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Chapter 1


1 And wha kinge Dauid was olde & well strycke in age, he coulde not be warme, though he was couered with clothes.
2 Then sayde his seruauntes vnto him: Let vs seke a yonge damsell a virgin for oure lorde the kynge, to stonde before the kynge, and to norish him, & to slepe in his armes, and to warme oure lorde the kynge.
3 And they sought a fayre dasell, in all the coastes of Israel , and founde Abisag of Sunem, and brought her vnto ye kynge.
4 And she was a very fayre damsell, and noryshed ye kynge, and serued him. Howbeit the kynge knewe her not.
5 Adonias ye sonne of Hagith lifte vp him selfe and sayde: I wyl be kynge. And he prepared him charettes and horsmen, and fyftie men to be renners on fote before him.
6 And his father reproued hi not therfore, so moch as to saye: Wherfore doest thou so? And he was a man of a very fayre bewtye and he had begotten him nexte after Absalo.
7 And his matter stode by Ioab ye sonne of Zeru Ia and by Abiathar the prest, which helped Adonias.
8 But Sadoc the prest, and Benaia the sonne of Ioiada, and Nathan the prest and Semei and Rei, and Dauids Worthies were not with Adonias.
9 And wha Adonias offred shepe and oxe, and fat catell besyde the stone of Soheleth, which lyeth by the well of Rogel, he called all his brethre the kynges sonnes, and all the men of Iuda the kynges seruautes.
10 But the prophet Nathan and Benaia, and the Worthies, and his brother Salomon called he not.
11 Then sayde Nathan vnto Bethseba Salomons mother: Hast thou not herde yt Adonias is kynge, and oure lorde Dauid knoweth not therof?
12 Come now therfore, I wyll geue the councell, that thou mayest delyuer thy soule and the soule of thy sonne Salomon.
13 Come now and go in to kinge Dauid and saye vnto him: Hast not thou my lorde the kynge sworne and sayde vnto thy handmayden: Salomon thy sonne shall be kynge after me, and he shall sytt vpon my seate? Why is then Adonias made kynge?
14 Beholde, while thou art yet there, and talkest with the kynge, I wyll come in after the, and tell forth thy tayle.
15 And Bethseba wente in to the kynge to ye chamber. And the kynge was very olde. And Abisag of Sunem serued the kynge.
16 And Bethseba bowed hirselfe, and worshipped the kynge. The kynge sayde: What wilt thou?
17 She sayde vnto him: My lorde, Thou hast sworne vnto thy handmayde by the LORDE thy God: Thy sonne Salomon shall be kynge after me and syt vpon my seate.
18 But now lo, Adonias is kynge, and my lorde the kynge knoweth it not.
19 He hath offred oxen and fat catell, and many shepe, and hath called all the kynges sonnes, and Abiathar the prest, and Ioab the chefe captayne. But thy seruaunt Salomon hath he not bydden.
20 Neuertheles thou my lorde art kynge, the eyes of all Israel loke vnto the, that thou shuldest shewe them who shall syt vpon the seate of my lorde the kynge after the.
21 And wha my lorde the kynge slepeth with his fathers then shal I and my sonne Salomon be fayne to be synners.
22 But whyle she yet spake to the kynge, the prophet Nathan came,
23 and she tolde ye kinge: beholde, there is the prophet Nathan. And whan he came in before the kynge, he worshipped the kynge vpon his face to the grounde,
24 and sayde My lorde O kynge, hast thou saide: Adonias shal be kinge after me, & syt vpo my seate?
25 For he is gone downe this daye, and hath offred oxen, and fat catell, & hath called all the kynges sonnes, and the captaynes, and the prest Abiathar. And beholde, they eate and drynke before him, and saye: God saue the kynge Adonias.
26 But me thy seruaunt, and Sadoc the prest, and Benaia the sonne of Ioiada, and thy seruaunt Salomon hath he not called.
27 Hath my lorde the kynge commaunded this, and not certifyed his seruauntes who shall sytt vpon the seate of my lorde the kynge after him?
28 The kinge answered and saide: Call Bethseba vnto me. And she came in before the kinge. And whan she stode before the kynge,
29 the kynge sware and sayde: As truly as the LORDE lyueth (which hath delyuered my soule out of trouble,)
30 I wyl do vnto the this daye, euen as I sware vnto the by the LORDE the God of Israel, so that Salomon thy sonne shalbe kynge after me, and he shal sit pon my seate in my steade.
31 Then Bethseba bowed hir selfe with hir face to the grounde, and thanked the kynge and sayde: God saue my lorde kynge Dauid for euermore.
32 And the kynge sayde: Call me the prest Sadoc & the prophet Nathan, and Benaia the sonne of Ioiada. And whan they came in before the kynge,
33 the kynge sayde vnto them: Take youre lordes seruauntes with you, and set my sonne Salomon vpon my Mule, and cary him downe to Gihon:
34 and let Sadoc ye prest and the prophet Nathan, anoynte him there to be kynge ouer Israel, and blowe the trompe, and saye: God saue kynge Salomon,
35 and go ye vp after him: and whan he commeth, he shal syt vpo my seate, and be kynge in my steade: for I haue ordeyned him to be prynce ouer Israel and Iuda.
36 Then answered Benaia the sonne of Ioiada vnto the kynge, & sayde: Amen. The LORDE God of my lorde the kynge saye thus also.
37 As the LORDE hath bene with my lorde the kynge, so be he with Salomon also, that his seate maye be greater then the seate of my lorde kynge Dauid.
38 Then wente they downe, the prest Sadoc and the prophet Nathan, and Benaia the sonne of Ioiada, and the Chrethians, & Plethians, & set Salomon vpon kynge Dauids Mule, & broughte him to Gihon.
39 And Sadoc the prest toke the oyle horne out of the Tabernacle, and anoynted Salomon. And they blewe the trompe: And all ye people sayde: God saue kynge Salomon.
40 And all the people wente vp after him, and the people pyped with pypes, and was very ioyfull, so that the earth range at the noyse of them.
41 And Adonias herde it, and all they whom he had called, which were wt him, and they had new eaten. And whan Ioab herde the noyse of the trompe, he sayde: What meaneth this noyse of the cite and this busynes?
42 But whyle he yet spake, beholde, Ionathas the sonne of Abiathar ye prest came. And Adonias sayde: Come in, for thou art a valeaunt man, and bryngest good tydinges.
43 Ionathas answered and sayde vnto Adonias: Alas, or lorde kynge Dauid hath made Salomon kynge,
44 and hath sent with him Sadoc the prest, and the propheth Nathan, and Benaia the sonne of Ioiada, and the Chrethians and Plethians, and they haue set him vpon the kynges Mule:
45 and Sadoc ye prest with the prophet Nathan hath anoynted him kynge at Gihon, and from thece are they gone vp with ioye, that the cite range with all: that is the noyse that ye haue herde.
46 Salomon also sytteth vpo the kynges seate,
47 and the kynges seruauntes are gone in to wysh good lucke vnto ouer lorde kynge Dauid, and haue sayde: Thy God make Salomon a better name then thy name is, and make his seate greater then thy seate. And they haue wysshed the kynge good lucke vpon the bed.
48 Morouer ye kynge hath sayde thus: Praysed be ye LORDE God of Israel, which this daye hath made one to syt vpon my seate, that myne eyes haue sene it.
49 Then were they afrayed, and gatt them vp all that were called by Adonias, and so they departed euery man his waye.
50 But Adonias was afrayed of Salomon, and gat him vp, and wete his waye, & toke holde of ye hornes of ye altare.
51 And it was tolde Salomon: beholde, Adonias feareth kynge Salomo, & beholde, he taketh holde of the hornes of ye altare, & sayeth: Let kige Salomo sweare vnto me this daye, that he shall not slaye his seruaunt with the swerde.
52 Salomon sayde: Yf he wil be an honest man, there shall not one heer fall from him vpon the earth: but yf there be euell founde in him, he shall dye.
53 And kinge Salomo sent, and caused him to be fetched from the altare. And whan he came, he fell downe before kynge Salomon. But Salomon sayde vnto him: Go yi waye in to thy house.

Chapter 2

1 Now whan the tyme came that Dauid shulde dye, he commaunded Salomon his sonne, and sayde:
2 I go the waye of all the worlde, Be thou stroge therfore, and shewe thyselfe a man,
3 and kepe the watch of the LORDE thy God, that thou walke in his wayes, and holde his ordinaunces, his commaundementes, his lawes, and his testimonies, as it is written in the lawe of Moses, that thou mayest be wyse in all that thou doest, and whither so euer thou turnest the:
4 that the LORDE maye rayse vp his worde, which he hath spoke ouer me, and saide: Yf thy children kepe their waye and walke before me faithfully and truly and with all their hert and withall their soule, the shal there neuer fayle the a man vpon the seate of Israel.
5 Thou knowest well also what Ioab the sonne of Zeru Ia hath done vnto me, what he dyd vnto the two chefe captaynes of Israel, Abner the sonne of Ner, and Amasa the sonne of Iether, whom he slewe and shed the bloude of warre wha it was peace, & put the bloude of warre vpon his girdel yt was aboute his loynes, and in his shues that were vpon his fete:
6 Do thou acordynge to thy wysdome, that thou brynge not his graye heer downe to the graue in peace.
7 And to the children of Barsyllai the Gileadite, thou shalt shewe mercy, that they maye eate at thy table. For so ioined they the selues vnto me, whan I fled before thy brother Absalom.
8 And beholde, thou hast with the Semei the sonne of Gera the sonne of Iemini of Bahurim, which cursed me with very bytter and shamefull cursynges, what tyme as I wente to Mahanaim. Yet came he downe to mete me at Iordan, where I sware vnto him by the LORDE, and sayde: I wyll not slaye the with the swerde.
9 But suffre not thou him to be vngiltye, for thou art a wyse man, and shalt wel knowe what thou oughtest to do vnto him, that thou mayest brynge his graye heer downe to the graue with bloude.
10 So Dauid slepte with his fathers, and was buried in the cite of Dauid.
11 The tyme that Dauid was kynge ouer Israel , is fortie yeare. Seuen yeares was he kynge at Hebro and thre and thirtie yeare at Ierusalem.
12 And Salomon sat vpon the seate of Dauid his father, and his kyngdome was made very sure.
13 But Adonias the sonne of Hagith came in to Bethseba Salomons mother. And she sayde: Is thy commynge peaceable? He spake: Yee,
14 and sayde: I haue somwhat to saye to the. She sayde: Saye on.
15 He sayde: Thou knowest that the kyngdome was myne, and that all Israel had sett them selues vpon me, that I shulde be kynge, but now is the kyngdome turned, and become my brothers: for he hath it of the LORDE.
16 Now desyre I one peticion of the, Make not my face ashamed. She sayde vnto him: Saye on.
17 He sayde: Speake vnto kynge Salomon (for he shall not shame thy face) that he maye geue me Abisag to wyfe.
18 Bethseba sayde: Wel, I wil speake to the kynge for the.
19 And Bethseba came in to kynge Salomon to speake with him. And the kynge stode vp, and wente to mete her, and worshipped her, and sat him downe vpon his seate. And there was a chayre set for the kynges mother, so that she sat at his righte hande.
20 And she sayde: One peticion desyre I of the make not my face ashamed. The kynge saydt: Axe O my mother, I wyl not shame thy face.
21 She saide: Let Abisag of Sunem be geuen thy brother Adonias to wyfe.
22 Then answered kynge Salomon, and saide vnto his mother: Why desyrest thou Abisag of Sunem for Adonias? Axe the kyngdome or him also, for he is my greater brother, and hath Abiathar the prest, and Ioab the sonne of Zeru Ia.
23 And the kynge sware by the LORDE, and sayde: God do this and that vnto me, Adonias shall haue spoken this agaynst his lyfe.
24 And now as truly as the LORDE lyueth which hath ordeyned me, and made me to syt vpon the seate of my father Dauid, and hath made me a house (acordynge as he sayde) this daye shal Adonias dye.
25 And kynge Salomon sent thither by Benaia the sonne of Ioiada, which smote him that he dyed.
26 And to the prest Abiathar sayde ye kynge: Go thy waye vnto Anathot to thy londe, for thou art a man of deeth. Neuerthelesse I wyl not slaye the this daye for thou hast borne the Arke of the LORDE God before my father Dauid, and hast suffred also where my father suffred.
27 Thus Salomo put forth Abiathar, that he must nomore be the prest of the LORDE, that the worde of the LORDE mighte be fulfilled, which he spake ouer the house of Eli at Silo.
28 And this rumonre came before Ioab: for Ioab cleued vnto Adonias, and not vnto Salomon. Then fled Ioab into the Tabernacle of the LORDE, and toke holde of the hornes of the altare.
29 And it was tolde kynge Salomon, that Ioab was fled in to the Tabernacle of the LORDE, and beholde, he stondeth at the altare. Then sent Salomon Benaia the sonne of Ioiada, and sayde: Go slaye him.
30 And whan Benaia came to the Tabernacle of the LORDE, he sayde vnto him: Thus sayeth the kynge: Come forth. He sayde: No, I wyl dye here. And Benaia tolde this vnto the kynge agayne. and sayde: Thus hath Ioab spoken, and thus hath he answered me.
31 The kinge saide vnto him: Do as he hath spoken, and slaye him, and bury him, that thou mayest put fro me and my fathers house the bloude which Ioab hath shed without a cause,
32 and that the LORDE maye recompence him his bloude vpon his heade, because he smote two men, which were more righteous and better then he, and slewe them with ye swerde that my father Dauid knewe not of: namely, Abner ye sonne of Ner the chefe captaine ouer Israel, & Amasa the sonne of Iether ye chefe captaine ouer Iuda yt
33 their bloude maye be recompensed vpo ye heade of Ioab and of his sede for euer: but Dauid and his sede, his house and his seate haue peace for euermore of the LORDE.
34 And Benaia the sonne of Ioiada wente vp, and smote him, and slewe him: & he was buried in his house in the wyldernes.
35 And ye kynge set Benaia ye sonne of Ioiada in his steade ouer the hoost. And Sadoc ye prest dyd the kynge set in the steade of Abiathar.
36 And the kynge sent, and caused for to call Semei, and sayde vnto him: Buylde the an house at Ierusalem, and dwell there, and departe not from thence, nether hither ner thither.
37 In what daye so euer thou departest forth, and goest ouer ye broke Cedron, be thou sure, that thou shalt dye the deeth: thy bloude be vpon thy heade.
38 Semei sayde vnto the kynge: This is a good meanynge, as my lorde the kynge hath sayde, so shal thy seruaunt do. So Semei dwelt at Ierusalem a longe season.
39 But after thre yeare it fortuned that two seruauntes ranne awaye from Semei vnto Achis the sonne of Maecha kynge of Gath . And it was tolde Semei: beholde, thy seruauntes are at Gath .
40 Then Semei gat him vp, and sadled his asse, and wete vnto Gath to Achis, for to seke his seruautes. And wha he came thither, he broughte his seruauntes from Gath .
41 And it was tolde Salomon, that Semei wente from Ierusalem vnto Gath , and was come agayne.
42 Then sent the kynge, and caused for to call Semei, and sayde vnto him: Sware not I to the by the LORDE, and assured the, and sayde: Loke what daye so euer thou departest out and goest hither or thither, be sure that thou shalt dye the death? And thou saydest vnto me: I haue herde a good meanynge.
43 Why hast thou not kepte the then acordinge to the ooth of the LORDE, and commaundement that I commaunded the?
44 And the kynge sayde vnto Semei: Thou remembrest all ye wickednes, which thy hert knoweth that thou dyddest vnto my father Dauid. The LORDE hath recompenced ye thy wickednes, vpon thy heade.
45 And kynge Salomon is blessed, and the seate of Dauid shalbe stablished before ye LORDE for euer.
46 And the kynge commaunded Benaia ye sonne of Ioiada, which wente forth, and smote him that he dyed. And the kyngdome was stablished by Salomons hande.

