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Chapter 1


1 Adam, Seth, Enos,
2 Kenan, Mahalaleel, Iared,
3 Henoch, Mathusalah, Lamech,
4 Noe, Sem, Ham & Iaphet.
5 The childre of Iaphet are these: Gomer, Magog, Madai, Iauan, Tubal, Mesech and Thiras.
6 The children of Gomer are these: Ascenas, Riphat Togarma.
7 The children of Iauan are these: Elisa, Tharsisa, Chitim and Dodanim.
8 The childre of Ham are these: Chus, Misraim, Phut & Canaan.
9 The children of Chus are these: Seba, Heuila, Sabtha, Reyma & Sabthecha. The childre of Reyma are these: Sheba & Dedan.
10 Chus, begat Nemrod, yt beganne to be mighty vpon earthe.
11 Misraim begat Ludim, Enanim, Lehabim, Napchuhim,
12 Pathrusim, and Casluhim: of whom came the Philistynes and Caphthorims.
13 Canaan begat Sidon his first sonne: Heth,
14 Iebusi, Amori, Girgosi,
15 Heui, Arki, Sini,
16 Aruadi, Zemari and Hemathi.
17 The childre of Sem are these: Elam , Assur, Arphachsad, Lud , Aram , Vz, Hul, Gether & Masech.
18 Arphachsad begat Salah. Salah begat Eber.
19 Vnto Eber there were borne two sonnes: the name of the one was Peleg, because that in his tyme the worlde was deuyded, and his brothers name was Iaketan.
20 And Iaketa begat Almodad, Saleph, Hazarmaphet, Iarah,
21 Hadora, Vsal, Dikela,
22 Ebal, Abimael, Seba,
23 Ophir, Heuila and Iobab. These all are the children of Iakethan.
24 Sem, Arphachsad, Salah,
25 Eber, Peleg, Regu,
26 Serug, Nahor, Terah,
27 Abram, that is Abraham.
28 The children of Abraham are these: Isaac and Ismael.
29 This is their generacion: The first sonne of Ismael: Nebaioth, Cedar, Abdeel, Mibsam,
30 Misma, Duma, Masa, Hadad, Thema,
31 Iethur, Naphis & Kedma. These are the children of Ismael.
32 The children which Ketura Abrahams cocubyne bare, are these: Simram, Iaksan, Medan , Midian, Iesbak and Suah. The children of Iaksan are these: Seba and Dedan.
33 And the childre of Midian are: Epha, Epher, Henoch, Abida and Eldaa. All these are the childre of Ketura.
34 Abraham begat Isaac. The children of Isaac are: Esau and Israel .
35 The children of Esau are: Eliphas, Reguel, Ieus, Iaelam, Korah.
36 The children of Eliphas are, Theman, Omar, Zephi, Gaethan, Kenas, Thimna & Amalek.
37 The children of Reguel are: Nahath, Serah, Samma and Misa.
38 The children of Seir are: Lothan, Sobal, Zibeon, Ana, Dison, Ezer, Disan.
39 The children of Lothan are: Hori and Homan and Thimna was the sister of Lothan.
40 The children of Sobal are: Aluan, Manahath, Ebal, Sephi, Onam. The children of Zibeon are: Aia and Ana.
41 The childre of Ana, Dison. The children of Dison are: Hamran, Esban, Iethran and Charan.
42 The children of Ezer are: Bilhan, Seauan & Acan. The children of Disan are: Vz and Aran.
43 These are the kynges which reigned in the lode of Edom , or euer there reigned eny kynge amonge the children of Israel : Bela the sonne of Beor, and the name of his cite was Dinhaba.
44 And whan Bela dyed, Iobab the sonne of Serah of Bosra was kynge in his steade.
45 And whan Iobab dyed, Husam out of ye londe of the Themanites was kynge in his steade.
46 Whan Husam dyed, Hadad the sonne of Bedad (which smote the Madianites in the felde of ye Moabites) was kynge in his steade, & the name of his cite was Auith.
47 Whan Hadad dyed, Samla of Masrek was kynge in his steade.
48 Whan Samla dyed, Saul of Rehobeth by the water syde, was kynge in his steade.
49 Whan Saul dyed, Baal Hauan the sonne of Achbor was kynge in his steade.
50 Whan Baal Hauan dyed, Hadad was kynge in his steade, and the name of his cite was Pagi, & his wyues name was Mehetabeel the doughter of Matred, & doughter of Mesahab.
51 But whan Hadad dyed, there were prynces at Edom: Prynce Thimnah, prynce Alua, prynce Ietheth,
52 prynce Ahalibama, prynce Ela, prynce Pinon,
53 prynce Kenas, prynce Theman, prynce Mibzar,
54 prynce Magdiel, prynce Iram. These are the prynces of Edom .

Chapter 2

1 These are the children of Israel : Ruben, Simeon, Leui, Iuda, Isachar, Zabulon,
2 Dan, Ioseph, Be Iamin, Nephtali, Gad & Aser.
3 The childre of Iuda: Er, Onan & Sela: these thre were borne vnto him of ye doughter Sua ye Cananitisse. Howbeit ye first sonne of Iuda was wicked before ye LORDE, & therfore he slewe him.
4 But Thamar his sonnes wife bare him Phares & Zarah, so yt all ye childre of Iuda were fyue.
5 The childre of Phares are, Hesrom and Hamuel.
6 The childre of Zarah are, Simri, Ethan, Heman, Chalcol, Dara, which all are fyue in nombre.
7 The childre of Charmi are, Achan, which troubled Israel , wha he synned in the thinge that was damned.
8 The children of Ethan: Asaria.
9 The children which were borne vnto Hesrom, are: Raia, Thalubai.
10 Ram begat Aminadab. Aminadab begat Naasson the prynce of the children of Iuda.
11 Naasson begat Salmon. Salmon begat Boos.
12 Boos begat Obed. Obed begat Isai.
13 Isai begat Eliab his first sonne, Abinadab the seconde, Samma the thirde,
14 Nathanael the fourth, Raddai ye fifth,
15 Ozem ye sixte, Dauid ye vij.
16 And their sisters were Zeruia & Abigail. The childre of Zeruia are these thre: Abisai, Ioab & Asahel.
17 Abigail begat Amasa. The father of Amasa was Iether an Ismaelite.
18 Caleb the sonne of Hesrom begat Asuba ye woman, & Ierigoth. And these are the same womans childre: Ieser, Sobab, and Ardon.
19 But wha Asuba dyed, Caleb toke Ephrat, which bare him Hur.
20 Hur begat Vri. Vri begat Bezaleel.
21 Afterwarde laye Hesrom with ye doughter of Machir the father of Gilead , & he toke her wha he was thre score yeare olde, and she bare him Segub.
22 Segub begat Iair, which had thre & twentye cities in the londe of Gilead .
23 And he toke out of the same Iesur and Aram the townes of Iair, and Kenath with the vyllages therof, thre score cities. All these are the children of Machir ye father of Gilead .
24 After ye death of Hesrom in Caleb Ephrata, lefte Hesrom his wife vnto Abia: which (wife) bare him Ashur ye father of Thecoa.
25 Ierahmeel the first sonne of Hesrom had children: the first Ram, Buna, Oren and Ozem and Ahia.
26 And Ierahmeel had yet another wife, whose name was Athara, she is ye mother of Onam.
27 The childre of Ram the first sonne of Ierahmeel are, Maaz, Iamin and Eker.
28 Onam had children: Samai and Iada. The children of Samai are, Nadab & Abisur.
29 Abisurs wife was called Abihail, which bare him Ahban and Molid.
30 The childre of Nadab are, Seled and Appaim. And Seled dyed without children.
31 The children of Appaim: Iesei. The children of Iesei: Sesan. The childre of Sesan: Ahelai.
32 The childre of Iada ye brother of Samai are, Iether & Ionathan. But Iether dyed without childre.
33 The children of Ionathan are, Peleth and Sasa: These are the children of Ierahmeel.
34 As for Sesan, he had no sones, but a doughter. And Sesan had a seruaut an Egipcian, whose name was Iatha.
35 And Sesan gaue his doughter vnto Iatha his seruaut to wife, which bare him Athai.
36 Athai begat Nathan. Nathan begat Sabad.
37 Sabad begat Ephal. Ephal begat Obed.
38 Obed begat Iehu. Iehu begat Asaria.
39 Asaria begat Halez. Halez begat Elleasa.
40 Elleasa begat Sissemai. Sissemai begat Sallum.
41 Sallum begat Iekamia. Iekamia begat Elisama.
42 The children of Caleb the brother of Ierahmeel are, Mesa his first sonne, which is the father of Siph, and of the children of Maresa the father of Hebron .
43 The children of Hebron are, Corah, Thapuah, Rekem, & Sama.
44 Sama begat Raham ye father of Iarkaam. Rekem begat Samai.
45 The sonne of Samai was called Maon, & Maon was ye father of Bethzur.
46 Epha Calebs concubyne bare Haram, Mosa & Gases. Haram begat Gases.
47 The childre of Iahdai are, Rekem, Iotham, Gesan, Pelet, Epha and Saaph.
48 Maecha Calebs concubyne bare Seber and Thirhena.
49 And she bare Saaph also ye father of Madmanna, and Scheua the father of Machbena, and the father of Gibea. But Achsa was Calebs doughter.
50 These were the children of Caleb: Hur ye first sonne of Ephrata, Sobal the father of Kiriath Iearim,
51 Salma ye father of Bethleem, Hareph ye father of Beth Sader.
52 And Sobal the father of Kiriath Iearim had sonnes, namely the halfe kynred of Manuhoth.
53 The kynreds at Kiriath Iearim were ye Iethites, Puthites, Sumathites & Misraites. From these came forth the Zaregathites & Esthaolites.
54 The children of Salma are Bethleem & the Netophathites the crowne of the house of Ioab, and the halfe of the Manahites of the Zareite.
55 And ye kynreds of the scrybes which dwelt at Iabes, are ye Thireathites, Simeathites, Suchothites, these are the Kenites, yt came of Hamath the father of Beth Rechab.

Chapter 3

1 These are the childre of Dauid, which were borne vnto him in Hebron . The first sonne, Amnon of Ahinoam the Iesraelitisse: the seconde, Daniel of Abigail the Carmelitisse:
2 the thirde, Absalom ye sonne of Maecha ye doughter of Thalmai kynge of Gesur: the fourth, Adonias the sonne of Hagith:
3 the fifth, Saphathia of Abital: the sixte, Iethream of his wife Egla.
4 These sixe were borne vnto him at Hebron , for he reigned there vij. yeare & sixe monethes. But at Ierusale reigned he thre & thirtie yeare.
5 And these were borne vnto him at Ierusalem: Simea, Sobab, Nathan, Salomo: these foure of Bethseba ye doughter of Ammiel.
6 And Iebear, Elisama, Eliphalet,
7 Noga, Nepheg, Iapia,
8 Elisama, Eliada, Eliphelet, these nyne.
9 These all are ye children of Dauid, besyde those yt were the childre of ye cocubynes. And Thamar was their sister.
10 Salomons sonne was Roboam, whose sonne was Abia, whose sonne was Asa, who sonne was Iosaphat,
11 whose sonne was Ioram, whose sonne was Ahasia, whose sonne was Ioas,
12 whose sonne was Amasias, whose sonne was Asaria, whose sonne was Iotham,
13 whose sonne was Achas, whose sonne was Ezechias, whose sonne was Manasses,
14 whose sonne was Amon, whose sonne was Iosias.
15 The sonnes of Iosias were: ye first, Iohanna: the seconde, Ioachim: the thirde, Sedechias: the fourth, Sallum.
16 The childre of Ioachim were, Iechonias, whose sonne was Sedechias.
17 The childre of Iechonias which were take presoners, were Selathiel,
18 Malchiram, Phadaia, Semeazar, Iekamia, Hosanna, Nedabia.
19 The childre of Phadaia were: Zorobabel & Simei. The childre of Zorobabel were: Mesullam & Hanania, & their sister Selomith,
20 and Hasuba, Ohel, Barachias, Hasadia, Iusab Hases, these fyue.
21 The children of Hanania were: Platia & Iesaia, whose sonne was Rephaia, whose sonne was Arnan, whose sonne was Obedia, whose sonne was Sachania.
22 The children of Sachania were: Semaia. The children of Semaia were: Hatus, Iegeal, Bariah, Nearia, Saphat & Sesa, these sixe.
23 The children of Nearia were: Elioenai, Ezechias & Asrika, these thre.
24 The childre of Elioenai were: Hodaia, Eliasib, Platia, Akub, Iohanna, Delaia and Anani, these seuen.

