faces from the habitacio of ye LORDE oure God, & turned their backes on it,
7 and shut the dores of the Porche, and put out the lampes, and brent no incense, & offred no burntsacrifyces in the Sanctuary vnto the God of Israel.
8 Therfore is the wrath of the LORDE come ouer Iuda and Ierusalem, and he hath geuen them ouer to be scatred abrode, desolate and to be hyssed at, as ye se with yor eies.
9 For beholde, euen for the same cause fell oure fathers thorow the swerde, oure sonnes doughters and wyues were caryed awaye captyue.
10 Now am I mynded to make a couenaunt with the LORDE God of Israel, yt he maye turne awaie from vs his wrath & indignacion.
11 Now my sonnes, be not ye negligent: for the LORDE hath chosen you to stode before him, and to be his mynisters and to burne incense vnto him.
12 Then rose the Leuites: Mahath the sonne of Amasai, and Ioel the sonne of Asaria of the children of the Kahathites. Of the children of Merari: Cis the sonne of Abdi, & Asaria the sonne of Iehaleleel. Of the children of the Gersonites: Ioah the sonne of Simma, and Eden the sonne of Ioah.
13 And of the childre of Elizaphan: Simri & Ieiel. And of the childre of Assaph: Sachary and Mathama.
14 And of the chidren of Heman: Iehiel and Simei. And of the children of Iedithun: Semaia and Vsiel.
15 And they gathered their brethren together, and were sanctified, and wente in acordinge to the kynges commaundement at the worde of the LORDE, to clense the house of ye LORDE.
16 And the prestes entred within in the house of the LORDE to purifye, and put out all the vnclennes that was founde in the teple of the LORDE, in the courte of the LORDES house: and the prestes toke it vp, and caryed it out in to the broke Cedron.
17 The fyrst daye of the fyrst moneth beganne they to sanctifye them selues, and on the eight daye of the moneth wente they in to the porche of the LORDE, and halowed the house of ye LORDE eight dayes, and fynished it on the sixtenth daye of the fyrst moneth.
18 And they wete in to the kynge Ezechias, and sayde: We haue clensed all the house of the LORDE, the altare of burntofferynges, and all his vessels, the table of the shewbred and all the apparell therof:
19 and all the ornamentes that kynge Achas cast awaye wha he was kynge, what tyme as he transgressed, those haue we prepared and halowed. Beholde, they are before the altare of the LORDE.
20 The the kynge Ezechias gat him vp early, and gathered together the Elders of the cite, and wete vp vnto the house of the LORDE,
21 and they broughte seuen bullockes, seuen rammes, seuen lambes, and seuen he goates to be the synofferynge, for the Sanctuary, & for Iuda. And he spake vnto the prestes the children of Aaron, that they shulde offre vpon the altare of the LORDE.
22 So they slewe the bullockes, and the prestes toke the bloude, and sprenkled it vpon ye altare: and slewe the rammes, and sprenkled the bloude vpon the altare: and slewe the labes, and sprenkled the bloude vpon the altare.
23 And ye goates to ye synofferynge brought they before the kynge and the congregacio, and layed their handes vpon them:
24 and the prestes slewe them, and sprenkled their bloude vpon the altare to make attonemet for all Israel: for the kynge commaunded to offre burntsacrifyces and sinofferinges for all Israel.
25 And he set the Leuites in the house of the LORDE with Cymbales, Psalteries and harpes, as Dauid had commaunded, and Gad the kynges Seer, and the prophet Nathan for it was the commaundement of the LORDE by his prophetes.
26 And the Leuites stode with the musicall instrumentes of Dauid, & the prestes with the trompettes.
27 And Ezechias commaunded them to offre burntsacrifyces vpon the altare. And aboute the tyme that the burntsacrifyce begane to be offred the songe of the LORDE beganne also, and ye trompettes, and dyuerse instrumentes of Dauid the kynge of Israel
28 and all the congregacion gaue praise & thankes: and the songe of the Musicians, and ye blowynge of the trompetters, endured all tyll the burntofferynge was fynished.
29 Now whan the burntofferynge was perfourmed, the kynge and all they that were with him, bowed them selues, and gaue praise and thankes.
30 And Ezechias the kynge wt the rulers commaunded the Leuites to prayse the LORDE with the songes of Dauid and Assaph the Seer. And they gaue prayse tyll they were ioyfull, and they bowed them selues, and worshipped.
31 And Ezechias answered and saide: Now haue ye fylled youre hades vnto the LORDE steppe forth, and brynge hither ye sacrifyces and thankofferynges vnto the house of the LORDE. And the congregacion broughte sacrifyces and thankofferynges, and euery ma of a fre wyllinge hert brought burntofferynges.
32 And the nombre of the burntofferynges that the congregacion broughte, was thre score bullockes and ten, an hundreth rames, and two hundreth lambes, and all these for the burntofferynge vnto the LORDE,
33 and they sanctifyed sixe hundreth bullockes, and thre thousande shepe.
