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1 for an e witodlice manega ohte are inge race ge-ende-berden e on us ge-fylde synde;
2 swa us be-tahten a e hyt of freme ge-sgen. & are sprce ens wren.
3 Me ge-uhte geornlice eallen o nde-byrdnysse writen e u seleste theophilus.
4 t u oncnawe are worde sodfstnysse of am e u ge-lred rt.
5 On herode dagen iudea cyninges ws sum sacerd on namen zacharias of abian tune. & his wif ws of rones dohtren. & hire name ws elisabeth.
6 Solice hyo wren ba twa rihtwise be-foren gode. & gangenden on eallen hys beboden & rihtwisnesse. ba twa wrohte.
7 & hyo nafden nan bearn. for-an elisabeth ws un-berende & hyo on heore dagen bae for-eoden.
8 Solice ws ge-woren a zacharias hys sacerd-hades brea. on his ge-wrixles endebyrdnysse be-fore gode.
9 fter ge-wunan. ara sacerdes hades hlotes he eode t he his offringe sette. a he on godes tempel eode
10 eall wered as folkes ws ute biddende on are offrenge timen.
11 a atewede hym drihtenes ngel standende on as weofedes swiren healfe.
12 a war zacharias ge-drefed t ge-seonde & him eige on-reas.
13 a cw se ngel hym to. ne on-dred u e zacharias. for an in bene is ge-herd. & in wif elisabeth e sune ken. & u nemnest hys name Iohannes
14 & he by e to blisse. & manega on his akynnednysse ge-fagene.
15 Solice he by mre be-foren drihtene. & he ne drinc win ne beor. & he beo ge-felle mid halgen gaste; anne gyt of hys moder innoe.
16 & manege israele bearne he ge-chyrd to drihtene heore gode
17 & he g to-foren him on gaste. & on helias ge-mihte. & he fderan heortan to heora bearnan ge-cyrre. & ungeleafulle. to rihtwise gleaw-scipe. drihtne fulfremed folc ge-grewian.
18 a cw zacharias to am engle. hwanan wat ich is. Ic eom nu eald & min wif on heora dagen for-eode.
19 a andswerede him se ngel. Ich eom gabriel se engel. ic e stande be-foren gode. & ich eom asend wi e sprecen. & e is bodien.
20 End nu abydst swigende. & u sprken ne miht o anne dayg e as ing gewurad. for an u mine worden ne lyfdest a by on heora timan ge-fylde.
21 And t folc ws zachariam ge-abydende. & wundredon. t he on t temple ge-lt ws.
22 a he ut-eode ne mihte he heom to sprcen. & hyo on-cneowen t he on am temple sume ge-sihte ge-seah. & he ws beacniende heom & dumb urh-wunede.
23 a ws ge-woren a his enunga dages ge-fylde wren. he ferde to his huse.
24 Solice fter dagen elisabeth his wif ge-eacnode. & hy be-dyglede hyo fif monas & cw.
25 Solice me drihten ge-dyde us on am dagen e he ge-seah mine hosp be-twux mannen afyrran.
26 Solice on am syxten mone ws a-send gabriel se engel fram drihtene on galil cestre are name ws nazareth.
27 to be-weddedre femnen anen were as name ws ioseph of dauies huse. & are femne name ws mariam.
28 a cw se ngel ingangende. Hal wsse u mid gyfe ge-fylled. drihten mid e. u ert ge-bletsed on wifen.
29 a war hyo on his sprce ge-drefed. & ohte hwt syo gretunge wre.
30 a cw se ngel. ne on-drd u e Maria. Solice u gyfe mid gode ge-mettest
31 solice nu u on innoe ge-eacnest. & sune censt nd hys name hlend ge-nemnest
32 & se byo mre. & as heagestes sune ge-nemned. & hym syl drihten god his fder dauides setll.
33 & he rixad on echnesse on Iacobes huse. & his riche nde ne beo.
34 a cw maria to am ngle hu ge-wur is for an ich were ne on-cnawe.
35 a andswerede hyre se ngel. Se halge gast on e be-kymd & as heagestan mihte e ofer-scde. & for an t halig e of e akenned by; by godes sune ge-nemned.
36 nd nu elisabeth in mage sune on hire elde ge-echnede. & es mone is hire syxto sye is unberende ge-nemned.
37 for-y nis lch word mid gode unmihte-lic.
38 a cw Maria. Her is drihtenes inen. ge-wure me fter inen worde. & se ngel hire fram ge-wat.
39 Solice on am dagen aras Maria & ferde on muntlande mid efste. on iudeisse ceastre.
40 & eode in-to zacharias huse. & grette elisabeth.
41 a ws ge-woren. a helisabeth ge-herde maRie gretinge. a ge-fagene t chyld on hire innoe. nd a war elisabeth halgen gaste ge-fylled.
42 nd hyo cleopede hludere stefne. & cw. u rt be-twux wifen ge-bledsed. & ge-bletsed ys ines innoes wstme.
43 & hwanen is me is t mines drihtenes moder scolde to me cume.
44 Sone swa inre gretinge stefne on minan earen ge-woran ws. a fagenede min chyld on minen innoe.
45 nd eadig u ert u e ge-lyfdest t fulfremede sinde a ing. e e fram drihtene ge-saigde synde.
46 a cw maria min saule mersed drihten.
47 and min gast ge-blissode on gode minen hlende.
48 For am e he ge-seah his inene eadmodnysse. Solice henen-for me eadige segge ealle cneornesse.
49 for am e me mychele ing dyde se e mihtyg ys. & his name is halig
50 & hys mildheortnysse of cneornisse. on cneornesse hine on-drdende.
51 He worhte mgne on hys earme. he to-dlde a ofermode. on moda heora heortan.
52 He warp a rice of setlle. & a eadmode he up an-hof.
53 Hyngriende he mid gode ge-felde. & a ofor-mode ydele for-let.
54 He afeng israel his cniht & ge-mynde hys mildheortnysse.
55 Swa he sprc to ure fderen abrahame. & his sde on a weorlde.
56 Solice Marie wunede mid hire swylce reo mones; & ge-wende a to hire huse.
57 a ws afelled elisabethe kenning-tyd. & hyo sune kende.
58 nd hire nehcheburas & hyre cuan t ge-herden t drihten hys mildheortnysse mid hire mrsede. & hyo mid hire blisseden.
59 a on am ehtode daige hyo comon t chyld to embscnien. & nemden hine his fder name zachariam.
60 a andswerede his moder nese soes. ac he beo Iohan ge-nemned.
61 a cwen hyo to hire. nis nan on inre mge isse name ge-nemned.
62 a cwen hyo to his fder. hwt he wolde hine ge-nemned beon.
63 a wrat he ge-beenen wexbrede Iohannes ys hys name. a wundredon hyo ealle.
64 a war sona hys mu & hys tunge ge-opened & he sprc drihten bletsiende.
65 a war eige ge-worden ofer ealle heora nehchegeburas & ofer ealle iudea munt-land wren as wor wi-mrsede.
66 & ealle a e hyt ge-hyrdon on heore heorten setten & cwen. Wenst u hwt beo es cnapa; witolice drihtnes hand ws mid hym.
67 nd zacharias hys fder ws mid halgen gaste ge-fylled. & he wito-gode. & cw.
68 Ge-bletse syo drihten israele god; for an e he ge-neosede. & hys folces alysendnysse dyde.
69 nd he us hle horn arrde on dauides huse. hys cnihtes.
70 Swa he sprc urh hys halgene witegene mu. a e of weorldes freme sprken.
71 & he alesde us of uren feonden. & of ealre are handen e us hateden.
72 Mildheortnysse to werchen mid ure fderen. & ge-munen hys halgen kynesse.
73 hyne us to sellene anne a e he uren fader abrahame swor.
74 t we buton eyge of ure feondon handen alesde hym eowian.
75 on halignesse be-foran hym eallen ure dagen.
76 & u cnapa gst & beost as heageste witega ge-nemned. u gst be-foran drihtnes ansiene hys wegas gearewian.
77 To syllene hys folce his halge ge-wit on hira synna for-gefenyssa.
78 urh innoes ures godes mildheortnyssa. on am he us neosede. of east-dle up-springende.
79 on-lihtan am e on eostrum & on deaes scade sitte. ure fet to ge-reccenne on sibbe weig.
80 Solice se cnape weox. & ws on gaste ge-strnced. & ws on westene o anne dayg his atewednysse on israel.




1 Solice on am dagen ws ge-woren ge-bod fram an caisere auguste. t eall ymb-hwyrft wre to-mrcod.
2 eos to-mearcednysse ws rest ge-woren. fram an deman syrige cyrino.
3 & ealle hyo eoden & syndrie ferden on heore ceastre.
4 a ferde ioseph fram galilea. of are ceastre nazareht. on iudeissce ceastre. dauies syo is ge-nemned bethlm. for an e he ws of dauies huse & hyrde
5 t he ferde mid marian e hym ge-wedded ws. & ws ge-eacnod.
6 Solice ws ge-woran a hyo r wren. hyre dages wren ge-fyllede t hyo kende
7 & hyo a akende hire frum-kennedan sunu. & hine mid cyld-claen be-wand. & hine on binne alegde. for an e hyo nfden rum on cumene huse.
8 nd heordas wren on am ylcan riche wakiende. & niht-wccen healdende ofer heore heorda.
9 a stod drihtnes ngel wi hyo & godes brihtnysse heom ymbe-scan; & hyo heom mychel eige adredden.
10 & se engel heom to cw. Nelle ge eow on-drden. solice nu ich eow bodige mychele blisse syo beo eallen folce.
11 for an to dayg eow is hlend akenned. se is drihten crist on dauies ceastre.
12 And is taken eow beo. Ge finda an chyld rglen be-wunden. & on binne aleig.
13 And a ws fringe ge-woran mid am ngle myceles heofenlices weredes god heriendra. & us cweende
14 gode syo wuldor on heahnysse. & on eoran sibbe mannen godes willan.
15 & hyt ws ge-woren a a ngles to heofene ferden. a heordan heom be-tweonen sprcen & cwen. Vton faren to bethlm. & ge-seon t word e ge-woren ys. t drihten us atywede.
16 & hyo efstende comen & ge-metton marian & Ioseph nd t chyld on binne aleigd.
17 a hyo t ge-seagen a on-cneowen hyo be am worden e heom ge-sd ws. be am chylde.
18 nd ealle a e ge-herden wundreden be am. e heom a heordes saigdon.
19 Maria ge-heold ealle as word on hire heorte smeagende.
20 a ge-wenden ham a heordes god wuldriende. & heriende on eallen an e hyo ge-herden & ge-seagen. Swa to heom ge-cween ws.
21 fter am e ehta dages ge-felde wren t t chyld embsnyen wre. Hys nama ws hlend. Se ws fram ngle ge-nemned r he on innoe ge-eacned wre.
22 fter am e hire clnsing-dages ge-felde wren. fter moyses lage. hyo ldden hine on ierusalem t hyo hine gode setton
23 swa swa [on] drihtnes lage awriten ys. t lc wpnyd ge-cyndlym untynende beo drihtenes halig ge-nemned.
24 & t hyo offrunge sealden. fter an e drihtnes lge ge-cween is. twa turtlan. oe twa culfran briddes.
25 nd a ws an man on ierusalem as name ws symeon. & es man ws rihtwis & mid israele frofren ge-anbadiende. & halig gast him on ws.
26 & he andswere of am halgen gaste on-feng. t he dea ne ge-seage buton he r drihten crist ge-seage.
27 nd on gaste he on t tempel com. & a his mges lddon anne hlend. t hyo for hym fter are lge ge-wunan dyden.
28 Heo on-feng hine mid hys handen. & god bletsede. & cw.
29 Drihten nu u ltst inne eow fter ine worde on sibbe.
30 for am mine eagen ge-seagen ine hle.
31 a u ge-gearwudest be-foran alre folce ansiene.
32 leoht to eoda awrigenysse. & to ines folces wuldre israele.
33 a ws hys fder & hys moder wundriende be am e be hym ge-saigde wren.
34 And a ge-bletsede hyo symeon. & cw to marian hys moder. loca nu es is on hryre & on arist ge-sett. manegre on israele & on taken am e wi-cween by.
35 nd his sweord ine sawle urhfer. t ge-ohtes seon awrigene of manegen heorten.
36 And anna ws witegestre fanueles dohter of asseres mge. eos wunede manigene daig & hye lefede mid hire were sefe gear on hire femnehade
37 & hyo ws wudewe o feower & hund-eahtetig geare. Seo of am temple ne ge-wat daiges ne nihtes. eowiende on fstene. & on halsunge.
38 And eos are tide be-cumende drihtne andette & be hym sprc. eallen an e ge-an-bided-en ierusalem alysednysse.
39 & a hyo ealle ing ge-feldon fter drihtenes lage. hyo hwurfon on galil on hire ceastre nazareth.
40 Solice t chyld weox & ws gestranged wisdomes full. & godes geue ws on him.
41 & his mges ferden lche geare to ierusalem on eastre daiges freols-tide.
42 a he ws twelf wintre. hyo foren to ierusalem to am easterlicen freolse. fter hyre ge-wunenen (sic).
43 & a ge-fylleden dagen. a hyo agen ge-hwurfon be-laf se hlend on ierusalem & hys mges t nyston.
44 wende t he on heore ge-ferrede wre. a comen hyo anes daiges feor. & hyo hine sohte be-twe oxe his mges & hys cuan.
45 a hyo hine ne funden; hyo ge-wenton to ierusalem hine sechende.
46 a fter reom dagen. hyo funden hine on am temple sittende. on middan am lareowan. hlystende & hyo axiende.
47 a wundredon hyo ealle e ge-hyrden be his gleawscype; & his ndsweren.
48 a cw his moder to him. Sune hwi dydest u unc us. in fder & c sarigende e sohten.
49 a cw he to heom. hwt is t gyt me sohten. nyste gyt t me ge-byred to beonne on am ingen e mines fder synde.
50 a ne on-geaton hyo a word e he to heom sprc.
51 a ferde he mid heom & com to nazareth. & ws heom under-eod. And hys moder ge-heold ealle as word on hire heorte smeagende.
52 nd se hlend eah on wisdome & on ylde. & mid gyfe mid gode & mid mannen.