Chapter 4

1 The children of Iuda were: Phares, Hesrom, Charmi, Hur & Sobal.
2 Rehoia the sonne of Sobal begat Iahath. Iahath begat Ahumai and Lahad. These are the kynreds of the Zaregathites,
3 Elle ye father of Etha, Iesreel, Iesma, Iedbas and their sister was called Hazelelponi:
4 and Penuel the father of Gedor, & Eser the father of Husa. These are the children of Hur the first sonne of Ephrata ye father of Bethleem.
5 Ashur ye father of Thecoa had two wyues, Hellea & Naera:
6 and Naera bare Ahusam, Hepher, Thennu, & Ahastari: these are the childre of Naera.
7 The childre of Hellea were: Zereth, Iezohar and Ethnan.
8 Chos begat Anub and Hazobeba, and the kynred of Aharhel the sonne of Harum.
9 Iaebes was more honorable then his brethre, and his mother called him Iaebes, for she sayde: I haue borne him with trouble.
10 And Iaebes called vpon the God of Israel, & sayde: Yf thou wilt blesse me, and increase the borders of my londe, & yf thy hande be with me, & thou delyuer me from euell, yt it trouble me not. And God caused it for to come that he axed.
11 Chalub the brother of Suah begat Mehir: he is the father of Esthon.
12 Esthon begat Bethrapha, Passeah, and Thehinna ye father of the cite of Nahas: these are the men of Recha.
13 The children of Kenas were: Athniel and Saraia. The childre of Athniel were, Hathath.
14 And Meonothai begat Aphra. And Saraia begat Ioab the father of Geharasim: for they were carpenters.
15 The childre of Caleb the sonne of Iephune were: Iru, Ela & Naam. The children of Ela were: Kenas.
16 The children of Iehaleleel were: Siph, Sipha, Thiria, & Asarieel.
17 The childre of Esra were: Iether, Mered, Epher & Ialon, & Thahar with Miriam, Samai, Iesbah the father of Esthemoa,
18 & his wife Iudi Ia bare Iered the father of Geder, Heber the father of Socho, Iekuthiel ye father of Sanoah: these are the children of Bithia the doughter of Pharao, which Mared toke.
19 The childre of the wife Hodia the sister of Naham ye father of Regila, were, Hagarmi & Esthomoa the Maechathite.
20 The children of Simon were: Amnon, Rimna & Benhanan, Thiflon. The children of Iesei were: Soheth, and Ben Soheth.
21 The childre of Sela ye sonne of Iuda were: Er, ye father of Lecha. Laeda the father of Maresa, & the kynred of ye lynnen weuers in ye house of Asbea:
22 & Iokim, & the men of Cosebo, Ioas & Seraph, which were housholders in Moab , and dwelt at Lahem and Hadebarim Athikim.
23 These were potmakers, and dwelt amoge plantes and hedges, besyde the kynge in his busynes, and came & dwelt there.
24 The children of Simeon were Nemuel, Iamin, Iarib, Serah, Saul:
25 whose sonne was Sallum, whose sonne was Mipsam, whose sone was Misma.
26 The childre of Misma were, Hamuel, whose sonne was Sachur, whose sonne was Simei.
27 Simei had sixtene sonnes and sixe doughters, and his brethren had not many childre. And all their kynred multiplied not as the children of Iuda.
28 But they dwelt at Berseba, Molada, Hazar Sual,
29 Bilha, Ezem, Tholad,
30 Bethuel, Harma, Ziclag,
31 Beth Marchaboth, Hazarsussim, Beth Birei, and Saraim: these were their cities vntyll ye tyme of kynge Dauid.
32 And their townes, Etam, Ain, Rimmon, Tochen, Asan, these fyue cities,
33 & all the vyllages that were aboute these cities, vntyll Baal, this is their habitacion and their kynred amonge them.
34 And Mesobab, Iamlech, Iosa the sonne of Amasia,
35 Ioel, Iehu the sonne of Ieschibia, the sonne of Seraia, the sonne of Asiel,
36 Elioenai, Iaecoba, Iesohaia, Asaia, Adiel, Ismael and Benaia.
37 Sisa the sonne of Siphei, ye sonne of Alon, the sonne of Iedaia, the sonne of Simri, the sonne of Semaia.
38 These were famous prynces in their kynreds of the house of their fathers, and multiplied in nombre.
39 And they wente forth, that they might come vnto Gedor to the east syde of the valley, to seke pasture for their shepe.
40 And founde fat and good pasture, and a londe large on both the sydes, quyete and riche: for they of Ham dwelt there afore tyme.
41 And these that are now descrybed by name, came in the tyme of Ezechias the kynge of Iuda, and smote the tentes and dwellinges of those that were founde there, and damned them vnto this daye, and dwelt in their steade, for there had they pasture for their shepe.
42 There wente of them also (of the children of Simeon) fyue hundreth men vnto mount Seir, with their rulers: Platia, Nearia, Rephaia and Vsiel, the children of Iesei,
43 and smote the remnaunt of the Amalechites (which were escaped) and dwelt there vnto this daye.

Chapter 5

1 The children of Ruben the first sonne of Israel: for he was the first sonne, but because he defyled his fathers bed, therfore was his first byrthrighte geuen vnto the children of Ioseph the sonne of Israel, & he was not rekened to ye first byrthrighte:
2 for vnto Iuda which was mightie amonge his brethren, was geuen the pryncipalite before him, and the first byrthrighte vnto Ioseph.
3 The children now of Ruben the first sonne of Israel are these: Hanoch, Pallu, Hesron and Charmi.
4 The childre of Iohel were, Semaia, whose sonne was Gog, whose sonne was Semei,
5 whose sonne was Micha, whose sonne was Reaia, whose sonne was Baal,
6 whose sonne was Beera, whom Teglatphalasser the kynge of Assiria caried awaye presoner. He was a prynce amonge the Rubenites.
7 But his brethren amonge his kynreds (wha they were rekened amonge their generacion) had Ieiel and Sacharia to their heades.
8 And Bela the sonne of Asan the sonne of Sema, the sonne of Ioel, dwelt at Aroer, and vntyll Nebo & Baal Meon.
9 And dwelt towarde ye East, as one cometh to the wyldernes by ye water Euphrates: for their catell were many in the londe of Gilead .
10 And in ye tyme of Saul they foughte agaynst ye Agarites, which fell thorow their hande, and they dwelt in their tentes towarde all the East parte of Gilead .
11 But the children of Gad dwelt ouer agaynst them in ye countre of Basan, vntyll Salcha.
12 Ioel the chefest, and Sapham the secode, Iaenai and Saphat at Basan.
13 And their brethren of the house of their fathers were, Michael, Mesullam, Seba, Iorai, Iaecan, Sia and Eber, these seuen.
14 These are the children of Abihail the sonne of Huri, the sonne of Iaroah, the sonne of Gilead, the sonne of Michael, the sonne of Iesisai, ye sonne of Iahdo, the sonne of Bus.
15 Ahi the sonne of Abdiel, the sonne of Guni was a ruler in ye house of their fathers,
16 and they dwelt at Gilead in Basan, and in ye vyllages therof, and in all the suburbes of Saron, vnto the vttemost partes therof.
17 All these were rekened in the tyme of Iotham the kynge of Iuda, and of Ieroboam the kynge of Israel .
18 The children of Ruben, the Gaddites & the halfe trybe of Manasses (of soch as were fightinge men, which wayre shylde & swerde, and coulde bende the bowe, and were men of armes) were foure and fortye thousande and seuen hundreth and thre score, that wente forth to ye warre.
19 And whan they foughte agaynst ye Agarites, Ietur, Naphes and Nodab
20 helped them, and delyuered ye Agarites in to their handes, and all that was wt them: for they cried vnto God in ye batayll. And he herde them, because they put their trust in him.
21 And they caried awaie their catell, fyue thousande Camels, two hundreth & fyftie thousande shepe, two thousande Asses, and an hudreth thousande soules of men.
22 For there were many wounded, for why? the battayll was of God. And they dwelt in their steade, vntyll the tyme that they were caried awaye presoners.
23 The childre of the halfe trybe of Manasses dwelt in ye londe from Basan forth vntyll Baal Hermon & Seuir, and mount Hermon:
24 for they were many. And these were ye heades of the house of their fathers, Epher, Iesei, Eliel, Asriel, Ieremia, Hodaneia, Iahdiel, mightie valeaunt men, & awncient heades in the house of their fathers.
25 And wha they synned agaynst ye God of their fathers, and wente awhorynge after the goddes of the people of the londe, (whom God had destroyed before them)
26 the God of Israel stered vp the sprete of Phul the kynge of Assiria, and the sprete of Teglatphalassar the kynge of Assiria, and led awaye the Rubenites, Gaddites, and ye halfe trybe of Manasses, and broughte the vn Halah, and Habor, and Hara, and to the water of Gosan vnto this daye.

Chapter 6

1 The children of Leui were, Gerson, Kahath and Merari.
2 The childre of Kahath were, Amram, Iezeher, Hebron and Vsiel.
3 The children of Amram were, Aaron, Moses and Miriam. The children of Aaro were, Nadab, Abihu, Eleasar and Ithamar.
4 Eleasar begat Phineas. Phineas begat Abisua.
5 Abisua begat Buki. Buki begat Vsi.
6 Vsi begat Serahia. Serahia begat Meraioth.
7 Meraioth begat Amaria. Amaria begat Achitob.
8 Achitob begat Sadoc. Sadoc begat Ahimaas.
9 Ahimaas begat Asaria. Asaria begat Iohanan.
10 Iohana begat Asaria: for he was prest in the house yt Salomon buylded at Ierusalem.
11 Asaria begat Amaria. Amaria begat Achitob.
12 Achitob begat Zadock. Zadock begat Sallum.
13 Sallum begat Helchias. Helchias begat Asaria.
14 Asaria begat Seraia. Seraia begat Iosedec.
15 But Iosedec was caried awaie wha the LORDE caused Iuda & Ierusale to be led awaye captyue by Nabuchodonosor.
16 The children of Leui are these: Gerson, Kahath and Merari.
17 These are the names of the children of Gerson: Libni and Semei.
18 The names of the childre of Kahat are these: Amram, Iezohar, Hebron and Vsiel.
19 The names of the children of Merari are: Maheli and Musi. These are the kynreds of the Leuites amonge their housholdes.
20 Gersons sonne was Libni, whose sonne was Iahath, whose sonne was Sima,
21 whose sonne was Ioah, whose sonne was Iddo, whose sonne was Serah, whose sonne was Ieathrai.
22 Kahats sonne was Aminadab, whose sonne was Corah, whose sonne was Assir,
23 whose sonne was Elcana, whose sonne was Abiasaph, whose sonne was Assir,
24 whose sonne was Thahath, whose sonne was Vriel, whose sonne was Vsia, whose sonne was Saul.
25 The childre of Elkana were, Amasai & Ahimoth,
26 whose sonne was Elkana, whose sonne was Elkana of Zuph, whose sonne was Nahath,
27 whose sonne was Eliab, whose sonne was Ieroham, whose sonne was Elkana,
28 whose sonne was Samuel. Whose first borne sonnes were Seni and Abija.
29 Meraris sonne was Maheli, whose sonne was Libni, whose sonne was Simei, whose sonne was Vsa,
30 whose sone was Simea, whose sone was Haggia, whose sone was Asaia.
31 These are they whom Dauid appoynted to synge in the house of the LORDE, where the Arke rested,
32 & they mynistred before the habitacion of the Tabernacle of witnes wt synginge, vntyll Salomon had buylded the house of the LORDE at Ierusalem, and they stode after their maner in their office.
33 And these are they yt stode & their children. Of ye children of Kahath was Heman ye synger, the sonne of Ioel, the sonne of Samuel,
34 the sonne of Elkana, the sonne of Ieroham, ye sonne of Eliel, the sonne of Thoah,
35 the sonne of Zuph, the sonne of Elkana, the sonne of Mahath, the sonne of Amasai,
36 the sonne of Elkana, the sonne of Iohel, the sonne of Asaria, the sonne of Sophonias,
37 the sonne of Thahath, the sonne of Assir, the sonne of Abijasaph, the sonne of Corah,
38 the sonne of Iezehar, the sonne of Rahath, the sonne of Leui, the sonne of Israel.
39 And his brother Assaph stode at his righte hande, and Assaph was the sonne of Barachia, the sonne of Simea,
40 the sonne of Michael, ye sonne of Maeseia, the sonne of Malchija,
41 the sonne of Athin, ye sonne of Serah, the sonne of Adaia,
42 the sonne of Ethan, the sonne of Sima, the sonne of Simei,
43 the sonne of Iahath, the sonne of Gerson, the sonne of Leui.
44 Their brethren the childre of Merari, stode on the lefte hande, namely, Ethan the sonne of Kusi, the sonne of Abdi, the sonne of Malluch,
45 the sonne of Hasabia, the sonne of Amazia, the sonne of Helchia,
46 ye sonne of Amzi, the sonne of Bani, the sonne of Samer,
47 the sonne of Maheli, the sonne of Musi, the sonne of Merari, the sonne of Leui.
48 As for their brethre the Leuites, they were geuen to all the offices in the habitacion of the house of the LORDE:
49 but the office of Aaron and his sonnes was to kyndle the fyre vpon the altare of burntofferynges, and vpon the altare of incense, and to all the busynes in the most holy, and to make attonement for the people, acordinge as Moses ye seruaunt of God commaunded.
50 These are the children of Aaron: Eleasar his sonne, whose sonne was Phineas, whose sonne was Abisua,
51 whose sonne was Buki, whose sonne was Vsi, whose sonne was Serahia,
52 whose sonne was Meraioth, whose sonne was Amaria, whose sonne was Achitob,
53 whose sonne was Sadoc, whose sonne was Ahimaas.
54 And this is their habitacion and rowme in their borders, namely of Aarons children of the kynred of ye Kahathites: for this lot fell vnto them.
55 And they gaue the Hebron in the londe of Iuda, & the suburbes of the same rounde aboute.
56 But the felde of ye cite & the vyllages therof, gaue they vnto Caleb the sonne of Iephune.
57 Thus gaue they vnto the children of Aaron these fre cities, Hebron & Libna with their suburbes, Iather, & Esthemoa,
58 Hilen, Debir,
59 Asan and Bethsemes, with their suburbes.
60 And out of the trybe of Ben Iamin, Geba, Alemeth and Anachot wt their suburbes, so yt all the cities in their kindred were thirtene.
61 The other childre of Kahath of their kynred, had out of ye halfe trybe of Manasses, ten cities by lot.
62 The children of Gerson of their kynred, had out of ye trybe of Isachar, & out of the trybe of Asser, & out of the trybe of Nephtali, & out of the trybe of Manasses in Basan, thirtene cities.
63 The childre of Merari of their kynred, had by lot out of the trybe of Ruben, & out of the trybe of Gad, and out of the trybe of Zabulon, twolue cities.
64 And vnto ye Leuites gaue the childre of Israel cities with their suburbes,
65 namely by lot, out the trybe of the children of Iuda, & out of the trybe of the childre of Simeon, & out of the trybe of the children of Ben Iamin, euen those cities, which they appoynted by name.
66 But the kynreds of the children of Kahath had the cities of their borders out of the trybe of Ephraim.
67 So gaue they now vnto the (namely vnto the kynred of the children of Kahath) ye fre cities, Sichem vpon mount Ephraim, Geser,
68 Iakmeam, Bethoron,
69 Aialon, and Gath Rimon with their suburbes.
70 And out of ye halfe trybe of Manasses, Aner and Bileam with their suburbes.
71 But vnto the children of Gerson they gaue out of the kynred of the halfe trybe of Manasses, Gola in Basan and Astharoth with their suburbes.
72 Out of the trybe of Isachar, Redes, Dabrath
73 Ramoth, and Anem with their suburbes
74 Out of the trybe of Asser, Masal, Abdo,
75 Hutoh and Sehob, with their suburbes.
76 Out of the trybe of Nephtali, Redes in Galile, Hamon and Kiriathaim with their suburbes.
77 Vnto the other children of Merari gaue they out of the trybe of Zabulon, Rimano and Thabor with their suburbes.
78 And beyode Iordane ouer agaynst Iericho eastwarde besyde Iordane out of the trybe of Ruben, Bezer in the wildernes, Iahza,
79 Kedemoth and Mepaath with their suburbes.
80 Out of the trybe of Gad, Ramoth in Gilead , Mahanaim,
81 Hesbon and Iaeser with their suburbes.

