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1 Soliche wel is to understanden t fter matheus ge-rechednysse her is on cneornysse boc. hlendes cristes dauies suna. abrahames suna.
2 Solice abraham gestreonede ysc. Ysc gestrenode iacob. Iacob gestreonede iudam & his gebrore.
3 Iudas gestrenede fares & zaram of am wife e ws genemned thamar. Fares gestreoned esrom. Esrom gestrenede aram.
4 Aram gestreonode aminadab. Aminadab gestrenede nson. Nson gestreonede salmon.
5 Salmon gestreonede bz of am wife rb. Bz gestreonede obth of am wife ruth. Obeth gestreonede iesse.
6 Iesse gestreonede anne kyng dauid. Dauid kyng gestreonede salomon of am wife e ws urias wif.
7 Salomon gestreonede roboam. Roboas gestreonede abia. Abia gestrenede asa.
8 Asa gestreonede Iosaphat. Iosophat gestreonede ioram. Ioras gestreonede oziam.
9 Ozias gestreonede ioatham. Ioatham gestreonede achaz. Achaz. gestreonede ezechiam.
10 Ezechias gestreonede manassen. Manasses. gestreonede amon. Amon gestreonede ioram. Ioras gestreonede iosiam.
11 Iosias gestreonede ieconiam. & his gebroran on babilonis leordnysse.
12 nd fter babilonis geleordnysse. ieconias gestreonede salathiel. Salathiel. gestreonede zorobabel.
13 Zorobabel gestreonede abiud. Abiud gestreonede eliachim. Eliachim gestreonede azor.
14 Azor gestreonede sadoc. Sadoc gestreonede achim. Achim gestrenede eliud.
15 Eliud gestreonede eleazar. Eleazar. gestreonede mathan. Mathan gestreonede Iacob.
16 Iacob gestreonede Ioseph marie wer. of are ws akenned se hlend e is genemned crist.
17 Gernestlice ealle cneornyssa fram abrahame oe dauid synd feowertene cneornyssa. & fram dauie oe babilonis geleorednysse feortene cneornysse. & fram babilonis leorednysse. o crist feortene cneornysse.
18 Solice us ws cristes cneores. a as hlendes moder Marie ws iosepe bewedde. r hyo to-somne coman hyo ws gemet on innoe hbbende of am halge gaste.
19 Solice Ioseph hire wer. a he ws rihtwis. & nolde hyo mrsian. he wolde hye dygeliche forlten.
20 Him a soliche as ing enchendum. drihtnes ngel on swefnum ateowede. & hym to cw. Ioseph dauies suna. nyle u ondrden. marian ine gemcchen to onfonne. t on hyre gekenned ys. hyt is of an halgen gaste.
21 Witodliche hyo ken sunu. & u nemnest his name hlend. he solice his folc hal gede. fram heora synnen.
22 Solice eall is ws geworan. t gefylled wre t fram drihtne gecwen ws. urh anne witegan.
23 Solice. syo femne hf on innoe. & hyo kend (sic) suna. & hyo nemne hys name emmanuel. t ys gereht on ure eode god mid s.
24 a aras ioseph of swefne. & dyde swa drihtnes ngel him bebead & he on-feng hys mcchen.
Mat 1:25 & he ne grette hye. Heo kende. hire frum-kennede sune & nemde his name hlend.




1 Eornestlice a se hlend akenned ws on iudeissere bthlm on as kynges dagen herodes. a coman a tungel-witegen. fram east-dle to ierusalem
2 & cwen. hwr is se iudea kyng e akenned is. Soliche we geseagen his steorran on east-dle. & we comen us hine to ge-eadmedenne.
3 a herodes t geherde a war he gedrefe & eal ierosolime-wre mid him.
4 & a gegaderede herodes ealle ealdres are sacerds & folkes writeres. nd axode hwr crist akenned wre.
5 a sgden hyo him. on iudeissere bethlm. Witodlice us ys awriten. urh anne witegan.
6 nd u bethlm iudea-land. witodlice ne eart u lst on iudea ealdran. of e for g se heretoga see rec min folc israel.
7 Herodes a cleopede on sunder-sprce a tungel-witegan. & befran hyo georne hwanne se steorre heom ateowede.
8 nd he asende hye to bethlm & us cw. Fare & axiad geornlice be am childe. & anne ge hit gemete kya eft me. t ich cume & me to him gebidde.
9 a hyo t bebod geherden a ferden hyo. & solice se steorre e hye on east-dle geseagen. heom beforen ferde. oe he stod ofer. r t child ws.
10 Solice a a tungel-witegan anne steorre ge-seagan fagenedon swie micele gefean.
11 & geoden into am huse hyo metten t child mid marian hys moder. & hyo aeneden hyo. & hyo to hym gebden. And hyo untyndon heora gold-hordes. & him lac brohten. t ws gold. & stor. & mirre.
12 And hyo onfengen andswere on swefnum t hyo eft to herode ne hwyrfden. ac hyo on oerne weig on hire riche ferden.
13 a a ferden a atewede drihtnes engel iosepe on swefne. & us cw. Aris & nym t child. & hys moder & fleog on egypte-land & beo r o t ic e segge. Toward is t herodes sec t child to forspillene.
14 He aras a & nam t chyld & his moder on niht. & ferde into egypte.
15 & ws r oe herodes for-si. t wre gefeld t e fram drihtne gecween ws. urh anne witegan. Of egypte ich minne sune geclypede.
16 a ws herodes swie gebolgen for am e he befht (sic) ws fram am tungel-witegan. & he asende a. & ofsloh ealle a chyld e on bethlm wron. & on eallen hire gemren fram twiwintren elde & binnn an fter are tyde e he ge-axode fram am tungel-witegen.
17 a ws gefylled t gecween ws urh ieremiam am witegan.
18 Stefne ws on heahnysse gehyrd. wop & michel otorung. rachel weop hire bearn. & hye nolde beon gefrefred. for am e hyo nren.
19 Soliche a herodes ws for-faren. witodliche on swefne drihtnes ngel tywede ioseph on egypte.
20 & us cw. Aris nd nym t child. & his moder & far on israele-land. Nu synden for-farene a as cyldes sawle sohten.
21 He aras a & onfeng t cyld & his moder & com on israele-land.
22 a he gehyrde t archelaus rixede on iudea-eode for ane heroden. he ondredde ider to farene. & on swefnen gemineged he ferde on galileisse dales.
23 & he com a & eardode on are chestre e is genemned nazareth. t wre gefylled. t gecween ws urh ieremie anne witega. for an e he nazareisc by genemned.




1 On am dagen com iohannes se fulluhtere & bodede on am westene iud.
2 & cw. Do deadbote. solice geneolace heofone riche.
3 is is se be am e gecween is. urh ysia anne witega. Cleopiende stefne ws on wstene. gegearewia drihtnes weig. do hys syas rihte.
4 Se Iohannes witodlice hafde reaf of oluende hre. & fellenne gerdel embe hys lndene. & his mte ws grstapen. & wude-hunig.
5 a ferde to hym ierosolim-ware. & eal iudea-eod. & eal t riche wi-geonde iordanen.
6 & hyo wron gefullode on iordanen fram hym. & hyo andetten hiora synnan.
7 Solice a he geseah manege are sunder-halgena. & are riht-wisendre to his fulluhte cumende. he cw to heom. La nddrena kyn hwa geswutolede eow to fleonne fram an toweardan eorre.
8 Eornostlice do medemne wstm are deadbote.
9 & ne cwee be-twuxe eow. we hbbe abraham us to fder. Solice ich segge eow t god is swa mychel & swa mihtig. t he maig of isen stanen aweccen abrahames bearn.
10 Eallunge is syo x to are treowe wertrume sett. Eornestlice lc treow e godne wstme ne bring by forcorfen. & on fere aworpen.
11 Witodlice ich eow fullie on wtere to deadbote. Se e fter me toward ys. he is strengre anne ich. as gescy ne eom ich wure to berenne. He eow fulle on halgen gaste. & on fyre.
12 as fann ys on hande & he aferme hys yrscel-flore. & he gadere hys hwte on his bearn. a chefu he forberne on unadwscendlice fyre.
13 a com se hlend fram galilea to Iordane to Iohanne, t he hine fullode
14 iohannes a solice forbead hym. & cw. Ic scel fram e beon gefullod. & cymst u to me.
15 a andswerede se halend hym. & cw. lt nu us unc geafena ealle rihtwisnysse gefullen. a forlet he hine.
16 Solice a se hlend gefulled ws. rdlice he astah of am wtere. & hym wuren r-rihte heofenes untynde. & he geseah godes gast nier-astigende swa swa culfran. & wunigende ofer hine.
17 And solice a com stefne of hefene. & us cw. Her is min se gecorene sune on am me gelicode.




1 a ws se hlend geld fram gaste on westen. t he wre fram deofle gecostned.
2 & a a he feste feortig dges & feortig nihta. a ongan hym syan hingrian.
3 And a geneahleahte se costnigend. & cw. Gyf u godes sune syo. cw t as stanes syen to hlafe gewordan.
4 a andswerede se hlend. Hit ys awriten. ne leofa se man be hlafe anum. ac be lce worden e of godes mue g.
5 a gebrohte se deofel hine on a halgan ceastre. & asette hine ofer as temples heahnysse.
6 & cw to him. Gyf u godes sune ert. asend e anne nier. Solice hit ys awritan t he his englen bebead be e. t hyo e on heora hande bren. e ls e in fot t stane t-sperne.
7 a cw se hlend eft to him. Hit is awriten. ne costne u drihten inne god.
8 Eft se deofel hine nam. & ledde hine on swie heagene munt. & ateowede hym ealne midden-eardes riche. & hire wuldor.
9 & cw to him. Ealle as ic gyfe e. gif u feallende. to me ge-eadmedst.
10 a cw se hlend to him. Gang u succa on-bc. Solice hit is awriten. to drihtne ine gode u e ge-eadmest (sic). & him ane eowast.
11 a for-let se deofel hine. & ngles geneahlacten & him egneden.
12 Solice a se hlend gehyrde t Iohannes belwed ws. a ferde he to galilea
13 & forltenre are cheastre nazareht. he com & eardode on capharnaum on am se-gemrum on ende zabulon & neptalim
14 aet wre gefylled t e gecwen ws urh isaiam anne witegan.
15 <>
16 eode folc e on eostrum st geseah mychel leoht. & sittende on eore deaes scede ys leoht up a-sprungan.
17 Seoan ongan se hlend bodian & cween. do dead-bote solice heofene rice geneahlche.
18 a se hlend eode wi a galileissan s. he geseah twegen gebroren symonem se ws nemned petrus & andreas hys broer. sendende heora nett on a s. Solice hyo wren fissceres.
19 & he sgde heom. Cume fter me. & ic do t gyt beo manna fisceras.
20 & hyo r-rihte forlten heora nyt & hym felgdon.
21 & a he anen eode he seah twegen ore gebrorum iacobum zebedei & iohannem his brorer (sic). on scype mid heora fder zebedeo. reniende heora nett. & he cleopede hyo.
22 Hyo a sona forleten heore net. & heora fader. & him felgdon.
23 And a beferde se hlend eall galil. lrende on heora somnunge. & he ws bodiende godspell. as rices. & hlende lche adle. & lce untrumnysse on am folce.
24 & a ferde his hlise into alle syriam. & hyo brohton to hym ealle yfel-hbbende mistlichen adlen. & on tintregon gegripene. & a e deofel-seocnysse hfdon. & moneseoke. & lamen. & he a gehlde.
25 & hym felgdon mycele menige fram galilea. & fram decapoli. & fram ierusalem. & fram iudea. & fram begeonden iordanen.




1 Solice a se hlend geseah a manige. he astah on anne munt. & a he st a geneahlahten his leorning-cnihtes to hym.
2 & he untynde hys mu. & lrde hyo. & cw.
3 Eadige synde a gastlice earfan. foran hyora is heofena riche.
4 Eadige sind a e nu wepe. for-an e hyo beo gefrefrede.
5 Eadige syndde a lyan. foran e hyo eoran agunnen (over an erasure).
6 Eadiga synd a e rihtwysnissa hingre & irste. for-an e hyo beo gefellede.
7 Eadige synd a mild-heortan. for-an e hyo mildheortnyssa begyta.
8 Eadige synd a cln-heortan. for-an e hyo god geseo.
9 Eadige synd a sibsume. for-an e hyo beo godes bearn genemnde.
10 Eadige synd a e hehtnysse olia. for rihtwisnysse. for-am e heora is heofena riche.
11 Eadige synde ge. anne hyo weregie eow. & ehta eow. & segge yfell ongean eow leogende for me.
12 Geblissia & gefagenia. for-an e eower mede is mychel on heofenum. Swa hyo ehtan a witegan e beforen eow wren.
13 Geo sendden eoran salt. gyf t salt awyr on am e hyt [gesylt bi. hit] ne mg syen to nahte. buton t hyt sye ut-aworpen. & syo fram mannen fortredon.
14 Ge synd midden-eardes leoht. ne maig syo ceastre beon behyd. e beo up on munt set.
15 Ne hyo ne ale heora leoht-ft. & hit under cype sette. ac ofer candel-stf t hit onlihte eallen. an e on am huse synde.
16 Swa onleohte eower leoht beforan mannen. t hy ge-sye eower gode werc. & wuldrian eowre fder e on heofene ys.
17 Nelle ge wenen t ich come towerpan a lge. oe a witegan. ne com ich na towerpan. ac to gefyllan.
18 Soes on eornest ich segge eow. r an e gewitan heofone & eore an .i. oe an prike. ne gewit fram are lage. r an ealle ing gewuran.
19 Eornestlice se e towirp an of isen lsten beboden. & a men swa lr. se beo lst genemned on heofene riche. Solice se e hit de & lr. se beo mychel genemned on heofene rice.
20 Solice ic segge eow buton eowre rihtwisnesse mara syo. anne are writere & sinder-halgane. ne ga ge on heofena riche.
21 Ge gehyrden hwt gecween ws on ealden tyden. Ne ofsleah u. se e ofsleah. se beo domes scyldig.
22 Ic segge eow solice. t lch e yrse his breer bye domes scyldig. Solice se e saig his breer u aworene. he beo geeahte scyldig. Se e saig u stunta. he byo sceldig helle feres.
23 Eornestlice gyf u brincst ine lac to weofede. & u r geencst. t in broer hf ani ing agen e.
24 lt r ine lc beforan am weofede. & gang r & sibbesuma wi inne broer. & anne cum u sien & bring ine lc.
25 Beo u onbugende ine wier-winnen hwora (sic) a hwile e u eart. on weiga mid him. i ls e i wier-winne e selle am deman. & se deme e sylle am eine. & u syo on cwarterne gesend.
26 Soes ic segge e ne gst u anen r u agylde anne ytemeste feryng.
27 Ge gehyrden t on ealden cwiden gecween ws. Ne unriht-heme u
28 solice ic segge eow. t lc are e wif geseoh nd hire gewilne. eallunge t se gesinega on his heorte.
29 Gyf in swire eage e aswikie. aholeke hit ut. & werp hit fram e. Solice e is betere t an inre lime forwure. onne eall in lichame. syo on helle gesent.
30 And gyf in swire hand e aswike. cerf hyo of. & awerp hyo fram e. Witodlice e is betere t an inre lima forwure. anne all in lichama fare to helle.
31 Solice hit is gecween. swa-hlich swa his wif forlt. sylle he hire. hyra hiwgeales boc.
32 Ic segge eow to soe. t lc e hys wif forlt buton forleirnisse ingen. he de t hy unriht-heme. & se unriht-hame e for-ltene efter hym genime.
33 Eft [ge] gehyrden t gecwen ws on ealden cwiden. Ne forswere u. Solice drihten u agelst ine aas.
34 Ich segge eow solice. t ge eallunge ne swerigan. Ne urh heofene. for-am e hye ys godes rim-setel.
35 Ne urh eoran. for-am e hyo ys hys fot-scamel. Ne urh ierusalem. for-an e hyo ys mres kyninges chestre.
36 Ne u ne swere urh in heafod. for-an e u ne miht don nne loc hwitne oerne blacne.
37 Solice sye eowre sprce. hyt is. hit is. hyt nis. hyt nys. Solice gyf r mare beo. t beo of yfele.
38 Ge gehyrden t gecween ws. Eage for eage. & to for to.
39 Solice ic segge eow. ne winne ge on-gean a e eow yfel do. Ac gyf hwa e smite on in swire wnge. gegerewe hym t oer.
40 & an e wile on dome wi e flitan & nime ine tunican. lt him to inne wfeles.
41 & swa hwa swa e net usend stapa. ga mid him ore twa usend.
42 Syle am e e bidde. & an e t e wile borgian ne wern u hym.
43 Ne gehered ge t gecween ws. lufe ine nextan. & hate ine feond.
44 Solice ic segge eow. lufie owre feond. & do wel an e eow yfel do. & gebidda for eowre ehteras. & tlende eow.
45 t ge seon eowres fader brn. e on heofene ys. se e de t his sunne spring ofer a godan & ofer a yfelen. & he lt rinan ofer a rihtwisan. & ofer a unrihtwisan.
46 Gyf ge solice a lufia e eow lufia. hwilche mede hbbe ge. hwu ne do manfulla swa.
47 & gyf ge t an do t ge eowre gebrore welcumie. hwt do ge mare. hu ne do hene swa.
48 Eornestlice beo fulfremede. swa eowre heofenlice fder is fulfremed.