34 But the prestes were to fewe, and coulde not pluck of the skynnes of all the burnt offerynges, therfore toke they their brethren the Leuites, tyll the worke was fynished, and tyll the prestes were halowed (for the Leuites are easier to be halowed then the prestes)
35 and many of the burnt offerynges were with the fat of the thankofferynges and drynkofferynges to the burntsacrifices. Thus was the ministracion of the house of the LORDE prepared.
36 And Ezechias reioysed with all the people, that they were prepared with God: for it was done righte haistely.

Chapter 30

1 And Ezechias sent into all Israel and Iuda, and wrote letters vnto Ephraim and Manasses, that they shulde come to the house of the LORDE at Ierusalem, to kepe easter vnto the LORDE God of Israel.
2 And the kynge helde a councell with his rulers, and all the cogregacion at Ierusalem, to kepe Passeouer in the seconde moneth:
3 for at that tyme they coulde not kepe it, because the prestes were not sanctified ynough, and the people were not yet come together vnto Ierusalem.
4 And it pleased the kynge well and all the cogregacion.
5 And they appointed it to be proclamed thorow out all Israel from Berseba vnto Dan, that they shulde come to kepe Passeouer vnto the LORDE God of Israel: for they were not many to kepe it as it is wrytten.
6 And the postes wente with the letters from the hande of the kynge and of his rulers thorow out all Israell and Iuda, at ye kynges commaundement, and sayde: Ye children of Israel, turne you vnto the LORDE God of Abraham, Isaac and Iacob, and he shal turne to ye escaped, which are lefte ouer amonge you from the hande of the kynge of Assur:
7 and be not ye as youre fathers and brethren, which rebelled agaynst the LORDE God of their fathers, and he gaue the ouer in to desolacion as ye se youre selues.
8 Be not ye hardnecked now as were youre fathers, but offre youre hade vnto the LORDE, and come to his sanctuary, which he hath sanctified for euer, and serue the LORDE youre God, & so shal the indignacion of his wrath turne awaye from you.
9 For yf ye turne vnto the LORDE, then shal youre brethren and children haue mercy in the sighte of them which holde them in captiuyte, that they maye come agayne in to this londe: for the LORDE youre God is gracious and mercifull, and shal not turne awaye his face from you, yf ye conuerte vnto him.
10 And the postes wente from one cite to another in the londe of Ephraim and Manasses, and vnto Zabulon. But they mocked them and laughed them to scorne.
11 Yet were there some of Asser and Manasses, and of Zabulon, that submytted them selues, and came to Ierusalem.
12 And the hande of God came in to Iuda, so that he gaue the one hert to do after the commaundement of the kynge and the rulers at the worde of the LORDE.
13 And there came together vnto Ierusale a greate people, to kepe the feast of vnleuended bred in the seconde moneth, a very greate congregacion.
14 And they gat them vp, and put downe ye altares that were at Ierusalem, and all the incense put they awaye, and cast it in to the broke Cedron,
15 and slewe the Passeouer on the fourtenth daye of the secode moneth. And ye prestes and Leuites were ashamed, and halowed them selues, and broughte the burntofferynges to the house of the LORDE,
16 and stode in their ordinaunce, as it was acordinge, after the lawe off Moses the man of God. And the prestes sprenkled the bloude from the hande of the Leuites:
17 for there were many in the cogregacion which were not sanctified, therfore dyd the Leuites kyll Passeouer for them which were not clensed, that they mighte be sanctified vnto the LORDE.
18 There were many people also of Ephraim, Manasses, Isachar and Zabulon, which were not cleane, but ate the Easter lambe not as it is wrytten: for Ezechias prayed for them, and sayde: The LORDE, which is gracious,
19 shalbe mercifull vnto all them that prepare their hertes vnto God, to seke the LORDE God of their fathers, though they be not clensed after the holy purificacion.
20 And the LORDE herde Ezechias, and healed the people.
21 Thus the children of Israel that were founde at Ierusale, helde ye feast of vnleuended bred seuen dayes with greate ioye. And the Leuites and prestes praysed the LORDE euery daye with the loude instrumentes of the LORDE.
22 And Ezechias spake hertely vnto all ye Leuites, which had good vnderstondinge in the LORDE, and they ate the feast seuen dayes, and offred thakofferynges, and gaue thankes vnto ye LORDE God of their fathers.
23 And all the congregacion deuysed to kepe the feast yet other seue dayes, and so they helde it those seuen dayes also with ioye:
24 for Ezechias the kinge of Iuda gaue an Heueofferynge for the cogregacion, euen a thousande bullockes, and seuen thousande shepe. But the rulers gaue an Heueoffering for ye congregacion, euen a thousande bullockes, and ten thousande shepe. And many of the prestes sanctified them selues.