Chapter 7

1 The children of Isachar were, Thola, Pua, Iasub and Simrom, these foure.
2 The children of Thola were, Vsi, Rephaia, Ieriel, Iahemai and Iebsam and Samuel, heades in the house of their fathers of Thola, & mightie men in their kynred, in nombre in the tyme of Dauid, two and twentye thousande and sixe hundreth.
3 The children of Vsi were, Iesrahia. The children of Iesrahia were, Michael, and Obedia, Ioel and Iesia: all these fyue were heades.
4 And with them amonge their kynred in the house of their fathers there were ready harnessed men of warre to the battayll, sixe and thirtie thousande: for they had many wiues and children.
5 And the mightie men of their brethren in all the kynreds of Isachar, were seue and foure score thousande, and were all nombred.
6 The children of BenIamin, were, Bela, Becher, and Iedieel, these thre.
7 The children of Bela, were, Ezbon, Vsi, Vsiel, Ieremoth & Iri, these fyue, heades in ye house of their fathers, mightie men: and were nombred two & twentie thousande and foure and thyrtie.
8 The childre of Becher were, Semira, Ioas Elieser, Elioenai, Amri, Ieremoth, Abia, Anathot & Alameh, all these were the children of Becher,
9 and were rekened in their kinreds after the heades in the house of their fathers, valeaunt men, twentie thousande, and two hundreth.
10 The children of Iedieel were Bilhan. The childre of Bilhan were, Ieus, BenIamin, Ehud, Cnaena, Sethan, Tharsis and Ahisahar,
11 all these were the children of Iedieel, heades of the fathers, valeaunt men, euen seuentene thousande, which wente forth to the warre for to fighte.
12 And Supim and Hupim were the childre of Ir. But Husim were the children of Aher.
13 The children of Nephtali were: Iahziel, Guni, Iezer and Sallum, the children of Bilha.
14 The children of Manasses are these: Esriel, whom his concubyne Aramiel dyd beare. But (first) begat he Machir the father of Gilead .
15 And Machir gaue wyues vnto Hupim & Supim, & their sisters name was Maecha. His secode sonnes name was Zelaphehad. And Zelaphehad had doughters.
16 And Maecha ye wife of Machir bare a sonne whose name was Phares, & his brothers name was Sares, and his sonnes were Vlam and Rakem.
17 Vlams sonne was Bedam. These are the children of Gilead ye sonne of Machir the sonne of Manasses.
18 And his sister Molecheth bare Ishud, Abieser and Mahela.
19 And Semida had these children: Ahean, Sichem, Likhi and Aniam.
20 The children of Ephraim were these: Suthelah, whose sonne was Bered, whose sonne was Thahath, whose sonne was Eleada, whose sonne was Thahath,
21 whose sonne was Sabad, whose sonne was Suthelah, whose sonne was Eser and Elead. And the men of Gath , that dwelt in the londe, slewe them, because they were gone downe to take their catell.
22 And their father Ephraim mourned for them a longe season, and his brethren came to comforte him.
23 And he wente in to his wife, which conceaued, and bare a sonne, whom he called Bria, because of the aduersite that was in his house.
24 His doughter was Seera, which builded the lower and vpper Bethoron, & Vsen Serea.
25 Whose sonne was Rephad & Reseph, whose sonne was Thelah, whose sonne was Thahan,
26 whose sonne was Laedan, whose sonne was Ammihud, whose sonne was Elisama,
27 whose sonne was Nun, whose sonne was Iosua.
28 And their substaunce & dwellynge was, Bethel and the vyllages therof, and towarde the East syde of Naeran, and towarde the westparte of Geser and ye vyllages therof. Sechem and hir vyllages vnto Aia and hir vyllages.
29 And by the children of Manasses, Bethsean and ye vyllages therof, Thaenach and the vyllages therof, Dor and the vyllages therof. In these dwelt the children of Ioseph the sonne of Israel .
30 The children of Asser were these: Iemna, Iesua, Iesui, Bria and Serah their sister.
31 The children of Bria were, Heber and Malchiel, this is ye father of Birsauith.
32 Heber begat Iaphet, Somor, Hothan, and Sua their sister.
33 The childre of Iaphlet were, Passach, Bimehal and Asuath, these were the childre of Iaphlet.
34 The childre of Somer were, Ahi, Rahag, Iehuba, and Aram .
35 And the children of his brother Hele were, Zophah, Iemna, Seles and Amal.
36 The children of Zophah were, Suah, Harnepher, Sual, Beri, Iemra,
37 Bezer, Hod, Sama, Silsa, Iethran and Beera.
38 The children of Iether were, Iephune, Phispa and Ara.
39 The children of Vlla were Arah, Haniel and Rizia.
40 All these were the children of Asser, heades in the house of their fathers, chosen out, valeaunt men, and heades amonge the prynces, and were mustered to the warre for to fight, in their nombre, sixe and twentye thousande men.

Chapter 8

1 BenIamin begat Bela his fyrst sonne, Asbal the secode, Ahrah ye thirde,
2 Noah the fourth, Rapha the fyfth.
3 And Bela had children: Gera , Abihud,
4 Abisua, Neman, Ahoah,
5 Gera , Sphuphan and Huram.
6 These are Ehuds children, which were heades of the fathers amonge the citesyns at Geba, and wete awaye vnto Manahath,
7 namely Naeman, Ahia and Gera , the same caryed them awaye, and begat Vsa and Ahihud.
8 And Seharaim (whan he had sent the awaye) begat children in the londe of Moab of Husim and Baera his wyues.
9 And of Hodes his wyfe begat he Iobab, Zibea, Mesa , Malcham,
10 Ieus, Sachia, and Mirma, these are his children, heades of the fathers.
11 Of Husim begat he Ahitob and Elpaal.
12 The childre of Elpaal were: Eber, Miseam and Samed. The same buylded Ono & Lod and the vyllages therof.
13 And Bria and Sama were heades of the fathers amonge the citesyns at Aialon. These chaced awaye the of Gath .
14 His brethre Sasak, Ieremoth,
15 Sebadia, Arad , Ader,
16 Michael, Iespa and Ioha, these are the children of Bria.
17 Sebadia Mesullam, Ezechi, Heber,
18 Iesmerai, Ieslia, Ioab, these are ye childre of Elpaal.
19 Iakim Sichri, Sabdi,
20 Eloenai, Zilthai, Eliel,
21 Adaia, Braia and Simrath, these are the childre of Semei.
22 Iespan, Eber, Eliel,
23 Abdon, Sichri, Hanan,
24 Hanania, Elan, Enthothia,
25 Iephdeia and Penuel, these are the children of Sasak.
26 Samserai, Seharia, Athalia,
27 Iaeresia, Elia and Sichri, these are, the children of Ieroham.
28 These are the heades of the fathers of their kynreds, which dwelt at Ierusalem.
29 But at Gibeon dwelt, the father of Gibeon , & his wyues name was Maecha,
30 and his first sonne was Abdon, Zur, Cis, Baal, Nadab,
31 Gedor, Ahio and Secher.
32 Mikloth begat Simea. And they dwelt ouer agaynst their brethre at Ierusalem with theirs.
33 Ner begat Cis. Cis begat Saul. Saul begat Ionathas, Melchisua, Abinadab and Esbaal.
34 The sonne of Ionathas was Meribaal. Meribaal begat Micha.
35 The children of Micha were: Pithon, Melech, Thaerea and Ahas.
36 Ahas begat Ioadda. Ioadda begat Alemeth, Asmaueth and Simri. Simri begat Moza.
37 Moza begat Binea, whose sonne was Rapha, whose sonne was Eleasa, whose sonne was Azel.
38 Azel had sixe sonnes, whose names were: Esricam, Bochru, Iesmael, Searia, Abadia, Hanan, all these were the sonnes of Azel.
39 The children of Esek his brother were: Vlam his first sonne, Ieus the seconde, Elipelet the thirde.
40 The children of Vlam were valeaunt men, and coulde handell bowes, and had many sonnes, and sonnes sonnes an hundreth and fiftye. All these are of the children of Ben Iamin.

Chapter 9

1 And all Israel were nombred: and beholde, they are wrytten in the boke of the kynges of Israel and Iuda, and now are they caried awaie vnto Babilo for their synne,
2 euen they yt afore dwelt in their possessions and cities, namely Israel , ye prestes, Leuites and Nethinim.
3 But at Ierusalem dwelt certayne of the children of Iuda, some of the children of Ben Iamin, some of the children of Ephraim and of Manasses.
4 Namely of the children of Phares the sonne of Iuda, was Vthai the sonne of Ammihud the sonne of Amri, the sonne of Imri, the sonne of Bani.
5 Of Soloni, Asaia ye first sonne, and his other sonnes.
6 Of the children of Serah, Ieguel and his brethren, sixe hundreth, foure score and ten.
7 Of the children of Ben Iamin, Sallu ye sonne of Mesullam, the sonne of Hodauia, ye sonne of Hasnua.
8 And Iebneia the sonne of Ieroham. And Ela the sonne of Vsi the sonne of Michri. And Mesullam the sonne of Sephatia the sonne of Reguel the sonne of Iebneia.
9 And their brethren in their kinreds nyne hundreth and syxe and fyftye. All these were heades of the fathers in the house of their fathers.
10 Of the prestes: Iedaia, Ioiarib, Iachim,
11 And Asaria the sonne of Helchia, the sonne of Mesullam, the sonne of Sadoc, the sonne of Meraioth, the sonne of Achitob, prynce in the house of God.
12 And Adaia the sonne of Ieroham, the sonne of Pashur, the sonne of Malchia. And Maesai the sonne of Adiel the sonne of Iachsera, the sonne of Mesullam, the sonne of Messylemeth, the sonne of Immer.
13 And their brethren heades in the house of their fathers a thousande, seuen hundreth and thre score valeaunt men in executynge the offyce in the house of God.
14 Of the Leuites of the children of Merari, Semaia the sonne of Hasub, the sonne of Asrikam, the sonne of Hasabia.
15 And Bakbakar the carpenter and Galal. And Mathania ye sonne of Micha ye sonne of Sichri, the sonne of Assaph.
16 And Obadia the sonne of Semaia, the sonne of Galal, ye sonne of Elkana, which dwelt in the vyllages of the Netophatites.
17 The porters were: Sallum, Acub, Talmon, Ahiman, with their brethren, and Sallum the chefest:
18 for hither to had the children of Leui kepte the watch at the eastsyde of the kinges gate by armies.
19 And Sallum the sonne of Core, the sonne of Abiassaph, the sonne of Corah, and his brethren of his fathers house. The Corahytes were in the worke of the seruyce, to kepe the thresholdes of the Tabernacle: and their fathers in the hoost of the LORDE, to kepe the intraunce.
20 Phineas the sonne of Eleasar was the prynce ouer them, because the LORDE had bene with him before.
21 Sacharia the sonne of Meselemia was keper at the dore of the Tabernacle of witnesse.
22 All these were chosen out to be kepers of the thresholdes euen two hundreth and twolue. These were nombred in their vyllages. And Dauid and Samuel the Seer fouded them thorow their faith,
23 that they and their children shulde kepe the house of the LORDE, namely to kepe the watch of ye house of the Tabernacle.
24 These dorekepers were appointed towarde the foure wyndes, towarde the East, towarde the West, towarde the North, towarde ye South.
25 But their brethre were in their vyllages, that they might come allwaye on the seuenth daye to be with them:
26 for vnto these foure maner of chefe dorrkepers were the Leuites committed. And they had the ouersight of the chestes and treasures in ye house of God.
27 In the nighte season also remayned they aboute the house of God: for their dewtye was to geue attendaunce to open euery mornynge.
28 And some of them had the ouersight of the mynistrynge vessell: for they bare the vessell out and in.
29 And some of the were appoynted ouer the vessell, and ouer all the holy vessell, ouer the fine wheate floure, ouer ye wyne, ouer the oile, ouer the frankencense, ouer the swete odoures:
30 but some of ye prestes children made the incense.
31 Vnto Mathithia one of the Leuites the fyrst sonne of Sallum the Corahite, were ye pannes comytted.
32 And certayne of the Kahathites their brethren were appointed ouer the shewbred, to prepare it euery Sabbath daye.
33 These are the heades of the singers amoge the fathers of the Leuites chosen out ouer the chestes: for daye and night were they in worke withall.
34 These are the heades of ye fathers amonge ye Leuites in their kinreds. These dwelt at Ierusalem.
35 At Gibeon dwelt Ieiel the father of Gibeon , his wiues name was Maecha,
36 and his fyrstsonne Abdon, Zur, Cis, Baal, Ner, Nadab,
37 Gedor, Ahaio, Sacharia, Mikloth.
38 Mikloth begat Simeam. And they dwelt also aboute their brethren at Ierusalem amonge theirs.
39 Ner begat Cis, Cis begat Saul, Saul begat Ionathas, Malchisua, Abinadab, Esbaal.
40 The sonne of Ionathas was Meribaal. Meribaal begat Micha.
41 The children of Micha were, Pithon, Melech and Thaherea.
42 Ahas begat Iaera, Iaera begat Alemeth, Asmaueth and Simri. Simri begat Moza.
43 Moza begat Binea, whose sonne was Raphaia, whose sonne was Eleasa, whose sonne was Azel.
44 Azel had sixe sonnes, whose names were: Asrikam, Bochru, Iesmael, Searia, Obadia, Hanan. These are the children of Azel.

Chapter 10

1 The Philistynes foughte agaynst Israel . And they of Israel fled before the Philistynes, and ye wounded fell vpon mount Gilboa.
2 And the Philistynes folowed vpon Saul and his sonnes, and smote Ionathas, Abinadab and Malchisua ye sonnes of Saul.
3 And the battayll was sore agaynst Saul. And the archers came vpon him, so that he was wounded of the archers
4 Then sayde Saul vnto his weapenbearer: Drawe out thy swerde, and thrust it thorow me, that these vncircumcysed come not, and deale shamefully with me. Neuertheles his weapenbearer wolde not, for he was sore afrayed. Then toke Saul his swerde, and fell therin.
5 Whan his weapenbearer sawe that Saul was deed, he fell vpon his swerde also, and dyed.
6 Thus died Saul and his thre sonnes, and all his housholde together.
7 And whan the men of Israel which were in ye valley, sawe, that Saul and his sonnes were deed, they lefte their cities and fled: and the Philistynes came and dwelt therin.
8 On the morowe came the Philistynes to spoyle the slayne, and founde Saul, and his sonnes lyenge vpon mount Gelboa,
9 and stryped him out, and toke his heade, and his harnesse, and sent it aboute in to ye londe of the Philistynes, and caused it to be shewed before their Idoles and the people.
10 And his weapens layed they in the house of their god, and styckte vp his heade vpon the house of Dagon.
11 But whan all they of Iabes in Gilead herde of euery thinge, that the Philistynes had done vnto Saul,
12 they gat them vp (as many as were men of armes) and toke the body of Saul and of his sonnes, and broughte them vnto Iabes, and buryed their bones vnder the Oke at Iabes, and fasted seuen dayes.
13 Thus dyed Saul in his trespace which he commytted agaynst the LORDE, because he kepte not the worde of the LORDE: & because he axed councell at the soythsayer,
14 and axed not at the LORDE, therfore slewe he him, & turned the kyngdome vnto Dauid.