Chapter 3

1 And Salomon made mariage wt Pharao the kynge of Egipte, & toke Pharaos doughter, and broughte her in to the cite of Dauid, tyll he had buylded his house, and the LORDES house, and the walles rounde aboute Ierusalem.
2 But the people offred yet vpon the hye places: for as yet there was no house buylded vnto the name of the LORDE vnto that tyme.
3 But Salomon loued the LORDE, and walked after the ordinaunces of Dauid his father: excepte onely that he offred and brent incense vpon the hye places.
4 And the kynge wente vnto Gibeon , to do sacrifice there: for that was a goodly hye place. And Salomon offred a thousande burntofferynges vpon the same altare.
5 And the LORDE appeared vnto Salomon at Gibeon in a dreame of the nighte, and God sayde: Axe what I shal geue ye.
6 Salomo saide: Thou hast done greate mercy vnto my father Dauid thy seruaunt. Like as he walked before the in faithfulnes and righteousnes, and in a true hert with the, & this greate mercy hast thou layed vp for him, and geuen him a sonne to syt vpon his seate, as it is now come to passe.
7 Now LORDE my God, thou hast made thy seruaunt kynge in my father Dauids steade: As for me, I am but a small yonge man, knowynge nether my outgoynge ner ingoynge.
8 And thy seruaunt is amonge the people whom thou hast chosen: which is so greate, that no man can nombre them ner descrybe them for multitude.
9 Geue thy seruaunt therfore an obedient hert, that he maye iudge thy people, & vnderstonde what is good & bad: for who is able to iudge this thy mightie people?
10 This pleased the LORDE well, that Salomon axed soch a peticion.
11 And God sayde vnto him: For so moch as thou axest this, and desyrest not longe lyfe, nether riches, nether ye soules of thine enemies, but vnderstodinge to heare iudgment,
12 beholde, therfore haue I done acordynge to thy wordes. Beholde, I haue geuen the an hert of wysdome and vnderstondynge, so that soch one as thou hath not bene before the, nether shall ryse vp after the.
13 Yee and that thou hast not prayed for, haue I geuen the also, namely, ryches, and honoure, so that amonge the kynges in yi tyme there is not soch one as thou.
14 And yf thou wilt walke in my wayes, so that thou kepe myne ordinaunces and lawes, as Dauid thy father hath walked, then wyll I geue the a longe lyfe.
15 And whan Salomon awaked, beholde, it was a dreame, and he came to Ierusale, and stode before the Arke of the LORDES couenaunt, and offred burntofferynges, and healthofferinges, and made a greate feast vnto his seruauntes.
16 At the same tyme came there two harlottes vnto ye kynge, and stode before him.
17 And the one woman sayde: Oh my lorde, I and this woman dwelt in one house, and I was delyuered of a childe in the house with her:
18 & on the thirde daye after that I was delyuered, she was delyuered of a childe also. And we were together, so yt there was no straunger in ye house, but we two:
19 & this womans sonne died in the nighte (for she smoored him in the slepe)
20 and she rose vp in the nighte, and toke my sonne fro my syde (where thy handmayde slepte,) and layed it in hir arme, and hir deed sonne layed she in myne arme.
21 And whan I rose vp in the mornynge to geue my sonne sucke, beholde, he was deed. But in the mornynge I loked well, and beholde, it was not my sonne, whom I had borne.
22 The other woman sayde: Not so, my sonne lyueth, and thy sonne is deed. But she sayde: Not so, thy sonne is deed, and my sonne liueth. And thus spake they before the kynge.
23 And the kynge sayde: This woma saieth: my sonne lyueth and thy sonne is deed: Yonder woman sayeth: Not so, thy sonne is deed, & my sonne lyueth.
24 And the kynge saide: Fetch me a swerde. And whan the swerde was brought before the kynge,
25 the kynge sayde: Parte the lyuynge childe in two partes, and geue this woman the one halfe, and yonder woman the other halfe.
26 Then sayde the woman whose sonne lyued, vnto ye kinge: (for hir motherly hert was kyndled with pite ouer hir sonne) Oh my lorde, geue hir the childe alyue, and kyll it not. But the other sayde: Let it nether be myne ner thine, but let it be parted.
27 Then answered the kynge, and sayde: Geue this woman the lyuynge childe, and slaye it not, for she is his mother.
28 And all Israel herde of this iudgment that the kynge had geuen: and they feared the kynge, for they sawe that ye wysdome of God was in him to kepe iudgmet.

Chapter 4

1 Thus was Salomon kynge ouer all Israel .
2 And these were his prynces: Asaria the sonne of Sadoc the prest:
3 Elihoreph, and Ahi Ia the sonnes of Sisa, were prestes: Iosaphat the sonne of Ahilud was chaunceler:
4 Benaia ye sonne of Ioiada was the chefe captayne: Sadoc and Abiathar were prestes:
5 Asaria the sonne of Nathan was ouer the officers: Sabud the sonne of Nathan the prest was the kynges frende:
6 Ahisar was stewarde: Adoniram the sonne of Abda was rent gatherer.
7 And Salomon had twolue offycers ouer all Israel , which made prouysion of fode for the kynge and his house: One had a moneth longe in ye yeare to make prouysion:
8 The sonne of Hur vpon mount Ephraim.
9 The sonne of Deber at Macaz and at Saalbaim, & at Bethsames, and at Elon, and BethHana.
10 The sonne of Hased at Aruboth, and had therto Socho and all the londe of Hepher.
11 The sonne of Abinadab all ye lordshippe at Dor: & had Taphat Salomos doughter to wife.
12 Baena ye sonne of Ahilud at Thaenach & at Magiddo, & ouer all BethSean, which lyeth besyde Zarthana vnder Iesrael from BethSean vnto the playne of Mehelo, tyll the other syde of Iakmeam.
13 The sonne of Geber at Ramoth in Gilead: he had the townes of Iair the sonne of Manasse in Gilead , and had ye coastes of Argob which lyeth in Basan, euen thre score greate walled cities, and with brasen barres.
14 Ahinadab ye sonne of Iddo at Mahanaim.
15 Ahimaas in Nephtali: and he also toke Basmath Salomons doughter to wife.
16 Baena the sonne of Husai in Asser and at Aloth.
17 Iosaphat the sonne of Paruha in Isachar.
18 Semei the sonne of Ela in BenIamin.
19 Geber the sonne of Vri in the londe of Gilead , in the londe of Sihon kynge of the Amorites, and of Og the kynge in Basan. One officer was in the same londe.
20 As for Iuda and Israel , they were in nombre as the sonde of the see, and ate and dronke, and were mery.
21 Thus was Salomo lorde ouer all the kyngdomes (from the water of the londe of the Philistynes, vnto the border of Egipte) which broughte him giftes, and serued him as longe as he lyued.
22 And Salomon had daylie to his vytayles thirtye quarters of fyne meel, threscore quarters of other meel,
23 ten fat oxen, and twety small catell, and an hundreth shepe, beside hartes and Roes, and wilde goates, and fat capons, and foules.
24 For he had the lordshippe of all the londe on this syde the water, fro Tiphsa vnto Gasa, and ouer all ye kynges on this syde ye water: & had peace of all his subiectes rounde aboute,
25 so that Iuda and Israel dwelt safe, euery one vnder his vyne, and vnder his figge tre, from Dan vnto Berseba, as longe as Salomon lyued.
26 And Salomo had fortye thousande cart horses and twolue thousande horsmen.
27 And the officers prouyded the kynge Salomon with vytayles: and whatsoeuer belonged to the kynges table, that brought euery man in his moneth, and myssed not:
28 Barlye also & strawe for the horses and coursers, & broughte them vnto the place where ye kynge was, euery one after his charge.
29 And God gaue Salomon maruelous greate wysdome and vnderstondinge, and a large hert, as the sonde that lyeth vpon ye See shore:
30 so that the wysdome of Salomon was greater then the wysdome of all the children towarde the south and of all ye Egipcians.
31 And he was wyser then all men, yee wyser then Ethan the Esrahite, Heman, Chalcal, and Darda, the sonnes of Mahol: and had a greate name amonge all the Heythe on euery syde.
32 And he spake thre thousande prouerbes, & his songes were a thousande & fyue.
33 And he spake of trees, from ye Ceder of Libanus vnto the Isope yt groweth out of ye wall: he talked also of catell, of foules, of wormes, of fishes.
34 And there came of all nacions to heare ye wysdome of Salomon, and there came of all the kynges of ye earth, which had herde of his wysdome.

Chapter 5

1 And Hiram ye kynge of Tyre sent his seruauntes vnto Salomon, for he had herde, yt they had anoynted him kynge in his fathers steade: For Hiram loued Dauid as loge as he lyued.
2 And Salomon sent vnto Hiram, sayenge:
3 Thou knowest that my father might not buylde an house vnto the name of the LORDE his God, because of the warre that was aboute him, vntyll the LORDE delyuered them vnder the soles of his fete:
4 But now hath the LORDE my God geuen me rest on euery syde, so that there is no aduersary ner euell hynderaunce:
5 Beholde, I am therfore aduysed to buylde an house vnto the name of the LORDE my God, acordinge as the LORDE spake vnto Dauid my father, and sayde: Thy sonne, whom I shal set vpon thy seate in thy steade, shal buylde an house vnto my name.
6 Commaunde therfore that they hewe me downe Ceders out of Libanus, and that thy seruauntes be with my seruauntes, & the rewarde of thy seruauntes wyll I geue the, what so euer thou shalt axe: for thou knowest, yt with vs there is no ma which can hewe tymber as the Sidonians.
7 Whan Hiram herde the wordes of Salomon, he was very glad, and sayde: Praysed be the LORDE this daye, which hath geuen Dauid a wyse sonne ouer this greate people.
8 And Hiram sent vnto Salomon, sayenge: I haue herde what thou hast sent vnto me: I wyl do acordinge vnto all thy desyre with Ceders and Pynetrees.
9 My seruautes shall brynge them downe from Libanus vnto ye See, and I wyl make them to flote vpo the See, vnto the place which thou shalt shewe me, and there wyl I cause them to aryue, & thou shalt make the to be fetched. But thou shalt fulfyll my desyre also, and geue fode vnto my housholde folkes.
10 So Hira gaue Salomon Ceders and Pyne trees acordinge to all his desyre.
11 But Salomon gaue Hiram twentye thousande quarters of wheate to eate for his housholde, and twetye quarters of beaten oyle. This gaue Salomon yearly vnto Hiram.
12 And the LORDE gaue Salomon wysdome, acordynge as he had sayde vnto him, & there was peace betwene Hiram and Salomon, and they made a couenaunt both together.
13 And Salomon made an outchosynge (of workmen) thorow out all Israel . And ye outchosynge was thirtie thousande me,
14 and he sent the to mount Libanus euery two monethes ten thousande, so that they were one moneth vpon Libanus, and two monethes at home. And Adoniram was ouer the outchosynge.
15 And Salomon had thre score thousande & ten that bare burthens, & foure score thousande that hewed tymber vpon the mount,
16 besyde Salomons chefe officers, which were ordeyned ouer the worke: namely thre thousande and thre hundreth, which ruled ye people that laboured there in the worke.
17 And ye kynge commaunded, that they shulde breake out greate and costly stones, namely frestone, for the foundacion of the house.
18 And Salomons masons, and Hirams, and they that were in those coastes, hewed out & prepared tymbre and stones to the buyldinge of the house.

Chapter 6

1 In the foure hundreth and foure score yeare after the departinge of the children of Israel out of the londe of Egipte, in the fourth yeare of the raigne of Salomon ouer Israel, in the moneth Sif (yt is the seconde moneth) was the house buylded vnto the LORDE.
2 This house that kynge Salomon buylded vnto ye LORDE, was thre score cubytes loge, twenty cubytes brode, & thirtie cubites hye.
3 And he buylded a Porche before the temple of twentye cubytes longe after the bredth of the house, & ten cubites brode before the house.
4 And in ye house he made wyndowes, which might be opened and shut with lyddes.
5 And rounde aboute by the wall of ye house he buylded a compase, so yt it wente both aboute the temple and the quere, and made his outwarde wall roude aboute.
6 The nethermost stacion was fyue cubytes wyde, and ye myddest sixe cubites wyde, and the thirde seuen cubites wyde. For he layed balkes rounde aboute the house, that they touched not ye wall of the house.
7 And whan ye house was buylded, it was buylded of whole and outbroken stones, so yt there was herde nether hammer ner axe, ner eny other instrument of yron, whan the house was a buyldinge.
8 But on the righte syde of the myddes of the house there was a dore, so yt they might go vp to the myddest stacion by a turne grese, & from the myddest stacion vnto ye thirde.
9 Thus buylded he the house, & fynished it, & syled ye house both aboue & by the walles wt Ceder wodd.
10 He buylded a galery also aboue vpon the whole house fyue cubytes hye, and couered the house with Ceder tymber.
11 And the worde of the LORDE came vnto Salomon, & sayde:
12 Let this be the house yt thou buyldest. Yf thou shalt walke in myne ordinaunces, & do acordinge to my lawes, & kepe all my comaundementes, to walke therin, then wyl I stablysshe my worde with ye, (as I sayde vnto Dauid thy father)
13 & wyll dwell amonge the childre of Israel , and wil not forsake my people of Israel .
14 Thus Salomon buylded the house, & fynished it,
15 & buylded the walles on the insyde with Ceder tymber, from the grounde of ye house vnto the rofe, and syled it with tymbre on the ynsyde, and ouerlayed the floore of ye house with bordes of Pyne tre.
16 And behynde in the house he buylded a wall of Ceder tymber twentye cubytes longe, from the floore vnto the rofe. And there on the ynsyde buylded he the quere for the most holy.
17 But the house of the temple before the quere was fortye cubites longe:
18 on the ynsyde was the whole house of Ceder with throwne knoppes and floures, so that there was no stone sene.
19 As for the quere, he prepared it on the ynsyde of the house, that the Arke of the couenaunt of the LORDE might be set therin.
20 And before the quere (which was twentye cubites longe, twentye cubytes brode, and twentye cubytes hye, and ouerlayed with pure golde) he syled the altare with Ceder.
21 And Salomon ouerlayed the house on ye ynsyde wt pure golde, & shot barres of golde before the quere, which he had ouerlayed wt golde,
22 so that ye whole house was layed ouer with golde. And all the altare also before ye quere ouerlayed he with golde.
23 He made also in the quere two Cherubins ten cubites hye of Olyue tre.
24 One wynge of ether of the Cherubs had fyue cubytes, so that from the edge of his one wynge to the edge of his other wynge there were ten cubytes.
25 Euen so had the other Cherub ten cubites also, and both the Cherubs were of one measure and of one quantitie
26 so yt ether Cherub was ten cubites hye. And he put the Cherubins within in the house.
27 And the Cherubins spred forth their wynges, so that the wynge of the one touched the one wall, and the other Cherubs wynge touched the other wall. But in the myddes of ye house the one wynge touched another.
28 And he ouerlayed the Cherubins with golde.
29 And on all the walles of the house rounde aboute, he caused to make carued worke, with carued Cherubins, palme trees, and floures.
30 And the pauement of the house ouerlayed he also with golde plates.
31 And at the intraunce of the quere he made two dores of olyue thre with fyue squared postes,
32 and caused carued worke to be made therof with Cherubins, palme trees and floures, & ouerlayed them with plates of golde.
33 So made he also at the intraunce of the temple, foure squared postes of Olyue tre,
34 and two dores of Pyne tre (so that ether dore had two syde dores one haginge to another)
35 and made carued worke therof, palme trees and floures, right as it was appoynted.
36 And he buylded a courte also within wt thre rowes of fre stone, and with one rowe of playne Ceder tymber.
37 In the fourth yeare in the moneth Sif, was the foundacion of the LORDES house layed:
38 and in the eleuenth yeare in the moneth Bul (that is the eight moneth) was the house fynished as it shulde be, so that they were seuen yeare a buyldinge of it.