25 And the whole congregacion of Iuda reioysed, the prestes and Leuites, and all the congregacion that came out of Israel, and the straungers that were come out of the londe of Israel, and they that dwelt in Iuda,
26 and greate ioye was there at Ierusalem: for sence the tyme of Salomon the sonne of Dauid the kynge of Israel, was there no soch (ioye) at Ierusale.
27 And the prestes and Leuites stode vp and blessed the people, and their voyce was herde, and their prayer came in to his holy habitacion in heauen.

Chapter 31

1 And whan all this was fynished, all the Israelites that were founde in ye cities of Iuda, wente out, and brake the pilers, and hewed downe the groues, and brake downe the hye places and altares out of all Iuda, Ben Iamin, Ephraim and Manasses, tyll they had destroyed the. And all the children of Israel wente agayne euery one to his possession vnto their cities.
2 But Ezechias set the prestes and Leuites in their ordinaunces, euery one after his office, both the prestes and Leuites, for the burntsacrifices and thankofferynges, to mynister, to geue thankes and prayse in the gates of the hoost of the LORDE.
3 And the kynge gaue his porcion of his substauce for the burntofferynges in the mornynge and euenynge, and for the burntofferynges of the Sabbath, and of the newmone and of the feastes, as it is wrytten in the lawe of the LORDE.
4 And he spake vnto ye people which dwelt at Ierusalem, that they shulde geue porcios vnto the prestes and Leuites, yt they mighte the more stedfastly endure in the lawe of the LORDE.
5 And wha ye worde came forth, the childre of Israel gaue many fyrst frutes of come, wyne, oyle, hony, and all maner increace of the felde, and broughte in moch of all maner tithes.
6 And the children of Israel and Iuda which dwelt in the cities of Iuda, broughte the tithes also of oxen and shepe, and the tithes of soch thinges as were sanctifyed, which they had halowed vnto the LORDE their God, and made here an heape, and there an heape.
7 In the thirde moneth begane they to laye vpon heapes, and in the seuenth moneth dyd they fynishe it.
8 And wha Ezechias with the rulers wente in, and sawe the heapes, they praysed the LORDE, and his people of Israel.
9 And Ezechias axed the prestes and Leuites concernynge the heapes.
10 And Asaria the prest the chefe in the house of Sadoc, sayde vnto him: Sence the tyme that they beganne to brynge the Heueofferynges in to ye house of the LORDE, we haue eaten, and are satisfied, and yet is there lefte ouer: for the LORDE hath blessed his people, therfore is this heape lefte ouer.
11 Then commaunded the kynge, that they shulde prepare chestes in the house of the LORDE. And they prepared them,
12 and put in the Heueofferynges, and tithes and that which was halowed, faithfully. And the ouersighte of the same had Chanania the Leuite, and Simei his brother the seconde,
13 and Iehiel, Asasia, Naglath, Asahel, Ierimoth, Iosabad, Eliel, Iesmachia, Mahath and Benaia, ordeyned of the hande off Chanania and Simei his brother, acordinge to the commaundement of kynge Ezechias. But Asaria was prynce in the house of God.
14 And Core ye sonne of Iemna the Leuite the porter of the Eastgate was ouer the frewyllinge giftes of God (which were geuen for Heueofferynges vnto the LORDE) and ouer the Most holy.
15 And vnder his hande were, Eden, Miniamin, Iesua, Semaia, Amaria, and Sachania in the cities of the prestes vpon credence, that they shulde geue vnto their brethre acordinge to their courses, to the leest as to the greatest.
16 And vnto them that were counted for men childre from thre yeare olde and aboue, amonge all the that wete in to the house of the LORDE, euery one vpo his daye to their office in their attendaunces after their courses.
17 And they that were rekened for prestes in the house of their fathers, and the Leuites from twentye yeare and aboue, in their attendaunces after their courses.
18 And they that were rekened amonge their children, wyues, sonnes and doughters amoge the whole congregacion: for that which was halowed, sanctifyed they vpon credence.
19 There were men also named by name amonge Aarons children the prestes vpon the feldes of the suburbes in all ye cities, that they shulde geue porcions vnto all the men children amoge the prestes, and to all them that were nombred amonge the Leuites.
20 Thus dyd Ezechias in all Iuda, and dyd that which was good, righte and true in the sighte of the LORDE his God.
21 And in all the busynes that he toke in hade concernynge the seruyce of the house of God, acordinge to the lawe and commaundement, to seke his God, that dyd he with all his hert, and therfore prospered he well.

Chapter 32

1 After these actes and faithfulnes came Sennacharib the kynge of Assur, and wente in to Iuda, and pitched before the stroge cities, and thoughte to plucke them vnto him.
2 And whan Ezechias sawe that Sennacherib came, and that his face stode to fighte agaynst Ierusalem,
3 he deuysed with his rulers and mightie men, to couer the waters of the welles that were without the cite, and they helped him:
4 and there gathered together a greate people, and couered all ye welles and water brokes in the myddes of the londe, and sayde: Lest the kynges of Assur fynde moch water wha they come.