Chapter 11

1 And all Israel resorted to Dauid vnto Hebron , and sayde: Beholde, we are yi bone and thy flesh.
2 And afore tyme whan Saul reigned, thou leddest Israel out and in. So the LORDE thy God hath sayde vnto the: Thou shalt kepe my people of Israel , and thou shalt be the prynce ouer my people of Israel .
3 And all the Elders of Israel came to the kynge vnto Hebron . And Dauid made a couenaunt with them at Hebron before the LORDE. And they anoynted Dauid to be kynge ouer Israel acordynge to the worde of the LORDE by Samuel.
4 And Dauid and all Israel wete vnto Ierusalem, that is Iebus: for the Iebusites dwelt in the lode.
5 And the citesyns of Iebus saide vnto Dauid: Thou shalt not come in hither. Howbeit Dauid wane ye castell of Sio. which is ye cite of Dauid.
6 And Dauid sayde: who so euer smyteth ye Iebusites first, shalbe a prynce & captayne. The Ioab ye sonne of Zeruia clymmed vp first, & was made captayne.
7 So Dauid dwelt in ye castell, therfore was it called ye cite of Dauid.
8 And he buylded ye cite roude aboute, fro Millo forth on euery syde. As for ye remnaunt of ye cite, Ioab buylded it, & repayred it.
9 And Dauid wete forth & grewe, & the LORDE Zebaoth was wt him.
10 These are ye chefe amoge ye mightie me of Dauid, which dealt valeauntly wt him in his kyngdome wt all Israel , to make him kynge, acordinge to the worde of ye LORDE ouer Israel .
11 And this is ye nombre of Dauids mightie men: Iesabeam the sonne of Hachmoni the chefest amoge thirtie. He lifte vp his speare, & smote thre C. at one tyme.
12 After him was Eleasar the sonne of Dodo the Ahohite, and he was amoge the thre mightie.
13 This man was wt Dauid wha they blasphemed, & the Philistynes gathered the selues there to ye batayll. And eue ther was there a pece of londe full of barly, & the people fled before the Philistynes.
14 And they stode in the myddes of the londe, and rescued it, and smote the Philistynes. And the LORDE gaue a greate health.
15 And thre of the chefest thirtie wete downe to the rocke vnto Dauid in to the caue of Adullam. But the Philistynes hoost laye in the valley of Rephaim .
16 As for Dauid, he was in the castell. And the Philistynes people were then at Bethleem.
17 And Dauid was desyrous, and sayde: O that some wolde geue me to drynke of the water out of the well at Bethleem vnder the gate.
18 The brake those thre in to the Philistynes hoost, and drue of the water out of the well at Bethleem vnder the gate, and caried it, and broughte it vnto Dauid. Neuertheles he wolde not drynke it, but poured it vnto the LORDE,
19 and sayde: God let this be farre fro me, yt I shulde do it, and drynke the bloude of these men in ye parell of their life: for with the parell of their life haue they broughte it: therfore wolde he not drynke it. This dyd the thre Worthies.
20 Abisai the brother of Ioab, he was the chefest amonge thre. And he lifte vp his speare, and smote thre hundreth. And he was famous amonge thre,
21 and before the thirde, more honorable then the two, yet came he not vnto the thre.
22 Benaia the sonne of Ioiada the sonne of Ishail of Cabzeel, was a man of greate actes. He smote two lyons of the Moabites. And he wente downe, and smote a lyon in the myddes of a well in the tyme of snowe.
23 He smote a man of Egipte also, which was fyue cubites greate of stature, and had in his hande a speare like a weuers lome . Yet wente he downe to him with a staffe, and toke the speare out of his hande, and slewe him with his awne speare,
24 This dyd Benaia the sonne of Ioiada, and was a famous man amonge thre Worthies,
25 and most awncient amonge thirtie. But vnto the thre came he not. Howbeit Dauid made him of his secrete councell.
26 The valeaunt Worthies are these: Asahel the brother of Ioab, Elhanam his Vncles sonne of Bethleem,
27 Samoth the Harodite, Helez the Pelonite,
28 Ira the sonne of Ekes the Thecoite, Abraser the Anathothite,
29 Sibechai the Husathite, Ilai the Ahohite,
30 Matherai the Netophatite, Heled ye sonne of Baena ye Netophatite,
31 Ithai ye sonne of Ribai of Gibeath of the childre of Ben Ianim, Benaia the Pirgathonite,
32 Hura of the broke of Gaas. Abiel the arbathite,
33 Asmaueth the Baherunite, Eliahba the Saalbonite.
34 The children of Hasem ye Gisonite, Ionathas the sonne of Sage the Hararite,
35 Ahiam the sonne of Sachar the Hararite, Eliphal the sonne of Vr,
36 Hepher the Macherathite, Ahia the Pelonite,
37 Hezro of Carmel, Naerai the sonne of Asbai,
38 Ioel the brother of Nathan, Mibehar the sonne of Hagri,
39 Zeleg the Ammonite, Naherai the Berothithe the wapenbearer of Ioab the sonne of Zeruia,
40 Ira the Iethrite, Gareb the Iethrite,
41 Vrias the Hethite, Sabad the sonne of Ahalai,
42 Adina the sonne of Sisa the Rubenite, a captayne of the Rubenites, and there were thirtie vnder him:
43 Hanam ye sonne of Maecha, Iosaphat the Mathonite,
44 Vsia ye Astharathite, Sama and Iaiel, the sonnes of Hotham the Aroerite,
45 Iediael the sonne of Simri, Ioha his brother the Thirzite,
46 Eliel the Mahenite, Ieribai and Iosua the sonnes of Elnaan, Iethma the Moabite,
47 Eliel, Obed, Iaesiel of Mizobaia.

Chapter 12

1 These also came to Dauid vnto Siclag whan he was yet kepte a syde because of Saul the sonne of Cis: And they were like wyse amouge the worthies yt helped in the battayll,
2 and coulde handle bowes with both their handes, & coulde cast stones, and shute arowes with the bowe. Of Sauls brethren which were of Ben Iamin:
3 The chefest Ahieser and Ioas ye children of Samaa the Gibeathite. Iesiel and Pelet the children of Asmaueth. Baracha & and Iehu the Anthothite.
4 Iesmaia the Gibeonite, valeaunt amonge thirtie and ouer thirtie. Ieremia, Iahasiel, Iohanan, Iosabad the Gederathite.
5 Eleusai, Ierimoth, Bealia, Samaria , Saphatia the Harophite,
6 Elkana, Iesiia, Asareel, Iasabeam ye Korahyte,
7 Ioela and Sabadia the children of Ieroham of Gedor.
8 Of the Gaddites resorted there vnto Dauid to the castell in the wyldernesse, mightie Worthies and men of armes, which hadled speares and swerdes, and had faces like lios, & were as swifte as the Roes vpon ye mountaynes.
9 The fyrst Eser, the seconde Obadia, the thyrde Eliab,
10 the fourth Masmanna, ye fyfth Ieremia,
11 the sixte Athai, the seueth Eliel,
12 the eight Iohanna, the nyenth Elsabad
13 the tenth Ieremia, ye eleuenth Machbanai.
14 These were of the children of Gad, heades in the hoost, the leest ouer an hundreth, and ye greatest ouer a thousande
15 These are they which in the fyrst moneth wente ouer Iordane, whan it was full on both the shores, so that all the valleys were eauen both towarde the East and towarde the West.
16 There came of the children of BenIamin also and of Iuda vnto the castell of Dauid.
17 But Dauid wente forth vnto them, and answered and sayde vnto them: Yf ye come to me in peace, and to helpe me, my hert shal be with you. But yf ye come vpo disceate, and to be mine aduersaries (where as there is yet no vnrighte in me) the God of oure fathers loke vpon it, and rebuke it.
18 Neuertheles the sprete endued Amasai the captayne amonge thirtie, and he sayde: We are thine O Dauid, and holde with the thou sonne of Isai. Peace, peace be with the, peace be with thy helpers, for thy God helpeth the. Then Dauid receaued them, and made them captaynes ouer the men of warre.
19 And of Manasses there fell certaine vnto Dauid, whan he came to the battayll with the Philistynes agaynst Saul, and helped them not, for the prynces of ye Philistynes counceled to let him go from them, and sayde: Yf he fell vnto his lorde Saul, it mighte cost vs oure neckes.
20 Now wha he departed vnto Siclag, there fell vnto him of Manasses, Adna, Iosabad, Iediael, Michael, Iosabad, Elihu, Zilthai, heades ouer thousandes in Manasses.
21 And they helped Dauid against the men of warre: for they were all valeaunt Worthies, and were captaynes ouer the hoost.
22 And euery daye came there some to Dauid, to helpe him, till there was a greate hoost as an hoost of God.
23 And this is the nombre of the heades harnessed vnto the warre, which came to Dauid vnto Hebron, for to turne the kyngdome of Saul vnto him, acordynge to the worde of the LORDE.
24 The childre of Iuda, which handled speares and swerdes, were sixe thousande, & eight hundreth ready harnessed vnto ye warre.
25 Of the children of Simeon noble men of armes for the battayll, seuen thousande and an hudreth.
26 Of the children of Leui foure thousande and sixe hundreth.
27 And Ioiada the prynce amonge them of Aaron with thre thousande and seuen hundreth.
28 Sadoc the yonge valeaunt man of armes with his fathers house, two and twentye rulers.
29 Of the children of BenIamin Sauls brother, thre thousande: for vnto that time helde many of the yet with the house of Saul.
30 Of ye children of Ephraim, twentie thousande and eighte hundreth valeaunt men of armes, and famous in the house of their fathers.
31 Of the halfe trybe of Manasses, eightene thousande, named by name, to come and make Dauid kynge.
32 Of the children of Isachar (which were men of vnderstondynge, whan nede requyred to knowe what Israel shulde do) two hundreth captaynes, and all their brethren folowed their worde.
33 Of Sabulon, soch as wente forth in the hoost to ye warre, ready with all maner of weapens for the battayll, fyftye thousande, beynge of one mynde to kepe them selues in ordre.
34 Of Nephtali, a thousande captaynes, & with them soch as handled shylde and speare, seuen and thyrtie thousande.
35 Of Dan, ready harnessed to the battayll, eight and twentye thousande, and sixe hundreth.
36 Of Asser, soch as wente forth in ye hoost, ready harnessed to the battayll, fortye thousande
37 From beyonde Iordane, of the Rubenites, Gaddites and the halfe trybe of Manasses, with all maner of weapens to the battayll, an hudreth and twentye thousande.
38 All these men of warre, ready harnessed to the battayll, came with a whole hert vnto Hebron , to make Dauid kynge ouer all Israel  And all Israel besyde were of one hert, that Dauid shulde be made kynge.
39 A
nd there were they with Dauid thre dayes, eatynge and drynkynge: for their brethren had prepared for them.
40 And soch neghbours as were aboute them vntyll Isachar, Zabulon and Nephtali, brought bred vpon Asses, Camels, Mules and oxen to eate: meel, fyges, rasens, wyne, oyle, oxen, shepe, very many: for there was ioye in Israel .

Chapter 13

1 And Dauid helde a councell with the captaynes ouer thousandes and ouer hundreds, and with all the prynces,
2 and sayde vnto all the congregacion of Israel: Yf it lyke you, and yf it be of the LORDE oure God, let vs sende forth on euery syde to oure other brethren in all the countrees of Israel, and to the prestes and Leuites in the cities where they haue suburbes, yt they maye be gathered together vnto vs,
3 and let vs fetch the Arke of oure God agayne vnto vs: for by Sauls tyme we axed after it.
4 The sayde the whole cogregacion, that the same shulde be done, for it pleased all the people well.
5 So Dauid gathered all Israel together from Sihor of Egipte, tyll a man come vnto Hemath, to fetch the Arke of God from Kiriath Iearim.
6 And Dauid wente vp wt all Israel to Kiriath Iearim, which lieth in Iuda, to brynge from thence the Arke of God the LORDE, that sytteth vpo the Cherubins, where the name is named:
7 and they caused the Arke of God to be caried vpo a new cart from the house of Abinadab. Vsa and his brethren droue the cart.
8 As for Dauid and all Israel , they played with all their strength before God, with songes, with harpes, with psalteries, with tabrettes, with Cymbales and trompes.
9 But whan they came to the barne floore of Chidon, Vsa stretched out his hande to holde the Arke: for the oxen wente out asyde.
10 Then waxed the wrath of the LORDE fearce ouer Vsa, & smote him, because he stretched out his hade to the Arke, so yt he dyed there before God.
11 The was Dauid sory, because ye LORDE had made soch a rente vpo Vsa, and called the place Perez Vsa, vnto this daye.
12 And Dauid stode in feare of God the same daye, & sayde: How shal I brynge ye Arke of God vnto me?
13 Therfore wolde he not let ye Arke of God be broughte vnto him in to ye cite of Dauid, but caried it in to ye house of Obed Edom the Gathite.
14 So the Arke of God abode with Obed Edom in his house thre monethes. And ye LORDE blessed Obed Edoms house and all that he had.