1 Solice am fiftendan geare as caiseres an-wealdes tyberij. be-ginnenden am pontiscen pilate iudea eode. foeran dles rice galil herode. philippe hys broder. feoran dles rice iturie. & as riche traconitidis. & lisania abiline feoran dles rica.
2 under are sacerde ealdres anna & chaifa. godes word ws ge-woran ofer zacharias sune on westene.
3 & he com into eall Iordanes riche bodiende. deadbote fulluht & synne for-gyfenesse
4 swa hit awriten ys on ysaias bech as witegan. Clepiende stefn on westene. ge-garewia drihtenes weig dod his sias rihte.
5 lch dane beo ge-feld. & lch munt & beorh beo ge-niered. & wuru beo on ge-rihte. & ungerydu on smee weges.
6 & lc flsc ge-sih godes hle.
7 Solice he cw to am mgen e ferden t hyo wren fullode fram hym. Eale nddrene kyn hwa atewedo (sic) eow t ge fleon fram am towearde eorre.
8 Do eornestlice deadbote wstmes. & ne on-ginnen ge cween. we hbbed us to fader abraham. Ich segge eow t god is swa mihtig t he maig of isen stanen abrahames bearn aweccan.
9 Nu ys syo x asett. to as treowas wirtrumen. Witodlice lch treow e ne brincd godne wstme beo for-corfan & on fyr aworpen.
10 a axoden hine a manige & cwen; hwt do we.
11 a cw he to heom. se e haf twege tunekan. sylle am e nf. & am ge-lice do se e metes hf
12 a comen a manfulle t hy awegene wren. & cwen to hym lareow hwt do we.
13 a cw he ne do ge naht mare anne t eow ge-sett ys.
14 a axoseden (sic) hine a cempan & cwen. & hwt do we. a sde he heom. ne sla ge nanne man. Ne tle ne do. & beo e-healde on eowren andlyfenum.
15 Solice am folce wenenden & eallen on heore heorten encenden be Iohanne hwder he crist wre.
16 a andswerede Iohannes heom eallen seggenden. Witodlice ic eow an watere fullige. Solice kym strengre anne ich; as ich nem wure t ich hys scowang un-cnytte. Heo eow fulled on halgen gaste. & on fyre.
17 & his fann is on his handa. & he fermed hys bernes flore. & gadered hys hwte in-to hys berne. t chf he for-bern on un-acwenctelice fyre.
18 Manega ore ing bodiende. He t folc lrde.
19 Herodes se feoran dles rica a he ws fram him ge-read. be are herodiscan his broder wife & be eallen yfelen e herodes dyde.
20 & ofer eall t ge-icte t he be-clysde Iohanne on cwarterne.
21 Solice ws ge-woran a eall t folc ws ge-fullod. & am hlende ge-fulloden & ge-biddenden. heofene ws ge-opened
22 & se halga gast astah lichamlicere an-syna on hine swa an culfre & stefne ws of heofene ge-woran & us cw. u ert min ge-corena sune on e me ge-like.
23 & se hlend ws on ylde swilce rittige wintre. t men wenden t he wre Iosepes sune. Se ws heliges sune.
24 se ws nazareth. swa of cneornysse on cneornysse oe adam. Se ws godes sunu o fif & hund-seofentig cneornisse.
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1 Solice se hlend ws full halgen gaste & ferde fram iordane. Se halend ws fram halig gaste ge-ld on sumen westene
2 feortig dagen. & ws fram deofol costnod. & he on am dagen nan ing ne t. And am dagen ge-fylleden hine hingrede.
3 a cw se deofel hym to. gyf u syo godes sunu. sge isen stanen t he to hlafe ge-wure.
4 a andswerede him se hlend. Hit ys awriten t se man ne leofe be hlafe anen. c of lcen godes worde.
5 And a ldde se deofel hyne & atewede him ealle a rice eore ymbhwyrftes on anre brihtan hwile.
6 & to him cw. Ealne isne anweald ic e sylle & heora wuldor for an e hy me synde ge-sealde. & ich hye sylle an e ich wille.
7 Witodlice ealle hyo beo ine gif u ge-eadmedest be-foran me.
8 a andswerede him se halend. Hit is awriten. Drihten inne god u ge-eadmest & hym ane eowast.
9 a ldde he hyne on Ierusalem. & ge-sette hine ofer as temples ricg & hym to cw. Gyf u syo godes sunu -send e heonen nyder.
10 Solice hit ys awriten t he hys nglen be e be-beot t hyo e ge-healden;
11 & t hyo e mid handen nymen e ls e u inne fot t stane t-sperne.
12 a cw se hlend him andsweriende. hyt is ge-cween ne costa u drihten inne god.
13 & ealle are costlinge ge-fylledera. se deofel hym sume hwile fram ge-wat.
14 a ferde se hlend on gastes mgne on galileam. & his hlise be him ferde on eall t riche.
15 & he lrde be heora samnunge. & ws fram eallen ge-mearsod.
16 a com he to nazareth. r he afed ws. & he eode on reste-dige on a ge-samnenge fter his ge-wunen. & he aras t he rdde.
17 & hym ws ge-seald ysaias boc as witegan. & sona swa he a boc unfeld a funde he r awriten;
18 drihtnes gast is ofer me for an he smerede me. He sende me rfen bodian. & ge-hften alysendnysse. & blinden ge-sihe. for-brokene ge-hlen.
19 & bodian drihtnes anfenge gear & edleanes daig.
20 And a he a boc be-feold he hye am eigne sealde & agef & st. & ealre hire eagen on are samnunge wren on hine be-healdende.
21 a on-gan he heom to cwdene. Solice to daig ys is writ on eowren earen ge-fylled.
22 & hyo ealle wren is ge-cnawe & wundredon be am worden e of hys mue eode. & us cwen. Nis es Iosepes sune.
23 a cw he. Witodlice ge segge me as ge-licnysse. eala leche ge-hl e sylfne. Do her on inen earde swa fela wundre swa we ge-hyrden ge-dne on chapharnaum.
24 a cw he. solice ic eow segge t nan witege nis and-fenge on hys ele.
25 Solice ic eow segge manega wudewan wren on helias dagon on israel. a a seo heofena ws be-loken reo gear & six monas. a ws ge-woran mycel hunger on ealre eoran
26 & to are nanun ns helias asend. buton to anre wudewan on sarepta sydonie.
27 And manega lichrowres wron on israel under helyseo am witegan; & heore nan ns clnsed butan nman se scirescan.
28 a wuren hyo ealle on are ge-samnunge mid eorre ge-fylled. as ing ge-herende.
29 nd hyo arison & scufen hine of are ceastre. nd ldden hine ofer as muntes cnp ofer ane hyra burh ge-tymbred ws t hyo hine nyer be-scufan.
30 a ferde he urh hyra midlen.
31 And he ferde to kapharnaum on galileisce ceastre. & he r on rste-daigen lrde.
32 & hyo wundreden be his lare; for an hys sprce on anwealde ws.
33 And on hire samnunge ws sum man un-clne deofol hbbende. & he hrymde michelere stefne
34 & cw. Lt la nazareisce hlend. hwt is us & e come u us to for-spillene. ich wat t u ert godes halga.
35 And a cydde hym se hlend and cwd. Adumba & ga hym of. & a he ut adraf hine on hire midlene; & he hym fram ge-wat. and hym naht ne derede.
36 a wuren hyo ealle forhte & spraeken heom be-tweonen. & cwen hwt is t word t he on mihte & on mgne un-clnen gaste be-beot. & hyo ut ga.
37 a ws hys hlise ge-wid-mrsod on lcere stowe as rices.
38 Solice he aras of here samnunga & ferde on symones hus. a ws simones sweger ge-swenched on mycelen feofren. & hyo hine for hire bden.
39 & he standende ofer hyo am feofre be-bead. & he hyo for-let. & hyo sone aras. & hym enede.
40 Solice a sunne asah ealle e untrume wren on mistlicen adlen hyo ldden him to. & he sindrigen his hand on-settende hyo ge-helde.
41 a ferden a deofle of manegen hremende. & cweende. Sodes u eart godes sune. & he ne ge-afede t hye any ing sprcen. for an he hyo wisten t he crist ws.
42 a ge-wordenen daige se hlend ut-gangende ferde on westene stowe. & a manega hine sohten. & hyo comen to hym. & be-hfden hine; t he heom fram ne wite.
43 a sgde he heom. Solice me ge-afened oren ceastren godes riche bodian. for an to an ich eom asend
44 & he ws bodiende on galilea ge-samnunge.




1 Solice ws ge-woren a a manege him to comen t hyo godes word ge-hyrden. he stod wi ane mere genesareth.
2 & he ge-seah twa scipe standende wi anne mere. a fixeres eoden & wexon heore nett.
3 He a astigende on an scyp; t ws symones. bed hine t he hit lithwan fram lande tuugen. & on am scype sittende he lrde a manega.
4 a he sprcen ge-swac he cw to symone. Teoh hit on deopan & lte eowre nett on anne fisc-wr.
5 a cwd symon him andswerede. Ela be-bended (sic) ealle niht swikende we naht ne fengen. Solice on inum worde ich min nett ut-lte.
6 & a hyo t dydon. hyo be-tugen mycele maniga fixsca; & heore nett ws to-broken.
7 & hyo becneden heore ge-feren; e on oren scypen wren. t hyo comen & heom felsten. a comen hyo & ge-felden baa a scype swa t hyo neh wren ge-sencten.
8 a petrus t ge-seah he feoll to as hlendes cneowen; & cw. Drihten ge-wit fram me for am ich em sinful man
9 & he wundrede. & ealle a e mid hym wren on am wre are fixsca e hyo ge-fengen.
10 Gelice Iacobum & Iohannem Zebedeis sunes. a wren symones ge-feran. a cw se hlend to symone. ne on-drd u e. Heonen for u byst mnn feonde.
11 & hyo tugen hyre scyp to lande. & for-lten hyo & folgedon am hlende.
12 a he ws on anre ceastre a ws r an hreofla. & a he ge-seah anne hlend a astrahte he hine & bd. & us cw. Drihten gif u wilt. u miht me ge-clnsien.
13 nd he t-hran hine his handa aenede. & cw. Ic wille; syo u ge-clnsed. nd sone se hreofla hym fram ferde.
14 & he bed him t he hit nanen men ne saigde. ac ga & atewe e am sacerde. nd bring for inre claensinge swa moyses be-bead heom on ge-witnysse.
15 Witodlice as e m seo sprc be him ferde & mycele menega comen t hyo ge-hyrdon & wuren ge-hlede fram heora untrumnesse.
16 He a ferde on westen & hine ge-bd.
17 a ws anen daige ge-woren t he st & hyo lrde. & a wren a farisei sittende & are lage-lareow-ws. a comen of lche castelle galil & Iud & ierusalem. & drihten magen ws hyo to gehlene.
18 nd a bren men on anen bedde enne man; se ws lame.
19 & hyo ne mihten hine in-bringen & aleggen be-foran hym; for are maniga e mid am hlende ws. a astigen hyo up on anne rof. & urh a watelas hine mid am bedde asende be-foran am halende.
20 a he ge-seah heora ge-leafe. he cw. La man e synd ine sinne for-gefene.
21 a agunnen encen a bokeres & farisei & cwen. hwt is es e her sprecd woffunga. hwa maig senna for-gefen buton god ane.
22 a seo hlend ge-cneow heora ge-ances; he andsweriende cw to heom. Hwt ence ge on eowre heorten
23 hwer is eere to cweene e synt ine senne for-gefene; hwaer to cweene aris & ga.
24 t ge witen t mannes sune on eordan anweald haf synne to for-gefena. nd he sgde am lamen. e ich segge aris; nym in bed & ga on in hus.
25 & he sone be-foren heom aras; & nam t he on lig & to his huse eode. & god wuldrede.
26 & hyo ealle wundredon & god mrsedon & wren mid eige ge-fylde. & cwen soes we to-daig wundre ge-seagen.
27 a fter an he ut-eode. & ge-seah publicanum e ws oer name leuj ge-haten. t cheap-scamele sittende. & he cw to hym felge me.
28 & he hym a felgede. & ealle hys ing for-let.
29 nd leuj dyde him michele ge-beorscipe on his huse. & r ws mycele manege manfulra & ore e mid him ston.
30 a murcneden a farisei & a bokeres. & cwen to his leorning-cnihten. hwi te ge. & drinke mid manfullen & senfullen.
31 a andswerede se hlend & cw to heom. Ne be-urfen lches a e hale synde. ac a e un-hle hbbe.
32 Ne com ich rihtwise to clepian. ac synfulle on deadbote.
33 a cwen hyo to hym. hwi fsted iohannes leorningcnihtes ge-lomlice & halsunge do. & eal swa fariseen. & ine te & drince;
34 a cw he. cwedst u magen as bredgumen bearn fsten. swa lange swa se bredgume mid heom ys.
35 Solice a dages cume anne se bredgume heom beo aferred. anne fsted hyo on an dagen.
36 a sde he heom an bispell. Ne asende nan man scyp on neowan reafe. on eald reaf elles t neowe slyt. & se neowe scyp ne helpd an ealden.
37 Ne nan man ne synt niwe win on ealde butta elles t neowa win brece a butta & t win beo agoten & a butta for-wured.
38 Ac neowe win is to asendenne on neowe butta anne beo a butte ge-healdenne.
39 & ne drinc nan man eald win. & wille sona t neowe he cwe t ealde is betere.




1 Solice ws ge-woren on am fteren reste-daige; rest a ferde he urh a ceras hys leorning-cnihtes a ear pluccoden. & mid heora handa gnidon & ten.
2 a cwen sume of am sunder-halgen. hwi do ge t eow alyfd nis on reste-dagen.
3 a andswerede se hlend heom & cw. Ne redde ge hwt dauid dyde a him hingrede. & a e mid him wron
4 hu he eode into godes huse & nam a offrenge-hlafes & hyo t. & am sealde e mid him wren. a nren alyfde to tene buton sacerden. anen.
5 nd he saigde heom t drihten is mannes sune. eac swilce reste-daiges.
6 Solice on orum reste-daige ws ge-woren. t he on ge-samnunge eode. & lrde. & r ws sum man. & his swire hand ws for-scrunken.
7 a gemden a bokeras & pharisei hwaer he on reste-daige helde t hyo hine wreidon.
8 Solice he wiste heore ances & he saide am men e a forscrunkene hand hafde. aris & stand her amidden. a aras he & stod.
9 a cw se hlend to hem. Ich acsie eow alyf on reste-dagon wel don oe yfele sawle hle ge-don hwder e forspillan.
10 And heom eallon ge-sceawedon mid eorre he saigde am men. Aene ine hand; & he aenede & hys hand ws ednywod.
11 a wuren hyo mid unwisdome ge-fyllede & sprcen be-twux heom hwt hyo am hlende dydon.
12 Solice on am dagen he ferde on nne munt. hine ge-byddan. & ws r wakiende on godes ge-bede.
13 nd a a hit daig ws he cleopede his leorning-cnihtes & ge-cheas twelf of heom. & a he nemnede apostles.
14 Simonem anne he nemnede petrus. & his broer andreas. Iacobum. & Iohannem. philippum & bartholomeum.
15 Thomam & Matheum. Iacobum alphei & symonem. se ys ge-nemned zelotes
16 Iudam Iacocobi (sic). & Iudam scarioth. se ws lwa.
17 And mid heom farenden he stod on feldlicere stowe & micel werd hys leorning-cnihte & mycele manega fram alre iudea. & fram ierusalem & ofer muan & s. ge-mare tyry & sydonis. a comen t hyo hyne ge-hyrdon & wren of heora adlen ge-hlde.
18 & a e waren of un-clnen gaste ge-drehte wren ge-hlede.
19 nd seo manegeo sohte hine to t-hrinnenne. for am e mgen of hym eode. & he ealle ge-hlde.
20 a cw se hlend beo-seonde to hys leorning-cnihton. Eadige synde ge earfen on gaste. for an e godes rce is eower.
21 Eadige synde ge e hingrie nu. for am ge beo ge-fyllede. Eadige synde ge e nu wepad; for am ge hlyha.
22 Eadige beo ge anne eow men hatia & ehta. & on-husca. & awurped eowre namen swa swa yfel for mannes sune.
23 Ge-blissiad & ge-fageniad on am dagen; nu eower mede is mycel on heofene. Solice fter isen ingen hyra faderes dydon am witegan.
24 eah-hwere wa eow witegan. for an e ge eowwerne frofer hbbe.
25 Wa eow e ge-fylde sinde; for an e ge hingria. Wa eow e nu hlehgad for an e ge heofa & wepe.
26 Wa eow anne eow ealle men bletsia fter isen ingen heora fderes dyden am witegen.
27 Ac ic eow segge for am e ge hyrad. Lufia eowre feond do am tle e eow hatedon.
28 Bletsie a e eow weregie. Ge-bied for am e eow on-huscie.
29 & am e e sleh on am wange. wend oer agen. & am e in reaf nym ne for-beod him na ine tunecan.
30 Syle lcen e e bidde. & se e nymd a ing e ine synde ne munega u hyra.
31 & swa eow wille t eow men do; do hem ge-lice.
32 & hwilc anc is eow gyf ge lufie a e eow lufie. Solice senfulle lufie; a e hy lufie.
33 And gif ge wel do an e eow wel do; hwilc anc is eow. Witodlice t do sinfulle.
34 & gyf ge leane am e ge eft on-fo; hwilc anc is eow. Solice sinfulle sinfulle leane. t hyo gelice on-fon.
35 eah-hwere lufia eowre feond. & heom wel do. & leane sylled nan ing anum (sic) eft ge-hihtende. & eower mede beod mycel on heofene. & ge beo as hegesten bearn. for am e he ys god ofer unanc-fulle & ofer yfele.
36 Eornestlice beo mildheorte swa eower fader is mildheort.
37 Nelle ge demen. & ge ne beo demede. Nelle ge nyerien. & ge ne beo ge-nyere. For-gyfe; nd eow beo for-gefen.
38 Selle & eow beo ge-seald. gd ge-met & full & ge-heapod. & ofer-flowende hyo sylled on eowrne bearm. am sylfen ge-mette e ge mete; eow beo ge-metan.
39 a sde he heom sum by-spell. Segst u maig se blinde ane blinde lden. hu ne fealled hyo begen on anne pet.
40 Nis se leorning-cniht ofer anne lareow. lc by fulfremed gyf he is swilc hys lareow.
41 hwi ge-syhst u a eigle on ines broer eagen. & ne syhst nne beam on ynen eagen.
42 nd hu myht u seggen inen breer. broer lt t c ateo a eigle of inen eagen. & u self ne ge-syhst anne beam on inen eagenen eagen. Eala licetere teoh rest anne beam of inen eage. & anne u ge-syhst t u ateo a eigle of ines broor eage.
43 Ns god treow t yfelne wstm de. & nis yfel treow godne wstm doende.
44 lc treow is be hys wstme on-cnawen. Ne hyo of ornen fic-ppel ne gaderie. ne winberian of gorste ne nyme.
45 gd man of goden goldhorde; hys heorte god for-brinc. & yfele men of yfele goldhorde yfel for-bringe. Solice se mu spec swa swa sye heorte enc.
46 Hwy clepie ge me drihten drihten & ne do t ic eow segge.
47 lc are e to me kym. & mine sprce ge-hyr & a de. ch hym tewie hwam he ge-lic ys.
48 He ys gelc tymbriende men hys hus se dealf deopne & his grundwall ofer anne stan asette. Solice ge-worene flode hit fleow in-to am huse. & hit ne mihte t hus astyrian hit ws ofer anne stan ge-trymed.
49 Se e ge-hyr & ne de; he is ge-lich am tymbrienden men his hus ofer a eoren buton grundwalle. & t flod in-fleow & rdlice hit afeol & war mycel ryre as huses.