5 And he toke a corage vnto him, and buylded all the walles where they were in decaye, and made towres theron, and buylded yet another wall without, and strengthed Millo in the cite of Dauid. And made moch ordinaunce and shyldes,
6 and set captaynes of warre ouer the people. And gathered them vnto him vpon the brode strete by the gate of the cite, and spake hertely vnto them, and sayde:
7 Be stronge and bolde, feare not, and be not afrayed for the kynge of Assur, ner all ye multitude that is with him: for there is one greater with vs then with him.
8 With him is a fleshly arme, but with vs is the LORDE oure God, to helpe vs and to fighte for vs. And ye people trusted vnto the wordes of Ezechias kynge of Iuda.
9 Afterwarde sent Sennacherib the kynge of Assur his seruauntes vnto Ierusalem (for he laye before Lachis, & all his hoost wt him) to Ezechias ye kinge of Iuda, & to all Iuda that was at Ierusale, sayenge:
10 Thus sayeth Sennacherib ye kynge of Assur: Wherin put ye youre trust ye that dwell in the beseged Ierusalem?
11 Ezechias disceaueth you, that he maye delyuer you vnto death, hoger and thyrst, and sayeth: The LORDE oure God shal delyuer vs from the hande of the kynge of Assur.
12 Is it not Ezechias, that hath put awaye his hye places and altares, and sayde vnto Iuda and Ierusalem: Before one altare shal ye worshippe, and burne incense theron?
13 Knowe ye not what I and my fathers haue done to all ye people in the londes? Haue the goddes of the Heythen in the londes bene able to delyuer their countrees fro my hande?
14 What is he amonge all the goddes of these Heythen (whom my father damned) that was able to delyuer his people fro my hande? yt youre God shulde be able to delyuer fro my hande.
15 Therfore let not Ezechias now disceaue you, and let him not persuade you eny soch thinge, and beleue him not. For yf no god of all the Heythe and kyngdomes might delyuer his people fro my hande and from the hande of my progenitours, then shal not youre goddes be able to delyuer you fro my hande.
16 His seruautes also spake yet more against the LORDE God, and agaynst his seruaunt Ezechias.
17 And he wrote a letter to blaspheme the LORDE God of Israel, and spake of him, and sayde: Like as the goddes of the Heythen in their londes haue not bene able to delyuer their people from my hande, euen so shal not the God of Ezechias delyuer his people fro my hande.
18 And the cryed with loude voyce in the Iewish langage vnto the people of Ierusalem that were vpon the wall, to make them fearfull and to be fayntharted, that they might wynne the cite.
19 And they spake agaynst the God off Ierusalem, euen as agaynst the goddes off the nacions vpon earth, which were but the workes of mens hondes.
20 But contrary wyse the kynge Ezechias and the prophet Esay the sonne of Amos prayed, and cryed vnto heaue.
21 And the LORDE sent an angell, which destroyed all the mightie men of the hoost, and the prynces and rulers in ye tentes of the kynge of Assur, so that he departed agayne with shame in to his owne londe. And whan he wente in to his gods house, they yt came of his owne body, slewe him there with the swerde.
22 Thus the LORDE, helped Ezechias and them at Ierusalem, out of the hade of Sennacherib ye kynge of Assur, and of all other, and mayntayned the fro all on euery syde,
23 so yt many broughte presentes vnto the LORDE to Ierusalem, and Iewels vnto Ezechias the kynge of Iuda. And afterwarde was he exalted in the sighte of all Heythen.
24 At ye same tyme was Ezechias deedsicke, and he prayed vnto the LORDE, which made him promes, and gaue him a wondertoken.
25 But Ezechias recopensed not acordinde as was geuen vnto him, for his hert was lifted vp: therfore came the wrath vpon him, and vpon Iuda and Ierusalem.
26 Neuertheles Ezechias humbled him selfe because his hert had bene exalted, with them at Ierusalem: therfore came not the wrath of the LORDE vpon them, whyle Ezechias lyued.
27 And Ezechias had very greate riches and worshippe, and made him treasures of syluer, golde, precious stones, spyces, shyldes, and all maner costly vessell,
28 and corne houses for the increace of corne, wyne and oyle, and stalles for all maner catell, and foldes for the shepe,
29 and buylded him cities, and had many catell of shepe and oxen: for God gaue him very moch good.
30 It is the same Ezechias that couered the hye water condyte in Gihon, and conveyed it vnder on the west syde of ye cite of Dauid: for Ezechias prospered in all his workes.
31 But whan the interpreters the chefe of Babilon were sent vnto him, to axe question at him (concernynge the wondertoke that had happened in the londe) God lefte him to be tempted, that it mighte be knowne what soeuer was in his hert.
32 What more there is to saye of Ezechias, and of his mercifulnes, beholde, it is wrytte in the vision of the prophet Esay the sonne of Amos, and in the boke of the kynges of Iuda and Israel.