1 Gegyme t ge ne don eowre riht-wisnysse before mannum. t ge syen geherede fram heom. Elles nbbe ge mede mid eowre fdere e on heofene ys.
2 Eornestlice anne u ine lmessen sylle. ne blawe man beman beforan e. swa liceteras do on gesomnungen & on wicen t hyo sye ge-arwurode fram mannen. So ich segge eow. hyo on-fengen heora mede.
3 Solice onne u ine lmesse do. nete in wynstre hwt do in swire.
4 t in lmesse syo on diglen. & in fder hyt glt e. se e sih on dyglen.
5 And anne ge eow gebyddon ne by ge swilce liceteras. a lufia t hy gebiddan hyo standende on samnunge. & strate hyrnan. t men hyo geseon. So ich segge eow. hyo onfengen heore mede.
6 u solice onne u e bidde. gang in-to inen hel-clyfen. & inre dure belocenre. bide inne fader on diglen. & in fder e sih on dyglen hyt agylt e.
7 Solice anne ge eow gebiddan. nelle ge spreken fela swa swa hene. Hyo wena t hyo syen geherda on heora manifealde sprce.
8 Nelle ge ornestlyce heom ge-efenlchen. Solice eower fder wat hwt eow arf ys. r an e ge hine bydda.
9 Eornestlice gebidda eow us. Fader ure u e ert on heofene. sye in name gehalged.
10 to-becume in rice. Gewure in gewille. on eoran swa swa on heofenan.
11 ure dayghwamlice hlaf syle us to dayg.
12 & forgyf us ure geltas swa swa we forgyfe ure geltenden.
13 & ne ld u us on costnunge. ac ales us of yfele solice.
14 Witodlice gyf ge forgyfe mannan heora synnan. onne forgyfe eowre se heofenlice fder eow eowre geltes.
15 Gyf ge solice ne for-gyfe mannen. ne owre fder ne for-gyfe eow owre synna.
16 Solice anne ge fsten. nellen ge wesan swilce lease licceres. hyo fornyme hyre ansiene. t hyo teowun mannen fstende. Solice ic segge eow t hyo onfengen heore mede.
17 u solice anne u fste smere in heafe. & weah ine ansiene.
18 t u ne sy gesewen fram mannen fstende. ac inen fder e is on dyglen. & in fder e sih on dyglen. hyt agelt e.
19 Nellen ge goldhordian eow on eoran goldhordas. r m & mohe hit fornym. & r eofes hit delfe & for-stele.
20 Gold-hordia eow solice gold-hordes on heofenan. r naer m ne mohe hyt ne fornym. & r eofes hit ne delfa ne ne forstele.
21 Witolice r in gold-hord ys. r is in heorte.
22 ines lichamen leoht-ft is in eage. gyf in eage beo an-feald. eall in lic-hame beo breost (sic).
23 Gyf in eage solice beo manful. eall in lichame beo eosterful. Eornestlice gyf t leoht e on e ys synd eostre. hu mycele beo a eostre.
24 Ne mayg nam man twam hlaferden eowian. oe he soliche nne hate. & oerne lufa. oe he beo anen gehersum. & oren ungehersum. Ne magen ge gode eowian & weorld-weolan.
25 For-an ich segge eow t ge ne syon emb-hydige eowre sawle hwt ge eton. ne eower lic-haman mid hwam ge syon emb-scridde. Hu nys syo sawul selre anne mete. & eower lic-hame betere anne t reaf.
26 Behealded heofenen fugelas. for-an e hyo ne sawe. ne hyo ne ripa. ne hyo ne gaderia on berne. & eowre heofenlice fder hyo ft. Hu ne synde ge selre anne hyo.
27 hwilc eower maig solice encen t he ge-eacnige enne elne to his anlichnysse.
28 & to hwi synde ge ymbhydige be reafe. Bescewia keres lilian hu hye wexa. ne swinca hyo. ne hyo ne spinne.
29 Ic segge eow solice. t for-an salomon on eallen hys wuldre ns ofer-wrigen swa swa an of isen.
30 Solice gyf akeres weod t e to daig ys. & beo to morgen on ofen asend. god swa scrit. eale ge ge-hwdes ge-leafen. am mycele ma he scryt eow.
31 Nelle ge eornestlice beon embhydige. us cweende. hwt ete we. oe hwt drinke we. oe mid hwan beo we ofer-wrogene.
32 Solice ealle as ing eode seche. Witodlice eower fader wat t ge eallen isen inge be-urfen.
33 Eornestlice seche rest godes riche. & hys rihtwysnesse. & ealle as ing eow beo r-to ge-eacnode.
34 Ne beo ge na hugiende emb a morgendliche neode. Solice se morgenliche dayg chare embe hine selfne. Aighwilc daig haf genoh on his eagen embhugan.




1 Nellen ge demen. t ge ne syen fordemde.
2 Witodlice am ilcan dome. e ge deme. eow beo ge-demed. & on am ylcan gemette e ge mete. eow be ge-meten.
3 To hwi gesihst u t mot on ines broer eagen. & u ne ge-sihst anne beam on inen agenen eagen.
4 Oe hu-mte cwst u to ine breer. broer afe t ic ut do t mot of inen eagen. onne se beam beo on inen agenen eagen.
5 Lt u liketere. -do rest ut anne beam of inen agenen eagen. & be-hawe anne t u ut do t mot of ines broer eagen.
6 Nellen ge syl t hilige (sic) hunden. ne ge-wurpen eowre mere-groten to-foren eowren swinen. y ls hye mid hyra fotan hyo tofortredan. & hyo anne ne on-gean ne wend eow to-slyten.
7 Bydde. & eow beo ge-seald. seche. & ge hit finde. cnokie. & eow beo untynd.
8 Witodliche lch are e bit he on-feh. & se e sech. he hyt fint, & an cnokienden beo un-tyned.
9 Hwilc man is of eow gyf his sune hym bit hlafes. selst u him stan.
10 Oe gyf he him bit fissces. sylst u him nddren.
11 Eornestlice nu ge e yfele synt cunnan god eowre bearnen syllen. mycele ma eowre fder e on heofene ys sylle god an e hine bidda.
12 Eornestlice ealle a ing e ge willen t men eow don. do ge heom t sylfe. t ys solice lage. & witegena be-bod.
13 Ganged enn (sic) urh t narewe geat. for-an t geat ys swie wid. & se weig is swie rum e to for-spillendnysse gelt. & swie manige synde e urh ane weig fare.
14 Eala hu nara & hu angsum ys t geat. & se weig. e to lyfe ge-lt. & swie feawe synde e anne weig finde.
15 Warnie eow wi leasan witegen e cume to eow on sceapene kertlen. ac hyo beo innenan reafiende wulfas.
16 Fram heora wstman ge hyo under-gyte. Cwest u. gadered man win-berian of ornen. oe fc-epple of yrn-cinum.
17 Swa lch god treow byr gode wstmes. & lch efel treow byra yfele wstmes.
18 Ne [mg] t gode treo beren yfele wstmes. ne t yfele treo gode wstmas.
19 lch treow e ne bered godne wstme. syo hit for-corfen. & on fer aworpen.
20 Witodlice be heora wstman ge hyo on-cnawa.
21 Ne g lch ara on heofene riche e cwy to me drihten drihten. ac se e wyrc mines fder willen e on heofene ys. se g on heofene riche.
22 Manege cwee on am daige to me drihten drihten. hu ne witegeden we on inen namen. & on inan namen we ut-awurpen deofel of mannen. & on inen name we worhte mychele wundre & mihte.
23 anne cwee ich to heom. t ich eow nfre ne cue. Ge-wto fram me. ge e worhten un-rihtwisnysse.
24 Eornestlice lch are e as mine word ge-here & a werce beo gelic am wisen were se his hus ofer stan ge-tymbrede.
25 a com r ren & michel flod. & r bleowan windas & ahruron on t hus. & hit naht ne feoll. Solice hit ws ofer stan ge-tymbred.
26 & lch are e ge-hyr as mine word & a ne werce. se beo ge-lich an desien men. e getymbrede hys hus ofer sand-chisel.
27 a rinde hyt. & r com flod. & bleowen windes. & aruren on t hus. & t hus feol. & his ryre ws mychel.
28 a ws ge-woren a se hlend as word lrde & ge-endode. a wundrede t folc. hys lare.
29 Solice he lrde swilce he anweald hfde. & na swa swa heore bokeras & sunder-halgan.




1 Solice a se hlend of am munte nier-astah. a felgden hym michele menige.
2 a ge-neohlahte an hreofola to hym. & hine to hym ge-eadmede & us cw. Drihten gif u wilt u miht me ge-clnsien.
3 a astrehte se hlend his hand. & repede hine. & us cw. Ic wille. beo ge-clnsed. & hys hreofla ws rdlice ge-claensed.
4 a cw se hlend to hym. warne e t u hyt nane gume ne segge. ac g. & atewe e am sacerde. & bring hym a lac e moyses be-bead on heore ge-cynisse.
5 Solice a se hlend in-eode on capharnaum. a ge-neahlahte him an hundredes ealdor. hine biddende
6 & us cweende. Drihten. min cnape li on mine huse lame. & mid yfele ge-red.
7 a cw se hlend to hym. ich cume & hine ge-hle.
8 a answerede se hundredes ealdor & us cw. Drihtem (sic) ne eom ic wure t u ingange under mine ecene c cwe in an wor (sic). & min cnape beo ge-hled.
9 Solice ic eom man under anwealde ge-set. & ic hbbe eignes under me. & ic cwee to isen gang. & hyo ga. & ich cwee to oren cum. & hye cume. to minen eowe werc is. & he werc.
10 Witodlice a se hlend is gehyrde. a wundrede he. & cw to an e hym fylgden. So ich segge eow. ne gemette ich swa mychele geleafan on israel.
11 To soen ic segge eow t manege cume fram an east-dle. & west-dle. & wunie mid abrahame. & ysace. & Iacobe. on heofene riche.
12 Witodlice is riches bearn beo aworpene on a ytemesten eostre. ar beo wop. & toene gristbitung.
13 & se hlend cw to am hundredes ealdre. Ga. & gewure e swa swa u ge-lyfdest. & se cnape ws ge-hled on are ylcan tide.
14 a se hlend com on peteres huse a geseah he his swygre liggende. & hriiende.
15 & he t-ran hyre hand & se feofer hyo for-let. a aras hyo. & eignede hym.
16 Soliche a hyt fen ws. hyo brohten hym manege deofel-seoke. & he ut-adraf a unclne gastes. mid hys worde. & he ealle ge-hlde a yfel-hbbenden.
17 t wre ge-fylled t e gecween ws urh ysaian ane witega. us cweende. He on-feng ure untrumnysse. & he br ure adle.
18 a ge-seah se hlend mycele manige ymbuton hine a het he hyo faren ofer ane mue.
19 a neahleahte hym an bokere. & cw. Lareow ich felgie e swa hwider swa u frst.
20 a cwe se hlend to hym. Foxas hbbe holo. & heofene fugeles nyst. solice mannes sune nf hwr he hys heafod nhelde.
21 a cw to hym oer of hys leorning-cnihton. Drihten alyf me rest to farene to be-berienne minne fder.
22 a cw se hlend to heom. felgie me. & lt an deade be-byrian hyra deadan.
23 & he on-stah on scyp. & hys leorning-cnihtes hym felgdon.
24 a war mychel steriung ge-woren on are s. swa t t scip wr ofergoten mid yum. witodlice he slep.
25 & hyo ge-neohlahton. & hyo awehten hine us cweende. Drihten hl us. we motan for-wuren.
26 a cw he to heom. to hwi snde ge offirhte ge litles geleafan. a aras he. & bebead am winde. & are s. & r war ge-woren mychel smoltnyss.
27 Ge-witodlice a men wundreden & us cwen. hwt is es. e windes & s. hym hersumia.
28 a se hlend com ofer anne muun on ge-raseniscre riche. a urnen hym to-genes twegen e hfden deofel-seocnysse. of beregene ut-gangende. a wren swie ree swa t nan man ne mihte faren urh anne weig.
29 And hyo remden & cwen. La hlend godes sune hwt ys e & us ge-mne. come u hider r tide us to reatigenne.
30 r ws solice un-feor an swyna heord manegre manne lswiende.
31 a deofle solice hine bden us cweende. gif u us ut-adrifst send us on as swina heordan.
32 a cw se hlend to heom fara. & hyo a ut-gangende & ferden on a swin. & r-rihte ferde eall seo heord miclum on-rse niwel on a s. & hyo wuron deade on am wtere.
33 a heordes witodlice flugen nd comen on a ceastre nd kydden ealle as ing & be am e a deofel-seocnysse hfdon.
34 a eode eall syo ceaster-ware togenes am hlende & a a hyo. hine ge-sgen a beden hyo hine t he ferde fram here gemron.




1 a astah he on scyp & ofer-seglede & com on his ceastre
2 a brohten hyo hym enne lamen on bedde liggend. a ge-seah se hlend heora ge-leafan. nd cw to am lamen. la barn ge-lef. e beo ine synne for-gefene.
3 a cwen sume a bokeres heom beo-twenen. es spec bismere-sprce.
4 a se hlend ge-seah hire ge-anc. a cw he. to hwi ence ge yfel on eowren heorten.
5 hwt ys ealicere to cweenne e beo forgefene ine synna. oe to cweene aris & ga.
6 t ge solice witon t mannes sunu haf anwald on eoran synnen to for-gefene. a cw he to am lamen aris nym in bed. & gang on in hus.
7 & he aras & ferde to his huse.
8 Solice a a syo manige is ge-seagen. a on-dredden hyo heom & wuldredon god e sealde swilcne anweald mannen.
9 a se hlend anen ferde. he ge-seah enne mann sittende t tol-scamele. as name ws matheus. & he cw to hym. gefelge me. & he aras & felgide him.
10 & hit ws ge-woren. a he st innen huse & a coman manega manfulle. & synfulle. & sten mid am hlende & hys leorning-cnihten.
11 a a sinder-halgan is ge-sgen. a cween hyo to his leorning-cnihten. hwi is eower lareow mid sinfullen & manfullen.
12 & se hlend cwe e is ge-hyrde. Nis halen lches nan arf. ac seoken.
13 gad solice & leornie hwt is. ich wille mildhertnysse ns onsgdnisse. Solice ne com ich rihtwise to ge-cheigene ac a synfulle.
14 a ge-neahlahten iohannes leorning-cnihtes to him. & us cwen. hwi feste we. & a sunder-halgan ge-lomliche. Sodlice ine leorning-cnihtes ne fste.
15 Se hlend cw to heom. Cwee ge sculon as bredguman cnihtas wepan a hwile e se bredgume mid heom beo. Solice a dages cume e se bredgume by aferred fram heom. & anne on an dagen hyo fsted.
16 Ne de witodlice nan man niwes claes scyp [on] eald reaf. he to-brc his stede on a reafe. & se scyte (sic) beo a werse.
17 Ne hyo ne do niwe win on ealde bytton gyf hyo do. a bytton beo to-brokene. & t win agoten. & a bytton for-wure. Ac hyo do niwe win on niwe bytten & ger beo ge-healden.
18 a he as ing to heom sprc a genehlahte an aldor & ge-eadmede hine us cweende. Drihten min dohter ys dead. Ac cum & sete ine hand up-on hyo & hye lefe.
19 & se hlend aras. & felgede hym. & his leorning-cnihtes.
20 nd a an wif e olede blod-rine twelf gear ge-neahlahte wi-ften. & t-ran his reafes fned.
21 hyo cw solice on hire mode. for an ich byo hal gyf ich his reafes t-rine.
22 & se hlend be-wende hine & hyo ge-seah & cw. Ge-lyf dohter in ge-leafe e helde. & t wif ws ge-hled on are tide.
23 nd a se hlend com in-to as ealdres halle. & he geseah hwistleres & hlydende menigeo.
24 he cw. Ga heonen. nis is mgdon dead. solice ac hyo slp. & hye teldan hine.
25 & he a menigeo ut-draf. he geode in. & nam hire hand. & t mgden aras.
26 & es hlisa sprang ofer al t land.
27 a se hlend anen for. a fylgdon hym twegen blinde remende & cweende. L dauies sunu ge-miltse unc.
28 Solice a he ham com. a blinde ge-neahlahte hym to. & se hlend cw to heom. ge-lyfe gyt t ich eow maig ge-hlen. Hyo cwen to hym witodlice drihten.
29 a t-ran he heora eagen cweende syo inc fter yncre ge-leafen.
30 & heora eagen wren untynde. & se hlend be-bead heom cweende. warnie t ge hyt nane men ne seggen.
31 Hyo solice ut-gangende ge-wi-mrsedon hine ofer eal t land.
32 a hyo wron solice ut-ganne. hyo brohten him dumbne man se ws deofel-seoc.
33 & ut-adrifene am deofle se dumbe sprc. & a menigeo wundredon cweende. Nfre ateowede swilc on israele folke.
34 Solice a sunder-halgene cwen on deofla ealdre he drif ut deofle.
35 nd se hlend emb-for ealle burga nd chestra lrende on hire samnunge & bodiende rices godspel. & hlende lche adle. & lche untrumnysse.
36 He gemiltsede solice are manigeo. a he hyo geseah. foran hyo wren -dreahte & liggende swa swa scep e heorde nbbe.
37 a he sgde his leorning-cnihton. witodlice mycel rip ys. & feawe ripmen.
38 bidda as ripes hlaford t he sende ripten (sic) to his ripe.