Chapter 7

1 Bvt Salomon was a buyldinge his awne house thirtene yeare, & fynished it, namely,
2 he buylded an house of the wodd of Libanus, an hundreth cubites longe, fiftye cubites wyde, & thirtie cubites hye, fouresquared with rowes of pilers, and wt carued Ceders.
3 And the rofe aboue syled he also with Cederwodd vpon the fyue & fortie pilers, for one rowe had fyftene pilers,
4 so yt there stode euer thre pilers one right ouer agaynst another:
5 so that euery space betwixte the pilers was one ouer agaynst another foure squared with the pilers.
6 And he made a porche with pilers which was fiftye cubites longe, and thirtie cubites brode, & yet a porche before it with pilers & wt a greate poste.
7 He made a porche also vnto ye kynges seate (wherin ye iudgment was kepte) and made it to be the porche of iudgment, and syled it with Ceder from the pauement vnto the pauement agayne,
8 and his owne house wherin he dwelt, in ye back courte made betwene ye house and the porche like the other. And like vnto the porche made he a house for Pharaos doughter, whom Salomon had taken to wife.
9 All these were costly stone hewen after ye measure, cut with sawes on euery syde, from the grounde vnto the rofe: and without the greate courte also.
10 As for the foundacions, they were costly and greate stones, ten and eighte cubites greate:
11 and costly fre stones theron acordinge to ye measure, and Ceders.
12 But the greate courte rounde aboute had thre rowes of fre stone, & one rowe of playne Ceders: Euen so also the courte by ye hou of the LORDE within, and the porch by the house.
13 And kynge Salomon sent to fetch one Hiram of Tyre
14 a wedowes sonne, of the trybe of Nephtali, and his father had bene a man of Tyre, which was a connynge ma in metall, full of wysdome, vnderstondinge and knowlege to worke all maner of metall worke. Whan he came to kynge Salomon, he made all his worke,
15 and made two brasen pilers, ether of them eightene cubites hye: and a threde of xij. cubites was the measure aboute both ye pilers:
16 and he made two knoppes of brasse molten, to set aboue vpon the pilers: and euery knoppe was fyue cubytes hye:
17 and on euery knoppe aboue vpon ye pilers seue wrythen ropes like cheynes.
18 And vpon euery knoppe he made two rowes of pomgranates rounde aboute on one rope, wherwith ye knoppe was couered.
19 And the knoppes were like roses before ye porche foure cubites greate.
20 And the pomgranates in the rowes rounde aboute were two hudreth aboue and beneth vpon the rope, which wete rounde aboute the thicknes of the knoppe, on euery knoppe vpon both the pilers.
21 And set vp the pilers before the porche of the temple. And that which he set on the right hande, called he Iachin: and that which he set on the lefte hande, called he Boos.
22 And so stode it aboue vpon the pilers euen like roses. Thus was the worke of ye pilers fynished.
23 And he made a molten lauer ten cubytes wyde from the one syde to the other rounde aboute, and fyue cubites hye, and a threde of thirtie cubites loge was ye measure rounde aboute:
24 and aboute the same lauer that was then cubites wyde, there wente knoppes on the edge therof rounde aboute the lauer. Two rowes were there of the knoppes molten with the lauer.
25 And it stode vpon twolue bullockes, wherof thre were turned towarde the north, thre towarde the west, thre towarde the south, and thre towarde the east, and the lauer aboue theron, so that all their hynder partes were within vnder the lauer:
26 wherof the thicknesse was an handbreth: and the edge of it was like the edge of a cuppe, and as a floured rose, and it conteyned two thousande Battes.
27 And he made ten brasen seates, euery one foure cubites longe and brode, and thre cubites hye.
28 The seate was made so, that it had sydes betwene the ledges.
29 And on the sydes betwene the ledges there were lyons, bullockes and Cherubins. And on ye ledges which were aboue and beneth the lyons and bullockes, were the sydes made so, that they were set downwardes.
30 And euery stole had foure brasen wheles with brasen axeltrees. And vpon the foure corners there were proppes molten, euery one ouer agaynst another, vnderset vnto the kettell.
31 And the soket vpon the stole was a cubyte hye and rounde, a cubyte and an halfe wyde: and on the soket there were knoppes in foldes, which were foure squared & not rounde.
32 The foure wheles stode beneth by the sydes, & the axeltrees of the wheles were harde on ye seate. Euery whele was a cubite and a halfe hye,
33 and they were wheles like cart wheles. And their axeltrees, spokes, nales, & shaftes were all molten.
34 And the foure proppes vpo the foure corners of euery seate were harde on the seate.
35 And on the soket aboue vpon the seate a cubyte and an halfe rounde aboute, there were ledges and sydes harde on the seate.
36 And on the plat of the same sydes and ledges, he caused to carue Cherubins, lyons and palme trees, one by another rounde aboute theron.
37 After this maner made he ten molte seates, one maner of measure & widenes was in all.
38 And he made ten copper kettels, so that one kettell coteyned fortye Battes, and was foure cubites greate, and vpon euery seate was a kettell.
39 And fyue seates set he on the righte syde of the house, and the other fyue on the lefte syde. But the lauer set he before on the righte hande towarde the south.
40 And Hiram made pottes also and shouels and basens, & so fynished he all the worke, that kynge Salomon caused to be made in the house of the LORDE:
41 namely ye two pilers, and the rounde knoppes aboue vpon the two pilers, and the two wrythen ropes to couer the two rounde knoppes vpon the pilers.
42 And the foure hudreth pomgranates on the two wrythen ropes, euer two rowes of pomgranates vnto euery rope, to couer the two rounde knoppes vpon the pilers.
43 And the ten seates, and ten kettels theron, and the lauer,
44 and twolue bullockes vnder ye lauer.
45 nd the pottes, shouels and basens. And all the ornamentes which Hiram made vnto kynge Salomon for the house of the LORDE, were of pure metall.
46 In the countre by Iordane, caused the kynge them to be molten in thicke earth, betwene Sucoth and Zarthan.
47 And Salomon let all the apparell be vnweyed, because the metall was so moch.
48 Morouer Salomon made all the apperell that belonged vnto the house of the LORDE: namely a golden altare, a golden table that the shewbred laye on,
49 fyue candelstickes on the righte hande, and fyue candelstickes on the lefte (before the quere) of pure golde, wt floures,
50 lampes and snoffers of golde, therto flat peces, charges, basens, spones and censours of pure golde. And the hokes of ye dores on the insyde of the house in the most holy, and in the dores of the house of the teple of the LORDE were of golde.
51 Thus all the worke that kynge Salomon made in ye house of the LORDE, was fynisshed. And Salomon brought in that his father Dauid had sanctified, of syluer and golde and ornamentes, and layed it amonge the treasures of the house of the LORDE.

Chapter 8

1 Then gathered kynge Salomon all ye Elders in Israel together, all the rulers of the trybes and prynces of the fathers amonge the children of Israel , vnto Ierusalem, to brynge vp the Arke of the couenaunt of the LORDE, out of the cite of Dauid, that is Sion.
2 And there resorted vnto kynge Salomon all the men in Israel , at the feast in the moneth Ethanim, that is ye seuenth moneth.
3 And whan all ye Elders of Israel came, the prestes toke the Arke of the LORDE,
4 and broughte it vp, and the Tabernacle of witnesse, and all the ornamentes of the Sanctuary that were in the Tabernacle. This dyd the prestes and the Leuites.
5 And kynge Salomon and all the congregacion of Israel yt were gathered vnto him, wente with him before the Arke, and offred shepe and bullockes, so many, that they coulde not be nombred ner tolde.
6 So the prestes broughte the Arke of the LORDES couenaunt vnto hir place, euen in to ye Quere of the house in the most holy vnder ye wynges of the Cherubins.
7 For ye Cherubins spred out their wynges in the place where the Arke stode, and couered the Arke and the staues therof from aboue.
8 And the staues were so loge, that ye knoppes of them were sene from the Sanctuary before ye quere, but on the outsyde were they not sene, and they were there vnto this daye.
9 And in the Arke there was nothinge, but onely the two tables of stone, which Moses had layed therin at Horeb, whan ye LORDE made a couenaunt with the children of Israel, what tyme as they were departed out of the londe of Egipte.
10 But whan the prestes wente out of the Sanctuary, a cloude fylled the house of the LORDE,
11 so yt the prestes coulde not stonde & execute the office for the cloude: for the glory of the LORDE fylled the LORDES house.
12 Then sayde Salomon: The LORDE sayde, that he wolde dwell in a darke cloude.
13 I haue buylded an house, to be an habitacion vnto the: a seate, yt thou mayest dwell there for euer.
14 And ye kynge turned his face, & blessed all the congregacion of Israel . And all the cogregacion of Israel stode,
15 & he sayde: Praysed be the LORDE God of Israel, which promised by his mouth vnto my father Dauid, and by his hade hath fulfylled it, and sayde:
16 Sence the daye yt I broughte my people of Israel out of Egipte, haue I chosen no cite amoge all the trybes of Israel, to buylde me an house, that my name might be there. But Dauid haue I chosen, to be ouer my people of Israel .
17 And in dede my father Dauid was mynded to buylde an house vnto the name of the LORDE God of Israel:
18 neuertheles the LORDE sayde vnto my father Dauid: Where as thou wast mynded to buylde an house vnto my name, thou hast done well, that thou art so aduysed.
19 Howbeit thou shalt not buylde the house, but thy sonne which shal come out of thy loynes, he shal buylde an house vnto my name.
20 And the LORDE hath perfourmed his worde that he spake: For I am come vp in my father Dauids steade, and syt vpon the seate of Israel, as the LORDE sayde: and haue buylded an house vnto the name of the LORDE God of Israel:
21 and there haue I ordeyned a place for the Arke, wherin is the LORDES couenaunt, which he made with oure fathers, whan he broughte them out of ye londe of Egipte.
22 And Salomon stode before the altare of the LORDE in the presence of the whole congregacion of Israel, and helde out his handes towarde heauen,
23 and sayde: O LORDE God of Israel, there is no god like the, nether aboue in heauen, ner beneth vpo earth, thou that kepest couenaut and mercy for all thy seruauntes that walke before ye with all their hert,
24 thou that hast kepte promes with my father Dauid thy seruaunt: With thy mouth thou saydest it, and with thy hande hast thou fulfylled it, as it is come to passe this daye.
25 Now LORDE God of Israel make good vnto my father Dauid yi seruaunt, that which thou hast promysed him, and sayde: Thou shalt not wante a man before me to syt vpon the seate of Israel , yf thy childre kepe their waye, so yt they walke before me like as thou hast walked before me.
26 Now thou God of Israel , let yi worde be verified, which thou hast promysed vnto my father Dauid thy seruaunt.
27 For thynkest thou yt God dwelleth vpon earth? Beholde, the heauens and the heauens of all heauens maye not contayne the: how shulde then this house do it, that I haue buylded?
28 But turne the vnto the prayer of thy seruaunt, and to his supplicacion (O LORDE my God) that thou mayest heare the thankesgeuynge and prayer, which thy seruaunt maketh before the this daye,
29 so that thine eyes be open ouer this house night and daye, euen ouer this place (wherof thou saydest: My name shall dwell there.) That thou mayest heare the prayer which thy seruaut maketh in this place,
30 & heare the intercession of yi seruaunt & of thy people of Israel , which they shall make here in this place of thy habitacion in heauen: and whan thou hearest it, be gracious.
31 Whan eny ma synneth agaynst his neghboure, and taketh vpon him an ooth wherwith he byndeth him selfe, and ye ooth commeth before thine altare in this house,
32 then heare thou in heaue, and se that thy seruauntes haue right, to condemne the vngodly, and to brynge his waye vpon his owne heade, and to iustifie the righteous, to geue him acordinge to his righteousnes.
33 Whan thy people of Israel is smytten before their enemies (whyle they haue synned agaynst the) and yf they turne vnto the and knowlege thy name, & make their prayer and intercession vnto the in this house,
34 the heare thou them in heauen, and be mercifull vnto the synne of thy people of Israel, and brynge them agayne into the londe, yt thou hast geuen vnto their fathers.
35 Whan the heauen is shut vp, so yt it rayneth not (for so moch, as they haue synned agaynst the) and yf they make their prayer in this place, and knowlege thy name, and turne from their synnes wha thou troublest them,
36 heare thou them then in heauen, and be mercifull vnto the synnes of thy seruauntes, and of thy people of Israel, that thou mayest shewe them the good waye, wherin they shulde walke, and let it rayne vpon the londe that thou hast geuen thy people to inheritaunce.
37 Whan a derth, or pestilence, or drouth, or burnynge, or greshopper or catirpiller, is in their londe, or whan his enemye layeth sege to his portes in the londe, or whan eny other plage or disease happeneth,
38 who so euer then maketh his prayer and peticion, whether it be eny other men or thy people of Israel (which the are aware of their plage) euery one in his hert, and spredeth out his handes vnto this house:
39 Heare thou then in heauen in the seate where thou dwellest, and be mercifull, & se that thou geue euery one acordinge as he hath walked, like as thou knowest his hert (for thou onely knowest the hert of all the children of men)
40 that they maye allwaye feare the, as longe as they lyue in the lande, which thou hast geuen vnto oure fathers.
41 And whan eny straunger, that is not of thy people of Israel, commeth out of a farre countre for thy names sake
42 (for they shall heare of thy greate name, and of thy mightie hade, and of thy outstretched arme) and commeth to make his prayer in this house,
43 heare thou him then in heauen, euen in the seate of thy dwellynge, and do all for the which that straunger calleth vpon the, that all the nacions vpon earth maye knowe thy name, and that they maye feare the, as thy people of Israel do: and that they maye knowe, how that this house which I haue buylded, is named after thy name.
44 Whan thy people go forth to the battayll agaynst their enemyes, the waye that thou shalt sende them and shall praye vnto the LORDE towarde the waye of the cite which thou hast chosen, and towarde the house that I haue buylded vnto thy name,
45 heare thou then their prayer and peticion in heauen, and execute iudgment for them.
46 Whan they synne agaynst the (for there is no ma that synneth not) & thou be wroth, and delyuer the vnto their enemyes, so that they cary them awaye captyue in to the enemyes londe farre or nye,
47 and yf they remembre them selues in the londe where they are captyue, and turne, and make their intercession vnto the in the londe of their captyuite, and saye: We haue synned, & done amysse, and haue bene vngodly,
48 and so turne vnto ye with all their hert, and with all their soule in the lode of their enemies (which led them awaye captyue) and make their prayer vnto the towarde the waye of their londe, that thou hast geuen vnto their fathers, euen towarde the cite which thou hast chosen, and towarde the house that I haue buylded vnto thy name:
49 then heare thou their prayer and supplicacion in heauen, from the seate of thy dwellynge, and execute iudgment for them,
50 and be mercifull vnto thy people that haue synned agaynst the, and vnto all their trespaces, wherwith they haue transgressed agaynst the, and graunte the mercy in the sighte of them which led them awaye presonners, that their enemyes maye be mercyfull vnto them:
51 for they are thy people, and thyne enheritaunce, whom thou broughtest out of Egipte, from the yron fornace:
52 that thine eyes maye be open vnto the peticion of thy seruaunt, and of thy people of Israel, that thou maiest heare them in all thinges for the which they shall call vpon the
53 (for thou O LORDE LORDE) hast sundered them out to be an inheritaunce vnto thy selfe, from amoge all the nacions vpon earth, acordinge as thou saydest by Moses thy seruaunt, whan thou broughtest oure fathers out of Egipte.
54 And wha Salomon had ended all this prayer and peticion before the LORDE, he rose vp from the altare of the LORDE, and lefte of from knelynge and holdynge out of handes towarde heauen,
55 and stode and blessed all the congregacion of Israel with loude voyce, and sayde:
56 Praysed be the LORDE which hath geuen rest vnto his people, acordinge as he sayde. There hath not one fayled of all his good wordes, which he spake by his seruaunt Moses.
57 The LORDE oure God be with vs, as he hath bene with oure fathers, and forsake vs not,
58 nether withdrawe his hande from vs, but bowe oure hertes vnto him, that we maye walke in all his wayes, and kepe his commaundementes, ordinaunces and lawes, which he commaunded oure fathers.
59 And these wordes wherwith I haue made my peticion before the LORDE, come nye vnto the LORDE oure God daye and nighte, that he maye execute iudgment for his seruaunt and for his people of Israel, euery one at his tyme:
60 that all nacions vpon earth maye knowe, that the LORDE is God, & that there is none other.
61 And let youre hert be perfecte with the LORDE oure God, to walke in his statutes, and to kepe his commaundementes, as it is this daye.
62 And the kynge with all Israel his people offred sacrifice before the LORDE.
63 And Salomon offred deed offerynges (which he offred vnto the LORDE) two and twenty thousande oxen, and an hundreth & twenty thousande shepe. So the kynge and all the children of Israel dedicated the house of the LORDE.
64 The same daye dyd the kynge dedicate the myddelmost courte, which was before the house of the LORDE: that he mighte there perfourme the burntofferynges, meatofferynges, and the fat of the deedofferynges: for the brasen altare that stode before ye LORDE, was to litle for the burntofferynges, meatofferynges, and for the fat of the deedofferynges.
65 And at the same tyme made Salomon a solempne feast, and all Israel a greate congregacion with him, from the border of Hemath vnto the ryuer of Egipte, before the LORDE oure God, seuen dayes, and yet seuen dayes, that were fourtene daies.
66 And on the eight daye he let the people go. And they blessed the kynge, and wente vnto their tentes reioysinge and with a mery hert, because of all the good that the LORDE had done vnto Dauid his seruaunt, & to his people of Israel .