33 And Ezechias fell on slepe with his fathers, and they buried him ouer the sepulcres of the children of Dauid, and all Iuda and they of Ierusale dyd him worshippe in his death: and Manasses his sonne was kynge in his steade.

Chapter 33

1 Manasses was twolue yeare olde wha he was made kynge, and reigned fyue and fiftye yeare at Ierusalem,
2 and dyd that which was euell in the sighte of the LORDE (euen after the abominacions of the Heythen, whom the LORDE expelled before the children of Israel) and turned backe,
3 and buylded the hye places, (which his father Ezechies had broken downe) and set vp altares vnto Baalim, and made groues, and worshipped all the hoost of heauen, and serued them.
4 He buylded altares also in ye LORDES house, wherof the LORDE had sayde: At Ierusalem shal my name be for euer.
5 And vnto all the hoost of heauen buylded he altares in both the courtes of ye house of the LORDE.
6 And in the valley of the sonne of Hennon caused he his awne sonnes to go thorow the fyre, and chosed dayes, & regarded byrdescryenge, and witches, and founded soythsayers and expounders of tokens, and dyd moch that was euell in the sighte of the LORDE to prouoke him vnto wrath.
7 Carued ymages also and Idols (which he caused to make) set he vp in Gods house, wherof the LORDE saide vnto Dauid and to Salomon his sonne: In this house at Ierusalem which I haue chosen out of all the trybes of Israel, wyl I set my name for euer
8 and wyl nomore let the fote of Israel remoue fro the londe that I appoynted for their fathers, so farre as they obserue to do all yt I haue commaunded them, in all the lawe, statutes and ordinaunces by Moses.
9 But Manasses disceaued Iuda and them of Ierusale, so that they dyd worse then the Heythen, whom the LORDE destroyed before the children of Israel.
10 And the LORDE spake vnto Manasses and his people, and they regarded it not.
11 Therfore dyd the LORDE cause the rulers of the hoost of the kynge of Assur to come vpo the, which toke Manasses presoner with bodes, and bounde him with cheynes, & broughte him vnto Babilon.
12 And whan he was in trouble, he made intercession before the LORDE his God, and humbled him selfe greatly before the God of his fathers,
13 and prayed and besoughte him. Then herde he his prayer, and broughte him agayne to Ierusalem to his kyngdome. And Manasses knewe that the LORDE is God.
14 Afterwarde buylded he ye vttemost wall of the cite of Dauid, on the west syde of Gihon by the broke, and at the intraunce of the Fyshgate, and rounde aboute Ophel, and made it very hye. And layed captaynes in ye stroge cities of Iuda,
15 & put awaye ye straunge goddes & Idols out of ye house of ye LORDE, and all the altares which he had buylded vpo the mount of the house of the LORDE, and in Ierusalem, and cast them out of the cite,
16 and buylded the altare of the LORDE, and offred slaynofferynges and thankofferynges theron, and commaunded Iuda, that they shulde serue the LORDE God of Israel.
17 Neuertheles though the people offred vnto the LORDE their God, yet offred they vpon the hye places.
18 What more there is to saye of Manasses and of his prayer to his God, and the wordes of the Seers that spake vnto him in the name of the LORDE God of Israel, beholde, they are amonge the actes of the kynges of Israel.
19 And his prayer and intercession, and all his synne and offence, & the rowmes wherin he buylded the hye places & groues and founded ydols, a fore he hubled himselfe, beholde, they are wrytten amonge the actes of the Seers.
20 And Manasses fell on slepe with his fathers, and they buried him in his house, and Amon his sonne was kynge in his steade.
21 Two and twetye yeare olde was Amon wha he was made kynge, and reigned two yeare at Ierusale,
22 and dyd euell in the sighte of the LORDE, as Manasses his father had done. And Amon offred vnto all the Idols that his father Manasses had made and serued the.
23 Yet dyd not he humble himselfe before the LORDE, as Manasse his father had submitted himselfe: but Amon trespaced euer more and more.
24 And his seruauntes cospyred agaynst him, and slewe him in his house.
25 Then smote the people in the londe all them that had conspyred agaynst kynge Amon. And the people in the londe made Iosias his sonne kynge in his steade.

Chapter 34

1 Iosias was eight yeare olde whan he was made kynge, and reigned one and thirtye yeare at Ierusalem,
2 and dyd that which was righte in the sighte of the LORDE, and walked in the wayes of Dauid his father, and turned not asyde, nether to the righte hande ner to the lefte.
3 For in the eight yeare of his reigne wha he was yet but a childe, he beganne to seke the God of his father Dauid: and in the twolueth yeare begane he to clense Iuda and Ierusale from the hye places and groues, and carued Idols, and molten ymages:
4 and caused the altares of Baalim to be broken downe before him, and the ymages that were theron, hewed he downe. And ye groues and carued Idols and molte ymages brake he in peces, and made them to dust, and scatred it vpon the graues of them that had offred vnto them.