1 nd to-somne ge-cheigde his twelf leorning-cnihton. he sealde heom unclnre gaste anweald. t hyo adrifen hyo ut & helden adle & lche untrumnysse.
2 is sende solice are twelf apostle namen. Se forme ys symon e is ge-nemned petrus. & Andreas his broer. Iacobus zebedei. & Iohannes his broer.
3 Philippus. & Bartholomeus. & thomas. & Matheus publicanus. & Iacobus alphei. & Taddeus.
4 Symon chaneus. & Iudas scarioth. e hine be-lwde.
5 as twelf se hlend sende heom be-bydende & cweende. ne fare ge on eode weig. & ne g ge innan samaritane ceastre.
6 ac ga ma to am scepan e for-wurdon isrle hywrdene.
7 Se Hlend cw to his leorning-cnihten ga & bodie cweende t heofene riche geneohlce.
8 Hled untrume. -wecche deade. clnsie hreofle. drife ut deofle. ge on-fengen to gyfe. sylled to gyfe.
9 nbben ge gold ne selfer ne feoh on eowren bygerdlen.
10 ne cod on weige. ne twa tunekan. ne ge-scy. ne gyrde. solice se wercta is wure his metas (sic).
11 On swa hwilce burh oe ceastre swa ge inga. acsia hwa sy wure on are. nd wunia r o ge ut-gan.
12 anne ge ingan solice on t hus grete hyt cweende. syo sibban isum huse.
13 & gyf t hus witodlice wure bye. eower sib cym ofer hit. Gyf hyt solice wure ne by. eower sibbe to eow gecherre.
14 And swa hwa swa eow ne underfeh. ne owre spraece ne gehyre. anne ge ut-gan of am huse oe of are ceastre. -scake t dust of eowren foten.
15 Solice ic eow segge acumendlicre beo sodome lande & gomorre on domes daig ane are cestre.
16 Nu ich eow snde swa scep onmang wulfen. beo eornestlice gleawe swa nddren. & bylehwitte swa culfren.
17 warnia eow solice fram mannen. hyo selled eow solice on ge-moten & swinga eow on heora ge-somnenga.
18 & ge beo ge-ldde to demen. & to kyningen. for me. to heora dome & eodon.
19 onne be-lwe sylled eow. Ne enche ge hu oe hwt ge sprecan. eow beo ge-seald solice on are tyde hwt ge sprken.
20 ne synde ge na e r spreca. ac eowres fder gast e sprec on eow.
21 Solice se broer sylled his broer to deae & fder hys sune. & bearn arisa on-gen mages. & to deae hyo fordo
22 & ge beo on hatigunge eallen mannen for minen namen. Solice se urh-wune o ende se beo hal.
23 onne hyo eow ehta on isse berig. fleo on ore. nd anne hyo eow on are ehtnia fleo on a ridden. Solice ic eow segge ne be-fare ge israele burgan r an e mannes sune cume.
24 Nis se leorning-cniht ofer his lareow. ne eow ofer hys hlaford.
25 ge-noh beo solice am leorning-cnihte t he beo swilce his lareow. & eow swilce his hlaford. Gyf hy as hyrdes fder belzebub clypodon mycele swier hyo eow clepia.
26 eornestlice ne ondrde ge hyo. Nis solice nan ing dihle t ne wur geswuteled. ne nan ing ge-hy t ne wur geopened.
27 t ic segge eow on eostre. segge hyt on lihte. & t ge on eare ge-hyre bodya uppon hrofen.
28 & ne on-drdon ge a e owre lichamen of-slea. ne mugen hyo solice a sawle of-slean. ac on-drde ma anne e maig sawle & lic-hamen for-don on helle.
29 Hu ne be-chype hyo twegan sparewon to panige. & an of am ne befal on eoren buton owren fder.
30 nd solice ealle eowres hfdes lockes synd ge-tealde.
31 Ne ondrde ge ge synd selren anne manega sparewan.
32 lcne eornestlice e me ky be-foren mannen. ic kye hine be-fore mine fder. e on heofene ys.
33 Se e me wi-sc be-foran mannen. & ic wi-sake hine be-foran mine fder. e on hefene ys.
34 Ne wene ge t ic come sybbe on eoran to sndenne. ne com ic sybbe to sendenne ac swurd.
35 Ich com solice man sundrian on-gen his fder. & dohter on-gen hyra moder. & snore on-gean hire swegre.
36 & mannes fynd hys ge-husan.
37 Se hlend cw to hys leorning-cnihten se e lufe fder oe moder m onne me. nys he me wure. & se e lufe sune oe dother swiere anne me. nys he me wure.
38 & se e ne nym his cwelminge. & felh me nys he me wure.
39 Se e met hys sawle se for-spil hyo. & se e for-spyl his sawle for me he ge-met hyo.
40 Se e eow under-feh. he under-feh me. & se e me under-feh. he under-feh ane e me sente.
41 Se e under-feh witegan on witegena name. he on-feh witegena mede. nd se e underfeh rihtwisne on rihtwises namen. he on-feh rihtwises meden.
42 & swa hwilc swa syld nne drinc chealdes wteres nan issa lytlera manne on leorning-cnihtes naman. so ic segge eow ne amer he his mede.




1 & hit ws geworen a se hlend is ge-endyde hys twelf leorning-cnihtes be-beodende. h for anen t he lrde & bodede on heora burgan.
2 a Iohannes on benden ge-hyrde cristes weorc. a sente he to hym twegen. his leorning-cnihtes.
3 & cw. Eart u e to cumene ert. oe we ores sculon abyden.
4 Se hlend answerede & cw to heom. ga & kya iohanne. a ing e ge ge-hyrden & ge-seagen.
5 Blinde ge-seo. healte ga. hrefle synd aclensede. deafe ge-here. deade arisa. rfen bodige.
6 & eadig ys se e ne swic on me.
7 a hyo ut-eoden solice a on-gan se hlend seggen be Iohanne. & cw to am menige. hwi eode ge ut on wsten geseon winde aweged reod.
8 oe hwi eode ge ut ge-seon man hnescen certlen ge-scridne. Nu a e sind hnescen certlen ge-scridde senden on kynges husen.
9 Ac hwt geode ge ut witegan to ge-seon. ic eow segge eac mare anne witegan.
10 es is solice be am awriten ys. nu ich snde minne ngel be-foran ine anseone. se e gerewa inne weig beforen e.
11 Soliche ich eow segge ne aras be-twux wifen bearnen mare Iohanne an fulluhtere. Solice se lsse s. is on heofene riche hym mare.
12 Solice fram iohannes dagen fulluhteres o is. heofene rice ole nead [&] strece nyma t.
13 Solice ealle witegan & lage. witegedan oe iohannes.
14 & gyf ge wille ge-lyfan he is helias e to cumene ys.
15 se e earan hbbe to geherene ge-hyre.
16 Solice hwam telle ic as cneornysse geliche. heo is gelich sittendon cnapen on foretige a ryma to heora efenlicon.
17 & cwee. we sungen eow. & ge ne fricodon. & we cwyddun & ge ne weapan.
18 Solice iohannes com ne etende ne drinkende. & hyo cwan he haf deofel-seocnysse.
19 Mannes sunu com etende & drinkende & hyo cwee. her is tul man & win-drinkinde. manfulre & synfulre freond. & wisdom ys gerihtwise fram heora bearmen (sic).
20 a on-gan he hysfan a burga on am wren gedon manega his mnega. for-an e hy ne deden deadbote.
21 Wa e corozaim. wa e bethsaida. for am gyf on tyro & sydon wren ge-done a manige e syndde don on eow. ge-fern hyo deden deadbote on hren & on scan.
22 eah ic segge ync tyre & sydonie byo for-gyfendlicur on domes daig anne eow.
23 nd u capharnaum cwest u byost u up-ahafan oe heofone. ac u nier wurst o helle. For-an gyf on sodome lande wren gedone a manega e gedone synd on e. witodlice hyo wunedon o isne dayg.
24 eah-hwaere ich segge eow t sodome-wre lande. beo forgefendlichre on domes daig anne e.
25 Se hlend cw &sweriende. Ich andette e drihten. heofenes & eoran. u e byheddest as ing fram wisen & gleawun. & onwruge a litlingan.
26 Swa fder for-an hyt ws swa ge-cweme be-foran e.
27 Ealle ing me synde ge-sealde fram mine fder. & nan man ne kan anne sune buto se fader. ne nan man ne kan anne fder bute se sune. & am e se sune wile unwregan.
28 Cume to me ealle a e swinke & ge-seamede synd. & ich eow ge-blissige.
29 Neme min gc ofer eow. & leornige t me. for-am ich eom bylehwit & eadmod on heortan. & ge ge-meta reste owren sawlen.
30 Solice min goc is winsum & min berene is leoht.




1 Se hlend for on reste-daig ofer keres. solice his leorning-cnihtes hyngrede. & hyo on-gungen (sic) plockien a ear & etan.
2 Solice a a sunder-halgen t ge-seagen. hyo cwen to hym. Nu ine leorning-cnihtes do t heom alyfed nys. resten-dagen to donne.
3 nd he cw to heom. ne redde ge hwt dauid dyde a hine hyngrede. & a e mid him wren.
4 hu he in-eode on godes huse. & t a offrung-hlafes. e nren him alyfde to etene ne am e mid hym wron. buten am sacerdan anen.
5 oe ne rdde ge on are lage t a sacerdas on reste-dagen on am temple gewemmed anne reste-dayg & synden buton leahtre.
6 Ic segge solice eow. t es ys mrre anne t temple.
7 Gyf ge solice wisten hwt ys. ic wille mildheortnysse & na on-sgdnysse ne ge-nyerede ge fre unscyldyge.
8 Solice mannes sune is eac restes dayges hlaford.
9 a se hlend anen for. he com in to heore samnunge.
10 a ws r an man se hfde for-scrunkene hand. & hyo acsoden hine us cweende. Is hit alef to hlen on reste-dagen. t hyo wrehton hine.
11 He saygde heom solice hwilc man is of eow e hbbe an sceap. & gyf t afal reste-dayge on pyt. hu ne nym he t & hef hit up.
12 Witodlice mycele ma. mann ys sceape betera. witodlice hyt ys alyfed on reste-dagen wel to donne.
13 a cw he to am men. aene ine hand. & he hyo aenede. & hyo ws hal geworan. swa sye oer.
14 a sunder-halgen geoden a ut solice & worhten ge-eoht ongen hine hu hyo hine for-spildon.
15 Se hlend solice t wiste & ferde anon. & hym fylgde mycele mnigeo. & he helde hyo ealle.
16 & be-bead heom t hyo hyt nanen men ne saygdon.
17 t wre gefylled t gecween ws urh ysaiam. anne witegan. us cweende.
18 Her ys min cnape ane ich ge-cheas min ge-corene of am wel gelicode minre sawle. Ich sette minne gast ofer hine. & dom he bode eodum.
19 Ne flt he. ne he ne hrim ne nan man ne gehyr hys stemne on strten.
20 To-cwyce hreod he ne for-brett. & smekende flex he ne adwsc. r am e he awurpe dom to sige.
21 & on his name eodan ge-hihta.
22 a ws him broht an deofel-seoc man se ws blind & dumb & he hine hlde swa t he spc & geseah.
23 & a menigeo ealle wundredon & cwen. Cwee we ys es dauies sune.
24 Solice a a sinder-halgen is ge-hyrden a cwen hyo. Ne drif es deofle ut buton urh beelzebub deofle ealdre.
25 Se hlend solice wiste heora ge-ankes. & cw to heom. lch riche e by twyrde on hym sylfen beo to-worpen. & lc ceastre oe hus e byo wierweard ongean hyt sylf. hit ne stent.
26 And gyf se deofel adrif ut anne deofel hyo by to-dlde. hu maig anne hys rice standen.
27 & gyf ich urh beelzebub adrife ut deofele. urh hwane adrif eowre bearn. for-an hyo sylfe beo owre demen.
28 Gif ic solice on godes gaste awurpe deofel. witodlice on eow be-cume godes riche.
29 Oe hu mg man ingan on stranges hus. & his fate hine be-refian bute he ge-binde rest ane strangen. & anne hys hus bereafian.
30 Se e nys mid me he is on-geanes me. & se e ne gadere mid me he to-wyr.
31 For-an ich segge eow. lc senne & bismer-sprce by for-gyfen mannum. Solice as halgan gastes bysmer-sprce ne by for-gefen.
32 & swa hlyc swa cwe word on-gen mannes sunu him by forgefen. Se e solice cwe on-gen haligne gast. ne by hit him for-gefen. ne on issere werolde. ne on are to-wearden.
33 Oe wirca god treow & his wstme godne oe wyrca yfel treow & his wstme yfelne. Witodlice be am wstme by t treow on-cnawen.
34 La ge nddrene cynrin. hu mugen ge gd sprcen. anne ge senden yfele. Solice on are heortan willan se mu spc.
35 god mann solice of goden gold-horde bring god for. & yfel man of yfele gold-horde bring yfel for.
36 Solice ich segge eow. t lc ydel word e man spreca. hyo agylde scad be am on domes daige.
37 Solice of inen worden u byst rihtwised. & of inum worden u byst ge-niored.
38 a andswereden him sume a bokeres. & a sunder-halgan. us cweende. Lareow we wille sum taken of e ge-seon.
39 he andswerede hem & cw. yfel cneorys & for-lier seche tacne. & hyre ne beo nan taken geseald buton ionas taken as witegan.
40 Witodlice swa swa ionas ws on as hwles innoe reo dages & reo niht. swa beo mannes sune on eoran heortan reo dages & reo niht.
41 Niniueissce weres arise on dome mid isse cneornysse & hyo nieria hyo. for-an e hyo dyden dead-bote on Ionases bodiunge. & es ys mare anne Ionas.
42 Su-dles cwen arist on dome mid isse cneornisse. & hyo ge-nieria hyo foram e hyo com fram landes ge-mrum to ge-heren salomones wisdom. & es ys mare anne salomon.
43 Solice onne se un-clne gast ut-fare. fram menn he g geond drege stowa sechende reste. & he ne ge-met.
44 anne cwe he. ic gecherre on min hus anen ic ut-eode. & cumende. he ge-met hyt emtig ge-clnsed mid besmum & gefratewed.
45 onne ga he & hym to-genim sefen ore gastes wyrse onne he. & ingangende hyo eardige er. & anne wure as mannes ytemesten werse onne a rran & swa by isse werstan cneornysse.
46 a he as ing a geat spc to am mnege. a stod his moder & his ge-brora r-ute secende spcen to hym.
47 Solice a cw sum to him. Witodlice in moder & ine ge-brore stande rute e sechende.
48 & he andswerede hym seggedden & cw. Hwilc ys moder. & hwilce sende mine gebrore.
49 & he aenede his hand on his leorning-cnihtes. & cw.
50 Witodlice swa hwylc swa werc mines fader willan e on heofene is. he ys min broer. & min swustor. & min moder.