Chapter 9

1 And whan Salomon had fynished ye buyldinge of the house of the LORDE, and the kynges house, and all that his desyre and pleasure was to make,
2 ye LORDE appeared vnto him the seconde tyme, euen as he appeared vnto him at Gibeon.
3 And the LORDE sayde vnto him: I haue herde thy prayer and peticion, that thou hast made before me, and haue sanctified this house which thou hast buylded, that I maye set my name there for euer: and myne eyes and my hert shalbe there allwaye.
4 And yf thou walke before me (as thy father Dauid walked) with a perfecte and a true hert, so that thou do all that I haue commaunded the, and kepe myne ordinaunces and lawes,
5 then wyll I stablish the seate of thy kyngdome ouer Israel for euer, acordinge as I promysed thy father Dauid, and sayde: Thou shalt not wante a man from the seate of Israel.
6 But yf ye turne back fro me, ye and youre childre, and kepe not my commaundementes and ordinaunces which I haue layed before you, but go and serue other goddes, and worshipe them,
7 then wyll I rote Israel out of the londe that I haue geuen them. And the house that I haue halowed vnto my name, wyll I put awaye fro my face. And Israel shall be come a byworde and fabell amoge all nacions,
8 and so shal this hye house: so that euery one yt goeth by, shall be astonyed, and make an hyssynge, and saye: Wherfore hath the LORDE done thus vnto this londe and to this house?
9 Then shal it be answered: Because they forsoke ye LORDE their God, (which brought their fathers out of the londe of Egipte) and haue receaued other goddes, and worshipped them, and serued them. Therfore hath ye LORDE brought all this euell vpon them.
10 Now whan the twentye yeares were ended, wherin Salomon buylded the two houses, the LORDES house and the kynges house,
11 where vnto Hiram the kynge of Tyre brought Salomo Ceder trees & Pyne trees, and golde after all his desyre, then gaue kynge Salomon vnto Hiram twentye cities in the countre of Galile.
12 And Hiram departed from Tyre to vyset the cities which Salomon had geuen him, & they pleased him not,
13 and he sayde: What maner of cities are these (my brother) that thou hast geue me? And he called them the londe of Cabul vnto this daye.
14 And Hiram vnto the kynge, sixe score hundreth weight of Golde.
15 And the same is the summe of the taxe, that kynge Salomon raysed to the buyldinge of the house of the LORDE, and his awne house, & Millo, and the walles of Ierusalem, and Hasor, and Megiddo , and Gaser.
16 For Pharao ye kynge of Egipte came vp, and wane Gaser, & brent it with fyre, & slewe the Cananites yt dwelt in the cite, & gaue it for a gifte vnto his doughter Salomos wife.
17 So Salomon buylded Gaser, & the lower Bethoron,
18 and Baelath and Thamar, in ye wyldernes, in the londe,
19 & all the cities of the corne houses that Salomon had, and all the cities of the charettes, & all the cities of the horsmen, and what it pleased him to buylde at Ierusalem, in Libanus, & in euery countre of his domynion.
20 And all the remnaunt of the people of the Amorytes, Hethites, Pheresites, Heuites and Iebusites, which were not of the children of Israel ,
21 their children which they lefte behynde them in the londe (whom the children of Israel coulde not vtterly destroye) those dyd Salomon make tributaries vnto this daye.
22 But of the children of Israel he made no bondmen, but let them be men of warre, and his seruauntes, and prynces, and knightes, and ouer his charettes and horsme.
23 And the officers which were ouer Salomons busynesse, were fyue hundreth and fyftye, which ruled the people, and perfourmed the worke.
24 And Pharaos doughter wente vp from the cite of Dauid, in to hir house which he had buylded for her. Then buylded he Millo likewyse.
25 And thre tymes in the yeare dyd Salomon offre burntofferynges and deedofferynges vpon the altare that he had buylded vnto the LORDE, and burnt incense vpon it before the LORDE, and so was the house ended and fynished.
26 And Salomon made shippes also at Ezeon Geber, which lyeth by Eloth besyde the Reed See shore in ye londe of the Edomites.
27 And Hiram sent his seruauntes by shippe, which were shipmen, and had experience of the See, with Salomons seruauntes,
28 and they came vnto Ophir, and fetched from thence one & twenty score hundreth weight of golde, and brought it vnto Salomon.

Chapter 10

1 And whan kynge Salomons fame of the name of the LORDE came to the eares of the Quene of riche Arabia, she came to proue him with darke sentences.
2 And she came to Ierusalem with a maruelous greate trayne, with camels which bare spyces, and moch golde, and precious stones And whan she came in to kynge Salomon, she spake vnto him all that was in hir hert.
3 And Salomon tolde her euerythinge, and the kynge had nothinge in secrete, but he tolde it her.
4 But whan the Quene of riche Arabia sawe all the wysdome of Salomon, and the house that he had buylded,
5 and the meates of his table, and the dwellinges of his seruauntes, & the offyces of his ministers, and their garmentes, and his butlers and the burntofferynges which he offred in the house of the LORDE, she wondred exceadingly, and coulde no longer refrayne,
6 but sayde vnto the kynge: It is true that I haue herde in my londe of thy behauoure and of thy wysdome.
7 And I wolde not beleue it, tyll I came and sawe it with myne eyes: and beholde, the halfe hath not bene tolde me. hou hast more wysdome and good, the the fame is that I haue herde.
8 Happye are thy people and thy seruauntes, that allwaie stonde before the, and heare thy wysdome.
9 Praysed be the LORDE thy God, which had soch a pleasure vnto the, that he set the vpon the seate of Israel : because he hath allwaye loued Israel , and hath set the to be kynge, that thou shuldest mantayne iustyce and equyte.
10 And she gaue the kynge syxe score hundreth weighte of golde, and very moch spyce, and precious stones. There came neuer so moch spyce thyther, as the Quene of riche Arabia gaue vnto kynge Salomon.
11 And Hirams shippes, which caried golde out of Ophir, broughte maruelous moch costly tymber and precious stones from Ophir.
12 And of that costly tymber the kynge caused to make pilers in the house of the LORDE, and in ye kinges house, and harpes and Psalteries for the Musicians. There came nomore soch costly tymber, nether was it sene vnto this daye.
13 And kynge Salomon gaue the quene of riche Arabia , all that she desyred and axed, besydes that which he gaue her of a frye hande. And she returned, and departed in to hir lande with hir seruauntes.
14 The golde that came to Salomon in one yeare, was nyne and thyrtie score hundreth weighte,
15 besydes that which came of chapmen, marchauntes and Apotecaries, and of the nexte kynges, and of the mightie men in the londe.
16 And kynge Salomon caused to make two hundreth speares of beaten golde, sixe hundreth peces of golde put he to euery speare:
17 and thre hundreth shyldes of ye best golde, euen thre pounde of golde vpon euery shylde. And the kynge put them in the house of the wod of Libanus.
18 And the kynge made a greate seate of Yuery, and ouerlayed it with ye most precious golde.
19 And the seate had sixe steppes, and ye heade of the seate was roude behynde. And there were two postes to leane vpo on both the sydes of the seate, and two lyons stode vpon the leanynge postes,
20 and twolue lyons stode vpon the sixe steppes on both the sydes. Soch one hath not bene made in eny kyngdome.
21 All kynge Salomos drynkynge vessels were of golde, and all the vessels in the house of ye wod of Libanus were of pure golde also: for syluer was not regarded in Salomons tyme.
22 For the kynges Seeshippe yt sayled vpon the See with ye shippe of Hiram, came once in thre yeare, and broughte golde, syluer, Yuery, Apes, and Pecockes.
23 Thus was kynge Salomon greater in riches and wysdome, then all the kynges vpo earth:
24 And all the worlde desyred to se Salomon, that they mighte heare the wysdome which God gaue him in his hert.
25 And they broughte him yearly euery man his present, vessels of syluer and golde, rayment and harnesse, spyces, horses and Mules.
26 And Salomon broughte charettes and horsmen together, so that he had a thousande and foure hundreth charettes, and twolue thousande horsmen: and those he put in ye charet cities, and with the kynge at Ierusalem.
27 And the kynge broughte it to passe, that there was as moch syluer at Ierusale as stones: and as many Ceders as there were wylde figge trees in the valleys.
28 And Salomos horses were broughte out of Egipte, and fro Reua: for the kynges marchauntes fetched them from Reua for money.
29 And a charet came vp out of Egipte for sixe hudreth Sycles of Syluer, and an horse for an hudreth and fyftye. Thus were they brought also vnto all the kynges of the Hethites and to the kynges of Siria by their handes.

Chapter 11

1 But kynge Salomon loued many outlandish wemen, Pharaos doughter, and wemen of Moab, of Ammo, of Edom, of Sidon, and of Heth,
2 euen of those nacions, that the LORDE spake of vnto the children of Israel: Go not ye vnto them, and let not them come vnto you: they shal surely bowe youre hertes after their goddes: Vnto these dyd Salomon enclyne with affeccion.
3 And he had seuen hundreth wemen to wyues, and thre hundreth concubynes, and his wyues turned his hert asyde.
4 And whan he was now olde, his wyues bowed his hert after straunge goddes, so that his hert was not whole with the LORDE his God, as was the hert of Dauid his father.
5 So Salomon walked after Astaroth the god of the Sidonians, and after Malcom the abhominacion of the Ammonites.
6 And Salomon dyd yt which displeased the LORDE, and folowed not ye LORDE to ye vttemost as dyd his father Dauid.
7 The buylded Salomo an hie place vnto Chamos the abhominacio of ye Moabites (vpon the mount that lyeth before Ierusale) and vnto Moloch the abhominacion of the Ammnnites.
8 Thus dyd Salomon for all his outladish wyues, which brent incense, and offred vnto their goddes.
9 But the LORDE was wroth at Salomon, because his hert was turned asyde from ye LORDE God of Israel, which had two tymes appeared vnto him,
10 and comaunded him, that he shulde not walke after other goddes: and yet kepte he not that the LORDE commaunded him.
11 Therfore sayde the LORDE vnto Salomon: For so moch as this is done with the, and hast not kepte my couenaunt and myne ordinaunces, which I commaunded the, therfore wyll I also plucke thy kyngdome from the, and geue it vnto thy seruaunt:
12 Neruertheles in yi tyme will I not do it, for thy father Dauids sake, but from the hande of thy sonne wyl I plucke it.
13 Howbeit I wyl not plucke ye kyngdome cleane awaye. One trybe wyll I geue vnto thy sonne, for Dauid my seruauntes sake, and for Ierusalems sake which I haue chosen.
14 And the LORDE raysed vp an aduersary vnto Salomon, euen Hadad the Edomite of the kynges sede, which was in Edom.
15 For whan Dauid was in Edom , and Ioab the chefe captayne wente vp to bury the slayne, he smote all the males in Edom.
16 (For Ioab remayned there sixe monethes and all Israel , tyl he had roted out all ye males that were in Edom .)
17 Then fled Hadad, and certayne men of ye Moabites with him, of his fathers seruauntes. As for Hadad, he was a yonge man.
18 And they gat them vp fro Madian, and came vnto Paran, and toke men with them out of Paran, and came in to Egipte vnto Pharao the kynge of Egipte: which gaue him an house and certayne vytales appoynted, & gaue him a countre.
19 And Adad founde greate fauoure in the sighte of Pharao, so that he gaue him to wife euen the sister of his owne wife Thaphenes the Quene.
20 And Thaphenes sister bare him Genubath his sonne, and Thaphenes norished him vp in Pharaos house, in so moch that Genubath was in Pharaos house amonge Pharaos children.
21 Now wha Hadad herde in Egipte, that Dauid was falle on slepte with his fathers, and yt Ioab the chefe captayne was deed, he sayde vnto Pharao: Let me go in to my countre.
22 Pharao sayde vnto him: What lackest thou with me, that thou wilt go in to thy countre? He sayde: Nothynge, but yet let me go.
23 God raysed him vp another aduersary also, one Reson the sonne of El Iada, which fled from his lorde Hadad Eser kynge of Zeba,
24 and gathered men agaynst him, and was a captayne of the men of warre whan Dauid slewe them: and they wente vnto Damascus and dwelt there, and reigned at Damascus,
25 and he was Israels aduersary as loge as Salomon lyued. This is the harme yt Hadad suffred: therfore had he euell will at Israel , and was kynge ouer Israel
26 Morouer Ieroboam the sonne of Nebat an Ephraite Salomons seruaunt (and his mothers name was Zeruga, a wedowe) lifte vp his hande also agaynst the kynge.
27 And this is the cause wherfore he lifte vp his hande agaynst the kynge: Whan Salomon buylded Millo, he shut vp a gappe in the cite of Dauid his father.
28 And Ieroboam was a ma of armes. And whan Salomon sawe that it was a mete yonge man, he set him ouer all the burthens of the house of Ioseph.
29 But at the same tyme it fortuned, that Ieroboam wente out from Ierusalem, and the prophet Ahias of Silo founde him by the waye, and he had a new cloke vpon him, and they two were alone in the felde.
30 And Ahia toke holde of the new cloke yt he had on, and rente the same in to twolue peces,
31 and sayde vnto Ieroboam: Take thou ten peces vnto the. For thus sayeth the LORDE God of Israel: Beholde, euen thus wyll I rente the kyngdome from the hande of Salomo, and wyll geue the ten trybes.
32 One trybe shall he haue for my seruaunt Dauids sake, and because of the cyte of Ierusalem, which I haue chosen out of all the trybes of Israel:
33 for they haue forsaken me, and worshipped Astaroth the god of the Sidonians, Chamos the god of the Moabites, and Malco the god of the children of Ammon, and haue not walked in my wayes, to fulfill my pleasure, myne ordinaunces, and lawes, as dyd Dauid his father.
34 Notwithstondynge I wyll not take the whole kyngdome from out of his hande, but wil make him a prynce as longe as he lyueth for my seruaunt Dauids sake, whom I dyd chose, which kepte my commaundementes & ordinaunces.
35 From out of the hande of his sonne wyl I take the kyngdome, and wyl geue ten trybes vnto the,
36 and one vnto his sonne, that Dauid my seruaunt maye allwaye haue a lanterne before me in the cite of Ierusalem, which I haue chosen, that I maye set my name there.
37 Therfore wyl I take the now, to raygne ouer all that thine hert desyreth, and thou shalt be kynge ouer Israel .
38 Yf thou folowe now all that I shall commaunde the, and walke in my wayes, and fulfill my pleasure to kepe myne ordinaunces and commaundementes, as dyd my seruaut Dauid, then wyll I be with the, and buylde the a sure house, as I buylded vnto Dauid, and wyl geue Israel vnto the
39 and therwith wyll I subdue the sede of Dauid, but not for euermore.
40 But Salomon soughte to kyll Ieroboam. Then Ieroboam gat him vp, and fled in to Egipte to Sisak the kynge of Egipte, and remayned in Egipte, tyll Salomon dyed.
41 What more there is to saye of Salomon, and all that he dyd, and his wysdome, it is wrytten in the Cronicles of Salomon.
42 The tyme that Salomon was kynge at Ierusalem ouer all Israel , is fortye yeare.
43 And Salomon fell on slepe with his fathers, and was buryed in the cite of Dauid his father, and Roboam his sonne was kynge in his steade.