Chapter 14

1 And Hiram ye kynge of Tyre sent messaungers vnto Dauid and Cedre tymber, and masons and carpenters, to buylde him an house.
2 And Dauid perceaued, that the LORDE had confirmed him kynge ouer Israel : for his kyngdome increased for his people of Israels sake.
3 And Dauid toke yet mo wyues at Ierusalem, & begat yet mo sonnes & doughters.
4 And the names of them yt were borne vnto him at Ierusalem, are these: Sammua, Sobab, Nathan, Salomon,
5 Iebehar, Elisua, Elipalet,
6 Noga, Nepheg, Iaphia,
7 Elisamma, Baal Iada, Eliphalet.
8 And whan the Philistynes herde that Dauid was anoynted kynge ouer all Israel , they wente vp all to seke Dauid. Whan Dauid herde that, he wente forth agaynst them.
9 And the Philistynes came, and scatered the selues beneth in ye valley of Rephaim .
10 And Dauid axed councell at God, & sayde: Shal I go vp agaynst the Philistynes? and wilt thou delyuer them in to my hande? The LORDE sayde vnto him: Go vp, and I wil delyuer them in to thy hande.
11 And whan they were gone vp to Baal Prasim, Dauid smote them there. And Dauid sayde: God hath deuyded myne enemies thorow my hande, euen as the water parteth asunder: therfore called they the place Baal Prasim.
12 And there lefte they their goddes. Then commaunded Dauid to burne them with fyre.
13 But the Philistynes gat them thither agayne, and scatered them selues beneth in ye valley.
14 And Dauid axed councell at God agayne. And God sayde vnto him: Thou shalt not go vp behynde them, but turne the from them, that thou mayest come vpon the ouer agaynst the Peertrees.
15 So whan thou hearest aboue vpon the Peertrees the noyse of the goynge, go thou forth then to the batayll: for God is gone forth then before the to smyte the hoost of the Philistynes.
16 And Dauid dyd as God commaunded him. And they smote the hoost of the Philistynes from Gibeon forth vnto Gaser.
17 And Dauids name was noysed out in all londes. And the LORDE caused ye feare of him to come vpo all the Heythen.

Chapter 15

1 And he buylded him houses in the cite of Dauid, & made ready a place for ye Arke of God, & pitched a Tabernacle for it.
2 At that tyme sayde Dauid: The Arke of God is not to be borne, but onely of ye Leuites: for them hath the LORDE chosen to beare the Arke of the LORDE, and to mynister vnto him for euer.
3 Therfore gathered Dauid all Israel together vnto Ierusalem, to brynge vp the Arke of the LORDE vnto the place which he had prepared for it.
4 And Dauid broughte the children of Aaron & the Leuites together.
5 Of the children of Kahath: Vriel the chefe wt his brethren, an C. and twentye.
6 Of the children of Merari: Asaia the chefe wt his brethre, two C. and twentye.
7 Of the childre of Gerson: Ioel the chefe wt his brethren, an C. and thirtie.
8 Of ye childre of Elizaphan: Semaia the chefe wt his brethren, two hundreth.
9 Of the childre of Hebron : Eliel the chefe, with his brethre, foure score.
10 Of the children of Vsiel: Amminadab the chefe, with his brethren, an hudreth and twolue.
11 And Dauid called Sadoc and Abiathar the prestes, and the Leuites, namely Vriel, Asaia, Ioeli, Semaia, Eliel, Aminadab,
12 and sayde vnto them: Ye are the heades of ye fathers amonge the Leuites: sanctifye yor selues therfore & youre brethre, yt ye maye brynge vp the Arke of the LORDE God of Israel, to the place yt I haue prepared for it.
13 For a fore whan ye were not there, the LORDE oure God made a rent amonge vs, because we soughte him not, as we shulde haue done.
14 So ye prestes & the Leuites halowed the selues, yt they mighte brynge vp the Arke of the LORDE God of Israel.
15 And the children of Leui bare the Arke of God the LORDE vpon their shulders with the staues theron, as Moses comaunded acordinge to ye worde of the LORDE.
16 And Dauid spake vnto ye rulers of ye Leuites, that they shulde ordeyne some of their brethren to be syngers with psalteries, harpes and loude instrumentes, and Cimbales, to synge loude with ioye.
17 Then the Leuites appoynted Heman ye sonne of Ioel: and of his brethren Assaph the sonne of Barachias: and of the children of Merari their brethren, Ethan the sonne of Cusaia:
18 and with them their brethren of the seconde course, namely Zacharias, Iaesiel, Semiramoth, Iehiel, Vnni, Eliab, Benaia, Maeseia, Mathithia, Elipheleia, Mikneia, Obed Edom, Ieiel, the dore kepers.
19 For Heman, Assaph and Ethan were syngers, with brasen belles makynge a loude noyse:
20 but Zacharias, Iaesiel, Semiramoth, Iehiel, Vnni, Eliab, Maeseia & Benaia with Phalteries to Alamoth:
21 Mathithia, Elipheleia, Mikneia, Obed Edom, Ieiel & Asasia with harpes to synge aboue them on hye.
22 Chenania the ruler of the Leuites was the master of Musick to teach them for to synge, for he was a man of vnderstondinge.
23 And Barachias and Elcana were the dorekepers of the Arke.
24 But Sachania, Iosaphat, Nathaneel, Amasai, Zacharias, Benaia, Elieser the prestes, blewe the trompettes before ye Arke of God. And Obed Edom and Iehia were dorekepers of the Arke.
25 So Dauid and the Elders of Israel, and the captaynes ouer thousandes wente vp to fetch the Arke of the couenaunt of the LORDE out of the house of Obed Edom wt ioye.
26 And whan God had helped the Leuites yt bare the Arke of the LORDES couenaunt, there were offred seuen bullockes & seuen rames,
27 And Dauid had a lynne garment vpo him, and so had all the Leuites yt bare the Arke, and ye syngers, and Chenania the master of Musick wt the syngers. Dauid had an ouerbody cote of lynnen vpon him also.
28 Thus all Israel brought vp the Arke of the couenaunt of the LORDE with myrth, with trompettes, tabrettes, & loude Cymbales, with psalteries and harpes.
29 Now whan the Arke of the couenaunt of the LORDE came in to the cite of Dauid, Michol ye doughter of Saul loked out at a wyndowe: & wha she sawe kynge Dauid daunsynge & playenge, she despysed him in hir hert.

Chapter 16

1 And wha they brought in the Arke of God, they set it in ye Tabernacle, that Dauid had pitched for it, and offred burntofferynges & thankofferynges before God.
2 And wha Dauid had ended the burntofferynges and thankofferynges, he blessed the people in the name of the LORDE,
3 & distributed vnto euery man in Israel (both vnto man and woman) a cake of bred, and a pece of flesh and a meece of potage.
4 And he appoynted before the Arke of ye LORDE certayne Leuites to mynister, that they shulde geue prayse, thankes and loauinges vnto the LORDE God of Israel:
5 namely Assaph the first, Zacharias the seconde, Ieiel, Semiramoth, Iehiel, Mathithia, Eliab, Benaia, Obed Edom and Iehiel, with psalteries and harpes. But Assaph with loude Cymbales.
6 Benaia and Iehasiel the prestes with tabrettes, allwaye before the Arke of ye couenaunt of God.
7 At the same tyme ordeyned Dauid first of all to geue thakes vnto the LORDE by Assaph and his brethren.
8 O geue thankes vnto the LORDE, call vpon his name, tell the people what thinges he hath done.
9 O let youre songes be of him: prayse him, and let youre talkynge be of all his wonderous workes.
10 Geue his holy name a good reporte: let ye hert of them reioyce, that seke the LORDE.
11 O seke the LORDE and his strength, seke his face euermore.
12 Remebre his maruelous workes that he hath done, his wonders, and the iudgmetes of his mouth.
13 Ye sede of Israel his seruaunt, ye children of Iacob his chosen.
14 He is the LORDE oure God, his iudgmetes are in all londes.
15 Be myndefull euer of his couenaut what he hath commaunded in to a thousande generacions.
16 Which he made with Abraham, & his ooth vnto Isaac.
17 And he comfirmed the same vnto Iacob for a perpetuall lawe, and to Israel for an euerlastinge couenaunt.
18 And sayde: Vnto the wyl I geue ye londe of Canaan , ye metelyne of yor inheritaunce.
19 Wha they were yet but small & fewe in nobre, and straungers in the same londe.
20 And they wente from one nacion to another, & from one realme to another people.
21 He suffred no man to hurte them, and reproued euen kynges for their sakes.
22 Touch not myne anoynted, & do my prophetes no harme.
23 O synge vnto ye LORDE, let all ye earth be tellynge of his saluacion from daye to daye.
24 Declare his holynes amoge the Heythe, & his wonderous workes amonge ye people.
25 For the LORDE is greate, and can not worthely be praysed, and more to he had in awe then all goddes.
26 As for all the goddes of the Heythe, they are but Idols: but it is the LORDE that made the heauens.
27 Thankesgeuynge and worshipe are before him, strength and ioye is in his place.
28 Ascrybe vnto the LORDE ye kynreds of nacions: ascrybe vnto the LORDE worshipe and strength.
29 Ascrybe vnto the LORDE the honoure of his name: brynge presentes, and come before him, and worshipe ye LORDE in ye bewtye of holynes.
30 Let the whole earth stode in awe of him: he hath made the compase of the worlde so fast, that it can not be moued.
31 Let the heauens reioyse, and let the earth be glad: and let it be tolde amonge the Heythen, that the LORDE reigneth.
32 Let the See make a noyse, and the fulnesse therof: let the felde be ioyfull, and all that therin is.
33 Let all the trees in the wod leape for ioye before the LORDE, for he commeth to iudge the earth.
34 O geue thankes vnto the LORDE, for he is gracious: and his mercy endureth for euer.
35 And saye: Helpe vs O God oure Sauioure, and gather vs together, and delyuer vs from the Heythen, that we maye geue thankes vnto yi holy name, and synge prayses vnto the in thy Psalmes.
36 Praysed be the LORDE God of Israel from euerlastinge to euerlastinge: and let all people saye, Amen, And: Prayse be vnto the LORDE.
37 So he lefte Assaph and his brethren there before the Arke of the couenaunt of the LORDE, to mynister allwaye before the Arke, euery daye his daye worke.
38 But Obed Edom and their brethren, eight and thre score, and Obed Edom the sonne of Iedithun, and Hossa, to be dore kepers.
39 And Sadoc ye prest, & his brethre the prestes, lefte he before the habitacion of the LORDE vpon the hye place at Gibeo,
40 to offre burntsacrifices daylie vnto the LORDE vpon the altare of burntofferynges in the mornynge & in the euenynge, as it is wrytten in the lawe of the LORDE, which he comaunded vnto Israel.
41 And with them Heman & Iedithun, and ye other chosen, which were named by name to geue thankes vnto the LORDE, because his mercy endureth for euer.
42 And with them Heman & Iedithun to stryke vpon the tabrettes and Cymbales, and the musicall instrumentes of God. As for the childre of Iedithun, he made them dorekepers.
43 So all the people departed, euery one to his house: and Dauid returned also to blesse his house.

Chapter 17

1 It fortuned wha Dauid dwelt in his house, he sayde vnto ye prophet Nathan: Beholde, I dwell in a house of Ceder, and the Arke of the couenaunt of the LORDE is amonge the curtaynes.
2 Nathan saide vnto Dauid: What so euer is in thine hert, that do: for God is with ye.
3 But the same night came ye worde of God vnto Nathan, and sayde:
4 Go and speake to Dauid my seruaunt: Thus sayeth the LORDE: Thou shalt not buylde me an house to be an habitacio:
5 for I haue dwelt in no house sence the daye that I broughte forth the children of Israel, vnto this daye: But where the Tabernacle and habitacion hath bene, there haue I bene where so euer
6 I haue walked in all Israel. Spake I euer to eny of the Iudges in Israel (whom I commaunded to kepe my people) and sayde: Wherfore do ye not buylde me an house of Cedre tymber?
7 So shalt thou speake now vnto my seruaunt Dauid: Thus sayeth the LORDE Zebaoth: I toke the from the pasture behynde the shepe, that thou shuldest be the prynce ouer my people,
8 and haue bene with the whither so euer thou wetest, and haue roted out all thine enemies before the, and haue made the a name, acordinge to the name of the greate men that are vpo earth.
9 And for my people of Israel , I wyll appoynte them a place, and wyl plante them, that they maye dwell there, and nomore to be remoued. And the childre of wickednes shal oppresse them nomore,
10 like as afore tyme, whan I comaunded the Iudges ouer my people of Israel . And I wyl subdue all thine enemies, and do declare vnto the, that the LORDE wyl buylde the an house.
11 But whan thy dayes are fulfilled, that thou departest hence with yi fathers, I wyl after the rayse vp yi sede, which shall be eue one of thy sonnes: his kyngdome wyl I stablisshe,
12 he shal buylde me an house, & I wyl make his seate sure for euer.
13 I wyl be his father, and he shal be my sonne. And I wyl not withdrawe my mercy from him, as I haue withdrawen it fro him that was before the:
14 But I wyll set him in my house and in my kyngdome for euer, so that his seate shalbe sure for euermore.
15 And wha Nathan had spoken vnto Dauid acordinge to all these wordes & all this vision,
16 kynge Dauid came and sat him downe before the LORDE, and sayde: O LORDE God, who am I? and what is my house, yt thou hast broughte me thus farre?
17 And this (O God) hast thou thoughte yet to litle, but hast spoken of thy seruauntes house yet longe for to come. And thou LORDE God hast loked downe vpon me from aboue, euen as one man loketh vpon another.
18 What more shal Dauid saye vnto the, yt thou bryngest yi seruaunt to soch honoure? Thou knowest thy seruaunt
19 O LORDE, for thy seruauntes sake and acordinge to thy hert hast thou done all these greate thinges, that thou mightest shewe all greate thinges vnto thy seruaunt.
20 LORDE, there is none lykel the, and there is no God but thou, of whom we haue herde with oure eares.
21 And where is there a people vpon earth as thy people of Israel , where God wente to delyuer him a people, and to make him selfe a name thorow greate & terrible thinges, to cast out the Heythen before thy people, whom thou hast delyuered out of Egipte?
22 and ye people of Israel hast thou made yi people for euer, and thou LORDE art become their God.
23 Now LORDE, let the worde be verified for euer, that thou hast spoken ouer thy seruaunt and ouer his house, & do as thou hast spoken:
24 and let thy name endure and be magnified for euer, that it maye sayde: The LORDE Zebaoth, the God of Israel is the God in Israel, and that the house of thy seruaunt Dauid maye be stablysshed before the:
25 for thou LORDE hast opened the eare of yi seruaunt, that thou wilt buylde him an house. Therfore hath thy seruaunt founde (confydence) to make his prayer before the.
26 Now LORDE, thou art God, and hast promysed soch good vnto thy seruaunt.
27 Begynne now to blesse the house of thy seruaunt, that it maye be euermore before the: for loke what thou blessest (O LORDE) the same is blessed for euer.