1 On am dayge am hlende ut-gangenden of huse he st wi a s.
2 & michele menigeo wren ge-samnode to hym. swa t he eode on scyp & r st. & eall syo menigeo. stod on am warue.
3 & he spc to heom fele on bispellen cweende. Solice ut-eode se swere hys sd to sawenne.
4 & a a he seow. sume hye feollen wi weig. & fugeles comen & ten a.
5 Solice sume feollen on stnette r hyt nfde mychele eoran. & rdlice up-sprungen for-an e hyo nfdon are eoran deopan.
6 Solice up-sprungenre sunne hyo adruwedon & for-scrunken. for-am e hyo nfdon wyrtrum.
7 Solice sume feollen on ornen. & a ornes weoxan & for-rysmedon a.
8 sume solice feollen on gode eoran. & sealden wstme. sume hundred-fealde. sum syxtig-fealde. sum rittig-fealdne.
9 Se e hbbe earan to ge-herenne ge-here.
10 & a genehlahten his leorning-cnihtes & cwen to hym. For-hwi spcst u to heom mid byspellen.
11 a answerede he heom. for-an e eow ys ge-seald to witene heofene riches geryne. & heom nys na ge-seald.
12 Solice am e haf him beo ge-seald. & he hf. solice se e nf. & t he hf him beo t-broden.
13 For-am ic spece to heom mid byspellen. for-am e lokiende hyo ne geseo. & ge-herende hyo ne ge-here. ne ne on-gete
14 t on heom sy ge-felled ysaias gewitegung. Of ge-hernysse ge geheora. & ge ne ongyte. & lokiende ge ge-seo. & ge ne ge-seo.
15 Solice ises folkes heorte. is aherd. & hyo hefylice mid earen ge-hyrden. & heora eagen be-clysdon. e ls hye afre mid eagen ge-seagen. & mid earan ge-hyrdon. & mid heortan on-getan. & syon ge-cherde. & ic hyo ge-hle.
16 Solice eadygen synd eowrum eagen for-am e hyo ge-seo. & eowre earan foram e hyo ge-hera.
17 Solice on eornestlice ic eow segge t manega witegan & rihtwise ge-wilneden a ing to ge-seonne e ge ge-seo. & hyo ne ge-seagen. & ge-hyran a ing e ge ge-hyra. & hyo ne ge-hyrdon.
18 Ge-hyre ge solice a sawenden byspellen.
19 lc are e godes word gehyr & ne ongyt anne cym deofel & bereafa t on hys heortan aswen is. t is se e on anne weig -sawen is.
20 Solice se e ofer stan asawen is. t is se e t godes word ge-hyr & hrdlice t mid blisse onfeg.
21 Solice hit nf anne wertrum on him ac is hwilwendlic. Geworenre gedrefendnysse & ehtnysse for am worde rdlice hyo beo ge-untreowsede.
22 Solice t e asawen is on ornen. t ys se e t word ge-hyr. & anne geornfulnisse isse worlde. & leasunge issere worlde welen forresmia. t word. & hit is buten wstme ge-woren.
23 Solice t e asawen ws on t gode land t is se e t word ge-her. & on-gyt. & ane wstme bring & onne de sum hund-fealdne. sum sixtig-fealdne. sum rittig-fealdne.
24 He rehte heom a a oerne byspel & us cw. heofene riche is ge-woren am men gelic e seow god sd on his akere.
25 Solice a a men slepen. a com hys feonda sum & ofer-seow hit mid coccle on middam (sic) am hwte & ferden (sic) anen.
26 Solice a syo wert weox & anne wstm brohte a atewede se coccel hine.
27 a eoden as hlaferdes eowas. & cwen. Hlaford hu ne seowe u god sd on inen akere. hwanen hafde he coccel.
28 a cw he. t dyde unhold man. a cwen a eowas. wilt u we ga & gaderie hyo.
29 a cw he ne se e ls ge anne hwate awertwalien. anne ge anne coccel gaderia.
30 Lte ayer wexan oe riptiman. & on am riptiman ic segge an riperen gaderia rest anne coccel & binde sceaf-mlen to for-brnenne. & gaderia ane hwte in-to mine berne.
31 He rette heom a get oer bispell us cweende. heofena rice is ge-woren gelich senepes corn. t seow se man on hys akere.
32 t ys alre sde lst. Solice anne hyt wexa hyt ys alre wyrte mst. & hyt wur treow. swa t heofene fugeles cuma & eardige r on his bogen.
33 He sprc to heom oer byspell & us cw. heofene riche is ge-lic am beorman onne t wif onfeng & be-hydde on rem gemitten melewes o t hyt ws eall ahafan.
34 Ealle as ing se hlend spc mid byspellen to am weredum. & nan ing ne spc he buton byspellen.
35 t wre ge-fylled as witegan cwide. Ic untyne minne mu mid bispellen. ich bodige digelnysse fram midden-eardes ge-setnysse.
36 He for-let a a menigeo. & com to his inne. & a ge-neahlahten to hym his leorning-cnihtes & cwen. A reche s t bispell as hwtes & as coccles
37 a andswerede he heom. se e seow t gode sd se is mannes sune.
38 Solice se aker is is midden-eard. t gode sd t synden as heofenlican rices bearn. Se coccel synde solice a manfulle bearn.
39 Se unholde man se e ane coccel seow t is deofel. Solice t rip ys weorlde endunge. a riperas sende englas.
40 Eornostlice swa swa se coccel by ge-gadered & mid fere for-berned swa beo on werolde ndunge.
41 mannes sune sent his ngles & hyo gaderia of hys riche ealle gedrefednysse & a e unriht-wisnesse werche
42 & asende hyo on fyres ofen r by wop & toe gritbitung (sic)
43 anne scine a rithwisa swa swa sunne on heora fder riche.
44 Heofene rice is ge-lic gehydden gold-horden. on am akere anne be-bit (sic) se man e hine fint & for hys blisse g. & sil ll t he hf & ge-bei anne Aker.
45 Eft is heofene riche gelic am mangere e sohte t gode meregrot
46 a he funde t an derwure mere-grot a eode he & sealde all t he ahte & bohte t meregrot.
47 Eft ys heofene rice ge-lic. asende nytte on a s. & of lche fyskenne gaderiende.
48 a hyo a t nyt up-atugen & sten be am strande. a ge-curen hyo a goden on heora fate. a yfele hy atorfedon ut.
49 Swa beo on issere worulde endunge. a ngles fare. & asyndrie a yfele of are godere midlene.
50 & a-wurpe hyo on as feres ofen. r by wop & toke (sic) gristbyting.
51 ongete ge ealle as ing. a cwen hyo, witodlice we hyt on-geta.
52 a sgde he heom. for-an is lc lred bokere on heofene riche ge-lic am heordes ealdre e for-bring of hys gold-horde nywe ing & ealde.
53 nd hyt ws geworen a se hlend ge-endode as byspell. a ferde he anon.
54 & a he com to hys earde he lrde hyo on heora samnungen swa t hyo wundredon & cwen. hwanen ys isum. es wisdom & is maigen.
55 Witodlice es is smies sune. & hu ne hatte his moder MARie & hys brora iacob & ioseph. & symon & iudas.
56 & hu ne synd ealle hys swustre mid us. hwanen synon isen ealle as ing.
57 & hyo wren untreowsede on him. a solice saigde se hlend heom. nis nan witege buton wurscipe bute on hys earde. & on his huse.
58 & he ne worhte r manega mnege buto for heora ungeleaffulnysse.




1 On are tide ge-herde herodes se feoran dles rice as hlendes hlysan.
2 & a sgde he his cnihten. es is iohannes se fulluhtere e ic be-heafdede he aras of deae. & for am synde as wundre gefremede on him.
3 Solice herodes nam Iohannem & ge-band hine. & sette on cwarterne. for am wife herodiade philippus his broor.
4 Iohannes him sgde. nis e alyfed hy to wife to hbbenne
5 & a e he hine of-slean wolde he adrede him t folc for am e hyo hafdon hine for nne witege.
6 a on Herodes gebyrd-dayge. tumbede r herodiadisse dohtor be-forem (sic) hym & hit likede herode.
7 a be-het he mid ae hire to gyfene swa hwt swa hyo hine bde.
8 a cw hyo. fram hire moder ge-meneged. Syle me on anen disce Iohannes heafed as fulluhteres.
9 a ws se kyng unblie. for am ae. & for am e him sten mide.
10 & he asende a & be-hfdede iohanne on am cwrterne.
11 & man brohte a his heafod on anen disce. & sealde am maidene. & t maiden hire moder.
12 nd a ge-neahlahten his leorning-cnihtes & namen his lichame. & be-berigedon hine. & coman & kyddan hit am hlende.
13 a se hlend t ge-hyrde a ferde he anen on-syndron on anum scype. & a a gangendon manigeo t ge-hyrdon hyo felgdon hym of am burgen.
14 & a he anen ferde. he ge-seah mycele menigeo. & he heom ge-miltsede & ge-hlde a untruman.
15 Solice a hyt ws fen ge-woren. him to neahlahton hys leorning-cnihtes & him to cwen. eos stowe is weste & time ys for agan. for-lt as mnigeo t hyo faren in-to as burgen. & heom mte byggen.
16 a cwe se hlend to heom. nbbe hyo neode to farene sylle ge heom etan.
17 a andswereden hyo we nbbe her buton fif hlafes. & twegen fixsas.
18 a cw se hlend. bringe me hider.
19 nd a he het a mnigeo ofer t grs sitton. & he nam a fif hlafes & twegen fixas. & be-seah on onne heofene & bletsode. Brc a a hlafes & sealde hys leorning-cnihten. & hyo am folce.
20 & hyo ten ealle. & wren ge-fylde. & hyo namen a lafe twelf wylien fulle. are britsene.
21 Solice are etendra ge-tel ws fif usenda weran. buton wifan & childon.
22 nd a sona het se hlend his leorning-cnihtas on scyp astigan. & to-foram (sic) hym faren ofer anne muun. o t he a mnigeo for-lete.
23 nd a he hyo for-lten hafde. he eode on anne munt. & hine r ane ge-bd. Solice a hyt fen ws he ws ana r.
24 Witodlice ws t scyp of yum to-torfod. for-an e hit ws strang wind.
25 a com se hlend embe ane feoran ancred (sic) to heom ofer a s gangende.
26 a hyo ge-seagen t hyo wuron a gedrefde. & for am eige cleopoden & cwen us. Solice hit is scinlac.
27 a sprc se hlend. & cwe. hbbe ge-leafan. ich hit eom nellen ge eow on-drden.
28 a andswerede hym petrus. & cw. Drihten gyf u hit ert. hat me cuman to e ofer as watere.
29 a cw he. cum to me. a eode petrus of am scype ofer t wter. t he to am hlende come.
30 a he ge-seah anne strange wind he him on-drdde. a he war gedofon he cwe. drihton ge-do me halgan.
31 And a rdlice he ge-feng hyne & us cw. litles ge-leafenes hwi tweonodost u.
32 & a hy wren on scype ge-swac se wind.
33 Solice a e on am scype wron comen & to him ge-bdon & us cwen. Solice u ert godes sune.
34 & a hyo ofer-seigledon hyo comen on t land genesareth.
35 & a t folc hine ge-cneow hyo sentten geond eall t land. & brohton to him ealle untrume.
36 & hine bdon. t hyo hwure-inge hys reafes fned t-rinen. & swa hlylce (sic) hys t-rinen. wuren hale.




1 a comen to him fram ierusalem a bokeras. & a fariseisse. & cwen.
2 Hwi for-gyme ine leorningcnihtas ure ealdran lge. ne wea hy heore handen anne hye mette iggia.
3 a andswerede se hlend heom. & hwi for-geme ge godes bebod for eowre lage.
4 witodlice god cw. wure inne fder & ine moder. & se e werege his fader & his moder swelte he deae.
5 Solice ge cwee swa hwilc swa sg his fader & his moder. swa hwilc lac swa of me is freme e.
6 & ne wuria fader & moder. & ge for naht dydon godes be-bod for eower lage.
7 La liceteras wel be eow witegede ysaias se witega. a he cwe.
8 is folc me mid welerum wura. & heora heorte is feor fram me.
9 butan intingan hio me wuria. & lre manna lare.
10 & he a am manigen to-gdere clypedon us cw. ge-hyre & on-gyte.
11 ne be-smit anne man t on hys mu g. ac hine be-smt t of hys mues heorte g.
12 a ge-neahlahten his leorning-cnihtas hym & cwan. Wast u t a fariseiscan synde gedrefede isen worden gehyrden.
13 a andswerede he heom lc plantung e min heofenlice fder ne plantode byo awyrt-wale (sic).
14 Late hy. hy sinden blinde. & blindere ladtewes. Se blinde. gyf he blindne lt. hyo falle bege on nne pett.
15 a andswerede him petrus & cw. areche us is bispel.
16 a andswerede he hym. & synd ge geot buton andgytte.
17 Ne on-gyte ge. t all t on anne mu g. g on a wambe. & by on forgan asended.
18 Solice a ing e of am mue ga cume of are heorte. & a besmita anne mann.
19 Of are heorte cume a yfele ankes. manslehtes unriht-hamee. forleira. stale. lease gewitnesse. talliche word.
20 is synde a ing e anne man be-smyte. Ne be-smyt anne man ah he unwesscena hande te.
21 nd a ferde se hlend anen on tyrisce. & sydonisse endes.
22 & efne of a chananeisscen gemron clypede sum wif & cw. Drihten dauides sunu ge-miltse me. min dohter ys yfele mid deofle ge-dreht.
23 a ne ge-andswerede he hire. a ge-neahlahton his leorning-cnihtas nd hym to cwen. for-lt hyo for-an hyo clypa fter us.
24 a andswerede he. ne eom ich asend buton to am scepan e for-wuren of israele huse.
25 a com hyo & hyo to hym ge-bd. & us .cw. Drihten ge-fylst me.
26 a cw he. nis hit na god t man nyme beornan hlf. & hunden weorpan.
27 a cw hyo. Drihton t ys so. Witodliche a hwelpas te a cruman e of heora hlaferdes beodan falle.
28 a andswerede drihten hyre. Eala u wif mychel is in ge-leafe. ge-wure e eall swa u wille. & a of are tide ws hire dohter hall geworen.
29 a se hlend anen ferde. eft he com wi a galileisscan s. & stah on anne munt. & r st.
30 a genehlahten him to michele menige hbbende mid heom manega healte & blinde & samhale & manega ore. & aleigdon to hys foten. & he ge-hlde a.
31 t a maniga wundredon ge-seonde. dumbe spekende. healte gangende. blinde ge-seonde. & hyo marseden israele god.
32 a cw se hlend to-gadere ge-clypedon his leorning-cnihton. isse manigeo ich gemiltsige for-an hyo ry dages mid me wunedon. & hyo nbbe hwt hyo eatan. & ich hyo nelle festende for-lten. i-ls hyo on weige teorian.
33 a cwen hys leorning-cnihtes. hwr nime we swa fele hlafe on is westene t we gefyllen swa mychele manigeo.
34 a cwe he. hu fele hlafe hbbe ge. a cwen hyo. Seofona & feawe fisca.
35 nd he be-bead a. t syo manigeo ste ofer are eoran.
36 nd he nam a. a seofe hlafes. & a fixsas. & brc. & sealde his leorning-cnihten. & hyo sealden am folke.
37 & hyo ten ealle. & wren ge-fyllede. & t to lafe ws of am broccan hyo naman seofan wilian fulle.
38 Witodlice a r ten wren feower usend manne buton childen & wifen.
39 & he for-let a a manigeo & eode on scyp. & com on a ndes magedon.