1 Solice a he ealle his word gefylde on as folces hlyste. he eode in-to capharnaum.
2 a ws sum hundred-mannes eowa untrum se ws swentendlic (sic). se ws him dyere.
3 nd a he ge-hyrde be am hlende. he sende to him iudea aldres. & bed t he come & his eow ge-hlde.
4 a hyo to am hlende coman. hyo bden hine geornlice & us cwen. He is wure t u him telie.
5 Witodlice he lufe ure eode. & he us ure samnunge ge-tymbrede.
6 a ferde se hlend mid heom. & a he ws unfeor am huse se hundredes ealdor sende his frend to him and cw. Drihten nelle u beon ge-dreaht. ne eom ch wure t u ga under minne echene;
7 for an ch ne tealde me sylfne swa wur t ich to e come. Ac cwe in word and mn cniht beo ge-hled.
8 Ic eom an man under anwealde ge-sett; cmpen under me hbbende. & ch segge issen ga; & he g. & ch segge issen cum; onne cym he. & ch segge mine eowe is do; & he hit de.
9 a wundrede se hlend am ge-hyrden. & cw. to are manigeo be-wend. Solice ic segge eow ne funde ich on israel swa mychele ge-leafen.
10 & a a ham comen e asende wren hyo ge-metten halne anne e r u[n]trum ws.
11 a ws syen ge-woren he ferde on a ceastre e ys ge-nemned naym; & mid hym ferden his leorning-cnyhtes. & mycel manigeo.
12 a he ge-nehlahte are ceastre gate a ws r an dead man ge-boren ane wudewon sune. e nnne oerne nfde. & syo wudewe ws r. & mycel menigeo are burh-wre md hire.
13 a se hlend hyo ge-seah. a ws he md mildheortnysse ofer hyo ge-felled. & cw to hire. ne wep u na.
14 a ge-nehleahte he & a cheste tran. a t-stoden a e hine beren. a cw se hlend. Eala geonge e is (sic) segge aris.
15 a aras se e dead ws. & ongan sprcen. a agef he hine his moder.
16 a ofer-eode eyge hyo ealle. & hyo god mersodon & cwen. t mare witega on us aras. & t god his folce ge-neosode.
17 a ferde eos sprce be him on eallen iudea & embe eall t rice.
18 a cyddan iohannes leorning-cnihtes him be eallen isen ingen.
19 a cleopede iohannes twegen of his leorning-cnihten to hym. & sende to am halende & us cw. Ert u e to cumene ert; hweer e we ores sculon on-bidon.
20 a hyo to him comen us hyo cwen. Iohannes se fulluhtere us sende to e & us cw. Ert u e to cumene ert. e we sculon ores on-bidan.
21 Solice on are tide he ge-hlde manege of adlen. ge of witen. & of yfele gasten. & manegen blinden he ge-sihe for-gef.
22 a cw se hlend. Fare end kyda Iohanne a ing e ge ge-seagen & ge-hyrden. t blinde ge-seo. & healte ga. hrefle synde ge-helde. deafe ge-here. deade arise. rfen bodia.
23 & eadige beo swa hwilc swa ne beo on me ge-untreowsod.
24 And a a iohannes arend-dracan ferdon; a cw se hlend to am folce be Iohanne. hwi ferde ge on westene ge-seon t reod e bie mid winde astyred.
25 Ac hwi ferde ge. to ge-seonne anne man mid hnescan reafen ge-scyrdne. a e sende on deorwure reafe & on esten.
26 Ac hwi ferde ge anne witegan ge-seon witodlice ich eow segge he ys mare anne witega.
27 es is be am e awriten s. nu ch asende minne ngel be-foran ine ansyene; se ge-gerewed inne weig be-foran e.
28 Solice ch eow segge nis be-tweox wife bearnen nan mare witegen. anne iohannes se fulluhtere. Se e ys lsse on godes rice; se is his mare;
29 & eall folc his herende sunder-halgen god heredon & ge-fullode on Iohannes fulluhte.
30 Solice a sunder-halgen & a lage-gleawen for-hugedon as hlendes ge-oht on heom sylfen na fram am hlende ge-fullode.
31 Hwan telle ic ge-lic eosse cneorisse men. & hwam synde hi ge-lice.
32 Hyo synde gelice cylden on strete sittende & sprecende be-tweox heom. & cwende. We sungen eow be harpen. & ge ne salteredon. we heofoden & ge ne weopen.
33 Solice Iohannes com se fulluhtere hlaf ne etende ne win drinkende. & ge cweed. deofel-seocnysse he haf.
34 Mannes sune com etende & drinkende. & ge cwea es man ys swelgende & win drinkende. manfulra & senfulre freond.
35 And wisdom s ge-rihtwised on eallen his bearnen.
36 a bd sum hine of am sunder-halgen t he mid hym te. a eode he in-to as fariseiscen huse & ge-st.
37 And a t wif e ws on are ceastre synful a hy on-cneow t he st on as farisees huse. hyo brohte hire sealfe-box.
38 & stod wi-eften his fet. & on-gan mid hire tearen his fet wean. & dreide mid hire heafdes fexe. & kyste hys fet. & mid sealfe smerede.
39 a se sunder-halge e hine in-laede t ge-seah; he cw on his ge-ance. Gif es man witege wre. witodlice he wiste hwt & hwilc t wif wre e his t-rind. t hyo synful s.
40 a cw se hlend him andsweriende. Simon ch hbbe e to seggene sum ing. a cw he. Lareow sege anne.
41 Twegen gafel-gyldon wren sumen lnende; & scolde fif hund panege se an. & se oer fiftig.
42 a hyo nfden mid hwy hyo hit agulden. he hit heom bam for-gef. hwader lufede hine swire.
43 a andswerede symon ic wene. se e he mare for-gef. a cw he rihte u demdest.
44 a be-wende he hine to am wife. & sgde symone. Ge-syhst u is wif; ch eode in-to inen huse. ne gefe u me wter to minen foten. eos mid hire tearen mine fet weag. & mid hire locken dreide.
45 Cos u me ne gefe. eos see ch nn eode ne ge-swac t hyo mine fet ne kyste.
46 Min heafed u mid ele ne smeredest. eos smerede mid sealfe mine fet.
47 For am ch segge e; hyre synde manege synne for-gefene. for an e hio me swie lufede. lsse lufod am e lsse for-gyfen s.
48 a cw he to hire. e synde ine senne for-gefene.
49 a be-gunnen a e r sten be-twux heom cween. hwt is es e manne synne for-gyf.
50 a cw he to an wife. in geleafe e dyde hal ga nu on sibbe.




1 Syon ws ge-woren t he ferde urh a ceastren. & a ceastle godes rice predikende & bodiende. & hyo twelf mide.
2 And sume wif e wren ge-helde of awweregeden gasten & untrumnyssen. sye magdalenisce Marie of are seofan deofle ut-eoden.
3 & iohann chuzan wif herodes ge-refen; & susanna & manega ore e him of hyra spede enedon.
4 Solice a mycel manige com & of a ceastren to hym efstum (sic); he saigde heom an bispel.
5 Sum man hys sd seow. a he t seow sum feoll wi anne weig & war for-treden. & heofene fugeles hit frton.
6 And sum feoll ofer anne stan & hit for-scranc for-am-e hyt wten nfde.
7 & sum feol on a ornas; & a ornes hit for-rysmeden.
8 And sum feoll on gode eoran. & worhte hund-fealddne wstme. a clypede he & cw. Ge-here se e earen hbbe.
9 a axseden hine hys leorning-cnihtes hwt t bispel wre.
10 a cw he eow is ge-seald t ge witen godes rices ge-ryne. & oren on bi-spellen aet hyo ge-seonde ne ge-seagen & ge-hyrende ne on-geoton.
11 Solice is is t bispell. t sd is godes word.
12 a e synd wi anne weig. t synde a e ge-hyred. seoen se deofel kym and t-briht t word. of heora heortan t hio urh ane ge-leafen hale ne ge-wura.
13 a e sinde ofer anne stan; a t word mid ge-fean on-fo. & a nbbed wertrumen for-an-e hyo hwilon ge-leafen and awakie on are costnunge timen.
14 t s t feoll on a ornes t synde a e ge-hered. & of caren & of welen & of luston ys lifes synde for-rysmede & nnne wstme ne bringe.
15 t feoll on a goden eoran. t synde a e on godere & on selestre heortan ge-herende t word healde nd wstme on ge-ilde bringed.
16 Ne ofer-werc nan man mid fte his on-lde leoht-ft; oe under beo aset. ac ofer candel-stef asett. t a ingangende t leoht ge-seon.
17 Solice nis nan ing swa dygele t ne seo ge-swutelod. ne be-hy; t ne syo cu. & open.
18 Warnia hu ge ge-hyren; am beod ge-seald e hfe. & swa hwilc e nfe t he wene t he hbbe him beo afirred.
19 Hys moder & his ge-brore him to comen. & hio ne mihte hine for are manige ge-neoh-sian.
20 a ws him ge-cyde. in moder & ine ge-brodre stande her ute wille e ge-seon.
21 a cwd he to heom. min moder & mine ge-brodre synde a e ge-hire & do godes word.
22 Solice anen daige ws ge-woren a e he on scyp eode. & his leorning-cnihtes; a cwd he to heom. Vton seiglien ofer isne mere. & hyo segledon a.
23 a e hyo reowan a slep he. a com windj east & hyo forteden.
24 a ge-nehlahten hyo him to & cwen hlaford we forwure. a aras he & readde ane wind. & as wteres renysse. a ge-swac se wind & wr mycel smoltnysse.
25 a cw se hlend hwr is eower ge-leafe. a andreddon hio & wundredon. end be-twuxe heom cwen. Wenst u hwt is es. t he be-beot windon. & s; & hy him hersumie.
26 a reowen hy to gerasenorum rice. t is foren on-gean galileam.
27 a he to lande com; him agen arn sum man se hfde deofel-seocnysse lange tide. & ns mid nanen reafe ge-scrid. & ne mihte on huse ge-wunian ac on byregenen.
28 a he ge-seah anne hlend he astrehte hine to-foren him & cw. michelere stefne hremende. Hwt is me & e la hlend as hehestan godes sune. Ic halsige e t u ne reage me.
29 a bed he am unclnen gaste. t he of am men ferde. Solice lange tide he hine grap & he ws mid raketeagen ge-bunden & mid fot-copsen ge-healden. & to-borstenen benden he ws fram deofle on westen ge-ldd.
30 a axoden se hlend hine hwt is in name. a cw he legio; t is on ure ge-eode eored; for-an-e manege deofle on hine eodon.
31 a bden hyo hine t he heom ne bude t hy on grund ne be-scuton.
32 And r ws mycel heord swine on am munte lsiendre. a bden hio t he lefde heom on am gan; a lefde he heom.
33 a eoden hyo of am menn on a swin. a ferde se heord michelen raese on ane mere. & war r adruncen.
34 a a heorden t ge-seagen a flugen hyo & kyddan on a ceastre & on a tunan.
35 a eoden hio ut t hyo ge-seagen t r ge-woren ws. a comen hyo to am hlende a funden hyo anne man e deofel of eode ge-scridne & halen mode t his fote. & hyo adredden heom.
36 a kyddan heom a e ge-seagen hu he ws hal ge-worden of am heorde.
37 a bd hine eall syo manege as rice gerasenorum t he fram heom ge-wite. for am hyo micelen eige ge-hfte wren. a wende he on scype on-gen.
38 a b hine se man e se deofel of eode t he mid hym wunede. a for-let se hlend hine & cw to hym.
39 wend to inen huse. & kyd hu mycel god e ge-don hf. a ferde he in to eall a ceastre & kydde hu mycel se hlend him ge-don hfde.
40 Solice ws ge-woren a se hlend agen com seo manege hine onfeng. ealle hyo on-bidan hys.
41 nd a com an man s name ws jairus; se ws are ge-samnunge ealdor. a feoll he to s hlendes foten. & bd hine t he ferde to his huse;
42 for-an he hfde ane dohter neoh on twelf wintre & syo for-ferde. a ge-byrede hit. a he ferde of am manegen he ws of-rungen.
43 a ws sum wif of blodrine twelf gear. syo for-dlde on lces eall t hyo ahte. & ne mihte hire eah of anygen beon ge-hld.
44 a ge-nehlahte hyo wi-ften. & t-ran hys reafes flned (sic). a t-stod sone as blodes rine.
45 a cw se hlend. hwt ys se e me tran. a hyo ealle t-soken; a cw petrus & a e mid hym wren. eale hlaford as manigeo e ringa. & ge-swenced. & u sgst hwa t-ran me.
46 a cw he sum me t-ran. ic wiste t maing me of eode.
47 a t wif ge-seah t hit him ns derne; hyo com for. & astrehte hyo to his foten & ge-swutelede be-foren ealle folce. for hwilcen ingen hyo hine t-hran. & hu hyo war sone hall.
48 a cw he to hire. Dohter in ge-leafe e hal ge-dyde. ga nu on sibbe.
49 Him a gyt sprecenden a com sum man to are ge-samnenge ealdre & cw to him; ne drece u hine.
50 a se hlend t word ge-hyrde he andswerede as mdenes fader. Ne on-dr u e. ge-lef witodlice. & hyo beod hal.
51 nd a he to an huse com; ne let he nenne mid him in-gn buton petrum & Iohannem & Iacobum. & as mdenes fder & hire moder.
52 a weopen hyo ealle & heofodon hyo. a cw he ne wepe ge. solice nis is mden dead ac hyo slep.
53 a tlden hyo hine. & wiston t hyo dea wes.
54 a nam he hire hand & cw. Mden e ic segge aris.
55 a ge-hwarp hire gast agen & hyo sona aras. & he het hire syllan ten.
56 a wundreden hire mages. a bed he an t hyo hit nanen menn ne sgdon. t r ge-don ws.