Chapter 12

1 And Roboam wete vnto Sichem, for all Israel was come to Sichem to make him kynge.
2 And whan Ieroboam ye sonne of Nebat herde that, while he was yet in Egipte (whither he was fled for Salomon) he came agayne out of Egipte.
3 And they sent for him, and called him. And Ieroboam with all the congregacion of Israel came and spake to Roboam, and sayde:
4 Thy father made oure yock to harde: therfore make thou now the harde bondage and the sore yock lighter, and we wyll submytte oure selues vnto the.
5 He sayde vnto them: Go youre waye vnto the thirde daye, and then come to me agayne. And the people wete their waye.
6 And Roboam the kynge helde a councell with the Elders that stode before Salomo his father whyle he lyued, & he sayde: What is youre councell, that we maye geue this people an answere?
7 They sayde vnto him: Yf thou do this people a pleasure to daye, and folowe their mynde, and heare them, and geue them good wordes, then shal they be obedient vnto the as longe as thou liuest.
8 Neuertheles he forsoke the councell that ye Elders had geuen him, and axed councell at the yonge men which were growne vp with him, and stode before him.
9 And he sayde vnto them: What is youre councell that we maye answere this people which haue sayde vnto me: Make the yock lighter, that thy father hath layed vpo vs.
10 And the yonge men that were growne vp with him, sayde vnto him: Where as the people haue sayde vnto the: Thy father hath made oure yock to sore, make thou it easyer for vs, Thus shalt thou saye vnto them: My litle fynger shall be thicker then my fathers loynes.
11 Now, my father layed a sore yock vpon you, but I wyl yet laye more theron: My father correcte you with scourges, but I wyl nourtoure you with scorpions.
12 So vpon the thyrde daye came Ieroboam with all the people vnto Roboam, as ye kynge had appoynted and saide, come to me agayne on the thyrde daye.
13 And the kynge gaue the people an harde rough answere, and forsoke the coucell that the Elders had geuen him,
14 and talked with them after the councell of the yonge men, and sayde: My father made youre yock sore, but I wyll make it yet sorer vpon you. My father correcte you with scourges, but I wil nourtoure you with scorpios.
15 Thus the kynge folowed not the peoples mynde, for he was turned so fro the LORDE, that he mighte stablish his worde which he spake by Ahias of Silo vnto Ieroboam the sonne of Nebat.
16 But whan all Israel sawe that the kynge wolde not heare them, the people gaue ye kynge an answere and sayde: What porcion haue we then in Dauid or inheritaunce in the sonne of Isai? Get the to thy tentes O Israel. Loke thou now to thy house thou Dauid. So Israel wente vnto their tentes.
17 As for Roboam, he raigned but ouer ye children of Israel , which dwelt in the cities of Iuda.
18 And whan kynge Roboam sent thither Adoram the rentgatherer, all Israel stoned him to death. But kynge Roboam strengthed himselfe, and gat him vp in to a charet, to fle vnto Ierusalem.
19 Thus departed Israel from the house of Dauid vnto this daye.
20 Now whan all Israel herde, that Ieroboam was come againe, they sent for to call him to the whole congregacion, and made him kynge ouer all Israel . And no man folowed the house of Dauid, saue onely the tribe of Iuda.
21 And whan Roboam came to Ierusalem, all the house of Iuda and the trybe of Ben Iamin (euen an hundreth and foure score thousande chosen men of armes) gathered themselues together to fight against ye house of Israel, & to brynge the kyngdome agayne vnto Roboam ye sonne of Salomo.
22 But the worde of God came to Semeia the man of God, and sayde:
23 Speake thou to Roboam the sonne of Salomon kynge of Iuda, and to all ye house of Iuda and Ben Iamin, and to the other people, and saye:
24 Thus sayeth the LORDE: Ye shall not go vp and fighte agaynst youre brethren the children of Israel. Let euery man go home agayne, for this is my dede. And they herkened vnto the worde of the LORDE, and turned back, to go their waye, as the LORDE sayde.
25 But Roboam buylded Sichem vpon mount Ephraim, and dwelt therin, and departed thence, and buylded Penuel.
26 Ieroboa thoughte in his hert: The kingdome shall fall agayne now vnto the house of Dauid,
27 yf this people go vp to offre in the LORDES house at Ierusalem, and so shall the hert of this people turne to their lorde Roboam kynge of Iuda, and the shal they slaye me, and fall agayne to Roboam kynge of Iuda.
28 And the kynge helde a councell and made two golden calues, and sayde vnto them: It is to moch for you to go to Ierusale: beholde, there is thy God (O Israel) which broughte ye out of Egipte.
29 And the one set he at Bethel, & the other in Dan.
30 And this dede turned to synne, for the people wente before the one vnto Dan.
31 He made an house also in the hye places, and made prestes of the smallest in the people, which were not of the childre of Leui.
32 And vpon the fiftene daye of the eighte moneth he made an holy daye, like as the solempne feast in Iuda, and offered vpon the altare. Thus dyd he at Bethel , in doynge sacrifice vnto the calues which he had made, and at Bethel he ordeyned the prestes of the hye places that he had made:
33 and offred vpon the altar (which he had made) at Bethel , the fiftene daye of the eight moneth, which he inuented of his owne hert. And he made the children of Israel an holy daye, & wente vp to the altare to burne incense.

Chapter 13

1 And beholde, there came a ma of God from Iuda (thorow the worde of the LORDE) vnto Bethel , and Ieroboam stode by the altar to burne incense.
2 And he cried agaynst the altare thorow the worde of the LORDE, and sayde: O altar, altar, thus sayeth the LORDE: Beholde, there shal be borne vnto ye house of Dauid a sonne, Iosias by name which on the shal offer the prestes of the hye places, that burne incense vpon the, and mens bones shal he burne on the.
3 And he gaue a wonder token the same daye, and sayde: This is the token, that the LORDE hath spoken it, beholde, the altar shall ryue, and the asshes, that are theron, shall be poured out.
4 But whan the kynge herde the worde of the man of God, that cried agaynst the altare at Bethel , he stretched out his hande by ye altare, and sayde: Laye hondes on him. And his hande that he stretched out, wythered, and he coulde not drawe it vnto him agayne.
5 And ye altare roue, and the asshes were poured out from the altare, acordinge to the wonder token that the man of God had geuen by the worde of the LORDE.
6 And the kynge answered, and sayde vnto the man of God: O praye the face of the LORDE thy God, and make intercession for me, that my hande maie be restored vnto me agayne. Then prayed the man of God vnto the face of the LORDE. And the kynges hande was restored him agayne, and became as it was afore.
7 And the kynge sayde vnto the man of God: Come home with me, and dyne, and I wil geue the a rewarde.
8 But the man of God sayde vnto the kynge: Yf thou geuest me halfe thy house, I wil not come with the: for in this place wyll I nether eate bred, ner drynke water.
9 For thus am I commaunded, and thus is it sayde vnto me by the worde of the LORDE: Thou shalt eate no bred, and drynke no water, nether returne the waye that thou wentest.
10 And he departed another waye, and returned not agayne the waye that he came to Bethel .
11 But at Bethel there dwelt an olde prophet vnto who his sonnes came, & tolde him all the workes yt the ma of God had done that daye at Bethel , & the wordes that he had spoken vnto the kynge.
12 And their father sayde vnto them: Which waye is he gone? And his sonnes shewed him the waye that the man of God was gone: which came from Iuda.
13 He sayde vnto his sonnes: Saddell me the asse. And wha they had sadled him the asse, he rode theron,
14 and wente after the man of God, and founde him syttinge vnder an Oke tre, and sayde vnto him: Art thou the man of God that came from Iuda? He sayde: Yee.
15 He sayde vnto him: Come home with me, and eate bred.
16 He sayde: I maye not turne backe with the, and come with the. Nether wyll I eate bred, ner drynke water with the in this place:
17 for it is spoken vnto me by the worde of the LORDE: Thou shalt nether eate bred there, ner yet drynke water, nether shalt thou go agayne by the waye which thou wentest.
18 He sayde vnto him: I myselfe am a prophet as well as thou, and an angell hath spoken with me by ye worde of the LORDE, and saide: Bringe him againe with the, that he maye eate bred, and drynke water. But he lyed vnto him,
19 and broughte him agayne, so that he ate bred, and dranke water in his house.
20 And whan they sat at the table, the worde of the LORDE came to the prophet that had broughte him agayne,
21 and cryed vnto the man which was come fro Iuda, and sayde: Thus sayeth the LORDE: Because thou hast bene dishobedient vnto the mouth of ye LORDE, and hast not kepte the commaundement that the LORDE thy God commaunded the,
22 but hast turned backe, and hast eaten bred, and dronke water in ye place, wherof he saide vnto the: Thou shalt nether eate bred ner drynke water, therfore shall not thy body come in to thy fathers graue.
23 And whan he had eaten bred and dronke the asse was sadled vnto the prophet whom he had brought agayne.
24 And wha he was gone, a lyon founde him by the waye, & slewe him, and his body was cast in ye waye. And the asse stode by him, and the lyon stode by the body.
25 And wha men wente by, they sawe the body cast in the waye, and the lyon stondynge besyde the body, and came and tolde it in the cite, where the olde prophet dwelt.
26 Whan the prophet which had broughte him agayne, herde that, he sayde: It is the man of God, that hath bene dishobediet vn the mouth of the LORDE, therfore hath ye LORDE delyuered him vnto the Lyon , which hath rente him, and slayne him, acordynge to the worde that the LORDE spake vnto him.
27 And he sayde vnto his sonnes: Saddell me the asse. And whan they had sadled it,
28 he wente, and founde his body cast in the waie and the asse and the lyon stondynge beside ye body. The lyon had eate nothinge of the body, nether had he torne the asse.
29 Then toke the prophet the deed coarse of the man of God, and layed it vpo the asse, and broughte it agayne in to the cite of the olde prophet, to mourne, and to burye him.
30 And he layed the coarse in his awne graue, and they mourned for him: Alas my brother.
31 And whan they had buryed him, he saide vnto his sonnes: Whan I dye, burye me in the graue where the ma of God is buried, and laye my bones besyde his bones.
32 For it shal come to passe, that he cried (thorow the worde of the LORDE) against Bethel, and agaynst all ye houses of the hye places, which are in the cities of Samaria.
33 Howbeit after this acte dyd not Ieroboa turne from his euell waye, but was peruerted, and made prestes of the hye places, eue of the smallest of the people: Loke whom it pleased him, his handes he fylled, & he was prest of the hye places.
34 And this turned to synne vnto the house of Ieroboa, to destroye him and to brynge him to naughte.

Chapter 14

1 At the same tyme was Abia the sonne of Ieroboam sicke,
2 and Ieroboam saide vnto his wyfe: Get the vp, and disguise the, so that no man perceaue that thou art Ieroboams wyfe, and go vnto Silo: beholde, there is the prophet Ahias, which promysed me yt I shulde be kynge ouer this people:
3 and take with the ten loaues of bred and cakes, and a cuppe with hony, & go to him, that he maye tell the how it shal go wt the childe.
4 And Ieroboams wyfe did so, and gat hir vp, and wente vnto Silo, and came in to the house of Ahias. But Ahias coulde not se, for his eyes were dymme for age.
5 Neuerthelesse the LORDE sayde vnto Ahias: Beholde, Ieroboams wyfe commeth, to axe a matter at the for hir sonne, for he is sycke. Speake thou therfore vnto her thus & thus Now whan she came in, she shewed hirselfe straunge.
6 But whan Ahias herde the noyse of hir fete goynge in at the dore, he saide: Come in thou wyfe of Ieroboa. Why shewest thou thy selfe so straunge? I am sent vnto ye an harde messaunger.
7 Go thy waye and tell Ieroboam: Thus sayeth ye LORDE God of Israel: I haue exalted the from amonge the people, and set the to be prynce ouer my people of Israel ,
8 and haue rente the kyngdome from the house of Dauid, and geuen it the. But thou hast not bene as my seruaunt Dauid, which kepte my commaundemetes, and walked after me with all his hert, so that he did onely ye thinge that was righte in my sighte:
9 and thou hast done worse then all they that haue bene before the: thou hast gone thy waye and made the other goddes, and molten ymages, to prouoke me vnto wrath, and hast cast me behynde thy backe.
10 Beholde therfore, I wil brynge mysfortune vpon the house of Ieroboam, and wyl rote out from Ieroboam eue him that maketh water agaynst the wall, the presoner and forsaken in Israel : and the posterite of ye house of Ieroboam wyll I swepe out, as donge is swepte out, tyll he be cleane broughte to naught.
11 He that dieth (of Ieroboam) in the cite, the dogges shal eate him vp. But him yt dyeth in the felde, shall the foules of the aire eat vp, for the LORDE hath spoken it.
12 Get the vp therfore, and go home, & whan thy fete enter in to ye cite, the childe shal dye.
13 And all Israel shal bewayle him, and burye him. For he onely of Ieroboam shal come to the graue, because there is some good founde in him before the LORDE God of Israel, in Ieroboams house.
14 But the LORDE shall rayse him vp a kynge, which shal rote out ye house of Ieroboam in that daie. And what is it, yt is now in hande all ready?
15 And the LORDE shal smyte Israel , like as a rede is moued in the water: & shal rote out Israel from this good londe, that he gaue vnto their fathers, & shal scater them beyonde the water, because they haue made their groues to prouoke the LORDE vnto wrath.
16 And Israel shall be geuen ouer because of the synne of Ieroboam, which hath synned him selfe, & made Israel to synne.
17 And Ieroboams wife gat her vp, wente hir waye, & came vnto Thirza. And whan she came vpo the thresholde of the house, ye childe dyed,
18 & they buried him, & all Israel made lamentacion for him, acordinge to ye worde of the LORDE, which he spake by his seruaunt Ahia ye prophet.
19 What more there is to saye of Ieroboam, how he foughte & raigned, beholde, it is wrytten in the Cronicles of the kynges of Israel .
20 The tyme that Ieroboam raigned, was two & twentye yeare. And he slepte with his fathers. And Nadab his sonne was kynge in his steade.
21 Roboam ye sonne of Salomon was kynge in Iuda. One and fortye yeare olde was Roboam wha he was made kynge, & seuentene yeare raigned he at Ierusalem, in the cite yt the LORDE had chosen out of all ye trybes of Israel , to set his name there. His mothers name was Naemaan Ammonitisse.
22 And Iuda dyd yt which displeased the LORDE, & prouoked him to indignacion more the all yt their fathers had done wt their synnes which they dyd:
23 for they likewyse buylded them hye places, pilers, and groues vpo euery hye hill, and amonge all grene trees.
24 There were whoremogers also, & they dyd all ye abhominacios of ye Heythe, whom ye LORDE droue out before the children of Israel .
25 But in ye fifth yeare of kynge Roboam wete Sisack ye kynge of Egipte vp agaynst Ierusalem,
26 & toke the treasure out of ye house of the LORDE, & out of the kynges house, & all that mighte be gotten, & toke all the shyldes of golde, which Salomon caused to be made.
27 In steade wherof ye kynge Roboam caused for to make shyldes of stele, & commytted them vnder the handes of the chefe fotemen, which kepte the dore of the kynges house.
28 And as oft as the kynge wente in to ye house of the LORDE, the fote men bare them, and brought them agayne in to the fote mens chamber.
29 What more there is to saye of Roboam, and all that he dyd, beholde, it is wrytten in the Cronicles of the kynges of Iuda.
30 But betwene Roboam & Ieroboam there was warre as longe as they lyued.
31 And Robobam slepte with his fathers, & was buried wt his fathers in the cite of Dauid. And his mothers name was Naema an Ammonitisse. And his sonne Abia was kynge in his steade.