1 & a ge-nehlahten him to pharisei & saducei. & costned & beedden hine t he heom sum taken of heofene teawede.
2 a andswerede he heom & cw. On fen ge cwee to-morgen hit beo smolt weder. is heofene is read.
3 & on morgen ge cwede to-daig hit beo reu weder. eos lift scin un-wederliche. nu cunne ge to-cnawen heofenes heow. witodlice ge ne mugen witen are tide tackne.
4 Seo yfele cneorys. & unriht-hamende tacne sec & hire ne beo ge-seald bute ionases tacne as witege. & a ferde he & heom for-lt.
5 & his leorning-cnihtes comen ofer anne muan. & hyo for-gten t hyo hlafes naman.
6 & a sgdon he. gyme & warnia eow fram am bearman fariseorum & saduceorum.
7 a ohten hyo be-twux heom & cwen. nimen we hlafes mid s.
8 a se hlend wiste heore ankes he cw to heom. hwt ence ge be-tweox eow. litles ge-leafan. t ge hlafes nbbe
9 ne understande ge gyt ne ne ge-ence are fif hlafe & are fif usende manne. & hu fele wiliene ge naman?
10 & are seofe hlafen. & fewer usende manne. & hu fele wilian ge namen?
11 Hwi ne on-gyte ge geot t ich ne saigde be hlafe warnia eow fram am beorman fariseorum & saduceorum.
12 a on-gten hy t he ne sde warnia fram hlafe beorman ac fram lare fariseorum & saduceorum.
13 Witodlice a com se hlend on a dles cesar philippi. & axode hys leorning-cnihtes hwet segge menn t sy mannes sunu.
14 a cwen hyo sume Iohannen anne fulluhtere. sume heliam. sume ieremiam. oe an are witegan.
15 a side he. hwt segge ge t ich syo.
16 a andswerede hym petrus. u eart as lefiendes godes sunu.
17 a andswerede hym se hlend. eadig ert u simon culfran bearn. for-an hyt e ne opene ne un-wreag flsc ne blod ac min fader e on heofene ys.
18 & ich segge e t u ert petrus. & ofer isne stan ich ge-tymbrie mine chyrcan. &. helle gate ne magen on-gean a.
19 nd e ich sylle heofena riches kaigen. & swa hwt swa u ofer eoran gebindast. t beo on hefene gebundon. & swa hwt swa u un-bindst on eoran. t beo unbundon on heofene.
20 a bebead se hlend hys leorning-cnihtes t hyo nanen men ne sden t he wre hlend crist.
21 Seen he on-gan swutelian hys leorning-cnihten t he wolde faran to ierusalem. & fele inge olian fram yldren & bokeren. & ealdor-mannen. ara sacerda & beon of-slagen. & ridden daige arisen.
22 And a ge-nam petrus hine on-sundren. & cwe to him. drihten ne ge-wure t.
23 a be-seah he hine. & cw to petre. gang befte me sathanas. wier-rde u ert me. for-an u nast a ing e synd godes ac a e synde manne.
24 a sde se hlend hys leorning-cnihten. Gif hwa wile felgian me. wisake hine selfne. & neme hys rode & me felgie.
25 Solice se e wile his sawle ge-hle ge-don he hio for-spille. & se e wile hyo for me for-spille. se hyo fint.
26 hwt frema anigen men. ah he ealne middan-eard ge-strynie gif he his sawle for-wyr olie. Oe hwilc ge-wrixl syl. se man for his sawle.
27 witodlice mannes sunu ys to cumene on his fder wuldre mid hys nglen. & anne agelt he ig-hwilcan be his agenen mede.
28 Solice ich segge eow sume synd her standende e dea ne onberia. r hyo seo mannes sune cumende on hys fder riche.




1 & fter six dagen nam se hlend petrum & Iacobum & Iohanne his broer. & ldde hyo on-sunder on enne heahne munt.
2 & he ws geheowe beforen heom. & hys ansiene scan swa sunne. & his reaf wren swa hwite swa snaw.
3 nd efne a atywde moyses & elias mid him sprekende.
4 a cw petrus to hym. drihten god is us her to beonne. gif u wilt utan wercan her reo earding-stowen. e ane. moyses ane. & helie ane.
5 hym a gt sprecende. & solice a briht-welcan hyo ofer-scan. & a efne com stefen of am wolcne & cw. Her ys min leofe sunu. on an me well ge-lika. ge-here hine.
6 & a hye is ge-hyrden his leorning-cnihtes hyo fellen on heora ansiene. & hym swie adredden.
7 He ge-neahlahte a & hyo t-ran & heom to cw. Arise & ne on-drde eow.
8 a hyo heora eagen up-hofen ne geseagen hyo nanne buton anne hlend sylfne.
9 & a hyo of a munte eoden se hlend heom be-bead. & us cwe. Nanen men ge is ne seggen r mannes sune of deae arise.
10 And a axoden hys leorning-cnihtes hine Hwet segge a bokeres. t ge-berige rest cuman heliam.
11 a andswerede he heom. Witodlice helias ys toward & he ge-edniwa ealle ing.
12 Solice ich eow segge t helas com & hyo hine ne ge-cneowen. Ac hyo dyden embe hine swa hwt swa hyo wolden. & swa ys mannes sune eac fram heom to rowienne.
13 a on-geaten hys leorning-cnihtes t he hit saigde be iohanne am fulluhtere.
14 nd a he com to are manigeo him to ge-nehlahten sume ge-byggenden cneowen to-foren him & cwen.
15 Drihten gemiltse minne sune. for-an e he ys wel-seoc. & yfel ole. oft he fal on fyr. & gelomlice on wtere.
16 & ich brohte hine to inen leorning-cnihten. & hyo ne myhton hine hlen.
17 a andswerede he heom. Eale ge un-geleaffulle. & weore cneores. hu lange byo ich mid eow. hu lange for-bere ich eow? bringe hine to me hider.
18 nd a redde se hlend hine. & se deofel hine for-let. & se cnapa ws on are tide ge-hled.
19 a ge-neahlahten his leorning-cnihtes to hym. & hym to cwen. digelice. Hwi ne mihte we hine ut-adrifen.
20 a cw he for heora ungeleaffulnysse. Solice on eornest ic eow segge. gyf ge hafden ge-leafan swa mycel swa senepes corn. & ge cwen to issen munte. far heonen. anne ferde he. & eow ne bye anyg ing un-myhtig-lic.
21 Solice is kyn ne beo ut-adrifen buten urh gebed & fsten.
22 a hyo wunedon on galilea. a cw se hlend. Mannes sune is to syllene on manne hande.
23 & hyo of-sla hine. & he arist on am riddan daige. a wuron hyo earle ge-unrotsede.
24 nd a he com to kafarnaum. a ge-neahlahton to petre. a et gafel namen. & us cween. Eower lareow ne gylt he gafel.
25 a cw he. gyse he de. & a he com in-to am huse. a cw se hlend. Hwt inc e symon. t hwam nyme kyninges gafol. oe toll. of hire bernen. hwer e of fremden.
26 a cw he of fremden. a cw he. Eornestlice a barn senden frie.
27 ah-hwere. t we hi ne unrotsige. g to are s. & werp inne angel ut & nym anne reste fisc. & his mu ge-opene. u finst nne penig on him. nym anne & syle for me & for e.




1 On are tide geneohlahton his leorning-cnihtas to am hlende. & cwen. Hwa wenst u is eldre on heofene rice.
2 nd a clypede se hlend enne geongling. & sette on heora midlen
3 & cwe. Solice ic segge eow. bute ge beon ge-cyrde & ge-worenne swa swa litlingas ne ga ge on heofena riche.
4 Swa hwylc swa hine eadmet. swa es litling. se ys mare on hefene riche.
5 nd swa hwilc swa enne ellicne litlyng on mine naman on-feg se on-feg me.
6 Solice se e be-swic nne of issen litlyngen e on me ge-lyfe betere hym ys t an cweornstan syo to hys sweoran ge-cnyt. & sye be-snced on ss grund.
7 Wa issen midden-earde urh swikedomes. Neod ys t swicdomes cumen eah-hwere wa am men. e swikedom urh hine cym.
8 Gyf in hand oe in fot e swike. acherf hine of. & awurp hine aweig fram e. Betere e is t u g wan-hal oe halt to lyfe anne u hbbe twa hande & tweige fet. & syo on eche fer ge-sent.
9 nd gyf in eage e swica ahola hyt ut nd awurp hyt fram e. Betere e ys mid anen eage on life to ganne. anne u syo mid twam asend on helle fer.
10 Warnie eow t ge ne for-hugien nne of issen lytlingen e ge-lefe on me.
11 Solice mannes sune com to ge-hlenne t for-wr.
12 Hwt ys eow ge-uht gyf hwylc man hf hund scepe & hym los an of am. hu ne for-let he anan a nigon & hund-nigentig on am munte. & g & sec t an e for-wur.
13 & gyf hit ge-lymp t he hit fint. solice ic eow segge t he swire geblidsa for am anum. anne for a nige & hund-negentig e n ne loseden.
14 Swa nis wille be-foren eowren fader. e on heofene ys. t an for-wure of ysen litlingan.
15 Solice gyf in broer synege wi e. g & styr hine. be-twuxe e & hym sylfen. Gyf he e ge-hyr. u ge-estaelest inne broor.
16 Gyf he e ne ge-hyr. nym anne gyt enne to e oe twegen. t lc word stande on tweigre oe on reora ge-witnysse.
17 Gyf he anne e ne gehyr. segge hit ge-fer-redene. Gyf he hine ne ge-hyr syo he e swa swa hene & mannful.
18 Solice ich segge eow swa hwilce swa ge ge-binda ofer eoran a beo ge-bundene on heofene. & swa hwilce swa ge ofer eoran un-binda. a beo on heofene un-bundene.
19 Eft ich eow segge gyf tweigen of eow ge-waria ofer eoran be lchen inge e hyo bydda. hyt ge-wur hym of minan fder e on heofene ys.
20 r tweigen oe reo synden on minen namen ge-gadered r ich eom on heore midlene.
21 a ge-nehlahte petrus to hym & cw. drihten gyf min broer synega wi me mot ic hit hym for-gyfan oet seofe syan.
22 a cw se hlend. ne segge ic e oe seofan sias. ac oe seofen hund-seofentig sian.
23 For-am ys heofene riche an-lich am kyninge e his eowas ge-gaderede.
24 & a he t ge-rad sette. hym ws an broht se him scolde teon usend punde.
25 & a he nfde hwr-mid he hyt agulde. hym het his hlaford ge-syllan & his wif & his chyld. & eall t he ahte.
26 a strehte se eow hine. & cw. Hlaford hafe ge-yld on me. & ich hit e eall agylde.
27 a ge-miltsede se hlaford hym & for-gef hym eall anne gylt.
28 a se eowe ut-eode he ge-mette hys efen-eowan. se hym scolde an hund panegan. & he nam hine a & for-resmede hine. & cw. Agyf t u me scelt.
29 nd a astrehte hys efen-eowa hine. & bd hine. and us cw. Ge-yldiga. & ic hit e all agyfe.
30 He a nolde ac ferde & warp hine on cwrterne oe t he him eall agulde & gyfe.
31 a ge-seagen his efen (sic) t. a wren hyo swie ge-unrotsode. and coman & sgden heore hlaforde ealle a dden.
32 a cleopede hys hlaford hine & cw to hym. Eala u lera eowa ealne inne gelt ic e for-gef for-am e u me bde.
33 Hu ne ge-berede e ge-myltsian ine efen-eowan. swa swa ich e gemyltsede.
34 a ws se hlaford eorre. & sealde hine am wicneren (sic). o t he eall agulde.
35 Swa do min se heofenlice fder gyf ge of eowren heorten eowren broren ne for-gyfa.




1 nd a se hlend ge-ndede as sprche he ferde fram galil & com on iudeissce ndes begeonden iordane.
2 & him felgyde michele manega. & he hy ge-hlde r.
3 a genehlacten hym to farisei hine costniende. & cwen. is alyfd anigen men his wif to for-latenn. for anigen ingen.
4 a andswerede he heom. ne rde ge se e on fruman worhte. he worhte wepman nd wimman.
5 & cw. For-am se man for-lt fader & moder & hine to hys wife ge-eot. & beo tweigen on anen flsce.
6 Witodlice ne synd hyo twegen ac an flsc. Ne ge-twme nam (sic) man a e godd ge-samnode.
7 a cwen hyo. hwi het moyses syllan hiw-gedales boc & hio forlten.
8 a cw he moyses for eower heorte heardnysse lyfde eow eower wif to forlten. Solice ns hit on fremde swa.
9 Solice ic segge eow swa hwa swa for-lt hys wif buton forleigre & oer fetta se unriht-hame. & se e for-lte after hym nym. se unriht-hme.
10 a cwen hys leorningcnihtes. Gif hit swa ys. am men mid hys wife. ne freme nane men to wifienne.
11 a cw he. ne under-fo ealle men is word. ac am e hyt ge-seald ys.
12 solice synd be-listnode e of heore moder innoe cuma. & eft synd be-listnode e hye sylfe belistnodon for heofonum rice. under-nime se e under-nymen mg.
13 a wren hym ge-brohte litlinges to. t he hys hand on hyo asette. & hyo gebletsede. a reatode hys leorning-cnihtes hyo.
14 a cw se hlend. lte a litlingas. & nelle ge hyo for-beodan cuman to me. swilcre ys heofena rice.
15 & a he heom hys hand on asette. a ferde he anon.
16 & a ge-nehlahte hym an man to. & cw. L gode lareow hwt godes do ich t ich eche lyf hbbe.
17 a cw he. Hwt axost u me be gode. An god is god. solice gyf u wylt on lyf becuman heald a bebode.
18 a cw he hwilce. a cw se hlend. ne do u man-slyht. ne do u unriht-hame. ne stell u. ne sge u lease gewytnesse.
19 wure inne fder & ine moder. & lufe ine nextan swa e selfne.
20 a cw se geonga. Eall is ich ge-heold. hwt ys me gyt wana.
21 a cw se hlend. Gyf u wylt beon fulf[r]emed ga & be-chep al t u hafst & syle hyt earfen. & onne hfst u goldhord on heofene. & cum & folge me.
22 a se gonge man gehyrde hys word. a geode he unrot aweig. Solice he hfde mycele ehte.
23 Witodlice se hlend cw to hys leorning-cnihten. Solice ich eow segge t rfedlice se wlige g on godes riche.
24 & ft ich eow segge t elicor beo am olfende to ganne urh ndle eage. anne se welega on heofene riche g.
25 a hys leorning-cnihtes is ge-hyrdon. hyo wundreden & cwen. hwa mg ys ge-healden.
26 a cw. se hlend un-elic t ys mid mannen. ac ealle ing synde mid gode elice.
27 a answerede petrus & cw. Nu we for-leten ealle ing & felgden e. hwt beo us to mede.
28 a cw se hlend. So ich eow segge t ge e me felgedon on chnunge. anne mannes sune syt on hys magen-rimme. t ge sitte ofer twelf settl. demende twelf mge israel.
29 & lc e for-lt for minen namen hys hus oe hys ge-brore. oe hys ge-swustre oe fder oe moder. oe wif oe bearn. oe land. be hundfealden he on-feh lean & haf eche lyf.
30 Solice manega fyrmeste beo ytemeste. & ytemeste fyrmesta.