1 a cleopede he to-gdere his twelf apostles & sealde heom mihte. & anweald ofer ealle deofel-seocnysse. & t adle hyo ge-healden.
2 & he sen hy to bodienne godes rice. & un-trume gehlen.
3 a cw he to heom. ne nyme ge nan ing on weige. ne gyrde ne cod ne hlaf ne feoh ne ge nbben twa tunecan.
4 & on swa hwilce huse swa ge in gad wunied r oe ge ut-gan.
5 & swa hwilce swa eow ne on-fod anne ge of are ceastre gad asaca eowre fota dust ofer hyo on witnysse.
6 a ferden hyo urh a burga bodiende. & ghwr hlende.
7 a ge-herde herodes se feren dles rice ealle a ing e be him wren ge-worene. a tweonede him for-an e sume sgdon t iohannes of deae aras
8 sume sdon t helias atewde. sume t an eald witega aras.
9 a cw herodes. iohannem ich be-heafdede hwt is es. be hwam ic ellic ge-hire. a smgde he t he hine geseage.
10 a cyan hym a apostles swa hwt swa hyo dyden. a nam he hyo & ferde on-sunder on weste stowe syo is bethsaida.
11 a a manige t wisten a felgeden hyo hym; a onfeng he hyo & sprc to heom be godes rice. & a he ge-hlde a lcnunge be-orten.
12 a ge-wat se daig for. & hyo twelfe neh-lacte hym. & sden to hym. Lt as manige t hyo faran on as castelles. & on as tunas e her abuton sinde. & heom mete finden. for-am we sinde her on westene stowe.
13 a cw he to heom. sylle ge heom etan. a cwen hyo we nbbe buten fif hlafes. & twegen fixsas. buton we gan & us mete beggen & eallen issen werede.
14 r wren neh fif usend were. a cw he to hys leorning-cnihton. o t hyo sitten urh ge-beorscypas fiftegum
15 & hyo swa dydon. & hyo ealle sten.
16 a nam he a fif hlafes. & a twegen fixas. & on anne heofen be-seah & bletsode hyo & brc. & dlde his leorning-cnihten. t hyo asetten hyo be-foran am manigeo.
17 a ten hyo ealle. & wuren ge-fylde. & man nam a ge-brute e r wre & fylde twelf kypan fulle.
18 a ws ge-woren a se hlend ws ane hine ge-biddende. his leorning-cnihtes wren mid him. a axsode he hyo. hwt sg is folc t ich syo.
19 a andsweredon hyo & cwen. Iohannes baptistam. sume Heliam. sume t sum witege of am ealden aras.
20 a saigde he heom. hwt segge ge t ich syo. a andswerede petrus. u ert crist godes sune.
21 a readde he hyo & bd. t hyo hit nanen men ne saigden.
22 for-am-e hit ge-byred t mannes sune fele inge olie. & beo aworpen fram ealdren mannen. & fram boker. & beon of-slagen. & ridden daige arisan.
23 a cw he to eallen. Gyf hwa wile fter me cuman; t-sake hine sylfne. & nime his cwelminge & me folgie.
24 Se e wile his sawle hle ge-don; se hyo for-spil. Witodlice se e his sawle for me for-spil. he hyo ge-hle.
25 hwt fremed anig men eah he alne midden-eard on ehte be-geote. & hine sylfne for-spille. and his for-wurd werche.
26 Se e me & mine spce for-sih. anne mannes sune for-sih ane He kem on his magen-rimnesse & his fader & halgra ngle.
27 Ic segge eow solice he (sic) sende sume standende e deade ne wura r hyo godes rice ge-seon.
28 a ws ge-woren fter am worden neoh ehte dagas. t he nam petrum. & Iohannem. & Iacobum. & eode on enne munt. t he hine ge-bde.
29 a he hine ge-bd a ws his ansiene ge-woren ores hiowes. & his reaf hwit scynende.
30 a spken twegen weres wi hine. moyses & helias.
31 ge-sogene on magen-rimnesse. & sden his witendnysse e he to ge-fellende ws on ierusalem.
32 Petrus & a e mid him wren wuren mid slape ge-hefegede. And a hyo on-wakeden; hyo ge-seagen his maing-rim. & twegen weres e mid hym stoden.
33 And hyo hym fram eoden; petrus cw to him. Eala be-beodend; god is t we her beon. & uten wercan reo eardung-stowen ane e. & ane moysese. & ane helie. & he nyste hwt he cw.
34 a he is spc; a war ge-nip & ofer-scadede hyo. & hyo on-drdden him gangende on t ge-nip.
35 a com stefn of am ge-nip & cw. es is min leofa sune ge-hered hine.
36 a seo stefen ws ge-hyrd. a ws se hlend ge-met ne; & hyo swegedon. & ne sden nanen men on am daige nan ing. as e hyo ge-sgen.
37 Oren daige him of an munte farende hym agen arn mycel manegeo.
38 a cleopede an wer of are manigeo & cw. Lareow ic hlsige e ge-seoh minne sune. for-an he ys min anliche sune.
39 & nu se un-clne gast hine t-rind; & he frlice hrimd. & for-nymd hine. & fm. & hine tyr. & slit;
40 & ic bd ine leorning-cnihtes t hyo hine ut adrifen & hyo ne mihton.
41 a cw se hlend him to andswere. Eala un-ge-leafulle & wore cneores. Swa lange swa ic beo mid eow. & eow olie. ld hider inne sune.
42 And he a ldde hine him to; se deofol hine nam & for-dyde. a ndde se hlend anne unclne gast ut. & ge-hlde anne cnapan. & agef hine his fder.
43 a wundredon hyo ealle be godes mre. & eallen wundrenden be am ingen; e ge-wuren ware. He cwd to his leorning-cnihten.
44 Asette as sprce on eowren heorten; hit is to-ward t mannes sune syo ge-seald on mannes handen.
45 a ohten hyo is word. & hit ws be-wrigen be-foren heom t hyo hit ne on-geaton. & hyo ne dorsten hine be am worde ahsian.
46 Solice t anc eode on hyo hwilc heora yldest wre.
47 a se hlend is ge-hyrde he ge-seah here heortan ge-ances he ge-sette anne cnapen wi hine;
48 & cw to heom. Se e isne cnape on minen naman on-feh; he on-feh me. & se e on-feh me; he on-feh ane e me sente. Witodlice se e is lst be-tweox eow ealle; se is mara.
49 a andswerede Iohannes. be-beodend we ge-seage sumne on inen naman deofel-seocnysse ut-drifende. & we hine for-buden; for-am he mid s ne fylgie.
50 a cw he ne for-beode ge. Se e nis on-gean eow se is for mid eow.
51 Solice ws ge-woren a hys anfengen dages wren ge-worene ge-fellede; he ge-tremede his ansiene t he ferde to ierusalem.
52 a sente he boden be-foren his ansiene. a eoden hyo on a cestre Samaritanorum t hyo him ge-gearewedon.
53 & hyo ne on-fengen hine for-am e he wolde faran to ierusalem.
54 a his leorning-cnihtes t ge-herden. Iacobus. & Iohannes. a cwen hyo. Drihten wilt u t we seggen t fer cume of heofene & for-nyme hyo.
55 & he be-wente hine & hyo reatede.
56 & hyo ferde on oerne castel.
57 a hyo ferden on wi sume him to cwe. Ic felgie e swa hwider swa u ferst.
58 a cw se hlend. foxas hbbe hole. & heofene fugeles nystas. solice mannes sune nf hwr he hys heafed ahylde.
59 a cw he to oren felgie me. a cw he drihten alyf me rest berien minne fader.
60 a cw se hlend. lt a deade berigen heora deaden. ga u & bode godes rice.
61 a cw se oer. ic felgie e drihten. c lt me arest hit kyan am e t ham synden.
62 a cw se hlend hyem to. nan man e his hand asett on his slulh (sic) & on his bch be-sih. nis and-fenge godes rice.




1 After an se hlend ge-mearcude ore twa and hund-seofentig. & sente hyo twam & twam beforan his ansiene on lce ceastre & stowe e he to cumenne ws.
2 & cw to heom her is micel rip & feawe wirhtan bydde as ripes hlaford t he sende wirhten to his ripe.
3 Fared nu; nu ich eow sende swa swa lamb be-twux wulfes.
4 Ne bere ge sech. ne cod. ne ne scy (sic). ne nenne man be weige ne grete.
5 On swa hwilce huse swa ge in-gad; cweed arest. sib syo isse hiwrdene.
6 And gyf r beo sibbe bearn. reste r eower sibbe. Gif hit elles syo. & hyo syo to eow ge-cerred;
7 wunie on am ylcan huse & etad & drinke a ing e hyo hbbe on am ilken huse. Sodlice se werchte is his mede wure. Ne fare ge fram huse to huse.
8 ac on swa hwilce ceastre ge in-ga & hyo eow on-fo. te t eow t-foren aset is.
9 & ge-hle a u[n]trumen e on am huse sende. & segga heom; godes rice to eow geneohlaece.
10 on swa hwilce ceastre swa ge inga; & hyo ne on-fo eow; ga on heore strte & cwede.
11 t dust t of eowre ceastre on uren foten clefede. we dreige on eow. wite eah t godes rice neohlce.
12 Ich eow segge t sodome-wren on am dagen beo for-geofendlicere anne are ceastre ge-ware.
13 Wa e corozaim wa e bethsaida. for-am gyf on tire & on sidone ge-worene wren a manege e on eow ge-done synde. ge-fern hyo on heren. & on escan reowsunge dydon.
14 eah-hwere tyre & sydone on am daige beo for-geofendlicere anne eow.
15 nd u capharnaum o heofen up-ahafen; u beost o helle be-sence.
16 Me ge-hyr se e eow ge-her. & me ofer-huge; se e eow ofer-huge. se e me ofer-huge; he ofer-huge ane e me sente.
17 a ge-cyrde a twa & hund-sefentig mid ge-fean & cwen. Drihten deofel-seocnysse us synden on inen namen under-eode.
18 a saide he heom. ic ge-seah satana swa swa legersc of heofene fallende.
19 & nu ich sealde eow anweald to tredenne ofer nddren & snaken & ofer lc feondes mgen & nan ing eow ne dere.
20 ah-hwere ne blissie ge on am e eow sende gastes under-edde. Ge-blissie t eower nmen synden on heofene a writene.
21 On are tide he on halgen gaste blissede & cw. Ich andette e fder. drihten heofenes & eoran. for-an-e u as ing wisen & gleawen be-heddest. & litlengen un-awruge. for-am hit be-foran e swa gelicode.
22 Ealle ing me synde fram mine fader ge-sealde. & namman nat hwilc is se sune buton se fder. ne hwilc sye se fder buton se sune. & se e se sune hit un-awreon wile.
23 a cw he to his leorning-cnihton be-wend. Eadig syn a eagen e ge-seo a ing e ge ge-seo.
24 Solice ich eow segge t manige witegan & kynges wolden ge-seon t t ge ge-seo. & hi hit ne ge-seagen. & wolden ge-heren t ge ge-here & hi hit ne ge-herdon.
25 a aras sum gleow man & fandede his & cw. Lareow hwt do ic t ich eche lif hbbe.
26 a cw he to him. hwt is ge-writen on are lage. hu rstdst (sic) u.
27 a andswerede he. Lufe drihten inne god. on ealre inre heorte. & on alre inre sawle. & on eallen inen mihte. & of eallen inen magene. & ine nehstan swa swa e sylfne.
28 a cw he. rihte u andsweredest. do t. anne lefest u.
29 a cw he to am hlende. & wolde hine selfne rihtwisian. And hwilc is min nehsta.
30 a cw se hlend hine up be-seonde. Sum man ferde fram ierusalem to ierico. & be-com on am scaan. a hine be-reafeden. & tintregedon hine & for-lten hine samcweocne.
31 a ge-byrede hit. t sum sacerde ferde on an ylken weige. & a he t ge-seah he hine for-beah.
32 & eall swa se diacone. a he ws wi a stowe. & t ge-seah he hine eac for-beah.
33 a ferde sum samaritanisc man wi hine. a he hine ge-seah. a war he mid mild-heortnysse ofer hine astyred.
34 a ge-nehlahte he & wrad his wunden. & ron geat ele & win. & hine on his neten sette. & ge-ldde on his lche-hus & hine lcnede.
35 & brohte oren daige twegen paneges & sealde am lce & us cw. Begeam his. & swa hwt swa u mare to ge-dest; anne ich cume ich hit for-gelde e.
36 hwilc are reora incd e t syo s mg e on a scaan be-feoll.
37 a cw he. se e him mildheortnysse on dde. a cw se hlend; ga & do eal-swa.
38 Solice hit ws ge-worden a hyo ferden se hlend eode on sum castel. & sum wif on name martha on-feng hine on hire huse.
39 & are swuster ws Marie seo eac st wi as hlendes fet. & his word ge-hyrde.
40 Solice martha geornlice him enode. a stod hyo & cw. drihten nis e nan care t min swuster lt me anlepige enian. sege hire t hyo felste me.
41 a cw se hlend; martha martha geornfull u ert & emb fele inge ge-drefed.
42 Ge-wislice an ing is neod-be-hefe; marie ge-cheas anne slesten dael se hire ne beo afirred.




1 Solice ws ge-woren a he ws on summer stowe hine be-biddende. a a he ge-swac. him to cw an his leorning-cnihten. Drihten lr us. us to ge-biddan. swa iohannes his leorning-cnihtes lrde.
2 a cw he to heom. cweed us anne ge eow ge-bidda. Ure fder u e on heofene eart syo in name ge-haleged. to-cume in rice. ge-wore in wille on heofene & on eore.
3 syle us to-daig urne daig-hwamlicne hlaf.
4 & for-gyf us ure geltes swa we for-gyfa lcen are e wi us agylte. & ne ld u us on costnunge. ac alys us fram yfele.
5 a cw he to heom. Hwilc eowre hafed sumne freond & g to middre nihte to him. & cw to hym. La freond ln me reo hlafes.
6 for an min freond com of weige to me. & ic nbbe hwt ic him to-foran legge.
7 nd he him anne us andswerige. ne beo u me gram nu min dure is be-cosen. & mine cnihtes synde on reste mid me ne maig ich arisan nu & sillen e.
8 Gyf he anne urh-wuned cnokigende; ic eow segge gyf he arist & him sylle; anne for an e he his freond is. eah-hwere for hys on-rope he arist & syl him his neode.
9 And ich eow segge bydda. & eow beo seald. seche & ge finda. cnokie & eow beo un-tynd.
10 lc are e bitt on-feh. & se e sec he fint. & cnokiende by un-tyned.
11 hwilc eower bit his fader hlafes. segest u seld he him stan. oe gyf he bit fissces syl he him nddren for fissces.
12 oe gyf he hym bytt aig. segst u rcd he him scorpionem t is an werm-kyn.
13 Witodlice gyf ge anne e synt yfele cunnan syllan gode sylene eowren bearnen; swa micele ma eower fader of heofene syl godne gast am e hine bidda.
14 a ws se hlende ut-adrifende sume deofel-seocnysse. & seo ws dumb. And a he ut-adraf a deofel-seocnisse. a sprc se dumbe. & a manega wundreden.
15 Sume cwen on beelzebub deofle ealdre he ut-adraf a deofel-seocnysse.
16 And sume his fandedon & geornden of heofene tacnys of him.
17 a he ge-seah heora ances he cw. lc rice on hit sylf to-dled by to-worpen. & t hus ofer t hus fald.
18 Gif satanas is to-daeled on hine sylfne hu stent his rice for-an-e ge segge t ich on beelzebub deofel-seocnysse ut-adrife.
19 Gyf ich on beelzebub deofle ut-adrife. on hwam ut-adrife eowre bearn. for-an hyo beo eowre deman.
20 Ge-wislice gyf ic on godes fingre deofle ut-adrife; ealle godes rice on eow be-kym.
21 anne se strange ge-wpned his cfertun ge-healt. onne beo on sibbe a ing e he ah.
22 Gyf anne strengre ofer hine cym. & hine ofer-swi; ealle his wpne e he on truwede he hym afyr. & to-dl his here-reaf.
23 Se e nis mid me. he is on-gen me. And se ne gadered mid me; se hit to-stret.
24 anne se un-clne gast g of am men; he g urh un-wterie stowe reste secende. & nane ne ge-mett. anne cwe he. Ic wende ft to minen huse e ich of eode.
25 & anne he kym he hit ge-mett emtig mid besme afermed.
26 anne g he & nym seofan ore gastes wirsan anne he. & in-g & r eardie. anne synt as mannes ndes werse anne am earren.
27 Solice ws ge-woren a he is saigde; sum wif him to cw. Eadig is se inno e e br. & a breost e u suke.
28 a cw he. Eadige sinde a e godes word ge-here & t ge-healde.
29 a hyra manega to-gadere coman he cw to heom. eos cneoris is manful cneoris; he secd taken & hire ne beo nan ge-seald buton Ionas taken.
30 Swa swa iona ws taken Niniueten swa beo mannes sune taken ise cneorisse.
31 Sud-dale cwen arist on dome mid ise cneorisse mannen & ge-nyere hyo for-an hyo com of eoran endum to ge-heren Salomones wisdom. nd efne es is mare anne salomon.
32 Niniuetisce men arised on dome mid isse cneornisse. & ge-ne-eria hyo. foran e hyo deadbote dyden. t Ionan bodegunge. & es is mare anne jona.
33 Ne on-l nan man his leoht-fett & sett on diglen. ne under bedene. ac ofer candel-stef. t e inga leoht ge-seon.
34 in eage is ines lichames leoht-ft. Gif in eage beo hluttor; anne beo eall in lichame briht. Gif hit beo deorc; eall in lichame beo eostre.
35 Warne t t leoht e e on is; ne syo eostra.
36 Gif in lichame eall beo breoht; & nfd nnne dl eostre; anne beo he eall breoht. & e on-liht swa t leoht-ft as lgrsces.
37 a bd hine sum fariseisc man t he te mid him. & he in-eode & stt.
38 a on-gan se fariseisce on him smeagen & cwan. Hwi he ge-wogen nre r his ge-reorde.
39 a cw drihten to him. nu ge farisei t ute is calices & disces ge-clnsie t eow innan is. t is ful reaflake & un-rihtwisnysse.
40 La desige hu ne worhten (sic) t t inne is. se e worhte t ute is.
41 eah-hwaere t to lafe is sella lmessan anne beo eow ealle ing clne.
42 Ac wa eow fariseum ge e teoia mintan & rudan & lce wirte. & ge for-buge dom & godes lufe. as ing eow ge-berede to donne. & a ing ne for-lten.
43 Wa eow fariseen ge e lufie a formen heahsetlen on ge-samnungen & gretinge on strten.
44 Wa eow for-an-e ge sende swilce a byrigenna e man innan ne sceawed. & a men nyten e heom on ufen gad.
45 a andswerede him sum lage-gleaw. lareow teonan u wercst us mid isse sage.
46 a cw he Wa eow lagewisen foran ge seme menn mid am byrdenen e hyo aberen ne mugen. & ge ne thrina a seames mid eowren anen fingren.
47 Wa eow e timbrie witegena byrigena; eowre faderes hyo of-slogen
48 eallunge. ge kyed & ge afie eowre fader weorces. for-am hyo slogen hyo. & ge timbrie heore berigena.
49 For-am cwe godes wisdom. Ic sende to heom witegen & a apostles; & hyo of-sl hyo & hta
50 t ealra witegene blod syo ge-soht; e ws agoten of midden-eardes fruman; fram isse cneorisse
51 fram abeles blode o zacharias blod. se for-war be-tweox am altare & am temple. Ic eow segge swa beo ge-soht fram isse cneornysse.
52 Wa eow lage-gleawe for-am-e ge tbruden as inge-heades ceyge ge in ne ge-heodden. & ge for-budon a e in-eoden.
53 a he heom is to cw. a ongunnen a farisej & a lage-wisan hefilice him agn standen & his mu dettan.
54 & ymbe hine syrwan; sechende sum ing of his mue t hyo hine wreidon.