Chapter 15

1 In the eightenth yeare of kynge Ieroboa the sonne of Nebat, was Abia kynge in Iuda,
2 and reigned thre yeare at Ierusalem. His mothers name was. Maecha, the doughter of Abisalom,
3 and he walked in all the synnes of his father, which he had done before him, and his hert was not perfecte with the LORDE his God, as was the hert of Dauid his father.
4 For because of Dauids sake dyd the LORDE his God geue him a lanterne at Ierusalem, so yt he raysed his sonne after him, & manteyned him at Ierusalem,
5 because Dauid dyd the thinge yt was righte in ye sighte of the LORDE, and departed not from all that he commaunded him as longe as he lyued (sauynge in the matter with Vrias ye Hethite).
6 But there was warre betwene Roboam and Ieroboam, as longe as he lyued.
7 What more there is to saye of Abia, and all that he dyd, beholde, it is wrytten in the Cronicles of the kynges of Iuda. There was warre also betwene Abia and Ieroboam.
8 And Abia slepte with his fathers, and they buried him in the cite of Dauid. And Asa his sonne was kynge in his steade.
9 In ye twentyeth yeare of kynge Ieroboam ouer Israel , was Asa kynge in Iuda,
10 and reigned one & fortye yeare at Ierusalem. His graundmothers name was Maecha the doughter of Abisalom.
11 And Asa dyd that which was righte in the sighte of the LORDE, as dyd his father Dauid.
12 And he remoued ye whoremongers out of the londe, and put downe all the Idols that his fathers had made.
13 He put his mother from the mynistracion, that she had made vnto Miplezeth in ye groue. And Asa roted out hir Miplezeth, and brent it in the broke Cedron:
14 but the hye places put he not downe. Yet was the hert of Asa perfecte with the LORDE as longe as he lyued.
15 And the syluer and golde, and vessels that his father had halowed, & soch as was sanctified vnto ye house of the LORDE, that broughte he in.
16 And there was warre betwene Asa & Baesa the kynge of Israel , as longe as they lyued.
17 Baesa the kynge of Israel wente vp agaynst Iuda, and buylded Rama, that no man shulde go out and in of Asas syde the kynge of Iuda.
18 Then toke Asa all the syluer and golde that was lefte in the treasure of the house of the LORDE, and in the treasure of the kynges house, and delyuered it in to his seruauntes handes, & sent it vnto Benadab the sonne of Tabrimon the sonne of Hesion kynge of Siria, which dwelt at Damascon, and let saye vnto him:
19 There is a couenaunt betwene me and the, and betwene my father and thy father: therfore sende I the a present of syluer and golde, that thou shuldest breake the couenaunt which thou hast with Baesa the kynge of Israel, that he maye departe fro me.
20 Benadab agreed vnto kynge Asa, and sent his captaynes agaynst the cities of Israel , and smote Iion and Dan, & Abel Beth Maecha, and all Cineroth with the whole londe of Nephtali.
21 Wha Baesa herde that, he left of from buyldinge Rama, and wente agayne vnto Thirza.
22 Kynge Asa caused it be proclamed in all Iuda: Here be no man excepte. And they toke awaye the stones and tymber from Rama, wherwith Baesa had buylded. And kynge Asa buylded Geba Ben Iamin & Mispa therwith.
23 What more there is to saye of Asa, and of all his power, and all that he dyd, and of ye cities which he buylded, beholde, it is wrytten in the Cronicles of the kynges of Iuda: sauynge that in his olde age he was diseased in his fete.
24 And Asa slepte with his fathers, and was buried with his fathers in the cite of Dauid his father. And Iosaphat his sonne was kynge in his steade.
25 But Nadab the sonne of Ieroboam was kynge ouer Israel in the secode yeare of Asa kynge of Iuda, & raigned ouer Israel two yeare,
26 and dyd euell in the sighte of the LORDE, and walked in the waye of his father, and in his synnes, wherwith he made Israel to synne.
27 Howbeit Baesa the sonne of Ahia of the house of Isachar conspired agaynst him, & smote him at Gibbethon, which was the Philistynes: for Nadab and all Israel layed sege to Gibbethon.
28 So Baesa slewe him in the thirde yeare of Asa kynge of Iuda, & was kynge in his steade.
29 Now whan he was kynge, he smote all the house of Ieroboam, and let nothinge of Ieroboam remayne that had breth, tyll he had destroyed it, acordynge to ye worde of the LORDE, which he spake by his seruaunt Ahia of Silo,
30 because of Ieroboams synnes which he dyd, & made Israel synne withall: euen with ye prouokynge wherwith he displeased the LORDE God of Israel.
31 What more there is to saye of Nadab, & all that he dyd, beholde, it is wrytten in the Cronicles of the kynges of Israel,
32 and there was warre betwene Asa & Baesa the kynge of Israel, as longe as they lyued.
33 In the thirde yeare of Asa kynge of Iuda was Baesa ye sonne of Ahia kynge ouer all Israel at Thirza foure and twentye yeare,
34 and dyd that which was euell in the sighte of the LORDE, and walked in the waye of Ieroboam, and in his synnes, wherwith he made Israel to synne.

Chapter 16

1 Neuertheles the worde of the LORDE came vnto Iehu the sonne of Hanani agaynst Baesa, and sayde:
2 For so moch as I lifted the out of the dust, and made the prynce ouer my people of Israel, and thou walkest in the waye of Ieroboam, and makest my people ouer Israel for to synne, to prouoke me vnto wrath thorow their synnes,
3 beholde, therfore wyll I take awaye the posterite of Beasa, and the posterite of his house, and wyll set thine house euen as the house of Ieroboam the sonne of Nebat.
4 He that of Baesa dyeth in the cite, the dogges shal deuoure him: and who so beynge of him dyeth in the felde, the foules of the ayre shall eate him vp.
5 What more there is to saye of Baesa, & what he dyd, & of his power, beholde, it is wrytten in ye Cronicles of the kynges of Israel .
6 And Baesa slepte with his fathers, & was buried at Thirza: & his sonne Ella was kynge in his steade.
7 And the worde of ye LORDE came by the prophet Iehu the sonne of Hanani, ouer Baesa, and ouer his house, and agaynst all the euell that he dyd in the sighte of ye LORDE, to prouoke him vnto wrath thorow the workes of his handes: so that he became as the house of Ieroboam, and because he slewe this man.
8 In the sixe & twentieth yeare of Asa kynge of Iuda, was Ella the sonne of Baesa kynge ouer Israel at Thirza two yeare.
9 Neuertheles his seruaunt Simri, ye principall man ouer the halfe of ye charettes cospyred against him. As for Ella, he was at Thirza, dranke & was dronke in ye house of Arza the ruler of Thirza.
10 And Simri came in, and slewe him in the seuen & twentieth yeare of Asa kynge of Iuda, and was kynge in his steade.
11 And whan he was kynge, and sat vpon his seate, he smote all the house of Baesa, & lefte not so moch as one to make water agaynst ye wall: his bloud auengers also & his frendes.
12 Thus dyd Simri destroye all the house of Baesa, acordinge to the worde of the LORDE, which he spake ouer Baesa by the prophet Iehu,
13 because of all the synnes of Baesa and of Ella his sonne, which they dyd, and made Israel for to synne, to prouoke the LORDE God of Israel vnto wrath thorow their vanities.
14 What more there is to saye of Ella, and all that he dyd, beholde, it is wrytten in the Cronicles of the kynges of Israel.
15 In the seuen and twentieth yeare of Asa kynge of Iuda, was Simri kynge vij. dayes at Thirza, and the people laye before Gibbethon of the Philistynes.
16 But whan the people in the hoost herde saye yt Simri had conspired and slayne the kynge, then all Israel the same daye made Amri the chefe captayne kynge ouer all in the hoost.
17 And Amri wente vp and all Israel with him from Gibbethon, and layed sege vnto Thirza.
18 But whan Simri sawe yt the cite shulde be wonne, he wente in to the palace in the kynges house, & brent it with ye kynges house, & dyed
19 because of his synnes which he had committed, in that he dyd euell in the sighte of the LORDE, and walked in the waye of Ieroboam, and in his synnes which he dyd, wherwith he made Israel to synne.
20 What more there is to saye of Simri, and how he conspired, beholde, it is wrytten in ye Cronicles of the kynges of Israel .
21 At the same tyme were ye people deuyded in two partes: the one parte helde with Thibni the sonne of Ginath, that they might make him kynge: the other halfe helde with Amri.
22 But the people that helde with Amri, were mightier then the people which helde with Thibni ye sonne of Ginath. And Thibni dyed, and Amri was kynge.
23 In ye one and thirtieth yeare of Asa kynge of Iuda, was Amri kynge ouer Israel twolue yeares, & raigned at Thirza sixe yeares.
24 He boughte the mount of Samaria of Semer for two hundreth weight of syluer, & buylded vpon the mount, and called the cite which he buylded, after ye name of Semer ye owner of ye mount of Samaria .
25 And Amri dyd that which was euell in ye sighte of the LORDE, and was worse then all they that were before him,
26 and walked in all ye wayes of Ieroboam ye sonne of Nebat, and in his synnes, wherwith he made Israel to synne, so that they prouoked the LORDE God of Israel vnto wrath in their vanities.
27 What more there is to saye of Amri, & all that he dyd, and his power that he exercysed, beholde, it is wrytten in the Cronicles of the kynges of Israel.
28 And Amri slepte with his fathers, & was buried in Samaria , and Achab his sonne was kynge in his steade.
29 In the eight & thirtieth yeare of Asa kynge of Iuda, was Achab the sonne of Amri kynge ouer Israel, & raigned ouer Israel at Samaria two & twentie yeare,
30 & dyd euell in the sighte of the LORDE, more the all they yt were before him.
31 And he thoughte it but a small matter to walke in the synnes of Ieroboam the sonne of Nebat: and toke Iesabel the doughter of Eth Baal kynge of Sidon to wife, and wente and serued Baal, and worshiped him.
32 And vnto Baal he set vp an altare in Baals house, which he buylded him in Samaria ,
33 and made a groue: so that Achab dyd more to prouoke the God of Israel vnto wrath, then all the kynges yt were before him in Israel .
34 At ye same tyme dyd Hiel of Bethel buylde Iericho: It cost him his first sonne Abiram, yt he layed ye foundacion: & his yongest sonne Segub, yt he set vp the portes: Acordinge to the worde of the LORDE, which he spake by Iosua the sonne of Nun.

Chapter 17

1 And Elias ye Thesbite one of the inhabiters of Gilead , saide vnto Achab: As truly as the LORDE God of Israel lyueth, whose seruaunt I am, there shal nether rayne ner dew come this yeare, excepte I speake it.
2 And the worde of the LORDE came vnto him, and sayde:
3 Get the hence, and turne the towarde the east, and hyde the by the ryuer Crith, which is ouer agaynst Iordane,
4 and thou shalt drynke of the ryuer: and I haue commaunded the rauens, that they shal fede the there.
5 He departed, and dyd acordinge to the worde of the LORDE, and wente his waye, and sat him downe by the ryuer Crith, which is ouer agaynst Iordane.
6 And the raues broughte him bred and flesh in the mornynge and in the euenynge, and he dranke of the ryuer.
7 And it fortuned after cerayne dayes, that the riuer was dryed: vp for there was no rayne in the lode.
8 Then came ye worde of ye LORDE vnto him, and sayde:
9 Get ye vp, and go vnto Sarepta, which lieth by Sido: for there haue I commaunded a wedowe to make prouysion for the.
10 And he gat him vp, and wente vnto Sarepta. And whan he came to the gate of ye cite, beholde, the wedowe was there, and gathered stickes. And he called her, and sayde: Fetch me a litle water in a vessell, yt I maye drinke.
11 And as she was goinge to fetch it, he cried vnto her, & sayde: Brynge me a morsell of bred also in thine hande.
12 She sayde: As truly as the LORDE yi God lyueth, I haue no bred, but an handfull of floure in a pitcher, & a curtesy oyle in a cruse: and beholde, I haue gathered vp one or two stickes, & wyll go and prepare it for me and my sonne, that we maye eate and dye.
13 Elias sayde vnto her: Feare not, go thy waye, & do as thou hast sayde: yet make me first a morsell of bred therof, & brynge it me forth: & afterwarde shalt thou make it for ye & thy sonne.
14 For thus sayeth ye LORDE God of Israel: The meell in the pitcher shall not be spent, & the oyle in ye cruse shall not fayll, vnto the daye yt the LORDE shal cause it for to rayne vpo earth.
15 She wente & dyd as Elias sayde. And he ate, & she also, and hir house a certayne season.
16 The meel in the pitcher was not mynished, and the oyle in the cruse fayled not, acordinge to the worde of ye LORDE which he spake by Elias.
17 And after these actes the sonne of the wife of ye house was sicke: and his sicknes was so exceadinge sore, that there remayned no breth in him.
18 And she sayde vnto Elias: What haue I to do with the, thou man of God? Art thou come in vnto me, yt my synne shulde be kepte in remembraunce, & that my sonne shulde be slayne?
19 He sayde vnto her: Geue me thy sonne. And he toke him fro hir lappe, & caried him vp in to ye chamber where he himselfe dwelt, and layed him vpo his bed,
20 & called vpon the LORDE, and sayde: O LORDE my God, hast thou dealt so euell wt the wedow with whom I dwell, yt thou woldest slaye hir sonne?
21 And he stretched out him selfe ouer the childe thre tymes, & called vpon the LORDE, and saide: O LORDE my God, let the soule of this childe come agayne in to him.
22 And the LORDE herde the voyce of Elias. And the soule of the childe came agayne vnto him, & he reuyued.
23 And Elias toke the childe, and broughte him downe from the chamber in to the house and delyuered him vnto his mother, and sayde: Beholde, thy sonne lyueth.
24 And the woman sayde vnto Elias: Now knowe I, that thou art a man of God, & that the worde of the LORDE is in thy mouth of a trueth.