1 Solice heofene rice ys ge-lic am hyrdes ealdre. e on ernemorgen ut-eode hyrian wyrhten on hys win-geard.
2 Ge-wordenre ge-cwydredene am werhtan he sealde lchen nne pnig wi hys dges weorke. he sente hyo on hys win-geard.
3 & a he ut-eode ymbe under-tide. he ge-seah ore on strte ydele standen.
4 a cw he. ga ge on minne win-geard. & ic gyfe eow t riht beo. & hy a eoden.
5 Eft he ut-eode embe a syxten & a nigean tyde. & dyde am swa ge-lice.
6 a ymbe a endlyftan tide heo (sic) ut-geode. & funde ore standende. & a sgde he. Hwi stande ge her ealne dayg ydele.
7 a cwen hye. for-an e nan mann us ne herde. a cw. he ga on minne win-geard.
8 Solice a hyt ws fen ge-woren. a sgde as wingeardes hlaford hys ge-refen. Clepe a werhtan. & gyf heom heore mede. agyn fram am ytemestan. o anne fyrmesten.
9 Eornestlice a a ge-comen a ymbe a ndlyften tide comen. a onfengen hi lch hys panig.
10 & a e r r comen wenden t hyo mare scolden on-fon. a on-fengen hyo sindrie paneges.
11 a ongunnen hyo murcnian ongean anne heorde alder.
12 & us cwen. as ytemestan worhtan ane tde. & u dydest hyo ge-liche us. e bren byrdene oe ises dayges hten.
13 a cw he andsweriende hyora anen. Eale u freond ne do ich e nane teonen. hu ne come u to me to wyrcenne for nne panig.
14 nym t e in ys & g. ic wille isen ytemestan gyfan eal swa mycel swa e.
15 Oe ne mot ic don t ic wille. hwader e in eage manfull ys. foram e ich gd eom.
16 Swa beo a fyrmestan ytemeste. & a ytemesta fyrmesta. Solice manega synde ge-clypede. & feawe ge-corena.
17 a ferde se hlend to Ierusalem. & nam hys leorning-cnihtes on-sundren & us cw to heom.
18 Nu we fare to ierusalem. nd mannes sune beo ge-seald are sacerda eldren & bokeren. & hyo ge-nieria hine to deae.
19 eoden to bisemerienne. & to swingenne. & to ahonne. & am ridde daige he arist.
20 a com to hym zebedeis bearne moder mid hire bearnen. hyo ge-eadmedende & sum ing fram him byddende.
21 a cw he. hwt wilt u. a cw hye. sege t as twege mine sunas sittan an on inen swiren healfe. & se oer on inen wenstron on inen rice.
22 a andswerede heom se hlend. gyt nyston ge hwt gyt bydde. mugen gyt drinken anne calic e ic to drinken hbbe. a cwen hye wit mugen.
23 a cw he. witodlice gyt minne calic drinke. to sittenne on mine swire healfe oe on wenstren nis me inc to sellenne. ac an e hit fram minen fder gegarewed ys.
24 & a a teon leorning-cnihtes gebolgen wi a twegen broren.
25 a clypede se hlend hyo to hym & cw. Wite ge t ealdormen wealde heora eode. & a e synd ealdran hbbed anweald on heom.
26 ne beo swa be-twex eow. ac swa hwilc swa wile betweox eow byon eldra syo heo eowre eing.
27 & se e wile beo-tweox eow beon fyrmest syo he eower eow.
28 Swa mannes sune ne com t hym man enode. ac t he enode & sealde hys sawle lyf to alesendnysse for manegen. Ge wilnia to ge-eonne on gehwaden inge. & to beon ge-wunod on am msten ingen. Witodlice anne ge to reorde gelaode beo ne sytte ge on am fermestan stlen. e lest e arwurore wer fter e cume. & se husbunde hate e arisan & ryman am oren & u beo ge-scend. gyf u sitst on ge-reorde on am ytemestan setle. & fter e cym oer gebeorn. & se laiende cwe to e site innor leof. anne byo e arwurdlicor. anne e man utter scufe.
29 & a he ferde fram ierico hym felgde mycel maniga.
30 & a sten twegen. blinde wi anne weig. & hyo ge-herden t se hlend r for-ferde. & a clypeden hyo to hym and cwen. drihten ge-miltse unc dauies sune.
31 a bed syo manige heom t hyo swugedon. a clepedon hyo s e mare. Drihten ge-miltse unc dauies sune.
32 a stod se hlend & clypede hyo to hym & cw. hwt wille git t ic inc do.
33 a cwen hio. Drihten t uncor eagen seon ge-openede.
34 a ge-miltsede he heom. & heora eagen t-ran. & hyo ge-seagen. & felgedon hym.




1 nd a he ge-neahlahte ierusalem. & com to bethfage. to oliuete dune. a sente he his twegan leorning-cnihtes
2 & saigde heom. Fare to am castelle et foren on-gen eow ys. and anne sone finde ge ane assene ge-teiggede. & hire folen mid hire. un-tege hio. & lade to me.
3 & gyf hwa anyg ing eow to-cwe. segge t drihten hafe ises neode. anne for-let he eow rdlice.
4 Eall is ws geworen t wre ge-filled t urh ysaiam anne witega ge-cween ws.
5 Segge heahnysses dohter nu in kyning kym e to. ge-dafte & rit uppon tamere assene & hire folan.
6 & a ferde hys leorning-cnihtas & dydon swa he heom be-bead.
7 & ldde a assene to hym & hire fola. & leigdon heora reaf uppon hyo & setten hine on-ufon.
8 Witodlice t folc spretton heora reaf on anne weig. sume heowan are treowa boges & streoweden on anne weig.
9 t folc e r be-fore ferde. & t e r-fter ferde clypeden & cwen. hal syo u dauies sune. Syo ge-bletse see com on drihtenes naman. Syo hym hal on hahnessum.
10 a he ferde to ierusalem a war eall syo burhware onstired & cwen. hwt ys es.
11 a cw t folc. is is se hlend witege of nazareth on galilea.
12 a se hlend in-to am temple eode. he adraf ut ealle a e cheapeden innan am temple. & are mynetere scameles. & heora setle are e culfran sealden he tobrc.
13 & cw te heom. hit ys awriten min hus ys bed-hus. Witodlice ge worhten t to eof-coten.
14 a eoden to hym a blinde & a healte & he hyo ge-hlde.
15 Witodlice a are sacerda ealdres & a bokeres ge-seage a wundre e se hlend worhte. & gehyrden hu a chyld clepedon on am temple & cwen sy dauies sune hal. a wren hyo eorre.
16 & cwen. ge-herst u hwt as cwee. a cw he. witodlice ne rdden ge nfre a fulfremedesten lof of chyldren. & of sacerda mue.
17 & he for-lt hyo re. & ferde of are berig to bthanie & lrde hie ar be godes rice.
18 On morgen a he eft to are berig for. a hingrede hym.
19 & he ge-seah an fc-treow be a weige. a eode he to hym. & ne funde on hym bute a leaf ane. a cw he. ne wure nfre of e wstme akenned. a sone for-scranc t fic-treow.
20 & hys leorning-cnihtas wundredon & cwen loki nu hu rdlice t fic-treow for-scranc.
21 a andswerede he heom & cw. So ic eow segge gyf ge hbbe ge-leafen & ge ne tweonie ne do ge t an be am fc-treowe. ac eac ah ge cween to isen munte ahefe e upp & fall innan a s.
22 & ealles as e ge bydde. eow beo ge-teia gyf ge lef.
23 a he com in-to am temple a comen are sacerda aldres him to. & cwen. On hwilces mihte wyrcst u as ing. & hwa sealde e isne anweald.
24 a andswerede se hlend & cw. & ic acsiege eow ane spce. Gyf ge a sprce me segge. anne segge ic eow on hwilcen anwealde ic as ing werche.
25 Hwer ws iohannes fulluht e of heofene e of mannen? a cwen hyo beo-tweoxe heom. Gyf we segga of heofene. anne cwe he. for hwan ne ge-lyfde ge hym.
26 Gyf we segge of mannen. we on-drde is folc. Ealle hyo hafden iohanne for nne witega.
27 a andsweredon hyo. & cwen. we nyten. a cw he. ne ich eow ne segge of hwilcen anwealde ich as ing wyrche.
28 Hu inc eow. An man hafde twege sunes a cwe he to am yldran suna. ga & wyrc to-day on mine win-gearde.
29 a cw he ich nelle. eode ah sean to am wingearde.
30 a cw he all-swa to am oren. a andswerede se hym & cw. hlaford ich g. & ne eode swa-eah.
31 hwer are tweire dyde as fder willen. a cwden hyo se ftrere. a cw se hlend to heom. So ich eow segge t manfulle & a myltystran ga be-foren eow on godes riche.
32 Iohannes com on rihtwisnesse weige. & ge ne ge-herden hine. Witodlice manfulle & myltistran ge-lyfden. & ge ge-seagen & ne dydon syan nane deadbote t ge ge-lyfdon on hym.
33 Ge-hera nu oer byspel. Sum hyrdes ealdor ws. se plantede wingeard. & be-tynde hine & stte r-on winwrengen & ge-tymbrede nne stepel. & ge-sette ane mid eoretylian. & ferde on eall-eodignysse.
34 a are wstme td neohlahte. a sende he hys eowas to am eortilian t hyo on-fengen hys wstmes.
35 a namen hyo hys eowas. & swungen sume. & sumne hyo of-slogen. sumne hyo of-torfoden.
36 a sende he eft ore eowas selre anne a formere wron. a dyden hyo am ge-liche.
37 Eft nexstan he sende hys sune heom to. & cw. Hyo for-wandige t hyo ne do minen sunen swa.
38 Witodlice a a tylien anne sune ge-seagen a cwen hyo be-twuxe heom. es ys se earfedneme uton gan & of-slean hine. & hbben us hys ehte.
39 a namen hyo & of-slogen hine. & awurpen wi-uten anne win-geard.
40 Hwt do es wingeardes hlaford. an eore-tylian anne he cym.
41 a cwen hyo. he for-de a yfele mid yfele. & ge-sett hys wingeard mid ore tylian. e him his wstmen heore tdon agyfen.
42 a cw se hlend ne redde ge nfre on ge-writen. Se stan e a tymbrienden awurpen. ys geworen on are hyrnan heafde. ys is fram drihtene ge-woren & hit is wunderlich on eowre eagen.
43 foran ic segge eow. t eow beo t-broiden godes rice. & beo ge-seald are eode e hyo earnie.
44 nd se e fal uppe isne stan. he beo to-brised. & he to-bryse ane e he on-uppen fal.
45 a a sacerda ealdres. & a farisei. is byspell ge-herdon. a on-geatan hyo t he hyt sgde be heom.
46 Hyo sohten hyne & ondrdden t folc. for-am e hyo hfden hyne for nne witegan.




1 a saigde he heom oer byspel. & us cw.
2 Heofena rice is gelic geworen am kynge e makede hys sunes bridgyfte.
3 nd sente hys eowas. & clypede a ge-laoden to am gyftan. a nolden hyo cumen.
4 a sende he eft ore eowes & sde am ge-laeden. nu ich gegerewede mine feorme. mine fearres & mine fugeles syndde of-slagene & ealle mine ing synde gearewe cuma to am gyftan.
5 a forgemden hyo t. & fyrden sum to hys tune. sum to hys mangunge.
6 & a ore namen hys eowes. & mid teonan ge-swencten & of-slogen.
7 a se kyng t ge-hyrde. a ws he eorre & snde his heretoge & for-dyde a manslagen. & heora burh for-brnde.
8 a cw he to hys eowas. Witodlice as gyften synden gearewe ac a e ge-laode wron ne sinden wure.
9 Ga nu witodlice to weoggelten & clepia to isse gyftan swa hwilce swa ge ge-meton.
10 a eoden a eowes ut on a wegas & ge-gaderedon ealle a e hyo ge-metton gode & yfele. a wron a gyfton-hus. mid sittenden mannen ge-felledde.
11 a eode se kyng in. t he wolde ge-seon a e r sten. a ge-seah he r nne man e ns mid gyftlicen reafe ge-scred.
12 a cw he, La freond hu-mte eodest u in. & nfdest gyftlic reaf. a ge-swigeode he.
13 nd se cyng cw. to his eignen. ge-binda hys handen & hys fet. & wurpe hine on a uttren eostran. r beo wop & toe gristbitung.
14 Witodlice manega synde ge-laede c feawe ge-corene.
15 a ongunne a farisei. rden t hyo wolden anne hlend on his sprace be-fon.
16 a senden hyo hym heora leorning-cnihtas to mid am herodianissen & us cwen. Lareow we witon t u ert sofst. & u lrst godes weig. mid sofstnysse & u ne wandest for nane men. ne u ne be-sceawast nanes mannes had.
17 Saige us hwt inc e ys hyt alyfed t man caisere gafel sylle. e na?
18 a se hlend heora facne ge-hyrde a cw he. la lickeres hwi fandige min.
19 atewia me as gafeles menet. a brohten hyo him enne panig.
20 a cw se hlend to heom. Hwas anlicnysse is is. & is ofer-gewrit.
21 Hyo cween as cayseres. a cw he agyfe an caysere a ing e as cayseres synde. & gode a ing e godes synt.
22 a hyo t ge-hyrdon a wundreden hyo. & for-leten hine & ferden on-weig.
23 On am dagen comen to him saducei. a segge t nan ariste ne syo. & hyo axoden hine
24 & cwen. Lareow Moyses sde gif hwa dead syo & barn nbbe. t his broer nymed hys wif & streoned him brn.
25 Witodlice mid us wren seofe ge-brore. & se forme fette wif. & for-ferde. & lefde his broer hys wif buton bearne.
26 & se oer alswa. & se ridde. & swa oe e seofende.
27 a t an sefemestan for-ferde t wif.
28 hwilces as are seofene by t wif on am ariste. ealle hyo hdden hy.
29 a andswerede se hlend heom. & cw. ge dwelied & ne cunnan halig ge-write. ne godes magen.
30 Witodlice ne wifia hyo. ne hyo ne cheorlia. on am ariste. ac hyo synd swilce godes engles on heofene.
31 Ne rede ge be deadere manne ariste. t eow fram gode ge-saigd ws.
32 Ic eom abrahames god. & ysaaces god. & iacobes god. nis god na deadre manne ac libbendre.
33 a t folc t ge-hyrde a wundredon hyo hys lare.
34 a a fariseiscan ge-hirdon t he het a saduceisscen stille beon. a eoden hyo to-gadere.
35 & an e ws are lage lareow axode hine. & fandede hine us cweende.
36 Lareow hwt is t mste be-bod on are lage.
37 a cw se hlend. Lufe drihten inne god on ealre inre heorten. & on alre inre sawle. & on eallen ine mode.
38 t is t mste & t fyrmeste be-bod.
39 Oer is an gelic lufe ine nextan swa swa e selfne.
40 On isen twam be-boden beo ge-fyld eal sy lage.
41 a a fariseiscan gegaderede wren a cw se hlend.
42 Hwt inc eow be criste. hwas sune is he. hyo cwen dauies.
43 a cw se hlend. hwi clypa dauid hine on gaste drihten & cwe.
44 Drihten cw to minen drihtene. site on minen swiren healfe. oet ic sette ine feond e to fot-scmele.
45 Gif daui hine on gaste drihten clypa. hu is he his sune.
46 a ne myhton hyo him nan word andswerian. ne nan ne dorste of am daige hym nan ing mare axien.




1 a sprc se hlend to am folke. & to his leorning-cnihten.
2 & cw. bokeres. & pharisei. sten ofer moyses lareow-setl.
3 healde & wyrca swa hwt swa hyo segga. & ne do ge na fter heore wercan. Hyo segge & ne do
4 hyo binde hefige byrdene. e man abere ne mg. & legge a up-on mannen exlan. & nelled hie a mid heora fingre t-hrinan.
5 Ealle heore werc hyo do t men hyo ge-seon. hyo tobrede heora halsbec. & marsia heora reafe fnde.
6 Hyo lufie a fermestan setlen on beorscipan. & a fermeste lareow-setlen on ge-samnengen.
7 & t hy men grete on strten. & t hy man manne lareowes nemnie.
8 Ne gerne ge t man eow lareowes nemnie. An ys eower lareow. Ge synde ealle ge-brore.
9 & ne nemnie ge eow fder ofer eoran. an ys eower fder se e on heofene ys.
10 Ne eow man ne nemnie lareowes. for am ane crist ys eower lareow.
11 Se e eower yldest byo. syo se eower eing.
12 Witodlice se e hine up-hef. se beo ge-neered. & se e hine selfne ge-eadmet. se beo up-ahafen.
13 Wa eow bokeras & farisei lickeras for-am ge be-luke heofene rice be-foran mannen. Ne ge in ne ga. ne ge ne geafia. t ore ingan.
14 <>
15 Wa eow bokeres & farisei liceteras for-am. ge befare s. & eoran t ge don nne ealeodigene. & anne he ge-wurin beo ge ge-do hine helle bearn. twifealdlicor anne eow.
16 Wa eow blinde liceteras ge segge swa hwylce swa swere on temple t is naht. swa hwa swa swera on as temples golde. se ys sceldig.
17 Eale ge desigen & blindan hwer ys mare e t gold e t tempel e t gold halga.
18 & swa hwa swa swere on am weofede t ys naht. Swa hwilc swa swere on are ofrunge e ofer t weofed ys se is geltig.
19 Eale ge blinde hwer is mare e offreng e t weofod e ge-halgod a offrenge.
20 Witodlice se e swere on weofode. he swere on him & on eallen an e him ofer synt.
21 & se e swere on temple he swere on him. & on am e him on eardia.
22 & se e swere on heofenan he swere on godes rim-settel. & on am e ofer t sit.
23 Wa eow bokeres & farisei. liceteres ge e teoia mintan dyle & cumin & for-leten a ing e synde hefegeren. re lage dom. & mildheortnysse. & geleafan. as ing hit geberede. t ge dydon. & a ore ne for-leten.
24 La blinde latteowas ge drenie anne gnet aweig. & drince a olfend.
25 Wa eow bokeres. & farisei liceteras. for-am ge clnsia t wi-utan as calices & disscas. & ge synt innan fule reaflakes & unclnnysse.
26 Eala u blinde fariseus. clnse rest t wi-innan ys. calices & discas (sic) t hit sye clne t wi-uten ys.
27 Wa eow bokeres & pharisei liceteras. for-am ge synde gelc hwite beriene. a ince mannen uten wlytige. & hyo sinden innan fulle deadera banen. & ealre fele.
28 & swa ge atewia uton mannen riht-wisnisse. innen ge synd fulle licetenge & unrihtwisnysse.
29 Wa eow bokeres & farisei liceteras. ge e tymbrie witegene byregene. & glencga rihtwisere ge-mynd-stowe.
30 & ge cwe gyf we wron on uren fderen dagen nre we heora ge-feren on are witegane blodes gyte.
31 Witodlice ge synd eow sylfe to ge-witnesse. t ge synd are bearn. e of-slogen a witegen.
32 & ge-fylle ge t ge-met eowra fdera.
33 Eale ge nddra & neddrena kyn. hwi fleo ge fram helle dome.
34 Ic sende to eow witegan & wise bokeres. & ge hyo of-slea. & ho & swinge on eowren somnungan. & ge hye ehta of bery an berig.
35 t ofer eow cume lc rihtwis blod. e ws agoten ofer eoran. fram abeles blode as rihtwisan. oe zacharias blode barachias sune. ane ge of-slogen be-tweox am temple & am weofede.
36 So ic segge eow. ealle as ing cume ofer as cneornisse.
37 Eala ierusalem eala ierusalem u e a witegan of-slyhst. & mid stanen of-torfest a e to e asende synden. Swie oft ic wolde ine bearn gegaderian swa syo henn hyre chikene under hyre fiera gegadere. & u noldest.
38 Witodlice nu beo eower hus eow weste for-ltene.
39 So ic segge eow ne seo ge me heonan-for r am e ge seggen syo ge-bletsod se e com on drihtnes namen.