1 micelen wereden hym embe-standende. t hyo hine trden. a cw he to his leorning-cnihten warnie eow wi farisea lare t is licetung.
2 Solice nis nan ing ofer-heled; e ne beo un-heled. ne be-hed; e ne sye ge-wyten.
3 For-an-e t ge segge on eostren beo on leohte saigde. & t ge on earen sprcon on bedd-cofum beo on rofen boded.
4 Ich segge eow minen freonden ne beo ge brygede fram am e anne lichamen of-slea. & nbbe syan. hwt hyo ma don.
5 Ic eow atewige hwane ge on-drden. adrede ane e anweald hf. sean he of-sleh; on hellen asenden; us ich eow segge; adrede ane.
6 ne be-cypa hyo fif sparewen to halpenige. & an nis of am ofer-gyten be-fore gode.
7 ac ealle eowres heafdes loccas sende ge-tealde. Ne on-drde ge eow ge sende beteren an manegen sparewen.
8 Solice ic eow segge swa hwilc swa me andeat be-foren mannen. anne mannes sune andeat be-foren godes ngles.
9 Se e me wi-sec be-foren mannen. se beo wi-saken be-foran godes nglen.
10 & lc e saig ani word agen mannes sune. am beo for-gefen. am e wier-sake on-gen halgen gast. ne beo am for-gyfen.
11 anne hyo lde eow on ge-samnunge. & to dugee ealdren. & to anwealden ne beo ge ymbe-encende hu oe hwt ge spcen oe andswerien.
12 halig gast eow lr on are tide a ing e eow spcan ge-byre.
13 a cw sum of am manigeo. Lareow sege mine breer t he dle unker ehte wi me.
14 a cw he la man hwa sette me deman; oe dlend ofer hine (sic)
15 a cw he. gyme & warnie wi lce gitsunge. for-an-e nis nanes mannes lyf on gytsunge of am e he ah.
16 a sde he heom sum bispel. Sumes weliges mannes acer brohte for gode wstmes.
17 a ohte he on him sylfen & cw. hwt do ic for-an ich nbbe hwider ich mine wstmes gaderie.
18 a cw he us ich do. ic to-werpe mine berne. & ich werche hyo mare & ic gaderie ider eall t me wexen is. & mine god.
19 & ich segge minre sawle. eale sawel u hafst mycele god. Asette to manegen gearen. ge-rest e. t & drinc & ge-wista.
20 a cw god to hym. La desige on isse nihte hyo fecce ine sawle fram e. hws beo a ing. e u grewedest.
21 Swa is se e him sylfen strene & nis welig mid gode.
22 a cw he to his leorning-cnihten. for-an ich eow segge. ne beo ge ymbe-hedige eowre sawle hwt ge etan. ne owren lichaman hwt ge scrydan.
23 Seo sawle is mare anne se lichame. & se lichame mare anne t reaf.
24 Be-sceawia a refnes t hyo ne sawa ne ne ripa. nbba hyo heddern ne bern. ac god hyo fet as e ma. ge synde heore selre.
25 hwilc eower mg encende echan ane elne to his anlichnysse.
26 gyf ge t lsse ne magen hwy synde ge be oren ingen ymbe-hedige.
27 Scewie a lilien hu hyo wexe. hyo ne swince ne ne spinne. Solce ic eow segge t Salomon on eallen his wuldre ns ge-scryd swa is n.
28 Gif god scrytd t hy e is to-daig on cere & to-morgen for-scrinc. Swa mycele ma god scrit eow ge-hwdes ge-leafen.
29 nd nelle sechan hwt ge etan oe drincan. & ne beo ge up-ahafene.
30 ealle as ing eode seche. eower fader wat t ge ises be-urfen.
31 eah-hwere seche godes rice & ealle as ing eow beo ge-icte.
32 Ne on-drd u eah litle heord. foran eowren hefenlic fader licode eow rice syllen.
33 Sylla t ge agen & sylle lmessen. Werce seaes a e ne for-ealdiged. un-ge-teorudne goldhord on heofene. ier eof ne ge-neohlace. ne moge ne ge-wemd.
34 r eower goldhord is r beo eower heorte.
35 Syen eower lendene be-gyrde & leohtfate bearnende.
36 & beo ge-lice am mannen e hyore hlaforde abide hwanne he syo fram gyftan ge-cherred. t hyo him sona un-tyne anne he cym & cnoke.
37 Eadige synde a eowes e se hlaford waciende ge-fint. anne he kym. Solice ic eow segge t he be-gyrt hine. & de t hyo sitte & gangende heom ena.
38 nd gyf he kym on are ftran wccen. oe on are ridden & us ge-met. Eadig synde a eowes.
39 Wite t gyf se hyrdes hlaford wiste hwanne se eof cumen wolde. witodlice he wacode. & ge ne afede (sic) t man his hus under-dulfe.
40 nd beo ge ware for-am-e mannes sune kym are tyde e ge ne wena.
41 a cw petrus drihten. segest u is bispell to s. hwer to eallen.
42 a cw drihten; hwa wenst u t is ge-treowe & gleaw dihtnere; ane se hlaford ge-sett ofer his hyrd t he hym hwtes ge-mett on timen sylle.
43 Eadig is se eow e his hlaford ge-met us doende. anne he kym.
44 Solice ic segge eow t he sett hine ofer eall t he ah.
45 Gyf anne se eow cwe on his heorten min hlaford ufere his cyme; & agind beaten a cnihtes. & a inene. & etan & drincan. & beon ofer-druncan.
46 anne kym as eowe hlaford on am daige e he ne wen. & are tide e he nat. & to-dl hine. & sett his dl mid am un-ge-treowen.
47 Solice ane eow e his hlafordes wille wiste & ne dyde fter his willen; he beo witned manegen witen.
48 ane eow e his wille nyste. & eah dyde he beo witned feawen witen. lcen e mycel ge-seald is. him man mychel to-sec. & et am e hyo mycel be-fsten hyo mychel bydde.
49 Fyr ich sende on eoran & hwt wille ich buton t hyt brne.
50 Ich hbbe on fulluhte beon ge-fullod. & wene ge hu byo ich ge-read. oe hyt syo ge-fyld.
51 for-an-e ich com sibbe on eore snden; ne segge ich eow ac to-dl.
52 heonen-for by fife on anen huse to-dlede. reo on twegen. & twegen on reo.
53 beo to-dlede. Fader on sune. & sune on his fader. moder on dohter. & dohter on hire moder. Sweger on hire snore. & snore on hire swegere.
54 And he cw to am folce. anne ge ge-seo a lifte cumende. on wst-dle. sone ge cwee storm kym. & hit swa beo.
55 And anne ge ge-seo suan blawen ge segge t e (sic) is toward & hit beo.
56 La liceteres cunne ge afandigen heofenes ansiene & eoran. Hu mte na afandige ge as tide.
57 hwi ne deme ge of eow sylfen t riht ys.
58 anne u gst on weige mid inen wier-winnen to hwilcen ealdre. do t u beo fram him alised; e-ls he e sylle am deman. & se dema am bydelen. & se bedel e sende on cwarterne.
59 Ic e segge ne gst u anen r u agylde anne ytemestan fering.




1 r wren sume on are tide of galiln hym keende. ara blod pilates mengde mid hyre offrunge.
2 a cw he heom andsweriende. wene ge wren a galileiscan synfulle to-foran eallen galileiscan. for-an-e hyo swylc oleden.
3 Ne segge ic na. ac ealle ge gelice for-wure. buton ge deadbote don;
4 swa a ehte-tyna. ofer a feoll se stepel on syloa. & hyo of-sloh. Wene ge t hyo wren scyldige ofer ealle menn e on ierusalem wunedon.
5 Ne segge ic ac swa ge for-wured. bute ge deadbote don.
6 a sde he heom is bispell. Summan hfde an fic-treow ge-plantod on his win-gearde. a com he & sohte his wstmes on hym. a ne fand he nane.
7 a cw he to am hyrde nu synde reo gear sean ich com wstme secende on issen fic-treowe. & ic ne funde. For-scrif (sic) hine hwy ofer-stric (sic) he t land.
8 a cw he. hlaford lt hine geat is gear o Ic hine be-delfe. & ic hine be-weorpe mid dunge.
9 & witodlice he wstmes bringe. Gif hit elles hwt beo. for-scrif hine syan.
10 a ws he reste-dagen on hiore gesamnunge; lrende.
11 a ws r sum wif seo hafde untrumnysse gast ehtetyne gear. & hyo ws abogen ne hyo allunge ne mihte up beseon.
12 a se hlend hyo ge-seah he cleopede hyo to him. & saide hire. Wif u ert for-lten of inre untrumnysse.
13 & his hand hire on sette. a ws hyo sona up arerd. & hyo god wuldrede.
14 a ge-bealh se dugue ealder hine for-an e se hlend on reste-daige helde & sde am manigeo. Syx dages synde on am ge-bere t man wyrce. cume on am & beo ge-hlde. & na on reste daige.
15 a andswerede se hlend & cw. La liceteras ne un-tyg eower lc on reste-daige his oxen oe assen fram are binne & lt to wtere.
16 as abrahames dohter e satanas ge-band nu ehtetyna gear. ne beryde hire beon un-bundon of isen benden on reste-daige.
17 a he is saide a scamede eallen his wier-winnan. & eall folc ge-blissode on eallen an e wunderfullice fram him ge-wuron.
18 Solice he cw. hwam is godes rice gelic; & hwam wene ic t hit beo ge-lich.
19 hit is gelic sepenes (sic) corne e se man onfeng & seow on his wertun. & hit weox & war mycel treow & heofene fugeles resten on his bogen.
20 nd eft he cw. hwam wene ic t godes rice seo gelic.
21 hit ys gelic am beorman e t wif onfeng & be-hedde on am melewe reo ge-mitte. oe hit war eall ahafen.
22 a ferde he urh ceastre & castella to ierusalem & r lrde.
23 a cw sum man to him. drihten feawe synde e synde ge-hlede. a cw he to heom.
24 efsta et ge gangen urh a nrewe gate for-an ich segge eow manege seca t hyo ingan & hyo ne magen.
25 anne se hirdes ealdor ing & his dure be-clyst. ge stande r ute & a dure cnokie & cwea. rihten atyn us. anne cwe he to eow. Ne can ich eow naht (sic) ich hwanen ge synde.
26 anne on-ginnen ge cween. we ten & druncen be-foren e & on uren strten u lrdest.
27 anne sai he eow ne can ic hwanen ge synde. ge-wite fram me ealle unriht-wyrhten.
28 r beo wop & toe gristbihung. anne ge ge-seo abraham & ysc. & iacob & ealle witegen on godes rice. & ge beo ut adrifene.
29 & hyo cume fram east-dle & west-d & su-dle. & sitta on godes rice.
30 & efne synde ytemeste a e beo fyrmeste & synde fyrmeste a e beo ytemeste.
31 On am daige him ge-neohlacten sume farisei & him saigdon. Far & ga heonon. for-am e herodes e wile of-slean.
32 And a cw he to heom. Ga & segge am foxe. deofel-seocnysse ich ut adrife. & ic hle ge-fremme to-daig & to-morgen & ridden daige ich beo for-numen.
33 eah-hwere me ge-bere to-daig & to-morgen. & y ftere daige gan. foran ne bre t se witega for-wure buton ierusalem.
34 Eale ierusalem ierusalem. u e a witegen of-sleahst. & hnst a e to e asent synden. hu ofte ic wolde ine bearn ge-gaderian. swa se fugel do his nyst under his fyeren & u noldest.
35 Nu beo eower hus eow for-ltan. Solice ic eow segge t ge me ne ge-seo r an e cume se anne ge cweed ge-bletsod syo se e com on drihtnes namen.




1 a ws ge-woren a he eode on sumes phariseas ealdres hus on rste-daige. t he hlaf te. & hyo be-gymden hine.
2 a ws r sum wter-seoc mann be-foran hym.
3 a cw se hlend to am lage-gleawen. & farisean. is hit alyfed t man on reste-dagen hle.
4 a swegedon hyo. a nam he hine & hlde & for-let hine.
5 a cw he to heom andsweriende. Hwilces eowres asse oe oxa be-feald on nne pyt. & ne teod he hine rdlice up on reste daige.
6 a ne mihton hyo agen is hym ge-andswerian.
7 a saigde he heom sum bispell. be am inge-laedon gymende hu hyo a fyrmestan setle ge-curan. & us cw.
8 anne u beost to gyften ge-laed. ne site u on a fyrmeste settle i-ls wenunga sum wurfulra cume.
9 & se e inge-laede segge e rem isen menn settl. & u anne mid scame nyme t ytemesten settle.
10 Ac anne u ge-clyped beost. ga & site on am ytemesten settle. t se e inge-laode anne he kym cwee to e. La freond; site ufor. anne beo e wurment beforan mid-sittenden.
11 For-an lc e hine up-ahef by ge-nyered. & se e hine niered se beo up-ahafen.
12 a cw he to am e hine in laede. anne u dest wyste oe ferme. ne cleope u ine freond ne ine brore. ne ine cuan. ne ine welegen. nehhebures. e-ls hyo e agen laian & u hbbe edlean.
13 Ac anne u beorscype do; cleope earfen & wanhften & healte & blinde.
14 anne beost u eadig. for-an e hyo nbbed hwanen hyo hit e folgeldon (sic). Solice hit beo e for-golden on riht-wisra ariste.
15 a is ge-herde sum of am sittenden. a cw he. eadig is se e hlaf t on godes riche.
16 a sgde he heom sum man worhte mycele ferme & manega ge-laode.
17 a sente he his eowen to are ferme timan. t he saide am ge-laedon t hyo coman. for-an e ealle ing gearewe wren.
18 a ongamnan (sic) hyo ealle hyo be-laedian. Se forme hym saigde ic bohte nne tun; ich hbbe neode t ic fare & hine ge-seo. ic bidde e t u me be-ladie.
19 a cw se oer. ich bohte an ge-teme oxana. nu wille ich faren & fandian hyre. nu bidde ic e be-lade me.
20 a cw sum ich ladde wif ham. for-am ic ne mg cuman.
21 a cyrde se eowa & kydde his hlaforde t. a cw se hlaford mid yrre to am eowan. Ga rae on a strte. & on wic issere cestere. & rfan & wan-hften. & blinde. & healte. & l (sic) hider in.
22 a cw se eowa. Hlaford hit is ge-don swa u bde. & nu gyt her is emtig stowe.
23 a cw se hlaford gyt a to am eowan. Ga geond as wegas & hegas & nyd hyo t hyo gan in. t min hus syo ge-felled.
24 Solice ic eow segge t nan are manna e ge-clepede synde. ne on-byriad mire (sic) ferme.
25 Solice mid him ferde micel menige. a cw. he to heom be-wend.
26 Gyf hwa to me cym & ne hated hys fader & moder. & wif & bearn. & brore & swustre. & anne geot his sawle ne maig he beon min leorning-cniht.
27 & se e ne bered hys cwelmenge & cym efter me ne maig he beon min leorning-cniht.
28 hwylc eower wile timbrian nne stepel. hu ne sit he arest & tele a and-fenges e him be-hefe synde. hwer he haebbe hine to fulfremenne.
29 e-ls sian he anne grund-wall leig. & ne maig hine fulfremman. ealle e hit ge-seo aginned hine tlen.
30 & cween. hwt es man agan tymbrian. & ne mihte hit ge-endian.
31 Oe gyf hwilc kyning wile faran & feohten on-gean oerne kyng. hu ne sit he r & encd hwaer he mage mid teon usenden cumen agen ane e him agen kym mid twentigen usenden.
32 & gyf he anne wi hine fihten ne maig; he sent erendraken & bit sibbe.
33 Witodlice swa ys lc of eow e ne wi-sc ealle ingen e he ah; ne maig he beon min leorning-cniht.
34 Gd is salt gif hit awur on am e hit ge-selt beo.
35 nys hyt nyt. ne on eoren ne on mixene. ac hit beo ut-aworpen. Ge-here se e earen hbbe. to ge-herene.