Chapter 18

1 After this smote Dauid the Philistynes, and subdued them, and toke Gath & the vyllages therof out of the hande of the Philistynes.
2 He smote the Moabites likewyse, so that the Moabites were subdued vnto Dauid, and gaue him trybute.
3 He smote Hadad Eser also ye kynge of Zoba in Hemath, whan he wente to set vp his power by the water Euphrates .
4 And Dauid toke from him a thousande charettes, seuen thousande horsmen, and twetye thousande fote men. And Dauid lamed all the charettes, and kepte an hundreth charettes ouer.
5 And the Syrias came from Damascon, to helpe Hadad Eser the kynge of Zoba. Howbeit Dauid smote two & twentie thousande of the same Syrians,
6 and layed men of warre at Damascon in Syria , so that the Syrians were subdued vnto Dauid, and broughte him trybute. For the LORDE helped Dauid, whither so euer he wente.
7 And Dauid toke the shyldes of golde, yt Hadad Esers seruautes had, & broughte the to Ierusale.
8 And out of Tibehath & Chun the cities of Hadad Eser, toke Dauid very moch brasse, wherof Salomon made the brasen lauer, and pilers, and brasen vessels.
9 And wha Thogu the kynge of Hemath herde, yt Dauid had smytten all ye power of Hadad Eser,
10 he sent his sonne Hadora vnto kynge Dauid, to salute him & to blesse him, because he had foughte wt Hadad Eser, & smytte hi (for Thogu had warre wt Hadad Eser) and all the same vessels of golde, syluer and of brasse,
11 dyd kynge Dauid consecrate vnto the LORDE, with the syluer and golde that he had taken from the Heythe, namely, from the Edomites, Moabites, Ammonites, Philistynes, and Amalechites.
12 And Abisai the sonne of Zeru Ia smote eightene thousande of the Edomites in the Salt valley,
13 and layed me of warre in Edomea, so that all the Edomites were subdued vnto Dauid: for ye LORDE helped Dauid, whither so euer he wente.
14 Thus Dauid reigned ouer all Israel , and executed iudgment and righteousnes vnto all the people.
15 Ioab the sonne of Zeru Ia was captayne ouer the hoost. Iosaphat the sonne of Ahilud was Chaunceler.
16 Sadoc the sonne of Achitob, and Ahimelech ye sonne of Abiathar, were prestes. Sauesa was Scrybe.
17 Benaia the sonne of Ioiada was ouer the Chrethians & Plethians. And Dauids sonnes were chefe at ye kynges hande.

Chapter 19

1 And after this dyed Nahas ye kynge of the childre of Ammon, and his sonne was kynge in his steade.
2 Then sayde Dauid: I wil do mercy vpon Hanun the sonne of Nahas, for his father dyd mercy vpon me: and so he sent messaungers to comforte him ouer his father. And wha Dauids seruauntes came in to the londe of the children of Ammon vnto Hanun to comforte him,
3 the prynces of the children of Ammon sayde vnto Hanun: Thinkest thou that Dauid honoureth thy father in thy sighte, that he hath sent coforters vnto the? Yee his seruauntes are come vnto the, to search and to ouerthrowe, and to spye out the londe.
4 Then toke Hanun the seruauntes of Dauid, and shoue them, & cut the halfe of their garmentes of, eue by the loynes, & so let the go.
5 And they wente their waye, & sent men to tell Dauid. Neuertheles he sent to mete them (for ye men were put to greate shame) and the kynge sayde: Abyde at Iericho, tyll youre beerdes be growne, and then come agayne.
6 Whan the childre of Ammon sawe, that they stynked in ye sighte of Dauid, both Hanun and the children of Ammon sent a thousande taletes of syluer, to hyre charettes and horsmen out of Mesopotamia, out of Maecha and out of Zoba:
7 and hyred two and thirtie thousande charettes, & ye kynge of Maecha with his people, which came & pitched their tentes before Medba. And the children of Ammon gathered them selues together out of their cities, and came to the battayll.
8 Whan Dauid herde that, he sent Ioab thither with all the hoost of the men of armes.
9 And the childre of Ammon were gone forth, and prepared them selues to the battayll before the gate of the cite. But the kynges yt were come, kepte them asyde in the felde.
10 Now wha Ioab sawe that the battayll was agaynst him both before and behynde, he chose of all the best yonge men in Israel , and prepared him selfe agaynst ye Syrians.
11 As for ye residue of the people, he put them vnder the hande of Abisai his brother, that they shulde prepare them selues agaynst the children of Ammon,
12 and he sayde: Yf ye Syrias be to mightie for me, helpe thou me: but yf the childre of Ammon be to stroge for ye, I shall helpe the:
13 take a good corage vnto the, and let vs quyte oure selues manly for oure people and for the cities of oure God: neuertheles the LORDE do what pleaseth him.
14 And Ioab made him forth with ye people that was with him, to fighte agaynst ye Syrians: & they fled before him.
15 And whan the children of Ammon sawe yt the Syrians fled, they fled also before Abisai his brother, and wente in to the cite. And Ioab came to Ierusalem.
16 But whan the Syrians sawe that they were smytte before Israel , they sent messaungers, and broughte forth ye Syrians which were beyonde the water. And Sophach the chefe captayne of Hadad Eser wente before them.
17 Wha this was tolde Dauid, he gathered all Israel together, and wente ouer Iordane. And whan he came at them, he set ye battayll in araye agaynst them. And Dauid prepared him selfe to ye battayll agaynst ye Syrians, & they foughte with him:
18 but ye Syrias fled before Israel . And Dauid slewe of the Syrians seuen thousande charettes, & fortye thousande fote men. And Sophach the chefe captayne slewe he also.
19 And whan Hadad Esers seruauntes sawe that they were smytte before Israel , they made peace wt Dauid & his seruauntes. And the Syrians wolde helpe the childre of Ammon nomore.

Chapter 20

1 And whan ye yeare came aboute, what tyme as ye kynges vse to go forth, Ioab broughte the power of the hoost, & destroyed the londe of the children of Ammon, and came and layed sege vnto Rabba. But Dauid abode at Ierusalem. And Ioab smote Rabba, and brake it downe.
2 And Dauid toke their kynges crowne from his heade, and founde the weighte of a talent of golde theron, & precious stones. And it was set vpo Dauids heade. And very moch spoyle caried he out of the cite.
3 As for the people that were therin, he broughte the forth, & parted them in sunder wt sawes, & hokes & betels of yron. Thus dyd Dauid vnto all ye cities of the childre of Ammon. And Dauid departed againe, with the people vnto Ierusalem.
4 Afterwarde arose there warre at Gasar with the Philistynes. Then Sibechai ye Husathite smote Sibai, which was one of the children of Rephaim, and he subdued him.
5 And there arose warre agayne wt the Philistynes. The Elhamah ye sonne of Iair smote Lahemi ye brother of Goliath ye Gathite, whose speares staff was life a weeuers lome .
6 Afterwarde was there a battayll at Gath , where there was a man of a greate stature, yt had sixe fyngers and sixe toes, which make foure and twentye. And he was borne also of Rapha, and spake despytefully vnto Israel .
7 But Ionathas the sonne of Simea Dauids brother smote him.
8 These were the childre of Rapha at Gath , & fell thorow ye hande of Dauid, and of his seruauntes.

Chapter 21

1 And Sathan stode agaynst Israel , & entysed Dauid to nombre Israel .
2 And Dauid sayde vnto Ioab & to ye rulers of the people: Go yor waye, nombre Israel from Berseba vnto Dan, and brynge me the nombre of the, that I maye knowe it.
3 Ioab sayde: The LORDE make his people an hundreth tymes mo then they are now. But my lorde O kynge, are they not all my lordes seruauntes? Why doth my lorde then axe therafter? Wherfore shal there a trespace come vpon Israel ?
4 Neuertheles the kynges worde preuayled agaynst Ioab. And Ioab wente forth, and walked thorow all Israel , and came to Ierusalem,
5 and delyuered vnto Dauid ye nombre of the people that was tolde. And of all Israel there were a thousande tymes a thousande, and an hundreth thousande men, that drue out the swerde: and of Iuda foure hundreth thousande and seuetye thousande men, which drue out the swerde.
6 As for Leui and Ben Iamin, he nombred them not amonge these: for the kynges worde was abhominable vnto Ioab.
7 But this displeased God righte sore: for he smote Israel .
8 And Dauid sayde vnto God: I haue synned greuously, that I haue done this. But now take awaye the trespace of thy seruaunt: for I haue done very vnwysely.
9 And the LORDE spake vnto Gad Dauids Seer, & sayde:
10 Go speake to Dauid, & saye: Thus saieth the LORDE: Thre thinges laye I before the, chose ye one of them, yt I maye do it vnto the.
11 And wha Gad came to Dauid, he spake vnto him: Thus sayeth the LORDE: Chose ye
12 ether thre yeare derth, or thre monethes to flye before thine aduersaries, & before the swerde of thine enemies, yt it maye ouertake the: or thre dayes ye swerde of the LORDE, & pestilece in the londe, yt the angell of the LORDE maye destroye in all ye coastes of Israel. Loke now what answere I shal geue vnto him yt sent me.
13 Dauid sayde vnto Gad: I am in greate trouble: yet wyl I rather fall in to ye hande of the LORDE, for his mercy is exceadynge greate, & I wil not fall in to the handes of men.
14 Then dyd the LORDE cause pestilence to come into Israel , so that there fell of Israel thre score & ten thousande me.
15 And God sent the angell to Ierusale for to destroye it. And euen in the destruccion the LORDE considered, and he repeted of the euell, and sayde vnto the angell ye destroyer: It is ynough, holde now thy hande. The angell of the LORDE stode besyde ye barne of Arnan ye Iebusite.
16 And Dauid lifte vp his eyes, and sawe the angell of ye LORDE stondinge betwene heaue and earth, and a naked swerde in his hande stretched out ouer Ierusalem. Then Dauid and ye Elders beynge clothed with sack cloth, fell vpo their faces.
17 And Dauid sayde vnto God: Am not I he that caused the people to be nombred? I am he that hath synned and done euell: as for these shepe, what haue they done? LORDE my God, let thine hande be agaynst me and agaynst my fathers house, and not agaynst thy people to plage them.
18 And the angell sayde vnto Gad, that he shulde speake vnto Dauid, that Dauid shulde shulde go vp, & set vp an altare in the barne of Arnan the Iebusite.
19 So Dauid wente vp acordinge to ye worde of Gad, which he spake in the name of the LORDE.
20 But wha Arnan turned him, and sawe the angell (and his foure sonnes with him) they hyd the selues: for Arnan throsshed wheate.
21 Now whan Dauid came to Arnan, Arnan loked, and was aware of Dauid, and wete forth out of the barne, and worshipped Dauid with his face to the grounde.
22 And Dauid sayde vnto Arnan: Geue me rowme in the barne, to buylde an altare vnto the LORDE therin: for ye full money shalt thou geue it me, that the plage maye ceasse from the people.
23 But Arnan sayde vnto Dauid: Take it vnto the, and let my lorde the kynge do as pleaseth him. Beholde, that oxe geue I for a burntofferynge, and those vessels to the oxe, and wheate for the meatofferynge, I geue it all.
24 Neuertheles the kynge sayde vnto Arnan: Not so, but for ye full money wyl I bye it: for that which is thine wyl not I take for the LORDE, and offre a burntofferynge for naughte.
25 So Dauid gaue Arnan for ye rowme, sixe hundreth Sycles of golde in weight.
26 And there buylded Dauid an altare vnto ye LORDE, & offred burntofferynges & slaynofferynges. And whan he called vpo the LORDE, he herde him thorow the fyre from heaue vpon ye altare of the burntofferynge.
27 And ye LORDE sayde vnto the angell, that he shulde put his swerde in to his sheeth.
28 At the same tyme wha Dauid sawe, that the LORDE had herde him vpon the corne floore of Arnan ye Iebusite, he dyd sacrifice there.
29 For ye habitacion of ye LORDE which Moses had made in the wyldernes, and the altare of burntofferynges, was at that tyme in the hye place at Gibeon .
30 But Dauid coulde not go thither to seke God before it, for he feared the swerde of the LORDES angell.

Chapter 22

1 And Dauid sayde: Here shal be ye house of God ye LORDE, and this the altare of burntofferynges for Israel .
2 And Dauid comaunded to gather together the straungers that were in ye londe of Israel , and appoynted masons to hewe stone for the buyldinge of the house of God.
3 And Dauid prepared moch yron for nales in the dores of the portes, and for soch thinges as were to be naled together, and so moch brasse, that is was not to be weyed:
4 and Cedre trees innumerable: for they of Zidon & Tyre brought Dauid moch Cedre tymbre:
5 for Dauid thoughte, Salomo my sonne is but a childe and tender: But the house that shal be buylded vnto the LORDE, shal be greate, that his name & prayse maye be exalted in all londes, therfore wyl I prouyde for him. So Dauid made greate prouysion before his death.
6 And he called Salomon his sonne, & commaunded him to buylde the house of LORDE God of Israel,
7 and sayde vnto him: My sonne, I was minded to buylde an house vnto the name of the LORDE my God,
8 but the worde of ye LORDE came vnto me, and sayde: Thou hast shed moch bloude, and strycken many battayls, therfore shalt thou not buylde an house vnto my name, for as moch as thou hast shed so moch bloude vpon the earth before me.
9 Beholde, the sonne which shal be borne vnto the, shal be a quyete man: and I wyl cause him to be in rest from al his enemies on euery syde, for his name shalbe Salomon: for I wyll geue peace and rest vpon Israel as longe as he lyueth.
10 He shal buylde an house vnto my name. He shal be my sonne, and I wyll be his father. And I wyl stablyshe ye seate of his kyngdome vpo Israel for euer.
11 Now my sonne, the LORDE shal be wyth the, and thou shalt prospere, that thou mayest buylde an house vnto the LORDE thy God, acordynge as he hath spoken of the.
12 The LORDE also shal geue the wysdome & vnderstondynge, and shal commytte Israel vnto the, that thou mayest kepe the lawe of the LORDE thy God.
13 But then shal thou prospere, yf thou take hede to do after the ordynaunces and lawes which the LORDE commaunded Moses vnto Israel . Be stronge, and take a good corage vnto the, feare not, and be not faynt harted.
14 Beholde, I haue in my pouerte prouyded for the house of the LORDE, an hundreth thousande talentes of golde, and a thousande tymes a thousande talentes of syluer, and brasse and yron without nombre: for there is so moch of it. And tymbre and stone haue I prepared, thou mayest get more therof.
15 Thou hast many workmen also, mesons and carpenters in stone and tymber, and all maner of men that haue vnderstondinge in all worke
16 off golde, syluer, brasse, and yron without nombre. Yet get the vp, and be doynge, and the LORDE shal be with the.
17 And Dauid commaunded all the rulers of Israel , to helpe Salomon his sonne, and sayde:
18 Is not the LORDE youre God with you, and hath geuen you rest on euery syde? for he hath delyuered the inhabiters of the londe in to youre handes, and the londe is subdued before the LORDE and before his people.
19 Geue ouer youre hert now therfore and youre soule, to seke the LORDE youre God, and get you vp, and buylde a Sanctuary vnto the LORDE God, that the Arke of the couenaunt of the LORDE and the holy vessels of God, maye be brought in to the house, which shalbe buylded vnto the name of the LORDE.