Chapter 18

1 And after a longe season came ye worde of the LORDE vnto Elias in the thirde yeare, & sayde: Go thy waye, & shewe yi selfe vnto Achab, yt I maye cause it for to rayne vpon earth.
2 And Elias wente to shewe him selfe vnto Achab. But there was a greate derth i Samaria .
3 And Achab called Abdia his chefe officer: (As for Abdia, he feared ye LORDE greatly:
4 for wha Iesabel roted out ye prophetes of ye LORDE, Abdia toke an C. prophetes, and hyd them in caues, here fiftye, & there fiftye, & prouyded for them wt bred and water.)
5 Achab now sayde vnto Abdia: Go thorow the londe vnto all the welles of water & ryuers, yf happlye we maye finde hay, & to saue ye horses & mules, yt all the catell perishe not.
6 And they parted the selues into the londe, to go thorow it. Achab departed the one waye alone, and Abdia ye other waye alone.
7 Now whan Abdia was on ye waye, Elias met him. And whan he knewe him, he fell downe vpon his face, & sayde: Art not thou my lorde Elias?
8 He sayde: yee, go thy waye, and tell yi lorde: beholde, Elias is here.
9 But he sayde: What haue I offended, that thou wilt delyuer thy seruaunt in to the handes of Achab, that he maye slaye me?
10 As truly as the LORDE thy God lyueth, there is no people ner kingdome, but my lorde hath sent thither to seke the. And whan they sayde: He is not here, he toke an ooth of the same kyngdome and nacion, that they had not founde the.
11 And now thou sayest: Go tell yi LORDE: beholde, Elias is here.
12 Now whan I were gone from the, the sprete of the LORDE shulde take ye awaye, I can not tell whither: and yf I then came and tolde Achab, and founde the not, he shulde slaye me: But thy seruaunt feareth the LORDE from his youth vp.
13 Hath it not bene tolde my lorde what I dyd, whan Iesabel slewe the prophetes of the LORDE, how that I hyd an hundreth of the LORDES prophetes, here fiftye, and there fiftye in the caues, and prouyded for them with bred and water?
14 And thou sayest now: Go thy waye, tell thy lorde: Elias is here, that he maye slaye me.
15 Elias saide: As truly as ye LORDE Zebaoth lyueth, before whom I stode, I wil shewe my selfe vnto him this daye.
16 Then wete Abdia to mete Achab, & tolde him. And Achab wete for to mete Elias.
17 And whan Achab sawe Elias, Achab sayde vnto him: Art thou he that troublest Israel ?
18 He sayde: I trouble not Israel , but it is thou and thy fathers house, because ye haue forsaken the commaundementes of the LORDE, and walke after Baal.
19 Go to, sende forth now, and gather me all Israel together vnto mount Carmell, and the foure hundreth and fiftye prophetes of Baal, and the foure hundreth prophetes of ye groue, which eate of Iesabels table.
20 So Achab sent vnto all the children of Israel , & gathered the prophetes together vnto mount Carmell.
21 Then stepte Elias vnto all the people, & sayde: How longe halte ye on both ye sydes? Yf the LORDE be God, the walke after him: but yf Baal be he, the folowe him. And the people gaue him no answere.
22 The sayde Elias vnto the people: I onely am lefte a prophet of ye LORDE: but Baals prophetes are foure C. and fiftie me.
23 Geue vs now two bullockes, & let them chose one bullocke, & hewe him in peces, & laye him vpo the wod, & put no fyre theron: so wil I take ye other bullock, & laye him vpo the wod, & put no fyre theron also:
24 call ye then vpo the name of yor god, & I wil call vpo the name of the LORDE: loke which God now answereth with fyre, let the same be God. And all the people answered & sayde: That is righte.
25 And Elias sayde vnto Baals prophetes: Chose ye one bullock, and do ye it first (for ye are many) and call ye vpon the name of youre god, & laye no fyre theron.
26 And they toke the bullock which he gaue them, & prepared it, & called vpon the name of Baal from the mornynge vntyll the noone daye, and sayde: O Baal heare vs. But there was nether voyce ner answere. And they hopped aboute the altare, as their vse was to do.
27 Now whan it was noone daye, Elias mocked them, and sayde: Crye loude. For he is a god, peradueture he is musynge, or hath somwhat to do, or is gone some iourneye, or happlye he slepeth, so that he wolde be waked vp.
28 And they cried loude, and prouoked the selues with knyues & botkens, (as their maner was) tyll ye bloude folowed.
29 But whan ye noone daye was past, they prophecied vntyll the tyme that the meatofferynge shulde be offered, & there was nether voyce ner answere, ner one to regarde them.
30 Then sayde Elias vnto all the people: Come hither all ye people vnto me. And whan all ye people came to him, he repayred ye altare of the LORDE yt was broken,
31 & toke twolue stones acordinge to the nombre of ye trybes of the childre of Iacob (vnto whom the worde of the LORDE spake, and sayde: Thy name shal be Israel)
32 and of ye stones he buylded an altare in the name of the LORDE, & made a pytt rounde aboute the altare, like two forowes in the corne londe,
33 & prepared the wod, & hewed ye bullock in peces, and layed him vpon the wod, & sayde: Fetch foure pitchers full of water, and poured it vpo the burntofferynge, and vpon the wod.
34 And he sayde: Do it yet once. And they dyd it once agayne. And he sayde: Do it ye thirde tyme. And they dyd it the thirde tyme.
35 And ye water ranne aboute the altare, and ye pytt was full of water also.
36 And whan the tyme was to offer ye meatofferynge, Elias stepte forth, and sayde: O LORDE God of Abraham, of Isaac and of Israel , let it be knowne this daye, that thou art God in Israel , and I thy seruaunt, and that I haue done all this acordinge vnto yi worde.
37 Heare me O LORDE, O heare me, yt this people maye knowe, how that thou art the LORDE God, that thou mayest afterwarde turne their hertes.
38 Then fell downe the fyre of the LORDE, and consumed the burntofferinge, the wodd, the stones and the earth, and licked vp the water that was in the pytt.
39 Whan all the people sawe that, they fell vpon their faces, and sayde: The LORDE is God, ye LORDE is God.
40 Elias sayde vnto them: Laye handes vpon Baals prophetes, yt none of them escape. And they toke them. And Elias broughte them downe vnto ye broke Cyson, & slewe the there.
41 And Elias sayde vnto Achab: Go vp, eate & drynke, for it soundeth as though it wolde rayne sore.
42 And whan Achab wete vp to eate & drinke. Elias asceded vp to the toppe of Carmel , & bowed him selfe downe to the earth, & put his heade betwene his knees,
43 & sayde vnto his lad: Go vp, and loke towarde the See. He wente vp & loked, & sayde: There is nothinge. He sayde: Go agayne seuen tymes.
44 And at the seueth tyme he sayde: Beholde, there goeth vp a litle cloude out of the see, like a mans hande. He sayde: Go vp, and saie vnto Achab: Bynde yi charet, & go downe, yt the rayne ouertake the not.
45 And or a ma coulde turne him, the heauen was blacke wt cloudes & wynde, & there came a greate rayne. But Achab rode his waie, & departed vnto Iesrael.
46 And the hade of ye LORDE came vpo Elias, and he gyrde his loynes, & ranne before Achab, tyll he came vnto Iesrael.

Chapter 19

1 And Achab tolde Iesabel all yt Elias had done, & how he had slayne all Baals prophetes wt the swerde.
2 The sent Iesabel a messaunger vnto Elias, sayenge: The goddes do this & that vnto me, yf I tomorow aboute this tyme, make not thy soule as one of these.
3 Then was he afrayed, & gat him vp, & wente where he wolde, & came vnto Berseba in Iuda, and lefte his lad there.
4 But he him selfe wente a daies iourney in to ye wyldernes, & came in, & sat him downe vnder a Iuniper tre, & wysshed vnto his soule yt he mighte dye, & sayde: It is now ynough LORDE, take my soule, for I am no better then my fathers.
5 And he layed him downe & slepte vnder the Iuniper tre. And beholde, ye angell touched him, & sayde vnto him: Stonde vp, and eate.
6 And he loked aboute him, & beholde, at his heade there was a bred baken on the coles, & a cruse wt water. And whan he had eaten and dronke, he layed him downe agayne to slepe.
7 And ye angell of the LORDE, came agayne the seconde tyme, & touched him, & sayde: Stonde vp, and eate, for thou hast a greate waye to go.
8 And he arose, and ate and drake, and wente on thorow the strength of that meate fortye dayes and fortye nightes, eue vnto Horeb ye mount of God:
9 and there he came to a caue, and abode there all nighte. And beholde the worde of the LORDE came to him, and sayde vnto him: What doest thou here Elias?
10 He sayde: I haue bene zelous for the LORDE God Zebaoth: for the children of Israel haue forsaken thy couenaunt, and broken downe thine altares, and slayne thy prophetes with the swerde, and I am lefte onely, & they seke to take awaye my life.
11 He sayde: Go forth, and stonde vpon the mount before the LORDE. And beholde, the LORDE wete ouer: and a greate mightie wynde, which roue the mountaynes, and brake the harde stones, came before the LORDE, but the LORDE was not in the wynde. After the wynde came there an earthquake, but the LORDE was not in the earthquake.
12 And after the earth quake there came a fyre, but the LORDE was not in the fyre. And after the fyre came there a styll softe hyssinge.
13 Whan Elias herde that, he couered his face with his cloke, and wente forth, and stode in the dore of the caue. And beholde, there came a voyce vnto him, and sayde: What hast thou here to do Elias?
14 He sayde: I haue bene zelous for the LORDE God Zebaoth: for the children of Israel haue forsake thy couenaunt, broken downe thine altares, slayne yi prophetes wt the swerde, & I onely am lefte, and they seke to take awaye my life.
15 But the LORDE sayde vnto him: Go yi waye agayne thorow the wyldernes vnto Damascon, & go in, & anoynte Hasael kynge ouer Siria,
16 & Iehu the sonne of Nimsi kynge ouer Israel , & Eliseus ye sonne of Saphat of Abel Mehola to be prophet in yi steade.
17 And it shal come to passe, yt, who so escapeth the swerde of Hasael, Iehu shall slaye him, & who so escapeth ye swerde of Iehu, Eliseus shal slaye him.
18 And I wil reserue vnto me vij.M. men in Israel : namely, all ye knees which haue not bowed the selues vnto Baal, and euery mouth yt hath not kyssed him.
19 And he departed thence, & founde Elizeus ye sonne of Saphat, plowinge wt twolue yocke of oxen before him, & he him selfe was amoge the twolue. And Elias wete vnto him, & cast his cloke vpon him.
20 And he lefte the oxen, & ranne after Elias, & sayde: Let me kysse my father & my mother, and so wil I folowe the. And he sayde vnto him: Go thy waye, & come agayne, for I haue some what to do with the.
21 And he ranne agayne from him, and toke a yock of oxen, and offred it, and sod ye flesh with the wod of the oxen plowes, and gaue it vnto the people to eate, and gat him vp, & folowed Elias, and mynistred vnto him.

Chapter 20

1 And Benadab ye kynge of Siria gathered all his power, & there were two & thirtie kynges wt him, & horses & charettes, and he wente vp, and layed sege vnto Samaria , & foughte agaynst it.
2 And he sent messaungers vnto Achab ye kynge of Israel in to ye cite, & caused to saye vnto him: Thus sayeth Benadab:
3 Thy syluer & thy golde is myne, and thy wyues & thy best children are myne also.
4 The kynge of Israel answered, & sayde: My lorde O kynge, euen as thou hast sayde, I am thine, and all that I haue.
5 And the messaungers came agayne, & sayde: Thus sayeth Benadab: For so moch as I haue sent vnto the, sayenge: Thy syluer & thy golde, thy wyues & thy childre
6 shalt thou geue me, tomorow aboute this tyme wil I sende my seruautes vnto the, yt they maye serch thyne house and the houses of thy subiectes: & loke what pleasaunt thinge thou hast, yt shal they take in their handes, and cary it awaye.
7 So the kynge of Israel called all ye Elders of the lode, & sayde: Mark well & se, what myschefe this ma seketh: He sent vnto me for my wyues & children for syluer & golde, & I haue not sayde him naye.
8 Then sayde all the Elders and all the people vnto him: Thou shalt not cosente ner agree vnto him.
9 And he spake vnto Benadabs messaugers, Saye vnto my lorde ye kynge: All ye thynges wherfore thou dyddest sende vnto me yi seruaunt at ye first, wil I do, but this can I not do. And ye messaungers wete, and tolde this againe.
10 The sent Benadab vnto him sayege: The goddes do this and yt vnto me, yf the dust of Samaria shalbe ynough, for euery one of my people to brynge me an handfull therof.
11 But ye kynge of Israel answered, & sayde: Tell him, Let not him yt putteth on ye harnes, make his boast like him yt hath put it of
12 Wha Benadab herde yt (eue as he was drynkinge wt the kynges in ye pauylion) he sayde vnto his seruautes: Set yor selues in araye. And they set the selues in araie against ye cite.
13 And beholde, there came a prophet vnto Achab ye kynge of Israel , & saide: Thus sayeth the LORDE: Hast thou sene all this greate multitude? Beholde, this daie wil I delyuer the in to yi hande, so yt thou shalt knowe, how yt I am ye LORDE.
14 Achab sayde: By whom? He sayde: Thus sayeth the LORDE: Euen by the yonge men of the rulers of the londe. He sayde: Who shal order the battayl? He sayde: Thou.
15 Then mustered he the yonge men of the rulers of the londe, & there were two hudreth and two and thirtie of them: & after the mustured he of the whole people of all the childre of Israel , seue thousande men,
16 and they wente out in the noone daye. As for Benadab, he dranke and was dronken in the pauylion with the two & thirtie kynges which were come to helpe him.
17 And the yonge men of the rulers of the londe wente forth first. Benadab sent forth, & they brought him worde, & sayde: There come men out of Samaria .
18 He sayde: Take them alyue, whether they be come forth for peace, or for warre.
19 But whan the londe rulers yonge men were gone forth, and the hoost behynde them, euery one smote him yt came in his waye.
20 And the Sirians fled, and Israel folowed after them. And Benadab the kynge of Syria escaped with horses and horsme.
21 And the kynge of Israel wente forth, and smote horses and charettes, and dyd a greate slaughter on the Syrians.
22 Then came there a prophet vnto the kynge of Israel , and sayde vnto him: Go thy waye and strength the, and take hede, and loke well what thou doest: for whan the yeare is aboute, the kynge of Syria shall come agaynst the of the new.
23 For the kynge of ye Syrians seruauntes sayde vnto him: Their goddes are goddes of the mountaynes, therfore haue they gotten the victory. But let vs fyghte with them on the playne, and thou shalt se that we shal ouercome them.
24 Do thus, put awaye the kynges euery one from his place, and set dukes in their steades,
25 and appoynte the an hoost as was that which thou hast lost, & horses & charettes as the other were, and let vs fight agaynst the in the plaine, and thou shalt se that we shal haue the victory. He cosented vnto their voyce, and dyd so.
26 Now whan the yeare was gone aboute, Benadab appoynted the Sirians, and wente vp towarde Aphek, to fighte agaynst Israel,
27 and the childre of Israel mustured, and prouyded them selues with vytailes, and wete to mete them, and pitched their tetes ouer against them, like two litle flockes of goates but the londe was full of the Syrians.
28 And there came a man of God, and sayde vnto the kynge of Israel: Thus sayeth the LORDE: Because the Syrians haue sayde, that the LORDE is a God of the moutaynes and not a God of the valleys, therfore haue I geuen all this greate heape in to thy handes, that ye maye knowe how that I am ye LORDE.
29 And they pitched their tentes right ouer agaynst them seuen dayes. But vpon ye seuenth daye they wente together in to the battayll: and the children of Israel smote of the Sirians an hundreth thousande fote men in one daye,
30 and the remnaunt fled to Aphek in to the cite, and the wall fell vpon the other seuen and twenty thousande men. And Benadab fled also vnto the cite in to a litle chamber.
31 Then sayde his seruauntes vnto him: Beholde, we haue herde that the kynges of the house of Israel are mercifull kinges, Let vs therfore put sack cloth aboute oure loynes, and halters aboute oure neckes, & go forth to the kynge of Israel, peraduenture he shal let yi soule lyue.
32 And they put sack cloth aboute their loynes, and halters aboute their neckes, and came to the kynge of Israel , and sayde: Benadab thy seruaunt sayeth vnto the: O let my soule lyue. He sayde: yf he be yet alyue, he is my brother.
33 And the men toke him shortly at his worde, and expounded it for them selues and sayde: Yee Benadab is thy brother. He sayde: Come and brynge him. The wente Benadab forth vnto him, and he caused him to syt vpon the charet,
34 and sayde vnto him: The cities that my father toke from thy father, wyl I geue the agayne. And make thou stretes for thyselfe at Damasco, as my father did at Samaria , so wyl I let the go with a bonde of peace. And he made a couenaunt with him, and let him go.
35 Then spake there a man amonge the children of the prophetes vnto his neghboure by the worde of the LORDE: I praye the smite me. But he refused to smite him.
36 Then saide he vnto him, because thou hast not herkened vnto the voyce of the LORDE, beholde, therfore shall there a lyon smyte the, whan thou goest fro me. And whan he wente fro him, a lyon founde him, and slewe him.
37 And he founde another man, and sayde: I praye the smyte me. And the man smote him, and wounded him,
38 Then wente the prophet, and stepte vnto the kynge by the waye syde, and altered his face with asshes.
39 And whan the kynge wente by, he cried vpon ye kynge, and sayde: Thy seruaunt wente forth in to the battayll, and beholde, there wente one asyde, and broughte a man vnto me, and sayde: Kepe this ma: yf he be myssed, thy soule shall be in steade of his soule, or els thou shalt weye downe an hundreth weighte of syluer.
40 And whyle thy seruaunt had here & there to do, he was awaye. The kynge of Israel sayde vnto him: It is thine owne iudgment, thou hast geuen it thyselfe.
41 Then put he the asshes from his face in all the haist. And the kynge of Israel knewe him, that he was one of the prophetes.
42 And he sayde vnto him: Thus sayeth the LORDE: Because thou hast let the damned man go, therfore shall thy soule be for his soule, and thy people for his people.
43 And the kynge of Israel departed vnto his house, beinge troubled in his mynde and full indignacion, and came to Samaria .