5 And the bones of the prestes brent he vpo the altares, and so clesed he Iuda & Ierusale,
6 & in ye cities of Manasses, Ephraim, Simeon, and vnto Nephtali in their wyldernesses on euerysyde.
7 And wha he had broken downe the altares and groues, and smytten the Idols in peces, and hewed downe all the ymages in all the londe of Israel, he came agayne to Ierusalem.
8 In the eighteth yeare of his reigne wha he had clensed the londe and the house, he sent Saphan the sonne of Asalia and Maeseia the Shreue of the cite, and Ioath the sonne of Ioahas the Chaunceler, to repayre the house of the LORDE his God.
9 And they came to Hechias ye hye prest, and there was delyuered vnto them the money that was broughte vnto the house of God, which the Leuites (that kepte the threshouldes) had gathered, of Manasses, Epraim, and of all the residue in Israel, and of all Iuda & Ben Iamin, and of them that dwelt at Ierusale,
10 and they delyuered it vnto the hades of the worke men in the house of the LORDE, and gaue it vnto those that wrought in the house of the LORDE, where it was in decaye, yt they shulde repayre it.
11 And the same gaue it forth vnto the carpenters and buylders, to bye fre stone and hewen tymber for the balkes in the houses, which the kynges had destroyed.
12 And the men laboured faithfully in the worke. And ouer them were ordeyned, Iahath and Obadia the Leuites of the children of Merari: Zachary and Mesullam of the children of the Kahathites, to further the worke, and they were all Leuites that coulde playe vpon instrumentes.
13 But ouer them that bare burthens and furthured all maner of worke in all the offices, there were scrybes, officers and dore kepers of the Leuites.
14 And wha they toke out the money that was broughte vnto ye house of the LORDE, Helchias the prest founde the boke of the lawe of the LORDE geuen by Moses.
15 And Helchias answered, and saide vnto Saphan the Scrybe: I haue founde the boke of the lawe in ye house of ye LORDE. And Helchias delyuered the boke vnto Saphan.
16 And Saphan bare it vnto the kynge, and broughte ye kynge worde agayne, and sayde: All that was geuen vnder the handes of thy seruauntes, that make they:
17 and ye money that was founde in ye house of the LORDE, haue they gathered together, and delyuered it vnto ye officers, and to the workmen.
18 And Saphan the Scrybe tolde the kynge, and sayde: Helchias the prest hath delyuered me a boke. And Saphan red therin before the kynge.
19 And whan the kynge herde the wordes of the lawe, he rente his clothes.
20 And the kynge commaunded Helchias and Ahicam the sonne of Saphan, and Abdon the sonne of Micha, and Saphan the Scrybe, and Asaia the kynges seruaunt, and sayde:
21 Go youre waye, axe councell at the LORDE for me and for the remnaunt in Israel, and for Iuda, concernynge these wordes of the boke that is founde. For greate is the indignacion of the LORDE that is gone forth ouer vs, because oure fathers haue not kepte the worde of the LORDE, to do acordinge as it is wrytten in this boke.
22 Then wete Helchias (with the other that were sent from the kynge) vnto the prophetisse Hulda the wife of Sallum the Sonne of Thecoath the sonne of Hasra the keper of the clothes, which dwelt at Ierusalem in the secode parte, and they spake this vnto her.
23 And she sayde vnto them: Thus sayeth the LORDE God of Israel: Tell the man yt sent you vnto me:
24 Thus sayeth ye LORDE: Beholde, I wil brynge plages vpo this place and the inhabiters therof, eue all the curses which are wrytten in the boke, that was red before the kynge of Iuda:
25 because they haue forsake me, and bret incese vnto other goddes, to prouoke me with all the workes of their handes. And my indignacion shal go forth vpon this cite, and shal not be quenched.
26 And after this maner shal ye saye vnto the kynge of Iuda, that sent you to axe councell at the LORDE: Thus sayeth ye LORDE God of Israel concernynge the wordes that thou hast herde:
27 Because thine hert is moued, and because thou hast humbled thy selfe in the sighte of God, whan thou herdest his wordes agaynst this place and the inhabiters therof, and hast submytted thy selfe before me, and rent thy clothes, and wepte before me, therfore haue I herde the, sayeth ye LORDE.
28 Beholde, I wil gather the vnto thy fathers, and thou shalt be layed in thy graue with peace, so yt thine eyes shal not se all the euell that I wyl brynge ouer this place, and the indwellers therof. And they broughte the kynge worde agayne.
29 Then sent ye kynge, and caused all the Elders in Iuda and Ierusalem to come together.
30 And the kynge wente vp in to the house of the LORDE, and all the men of Iuda and inhabiters of Ierusale, the prestes, the Leuites, and all the people both small and greate: and all the wordes in the boke of the couenaunt that was founde in the house of the LORDE, were red in their eares.