Chapter 23

1 So Dauid made Salomon his sonne kynge ouer Israel , whan he himselfe was olde, and had lyued ynough.
2 And Dauid gathered all the rulers in Israel together, and the prestes & Leuites,
3 to nombre ye Leuites from thirtie yeare olde & aboue. And ye nombre of the (which were stroge men) fro heade to heade, was eight and thirtie thousande:
4 of whom there were foure & twentie thousande, which dyd their diligence in the worke ouer ye house of the LORDE, and sixe thousande officers and Iudges,
5 and foure thousande porters, & foure thousande that songe prayses vnto ye LORDE with instrumentes, which he had made to synge prayse with all.
6 And Dauid made the ordinaunce amonge the children of Leui, namely amoge Gerson, Kahath & Merari.
7 The Gersonites were: Laedan and Simei.
8 The children of Laedan: the first, Iehiel, Sethan, and Ioel, these thre.
9 The children of Simei were: Salomith, Hasiel and Haran , these thre. These were the chefe amonge the fathers of Laedan.
10 These also were the children of Simei: Iahath, Sina, Ieus and Bria, these foure were Simeis children also.
11 Iahath was the first, Sina the seconde. As for Ieus and Bria, they had not many childre, therfore were they couted but for one fathers house.
12 The childre of Kahath were: Amram, Iezehar, Hebron and Vsiel, these foure.
13 The childre of Amram were: Aaron and Moses. As for Aaron, he was separated, to be sanctified for the Most holy, he & his sonnes for euer, to burne incense before the LORDE, & to mynister and blesse in ye name of the LORDE for euermore.
14 And the children of Moses the man of God were named amonge ye trybe of the Leuites.
15 The childre of Moses were Gerson and Elieser.
16 The children of Gerson, the fyrst was Sebuel.
17 The children of Elieser, the fyrst was Rehabia & Elieser had none other children. But ye childre of Rehabia were many ther ouer.
18 The children of Iezehar were: Salomith the fyrst.
19 The children of Hebron were: Ieria the fyrst, Amaria the seconde, Iahasiel the thirde and Iakmeam ye fourth.
20 The children of Vsiel were: Micha the fyrst and Iesia the seconde.
21 The children of Merari were: Maheli & Musi. The children of Maheli were: Eleasar and Cis.
22 And Eleasar dyed, and had no sonnes but doughters. And the children of Cis their brethren toke them.
23 The children of Musi were: Maheli, Eder and Ieremoth, these thre.
24 These are the children of Leui amonge their fathers houses, and the chefest of the fathers, which were counted after the nombre of ye names heade by heade: which executed the worke of the offices in the house of the LORDE from thirtie yeare olde & aboue.
25 For Dauid sayde: The LORDE God of Israel hath geuen his people rest, & shall dwell at Ierusalem for euer.
26 Amonge ye Leuites also were the childre of Leui nombred from thirtie yeare olde and aboue, that they neded not to beare ye Habitacion with all the vessels of their office,
27 but acordinge to ye last wordes of Dauid,
28 yt they shulde stonde vnder the hande of the children of Aaron, to mynister in the house of the LORDE in the courte, and to the chestes, and for purifyenge, and to all maner of sanctifyenge, and to euery worke of the office in the house of God.
29 And for ye shewbred, for the fyne floure, for the meatoffrynge, for the vnleuended wafers, for the pannes, for ye fryenge, and for all maner of weight and measure.
30 And in the mornynge to stonde for to geue thankes and to prayse the LORDE, and in the euenynge likewyse.
31 And vpon all Sabbathes, Newmones and feastes to offre all the burntofferynges vnto the LOROE, acordinge to the nombre and ordre, allwaye before the LORDE:
32 to wayte vpon the Tabernacle of witnesse and of the Sactuary, and vpon their brethre the children of Aaron, to mynister in the house of the LORDE.

Chapter 24

1 This was ye ordinaunce of the childre of Aaron. The children of Aaron were, Nadab, Abihu, Eleasar and Ithamar.
2 But Nadab and Abihu dyed before their fathers, and had no children. And Eleasar and Ithamar were prestes.
3 And Dauid ordred them after his maner: Sadoc out of the children of Eleasar, and Ahimelech out of the children of Ithamar, acordinge to their nombre and office.
4 And there were mo chefe stronge men founde amonge the children of Eleasar, then the children of Ithamar. And he ordeyned them after this maner: namely, sixtene out of ye childre of Eleasar to be rulers thorow out their fathers house: & eight of the children of Ithamar thorow out their fathers house.
5 Neuertheles he ordeyned them by lot, because that both the pryncipall of the children of Eleasar and of Ithamar were in ye Sanctuary, and chefe before God.
6 And the Scrybe Semeia the sonne of Nethaneel one of the Leuites, wrote them vp before ye kynge and before the rulers, and before Sadoc the prest, & before Ahimelech the sonne of Abiathar, & before the chefe of the fathers amonge the prestes & Leuites: namely one fathers house for Eleasar, and the other for Ithamar.
7 And the first lot fell vpon Ioiarib, the seconde vpon Iedana,
8 the thirde vpo Harim, the fourth vpon Seorim,
9 the fifth vpo Malchia, the sixte vpon Meiamin,
10 the seuenth vpon Hakoz, the eight vpon Abia,
11 the nyenth vpon Iesua, the tenth vpon Sechania,
12 the eleuenth vpon Eliasib, the twolueth vpon Iakim,
13 the thirtenth vpon Hupa, the fourtenth vpon Iesebeab,
14 the fiftenth vpon Bilga, the sixtenth vpon Immer,
15 the seuententh vpon Hesir, the eightenth vpon Hapizez,
16 the nyententh vpon Pethahia, the twentieth vpon Ieheskel,
17 the one and twentieth vpon Iachin, the two & twentieth vpon Samul,
18 the thre & twentieth vpo Dalaia, ye foure and twentieth vpo Maasia.
19 This is their course after their office, to go in to the house of the LORDE, acordinge to their maner vnder their father Aaron, as the LORDE God of Israel commaunded him.
20 Of the children of Leui amonge the children of Amram, was Subael. Amonge the children of Subael, was Iohdea.
21 Amonge the children of Rehabia, was ye first Iesia.
22 Amonge the Iezeharites was Selomoth. Amonge the children of Selomoth was Iahath.
23 The children of Hebron were: Ieria ye first, Amaria the seconde, Iehasiel the thirde, Iakneam the fourth.
24 The children of Vsiel were: Micha. Amoge the children of Micha was Samir.
25 The brother of Micha was Iesia. Amonge the children of Iesia was Zacharias.
26 The children of Merari were: Maheli & Musi, whose sonne was Iaesia.
27 The childre of Merari of his sonne Iaesia were: Soham, Sacur & Ibri.
28 Maheli had Eleasar: for he had no sonnes.
29 Of Cis, the children of Cis were: Ierahmeel and Musi.
30 The children of Musi were, Maheli, Eder and Ieremoth. These are the childre of ye Leuites thorow out ye house of their fathers.
31 And the lot was cast for them also besyde their brethren the children of Aaron, in the presence of kynge Dauid and Sadoc and Ahimelech, and before the chefe fathers amonge the prestes & Leuites, as well for the leest brother as for the chefest amonge the fathers.

Chapter 25

1 And Dauid with the chefe captaynes sundered to the offices amonge ye childre of Assaph, Heman & Iedithun ye prophetes with harpes, psalteries & Cymbales, and they were nombred vnto the worke acordynge to their offyce.
2 Amonge the childre of Assaph was Sakur, Ioseph, Nethania, Asarela, childre of Assaph vnder Assaph which prophecyed besyde ye kynge.
3 Of Iedithun: The children of Iedithun were, Gedalia, Zori, Iesaia, Hasabia, Mathithia (Simei) these sixe vnder their father Iedithun wt harpes, whose prophecienge was to geue thankes and to praise the LORDE.
4 Of Heman: The children of Heman were Bukia, Mathania, Vsiel, Sebuel, Ierimoth, Hanania, Hanani, Eliatha, Gilthi, Romamthieser, Iasbaksa, Mallochi, Hothir and Mehesioth.
5 All these were the children of Hema the kynges Seer in the wordes of God to lyfte vp the horne: for God gaue Heman fourtene sonnes & thre daughters.
6 All these were vnder their fathers Assaph Iedithun and Heman, to synge in the house of the LORDE with Cymbales, Psalteries & harpes, acordynge to the office in the house of God besyde the kynge.
7 And their nombre with their brethren, which were taughte in the songe of the LORDE (euery one hauynge vnderstondinge) was two hundreth & eight and foure score.
8 And they cast the lottes ouer their offyce, for the leest as for the greatest, for the master as for the scolar.
9 And the first Lot fell vpo Ioseph which was of Assaph: the seconde vpo Gedolia wt his brethre and sonnes, of whom there were twolue.
10 The thirde vpo Sacur with his sonnes & brethre, of who there were twolue.
11 The fourth vpon Iezri with his sonnes and brethren, of whom there were twolue.
12 The fyfth vpo Nethania with his sonnes and brethre, of whom there were twolue.
13 The syxte vpon Bukia with his sonnes and brethren, of whom there were twolue.
14 The seuenth vpon Iesreela with his sonnes and brethre, of whom there were twolue.
15 The eighte vpon Iesaia with his sonnes and brethren, of whom there were twolue.
16 The nyenth vpon Mathania with his sonnes and brethre, of whom there were twolue.
17 The tenth vpon Simei with his sonnes and brethren, of whom there were twolue.
18 The eleuenth vpon Asraeel with his sonnes and brethren, of whom there were twolue.
19 The twolueth vpon Hasabia with his sonnes and brethre, of whom there were twolue.
20 The thirtenth vpon Subael with his sonnes and brethren, of whom there were twolue.
21 The fourtenth vpon Mathithia with his sonnes & brethre, of whom there were twolue.
22 The fyftenth vpo Ieremoth with his sonnes and brethre, of whom there were twolue.
23 The syxtenth vpon Anania with his sonnes and brethren of whom there were twolue.
24 The seuenteth vpon Iasbekasa with his sonnes & brethren of whom there were twolue.
25 The eightenth vpon Hanani with his sonnes and brethre, of whom there were twolue.
26 The nyententh vpon Mallothi with his sonnes & brethren, of whom there were twolue.
27 The twentieth vpon Eliatha with his sonnes and brethre of whom there were twolue.
28 The one & twetieth vpon Hothir with his sonnes & brethre of whom there were twolue.
29 The two and twentieth vpon Gidalthi with his sonnes & brethren, of whom there were twolue.
30 The thre and twentieth vpon Mehesioth with his sonnes and brethren of whom there were twolue.
31 The foure and twetyeth vpon Romamthieser with his sonnes and brethren, of whom there were twolue.

Chapter 26

1 Of the ordinauces of the dorekepers Amonge the Korahytes was Meselemia of the children of Assaph.
2 The children of Meselemia were these: the fyrstborne Zacharias, the seconde Iediael, ye thirde Sebadia, the fourth Iathniel,
3 ye fifth Elam , the sixte Iohanan, the seuenth Elioenai.
4 The children of ObedEdom were these: the firstborne Semaia, the seconde Iosabad the thirde Ioah, the fourth Sachur, ye fyfth Nethaneel,
5 the sixte Ammiel, the seuenth Isachar, the eight Pegulthai: for God had blessed him.
6 And vnto Semaia his sonne there were sonnes borne also, which bare rule in the house of their fathers: for they were mightie valeaunt men.
7 The children of Semaia were, Athni, Rephael, Obed and Elsabad, whose brethren were valeaunt men, Elihu and Semachia:
8 all these were of the children of ObedEdom.
9 Meselemia had children and brethren which were stronge men, euen eightene.
10 Hossa of the children of Merari had children, Simri the chefest: for ye fyrstborne was not there, therfore dyd his father appoynte him to be chefest,
11 the secode Helchias, ye thirde Tebalia, ye fourth Zacharias. All the children and brethren of Hossa were thirtene.
12 This is the ordinaunce of the dorekepers amonge the heades of the valeaunt men in the offyce besyde their brethren, to mynister in the house of the LORDE.
13 And the lot was cast for the small as for ye greate thorow out the house of their fathers at euery dore.
14 The lot towarde the East fell vpon Meselemia. And the lot was cast for Zacharias his sonne, which was a man of prudent councell, & vnto him it fell towarde the North:
15 But vnto ObedEdom towarde the South, and to his sonnes besyde the house of Esupim.
16 And vnto Supim and Hossa towarde the West by the gate of Salechet in the strete of the burntofferinges, where the tabernacles stonde together.
17 Towarde the East were there sixe of the Leuites. Towarde the north foure on ye daie tyme. Towarde the south foure on the daye season likewyse. Besyde Esupim two & two.
18 By Parbar westwarde were there foure in in the strete, and two besyde Parbar.
19 These are the ordinaunces of the dorekepers amonge the children of the Korahites, and the children of Merari.
20 Of the Leuites, was Ahia ouer the treasures of the house of God, and ouer the treasures that were sanctifyed.
21 Of the children of Laedan, the childre of the Gersonites. Of Laedan were these the heades of the fathers, namely ye Iehielites.
22 The children of the Iehielites were, Setha and his brother Ioel ouer the treasures of the house of the LORDE.
23 Amonge the Amramites, Iezeharites, Hebronites and Vsielites,
24 was Sebuel the sonne of Gerson the sonne of Moses, prynce ouer the treasures.
25 His brother Elieser had a sonne Rehabia, whose sonne was Iesaia, whose sonne was Iora, whose sonne was Sichri, whose sonne was Selomith:
26 the same Selomith and his brethren were ouer all the treasures of the thinges that were halowed, which kinge Dauid halowed, and the pryncipall of the fathers amonge the rulers ouer thousandes & ouer hundreds, and rulers in the hoost
27 (of warres and spoyles had they halowed it, to repayre the house of the LORDE)
28 and ouer all yt Samuel the Seer, and Saul the sonne of Cis, & Abner the sonne of Ner, and Ioab the sonne of ZeruIa had halowed: whatsoeuer was sanctifyed, it was vnder the hande of Selomith and his brethren.
29 Amonge the Iezeharites was Chenaia with his sonnes for the worke without ouer Israel , offycers & Iudges.
30 Amonge the Hebronites was Hasabia & his brethren, valeaunt men, a thousande and seuen hundreth, ouer the offyces of Israel on this syde Iordane westwarde for all maner worke of the LORDE, and to serue the kinge.
31 But amonge the Hebronites was Ieria the chefest amonge the Hebronites of his kinred amoge the fathers. And search was made amonge them, and in the fortieth yeare of kynge Dauid there were founde valeaut men at Iaeser in Gilead,
32 and their brethren mightie men, two thousande and seuen hundreth pryncipall fathers, and Dauid set the ouer the Rubenites, Gaddites, and ouer the halfe trybe of Manasses, for all soch busynes as belonged vnto God and the kynge.