1 Solice him ge-nehlahte manfulle & synfulle. t hyo his word ge-hyron.
2 a murcneden a farisei & a bokeres & cwen. es on-feg synfulle & mid heom ett.
3 a cw he is bispell to am.
4 hwilc man is of eow e hafed hund scepa. & gif he leost an of am; hu ne for-lt he a nigen & hund-nigentig on am wstene. & g to an e for-war oe he hit fint.
5 & anne he hit fint. he hit sett on his eaxle ge-blissiende.
6 & anne he ham cym. he to-somne cleope hys freond. & his nehhe-bures. & cwe. Blissia mid me for-am ich funde min scep e for-war.
7 Ich segge eow t swa beo on heofene blisse be anen synfullen e deadbote de; ma anne ofer nigen & nigentig rithwisere (sic) e deadbote ne be-urfon.
8 Oe hwilc wif hfed tyen scillenges. gyf hyo for-leost nne scilling. hu ne onel hyo hire leoht-fet. & awent hire hus & sec geornlice oe hyo hine fint.
9 nd anne hyo hine fint; hyo cleope hire freond & nehhe-bures & cwe blissie mid me. for-am ich funde minne scilling e ich for-leas.
10 Ich segge eow swa beo blisse be-foran godes nglen be anen senfulle e deadbote de.
11 He cw solice. Sum man hfde twege sunes.
12 a cw se ylder to his fader. Fader syle me minne dl minre ehte. e me to ge-byre. a dlde he him his ehte.
13 a fter feawa dagen ealle his ing ge-gaderede se gingre sune. & ferde wrclice on feor landen. & for-spilde r his ehte libbende on his glsan.
14 a he hyo hfde ealle amerde. a war mycel hunger on am rice. & he war wdle.
15 a ferde he & folgede anen burh-sittenden men on are rice. a sende he hine to his tune t he heolde his swin.
16 a ge-wilnede he his wambe fellen of am bean-coddan e a swin ten. & him man ne sealde.
17 a be-ohte he hine & cw. Eala hwu fela erdlinga on mines fder huse hlaf ge-noh hbbe. & ich her on hungre for-wure.
18 Ich arise & ich fare to minen fder & ich segge him. Eala fader ic synegede on heofenas. & be-foran e;
19 nu ich ne eom wure. t ic beo in sune ge-nemned. do me swa ane of inen yrlingen.
20 & he aras a & com to his fader. & a gyt a he ws feor his fder he hine geseah. & war mid mildheortnysse astyred. & agen hine earn & hine be-clypte & cyste hine.
21 a cw hys suna. Fader ic synegede on heofene & be-foran e. nu ic ne eom wure t ic in sune beo ge-nemned.
22 a cw se fader to his eowan. bringe rae anne sleste gegyrlan & scrida hine & sylle hym ring on his hand. & ge-scy to his foten.
23 & bringa an fet styric & of-slea. & uten ten. & gewist-fullian;
24 for-an es min sune ws dead. & he ge-edcuede (sic). he for-war & he is gefunden. a ongunnan hyo wistleacen.
25 Solice his yldre sune ws on akere & he com ham. & a he am huse ge-nehlahte he ge-herde anne sweig & t wyrd.
26 a cleopede he nne eow & axode hine hwt t wre.
27 a cw he in broer is come. & in fader of-sloh an fet chalf for-an e he hine halne on-feng.
28 a balh he hine & nolde ingan. a eode his fader ut & angan hine biddan.
29 a cw he to his fder andsweriende. Efne swa fela geare ic e eoweda. & ic nfre in bebod ne forgymde; & ne sealdest u me nfre an tycchen. t ic mid minen freonden ge-wistfullode.
30 Ac seoan es in sune com e his spede mid miltystren amerde; u of-sloge him an fet chalf.
31 a cw he. sune u ert symle mid me. & ealle mine ing synde ine.
32 e ge-byrede ge-wistfullien & ge-blissian for-an es in broer ws dead. & he ge-edcuede (sic). he for-wear. & ys gefunden.




1 a cw he to his leorning cnihten Sum welig man ws. se hfde sumne ge-refe. se war wi hine forwreiged swilce he is god for-spilde.
2 a cleopede he hine & saide him. Hwi here ich is be e. agyf ine scyre. ne miht u leng tun-scyre be-witen.
3 a cwd se ge-refe. on his ge-anke. Hwt do ic for-an e min hlaford mine gerefscype fram me nymd. Ne maig ic delfen. me scamed t ic wdlie.
4 Ich wat hwt ic do t hyo me on heore hus on-fon. anne ic be-scyred beo fram tun-scyre.
5 a a gafel-gyldo ge-gaderede wren; a saide he am formen. hu michel scealt u minen hlaforde.
6 a saide he hund sestres eles. a saide he him. nym ine feere & site rae & writ fiftig.
7 a saide he oren. hu mycel scelt u. a cw he. hund mittene hwtes. a cw he nym ine stafes & writ hund-ehtetig.
8 a herede se hlaford are unrihtwisnesse tun-ge-refen. for-am e he gleawlice dede. For-an e isse worulde bearn synde gleawre issere leohtes bearnen on isse cneornysse.
9 And ic segge eow wyrce eow freond of isse werold-weolen unrihtwisnesse. t hyo un-fon eow on echen earding-stowen onne ge ge-teoria.
10 Se e is on litlen ge-treowe. se is on mare ge-treowe. nd se e is on litlen unrihtwis. se is eac on maren unriht-wis.
11 Gyf ge on unrihtwisen weordwelan nren ge-treowe. hwa be-tc eow t eower is.
12 nd gyf ge on fremden nren ge-treowe. hwa syld eow t eower is.
13 Ne maig nan eow twam hlaforden ewian. oe he nne hated. & oerne lufe. oe he anen folge & oer for-huge. & ge ne muge gode ewian & weorlde-welan.
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1 . . . . . . . . un-mihtlich ys t ge-drfednysse ne cunnen. wa am e hyo urh cuma.
2 nytre hym wre t an cweornstan syo ge-cniht on-buten his sweoren. & syo on s ge-worpen anne he ge-drefe nne of isen litlingen.
3 Warnied eow gyf in broer senege ky him.
4 And gif he on ane daige seofe syen synege. & seofen syan to e on daig ge-cyrred beo. & cwe hit me of-inc. for-gif hit hym.
5 a cwen his apostles. drihten ge-eac urne ge-leafen.
6 a cw drihten. gyf ge hafden ge-leafen swa micel swa an senepes corn. & ge sden ise treowe syo u awirt-waled. & aplanted on s. & hit hersumede eow.
7 Hwilc eower hafd eriendne eow. oe sceap lsgendne. am of am akere ge-hworfene he him sone saig g & site.
8 & ne saig hym gearewe t ich ete. & gert e & ene me a hwile e ic ete & drinke. & sean u tst & drincst.
9 wenst u haf se eowe anig anc foran e he dyde t him be-boden ws; ne wene ich.
10 Swa is eow anne ge do eal t eow beboden is. Cweed un-nytte eowes. we synde. we dyden t we don scolden.
11 a he ferde to ierusalem he eode urh midde samariam & galileam.
12 & a he eode on sum castel & him agen urnen teon reofle weres. a stoden hio forren.
13 & heore stefne up-ahofen. & cwen. hlend be-beodende ge-miltse us.
14 a he hyo ge-seah a cw he. Ga & ateowiad eow am sacerden. a hyo ferden. hyo wurden ge-clnsede.
15 a heore an ge-seah t he ge-clnsed ws. a cyrde he mid micelere stefne god heriende.
16 & feoll to his foten. & him ancode. & es ws samaritanisc.
17 a cw se hlend hym andsweriende. Hu ne synden teon ge-clnsede. hwr synden a nigene.
18 ns ge-mett se e agen-hwurfe. & gode wulder sealde buten es lfremede.
19 a cwd he aris & ga. for-an in ge-leafe e halne ge-dyde.
20 a axoden hine a farisej hwanne godes rice come. a andswerede he & cw ne cymd godes rice mid begemene.
21 ne hyo ne cwea. efne her hit is. oe r; godes rice is be-twenan eow.
22 a cw he to his leorning-cnihten. a dages cum anne ge ge-wilnie t ge ge-seon nne daig mannes sunu. & ge ne seo.
23 & hy segge eow her he ys. & r he is. ne fare ge ne ne felgie.
24 Witolice swa se leitres lihtende scind under heofene on a ing e under heofene synde. swa by mannes sune on his daige.
25 rest him ge-byre t he fela inge olie & beon fram isse cneorisse aworpen.
26 & swa on noes dagen ws ge-woren. swa beo mannes sune to-kyme.
27 Hyo ten & druncan & wifeden & wren to gyfte ge-sealde. oe ane daig e noe to earke eode; & flod com & ealle for-spilde.
28 Eall-swa ws ge-woren on lothes dagen & hyo ten & druncan. & bohten & sealden. & planteden & tymbreden.
29 Solice on am daige e loth eode of sodome hit rinde fyr & swefl of heofene. & ealle for-spilde.
30 fter isen ingen by on am daige e mannes sune un-wrogen beo.
31 & on am daige se e by on ecene & his fate on huse. ne stihg he nier t he hyo nyme. & se e by on akere; ne went he on-bc.
32 Beo ge-myndige lothes wifes.
33 swa hwilc swa sec his sawle ge-don hle. he hyo for-spil. & swa hwilc swa hyo for-spil; seo hyo ge-liffest.
34 Solice ic eow segge on are nihte beo twegen on bedde. an beo ge-numen & oer for-lten.
35 Twa by t-gadere grindende. an beo ge-numen & oer lefed.
36 Twegen by t akere an by ge-numen & oer beo lefed.
37 a cwen hyo to hym. hwr drihten. a cw he swa hwr swa se lichama by yder beo earnes ge-gadered.




1 a saigde he heom sum byspell t hit is riht t man symle ge-bidden. & na ge-teorige.
2 and us cw. Sume dema ws on sumer cestre. se god ne on-dredde ne nenne man ne on-racode.
3 a ws sum wudewa on are cestre; a com hyo to him & cw. Wrec me wi minne wier-winne.
4 a nolde ne langere tide. fter am a cw. he.
5 eah ich god ne on-drde. ne ic man ne on-racige. eah for-an e eos wudewe me is gram. ich wreke hyo. e-ls hyo t nextan cume me be-ropende.
6 a cw drihten. ge-hyre hwt se unrihtwise deme cwee (sic).
7 Solice ne dee god his ge-corenra wrace cleopiende to hym daiges & nihtes; & he eld on him haf.
8 Ich eow segge t he rae heore wrce de. eah-hwere wenst u anne mannes sune cym. ge-met he ge-leafen on eoran.
9 a cw he to sumen is by-spell. e on hyo selfe truweden. & orum for-hugodon.
10 Twegen men ferden to sume temple t t hyo; hyo ge-bden. an sunderhalge. & an manfull.
11 a stod se phariseus & hine us ge-bed. god e ich ances do. for-an ich ne em swilche odre men. reaferes unriht-wise. unriht-hamees. oe eac swylc es manfulle.
12 Ic faeste twige on wuca. ic gife teondunge ealles as e ich hbbe.
13 a stod se manfulla feorran & nolde for-an his eagen ahebben up to am heofene. ac he beot his breost & cw. God beo u milde me senfulle.
14 Solice ich eow segge t es ferde ge-rihtwised to his huse. for-an e lc e hine up-ahefd beo ge-nyered. & se e hine nyered byo up-ahafen.
15 a brohten hyo cyldre to hym t he hyo trine. a his leorning-cnihtes hyo ge-seagen hyo cydden heom.
16 a cleopede se hlend hyo to hym. & cw. Lte a litlinges to me cumen & ne for-beode ge heo swylcere ys godes rice.
17 Solice ic eow segge swa hwilc swa ne on-feg godes rice swa swa cyld. ne g he on godes rice.
18 a axode hine sum aldor. godne lareow hwt do ich t ich eche lyf hbbe.
19 a cw se hlend hwi segest u me godne. nis nan man god buten god ane.
20 Canst u a be-bode; ne of-sleh u. ne fyrena u. ne stell u. ne leoh u. wure inne fader & ine moder.
21 a cw he eal is ic heold. of minre geogee.
22 a cw se hlend an ing e is wane. syle eall t u hafst. & gyf eall t earfen. anne hafst u gold-hord on heofene. & cum and folge me.
23 a he as word ge-hyrde he war ge-un-rot. for-am e he ws swie welig.
24 a se hlend hine unrotne ge-seah he cw. Eale hu earfodlice g on godes rice a e feoh hbbed.
25 eelicor mg se olfend gan urh anre nedle eage. anne se welige on godes riche.
26 a cwen a e is ge-hyrden. & hwa mg hal beon.
27 a saide he heom. Gode beo mihtilice a ing e mannen synde un-mihtilice.
28 a cw petrus. Ealle ing we for-leten & folgedon e.
29 a cw he. Solice ic eow segge nis nan mann e his hus for-lt. oe mges oe brore. oe wif. oe bearn; for godes rice.
30 e ne on-fo michele mare on isse tide. & ece lyf on towearde worelde.
31 a nam se hlend his leorning-cnihtes. & cw to heom. Fare to ierusalem. & ealle ing beo ge-fylde e be mannes sune urh witegene awritene synde.
32 He beo eoden ge-seald & byo bismere. & ge-swungen. & on-sptt.
33 & fter am e hyo hine swinge hyo hine of-slead. & he ridde daige arist.
34 & hyo naht as on-geatan. & heom ws is word be-hydd.
35 a he neahlahte jerico sum blind man st wi ane weig wdliende.
36 & a he ge-hyrde a manigeo farende. he axode hwt t wre.
37 a saigden hyo t r ferde se nazarenisce hlend.
38 a remde he & cw. Eale hlend dauies sune ge-miltsce me.
39 & a e fore-stopen hine redden t he swugede. as e mre he clypede. Dauides sune ge-miltse me.
40 a stod se hlend. & het hine lden to him. a he nehlahte he axode hine.
41 hwt wilt u t ic e d. a cw he. Drihten t ich ge-seo.
42 a cw se hlend. ge-seoh. in ge-leafe e ge-hlde.
43 & he sone ge-seah. & hym fylgde. god wuldriende. & eall folc god lof sealde. t hyo t ge-seawen.