Chapter 21

1 After these actes it fortuned, that Naboth the Iesraelite had a vyniarde at Iesreel besyde the palace of Achab kynge of Samaria .
2 And Achab spake to Naboth, and sayde: Geue me thy vynyarde, I wyll make me an herbgarden therof, because it is so nye my house: I wyl geue the a better vynyarde for it: or yf it please the, I wyll geue the syluer for it, as moch as it is worth.
3 But Naboth sayde vnto Achab: The LORDE let that be farre fro me, that I shulde geue ye my fathers heretage.
4 Then came Achab home, beinge moued and full of indignacion, because of the worde that Naboth the Iesraelite had spoken vnto him, & sayde: I wyl not geue the my fathers inheritaunce. And he laied him downe vpon his bed, and turned his face asyde, and ate no bred.
5 Then Iesabel his wyfe came in to him and sayde vnto him: What is ye matter, that thy sprete is so cobred, and that thou eatest no bred?
6 He sayde vnto her: I haue spoke vnto Naboth the Iesraelite, and sayde: Geue me thy vynyarde for money: or yf it please ye, I wyl geue the another for it. But he sayde: I wyll not geue the my vynyarde.
7 Then sayde Iesabel his wyfe vnto him: What kingdome were in Israel , yf thou diddest it? Stonde vp, and eate bred, I wyl get the the vynyarde of Naboth the Iesraelite.
8 And she wrote a letter vnder Achabs name, and sealed it with his signet, and sent it vnto ye Elders and rulers in his cite, which dwelt aboute Naboth,
9 and wrote thus in ye letter: Proclame a fast, and set Naboth aboue in the people,
10 and set two men of Belial before him, to testifye and saye: Thou hast blasphemed God and the kynge. And brynge him forth, and stone him to death.
11 And the Elders and rulers of his cyte, which dwelt in his cite, dyd as Iesabel had commaunded them, acordynge as she had wrytten in the letter that she sent vnto them
12 and they proclamed a fast, and caused Naboth to syt aboue amonge the people.
13 Then came the two men of Belial, and stode before him, and testyfyed agaynst Naboth in ye presence of the people, and sayde: Naboth hath blasphemed God and the kynge. Then broughte they him out of the cite, and stoned him to death.
14 And they sent Iesabel worde, sayenge: Naboth is stoned & put to death.
15 Wha Iesabel herde that Naboth was stoned and deed, she sayde vnto Achab: Vp, and take possession of the vynyarde of Naboth the Iesraelite, which he denyed to geue the for money: for Naboth lyueth nomore but is deed.
16 And whan Achab herde yt Naboth was deed, he rose to go downe vnthe vyniarde of Naboth the Iesraelite, and to take possession of it.
17 But the worde of the LORDE came to Elias the Thesbite, and sayde:
18 Get the vp, and go downe to mete Achab the kynge of Israel, which is at Samaria: beholde, he is in Naboths vynyarde, in to the which he is gone downe to take possession of it,
19 and talke thou with him, and speake: Thus sayeth the LORDE: Thou hast slayne, and taken in possession. And thou shalt talke morouer vnto him, and saye: Thus sayeth the LORDE: Euen in the place where the dogges licked vp Naboths bloude, shall the dogges licke thy bloude also.
20 And Achab sayde vnto Elias: Hast thou euer founde me thine enemye? He saide: Yee, I haue founde the, because thou art euen solde to do euell in the sighte of the LORDE.
21 Beholde, I wyll brynge mysfortune vpon the, and take awaye thy posterite, and wil rote out from Achab, euen him that maketh water agaynst the wall, and him that is shut vp and lefte behynde in Israel:
22 and thy house wyll I make as the house of Ieroboam ye sonne of Nebat, and as the house of Baesa the sonne of Ahia, because of ye prouocacion wherwhith thou hast prouoked me vnto wrath, and made Israel to synne.
23 And ouer Iesabel spake the LORDE also and sayde: The dogges shal deuoure Iesabel in ye felde of Iesrael.
24 Who so of Achab dyeth in ye cite, him shal the dogges eate vp: and who so dyeth in the felde, the foules vnder the heauen shall eate him vp.
25 So cleane solde to do myschefe in ye sighte of the LORDE hath no man bene, as Achab: for his Iesabel hath so disceaued him,
26 and he maketh him selfe a greate abhominacion, that he goeth after Idols, acordige vnto all as dyd the Amorites, whom the LORDE expelled before the children of Israel.
27 But whan Achab herde these wordes, he rete his clothes, & put a sack cloth on his body, & fasted, and slepte in sack cloth, and wente aboute hanginge downe his heade.
28 And the worde of the LORDE came to Elias the Thesbite, & sayde:
29 Hast thou not sene how Achab humbleth him selfe before me? For so moch now as he hubleth him selfe in my sighte, I wil not brynge that plage whyle he lyueth: but by his sonnes life wil I brynge mysfortune vpon his house.

Chapter 22

1 And there passed ouer thre yeares, that there was no warre betwene the Sirians & Israel.
2 But in the thirde yeare wente Iosaphat the kynge of Iuda downe to the kynge of Israel .
3 And the kynge of Israel sayde vnto his seruauntes: Knowe ye not yt Ramoth in Gilead is oures? and we syt styll, and take it not out of the hande of the kynge of Syria .
4 And he sayde vnto Iosaphat: Wilt thou go with me to the battaill vnto Ramoth in Gilead ? Iosaphat sayde vnto the kynge of Israel : I wyll be as thou my people as thy people, and my horses as thy horses.
5 And Iosaphat sayde vnto ye kynge of Israel : Axe this daye at the worde of the LORDE.
6 Then the kynge of Israel gathered the prophetes aboute a foure hundreth men, and sayde vnto them: Shal I go vnto Ramoth in Gilead to fighte, or shal I let it alone? They sayde: Go vp, ye LORDE shal delyuer it in to ye kinges hande.
7 But Iosaphat sayde: Is there not one prophet here more of ye LORDE, that we maye axe at him?
8 The kinge of Israel saide vnto Iosaphat Here is yet a man, one Micheas the sonne of Iemla, at whom we maye axe of the LORDE: but I hate him, for he prophecieth me no good, but euell. Iosaphat sayde: Let not the kynge saye so.
9 Then called the kynge of Israel a chamberlayne, and sayde: Brynge hither soone Micheas the sonne of Iemla.
10 As for the kynge of Israel and Iosaphat ye kinge of Iuda, they sat ether of them vpon his seate, arayed in their garmentes in the place at ye dore of the porte of Samaria , and all ye prophetes prophecied before the.
11 And Sedechias the sonne of Cnaena had made him hornes of yron, and sayde: Thus sayeth the LORDE: With these shalt thou pusshe at ye Syrians, tyll thou brynge them to naughte
12 And all the prophetes prophecied likewyse, and sayde: Go vp vnto Ramoth in Gilead, thou shalt prospere right well, & the LORDE shal delyuer it in to the kynges hande.
13 And the messaunger that wente to call Micheas sayde vnto him: Beholde, The wordes of ye prophetes are with one acorde good before the kynge, let thy worde therfore be as their worde, and speake thou good also.
14 Micheas sayde: As truly as the LORDE liueth, loke what the LORDE sayeth vnto me, yt wyl I speake.
15 And whan he came to the kynge, the kynge sayde vnto him: Micheas, shal we go vnto Ramoth in Gilead to fight or shall we let it alone? He sayde vnto him: Yee, go vp, thou shalt prospere righte well, the LORDE shall geue it in to the kynges hande.
16 But the kynge sayde vnto him agayne: I charge ye that thou saye no other thinge vnto me but the trueth, in the name of ye LORDE.
17 He sayde: I sawe all Israel scatred abrode vpon the mountaynes, as the shepe that haue no shepherde. And the LORDE saide: Haue these no lorde? Let euery one turne home agayne in peace.
18 Then sayde ye kinge of Israel vnto Iosaphat: Tolde not I ye that he wolde prophecye me no good, but euell?
19 He sayde: Heare now therfore the worde of the LORDE: I sawe the LORDE syt vpon his seate, and all the hoost of heauen stodinge by him at his righte hande & at his lefte.
20 And the LORDE saide: Who wil disceaue Achab to go vp, & fall at Ramoth in Gilead . And one sayde this, another that.
21 Then wete there forth a sprete, & stode before the LORDE, and sayde: I wyl disceaue him.
22 The LORDE sayde vnto him: Wherwith? He sayde vnto him: I wyll go forth, and be a false sprete in the mouth of all his prophetes. He saide: Thou shalt disceaue him, and shalt be able: go forth and do so.
23 Beholde now, the LORDE hath geue a false sprete in ye mouth of all these yi prophetes, and the LORDE hath spoken euell ouer the.
24 Then stepte forth Sedechias the sonne of Cnaena, and smote Micheas vpon the cheke, and sayde: What, is the sprete of the LORDE departed fro me, to speake with the?
25 Micheas sayde: Beholde, thou shalt se it in yt daye, whan thou shalt go fro one chamber to another to hyde the.
26 The kynge of Israel sayde: Take Micheas, and let him remayne with Amon the ruler of the cite, and with Ioas the kynges sonne,
27 and saye: Thus sayeth the kynge: Put this man in preson, and fede him with bred and water of trouble, tyll I come agayne in peace.
28 Micheas sayde: Yf thou commest agayne in peace, then hath not the LORDE spoken thorow me. And he sayde: herken to all ye people.
29 So the kynge of Israel and Iosaphat ye kynge of Iuda wente vp vnto Ramoth in Gilead .
30 And the kynge of Israel sayde vnto Iosaphat: Chaunge thy clothes, and come in to ye battayll in thine araie. The kinge of Israel chaunged his clothes also, and wete in to the battayll.
31 But the kynge of Siria commaunded the rulers of his charettes (of whom there were two and thirtie) and saide: Ye shal fight nether agaynst small ner greate, but onely agaynst the kynge of Israel .
32 And whan the rulers of the charettes sawe Iosaphat, they thought it had bene the kynge of Israel , and fell vpon him with fightinge. But Iosaphat cried.
33 So whan the rulers of the charettes sawe that it was not ye kinge of Israel , they turned back fro him.
34 A certayne man bended his bowe harde, and shott the kynge of Israel betwene the mawe and ye longes. And he sayde vnto his charetman: Turne thine hade, and cary me out of the hoost, for I am wounded.
35 And ye battayll was sore the same daie. And the kinge stode vpo his charet, agaynst the Syrias and dyed in the eueninge, and the bloude ranne from the wounde in to the myddes of the charet.
36 And whan the Sonne wente downe there was a proclamacion made in the hoost, and sayde: Euery one gett him in to his cite, and to his countre.
37 Thus the kynge dyed, and was broughte vnto Samaria , and they buryed him in Samaria .
38 And whan they wasshed the charett in the pole of Samaria , ye dogges licked his bloude (but the harlottes wasshed him) acordinge to the worde of ye LORDE which he spake.
39 What more there is to saye of Achab, & all yt he dyd, and of the Yuery house which he buylded, beholde, it is wrytten in the Cronicles of the kynges of Israel .
40 So Achab slepte with his fathers, and his sonne Ahasia was kynge in his steade.
41 And Iosaphat the sonne of Asa was kynge ouer Iuda in the fourth yeare of Achab kynge of Israel ,
42 and was fyue and thirtie yeare olde whan he was made kynge and raigned fyue and twentye yeare at Ierusale. His mothers name was Asuba ye doughter of Silhi,
43 and he walked in all the waye of his father Asa, & departed not there from And he dyd that which was right in ye sighte of the LORDE, yet put he not awaye ye hie places, and ye people offred and brent incese yet vpon the hye places,
44 and he had peace with the kynge of Israel.
45 What more there is to saye of Iosaphat and the mighte that he exercised, and how he fought, beholde, it is wrytten in the Cronicles of the kynges of Iuda.
46 He put out of the londe also the whoremongers that yet were lefte, which remayned ouer in the tyme of his father Asa.
47 And at that tyme there were no kynges in Edom .
48 And Iosaphat had caused to make shippes vpon the See, which shulde go to fetch golde in Ophir, but they wente not: for they were broken at Ezeon Gaber.
49 At that tyme sayde Ahasia the sonne of Achab vnto Iosaphat: Let my seruauntes passe with thy seruauntes in the shippes. But Iosaphat wolde not.
50 And Iosaphat slepte with his fathers, and was buried in ye cite of Dauid. And Ioram his sonne was kynge in his steade.
51 Ahasia the sonne off Achab was kynge ouer Israel at Samaria in ye seuententh yeare of Iosaphat kige of Iuda, & reigned ouer Israel two yeares,
52 & dyd yt which was euell in ye sight of the LORDE, and walked in the waye of his father and of his mother, & in the waie of Ieroboam ye sonne of Nebat, which made Israel for to synne.
53 And serued Baal, and worshipped him, and displeased the LORDE God of Israel, eue as his father dyd.