31 And ye kynge stode in his place, and made a couenaunt before the LORDE, that they shulde walke after the LORDE, to kepe his comaundementes, his testimonies, and his statutes with all their hert and with all their soule, to do accordinge vnto all the wordes of the couenaunt that are wrytten in this boke.
32 And there stode all they that were founde at Ierusalem and in Ben Iamin. And ye inhabiters of Ierusalem dyd acordinge to the couenaunt of God the God of their fathers.
33 And Iosias put awaye all abhominacions out of all the londes that were the children of Israels, and caused all them that were founde in Israel, to serue the LORDE their God. As longe as Iosias lyued, departed they not from the LORDE the God of their fathers.

Chapter 35

1 And Iosias kepte Passeouer vnto the LORDE at Ierusalem, and slewe the Passeouer on the fourtenth daye off the first moneth,
2 and set the prestes in their offices, and strengthed them to their mynistracion in the house of the LORDE,
3 and sayde vnto the Leuites that taughte in all Israel, and were sanctified vnto ye LORDE: Put the holy Arke in the house that Salomon ye sonne of Dauid kynge of Israel dyd buylde. Ye shal beare it nomore vpon youre shulders. Se that ye serue now the LORDE youre God, and his people of Israel,
4 and prepare the house of youre fathers in youre courses, as it was appoynted by Dauid the kynge of Israel, and by Salomo his sonne:
5 and stonde in the Sanctuary after ye course of the fathers houses amonge youre brethren the children of the people, And after the course of the fathers houses amonge the Leuites,
6 and kyll Passeouer, sanctifye and prepare youre brethren, that they maye do acordinge to the worde of the LORDE by Moses.
7 And Iosias gaue lambes and yonge kyddes which were males, to the Heueofferynge for the comontye (all to the Passeouer for euery one that was founde) in the nombre thirtye thousande, and thre thousande oxen, all of the kynges good.
8 And his prynces of their awne good wyll gaue to the Heueofferynge for the people, & for the prestes and Leuites (namely, Helchias, Zachary and Iehiel the prynces in ye house of God amoge the prestes) for the Passeouer, two thousande and sixe hundreth, And thre hudreth oxen.
9 But Chanania, Semaia, Nathaneel and his brethren, Gasabia, Ieiel and Iosabad the chefe of the Leuites gaue the Leuites to the Heue offerynge for the Passeouer, fyue thousandeshepe, & fyue hundreth oxen.
10 Thus was the Gods seruyce prepared, and the prestes stode in their place, and the Leuites in their courses acordinge to the kynges commaundement.
11 And they kylled the Passeouer, and the prestes toke it off their handes, and sprenkled it: and the Leuites toke the skynnes off them,
12 and remoued the burntofferynge there from, to geue it amonge the porcions of the fathers houses in the multitudes of their congregacion to offre vnto the LORDE, as it is wrytten in ye boke of Moses, Euen so dyd they with the oxen also.
13 And they dighte the Passeouer at the fyre acordinge to the lawe. And that which was halowed, dighte they in pottes, kettels, and pannes, and made haist for the comon people.
14 Afterwarde prepared they for them selues also and for ye prestes: for the prestes the children of Aaron were occupied in the burntofferynges and fat vntyll the nighte. Therfore must the Leuites prepare for them selues and for the prestes the children of Aaron.
15 And the syngers the children of Asaph stode in their place (acordinge to Dauids commaundement) and Asaph and Heman, and Iedithim the kynges Seer, and the porters at all the gates. And they departed not from their office. For the Leuites their brethren prepared for them.
16 Thus was all the Gods seruyce prepared the same daye, that the Passeouer mighte be kepte, and the burntsacrifices offred vpon the altare off the LORDE acordinge to the commaundement of kynge Iosias.
17 So the children of Israel that were at hande, helde Passeouer at that tyme, and the feast of vnleuended bred, seuen dayes.
18 Sence ye tyme of Samuel the prophet, was no Passeouer kepte in Israel like this: and no kynge of Israel had holde soch a Passeouer as Iosias dyd, and the prestes, Leuites, all Iuda, and soch as were founde of Israel, and the inhabiters of Ierusalem.
19 In the eighteth yeare of the reigne of Iosias was this Passeouer kepte.
20 After this, whan Iosias had prepared the house, Necho the kynge of Egipte wente vp to fighte agaynst Carcamis besyde Euphrates. And Iosias wete forth agaynst him.
21 But he sent messaungers vnto him, sayenge: What haue I to do with the O kynge off Iuda? I am not come now agaynst the, but I fighte agaynst another house: and God hath sayde, that I shal make haist. Ceasse from God which is with me, that he destroye the not.
22 Neuertheles Iosias turned not his face from him, but prepared himselfe to fighte with him, and herkened not vnto the wordes of Necho out of the mouth of God, & came to fighte wt him vpon the playne besyde Mageddo.