1 a eode he geond jerico.
2 a ws r sum man on namen zacheus. se ws welig.
3 & he wolde ge-seon hwilc se hlend wre. a ne mihte he for are manige. for-an e he ws litel on wstme.
4 a arn he be-foren & stah up an treow sicomorum t he hine ge-seage. for-an he wolde anen faren.
5 a he com to are stowe a ge-seah se hlend hine & cw. Zacheus efste to inen huse. for-an e ic wille to-daig on inen huse wunien.
6 a efstede he & hine blielice on-feng.
7 a hyo t ge-seagen a murcneden hyo ealle & cwen. t he to synful men ge-cyrde.
8 a stod zacheus & cw to drihton. Nu ic selle earfen half mine ehte. & gef ich anigne be-reafode ic hyt be feower-fealden agyfe.
9 a cw. se hlend to hym. to-daig isse heow-rdene is hle ge-woren. for-am he ws abrahames bearn.
10 Mannes sune com secan. & halde t for-war.
11 a hyo is ge-hyrden a ge-ehte he sum bispell. for-am e he ws neoh ierusalem. & for-an e hyo wenden t rdlice godes rice ge-swuteled wre.
12 Witodlice he cw. Sum thel-boren man ferde on ferren land. & he him rice on-fenge. & eft on-gean com.
13 a cleopede he hys teon eowas & sealde teon pund heom. & cw. to heom. Cheapia ot ic cume.
14 a hatedon hine his leoden. & snden arendraken fter hym. & cwen. We nelle t es ofer us rixie.
15 a he on-gen com & t rice on-feng; he het cleopian his eowas e he t feoh sealde. t he wiste hu mycel ge ghwilc ge-mangeden.
16 a com se forme & cw. Hlaford in pund strenede tyen pund.
17 a cw. se hlaford. ge-blissa u gode eowa. for-an e u on litlen wre ge-treowa u beost anweald hbbende ofer teon cestren.
18 a com oer & cw. hlaford in pund strynde fif pund.
19 a cw. he to an. & byo u ofer fif cestren.
20 a com oer. & cw. Hlaford her is in pund e ich hfde on swat-lin aleigd.
21 Ich e on-dredde for-an e u ert sti man. u nymst t u ne settst. & u ripst t u ne seowe.
22 a cw he to him. of inen mue ich e deme la lera eowa. u wistest t ich eom sti man. t ic nyme t ich ne sette. & ripe t ic ne seow.
23 And hwi ne sealdest u min feoh to hyre. & anne ic come ic hit witodlice mid ge-streone on-fenge.
24 a cw. he to am e him abuten stoden. anymed t pund fram him & sylled am e hf tin pund.
25 a cwen hyo to him. hlaford he hfd teon pund.
26 Solice ich segge eow. t lchen hbbenden beo ge-seald. fram an e nf. ge t t he hf hym beo afyrred.
27 eah-hwere a mine feond e nolden t ic ofer hyo rixede. lede hider & of-slead hyo be-foren me.
28 & isen ge-cween he ferde to ierusalem.
29 a he ge-neahlahte bethphage & bethanie to am munte e is ge-nemned oliuetj. he snde his twegen cnihtes
30 & cw. Fare on t castel e on-gean inc ys on am gyt mete assan folen ge-tege; on am nan man geot ne st. untyge hine & lde to me.
31 & gyf hwa eow axe hwi gyt hine untege segge heom drihten hfd his neode.
32 a ferden a e asende wren & funden swa he heom saide ane folen standen.
33 a hyo hine unteigden. a cwen a hlafordes hwi un-teige ge anne fole.
34 a cwen hyo for-an e drihten hf his neode.
35 a ldden hyo hine to am hlende. & heora reaf wurpen ofer anne folan. & ane hlend of-ufen setten.
36 & a he for; hyo strehten under hine heore reaf on am weige.
37 & a he ge-neahlahte to oliuetes muntes nier-stige. a on-gunnen ealle a menigeo ge-blissian & mid mychelere stefne god heredon be eallen am mihten e hyo sgen.
38 & cwen. Ge-bletsod syo se kyng e com on drihtenes name. syb sy on heofene & wuldor on heahnysse.
39 a cw sum of am farisei to him Lareow ky inen leorning-cnihten.
40 a cw he to heom. Ich eow segge eah as swugie stanes cleopie.
41 & a he ge-neahlacte & ge-seah a ceastre. a weop he ofer hyo
42 & cw. Eale gyf u wistest & witedlice on isen inen dagen. e e to sibbe synde. nu hyo synden fran inen eagen be-hydde.
43 for-an a dages to e cume. & ine feond e be-trymie. & be-hbbe e. & be-nrewia e aighwanen.
44 & to eoran afelled e. & ine bearn e on [e] synde. & hi ne lefe on e stan ofer stane. for-an e u ne on-cneowe a tide inre ge-neosunge.
45 a on-gan he of am temple ut-drifen a syllende & a biggende
46 & heom to cw. Hit is awriten. t min hus is ge-bed-hus. ge hit worhten to scena scrfen.
47 & he ws daighwamlice on am temple lrende. Solice are sacerde ealdres & a bokeres & as folkes ealder-men. smgdon hu hi hine for-don mihten.
48 & hyo ne funden hwt hyo hym to gylte dyden. Solice eal folc ws abysgod t be hym ge-hyrde seggen.




1 a ws ane daige ge-worden. a he t folc on am temple lrde. & heom bodede. a comen are sacerde ealdres. & a bokeres
2 & to him cwen. Sege us on hwilcen anwealde wyrcst u as ing. oe hwt is se e isne anweald e sealde.
3 a cw he heom to andswere. & ich acsige eow an word. andswerie me;
4 ws iohannes fulluht of heofene hwer e of mannen.
5 a ohten hyo be-tweox heom & cwen. Gyf we segge t he syo of heofene. he cwe to s hwi ne ge-lyfde ge hym.
6 Gif we segge t he syo of mannen eall folc us hn. hyo wisten gere t johannes ws witege.
7 a andswereden hyo t hyo nesten hwanen he ws.
8 a cw se hlend to heom. ne ic eow ne segge on hwilcen anwealde ich as ing werche.
9 He on-gan a is bispell to am folke cwen. Sum man plantede wingeard. & hine sette mid tilien. & he ws heom feor manegen tide.
10 a on ore tide he sende his eow to am tilian t hyo hym sealden of as wingeardes wstme. a swugedon (sic) hyo anne & ydelne hine for-leten.
11 a sende he oerne eow. a byeton hyo hine and mid teonen ge-wcende hine for-leten ydelne.
12 a sende he ridden. a wurpen hyo ut ne ge-wundenne.
13 a cw as win-geardes hlaford hwt do ich. ich asende minne leofne sune wenunge hine hyo for-wandia anne hyo hine ge-seo.
14 a hine a tilian ge-seagen hyo ohten be-tweoxe heom. and cwen. Her ys se earfednyme; cume uton hine of-slean. t syo ehte ure byo.
15 & hyo hine of am wingearde awurpen ut of-slgen. Hwt de es wingeardes hlaford.
16 He cymd & for-spil a tilien & syld ane wingeard orum. Hyo cwen a hyo is ge-hyrden t ne ge ne (sic) wure.
17 a be-heold he hyo & cw. Hwt is t awriten ys. ane stan e a werhtan awurpen. es is ge-woren on are hernen heafod.
18 Elc e fyld ofer ane stan by for-berst; ofer ane e he fyld. he to-cwest.
19 a sohten are sacerda ealdres & a bokeres heora handa on a tide on hine wurpen. & hyo adredden heom t folc. Solice hyo on-gten t he is bispel to heom cw.
20 a senden hyo mid searwun a e hyo rithwise lten t hyo hine ge-scyldeden. & t hyo hine sealden an ealdren to dome & to as deman anwealde to for-demnne.
21 a axoden hyo hine & cwen. Lareow we wite t u rihte specst. & lrst. & for nanen men ne wandest. ac godes weig on sofstnysse lrst.
22 is hit riht t man am caisere gafol sylle e na.
23 a cw he to heom. a he heore facen on-geat. Hwy fandige min.
24 Tewi me nne panig. hwas anlicnysse hafd he; & ofer-ge-writ. a cwen hyo as caiseres.
25 a cw he to heom. Agyfe am caisere a ing e as caiseres sende. & gode a ing e godes synde.
26 a ne mihten hyo his word be-fon be-foran am folce. a swugedon hyo wundriende be his andswere.
27 a ge-nehlacten sume of am saducn. a t-sace as ristes. & axoden hine
28 & cwen. Lareow moyses ut-wrat gyf hwas broer by dead & wif hbbe & sye by buten bearne t his broer nyme hys wif & his broer sd a-wecce.
29 Seofen broren wren & se forme nam wif & ws dead buton bearne.
30 a nam se oer hye; nd ws dead buten bearne.
31 a nam se ridde hy & ws dead buton bearne. & swa ealle seofene & nn sd ne lefden & wren deade buton.
32 a ealre ytemest ws t wif dead.
33 On am riste hwilces heores wif by t.
34 a cw se hlend to heom isse worulde bearn wifie & by to gyfton ge-sealde.
35 a e synde are werulde wure. & ristes of deae ne gyftia hy ne wif ne lde.
36 ne ofer t sweltan ne magen. & hyo synden solice nglen ge-lice & hyo synden godes bearn. anne hyo synden ristes bearn.
37 for-am e solice deade arise. & moyses atewde wi nne beig-beam. swa he cw. Drihten abrahames god. & ysaacs god. & iacobes god.
38 nys god deadre ac libbendra; ealle hyo him libbe.
39 a andswerede him sum are bokere & cwen. lareow; wel u cwe.
40 & hyo hine leng ne dorston nig ing axien.
41 a cw. he to heom. Hwi segge hyo t crist sy dauies sune.
42 & dauid cwe on am sealme. Drihten sde to minen drihtne. site on minen swiren healfe
43 od t ic asette ine feond to fot-scamele inre fote.
44 Dauid hine cleope drihten. & hu mte is he his sune.
45 a saigde he his leorning-cnihten ealle folce ge-herende.
46 Warnie eow wi a bokeres. a e wille on ge-gyrlan gan. & lufige gretunge on strte. & a yldest settl on ge-samnu[n]gan. & a formen eninge on ge-beorscipen.
47 a for-swelge wudewena us hiwgende lang ge-bed. a on-fo mare ge-nyerunge.




1 a he hine be-seah; he ge-seah a welian heore lac senden on ane sceoppan.
2 a ge-seah he sume earme wudewan bringen twegen feringes.
3 a cw he so ic eow segge t eos earme wudewe lre mst brohte.
4 Sodes ealle as brohten gode lac of heore micelen welen. eos wudewe brohte of am e hyo hafde ealle hire andlyfene.
5 & a cw he to am e saiden be am temple t hit wre ge-glenged mid goden stanen & goden gyfen.
6 as ing e ge ge-seo. a dages cume on an ne beo stan lefed ofer stan; e ne beo to-worpen.
7 a axoden hyo hine. La be-beodend. hwanne beo as ing. & hwilcne tacne beo anne as ing ge-wure.
8 a cw he warnie eow t ge ne byon be-swikene. manege cuma on minen namen & cweed. Ic hit eom. & tid ge-nehlce. ne fare ge fter heom.
9 ne beo ge bregede anne ge ge-seo ge-feoht & twirednyssa. as ing ge-byria rest. ac nys anne gyot ende.
10 a cw he to heom. eode arist agen eode. & rice agen rice.
11 & beo mycele eore steriunge. geond stowa; & cwalmes. & hunger & egsan on heofene & mychele tacne beo.
12 ac to-foren eallen isen hyo nyme eow & ehte syan eow on ge-samnunge. & on hyrdnyssa. & lade eow to kyningen. & to demen for minen namen.
13 is eow ge-byrie on ge-witnesse.
14 Ne scule ge on eowren heorten for-smeagen hu ge andswerien;
15 ic selle eow mu & wisdom. am ne magen ealle eower wier-winnan wistanden & wi-cwean.
16 Ge beo ge-sealde fram magen & ge-broren. & cuen. & freonden. & hyo eow to deae ge-swenced.
17 & ge byo eallen on hatigenga for minen name.
18 & ne for-wur a locc of eowren hfde.
19 On eowren ge-elde ge ge-healded eowre sawle.
20 anne ge ge-seo ierusalem mid here be-tremed. wite t heore to-worpnysse ge-neohlc.
21 anne fleod on muntes a e on iudea synde. & nier ne astige a e on hire midlene synd. & in-to here hus ne mugen a e r-ute synden.
22 for-an e is synden wrce dages. t ealle ing seon ge-fylde. e awritene synde.
23 Solice wa eacnigenden wife & fedenden on am dagen anne beo mychel ofricodnys. ofer eoren. & yrre isen folce.
24 & hyo falle on sweordes egge. & beo hftlinges on eallen eodan. Ierusalem beo fram eoden for-treden o mga tide syen ge-fyllede.
25 And beo tacne on sunnen & on monan & on steorren. & on eoran eoda for-recednyss. for ge-drefednysse. ss sweges & yra (sic)
26 byfigengan mannen for eige & an-bide ealle a ymbbe-hrifte (sic) to be-cuma. anne by heofenes mihte astirede.
27 & anne hyo ge-seo mannes sune on lifte cumende mid michelen an-wealde & mgen-rimme.
28 anne as ing aginne be-seo & eowre heafde up ahebbe. for-am e eower alysednesse ge-neahlce.
29 a saigde he heom sum byspell. be-healde anne fic-beam. & ealle treowa.
30 anne hyo wstme bringe ge wite t sumer is ge-hende.
31 nd one ge as ing ge-seo wita t godes rice is ge-hende.
32 Solice ich eow segge t eos cneores ne ge-wit r am e ealle as ing ge-wuron.
33 Heofene & eore ge-wite; solice mine word ne ge-wita.
34 Wrnie eow i-ls eower heorten ge-hefegede synd on ofer-fylle & on druncenesse & ises lifes carun & on eow syo se frlice daig be-cume
35 swa swa grin. He be-cym on ealle a e sitte ofer eoran ansiene.
36 wakie on lcere tide & bidda t ge wure syn. t ge as to-wearde ing for-flean & standen be-foran mannes sune.
37 Solice he ws on daig on am temple lrende. & on niht he eode & wunede on am munte e ys cween oliuetj.
38 & eall folc com on morgen to him to am temple t hyo hine ge-hyrdon.