Chapter 27

1 The children of Israel acordinge to their nombre, were heades of the fathers, and ouer thousandes and ouer hundreds, & officers waytinge vpon the kynge, to go of & on after their course euery moneth one, in all ye monethes of ye yeare. Euery course had foure & twentye thousande.
2 Ouer the first course of the first moneth, was Iasebeam ye sonne of Sabdiel, and vnder his course were foure and twentye thousande.
3 Of the children of Phares was the pryncipall amonge all the chefe captaynes in the first moneth.
4 Ouer the course of the seconde moneth was Dodai the Ahohite, and Mikloth was the prynce ouer his course. And vnder his course were foure and twentye thousande.
5 The thirde pryncipall captayne of the thirde moneth, was Benaia the sonne of Ioiada ye prest, and vnder his course were foure and twentye thousande.
6 This is yt Benaia the Worthie amonge thirtie and aboue thirtie, And his course was vnder his sonne Ammi Sabad.
7 The fourth in ye fourth moneth was Asahel the brother of Ioab, and Sabadia his sonne after him, and vnder his course were foure and twentye thousande.
8 The fifth in the fifth moneth was Samehuth the Iesrahite, and vnder his course were foure and twentye thousande.
9 The sixte in the sixte moneth, was Ira ye sonne of Ickes the Thecoite, and vnder his course were foure and twentye thousande.
10 The seuenth in the seuenth moneth, was Helez the Pelonite of the children of Ephraim, and vnder his course were foure and twetye thousande.
11 The eight in the eight moneth, was Sibechai the Husathite of ye Sarehites, and vnder his course were foure and twentye thousande.
12 The nyenth in the nyenth moneth, was Abieser the Anthothite of the childre of Iemini, & vnder his course were foure and twetye thousande.
13 The tenth in the tenth moneth, was Maherai the Netophatite of the Serahites, and vnder his course were foure and twentye thousande.
14 The eleuenth in the eleueth moneth, was Benaia the Pirgathonite of the children of Ephraim, and vnder his course were foure and twentye thousande.
15 The twolueth in the twolueth moneth was Heldai ye Netophatite of Athniel, and vnder his course were foure and twentye thousande.
16 Ouer the trybes of Israel were these: Amonge the Rubenites was Prynce Elieser the sonne of Sichri. Amonge the Simeoninites was Sephatia the sonne of Maecha.
17 Amonge the Leuites was Hasabia the sonne of Kemuel. Amonge the Aaronites was Sadoc.
18 Amoge Iuda was Elihu one of Dauids brethren. Amonge Isachar was Amri the sonne of Michael.
19 Amonge Zabulo was Iesmaia the sonne of Obadia. Amonge Nephtali was Ieremoth the sonne of Asriel.
20 Amonge the children of Ephraim was Hosea the sonne of Asasia. Amonge the halfe trybe of Manasses was Ioel the sonne of Pedaia.
21 Amonge the halfe trybe of Manasses in Gilead was Ieddo the sonne of Zacharias. Amonge BenIamin was Iaesiel the sonne of Abner.
22 Amonge Dan was Asareel the sonne of Ieroham. These are the princes of the trybes of Israel .
23 But Dauid toke not the nombre of them that were twentye yeare olde and there vnder: for the LORDE had promysed to multiplye Israel as the starres of the skie.
24 Howbeit Ioab the sonne of Zeruia had begonne to nombre them, and perfourmed it not: for there came wrath vpon Israel for the same cause, therfore came not the nombre in to ye Cronicles of kynge Dauid.
25 Ouer the kynges treasures was Asmaueth the sonne of Adiel. And ouer the treasures in the lode, in the cities, vyllages and castels was Ionathan the sonne of Vsia.
26 Ouer the husbandmen to tyll the londe was Esri the sonne of Chelab.
27 Ouer the vynyardes was Simei the Ramathite. Ouer the wyne Cellers and treasures of wyne was Sabdi the Siphimite.
28 Ouer the oyle gardens and Molberytrees in the lowe feldes, was Baal Hanan the Gaderite. Ouer the treasure of the oyle was Ioas.
29 Ouer ye oxen of the pasture at Saron was Sitari the Saronite. Ouer the oxen in the valleys was Saphath the sonne of Adlai.
30 Ouer the Camels was Obil the Ismaelite. Ouer the asses was Iehethia the Meronothite.
31 Ouer the shepe was Iasis the Hagarite. All these were rulers ouer kynge Dauids goodes.
32 Ionathan Dauids vncle was of the councell a wyse man and a scrybe. And Iehiel, the sonne of Hachmoni was with the kynges children.
33 Achitophel also was of the kynges councell. Husai the Arachite was the kinges frende.
34 After Achitophel was Ioiada ye sonne of Benaia and Abiathar. As for Ioab, he was the kynges chefe captayne of warre.

Chapter 28

1 And Dauid gathered vnto Ierusalem all the rulers of Israel, namely ye prynces of the trybes, the rulers ouer the courses, which wayted vpon the kynge, the captaynes ouer thousandes and ouer hundreds, the rulers ouer the goodes and catell of the kynge and of his sonnes, with the chaberlaines, warryers and valeaunt men.
2 And Dauid the kynge stode vp vpon his fete, and saide: Heare me my brethren and my people: I was mynded to buylde an house, where the Arke of the couenaunt of the LORDE shulde rest, and a fote stole for the fete of oure God, and prepared my selfe for to buylde,
3 But God sayde vnto me: Thou shalt not buylde an house vnto my name, for thou art a man of warre, and hast shed bloude.
4 Now hath the LORDE God of Israel chosen me out of all my fathers house, yt I shulde be kynge ouer Israel: for Iuda hath he chosen to be the Prynce, and in the house of Iuda amonge my fathers children hath he had pleasure vnto me, to make me kynge ouer all Israel:
5 and amoge all my sonnes (for the LORDE hath geuen me many sonnes) he hath chosen Salomon my sonne, to syt vpon the seate of the kyngdome of the LORDE ouer Israel,
6 and hath sayde vnto me: Salomon thy sonne shall buylde me an house and my courtes: for I haue chosen him to be my sonne, & I wil be his father,
7 & wyll stablishe his kyngdome for euer, yf he be constant to do after my commaundementes and lawes, as it is this daye.
8 Now in the sight of all Israel the congregacion of the LORDE, and in the eares of oure God, se that ye obserue and seke all the commaundemetes of the LORDE yor God, that ye maye possesse this good londe and that ye and youre children maie haue ye inheritaunce therof for euer.
9 And thou my sonne Salomo, knowe thou the God of thy father, and serue him with all thy hert, and with the desyre of thy soule: for the LORDE searcheth all hertes, and vnderstondeth all thoughtes & ymaginacions Yf thou seke him, thou shalt fynde him: but yf thou forsake him, he shall refuse the for euer.
10 Take hede now, for the LORDE hath chosen the, to buylde an house to be the Sactuary: be stronge, and make it.
11 And Dauid gaue Salomon his sonne a patrone of the Porche, and of his house, and of the celles and perlers and ynnermer chabers, and of the house of the Mercyseate,
12 & of all that he had in his mynde, namely of the courte of the LORDES house, and of all the oratories rounde aboute the treasures in ye house of God, and of the treasures of soch thinges as were halowed,
13 of the ordinaunces of the prestes, and Leuites, and of all ye busynesse of the offyces in the house of the LORDE.
14 Golde (gaue he him) after ye golde weight for all maner of vessels of euery offyce, and all siluer ornamentes after the weight for all maner of vessell of euery offyce:
15 and weight for the golden candilstickes and golden lampes, for euery candilstycke and his lampes his weight: likewyse for the siluer candilstickes gaue he the weight to the candilsticke & his lampes, acordynge as was requyred for euery candilstycke.
16 He gaue golde also for ye tables of the shewbred, for euery table his weight: and syluer lykewise for the syluer tables.
17 And pure golde for the fleshokes, basens and censors: and for the golden cuppes, vnto euery cuppe his weight: and for the siluer cuppes, vnto euery cuppe his weighte:
18 and for the altare of incense his weighte, of the most pure golde. And a patrone of the charett of the golden Cherubins, that they mighte sprede out them selues, and couer the Arke of the couenaunt of the LORDE.
19 All this is geuen me in wrytinge of the hande of the LORDE, to make me vnderstonde all the workes of the patrone.
20 And Dauid sayde vnto Salomo his sonne: Be thou manly and stronge, and make it, feare not, and be not fayntharted, the LORDE God my God shal be with the, and shall not withdrawe his hande, ner fayle the, tyll thou haue fynished euery worke for the seruyce in the house of the LORDE.
21 Beholde, the courses of the prestes and Leuites to all the offyces in the house of God are with the in euery worke, and are willinge, and haue wisdome to all the offyces: and so haue the prynces and all the people for euery thinge that thou hast to do.

Chapter 29

1 And kynge Dauid sayde vnto all the congregacion: God hath chosen Salomon one of my sonnes, which yet is yonge and tender. But the worke is greate: for it is not a mans palace, but the LORDE Gods.
2 Yet haue I after all my abilite prepared vnto the house of God, golde for the vessels of golde, syluer for them of syluer, brasse for them of brasse, yron for the of yron, wod for them of wod, Onix stones, set Rubyes, & stones of dyuerse coloures, & all precious stones, & Marble stones in multitude.
3 Besydes this, for the good wyl yt I haue to the house of God,
4 I haue of myne awne proper good thre M. taletes of golde of Ophir, & seuen M. taletes of pure syluer, which I geue vnto the holy house of God, besyde all yt I haue prepared, to ouerlaye ye walles of the house,
5 yt the same which ought to be of golde, maye be of golde: & that it which ought to be of syluer, maye be of syluer: and for all maner of worke by the hande of the craftesmen. And who is now fre wyllinge, to fyll his hande this daye vnto the LORDE?
6 Then were the prynces of the fathers, ye prynces of the trybes of Israel, the captaynes ouer thousandes & ouer hundreds, the rulers ouer the kynges busynes, fre wyllinge,
7 & gaue to ye mynistracion in the house of God fyue M. talentes of golde, and ten M. guldens, and ten M. talentes of syluer, eightene M. taletes of brasse, and an hundred M. taletes of yron.
8 And by whom so euer were foude stones, they gaue them to the treasure of the house of the LORDE, vnder the hade of Iehiel the Gersonite.
9 And ye people were glad that they were fre wyllinge: for they gaue it wt a good wyll (euen with all their hert) vnto the LORDE. And Dauid also ye kynge reioysed greatly,
10 and praysed God, and sayde before the whole congregacion: Praysed be thou O LORDE God of Israel oure father,
11 vnto the belongeth worshippe and power, glory, victory & thankes: for all that is in heauen and earth, is thine: thine is ye kyngdome, and thou art exalted aboue all prynces.
12 Thine are riches and honoure before ye, thou reignest ouer all, in thy hande consisteth power and might, in thy hade is it to make euery man greate and stronge.
13 Now thake we the oure God, and prayse ye name of thy glory:
14 For who am I? What is my people? that we shulde be able with a fre wyll to offre, as this is done? For of the commeth all, and of thy hande haue we geuen it the:
15 For we are but pilgrems & straugers before the, as were all oure fathers. Oure life vpon earth is as a shadowe, and here is no abydinge.
16 O LORDE oure God, all this abundaunce that we haue prepared to buylde the an house vnto thy name, came of thy hande, and is thine alltogether.
17 I knowe my God, that thou tryest the hert, and that vnfaynednes is acceptable vnto the: therfore haue I geue all this with an vnfayned hert, eue with a good wyll, and now haue I had ioye to se thy people (which here are present) offre with a fre wyll vnto the.
18 O LORDE God of oure fathers Abraham, Isaac, & Israel , kepe thou euermore soch purposes and thoughtes in ye hertes of thy people, & prepare thou their hertes vnto the.
19 And graunte my sonne Salomon a perfecte hert, that he maye kepe thy comaundementes, thy testimonies, & thy statutes, that he maye do all, & buylde this palace, which I haue prepared.
20 And Dauid sayde vnto the whole cogregacion: O prayse the LORDE yor God. And all the cogregacion praysed ye LORDE God of their fathers, & bowed them selues, & worshipped the LORDE & then the kynge,
21 and offred sacrifices vnto the LORDE. And on ye nexte morow offred they burntofferynges, a M. bullockes, a M. rames, a M. labes wt their drynkofferynges, & plenteously offred they amonge all Israel.
22 And they ate and dranke the same daie before the LORDE with greate ioye, and made Salomon the sonne of Dauid kynge ye seconde tyme, and anoynted him to be ye prynce for the LORDE, & Sadoc to be the prest.
23 Thus sat Salomon vpon the seate of ye LORDE, kynge in his fathers steade, & prospered. And all Israel obeyed him,
24 & all ye rulers & mightie men, & all kynge Dauids children submytted themselues vnto kynge Salomon.
25 And ye LORDE made Salomon excellent & greate in ye sighte of all Israel , and gaue him soch a glorious kyngdome, as none had before him ouer Israel.
26 So had Dauid now bene kynge ouer all Israel.
27 And ye tyme that he was kynge ouer Israel, is fortye yeares: At Hebron reigned he seuen yeare, and at Ierusalem thre & thirtie yeare,
28 & dyed in a good age, full of dayes, riches and honoure. And Salomon his sonne was kynge in his steade.
29 These actes of kynge Dauid (both ye first and last) beholde, they are wrytten amonge the actes of Samuel the Seer, and amonge the actes of the prophet Nathan, and amoge the actes of Gad the Seer,
30 with all his kyngdome, power and tymes which passed vnder him, both vpon Israel & vpon all the kyngdomes of the earth.