1 & a se hlend eode ut of am temple. him to ge-nehlahten his leorning-cnihtes t hy him atewede as temples getymbringe.
2 a andswerede he heom. & cw. Geseo ge eal is. So ic segge eow. ne beo hr be-lyfd stan uppon stane e ne beo to-worpen.
3 a he set up-on oliuetes dune. a comen hys leorning-cnihtes digelice. & cwen. Sege us hwanne as ing ge-wuren. & hwilc tacen syo ines to-kymes & worlde ge-ndenge.
4 a andswerede he heom. & cw. Warnia t eow nan ne be-swike.
5 Manega cume on minen namen & cwee. Ic eom crist. & be-swica manege.
6 Witodlice ge ge-hyre feoht & ge-feohta hlisan. warnie t ge ne beon ge-drefae. as ing sculen gewuren. ac nys anne geot se nde.
7 eod win ongen eode. & rice ongean rice. & man-cwalmes beo. & hungres wide geon land. & eore steriunge.
8 Ealle as ing synt are sare anginne.
9 onne sylla hy eow on gedrefednysse. & of-slea eow. & ealle men eow hatige for minen namen.
10 & anne beo manega ungetreowsede & be-lawa be-tweox heom. & hatige heom be-tweonen.
11 & manege lease witegan cume. & be-swica manega.
12 & for-am e unrihtwysnesse rixa manegera lufe cola.
13 Witodlice see urh-wune o ende se beo hal.
14 & is godspel by boded ofer ealle eoran. on witnyssen eallen eoden & anne cym seo ge-endunge.
15 anne ge ge-seo a on-sceonunge are toworpednisse e s wtege ge-cw daniel. a he stod on haligre stowe. on-gyte se e hit rt.
16 Fleon anne to munten a e on iudea lande synt.
17 & se e is uppon his huse. ne ga he nier. t he ny ing on his huse fecce.
18 & see is on akere. ne cyrre he t he hys tuneken nyme.
19 Wa eacniendon & fedendon on am dagen.
20 Bidde t eower fleam on wintre oe on reste-daige ne ge-wure.
21 Witodlice anne by swa micel gedeorf swa nes on midden-eardes fruman o is. Ne nu ne gewur.
22 & buten a dages ge-scerte wron nre nan man hal ge-woren. Ac for an gecorenan e he ge-cheas. a dages beo ge-scyrte.
23 anne gyf eow hwa seg nu crist ys her. oe r. ne ge-lyfe ge heom.
24 anne cume lease cristes & lease witegen. & do micel taken. & forbcne t a beo on ge-dwolen ge-ldde. Gyf hyt beon mg e gecorene wren.
25 Witodlice ic hit eow for-saigde.
26 Gif hyo eow segge her he is on west-cynne ne fare ge ut. gyf hyo segge her he is on urh-faren ne gelyfe ge.
27 Witodlice swa swa liht fer fram east-dle & ty o wst-dl swa by mannes sune to-cyme.
28 Swa hwr swa holt by ider beo earnes gegaderede.
29 Sona fter are daige drefednisse syo sunne beo for-dworken. & se mone his leoht ne syl. & steorran falle of are heofena. & are heofene mgene beo astyrede.
30 & anne atewe mannes sune tacnen on heofenen. & anne wepa ealle eoran mga. & ge-seo mannes sune cumende on heofenan genpod mid mycele mgna & mgrimna (sic).
31 & he asent hys ngles mid beman. & mycelre stefne. & hyo ge-gaderie hys gecorene of feower midden-eardes enden. of heofene heahnysse oe hire ge-mre.
32 Leornia byspell be am fic-treowe anne his twi by hnesce. & leaf akenned ge witen t sumer is gehende.
33 & wite ge swa anne ge as ing geseo t he ys on duren ge-hende.
34 So ic segge eow t es cneorys ne ge-wit r am ealle as ing ge-wuran.
35 heofene & eore gewito. witedlice mine word ne gewite.
36 Nat man be am daige ne be are tide. ne foran engles. buton fder ane.
37 Witodlice swa swa on nes dagen ws. swa by mannes sune to-cumene.
38 swa hyo wren on am dagen r am flode etende & drinkende & wifiende & gyfte syllende o anne daig e ne on am earce eode.
39 & hy nysten r t flod com & nam hyo ealle. swa beo mannes sune to-cumene.
40 anne beo twegen on acere an beo genumen. & oer beo lf (sic).
41 Twegen beo t cweorne grindende. an beo numen & oer by lefed. Twegen beo on bedde. an by genymen. & oer by lefed.
42 Wakie witodlice foran e ge nyton on hwilcere tyde eower hlaford cuman wile.
43 Wito t gyf as hyrdes ealdor wiste on hwilcere tyde se eof to-ward wre witodlice he wolde wakian. & nolde geafian t man his hus under-dulfe.
44 & foran beon ge. gearewe. for-am e mannes sune wile cumen on are tyde e ge nyten.
45 Wenst u hwa sye ge-treowe & gleaw eow. anne ge-sett hys hlaford ofer his hyred. t he heom on tyde mete sylle.
46 Eadig ys se eow e his hlaford hine gemet us doende. anne he cym.
47 So ic eow segge t ofer eall t he ag he hine sett.
48 Gyf se yfela eow enc on his heorten & cwy. mi hlaford aferre his kyme.
49 & agin beaten his efen-eowas. & ett & drinc mid druncenan.
50 anne cym as weales hlaford on am daige e he ne wen. & on are tyde e he nat.
51 & to-dl hine. & asett his dl mid liketeran. r beo wop & toke (sic) grist-bitunge.



Mat 25:1 anne beo heofene rice gelic am teon femnen. e a leoht-faten namen & ferden on-ne bredgumen. & are brede.
2 Heora fif wren desige & fif gleawe.
3 Ac a fif desyge namen lihfaten (sic) & ne namen nenne ele mid heom.
4 a gleawe namen ele on heora leoht-faten.
5 a se bredgume ylecede. a npeden hyo ealle & slepen.
6 Witodlice to middere nihte man cleopede & cw. nu se bredguma kym fare him to-genes.
7 a arisen ealle a femnen & glendon heora leoht-faten.
8 a cwen a dysige. to an wisan. Selle us of eowre ele. for-an ure leoht-faten senden cwencte.
9 a andsweredan a wise. & cwen. nese e ls e we & ge nabben ge-noh. Ga to am chepinge. & begge eow ele.
10 Witodlice a hyo ferden & wolden byggen. a com se bredgume. & a e gearewe wron eode in mid am bridgume to am giftan. & syo duru ws be-loken.
11 a t nextan comen a ore femnan & cwen. Drihten drihten lt us in.
12 a andswerede he heom & cw. So ic eow segge ne can ic eow.
13 Witodlice wakia. for-an e ge nyten ne anne daig ne a tide.
14 Sum man ferde on ealeodinisse & cleopede hys eowas. & be-tacte heom hys ehte.
15 & anen he sealde fif pund. sumen twa. sumen an. ihwilce be his agene mgene & ferde sone.
16 a ferde se e a fif pund under-feng & ge-streonede ore fife.
17 & ealswa se e a twa under-feng. ge-streonede oer twa.
18 Witodlice se e t an under-feng. ferde & be-dalf hit on eoran. & be-hydde hys hlafordes feoh.
19 Witodlice fter michele fyrste. com are eowa hlaford & dihte heom ge-rd.
20 a com se e fif pund underfeng. & brohte ore fif. & cw. Hlaford fif pund u sealdest me. nu ic gestreonede ore fife.
21 a cw his hlaford to him. Beo blye u gode eow & ge-treowa for-an e u wre ge-treowe ofer litle inge. ic ge-sette e ofer mycele ga in-to ines hlafordes blitse.
22 a com se e twa pund underfeng. & cw. Hlaford twa pund u me sealdest. n ic hbbe ge-streonod oer twa.
23 a cw his hlaford to him. Ge-blissa u gode eowa. & ge-treowa. for-an e u wre ge-treowa ofer feawe. ofer fele ic e sette. ga on ines hlafordes blisse.
24 a com se e an pund under-feng. & cw. Hlaford ic wat t u ert hard man. u ripst r u ne seowe. & gaderest r u ne sprengdest.
25 & ic ferde ofdrd. & be-hedde in pund on eoran. her u hfst t in ys.
26 a andswerede his hlaford him & cw. u efela eow & slawe. u wistest t ic ripe t ic ne sawe. & ic gaderie t ic ne stredde.
27 hit ge-byrede t u be-fstest minne feoh meneteren. & ic name anne ic come t min is mid am gafele.
28 Anyme t pund t hym & sille an e me a tyen pund brohte.
29 Witodlice lcen are e haf man syl. & he haf ge-noh. am e nf t him inc t he hbbe. t him byo t-broden.
30 awurpa anne unnyttan eowan on a utran eostran. r beo wop. & toe gristbitunge.
31 Witodlice anne mannes sune kym on hys mgen-rimme. & ealle ngles mid hym. anne syt he ofer his mgen-rimmes setel.
32 & ealle eode beo toforen him ge-gaderede. & he asyndre hyo heom be-tweonen. swa swa se heorde asyndre a scep fram a ticchenan.
33 & he ge-set a sceap on hys swiren healfe. & a ticcene on his wenstren healfe.
34 [a sde se kyng to an e on his swiren waren] cume ge ge-bletsede mines fder. & onfo a rice e eow ge-garcod ys of midden-eardes freme.
35 Me hingrede. & ge me sealden ten. me yrste. & ge me sealden drincan. ic ws cume & ge me in-laode.
36 ic ws nacod. & ge me scredden. ic ws untrum & ge eoden to me. ic ws on cwarterne & ge comen to me.
37 anne andsweria a rihtwise & cwa. Drihten hwnne geseage we e hingriende. & we e feddan. erstende. & we e drenc sealde.
38 hwanne ge-seage we t u cume wre. & we e in-laedon. oe nacod & we e scriddan
39 oe on cwarterne & comen to e.
40 anne andswere se kyng heom. & cwe to heom. So ic eow segge. swa lange swa ge dyden anen of isen minen lesten ge-broren swa lange ge hyt dyden me.
41 anne sg he an e beo on hys winstren healfe. Ge-wite aweregede fram me. on t eche fyr e ys deofle & hys englen ge-garewa.
42 Witodlice me hingrede. & ge ne sealden me ten. Me erste & ge me drincan ne sealden.
43 Ic ws cume. & ge me in ne laoden. Ic ws nacod & ge me ne scredden. ic ws untrum & on cwarterne & ge ne comen to me.
44 anne andsweria hym a & cwee. Drihten hwanne sge we e? hingriende. oe erstiende. oe cuman. oe untrum. oe on cwarterne. & we ne eneden e.
45 anne andswere se kyng heom. & cwe. So ic gu segge swa lange swa ge ne dydon anen of isen lsten. ne dyden ge hit me.
46 And anne fare hyo on ece pine. & a riht-wise on ece lyf.