1 a solice ge-neahlacte freols-daige azimorum se ys ge-cween eastre.
2 & are sacerda ealdres & a bokeres smgdon hu hyo hine forspildon. Solice hyo adredden heom t folc.
3 a eode sathanas on iudam se ws ore name scariot an of am twelfen.
4 a ferde he & sprce mid are sacerde ealdre mannen. & ugede (sic) ealdren hu he hine heom sealde.
5 And hyo fagenedon & hym weddeden feoh to syllene.
6 & he be-het. & he sohte hu he elicest hine beften are manigeo ge-sealde.
7 a com se daig azimorum on am hyo wolden heore eastren ge-wyrcan
8 & he sende petre & iohanne. & cw to heom. fared & gearewia us t we ure eastren ge-wyrcen.
9 a cwen hyo. hwr wilt u t we gearewien.
10 & he cw to heom. Nu anne ge on a cestre ga; eow an-gen eorn an man mid wter-buke. fylgie hym on t hus e he inga;
11 & segge am hus-hlaforde. vre lareow e seg. hwr ys cumena hus r yc min eastren wyrce mid mjnen leorning-cnihten.
12 & he eow be-tc mycele healle ge-dfte ge-garewiad ara.
13 a ferden hyo & ge-metten swa he heom saigde. & hyo gearewedon eastren.
14 nd a time ws he sett & his twelf apostles mid hym.
15 & he saigde heom. Of ge-wilnenge ic ge-wilnede mid eow ten as eastren r ich for-fare.
16 Ic eow segge t ic heonen-for ne eta. r hyt syo on godes rice ge-fylled.
17 nd on-feng calice. & ances dede & cw. On-fo & dled be-tweoxe eow.
18 Solice ic eow segge t ich ne drinke of ises wingearde kynne r godes rice cume.
19 And he on-feng hlaf & ancode & heom sealde & cw. is ys myn lichame se is for eow ge-seald. do is on minen ge-mynde.
20 nd swa eac anne calic; syen he ge-eten hafde & cw. es calic is niwe cynis on minen blode se beo for eow agoten.
21 ah-hwdere her ys es lwen hand mid me on myssan.
22 & witodlice manne (sic) sune g fter am e him for-stihte ws. eah-hwere wa am men e he urh ge-seald beo.
23 And hyo ongunnen be-tweox heom smgen hwilc of heom t to donne wre.
24 nd hyo fliten be-tweoxe heom hwilc heore wre yldest.
25 a saide he heom kyninges wealded heore eode. And a e anweald ofer hyo hbbe synde fremfulle ge-nemnede
26 ac ne beo ge na swa. Ac ge-wure he swa swa gingre se e yldre ys be-tweox eow. And se forsteppend ys beo he swilce he ein syo.
27 Hwer ys yldre se e ena e se e sytt. witodlice se e sit. Ic eom on eowren midlene swa swa se e ena.
28 Ge synden e mid me urh-wunedan on minen ge-swinchen.
29 & ic eow dihte swa min fader me rice dihte.
30 t ge ten & drincan ofer mine mysan on minen rice & ge sitten ofer rim-settel demende twelf me israel.
31 a cw drihten. symon symon nu sathanas gyrnde t he eow riddrede swa swa hwte.
32 Ic ge-bd for e t in ge-leafe ne ge-teorige. nd u t sume cyre ge-wend &-tryme ine brore.
33 a cw he drihten ic eom gre to farene mid e ge on cwarterne ge on dea.
34 a cw he. Ic segge e petrus; ne crw se cc to-daig r u me t-secst reowe.
35 a cw he to heom. a ich eow sende buton seode & codde. & ge-scy. ws eow anig ing wane. a cwen hyo nan ing.
36 a cw he. ac se e hf seod gelice nyme codd. & se e nf sylle hys tunecan & begge hym sweord.
37 Solice ich segge eow t gyot scel byon ge-fulled. t be me awriten ys. & t he mid rihtwisan ge-teald ws. Witodlice a ing e be me synd hbbe nde.
38 & hyo cwen. drihten her synde twa sword. & he cw. t ys ge-noh.
39 nd fter ge-wunen he ut-geode on anne munt oliuarum. t ys elebgerena (sic). & his leorning-cnihtes hym fylgdon.
40 & a he com to are stowe he sde heom. ge bydda t ge on costnenga ne gan.
41 And he ws fram heom aloken swa mycel swa ys anes stanes werp. & ge-beigden cneowen he hine ge-b.
42 & cw. Fader gyf u wilt; afyr isne calic fram me eah-hwere ne ge-wure min wille ac in.
43 a tywde (sic) him godes ngel of heofene & hine ge-strangode.
44 & he ws on ge-winne. & hine lange ge-bd. & his swat ws swilce blodes dropen on eore eornende.
45 & a he of ge-bede aras; & com to hys leorning-cnihten. he hyo funde slpende for sarignesse.
46 & he saide heom; hwi slpe ge; arisa & bidda t ge on costnunge ne gan.
47 Hym a a gyt swccenden (sic). a com t wered & him to-foren eode an of am twelfen. se ws ge-nemned iudas. & he ge-neahlahte am hlende t he hine keste.
48 a cw se hlend. judas. mannes sune u mid cosse sylst.
49 a ge-seagen a e hym abuton wren. t r toward ws & cwen. drihten sla we mid sweorde.
50 a sloh heore an are sacerda ealdres eow & his swire eare of-akarf.
51 a andswerede se hlend lted us. & a he t-ran his eare he hit ge-hlde.
52 a cw se hlend to am ealdor-mannen & to am witon & to as temples ealdren. Ge ferden to me swa swa to anen sceaen. mid sweorden. & mid sglen. t ge me ge-fengen.
53 a ich ws daighwam-lice mid eow on am temple. ne aeneden ge eower handa on me. ac is ys eower tid & eostre anweald.
54 a namen hyo hine & ldden hyne to are sacerde ealdres huse. & petrus felygede feorran.
55 And petrus ws mid heom on middan am cafertune r hyo t am fyre ston.
56 a hine ge-seah sum inen t leohte sittende & hine be-heold. a cw hye. & es ws mid hym.
57 a t-soch he. & cw. eale wif ne can ich hine.
58 & a embe litel hine ge-seah oer. & cw. u ert of heom. a cw petrus. eale man ic ne eom.
59 & a fter litlen faece swilce anre tide sum oer saigde & cw. Solice es ws mid eom. witodlice he ys galileisc.
60 a cw petrus. eala mann nat ich hwt u sgest. And a hyo t sprken samnunga se coc creow.
61 a drihten be-wende hine & be-seah to petre. a ge-munede petrus drihtnes wordes e he cw. t u min t-scst rewa to-daig r se coc crawe.
62 a eode petrus ut & biterlice weop.
63 & a e ane hlend heolden hine bismeredon & beoton.
64 & ofer-wrugen hys ansiene. & urscen his nebb. & axoden hine ared wlych (sic) ys se e e smat.
65 And manega ore ing hyo hym to cwen. desigende.
66 And a a daig ws. a to-gdere comen as folces aldren & are sacerda ealdor-menn. & bokeras. & ldden hine to heore ge-mote & cwen.
67 Sege us gyf u syo crist. a cw he. eah ich eow segge; ge me ne lyfa.
68 eah ich eow axsie ge ne andsweria me. ne ne for-lte.
69 Heonen-for byo mannes sune sittende on godes mgnes swire healfe.
70 a cwen hyo ealle ert u godes sune; a cw he. ge segge t ich eom.
71 And hyo cwen. hwi georne we geot ge-witnysse. we sylfe ge-herden of his mue.




1 a aras eall heora manigeo & ldden hine to pilate.
2 & agunnen hine wreigen & cwen. isne we ge-metton for-hwerfende ure eode. & for-beodende t man am caysere gafol ne sealde. & sg t he syo crist kyning;
3 a axode pilatus him ert u iudea cyng; a andswerede he. u hyt sgst.
4 a cw pilatus to am ealdren & am werede. ne finde ich nnne intinge on isen men.
5 a hlydden hyo & cwen. He astyred is folc lrende urh ealle iudean aginnende of galileam o hider.
6 a pilatus ge-hyrde galileam. he axode hwader he wre galileisc man.
7 & a he ge-cneow t he ws of herodes anwealde. he hine agen-sende to herode. he ws on am dagen on ierusalem.
8 Solice herodes fagenede a he anne hlend ge-seah. langere tide he wilnode hine ge-seon. for-an e he ge-herde mychel be him. & he hopede t he ge-seage sum taken e fram him ge-wure.
9 a axode he hine manege worden. & he naht ne andswerede.
10 a stoden are sacerda aldres hine anrdlice wreigende.
11 a ofer-hugede herodes hine mid hys hyrde & bisemerede hine ge-scridne mid hwiten reafe. & hine agen-sente to pilaten.
12 And on am daige wuren herodes & pilatus ge-freond. Solice hyo wren r ge-feond heom be-tweonen.
13 a cw pilatus to are sacerda ealdren. & ugee (sic) ealdren & to am folke.
14 Ge brohten me isne man swilce he is folc for-hwyrfde. & nu ich be-foren eow axiende. ich nnne intinge finden ne maig on isen men. of an e ge hine wreige.
15 Ne for-an herodes. ich hine asende agen to him. & him naht s lices deade ge-don ws.
16 ich hine ge-betne for-lte.
17 Niede he scolde heom for-gefen nne to heore freols-daige.
18 a grette eall t folc to-gadere. & cw. Nym isne & for-gyf us barraban.
19 se ws for sumere twirednysse & man-slehte of cwarterne asend.
20 Eft sprc pilatus to heom & wolde for-lten ane hlend.
21 a gretten hyo & cwen. -h hine -ho hine.
22 a cw he to heom ridde sye. Hwt dyde es yfeles. ne afunde ic nan ing yfeles on ise men. t he syo deaes scyldig. ic hine reage & for-lte.
23 And hyo stoden & mycelere stefne bden t he wre -hangen. & hire stefne sweeredon.
24 <>
25 & he for-gef heom ane e ws for manslihte & sumere sake on cwarterne ane hyo bden. & ane hlend he sealde to hire willan.
26 And a hyo hine ldden hyo ge-fengen sumne cyreniscan symonem se com of am tune. & a rode him onsetten. t he hyo bre fter am hlende.
27 hym felgede mycel wered folces & wife. a hine heofen & weopen.
28 a cw se hlend be-wend. Eala dohter ierusalem; nelle ge ofer me wepen. ac wepe ofer eow sylfe. & ofer eower bearn.
29 for-an a dages cume on am hyo cwee. eadige synden a un-temenden & in-noes e ne akenden. & a breost e ne sucen.
30 anne aginne hyo cween to am munten falled ofer us. & to bergen ofer-wreod us.
31 for-an gyf hyo on grenen treowe as ing do. hwt do hyo on am dreigen.
32 And mid hym wren ge-ldde twege ore manfulle t hyo wren of-slegene.
33 & syen hyo comen on are stowe. e ys ge-nemned caluarie t ys heafed-panne stow. r hyo hine hengen. & nne scaan on hys swydren healfe & oer on hys wenstran.
34 a cw se hlend fader for-gef heom for-an hy nyten hwt hyo do. Solice hyo dlden his reaf & wurpen hloten.
35 & t folc stod ge-ambadiende. & a ealdres hine tlden mid heom & cwen. Ore he ge-hlde. hine sylfne he ge-hle gyf he syo godes ge-corene.
36 And a cempen hine bysmereden. nd hym ched brohten.
37 & us cwen. Gyf u syo iudea kyning ge-do e sylfne halne.
38 a ws his ofer-ge-writ ofer hine awriten. grekiscen stafen & hebreiscen. is is judea kyning.
39 And (sic) of am scaen e mid hym hangede. hine gremede. & cw. Gyf u crist rt ge-hl e sylfne & unc.
40 a andswerede se oer & hine readde & cw. Ne u god ne on-drdst. t u ert on are ylcan ge-nyerunge.
41 & we her witodlice be uncer r-dden on-fo. Solice es naht yfeles ne dyde.
42 & he cw to am hlende. Drihten ge-mune u me. anne u kymst on in rice.
43 a cw se hlend to hym. to-daig u byst mid me on paradise.
44 a ws neoh syo sixte tid. & eostre wren ofer ealle eoran. oan nigeen tide.
45 & sunne ws astyred & as temples wahrift wr to-sliten on midden.
46 a cw. se hlend clepiende mycele stefne. Fader ich be-beode minne gast on inre hande. & us cweende he for-ferde.
47 a se hundred-man ge-seah t r ge-woren ws. he god wuldrede. & cw. Solice es man ws rihtwis.
48 & eall wered e t isse wfernyssen wren & ge-seagen a ing e ge-woren wren. agen ge-wende heore breost beoten.
49 a stoden ealle his cuan feorren. & a wif e hym felgden fram galilea as ing ge-seonde.
50 & a an man on namen ioseph se ws ge-refe. & god wer & rihtwis.
51 es ne ge-wrede hyore ge-ohte & hyra dden fram arimathia iud cestre. se sylfe ge-ambadede godes riche.
52 es ge-neahlahte to pilate & bd as hlendes lichamen.
53 and nier-aleigde hine. & on scetan be-feold. & leigde hine on aheawene byregene on are ns na geot on nig aleig.
54 And a ws se daig parasceue t is gegarewunge & ster-daig on-lihte.
55 a wif e hym felgden. e comen mid hym of galilea hyo ge-seagen a byrigenne & hu his lichame aligd ws.
56 & hyo chyrden & gerewedon wyrt-ge-mang & sealfe. & on stern-daig hyo ge-stylden fter be-bode.




1 On anan reste-daige swie r on daig-rede hyo comen to are byregene & bren mid heom a wertege-mang e hyo grewedon
2 & hyo funden ane stan awyltne of are byregene.
3 And a hyo in-to are byrigene eoden hyo ne gefunden na s hlendes lichamen.
4 nd a ws ge-woren a hyo on mode afereden wren be ysen. a stoden twegen weres wi hyo on hwiten reafe.
5 & a hyo adredden & heore andhwliten on eoran heoldan hyo cwen to heom. Hwi sece ge libbendne mid deaden.
6 nis he her ac he aras. Be-enche (sic) hu he spc wi eow. a geot e he ws on galilea.
7 & cw. t mannes sune beo ge-seald on hande synfulle manne. & beon ahangen. & a ridden daige arisan.
8 & hyo gemunda his worda.
9 & hyo ge-wenten fram are byregene & kydden eall is am endlefenen & eallen oren.
10 Solice ws maria magdalene. & Iohanna & maria Iacobi. & ore e mid heom wren. & a saigdon as ing am apostlen
11 & as word wren ge-uhte be-foren heom swa woffung & hyo ne ge-lefden heom.
12 a aras petrus. & arn to are byregene & alutede. he ge-seah a linwde sylfe aleigde. & he ferde wundriende. as r ge-woren ws.
13 And a ferden twegen of heom on t castel t ws on fce sixtig furlenga fram ierusalem. on naman emaus.
14 & hyo spcen heom be-tweonen be eallen an e r ge-worene wren.
15 And a hyo spelleden & mid heom smeagden. se hlend ge-nehlahte. & ferde mid heom.
16 Solice heore eagen wren for-hfde. t hyo hine ne cneowen.
17 & he cw to heom. Hwt syndon a spce e gyt recce me be-tweonen gangende & synden un-rote.
18 a andswerede hym an as name ws cleophas. & cw. eart u ane for-wrecen on ierusalem. & nystest u a ing e on hire ge-woren synde on issen dagen.
19 He saide a. hwt synde a ing. nd hyo saiden a be am nazarenisce hlende. se ws wer & witege mihtig. on sprce & on weorce. be-foren gode & eallen folce.
20 & hu hine sealden a heah-sacerdas. & ure ealdres on deaes nyerunge & ahengen hine.
21 We hopeden t he to alysende wre israel. & nu is se ridde daig to-daig. t is ws ge-woren.
22 & eac sume wif of ure us bregden. a wren r leohte t are byregene.
23 & na his lichame ne ge-seagen. hyo comen & saiden t hyo ge-seagen engle ge-sihe. a segge hine libban.
24 & a ferden sume of uren to are byregene. & swa ge-metton swa a wif saiden. hine hyo ne seagen.
25 a cwe se hlend to heom. Eale desige on heortan. late to ge-lefene eallen am e a witegan sprcen.
26 hu ne byregede criste as ing olien & swa on his wuldor gan.
27 nd he rehte heom of moyse & of eallen haligen ge-writen e be him awritene wren.
28 & hyo ge-nehlacte am castele e hyo to ferden. & he dyde swilce he ferrer faren wolde.
29 & hyo nedden hine & cwen. ene (sic) mid ncc for-an hit fenlec & se daig ws -helt. & he in eode t he mid heom wunede.
30 & a he mid heom sett he on-feng hlaf & hine bletsede. & brc & heom rahte.
31 a wuran heore eagen ge-openede. & hyo ge-cneowen hine & he ge-wat fram heom.
32 nd hyo cwen heom be-tweonen. Ns unker heorte beornende a he on weige wi nc spc. & unc halige write untynde.
33 & hyo arisen on are ylcan tide & wenten to ierusalem & ge-metten endlefene gegaderede. & a e mid heom wren.
34 & cwen t drihten solice aras & symone atewede.
35 & hyo rehton a ing. a e on weige ge-worene wren. & hu hyo hine on-cneowen on hlafes breche.
36 Solice a hyo is sprcen. se hlend stod heom on midden. & saide heom sib syo eow. ich hit em. ne on-drde ge eow.
37 a wren hyo ge-drefede. & aferede & hyo wenden t hyo gast ge-seagen.
38 And he saide heom hwi sinde ge ge-drefede. & ge-ances on eowre heorten stiged.
39 Ge seo mine handa & mine fet. t ic self hyt em. & grapie & ge-seo t gast nf flsc ne ban swa ge ge-seo me hbben.
40 And a he is saide he atewede heom fet & handa.
41 a cw he to heom. a hyo a gyt ne lefden & for blisse wundredon. Hbbe ge her anig ing to tene
42 & hyo brohten him dl ge-brddes fisces & bei-brad
43 & he braecc. & a t beforen heom. he nam a lafa & heom sealde.
44 & cw to heom. is synde a word e ich spc to eow. a ic ws a geot mid eow. for-an e hit ys neod t beon ealle ing ge-felde. e be me awritene synde. on moyses lage. & on witegan & on salmen be me.
45 a atynde he heom andgyt t hyo on-gten halige ge-writen.
46 & he cw to heom t us is awriten & us ge-byrede crist olian. & e ridden daige of deae arisen.
47 & beon bode on his naman deadbote & synne for-gefenesse. on ealle eode aginnende fram ierusalem.
48 Solice ge synde inge ge-witen.
49 & ic sende on eow mines fader be-hat. Sitte ge on ceastre oe ge seon ufene ge-scredde.
50 Solice he ge-ldde hyo ut on bethaniam & he bletsode hyo his hand upp-hafen.
51 nd hit ws ge-woren t he hyo ge-bletsode. he wente fram heom & he smat (sic) in-to heofene.
52 nd hyo a hyo ge-biddende ge-cyrden into ierusalem mid muchelere blisse.
53 & wren efre in are temple heriende & bletsiende god. AMEN.