23 But the Archers shot at kynge Iosias. And the kynge sayde vnto his seruauntes: Cary me awaye, for I am sore wounded.
24 And his seruautes toke him from the charet, and caried him vpon his seconde charet, and broughte him to Ierusalem. And he dyed, and was buried amonge the sepulcres off his fathers. And All Iuda and Ierusalem mourned for Iosias,
25 and Ieremy bewayled Iosias, and all the synginge men and wemen, spake their lametacions ouer Iosias vnto this daye, and made a custome therof vnto this daye. Beholde, it is wrytten also amonge the Lamentacions.
26 What more there is to saye of Iosias, and his mercy acordinge to the scripture in the lawe of the LORDE,
27 and of his actes (both first and last) beholde, it is wrytten in the boke of the kynges of Israel and Iuda.

Chapter 36

1 And the people of the londe toke Ioahas the sonne of Iosias, and made him kynge in his fathers steade at Ierusalem.
2 Thre and twentye yeare olde was Ioahas whan he was made kynge, and reigned thre monethes at Ierusalem.
3 For the kynge of Egipte deposed him at Ierusalem, and condemned the londe in an hundreth talentes of syluer, and one talent off golde.
4 And the kynge of Egipte made Eliachim his brother kynge ouer Iuda and Ierusale, and turned his name Ioachim. But Necho toke his brother Ioahas, and caried him in to Egipte.
5 Fyue and twentye yeare olde was Ioachim wha he was made kynge, and reigned eleue yeare at Ierusale, and dyd that which was euell in the siighte of the LORDE his God.
6 And Nabuchodonosor the kynge of Babilon wente vp agaynst him, and bounde him with cheynes, to cary him vnto Babilon.
7 And Nabuchodonosor broughte certayne vessels of ye house of the LORDE vnto Babilon, and put them in his temple at Babilon.
8 What more there is to saye of Ioachim, and off his abhominacions which he dyd, and that were founde in him, beholde, they are wrytten in the boke of the kynges of Israel and Iuda. And Ioachim his sonne was kynge in his steade.
9 Eight yeare olde was Ioachim whan he was made kynge, and reigned thre monethes and ten dayes at Ierusale, and dyd yt which was euell in the sighte of ye LORDE.
10 But wha the yeare came aboute, Nabuchodonosor sent thither, and caused him be fetched vnto Babilon with the costly vessels and Iewels of the house of the LORDE, and made Sedechias his brother kynge ouer Iuda and Ierusalem.
11 One and twentye yeare olde was Sedechias whan he was made kynge, & reigned eleuen yeare at Ierusalem,
12 and dyd that which was euell in the sighte of the LORDE his God, and submytted not himselfe before the face of the prophet Ieremy, which spake out of the mouth of the LORDE.
13 He fell awaye also from Nabuchodonosor the kynge of Babilon (which had taken an ooth of him by God) and was styfnecked, and hardened his hert, that he shulde not conuerte vnto the LORDE God of Israel.
14 And all ye chefe amonge the prestes, and the people, multiplyed their synnes, acordinge to all the abhominacions of the Heythen, and dyfyled the house of the LORDE, which he had sanctified at Ierusalem.
15 And the LORDE God of their fathers sent vnto them early by his messaungers (for he spared his people and his habitacion)
16 but they laughed the messaungers of God to scorne, and despysed his wordes, and had his prophetes in derision, so loge tyll the indignacion of the LORDE increased ouer his people, and there was no remedye of healinge.
17 For he broughte the kynge of the Caldees vpon them, and caused for to slaye all their yonge men with the swerde in the house of their Sanctuary, and spared nether yonge ma ner virgin, nether aged ner graudfather, but gaue them all in to his hande.
18 And all the vessels in the house of God, greate and small, the treasures in the house of ye LORDE, and the treasures of the kynge and of his prynces, all this caused he to be caried vnto Babilon.
19 And they brent the house of God, and brake downe the wall of Ierusale, and all the palaces therof brent they with fyre, so that all the costly ornamentes of it were destroyed.
20 And loke who escaped ye swerde, hi caried he awaye vnto Babilon, & they became his seruautes, & the seruauntes of his sonnes, tyll the Persians had the empyre:
21 that ye worde of the LORDE by the mouth of Ieremy mighte be perfourmed, euen vntyll the londe had ynough of hir Sabbathes: for all the tyme of the desolacion was it Sabbath, vntyll the seuentye yeares were fulfylled.
22 But in the first yeare of Cyrus the kynge of Persia (that the worde of the LORDE spoken by the mouth of Ieremy mighte be fulfylled) the LODDE raysed vp the sprete of Cyrus the kynge of Persia, that he caused it be proclamed thorow out all his empyre, yee and by wrytinge also, sayenge:
23 Thus sayeth Cyrus the kynge of Persia: The LORDE God of heauen hath geuen me all the kyngdomes in the londe, and hath commaunded me to buylde him an house at Ierusalem in Iuda. Who soeuer now amonge you is of his people, the LORDE his God be with him, and let him go vp.