1 Witodlice a se hlend hafde as sprce eall ge-endod a cw he to hys leorning-cnihten.
2 Wytod (sic) ge t fter twam dagen beo eastre. & mannes bearn by ge-seald t he sy on rode anhangon.
3 a wren ge-samnede a ealdres a sacerda. & hlafordes as folkes to are sacerdes ealdres botle. e ws genemned kayphas.
4 & hyo hafdon mychel ge-mot. t hyo wolden anne hlend mid facne be-swiken. & of-slean.
5 Hyo cwen witodlice t hyt ne myhte beon on am freols-daige. y-ls e mycel steriung wure on am folke.
6 a se hlend ws on bethanian on symones huse as reofelen.
7 a neahlahte him to sum wif. syo hafde box mid derewurere sealfe. & ageat upp-on hys heafod r he st.
8 a ge-seagen hys leorningcnihtes t & wuren ge-bolgen & cwen. To hwan ys is for-spilled
9 is mihte beon ge-seald to mycele wure. & earfen ge-dled.
10 a se hlend hit wiste a cw he to heom. hwi synde ge grame ise wife. witodlice god werc hyo worhte on me.
11 Simle ge hbbe earfan mid eow. ac ge nbbe me symle.
12 hyo dyde as sealfe on minne lichaman t ic wre ge-smyred to beberienne.
13 So ic segge eow. swa hwr swa is godspel beo geboded on eallen midden-earde beo ge rd (sic) on hire ge-mynd t hyo is dyde.
14 a ferde an of am twelfen e ws ge-nemned Iudas se wiersace to are sacerdra ealdres.
15 & cw to heom. hwt wille ge me syllan. & ic hine be-leawige eow. a be-heton hyo hym rittyg scyllinge.
16 And sean he smeagde geornlice t he hine wolde be-leawan.
17 a on a forme gearcung-daige ge-nehlahton a leorning-cnihtes to am hlende. & us cwen. Hwr wilt u t we garewian e ine niunge to eastren.
18 a cw se hlend. Fare on as cestre to sumen men & segge him. se lareow sg. min time is ge-hende t ic mid e werce mine eastre. mid minen leorning-cnihton.
19 & a leorning-cnihtes dyden swa swa se halend heom be-bead. & hyo gegareweden heom eastren-egnunge.
20 on am efne sat se hlend mid his twelf leorning-cnihten t ge-reorde.
21 & a hyo ten a cw he to heom. Witodlice ic segge eow. t an eower be-lwe me.
22 a wuren hye swie ge-unrotsede & on-gan anra gehwylc cwean. Drihten cwest u eom ic hit.
23 & he andswerede & us cw. Se e be-dep on disce mid me his hand se me be-lwe.
24 Witodlice mannes sune fer swa hyt awriten ys be hym. wa am men urh ane e by mannes sune be-lwed. Betere wre am men t he nfre nre akenned.
25 a cw iudas e hine be-lwde. Cwest u lareow hwaer ic hyt sy. a cw. se hlend. u hyt sgdest.
26 Witodlice a hye tun se hlend nam hlaf & hine ge-bletsode & brc & sealde hys leorning-cnihten & cw. On-fo & te. is is min lichame.
27 nd he genam anne calic anciende & sealde heom us cweende. Drinka ealle of isen.
28 is is witodlice mines blodes calic niwre lge. t byo for manegen agoten on synne forgyfenysse.
29 Witodlice ic segge eow t ic ne drinke heonen-for of isen eoralice wine r am daige e ic drinke t neowe mid eow on mines fder rice.
30 a byo hafden heore lofsang ge-sungenne a foren hyo upp-on oliuetes dune.
31 a sgde se hlend heom. ealle ge wure ge-untreowsede on me on isse nyhte. Hyt is awriten. urh as heordes slege beo se heord to-drfe (sic).
32 Witodlice fter am e ic of deae arise ic cume to eow on galil.
33 a answerede petrus him. & us. cw. eh e hyo ealle untreowsien on e. ic nfre ne untreowsige.
34 a cw se hlend. So ic segge e. t on isse nihte r am e coc crwe reowe. u wi-scst me.
35 a sgde petrus him. Witodlice eh e ic scule swelten mid e. ne wi-sake ic in. Gelice am cwen ealle a ore leorning-cnihtes.
36 a com se hlend mid heom on anne tun e is genemned gethsemani & saigde his leorning-cnihten. Sitte her ot ic ga hider-geond & me ge-bidde.
37 & he genam petrum & zebedeus twege sunes. & ongan unrotsian & beon unrot.
38 a sigde se hlend heom. unrot is min sawle oe dea. Gebydda her. & wakie mid me.
39 & a he lithwan anen agan. he afell on his ansiene. & hine gebd & us cw. Fader min gyf hyt beon mg. ge-wite es calic fram me. eah-hwere na swa swa ic wille. ac swa swa u wylt.
40 & he com to hys leorning-cnihten & funde hyo slpende. & he sgde petre swa. ne myhte ge nu wakien ane tyde mid me.
41 Wakie & gebidda eow. t ge in ne gan on costnenge. Witodlice se gast ys rd. & t flsc is untrum.
42 Eft ore sie he ferde. & hine ge-bd & cw. Min fader gyf es calic ne mage witen buton ic hine drinke. gewure in wille.
43 & he com eft & gemette hyo slpende. Solice heore eagen waren ge-heofegede.
44 & he for-lt hyo ft. & ferde & hine ge-bd ridde sye cweende t ylce ge-bed.
45 a com he to hys leorning-cnihten & saigde heom. slpe eallunge & reste eow. nu geneohlac syo tid. t mannes sune beo geseald on synfulra handa.
46 Arisa uton faren. nu ge-nealace se e me be-lwe.
47 a he as ing sprc. a com iudas an of am twelfen & mycel folc mid him. mid sweordan & mid sahlen asende fram are sacerda ealdra & as folkes ealdren.
48 Se e hine be-lwde sealde heom tacne & cw. Swa hwinne (sic) swa ic kysse se hit ys. nyme hine.
49 & he neohlacte rdlice to am hlende. & cw. Hal beo u lareow. & he kyste hine.
50 a cw se hlend to hym. Eala freond to hwam be-come u. a geneahlacten hyo & anne hlend ge-namen.
51 Witodlice an ara e mid am hlende ws. abred hys sweord. & asloh of anes as sacerda ealdres eowa eare.
52 a cw se hlend to hym. Do in sweord on his sce. Witodlice ealle a e sweord nyma. mid sweorde hyo forwure.
53 Wenst u t ic ne mihte byddan minne fder t he sende me nu ma anne twelf eorde ngle.
54 hu magen beon gefylde a halgen gewrite. e be me awritene synde. for-an us hit byra to beonne.
55 On are tide se hlend cw to am folke. Eal-swa to eofe ge synde cumene. mid sweorden nd mid sahlum me to nymene. Daighwamlice ic st mid eow. on am temple & lrde eow. & ge me ne namn.
56 t eall is geworden t are witegena halgane (sic) writ syen ge-fellede. a flugen ealle a leorning-cnihtes & for-leten hine.
57 & hyo namen anne hlend. & ldden hine to caiphan are sacerda ealdra r. a bokeres & a ealdres ge-samneda wren.
58 Petrus hym fylgede ferrene. o he com to are sacerda ealdres botlen. & he in-eode & st mid m eignen. t he geseage anne nde.
59 Witodlice are sacerde ealdres. & eall t gemot sohten lease sage on-gean anne hlend. t hyo hine to deae sealden.
60 nd hyo ne myhten nane fyndon. a a manega mid leasen on-sgen ge-neahlahton. a t-nexten comon twegan are leogere & cwen.
61 es saide ic mg towerpan godes temple. nd fter rem dagen hyt eft ge-tymbrigen.
62 a aras se ealdor are sacerda & cw. Ne andswerest u nan ing ongen a. e as ing e an-segge.
63 Se hlend swigede. a. se ealdor are sacerda cw. Ic hlsige e urh anne lifiende god t u segge us gyf u ert crist godes sune.
64 a cw se hlend him to. t u sagdest. So ic eow segge. fter isen ge ge-seo mannes barn sittende on a swiren healfe godes magen-rymnysse. & cumendne on heofenes wolcnen.
65 a are sacerda ealdres slat hys agen reaf & cw. ys is bysmere-spaeche. To hwi wilnige we anigre ore sage. nu ge ge-hyrdon of hym gyltlice spce.
66 hwt ys eow nu ge-uht. Hyo andweredon ealle & cwen. he ys deaes scyldig.
67 a sptton hyo on hys ansiene. & beoton hine mid here festum. Sume hine slogan on hys ansiene mid hera brada (sic) handen.
68 & cwen. Sege us crist hwt ys se e e smat.
69 Petrus solice st uten on am chfertune. a com to hym an ara eowa. & cw. & u wre mid am galileiscan hlende.
70 & he wy-soc be-foran eallen. & cw. Nat ich hwt u sgst.
71 a he ut-eode of are dure. a geseah hine ore wealne & sgde am e r wren. & es ws mid am nazareiscan hlende.
72 & he wi-soc eft mid ae. t he his nan ing ne cue.
73 a fter litlen fyrste. ge-nehlahten a e r stodan. & cwen to petre. Solice u ert of hym. & in sprace e ge-swutele.
74 a t-soc he & t sweriende t he nfre anne man ne cue. & rdlice a creow se cocc.
75 a munede petrus as hlendes word e he cw r am e se ccc creowe reowa u me wi-secst. & he eode ut nd weop byterlice.




1 Witodlice a hyt morgen ws. a worhten ealle are sacerda ealdres ge-mot. & as folkes ealdres on-gean anne hlend t hyo hine to deae be-lwdon.
2 & hyo ldden hyne ge-bundenne & sealden hyne am pontiscan pilaten am demen.
3 a ge-seah iudas e hyne be-leawde. t he for-demed ws. a ongan he reowsian. & brohte a rittig scyllinga. to are sacerde ealdren. & cw.
4 Ic synogede a ic sealde t rihtwise blod. a cwen hyo. Hwt cwst u t to us;
5 & he awarp a scyllingas in-on t tempel. & ferde. & mid grine hine selfne heng.
6 a solice are sacerde ealdras on-fengen as seolfres & cwen. Nis hyt na alyfed t we asenden hyt on ure mamcheste. for-am e hyt ys blodes wur.
7 Hyo worhten a ge-mot. & smgdon. hu hyo scolden as hlendes wur ateon. a ge-bohten hyo nne aker mid am feo agyl-wyrhton on to bebyrigenne ealeodisce men.
8 for-am ys se aker ge-haten acheldemach. t ys on ure eode blodes aker. & swa he ys ge-haten o isne dayg.
9 a ws ge-felld t gecween ys. urh ieremiam anne witege us cweende. nd hyo on-fengen rittig scyllinga as ge-bohten wur. ane e ws r ge-wured fram israele bearnen.
10 & hyo sealdon t on ageltiwyrhton (sic) aker swa swa drihten me gesette.
11 a stod se hlend beforan am demen. & se deme hyne axode us cwende. Ert u iudea kyning; a cw se hlend. t u sgst.
12 & mid y e hyne wreidon are sacerda ealdres. & a hlafordes. nan ing he ne andswerede.
13 a cw pilatus to hym. ne ge-herst u hu fela sagen hyo on-gean e segga.
14 & he ne andswerede mid nanen worde. swa t se deme wunrede swyelice.
15 Hyo hfdon heom to ge-wunen to hyre simbel-dayge. t se deme scolde forgyfen am folce nne for-worhtne mann swylcne hyo hbben wolden.
16 Hyo hafden a solice nne stra[n]gne eof-man gehftne e ws ge-haten barrabas.
17 a t folc ge-samnod ws. a cw pilatus. Hwaer wille ge t ich eow agyfe e barraban e anne hlend; e ys crist ge-haten.
18 He wyste solice t hyo hyne for anden hym sealden.
19 He st a pilatus on hys dom-settle. a sente hys wif to hym & cw. Ne beo e nan ing ge-mne on-gean isen rithwisen. Solice fela ic hbbe ge-oled to-dayg urh ge-sihe; for hym.
20 a lrde a sacerde ealdres & a hlafordes t folc t hyo bdon barraban. & anne hlend for-dydon.
21 a andswerede se deme & saigde heom. Hwer wille ge t ic for-geofe eow of isan twam. a cwen hyo. Barraban.
22 a cw pilatus to heom. Witodlice hwt do ich be am hlende e is crist ge-nemned. a cwen hyo ealle. syo he on rode ahangen.
23 a cw se dema to heom. Witodlice hwt yfeles dyde es; Hyo a swiere clypedon; us cweende. syo he ahangen.
24 a ge-seah pilatus t hyt naht ne fremede ac ge-wure mare ge-hlud. a ge-nam he water & weosc hys hande be-foran am folke. & cw. Un-scyldig ich eom fram isen rihtwisan blode. ge ge-seo.
25 a andswerede eall t folc nd cw. Syo his blod ofer us. & ofer ure bearn.
26 a for-geaf he heom barrabann. nd anne hlend he ltt swingen. & sealde heom to honne.
27 a under-fengen as deman cmpen anne hlend on am domerne. & ge-gaderede ealne anne read to heom
28 & un-scyrden hine hys agene reafe. & scrydden hine mid selekene reade sicchele (sic).
Mat 27:29 & wunden kynehelm of ornen. & asetten ofer hys heafod. & reod on hys swiran. & beigdon heore cneow beforan hym. and bysmeredon hine us cweende.
30 Hall weosse u iudea kyning. & sptton on hine. nd namen reod nd beoton hys heafod.
31 nd fter an e hy hine us bysemeredon. hyo unscridden hine am sicchele. & scyrden hine mid hys agene reafe. nd ldden hyne to ahonne.
32 Solice a hyo ut-ferden. a gemetton hyo nne cyrenyssce man cumende heom to-genes as namen ws symon. ane hyo ndden t he bre hys rode.
33 a comen hyo on a stowe. e ys ge-nemned golgotha t is heafed-pannan stowe;
34 & hyo sealden hym win drincen wi gallen gemenged. & a he hys on-byrede a nolde he hit drinken.
35 Solice fter am e hyo hine on rode on-hengen. hyo to-dldon hys reaf. & wurpon hlot r-ofer. t wre ge-fylled t ge-cween ws urh onne witegen & us cw. hyo to-dlden heom mine reaf. & ofer mine reaf hyo wurpen hlot.
36 & hyo beheolden hine sittende.
37 & hyo asetten ofer hys heafod hys gylt us awritenne. ys is se hlend iudea kyng.
38 a wren ahangen mid hym twegen scaan. n on a swiren healfe. & oer on am winstran.
39 Witodlice a weiferende hyne bysmereden. & cwhton heore heafod.
40 & cwen. Wa t es to-werp godes temple & on ridden daige hyt eft ge-tymbred. ge-hl nu e sylfne. gyf u syo godes sune ga nier of are rode.
41 Eac are sacerde ealdres. hyme (sic) bysmeredon mid am bokeran & mid am ealdran. & cwen.
42 Ore he ge-helde. & hyne sylfne ge-hlen ne mg. Gyf he israele kyng sy. ga nu nier of are rode. & we ge-lefe hym.
43 He ge-lyfd on god. alyse he hyne n gyf he wille. Witodlice he saigde godes sunu ich em.
44 Gelice a scaan e mid hym ahengene wren hine hospodon.
45 Witodlice fram are sixten tyde wren ge-woron eostre ofer ealle eoren. oe nygeon tyde.
46 & embe a nygeen tid. clypede se hlend mycelre stefne. & us cw. Hely. hely. lama zabathani. t is on englisc. min god min god to hwi for-lete u me.
47 Solice sume e r stoden & is ge-herden cwen. Nu he clypa heliam.
48 a rdlice arn an heora. & genam nne spongen. & fylde hyo mid echede. & -sette an reod r-on. & sealde hym drinken.
49 Witodlice a ore cwen lt uten ge-seon hwer helias cume & wylle hyne alysan.
50 a clypede se hlend ft mychelere stefne. & asende his gast.
51 nd r-rihte as temples wah-riht war to-stliton (sic) on twegen dles. fram ufewearden oe niewearden. & syo eore befode. & stanes to-burston;
52 & byrigenne wurden ge-openede. & manega halga lichamen e r slepen arisan.
53 & a hyo ut-eoden of am byrigenne; fter hys ariste; hyo comen on a halgen cheastre. & tteowoden hyo manegen.
54 Witodlice as hundredes ealdor. & a e mid hym wron healdende anne hlend. a hyo ge-seagen are eore-befienge. & a ing e r ge-wuren. hyo ondrdden heom rle. & cwon. So godes sune ws es.
55 Witodlice r wren manega wif feorran. a e fylgdon am hlende. fram galilea. hym egnende.
56 Be-tweox am ws syo magdalenisca Marie. & Maria Iacobes & iosepes moder & zebedeis sune moder.
57 Solice a hyt fen ws com sum weli man of arimathia as name ws ioseph. se sylfe ws as hlendes leorning-cniht.
58 he geneahlacte to pilate. & bd as hlendes lichamen. a het pilatus agyfen hym anne lichamen.
59 & Ioseph genam anne lichaman. & be-wand hine mid clnre scetan.
60 & legde hine on hys nywe berienne. e he heow of stane. & he to-awelte mycele stan to hlyde are byrigenne. & ferde syan.
61 r ws solice syo magdalenissce Marie & syo oer Marie sittende t am byrigenne.
62 Witodlice oeran daige e ws gearcung-dg. comen to-gdere are sacerda ealdras & a sunder-halgen to pilate.
63 & cwen. Hlaford we ge-munen t se swica sigde a he on lyfe ws. t fter reom dagen ic arise.
64 hat nu healden a byrigenne. o anne ridden day. y-ls hys leorning-cnihtes cumen & for-stylen hyne. & seggen am folke t he arise of deae. anne beo t fter ge-dwel wyrse anne t rre.
65 a cw pilatus. Ge hbbe heord-radene fared & healded swa swa ge witen.
66 Solice hyo ferdon. & ymb-tremedon a byrigenne. & inseggledon anne stann mid am wearden.




1 Solice am reste -daiges efene. se e on-lihte on am forme reste-dayge com syo magdalenissca Marie & syo oer Marie t hyo wolden ge-syen a byrigenne.
2 & r war ge-woren mychel eor-befiunge. Witodlice drihtenes ngel stah of heofene. & geneahlacte. nd awelte anne stan. & st r on-uppon.
3 hys ansiene ws swylce leyt. & hys reaf swa hwit swa snaw.
4 Witodlice a weardes wren afyrhte. & wron ge-worene swylce hyo deade wren.
5 a andswerede se ngel & sayde am wifon. Ne on-drde ge eow. Ic wat witodlice t ge seche anne hlend. ane e on roden ahangen ws.
6 Nis he her. He aras ge-wislice swa swa he sigde. Cume & geseo. a stowe e se hlend ws on aleigd.
7 & Fare rdlice & cume & segge hys leorning-cnihten t he aras. & solice he cym beforan eow on galileam. r ge hine geseo. nu ich segge eow.
8 a ferden hyo rdlice fram are byrigenne mid eige & mid mychele ge-fean. & urnen nd kydden hyt hys leorning-cnihten.
9 & efne a com se hlend ongean hyo. & cw. hale wese ge. Hyo ge-neohlahten & ge-namen hys ft. & to him ge-eadmededon.
10 a cw se hlend to heom. Ne on-drde ge eow. fare & kye mine ge-brore t hyo faran on galilea. r hyo ge-seo me.
11 a hyo ferdon a comen sume a weardes on a ceastre. & kyddan are sacerda ealdren. ealle a ing e r ge-worene wren.
12 a ge-samnode a ealdres hyo. & worhten gemot. & sealden am eignen. mychel feoh. & cwen.
13 Segge t hys leorning-cnihtes coman nyhtas & for-stlen hyne a we slepen.
14 nd gyf se dema is ge-axo. we lre hyne. & ge-do eow sorhlease.
15 a on-fengen hyo as feos. & dyden eal-swa hyo ge-lrde wren. & is word ws gewid-mrsod mid iudeam o isne andwearden dayg.
16 a ferden a endlefan leorning-cnihtes on anne munt r se hlend heom dihte.
17 & hine r ge-seagen. & hyo to hym ge-eadmedoden. Witodlice sume hyo tweonoden.
18 a ge-neohlacte se hlend nd sprc to heom as ing & us cw. Me ys ge-seald lch anweald on heofena & on eoran.
19 fare witodlice & lre ealle eode. & fullie hyo. on naman fder & sune & as halgen gastes.
20 & lre t hyo healden ealle a ing. e ich eow be-bead. & ich beo mid eow ealle dages oe worulde ndenge. Amen.